Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-5

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity JS-5

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-5; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-5)

Joseph KEMP vs Frederick KEMP Estate Frederick KEMP (s/o Gilbert) d/ 1820 intestate, leaving children - Gilbert KEMP - Ohio - Abraham KEMP - Eve w/o John SHAFFER - Ohio - Mary w/o Daniel BRUNNER - Ohio - David KEMP (assigned his share to Joseph in 1810) - Joseph KEMP - Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Jacob STALEY - her son, .....Ezra STALEY, a minor Land - tract "Foxes Spy", 201+ acres, from Jacob STALEY (w/ Elizabeth) in 1810. Patent was obtained by Joseph STALEY in 1798; Jacob was s/o Joseph STALEY, dec'd (w/ Julia). Joseph STALEY's will written 4 Feb 1808 designated son Jacob to resurvey into three tracts; parts sold were: 18 acres to Jacob STALEY in 1802; 4 3/4 acres to George DOLE in 1806 on "Staley's Desire"; and 1+ acre of "Foxes Spy" to Peter KEMP in 1809; 1 3/4 acres of "Resurvey on Low L___" to Joseph STALEY in 1790; also, 1+ acres of "Country Seat" was transferred from Peter Kemp to Jacob STALEY in 1809. Remaining are 180 acres, except for widow's dower (widow Julia STALEY) of 21 acres of "Foxes Spy". David KEMP was guardian; Joseph M. PALMER was trustee; sale was held on 22 Dec 1825 at the tavern of John DILL in Frederick Town; 180 acres was sold to Joseph KEMP for $2,700 subject to the 21 acres of Julia STALEY's dower. However, later an agreement was made to transfer the sale to John STALEY on 12 Jan 1826. Petition was mae by Sarah HAGGERTY w/o John HAGGERTY, deceased, stating she obtained a judgement on 11 Mar 1820 against Gilbert KEMP in the name of Israel LITTLE and w/ Elizabeth, adm/of John F. ARCHBOLD, use of John HAGGERTY. Haggerty died in Baltimore with a will in 1824 and Sarah was executrix
Malachi FLANIGAN Estate Malachi FLANIGAN d/ 1817 intestate, leaving 7 children - Joseph FLANIGAN and w/ Elizabeth - Letitia w/o John RENNER - Thomas M. FLANIGAN d/ intestate, no issue - John FLANIGAN - Elizabeth FLANIGAN - Matilda FLANIGAN (under 18) - Out of State - Sarah Ann FLANIGAN (under 13) Land - tract "I Know Not What" from Thomas Sim LEE of George Town, DC, in 1805; and Lot #2 of "Resurvey on Maryland"; patented in 1732 by Cpt John COLVICE; and "Hawkins Tenement" by Charles BEATTY; total of 206 acres. Guardian of Sarah Ann was Erasmas GARROTT; trustee was Francis THOMAS; sale to Joseph WEST on 5 Feb 1825 for $4,590.80. Letitia and John RENNER transferred their share to Thomas in 1818 before he died; Joseph assigned his share to James MORRISON in 1820.
William WERTENBAKER, William LOWE, Henry SMITH, Jesse WRIGHT, creditors vs Dr. Warner HOBBS Warner HOBBS d/ 4 Jun 1823 intestate, leaving widow - Eliza Anne - (now w/o Nelson NORRIS) - Baltimore, and children - Thomas Hood HOBBS - Baltimore - Laura HOBBS - Baltimore Land - tracts "Peace and Quietness", "I Looked Many Places, None I Liked", "Pretty Sally" (from Col. Thomas DORSEY of Anne Arundel County to Wm. HOBBS), totaling 500 acres - from his father, William HOBBS of Samuel. Mortimer DORSEY was guardian; Patrick O'NEILL was administrator and trustee; on 28 Nov 1825, sale made to Roderick DORSEY for 155+ acres of "Pretty Sally", and to William HOBBS of Samuel for 141 acres. On 18 Jan 1826, John H. McELFRESH stated the widow was 28 years old; she received 1/7 of sales.
John McKALEB vs Peter BLACK Peter BLACK d/ May 1823, leaving widow - Sarah - and minor son, - John BLACK Administrator was Henry HAP; guardian was Abraham LIND; trustee was Abraham LICHTENWALTER; 103+ acres were sold to Jacob ECKENRODE for $1,300. On 11 Dec 1825, Henry HAP testified the widow was 24; she received 1/7 before the payments; the remaining balance was insufficient and creditors were paid portion of claim.
George RAMSBURG vs John B. HERSHBERGER John B. Hershberger mortgaged his property, tract Children's Chance, to George Ramsburg and failed to make the payments within the allotted time. Property was conveyed to Hershberger by Edward BOTELER Jr on 16 May 1817 for 5+ acres. Hershberger also possessed land inherited from his father, Henry HERSHBERGER, tract "The Title is Good"; and part of a wood lot lying on the East side of Catoctin Mountain; also lots possessed by Henry Hershberger in New Town/Trap (Jefferson). There is still $800 owed to Ramsburg. Henry HERSHBERGER died on or about 3 Feb 1812 leaving 8 children ...John B. HERSHBERGER ...Henry HERSHBERGER of Washington Co, MD (transferred his share to John B. on 28 Dec 1818 for $2,000) (wife named Juliet) ...Susan HERSHBERGER (later w/o John DARR (also listed as DERR) (guardian was David KELLER) (other children not named) At the time of Henry's death, he possessed these lands: Wood lot mentioned, 20 acres; part tract Fieldera; part tract Lowland; the latter two were resurveyed and combined into tract "The Title is Good", 147 acres; and five lots of ground in New Town Trap. John B. Hershberger took out another mortgage to James WILES for $2,000 on 21 May 1821. He also sold 1/8 undivided share of the estate of Henry HERSHBERGER to James WILES and Susan HERSHBERGER (who is under the age of 21 and has since married John DARR / DERR) in May of 1822. John also sold to Wiles 12 horses, 14 head of cattle, 19 head of sheep and a waggon. Sale was held to finish paying the $556.90 debt plus interest. The highest bidders were James WILES and Thomas HERSHBERGER; the balance was still somewhat insufficient to pay all the debt but was ratified.
Sarah FLEMING Estate Sarah FLEMING (widow of Arthur FLEMING) d/ 19 Apr 1825 intestate, leaving children - Samuel FLEMING - Arthur FLEMING - Thomas H. FLEMING - Lucretia FLEMING w/o Robert W. HUDSON - Baltimore County - Amelia FLEMING, now w/o Moses HINKLE (she d/ 8 Aug 1825, no issue) - Joseph FLEMING d/ 12 Sep 1825, intestate, leaving .....widow - Lucy, and 2 minor children .....Arthur FLEMING .....Joseph Daniel FLEMING Land - House and Lot #90 in Frederick Town, fronting Church Street, from Bean S. PIGMAN, esq, (w/ Harriet) in 1819. Lucy ws the guardian of her children; trustee was Samuel FLEMING of Arthur. Because no sufficient bids were obtained, private sale was made to William SCHLEY, esq, on 22 May 1826 for $1,950. On 30 Jun 1826, Samuel FLEMING of Arthur stated the widow, Lucy, was 25 years old; she received 1/7 in lieu of her dower.
Daniel SELL vs William KEEFER/KEIFER Estate William KEEFER d/ intestate, leaving widow - Sarah, and minor sons - Samuel KEEFER - David KEEFER Land - tract "Addition to Brookes Discovery on the Rich Lands", 40 acres from Joseph BROWN. Abraham NULL was administrator; guardian was William CORNELL. Sale was held on 16 Dec 1826, high bidder was Sarah SHANER for $675. On 18 Aug 1826, David EICHERT testified the widow was 24 years old on 3 Nov 1825 and was in good health; she received 1/7 of the sales. The balance was insufficient and creditors received $.44 on the dollar; finalized 3 May 1827.
Alexander FRIDGE and William MOORE, merchants of Baltimore City vs Jacob STEINER of Frederick Town Jacob STEINER (w/ Elizabeth) signed mortgage to complainants with his brother, Henry STEINER signing as endorser, along with Henry KOONTZ Jr as 2nd endorser. The mortgage was paid, but before the release was signed - Henry STEINER died, leaving widow - Rachel, and 8 minor children - Henrietta STEINER - John STEINER - Henry STEINER - Mary STEINER - Elizabeth STEINER - Rachel STEINER - Josephus STEINER - Thomas STEINER Land - Lot #34 in Frederick Town on Market St, running to Patrick Street, by George MURDOCK to Jacob STEINER in 1801; neighbors were James ROBERTSON and Charles SCHOLL; Valentine BROTHERS was connected by mortgage. Also, Lots 13 and 14 on Market Street held a Deed of Mortgage to Henry from Jacob; Lot 14 had brick shop. The mother was guardian; order was made for deed to be conveyed to complaintants on 25 May 1826.
William B. HIBBERD and creditors vs John ZUMBRUM Jr ESTATE John ZUMBRUM Jr d/ Fall 1824 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine, and 4 minor children - Elizabeth Hannah ZUMBRUM - Catharine Barbara ZUMBRUM - Joseph ZUMBRUM - Jacob ZUMBRUM Land - tract "Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands", 59 1/2 acres, from Daniel BOYLE (w/ Mary Henrietta) in 1812, lies next to lands of Michael FICKEL. Administrator was Henry SPAULDING; guardian was Thomas JONES Jr; Willaim B. HIBBERD was trustee to sell land subject to widow's dower; sale made to Catharine ZUMBRUM for $293.69
George Adam EBBERT vs George LITTLEJOHN In 1823, Ebbert obtained judgement against Littlejohn for Lot #93 in Frederick Town, conveyed by Peter SHOVER (w/ Sophia) and to him from Henry SHOVER in 1787. Also, 1/4 of Lot 92 on Record Street in Frederick Town from Morrison MITCHELL in 1800. There had been a mortgage to Henry WARING from Montgomery County also. George LITTLEJOHN d/ recently intestate, leaving widow - Teresa, and 4 children - Alexander LITTLEJOHN - John LITTLEJOHN - Leonard J. W. LITTLEJOHN, d/ before his father, intestate, leaving .....Teresa LITTLEJOHN, a minor .....Alexander LITTLEJOHN, a minor - George W. LITTLEJOHN, d/ before his father, intestate, leaving .....Elizabeth LITTLEJOHN .....William F. LITTLEJOHN, a minor .....Francis LITTLEJOHN, a minor .....George David LITTLEJOHN, a minor Administrator was Jacob BERGER; guardian was James RAYMOND, esq. The widow sold her dower rights to Joseph W. PALMER. Frederick A. SCHLEY was trustee; In Apr 1826, sale made to Joseph M. PALMER for 1/2 of Lot 93 at $420; to Michael BUCKEY for 1/4 of Lot 92 at $680.
Adam SNOOK, Sebastian SULTZER and William MORT, creditors vs Philip BARNHART Estate Philip BARNHART died with will written 14 Apr 1823, filed 28 Apr 1823, leaving widow - Elizabeth, and children - Mary "Polly" BARNHART - Joseph BARNHART - Catharine BARNHART (appears Catharine d/ by Feb 1825, in will but not here) - Margaret "Peggy" BARNHART - Eliza BARNHART - David BARNHART (age given as 5 yrs, 3 mos, 8 days on date will written) Executor was Adam SNOOK. Land - House and Lot, 5 acres Guardian was Uriah REINBEY; sale made to John KIRBY in Feb 1826 for $255. On 7 Jun 1826, Jacob BIRELY stated the widow was 50 and in tolerable health; she received 1/8 in lieu of her dower; funds insufficient, creditors paid $55 1/2 on the dollar.
Edward McBRIDE as guardian vs James STEVENS Estate James STEVENS, the Elder died with will written 11 Jan 1815, leaving widow (unnamed) and since died, and children - Joseph STEVENS - James STEVENS - Sarah STEVENS, now dec'd (1/6 after death of 1st husband), her children .....Teresa w/o Joseph WHARF Sarah's 2nd husband - Edward McBRIDE - her children .....Mary Ann McBRIDE .....John McBRIDE .....James McBRIDE .....William Joseph McBRIDE - Susanna STEVENS - John STEVENS - Ann STEVENS Guardian was Charles S. WHITE; trustee was Edward McBRIDE; sale to James TORRANCE in May 1826 for $400.
Abraham JONES vs John CRAPSTER On 10 Sep 1821, John CRAPSTER conveyed all his interests in property to Abraham JONES in Article of Agreement. But, before the deed was conveyed, John CRAPSTER Sr died, leaving widow - Susannah (released dower), and 7 children - Bazil CRAPSTER - John CRAPSTER - William CRAPSTER - Sophia JENNINGS - Evaline w/o Walter ONCAL? - Peter CRAPSTER - Mary w/o Henry HICKSON - Out of State Land - 4 lots in Liberty Town, Lot 35 on north side of Main Street, property of Abraham CRAPSTER, dec'd, conveyed to him by Christian COMPHER in 1787; Lot 34, part "Duke's Woods" on Piney Run from Jacob GARTZ (w/ Ann) in 1789; Lot 36, part "Duke's Woods" on Piney Run from Christian SMITH (w/ Appolonia), farmer, to Abraham CRAPSTER, merchant in 1790. On 18 Jan 1827, court approved the deed to be conveyed to complainant.
Matthias SMITH Estate Matthias SMITH wrote his will on 23 Sep 1801, leaving his plantation and everything to his wife and to be sold and divided upon her death and distributed evenly among his children. He wrote a codicil on 28 Feb 1805 to ensure his grandchildren from any deceased child would inherit their parent's share. He did not name any of his children in his will which was filed on 1 Aug 1817. His wife and Adam SNOOK were named as executors. His widow later moved to Huntingdon Co, PA to be with her children and released her dower so the estate could be sold and divided. Matthias SMITH d/ before 1 Aug 1817, leaving widow - Mary Ann - Huntingdon Co, PA, and 11 children - Jacob SMITH - PA - John SMITH - PA - Barbara w/o Daniel CREAGER - Out of State - Magdalena w/o Lemuel ROOT - Out of State - Christiana w/o William BOTENBERGER - Out of State - Mary w/o Jacob RICHWINE - Out of State - Ann w/o Peter KEPLER - Out of State - Catharine w/o Benjamin BRAIN - Frederick County, MD - Abraham SMITH, dec'd - his children .....Anne w/o Benjamin LAUB (not HAGAN) - NY .....Mary SMITH - Out of State - Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Conrad BOWER - her children .....Barbara BOWER - Out of State .....Elizabeth BOWER, minor - Frederick Co, MD .....Eve BOWER, minor - Frederick Co, MD .....Michael BOWER - Out of State - Susanna, dec'd w/o George REGAN - her children .....Mary REGAN, minor - Frederick Co, MD .....Elizabeth REGAN, minor - Out of State Land - Lots 225 and 226 in Frederick Town, from John DEVILBISS of Casper in 1804. George W. GIST was guardian of Eve BOWER and Mary REGAN; trustee was Richard H. MARSHALL; on 25 Oct 1826, sale made to Francis HARTZ for $465.
212-217 - GILLMYER - Jul 1826
Continuation of Distributions of Francis GILLMYER Estate (see JS-3, 15-23)
John BURGESS Estate - Sale of Real Estate John BURGESS agreed to sell 40 acres with a mill to Luke INGRAM in 1819, Ambrose INGRAM and John ELLIOTT as sureties. A judgement was obtained againt Luke INGRAM and the sheriff, Thomas W. MORGAN, sold the property to Washington BURGESS on 15 Jul 1823. John BURGESS d/ 1821, leaving 9 children - Eleanor w/o John HOUCK (but formerly Mrs. McCANN) .....Minerva McCANN, a minor (not listed on original petition) - Nancy w/o Henry STIER - Charlotte w/o Nathan HAMMOND - Ruth w/o John WOOD - Sarah D. BURGESS - Juliann BURGESS, later w/o Micah LARKIN - John H. BURGESS - Washington BURGESS - William P. BURGESS - Out of State .....Oliver BURGESS .....Louisa BURGESS .....John BURGESS The deceased Burgess had a will with Washington BURGESS and Nathan HAMMOND as executors. Land - tract "Wet Time"?, 260 acres, with mill known as Roseberry Mills, where Richard LAWRENCE, deceased, had lived; Burgess purchased in 1801 from Otho LAWRENCE. On 25 Mar 1826, sale for 40 acres with mill went to Jacob CRONISE for $2,510.
235-243 - BOGART, STRIDER, ARNOLD - Aug 1824
David ARNOLD vs Philip BOGART Estate Philip BOGART (w/ Christiann) was indebted to Philip STRIDER (Out of State) for land on which Bogart built a house. In 1820 Bogart made a deed of conveyance to his daughter, Mary BOGART. Strider assigned the note to David ARNOLD who obtained a judgement against BOGART in 1822. Arnold is asking the deed to Mary BOGART (Out of State) be voided since there are debts still due him. Land - tract "Resurvey on Maryland", 10+ acres, next to lands of John ECARD. Bean S. PIGMAN, Esquire, trustee, sold property, at Barnes Town in Frederick County, to David Arnold on 3 Apr 1826 for $100; monies were still insufficient.
244-251 - McPHERSON, UHL, CROMWELL, HOFFMAN - Feb 1826
Hugo UHL vs Alexander McPHERSON Estate - Title Hugo UHL (from Austria) applied for citizenship in 1826 and received it (naturalization certificate as exibit). In 1822, he purchased Lots 180 and 181 in Frederick Town from John CROMWELL (w/ Catharine) (to him from John HOFFMAN in 1820), paid him and took possession and built a house. At the time of the purchase, Hugo was an alien and unable to purchase land in Maryland; therefore, the deed was put in the name of Alexander McPHERSON of Frederick Town with the understanding McPherson would reconvey the land to Hugo when he became a citizen. Unfortunately, before Hugo was naturalized, Alexander McPHERSON died, leaving widow - Matilda Chase McPHERSON, and 3 minor children - Catharine McPHERSON - Matilda McPHERSON - John McPHERSON Guardian was John McPHERSON Jr; the widow acknowledged the stated facts and released her rights of dower. The court assigned the widow as the guardian for the purpose of transferring the deed on 7 Nov 1826.
252-263 - MURPHY, DARNALL, WATERS, DORSEY - Aug 1826
James MURPHY Estate James MURPHY d/ 30 Nov 1824 or 1825 intestate, leaving children - James Haddock MURPHY - Philemon Smith MURPHY - Rebekah MURPHY - Henrietta w/o Robert DARNALL - Theresa, a minor, w/o Charles WATERS - Baker Sylvester MURPHY, a minor - Dennis MURPHY, a minor Land - tract "Backland" (or "Blackland"), 202 acres. James H., Philemon and Rebecca sold their interests to Henrietta and Robert DARNALL. Dennis DORSEY was guardian and trustee; on 13 Sep 1826, private sale was made to Robert DARNALL $4,040.
Jacob WOLFE Estate Paul WOLFE, farmer - wrote will on 28 Jun 1775, filed 24 Jul 1775, leaving widow - Margaret and 3 children - Jacob WOLFE d/ Apr 1823, without issue - Sarah WOLFE w/o John CARMACK, died many years ago, leaving .....John CARMACK .....Paul CARMACK .....William CARMACK .....Susan CARMACK .....Sarah, dec'd w/o John ANDERS ..........Abraham ANDERS - Out of State ..........Margaret ANDERS, later w/o Samuel BIRELY ..........Mary ANDERS ..........Elizabeth ANDERS ..........John ANDERS - Out of State ..........Paul ANDERS, a minor ..........Jacob ANDERS, a minor ..........Susan ANDERS, a minor ..........Sarah Ann ANDERS, a minor - Mary WOLFE w/o Evan CARMACK, died number of years ago, leaving .....Peter CARMACK - Out of State .....Catharine CARMACK - Out of State .....Anna CARMACK, now w/o Nathan HAMMOND - Out of State .....Elizabeth w/o William DURN .....Mary (d/ Oct 1823 intestate) w/o William HANN/HAUN - her children ..........John HANN ..........Philip HANN ..........Margaret HANN w/o Abraham OWLER/OHLER ..........Hugh HANN, a minor ..........William HANN, a minor ..........Benjamin HANN, a minor ..........Jacob HANN, a minor .....Jacob CARMACK, dec'd - his children ..........Evan CARMACK ..........Samuel CARMACK ..........Martha w/o David OTT ..........Mary CARMACK, now w/o Jacob SNIDER ..........Christian CARMACK, a minor ..........Jacob CARMACK, a minor .....Margaret, dec'd w/o William MURPHY - her minor children ..........William MURPHY ..........Mary MURPHY ..........Joshua MURPHY ..........Elizabeth MURPHY Land - tract "The School House Lott" and "Resurvey on Mackey's Choice", "Welsh Cabin", "Bare Denn" (from Cornelius CARMACK), "The Long Snake", totals 755 acres (to be divided into 5 sections); (includes all the lands northeast of Little Pipe Creek), lying next to lands of Mathias MARTS (or MART/MORT) and the northeast and north side of Little Pipe Creek and across Great Pipe Creek. Lands given to son Jacob were to go to his sisters and their children should he die without issue. Guardian was Philip HAUPTURAN; Samuel CARMACK was trustee; on 16 Jul 1825, 3 sections were sold: 1+ acre to John CARMACK; 202 acres to George BLESSING; 34 acres to William CARMACK; on 17 Sep 1825, sale made to Samuel BIRELY for 278 acres and to John CARMACK for 238 acres. Total sales were $6,293.10.
William LIND and creditors vs John SLICK Estate In 1822, John SLICK made a note to Daniel BOYLE and John DARBY, t/a Boyle and Darby. Darby transfered his intersts to Boyle after the dissolution of their partnership; Boyle assigned his interests to Abraham LIND who then transferred his to William LIND. John SLICK d/ intestate, leaving children - Sarah MUNSHOWER, d/ before her father - her child .....Sevilah MUNSHOWER - Elizabeth w/o Clemment HILL - James SLICK, a minor - John SLICK, a minor - Jeremian SLICK, a minor Land - tract "Retirement Corrected", 5 acres wooded; "Resurvey on Brother's Agreement", 17 acres; both lie on banks of Big Pipe Creek. Administrator was George B. SHRINER; guardian was David KEPHART; trustee was Clotworthy BIRNIE; sale held 28 Feb 1826, buyer was George SNIDER for $441.50; proceeds insufficient, creditors paid $.96 on the dollar.
Samuel PHILLIPS Estate Samuel PHILLIPS d/ intestate, leaving widow - Rebecka and children - James PHILLIPS - Levi PHILLIPS - Samuel PHILLIPS - Wesley PHILLIPS - John PHILLIPS - Eleanor PHILLIPS w/o George HOFFMAN - Ann PHILLIPS w/o Benjamin PENN - Warren PHILLIPS, a minor - Thomas PHILLIPS, a minor - Hanson PHILLIPS, a minor - Amelia PHILLIPS (died before father) w/o John PRATHER - her children .....Nancy PRATHER w/o Samuel SLYS - ohio .....Susannah PRATHER w/o Wyat OWINGS - Ohio .....Amelia PRATHER w/o Zadock TUCKER - Ohio - Sophia PHILLIPS w/o Joshua KNIGHT, both d/ intestate - their children, .....Matilda KNIGHT w/o Jacob PECK (or PEAK) .....Unice KNIGHT w/o James PECK (or PEAK) .....Leonard KNIGHT .....Anna KNIGHT (all live in Missouri and Kentucky) - __________ PHILLIPS (died before father) w/o Samuel HOLLAND - their children (FCML lists Nackey Phillips to Samuel Holland on 7 Jan 1792) - all in Ohio .....Enoch HOLLAND .....Wilson HOLLAND .....Nathan HOLLAND .....Samuel HOLLAND .....John HOLLAND .....Alfred HOLLAND .....Angelina HOLLAND, a minor .....Edwin HOLLAND, a minor .....Stephen HOLLAND, a minor .....Rebecca HOLLAND, a minor .....James HOLLAND, a minor .....Catharine HOLLAND, a minor .....Harriet HOLLAND, a minor .....Augusta HOLLAND, a minor .....Helen HOLLAND, a minor .....Zino HOLLAND, a minor - Unice PHILLIPS w/o Stephen SHELMERDINE (both died before her father), their children, .....Augusta SHELMERDINE w/o Joseph C. COCKEY - Baltimore County .....Anna E. SHELMERDINE w/o John A.T. KILGOUR - Montgomery County .....Grafton A. SHELMERDINE - Virginia .....Edwin H. SHELMERDINE, a minor - Baltimore County Land - parts of tracts "Catch As Catch Can", 2+ acres, 111 acres, 200 acres, 10 acres; "I Have Lost The Most", 3 acres Mrs. Rebeckah PHILLIPS was guardian for Warren, Thomas and Hanson; Joseph C. COCKEY was guardian for Edwin H. SHELMERDINE; Samuel OWINGS of Baltimore County was guardian for the others. George HOFFMAN was trustee; on 19 Mar 1825, sale made to Richard JOHNSON of 97 acres for $2,231. The remainder was the home place and could not warrant a sufficient bid. On 27 Mar 1826, the home place of 217 1/2 acres was sold to Levi PHILLIPS for $6,557.62 1/2; the widow received 1/9 in lieu of her dower.
Vachel HAMMOND Estate Vachel HAMMOND d/ Dec 1821 intestate, leaving widow - Priscilla and 11 children, - Elizabeth HAMMOND w/o Frederick STIER* - Polly HAMMOND w/o Benjamin JOHNSON - Nathan HAMMOND - Carroll HAMMOND - Regin HAMMOND - Thomas HAMMOND - John HAMMOND - Juliet HAMMOND w/o Jacob ANGEL - Dawson HAMMOND, a minor - Loyd HAMMOND d/ 1799 intestate, leaving widow - Polly and only son, .....Mordecai L. HAMMOND - Upton HAMMOND d/ after father, intestate, leaving widow - Arianna and children .....Harriett HAMMOND .....Martha HAMMOND, a minor .....Philip HAMMOND, a minor .....Vachel HAMMOND, a minor .....Upton HAMMOND, a minor .....John HAMMOND, a minor .....Charles Randolph HAMMOND, a minor Land - tract "Hammond's Good Luck", but has transferred all but two parts, 122 acres and 24 acres, lies next to John MAYNARD and Richard WARFIELD. The land contained 488 acres in his 1795 patent which was a resurvey from "Gaither's Chance", a 1,060 acre tract patented to Benjamin GAITHER in 1732, and "Hammond's Strife", a 1,230 acre tract patented to John HAMMOND in 1753, includes plat. Guardian was Abdiel UNKEFER; trustee was Carroll HAMMOND; sale made on 12 May 1823 to Thomas HAMMOND for $6,293.58. Advancements in real estate were made to several of the children including Regin, Upton, John, Polly and Nathan on the tract "Polly's Inheritance". Mordecai, now of the state of 'Massissia', sold his interests to Thomas in 1823. Richard DORSEY was made guardian for Upton's children in Jul 1826 with Martha now of age. * Elizabeth STIER, a daughter, died between 12 May 1823 and Jul 1825. An 1818 agreement, of 185 acres of tract "Polly's Inheritance" from Nathan to all siblings except Loyd and Dawson, seems to indicate Elizabeth was then married to a Charles HAMMOND. This would then indicate the following petitioners were her children by both marriages - a petition was filed by Adelia HAMMOND, Charles Jonathan HAMMOND and Elizabeth Ann STIER by Thomas HAMMOND, their guardian, concerning whether her husband, Frederick STIER, should collect her share; decision to be continued.
Peter BECRAFT Estate Peter BECRAFT d/ 12 Nov 1825 intestate, without issue, leaving his 7 siblings, bro/ John BECRAFT sis/ Rachael BECRAFT w/o Redmond McDANIEL, dec'd - Ohio sis/ Elizabeth HENSEY? - Ohio bro/ Abraham BECRAFT - KY bro/ Benjamin BECRAFT, dec'd - his only child, ..........Benjamin BECRAFT - KY bro/ George BECRAFT, dec'd - his children, ..........Abraham BECRAFT ..........John BECRAFT ..........Peter BECRAFT ..........Elizabeth BECRAFT w/o Willliam BLACKBURN ..........Catharine BECRAFT w/o George MOALESWORTH ..........Sophia BECRAFT w/o John PRESTON ..........Delilah MAYHUGH ..........Rebecca HARRIS, dec'd - her minor children, ...............John HARRIS ...............Thomas HARRIS ...............William HARRIS ...............George HARRIS ...............Francis HARRIS ...............Drucilla HARRIS ...............Catharine HARRIS sis/ Rebecca BECRAFT w/o William JUSTICE (1st), both dec'd ..........William JUSTICE, dec'd - his children, ...............David JUSTICE ...............Mary JUSTICE ...............Abel JUSTICE ...............John JUSTICE ...............Catharine JUSTICE w/o Jacob GARBER ...............Elizabeth JUSTICE w/o Samuel BAKER ...............Wiliam JUSTICE, a minor ..........Elizabeth JUSTICE, dec'd w/o Daniel HARLIN - her children, ...............Daniel HARLIN - Out of State ...............Joshua HARLIN ...............Solomon HARLIN ...............Sarah HARLIN w/o Henry KLINE ...............Elijah HARLIN, dec'd - his minor children, ....................Sophia HARLIN ....................Sarah Anne HARLIN ....................Daniel HARLIN ..........Ezekiel JUSTICE - Out of State ..........George JUSTICE, dec'd - his only child, ...............William JUSTICE ..........Moses JUSTICE - Out of State ..........Thomas JUSTICE - Out of State ..........Daniel JUSTICE - Out of State and Rebecca BECRAFT was subsequently w/o Thomas HATFIELD (2nd) ..........Benjamin HATFIELD ..........Peter HATFIELD - Out of State Land - tracts "That or None" and "Hobson's Choice" (from James WOOD in 1786), totals 161+ acres (resurveyed from the original tract "McDaniel's Chance"), lies next to "Partnership"; also "Shrinerea", parts of 32 acres and 45+ acres. The 1813 deed to Peter BECRAFT for the first two tracts was from James McDANIEL Sr, dec'd - his chidren and heirs - - William McDANIEL - James McDANIEL - John McDANIEL - Joseph McDANIEL - David McDANIEL - Rachel McDANIEL w/o David EVERS An 1823 deed was from Abraham JONES, executor of Peter SHRINER for the 32 acres of "Shrineria"; the 45+ acres called "Woods Lot" was from William LUGENBEEL (w/ Margaret) in 1824, adjoined "Hobson's Choice". Guardian for the Harlin children was Stephen KLINE; Thomas Sappington for William Justice of William, George and Catharine Harris. The trustee was John LUGENBEEL; sale advertised in papers of Frederick and also in Lancaster and York, PA. On 27 Jun 1826, sale made to Martha E. LAWRENCE of 33 acres for $42/acre; on 31 Jul 1826, sale made to Francis B. SAPPINGTON of 106 acres for $31/acre, and to Jacob CASSEL of 99+ acres for $30.79/acre; total sales was $7,772.76; 1/7 share was $1,059.67; finalized on 1 Nov 1826..
Sarah WITHEROW vs John COOPER John COOPER issued note to his sister, Sarah WITHEROW for her father's legacy of $1,040.86 in 1816. Land - tract "Brook's Reserve", 96 acres (conveyed from John McNICHAN in 1770 to David WHITE and by David WITHEROW, executor of Sarah WHITE, to Cooper in 1814). Tract did contain 98 acres but two acres were sold off to George LOY. Sarah WITHEROW obtained a mortgage from Cooper in 1821 but payments have not been received. James NICHOLS was assigned as trustee; sale made on 11 Nov 1826 to Sarah WITHEROW at $14/acre; proceeds insufficient, paid $.49 on the dollar; finalized 7 Feb 1827.
388-394 - COOMES, JOHNSON, LABES, BUCKEY - Mar 1816
Roger JOHNSON vs Baulis COOMES' Heirs - Title Samuel MOALE, esquire, was trustee to sell real estate of James LABES, an insolvent debtor of Baltimore County in 1805. Moale sold said real estate to Baulis? COOMES who later assigned his rights to Roger JOHNSON. Moale refused to make the deed to Johnson and issued a deed to Coomes as per the original sale. Before the deed could be re-issued, Baulis COOMES d/ intestate, leaving 3 minor children, - Joseph R. COOMES - Eliza B. COOMES - Rebecca COOMES Land - Lot# 1 of "New Bremen", 9 acres on road from Frederick Town to Noland's Ferry, next to "Jedburgh Forrest". Joseph A. JOHNSON was guardian, but on 17 Nov 1825, when the court approved the transfer of the deed (per Act of Assembly of Nov 1773, Chapter 7, Section 2), Daniel BUCKEY was made guardian for that purpose.
Creditors vs Estate of Lewis GREEN Lewis GREEN d/ 1 Feb 1826 intestate, leaving widow - Eliza, and 3 minor children, - Frederick GREEN - Matilda GREEN - Lewis GREEN Land - House and Lot on Second Street in Frederick Town, between John SCHISLER and the late Conrad DOLL (now occupied by Solomon STICKELL), conveyed to Green from Doll. Administrator was the widow, Henry E. BRISH and Robert C.J. CAREY; guardian was James RAYMOND; Frederick A. SCHLEY was trustee. Sale held Aug 1826, buyer was William S. McPHERSON, one of the creditors, for $2,000; proceeds insufficient, paid $.66 1/2 on the dollar.
Patrick LOWE and other creditors vs Estate of Joseph BARCLAY Joseph BARCLAY d/ 1826 intestate, leaving children, - John BARCLAY - James BARCLAY - Sarah BARCLAY, a minor - Anne BARCLAY, a minor - Joseph BARCLAY, a minor Land - tract "Empty Pocket", 53 acres, from John HEAD (and w/ Sophia S.), next to lands of Peter SHOVER, dec'd, and John GUMP. One of the debts was paid to James HUGHES, a merchant of Emmitsburg, for Ignatius DELOZIER, the s/o of Daniel; Anne DELOZIER was the executrix of Daniel DELOZIER of Cambria Co, PA. Administrator and trustee was John STEWART; guardian was James CROCKETT. Sale on 22 Jun 1826 went to Solomon VALENTINE for $507; proceeds insufficient, paid $.26 on the dollar.
419-431 - McELFRESH, SLAVES, SMITH - Jan 1825
Joseph HIBBERD and Gerard COWMAN, adm/of Richard ROBERTS, and John PANCOAST, creditors vs Philemon S. McELFRESH Philemon S. McELFRESH was indebted to John PANCOAST by a mortgage that Pancoast assigned to Richard ROBERTS who obtained a judgement in Aug 1824, but Richard ROBERTS died intestate a short time thereafter. Just prior to the judgement, McElfresh made a deed of trust to his father, Charles McELFRESH for the following property - Land - part of the lands of John H. SMITH, dec'd, conveyed by Rachel SMITH and others in 1821; and tract "Principal", Lot #3, 204 acres, adjoining Charles McELFRESH Lot #2. Also, the following Negro SLAVES - THORNTON, 24; AARON, 18; LEWIS, 13; MARY, 23; NELLY, 1; MILLY, 8; LOUISA, 4; DRUCY, 3; DENNIS, 9 months; and SAMUEL, 1 month. Also, livestock, grains, tobacco and farm equipment. Frederick A. SCHLEY was made trustee to sell real estate, but too low a bid was received; thereafter Charles McELFRESH offered $10/acre and the bid was accepted. In Aug 1826, John TALBOTT petitioned the court claiming he was now the administrator of Richard ROBERTS and record was changed to notate him for those duties; finalized 28 Mar 1827.
Jacob RAMSBURG Estate Jacob RAMSBURG d/ years ago intestate, leaving widow - Ann Elizabeth and 10 children - Frederick RAMSBURG - George RAMSBURG and w/ Elizabeth - Berkely Co, VA (now WV) - John RAMSBURG - Jacob RAMSBURG Jr - Christian RAMSBURG and w/ Catharine - Casper RAMSBURG Sr - Catharine RAMSBURG w/o George DUTROW - Susannah, dec'd w/o John STONER - their children, .....George STONER - Out of State .....John STONER Jr - Out of State .....Christian STONER .....Susannah STONER, a minor .....Ann R. STONER, a minor .....Ann E. STONER, a minor .....Denis C. STONER, a minor - Henry RAMSBURG, dec'd - Out of State - his children, .....Ezra RAMSBURG, a minor .....Elizabeth RAMSBURG, a minor .....Jacob RAMSBURG, a minor .....Ann E. RAMSBURG, a minor - Elizabeth RAMSBURG w/o Adam STULL Land - Half of Lot #14 of "Tasker's Chance"; - tract "Turkey Manor", 55 acres, on Kittoctin (Catoctin) Mountain, east side of White Rock Ridge from 1775 warrant; - tracts "Resurvey on Stony Hill" and "Shoemaker's Choice", 18 acres, from Casper RAMSBURG in 1813; - "Chestnut Level", 17+ acres from John FREY in 1813 (in 1807, Elias BRUNNER sold 29 acres to John FREY who sold 8 acres to Henry FOX; 3 1/2 acres of "Resurvey on Chestnut Hill" was to Frey by Frederick MIESSER). - "Resurvey on Stony Hill" and Shoemaker's Choice", 271 acres, from Jacob's father, Stephen RAMSBURG (w/ Catharine) in 1770. George RAMSBURG sold his interests to his brother Frederick in 1823; Christian RAMSBURG sold his interests to his brother Casper in 1824. Guardian of the Stoner children was John STONER; Frederick RAMSBURG was trustee; sale held 25 Nov 1826, clear of dowers: - George ZIMMERMAN for 17 acres at $14.50/acre - John RAMSBURG for 55 acres at $6.12/acre - Joshua DILL for lot and 2 acres in Frederick Town at $280 - Casper RAMSBURG bought the home place, 238 acres at $18/acre, but subject to the widow's dower. Frederick RAMSBURG testified John STONER was about 54 and the widow, Ann Elizabeth was about 75; Stoner rec'd 3/9 share as "curtesy" and the widow rec'd 1/10 in lieu of her dower on the other properties; finalized Jan 1827.
Jacob TROXELL, adm/of Jacob OYSTER/EYSTER vs Josiah EMMITT Estate Josiah EMMITT was indebted to Patrick REID and George GROVER by mortgage which they assigned to Jacob OYSTER in 1820. Josiah EMMITT d/ intestate, leaving children - Samuel EMMITT - Mary A. EMMITT - Sarah EMMITT - William B. EMMITT - John F. EMMITT, a minor - Out of State - Hannah J. EMMITT, a minor Land - tract "Carrollsburg", 75 acres, on SW side of road from Emmitsburgh through Josiah's farm to Jacob TROXELL's Mill on Tom's Creek, adjoining lands of Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph and Troxell. William SHIELDS obtained a judgement against Samuel EMMITT and the sheriff (Thomas W. MORGAN in 1824) sold his interests to Henry G. WATERS and John BOWER (the latter being Out of State in 1826). Jacob OYSTER died 1825, intestate, whereby Jacob TROXELL became his administrator. David GAMBLE was guardian for Hannah; James NICHOLS, esquire, was trustee; after a second failed sale, private sale was made to Jacob TROXELL for $7/acre on 29 Jan 1827.
474-484 - ELY, GROVE, DUNIGAN, OTNER, KELLY - Aug 1826
Henry STEINER vs Daniel ELY Estate Daniel ELY d/ Feb 1825 intestate, leaving widow - Martha - now w/o Levi DUNIGAN and siblings - bro/ William ELY bro/ Ezra ELY sis/ Sophia w/o Reuben GROVE Land - Lot #224 of "Addition to Frederick Town", mortgaged in 1818, except parts already sold by Daniel to Henry FOGLER, John TITLOW and Philip LAMBRECHTS. Administrator was John OTNER; Frederick A. SCHLEY was trustee; sold to Henry KELLY subject to widow's right of dower for $215 in Feb 1827; estate was still insufficient.
Surratt D. WARFIELD for Bank of Frederick County vs George WEBB Estate - Foreclosure George WEBB d/ before Sep 1826 intestate, leaving 4 minor children - - Jeremiah WEBB - William WEBB - John Hanson Thomas WEBB - George Washington WEBB Land - tract "Resurvey on Spring Garden", part of Lot #4, 15 acres, conveyed by Ephraim S. GAITHER (w/ Arirota) of Anne Arundel County in 1820. Gaither was a grandchild of Francis SIMPSON and the only child of Henry GAITHER, dec'd. Indenture was confirmed by Archibald DORSEY and Nicholas WORTHINGTON of Thomas in Anne Arundel County. George WEBB also owed Thomas WEBB money from an 1823 note. Thomas J. HAMMOND was guardian; George FOX was trustee; sale made to John KINZER for $250; estate still insufficient.
Lemuel BRANDENBURG and w/ Charlotte vs KINLEY Estates In 1801, William KINLEY and Jacob KINLEY purchased land from William BALLINGER (w/ Lydia). William KINLEY d/ intestate, leaving widow - Rachel and 5 children, - Ann Maria w/o John DOFFLER - Dorcus KINLEY, a minor - Susannah KINLEY, a minor - Mary KINLEY, a minor - Rachel KINLEY, a minor Jacob KINLEY d/ intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth - now w/o Dorsey BAKER and 2 children, - Charlotte w/o Lemuel BRANDENBURG - George KINLEY, a minor Land - tracts "Henry and Elizabeth Enlarged" and "New Purchase", 221 acres, with a small part being in Montgomery County, adjoins tracts "Hale's Roguery", "Quaker's Rite" and "Now Such". Guardian was Thomas NORWOOD; Joseph M. PALMER was trustee; on 4 Jan 1827, sale made to Lemuel BRANDENBURG for $3.40/acre, subject to dower rights of Jacob's widow. On 3 Mar 1827, Jonathan DOFFLER testified the widow Rachel was about 48 years old and in tolerable health. She received 2/17 in lieu of her dower ($39.29); 1/5 of 1/2 was $58.94; 1/2 of the other half (Jacob's) was $166.99; finalized 1 May 1827.
Joseph JONES, creditor vs Philip CRAWMER/CRAMER Estate Philip CRAWMER/CRAMER d/ 17 Oct 1820 intestate, leaving widow - Christina and 8 children, - Peter CRAMER - Daniel CRAMER - John CRAMER - Christina w/o Beale GOSLIN - Baltimore County - Barbara w/o William MARKELY - Ohio - Mary CRAMER - Magdalene w/o Alexander COCHRAN - Washington County - Helpher CRAMER Land - tracts "Smith's Lott" and "Hill Sides", 19+ acres, conveyed by Adam MARKEL (w/ Mary) in 1804, adjoins land of John NUSBAUM; "Resurvey on Smith's Lott", 102 acres, conveyed by Andrew HAVNER (w/ Susannah) in 1797, adjoins "Resurvey on Cold Friday"; also another part of "Resurvey on Smith's Lott", 103 acres, conveyed by Andrew HAVNER (w/ Susannah) in 1796, resurveyed in 1792 for Jacob SMITH and originally part of "Resurvey on Cold Friday", adjoins Gabriel MARCKELL's land; all contiguous. Administrators were Peter and Daniel CRAMER; John NELSON, trustee. On 24 Aug 1826, John LUGENBEEL, justice of the peace, testified the widow is now deceased and Barbara and her husband live in Ohio. On 28 Oct 1826, sale made to James STEELE for $4.51/acre; monies insufficient and creditors paid $.54 on the dollar; finalized 25 Oct 1827.
528-540 - CRIST, DEVILBISS, MANTZ - Feb 1826
Barbara CRIST and Mary Ann CRIST vs Jacob CRIST Philip CRIST Sr d/ 26 Mar 1812; will written 24 Mar 1812, filed 2 Apr 1812 children - - Jacob CRIST - Catharine w/o John H. DEVILBISS - Philip CRIST Jr - Ann CRIST - Barbara CRIST - Elizabeth CRIST - Valentine CRIST - John CRIST John CRIST was executor; witnesses were Henry HEMP, Christopher HISE and Jacob CRONISE. Barbara and Mary Ann petitioned to receive the remainder of their legacy from their brother, Jacob. Jacob had mortgaged the lands to Francis MANTZ, now dec'd, with Casper MANTZ, his son as representative; Nicholas BUCHER/BOOGHER; and Henry GADUTTIG. William ROSS, trustee, sold the land to Casper MANTZ on 5 Mar 1827 for $1,821 (description of land not given).
Anthony SHRINER Estate Anthony SHRINER died, leaving widow - Cassy and 6 children - Polly w/o Richard HURDLE - Nelly w/o John ZENTMYER - Peter SHRINER - Sarah Ann w/o Michael ARTER - John SHRINER, a minor - Eve Ann SHRINER, a minor Land - tract "McKey's Delight", 9+ acres, conveyed by George BUCKEY (w/ Susannah) in 1816 and to Buckey from Frederick CRAWFORD in 1815. Guardian of minors was Joshua DILL; trustee was Peter SHRINER; on 9 Dec 1826, sale made to Christian WINEBRENNER for $122.50, clear of widow's dower. On 28 Apr 1827, Henrietta SANDERS (maiden or married name ??) testified she was a sister to the widow, Cassy, and Cassy was about 52 years old; widow received 2/17 in lieu of her dower; finalized on 3 May 1827. (FCML lists Thomas SANDERS m/ Henrietta TRUNNEL, lic 15 Apr 1816)
Julius C. GUTHRIE vs Greenbury HUGHES Estate Levy HUGHES d/ intestate, leaving children - - John HUGHES - Dorcas COOKERLY - Charlotte w/o Enos SCHOLL - Harriett w/o Samule FLEMING of Arthur - Catharine w/o Frederick KELLER - Greenbury L. HUGHES, d/ intestate w/o issue - Otho W. HUGHES, d/ intestate w/o issue Samuel FLEMING of Arthur bought Greenbury's share; both Greenbury and Otho died since their father. In 1826, Julius C. GUTHRIE obtained a judgement against John HUGHES who was administrator of Greenbury Lee HUGHES. In 1824, a deed of trust of John's share was made to Richard POTTS. Finalized 12 May 1827. Land - tracts "Benvenus", 333 acres by patent to Levy in 1816; - "New Market Plains", 4 acres, by James ADAMS in 1817; - "Resurvey on Locust Level", Lott 25, 73 acres by Benjamin DULANEY and William COOKE in 1801; - 4 lots in New Market by William COOKERLY in 1817; - "Middle Plantation, Lot #3, 50 acres, by Eleanor POTTS; - Lots 3194, 3195, 3196, 3197, lands westward of Fort Cumberland in Allegany County
Ephraim RIDGE and Greenbury RIDGE, adm/of Cornelius RIDGE vs Jacob LIDIE. Jacob LIDIE was indebted to Cornelius RIDGE by mortgage in 1819; by Dec 1823, Cornelius had died, intestate. Land - House and Lot #80 in Creagers Town from Michael BOYER to Lidie William ROSS, trustee, sold the property on 27 Jan 1827 to George BECKENBAUGH and Adam SNOOK for $100; proceeds were insufficient to payoff the claim; finalized 14 Jun 1827.
575-587 - HOOK, CLAPHAM, McGILL - Feb 1825
James HOOK and Patrick McGILL Jr vs John B. HOOK (heir of James S. HOOK) In 1821, James S. HOOK was indebted by mortgage. James S. HOOK d/ 1820 intestate, leaving widow - Jane and 1 minor child, - Mary Elizabeth HOOK Land - tracts part "Hook's Conclusion" and part "Boat Harbour", 80 acres Administrator was James HOOK; Hannah CLAPHAM was guardian; John NELSON was trustee who sold the estate to James HOOK on 21 Apr 1827 for $1,170; the widow received 1/6.
David KEPHART vs George SHRINER Estate David KEPHART and George SHRINER were sureties on a note of Henry BEAMER who was not able to pay the note and whereby Kephart and Shriner had agreed to each pay half. George SHRINER d/ intestate leaving widow (unnamed) and 11 children, - Ann w/o David STULTZ - Jacob SHRINER - John SHRINER - Samuel SHRINER, a minor - William SHRINER, a minor - Mary SHRINER, a minor - Sarah SHRINER, a minor - Elizabeth SHRINER, a minor - Catharine SHRINER, a minor - Abraham SHRINER, a minor - Isaac SHRINER, a minor Land - tract "Resurvey on Brother's Agreement", 125 acres George B. SHRINER and Jacob SHRINER were administrators; guardian was Michael ANGEL. John's share was sold by the sheriff (for debts he owed) to William SHANER. The trustee, Clotworthy BIRNIE Jr sold the property on 16 Mar 1827 to Jacob SENTZ for $1,250, subject to widow's right of dower. The children's 1/11 share after creditors' shares was $27.76.
Peter BUCKEY vs Mathias SPIDLER Estate On 1 Apr 1824, Peter BUCKEY, as trustee, sold property to Mathias SPIDLER for $1,752. Mathias SPIDLER d/ c1826 intestate, w/o issue and unmarried his brothers and sisters - bro/- Jacob SPIDLER - PA bro/ George SPIDLER - PA bro/ Adam SPIDLER - PA sis/ Fanny w/o Peter HULL * sis/ Catharine w/o Abraham ERHART - PA sis/ Eve w/o Jacob LIVELSBERGER - PA sis/ Elizabeth w/o Jacob GAUBELING - PA sis/ Mary SNYDER - PA bro/ John SPIDLER, dec'd - his minor children, .....Samuel SPIDLER - PA .....George SPIDLER Jr - PA .....Catharine SPIDLER - PA .....Harriet SPIDLER Land - 13 Lots in Liberty, Numbers 167 thru 179; and - "Crooked Slipe", 30 acres (subject to purchase money) Jacob HULL was administrator; Peter HULL was surety; Frederick SOWERS was guardian of Harriet. Peter HULL as trustee sold real estate to Peter HINES for $1,200 in Apr 1827; proceeds insufficient.
Henry SLAGLE, Frederick SLAGLE and John THRASHER vs George B. DUTROW Estate George Baldes DUTROW, the elder d/ 1 Mar 1808 will dated 3 Aug 1803, filed 9 Mar 1808 w/ Elizabeth and names in the will were d/ Elizabeth, dec'd w/o John THRASHER - KY d/ Darkey DUTROW, dec'd, no issue, unmarried d/ Catharine w/o George RENN, dec'd - Pady/Patty w/o Perry RICE - Sally WILLING w/o George RHODES - Thomas WINFIELD - George Baldes DUTROW, the younger - Isaac DUTROW d/ 1 Jan 1816 w/o issue The plantation was left to George, the younger and Isaac as joint owners with rights of survivorship; payments to other siblings. Executors of George B. DUTROW, the elder, were the widow and Benjamin RICE. Elizabeth DUTROW, the widow d/ 9 Oct 1823 - will dated 26 Feb 1822, filed 7 Oct 1823 her children listed were - - John SLAGLE - Mary McCLARY - Frederick SLAGLE - Elizabeth KELLER - Charles SLAGLE - Henry SLAGLE - Jacob SLAGLE - George Baltes DUTROW (shown as DUDERAR) (This seems to indicate both George B. DUTROW, the elder, and Elizabeth were both previously married and only George B. and Isaac were her children with George B. DUTROW, shown as DUDDERAR in this listing.) Executors of the widow Elizabeth were Henry SLAGLE and George B. DUTROW, the younger. George, the younger, made a deed of trust to protect the interests of the other heirs. George B. DUTROW, the younger, d/ 31 Jul 1826 intestate, leaving widow - Ruth and 8 minor children, - Reuben DUTROW - Ruth DUTROW - Elizabeth Hook DUTROW - James DUTROW - Jemima DUTROW - Rebecca DUTROW - John DUTROW - George DUTROW Administrator was Sebastian RAMSBURG Jr; Lloyd DORSEY was made guardian on 12 Jul 1827; trustee was John NELSON; sale on 3 Feb 1827 to John H. HILLEARY at $25.25/acre, 188+ acres.
John STEWART vs John BIGGS Estate John BIGGS Sr died intestate widow - Priscilla and 6 children, - Benjamin BIGGS - John BIGGS - Out of State - Joseph BIGGS - Out of State - Caroline BIGGS - Out of State - Mary w/o Henry PITSZALL - Out of State - Priscilla w/o Jacob PLAINS - Out of State Land - "Second Thought", 196 acres, surveyed for Benjamin FARQUHAR in 1796, conveyed from Susannah POULTNEY and mortgaged in 1820 to John STEWART. Trustee was James NICHOLS; sale held on 6 Apr 1827 at house of Henry FUNDENBURG in Mechanicstown (Thurmont), sold to Andrew WILLIAR Jr for $554.44. On 26 Jul 1827, Benjamin BIGGS, justice of the peace, testified the widow was about 63 and whose general health was good; she received 1/8 before creditors, $59.32; children received 1/6 each after creditors, $3.71.
Henry BUSSARD and John Hall SMITH, creditors vs Jonathan PLUMMER Estate Samuel PLUMMER - will written 4 Mar 1791, filed 1 May 1792 w/ Mary and 8 children, - Jonathan PLUMMER - Israel PLUMMER - Evan PLUMMER - Elizabeth PLUMMER - Sarah PLUMMER - Rachel PLUMMER - Ann PLUMMER - Rebekah PLUMMER The three sons were to receive jointly, 100 acres of "Fox Harbour" and "Food Plenty"; if they all died without issue, then the youngest child, Rebekah was to receive it. Israel sold his share to Jonathan. s/ Jonathan PLUMMER d/ 29 Oct 1825 intestate, leaving 4 children, .....Samuel W. PLUMMER .....Corrilla PLUMMER .....Elizabeth w/o Gabriel B. SIDWELL - Ohio .....Deborah w/o Lilburn WILLIAMS - Ohio Land - "Food Plenty", 20 acres from father, Samuel PLUMMER in 1792; "Food Plenty", 16 acres from brother, Israel PLUMMER in 1798. s/ Israel PLUMMER d/ intestate, leaving ...widow - Rebecca, now w/o Enos HUTTON - and 3 children, .....Mariah w/o Benjamin BENTON .....Elisha PLUMMER - Ohio .....William F. PLUMMER - NYC, then in Boston by 14 Apr 1827 (testified by Benjamin BENTON, J.P.) Guardian was Thomas C. BRASHEAR. s/ Evan PLUMMER d/ intestate, leaving 3 children, .....Sarah PLUMMER .....Elizabeth w/o John TALBOT .....Rachel Ann ROBERTS, minor On 6 Jun 1827, sale was made by John LOWE, trustee, at the house of Jonathan PLUMMER, to Henry McELFRESH for $900 for the 20 acres which included the house where Jonathan lived, and the 16 acres at $21.56/acre; total sales were $1,253.04; finalized Aug 1827.
Henry HERSHBERGER Estate (HERSPERGER) Henry HERSHBERGER d/ abt 3 Feb 1812 intestate, leaving 8 children - ...Henry HERSHPERGER ...John HERSHPERGER ...Mary w/o George HERRING ...Elizabeth w/o James WILES ...Catharine w/o Peter BOYER ...Susanna w/o John DARE ...Thomas HERSHPERGER ...Ferdinand HERSHPERGER There is no mention of a widow which indicates she was previously deceased. On 21 Mar 1816, George Herring and wife conveyed their 1/8 share to George REMSBURG. On 28 Dec 1818, Henry Hershperger conveyed his share to John B. Hershperger. On 3 Apr 1820, John B. Hershperger mortgaged one of his two 1/8 shares to George Remsburg and this was later sold to repay the mortage thru the court of equity to Thomas Hershperger. John B.'s other 1/8 share was sold to James Wiles and Susanna Hershberger Dare. All parties are of lawful age but Ferdinand ia a Lunatic and incapable of managing his affairs (on 4 Aug 1824, a writ de Lunatico Inquirendo was issued from the equity court in Frederick Town) and John B. Hershperger was appointed trustee and charged with the care and custody of the person and estate. At the time of the elder Henry Hershperger's death, he was in possession of the following lands - part Resurvey on Wells Invention; part Resurvey on part of Low Land, now called "The Title is Good"; part Diffidence; another part of Wells Invention; part of New Freedom; and part of Chesnut Hollow; altogether containing 203 acres. Also four lots in New Town (Trap) (but now known as Jefferson), Lots 32, 11, 12 and parts of 21 and 22. It is claimed the land cannot be divided equally and it is requested it be sold and divided. Parties who purchased the lands were: James WILES and Patrick McGILL Sr; John DARE; one house and lot in New Town to Henry CULLER; one lot in New Town to Charles B. McGILL; two lots in New Town to Sebastian REMSBURG; one lot in New Town to John DARE; one lot in New Town to Michael GARY; one lot in New Town to Henry BOTOLER; and one lot to the Trustees of the Lutheran Presbyterean Church; finalized by trustee George REMSBURG on 20 Apr 1827. Each 1/8 share from the proceeds was $891.51.
John RAMSBURG Estate John RAMSBURG (the elder) d/ 1805 with a will, leaving widow - Anna Maria d/ c1826 s/ John RAMSBURG (received plantation), also listed d/ Elizabeth RAMSBURG s/ Jacob RAMSBURG Land - "Carroll's Creek" which is part of "Tasker's Chance", 93+ acres, from Valentine BRUNNER; and "Tasker's Chance", 93+ acres from Henry LEATHERMAN; also, "Resurvey on Rocky Hill", 38+ acres from Frederick HEFFNER; all to the elder John RAMSBURG. John RAMSBURG (the younger) d/ 1821 intestate, leaving widow - Rebecca and 9 children, - Eliza RAMSBURG w/o Jacob ENGLEBRECHT - John RAMSBURG h/o Margaret J. McCAULEY - Jacob RAMSBURG h/o Ann R. EBBERT - Ann Rebecca RAMSBURG w/o Lewis BRUNNER - Elias RAMSBURG h/o Catharine HOUCK - Peter RAMSBURG - William RAMSBURG, a minor - Mary RAMSBURG, a minor - Catharine RAMSBURG, a minor Guardian was Lewis RAMSBURG; trustee was John RAMSBURG; sale held on 12 Mar 1836 for Lot 1, 15 acres to Ezra SMITH at $160/acre; Lot 2, 58 acres to Ezra SMITH at $98.12/acre; Lot 3, 54+ acres to Peter RAMSBURG at $87.62/acre; Rocky Hill, 38+ acres to Elias RAMSBURG at $18/acre; total sales was $13,647.21. The widow's dower was previously laid out; each 1/9 share was $1,461.82. ================ The End of ================

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