Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-6

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity JS-6

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-6; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-6)

Henry RILEY and wife Elizabeth, William HANES and Jacob APPLER vs Estate of John BRAZELTON John BRAZELTON, yeoman, wrote his will on 31 Jan 1788,listing children - - William BRAZELTON (5 shillings sterling) - Elizabeth WILLIAMS (5 shillings sterling) - Isaac BRAZELTON (110 acres, NE side of plantation) - John BRAZELTON (5 shillings sterling) - Ann BROWN (to have remainder of lands; after her death or remarriage, to be sold and divided in two shares between the heirs of Isaac and Ann) - Esther MEDCALF (5 shillings sterling) - Jacob BRAZELTON, youngest son (5 shillings sterling) Abraham CRUMBACKER was executor (but died during Ann's lifetime). Witnesses were Jonathan HYDER, Jacob APLER, John CRUMBACKER. Shortly thereafter, John BRAZELTON died and on 9 Aug 1788, his will was filed. Land was resurveyed in 1805, part tract "The Children's Inheritance", 149 1/2 acres, lying on Little Pipe Creek. Isaac BRAZELTON d/ during Ann's lifetime, leaving 7 children - - Martha w/o Henry HEAD - Elizabeth w/o Francis BERRY - Mary w/o Edward BERRY - Ann BRAZELTON - John BRAZELTON and wife Catharine - Edward BRAZELTON - Mercer Co, KY - William BRAZELTON (died after his father) his children - .....Edward BRAZELTON - Warren Co, Ohio .....William BRAZELTON - Warren Co, Ohio All of Isaac's children are listed as out of state. The first five children listed sold their interests to William HANES/HAINES/ HAYNES on 5 Nov 1813. Robert GILL of Warren Co, Ohio was the guardian of William's children in 1813 and sold their interests to Henry RILEY as did Edward BRAZELTON. Ann BROWN d/ 1824 leaving 5 children - - Elizabeth w/o Henry RILEY/REILEY - Mary w/o James MEDCALF - Ruth w/o Jacob KILER/KELER - Elenora w/o Abraham TURNER - Hannah widow of Samuel LEMMON, now deceased All of Ann's children live out of state except Elizabeth. In 1805 James and Mary MEDCALF, 1810 Jacob and Ruth KILER, 1812 Abraham and Elenora TURNER, sold their interests to Jacob APLER. Hannah LEMMON's share is claimed by Daniel ARTHUR. Highest bidder at public sale was William HANES/HAINES for $1,943.50 on 8 Dec 1825.
Jonas MATHEWS vs Jacob RIDENOUR Jacob RIDENOUR had mortgaged Lot #22 in Mechanics Town (Thurmont), lying on the south side of Baltimore Street, to Jonas MATHEWS. Jacob RIDENOUR d/ Aug 1825 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and children - - Catharine RIDENOUR w/o John BOLLER/BULLER - John RIDENOUR - Henry RIDENOUR - Sophia RIDENOUR - Jacob RIDENOUR - William RIDENOUR - George RIDENOUR - Andrew RIDENOUR - Charles RIDENOUR All children were minors except Catharine and John. Jacob FIROR was administrator; Daniel FIROR was guardian for the minor children and James NICHOLS was trustee. Sale was held on 15 Jul 1826 at the house of Henry FUNDENBURG in Mechanics Town with high bidder as Jonas MATHEWS for $400.
Thomas Beall OWINGS and wife Cordelia, James L. HIGGINS and wife Harriet, administrators of Nathan HARRIS, deceased vs John IJAMS Jr Harriet was previously the widow of Basil DORSEY when she and Thomas Beall OWINGS and Cordelia became administrators of Nathan HARRIS' Estate. John IJAMS Jr was indebted to Nathan HARRIS. On 2 Nov 1822, John IJAMS conveyed to James L. HIGGINS (not then married to Harriet) and William DOWNEY 180 acres on Bush Creek where Luke DAVIS was then residing (for no monies) a Deed of Trust for the use of John IJAMS Jr. and his wife Harriet H. IJAMS during their natural lives and after their deaths, to descend to their lawful heirs, should they have any; if not, to descend to Joseph H. IJAMS and his heirs; if he dies without heirs, then to descend to the nephews and nieces of the said John IJAMS and their heirs. On 19 May 1823, John IJAMS Jr. (then living in Fairfield Co, Ohio) executed to Thomas ANDERSON of Frederick County, MD a Deed of Conveyance, which recited the previous Deed of Trust plus 1/2 of additional lands. By now, both Harriet H. IJAMS and Joseph H. IJAMS are also believed to be living in Ohio. On 17 Sep 1825, sale was held and high bidder was Thomas B. OWINGS for $230.
Isaac BAUGHER vs Estate of William McKISSICK William McKISSICK d/ intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and minor children - - Mary Ann McKISSICK - Julia Ann McKISSICK - William McKISSICK Archibald MORROW was guardian; James NICHOL was administrator. Sale was held on 18 Mar 1826 at the house of Henry G. WATERS in Emmitsburg, but did not receive a sufficient bid; sale was reheld on 22 Apr at the house of Charles W. BIGHAM, also in Emmitsburg, but again did not receive sufficient bid. On 17 Jul 1826, property was sold at private sale to John EYLER for $520; finalized 25 Jan 1827.
George JACOBS Estate George JACOBS d/ intestate several years ago, leaving widow - Elizabeth and children - Michael JACOBS and w/ Anastacia - Jasper JACOBS and w/ Barbara - Darke Co, Ohio - Philip JACOBS and w/ Jane? - Ignatius JACOBS - Margaret (has since died) w/o John KNOX - her only child, .....David William KNOX, a minor - Susanna w/o Jacob REID - Elizabeth JACOBS - Amelia (a minor) w/o Henry THOMPSON Land - tract "Jacob's Well", Lots 6 and 7, 5 acres, which was part of the larger tract "Resurvey on Locust Level", conveyed to him by Eleanor POTTS and William POTTS, executors of Richard POTTS, deceased, in 1816. George FOX was neighbor. Michael, Jasper and Philip sold their interests to Ignatius in 1823; George ZEILER was guardian; Thomas W. MORGAN was trustee; Jacob REID was high bidder for $320. On 15 Jan 1827, John WEAVER testified he knew the widow and stated she was 56 and healthy; widow received 1/9 share before distributions in lieu of her dower.
James WALKER Estate James WALKER d/ intestate, without issue, leaving brothers and sisters, etc bro/ Samuel WALKER - his children, - Joseph WALKER - Adams Co, PA - Jane w/o John WATKINS - Virginia - Lettie McMASTER - her children, ...Ann w/o Jacob TROUP - Pennsylvania ...James McMASTER, a minor - PA ...Eleanor McMASTER, a minor - PA sis/ Mary WALKER w/o Joseph WALKER, both dec'd - their children, - Rebecca WALKER - PA sis/ Grizzy w/o Hugh McCURDY, both dec'd - their children, - Lettice widow of Samuel ERVING/EWING - PA - Elizabeth w/o Archibald SHAW - PA - Margaret w/o Joseph SCOTT - PA sis/ Sarah PORTER, dec'd - her children, - Joseph PORTER - Ohio - Thomas PORTER - Ohio - Mary PORTER - Ohio - Lettice w/o James REED - Ohio - Ann w/o William BROWN - Ohio - Grizzy w/o Robert PORTER, both dec'd - their children, ...Jane w/o Arthur GWYNNE - PA ...Ann w/o John FREY - Ohio ...Sarah w/o ______ HURST - Ohio - David PORTER, dec'd - his minor children, - Ohio ...James M. PORTER ...Martha PORTER ...Lucinda PORTER ...Harvey PORTER ...David PORTER Land - tract "Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands", 113 acres, adjoins the lands of Abraham NULL on the Monocacy. Abraham LICHTENWALTER was trustee; on 1 Dec 1826, sold to Abraham NULL for $2,291.75. [York County, PA - Will written July 30, 1787; filed January 31, 1788 WALKER, JOSEPH - Executors: James Dixon and Samuel Walker. Wife: Margaret Walker. Children: James, Samuel, Grace w/o Hugh McCurdy, Mary w/o Joseph Walker and SARAH w/o THOMAS PORTER. Grandchildren: Mary McCurdy and Letitia Walker (child of Mary).]
John DEMUTH vs Mathias F. ERNST and Jonas URNER Estate - Title In 1812, Matthew KEAUGH/COUGH/COUCH (w/ Elizabeth) deeded property to Jonas URNER, but the money for 14 1/2 acres of said property was actually paid by Mathias Frederick ERNST; however, but the deed was made out to Urner for Ernst's benefit since Ernst was not yet a citizen. Jonas URNER wrote a bond to Ernst for the money he paid Keaugh; but, later Mathias F. ERNST moved to Montgomery Co, Ohio and in July 1824, made a power of attorney to Peter BAIL and Samuel DEMUTH to sell and dispose of his land, which they did sell 37 3/4 acres to John DEMUTH in Apr 1825 for $450; the said 14 1/2 acres being included in this. Since then, Jonas URNER died, leaving children, - Benjamin URNER - Ohio - David URNER - Ohio - Lydia URNER - PA - George URNER - PA - Samuel URNER - Sarah URNER, a minor - Elizabeth URNER, a minor - Nathan URNER, a minor - Hannah URNER, a minor Land - tract "Markell's Discovery", 14 1/2 acres, lying on Sam's Creek, from Matthew COUCH in 1812 and to him from Michael HERMAN in 1800. Also, "James' Inheritance", 1+ acre from James MURRY in 1805. The 37+ acres of Mathias Frederick ERNST's land (w/ Sarah) was bounded by the lands of James DENNY, Widow BENNET, Robert BENNET, David Jacob KEIN, Jacob ENGEL, John MURRY, George YOUNG. Jacob LANDIS was guardian of the URNER minors. On 19 Dec 1826, Jesse SLINGLUFF testified to the state residences of Ernst and the four oldest Urner children. On 15 Mar 1826, court ruled for deed to be conveyed to John DEMUTH.
Estate of Christopher SWOPE Christopher SWOPE d/ intestate, leaving children, - David SWOPE - Nancy w/o Peter LECHLITER - Christina w/o Jacob GILBERT - Out of State - John SWOPE, dec'd, his children - Washington County, MD .....Sarah SWOPE .....Elizabeth SWOPE, a minor .....David SWOPE, a minor .....John SWOPE, a minor .....Nancy SWOPE, a minor Land - tract "Larkin's Lott", 45 acres, from Philip CULLER in 1812; part "Sandy Springs", 15+ acres; "New Germany", 1+ acre (contiguous to the other tracts), next to Peter HOUCK's land from Michael STURM; totals 52 1/2 acres, conveyed by Jacob CULLER Sr to Jacob CULLER Jr in 1808. On 20 Aug 1826, Christina answered the petition in Frederick, now separated from her husband who still lives out of state; she stated he does not provide her with any support. Catharine SWOPE was the guardian. Joseph M. Palmer was trustee; on 21 Oct 1826, sale of 52 1/2 acres made to Michael HOUCK for $604.27.
Estate of David HILTERBRICK David HILTERBRICK d/ 5 Sep 1825 intestate, leaving widow - Mary (pregnant), and minor child - Catharine HILTERBRICK - Mary Elizabeth HILTERBRICK (b/ since Feb 1826, and after her father's death) Land - tract "Michael's Home", 4+ acres, with dwelling and small tanyard, from Joseph SHUNK (w/ Abarilla) and Peter MATHIAS (w/ Sarah) in 1823. Guardian was Samuel BAUMGARDNER; Sterling GALT was trustee; on the 27th of May 1826, private sale was made (public sale bid was deemed insufficient) to John McKELLIP for $1,050; on 7 Sep 1826, George M. EICHELBERGER, justice of the peace, made oath that the widow is about 27 or 28 and in good health; she received 1/7 in lieu of her dower. The widow gave birth after the original petition and now petition must go thru courts for the new infant's share; petition made by John HILTERBRICK for her. In addition, John McKELLIP has asked the court to annull the sale which they approved. In Dec 1826, John DUPHARN was made guardian; Sterling GALT was made trustee; private sale on 3 Feb 1827 to John McKALEB for $1,050; widow received 1/7 in lieu of her dower; finalized Apr 1827.
James COOPER vs Samuel OGLE - Foreclosure Petition to foreclose on Samuel OGLE's mortgage to James COOPER; James Cooper as trustee; on 10 Jun 1826, sale made to George HOFFMAN for Lot #1, 49+ acres at $2.80/acre; to Malachi HOBBS for Lot #2, 49+ acres at $3.15/acre; to Frederick WILHIDE Jr for Lot #3, 49+ acres at $3.22/acre; finalized May 1827. Land - tract "Make the Meadow Bigger", adjoining tract "Lost and Found"; also Lot 2 of "The Mountain Lot", adjoining lands of Daniel ROUZER; tract "Disappointment", conveyed by David MARTIN.
George HAWK and w/ Rebecca vs Frederick BLACK Estate Frederick BLACK - wrote will 14 Apr 1823 wife/ Rebecca son/ Ulrick BLACK son/ Adam BLACK son/ John BLACK son/ Frederick BLACK dau/ Hannah, dec'd dau/ Magdalena, dec'd dau/ Mary LIGHTNER, dec'd ........Mary LIGHTNER ........Joseph LIGHTNER son/ Joseph BLACK dau/ Elizabeth w/o Michael NULL dau/ Margaret "Beggy" - should be Rebecca w/o George HAWK - Mary DERR (relationship not given) SLAVE - TOM to be freed after his death; also to have a horse of his choice and 3 acres of his land adjoining that of Peter HAWK and near to and adjoining a spring on the Hawk line so as to have benefits of the water; TOM to have the land for his exclusive use during the rest of his natural life. executors: Jacob BOMGARDNER (BAUMGARDNER) Sr and Michael NULL; witnesses: John BOMGARDNER, Jacob HECK, Abraham NULL, Jacob BOMGARDNER Jr. The daughter Margaret should have been Rebecca as Frederick had no daughter named Margaret but always called Rebecca "Beggy" and the recorder of the will took that to be Peggy, the nickname for Margaret. The court ruled in favor of Rebecca to have the share described for Margaret.
Michael ANGEL Estate Michael ANGEL d/ intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 9 children, - Michael ANGEL Jr - George ANGEL - John ANGEL - David ANGEL - Ohio - Mary w/o John BOMGARDNER - Susan w/o David BUFFINGTON - Hannah (d/ 10 Jul 1825) w/o David MARTIN - their minor children, .....Eliza MARTIN .....John MARTIN .....Mary MARTIN .....William MARTIN .....Margaret MARTIN .....Sarah MARTIN - Jacob ANGEL, a minor - Joseph ANGEL, a minor Land - tract "Resurvey on Brothers Agreement", 100 acres from Charles ANGEL Sr. On 25 Mar 1825, Jacob BAUMGARTNER Sr was guardian for Jacob and Joseph. In June 1825, it was discovered that David ANGEL, a brother to the petitioners, believed to be dead, was in fact still alive and living in Ohio. Andrew HAWK was guardian for the Martin children. By 24 Jul 1826, Jacob ANGEL became of age and thus the petition was amended. David MARTIN was made trustee; sale held on 25 Nov 1826 going to William SHANER of the actual 104 1/2 acres at $14.50/acre. On 10 Mar 1827, James NICHOLS testified that David MARTIN was about 34 years old and in good health; David MARTIN testified Mary, the widow, was about 65 years old and general health was good; widow received 1/8 in lieu of her dower and David MARTIN then received 2/5 for "curtesy" from wife's death and their children received 1/6 of 1/9.
Michael LATE, Mariann WISE, David BOYD and John HANE, creditors vs Estate of Samuel KEIFER d/ 1826 intestate, leaving 3 minor children - Frederick KEIFER - John KEIFER - Mary KEIFER Land - House and Lot #289 in Frederick Town conveyed by Jacob WEISE/WISE in 1810. Administrator was George WHIP and also trustee; Thomas CARLETON was guardian. On 28 Feb 1827, sale was made to Solomon ALBAUGH for $556; creditors paid $.32 on the dollar; finalized 21 Jun 1827.
Peter HAUGH, creditor vs Adam BLUM Estate Adam BLUM was indebted to Jacob HAUGH who assigned his interests to Peter HAUGH in 1819. Adam BLUM/BLOOM d/ intestate, leaving children - Paul BLUM - PA - Peter BLUM - Jacob BLUM - Margaret w/o John KIRBY - Charity w/o William ANDERS, both dec'd - their children, .....Abraham ANDERS .....Mary ANDERS .....John ANDERS, a minor .....Samuel ANDERS, a minor .....William ANDERS, a minor .....Daniel ANDERS, a minor .....Susannah ANDERS, a minor .....Elizabeth ANDERS, a minor .....Sarah ANDERS, a minor - Mary (died after her father) w/o John ANDERS - their minor children, .....Joshua ANDERS .....Mary Ann ANDERS .....Margaret Ann ANDERS Land - tracts "Woofe's Mistake" and "Link Together", 10 acres. Administrator was Samuel BIRELY; John KIRBY was guardian; Jacob BIRELY was trustee; sale made to Abraham ANDERS for $181; creditors paid $.58 on the dollar; finalized 5 Jul 1827.
Jacob HILDEBRACK vs Francis HOLLINGSWORTH Estate - Title Francis HOLLINGSWORTH of Baltimoe County, d/ intestate, leaving children - Parkin HOLLINGSWORTH - Baltimore County - Ann w/o Charles WARFIELD of A. - Frederick County - Hannah L. w/o Jesse L. WARFIELD - Frederick County - Francina HOLLINGSWORTH, a minor - Baltimore County - Mary HOLLINGSWORTH, a minor - Baltimore County - Elizabeth HOLLINGSWORTH, a minor - Baltimore County - Willis HOLLINGSWORTH, a minor - Baltimore County Administrator was Charles WORTHINGTON (Baltimore County). Land - tracts "The Triangle", "Resurvey on Cold Friday" purchased in 1816 by Hildebrack with mortgage to Hollingsworth; mortgage paid and release signed but Hollingworth died before it was recorded. On 5 Jul 1827, court ruled to record the deed.
Michael HAINES Estate Michael HAINES d/ intestate, leaving widow - Sarah and 6 children - David HAINES - John HAINES - Mary (still living, children not entitled) w/o 1st/ Mr MONNAHAN; w/o 2nd/ George TENER, her children, .....David MONNAHAN .....Abraham MONNAHAN .....Sarah w/o Jacob SILE .....Michael MONNAHAN, a minor .....Juliette MONNAHAN, a minor and now w/o Joseph HOOPER - Elizabeth w/o Thomas TOWNSEND - Catharine w/o John LUSCALLEED (LUSCALLEET) - Michael HAINES Jr, dec'd - his children, .....Sarah HAINES .....Rachel w/o John BAUGHER .....Lewis HAINES .....David HAINES, a minor .....Elizabeth HAINES, a minor Land - 3 tracts of "Lee Castle", 62+ acres, on Sam's Creek. Thomas POOLE was guardian; David HAINES was trustee; sale made to Jonathan WOOD for 2 tracts, 49 acres at $26.50/acre; John LUSCALEET bought the remaining 13 acres at $10.01/acre; total sales was $1,427.19. David HAINES testified the widow is 68 years old; she received 2/19; finalized 6 Sep 1827.
John McKALEB vs Jacob HOCKENSMITH Estate Jacob HOCKENSMITH d/ 1818 with will written 11 Aug 1818, filed 12 Oct 1818 widow - Elizabeth - John HOCKENSMITH (1/3 land where he lives by old school) - George HOCKENSMITH (1/3 land where he lives) - William HOCKENSMITH (1/3 with mill and water rights) d/ 1819 - David HOCKENSMITH - Elizabeth w/o George GAUGH - Mary RUPERT - Out of State - Henry HOCKENSMITH - Out of State - Jacob HOCKENSMITH Jr - Out of State - Peter HOCKENSMITH - Out of State - Magdalena w/o Jacob SEACRIST - Out of State - Catharine w/o Silas KITTLE - Out of State - Polly McCLIEF (or grandaughter) a minor - Out of State Land - 367 acres by patent on Middle Creek, next to William KEPHART and John GRABILL and Joseph LITTLE. John HOCKENSMITH had paid out portions to his siblings as devised in his father's will; George and William's parts were to be sold to settle with the creditors and other siblings' intersts. James NICHOLS was trustee; on 3 Mar 1827, at the home of Charles W. BIGHAM in Emmitsburg, sale was made to John GRAYBILL for 121 acres at $15/acre; Patrick QUINN and James A. SHORB bought 120 acres at $12/acre.
Heirs of Jacob UTZ Jr vs John GRUMBINE Estate In 1818, Jacob SHERMAN of Westminster made a bond of conveyance to John GRUMBINE for $5,000 bond for a 1/4 acre alley lot in the town of New London in "Addition to Westminster", adjoining Westminster and John BROWN's lot on the north side of Main Street; in 1822, Grumbine assigned the bond to Jacob UTZ Jr and made a deed of trust to Jacob UTZ Sr for the benefit of Jacob UTZ Jr (document was lost though); John GRUMBINE was not able to provide conveyance of deed as required in agreements. Jacob SHERMAN died with will written 5 Jul 1822, filed 26 Dec 1822, widow - Elizabeth and d/ Eve SHRIVER grandchildren - .....Jacob Sherman SHRIVER - moved to Ohio .....William Waggoner SHRIVER .....Elizabeth SHRIVER bro/ Conrad SHERMAN and his son, ........George S. SHERMAN NEGRO SLAVES - ...AMOS, JOSHUA, BASIL (to be set free 1 year after Sherman's death and given $150 each); ...SALL, LUCE (to be set free upon the widow's death and given $150 each) ...MARY, ELIZA (to be set free when they turn 21) Jacob left everything to his wife and then to go to his grandson, Jacob S. SHRIVER; grandson William was to receive plantation where Solomon HILTEBRIDLE lives and 60 acres conveyed by John LOGSDON; all the interests in the plantation where John LOGSDON lives was left to nephew, George S. SHERMAN; remainder to be divided equally between the three grandchildren by survivorship. Executors were the widow and William DURBIN. John GRUMBINE d/ bef Feb 1827 intestate, leaving children - Peter GRUMBINE - PA - Catharine GRUMBINE, a minor - Mary GRUMBINE, a minor - Sarah GRUMBINE, a minor - William GRUMBINE, a minor - Caroline GRUMBINE, a minor - Jeremiah GRUMBINE, a minor Jacob UTZ Sr d/ with will HS-3, 504 filed 9 Nov 1826, with Isaac SHRIVER, etc as executor, but all land not included s/ Jacob UTZ Jr d/ intestate, leaving widow - Peggy and 3 minor children, ........John UTZ ........Jesse UTZ ........Catharine UTZ d/ Mary UTZ w/o Jacob GRAMMER William GRUMBINE was the guardian for the Grumbine children; after the court decree ordering a deed to the Utz children, Jacob MATHIAS was appointed as the guardian for the deed until the UTZ children became of age; finalized 26 Oct 1827.
Peter STALEY Estate Peter STALEY d/ intestate, leaving children, - Peter STALEY - Conrad STALEY - Abraham STALEY - Adam STALEY - Henry STALEY, a minor - Eve Elizabeth STALEY, a minor - Susannah Barbara STALEY, a minor Land - tract "Conrad's Purchase, Lot #4, 18+ acres from George BALTZEL, executor, and Dorothy SHAFER, widow of Conrad SHAFER (1814 will) in 1817 (family cemetery on Shafer's property was not to be sold but kept and maintained for his sister and her children); lies next to Lot #3 belonging to Catharine THOMAS, widow. Peter STALEY (Jr) and Conrad STALEY were adminstrators; payment of legacy of Jacob STALEY of Melchor made to Tobias STALEY; paid Frederick STALEY on a note; paid Catharine STALEY w/o Henry MILLER. Another Henry STALEY was guardian; Peter STALEY was trustee and on 11 Aug 1827, at Bartgis' Tavern in Frederick Town, sale was made to Dr. William TYLER of Frederick Town for $354.04
251-260 - STONER, RITCHIE - Aug 1827
John RITCHIE, creditor vs Abraham STONER John STONER Sr was trustee for his son, Abraham STONER, who had been declared a lunatic. On 9 Dec 1824, John STONER Jr was appointed as substitute trustee to sell Abraham's property to pay his debts. On 23 Apr 1827, sale was made to John STONER Sr for $1,200; creditors paid $.19 1/2 on the dollar.
John WITHEROW, exec/of Henry WILLIAMS vs Josiah EMMITT Estate In 1819, Josiah EMMITT was indebted to Henry WILLIAMS for 151+ acres. Josiah EMMITT d/ 21 Jul 1822 intestate, leaving widow - (unnamed) and 6 children, - Samuel EMMITT - Mary EMMITT - William EMMITT, a minor - John EMMITT, a minor - Sarah EMMITT, a minor - Jane EMMITT, a minor Guardian was William LONG; John WITHEROW was trustee; on 15 Jan 1827, sale was made to David GAMBLE and Johannes MANSON/MAUSON for $2,249.33; 1/6 share after creditors was $21.52. (It was noted Josiah left a widow although her name was left blank; no release of dower or payout was shown; so, she either died and it wasn't noted in the records - or - her section of land was laid out for her dower before the sale.)
John RUNNER, Jacob WASKEY, Henry BOST vs John BOST Michael BAST - will written 18 Apr 1805 s/ John BAST Land - "Jacob's Delight, 30 acres (from Michael LAUFFER in 1781); - "Devalt's Lott", 140 perches (from Lewis LAUFER in 1800); - "Fielderea", 25 acres and part of Lot #14 (from Henry KEMP in 1794); - "More or Less", 36 acres. George HOFFMAN was trustee; high bid went to Daniel RUNNER on 14 Feb 1828 of 92 3/8 acres for $946.84, John RUNNER as security; proceeds short of creditors, paid $.29 to the dollar; finalized 6 May 1828. (Note - the German name LAUFFER translated to RUNNER)
Ulrick SWITZER Estate Ulrick SWITZER d/ intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 6 children - Ann w/o Job HAINES - Basal SWITZER - Jonathan SWITZER (was 21 in July 1827) - Esther SWITZER, a minor - David SWITZER, a minor - Hannah SWITZER, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Forrets in Need", 150 acres, from David RINEHART (w/ Mary) in 1807, next to Joel WRIGHT's part to Rinehart in 1805, "Hazle Valley", lands of William MATHEWS, William FARQUHAR and his sister, Elizabeth. Job HAINES was appointed trustee; on 24 Jan 1827, Ephraim HAINES became high bidder for $10,063. Jacob SWITZER testified on 7 Apr 1828 the widow was about 50 and in general good health; she received 1/8, $1,298.43; the children's 1/6 part was $1,514.83 each.
Thomas DUVALL vs Samuel DUVALL Estate Samuel DUVALL d/ intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 6 minor children, - Allan DUVALL - Zachariah DUVALL - William DUVALL - Harriet DUVALL - Mary DUVALL - Samuel DUVALL Land - Lots #77 and 78 in Creagers Town mortgaged from Peter LOWER (Lower later reassigned the mortgage to Thomas DUVALL) George HALE was administrator; Samuel BARNES was guardian for Allan DUVALL, Mary DUVALL was guardian for the other minors; Daniel DUVALL was trustee; on 15 Dec 1827, high bidder was Henry G. WATERS for $1,000 free of widow's dower. On 14 Jan 1828, James LEGGETT testified the widow's age was about 38 and her health good; she received 1/8 in lieu of her dower, $114.45; finalized 16 May 1828.
HESSON, COBLENTZ vs Jacob HESSON Heirs Tenants in Common: Baltzer HESSON, John COBLENTZ, Jacob COBLENTZ, Philip COBLENTZ, Barbara COBLENTZ and Jacob HESSON; all of the COBLENTZ' are listed as now living in Ohio and wish to sell their interests. Jacob HESSON d/ intestate, leaving 5 minor children, (no widow mentioned) - William HESSON - George HESSON - Elizabeth HESSON - Susanna HESSON - Elijah HESSON Land - "Addition to Shuarx Bottom" and "Ohio", 273 acres from Philip COBLENTZ John BOMGARTNER as trustee; after failed public sale, sold by private sale of 263 acres to Peter HALE on 11 Dec 1827 for $1,713.75; 1/6 share was $266.49, 1/5 of 1/6 share was $53.30; finalized 10 Apr 1828.
314-323 - HOFF, LATE, ENTEL, STEINER - Feb 1828
George ENTEL vs Jacob HOFF Estate - Title Jacob HOFF died with a will granting his estate to - Maria, widow of Michael LATE; executor was Henry KEMP. Land - "Long Acre" which is part of larger tract "Tasker's Chance" by Stephen STEINER (w/ Elizabeth) in 1822 (and to Steiner from Jacob SCHELLMAN in 1807); lies on northern edge of the turnpike from Frederick Town to Middletown and next to lands of Stephen KLEIN. In Sep 1825 agreement of Jacob HOFF to George ENTEL, Entel was listed of Washington Co, MD. On 14 May 1828, title was granted to George ENTEL. (pages 319 and 320 are missing)
Mary Ann WISE heirs vs Valentine BUCKEY Mary Ann WISE of Frederick Town d/ 1827 She wrote her will 13 Feb 1819 with Valentine BUCKEY as the executor; filed 6 Aug 1827 with witnesses, Jacob ROHR and James F. HOUSTON. sister's children - ...George GEBHART and w/ Catharine ...John GEBHART ...Rosannah GEBHART (d/ 5-6 yrs ago) w/o ______ RIZER/RIGER - her children, ......Jacob RIZER/RIGER ......Mary Ann RIZER/RIGER w/o Alexander BARNES ......Rebecca RIZER/RIGER w/o Silvanus BENNETT ......Sophia RIZER/RIGER, a minor ......Thomas RIZER/RIGER, a minor ......Eliza RIZER/RIGER, a minor ......Martin L. RIZER/RIGER, a minor ...Mary GEBHART (d/ abt 1 yr ago) w/o _____ LOYSTER ......William H. LOYSTER, a minor ......George T. LOYSTER, a minor ......John T. LOYSTER, a minor ......Thornton LOYSTER, a minor ...Margaret GEBHART w/o Thomas DOUDEN ...William GEBHART ...Elizabeth "Betsy" GEBHART Valentine BUCKEY d/ Fall of 1826, (prior to Mary Ann Wise) Land - Lot in Frederick Town with improvements. George ROHR was trustee; on 1 Jan 1828, sale held at house of Mathias BARTGIS in Frederick, high bidder was Jacob DOLE for $675; finalized May 1828.
332-342 - GARDINER, SWOPE, LEVY, LAMBERT - Jan 1828
John SWOPE and w/ Catharine vs Lewis GARDINER Estate Lewis GARDINER d/ 30 Mar 1806 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and children, - James GARDINER - VA - Lewis GARDINER - VA - Mary GARDINER - Catharine GARDINER w/o John SWOPE Land - Lot #20 of "Long Acre", part of tract "Tasker's Chance" in Frederick Town from David LEVY (w/ Barbara) in 1796; lies on north side of road leading from Frederick Town to Middletown and on sw side is Stephen CLINE (ground rent to Jacob BENTZ). Trustee was John H. McELFRESH; sold for $150 on 24 Jul 1828 to John A. LAMBERT; widow received 1/10.
342-351 - DUVALL, IJAMS, WINDSOR, KOONTZ - Feb 1827
Benjamin DUVALL Estate In 1820 William KOONTZ sold to Benjamin DUVALL several pieces of land by bond of conveyance. Benjamin DUVALL d/ 4 Oct 1826 intestate, leaving widow - Rebecca and 9 children, - Jemima DUVALL - Eliza DUVALL - Frederick DUVALL, a minor - Ruth DUVALL, a minor - Rebecca DUVALL, a minor - Grafton DUVALL, a minor - Sarah Ann DUVALL, a minor - Cordelia DUVALL, a minor - Benjamin W. DUVALL, a minor Land - tracts "Changeable", 99 acres; "Gauk? Garden", 25 acres. Rebecca DUVALL was guardian; Plummer IJAMS was trustee; sold to Thomas F. WINDSOR for $1,248 on 3 Oct 1827. The widow released her dower in lieu of payment; however, she died on the 6th of Nov 1827. Sale was short of debts and paid $.88 on the dollar; finalized Sep 1828.
Eleanor DONNALLY and Hugh McMULLEN vs James McMULLEN James Mack MULLEN (McMULLEN) d/ 10 Jul 1823 intestate, leaving widow - Hannah and no children sis/ Eleanor DONNALLY - Philadelphia, PA bro/ Hugh McMULLEN (also used as MULLEN) Land - "Clem's Choice" and "Whittenberg"; 12 acres; from John CRONISE (w/ Rachel) in 1819, next to lands previously owned by Peter ENGLE and next to tract "Bull Frog". Administrators were Hannah McMULLEN and Hugh McMULLEN; James RAYMOND was trustee; sale went to Hugh MULLEN for $12/acre; sales short, paid $.12 on the dollar.
George MICHAEL Estate George MICHAEL d/ intestate, leaving children, - John MICHAEL - Catharine MICHAEL w/o Henry MICHAEL of Peter - Elizabeth w/o George HUTZELL - Henry MICHAEL (died after his father) intestate, leaving .....James MICHAEL, a minor .....Eli MICHAEL, a minor .....Catharine MICHAEL, a minor .....Elizabeth MICHAEL, a minor .....Sally MICHAEL, a minor .....Ann MICHAEL, a minor .....Malinda MICHAEL, a minor Land - "The Sun is Down and the Moon is UP), 125 acres from Christopher (Stophel) MICHAEL (the other half of the original 250 acres was conveyed to George's brother and Christopher's son, Peter MICHAEL), included the dwelling plantation where George lived. - also "Hedges Range", 35 acres, from Joseph HEDGE (w/ Sarah) in 1786. Guardian was Henry HERRING; trustee was John MICHAEL; on 10 Apr 1828, sale made to Henry MICHAEL for $480.20 for 20 acres.
Jacob MARTIN Sr ESTATE Jacob MARTIN Sr d/ abt Nov 1821 with will widow - Elizabeth d/ Aug 1827, leaving 11 children, - Daniel MARTIN - Peter MARTIN - Jacob MARTIN Jr, dec'd - his 6 minor children .....Wilson R. MARTIN .....Rosannah MARTIN .....George W. MARTIN .....Daniel J. MARTIN .....Ann Sophia MARTIN .....Catharine E. MARTIN - William MARTIN - Washington, DC - John MARTIN - Loudon Co, VA - Charlotte MARTIN w/o Thomas JONES - Montgomery Co, MD - Barbara MARTIN w/o Thomas TITLOW - Shenandoah Co, VA - Catharine MARTIN w/o Adam RITTER - George Town, DC - Elizabeth MARTIN w/o John WISSINGER - Jefferson Co, VA (WV) - Mary MARTIN - Mary Ann MARTIN Land - Lots #6, 7, 40, w/ improvements in New Town (Trap Town/Jefferson); Lot #6 from Melchor TABLER (w/ Phebe) in 1794 w/ tavern house; Lot #7 from Patrick McGILL, trustee of Jacob PARSONS in 1813 w/ log stable; Lot #40 by patent in 1798. Guardian was Sophia MARTIN; trustee was James M. SHELMAN; sale of Lot #6 went to Daniel MARTIN for $910; Lot #40 went to Henry SMITH for $103; Lot #7 went to William MARTIN for $110.
408-418 - FLEMING, BUCKEY, MANTZ - Jan 1828
Joseph FLEMING Sr Estate Joseph FLEMING Sr - will 10 Dec 1822; filed 21 Jan 1823 w/ Alice and children - Joseph FLEMING Jr - Samuel FLEMING - William FLEMING - Eleanor FLEMING - Sarah FLEMING - Alice FLEMING - Harriet FLEMING - Charlotte FLEMING, a minor - Thomas FLEMING, a minor Executors were Valentine BUCKEY and John FLEMING; witnesses: Christian SCHOLL, Joseph FLEMING of Arthur, William Bradley TYLER. Land - 3 lots of tract "Tasker's Chance", 179+ acres; and "Puzzlesome Corrected", 30 1/2 acres, wooded lot. Both Valentine BUCKEY and John FLEMING died in 1826; petition to appoint a trustee to administer the will. Joseph FLEMING was guardian; Lewis P. W. BALCH, trustee; on 13 Mar 1828, sale was held in Frederick Town at Mathias E. BARTGIS's tavern, Casper MANTZ was high bidder for Tasker's Chance property for $9,910.66; since the wooded lot did not sell at auction, it was sold at private sale to Joseph FLEMING for $91.50; widow received 1/8 in lieu of dower.
Basil DORSEY Heirs vs Charles HAMMOND Heirs - Title In 1788, Charles HAMMOND sold 100 acres of tract "Resurvey on Charles' Lot" to Charles CHANEY and then sold the remainder of 218 acres to Basil DORSEY, lying on the east side of main road to Frederick Town from William HOBBS. Before the deeds were conveyed, Charles HAMMOND of John (of Anne Arundel County) died leaving children, - John HAMMOND, d/ intestate, w/o issue - Rezin HAMMOND, d/ intestate, w/o issue - Nancy HAMMOND w/o William WOODS, dec'd - Baltimore County - Charles HAMMOND Jr - Anne Arundel County - Sarah HAMMOND w/o John DORSEY, dec'd - Anne Arundel County - Elizabeth HAMMOND - Anne Arundel County - Mary HAMMOND, dec'd w/o John DUTTERO - Out of State .....John DUTTERO .....Hammond DUTTERO .....Rebecca DUTTERO .....Marisa DUTTERO w/o George CUMMING Basil DORSEY - will 7 Aug 1799; filed 27 Aug 1799, leaving w/ Tabitha and children, - Basil DORSEY Jr - Evan DORSEY d/ 1823 intestate, leaving children, .....Upton L. DORSEY .....Evan DORSEY .....Susan DORSEY w/o William HOBBS .....John L. DORSEY .....Ann DORSEY, dec'd w/o Evan HAMMOND, dec'd - her son, ..........Evan HAMMOND - Josiah DORSEY - Lucy DORSEY w/o Samuel STEPHENSON .....Basil STEPHENSON - Sophia DORSEY - William DORSEY .....Arthur DORSEY (grandson) .....Vachel DORSEY (grandson) .....Condard? DORSEY (grandson) .....Darius DORSEY (granddaughter) Basil gave his son, Basil: tract "Dorsey's Search", 400 acres; "Shipley's Discovery", "Resurvey on Shipley's Discovery"; from George BURKHART. To Evan, he gave: "Drummond", "Resurvey on Drummond", "Resurvey on Charles' Lot", "Darbey's Delight". Josiah received land in Baltimore County, one tract from Stephen WINCHESTER. Sophia was given "Resurvey on Moab", 303 acres. NEGRO SLAVES - to Tabitha - negro woman POLE (Polly?), after widow's death, to Lucy - to Basil - HAGARDE, AMELIA, CATEY, CHARLOTTE and her children - to Evan - BOW, PHIL, JASON, RACHEL, ROZ, SHEBA and her 2 children - to Josiah - LUCY, SOLL, SARAH and her 2 children - to Lucy - HANNAH, Negro man CHARLES (if he doesn't want to go with her, to be sold to one of his sons - to Sophia - NELL and her children; CATE and her children; SUE and her d/ CHARITY - to Arthur - RENISH? - to VACHEL - PETER - to Conkard? - MACHAN? - to Darius - ALLEN Evan DORSEY was executor of his father's will. Basil sold part of his land to William HOBBS of Samuel on the NE side of Bush Creek. In Oct 1828, title granted to Basil DORSEY heirs.
435-448 - ORTNER, SHOPE, KELLY - Jul 1828
William ELY and Stewart GAITHER vs John ORTNER Estate John ORTNER of Frederick Town d/ Jul 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Sophia and 3 minor children, - Ann Rebecca ORTNER - Henrietta ORTNER - Elizabeth ORTNER Land - House and Lot in Frederick Town - Lot in Frederick Town - House and Lot in Frederick Town Administrators were George B. SHOPE and Henry KELLY of Frederick County; Sophia was guardian; trustee was George B. SHOPE; sale held Sep 1828 to Francis? KOONTZ? for $630. The widow released her dower rights but did not receive anything for them; creditors paid $.97 on the dollar.
448-455 - LOWE, BLACK, OWINGS, BIGGS - Jul 1828
Prudence BIGGS vs Patrick LOWE Estate - Title In 1827, agreement of sale for $1,200 was made to Prudence BIGGS by Patrick LOWE. Patrick LOWE d/ Dec 1827 intestate, leaving a minor child, - Mary E. LOWE Land - 101+ acres on Tom's Creek Said lands were obtained from George M. EICHELBERGER, trustee in decree regarding Jacob BLACK. In 1827, Patrick LOWE was listed as merchant in Emmitsburgh, selling the farm where Jacob BLACK then lived as a tenant. Administrator and guardian was Patrick OWINGS; on 5 Dec 1828, conveyance was granted to Prudence BIGGS.
Isaac STONESIFER of Adams Co, PA vs Court - Title Conveyance Catharine KLEIN (widow of Samuel KLEIN) d/ 1823 - will 8 May 1823; filed 17 Nov 1823, leaving estate to her brothers and sisters, bro/ Daniel STONESIFER bro/ Jacob STONESIFER bro/ John STONESIFER bro/ Solomon STONESIFER bro/ David STONESIFER (d/ bef 1 May 1828) bro/ ISAAC STONEFIFER sis/ Elizabeth McSHERRY? Witnesses were Francis MATHIAS, David GRAMMER, Henry HOPPE. Executors were Isaac STONESIFER and David STONESIFER who made sale to Peter SHOEMAKER for $1,100. Land - "?Pretty Improvement", 150 acres, conveyed by Jacob SNIDER, dec'd; adjoining lands of Abraham HESSON and Peter SHUMAKER. On 18 Dec 1828, title granted to Peter SHOEMAKER for balance of sale monies due.
Nicholas BOUGHER and Nicholas BRENGLE vs Jacob CRIST In 1823, mortgage was made by Jacob CRIST to Nicholas BOUGHER for $800. Later, Bougher assigned the mortgage to Nicholas BRENGLE. Land - "No Help for My Loss", 480 acres; except parts conveyed to Valentine CRIST, John CRIST, and Catharine w/o John H. TEVILBISS (DEVILBISS), by the will of Philip CRIST. Additional Exceptions - 15 acres of same tract on the right side of Creagers Town road. - part of "The End of Trouble", 26 1/2 acres from Daniel BURKHART in 1814. Petition to sell "The End of Trouble" to satisfy claims. Nicholas BRENGLE was trustee; sale made to Casper MANTZ for $450; proceeds were still insufficient.
Joseph HUGHES and Patrick BRADLEY vs John EVANS In Feb 1812, John EVANS of Allegany County (MD) proposed to sell to Joseph HUGHES (w/ Mary) of Emmitsburg a farm of 210 acres in Allegany County which he stated he owned for $10 per acre. Land - "Evan's Purchase", 210 acres; on Fifteen Mile Creek, 15 miles above Hancock, ten miles from Bath Town on the old Braddock Road, adjoining lands of Leonard BOVENS/BORONS (dec'd), Ignatius BOVEN/BERRING and Samuel ORMOND/OSMOND; about 3/4 mile from the river Potomack. Cleared land in 61 acres with log dwelling house, two gardens, four acres of meadow and woodland with the Potomack nearby and the great road to Cumberland coming directly by the door of the house. Joseph HUGHES' lot with two-story house was on Church Street in Emmitsburg by the alley of the Catholic church yard. Patrick BRADLEY's house and Lot #109 was in Emmitsburgh where William LOGON lived. Eventually, after numerous times, Joseph HUGHES (tavern owner) and Patrick BRADLEY agreed to provide a house and lot valued at $500 for downpayment on said property, provided they approved of said sale after inspection. After inspection, the land only contained a patent for 64 acres and the soil was poor and not suitable for cultivation; there were no improvements as stated, few trees, and the great road did not come near the property. In additon to the claimed fraud, John EVANS obtained deeds for Hughes and Bradley's property and placed them with William EMMIT to have them put on record as Evans' property. Testimony was given by John TROXELL, James BURKET, Henry BROWN, Henry GUYER, Jacob MATER (MOTTER), Thomas WILSON; James KING of Allegany County testified he was at an inquest of a dead man supposedly murdered by Evans; Walter BOVANS of Allegany County (age 34 in 1817). Patrick BRADLEY died with will 26 May 1821; filed 16 Jul 1831 w/ Deborah - Sarah BUCK (relationship not stated) - Roman Catholic Church - nephews/ John McCLAFORTY and Patrick McCLAFORTY and niece/their sister, Bridget McCLAFORTY Will lists Patrick's birth in 1756, he from Mevaugh Parish, Dunigan County, Ireland. Executors were Lewis MOTTER and Deborah BRADLEY; witnesses: Michael SPONSELLER, George FLAUTT, Frederick GELWICKS. John EVANS d/ 1820 intestate, leaving children, - John EVANS - VA - Mary EVANS - VA Administrator was William LYLES of Frederick County; court ruled sales were fraudulent and agreement was voided.
Catharine CREIGLOW Heirs - Sale of Real Estate Christopher MEYER - will 20 Mar 1812; filed 25 Oct 1814 leaving children - - John MEYER - Israel MEYER - George MEYER - Catharine (now dec'd) w/o William CREIGLOW/CREIGHLOW - her children, ....George CREIGLOW ....Christina CREIGLOW ....Catharine w/o George DURTZBAUGH ....Anna Mary CREIGLOW - Charlotte w/o William BYERLY - Elizabeth widow of Adam HART - Ann Margaret w/o Lewis WALTZHAMMER? - Anna Barbara WIGLE, dec'd - her children, ....Catharine WIGLE ....Frederick WIGLE ....Elizabeth WIGLE Gave "Tasker's Chance, 178 acre dwelling plantation, to sons, John and Israel; "Resurvey on Rocky Hill", 31 acres, from Frederick KEEFFER to son Israel; Southern half of Lot in Frederick Town with dwelling house from John BOSTIAN to son George; Northern half of Lot in Frederick Town from John BOOKER to daughter Catharine except for the Hatter's Shop which is son George's; monies to be paid by sons John and Israel. John MEYER was executor; witnesses: Jacob MARKELL, Peter MANTZ, George HAWN. Land - Lot, 39 acres, on Market Street in Frederick Town Guardian and trustee was L.P.W. BALCH; on 22 Dec 1828, sale went to Jacob STENER/STONER for $450; William CREIGLOW received 2/19 as his "curtesy" share and his children received equal shares of the balance.
Mary METCALF by John DELAPLANE, her next friend, and Lewis MOTTER vs John KNOUFF, trustee; Joshua DELAPLANE and Thomas METCALF Mary METCALF was the w/o Thomas METCALF and claimed her dower rights to her husband's property which was sold by the sheriff for settlement of debts to John SMITH. Smith would not agree to sale unless he obtained the dower as well. Mary agreed to sell her dower rights to him for $1,000. She also had other property which was not her husband's and she sold for $500. In 1823, in a complaint of John KNOUFF, George VALENTINE and wife, and others vs John REESSON?, John KNOUFF was appointed trustee to sell real estate of John KNOUFF Sr, deceased. Land - "All Is Safe Now", 368 1/2 acres Mary METCALF placed her funds with her trustee, Joshua DELAPLANE to purchase said property for her and placed her $1,500 down as 1/3 payment. Later, Mary was unable to raise the money to payoff the property and thus sold it to Lewis MOTTER. Petition requests the property be deeded to Motter after payoff and settlement; so granted; finalized Feb 1829.
525-534 - WISE, McDOVIT, HUTTON, SHOVOD, AGNEW - Feb 1828
Joseph WISE Estate Joseph WISE, deceased - will 1 Apr 1813; filed 26 Apr 1813 widow - Mary and 6 children - Joseph WISE - Sebastian WISE - Sarah w/o James McDOVIT - Peter WISE, a minor - James WISE, a minor - Susannah Maria WISE, a minor After widow dies or remarries, estate to be equally divided or sold and divided equally among children. Executors were Peter SHOVOD and Michael BLESSING; witnesses: George HUTTON, John HUSTON, Joseph HOLDZ? (HOLTZ?) In 1815, the widow Mary intermarried with George HUTTON; Peter SHOVOD, one of the executors, died in 1813. Guardian was John AGNEW; James McDOVIT as trustee; on 15 Oct 1828, private sale of 406 acres to Micahel D. EGAN and John F. McGARY for $700,000.
John MARTIN and w/ Mary, et al - Sale of Real Estate Henry GRAFF, deceased - will 9 Oct 1821; filed 12 Feb 1824 widow - Elizabeth and 11 children 1 - Mary GRAFF w/o John MARTIN 2 - Joseph GRAFF and w/ Magdalena 3 - Rebecca GRAFF 4 - Elizabeth GRAFF, dec'd (married twice) ...h/ Joseph BLACK - their children, ........Eliza BLACK w/o Justonian ELDER - Missouri ........Matilda BLACK - Missouri ........Andrew BLACK d/ intestate, unmarried ...h/ Leonard DILL - their children, ........Isaiah DILL, Adams Co, PA ........Henry G. DILL, a minor - PA 5 - Catharine GRAFF (d/ aft 1821) w/o George FLACK - Ohio ........George D. FLACK, a minor ........Hiram FLACK, a minor ........Henry FLACK, a minor ........John FLACK, a minor ........Josiah FLACK, a minor ........Ann Eliza FLACK, a minor Land - "Graff's Content", 130 acres, mansion plantation; and 1/2 of mountain tract "Timber Plenty", 154 acres. 6 - Eli GRAFF 7 - Jeremiah GRAFF 8 - Delila GRAFF 9 - Henry GRAFF 10- Dorcus? GRAFF (son) 11- Sarah GRAFF Land - "Rish Level"; and other half of mountain land, "Timber Plenty" (not to be sold until youngest d/ Sarah is 16 years old). Executors: Eli GRAFF and George M. EICHELBERGER Witnesses: William SHIELDS, Philip KEILHOLTZ, James TAYLOR The five older children were petitioning for their shares to be sold and divided amongst them. Trustee was Clotworthy BIRNIE Jr.; sale made to John KEPHART for "Graff's Content" at $1,967.55 and to Michael SWOPE for 1/2 mountain tract at $539. George FLACK received 3/8 of a 1/5 portion as his 'curtesy' share; finalized 18 Apr 1829.
Elizabeth SCHLOSSER vs Henry SCHLOSSER Estate Henry SCHLOSSER, the elder, dec'd - will 21 Aug 1805 widow - Elizabeth and 8 children, - Magdalena SCHLOSSER - Peter SCHLOSSER - Henry SCHLOSSER d/ intestate, leaving ..widow - now also dec'd - and minor children, .....Daniel SCHLOSSER (age 21 on 3 Feb 1828) .....Mary SCHLOSSER w/o Daniel BOWLUS .....Henry SCHLOSSER .....Elias SCHLOSSER - Andrew SCHLOSSER - Elizabeth SCHLOSSER - Mary SCHLOSSER - Rosannah SCHLOSSER - George SCHLOSSER Executors were sons, Peter and Henry, who were to make payments to the widow, Henry's half was never paid. Land - "The Sun is Down and The Moon is Up", 255 acres, the dwelling plantation, to son, Henry. - land left to son Peter was "Hedge's Range" and "Resurvey on part of Ram's Horn"; 247+ acres conveyed by Andrew SMELTSER. - "Frankend All", 114 acres, formerly land of Christopher BROWN, to Henry SCHLOSSER by decree from Bean S. PIGMAN, trustee. Guardian for Henry and Elias was Henry HERRING, Daniel BOWLUS was guardian for wife Mary; William SCHLEY was trustee; on 7 Apr 1828, sale made to Peter SCHLOSSER for 69 1/2 acres of woodland at $764.50; on 4 Feb 1829, sale of home place (Henry's), 245 acres went to John BOWLUS for $7,717.50.
565-569 - BUCKEY, SHAFFER - Jan 1829
Michael BUCKEY, David BUCKEY, Edward BUCKEY, executors of Valentine BUCKEY vs John NELSON, equire, trustee for George SCHAEFFER Sr, dec'd. The Buckey estate petitioned for their claim against George SHAFFER; John NELSON, trustee for SHAFFER, sold his real estate to Valentine RHODES; petition is to stop distribution until their claim is paid; so granted 9 Apr 1829.
Catharine WARFIELD, Lloyd DORSEY, John AHALT and others, creditors vs Greenberry RIDGELY Estate Jacob RIDGELY d/ 1 Apr 1815 testate, leaving, widow - Ruth and 10 children, - William RIDGELY - Allegany County - Jacob RIDGELY - Westal RIDGELY - Out of State - Martha RIDGELY w/ William P. HOUSE - Ruth RIDGELY w/o Elie HOUSE - Hezekiah RIDGELY - Thomas RIDGELY d/ aft 1824 intestate, leaving .....Mary Anne RIDGELY, a minor .....Thomas H. RIDGELY, a minor .....Robert RIDGELY, a minor .....William RIDGELY, a minor .....Jacob RIDGELY, a minor .....Cornelia RIDGELY, a minor .....Bethany RIDGELY, a minor - Sarah HARDING - Greenberry RIDGELY d/ 1 Nov 1824 intestate, no issue - Eli RIDGELY - Allegany County Land - "Leave It So Lying"; "Philip's Luck"; "Matthew's Good Will". Jacob RIDGELY was administrator for Greenberry's estate and his debts exceed his personal estate. William P. HOUSE was guardian; John NELSON trustee; sale for Greenberry's interests went to Jacob RIDGELY for $201; sales insufficient, creditors paid $.56 on the dollar; finalized 21 May 1829.
Solomon SHEPHERD and other creditors vs George PUSEY Estate George PUSEY d/ 1827 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 6 children, - Nathan PUSEY - Illinois - Mary STONER - Indiana - George PUSEY Jr - Joel PUSEY - Kentucky - Marcy w/o Moses B. FARQUHAR - Ohio - Lydia COOK, dec'd - her children, .....George COOK - Harford County .....Louisa COOK, a minor .....Joel COOK, a minor .....Nathan COOK, a minor .....Elisha COOK, a minor .....Samuel COOK, a minor .....Sarah P. COOK, a minor Land - "Resolution", 41+ acres, on Sam's Creek Administrators were Evan McKINSTRY and William SHEPHERD; Benjamin PRICE, esquire, was guardian. Thomas WOOD, a quaker, testified to the out of state residents. William SHEPHERD was trustee; Evan McKINSTRY was high bidder for $2,040.62 subject to widow's dower. Creditors paid and proceeds distributed; finalized 9 Mar 1829
Jacob WACHTER and Christian WIDDERICK vs Jacob STALEY of Jacob - Foreclosure Land - "Loss Gained" from George KOONTZ in 1810, said land from will of his father, Jacob STALEY of Melcher; - "Sure Bind, Sure Find", 109 acres, from Philip MORNINGSTAR to Jacob STALEY of Jacob in 1823 of which 9 3/4 acres have been purchased but not yet conveyed to Michael ISENAGLE. Trustee was Lewis P.W. BALCH; Hugh FLANAGAN petitioned to stop the sale as he testified he previously has purchased said property at a sheriff's sale and had paid monies on that sale. Decree allowed for yearly payments of interest and if not met, then sale to proceed.
614-618 - Sisters of Charity of St Joseph's - Jan 1829
Sisters of Charity of St Joseph's - Recording of Deed In Dec 1816, an act to incorporate was constituted for them to hold real estate. In 1817, Rev. Samuel S. COOPER and Rev. John DUBOIS executed a deed of bargain and sale for two tracts of land; however, not knowing the time requirements, they failed to have deeds recorded and now the grantors, the Reverends, are no longer residents of Maryland. Rev. Cooper resides in Philadelphia and Rev. Dubois resides in New York City, now the Right Reverend Bishop of the State of New York. The Bill of Complaint for An Act to Incorporate the Sisters of Charity of Saint Joseph's in Frederick County dated 7 Jan 1817 was filed by: Elizabeth A. SETON, Elizabeth BOYLE, Cecilia O. CONWAY, Jane SMITH, Rosetta WHITE, Margaret GEORGE, Bridget FERROLL, Mary Ann BUTLER, Francis JOURDAN, Susanna CLOSEY, Teresa CONWAY, Jane Francis GARTLAND, Eleanor Angela BRADY, Ann GRUBER, Adele SALVA, Elizabeth Magdalena GUARIN, Sarah THOMPSON, Camilla CORICK, Margaret Felicity BRADY, Scholistica BEAMS, Julia SHIRK/SHIRTS, and Louisa ROGER, all unmarried women over the age of 21, hereinafter to become Sisters of Charity of Saint Joseph's. Land - "Carrollsburgh" and "Enlargement"; 269 acres. Decree and deed recorded in Liber JS-32, 93 in May 1829.
George OYSTER vs Ralph HOTT of George Town, DC Ralph HOTT d/ Sep 1826 in DC, leaving children, - Susan HOTT, a minor - DC - Sarah Elizabeth HOTT, a minor - DC Land - Lot #13 in "Shield's Addition to Emmitsburg", 57'x160'; from Henry G. WATERS (w/ Elizabeth) and John BONER (w/ Sarah). Trustee was Samuel BAUMGARDNER; on 21 Feb 1829, sale went to John KEPHART for $70; proceeds short, paid $.62 on the dollar.
Jacob EVERHART of Frederick Co, VA vs Francis JARBOE Estate - Foreclosure Francis JARBOE executed several notes in 1819 to Jacob WATTMAN Sr so Jarboe could purchase real estate. Wattman filed suit against Jarboe, but before judgement was decreed, Jacob WATTMAN Sr. died in Loudon Co, VA - will 19 May 1823; filed 18 Nov 1830, leaving children, son/ Jacob WATTMAN son/ John WATTMAN, dec'd - his 4 children, ........Elizabeth WATTMAN ........David WATTMAN ........Samuel WATTMAN ........Mariah WATTMAN dau/ Ann DEAVER, dec'd - her children, ........Jacob EVERHART ........John EVERHART ........Joseph EVERHART ........Sarah EVERHART and their half brothers/sisters, ch/of Bazel DEAVER, dec'd, ........Deborah Margaret DANIEL? ........Abraham DEAVER dau/ Elizabeth w/o John WENNER Son John's four children were given 22 acres where Leonard THOMAS then lived and a bond of $400 against Philip EVERHART; Jacob EVERHART was given NEGRO girl KITTY and her son, HENSON, and two lots in Berlin, MD; the Everhart grandchildren were given 1/5 of the farm and mill that Jacob EVERHART had when he died which fell to Elizabeth RICHARD but they are to pay their half brothers and sisters $200. Jacob WATTMAN Sr also had 1/7 share of land from William CHAMBERS estate which fell to John MURPHY and w/ Nancy where John and Elizabeth WENNER now live. Jacob EVERHART was acting executor of Jacob WATTMAN Sr. Francis JARBOE d/ intestate, leaving widow - Sarah and children, - Ignatius JARBOE - Romney, VA (WV) - Horatio JARBOE - Jefferson Co, VA (WV) - James JARBOE - Berlin, Frederick Co, MD - John Washington JARBOE, a minor - Catharine JARBOE, a minor Land - Lot #25 in Berlin (Brunswick) on Potomac River - also Lot #8 in Berlin from Andrew HINER/HYNER? (w/ Abigail). Sarah JARBOE was guardian; William SCHLEY was trustee; on May 1828, private sale made to William KUHN for $80; proceeds fell short of claim.
John PAGUE and James PAGUE of Baltimore City vs Gerard COWMAN - Foreclosure In 1825 Gerard COWMAN (now of Anne Arundel County) was indebted by mortgage to John PAGUE and James PAGUE; land from John PANCOAST in 1816. Trustee was William SCHLEY; sold to Asa SWOMLEY for $1,200; finalized Dec 1828.
Benjamin RUTHERFORD vs Solomon JENNINGS Estate Solomon JENNINGS of Baltimore City d/ intestate, leaving widow - Sophia and 1 minor child, - Maria JENNINGS Land - Lot #4 of "Resurvey on Brother's Agreement", 10 acres, in Taneytown from Joseph LITTLE (w/ Esther) in 1813. Administrator and guardian was Sophia JENNINGS; trustee was John CRAPSTER; on 8 Oct 1828, sale made to Sophia JENNINGS for $100; proceeds short.
George MARKER of Daniel vs Jacob BURN and Solomon ROUTZANG Henry BURN SR. d/ leaving children, - Henry BURN Jr - Jacob BURN - PA - John BURN - PA Land - "Weaver's Lot", 50 acres with house, from Mathias MAUGIN (w/ Mary) in 1805. In 1821, Henry BURNS Jr. (w/ Mata) conveyed his 1/3 interest to Jacob. Jacob mortgaged his two undivided parts to George MARKER of Daniel. In addition, Solomon ROUTZANG obtained a judgement against Jacob and obtained a 1/3 part in said property. Trustee was Madison NELSON; on 5 Apr 1826, sale made to Jacob ZENTMORE and George ZENTMORE for $367; proceeds short; finalized 3 Jun 1829.
Josias STEVENSON Estate Josias STEVENSON d/ c1826 intestate, leaving 9 children, - Ruth STEVENSON widow of Elias TROXELL - Joseph STEVENSON, dec'd - his 3 minor children, .....Josias STEVENSON .....Mary Ann STEVENSON .....Joshua STEVENSON - Susanna STEVENSON - Henry STEVENSON - Lydia STEVENSON w/o Daniel COVER - Margaret STEVENSON - Eliza STEVENSON w/o Solomon CRISE - Thomas STEVENSON, a minor - Henrietta STEVENSON, a minor Land - "The Boot", 21+ acres to George DICKSON; "Darbey's Delight", 82 acres, from Nicholas CARROLL; "Terra Rubra", 102+ acres from John Ross KEY; lands to Christian SHEELY (w/ Barbara) and now to Josias STEVENSON for $5,240 in 1811. Guardian was James M. SHELLMAN; trustee was John SMITH; sale on 12 Mar 1829 to Aena? MARKEY (male) for 156 acres at $3,252.56; funds distributed to heirs; finalized on 30 Jul 1829.
688-699 - STONER, REID, STEINER, DERR - Jul 1828
John DERR and Henry FOGLER vs Ezra STONER Estate - Foreclosure EZRA STONER d/ intestate, leaving 4 minor children, - Margaret STONER - William STONER - Charity STONER - Anna STONER Land - Lot #255 in Frederick Town (1/8 part from Jacob REID in 1826 which was conveyed to John REID by Thomas RICE and wife and given to Jacob through the will of John REED/REID). Administrator was Henry STONER; Henry STEINER as guardian; Lewis P.W. BALCH as trusee; on 3 Nov 1828 at the tavern of Henry FOGLER in Frederick Town, sale made to John DERR for $200; proceeds short, paid $.18 on the dollar; finalized 20 Jul 1829.
699-707 - McKEEHAN/McGAHAN, MINNICK - Oct 1828
William JORDAN vs George McKEEHAN - Title George McKEEHAN/McGAHAN d/ intestate, leaving widow - Jane and 10 children, - John McKEEHAN - James J. McKEEHAN - Martha w/o Joseph MINNICK - Samuel L. McKEEHAN, a minor - Joseph G. McKEEHAN, a minor - Elizabeth McKEEHAN, a minor - George W. McKEEHAN, a minor - Benjamin F. McKEEHAN, a minor - Margaret J. McKEEHAN, a minor - Susanna McKEEHAN, a minor Land - "Shield's Adventure", 26+ acres; next to lot sold by Dr. R.L. ANNAN to Sebastian DUFFEY, dec'd, and next to "White's Delight". Deed to sale of land had to be redone and McKeehan never filed the corrected deed before he died. Guardian was Samuel BAUMGARDNER; on 25 Jun 1829, approval granted for recording of deed. ================ The End of JS-6 ================

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