Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-7

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity Court Abstracts - Liber JS-7

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-7; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.

Thomas EDMONDSON - Correction of Deed William FARQUHAR's widow, Lydia, married Robert HATTON. William willed some land to his son, Moses FARQUHAR. Moses' sons, Moses B. FARQUHAR (w/ Massey/Mapey) (now in Ohio) and William P. FARQUHAR (w/ Mary) sold part of land (4 acres) to Thomas EDMONDSON in 1822; Moses B. FARQUHAR sold 30 acres with an exception of 40 sq perches which went to his grandmother, Lydia HATTON. There was another 40 sq perches Robert and Lydia HATTON sold to Moses B. FARQUHAR which was not mentioned in the deed. In Aug 1827, decree passed to correct the deed (plat shown). Land - Lot #1 of "Resurvey on Forrest in Need", 34 acres with brick house and stone shop, where Moses B. had lived. Adjoining land had been deeded to William FARQUHAR Sr by Benjamin FARQUHAR in 1800; and was next to Joseph ELGAR's lot.
Ignatius JAMISON Estate Ignatius JAMISON d/ 11 Mar 1823 intestate, leaving 9 children, - Catharine w/o James HOOK - Joseph JAMISON - William JAMISON - Benedict JAMISON - Alexander JAMISON, a minor - Emily JAMISON, a minor - Henrietta JAMISON, a minor - Ignatius JAMISON, a minor - Elizabeth JAMISON, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 448 acres, conveyed by James GIBSON and w/ Elizabeth (who was Elizabeth BOARDLY, surviving executor of John B. BOARDLY of Philadelphia) in 1822. In 1813, land was conveyed to Lawson ALEXANDER by Henry ALEXANDER, trustee appointed by the chancellor; then from Lawson to Elizabeth BOARDLY (before her marriage to James GIBSON) and John F. MIFFLIN as joint tenants per John B. BOARDLY's will; Mifflin later died. Guardian was John H. WORTHINGTON; John H. McELFRESH was trustee. Benedict, Catharine and William conveyed their interests to Joseph. On 21 Oct 1827, sold at private sale to Catharine JAMISON for $7,683.20.
John RITCHIE, exec/of Thomas BEATTY vs John FREEZE and Matthias SHRUP John RITCHIE was also the son-in-law of Thomas BEATTY and, as Beatty's executor, sold 107+ acres to John FREEZE with Matthias SHRUP/SHREP as his surety in 1819. Matthias SHRUP d/ intestate, leaving 6 children, - Henry SHRUP d/ intestate, leaving ...w/ Caroline later w/o John GILBERT ......William Mathias SHRUP, a minor - Mary Barbara w/o Philip SHRIVER - Mary w/o John FREEZE - Out of State - Catharine (d/ after petition) w/o John DEBERRY - their children, .....Maranda DEBERRY .....Mary Ann DEBERRY .....William DEBERRY .....Catharine DEBERRY - Elizabeth SHRUP - Mary Magdalena w/o George ECKMAN - Out of State Land - "Town Tract", 107 7/8 acres, next to "Fountain Low" and by road leading from Creager's Town through Harman's Gap, surveyed in 1818 by John WOODWARD, esq; - "Third Addition to Resurvey on Fountain Low", 102 acres; - "Joseph's Friendship" and "Fourth Dividend", 67 acres from Henry GRIFFITH of Montgomery County, next to Thomas FLEMING (in 1796 from executors of Griffith to Philemon GRIFFITH and Joshua GRIFFITH; Thomas BEATTY (w/ Jane) paid 100 pounds for Shrup to Philemon and Joshua due to Henry; - "Town Tract", 160 acres and "Expensive Beginning", 5 3/4 acres next to "Resurvey on Lilly's Lot" and "Resurvey on Joseph's Friendship" - Lot #10 of "Mountain Tract", 340 acres, from George CALVERT, esq. of Prince George's County for 255 pounds in 1800; next to lands of heirs of John DAVIDSON (sold to James JOHNSON), Henry FRALEY, Jacob WELLER, Henry BEAMER and tract "Vine Garden". Administrator was Henry SHRUP who died before administration was completed, John R. CURTIS then became the administrator. George HALE was guardian; Jacob FIROR was trustee. Sale held on 4 Aug 1825 in Creagers Town: - John FREEZE's 107 7/8 acres to John RITCHIE, agent for William PARKINSON for $500. - 33 /2 acres of mountain land to Joseph EICHELBERGER for $5/acre On 13 Aug 1825 - 168 3/4 acres to John RITCHIE, agent for Anne SEMMES, John D. SCOTT, Alexander SEMMES and John BEATTY for $5.90/acre Total sales was $1,663.12. John RITCHIE petitioned to have additional property of John FREEZE of Ohio sold as proceeds were insufficient - 15 lots in Creagers Town, - Lots #103, 104, 105 on east side of Main Street - Lots #102, 113, 114, 115 on south side of Second Street - Lots #116 thru 123 on west side of North Street with buildings In Mar 1826, John RITCHIE and others petitioned of possession of land against Elizabeth SHRUPP, John DEBERRY and John GILBERT and w/ Caroline as they refused to give up the 168 3/4 acres of land. Nicholas HOLTZ also petitioned agains Matthias SHRUPP for debts. On 27 May 1826, Firor sold rest of Freeze's property to Michael RAIMICK for $430; finalized 4 Oct 1827.
Cornelius RIDGE Estate Benjamin RIDGE, dec'd, left children, son/Cornelius RIDGE d/ 1823 intestate, leaving no wife or children son/ Ephraim RIDGE d/ bef Sep 1825 intestate .....w/ Catharine ........Greenberry RIDGE ........Cornelius RIDGE ........Elizabeth HOOVER ........Rebecca w/o Jacob SHRIVER ........Christena RIDGE ........Susanna RIDGE ........Ally w/o Matthias HAMMERSLY dau/ Rebecca RIDGE d/ will 27 Sep 1825; 5 Nov 1825 * son/ William RIDGE, dec'd - Out of State - leaving children, ........Charles RIDGE ........Benjamin RIDGE ........Cornelius RIDGE ........Levy RIDGE ........Ephraim RIDGE Jr ........Catharine RIDGE ........Elizabeth RIDGE ........Susan RIDGE Administrators of Cornelius were Ephraim RIDGE (now deceased) and Greenberry RIDGE. Land - Lots #1 and 2 in Creagers Town w/ improvements to Cornelius from Christian KUHN in 1817; also Lot #90 in Creagers Town to Cornelius as agreed between John CREAGER, gentleman, from Christopher STOVER and his wife, Sara, of Pickaway Co, Ohio, she a legal heir of Henry HOLTZMAN. * Rebecca's will listed Ephraim's family and named her father; left all undivided 1/4 part of land where her father lived to Ephraim's sons, Greenberry and Cornelius; left her sister-in-law, Catharine - SLAVE - Mulatto girl ELLIOSINE, until she is 23, then to be freed. Elizabeth HOOVER held an 1823 note from Cornelius. William ROSS was trustee; on 24 Mar 1827, sale of Lots 1 & 2 w/ 2-story brick house sold to Cornelius RIDGE for $523; Lot 90 w/ no improvements sold to John R. CURTIS for $12.50; insufficient, paid $.44 on the dollar; finalized on 13 Sep 1827.
John REICH vs Christian SCHOLL Heirs - Title John REICH was indebted by mortgage to Christian SCHOLL for real estate (on Monocacy adjoining Baltimore Turnpike Stone Bridge) purchased from William ROSS, trustee of Benjamin HERSH, dec'd (Ross had previously made sale to Samuel HAUPT for $3,300, but he was unable to pay for it; it was agreed between Chrisian SHOLL and John REICH, heirs of Levi HUGHES, Reich would purchase 40 acres of it). Deed was made to Scholl to be reconveyed to Reich upon his final payment of mortgage to Nicholas HOLTZ as specified in said mortgage. Full amount was paid as was bond to Eleanor POTTS, executor of Richard POTTS; however, before the deed was reconveyed, Christian SCHOLL d/ intestate, leaving children, - Daniel SCHOLL - Catharine w/o Enos HEDGES - Charlotte w/o George GETTINGER - Elias SCHOLL - Rebecca SCHOLL, a minor - Lewis SCHOLL, a minor - Dennis SCHOLL, a minor - Mary Elizabeth SCHOLL, a minor Land - 3 Lots in Frederick Town from Jacob BOYER Jr in 1796; - "Locust Level" from William CRUM Sr in 1801; - Lot 10 of "Resurvey on Locust Level (formerly property of Daniel DULANY, esq) from John HOFFMAN (w/ Elizabeth) in 1820; - Lot in Frederick Town from Barbara HALLAR, Ezra HALLAR and Jonathan HALLAR in 1823 - Lot in Frederick Town from William CLEMENTS in 1806 - Lot 3 of "Resurvey on Tuscarora" from Elizabeth POTTS and Richard POTTS, executors of William POTTS in 1820. Administrator was Daniel SCHOLL; Philip REICH, guardian; William ROSS, trustee; Reich was awarded title.
Ely DORSEY vs Charles RIDGELY Heirs - Title Ely DORSEY (of Ely) died (will 5 May 1819; 8 Sep 1821) w/ Araminta and 8 children, - John Worthington DORSEY - Mary (since died) w/o Sabritt SOLLERS - their minor children, .....Thomas Ely SOLLERS .....Sarah Dorsey SOLLERS .....Mary Dorsey SOLLERS .....Anna SOLLERS .....Susan SOLLERS .....Margaret Dorsey SOLLERS - Elizabeth w/o Ignatius WATERS - Ely DORSEY Jr - Ann w/o Otho SPRIGG - Juliana w/o Richard JOHNSON - Thomas Worthington DORSEY - Susan (d/ bef father's will) w/o Samuel HOWARD - their children, .....Sarah Rebecca HOWARD .....Lydia Moore HOWARD .....Ely Dorsey HOWARD .....Deborah Ridgely HOWARD .....Elizabeth Ridgely HOWARD .....Joshua HOWARD Among other things, Ely left his wife a 4-wheel carriage & harness; SLAVES: - JAMES (BIG JIM), BETT, PHILEMON, CHARLES (to be freed upon his death) - FANNY, (to be freed upon his death) - her children, ....JULIANN & SOPHIA (to be freed after 5 years) - SENA* (to be freed upon his death) ($1,000 to be paid to the ones above during their lives for their support) - NATHAN, 24 freed on 1 Nov 1825 - JOSEPH, 18 freed on 1 Nov 1831 - OWEN, 18 freed on 1 Nov 1831 - LITTLE JAMES, 19 freed 1 Nov 1830 - MARIAH, 11 freed 1 Nov 1829 - HENRY, 8, freed 1 Nov 1840 - MOSES, 5 freed 1 Nov 1843 - BIG MARIAH, 30 freed 1 Nov 1829, and her children, ....WILLIAM, 12 freed 1 Nov 1840 ....MARY, 10 freed 1 Nov 1839 - NANCY, 28 freed 1 Nov 1829, her daughter, ....MARTHA, 8 freed 1 Nov 1832 - GEORGE* (s/o SENA), 15 months, freed 1 Nov 1847 Slaves with time left could be sold by executors. Executors were Ely DORSEY Jr and Ignatius WATERS. Codocil written 9 Jan 1821 - Waters and Sollars to be trustees for Ann's share for her and her children; and likewise for Thomas' share. Land - "Pleasant Fields", 159 acres, next to "Justice Delight", from Charles RIDGELY (of Hampton), Henry Dorsey GOUGH (w/ Prudence), Thomas B. ONION (w/ Elizabeth), all of Baltimore County. (Charles RIDGELY, esq, authorized William GOODWIN, the elder, to sell said real estate for him but Ridgely died before the deed was conveyed. Four lots from Col. Thomas DORSEY; Lot 1 was where Joseph BYLER lived. Ely Jr conveyed his interests to Henry C. GAITHER. Thomas SAPPINGTON was guardian; title was granted.
103-120 - KEPHART, FLANAGAN, McKENZIE, BONER/BOUER, etc - Feb 1824
Robert L. ANNAN and Jacob BOHN vs Solomon KEPHART's Heirs In 1800 Solomon KEPHART agreed to sell real estate to John McKENZIE for one thousand flour barrels; barrels were delivered, but Kephart died without recording the deed. In Jun 1804, McKenzie, by Article of Agreement, sold the same to Malachi/Malaky FLANAGAN for $400. Solomon KEPHART d/ 5 Jun 1805, leaving children, - David KEPHART - John KEPHART - Mary STEWART - Elizabeth "Betsy" KEPHART - Ursula KEPHART Land - House and Lot #14 in "Shield's Addition to Emmitsburg", on Baltimore Street, adjoining the lot of Widdow SHIELDS and the lot that was Joseph BARKELY's but now PORTER's. In May 1808, Flanagan assigned the agreement to George BONER/BOUER and Henry GEYER for the consideration in said assignment; in Nov 1808, this was assigned to Joseph HUGHES. In Dec 1809, Flanagan, Boner and Geyer joined in assignment of the property to Joseph HUGHES; but afterwards, resold to Henry GEYER. On 24 Feb 1820, property was levied and sold by the sheriff, William M. BEALL Jr, as the property of Henry GEYER where Jacob BOHN and Robert L. ANNAN became purchasers. John McKENZIE (w/ Elizabeth) moved to Cambria Co, Pennsylvania about 15 years ago; George BONER/BOUER moved to Ohio about 5 years ago (testimony by Lewis MOTTER). Malachi/Malaky FLANAGAN died, leaving children, - Joseph FLANAGAN - John FLANAGAN - Elizabeth FLANAGAN - Matilda FLANAGAN - Leticia w/o John RENNER In Aug 1826, decree was passed to give title to complainants.
120-132 - RIDGELY, HOUSE - Feb 1827
Jacob RIDGELY vs Thomas RIDGELY - Settlement of Estate Thomas RIDGELY mortgaged his undivided 1/10 interest to Jacob RIDGELY, but Thomas RIDGELY d/ 6 Oct 1826 intestate, leaving widow - Bethany and 7 minor children, - Mary Anne RIDGELY - Thomas H. RIDGELY - Allegany County, MD - Robert RIDGELY - William RIDGELY - Jacob RIDGELY - Cornelia RIDGELY - Bethany RIDGELY Land - "Leave It So"; "Philip's Luck"; "Matthew's Good Will"; devised to Ruth RIDGELY by will of Jacob RIDGELY dated 24 May 1811, but declared void if Thomas RIDGELY paid his note in specified time. Administrator was Jacob RIDGELY; William P. HOUSE was guardian; Hezekiah RIDGELY posted bond along with Jacob RIDGELY. John NELSON, trustee, sold interest on 8 Dec 1827 to Jacob RIDGELY for $225.
Thomas HAMMOND and Areana RAITT vs Hannah (HAMMOND) RAITT's Estate John RAITT d/ 20 Mar 1803 with a will (18 Jan 1803, 2 Apr 1803) widow - Hannah (HAMMOND) d/ 23 Jan 1824 - leaving children, - Anne w/o James WILLIAMSON, dec'd - Pennsylvania - Barbara w/o Daniel SAYLOR - Ohio - Areana RAITT - Hammond RAITT - Polly (d/ 26 Mar 1824 intestate) w/o John NORRIS - her 8 children, .....Lloyd NORRIS .....Juliana NORRIS, a minor .....Nelson NORRIS, a minor .....Amon NORRIS, a minor .....Grace NORRIS, a minor .....Nimrod NORRIS, a minor .....Elizabeth NORRIS, a minor .....Hannah NORRIS, a minor - John RAITT d/ since his mother, intestate - his child, .....Lydia RAITT, a minor - Nathan RAITT - Kentucky Executors were sons, Hammond and John; John died and Hammond renounced; witnesses were: Benjamin FARQUHAR, William WEBB, Vachel HAMMOND, Jacob FOUTZ. Land - "Friendship", 158 acres (Hannah HAMMOND's); 158 acres (John & Hannah RAITT's); totals 316 acres; his was willed to her until her death, then to be sold and divided amongst children. Nathan sold his interests to Hammond; Hammond's interests were levied by fieri facias and sold in Sep 1822 to Thomas HAMMOND by the sheriff. John NORRIS testified he held a claim against Areana's interest. John KINZER was guardian for Lydia RAITT; Isaac LIGHTNER testified to confirm out of state status on heirs; he was also the guardian for the Norris children. On 24 Apr 1825, sale was made by Thomas HAMMOND, trustee, to Ormand HAMMOND for $12/acre. Jacob BIRELY petitioned for opening the bidding as he advises he would have paid more; court ordered the bidding to be opened and new sale was held on 20 Feb 1826 going to Jacob ECKARD for $14.05/acre and survey ordered. Survey showed 301 acres, 2 roods and 37 perches; sale totaled $4,238.59; finalized 11 Mar 1828.
John GROSHON Sr Estate John GROSHON Sr d/ 22 Sep 1822 intestate, leaving widow - Ann and 9 children, - John GROSHON Jr - Elias GROSHON - Abraham GROSHON - Mary w/o John R. CURTIS - Margaret w/o Isaac ALBAUGH - Elizabeth w/o John FOX - Henry GROSHON, a minor - Ann GROSHON, a minor - Hannah GROSHON, a minor Land - "Third Addition to Fountain Low", from John RITCHIE. - In 1803, from Abraham GROSHON (w/ Elizabeth) to John GROSHON for 1500 pounds. - In 1806, from Thomas BEATTY to John for exchange of lands with Abraham HAWN and Mary HAWN, 15+ acres of "Third Addition to Resurvey on Fountain Low". - "Town Tract"; "Fourth Dividend"; "Resurvey on Fountain Low"; 17 1/2 acres; lies by section Abraham gave to brother John three years ago; also by "Joseph's Friendship" and lane leading from Creager's Town to Captain Frederick EICHELBERGER's mill. - "Town Tract"; "Joseph's Friendship"; 12 1/2 acres, from Thomas BEATTY; by Lot #89 belonging to Major Michael BAYER and by Lot #9 (Hugh HAGAN's heirs) in 1806. - "Joseph's Friendship", 5 acres, from Michael HAWN (w/ Mary) in 1806; from Henry GRIFFITH to Peter HAWN in 1789. - Lot #89 in Creager's Town from Michael BAYER in 1806; lies on east side of great road from Frederick Town through Creagers' Town towards Carlisle. - "Stone Quarry", 9 acres, from Thomas BEATTY in 1811; by "True Friendship" (from Michael RILEY and Joseph RILEY to Abraham GROSHON); and to Monocacy River and by "Fourth Dividend" and "Deer Park". - "Fishery", 13 acres; by "Fourth Dividend" from Dr. Charles CARROLL; and by "Stone Quary" from Thomas BEATTY in 1789; and by "What You Please" from Samuel CHASE, esquire; and by "Locust Thickett". John RITCHIE as executor of Thomas BEATTY was bound unto John GROSHON for $1,200. John GROSHON was high bidder on Beatty land for "Town Tract" and "Third Addition on Fountain Low" by Beatty's land and Michael HOFFMAN's by road from Creagers Town to Frederick EICHELBERGER's mill, conveyed to Beatty by Abraham GROSHON in 1803 and aby Elias GROSHON of Abraham, 28 acres for $22.25/acre; land by road from Creagers Town to Emmitsburg and includes land where Christian STOUP lives. After John RITCHIE died, Richard H. MARSHALL became administrator for Thomas BEATTY in his place. Ann GROSHON was guardian; Singleton DUVALL was trustee; 1st sale held on 24 Apr 1824, - John R. CURTIS - 12 1/2 acre lot in Creager's Town for $16/acre. - Elias GROSHON - 2 acres lot in Creager's Town w/ old log house for $45. 2nd Sale held in Frederick Town at John DILL's Tavern on 26 and 27 Aug 1824, but not bids. 3rd Sale held at Courthouse in Frederick Town on 11 Feb 1825 which was also advertised in PA and VA - no bids. 4th Sale held again at John DILL's tavern on 2 Mar 1825, - David WAGNER - home farm of 200 acres and lower farm of 144 acres, but actually being 326 acres for $2,411.44. - Abraham JONES - 28 acre field adjoining Creager's Town for $98; and 38 acres on Monocacy for $218. - John GLISSAN - 25 acre mountain wood lot for $75. Administrators were John R. CURTIS and John GROSHON Jr; guardian was Ann GROSHON; on 26 Aug 1824, Ann testified she was 43 years old, weakly and had two children to raise; on 13 Jun 1825, Hannah RICE testified the widow was 44 and she had known her for 44 years; widow got 1/8 before creditors; creditors only paid $.18 on the dollar. (pages 161 and 162 are missing)
Casper SHERFIG Estate Casper SHERFIG (SHERFFY), farmer - will 14 Jan 1783; 11 Oct 1783 w/ Magdalena and 10 children (per court records), - Phebe, dec'd w/o Joseph CAREY, dec'd - Out of State .....Joseph CAREY .....Benjamin CAREY .....Hannah CAREY .....Martin CAREY - John SHERFIG Sr - Abraham SHERFIG, dec'd - Out of State .....John SHERFIG .....Joshua SHERFIG .....Magdalina SHERFIG .....Barbara SHERFIG .....Abraham SHERFIG .....Ann SHERFIG .....Ann Maria SHERFIG .....Solomon SHERFIG .....Martin SHERFIG .....Samuel SHERFIG .....Sarah SHERFIG, d/ intestate - Catharine SHERFIG widow of John SHRIVER - Maria "Mary" SHERFIG w/o Nicholas OUSTAT/OUSLOT - Jacob SHERFIG Sr - Benjamin SHERFIG - Margaret Rebecca SHERFIG w/o Henry SLINGLOFF - Joshua SHERFIG - Elizabeth SHERFIG w/o Jacob CORRELL Plantation was left to the widow until her death or remarriage, then to be sold and divided amongst the children. Executors were Michael FOUTZ and Abraham CRUMBAKER; witnesses: Jacob SNEIDER, Lenhart KITZMILLER and Andrew YOUNG. Michael FOUTZ and Abraham CRUMBAKER died without fulfilling their trust and since then, the widow also has died without remarrying. Land - "Friendship Agreement", 13 3/4 acres, from Valentine BAIST (w/ Catharine) in 1769. After Sherfig's death, Baist discovered the tract's name was incorrect, should have been "Elory". Trustee was Jacob YON; sale held 28 Jun 1827 to Jacob CORRELL for 126+ acres for $1,581.60; finalized 17 Apr 1828.
238-253 - MICHAEL, KINNA - Mar 1824
John MICHAEL and Henry MICHAEL (of Peter) vs Henry MICHAEL Estate Henry MICHAEL became indebted by note in 1818 to John MICHAEL with Conrad MICHAEL as Henry's security for $300; on same day, Henry made a note to Henry MICHAEL of Peter for $90 with same security. Henry MICHAEL d/ Jan 1824 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 7 minor children, - James MICHAEL - Malinda MICHAEL - Eli MICHAEL - Catharine MICHAEL - Elizabeth MICHAEL - Sally MICHAEL - Anna MICHAEL Land - tracts "The Sun is Down and The Moon is Up", "Hedges Range", together containing 27 1/2 acres, conveyed to Henry MICHAEL by the heirs of George MICHAEL in Dec 1818 (heirs were: Henry MICHAEL of Peter and w/ Catharine; Elizabeth w/o George HATZELL; John MICHAEL [w/ Elizabeth]); land next to "Resurvey on part of Ram's Horn", lands of Dorothy MICHAEL (from George MICHAEL) and George MICHAEL. Administrator was David BOWLUS; James KINNA, guardian; on 7 Sep 1824, sold real estate to Henry MICHAEL for $570.62; creditors paid $.23 on the dollar; finalized 24 Jan 1828. (There was no mention concerning the widow.)
William R. KING, John GLISSAN and Thomas HAMMOND vs William JOHNSON Estate William JOHNSON of Jeremiah died w/ will written 24 Dec 1822; w/ Cassandra JOHNSON (and executrix), legacies to nephew - Thomas C. JOHNSON, a minor bro - Washington JOHNSON ......niece - Julieta C. JOHNSON, a minor ......niece - Ellen JOHNSON, a minor - Baltimore County ......nephew - Jeremiah JOHNSON, a minor ......nephew - Edward JOHNSON, a minor - Baltimore County sis - Eleanor JOHNSON ......niece - Susan JOHNSON bro - Hickman JOHNSON ......niece - Juliana/ Julia Ann JOHNSON w/o Benjamin CROMWELL - Baltimore County ......niece - Elizabeth ORICK and h/ Edward ORICK - Baltimore County ......nephew - George W. JOHNSON - Baltimore County sis - Sarey MERRIMAN ......niece - Ellen Cassandra MERRYMAN - Baltimore County wife's nephew - Hillard F. HEBB, a minor wife's niece - Mary GOOD d/o John GOOD SLAVES - to be manumitted in years given after his death - - LEONARD in 6 yrs; WILLIAM in 8; SHADRACK in 6; COMFORT in 8, - ANTHONY in 8; POLLY in 15; STEPHEN in 21; HARRY in 26; - BASIL in 26; AARON in 29; LUCY in 20; JOSHUA in 32; - CHARLOTTE in 27; ELIAS in 39; REBECCA in 33; JAMES AUGUSTUS in 36; - HENRY in 40; HENRY in 33; ELIZA in 35; but wife may manumitt NEGRO girl HENRY(?) anytime after 13 years Witnesses: Jacob NICHOLS, JOseph G. HAYS, Benedict JOY Land - "The Saving Plan", "Perfection Disputed", "Long Hope", "Burgesses Lott"; 292+ acres, conveyed by Michael LATE in 1819. Guardian for Julietta, Jeremiah and Thomas C. JOHNSON was Fayette JOHNSON; John H. SIMMONS was guardian for Ellen and Edward JOHNSON; Frederick A. SCHLEY was trustee; sale made to Samuel DUTROW for $6,72.88 in Oct 1827. On 12 Feb 1828, William R. KING testified the widow was 48 years old; she received 2/17 in lieu of her dower; proceeds short, paid $.53 on the dollar.
272-284 - BOWER, COOK, KESSLER, PLAIN - Aug 1826
Stephen BOWER Estate Stephen BOWER d/ Nov 1811 - will written 29 Mar 1810; leaving 8 children, - Jacob BOWER (eldest son) d/ intestate, leaving ..w/ Elizabeth and 6 children, .....Margaret BOWER w/o Thomas COOK .....Daniel BOWER .....Jacob BOWER .....David BOWER .....Elizabeth BOWER .....Mary BOWER (18 in Aug 1826), a minor - Stephen BOWER - Elizabeth KESSLER - Ann w/o David PLAIN - Barbara BOWER - Hannah BOWER (Stephen to be her trustee) - Esther BOWER - Margaret BOWER Executors were two sons; witnesses: David STEM, John KURTZ, Jacob COMFORT?. Guardian was L.P.W. BALCH; Stephen BOWER was trustee; on 17 Feb 1827, sale made to Joseph BOWER, Barbara BOWER, Esther BOWER and Margaret BOWER at $1,950 for 100 acres; finalized 7 Mar 1828.
John FLIGHT (FLOYD) Estate John FLIGHT d/ intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 9 children, - Elizabeth w/o Adam ROUTZANG - Catharine w/o Jacob ROUTZANG - Sophia w/o Michael HOFFMAN - Mary w/o Jacob TOMS - Margaret w/o Samuel TOMS - John FLIGHT Jr, a minor - Eleanor FLIGHT, a minor - Henry FLIGHT, a minor - Hezekiah FLIGHT, a minor Land - "Pleasant Hill", 123 acres; "Hag's Yard" and "Ram's Horn", 22 acres; "John's Hole", 7+ acres; "Pleasant Hill", 21 acres; mountain land "The Resurvey on Rodenpeller's Ramble", 62+ acres. Guardian was Peter COBLENTZ Sr; Jacob TOMS Jr and Adam ROUTZANG were trustees; sale made on 31 Aug 1827 to Michael HOFFMAN for the house farm of 157 acres at $4,710 and the mountain land of 62 acres at $496, clear of widow's dower. On 25 Mar 1828, Jacob TOMS Jr testified the widow was 50 years old; she received 2/17, $611.96, before the proceeds distributed to the children. (FLIGHT may also have been spelled FLOYD)
Jonathan LEVY Estate David LEVY, dec'd - (will written 15 Jan 1802) his children, - Jacob LEVY - Valentine LEVY, died w/o issue - Samuel LEVY - Abraham LEVY - Jonathan LEVY d/ intestate, leaving ..w/ Elizabeth and 6 children, .......Mary Ann LEVY w/o Jacob T.C. MILLER .......Rebeccah A. LEVY now w/o Lewis HAMMOND .......Sarah Ann B. LEVY .......Ann C. LEVY .......Elizabeth LEVY .......Jonathan P. LEVY - Sarah LEVY w/o Francis GEISSINGER - Rebecca LEVY w/o Adam ZEALLER Land - House and Lot on Patrick Street in Bentz Town part of Frederick Town from John RAMSBURG to David LEVY in 1789; also Lot #6 and 7 in Bentz Town from Thomas BEATTY to David LEVY in 1795, except for the part of the 'Brick Yard Lots'; parts of the same two lots from Henry SIM and w/ Margaret in 1787; another section was from Jacob SHELMAN and w/ Catharine. Property was petitioned in 1809 and listed these siblings as living on the 'Brick Yard Lots' at that time, bordered the 'Poor House Lot'. Also, Lot #70 on Patrick Street from John TYLER in 1797; and Lot #71 with 3-story brick house and other buildings from David LEVY to David LEVY Jr. in 1801. Guardian was Frederick STEMBEL; on 29 Sep 1825, the widow stated she was 43 years old and in bad health. Joseph M. PALMER was trustee; sale on 22 Mar 1827 to Richard ENGLISH for the house and lot at $700. On 11 Feb 1828, Jacob HOFFMAN testified the widow was 46 years old and in delicate health; she received 2/17, $71.50 before distribution to Jonathan's children.
316-327 - SLIFER, AHALT - Feb 1826
Jacob SLIFER vs Peter SLIFER Estate Peter SLIFER d/ will written 19 Nov 1823; filed 23 Dec 1823, widow - Catharine and 6 minor children (not named in will), - Emanuel SLIFER - David SLIFER - Elizabeth SLIFER - Thomas SLIFER - Joshua SLIFER - Hannah SLIFER Executor was his brother, Samuel SLIFER; witnesses were John LEE, John SLIFER Sr., Jacob SLIFER. Land - 100 acres with saw mill, held in common with his brother, Jacob SLIFER. Guardian was Jacob AHALT; Samuel SLIFER was trustee; on 1 Jan 1827, sale made to John SLIFER Jr. for $2,500 subject to widow's dower. After creditors were paid, the children received $30.58+ each; finalized 16 May 1828.
327-340 - DUVALL, DAVIS, BARNES, HALE - Jul 1827
Thomas DUVALL and Gilbert DAVIS vs Samuel DUVALL Estate Samuel DUVALL d/ intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 6 minor children, - Allen P. DUVALL - Jeremiah DUVALL - William DUVALL - Harriett DUVALL - Mary DUVALL - Samuel DUVALL Executor was Thomas DUVALL Land - Lot #45 and 46 in Creagers Town from George BALTZELL and Dorothy SHAFER in 1818. William DUVALL (now dec'd) and Gilbert DAVIS were securities on Samuel's mortgage to George BALTZELL. Guardian was Samuel BARNES for Allen; Mary DUVALL was guardian for the other children; George HALE was administrator; Daniel DUVALL was trustee; on 15 Dec 1827, sale went to Mary DUVALL for $338 free of dower. On 14 Jan 1828, James LIGGETT made oath the widow was about 38 years old and in good health; she was awarded 1/8, $35.35; proceeds short; finalized 16 May 1828.
340-351 - RUSSELL, TALBOT, BENTON - Feb 1825
Jesse RUSSELL and Abel RUSSELL vs John RUSSELL Jr. Estate John RUSSELL Sr., will written 16 Aug 1813 - John RUSSELL Jr, d/ intestate, leaving ..w/ Ruth and 2 minor children, .......Joseph RUSSELL .......John RUSSELL (III) Executors were Jesse RUSSELL and Abel RUSSELL; Land - "Resurvey on Pleasant Valley", to Sr. by Charles STEPHENS and William STEPHENS in 1795; "Resurvey on Hall's Choice", (granted for 874 acres) to Sr. by Thomas TURNER in 1798; "Pleasant Orchard", to Sr. by William TURNER in 1799; "Resurvey on Hall's Choice, (granted for 1054 acres) to Sr. by Benjamin HALL in 1806; totaling 136+ acres conveyed to John Sr. John RUSSELL Jr. purchased said land at sale in 1815; but died before full payment was made. Abel RUSSELL was administrator for John Jr.; guardian was John TALBOT Jr. Trustee was Abel RUSSELL; after 3 failed sales, private sale was made to Benjamin BENTON for $3,412.50, free of dower. Widow received 2/15 in lieu of her dower, $432.23; proceeds short by $6,305, paid $$.44 on the dollar; finalized 25 May 1828.
Henry HANN/HAUN Estate Henry HANN/HAUN d/ intestate, leaving 8 children, - William HANN/HAUN and w/ Mary - Henry HANN/HAUN Jr. and w/ Lucy - Philip HANN/HAUN - Catharine w/o John JONES - Out of State - Ann w/o Adam ANDERS - Indiana - Elizabeth w/o Thomas JONES Jr. - Sarah w/o Jacob CLABAUGH - John HANN/HAUN - Out of State Land - "Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands", 158+ acres; from Andrew SHEELY in 1806. Thomas JONES and Philip HANN/HAUN purchased Henry Jr's share; Thomas JONES purchased Sarah CLABAUGH's share; William conveyed his share to Henry who conveyed it to Thomas Jones and Philip. Trustee was Abraham LICTENWALTER; On 26 Oct 1827, sale made to Elias GRIMES for $1,868.02; 1/8 share was $218.50; finalized 22 May 1828.
364-375 - FLEMING, HULL, HOLL, DONSIFE - Feb 1827
Samuel FLEMING and Cyrus HULL vs Joseph FLEMING of Arthur Joseph FLEMING of Arthur d/ intestate, leaving widow - Lucy and 2 minor children, - Joseph Daniel FLEMING - Arthur FLEMING Land - House and 2 Lots in Woodsborough; also 1/5 of undivided part of House and Lot in Frederick Town, inherited from his mother, Sarah FLEMING. The 1/5 share of the house and lot in Frederick Town was sold by Samuel FLEMING by decree of court and the monies were distributed to the widow and children, but there remains an outstanding debt to Samuel FLEMING by Joseph with Thomas H. FLEMING as security. Guardian was Julian C. HULL; trustee was Samuel FLEMING; on 24 Nov 1827, sale made to Henry C. DONSIFE of Frederick County at $380 for the house and lot in Frederick Town. On 8 Dec 1827, Samuel FLEMING (of A.) died before distribution of funds; Thomas H. FLEMING was then appointed as trustee in Samuel's place. On 3 May 1828, David HOLL stated the widow was about 31 years old; she received 2/13 in lieu of her dower, $50.56; proceeds short, creditors paid $.42 on the dollar.
John McPHERSON vs Marcus Y. GROFF and w/ Maria - Division of Land John McPHERSON bought, at public sale, 3/4 undivided part of real estate from William SCHLEY, trustee for property of Thomas SPRIGG, dec'd. Maria w/o Marcus Y. GROFF owns the other portion of the undivided land and has refused to have the land divided in shares. Land - Lot 1 - "Fat Cow" (aka "Mary Makes One"), 237 1/2 acres, from Nathan BEALL, Aza BEALL, Headen EDWARDS and w/ Susanna in 1800; and "Mary Makes One" from Richard TURNER and w/ Elizabeth in 1800; next to tract "This Is The Way" and lands of Joseph BEALL - Lot 2 - "Fat Cow" and "I am Looser Still", 147 acres; from William Murdock BEALL in 1790; lies by road from George Town to Frederick Town - Lot 3 - "I Am Looser Still", 355 acres; from William Murdock BEALL in 1790; between lands of Joseph BEALL, Tabitha BEALL, Elisha BEALL from Baker JOHNSON, Samuel DUVALL and Peter MANTZ and by tracts "William's Lot" and "Abner's Choice", "Nancy's Beginning", "Gannttz Garden (from Fielder GANNTT to Daniel JACOBS) and next to lands of Thomas DARNELL - Lot 4 - "Margaret's Delight", 10+ acres; surveyed for Margaret TURNER in 1769 and conveyed by her to Charles BEALL in 1788 (1/4 part from Richard TURNER and w/ Elizabeth to Spriggs in 1801) - Lot 5 - "Fat Cow" or "Resurvey on Fat Cow", 53 acres; from Jeremiah LINTON in 1802 - Lot 6 - "Choice Improved Resurveyed" and "Mary Makes One", 8 1/2 acres, conveyed by Henry DARNALL to settle lines of last tract; from Nathan BEALL, Aza BEALL, Headen EDWARDS and w/ Susanna in 1800; and "Mary Makes One" from Richard TURNER and w/ Elizabeth (undivided 1/4) in 1800; total estate found to contain 811 1/2 acres. Lot 2 was granted to Maria and Marcus Y. GROFF; the remaining lots were granted to John McPHERSON; finalized Feb 1828.
Thomas BEATTY Estate Thomas BEATTY, dec'd - will written 28 Dec 1810; codocil 16 Jul 1815; heirs were - Thomas RITCHIE - Mary OTT - Ann BEATTY, now w/o Joseph SEMMS - Henrietta w/o William PARKERSON/PARKINSON - John BEATTY, dec'd - Thomas A.C. BEATTY, dec'd - Jane E.C. BEATTY w/o John D. SCOTT - Eleanor H. BEATTY w/o Alexander SEMMS Land - "Town Tract" in Creagers Town, 76+ acres; lies on road from Creager's town to Emmittsburg; Samuel GRIMES purchased from BEATTY's executor and sold to Henry PRUTZMAN. Beatty's executor was John RITCHIE who died before conveyance of deeds. Granted 7 Feb 1828.
389-393 - RIDGE, HEAD - Jan 1828
William B. HEAD, Greenberry RIDGE and Cornelius RIDGE vs Cornelius RIDGE Estate Petition to reopen the case to adjust for additional debts; granted 10 Apr 1828.
Elie PHILLIPS vs Henry STOUFFER Estate Henry STOUFFER d/ 1818 intestate, leaving 7 minor children, widow - Nancy - Matilda STOUFFER - Rachel STOUFFER - Amelia STOUFFER - Isaiah STOUFFER - Leah STOUFFER - Miranda STOUFFER - Louisa STOUFFER Land - "Resurvey on Joseph's Friendship"; "The Fifth Dividend"; "The Second Brother"; "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Got"; "Gassaways Garden"; 192 1/2 acres, from Elie PHILLIPS (w/ Catharine) for $6,160 in 1814; on road from Woodsborough to Creagers Town; next to Robert GASSAWAY. Stouffer conveyed 49+ acres to Nathan BAKER for $3,820 in 1818; - also, House and Lot #3 in Middleburg and another Lot adjoining Middleburg with dwelling. Administrator was William P. FARQUHAR; guardian was Jesse CLOUD; trustee was Upton S. REID; sale to Daniel DELAPLANE of 143 acres for $2,147.34, Elie BENTLEY purchased the house in Middleburg for $731, Philip HEINS? bought the lot and tenement near Middleburg for $118; totaling $2,996.34. Upton S. REID died before the distribution; Catharine PHILLIPS was then appointed trustee; John DARBY became administrator for Reid's estate and then Brooke BAKER was declared trustee in place of REID. Eli PHILLIPS died abt Mar 1822, Catharine PHILLIPS became administrator. Because of the deaths, no payment was received from Daniel DELAPLANE who was the purchaser and has since moved to Ohio after becoming insolvent and availed himself to the "Bread Law"; thus, Catharine PHILLIPS asked for the property to be resold. On 11 Jun 1823, Hugh SHAW testified about Daniel DELAPLANE moving to Ohio. On 1 Nov 1823, Brooke BAKER, trustee, at the tavern of William GALT in Woodsborough, made sale to William DELAPLANE for $1,000 (after previous failed attempt). Proceeds were short, creditors paid $.22 on the dollar; finalized 8 Dec 1825.
Executors of Valentine BUCKEY and John DERR vs Christian BRENGLE - Foreclosure Valentine BUCKEY/BUCKE, dec'd - will written 21 Sep 1826 w/ Charlotte - David BUCKEY and son, .....George Henry BUCKEY - Edward BUCKEY - Matthias U. BUCKEY and son, .....Michael BUCKEY (1/16 share)(1 share) nephew - Jacob BUCKEY/BUCKE, dec'd and son, ...........Jacob M. BUCKEY/BUCKE - Michael BUCKEY/BUCKE and child, .....Philip BUCKEY sis/ Catharine ENGLAND and children, .....Caroline ENGLAND .....Sarah ENGLAND .....Mary Ann ENGLAND .....Julian ENGLAND .....Catharine ENGLAND bro/ John BUCKEY/BUCKE and children, .....George BUCKEY .....John BUCKEY (1/16 share)(one share) bro/ George BUCKEY/BUCKE and children, .....David BUCKEY/BUCKE (1 share) .....Daniel BUCKEY (1/16 share)(1 share) .....Rebecca Charlotte BUCKEY (1/16 share)(1 share) bro/ Peter BUCKEY/BUCKE (1/16 share) (six shares, 6 children) sis/ ? DANNER and children, .....Cassandra DANNER (1/16 share)(1 share) .....Evelina DANNER (1/16 share)(1 share) .....Joel B. DANNER (1/16 share)(1 share) .....Juliana DANNER (1/16 share)(1 share) .....Zachariah DANNER Jr. (1/16 share)(1 share) - Esther ALBERT w/o Richard CONNER John TROUT His sister, Catharine was given house & lot in Frederick Town conveyed from Christian SCHOLL; he gave Esther a lot, 5 acres he bought from Andrew KAUFFMAN; Land - Plantation dwelling; - mountain land on Fishing Creek from Stephen STEINER; - Lot of woodland from William CAMPBELL; - Lot in Lewis Town. Executors were Michael BUCKEY, David BUCKEY and Edward BUCKEY; witnesses: W.M. BEALL, Thomas CARLTON, Ezra MANTZ. Christian BRENGLE lived on 8 3/4 acres, conveyed from Eve Margaret BRENGLE and John BRENGLE in 1810; mortgaged to Valentine BUCKEY and John DERR. Payments were not made in allotted time. Trustee was William ROSs; on 2 Jun 1828, sale made to John DERR for $850; finalized 16 Jul 1828.
433-464 - ROBERTSON, MANTZ, McPHERSON - May 1823
Casper MANTZ, ex/of Francis MANTZ vs James ROBERTSON Estate James ROBERTSON d/ 23 Apr 1823 intestate, leaving s/ Alexander ROBERTSON, dec'd .....James Henry ROBERTSON, a minor d/ Barbara ROBERTSON Administrators were Cyrus MANTZ and Barbara ROBERTSON. Land - 1. "Bir__sins", 13+ acres, from Levy HUGHES; 2. "Hammonds Request", 79 acres from Charles HAMMOND; 3. "Beatty's Delight", "Resurvey on Beatty's Range" and "Hills and Dales" containing 105 acres from William COOKERLY; 4. Hills and Dales", 8+ acres from William M. BEALL Jr.; 5. 1/2 part of "Middle Plantation" (part of "The Least Said Is Soonest Minded") and "Culladen Wall", with a Merchant Mill and Saw Mill, from John H. THOMAS, owned as tenants in common with Henry McCLEERY; lies on Linganore Creek. James ROBERTSON was indebted by mortgages to William M. BEALL on tract 5 and to Dr. William TYLER and Gideon BANTZ for tract 3. Guardian was Mary ROBERTSON; Cyrus MANTZ and Barbara ROBERTSON were trustees; the mills and 92 acres were sold to Alexander McPHERSON for $35,500; the other property did not receive any bids. After the creditors were paid, the daughter and grandson received $3,904.99 each; finalized 13 Sep 1827.
George KLINE and Christian KLINE - Petition for Sale of Real Estate Charles KLINE d/ 1815 intestate, leaving 6 children, - George KLINE - Christian KLINE - Samuel KLINE, a minor - John KLINE, a minor - Daniel KLINE, a minor - Charles KLINE Jr, a minor George A. KLINE (w/ Elizabeth Catharine) was the father of Charles KLINE, who, since the death of his son, conveyed part of tract "Jurock", 4+ acres, to his grandsons, listed above, as tenants in common; lies next to lands of George KLINE, another s/o George A. KLINE. Land - "Jurock", 50 acres; from Henry AMBROSE (w/ Sophia) in 1810; lies on South Mountain on the western side of head waters of Kittoctin Creek. Guardian was Jacob RIDENOUR; Jacob KLINE was trustee; on 17 Apr 1828, sale made to Jacob SENSENBAUGH for $382 whereby George KLINE offered himself as the purchaser instead with the consent of Sensenbaugh who was his security. Each share was $55.30; finalized 25 Jul 1825.
William B. HEAD, James COOPER and Executors of Jacob BIGGS vs Samuel OGLE Jacob BIGGS died 1823 with a will naming Zebulon KUHN and Jacob BIGGS as his executors. Samuel OGLE became entitled to a part of land as only heir of his brother, Benjamin OGLE of James, who died about 1800, intestate and without issue. Samuel OGLE is now insolvent. Land - "Lost and Found", 432 acres; next to "Peace and Plenty", "Resurvey on Contact", and "Disappointment", on Owens Creek. Trustees were William B. HEAD, James COOPER and Zebulon KUHN; however, James COOPER renounced; sale on 7 Mar 1825 to Charles OFFUT for 91+ acres at $958.71; to Nicholas SNYDER and John HEAD for 4+ acres at $255; and to John KNOUFF for 296+ acres at $2,664. Claims paid except for Cornelius McNULTY; closed Feb 1827.
Michael MOTTER Estate Michael MOTTER d/ intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 4 minor children, - Daniel MOTTER - Mary MOTTER - Solomon MOTTER - Lewis MOTTER Land - Lots 29 and 30 (132'x333') in Middle Town; from Henry SHRIVER (w/ Catharine) in 1810. Guardian was Jacob COBLENTZ as well as trustee; on 26 Jan 1828, sale of Lot 29 and half of Lot 30 were sold to John KELLER for $1,200; children each received $116.49; finalized 15 Aug 1828.
503-512 - WILES, THOMAS, HERSPERGER, McGILL - Aug 1827
George REMSBURG vs James WILES Estate In 1827, George REMSBURG was appointed trustee to sell the real estate of Henry HERSHBERGER (HERSPERGER) which he did to James WILES and Patrick McGILL Sr. for $3,621.75. Land - "The Title is Good", "new Freedom", "Chestnut Hollow", 109 3/4 acres (50 acres was Patrick McGILL Sr.'s part) James WILES d/ 12 Sep 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 6 minor children, - William WILES - Thomas WILES - Catharine WILES - James WILES - Henry WILES - Greenberry WILES Administrator was Elizabeth WILES and Michael THOMAS; guardian was Henry HERSPERGER; trustee was George REMSBURG; on 21 Jun 1828, sale of 60 acres was sold to Charles B. McGILL for $1,620, Proceeds short; finalized 5 Aug 1828.
Jonathan MILLER and w/ Susanna of Green Co, PA vs William TOMS Estate Catharine TOMS d/ Aug 1770 (widow of William TOMS) will written 4 Aug 1770; filed 28 Aug 1770, she named children, - Henry TOMS (periodic payments) - Samuel TOMS ("Hubert's Delight", 150 acres; and "Mistake My Friend" on north side of Andrew LEVENITOUS Mill Creek) - John TOMS (PA currency in periodic payments) - William TOMS ("Toms Folly"; and part "Mistake My Friend" on south side of LEVENITOUS Mill Creek - and 3 children bound to her - Mary w/o Anthony TEARATURF (maybe also DEARDORFF?) (PA currency in periodic payments Executors were sons Samuel and William; witnesses: Peter BAINBRIDGE, Benjamin EASTBURN and William HUMBERT. Catharine's son, William TOMS d/ abt 1824 intestate, leaving w/ Barbara and 8 children, - Abraham TOMS - Samuel TOMS - William TOMS Jr. - Michael TOMS - Catharine TOMS w/o George HARP - Susanna TOMS w/o Jonathan MILLER - Green Co, PA - Daniel TOMS (d/ unmarried and w/o issue) - John TOMS, d/ intestate - his children, .....Maria TOMS d/ intestate w/o issue .....Ezra TOMS, a minor - Boonsborough, Washington Co, MD .....Catharine TOMS, a minor - Boonsborough, Washington Co, MD Land - "Resurvey on Mistaken Friend", 133 acres, by Peter FISHER (w/ Fronica) in 1769; - Catharine TOMS, by her will, left part tracts "Toms Folly" and "Mistake My Friend" to William; - "Resurvey on Mistaken Friend", 24 acres, sold to Samuel TOMS by Wm. TOMS in 1788, lies on north bank of Swaffords Mill Creek. - "Gerinanity", 5 acres, from Valentine SUMMERS in 1770 to Wm TOMS Sr, lies next to "John Toms Folly"; - "North Point", 9 acres, obtained patent in 1770; by 1768 warrant and 1769 survey (includes London instructions of 1738) of Manor of Conogocheague, next to "Humbert's Delight"; - "Good for Naught", 70 acres, from Ulrick BLICKENSDORFFER in 1776 to Wm THOMS; - "William Toms Resurvey", 118 1/2 acres, Wm. obtained patent in 1785; (Wm. claimed 133 acres of "Mistaken Friend" and applied for a warrant to add vacant land; survey listed 108 1/2 instead of 133 and added 10 acres of vacant land which then became "William Toms Resurvey" in 1772; this was originally granted to Peter DYSKER for 398 acres in 1759) - "Norristor", 17 acres from Robertson EASTBURN and John EASTBURN in 1788 to Wm. TOMS, lies next to "Pig Sty"; - "Gerinanity", 50 acres, from Valentine SUMMERS Sr., Christopher SUMMERS and Jacob SUMMERS in 1792 (WR-10, 569) to Wm. TOMS, lies next to "Palentine". In 1810, William TOMS (w/ Barbara) sold part of "William Toms Resurvey" and "John Toms Folly", 1 1/2 acres, to Abraham DOUP. Guardian was David BROOKHART; testimony given by Peter SCHLOSSER; trustee was William SCHLEY; sale on 15 Dec 1827 to: - John HARP for Lot #1, 163 acres at $5,154.08 except for 1/4 acre as square yard - Jacob DOUB for Lot #2, 13+ acres at $483.75 - Samuel TOMS for Lot #3, 32+ acres at $41.05/acre; and Lot #5, 50+ acres at $15.55/acre; totaling $2,070.12 - Jacob POFFENBERGER Jr. for Lot #4, 16+ acres at $33.55/acre or $561.33; total sales $8,269.28; no bids on mountain land. Each 1/7 was $1,122.92
Rhoda FISHER of Anne Arundel County vs Jacob FORREST Jacob FORREST d/ Jul 1821 (will not dated; filed 21 Aug 1821) leaving w/ Avana Sacy FORREST and 9 children - Rhoda (Forrest) FISHER, widow - Jeremiah FORREST - John FORREST - Cadiz, Ohio - Rachel FORREST w/o James BURKITT - Cadiz, Ohio - Solomon FORREST - Owen FORREST - Mahabill? FORREST (son) d/ intestate, no issue - Rebecca (Forrest) SHUBBIRD HUTTON, dec'd ..wid/o John SHUBBIRD - their children, .....Ann SHUBBIRD w/o William TAYLOR - Baltimore County .....Sarah SHUBBIRD w/o James HAWKINS - Baltimore County .....Rachel SHUBBIRD w/o John KIRL - Baltimore County .....Eliza SHUBBIRD w/o Henry GABLE - Baltimore County ..2nd Husband - William HUTTON - their child, .....James Thomas HUTTON, a minor - Anne Arundel County but by Feb 1826 was said to be living Out of State - Leah FORREST, dec'd w/o Peter PRIER - their children, .....Benjamin PRIER, a minor .....Rebecca PRIER, a minor .....Leah PRIER, a minor Land - "Foxes Chase, 104+ acres, on New Cut Road in Middle Town Valley from Godfrey LEATHERMAN (w/ Mary) in 1804; adjoins lands of David WOLF. Executors of Jacob's will (which didn't name all the children) were sons, Jeremiah and Solomon; witnesses: Daniel BARKMAN, George LIZAR. Guardian was Jacob BAER; James M. SHELLMAN was trustee; sale to Overturn? HARNE for $465; each 1/8 was $43.79; Wm. HUTTON received his 'curtesy' share of 3/7 of 1/5 of 1/8 for $18.76 and to Peter PRIOR for his 'curtesy' share of 6/15 of 1/3 of 1/8 for $17.52; finalized 18 Sep 1828.
Lawrence MINIK and w/ Elizabeth (KEMP) Conrad KEMP d/ (will written 8 Feb 1812; filed 2 Mar 1812) w/ Ann (d/ 1826) and 4 children, - Peter KEMP - Jacob KEMP d/ 1826 intestate, leaving ...w/ Julia and 5 minor children, .....Abraham KEMP .....Martha KEMP .....Mary KEMP .....Conrad KEMP .....Jacob KEMP - Mary KEMP w/o Henry BRANDENBURGH - Elizabeth KEMP w/o Lawrence MINK Executors were his brother and his trusty friend, Solomon KEMP, and David KEMP; witnesses: Jacob WHIP, Frederick BERGER, Godfrey BRYER, Jacob COST and George HOFFMAN. Land - Plantation of 126 acres; Grist Mill and 56 acres Guardian was Solomon KEMP; trustees were Lewis P.W. BALCH and Solomon KEMP; on 16 Aug 1828, sale to Andrew KESSLER for the plantation with 126 acres at $2,379.90; to William LYNCH for the Mill and Lot at $14.10/acre for $790; and to Anthony SOUDER for the 51 acre mountain lot at $10.40/acre for $530; total sales $3,699.90; each 1/4 share was $880.58; widow Julia received 1/5 before her children's division in lieu of her dower; finalized 10 Oct 1828.
John SHORB vs Independant GIST Estate Independant GIST d/ intestate, leaving w/ Rachel and 7 minor children, - Mary J.? GIST - Joshua T. GIST - States B. GIST - Mordeca GIST - Independant GIST - George W. GIST - Richard GIST Administrators were George W. GIST and Joshua C. GIST. Land - "Benjamin's Portion", 138+ acres; next to Jacob SHORB's land and William GRIMES' part "Resurvey on Mary's Fancy"; also next to part of "Resurvey on Mary's Fancy" formerly called "Beaver's Dear Bought" and now owned by John KNOUFF; also to corner agreed upon by Amos SMITH and John WHITMORE; near William's Ford. Tract contiguous to - "Diggs Lott", 24+ acres; by corner of Abraham WHITMORE and Frederick TROXEL's land; and by Christian CLOSS and Benjamin WHITMORE (dec'd) land. Deed of 1814 from David WHITMORE, Benjamin WHITMORE and Jonas WHITMORE as executors of Benjamin WHITMORE per his will of 3 Jan 1814. - "Resurvey on Mary's Fancy" but also called "Boston", 195 acres, conveyed from William GRIMES Jr. (w/ Mary) in 1816, next to John MORRISON's land and tract "Frenchman's Purchase". - Lot #33 (141 acres) & #34 (168 acres) of Monocacy Manor by warrant in 1811 plus 10+ acres of vacancy, but surveyed to equal 307 acres in 1813 and called "The Retreat", patent in 1815, except for 170 acres conveyed to William GRIMES Jr. in 1816; lies next to "Self Defense", part of Monocacy Manor resurveyed for General Otho Holland WILLIAMS in 1789; lies near Woodsborough, now 137 acres. Guardian was George W. GIST; trustees, (Dr.) Thomas BOYER and Joshua C. GIST, were unable to sell the first two named properties whereby the additional two were found and added to the petition to sell. In May 1824, sales made to John SHORB for "The Retreat" at $2,808.50; no other bids received on other property. Then, on 25 Aug 1824, sale of "Benjamin's Portion" and "Diggs Lot", 160 acres to Lewis MOTTER at $1,462.28. On 28 Jul 1824, George W. GIST testified the widow Rachel was about 40 years of age and in tolerable good health; she received 1/8 in lieu of her dower, $810.70. In Oct 1825, sale of 201+ acres, "Boston" and part of "Diggs Lott" was sold to Bazil CRAPSTER for $2,617.89, free of dower. In Feb 1826, George Adam OHLER petitioned for debt; payments to all creditors were paid at $.68 on the dollar as proceeds were short of total debts; finalized 15 May 1828.
614-622 - HEFFNER, SCHLEY - Feb 1828
Benjamin HEFFNER vs George HEFFNER of Ohio An 1822 mortgage of Benjamin HEFFNER against George HEFFNER, then of Frederick County, was not recorded in due time and all payments were never made. Land - Lots #10 & 11 of "Heffner's Resurvey", 52 acres, divided by deed of partition on 28 Oct 1815 (JL-2, 136). Sale was held at Bartgis' Tavern in Frederick on 8 Sep 1828, highest bidder being David SCHLEY for 26 1/4 acres at $240; it being the 2/10 share of interest of George HEFFNER in the real estate of his brother, John HEFFNER.
Henry FUNDENBURGH, Henry CRONISE and w/ Susanna vs Daniel FUNDENBURG Walter FUNDENBURG, d/ Dec 1813 (will 11 Dec 1813; 27 Dec 1813) w/ Elizabeth d/ 1818 - and 6 children, - Catharine w/o Jacob CRONISE - Daniel FUNDENBURG, oldest son and w/ Rebecca (received plantation, but payments to siblings) - Henry FUNDENBURG (mill & land on Fishing Creek in Lewis Town) - Maria w/o Elijah McBRIDE - Susanna w/o Henry CRONISE - Samuel FUNDENBURG (lunatic, Jacob CRONISE as trustee) Executors were son Daniel and son-in-law Jacob CRONISE; witnesses: Jacob GRAVER, Jacob VALENTINE Jr. and Michael MYERS. Land - "Neighbours Agreed", 280 acres, from Samuel COOK in 1790, next to "Spring Fields"; - "Addition" and "Sandy Run", 29 1/2 acres, from Col. James JOHNSON in 1797; except 101 perches of "Addition" that Daniel sold to John CRAVER. On 4 Apr 1816, Daniel conveyed real estate to Thomas DRAPER (w/ Mary) who on 1 Apr 1817 conveyed to Michael ZIMMERMAN (w/ Lilly Ann) a part (101 acres) of the real estate who conveyed the same to James JOHNSON, esquire, on same date. On 9 Jul 1821, Thomas DRAPER made mortgage to George ZIMMERMAN the remaining portion of lands. John RITCHIE obtained a judgement against Thomas DRAPER after the conveyance from Daniel FUNDENBURG. Daniel received monies from Henry to pay the older siblings but did not pay them and he is now insolvent; Thomas DRAPER is also insolvent. In 1816, Daniel was listed as living in PA. George ZIMMERMAN d/ 20 Jun 1824 (will 27 Feb 1824; 30 Jun 1824) w/ Elizabeth and children, - John ZIMMERMAN - Maria Catharine ZIMMERMAN - George Thomas ZIMMERMAN - William Michael ZIMMERMAN - Lilly Ann ZIMMERMAN - Jacob Alexander ZIMMERMAN - Samuel ZIMMERMAN - Caliman ZIMMERMAN - James Absolom ZIMMERMAN - Hiram ZIMMERMAN Land - "Two Brothers", 128 acres, from Thomas DRAPER; "Woods Design" and "Den of Wolves" from Frederick W. M. SHRIVER; "Resurvey on Isles Mountain" from Jacob BRANDENBURG and part "The Den of Wolves". Also had NEGRO SLAVES, unnamed. Executors were Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN and John ZIMMERMAN; witnesses: Michael ZIMMERMAN, James WERDLE, John WELKER. The James JOHNSON who testified was the s/o Col. James JOHNSON. The Mill and Saw Mill had been sold to Peter EICHELBERGER. Jacob CRONISE was trustee; on 16 Jun 1825, sale made to Elijah McBRIDE of 200+ acres at $3,838 but other defendants refused the sale; on 11 Feb 1826, sale held at John DILL's house in Frederick Town, high bid to Frederick CRONISE for 200 acres at $5,656.38. Since James JOHNSON conveyed 101 acres of said land to John Custis RICHARDS of Baltimore, he too was made a party of the complaint; that property also sold at public sale on 29 Sep 1827 to James JOHNSON at $939.30; but, John C. RICHARDS petitioned that he be substituted for James JOHNSON as purchaser, so done. Payments made for legacies still due; finalized 10 Apr 1828. (pages 651 & 652 are missing)
Abraham, Jacob and John SUMMERS vs Abraham TOMS - Title In 1823, agreement made to Abraham TOMS by Abraham SUMMERS, Jacob WILES and Jacob SUMMERS, TOMS sold "Land of Promise", 53 1/4 acres, (deeded to Daniel GAVER by John GAVER, George GAVER, Henry GAVER and others in 1817) except two small tracts deeded by Daniel GAVER to Daniel TOMS and Jacob WARSTLER of 8+ acres. At that time, Samuel TOMS was a guardian of John TOMS, a minor. Jacob WILE(S) d/ 19 Apr 1825 intestate, leaving w/ Catharine and 3 minor children, - John WILES - Elizabeth WILES - Jacob WILES Land - 1/3 of "Land of Promise", 168 1/4 acres, conveyed in 1825; originally conveyed by John GAVER and others to Daniel GAVER in 1817 and by William ROSS, trustee to Abraham TOMS (w/ Hannah); also 4+ acres by Daniel GAVER to Jacob WARSTLER in 1818, except for 3+ acres conveyed to Daniel TOMS by Gaver, next to Ludwick ROUTSANG. Administrator was David BOWLUS; guardian was Horotio G. ONEAL. Decree ordered Abraham TOMS to make title to John SUMMERS upon Summers' payment to Bowlus and Abraham & Jacob SUMMERS to convey to John SUMMERS in separate title all their rights to the 53 1/4 acres.
Frederick STALEY and w/ Elizabeth and Dr. William TYLER, creditors vs George SHAFFER Sr. Estate George SHAFFER Sr., d/ 6 Apr 1821 (will 15 Mar 1821; filed 9 Apr 1821) - George SHAFFER Jr. d/ 1 Mar 1824, a minor, w/o issue - Mary w/o George MILLER - Susanna w/o Valentine RHODES - Elizabeth w/o Frederick STALEY - Catharine w/o George HINKLE - Christena SHAFFER - Phoebe w/o Solomon SHROYER - Anna Maria SHAFFER, a minor Executors were wife and son-in-law, Frederick STALEY; witnesses were: George GILDZ, Philip ANGLEBARGER, John STROFER. (The will did not list the daughters' married names or spouses.) Land - Plantation of 86 acres Guardian was Catharine SHAFFER; trustee was John NELSON; on 26 Jul 1828, sale made to Frederick STALEY at $1,032, subject to widow's dower rights; each 1/7 was $103.38; finalized 4 Dec 1828.
688-696 - SMITH, REPP, LYNN/LINN, WARFIELD - Feb 1828
Jacob REPP vs Samuel SMITH Estate In 1826, agreement of sale made to Samuel SMITH by Jacob REPP. Samuel SMITH d/ Aug 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and 4 minor children, - Mary Ann SMITH - Hannah SMITH - Abraham SMITH - Margaret SMITH Land - tract beginning at Paul HAWK's Road and Surrate D. WARFIELD's land (acreage not given). Administrator was Joseph LYNN; guardian was Joseph LINN; trustee was John NELSON; sale made to Jacob REPP on 23 Aug 1828 for $965, clear of dower. Nothing is shown being given to the widow; finalized 4 Dec 1828. ================ The End of JS-7 ================

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