Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-4

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity JS-4

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-4; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-4)

Henry KOONS Sr, d/ (will 25 Aug 1819; 9 Apr 1821) s/ Jacob KOONS s/ William KOONS, dec'd - widow Catharine .....Abraham KOONS .....John KOONS .....Isaac KOONS .....William KOONS .....Susanna KOONS .....Catharine KOONS s/ Abraham KOONS Henry KOONS, Jr d/ 1800, intestate ..w/ Elizabeth and children - .....Jacob KOONS .....William KOONS .....Catharine KOONS .....Mary KOONS w/o George HECKMAN .....Susan KOONS, a minor .....Frederick Koons, a minor .....Samuel Koons, a minor .....Isaac Koons, a minor .....Margaret Koons, a minor .....Sarah Koons, a minor .....Elizabeth Koons, a minor .....Henry Koons, a minor .....Lerenia Koons, a minor d/ Ann's heirs d/ Mary's heirs d/ Eve d/ Catharine s/ John KOONS' heirs s/ George KOONS' heirs Negro HANNAH to son Jacob. Jacob KOONS was the executor and also received the land and was to make payments to his siblings. There were Blacksmith tools and a large Bible. Joseph TANEY and Jacob KOONS were administrators and Jacob KOONS was guardian of the minor children. The real estate consisted of 192 1/2 acres, five miles from Taneytown, lying near the mouth of Piney Creek. There was also six acres of mountain land near Emmitsburg. On 1 Mar 1825, sale was held and George MEANING or MEARING purchased the farm for $1,182.50 while John CLABAUGH bought the mountain land for $27.30. All this was subject to the widow's dower; Joseph Taney, trustee.
22-51 - CREEGER, SALMON, SLAVES - Jul 1823
Creditors vs George CREEGER George CREEGER was indebted to many people and Lewis CREEGER signed as his security. Judgement was brought against George CREEGER and property was sold and monies are in hands of trustee; however, Lewis also has land by deed of trust which has not been sold. George CREEGER's debts amounted to $12,000 and he applied for insolvency but has since died; therefore, there is no administration on his estate. Land - tracts "Addison's Choice" and "Final" to George CREEGER by Edward SALMON; total of 285 acres. 5 Negro SLAVES - DANIEL, BOB?, LEM?, NELL, CATE A negro boy was sold to Nicholas BRENGLE; negro boy sold to John BRENGLE; negro girl sold to Beale C. STINEHOUDE? - also had stock, farm equipment and household goods. Thomas W. MORGAN was sheriff; Peter BUCKEY and Peter COBLENTZ were appointed trustees; 100 acres had been sold to Charles SALMON for $1,802; claims were paid at $.35 on the dollar; finalized 29 Jul 1824.
Gassaway SELLMAN and Henry SNYDER, creditors, vs Edward KENNEDY Land - part tract "Resurvey on Dorsey's Luck", 10 acres, lies by "Resurvey on Pretty Sally". Bean S. PIGMAN was trustee; at a second public sale held about Mar 1823 at William WERTENBAKER's tavern in New Market, high bid went to Gassaway SELLMAN for $3,775.
Baker JOHNSON and William ROSS vs Willoughby MAYBURRY and Thomas MAYBURRY - Foreclosure Thomas MAYBURRY signed his interests in property over to Willoughby MAYBURRY, his brother, both of Philadelphia. Catharine JOHNSON was also listed with the petitioners on the note for money loaned to the Mayburrys, most of which was paid. An 1812 indenture listed the money for the iron furnace called Catoctin and lands for 25,000 pounds. Land - tracts "Good Will", "Stoney Fork", "Woodland", "Popular Bottom", "The Mountain Land", "First Dividend" (conveyed by executors of Col. Baker JOHNSON), rights of lands of Henry FRAILEY and Col. James JOHNSON, dec'd. Daniel KRUG was trustee for the sale of Catoctin Iron Works; high bid went to John BRIEN, esquire, for $27,505 in Apr 1820.
81-100 - HOFFMAN, KELLER, BOST/BAST, etc - Jan 1823
Henry BOST vs George HOFFMAN - Foreclosure Land - House and Lot #34 in New Town/Trap Town (Jefferson), furniture and household goods were included in mortgage. George claimed in 1821, and only owing $300 at that point, he was jailed and while in jail, Henry removed his furniture and rented out his house to Henry KELLER for only $1 a year. In Feb 1824, testimony was heard: - Jacob KELLER, age 45; John CULLER, abt 50, stated Michael BAST was living in Washington County, Md and Christian BOWERICE was abt 33. also - George ROHR; William HOLTER; Daniel RUNNER stated he and his brother, John RUNNER, were tending the business of their mother as she was not able; Thomas HOFFMAN; John BAYLY; Michael BAST; Jacob CULLER; John BAST; William M. BEALE. Richard H. MARSHALL was trustee; Henry BAST was high bidder for $800; sale was insufficient to pay all claims but Henry BAST, the petitioner received monies; finalized 20 Nov 1824.
In an indenture dated 25 Aug 1804, Ann GARBER (widow) and John, Samuel, Christian GARBER, John DEAL and wife Mary, John WAMPLER and wife Magdalena, and Henry GARBER sold their interests of real estate to Martin GARBER, tract "Beaver Dam Branch, 140 acres, which borders west side of Beaver Dam Branch (Henry was a minor when it was written). Said land was originally 290 acres, patented to John DIGGS on 18 Apr 1744. Martin GARBER d/ intestate, leaving widow - Hannah and children - Solomon GARBER - Isaac GARBER - Ohio - Mary GARBER w/o Frederick FINE - John GARBER - Juliann GARBER w/o John SHRIVER - Anna GARBER - Martin GARBER Jr. - Abraham GARBER, a minor - Lydia GARBER, a minor John GARBER was guardian of the minor children. Sale was held Oct 1824, free of dower, sold to John GARBER for $5,040. (reference land records Book 20, pages 204, 235, 236)
117-129 - WILLIAR, HARBAUGH, FIROR - Jan 1824
Jacob WILLIAR vs Elizabeth WILLIAR and others John WILLIAR Jr d/ intestate, leaving widow - Rachel (about 40) and minor children - - Elizabeth WILLIAR - Israel WILLIAR - Anna Maria WILLIAR John Jr. was entitled to 1/8 part of his father, John WILLIAR Sr.'s estate. Jacob WILLIAR was the administrator of John WILLIAR Jr.'s estate. John HARBAUGH (of Jacob) was guardian for the minor children; Jacob FIROR was trustee. The land was in Harbaugh's Valley and sale was held 28 May 1825, farm was sold to Jacob WILLIAR for $220; widow got 1/8 before the distribution.
130-164 - WHIP, RENN, HOFFMAN, THOMAS, KOPLER - Mar 1824
Michael THOMAS, David MELLENDORE, George HOFFMAN, trustee for John HOFFMAN, and Henry NISDORF vs WHIP Estate Catharine WHIP, widow of Tobias WHIP, sold her dower interest to George WHIP. On 27 May 1823, George WHIP was made guardian for the children of George RENN, deceased - - John Hanson RENN - Elizabeth RENN - Isaac RENN George WHIP d/ about 1823 intestate, leaving widow - Sarah and minor children - - Emanuel WHIP - Jacob WHIP - George Tobias WHIP - Julianna WHIP - Daniel Lewis WHIP Jacob WHIP was guardian to the Whip children; George HOFFMAN was administrator and trustee. On 13 Jan 1824,Michael THOMAS was made guardian of the Renn children with Henry THOMAS and Peter THOMAS as sureties. The children's ages were given as: - Isaac RENN, age 14 on 20 May 1820 - Elizabeth RENN, age 11 on 11 Jul 1820 - John Hanson RENN, age 9 on 23 May 1820 Sale was held on 8 NOv 1824 but rescheduled to 4 Dec 1824 due to low bids; John Andrew KOPLER was high bidder for the 184 acres with improvements for $4,617.
Thomas GILBERT wrote his will on 27 Jul 1793, filed on 29 Dec 1794 leaving the land and new house to his wife, Hannah, to be sold at her death - also negro girl ALICE. He left land to his son, Jeremiah GILBERT. At that time, Francis GREEN was his tenant and he left 5 pounds to Ludwig ROTRUCKS. Executors were Jacob BURTON and Joseph JOHNSON but they refused or neglected to accept those duties. On 5 Jan 1795, Jeremiah GILBERT became the administrator of the estate. The proceeds of the sale were to go to all the children and grandchildren of the testator. Thomas GILBERT d/ 1794, leaving widow - Hannah (d/ 26 Oct 1822) (she later married Henry DARBY) and children - - Rebecca GILBERT w/o (1st) Jacob RHODES, dec'd and her children ....Joshua RHODES - Bedford Co, PA ....Abraham RHODES - Chilicothe Co, Ohio ....Elizabeth RHODES, dec'd w/o Henry STARTSMAN, w/ issue ....Mary RHODES w/o George STARNER - Allegany Co, MD ....Susanna RHODES w/o Jacob ISERHEART - Allegany Co, MD ..2nd h/ William NIXEN, dec'd - no issue ..3rd h/ ______LECKLITER, no issue - Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD - Elizabeth GILBERT w/o (1st) Michael HUMBERD, dec'd and her children - ....William HUMBERD - Ohio ....Michael HUMBERD - Frederick Co, MD ....Elizabeth HUMBERD, dec'd - unmarried and w/o issue ....Barbara HUMBERD, dec'd - unmarried and w/o issue ..2nd h/ ______ RIGGS, both now dec'd - had 1 child who died - Susanna GILBERT w/o Alexander (written REAT) WRIGHT, dec'd and her children - Frederick Town ....Margaret WRIGHT ....Martha WRIGHT w/o Patrick KEARNEY ....Elizabeth WRIGHT ....John WRIGHT (died since filing, unmarried and w/o issue) - Margaret GILBERT w/o ________ WILLIAMS - Frederick Town - Jeremiah GILBERT and w/ Tipe - Frederick Co - his children - ....Thomas GILBERT ....Catharine GILBERT, dec'd w/o Frederick MAIN ....Hannah GILBERT w/o Henry LUDY - Montgomery Co, Ohio ....George GILBERT - Montgomery Co, Ohio ....Sophia GILBERT w/o John STONE - Montgomery Co, Ohio ....Reubin GILBERT - Montgomery Co, Ohio ....William GILBERT ....Isaac GILBERT ....Sarah GILBERT, single ....Rhody GILBERT, single (daughter) ....Mary GILBERT, single ....James GILBERT ....John GILBERT, a minor ....Joseph GILBERT, a minor ....Lydia GILBERT, a minor ....Benjamin GILBERT, a minor ....Solomon GILBERT, a minor ....Elizabeth GILBERT, a minor Land consisted of part "Gilbert's Inheritance Enlarged", 125 acres. William SCHLEY was appointed trustee. Tipe GILBERT was guardian for her daughter, Elizabeth (perhaps Elizabeth was newly born as she was not included in the original petition). Sale was held on 7 Jun 1823 and Daniel SCHINDLER was high bidder for $2,101.25.
184-202 - HANE - Feb 1825
John HANE vs Estate of William HANE William HANE of Fredericktowne owned Lots from John MANTZ to Daniel HANE and William HANE on 15 May 1817, the said Daniel now deceased and they being indebted to John HANE. In Feb 1825, Henry KOONTZ obtained two judgements against William HANE as did Frederick HAWMAN. William HANE d/ Apr 1825 with a will bequeathing all his estate to - Jacob David HANE, a minor and - Mary Catharine HANE, a minor with George W. ENT as executor. David HANE was guardian of the minor children. On 27 Aug 1825, John HANE was high bidder for $822. Each child received $82.85 after the settlement of the debts.
LUGENBEEL vs DORSEY heirs On 27 Mar 1786, John DORSEY (of John) owned part of tract "Mount Pleasant", 100 acres mortgaged to William HOBBS (of Samuel). On 19 May 1790, said John DORSEY conveyed his interest to William DORSEY Jr. On 1 Feb 1792, William transferred his interest to David Alexander DORSEY. On 1 Oct 1794, David A. DORSEY transferred his intestes to David CUMMING (of Anne Arundel County), and his two sisters, Mary DORSEY and Elizabeth DORSEY. David CUMMING - will written 11 Mar 1795, filed 12 Apr 1796 bequeathed his part interest of "Mount Pleasant" tract to his - nieces, Mary DOrSEY and Elizabeth DORSEY also listed - sister, Mary DORSEY - sister, Araminta CUMMING - niece, Margaret DORSEY - mother, Margaret CUMMING (executrix) Anne Arundel County will; witnesses were Richard LAURENCE, James KIRBY, Charles FOR? and Valentine BROWN. On 15 Aug 1796, Mary and Elizabeth transferred these interests to Brice POOLE. Brice POOLE d/ 1800 intestate, leaving widow - Achaeh and children - - Pamela w/o John LUGENBEEL - Eliza w/o Samuel GLISSAN - Rodney POOLE - George Washington POOLE, a minor - Susanna POOLE, since deceased, no issue William DORSEY Jr, deceased, leaving children - Araminta DORSEY w/o George HAMMOND - Lucy DORSEY w/o Archibald DORSEY - Baltimore County - Maria DORSEY w/o John DORSEY Guardian was Achaeh POOLE The land adjoined that of Mrs. Martha LAWRENCE (in 1792) and court declared it be conveyed to Brice POOLE's descendants.
223-244 - COALE, JEWITT - Feb 1825
Anne COALE and John JEWITT vs William COALE On 9 Nov 1823, William COALE was in possession of a house and lot, part tracts "Seth's Folly", "Resurvey on Seth's Folly" and "Hiccory Plains", containing 158+ acres; mortgaged to Shipwith COALE. Skipwith COALE of Cecil County, d/ 1 Jan 1824, testate, leaving widow - Anne and children, all minors - - Sarah Smith COALE - Margaret Elger COALE - George Matthews COALE - Samuel COALE - Anna Husband COALE - William COALE - Elizabeth Trimble COALE Skipwith's will was dated 17 Dec 1823; Anne COALE of Cecil County and John JEWITT of Harford County were executors. Abel RUPOLE and John TALBOTT were trustees; John JEWITT was purchaser for $1,600.
245-257 - STALEY, MUMMA, DORSEY - Mar 1823
Jacob MUMMA of Washington County vs Peter STALEY of Frederick County Peter STALEY owned land tracts, part "Hammond Contrivance" and "Long Trusted", conveyed to him by Caleb DORSEY (of Thomas) on deed dated 13 Apr 1815 (JS-1, 17), mortgaged to Jacob MUMMA with monies still unpaid. Frederick A. SCHLEY was trustee to sell the property to payoff the mortgage. Mumma and the two sons of Peter STALEY, David STALEY and Solomon STALEY, attended the sale held on 17 Apr 1824 with Jacob MUMMA being high bidder for $505. Prior to the execution of the mortgage, STALEY had conveyed part of the premises to Jacob FAIR, leaving only 202 acres in this sale. On 22 Dec 1825, Jacob MUMMA filed a Petition for Injunction as Peter and his sons have remained on the premises and were cutting down the rail timber to sell and causing great loss to the land; STALEY refused to give up possession of the property. Injunction was granted.
258-286 - FOUT, EBBERT, SMITH, BRIGHLEY - #153 - Oct 1818
FOUT, EBBERT and others vs FOUT Baltzer FOUT wrote his will on 29 Dec 1797 which listed four Negroes - JIM, STAN (?), CHARLES and MARIA. It listed his family as wife - Catharine sons: Baltzer, Jacob, Lewis, Henry, George daughters: Catharine, Mary, Barbara wife and sons, Jacob and Lewis as executors. He left a plantation of 150 acres which had a Mill Lot of 50 acres, tract "Grape Field", 54 acres, and part of tract "Arcadia", 30 acres with the mill, to sons, Lewis and Jacob. Witnesses were Daniel MILLER, Christian KEIFER and Edward ANDERSON. Several days later, he purchased two lots from Rebecca and Benjamin DULANEY; one Lot #36, 32 1/2 acres, and Lot #35, 154 acres, parts of tract "Resurvey on Locust Level", lying on the west side and below the main road leading from Frederick Town towards Noland's Ferry. Baltzer FOUT d/ Jun 1798 without amending the will which was recorded on 13 Jul 1798, leaving children - - Henry FOUT - Jacob FOUT, since died, leaving children - .....Sophia FOUT, a minor (m/ Marcey? BRIGHLEY by Feb 1825) .....Jacob FOUT, a minor (died bet/ Jul 1822 and Feb 1825 - Lewis FOUT, since died, no issue - Catharine FOUT, dec'd w/o George Adam EBBERT - her children - .....Jonathan EBBERT, since died intestate, unmarried, no issue .....Emanual EBBERT .....Catharine EBBERT (infant who died 2 yrs after her mother) - Mary FOUT w/o Jacob SMITH, dec'd - Barbara FOUT w/o Daniel FOUT, dec'd - Baltzer FOUT - George FOUT Margaret FOUT was guardian for the Fout minor children. Jacob FOUT wrote his will on 31 Jan 1814, naming his wife Margaret and minor children, John Jacob FOUT (tract "Mill Lot" with grist mill and saw mill, tract "Grapevine" and tract "Arcadia"), and daughter Sapphira (tract "Rocky Creek", 105 acres); executors were wife and her two brothers, Jacob SMITH and George SMITH. Witnesses were Ig DAVIS, Daniel FOUT, William FOUT and Jacob WALKER. At the sale, William FOUT was high bidder on the total of 192 acres for $15,785. Emanual EBBERT had filed for insolvency, being indebted to John HANE. Finalized Feb 1825
287-305 - BOYER, MANTZ, BARTGISS - Mar 1819
Francis MANTZ vs John BOYER John BOYER's land (tract "Boyer's Gap", 69 acres, patented to BOYER on 24 Mar 1807 and lying next to "Tuscarora Gap") was mortgaged to Francis MANTZ in 1807; Boyer sold said lands to Mathias BARTGISS on 16 Jul 1810, then moved to Tennessee. John BOYER's wife was Marianne. On the 14th of May 1825, Casper MANTZ was high bidder for $606.
John TALBOT vs Evan PLUMMER Evan PLUMMER wrote his will on 5 Aug 1817 and died a few days later mentioning - sis/ Sarah PLUMMER sis/ Ann PLUMMER, dec'd w/o Richard ROBERTS - her daughter .......Rachel Ann ROBERTS nephew/ Samuel PLUMMER bro/ Johnathan PLUMMER's three daughters .......Elizabeth PLUMMER .......Deborah PLUMMER .......Corella PLUMMER sis/ Elizabeth PLUMMER w/o John TALBOTT - her 4 children .......Susannah TALBOTT .......Ruth TALBOTT .......Samuel TALBOTT .......John TALBOTT Jr. bro/ Jacob PLUMMER, dec'd - his children - .......Maria PLUMMER .......Elisha PLUMMER .......James PLUMMER .......William PLUMMER Will was filed on 12 Aug 1817; executors, Evan's brothers-in-law, John TALBOT and Richard ROBERTS, sold part of tract "Rockey Hill", 113 acres, to Samuel PLUMMER (son of Jonathan) from the estate of Evan PLUMMER for $4,520, half of which he paid. Richard ROBERTS died in 1800. John TALBOTT was trustee for the sale of the property which went to Thomas NORWOOD for $1,582.
John SMELSER vs Upton NORRIS On 20 Jan 1814, Upton NORRIS mortgaged his property to John SMELSER, part of tract "Retirement Corrected", 154 1/2 acres by Mathias SWITZER's part, and part of tract "Resurvey on Stephens Purchase"20 1/2 acres by Nathaniel NORRIS' part. Prior to that, Norris also had a mortgage debt to John HINER and his brother, Peter HINER. Highest bidder at sale was Evan L. CRAWFORD for $2,450. Crawford had to petition the court to have Norris removed from the property. Upton NORRIS was guardian for Ann CLARY and Mary Elizabeth CLARY, heirs of Benjamin CLARY. Finalized 5 Aug 1825.
335-351- KOLB, BEALL - Feb 1825
William BEALL, Christian SCHOLL, Valentine BUCKEY and Gideon BANTZ vs William KOLB William MILLER, now deceased, owned part of Lot #132 which adjoined Lot #131, owned by William KOLB. Kolb erected a large frame stable and small, two-story brick house but land was never conveyed to Kolb by Miller; property has since been sold by Sheriff on judgement against Miller.
BLESSING and others vs BLESSING Estate George BLESSING d/ intestate, leaving children - - Jacob BLESSING - Julianna BLESSING widow of Noah BUXTON - Phebe BLESSING w/o Daniel MAUGHT - George BLESSING - Michael BLESSING - Nicholas BLESSING - Christian BLESSING - Neri BLESSING - Abraham BLESSING - John BLESSING, a minor Abraham BLESSING was guardian; Christian BLESSING was trustee; in Mar 1826, property of 153 1/2 acres was sold to David CARTSENDAFNER for $5,679.50.
358-371 - PLUMMER, TALBOTT, ROBERTS - Feb 1825
John TALBOT and w/ Elizabeth vs PLUMMER Estate Samuel PLUMMER died w/ will, leaving children - Evan PLUMMER d/ 1817 (will lists siblings, nieces, nephews) - Jonathan PLUMMER - his daughters ...Elizabeth PLUMMER ...Deborah PLUMMER ...Corella PLUMMER - Elizabeth PLUMMER w/o John TALBOTT ...Susannah TALBOTT ...Ruth TALBOTT ...Samuel TALBOTT ...John TALBOTT Jr - Sarah PLUMMER - Rachel PLUMMER d/ 8-10 years ago - Ann PLUMMER w/o Richard ROBERTS - their daughter ...Rachael Ann ROBERTS, a minor - Israel PLUMMER, dec'd - his children - ...Maria PLUMMER ...Elisha PLUMMER ...James PLUMMER ...William PLUMMER On 1 March 1804, all four sisters sold their interests to their brother, Evan PLUMMER, for their shares in land tracts, "Rockey Hill", "Fox Harbour", "Last Breeches", containing 180 acres. Evan PLUMMER d/ 1817 with a will making John TALBOTT and Richard ROBERTS his executors. They sold 107 acres to Belt BRASHEAR but all monies have not been paid. Richard ROBERTS has since died; he had married Ann PLUMMER and she also has since died, leaving a daughter Rachael Ann ROBERTS. Evan also listed a nephew Samuel PLUMMER in his will. Samuel TALBOTT was guardian.
BALTZELL vs BALTZELL Jacob BALTZELL, d/ 1808 - will written 21 May 1806, filed 31 Oct 1808, leaving widow - Charlotte and children - - David BALTZELL - Lawrence BALTZELL - Rebecca BALTZELL w/o John BURKHART - Jacob BALTZELL (died since his father) - his children - ...Margaret BALTZELL w/o John McHUGH ...Ann BALTZELL w/o Jacob SHRYACK ...Elizabeth BALTZELL, a minor ...Samuel BALTZELL, a minor - George BALTZELL - Frankford Co, Kentucky - Elizabeth BALTZELL w/o Michael RICE - Ohio - Susanna BALTZELL - Ohio - Mary BALTZELL, later w/o Elias SPOON - Catharine BALTZELL, since m/ John GESEY - John BALTZELL - Kentucky - Peter BALTZELL, b/ 1805 - since died intestate, no widow or issue SLAVE - negro man, CHARLES was given to his wife by her father, Michael CRIST. Jacob BALTZELL owned tract "Resurvey on Baltzell's Content", 203 acres, which was subject to the widow's dower. George BALTZELL sold his interest to John MAIN and Jacob LAYMAN; also sold part to John GESEY who resold it to Bean S. PIGMAN. Baltzell also owned tract "Resurvey on Remsburg's Chance", 125 acres, purchased from his father-in-law, Michael CRIST. Witnesses to the will were Henry BAER, Adam FRUSHOUR, Aquila LUCAS; executors were son, John BALTZELL and Michael HOUCK. Jacob GESEY was guardian for Rebecca and Lawrence BALTZELL in Oct 1815. John McHUGH was guardian for Elizabeth and Samuel BALTZELL. Parts of land sold were: to George FRUSHOUR, 22 1/2 acres to Christian RAMSBURG, 20 acres to Frederick RAMSBURG, 120 1/2 acres
George Ludwick KESSELRING Estate George Ludwick KESSELRING d/ 20 Aug 1817 intestate, leaving 15 children - - Dewalt KESSELRING - John KESSELRING - Frederick KESSELRING - Lewis KESSELRING - Wendal KESSELRING - George KESSELRING - Sophia KESSELRING - Magdalena w/o Ludwick RUMMAL - Susanna w/o Solomon BUPART - Catharine w/o John SLATES - Mary w/o John LITTLE - Barbara w/o Daniel YEISER - Rebecca w/o George BAUGHER - Michael KESSELRING (already received his share in land) - Elizabeth w/o Elias CROSBY - Louisiana (they died 12-14 years ago leaving an infant) Land - tracts "Drooping Robbin", 233 acres by patent; "Dissolution", 33 acres by patent; "Carroll's Range", 15+ acres; "Resurvey on Brother's Agreement", 40+ acres, from Samuel NEWCOMER to the deceased and Henry FINFROCK in 1794; "Mill House", 20 acres, conveyed by Samuel NEWCOMER (w/ Mary) to the deceased and Henry FINFROCK in 1794, and to Newcomer from Philip SMITH in 1789. Resurveys included parts of "Molly's Fancy". George OTT was trustee; being unsuccessful in getting an adequate bid, private sale was made on 11 Oct 1822 for "Dissolution" to Vendle HOPEN/HEPON for $900; on 1 Feb 1826, sale was made for the remainder of land to George DUDEROR/DUDDERER for $3,040.
Adam SNOOK Sr Estate Adam SNOOK Sr d/ intestate, leaving widow - Margaret and 7 children - - Elizabeth w/o Burtis BENNETT, dec'd - Mary SNOOK - Catharine w/o Adam BOTELER - Moved to Ohio - Jacob SNOOK - John SNOOK - Frederick SNOOK - Phebe w/o Francis BERNARD Catharine and Adam BOTELER sold their interests to Alexander MOORE of Washington Co, MD. Land - tracts "Last Gained" and "Mohack", 160 acres; next to John BIGGS' "Good Luck", from Charles CATRO (w/ Catharine) to Adam and Simon SNOOK in 1783. Part "Brookfield", 40 acres, from William B. HEAD in 1800, next to "Resurvey on Brothers' Lot" with a claim on part of it by Charles BEATTY. Also, another part of "Brookfield", 60 acres, from Peter CRAMER (w/ Margaret) in 1800. Also, part "Resurvey on Butler's Lot, 39 acres, from William Beckwith HEAD in 1816. William SCHLEY was trustee; after two failed public sales, the lower portion of 142 1/2 acres was sold at private sale to Valentine BOWERSOX for $1,750. He then offered the balance of the property of 99 3/4 acres at public sale at CRONISE's Mill on the Creagerstown Road and sold it to a Mr SHRYOCK for $897.75. The widow received 2/17 in lieu of her dower; finalized 10 Aug 1826.
Otho THOMAS, Archibald THOMAS and George SNOUFFER vs Samuel H. THOMAS Frederick A. SCHLEY, trustee, sold the property of Benjamin THOMAS to Samuel H. THOMAS in 1817. Samuel was indebted to Peter THOMAS (of Gabriel) whereby Otho THOMAS and Archibald THOMAS signed as his securities. Samuel was also indebted to Sarah RENENBERGER, a note she assigned to George SNOUFFER. Samuel H. THOMAS had been appointed as guardian for the children of Elias E. THOMAS, being Eliza/Elijah, Richard and William THOMAS, they living in Belmont Co, Ohio in Jul 1824, and being representatives of Benjamin THOMAS, deceased (their grandfather probably); Otho THOMAS and George SNOUFFER signed as his securities. To protect Otho, Archibald and George, Samuel mortgaged the property to them which he bought from Schley. He also included with this the farm equipment, stock, grains and household goods and SLAVES - Negro woman, NELL and her 3 children - Teresa, John and Catharina. Land - parts of tracts "Resurvey on Hazzard", "Thomas' Profit" and "Mad Wife", 173 acres. Benjamin THOMAS Sr bought this from Samuel L. THOMAS in 1812. By July 1825, sale of land failed, but the negro NELL, and two of her children were sold to George KEPHART Jr for $275. At the next sale, he sold the land to George SNOUFFER for $1,259.33; and the personal property was sold both at the sale and by private sale. (Page 482 missing)
482-513 - ROBERTS, RUSSELL, HIBBERD, COWMAN, TALBOTT, IJAMS, SHIPLEY, HAMMOND - Jun 1825 (page 482 missing with date)
Abel RUSSELL vs Richard ROBERTS Estate Richard ROBERTS was the guardian of John ROBERTS, a representative of John ROBERTS, dec'd. Richard ROBERTS d/o abt 1823 intestate, leaving widow - Sarah and minor child - - Rachel Ann ROBERTS Joseph HIBBERD and Gerard COWMAN were his administrators. Abel RUSSELL was appointed guardian for John ROBERTS after the death of Richard ROBERTS. Land - tract "Middle Plantation", 132 acres, from John PANCOAST (w/ Mary) in 1820 (to Pancoast from Henry WOOD and Peter FOUT in 1811), next to "Cloudy Weather" and "Locust Thicket"; - "New Market Plains", lot of 1 3/4 acres, from John PANCOAST (w/ Mary) in 1812; - "New Market Plains", lot of 36 acres, from John PANCOAST (w/ Mary) to Richard ROBERTS of New Market in 1809, next to "Resurvey on Pleasant Valley" and Thomas PLUMMER's "Hunting Lot", the corner of William GIPSON's lot and by lot deeded to John PANCOAST from Caleb PANCOAST in 1807, and by George SMITH's lot and Belt BRASHEARS part; - "New Market Plains", lot of 2 acres, from Nicholas HALL in 1803; - "Resurvey on Pleasant Valley, 5 acres, from Basil DORSEY (w/ Harriet) in 1813, located north of the turnpike road through New Market; - "Resurvey on Pleasant Valley", 2 acres, from William SALMON and wife Sarah in 1810; - "Resurvey on Pleasant Valley", 3 acres, from William SALMON and wife Sarah and Mary DAVIS and Isaac DAVIS, next to Basil DORSEY's part; - "John's Contrivance" and "Sickly Season", 33 acres, from Abel RUSSELL (w/ Elizabeth) in 1813 Samuel TALBOTT was guardian for Rachel Ann ROBERTS; Abel RUSSELL was trustee; by Oct 1825, sale was held with high bidders being ' - Ormond HAMMOND Jr, 160 acres for $7/acre - Thomas C. SHIPLEY, 31 acres for $20/acre - Sarah ROBERTS, 50 acre farm attached to New Market for $2,033 - Jacob IJAMS, brick house and lot for $160.50 - Jacob IJAMS, frame house and lot for $115 all sold free of widow's encumbrances except the 50 acre farm; the widow received 2/17 in lieu of her dower.
WEBB Estate vs Thomas WEBB Land - "Resurvey on Small Beginning" and "Hospelhorn's Addition", 95 acres, conveyed to Thomas WEBB by William WEBB (w/ Mary) in 1814 and mortgaged to William; lies next to John BROWN's land, part conveyed to William WEBB by Ludwick HOSPELHORN in 1805, "Cedar Clifts". Thomas in default, judgements were filed. William WEBB - wrote will 14 Jun 1815; filed 20 Nov 1815, leaving widow - Mary and children - - George WEBB, eldest son (north part of land conveyed from West BURGESS, 62+ acres) - Thomas WEBB, second son (plantation conveyed from Ludwick HOSPELHORN, 60 acres and 35 acres sold to him) - Evan WEBB, third son (dwelling plantation, 57 acres) - Washington WEBB, youngest son (south part of land conveyed from West BURGESS, 60 acres, plus $300 for improvements) - Ann OGLEY (disaproval of her recent marriage, $1,000 to be invested with her receiving only the interest, upon her death, her children to receive the money) Each son was to make payments to their mother for her dower in lands. Eldest son and widow were named executors. Witnesses: John GARBER, John MOORE, Thomas COOKE Codicil - NEGRO girl about 13 years old, recently bought, to serve til she is 33, then be set free; any children she shall have shall serve until they reach the age of 27 and then be set free Frederick A. SCHLEY was trustee; in April 1825, sale made to Thomas OGLE for $950; sale was not sufficient to cover all the debts.
John RITCHIE vs Henry SHREUPP/SHRUPP Estate Thomas BEATTY d/ abt 1 Apr 1811 - will written 28 Dec 1810 with John RITCHIE (son-in-law) was executor of his will and, in 1818, he sold to Henry SHREUPP part of Beatty's estate, part "Town Tract", 33+ acres, contiguous to Creagers Town, accepting Henry's note with Mathias SHREUPP as his security. Henry SHREUPP d/ 13 or 30 Aug 1823 intestate, leaving widow - Caroline and minor child - William Mathias SHREUPP George HALE was administrator; Caroline SHREUPP was guardian; Jacob FIROR was trustee; on 4 Aug 1825, sale was held at Creagers Town, high bidder was John RITCHIE for Anne SIMMS, John D. SCOTT, Alexander SIMMS and John BEATTY for $101.84; balance being insufficient for claims.
James MOORE Estate James MOORE d/ intestate, leaving widow - Jane and minor children - Mary Jane MOORE - Margaret MOORE - Martha MOORE - Isabella MOORE - Anne Eliza MOORE - James Johnathan MOORE Land - part "Carrollsburgh", Lot 13 of 6 acres, in Emmitsburgh from Andrew SMITH (w/ Anne) in 1815; another part of said tract, Lot 14 of 10 acres, from Dr. Robert L. ANNAN (w/ Mary) and William EMMITT (w/ Susanna) in 1814, formerly the property of James YOUNG, dec'd. - Also, jointly owned with Robert L. ANNAN - "Douther's Chance" (from Charles ROBERTSON in 1813), "Resurvey on Part of Porter's Second Addition", "Alexander's Prospect", and "Fox Tower", for 33 acres, from William A. LLOYD in 1815, formerly conveyed to Lloyd by Lewis WEVER (w/ Ruth) in Jun 1815. Guardian was James M. SHELLMAN; Lewis MOTTER as trustee; on 25 Aug 1825, 12 acres of cleared land was sold for $8/acre and 4 acres of wooded land was sold for $20/acre, totaling $176 to Edward McBRIDE, clear of dower.
John HUGHES, adm/of John M. BEATTY vs John B. FISH Estate John B. FISH bought property from John M. BEATTY who had previously bought it from B. S. PIGMAN as trustee of James REID, Pigman still had title. Samuel THOMAS was security on the Fish purchase. John Barton FISH d/ intestate, leaving widow - Susanna and 4 minor children - John FISH - Catharine FISH - Henrietta FISH - Mary Ann FISH Land - tracts "Partnership", 45 acres (65 acres on Monocacy were reserved for Beatty); "Jedburgh Forest", 239 acres; "Resurvey on Jedburgh Forrest", 167 1/2 acres, purchased in 1817. George KEPHART Jr was administrator; Susanna was guardian for her children. Sale was held at George KEPHART's tavern near the premises on 4 Sep 1822 and on 3 Feb 1823 with no sufficient bids; but, he offered 253 acres (the part unencumbered with the dower of Mrs. Eve REID) and sold it to Greenberry MILES for $2,340.25. The remaining 132 acres were subject to the life dower of Mrs. Eve REID and were sold on 15 Sep 1823 at the tavern of Mr. GEBHART near the premises to Greenberry MILES for $690 but the sale was for Mrs. REID and the buyer was changed to her name. On 7 Dec 1823, George KEPHART said Susanna was about 44-45 years old and healthy; she was given 1/8 in lieu of her dower; finalized 6 Apr 1826.
John SAYLOR vs Henry DARKIS Heirs - for Title In 1812, John SAYLOR bought property from Philip DIETRICK with a mortgage to Henry DARKIS. Henry DARKIS d/ Jan 1817 - will written, leaving children - Frederick DARKIS - Henry DARKIS - David DARKIS - Elizabeth (since died) w/o John WICKHAM - her 3 minor children .....Matilda WICKHAM .....Harriett WICKHAM .....Catharine Ann WICKHAM - Mary w/o James McCREARY - Catharine w/o Evan CARMACK Land - "Monocacy Manor", Lot 56 and 57, 198 acres William GRIMES was administrator; William DOUGHTERY was guardian; on 15 Aug 1825, Isaac WYSONG was appointed as guardian for the purpose of conveying title on the mortgaged property.
Patrick LOWE vs Henry BLACK heirs - Correction of Deed (see JS-1, 558) George M. EICHELBERGER, trustee of the estate of Henry BLACK, sold lands at public sale to Jacob BLACK in 1820. Patrick LOWE is now the "substitute" purchaser and a survey by William MOONEY shows the land was 101 acres instead of 105 as in the sale of the lands. It was also discovered the tract "Pleasant Hill" was not titled to Henry BLACK but is titled and in the possession of David BOWLUS. Land - tracts "Brotherly Love", "Sycamore Bottom Island", 105 acres, lying contiguous and on Tom's Creek, neighbors were Casper WELTY and Joseph BAUGHER; "Pleasant Hill", 32 acres. Henry BLACK, deceased of Frederick County widow - Elizabeth, since dec'd, leaving 8 children 1. John BLACK - Emmitsburg 2. Adam BLACK - Emmitsburg 3. Jacob BLACK - Emmitsburg 4. Mary BLACK (now Mary LOTT) - Emmitsburg 5. Henry BLACK - PA 6. Michael BLACK, minor - Out of State 7. Eve w/o Jacob SINGER, dec'd - Emmitsburg 8. (Unnamed deceased Daughter) w/o ___?_____ WHITMORE her minor children who live Out of State - .....Elizabeth, Anne, Mary, Catharine, and Jacob WHITMORE John BLACK, administrator; Jacob BLACK, guardian; George M. EICHELBERGER, trustee, lives in Frederick. Court found in petitioner's favor on 10 Aug 1826.
593-604 - BROOKE, BAYLY, CLABAUGH, BROOKE, NEAL, etc - Jul 1823
Bank of Westminster, John T. BROOKE, adm/of and heir of Richard BROOKE, et al vs Richard BROOKE Estate Richard BROOKE d/ intestate, leaving children - John T. BROOKE - Harriett E. BROOKE - Richard BROOKE, a minor - Baltimore County - William B. BROOKE, a minor - Baltimore County - Lydia Ann E. BROOKE, a minor - Baltimore County John T. BROOKE sold for the estate a farm in Louden Co, VA in 1822. John BAYLY was guardian; Joseph TANEY was trustee, On 3 Jul 1824, sale made to John CLABAUGH of 188 3/4 acres for $2,125.32; Basil BROOKE bought 142 acres for $1,458. On 24 Jul 1824, sales were - Robert NEAL - stone house and lot, $270 - George BENTLY - small log house w/ lot, $76; unimproved 1/2 acre lot, $15.50 - Nicholas SNIDER - frame storehouse w/ lot, $181.50; stone house/lot, $155 - Dr. Wm. ZOLLICKOFFER - unimproved 1/2 acre lots, $15 and $10 - William KOONS - unimproved 3/4 acre lot, $26 Proceeds were still short and creditors paid $.48 1/2 on dollar.
Daniel STONER and Elizabeth MILLER vs Daniel MILLER Estate Daniel MILLER d/ May 1822 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and 2 minor children - David MILLER - John MILLER Land - tract "Retirement Corrected", 11 acres, conveyed to him by John BEAM (w/ Ann) in 1820, to Beam from Jacob ROSEN in 1816 and to him from Johnathan DAVIS in 1811. Daniel STONER was administrator and trustee; guardian was Isaac LIGHTNER. Public sale did not bring a sufficient price, so sold at private sale to John SHRIVER for $475.37. On 25 Nov 1825, David STONER was father of the widow and testified she was born 13 May 1798; awarded 1/7 in lieu of dower. Proceeds were short, paid $.81 1/2 on the dollar.
Continuation of Elie PHILLIPS vs Henry STOUFFER Estate Upton S. REID was trustee to sell estate; sold house and lot in Middleburg to Elie BENTLEY, but trustee died before conveyance. Brooke BAKER was then appointed trustee. Elie BENTLEY died intestate before conveyance was made; Jacob KOONTZ was appointed trustee to sell the real estate, now belonging to Elie BENTLEY, sold to George BENTLEY and Ann BENTLEY. Deed transfer approved on 8 May 1826.
Frederick MERING Estate Frederick MERRING d/ 27 Apr 1832 - will dated 29 Jul 1831, filed 7 May 1832 widow - Mary - John MERING - Jacob MERING - George MERING - Catharine w/o Henry HINER - Ann w/o William KOONTZ - Elizabeth w/o Michael HARNER - Adams Co, PA - Susan w/o Noah MILLER - Lydia w/o William VALENTINE - Rachel MERING, a minor - Margaret MERING, a minor - Harriet MERING, a minor - Frederick MERING, a minor - Louisa MERING, a minor grandson - James Edward VALENTINE, a minor Exec/ son John MERING and William KOONS/KOONTZ The widow was the guardian for the Mering minors, Sarah VALENTINE for James Edward VALENTINE; William KOONTZ was trustee. On 29 Dec 1834, sale made to Peter ROYER for $4,000, clear of dower. =============== The End of JS-4 ===============

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