Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-8

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity Court Abstracts - Liber JS-8

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-8; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-8)

1-11 - BRAWNER, McALLISTER, BOYLE - Jul 1825
Cornelius McALLISTER and w/ Eleanor vs Ignatius BRAWNER Edward BRAWNER, s/o Richard BRAWNER and formerly of Frederick County and entitled to a portion of his father's real estate, agreed to sell his interests of 78 acres to Ignatius BRAWNER in 1795. Edward BRAWNER d/ 1801 in Kentucky, intestate, leaving widow - Martha (has since died) and one child, - Eleanor BRAWNER w/o Cornelius McALLISTER Eleanor became of age (21) in 1823; administrator and trustee was William ROSs; remainder of money not paid by Ignatius and property sold at sale on 1 Nov 1828 to Peter BOYLE for $501 which was about half that was due; finalized 18 Dec 1828.
11-36 - LAMBRECHT, MOBBERLY, DILL, etc - Feb 1827
Jacob REED vs Philip LAMBRECHT Estate Security to loan made to Philip LAMBRECHT by Jacob REED was Adam TITLOW who has been discharged under the Insolvent Laws. Philip LAMBRECHT d/ intestate, leaving widow - Mary Magdalena and 7 children, - Jacob LAMBRECHT - Henry LAMBRECHT - John LAMBRECHT - Rebecca w/o Levi MOBBERLY - Mary Ann LAMBRECHT, a minor - Catharine LAMBRECHT, a minor - Philip LAMBRECHT, a minor Land - Lot #224, one of additional lots of Frederick Town, next to Henry KELLY's lot, from Daniel ELY (w/ Martha) in 1817. - 1/2 of Lot #15 of 2 acres on tract "Tasker's Chance" from Henry STEINER to George LEASE (w/ Elizabeth) in 1809 and then to Lambrecht in 1809. * - Rights to Alley by Lot #224 to Sixth Street in addition of Frederick Town from Henry BRISH (w/ Harriet) in 1811. - part of Lot #224 in addition to Frederick Town from Henry BRISH (w/ Harriet) in 1803 (to Brish from John LIPP Jr. in 1803). - parts of Lots #253 & 254 in Frederick Town from George Jacob HOUX (w/ Catharine) in 1820. * - parts of Lots #225 & 226 in addition to Frederick Town from Thomas WILSON (w/ Nancy) in 1800 (to Wilson from John BRUNNER in 1795). Guardian was Joshua DILL; on 29 Jan 1828, testimony by Henry LAMBRECHT stated the widow was 50 and in bad health. Trustee was Richard H. MARSHALL; sale made to Frederick A. SCHLEY for $236, Thomas CARTTOW for $116, Mary LAMBRECHT for $100 and John LAMBRECHT for $160 but Mary & John were disqualified as not conforming to terms; thus, on 14 Jul 1828, sale made to Michael LAMBRECHT for $260 for the two lots (specific lots not specified) and held at Mathias E. BARTGIS' tavern. The widow was allowed 2/17 before creditors, $35.14; each 1/7 share was $10.48; finalized 5 Jan 1829.
36-47 - STOWELL, REDDING, KURLE - Aug 1827
John W. KURLE of Baltimore City vs Henry STOWELL Estate KURLE purchased a lot of ground in Frederick Town from Samuel WEBSTER in 1823. John W. KURLE then sold a portion to Peter KEPHART and the residue to Henry STOWELL which Kephart has paid but Stowell has not; however, Stowell sold the said lot to John HUGHES. Henry STOWELL d/ intestate, leaving widow - Mary Ann and 3 minor children, - Johannah STOWELL - Mary Ann/Ann Mary STOWELL - Lydia Ann STOWELL Land - Lots #180 & 181 in Frederick Town, formerly conveyed by John HOFFMAN and wife to John CROMWELL and he to Samuel WEBSTER (w/ Sarah) and he to KURLE; lies on South Street, next to George DOUFF's lot and Frederick HAWMAN's lot. Guardian was James P. REDDING; trustee was R.N. MARSHALL; sale held on 2 Sep 1828 at Bartgis' Tavern, high bidder was John W. KURLE at $270, proceeds short; finalized 5 Jan 1829.
Nicholas HOLTZ vs Frederick SHANEHOLTZ Estate Frederick SHANEHOLTZ d/ abt 1 Jul 1824 (will 15 Jun 1824; 3 Aug 1824) leaving children, - Margaret SHANEHOLTZ w/o Samuel KEEFER ....Frederick KEEFER ....Mary KEEFER ....John KEEFER - Mary SHANEHOLTZ, d/ 7 May 1828, w/o Philip KOCH ....had 2 children, one died before her mother, the other after Executrix was Mary SHANEHOLTZ who later married. Witnesses were Peter BRENGLE, John WEAVER and Jacob HAND. Land - Lot #290 in Frederick Town off Second Street at the alley of John M. McELROY, fronts 31 feet on Church Street and 180 feet back along Chapel Alley. Philip & Mary KOCH mortgaged the property to George MILLER and John KUNKLE and conveyed a part of said property to John McELROY and David SPRENGLE. Guardian was David SPRENGLE; trustee was James DIXON; sale made to George W. SHARP for $670. Margaret's children received their $25 legacies and Margaret received the balance as heir to her deceased sister per her father's will, which was $110.68; finalized 18 May 1829.
Estate of Josias STEVENSON Josias STEVENSON d/ abt 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Margaret and 9 children, - Ruth wid/o Elias TROXELL - Joseph STEVENSON, dec'd - his children, ....Josias STEVENSON, a minor ....Mary Ann STEVENSON, a minor ....Joshua STEVENSON, a minor - Susanna STEVENSON - Henry STEVENSON - Lydia w/o Daniel COVER - Margaret STEVENSON - Eliza w/o Solomon CRISE - Thomas STEVENSON, a minor - Henrietta STEVENSON, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Terra Rubra", 153+ acres, from John SHORB (w/ Catharine) in 1818 w/ stipulation to provide for John MYERS Sr. who resides near the premises during his natural life as Shorb had been bound to do; adjoins lands of Henry KOONS Jr., Peter SHEELEY, Benjamin WHITMORE and John FORNEY. - "Terra Rubra", 102 acres, from Philip Barton KEY of Montgomery County in 1811; by road leading to DELAPLANE's Mill, adjoins land of Abraham FORNEY (sold to him by John Ross KEY), Christian SHEELY and road to Monocacy. Administrators were Joshua SMITH and Margaret STEVENSON; guardian was William B. HEBBERD; trustee was John SMITH; on 12 Mar 1829, sale made to Amos MARKEY at $20.75/acre for 102 acres and to John SIX at $7.50/acre for 153+ acres; totaling $3,264; each 1/9 share was $203.22 after creditors; finalized 30 Jul 1829.
Andrew WILLIAR Sr. Estate Andrew WILLIAR Sr. d/ Aug 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Rebecca and 9 children, - Michael WILLIAR - Margaret w/o Frederick EILER - Catharine RIDENOUR - Andrew WILLIAR Jr. - Adam WILLIAR - Nathan WILLIAR - Charles WILLIAR - Lewis WILLIAR, a minor - Elizabeth GARVIANT (or GARNANT), dec'd - her 2 children, ....Andrew Augustus GARVANT, a minor ....Mary Amanda GARVIANT, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Mount Olivet", "Sweedland" and "The Tired Dog", 165+ acres, from Peter WILLIAR, farmer, in 1792 at 50 pounds PA currency (granted to Peter in 1765 for 1,174 acres), lies next to George HARRBACK's land. - "Second Choice", 241+ acres, from James BARNES of Belmont Co, Ohio in 1811 (to Benjamin FARQUHAR, Amos FARQUHAR and William FARQUHAR in trust by will of Allen FARQUHAR and from them to James BARNES in 1806); next to "Lemmons Vineyard", "Hammer and Tongs" and "Creager's Scheun". - "Lemmons Vineyard", from Stephen WINCHESTER of Spotsylvania Co, VA in 1803, on dividing line between Andrew and John WILLIAR - Lot #15 in Graceham, 1/2 acre, from Ludwick PRUTZMAN, John CREEGER of Lawrence, and Elias WELLER, as trustees in behalf of the United Brethren Religious Society in 1819. Guardian was John KINZER; Frederick A. SCHLEY was trustee; sale made to Jacob GERNARD for Lot #15 at $181.25; to Charles WILLIAR for 239+ acres of the Home Place at $17.12 1/2/acre; to Adam WILLIAR for the mountain lot of 40 acres at $1/acre, a Lot #5 of 30 acres at $7.25/acre, a Lot #6 of 42 acres at $5.99 1/2/acre; to Jacob WILLIAR for undivided part of "The Sugar Camp", 14 acres at $3/acre. There remains 3 mountain lots, #2, 3 and 4, containing 149 1/2 acres. On 2 Jan 1829, Levi O'BRIEN testified the widow was born Oct 1789 and was in good health; she received 1/7 in lieu of her dower rights. On 12 Jan 1829, private sale was made to Frederick EILER for the remaining lots at $261 total. Widow received $604.09; each 1/8 share was $528.57 (Michael had already been advanced monies); finalized 26 May 1829.
Adam CREAGER and Christian CRAMER, adm/of Solomon CREAGER vs Adam SMITH Estate Adam SMITH d/ 26 Jun 1824 (will 26 Mar 1823, 13 Sep 1824) widow - Rachel, since died, and 10 children - John SMITH - Philip SMITH - Mary wid/o Solomon CREAGER (d/ bef Nov 1826) - Catharine w/o Jacob CREAGER - Tennessee - Barbara w/o Casper CREAGER - Ohio - Eve SMITH - Magdalena SMITH w/o Cyrus FOX - Elizabeth SMITH - Sarah SMITH w/o Henry CRUM - Susannah BURRIER, dec'd - her 9 children, ....Betsey BURRIER ....Sally BURRIER w/o John BOYER - Ohio ....Susannah BURRIER ....Molly BURRIER - Ohio ....Solomon BURRIER ....Adam BURRIER - Ohio ....John BURRIER ....Jacob BURRIER, a minor ....William BURRIER, a minor Plantation to sons, legacies to daughters; Executors were son John SMITH and son-in-law Solomon CREAGER. After Solomon's death, Adam CREAGER and Christian CRAMER became his administrators who acted for him. Land - "Worst of All", 37 acres; "Resurvey on Good Neighbourhood", 164 acres from Joseph WOOD in 1792 (previously part of Monocacy Manor from certificate in 1787); totals 201 acres. Supplement was made to appoint a trustee for daughter Elizabeth as she has since been declared a lunatic; Henry CRUM was appointed. Adam BURRIER was guardian; trustee was James DIXON; on 11 Dec 1828, sale made to William GRIMES at $5.08/acre; finalized 16 Apr 1829.
121-133 - WELLER, RIDER, RESSLER - Jan 1829
Jacob WELLER vs John WELLER Estate John WELLER d/ abt 1 Feb 1820 intestate, leaving widow - Mary - now w/o Frederick RIDER and 2 minor children, - Reuben WELLER - John WELLER Land - House and Lot #12 on North side of Main Street in Mechanics Town, from Jacob RIDENOUR (w/ Catharine) in 1818, on the road from Hagers Town to Baltimore; and lot adjoining same town. Administrator was Jacob WELLER; guardian was Christian WELLER; trustee was Jacob WELLER, esquire; on 20 Apr 1829, sale made to John C. RESSLER at $601 and to Nathanial WELL for the Lot at $25; widow given 2/15 in lieu of her dower; finalized 27 Aug 1829.
133-147 - DUGAS, PUMPHREY, SIMMS, MAYNARD - Oct 1828
Vachel PUMPHREY vs Lewis J. DUGAS and w/ Ann Louisa - Foreclosure Lewis J. DUGAS and his wife Ann Louisa mortgaged their property to Vachel PUMPHREY in 1823. Land conveyed from Philip GRIFFITH to Vachel PUMPHREY in 1820 and then sold to Alexius SIMMS Sr in 1821; then conveyed by Mary SIMMS, widow of Alexius SIMMS Sr, Henry, Joseph, Alexius and Aloysius SIMMS of Frederick County; and Cicely and John SPALDING, Catharine and William EARLY, and Edward SIMMS of the City of Washington, DC; all heirs of Alexius SIMMS Sr to Ann Louisa DUGAS in 1823. (Her husband, Lewis J. DUGAS, was an alien and not able to hold real estate). Lewis J. DUGAS became insolvent and Pumphrey petitioned to have the property sold. Vachel PUMPHREY was trustee; on 25 Apr 1829, sale made to Thomas MAYNARD for $945. Pumphrey received $860 of the $1,500 due him; finalized 2 Jul 1829.
Jonathan MILLER Estate Jonathan MILLER d/ 4 Jan 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 5 children, - Sarah w/o Daniel HAUVERMEALE - Washington County - Dorcas w/o John OTTO - Washington County - Mary MILLER - Ann MILLER w/o William HENDERSON - Caroline MILLER, a minor and w/o Michael SNOUFFER Land - "Resurvey on Foxes Hall", 306 acres. Guardian was Mary MILLER; trustee was John NELSON; on 15 Jun 1829, sale made to George SNOUFFER, Michael SNOUFFER and Mary Anne MILLER at $4,605.30. On 1 Aug 1829, testimony by Elisha HOWARD stated the widow was about 48 years of age and in good health; she was allowed 2/17 in lieu of her dower, $576.42; each 1/5 share was $774.63; finalized 3 Sep 1829.
Susan REID, widow of Jacob REID - Petition for Survey of Dower Lands Jacob REID d/ intestate, leaving widow - Susan and 4 minor children, - Mary Jane REID - John REID - Elenina REID - Isaac REID Land - Lots #15, 16, 17, 18 in Frederick Town; from James WALLING (w/ Caroline) in 1824 (to him from John Michael LOWS in 1822); borders Market Street, Saints Street and southern edge of Carrol Creek. - tract of 5 acres from Thomas W. MORGAN, trustee for George JACOBS Estate in 1827; adjoins road leading from Frederick to Baltimore and land of George JACOBS, dec'd, sold to George ZEALOR but occupied by Nicholas LEASE. - Lot #17 in Frederick Town (in 1809 conveyed to Isaac MANTZ from John WALLING); and parts of Lots #15 & 16 (in 1811 conveyed to Isaac MANTZ and John MANTZ by John WALLING); all three lots conveyed by Isaac MANTZ to John MANTZ in 1813 and now from John MANTZ (w/ Susanna) to Jacob REED in 1822; included use of Carrol's Creek as in deed to John LOWE. - 1/8 part of Lot #255 in Frederick Town from Margaret BOLASKEY to John REID in 1814 (to her from George SNOWDIGLE in 1813). - 1/8 part of Lot #255 in Frederick Town from Margaret BOLASKEY in 1813 (to her from her father, Jacob SNOWDIGLE, in his Mar 1800 will). - 1/8 part of Lot #255 in Frederick Town from Peter SNOWDIGLE (w/ Christina) of Bereley Co, VA (WV) to John READ in 1805 (to Peter from his father, Jacob SNOWDIGLE, in his Mar 1800 will); lies next to 1/8 part belonging to Peter's brother, Jacob. - 1/8 part of Lot #255 in Frederick Town from John BRUNNER in 1804 to John READ in 1805 (to Brunner from George SNOWDIGLE in 1802). - 1/8 part of Lot #255 in Frederick Town from Thomas RICE and w/Susanna in 1806 (to her from her father, Jacob SNOWDIGLE, in his Mar 1800 will). - two parcels of "Jacob's Well", 30 sq perches + 1/2 acre, from George ZEILER (w/ Catharine) in 1827 (to Zeiler from George FOX in 1824); at intersection of Old Baltimore and Turnpike roads and on southern edge of Turnpike road, by line of Jacob BRENGLE's part of the old main road; second parcel borders BRENGLEs and McCLEARY and land sold by Thomas W. MORGAN as trustee to REID in 1826. - two parcels, "Belvian" and "Resurvey on Locust Level", 58 acres, from Haines DIXON (w/ Elizabeth) in 1822 (and from Eleanor POTTS and William POTTS, exe/of Richard POTTS, to Haines DIXON in 1811), next to lands of David KANAGA. - from Thomas W. MORGAN, Sheriff, in 1825 regarding Fieri Facias of Mar 1824 against Peter FOUT, George MILLER and John D. SMITH for George FOX and Daniel ETZLER - Peter FOUT's stone house & Lot #272 in Frederick Town, and "Middle Plantation", 34 acres, (to Fout by Henry WOOD in 1812). - 13 acres from David KANAGA (w/ Rebecka) in 1825 (to Kanaga from Haines DIXON in 1821). - Lot #7 of "Resurvey on Locust Level", 3+ acres, from John L. POTTS in 1823; on Turnpike road from Frederick to Baltimore, next to "Bell View". - "Middle Plantation", 34+ acres, from Peter FOUT (w/ Mary) in 1824; next to land of John PANCOAST. Guardian was John WALLING; survey to petition dower lands granted and completed July 1829.
191-199 - HAINES, WOOD, STULL - Jan 1827
Daniel JAMES, exec/of Aaron WOOD - Petition to Sell Real Estate In 1819, a decree was passed to sell the land of Michael HAINES, dec'd, with David HAINES as trustee. Land was sold to Jonathan WOOD being "Lee Castle", 48 7/8 acres for $1,295.19 with Aaron WOOD as security. David HAINES died without having the land conveyed; George TENOR was then appointed trustee with Abdiel UNKEFER as administrator. Aaron WOOD died and by his Last Will and Testament, named Daniel JAMES as his executor. Jonathan WOOD is now insolvent. Trustee was George TENOR; in Oct 1828, sale made to James STULL at $240.50; proceeds short; finalized 24 Sep 1829.
199-204 - KEPHART, SHRINER, GORDAN - Jul 1829
Supplemental Petition of Mary GORDAN regarding Equity #747, David KEPHART vs George B. SHRINER and others Her petition stated her claim was late due to her illiteracy; court ruled for her payment which was subtracted from the heirs' shares; finalized 8 Sep 1829.
204-222 - SHRINER, ENGLE/ANGEL, SNIDER - Oct 1828
Jacob BAUMGARTNER & Michael NULL, Exec/of Frederick BLACK; Apoloonia HEFFNER and Sarah GALT vs Philip SHRINER Estate Philip SHRINER died (will 17 Feb 1827; 12 Mar 1827), leaving widow - Susanna and 8 children (will named only one child), - Elizabeth w/o Michael ENGLE/ANGEL - Mary SHRINER - Barbara SHRINER - Hester SHRINER, a minor - Sarah SHRINER, a minor - Susan SHRINER, a minor - Philip SHRINER, a minor - Charity SHRINER, a minor Executor was George B. SHRINER; witnesses: James MARK, Peter SHRINER, David STULTZ. Land - "Resurvey on Brothers Agreement", 123 acres. Guardian was Abraham LICHTENWALTER; trustee was George B. SHRINER; on 27 Mar 1829, sale made to Jacob SNIDER for $1,974.15; widow received 1/8 ($230.41) in lieu of her dower; each 1/8 share was $104.74; finalized 18 Sep 1829.
Stephen BASFORD Estate Stephen BASFORD of Allegany County, d/ intestate, leaving 5 children, - Rachel KINDLEY - Mary w/o John CLARKE - Martha w/o Richard CLARKE - Henrietta w/o Otho WILLSON - Nancy, dec'd w/o Isaac CRUM, dec'd - her 5 minor children ....William CRUM ....Catharine CRUM ....John CRUM ....Stephen CRUM ....Susanna CRUM Land - "Ballinger's First Tract" (being part of "Resurvey on Solomons Flower"), next to land of Walter D. SUMMERS and "Land of Promise"; "Long Measure"; "Philemons Surrounded" (part of Resurvey on Henry and Elizabeth Enlarged"; totals 223 acres; and Lot & House in New Market. Guardian was Thomas DUVALL; trustee was B.S. PIGMAN; on 24 Dec 1828, sale held at WERTENBAKER's Tavern in New Market, House and Lot in New Market went to Rachel KINLEY at $121; but sufficient bid not obtained for other property later sold to Thomas W. GREEN at $1,115 for 223 acres. Each 1/5 share was $227.12;
231-234 - SHAFFER, ANGLEBERGER - Jul 1829
Jacob SHAFFER vs Philip ANGLEBERGER - Recording of Deed Jacob SHAFFER purchased from Philip ANGLEBERGER a Water course in 1825, but the deed was not recorded in the required time. Approval granted on 2 Oct 1829.
Sophia JENNINGS vs John CRAPSTER Estate John CRAPSTER died (Will written 19 May 1821), leaving widow - Susannah and 7 chiildren, - William CRAPSTER - John CRAPSTER - BAZEL CRAPSTER - Eveline w/o Walter ONCAL - Mary w/o Henry HICKSON - Out of State ....William HICKSON - Peter CRAPSTER - Out of State ....John CRAPSTER - Sophia wid/o Solomon JENNINGS friend - Upton S. REID Executors were Bazil CRAPSTEER and John CRAPSTER Jr; however, the latter declined. Witnesses: Upton S. REID, James DRUMMOND, Hugh SHAW. Land - Lot in Taney Town (to son John) which he occupies as tavern; - "The Beautiful Farm" (home place), 154+ acres, near Taney Town (to son William when 21) from Alexander McILHENNEY, trustee, to sell lands of Michael STOVER Jr (w/ Catharine) in 1821. NEGRO SLAVES - BILL, ABRAHAM, MILLY and LYDIA (to William when 21), - negro girl AMY and negro child about 3 months old (son of LYDIA) (to wife and d/ Mary HICKSON) - negro girl MARY - negro man JACK, to be set free (when William is 22) and given $20 and comfortable clothing On 3 Sep 1827, Basil CRAPSTER sold the farm at private sale to John CRAPSTER at $2,800; legacies paid out from proceeds, some short; finalized Oct 1829.
254-261 - McNAIR, ARTHUR, McALISTER, STORM - Feb 1829
James STORM of Emmittsburgh vs Samuel McNAIR Estate Samuel McNAIR of Adams Co, PA, died, leaving widow - Levinia - Pennsylvania, and 9 children, - Margaret McNAIR - Eugenia "Jane" w/o Samuel ARTHUR - Pennsylvania - Agnes w/o John W. McALISTER - Pennsylvania - Alexander Huston McNAIR - Samuel McNAIR - Pennsylvania - Levinia McNAIR, a minor - Pennsylvania - Maria McNAIR, a minor - Pennsylvania - Martha McNAIR, a minor - Pennsylvania - Ann McNAIR, a minor - Pennsylvania Land - Lot #15 in Emmittsburgh on north side of Main St. Property sold to James STORM but McNair died before the conveyance. Guardian and trustee was Alexander H. McNAIR; conveyance granted 28 Oct 1829.
261-273 - BIRELY, STEINER, CLOPPER, etc - Feb 1828
Stephen STEINER and w/ Elizabeth vs Frederick BIRELY Estate Frederick BIRELY died 1 Feb 1806 (will 3 Jan 1806;11 Feb 1806) widow - Elizabeth (d/ 12 Apr 1828), leaving children, - Elizabeth w/o Stephen STEINER (he d/ Aug 1829 intestate) - Lewis BIRELY - Valentine BIRELY - Frederick BIRELY, dec'd (d/ between Feb 1806 & Apr 1828) - Maria BIRELY Widow was executor; (daughters were not named in will); witnesses: Jacob STEINER Jr., Michael KOLB Jr., Peter BURKHART, Henry MOTTER Land - Birely had contract to sell land on Monocacy to Nicholas CLOPPER. Trustees were Frederick A. SCHLEY and John NELSON; on 1 May 1829, sale made to William TYLER for a 9-acre Lot of "Taskers Chance" at $909; to Valentine BIRELY for a 2 1/2-acre lot at $660; to Lewis BIRELY for 13+ acre lot at $1,313; to Richard POTTS for a 5+ acre lot at $400; to Richard H. MARSHALL for a 5+ acre lot at $360; to John RIGNEY for 5+ acre lot at $380; to David STEINER for House and Lot in Frederick at $1,030; to Valentine BIRELY for House and Lot #46 and Tanyard in Frederick Town at $4,505 being the former residence of Frederick BIRELY. Each 1/4 share was $2,417.03; finalized 8 Oct 1829.
George M. EICHELBERGER, Singleton DUVALL, John KUNKEL, Richard ENGLISH, Sarah HENDERSON, John L. LEVY, Jacob LEAB and Conrad SCHULTZ vs Robert HENDERSON Estate Robert HENDERSON d/ Mar 1826 intestate, leaving widow - Sarah and children, by 1st wife - - John HENDERSON - Out of State - Robert HENDERSON (Jr.) - Out of State - Debora HENDERSON, a minor by 2nd wife - Sarah - Mary Ann HENDERSON, a minor - Maria Catharine HENDERSON, a minor - Lucy Jane HENDERSON, a minor - Sarah Beck HENDERSON, a minor Land - "Rocky Creek", 10 3/4 acres; land of Leonard STORM, dec'd, from Ann Rebecca LEVY, John L. LEVY and Jacob LEAB in 1824. - Lot #71 w/ 3-story house on Patrick Street in Frederick Town in western half (previously conveyed from Dr. John TYLER to David LEVY Sr. and then to David LEVY Jr.); for many years was occupied as a tavern run by Marianne LEVY. David LEVY Jr., dec'd widow - Marianne - his children, - John Leonard LEVY and w/ Ann Louisa - Maria w/o Charles HUMRICKHOUSE (he is Out of State) - Ann Rebecca LEVY - Sarah w/o Robert HENDERSON Robert HENDERSON acquired a life estate in the 1/4 undivided mority of said property by his intermarriage with wife Sarah and also bought out the interests of the other heirs of David LEVY Jr. However, all the conveyances were never recorded. Henderson mortgaged the property to Conrad SCHULTZ of Baltimore City and also to John KUNKLE and Richard ENGLISH in 1824. Henderson had become insolvent and the sheriff, Thomas CARLTON, had already sold off his personal property to pay some of his debts. The widow issued a deed of trust to Singleton DUVALL and on 10 Mar 1827, he sold the property to George M. EICHELBERGER at public sale for $2,100. Charles HUMRICKHOUSE was living somewhere out of state and had been seperated from his wife for several years, his wife still living in Frederick Town. In 1820, Robert HENDERSON was living in Brownsville, PA. In 1822, Maria and Charles HUMRICKHOUSE were living in Washington Co, MD. Guardian was Joseph HARGESHEIMER; in Feb 1829, court ruled the heirs of Robert HENDERSON to pay George M. EICHELBERGER the balance or property would be foreclosed.
Catharine WILSON Estate Catharine WILSON d/ abt 1 Sep 1828 intestate, leaving 12 children, - Nancy w/o Peter STEM - William WILSON - John WILSON - Anne wid/o of Samuel WILSON - Sarah wid/o Samuel SOUTHGATE - Catharine wid/o William WRIGHT - Susan w/o Reuben STEM - George W. WILSON - Elizabeth w/o Martin SAILOR - to VA, now Ohio - Rachel w/o Jacob SMITH - David WILSON, dec'd - his 3 minor children, ....Washington WILSON ....Matilda WILSON ....Mary WILSON - Mary, dec'd w/o Jacob STULTZ - her 6 children, ....Catharine w/o Jacob HOLMES ....Mary w/o John WHITE ....William STULTZ ....Isaac STULTZ, a minor ....Rachel STULTZ, a minor ....Nancy STULTZ, a minor Land - "Good Intent", 152+ acres, from Upton SCOTT (w/ Elizabeth) of Annapolis to Catharine in 1796; next to lands of Henry HAUNS. On 23 Feb 1829, William SHEPHERD testified Elizabeth and Martin SAILOR had gone to Virginia and afterwards moved to Ohio where they now reside to the best of his knowledge. Guardian was Leander GOLDSBOROUGH; trustee was Peter STEM; Anne WILSON took high bid but was not able to make payment after the agreement with the other heirs fell through; private sale made to Lewis HAINES for $1,763.44 on 11 Jun 1829. Survey only proved to be 130 acres. Each 1/12 share was $135.51; finalized 27 Aug 1829.
John HOFFMAN, esquire as creditor vs John BORN Estate John WELLER, miller, died (will 9 Aug 1802; 4 Sep 1802), leaving widow - Barbara (d/o Lawrence CREAGER) and children, - Daniel WELLER (other part of Plantation and mountain land) - Margaret, dec'd w/o Jacob BORN - their children, ....John BORN (land where Jacob BORN was living) and his sisters - Elizabeth WELLER - Henry WELLER (Plantation on north side of Big Hunting Creek with mill, etc, and mountain land at Owings Creek; and "Salt Trough Longanugh" and 40 acres from James JOHNSON) Executors were the sons; witnesses: Christian STOUFFER, John BUSH, Yelles STOUFFER. John BORN d/ intestate, leaving widow - Margaret and no children sis/ Rosena w/o George WEDDLE sis/ Mary w/o John WILHIDE sis/ Elizabeth SMITH, dec'd - her daughter, .......Margaret SMITH - Out of State Administrator was widow. Land - "Resurvey on Saint Elizabeth", 80+ acres, with William BOLER and John YOUNG as securities on bank note by Born in 1821. Trustee was Joseph M. PALMER; on 6 Dec 1828, sale held at tavern of M.E. BARTGIS, esquire, in Frederick Town where Abraham HOFF became high bidder for $745, free of dower. Widow received 2/15 in lieu of dower, $57.86; proceeds short, creditors paid $.36 on the dollar; finalized 10 Dec 1829.
Jacob MYERLY and w/ Eve vs John BISHOP Estate John BISHOP d/ 1823 (Will 25 Oct 1816; 20 Jan 1823), leaving widow - Rachel and 2 children, - Eve w/o Jacob MYERLY - Mary, dec'd w/o David MYERLY - their 2 minor children, ....Elizabeth MYERLY ....John MYERLY Executrix was widow; witnesses: John FISHER, Philip FISHER, Jacob YINGLING, John WAMPLER; administrator was William DURBIN. Land - House and 2 (half) Lots in Westminster (will written before purchase) - Lot #10 (1/2 of lot) on "Resurvey of Bedford" on plot of Town of Winters Addition to Westminster, from Isaac SHRIVER (w/ Polly) in 1822; lies on Main Street. - Lot #9 (1/2 of lot) on "Resurvey of Bedford" on plot of Town of Winters Addition to Westminster,from David YINGLING (w/ Rachel) in 1821; next to Daniel WEAVER's part. Guardian was David MYERLY; trustee was William DURBIN; on 15 Jun, finally a private sale was made to Joseph SCHREIVER at $500; each 1/2 share was $218.99; finalized 12 Nov 1829.
Paul HAWK Estate Paul HAWK, dec'd (Will 18 Feb 1820; 14 Mar 1820), leaving 12 children, - William HAWK (home plantation of 114 acres; w/ payments to siblings) - Anna BARRICK - John HAWK - Jacob HAWK - Paul HAWK (Jr.) - Adam HAWK - Peter HAWK - Philip HAWK - Henry HAWK - Abraham HAWK - Catharine HARDY - Mary w/o Jacob KISNER - her daughters, ....Anna KEMP ....Juda KEMP ....Catharine KEMP SLAVES - black woman, SARAH (free upon his death and her children to be sold at private sale until they reach age 28 and then set free - but only sold to people residing in Frederick County) Executor was William HAWK; witnesses: William GRIMES Jr, William GALT, William GRIMES Sr. Trustee was Joseph TANEY; sale made on 17 May 1827 to Adam HAWK at $1,257.89; proceeds were short and siblings only received a 20% portion of their legacies; finalized on 18 Jun 1829.
Jacob FIROR and William CREAGER - Petition to Rectify Title On 27 Feb, 1779, Henry AMBROSE conveyed in special trust to Ludwick KEMP, tracts "Good Neighbour Resurveyed", 486 acres; "Centre Bit", 12 acres; "Charming Beauty", 25 acres; for his mother, Catharine AMBROSE to have life estate unless she remarried or when she died, then to be sold and divided among her surviving children. The widow died during the lifetime of Ludwick KEMP and the lands have not yet been sold and the monies distributed amongst her heirs. Ludwick KEMP d/ abt 1 Jan 1809, leaving children, - Henry KEMP - Christian KEMP - Elizabeth FOUKE - Mary KEMP Ludwick's heirs did sell the two small tracts to Peter SHOVER for $100 and sold the large tract to John HARBAUGH (w/ Elizabeth for $4,000 in 1809. Harbaugh conveyed the large tracts to Peter SHOVER who conveyed 65 acres to Daniel ROUZER in 1813; and, by Harbaugh's will, devised the remaining lands to be sold by Rouzer and the monies to be divided amongst his children. On 10 Nov 1827, Rouzer did sell 330 acres of the large tract to Jacob FIROR and William CREAGER. Catharine AMBROSE (wid/o Jacob) d/ before 1809, leaving 9 children, - Henry AMBROSE - Out of State - Catharine w/o John SNOOK - Out of State - John AMBROSE - Out of State - Jacob AMBROSE - Out of State - Matthias AMBROSE - Nelson Co, KY in 1804 - Ludwick AMBROSE - Out of State - Eve w/o Jacob YOCKAM/YOCUM - Nelson Co, KY in 1798 - Mary w/o Jacob SWAIN - Out of State - Sophia w/o Peter SHOVER (both died after her mother) (These were the surviving children at the time of Catharine's death, as mentioned in the trust; so, any deceased children are not mentioned here unless they died after their mother.) Peter SHOVER (his will* 27 Sep 1813; 1 Nov 1813) widow - Sophia and children, (grandchildren not named in will) ....Barbara SHOVER ....Catharine w/o Henry WELLER ....Simon SHOVER, dec'd ......-Jacob SHOVER, a minor - Out of State ......-Catharine SHOVER, a minor & w/o John HUFFER - Out of State ......-Adam SHOVER, a minor - Out of State ......-Elizabeth SHOVER, a minor & w/o Frederick FOLAND - Out of State ....Sophia ROUZER, dec'd ......-Daniel ROUZER d/ c1828 intestate, leaving ...........-Mary Jane ROUZER, a minor ......-Lydia ROUZER w/o George KELLENBERGER - Montgomery Co, Ohio in 1828 ......-Martin ROUZER ......-Henry ROUZER, a minor ......-Elizabeth ROUZER, a minor & w/o William OTT ......-Juliana (d/ by Feb 1829) w/o William KIRKWOOD - Out of State ............-Levina Ann KIRKWOOD, a minor ............-Catharine KIRKWOOD, a minor ......-Peter ROUZER - Out of State ......-Sophia w/o Peter WARENFELTZ ......-Sarah HITESHEW, a minor sis/ Susannah SHOVER SLAVES - black woman HANNAH, black girl BETSY, and other girls not named. Land - "Peace All Around" and "Simons Delight". Executor was Daniel ROUZER; witnesses: P. WOODS, Peter LEATHERMAN and Joseph LEATHERMAN. Guardian for Sarah HITESHEW, Mary Jane ROUZER and Elizabeth OTT was Jacob WELLER, B.S. On 19 Sep 1829, Daniel ROUZER was made trustee to convey deed to the complainants.
415-427 - COCKEY, SLAVES, TAWNEY - Jul 1827
Joshua COCKEY Jr. and Dr. William WILLIS, exec/of John C. COCKEY vs Jacob TAWNEY (TANEY) - Foreclosure John C. COCKEY, dec'd (Will 27 Oct 1826; 22 Dec 1826) widow - Mary and 4 children, - Richard COCKEY - Edward COCKEY - Mary Jane COCKEY - John Cashear COCKEY bro/ Joshua COCKEY SLAVES - negro boy EPHRAIM; negro woman FANNY and her two children, GEORGE and MARIA (to his wife until they reach 35) Executors listed above; witnesses: Isaac SHRIVER, Joshua COCKEY, Jacob SHRIVER. Land - Lot #17 in Westminster on tract "Whites Level", 1/2 acre; bordered on the NW by Frederick TAWNEY's Lot 18, on SE by Store Alley, and on SW by Main Street; previously from John FETTERLING. Trustee was William ROSS; on 5 May 1828, sale made to Joshua COCKEY Jr. at $401; proceeds short, only covered half of debt; finalized 21 Jan 1830.
427-441 - MARTIN, WIEST, CARMACK, DILL - Feb 1829
Jacob WIEST vs David MARTIN and w/ Elizabeth, Samuel CARMACK and Joshua DILL David and Elizabeth MARTIN mortgaged their property to Jacob WIEST. Since then, David MARTIN filed for insolvency and Joshua DILL as trustee sold the property to Samuel CARMACK. Land - Lot #285 in Addition to Frederick Town. Trustee was Madison NELSON; sold to Jacob WEIST of Frederick at $402 on 20 Jun 1829; finalized 3 Sep 1829.
Samuel KNOX and w/ Zeruiah, William McCLEERY and w/ Eleanor vs Henry McCLEERY Estate Henry McCLEERY d/ 1800, leaving 8 children, - Zeruiah w/o Samuel KNOX - William McCLEERY and w/ Eleanor - Andrew McCLEERY - Susannah w/o Michael McCLANAHAN - Pennsylvania - Frances w/o William M. BEALL - Robert McCLEERY - Clarissa McCLEERY (age 50 in Feb 1829, a lunatic) - Mary KNIGHT, dec'd - her children, ....John KNIGHT - Mississippi ....Martha Ritchie KNIGHT w/o John HANNA - Indiana, a minor ....Thomas Jonas KNIGHT - Indiana, a minor ....Henry William KNIGHT - Indiana, a minor ....Susanna Freeman KNIGHT - Indiana, a minor ....Rachel Frances KNIGHT - Indiana, a minor Land - 1/2 of Lot #104 in Frederick Town from Michael HOUSER. Andrew McCLEERY, Frances and William M. BEALL, and Robert McCLEERY deeded their interests to Zerinah in 1828. Robert McCLEERY was appointed trustee for Clarissa. Trustee to sell real estate was William M. BEALL; sale made to Robert McCLEERY at $500; each 1/8 share was $55.87; petition to substitute Zeruiah KNOX as purchaser; finalized 31 Oct 1829.
450-526 - RITCHIE, BEATTY, SLAVES, THOMSON, etc - Aug 1827
Mary OTT, Thomas RITCHIE and William N. RITCHIE vs Albert RITCHIE and Amalanah RITCHIE Col. John RITCHIE, d/ 10 Nov 1826 (Will 10 Feb 1825; 20 Nov 1826) widow - Ann (d/ 10 Dec 1826) and 5 children, by 1st wife - (and grandchildren of Thomas BEATTY Sr.) - Mary OTT - Thomas RITCHIE and w/ Mary Ann by 2nd wife, Ann - William Nelson RITCHIE - Albert RITCHIE - Annalanah RITCHIE, a minor Land - Farm near Frederick Town, 400 acres - House and Stables in Frederick Town on Patrick Street, now occupied by Joseph TALBOTT for a Tavern (stabling on Court St opposite the Episcopal Church). - Two large brick buildings on the corner of Market and Patrick Streets in Frederick Town; the building on the corner now occupied by William HELFENSTEIN as dry goods store, the other on Market Street now occupied by Lewis W. GLENN as a druggist store - part of Lot #19 in Frederick Town - part of "Long Acre" in Frederick Town - Lots #13 and 14 in Frederick Town - Lot #6 in Frederick Town on Love Lane - Lot #343 in Frederick Town - tract "Butler's Trouting Streams", 950 acres of mountain land - tract "Puzzlesome Corrected", 262 acres of mountain land - 84 acres near Emmitsburgh In Allegany County - - tract "Constitution Vale", 300 acres (from John Conrad BEATTY in 1797), on east side of Savage River and west of the middle ridge. - tract "Elk Lick", 210 acres, from Henry KEMP. - tract "Potato Gardens", 250 acres from Edward LOYD and William PAED in 1793. - tract "Hunting Ground", 199+ acres by special warrant. - tract "Rich Glades", 306 acres from Edward LOYD and William PAED in 1793 (previously from Thomas PRICE). - tract "Addition to Hunting Ground", 553+ acres SLAVES listed in will - - yellow woman CHARLOTTA (d/o LUCY), freedom on 1 Jan 1831 and her children when they reach age - males 31; females 25 - man David HOLLIDAY Sr. and his wife MOLLY, freedom on 1 May 1829 and he to have free use/occupation of 10 acres during his natural life (land bound by Worthington JOHNSON's farm and Baltzer FOUTZ's farm) - man Thomas JACKSON, freedom on 1 May 1833 - man ROBERT, h/o CHARLOTTA, freedom on 1 May 1839 Executors were wife and 5 children; witnesses were Henry KOONTZ, George HAUER, George ROHR. - In 1801, John RITCHIE purchased part tract "Resurvey on Locust Level" (by Rocky Creek) from the estate of Daniel DULANY, dec'd, by his widow, Rebecca DULANY, then of New Port, Rhode Island, and Benjamin DULANY of Alexandria, Virginia through William COOKE, esquire, of Baltimore, MD. - In 1800, from Thomas BEATTY Sr, farmer, tract "Rocky Creek", 342 acres, lying on the west side of the Monocacy and near Frederick Town (part of it being deeded from John BEATTY and Cornelius BRINK of Ulster Co, NY, yeoman, the latter in behalf of himself and Margaret BEATTY as her attorney; Peter HUFF and w/ Susannah; George BEATTY; and Abraham HUFF and w/ Jane of Frederick Co, MD of 124 acres); (another part held from Henry COOK and William BEATTY, exec/of Elijah BEATTY of 116 acres in 1774) - exceptions of various small tracts to Baltzer FOUT; Thomas Johnson, esquire and Governor of Maryland; Baker JOHNSON and William Murdock BEALL. - In 1812, from the 1811 will of Col. Baker JOHNSON, Lot #3 in Frederick Town and part of "Tasker's Chance", by Jacob BENTZ's land. - In 1796, part "Rockey Creek", 50 acres, from Thomas BEATTY Jr. of Montgomery County (and he obtained from his parents, Thomas and Catharine BEATTY). - In 1815, from Anna BEATTY of George Town, DC, widow of Thomas BEATTY Jr., part "Rocky Creek", 50 acres. - In 1816, from Rebecca OGLE, widow of Benjamin OGLE, Lot #60 on Patrick Street in Frederick Town. - In 1806, from Henry McCLEERY (w/ Maretha) for Lot #67 w/ 3-story dwelling of brick fronting Patrick Street in Frederick Town, adjoining property of Catharine KIMBALL and Daniel HAUER. - In 1825, from Joseph TALBOTT (w/Jane) for Daniel HAUER Sr.'s part. - In 1792, from Benjamin LOWNDES (w/ Dorothy) of Prince Georges County and eldest s/o Christopher LOWNDES, dec'd, Lot #62 on Patrick and Market Streets in Frederick Town. - In 1826, from Jacob GETZENDANNER and Cyrus MANTZ, Lot #19 in Frederick Town by a public alley and on Carroll Creek. - In 1792, from John BRUNNER, merchant (w/ Barbara), tract "Long Acre", which is part of "Tasker's Chance" (and previously from Jacob BENTZ), on Bentz Street next to Frederick STEINER's. - In 1813, from Jacob STEINER (w/ Elizabeth) of Frederick Town (was Lewis FOUT's property from James SMITH), parts of two lots, #13 and #14, fronting Market Street. - In 1822, from Jacob DOLL (w/ Anna Maria), Lot #6 on "Tasker's Chance" on Love Lane (previously from David WEBSTER). - In 1792, from Bartholomew McCANN (w/ Mary) , Lot #343 in Frederick Town (previously from Thomas KNOX). - In 1826, from Jacob GETZENDANNER and Cyrus MANTZ, "Butler's Trawling Streams" (from Tobias BUTLER in 1796). - In 1797, from Thomas BEATTY (w/ Jane), "Puzzlesome Corrected", 256 acres, next to George MURDOCK's. Guardian was John P. THOMSON; trustees were James RAYMOND and Henry KOONTZ; sales made in Oct 1829 to: - John BRIEN, part of farm between roads leading from Frederick Town to Harpers Ferry and to Hagerstown for 327+ acres at $18,034.50; - William FISHER for House and Stables, known as Talbot's Tavern at $8,075; - Albert RITCHIE for 3-story brick dwelling on NE corner of Market & Patrick and 3-story dwelling adjoining the same at $7,000; - Thomas RITCHIE for part of Lot #19 on east side of public Alley at $470; - John RIGNEY for parts of Lot #13 and 14 on Market Street near the bridge at $350; - William TYLER for part "Long Acre" at $300; - John FAUBLE for Lot #343 at private sale at $350; - Thomas RITCHIE (s/o John) at private sale for 38 acres of Farm north of Harper's Ferry Road at $2,912.89; total sales was #37,467.19. William FISHER sold the property he purchased to Catherine KIMBOLL who has since sold it and requests expedited deed. Thomas RITCHIE was having difficulty with payments and transferred his sale to George SMITH. Finalized 28 Jan 1835.
Daniel SCHOLL, adm/of Christian SCHOLL, dec'd vs Frederick STONER Foreclosure against Frederick STONER for mortgage on Land - Lots in Frederick Town, #4, 5, 6, 7 Trustee was Frederick A. SCHLEY; in Nov 1829, sale made to Vachel PHUMPHREY at $190. Judgement against Frederick STONER as a security for Christian BRENGLE was paid in part; finalized 11 Feb 1830.
536-554 - CLEGGETT/CLAGGETT, MARTIN, SLAVES, etc - Jan 1825
John MAUGHT/MOCK, creditor vs Thomas J. CLEGGETT In 1825, Thomas John CLEGGETT (w/ Sophia) made a deed of trust to Doctor Horatio CLEGGETT of Washington County and Honon? MARTIN of Montgomery County for the benefit of his creditors but without their consent. Land - "Fertile Meadow", 100 acres (granted by patent to Fielder GANTT in 1774 and conveyed to Thomas John CLAGGETT, father of Thomas John CLAGGETT in 1786); "Swedes March", 245 acres (in same deed); - also, "Fielderia Manor", 65+ acres and 13 acres, from Thomas GAUTT/GANTT Jr. to Rev. Thomas John CLAGGETT in 1794; - "Fielderia", 69 acres, from Adam HUNTER, Abner VERNON and Patrick HOLMES, executors of James HUNTER of Virginia to Thomas John CLAGETT Sr. in 1792. SLAVE - negro boy, SIMON - negro, SOPHIA (sold to William LALLER before Jun 1828 for $240) In Feb 1825, Horatio CLAGGETT and Honon MARTIN acted as trustees and sold 13+ acres to Frederick SLAGLE for $414; no bids on remaining property. In Jun 1828, Honon MARTIN died, leaving Horatio as surviving trustee. On 16 Sep 1828, Horatio was able to sell 86 acres to Eli CRAMPTON for $1769.92. Later, he was able to sell the remaining 152 acres to William HILLEARY for $3,800. Personal property (not identified was also sold (maybe a slave) on 16 Sep 1828 for $1,426.49. Multiple judgements exceeded the proceeds; paid $.74 on the dollar; finalized 9 Jun 1829.
555-565 - RIDER, MANNING, STOTTLEMIRE - Jul 1828
Jacob HUMMEL, creditor vs Francis RIDER Estate Francis RIDER d/ Oct 1820 intestate, leaving widow - Mary Ann and 2 minor children, - Joseph RIDER - Catherine E. RIDER Land - Lot #9 of "Murdocks Mountain Resurveyed", 125 acres Administrator was the widow; guardian was Alexander MANNING; trustee was James RAYMOND; sale made to John M. STOTTLEMIRE for $46.87 (2nd public sale), free of dower; finalized 28 Jan 1830.
565-580 - HITESHEW, McKALEB, SHAW, HINER - Jan 1828
Abraham HITESHEW and Henry HINER vs Philip HITESHEW and William CURRY Philip HITESHEW (w/ Catharine) was indebted to John McKALEB of Taney Town and Abraham HITESHEW and Henry HINER signed as securities. Philip also issued a deed of mortgage to William CURRY. Land - Lot in Union Town of 1/2+ acre (part of "The Orchard" and next to "Hard Grubbing"), containing a Tavern House, Store House, Stable and Outhouses; from Moses SHAW in 1825. Trustee was Joseph M. PALMER; sale made on 25 Sep 1828 to Abraham HITESHEW and Henry HINER for $1,490; proceeds short; finalized 15 Jun 1829.
580-587 - RICHARDS, McPHERSON, BRIEN, etc - Feb 1830
John BRIEN vs John C. RICHARDS and James JOHNSON After deed of conveyance was signed on 29 Jan 1829, it was sent to Baltimore for Richards' wife, Mary, to sign as John C. RICHARDS resided in Baltimore. Upon the return of the deed, John BRIEN sent it to his father-in-law, Col. John McPHERSON, who was then residing in Frederick Town, and requested he have it recorded at the Clerk's office. McPherson had stated he did in Feb 1829. However, since the death of John McPHERSON, John BRIEN came across the deed and discovered it had not been recorded (must be recorded within six months). Petition is to have the deed recorded; so granted on 6 Mar 1830. Land - "Spring Fields" (granted to Col. James JOHNSON by patent in 1803), lies West of road leading from Lewis to Mechanicks Town and South of John WALKER's 648 acres; - "Neighbours Agreed", 101 acres (conveyed to James JOHNSON by Michael ZIMMERMAN in 1817) - 2 parts of mountain tract, 136 acres
George TENOR, James JONES vs David MANAHAN Estate David MANAHAN d/ 1 Feb 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Sophia (d/ bet Feb 1827 and Feb 1829) - Levi MANAHAN, minor son Land - parts "Brothers Inheritance", "Legh Castle" and "Pork Hall", 27+ acres; from John LESCALLEET (w/ Catharine) in 1823 (to him from Henry STUDY in 1819). Administrator and guardian was Frederick PROUGH of Baltimore County; trustee was John NELSON; on 8 Aug 1829, sale made to Benjamin BOND for $860; proceeds slightly short, paid $.99 on the dollar; finalized 6 May 1830.
James ARMSTRONG Jr. of Baltimore City vs Thomas CONNER Estate Thomas CONNER d/ 1823 (will 13 aug 1823; 22 Oct 1823) widow - Mary and 7 children (not named in will), - Michael CONNER - James CONNER, a minor - Henry CONNER, a minor - Rosanna CONNER, a minor and w/o Michael CROUGH - Mary CONNER, a minor - Catherine CONNER, a minor - Thomas CONNER, a minor Witnesses to will: Stuart GAITHER, John DOYLE, James F. HOUSTON; widow and son were executors. Land - House and Lot #40 in Frederick Town on South side of Patrick Street from. In 1816, deed to Thomas CONNER of Frederick Town from John WINEMILLER (eldest son; w/ Cassandra) and Mary WINEMILLER, widow of Henry WINEMILLER, both of Montgomery County, MD; siblings had already transferred their undivided shares to John. (1/4 undivided part conveyed by Henry WINEMILLER, an heir to Adam ROBB of Montgomery County, MD in 1809 and by Robb to John in 1810; another 1/4 undivided part from John C. THOMPSON and w/ Margaret to John WINEMILLER in 1815; another 1/4 undivided part conveyed to John from Samuel ROBORG? and w/ Harriet in 1815). Guardian was Joshua DILL; trustee was Frederick A. SCHLEY; sale went to the widow for $1,200; proceeds short, paid $.78 on the dollar; finalized 22 Jan 1830.
615-628 - CRONISE, GEBHART, WORMAN, POTTS - Feb 1829
Moses WORMAN vs Simon CRONISE Estate - Sale of Real Estate Moses WORMAN and Simon CRONISE held a partnership, Worman & Cronise in 1811. Land - 2 small tracts, 10 acres, part of "Mill Pond" which is part of "Taskers Chance" and the mill race, on West side of Tuscarorah Creek near the fording place and on North side of the road leading from Frederick Town to the Mill; from William POTTS (w/ Elizabeth Christian POTTS) with a grist mill and also a wood lot, 4 acres (land conveyed to Potts by John STONER in 1798 and was derived to Stoner from a contract with Stephen RAMSBURG in 1773). Simon CRONISE d/ 17 May 1829 intestate, leaving daughters, - Mary E. CRONISE, a minor - Caroline G. CRONISE, a minor Guardian was Frederick A. GEBHART; trustee was L.P.W. BALCH; sale made to Moses WORMAN for $8,502; each Cronise daughter received $2,048.27; finalized 15 Apr 1830.
Catharine BLACK Estate Catharine BLACK d/ intestate many years ago, leaving 6 children, - Mary Anne KOONTZ/KOONS - Barbara w/o George WOLFE - Margaret (Black) McSHERRY - Out of State - Joseph BLACK, d/ intestate, leaving 2 daughters, .......Elizabeth BLACK - Out of State .......Matilda BLACK - Out of State - Catharine (Black) KNOUFF d/ intestate, leaving, ...John KNOUFF ...James KNOUFF ...Frances KNOUFF, now w/o James MORRISON ...Elizabeth KNOUFF, now w/o George VALENTINE - - Out of State ...Sally, dec'd w/o John STEIGERS - their 4 children, ......Catharine STEIGERS ......John STEIGERS ......Maria STEIGERS ......Hannah STEIGERS (d/ intestate) w/o Jacob WELTY .......---John WELTY, a minor .......-1st h/o Hannah STEIGERS - Malachi HOBBS, dec'd .......---Martha May/Mary HOBBS, a minor - Out of State .......---Catharine Elizabeth HOBBS, a minor - Out of State - Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Patrick CRAYTON, dec'd - their 7 children, ...Andrew CRAYTON ...John CRAYTON - Out of State ...James CRAYTON ...Joseph CRAYTON - Out of State ...Edward CRAYTON - Out of State ...Samuel CRAYTON, dec'd - his 7 children ......Joshua CRAYTON ......Martha CRAYTON, a minor ......Mary CRAYTON, a minor ......Marcellus CRAYTON, a minor ......Samuel CRAYTON, a minor ......George CRAYTON, a minor ......Elizabeth (Crayton) w/o George MOUSE - Out of State ...Patsy (Crayton), dec'd w/o James HALL - their 5 children ......Albert HALL - Out of State ......John HALL - Out of State ......Catharine HALL - Out of State ......Mary HALL - Out of State ......William HALL - Out of State also, a sister, - Polly BLACK, d/ Mar 1835 intestate w/out issue who possesses 1/7 undivided part of estate and has outstanding debts; John BAUMGARDNER is Polly's administrator. Land - "Resurvey on the Pines" and "Addition to the Pines", 10 1/4 acres, from John WHELTY (w/ Barbara) in 1802 for 25 pounds; next to land of Michael HARNER and land to Robert BEATTY from Charles CARROLL; 1/4 acre of this conveyed from Adam WELSH (w/ Susanna) in 1802. Guardian was L.P.W. BALCH; trustee was William H. BAUMGARDNER; sale made on 27 Aug 1836 to Andrew WIVELL for $236.02; each 1/7 share was $23.82; finalized 6 Oct 1836. ================ The End ================

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