Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-9

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity Court Abstracts - Liber JS-9

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-9; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-9)

Christian FOGLE Estate Christian FOGLE d/ 1827 intestate with no issue leaving brothers and sisters as heirs - bro/ Adam FOGLE, dec'd - his children .............Robert H. FOGLE - KY .............Joseph FOGLE, Jr. - KY .............John FOGLE - KY .............Christian FOGLE - KY .............McKelory FOGLE, a minor - KY .............Rebecca w/o Joseph SULLINS - Missouri .............Sally FOGLE, widow (m/ twice, last husband's name unknown) - KY .............Nancy FOGLE, a minor - KY .............Diana, dec'd w/o James EDMONSON - KY (her minor children's names unknown) sis/ Margaret HILL, dec'd - her children - .............Christian HILL - OH .............Ruth w/o Daniel JENKINS - Ross Co, OH .............Elizabeth w/o Adam FISHER .............Lewis HILL, dec'd (died bef Christian so children not entitled) ..................his children - Rebecca w/o Philip RAUDEBURG/RANDEBURG - Frederick Co, VA ..................and Margaret HILL, a minor of Frederick Co, MD bro/ Joseph FOGLE - OH sis/ Elizabeth w/o Simon GROSSMAN - Frederick Co, VA Land contained 140 acres in two parcels, parts "Mount Airy" and "Tasker's Chance" conveyed by Charles W. JOHNSON on 2 Oct 1826. William FISHER was trustee and sales did not obtain enough so private sale was made to Henry KOONTZ for a total of $7,846.28 (two sections) completed by Dec 1829.
Daniel LAKIN Estate Daniel LAKIN d/ 5 Jan 1829 intestate, leaving children - Jemima w/o George DRILL - Lucretia w/o Anthony SOUDER - Ruth w/o David KEMP - Rebecca, dec'd w/o Robert B. H. BOWER - Emeline w/o Jacob SCHLEY - Daniel LAKIN - Washington LAKIN - Serena LAKIN - John LAKIN, a minor - Sarah Ann, dec'd w/o Andrew DRILL - her child, .....Annie DRILL, a minor Land - "Fieldera Manor", "Brother's Lot" and "Abraham's Lot"; 240 acres.
Nathaniel BONSACK/BOUSACK - Petition to Sell Real Estate John HACKMAN, dec'd* (will 2 May 1801; 29 Mar 1804) widow - Magdalena d/ 22 Mar 1826 and only child, - Maria, widow of Jacob BONSACK/BONSAC .....Elizabeth BONSACK w/o John ENGLAR .....Nathaniel BONSACK .....John BONSACK - VA .....Jacob BONSACK, dec'd - VA, his children, ..........Elizabeth BONSACK, age 7 (in Feb 1829) ..........Mary BONSACK, age 4 (in Feb 1829) The widow and Joseph ROOP were executors; witnesses: David RINEHART, Jacob SHRADER, Henry DANNER. Land - parts of "Brown's Choice", "Peach Orchard", "Resurvey on Justices Delight", "Rectitude"; 48 acres from Ann STONER in 1797, on Sams Creek. - "Quilting Frolick", from James PEARRE and w/ Sarah in 1797, next to "Resurvey on Leonard's Range" and "Justices Delight"; 206+ acres. - "Browns Delight", (originally 50 acres to James BROWN in 1752); "Resurvey on Justices Delight", (originally 1012 acres to George BECRAFT in 1768); "Peach Orchard", (originally 8 1/2 acres to Simon MEREDITH in 1770); "Quilting Frolick", (originally 606 acres to Charles WARFIELD in 1786; two parts of "Browns Choice", (originally 50 acres to James BROWN in 1744); "Restitude", (originally 212 acres to Allen FARQUHAR in 1785); all contiguous and resurveyed for John HACKMAN with small vacancy to equal 332 acres by Special Warrant of Survey by Western Shore Land Office. Land was next to Edward DORSEY's "Any Thing"; and "Hills and Valleys", resurveyed for the heirs of Abraham HOCKMAN IN 1788. John HACKMAN's neighbors were Ely DORSEY, Michael SCHREINER, Gabriel EISENBERGER and Mary HACKMAN. Petition was to sell 150 1/2 acres of estate called "Doubts Removed". James RAYMOND was trustee; property sold by private sale instead to John ENGLAR for $1,800 or $12/acre; each 1/4 share was $419.52; finalized 6 May 1830. *Note - Per Dave Powell who is in possession of Hackman/Bonsack Family Bible, John Hackman died 13 Feb 1804.
Abraham HAFF Estate Abraham HAFF, dec'd (will 19 Dec 1813; 5 Jan 1814) widow - Priscilla, now w/o HAMMOND and 8 children (only maiden names listed in will), - Catharine HAFF w/o Benjamin BIGGS - Martha HAFF w/o Richard GILSON - Mary HAFF w/o David CRALL - Frances Jane HAFF w/o Frederick DELAPLANE - Abraham HAFF (Jr) - Amey HAFF w/o Joseph TROXELL - Priscilla HAFF - Eleanor Mary HAFF (will be 16 in 1830) Jan 1830, was w/o Joshua STEVENSON SLAVES - Negro woman, DINAH and her d/ CERENA (to wife) Witnesses: Samuel COOK, Jacob CRAMER, George CREAGER Jr. Executors were Benjamin BIGGS and John RITCHIE, both have since died; Richard H. MARSHALL was appointed adm. Monies were paid out to Dr. William ZOLLICKOFFER; Susan R. HAUER for daughter Eleanor's boarding, clothing and schooling; to Benjamin BIGGS of John for daughter Priscilla's boarding; to Martha BIGGS for boarding daughter Priscilla; to James HUGHES for tuition. Trustee was Abraham HAFF; settlement to children varied as some prior payments were made (total was about $1700 each); finalized 28 Jan 1830.
Jacob WITT/WILT vs Thomas BOND and Peter BAILE - Title Thomas BOND and Peter BAILE made agreement to sell real estate to Jacob WITT. Land - Lot # 18 of "Legh Castle" and "Pork Hall", 57 acres by survey and where Joseph HOOPER lived. Thomas BOND d/ 1820 intestate and w/out issue, leaving bro/ Shadrack BOND - Out of State sis/ Leah w/o Hezekiah PRICE, dec'd bro/ Benjamin BOND bro/ Joshua BOND - Out of State sis/ Mary GOTT, dec'd - her children, .......Eliza w/o James SPROUL .......Maria GOTT .......Mary Ann w/o Elijah BOND bro/ Nicodemus BOND, dec'd - his children, .......Elijah BOND .......Isabella w/o Robert McLOULLER - Out of State .......Rachel w/o Samuel HAINES bro/ James BOND, dec'd - his children .......Rachel w/o John HARDING .......Astia BOND, a minor .......Leah BOND, a minor .......Mary BOND, a minor .......Thomas BOND, a minor .......Sarah BOND, a minor bro/ Richard BOND, dec'd - his children, .......Maria WAGNER .......Mary Ann COVER .......Shadrack BOND - Out of State Administrator was Elijah BOND. Peter BAILE d/ May 1829 with a will; executor was Abraham BAILE. Guardian was Daniel EUGEL; trustees were Elijah BOND and Abraham BAILE to make deed; finalized 6 May 1830.
85-93 - MOUSE, SHRINER, GALT, ROBERTS - Oct 1829
Ludwick MOUSE Estate Ludwick MOUSE d/ intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 9 children, - Nicholas MOUSE - Mary w/o George B. SHRINER - Catharine w/o Henry SHRINER - Elizabeth MOUSE - Susan MOUSE, a minor - Rachel MOUSE, a minor - Rebecca MOUSE, a minor - George MOUSE, a minor - Jacob MOUSE, a minor Land - "Runny Mead", 4 acres; "Resurvey on Brashers Agreement", 10 acres; "Resurvey on Carolina", 109 acres; "Resurvey on Brothers Agreement", 13 acres. Guardian was Samuel GALT (appointed at house of Ebenezer HEBBERD in Taney Town); trustee was Sterling GALT; sale made to William ROBERTS and John ROBERTS for $5,500; widow allowed 2/17, $621.65; each 1/9 share was $578.04; finalized 7 May 1830.
93-102 - WALTZ, BURRIER, ALBAUGH - Feb 1829
Jacob BURRIER vs Rinehart WALTZ - Foreclosure Rinehart WALTZ mortgaged his property to Jacob BURRIER in 1822. Land - "Charity's Choice", 90 acres, from William ALBAUGH to Rinehart and Charity WALTZ in 1781; "Addition to Albaughs Choice", 33 acres, patented to Charity ALBAUGH in 1753. Trustee was Abraham ALBAUGH; sale made on 20 Apr 1830 to Jacob BURRIER for $869.61. After sale, Rinehart received $47.80, left after payment of mortgage and other expenses; finalized 15 Jul 1830.
John SIFFORD, pro ami of Jonathan KELLER and David KELLER, minors - Sale of Real Estate John KELLER d/ 18__ intestate, leaving widow - Barbara, now Barbara BAST and children, - Jonathan KELLER, a minor - David KELLER, a minor Land - Lot #25 in Middle Town (66'x330') from Adam KOBLENTZ (COBLENTZ) (w/ Elizabeth) in 1807, on road leading to Trap (Jefferson). Guardian was Barbara BOIST (BOST/BAST); trustee was John SIFFORD; sale made to Samuel G. HARBAUGH for $1,200, free of dower; widow received 1/8, $139.40; each child received $487.19; finalized 6 Jul 1830.
111-123 - COONS/KOONTZ, KIZER, HINER, STULL - Jan 1830
John COONS/KOONTZ Estate John COONS, dec'd (will 23 Dec 1816; 6 Mar 1817) widow - Christiana and 8 children - Henry COONS, d/ 1820, leaving ...widow - Margaret KOONTZ and children, ...Phoebe w/o Henry KIZER ...Benjamin KOONTZ ...Christina KOONTZ, a minor ...Samuel KOONTZ, a minor ...Conrad KOONTZ, a minor ...Catharine Ann KOONTZ, a minor - John COONS (old shop and tools) - Abraham COONS (new shop and tools) - William COONS - Susanna COONS (single) - Mary COONS w/o William HINER (children not named) ...later w/o Christopher STULL (children not named) - Catharine STOKER - Elizabeth SHEW Land to Henry was "Heads Industry", 264 acres; land to John, Abraham and William was the home place on several tracts totaling 350 acres. Executors were Davis RICHARDSON and son, John COONS; witnesses were: James MURPHY, John B. FISH, Robert DARNALL, Jonathan MILLER. Land - "Head's Industry", 104 acres, on Pipe Creek. The widow of William COONS had a life estate in property as dower rights; she died Apr 1829. Guardian was Margaret KOONTZ, children's mother; trustee was William KOONTZ; on 29 Mar 1830, sale made to Joseph KOONTZ for $975; each 1/4 share going to the four sons of John KOONTZ, per his will, was $222.23; finalized 5 Aug 1830.
123-132 - BENTON, STEVENSON, RUSSELL - Jan 1830
Robert B. STEVENSON vs ABELL RUSSELL, trustee of John RUSSELL, dec'd, and Benjamin BENTON Estate- Title Benjamin BENTON d/ c1829 intestate, leaving widow - Maria and 2 minor children, - Joseph W. BENTON - William P. BENTON Land - "Resurvey on Hall's Choice", 136 acres, next to lands of Benjamin HIBBERD (25 acres was sold to Robert B. STEVENSON by BENTON in 1828 by agreement), lies west of road leading from New Market to Liberty and adjoins lands of Sarah RUSSELL and Stevenson. Administrator and guardian was Maria BENTON; on 15 Jul 1830, deed was granted to Stevenson.
132-143 - LUCKETT, NELSON - Jan 1830
Clarissa H. LUCKETT and Serena LUCKETT vs Lloyd LUCKETT - Foreclosure Land - "Second Resurvey on Lucketts Merry Midnight", 219 acres. Lloyd LUCKETT obtained the land through the 1 Oct 1817 will of his father, William LUCKETT; conveyed to Lloyd in 1821 by Samuel LUCKETT, Nelson LUCKETT, Clarissa Harlow LUCKETT and Serena LUCKETT. Lloyd mortgaged the property to John NELSON in 1823 for $1,000. Nelson assigned the mortgage to the Luckett sisters in 1826. Trustee was John NELSON; on 27 Mar 1830, sale made to Clarissa H. LUCKETT and Serena LUCKETT for $5,475; they received back $3,418.40; finalized 8 Jul 1830.
144-156 - SCHOLL, BRENGLE, SLAVE - Jul 1826
Daniel SCHOLL, adm/of Christian SCHOLL vs Christian BRENGLE - Foreclosure Christian SCHOLL who had signed as security for Christian BRENGLE and paid his debt to William R. SANDERSON. Christian SCHOLL d/ Feb 1826 intestate and Daniel SCHOLL is seeking reimbursement from Brengle. Land - Lot #9 of "Tasker's Chance", 5 acres. SLAVE - Negro boy SANDY (16 in Nov 1822) also household goods, wagon and cart and 3 horses. Trustee was Frederick A. SCHLEY; sale went to Jacob BRENGLE for $519.50 for lot and personal property except no mention of the slave. Scholl received $579.50 out of the $768.30 owed to him; finalized 15 Jul 1830.
Daniel BUCKEY and Elisha HOWARD, exec/of Dorcas HOWARD vs Mary Ann READ/REID Estate Dorcas HOWARD, dec'd (will 7 Mar 1820; 21 Mar 1826) mother of s/ Elisha HOWARD d/ Elizabeth w/o Jacob MEISSEL d/ Dorcas HALLER d/ Ann HOWARD grdau - Rebecca D.J. AGERS grson - George William Howard HEBB SLAVES - Negro boy PETER (to son Elisha) Freedom upon his death and $20 each to - negro man HENRY, negro women SUCKY and RACHEL - negro man MATTHEW to be set free within 6 months of Dorcas' death Executors were son, Elisha and friend Daniel BUCKEY; witnesses: Somerset R. WATERS, George SNOUFFER and Samuel DUTROW. Land - 263 acres sold by executors to Mary Ann READ in 1826. Mary Ann READ/REID d/ aft Jun 1826 intestate - 4 children, - Sarah Ann READ - Montgomery County - Gwynn READ, a minor - Allegany County - Nelson READ, a minor - Montgomery County - Robert READ, a minor - Montgomery County Administrators were Davis RICHARDSON and Elisha HOWARD; Guardian was Levy DAVIS; trustee was Frederick A. SCHLEY; sale made to William EAGLE for $2,906.15. After debts were paid, each 1/4 share to the READ children was $73.07; finalized 8 Jul 1830.
William B. HIBBERD, adm/of Matilda HARRIS, George C. HARRIS and Washington HARRIS, minors, by Elias GRIMES, their next friend vs John HARRIS Estate Thomas HARRIS, d/ Jan 1823 (will 9 Dec 1821; 20 Mar 1823) widow - Margaret and children (spouses and grandchildren were not listed in the will), s/ John HARRIS d/ intestate w/out issue d/ Catharine HARRIS w/o Elie PHILLIPS, both dec'd, ...Matilda PHILLIPS w/o Edward BENTON - Ohio ...Miranda PHILLIPS w/o Darius EATER ...Ruth PHILLIPS w/o Abdel MAGERS ...John PHILLIPS d/ Sarah HARRIS w/o John JAMISON, both dec'd, ...Susanna JAMISON w/o Samuel BLAIR ...Sarah JAMISON ...Benjamin JAMISON, a minor ...Elie JAMISON, a minor ...William JAMISON, a minor ...John JAMISON, a minor d/ Sophia HARRIS w/o George LANGSTRATH d/ Ruth HARRIS w/o Thomas SELLMAN - Ohio s/ George Crabs HARRIS s/ Washington HARRIS d/ Caroline HARRIS d/ Catharine HARRIS w/o Joseph WILSON d/ Susannah HARRIS d/ Margaret HARRIS, a minor s/ Thomas HARRIS (Jr.) grdau/ Matilda HARRIS d/ c1825 intestate (her parents' names not given) Land - - to d/ Sarah, the farm he purchased from John JAMISON, to be rented out for her support; - to s/ Thomas, the farm he purchased from Samuel McFERREN; - to s/ John, the farm from Thomas Sr.'s father and land from Norman BRUCE; - to s/ George C., the farm purchased from Jacob SMITH; - to s/ Washington, the farm purchased from Joseph HAYS; Executors were Joshua DELAPLANE and Francis SPALDING; witnesses: Jacob SHEETZ, George SIX, Thomas CLABAUGH. Administrator for John HARRIS' estate was Elias GRIMES; guardian was Abraham LICHTENWALTER. On 28 Feb 1829, Lot GRIMES testified the Bentons and Sellmans were living in Ohio. On 17 Feb 1829, Caroline HARRIS testified the widow of Thomas HARRIS, Margaret, was 57 years old and in good health. Trustee was Elias GRIMES; after failed public sale on 1 Oct 1829, private sale made for John GRIMES' land for $2,600 but purchaser not named. After payments were made per Thomas' will, creditors were paid $.63 on the dollar; finalized 15 Jul 1830.
Adam BURRIER Estate Land Indenture of 1801 to Adam BURRIER from his siblings listed father, Leonard BURRIER, dec'd - his 6 children, - Jacob BURRIER - John BURRIER - Adam BURRIER - Philip BURRIER - Margaret BURRIER - Mary BURRIER w/o Jacob WALTZ Lands in indenture conveyed to Leonard were "Industry and Frugality", 270 acres, by patent in 1799; "Middle Plantation", 120 acres, and "Second Neglect", 5 acres, by Henry CLISAL in 1798; "What You Will", 62 acres, by Margaret NUSBAUM in 1799; "Hidden Treasure", 5 acres, by Samuel DUVALL in 1798; "The Finishing Stroke", 29+ acres, by Thomas BEATTY in 1793; "Middle Plantation", 18 acres by Samuel DUVALL in 1789; one undivided moriety of land "Pleasant Valley", 9 acres, and "Benjamin's Delight", 75 acres, to Leonard and Philip BURRIER by Benjamin MARTIN in 1761; "Alder Spring", 49+ acres, from Benjamin GASSAWAY in 1788. Adam BURRIER d/ Jul 1829 intestate, leaving widow - Susanna and 12 children - Solomon BURRIER - Elizabeth BURRIER - Jacob BURRIER - Susanna BURRIER - Adam BURRIER - Ohio - John BURRIER - Ohio - Sally BURRIER w/o John BOYER - Ohio - Magdalena BURRIER w/o William CROWN/BROWN - Ohio - William BURRIER, a minor - Sophia BURRIER, a minor - Barbara BURRIER, a minor - Maria BURRIER, a minor Land - "Middle Plantation" and "Second Neglect", 125 acres, conveyed in 1801 by heirs of Leonard BURRIER; - "Barony Point", 5+ acres, from Thomas CAIN (w/ Leticia) (he the only son and heir of John CAIN) in 1803; - "Culloden Wall", 18+ acres from Thomas MAYNARD in 1828. Guardian and trustee was George RINER; on 1 May 1830, sale made to John RODRUCK at $2,109.60 subject to the widow's dower; each 1/12 share was $165.22; finalized 15 Jul 1830.
JAMISON Heirs of Frederick County and Archibald GEORGE of Baltimore City as adm/of David EDGAR and creditor vs John JAMISON Estate John JAMISON was indebted by note to William HARRIS in 1817; Harris transferred note to David EDGAR in 1819. In 1819 Jamison conveyed a farm by deed to Thomas HARRIS. Edgar has since died and Archibald GEORGE obtained a judgement against Jamison in 1821. Thomas HARRIS died with a will leaving the farm to Sarah JAMISON, widow of John JAMISON, to be rented out until all the debts were paid. William B. HIBBARD was adm/of John JAMISON's estate and claims the estate is insufficient. The widow of John JAMISON, Sarah, has also died. John JAMISON d/ intestate, leaving widow - Sarah (now dec'd) and 6 children, - Susanna JAMISON w/o Samuel BLAIR - Sarah JAMISON - Benjamin JAMISON, a minor - William JAMISON, a minor - Elie JAMISON, a minor - John JAMISON, a minor Land - Farm of 100 acres, to Jamison from his father, Robert JAMISON, lies next to lands of Joseph HAYS, Nicholas UMSTEAD and Elias GRIMES. Thomas HARRIS, dec'd (will 9 Dec 1821; 20 Mar 1823) widow - (see JS-9, 168) d/ Sophia HARRIS d/ Ruth SELLMAN d/ Caroline HARRIS d/ Catharine HARRIS d/ Susanna HARRIS d/ Margaret HARRIS d/ Sarah JAMISON (farm purchased from John JAMISON) s/ Thomas HARRIS s/ John HARRIS s/ George Crabs HARRIS s/ Washington HARRIS grdau/ Matilda HARRIS Guardian was William B. HIBBERD; trustee was William BLAIR; on 29 Dec 1828, sale made to John WHITE for $851.36; each 1/6 share to the Jamison siblings was $32.60 after debts were paid; finalized 19 Aug 1830.
Malachia HOBBS vs Charity M. LILLY Estate - Title Charity M. LILLY of Summerhill Twp, Cambria Co, PA d/ intestate, leaving 12 children (all Out of State), - Richard LILLY - Mary w/o Daniel DIMOND - Martha w/o Jacob BURGOON - Thomas LILLY - John LILLY - Anna w/o Levy BURGOON - Samuel LILLY - Joseph LILLY - Mary Ann w/o John CARLIN - Luke Lilly - Teresa LILLY - Isadora LILLY, a minor Land - "Peace", 1/2 undivided part along with stock and furniture (but not Slaves), sold to Malachi HOBBS in 1828 and which she obtained upon the decease of Ann OGLE; adjoins lands of Frederick LOY Sr. and John OGLE. Title granted on 13 Sep 1830.
John CURFMAN and Jacob RHUL and w/ Sarah (CURFMAN), all of Shrewsbury Twp, York Co, PA vs John GOMBER/GOWBER of Frederick County - Foreclosure John GOMBER was a security of Gilbert KEMP in his guardian bond for John CURFMAN and Sarah CURFMAN, children of Daniel CURFMAN of Frederick County. Gilbert KEMP is now insolvent. John GOMBER mortgaged his real estate to the CURFMAN siblings as security of monies due them; but he had also mortgaged the same property to Casper MANTZ, exec/of Francis MANTZ in 1824 to cover bond. Land - Lot #63 in Frederick Town; conveyed in 1805 by Jacob GOMBER, Eve Margaret BRENGLE (widow), George BENTZ and w/ Elizabeth to John GOMBER; - and 4 Lots in Frederick Town, conveyed to John GOMBER by Peter ENGLE, a gunsmith, in 1795. Trustee was Thomas C. WORTHINGTON; John GOMBER was able to pay the heirs of Daniel CURFMAN their $393.34 each and received a 5-year extension to pay Casper MANTZ; finalized 5 Aug 1830.
Henry RHODES/ROTH Sr. Estate Henry RHODES Sr., dec'd (will 14 Apr 1806) widow - Catharine (d/ bef Aug 1827) and 10 children, - Elizabeth RHODES - Henry RHODES Jr., dec'd, leaving ..widow - Sally and 3 minor children, ...John RHODES ...Daniel RHODES ...Henry RHODES - George RHODES - Catharine RHODES w/o Thomas GILBERT, dec'd, ...- their 6 minor children, ...Thomas GILBERT - Out of State ...Eliza GILBERT ...Samuel GILBERT ...Mary GILBERT ...Hezekiah GILBERT ...Harman Rhodes GILBERT - John RHODES and widow, Margaret - Jacob RHODES - Samuel RHODES - Peter RHODES - Harman RHODES - Mary "Polly" RHODES w/o Reuben DEAVER - Ohio Executors were widow and son, Henry; witnesses: Charles PHILPOTT, Joseph GARROTT, Elias WILLARD. Land - "Maryland", 2 acres with houses, from Barton PHILPOTT, farmer, (w/ Barbara) in 1783 (to Henry ROTH/RHODE, blacksmith), next to Samuel PRATHER's land and main road leading to Harpers Ferry. - "Maryland", 2+ acres with houses, (contiguous to other tract) from Samuel PRATHER (w/ Elizabeth) (to Henry ROTH, blacksmith) in 1782. Guardian for Daniel and Henry RHODES was Corbin JACOBS; trustee was John RHODES who tried unsuccessfully to sell the property. Between 4 Sep 1828 and Feb 1829, John RHODES died; on 18 Jun 1829, Francis THOMAS was then appointed trustee. On 3 Oct 1829, sale was made to Peter RHODES for $395. On 9 Jun 1830, John WILLARD testified the widow of Henry Jr, Sarah "Sally" RHODES, was born on 27 Jul 1776, per records of his father, Elias WILLARD. She was granted 2/17 ($3.93) before distribution to her children. Each 1/10 was $33.48; a Margaret RHODES received Samuel's share as an assignee; finalized 14 Jun 1830.
279-287 - RIDER, REICHER, BAUGHER, SMITH - Jul 1829
Isaac BAUGHER vs Catharine RIDER Estate A house and Lot in Emmitsburg were purchased from Jacob SMITH in 1822 by a note from George RIDER to Catharine RIDER who assigned the note to Jacob SMITH (whereabouts unknown) who assigned it to Isaac BAUGHER. In 1825, Baugher filed suit against George RIDER and obtained a judgement. Catharine RIDER, now dec'd, w/o Christian REICHER - PA ...d/ (not named), died abt 2 yrs after her mother and before Jul 1829 bro/ Frederick RIDER bro/ George RIDER - PA sis/ Elizabeth RIDER - PA Trustee was William ROSS; sale made to Isaac BAUGHER in May 1830 for $60; proceeds short; finalized 19 Aug 1830.
Ludwick RUDISELL, Jacob COVER and John HINER, creditors vs Sebastian SULTZER, on behalf of w/ Susanna SULTZER, and John COVER - Foreclosure Susanna SULTZER was indebted to Jacob COVER and John HINER as the executors of Jacob COVER Sr. with John COVER as her trustee. Mortgage was assigned to Ludwick RUDISELL Land "Earnest Choice" and "Venture", contiguous to each other. Trustee was John COVER; after a failed public sale, private sale was made to David HASS? on 23 Apr 1829 for $600; after payment of debts, John COVER received for Susanna $113.21; finalized 30 Aug 1830.
Israel SWITZER and others vs Jacob SNAYDER and Philip ENGLER Rudolph SWITZER, widower, d/ 20 Mar 1829, (will 8 Sep 1827; codicil 16 Mar 1829; 31 Mar 1829) leaving 5 deceased siblings (nieces, nephews not named in will), bro/ Ulrick SWITZER, dec'd - his 8 children, .....Salome w/o Christian BRAWER .....Mary RINEHART .....Esther SIDLE .....Israel SWITZER .....Hannah KINE/KIM .....Jacob SWITZER .....Elizabeth RINEHART, dec'd - her 5 children, .....---Peter RINEHART .....---Esther RINEHART w/o Abraham ZUBLIN .....---Hannah RINEHART w/o Aaron GROSH .....---Mary FISHER .....---Elizabeth RINEHART w/o Abraham HARLEY .....Ulrick SWITZER Jr., dec'd - his 6 children, .....---Israel SWITZER .....---Jonathan SWITZER .....---David SWITZER .....---Hannah SWITZER .....---Esther SWITZER .....---Ann HAINES sis/ Elizabeth STEM, dec'd - her 6 children, .....Salome JOHNSON .....Mary ENGLER .....Elizabeth w/o David ENGLER .....Lydia w/o Jonathan PLAINS .....Catharine ZIMMERMAN, dec'd - her 10 children, .....---Nathan ZIMMERMAN .....---David ZIMMERMAN .....---Jacob ZIMMERMAN .....---John ZIMMERMAN .....---Lydia ZIMMERMAN .....---Rachel ZIMMERMAN .....---Mary w/o John TAFFER .....---Susanna w/o David JOHNSON .....---Ann w/o John BEANS .....---Elizabeth w/o Conrad HITESHEW .....John STEM, dec'd - his 3 children, .....---Samuel STEM .....---Eliza w/o William HOLLENBERGER .....---Lydia w/o George OTT bro/ Mathias SWITZER, dec'd - his 7 children, .....Jacob SWITZER .....Mathias SWITZER .....Catharine SWITZER .....Jonas SWITZER .....Elizabeth w/o George MORNINGSTAR .....Mary w/o ______ EMERICK .....Susan MULLENDORE, dec'd - children's names unknown sis/ Catharine BAER, dec'd - her 6 children, .....Jacob BAER .....Catharine BAER .....Rudolph BAER .....Elizabeth ARNOULD/AMAULD .....Abraham BAER .....John BAER, dec'd - children's names unknown sis/ Barbara URNER, dec'd - her 4 children, .....Elizabeth DETLOW, widow .....Martin URNER .....Mary RINEHART, dec'd - her 2 children, .....---Israel RINEHART .....---Hannah STONER, dec'd - her 7 children, ........---David STONER ........---Samuel STONER ........---John STONER ........---Ezra STONER ........---Mary STONER ........---Eleanor w/o John STOUFER ........---Abraham STONER .....Jonas URNER, dec'd - his 9 children, .....---Benjamin URNER .....---David URNER .....---Nathan URNER .....---Samuel URNER .....---George URNER .....---Hannah URNER .....---Lydia w/o William PRICE .....---Sarah w/o George PRICE .....---Elizabeth w/o Jonathan CREAGER - housekeeper - Margaret WALTER - German Baptist (Tunkers Society) for the poor be paid to John GARBER of Samuel and Samuel PFOUTZ - tenant was William SMITH Executors were friends, Jacob SNADER and Philip ENGLER, both declining the duties; witnesses: Henry HERRING, Jacob SAYLER, John GARBER and David SWITZER. Land - "Resurvey on Small Begining", 79+ acres, on Little Pipe Creek, next to Peter MYERS and Jacob MYERS and "Resurvey on the Breeches", from David RINEHART and John MESSLER, exec/of Adam ZOLLMAN in 1812 per his 1811 will. - "Resurvey on Forest in Need", 3/4 acre, next to Ulrick SWITZER, from Israel RINEHART in 1816. Trustee was David SWITZER; survey showed property was actually 76 3/4 acres; sale made to Israel SWITZER of 75 acres for $1,918 about Apr 1830; each 1/5 share was about $357.12; finalized 10 Sep 1830.
Thomas DEVILBISS vs Robert ELDER and Dr. Abdiel UNKEFER - Title In 1821, David HAINES mortgaged his property to Robert ELDER who assigned same to Thomas DEVILBISS in 1829. David HAINES d/ Oct 1821 intestate, leaving 8 children, - Mary HAINES, now w/o Thomas DEVILBISS - Samuel HAINES, a minor - William HAINES, a minor - James HAINES, a minor - Charles HAINES, a minor - Michael HAINES, a minor - Dennis HAINES, a minor - Sarah Ann HAINES, a minor Land - Lot #12 of "Leigh Castle", 23+ acres Administrator was Dr. Abdiel UNKEFER. Robert ELDER now resides in Ohio. Guardian was Daniel SWEADNER; trustee was Dr. Abdiel UNKEFER to convey deed to Thomas DEVILBISS with stipulation of minor children's claims as they become of age; finalized Jul 1830.
Mathias NICHOLS and Henry NICHOLS - Sale of Real Estate William NICHOLS d/ 1 Jun 1826 intestate, leaving widow - Barbara and 9 children, - Mathias NICHOLS - Henry NICHOLS - Susan w/o Ignatius DELOZIER - Margaret w/o Conrad HUMBURG - Out of State - Sarah w/o Collison/William BRIGHLEY - John NICHOLS - Out of State - Elizabeth NICHOLS, a minor - Henrietta NICHOLS, a minor - Sidney Ann NICHOLS, a minor Land - "The River of Rocks", 190 acres, from John FUNK (w/ Prudence) of Washington Twp, Franklin Co, PA in 1805 (at that time, William NICHOLS also lived there), lies on South Mountain, next to Antietam Bottom; also, "March Weather", 153 acres,(resurveyed to Daniel DELOZIER by Special Warrant in 1794). On 4 Oct 1826, James NICHOLS testified John NICHOLS, Margaret and Conrad HUMBURG lived out of state but did not name the state. Guardian was David FILSON; trustee was James NICHOLS; after 3 failed public sales, private sale was made for $1,200 (name not disclosed) on 9 Apr 1828; each 1/9 share was $119.52; finalized 26 Aug 1830.
341-360 - BAER, DORSEY - Mar 1822
Conrad SCHULTZ, Frederick KONIG and Lewis MAYER vs Henry BAER/BEAR The petitioners traded under the firm of Schultz, Konig and Company and recovered judgement against Henry BAER in 1819. In 1815, Henry BAER mortgaged his real estate to Jacob BAER, John BAER Sr. and Stephen STEINER for debts they owed to Nicholas HOLTZ. Henry BAER also made another mortgage in 1819 for the same real estate to Jacob BAER and Frederick A. SCHLEY as they signed as security for Henry. William BAER was a s/o Henry BAER. Michael BAER and Ezra BAER were sons and executors of John BAER, dec'd. Land - 1/2 of Lot #3 in Frederick Town (being parts of Lot #24 and 25), on Patrick Street, includes a 2-story brick house occupied by Jacob BAER, from John NEILL in 1800. Trustee was Frederick A. SCHLEY; on 17 Sep 1825, sale made to Caleb DORSEY of Thomas for $3,005; finalized 3 Aug 1830.
Abdiel UNKEFER vs Samuel CREIGHTON Estate - Foreclosure David HAINES d/ intestate, leaving 7 minor children, - Mary HAINES - Samuel HAINES - William HAINES - James HAINES - Charles HAINES - Michael D. HAINES - Sarah Ann HAINES Administrator was Abdiel UNKEFER; guardian was John LUGENBEEL. Land - "Leigh Castle", 28 acres; sold to Samuel CREIGHTON but all monies have not been paid and are overdue. Samuel CREIGHTON d/ c1824 intestate, w/o issue, leaving heirs, (probably his sisters) - Mary w/o Ralph/Raphael COOMES - Ann CREIGHTON Trustee was Abdiel UNKEFER; on 18 Jan 1828 at Mr. HAINES's Mill, sale was made to Joseph JOHNSON for $212. After the court expenses and mortgage was paid, proceeds were too short to pay the remaining creditors any more than $.11 on the dollar; finalized 15 Jul 1830.
Christian HARMAN, creditor vs Thomas BROWN Estate Thomas BROWN d/ Apr 1828 intestate, leaving widow - Susan and 9 children, - Thomas BROWN (Jr.) - Elizabeth w/o Daniel HAUVER - Mary w/o Chrisitan GETZ - Susan w/o John BARENHEISON - Catharine w/o Daniel McAFFEE - George BROWN - William BROWN, a minor - Sarah BROWN, a minor - Christian BROWN, a minor Administrators were Thomas and George BROWN; Land - "The Separation", 4+ acres, (a vacancy being added) from John BIGGS in 1808; - "Resurvey on Round Meadow and Stans? Enough", 165 acres, in Catoctin Hundred next to Tobias RITTER, from John BIGGS (w/ Priscilla) in 1807 (surveyed in 1792 and then called "The Separation". Guardian was Ignatius BROWN; trustee was William BROWN; on second sale attempt, George BROWN, heir of Thomas BROWN was high bidder for $1,122.94, subject to widow's dower. Each 1/9 share was $22.25; finalized 2 Sep 1830.
389-414 - DUVALL, DAVIS - Feb 1828
Gilbert DAVIS and George BALTZELL vs William DUVALL Estate Willilam DUVALL d/ 28 Jul 1826 (will 13 Dec 1822; 18 Oct 1826), his 6 children, - John Prather DUVALL ($5 as full share) - Benjamin DUVALL (d/ 4 Oct 1826 intestate), his 9 minor children, .....Jemima DUVALL (turned 21 by Oct 1828) .....Frederick DUVALL .....Eliza DUVALL .....Ruth DUVALL .....Rebecca DUVALL .....Grafton DUVALL .....Sarah Anne DUVALL .....Cordelia DUVALL .....Benjamin W. DUVALL - Mary w/o Luke DAVIS - Samuel DUVALL (d/ 29 Jun 1827 intestate), his 6 minor children .....Allen DUVALL .....Zerniah DUVALL .....William DUVALL .....Harriett DUVALL .....Mary DUVALL .....Samuel DUVALL - Thomas DUVALL - Daniel DUVALL - gr/dau - Delila DUVALL ($20) Son Benjamin was given 36 acres of land where he then lived with provision for son Thomas to continue with stone quarry on that property. After 12 months, rest of property to be sold and divided among Mary, Benjamin, Samuel, Thomas and Daniel. (Other grandchildren not named in will, only Delila.) Executors were Benjamin DUVALL and Thomas DUVALL; witnesses: William WILCOXIN, Jacob IJAMS, Plummer IJAMS. William DUVALL was jointly indebted with Gilbert DAVIS and Samuel DUVALL to George BALTZELL Land - "Good Friday" and Duvall's Forrest", 166 acres, Guardian was Jemima DUVALL for her siblings; Daniel DUVALL was guardian for Samuel's children; testimony given by John McPHERSON Jr. and William M. BEALL for the complainant. Trustee was Daniel DUVALL; 130 acres (all except part given to Benjamin) was sold to Thomas DUVALL at $10.50/acre. Proceeds were short, paid $.32 on the dollar. The complainants petitioned to have Benjamin's 36 acres sold as well which the court approved; in May 1830, it was sold to Gideon BANTZ (who was an assignee for Peter SOWER, another creditor) for $660; paid $.31 on the dollar; finalized Oct 1830.
415-426 - PANCOAST, ONEILL, SLAVES - Jul 1829
Henry KEMP vs Samuel PANCOAST Samuel PANCOAST, dec'd (will 7 Oct 1820; 7 Nov 1820) widow - Louisa (later married Patrick ONEILL) and 4 children, - Stacy Ignatius PANCOAST d/ bef Jul 1829 - Joseph Washington PANCOAST, a minor - Frances Eliza PANCOAST d/ bef Jul 1829 - Catharine Elizabeth PANCOAST, a minor SLAVES - negro girls ESTER and ELIZA; negro boy JACOB, negro man CHARLES (to wife til remarriage, then to children) Land - "Wet Work" (plantation and lands to sons as tenants in common with payments to daughters) Executors were George BUCKEY (d/ bef Jul 1829) and Henry KEMP; witnesses: Casper MANTZ, William MICHAEL, George BENTZ, Francis MANTZ. Guardian was Patrick ONEILL; trustee was John NELSON; 10 1/2 acres were laid off and sold to Patrick ONEILL on 12 Oct 1829 at $30/acre; finalized 6 Jul 1830.
427-453a - QUINN (other Emmitsburg names) - Feb 1829
James McDIVIT vs Patrick QUINN/QUYNN Estate Patrick QUINN d/ leaving children, - Rosanna QUINN - James QUINN - Margaret QUINN - Mary QUINN Land A - Lot #21 in Carrollsburg, 10 acres, from Robert L. ANNAN (w/ Mary) and Willilam EMMIT (w/ Susan) in 1813, previously from James YOUNG, dec'd. B - Lot #20 in Carrollsburg, 10 acres, from Willilam M. BEALL Jr., late sheriff in 1822, of the estate of Bartholomew McCAFFREY, previously from James YOUNG, dec'd. C - Lot #27 in Emmitsburg with house, located in center of Emmitsburg on street leading to Baltimore and running with the Cross Street leading from Gettysburg to Frederick Town, from John HARRITT, trustee for Bartholomew McCAFFREY for debts due to Francis GILLMEYER in 1826. D - Lot #26 and 27 (diamond lot) with 2-story brick-stone house in Emmitsburg, now occupied as the post office and barber shop, situated on the southwest corner of the said town on Main Street, from James HUGHES and w/ Lucy in 1827. E - "William's Lot", 8+ acres, from Henry NEED (wife not named) in 1814. F - "Carrollsburg", 3 acres, on south side of road leading from Emmitsburg to YOUNG's lower farm, from Charles ROBERTSON (w/ Elizabeth) in 1814. G - part of Lot #11 (other part to William McKINLEY) and three back Lotts #130, 131, 135 in Emmitsburg, on east side of alley and directly opposite two front Lotts #10 and 11, from William LONG in 1813. H - Lot #11 on north side of Main Street in Emmitsburg from William McKINLEY (w/ Christiana) in 1814, next to Peter HORNECKER. I - one undivided moriety of 120 acres owned jointly with Doctor James A. SHORB from James NICHOLS, trustee for estate of Jacob HOCKENSMITH. Guardian was James McDIVIT when filing petition; but later George GROVER was appointed guardian in Sep 1829. Trustees were James McDEVITT and Patrick OWINGS; in Dec 1829, sales to A- to Henry BECKENBAUGH for $100 (on Poplar Ridge). B- to Daniel GAMBLE for $82.50 (on Poplar Ridge near Emmitsburg). C- to Edward McBRIDE for $628. D- to George GROVER for $1278. E- to William GREASON for about $40 or less. F- to James STORM? for $167. G- to Richard MASTERS for $821; back lotts to Dr. J.A. SHORB for $190. H- to J. ELDER for $650. I- to John GRABILL for $365.26. Total sales $4290.38. James A. SHORB petitioned the court on behalf of Sister Geneviere of the Religious House of Saint Joseph's for her claim. After debts were paid, each 1/4 share was $904.65; finalized 23 Sep 1830.
Vachel PUMPHREY, creditor vs George LEASE Estate George LEASE d/ 17 Aug 1829 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 5 children, - William LEASE - Nicholas LEASE - George LEASE - Catharine w/o John ENGELBRECHT - Sarah w/o William CARLIN Land - Lot #14 of "Tasker's Chance", 2 acres, on North side of Frederick Town and on East side of Main road leading to PA, from Isaac RICHARDSON (w/ Elizabeth) in 1805 (to Richardson from Nicholas HOLTZ as guardian of Mary, Elizabeth, Michael, Catharine, George, Nicholas, Susanna Margaret WHITMORE); - Lot #15, 4 acres of "Tasker's Chance" from Henry STEINER (w/ Rachel Rebecca) in 1809 (except the part Lease conveyed to Philip LAMBRECHT); - Lots #251 and 252 in Frederick Town from Eli BEATTY and Nathaniel ROCHESTER of Washington County as exec/of William BEATTY in 1809 (except part which Lease conveyed to Joseph FLEMING); - 1/2 undivided part of Lot #4 of "Middle Plantation", 50 acres, (Joseph KENEGA owns the other half) from Eleanor POTTS as surviving executrix of Richard POTTS in 1822; - parts of lot #1 and 2 of "Tasker's Chance", 3 acres, from Henry KOONTZ Jr. (w/ Margaret) in 1811 (to Koontz from John REED in 1811), lies next to land of Lawrence BRENGLE (from Samuel DUVALL in 1786). Administrator was William LEASE; survey was made for the widow's 1/3 dower; trustee was L.P.W. BALCH; on 3 Nov 1829, sale was made - to Vachel PUMPHREY for 4 acres at $1310, 3 acres at $400, 3/4 acre vacant lot at $100; - to Robet McCLEARY for wood lot of 25 acres at $382.50; totaled $2,192.50. There was also a joint judgment against Lease and George ROHR connected with a mortgage they held against John NICODEMUS by a special bail on which $621.44 was paid out to Jacob BALTZELL and Charles BALTZELL. Proceeds were short, paid creditors $.23 on the dollar. The Nicodemus payout was protested and then the remaining debts were paid with each child then receiving $93.51; finalized 26 Oct 1830.
478-489 - McPHERSON, DELAPLANE, BRIEN, RUSSELL, etc - Jan 1831
William MILLER, John CARMACK, Horatio McPHERSON and John McPherson BRIEN - Petition for title In 1827, William MILLER, John CARMACK and John McPHERSON purchased real estate at a Sheriff's sale (Thomas CARLTON then sheriff) from the estate of Joshua DELAPLANE and John DELAPLANE. Land - "Resurvey on Terra Rubra", "Six Brothers", "Stoney Ridge", "Resurvey on Welsh Cabbin", "Toms Fancy", "The Cliffs", conveyed to Joshua DELAPLANE by Richard and James WINCHESTER in 1803; "This Is None" and "Resurvey on Welsh Cabbin" conveyed to Joshua DELAPLANE by Jacob and Anna OTTO in 1814; "Six Brothers" conveyed to Joshua DELAPLANE by Joseph BIGGS in 1814. John McPHERSON d/ 5 Dec 1829 (will 12 Jan 1827; 7 Jan 1830) - To son James, no share and he is to repay all expenses paid for him from his father's ledger. - To the children of Robert G. McPHERSON the farm on which Robert lived which lay next to lands of Lewis NEILL, John HOUCK and on the turnpike road and also a mountain tract of 100 acres purchased from Charles BEATTY; also an adjoining tract "Wefellys Tract" which had been occupied by Robert G. RUSSELL. The widow of these three children to have use and proceeds of land for maintenance and education of the children; but if the children should die, it should revert to John's three sons, William L., John Jr. and Horatio on payment of $2,000 to the widow Maria McPHERSON should either of the children die. - To 3rd son William L. McPHERSON, he devised all the lands purchased from George BALTZELL representing the interest of the heirs of George SNERTZELL, Charles HUMRICKHOUSE, Robert HENDERSON's heirs, John BAER's heirs; land laying between the turnpike and Harpers Ferry Road which is now occupied by William L. McPHERSON. - To 4th son, John Jr., all the land adjoing "Araby" which was purchased from William MARSHALL, John GRAHAM and Robert VANCE with all stocks and NEGROES, etc, and the house where John Sr. lived, adjoing Mr. BRIEN's house; also Sr.'s watch and land he purchased from William SCHLEY, esquire, as trustee for SPRIGG's estate which he is to apply to his brother, Edward B. McPHERSON's support and upon Edward's death, to revert back to John Jr.'s children. - To the children of Alexander McPHERSON, $10,000 to be divided equally when they become of age. - To Doctor William S. McPHERSON, tract of land from Thomas PATTERSON, now in tenure of Jacob GETZANDANNER, with profit to be applied to the support and maintenance of his brother, James L. McPHERSON. - To John, eldest s/o William S. McPHERSON, tract where Jacob GETZANDANNER lives (after death of James L.) and mountain tract "Cary's Mountain", 150 acres, with all his NEGROES and stock attached to land - To son-in-law, John BRIEN, esquire, $20,000 dollars, deducting $8,866.66 for which there is receipt of his wife's portion. - To sister, Mrs. RUSSELL, support in her hands. Also, Ante Eatam Estate and Linganore Mills be carried on as usual until there is an entire discharge of all claims against his estate. - to son, Horatio McPHERSON and grandson, John McPherson BRIEN - the residue of estate. Executors were John BRIEN, esquire; William L. McPHERSON, John McPHERSON Jr., and Horatio McPHERSON. Witnesses: J. DIXON, James RAYMOND, Benjamin PRICE. John DELAPLANE first applied for insolvency in 1805. On 27 Jan 1831, title was granted as per will.
John BAUMGARDNER Estate John BAUMGARDNER d/ Sep 1828 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth, but no children, grandchildren or parents - he did leave the following 6 siblings, sis/ Elizabeth w/o Jacob REESE - Ohio sis/ Margaret w/o John BEARD - Ohio sis/ Catharine w/o Jacob SHRIVER - PA bro/ George BAUMGARDNER - Ohio bro/ Jacob BAUMGARDNER - Ohio bro/ Nicholas BAUMGARDNER, dec'd - Ohio - his children, .....Elizabeth BAUMGARDNER, a minor .....Nicholas BAUMGARDNER, a minor Land - "Neighbours Agreement Resurveyed", 129 acres, from Peter MARTIN (w/ Ann Mary) in 1814; next to "Good Luck" and land of John SHEETS. Trustee was Lewis MOTTER, equire; on 8 Nov 1830, sale made to Joshua MOTTER for $1,005 subject to widow's dower; each 1/6 share was $302.48; finalized 10 Feb 1831.
Daniel ROUZER vs Joseph LEATHERMAN - Foreclosure In 1824, Joseph LEATHERMAN executed two notes to Henry KEMP (trustee for estate of Sophia SHOVER) with Peter TROXELL and John LEATHERMAN as securities; said notes were assigned to Daniel ROUZER. Joseph LEATHERMAN then executed a mortgage to Rouzer. Land - Lot #8 of "Buck Forrest", 128+ acres. Trustee was George M. EICHELBERGER; private sale made to George HUTTON for $1,600; after mortgage was paid, Joseph LEATHERMAN received $42.30; finalized Feb 1831.
510-513 - STIER - Jan 1820
Frederick STIER vs Daniel STIER and Henry STIER - Title Frederick STIER and Daniel STIER owned undivided portions of real estate of their father, Jacob STIER, dec'd. Daniel appointed Henry STIER as his power of attorney to sell his half to Frederick; but neither Daniel nor Henry have conveyed the deed. Daniel STIER had been in Rockingham Co, North Carolina since at least Jun 1817. Title was granted in Mar 1831.
513-518 - STIER - Jan 1820
Frederick STIER vs Jacob STIER Jr. - Title Jacob STIER Jr., who moved to Ohio, sold his undivided share of real estate of his father, Jacob STIER, dec'd (by his will) to his brother Frederick but never conveyed a deed. In 1816, Jacob STIER Jr. lived in Montgomery Co, Maryland. Cornelious STIER conveyed a deed in 1819 to Frederick for his undivided share but the deed was not recorded in the alloted time. Cornelius has since moved out of state. Title granted on 24 Feb 1831.
Christopher ROPP and Michael ROPP vs John R. HOLIDAY Estate of Baltimore County - Title In Dec 1789, John R. HOLIDAY sold real estate to Christopher ROPP. In Oct 1811, Christopher sold the same to his son, Michael ROPP. No deed was ever conveyed from Holiday. John R. HOLLIDAY d/ 1800 intestate, leaving 9 children, - John R. HOLLIDAY - Out of State - Daniel C. HOLLIDAY d/ intestate, unmarried - Sarah HOLLIDAY w/o James DOLL, both dec'd, their 3 children, .....Eleanor A. DOLL w/o George COOK - Baltimore .....Eliza B. DOLL w/o Allen THOMAS - Anne Arundel County .....John R. DOLL/DULL - Washington County - Aetha HOLLIDAY, dec'd, w/o children - Christiana HOLLIDAY, dec'd w/o Christopher CARNAN ..... - their 9 minor children - Baltimore County .....Charles CARNAN .....Eleanor CARNAN .....Robert CARNAN .....John R. CARNAN .....Catharine CARNAN .....Sarah G. CARNAN .....Christopher R. CARNAN .....Daniel H. CARNAN .....Prudence G. CARNAN - Eleanor HOLLIDAY w/o John YEISER - Out of State - Prudence G. HOLLIDAY w/o James CHAMBERS - Out of State - Mary L. HOLLIDAY, dec'd w/o William LEE .....- their 5 minor children - Cecil County .....Mary D. LEE .....Eliza H. LEE .....Eleanor A. LEE .....Mary G. LEE .....Thomas S. LEE - Eliza HOLLIDAY, dec'd w/o Samuel LEWIS .....- their 5 children - Out of State .....John R. LEWIS .....Daniel S. LEWIS .....Eleanor A. LEWIS .....Charles R. LEWIS .....Mary LEWIS Administrator was son, Daniel C. HOLIDAY. Land - "Gotham", 52+ acres, lies next to "Pallentine" and "Ohio" and land of Peter ZEP. (Part of land sold to George MATHIAS (17+ acres) and other part to son, Michael, who then sold it to John BARD (36+ acres). Guardian for the Carnan and Lee children was Joshua DILL; testimony given by John WAMPLER. In Feb 1831, Jacob MATHIAS was appointed guardian for purpose of executing deed to John BARD and George MATHIAS.
Adam BISH vs Jacob COPPERSMITH In 1820, Adam BISH sold 100 acres of land to Jacob COPPERSMITH by notes from Coppersmith and Abraham YINGLING; but no conveyance was ever made. Two days later, Adam LEPPO who wanted conformity to perfect the legal title, had Bish and Coppersmith convey a joint deed to Yingling for the security of payment. Abraham YINGLING died Nov 1823 with a will designating his property be sold and Andrew HULL was appointed trustee for this purpose. All lands except 67 acres on which Coppersmith had possession was sold but no conveyance to Coppersmith was ever made and some of the notes are still unpaid. Coppersmith became insolvent and had judgement rendered against him with these lands being sold to: Frederick YINGLING, John ERB, Peter MYERS, Joseph KEIFER and Jacob BROWN; some of which have assigned their rights to Elias COPPERSMITH, son of Jacob (Erb, Brown and Keifer). Abraham YINGLING d/ 1823 (with a will), leaving 6 children, - Christena w/o Jacob STAMBAUGH - PA - Lewis YINGLING - Henry YINGLING - Ohio - Elizabeth w/o David FOREMAN - Rachel w/o John YOUNG - Peter YINGLING, dec'd - his children, .....Elizabeth YINGLING .....Ephraim YINGLING .....Ann Julia YINGLING .....Sarah YINGLING .....Mary YINGLING (most of Peter's children were born since the death of Abraham) Guardian was Peter YINGLING; trustee was Frederick YINGLING; sale made to Adam BISH for $340; finalized 17 Mar 1831.
547-549 - STIER - Oct 1830
Henry STIER vs William STIER - Title In 1825, William STIER sold his undivided interest in his father Jacob STIER's estate to his brother, Henry STIER but has not conveyed the title. William now lives Out of State. On 14 Apr 1831, title was granted to Henry STIER.
Eleanor FLEMING, Charlton FLEMING of Frederick County and Sarah (FLEMING) and husband Henry STAMY/STARMY of Franklin County, PA vs Samuel REYNOLDS - Foreclosure The Petitioners sold land of 152 acres to Samuel REYNOLDS and also held the mortgage; payments not made. Trustee was William SCHLEY; sale made to George FOUT for $1,938; after mortgage was paid, Reynolds received $433.47; finalized 5 Jan 1831.
George LEASE and George ROHR vs John NICODEMUS Estate - Foreclosure John NICODEMUS was indebted to Jacob BALTZELL and Charles BALTZELL, merchants of Baltimore City; they obtained George LEASE and George ROHR to become a special bail on John NICODEMUS' debt. A judgement was received against Nicodemus and attempt was made to bring him back from his home in Pennsylvania but he resisted, leaving the judgement to fall against Lease and Rohr. After Nicodemus executed a deed to the petitioners, he also executed two deeds to his brother-in-law, Daniel POTTER, for the greater part of the same land. Potter also resides in PA. John NICODEMUS d/ intestate in Washington Twp, Franklin Co, PA - leaving 9 minor children, - Frederick NICODEMUS - John NICODEMUS - Elizabeth NICODEMUS - Maria NICODEMUS - Daniel NICODEMUS - Jeremiah NICODEMUS - Courtney NICODEMUS - Margaret NICODEMUS - Samuel NICODEMUS Land - "Harbaughs Delight", 37 acres, next to lands of Daniel HUGHES, John Nicodemus and William NICHOLS; conveyed from William MOONEY, Daniel MOONEY, James MOONEY and John MOONEY of Washington Twp, Franklin Co, PA (their shares) for $111 each in 1819 (John NICODEMUS was also listed as living there then in all these deeds in 1819 and 1820). - "Harbaughs Delight", 225 acres (surveyed for John HARBAUGH of Jacob in 1793) on South Mountain and East bank of small stream running into Antietam Creek, conveyed from John LEVY (w/ Nancy) of Frederick Co, MD for $3,000; lies next to "Resurvey on Buck Range" (granted to Normand BRUCE in 1767), "Buck Range" (granted to Edward SWEANEY in 1762), "Richards Folly" (granted to Normand BRUCE in 1765), and "Partnership"; tract originally known as "Resurvey on Snipes Head", 225 acres, patent in 1810 to John LAVEY. - "Buck Range" and "March Weather", 140+ acres, from William MOONEY and Daniel MOONEY for $1,800 in 1819, from John MOONEY for $140 and from James MOONEY for $200 in 1820 (their shares), all being of Franklin Co, PA. Patrick MOONEY d/ bef 1819 intestate in Franklin Co, PA leaving 5 children, - Daniel MOONEY - John MOONEY - William MOONEY - James MOONEY - Elizabeth, dec'd w/o George FLAUTT In 1820, John NICODEMUS made a mortgage to George LEASE and George ROHR, both of Frederick County, MD, to insure them as special bail to Jacob BALTZELL and Charles BALTZELL of Baltimore in their claim against John NICODEMUS and Nathaniel WILSON. Also in 1820, Nicodemus deeded to Daniel POTTER (a brother-in-law) of Washington Twp, Franklin Co, PA for $1,744, "Snipes Head", in Upper Catoctin Hundred, next to "Harbaughs Delight" and adjoining the lands of John HARBAUGH and heirs of David McCREA; and also "Harbaughs Delight", 137 acres, adjoins lands of Daniel HUGHES Jr, William NICOLS and the heirs of David McCREA. In 1824, he also deeded to Potter for $950, "Buck Range", 116+ acres, on South Mountain, adjoing lands of John NEWEY, Elias WILLIAR, William NICHOLS and George FLAUTT. The Potter deeds were voided in 1827 after protest from Daniel POTTER who testified he had been living in Washington Co, MD since 1826. He also protestd the amount of Baltzell's claim, stating they had been paid $250 in whiskey in 1824. Trustee was George ROHR; sale made to George LEASE for $2.70/acre but he failed to comply with terms. Private sale was then made to George FLAUTT for "Buck Range", 116 acres for $320; and to David FILSON for "Snipes Head", 137 acres, and "Harbaughs Delight", 37 acres, for $523.20; finalized 31 Jul 1829.
Jacob SNYDER, creditor vs Anne Elizabeth R. HOY Land - Lots #68 and #80 and #82 in "Monocacy Manor" and part "Pleasant Mount" (conveyed to Peter SMITH from Adam CREAGER), 282 acres, conveyed to Nicholas UMSTEAD and Nicholas HOY Sr. from Adam SMITH and Frederick SMITH, exec/of Peter SMITH in Apr 1823. Nicholas UMSTEAD died 15 Aug 1823 (will 24 Mar 1818; 1 Sep 1823), (relationships given only if noted below) - Rev. Nicholas ZOOKEY, $100 + $100 for the poor - Rev. John DUBOIS, $50 - Sisterhood near Emmitsburg, $100 - Ruth STEEL w/o John STEEL of Ohio - $500 - Margaret JUSTICE, dec'd w/o Aquilla JUSTICE of Ohio .....her daughters - $200 equally divided - Eleanor JUSTICE w/o William JUSTICE of Ohio - $100 - Catharine CROUSE w/o John CROUSE of Ohio - $50 - Mary ROOT w/o James ROOT (dec'd) of Tennessee - $100 - Ann BEATTY w/o Edward BEATTY of Tennessee - $200 - Elizabeth BEATTY w/o Patrick BEATTY of Tennessee - $200 bro/ David UMSTEAD of Ohio - $100 bro/ Enoch UMSTEAD - $50 - Thomas GIBSON (s/o Thomas GIBSON, dec'd) - $50 - Rachel HOY w/o of Nicholas HOY - residue of estate Executor was NIcholas HOY; witnesses: Joseph TANEY, John HEAD, John DARBY. So, Nicholas UMSTEAD's undivided half was willed to Rachel HOY, w/o Nicholas HOY Sr. Afterwards, Sr. sold his undivided half to Nicholas HOY Jr. but had not yet conveyed it. Nicholas HOY Jr. d/ 28 Sep 1829 intestate, leaving widow - Anne Elizabeth and only child, - Mary Anne R. HOY, a minor Administrator for Hoy Jr. was Anne Elizabeth HOY and Joseph WOOD. Hoy Jr. also had a note owed to Christian REICH in 1829. Guardian was Anne Elizabeth HOY; trustee was Joseph Wood; on 1 Nov 1830, sale made to Nicholas HOY for $4,910; after Hoy Sr. and Jacob Snyder were paid, the minor daughter received $761.24; finalized 28 Feb 1831.
Zepheniah KNOTT vs Zachariah KNOTT Estate Zachariah KNOTT d/ Dec 1820 - Montgomery County, MD (will 11 Feb 1820; 12 Dec 1820) widow - Jane (d/ bef 3 Nov 1820), leaving 11 children, - Joseph KNOTT - Stansbury KNOTT - Mary Ann KNOTT - Stanislaus KNOTT - Teresa w/o Brook JONES - Lewis KNOTT - Edward KNOTT - Caleb KNOTT - Leonard KNOTT, dec'd - his children, .....Zepheniah KNOTT (Frederick County) .....Samuel KNOTT, a minor (Frederick County) .....Roseller KNOTT, a minor, now w/o Ezra BAER (Frederick County) .....Leonard KNOTT, a minor (Frederick County) - Catharine OFFUTT - her children - Francis KNOTT Devised to his children - to Joseph, Stansbury and Mary Ann after their mother's death, all the plantation where he now lives including 40 acres from John BELT to be divided among them; to Stanislaus, 1/2 of lands on north side of road leading from mouth of Monocacy to Ellicotts Mills; other half to Teresa; to Lewis, $1344 formerly lent to him; to Edward, 122 acres where he now resides to be divided off; remainder of land where Edward lives to be divided into six parts (for Joseph, Caleb, Lewis, Stanislaus, Teresa and Mary Ann) with friend Francis JAMISON to direct; to Caleb, 50 acres conveyed from Francis DEAKINS and Francis THOMAS and $618 formerly paid to him and 1 acre on south side of road leading to Ellicott Mills bounded by HAYs and PLUMMERs lots; to Leonard's children, 114 acres purchased from Jesse BURCH; to Catharine's children, 1/2 of 245 acres from John VARNEL and Greenbury GAITHER to be rented out by son-in-law, Brook JONES until the oldest child of Catharine's becomes of age, then to be divided among her children; to Teresa, remaining half; to Francis, land from HEBBURN and 3 Hogs Heads of Tobacco he has already received and he to pay Catharine $100 and pay $40 to Leonard's children, all w/in 12 months of intestate's death. SLAVES - negro boy PETER (to d/ Mary Ann and a house) - to Henry WARING and Rober B. TANEY, esquire, $100 to be vested in a secure fund, the interest to be applied to the support of the clergymen of the Roman Catholic pursuasion that shall attend Barnes Ville Roman Catholic Church. Executors were wife and son-in-law Brook JONES; witnesses: Joseph A. MURPHY, Leonard HAYS Jr., John T. KNOTT. Codicil changed one of the executors to son, Stanis L. KNOTT, in lieu of wife's death; witnesses: Richard BEALL, Joseph A. MURPHY, Francis JAMISON dated 3 Nov 1820. Land - "Friendship", 114 acres in Montgomery County, purchased from Jesse BURCH and conveyed by David STEWART of Baltimore County in 1795, next to land of Robert SOLLERS and "Resurvey on Happy Choice". Guardian was George BAER of William; trustee was Ezra BAER; on 12 Oct 1830 (2nd attempt), sale made to John HANE at $2.62 1/2/acre, totaling $299.25; each of Leonard's children received $62.95; finalized 28 Apr 1831.
James RICE Estate - Sale of Real Estate James RICE d/ Sep 1829 (will 12 Aug 1829; 21 Sep 1829) widow - Catharine and 7 children, - George RICE - Catherine w/o William ELLIS/ELY - Sophia w/o Samuel BARRICK - Harriet w/o Christian WINEBRENNER - Nancy BARRICK, dec'd - her children, .....Harriet Ann Elizabeth BARRICK, a minor .....Catherine Ann BARRICK, a minor - Amos RICE - James Madison RICE William DERN willed to James' 5 children, George, Catherine, Sophia and Harriet (only 4 names listed, other one must have been Nancy or else there were only 4), the sum of 120 pounds each; James devises same amount to go to youngest two sons, Amos and James Madison Rice as well as his wife. He also devised $200 to granddaughter Harriet BARRICK and $300 to granddaughter Kitty Ann BARRICK; $300 to each son; balance of estate to be divided among 6 living children and wife, except Sophia's shall remain in hands of executor for her and her children. Executor was son George RICE; witnesses: Edward SCHLEY, Joseph FILLER, Solomon FILLER. Land - House and land left to wife, occupied by Daniel ALBAUGH. Guardian was Ezra CRAMER; trustee was George RICE; sale made to Philip WINEBRENNER for $759. On 19 apr 1831, Henry BARRICK testified he had been acquainted with Catharine Rice, the widow, since her infancy and she was about 60 years old; she received 3/9, $225.44; each 1/7 share was $64.41; finalized 9 Jun 1831.
Horatio McPHERSON and John McPHERSON BRIEN vs James ROBERTSON Estate - Title James ROBERTSON died Apr 1823 intestate, with trustees Cyrus MANTZ and Barbara ROBERTSON who sold the 92 acres (Linganore Mills) with merchant mill, saw mill and plaster mill to Alexander McPHERSON for $35,500 (1/2 ownership). Alexander sold one undivided half part to Benjamin RUTHERFORD and they occupied the premises until Alexander's death when Benjamin sold his share to Colonel John McPHERSON, now dec'd, for $15,000. Alexander McPHERSON died Dec 1825 and soon after the bank foreclosed; John McPHERSON Jr. and William S. McPHERSON were appointed trustees to make sale and on 11 Sep 1826, Col. John McPHERSON, dec'd, became the purchaser for $12,000. Col. John McPHERSON died 25 NOv 1829 leaving residue of estate to son Horatio McPHERSON and grandson John McPherson BRIEN (see JS-9, 478-489). In codicil dated 16 Nov 1829, he added: Land - Mill and farm on Carroll Creek from sons, William L. McPHERSON and John McPHERSON in 1829, they still liable to Farmers and Mechanics Bank. To son Edward McPHERSON, farm then in his possession. Witnesses: Benjamin PRICE, Danial HUGHES, Thomas C. WORTHINGTON, John COALE. On 7 Dec 1829, Thomas SHAW, cashier of the bank, presented the codicil to the register of wills. On 17 Feb 1831, title granted to Horation McPHERSON and John McPherson BRIEN as tenants in common for Linganore Mills and 92 acres.
George HOUSE Estate - Title George HOUSE Sr (10 Aug 1823; 5 Jan 1824), leaving 7 children, - Rachael NYSEWANGER - George HOUSE (Jr), dec'd - his children, .....Elijah HOUSE .....George HOUSE (III) (s/o Lydia DUTTEROW) - William HOUSE, dec'd - his children - Stephen HOUSE - Sarah WISMON, dec'd - Richard HOUSE - Elitha HOUSE (son) to Nancy HOUSE w/o John HOUSE of Daniel, $100 to be deducted from share of Elijah HOUSE. Executors were sons, Elitha HOUSE and Stephen HOUSE; witnesses: William LAMAR, William P. HOUSE, Benedict HOUSE. Land - "Quakers Folly", 33 acres, next to "Resurvey on Anchor and Hope" granted to Michael CREEKER (CREAGER?) in 1764, by north bank of Catoctin; "Struggle", 26+ acres, next to Perry RICE's land; unconveyed land, 82+ acres; all contiguous (plat shown); equals 141+ acres, purchased by Elijah HOUSE and George HOUSE for $2,363.22 George HOUSE Jr., d/ intestate - his 4 minor children, - Perry HOUSE - Martha HOUSE - William HOUSE - George HOUSE Guardian was Anna HOUSE; Elitha HOUSE to convey deed; finalized Jan 1831 ================ The End ================

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