Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-3

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity JS-3

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-3; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
(Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936, Loc 2-70-10-3)

1-6 - JAMISON vs LUCKETT Estate - March 1823
Joseph JAMISON and Kitty JAMISON petitioned against the estate of William LUCKETT to sell his real estate to make settlement amongst the heirs stated in his will. William LUCKETT, of New Town (Jefferson), deceased, will dated 1 Oct 1817 d/ Lucy JAMISON- her children - ........Kitty JAMISON ........Joseph JAMISON ........William JAMISON, minor ........Benedict JAMISON, minor Land - Lot and house in New Town , then in possession of William SCOTT. Guardian of minors was John T. BROOKE, named in 1823; Richard POTTS was named trustee. The property was not sold at public sale because nobody bidded but was sold a few days later at private sale on 9 Apr 1823 to Dr. Lloyd DORSEY for $1,050; each child received $241.79 3/4; case closed on 8 Jul 1824.
6-10 - SCHLOSSER, CRAVER - Jul 1824
George SCHLOSSER vs Jacob CRAVER - Foreclosure of Mortgage On 1 Oct 1824, sale was held with George Schlosser being high bidder for $77.
John STONER and John DERR vs John ANGEL and Isaac ANGEL - Foreclosure of Mortgage Mortgaged also to Peter BUCKEY who was appointed trustee. On 1 April 1824 after two failed attempts to fully sell at public sale, sale was made to Mathias SPITLER for $1,750.
George GILLMYER vs Francis GILLMYER Estate Francis GILLMYER wrote will 21 Apr 1816, filed 29 Apr 1816, leaving widow - Catharine and children - John GILLMYER - given tract in Morgan Town, VA (now WV) - Joseph GILLMYER - Catharine JENKINS - Francis GILLMYER - Jacob GILLMYER - Elizabeth GILLMYER - Sarah GILLMYER - George GILLMYER - Teresa GILLMYER - Mary MILLER Witnesses: William EMMIT, Thomas RADFORD, Daniel M. MOORE. His wife Catharine was executrix but died before settlement was completed. On 8 Oct 1823, administrators of Catharine's estate were George GROVER and John HARRITT who also were trustees for the sale of the real estate. Sale was held at the house of Charles U. BIGHAM in Emmitsburg for tract "Cedar Grove", 103 acres; high bidder was George GILLMYER for $2,660 but he was unable to complete the contract so it was decided to rent this property to John JONES for $150 for one year. Another tract "Back/Buck Forest", 235 acres, was also offered but there was lack of bidders. An orchard of 6+ acres was also offered and bought by the Sisters of Charity of St Joseph for $138.37; they were also highest bidder for a mountain lot of 6 acres for $102 and a lot of 47 acres for $211.50. A 10 acre mountain lot went to John DOWLANS? for $15. Sale of Cedar Grove", 133 acres was finally made to Joseph CRABS for $3,419.
23-33 - BENTLEY, WALES, JACOBS, KUHNS - Mar 1823
George BENTLEY and Ann BENTLEY vs Eli BENTLEY Estate Eli BENTLEY d/ 1822 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and children - - George BENTLEY - Ann BENTLEY - John BENTLEY - Baltimore County - Joseph BENTLEY - Virginia - Harriett (died after her father) w/o Roger WALES - New Jersey .....Eli B. WALES (turned 21 by Oct 1823) .....Edmund L. WALES .....Harriett A. WALES .....Mary B. WALES - Mary Belinda w/ Richard JACOBS - Lancaster Co, PA (both dec'd) .....Hanson B. JACOBS .....Cyrus H. JACOBS .....Caroline JACOBS Land - tract "Good Intent", 13+ acres; Lots 60 and 61 being part of McWILLIAM's addition to the town of Middleburg, fronting Baltimore Street and going back to First Street. Eli was also due a deed for a lot from Henry STAUFFER. "Good Intent" lays adjacent to Middleburg, previously deeded to John COSKERRY from Basil BROOKE and was purchased from a sheriff's writ in 1820 by Eli along with the lots. Administrators were Caleb BENTLEY of Montgomery County and Jacob KUHNS of Frederick County. The grandchildren were minors; Sale was made to George Bentley and Ann Bentley for $732.87
John McKELIP and w/ Ann vs James ADAMS James ADAMS d/ Aug 1822 intestate, leaving widow - Lydia and brothers and sisters - sis/ Ann w/o John McKELLIP sis/ Martha w/o Gabriel McGATH sis/ Sarah JAMES/JONES sis/ Mary w/o Jacob CRESS bro/ John ADAMS, dec'd - his children - .....James ADAMS .....William ADAMS .....Samuel ADAMS .....John ADAMS, minor sis/ Jane HUGHES, dec'd - her children - .....Joseph HUGHES .....Ann w/o Levi DOWNING .....Jane w/o Andrew WITHEROW bro/ Thomas ADAMS, dec'd .....James ADAMS .....Samuel ADAMS .....Harriett ADAMS .....Thomas ADAMS, minor .....Eliza ADAMS, minor .....Emily ADAMS, minor There had been an omission of Elizabeth ADAMS d/o Samuel ADAMS, deceased; however, it is unclear which of the nephews it may have been as nothing is mentioned of a deceased Samuel - or - they recorded the wrong given name. Land - part "Land of Promise" (8 acres from Samuel WATERS), lies along tract "Two Sisters" and contiguous to next tract; and "Pleasant Meadows", from Joseph PLUMMER of Berkley Co, VA (WV) in 1797 and lies along west side of Bush Creek and by Henry WOODS' land; totals 83 acres (the home place). Also, from Joab WATERS (wife Ruth) and Abraham B. WOODWARD in 1808, part "Land of Promise, 47+ acres, lies along Henry WOODS' land and tract "Solomon's Flower". Also, part "Two Sisters", 66+ acres, resurveyed for Samuel WATERS in 1792 (Waters bought from Joseph PLUMMER) from Nathan WOOD and w/ Margaret in 1814, lies by "Hickory Plains", "Land of Promise", "Pleasant Meadows", "Hobbie's Purchase" (John HOBBS), and running division line formerly between Samuel WATERS and Anthony POULTNEY; and part "Land of Promise", 8 acres. Also, part "Hickory Plains", 30+ acres, from Allen FARQUHAR in 1814 (was conveyed to Farquhar and Sarah FARQUHAR jointly from Benjamin MURDOCK in 1811 and Sarah has since devised it to Allen), lies by lands of Philemon GRIFFITH. Sale held 15 Sep 1824 - Lydia ADAMS bought the home place and 74 acres adjoining and the house and lot in New Market; the 30 acre tract sold to Henry WOOD; the 47 acre tract sold to Edward WALKER
John PITTINGER vs Daniel PITTINGER Estate Benjamin PITTINGER - wrote will 17 Nov 1815, filed 6 Feb 1816 wife (died Nov 1815*) - given negro woman DI__AH s/ John PITTINGER s/ Daniel PITTINGER s/ James PITTINGER s/ Jeremiah PITTINGER d/ Catharine PITTINGER d/ Eleanor PITTINGER d/ Mary PITTINGER d/ Prudence PITTINGER d/ Lenah, dec'd - her 6 children - s/ Benjamin PITTINGER, a minor s/ William PITTINGER, a minor grson/ Ambrose BARTLEY Land - "Pittinger's Lot", "Water Lot", "Sixth Dividend", "Royonton Plains", "Resurvey on Royonton"; totaling 428 acres to be divided among the six sons. Sons, John, Daniel, James and Jeremiah were executors; Witnesses: Joshua DELAPLAINE, William MILLER, Henry HINEY. *Codicil on 28 Nov 1815 stated wife died. Daniel PITTINGER d/ 1 Jul 1822 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and two children - - Catharine Rosanna PITTINGER, a minor - Margaret Anne PITTINGER, a minor (FCML shows a Daniel Pittinger m/ Mary COOKERLY - 30 Jun 1813) John PITTINGER was administrator; William COOKERLY was guardian. Daniel's undivided 1/6 part was sold to William MILLER for $1,747.66.
John McPHERSON, adm/of James SMITH, dec'd vs William RENNER William RENNER was indebted to James SMITH for bonds to Philip FISHBURN. William RENNER d/, leaving widow - Mary and children - - Daniel RENNER - live in DC - William RENNER - John RENNER - Jacob RENNER - Mary widow of John SHANK - Catharine w/o Michael CREAGER - Sarah w/o Malachi BARNARD - Margaret w/o George SEISE - Elizabeth RENNER - Susannah RENNER - live in DC Land - Lot #2 in Taneytown; tract "Head's Good Luck", 19 acres; parts of "Spring Plains", 70 + 12 acres from Balser RENN; "Resurvey on Casper's Alley", 20 acres; "Wickham's Discovery", 50 + 177 acres, being a resurvey of "Buck's Range"; "William's Wish", 18 acres; "Resurvey on Welsh Cabin", 54 aces; totaling 401 acres, all adjoining; and Lot# 6 in Taneytown from George TRUX. On 8 Jun 1824, sale was made Col. John McPHERSON $6,018.75
MARTIN vs MARTIN Mathias MARTIN - wrote will 9 Jul 1813, filed 6 Mar 1815 w/ Barbara and children - - George MARTIN d/ intestate, leaving w/ Sarah and .....d/ Ann B. MARTIN, a minor - Elizabeth w/o George SHEETS - Magdalena w/o Lewis MOTTER - Barbara w/o George SMITH - Anne Maria w/o Leonard WAMPLER (assigned their share to John MARTIN) - Catharine w/o Frederick OTT - Margaret w/o Daniel FIROR - John MARTIN - Peter MARTIN The will gave son George the 160 acre plantation (the home place) and a 75 acre mountain lot. Executors were Daniel FIROR and George MARTIN; witnesses: George FLACK, Isaac WILSON, Frederick CRABS. In Jan 1824, George BLESSING was guardian and trustee and also now the husband of Sarah, widow of George MARTIN. The property was sold in two separate parcels, 160 acres on Tom's Creek near CRABB's Mill about 2 miles from Emmitsburg and near the Nunnery, being part of the "Resurvey on Diggs' Lot" and "Martin's Intent"; the other tract "Carolina", 75 acres is a mountain lot about 3 miles from the other parcel. On 22 Mar 1824, Philip BLESSING of Middletown Valley was highest bidder on both parcels for $2,499. In Jun 1824, Sarah was listed as being 31 years old. (FCML shows George Martin m/ Sarah Ott - 3 Mar 1814 George Blessing m/ Sarah Martin - 10 Apr 1821)
WELLER, SHOVER vs Sophia SHOVER Estate Sophia SHOVER d/ 8 May 1822 - wrote will 4 Jan 1814, filed 13 May 1822 - having 4 children - dau/ Sophia, dec'd w/o Daniel ROUZER - her 8 children - .....Peter ROUZER - Virginia .....Jacob ROUZER .....Sophia w/o Peter WARRENFELTZ .....Daniel ROUZER .....Lydia ROUZER .....Martin ROUZER, a minor .....Henry ROUZER, a minor .....Elizabeth ROUZER, a minor son/ Simon SHOVER, dec'd - his children - .....Julia w/o William KIRKWOOD - Ohio .....Jacob SHOVER .....Adam SHOVER .....Catharine SHOVER - Ohio .....Elizabeth SHOVER - Ohio dau/ Catharine w/o Henry WELLER dau/ Barbara SHOVER Executor was Joseph LEATHERMAN; witnesses: Henry KEMP, Daniel MILLER. Further in the bill is listed a Sarah HITECHEW, a minor; but she is not listed in the bill listing the descendants so can't determine if child of Sophia ROUZER or Simon SHOVER. Daniel ROUZER Sr was guardian; Henry KEMP was trustee. Land - tract "Buck's Forest", 137 acres. Sale was held 17 Apr 1824 with highest bidder Joseph LEATHERMAN paying $2,070.04.
John HARRIS vs Frederick GELWICKS and others - Foreclosure In 1820, Frederick GELWICKS was indebted to John BLACK and mortgaged his property, Lot 111 in Emmitsburg; Black assigned the mortgage to John HARRIS. In 1822, Gelwicks made a mortgage to George BRUMBAUGH of Washington County and and Henry RICKENBAUGH of Frederick County for the same property. Frederick GELWICKS was the guardian for the children of Daniel GELWICKS and Brumbaugh and Rickenbaugh were sureties and this mortgage was to protect them from any liability. This mortgage also included a lot on the waters of ?Flatius including the stone quarry on the farm of Detrick DAVIDSON, being part of "Resurvey on Douthus Chance", 2+ acres, conveyed from Patrick DAVIDSON in 1810. Also, there was Lot 110 in Emmitsburg conveyed from John McGIGAN in 1808; also part "Carolina", 12 acres + 75+ acres, conveyed by Henry FAHNESTOCK in 1808. John NICHOLS was trustee; sale was held at the house of Henry G. WATERS in Emmitsburg in Sep and again in Oct 1824 with no bidders; then in Dec 1824 at the third sale, John GRUB became high bidder for $601.
102-111 - MARKEY, SCHOLL, GARNHART, WEIST - Mar 1824
Frederick MARKEY, Blacksmith vs David MARKEY Estate In 1818, David MARKEY was indebted to Christian SCHOLL and so mortgaged his Lot #310 in Frederick Town (conveyed to Markey from Frederick LOCKER). David MARKEY d/ intestate, leaving heirs - - Frederick MARKEY - David MARKEY, a minor Henry GARNHART was guardian, Frederick MARKEY and Jacob WEIST bonded; Samuel BARNES was trustee; on 15 Jul 1824, Frederick MARKEY was high bidder for $200.
STEVENSONs vs HARPERs and STEVENSONs (Mary) Margaret HARPER d/ Sep 1821, leaving husband and children - w/o Richard HARPER (he entitled to life estate in property) - John STEVENSON - William H. STEVENSON - Robert B. STEVENSON - Peter STEVENSON - Mary HARPER - Out of State - Richard HARPER Jr, a minor - Ohio Since Margaret's death, John & William sold their interests to Robert B. STEVENSON. Margaret owned tract "Wood's Lot", 15 acres, and "Usher's Freehold", 3 acres, conveyed to her by William H. STEVENSON in 1819. She and her husband were indebted to Robert B. STEVENSON. R.B. STEVENSON and John LUGENBEEL were bound for the minor's expected share. The trustee, Frederick A. SCHLEY, sold the property at public sale on 20 May 1824 to John HARTZACK for $1,102.50 The husband received 3/10. Peter STEVENSON was indebted to Theodore C. PROSTESTING of Baltimore County who obtained a judgement against Peter. Prostesting has since died and thru his will assigned his executors as Charles BOHN, Frederick W. BRUNE and William FRICK.
Creditors vs John SHANK Estate John SHANK d/ 1821 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 6 children - Catharine w/o Joseph STIMMELL (he died after Shank) - Elizabeth w/o Elias GRUSHONG (she has since died) - her children - .....George GRUSHONG, a minor .....John GRUSHONG, a minor - Solomon SHANK - Nimrod SHANK - William SHANK - John SHANK All children are minors except Catharine STIMMELL. Administrator was William GRIMES Jr; George SHANK (of George) was guardian. Shank was indebted to numerous creditors. Land - "Browning's Inheritance", "Resurvey on Joseph's Friendship", 219 acres, conveyed to Shank by Jeremiah BROWNING (w/ Cassandra) in 1812, which runs by "Resurvey on Pawpaw Bottom" and lands of Jeremiah BROWNING and John FLEMING. Sale was held twice before a high bid was reached for $2,855.12 by Peter BARRACK by Mar 1824.
Nicholas HARTZOCK and Brooke BAKER vs Eli TOWNE and others - Petition to Vacate DEED John MARK sold a lot of ground in Woodsborough to Eli TOWNE (w/ Minerva D.) on which TOWNE secured monies from Brooke BAKER. TOWNE has since left the state of Maryland without paying the note. John MARK (w/ Amelia) also lives out of state. In 1821, Eli conveyed a deed for the lot to John M. BRISH who then conveyed the lot to George BAER (of William) in trust for the wife and children of Eli TOWNE. Minerva D. TOWNE d/ Jun 1823 intestate, leaving children, all minors - Edward TOWNE - Out of State - Eli TOWNE - Out of State - Ann Minerva TOWNE Samuel WILHIDE was guardian for Ann Minerva; John NELSON was trustee; on 23 Jan 1824, sale was made to Brooke BAKER for $505. Among the "property" was a Negro woman SOPHIA and her infant child, AMANDA, sold for $70 on 5 Aug 1821 to Frederick DARKISS with Brooke BAKER receiving the money and signed in the presence of Ezra TOWNE. Sophia's term was to be 10 years from the Spring of 1821 and Amanda "for life if not other".
Valentine CRIST vs Robert FULTON Valentine CRIST mortgaged to John GESEY in 1821 the following land - Lot #3, 7+ acres, being part of 250 acres laid off for the dower of Elizabeth CRIST, widow of Michael CRIST, and conveyed to Valentine in 1821; also, "No Help for My Loss", 200 acres, conveyed to him by Philip CRIST in 1801 (4 acres of which was sold to George FRUSHOUR); and "Resurvey on Ramsburg's Chance" - Lot #4 of 5 acres, Lot #5 of 4+ acres, Lot #6 of 4+ acres and conveyed to him in 1820 by Jacob CRAMER; total 217 acres (plat). Valentine was indebted to Robert FULTON also. Valentine CRIST was guardian for Jacob SNOOK, Maria SNOOK and Simon SNOOK and deeded the listed properties to Jacob CRAMER in 1821 to insure the interests of the SNOOK children. Sale held 28 Mar 1822, bid to Henry GARNHART for $2,116.98; the children lost almost half of their "invested" funds.
KELLER vs KELLER - Settlement of Estate John KELLER d/ c 1821 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and 5 childen - - Jacob KELLER (died by 10 May 1823, no issue) - David KELLER - Julianna w/o Frederick KEMP - Elizabeth w/o Henry KEMP - John KELLER, a minor Land - tract "Diffidence" and "Resurvey on Well's Invention", 209 acres, conveyed by Sebastian RAMSBERG (w/ Elizabeth) in 1811 and conveyed to Sebastian in 1810 by George RAMSBERG. Lewis MOTTER was guardian; Henry CULLER trustee; due to a low turnout, private sale was made on 17 Jan 1824 to Jacob FLOOK Sr for $7,524, clear of widow's dower. Affidavit given by Catharine's brother, John Philip COBLENTZ, who recited from a register previously his father's which listed the births of his brothers and sisters, that Catharine was born on the 12th of Apr 1763; Catharine received 2/19 in lieu of her dower. On 21 May 1824, the minor was living in Trap Town and Philip COBLENTZ was then made guardian.
John BAYLEY, Peter PHEBUS, Valentine ADAMS as exec/of William FOUT, Michael LATE and John LATE as adms/of Jacob LATE, David F. YOUNG and w/ Margaret (GATES), creditors vs Tobias HALLER Estate Tobias HALLER/HULLER d/ intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 8 children - - Henry HALLER - Charlotte HALLER - Mary HALLER, a minor - Susanna HALLER, a minor - Michael HALLER, a minor - Ann HALLER, a minor - Thomas HALLER, a minor - Margaret MOORES (has since died) - her children - .....John Thomas MOORES .....Margaret MOORES Land - House and lots #177 and #178 in Frederick Town on Market Street, conveyed to him in 1806 by John SCHLEY (w/ Mary) and to Schley by Christian RAMSBURG in 1792, adjoins the property of James SMITH. In 1807, an indenture conveys to Tobias land adjoining the same lot numbers from William MICHAEL (w/ Margaret) previously conveyed to him in 1799 by Sophia MICHAEL (she inherited it from the 1783 will of her father, Jacob MICHAEL; it adjoins lot conveyed by Jacob MICHAEL, deceased, to his daughter Catharine on one side and Tobias' lot on other side. John ROBINSON was guardian; Joseph M. PALMER, esq. was appointed trustee but he declined and then Thomas MORGAN became trustee. Defendants stated Michael BAER satisfied the claim of the Youngs. On 16 Sep 1823, the widow agreed to sell her rights of dower to John GEBHART. On the next day, Susanna MORGAN testified the widow was about 49 years old and that she knew her. The widow was given 2/17ths before the distribution of the children. On 3 Jun 1824, Henry KEMP, esq, was high bidder for $100.
202-216 - NAILL, MARING, SPARKS, GARBER - 1825
Christian NAILL Estate Christian NAILL made will on 3 Mar 1815, probated 9 Aug 1815 w/ Elizabeth s/ Christian NAILL d/ intestate, leaving ....w/ Susana and children .....David W. NAILL (administrator) .....Ann NAILL w/o Jacob MARING - their son - ..........Samuel MARING, a minor .....Elizabeth NAILL w/o Joseph SPARKS, of PA .....Maria NAILL, minor (lives in PA) .....John E. NAILL, minor .....William W. NAILL, minor .....Samuel C. NAILL, minor s/ William NAILL d/ Elizabeth w/o Solomon GARBER s/ Samuel NAILL Witnesses to will: Joseph TANEY, James DRUMMOND, Jacob KEIFER. Land - tract part Resurvey on Brother's Agreement in Taney Town, 143+ acres. On 2 Aug 1824, Jacob MARING, age 30, stated his wife Ann has since died leaving a minor son, Samuel MARING, her only heir, and by virtue of this, entitlement of Ann's share now goes to Jacob. Susanna chose to sell her right of dower with the property; on 4 Jan 1825, C. BIRNIE appeared and made oath Susanna was Christian's widow and was about age 32. Guardian Joshua ADELSPERGER was chosen on 14 Aug 1824 to represent the minors. Trustee bonds held by Clotworthy BIRNIE Jr and Clotworthy BIRNIE. On 21 Oct 1824, property was sold at public auction to William NAILL for $2,887.93; case closed out on 13 Jan 1825.
Frisby TILGHMAN of Washington County vs George Jacob CONRADT and Henry KOONTZ In 1818, Frisby TILGHMAN endorsed a note for George J. CONRADT; since then, Conradt has executed a second deed of mortgage to Henry KOONTZ Jr. Land - tracts "Thereabout", "The Mountain Tract", 7+ acres, adjoins Mechanics Town (Thurmont), and next to land conveyed to John Dietrick KRANTZ by Frederick TROXELL. Petition requested the large machinery for manufacturing woolen cloths be included with the mortgaged property as is the house and factory; Koontz testified the machinery and tools were obtained since the 1st mortgage was written. John NELSON was trustee; on 8 Feb 1825 sale was held for real estate only with bid going to Frisby TILGHMAN for $2,000.
George MAINE Estate George MAINE Sr d/ (date & year unknown) intestate, leaving widow - Mary M. and 11 children - - John MAINE - Washington County - Frederick MAINE - Washington County - Mary w/o Cornelius SHAWER, dec'd - VA - Charlotte w/o Leonard MILLER - Ann w/o Robert McFARLAND - Susannah w/o Samuel BOWDEN - George MAINE - PA - Elizabeth w/o William COLLINS - VA - Barbara w/o Jonathan A. MILLER - DC - Catharine w/o Jacob WOLFE - Hannah w/o John McNEAL Land - tract "Full Bottle", 3+ acres, conveyed by Peter WILE Jr in 1820. The widow sold her dower to John McNEAL; Samuel BOWDEN was trustee; private sale was made after failed public sale to Joshua SNYDER for $300 in Oct 1824.
Evan DORSEY Estate Basil DORSEY wrote will 7 Aug 1799; filed 27 Aug 1799 w/ Tabitha (gave Negro - POLL - after Tabitha's death to Lucy STEVENSON) son - Basil DORSEY (gave "Dorsey", 400 acres; "Shipley's Discovery"; "Resurvey on Shipley's Discovery", 13 acres of which were conveyed to him by George BURKHART Sr; and Negroes - WAGARD, AMELIA, CATY, CHARLOTTE and her children) son - Evan DORSEY (gave "Drummine", "Resurvey on Drummine" and 318 acres lying on Bush Creek with Charles HAMMOND's bond of conveyance; "Resurvey on Darby's Delight", runs along "Becraft's Delight"; and Negroes - BEN, PHIL, PHEBE and her 2 children, JASON, RACHAEL, RAEZ) son - Joshua DORSEY (gave tract in Baltimore County; and Negroes - LUCY, POLL, SARAH and her children) dau - Lucy w/o Samuel STEVENSON (gave tract in Baltimore County with Stephen WINCHESTER's bond of conveyance and after her death to Basil STEVENSON; and Negro - HANNAH, CHARLES or if he chooses not to go with her, to be sold to one of his sons) dau - Sophia (gave "Resurvey on Moab", 303 acres; and Negroes - NELL and her children, CATE and her children, SUE and her d/ CHARITY) .....grson - Arthur DORSEY (gave "Walnut Ridge", "Resurvey on Walnut Ridge"; and Negro - PRUSH) son - William DORSEY (dec'd ?) - his childen - ..........Vachel DORSEY (s/o William) (gave "Venus", 102 acres; and Negro - PETER) ..........Corban DORSEY (gave Negro - MESHAS?) ..........Harriett DORSEY (gave Negro - ALLEN) executor: Evan DORSEY; witnesses: Daniel DORSEY, Abraham CRAPSTER, Richard JONES. ---------------- Evan DORSEY d/ "short time ago" intestate, leaving - Upton Lawrence DORSEY - Evan DORSEY - Susan w/o William HOBBS - John DORSEY, a minor - Ann (died before her father) w/o Eden HAMMOND - her only child - .....Evan D. HAMMOND Land - tracts "Resurvey on Colladen" but since called "Partnership", 253+ acres conveyed by Richard COALE (w/ Catharine); "Resurvey on Drummine", 742 acres; and "Venus", 100 acres, purchased from Vachel W. DORSEY (w/ Elizabeth) in 1823. Eden HAMMOND was guardian; Property was resurveyed and divided into five supposedly equal parts; finalized Oct 1823.
Christian SHULLER vs Christian MISKEY of Hopewell Twp, Cumberland Co, PA - Petition to Void Deed In 1812, Christian MISKEY purchased three parcels of land from Andrew HAHN/HAUN with Christian SHULLER of Dickenson Twp, Cumberland Co, PA being the security. In 1824, Miskey (then listed of Frederick Co, MD) made a voluntary conveyance to his son, John MISKEY (a minor) and son-in-law, Jacob MYERS, both of Hopewell Twp, Cumberland Co, PA, in an effort to defraud Shuller and the heirs of Hahn of monies still due them. Land - "The Clean Meadow", 37 acres, bordering lands of Jacob SNIDER; "Molly's Fancy", 217 acres, borders "The Clean Meadow" and division lines of Andrew HAHN Sr and John YOHN and runs to middle of an old road and borders lands of Peter SHOEMAKER (conveyed to him by Andrew HAHN); "Stoney Hill", 2 acres, borders "The Clean Meadow" and "Molly's Fancy"; totals 256 acres conveyed in 1812 by Andrew HAHN Sr (w/ Elizabeth) of the First Range and 9th Twp in Colombiana Co, Ohio to Miskey. In Aug 1825 with no defendants appearing, a decree ordered the deed of Miskey to his son and son-in-law be annulled; there is an 18 month period for defendants to oppose decision.
John McPHERSON vs John BAER Sr John BAER Sr d/ testate (will written 23 Mar 1818, filed 4 May 1818, leaving widow - Mary and children - - Michael BAER d/ Mar-Jul 1823, intestate, leaving .....widow - Charlotte and 3 minor children - .....Ezra BAER .....Ann Elizabeth BAER .....John BAER (d/ between July and 3 Dec 1823) - Ezra BAER - Catharine w/o Thomas GETZENDANNER - Sophia w/o Jacob KEEFER The widow agreed with son Michael that the two Negro men - JACK and HARRY should be sold and all the real estate and $2,000 be placed in interest for the widow's support and then all the debts paid. Land - parts of "Rockey Creek" conveyed by Benjamin JOHNSON in 1774, by John McPHERSON in 1804, by Baker JOHNSON in 1802, by George SCHNERTZALL in 1805, totaling 155 acres; and mountain tract of 115 acres. Part of land runs along main road. On 6 Mar 1823, the property was sold to John McPHERSON for $11,625 ($75/acre). Michael died before conveyance was completed; administrator was Henry KEEFER; Christian KEEFER was guardian; deed was approved to be completed; finalized Jan 1824.
283-286 - GRIFFIN, LEWIS - Jan 1825
John GRIFFIN vs William LEWIS In 1816 John GRIFFIN purchased 1/2 of Lot #279 fronting Patrick Street in Frederick Town from William LEWIS (w/ Eleanor) who then took his family and moved to Ohio. Conveyance contained a release of dower but was not recorded in the allotted time. Court approved the deed could be recorded.
287-296 - DUNN, DENNING, MAURER - Aug 1824
James DENNING vs Edward DUNN Estate Edward DUNN d/ between 15 Nov 1822 and Feb 1823 intestate, leaving widow - Margaret and 3 minor children - - Robison DUNN - James DUNN - Charles B. D. DUNN Land - "This is Nothing", 25 acres, conveyed by James DENNING in 1816. Administrator and trustee was Paul MAURER; the widow was guardian; on 30 Mar 1825, James DENNING became high bidder for $259. On 3 Nov 1825, Joshua WRIGHT, Justice of the Peace, testified he knew the widow and that he believed she was about 40 years old, not afflicted, poor and the mother of several children; widow was given 1/8 of net which was $26.30.
Creditors vs Aquilla ELLICOTT In 1821 Jacob SCHAUB sold Lot #1 and the Lot on west side of Lot #1 of "Stauffer's Addition to Middleburg" (near Middleburg and fronts Baltimore Street and backs Water Street) to Aquilla ELLICOTT (w/ Juliann) with his three promissory notes, two of which Schaub has since transferred to Adam SNOOK and John T. BROOKE. In 1822 Ellicott conveyed a deed of mortgage to Jacob COVER Sr who has sinced died with his administrators being his son, Jacob COVER and John HINER, both of who live out of state, possibly in Pennsylvania. Ellicott also lives out of state and is believed to be in Pennsylvania. Richard H. MARSHALL was trustee; in Oct 1825, Adam SNOOK became high bidder for $100; creditors were paid $.47 on a dollar as monies were insufficient.
Daniel F. DULANEY of Fairfax Co, VA In an 1816 Daniel F. DULANEY conveyed to Michael DORSEY (by 1811 Deed of Trust to Daniel F. DULANEY of Fairfax Co, VA by Benjamin DULANEY and w/ Elizabeth of Alexandria County of the District of Columbia) two Lots on tract "Buck Forrest", 165 acres, (Plat #3 prepared by Lawrence BRENGLE Jr in 1798), runs across Beaver Dam Creek; also two mountain lots on tract "Contentment", 20 acres (#17 and #18 on plat by Andrew SMITH). Michael DORSEY d/ 1820, leaving children - - Mary Ann LOWE - Elizabeth w/o Joseph SMITH - John DORSEY, a minor - Henry DORSEY, a minor - Michael DORSEY, a minor - Harriot DORSEY, a minor - Owings DORSEY, a minor Administrator was Philip W. MARQUAN; Elizabeth DORSEY was guardian; John NELSON was trustee; on 13 Aug 1822, high bid went to William HERBERT but balance was insufficient. A petition was made for William KOONTZ to purchase the said lands at an increased amount and was approved.
314-316 - ADAMS, FOUT - Aug 1824
Valentine ADAMS vs William FOUT Estate (See JS-2, 846-873) - Petition for Conveyance of Deed.
John COOK vs Benedict DARNALL and others In Apr 1814 Benedict DARNALL of Loudoun Co, VA sold 1/4 undivided part of "Hope Farm" (obtained from the 8 Apr 1798 will of his father, Thomas DARNALL, to Thomas' six sons, two who have since died) to Thomas N. BINNS of Baltimore City and Darnall transferred the mortgage to John COOK of Montgomery County. This mortgage was filed at the courthouse where William RITCHIE, Esquire, was clerk and was endorsed by him but was not yet written into the record book before Ritchie died. No one else was authorized to continue in this position until April 1817. About this time, Binns and Darnall obtained possession of the said mortgage and withdrew it from the clerk's office and destroyed it. Afterwards, Binns sold the land to Charles Fenton MERCER of Loudoun County, VA who now possesses the land. Darnall had transferred one of the bonds to Mashach RICHARDS of Montgomery County and he transfered it to Cook. On 29 Jun 1820, Mercer testified Darnall now lived in Ohio. He claimed the whole tract of "Hope Farm" was 986 acres with the four undivided parts being owned by Binns, Raphael DARNALL, William ROSS and John WALKER. That 327 acres were sold to James SIMMONS and 200 acres were leased to Henry KEMP for 6 years, four of which have expired. He further mentions the 'other third' consists of 2,817 acres on the river, Poketaliso in Kenawha Co, VA, estimated at $6,666; also 400-500 acres in the territory now Mississippi estimated at $3,000. He said Binns told him John COOK and Levi PHILLIPS pretended to have right to lands but assured him all notes were paid and there was no lien on said lands and because of this Binns conveyed the Poketaliso land in trust for Richard N. HENDERSON of Leesburg, VA. Mercer also stated there was a lien on the Hope Farm for John DARNALL, brother of Benedict and for the dower of Benedict's wife. He also mentioned a note payable to Benjamin RUSTS of Virginia. Thomas N. BINNS testified soon after the mortgage to Benedict DARNALL, he sold to Darnall a tract of land in Farquier Co, VA which had a valuable merchant mill. Binns claimed Benedict's mother would not give him possession of the Hope Farm land and he did not gain possession until after her death. Thomas N. BINNS d/ before Mar 1823 intestate, leaving widow - Amelia and 3 minor children - all of Baltimore City - Ann Louisa w/o Thomas LAWRENCE - Elizabeth BINNS - Thomas Sim BINNS Administrator was Thomas LAWRENCE; trustee was William ROSS; on 11 Dec 1823, sale made to Levy PHILLIPS as highest bidder for $4,197.60.
Lawrence CREAGER vs John CREAGER of L Trustee was Singleton DuVAL and this appears to be only his report, preceeding part of petition, etc not appearing in this section. From 11 Sep 1820 decree, property near Creagerstown was placed on public auction on 11 Aug 1821 whereby Isaac HANKEY bidded for part of the land but no bid could be gotten for the remainder, it being all mountainous land and believed to be of little or no value. After some period of time, by 25 May 1825, Conradt WILHIDE agreed to a private sale for only $100 for part "What You Please", 18 acres, and "Creager's Surprise", 362+ acres, all on mountain above Mechanics Town and Graceham. Jacob FIROR was acting executor of Lawrence CREEGER's will with Elias WELLER as other executor.
Joseph KANAGA vs John KANAGA Estate John KANAGA sold 52 acres to Joseph KANAGA but before the conveyance was made - John KANAGA died, leaving children - - Nancy w/o Rudolph MYERS - Elizabeth w/o Joel FUNK - David KANAGA (was 21 by 7 Oct 1818) - Barbara w/o Jacob MAUST - PA - Fanny w/o Daniel FUNK - PA - John KANAGA, dec'd - his minor children - PA .....Betsy KANAGA .....Benjamin KANAGA - Christian KANAGA - Ohio - Martha w/o Benjamin BIERS - moved to Ohio by 1824 Land - part "Boot Jack", 125 acres, and part "Puzzlesome Corrected", Lot #7, 43+ acres; bordered Martin KERSNER's part of "Rockey Ridge". Lands were contiguous to each other and were parts of previous tract, "To Have and To Hold", conveyed to John KANAGA in 1814 by Thomas BEATTY, esquire. Lawrence BRENGLE resurveyed the land; Joseph's part was in "Boot Jack". Deed was approved 16 Dec 1824.
Joshua DELAPLAINE and William B. HIBBERD vs Upton S. REID Upton S. REID had many creditors: Bank of Columbia, DC, with securities as Francis Scott KEY and Thomas PLATER, both of DC; George HAPE; George SHAW of Annapolis; Bank of Westminster with Joshua DELAPLAINE and William B. HIBBERD as securities; Farmers Bank of Maryland; R.B. TANEY. A deed of Mortgage was made in 1821 for "New Loudon", 218 acres; an 1820 mortgage was made to John McKILLIP for other lands. Upton S. REID d/ Jan 1822 testate, leaving Margaret REID as sole devisee and John DARBY as executor. Clotworthy BIRNIE represented them. On 6 Sep 1822, public sale was held for the property which was surveyed into lots: Lot #1, 225 acres - William B. HIBBERD for $.15/acre Lot #2, 245 acres - William KNOX and William B. HIBBERD for $9/acre, lies west of the from Frederick Town to Taney Town Lot #3, 230 acres - Basil CRAPSTER for $7.72/acre Lot #4, 115 acres - Basil CRAPSTER for $5.06 1/4/acre Lot #5, 195 1/2 acres - Basil CRAPSTER for $11.85/acre The total sales amounted to $10,261.25 1/2
Erasmus GARROTT and John ECCARD vs John Philpott GARROTT Estate John Philpott GARROTT d/ 1815 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 5 minor children - - Barton/Bartholomew GARROTT, age 12 - Mary Elizabeth GARROTT - Allen Warren GARROTT - John Philpott GARROTT Jr - Joseph Edward GARROTT Land - "Resurvey on Merryland"; "Payne's Delight"; and "Hawkins Merry Peep-A-Day"; conveyed from John PHILPOTT (w/ Anne) of Fairfax Co, VA on 12 Feb 1810 which was 1/2 of the tract of his deceased father, Barton PHILPOTT, from his will, the property where Barton died and Barton's wife was living in 1810. John P. GARROTT also had a few acres by his mill. The widow was administrator and guardian; Erasmus GARROTT was trustee; on 19 Nov 1815, Josiah CRAMPTON became highest bidder for $7,119 for 169 1/2 acres, subject to the life estate of Barbara PHILPOTT, widow of Barton PHILPOTT. On 4 Feb 1822, the following parts were sold at public sale: to James TORRENCE, 100 acres for $1203; to Edward GARROTT, the grist mill and 4-5 acres for $450, all subject to the widow's dower. On 3 Mar 1825, Edward GARROT filed a petition stating on 29 Nov 1806, Edward P. GARROTT sold to Zachariah CLAGETT, lately deceased, a Negro boy named EVANS, then about 13, but noted EVANS had been given to his son, Barton GARROTT by his grand- father, Barton GARROTT, and thus Edward questioned whether he had the power to sell EVANS since his son may want him back when he becomes of age. John P. GARROTT was moving his family to Virginia in 1806 and there was a law against carrying slaves into Virginia. John's written agreement stated Zachariah should be paid $1,000 if his son demanded the return of EVANS. Request was made to return the $100 to Zachariah for the loss of the boy as Erasmus GARROTT as guardian had asked for the return of EVANS; Clagett refused and Erasmus filed suit in Washington County on 11 Apr 1816 when EVANS was 23 and then worth $500. On 12 Nov 1822, Zachariah assigned his interest in EVANS to Edward who is requesting $500 for the loss. Nov 1817 entry shows the sheriff returned EVANS to Zachariah. File closed on 3 Jun 1825.
398-400 - MORT, STRINE, SNOOK, BROOKE - Mar 1820
Adam SNOOK, et al - Reassignment of Trustee Richard BROOKE, esquire, now deceased, was appointed trustee to sell the real estate of Mathias MORT on 3 Dec 1817; which was sold for $3,280.36 to Adam SNOOK but Brooke died before conveying the property. Susannah STRINE, Margaret MORT and John MORT were minor children of Christian MORT, deceased. Singleton DuVAL was appointed the new trustee.
401-408 - KNOTT, DULANEY, HERBERT - Mar 1819
Daniel F. DULANEY of Fairfax Co, VA vs Caleb KNOTT Lot #6 of "Buck Forest", 116 acres surveyed in 1798; Lot #3, 10 wooded acres, conveyed by Daniel F. DULANEY in 1816. On 13 Aug 1825, sale went to William HERBERT for $688.75
DELAUTERs vs Jacob DELAUTER Estate Jacob DELAUTER d/ intestate, leaving 8 children - widow - (unnamed) - George DELAUTER - Mary DELAUTER w/o Samuel BUZZARD - Jacob DELAUTER - Elizabeth DELAUTER, a minor w/o Henry HAUPT - Susanna DELAUTER, a minor w/o John BUZZARD - Catharine DELAUTER, a minor - later w/o John BAER - Jonathan DELAUTER, a minor - Anne DELAUTER, a minor By Jan 1819, Elizabeth and Susanna were of age (21) and were then married as was Mary. Ludwig ROUTZANG was guardian; B.L. PIGMAN was trustee. On 29 Mar 1819, sale was made at Jacob DELAUTER's Grist Mill for 94 acres to Jacob MANSER for $2,444 (subject to widow's dower); 111 acres went to Jacob WOLFE for $900 (subject to widow's dower); also 51+ acres with Grist Mill and Saw Mill to Jacob WOLFE but descendants thought bid was not high enough so was postponed to 2 Aug and then sold to David WOLFE (clear of widow's dower) for $3,000 but David later refused to abide by agreement although he had possession of the property and was working the mills, so for Pigman to fulfill his duties, he had David arrested. George DELAUTER had possession of the mills prior to the sale.
419-432 - HOPPE, SHADE, DURBIN, MYERLY, MATHIAS and others - Jul 1822
Creditors vs Frederick HOPPE Estate Frederick HOPPE d/ intestate, leaving 8 children - widow - Catharine - John Henry HOPPE - Mary w/o George SHADE - Catharine HOPPE, a minor - Rachel HOPPE, a minor - Ferdinand F. HOPPE, a minor - Elizabeth HOPPE, a minor - Sarah HOPPE, a minor - Jacob David HOPPE, a minor Creditors were Magdalena RINEHART, John SHAFER and George ZACHARIAS. Land - parts "Peter's Lott", "John's Luck", "Addition to Peter's Lott", "Iron Intention", "Swope's Luck", and "Close Work", all contiguous and by tracts "Bond's Meadow Enlarged", "Little Valley", "Cryder's Delight", and lands of Michael BAUMGARDNER from Edward BROWN in 1771, and lands of Jacob MYERLY from John BISHOP in 1811, and lands of Daniel KLEIN from John BISHOP in 1803, and land to Daniel KLEIN from Benedict SWOPE in 1786. The lands totaled 117 acres and were conveyed to Ferdinand Frederick HOPPE from John BISHOP (w/ Rachel) on 26 Sep 1818. Administrator and trustee was William DURBIN Jr; John Henry HOPPE was guardian. On 1 Mar 1823, sale was made to Jacob MYERLY for $2,350 clear of widow's dower with Rachel BISHOP as surety on Myerly's bonds. On 26 Feb 1825, Jacob MATHIAS testified the widow, now Catharine WARBIEL, is about 41 years old; she was allowed 1/8 of proceeds in lieu of her dower.
John CRAVER/CRUVER vs Peter EICHELBERGER Peter EICHELBERGER executed an agreement to purchase a house and Lot #2 in Lewis Town and two back Lots #167 and #168 lying on Washington Street in 1818 from John CRAVER of Anne Arundel County and conveyed to Craver from Daniel FUNDENBURG (w/ Rebecca) in 1815; town laid out by Fundenburg from tracts "Cooper's Point", "Miller's Chance", and "Cassell's Desire". The original agreement was in the possession of Jacob EICHELBERGER, the brother of Peter. Joseph M. PALMER was trustee but he declined and requested William SCHLEY, esquire, be appointed instead; sale was held at the house of John DILL on 1 Jan 1825 but sufficient bid could not be obtained; private sale made to John CRAVER for $500 which was still short of debts.
YOUNGs vs David YOUNG Estate Peter YOUNG of Mount Pleasant Twp, Adams Co, PA d/ testate, leaving children - will written 23 Jun 1803, filed 4 Sep 1813? - Rachel WARHAM - Elizabeth DIETRICK, dec'd - her children - _________ .....Samuel ESTER (grandson) - John YOUNG - David YOUNG - his children - .....John YOUNG .....Peter YOUNG .....Andrew YOUNG - died since his father, leaving ..........widow Elizabeth and only son, David YOUNG, a minor Peter left his son David a farm of 125 acres in Frederick Co, MD where David's brother John had a mill; David to have a life estate and John to get mill rents. Son John was executor; witnesses were R. McILHENEY, Christian FRIED, Sebastian WEAVER?. John BLACK was guardian; John and Peter YOUNG, both of Adams Co, PA, were trustees; property sold at private sale to John YOUNG of Adams Co, PA on 3 May 1825. On 14 Jun 1825, John SINGER (administrator of Andrew's Estate) testified Andrew's widow, Elizabeth, was about 26 years old; she received 1/7 of Andrew's share with remainder to her son David.
Henry STEINER, creditor vs John M. BEATTY Estate John Michael BEATTY d/ 1 May 1821 intestate, leaving only child - - Cornelia Anne BEATTY, a minor Land - "Ironsburg? Forest", 65 acres conveyed to him by Bean PIGMAN as trustee for James REED's Estate. Land lies on west side of Monocacy River and cornering on the east bank at the Big Falls of the __ Monocacy (also called the "Mill Seat"). Charlotte BEATTY was guardian; administrator was John HUGHES; sale was held at Peter STICHER's Tavern in Buckey's Town with high bid going to Matthew BROWN for $800 on 5 Jun 1824. In Jan 1825, Isaac McPHERSON of Baltimore City petitioned he had purchased the interests of Matthew BROWN.
George SHRINER & Philip SHRINER vs Henry BEAMER, guardian of John & Catharine BEAMER Philip BEAMER wrote will 4 Dec 1802, filed 22 Mar 1806 widow - - Elizabeth COY? - John BEAMER - Mary ACKER - Henry BEAMER (farm & plantation), and executor - _______ SUMMERS - her children - .....Philip SUMMERS .....Elizabeth SUMMERS Henry BEAMER d/ 26 Jan 1824 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth (d/o Peter MOCK, dec'd) and 7 children, all minors except John & Catharine - Catharine (b/ 12 Apr 1799) w/o Jacob ShRINER - John BEAMER (b/ 13 Jun 1802) - Philip BEAMER - Jacob BEAMER - Samuel BEAMER - Henry BEAMER - Eli BEAMER Guardian in Peter MOCK's estate was Henry BEAMER for children John and Catharine with George SHRINER and David KEPHART as securities. After Henry's death, the guardian of Henry Beamer's children was John BEAMER; George SHRINER was trustee. Land - tract "Frogg Meadow", 101+ acres, 2/1/2 miles from Taneytown on Pipe Creek, granted to Philip BEAMER in 1762; and "Slipe", 4 acres by patent in 1786; both inherited from his father's will. Also, "Runny Mede Enlarged", 6 acres, to Henry from Clotworthy BIRNIE in 1818; and made deed of mortgage to George SHRINER and Philip SHRINER. Daughter Catharine became of age on 12 Apr 1820; on 13 Jun 1823, son John became of age. In Jun 1824, the highest bidder was Jacob SHRINER for $2,855.19, but the trustee, George SHRINER, died before his duties were completed, sometime in the Fall of 1824. George B. SHRINER was appointed the trustee to complete the duties.
HUFFMAN vs John HUFFMAN Estate John HUFFMAN d/ bet Jan-Feb 1824 intestate, leaving children - - Jacob HUFFMAN - Mary HUFFMAN - Elizabeth w/o Jacob SULLIVAN - Margaret w/o Daniel BOWER - Hannah w/o Joshua LOGUE - Catharine w/o Jonas CUSTER - PA - her minor children - .....Jonas CUSTER .....Samuel CUSTER .....Elizabeth CUSTER .....Mary Ann CUSTER - William HUFFMAN - Mary HUFFMAN - Lydia HUFFMAN - Nancy HUFFMAN Jacob and Mary HUFFMAN became administrators of John's estate in Feb 1824; In 1817, John paid for a coffin for his mother. No description given on the property. William DURBIN was made trustee; on 5 Mar 1825, sale made to Nicholas BEAM for $806.
Cyrus MANTZ and Barbara ROBERTSON vs Charles HAMMOND Estate On 20 Mar 1813, Charles HAMMOND sold a tract of land to James ROBERTSON. Charles HAMMOND d/ 1 Apr 1822 intestate, leaving 2 minor children - - Adelia HAMMOND - Charles HAMMOND Land - tract "Hammond's Request", 79 acres, lies by tract "Resurvey on Beatty's Range", south side of Linganore Creek, near where it enters into the Monocacy; also by "Addison's Choice" (dam controls were included in deed which was also a mill seat). Administrator was Thomas HAMMOND; guardian was Daniel SWEADNER. James ROBERTSON d/ 23 Apr 1823 intestate Administrators were Cyrus MANTZ and Barbara ROBERTSON who sold the land on 4 Sep 1823 to Alexander McPHERSON for $35,500; but never had the deed conveyed to James ROBERTSON from Charles HAMMOND. Conveyance was approved Aug 1825.
GILLMYER vs Bartholomew Mc CAFFREY Francis GILLMYER d/ will 21 Apr 1816, filed 29 Apr 1816, leaving widow - Catharine d/ by 10 Dec 1823 s/ John L. GILLMYER (tract in Morgantown, VA/WV) - his children - .....Catharine GILLMYER .....Francis GILLMYER s/ Joseph GILLMYER (to be provided for by executors) d/ Catharine w/o Walter JENKINS, dec'd - her child .....Ann Elizabeth JENKINS s/ Francis GILLMYER d/ Mary w/o Francis A. MUELLER - her son - .....Francis MILLER s/ Jacob GILLMYER d/ Elizabeth GILLMYER w/o Peter SMILEY - her child - .....Catharine SMILEY d/ Sarah GILLMYER w/o James STORM - her child - .....James STORM s/ George GILLMYER - his son - .....Joseph GILLMYER d/ Teresa GILLMYER Catharine sold a house in Emmitsburg, on the diamond square, to Bartholomew McCAFFREY (where he had been living) on Jan 1817 but McCaffrey failed to make all payments and petition was filed by Catharine. On 10 Dec 1823, John HARRIT and George GROVER, as executors of Catharine, filed petition also. Catharine's will listed Slaves - JOE (to be freed), HANNAH, and their children - BILL, ISAAC, IAN?, JOE, JANE, RACHEL and HANNAH's unborn child Although JOE was to be freed, HANNAH was to be sold and then freed after 5 more years; all the children were to be sold and not freed until after they reached the age of 35. On 7 MaY 1825, Patrick QUINN became highest bidder for $300. (FCML lists John L. Gillmyer to Margaret BERRYER on 26 Dec 1810)
James TORRENCE, creditor vs Leonard SCAGGS Estate Leonard SCAGGS d/o 4 Oct 1821 intestate, leaving 10 minor children - - Mahala w/o George WINPIGLER - Elizabeth Anne SCAGGS - m/ Lloyd HARPER - Eleanor SCAGGS - m/ George POTTER - Rebecca SCAGGS - m/ Westhill RIDGELY - Leonard Thomas SCAGGS - Sarah Anne SCAGGS - Ohio - Benjamin SCAGGS - Julianna SCAGGS - Henry Alexander SCAGGS - John Levin SCAGGS Land - 13 1/2 acres Administrator was James RICE; guardian was John THOMAS; no mention of widow. James TORRENCE was trustee and on 6 Sep 1823, highest bidder was James CASTLE for $897. Lloyd & Elizabeth HARPER sold their interest to James TORRENCE.
Jacob KOONS vs Frederick SHEELY Estate Jacob OTTO and Frederick SHEELY were indebted to Henry KOONS Sr by an 1815 'bill'. Henry KOONS Sr died with a will designating Jacob KOONS as his administrator. Jacob OTTO had become insolvent. Andrew SHEALY d/ 1 Mar 1811 intestate, leaving widow - Appolonia SHEALY and his administator, but she d/ bef Mar 1816 intestate their children - - Frederick SHEALY - John SHEALY - Elizabeth w/o Charles IRONS - Andrew SHEALY - Samuel SHEALY Frederick SHEALY became the administrator after Appolonia's death in Mar 1816, but Frederick SHEELY d/ abt 1 Jan 1823 intestate, leaving widow - Susanna - and minor children - - Henry SHEELY - Mary Appolonia SHEELY - Sarah SHEELY - Eve Kitty Ann SHEELY Administrators were Jacob KEEFER and Thomas KEEFER; guardian was Henry KEEFER; Joseph TANEY was trustee. Land - part "Bedford", 75 acres; sale made on 1 Aug 1824 to Henry KEEFER for $485.87, subject to the widow's dower. On 9 Dec 1824, an added Petition was made for monies due from Frederick as administrator for his parents' estate. Payment made to creditors for $.33 on the dollar as estate was still short.
COSTs vs Gassaway SELLMAN Estate - Division of Real Estate Gassaway SELLMAN - will dated 13 Jan 1823, filed 9 May 1823, leaving children - - William SELLMAN - Montgomery County .....Gassaway SELLMAN - Sarah w/o George PUSEY - Elizabeth w/o Cornelius GRIMES - Baltimore County - Margaret w/o Elias GRIMES (had no children by date of will) - Susan w/o Henry COST (m/ since her father's death) Negro SLAVES to be taken in as part of estate - UPTON now in son William's possession - RACHEL now in dau/ Elizabeth's possession - MARIA - to be given to dau/ Susan Notes due to Gassaway from Samuel CLARY, William HOBBS (of Samuel), Jesse ENGLE. Land - Resurveyed (except part where Edward KENNEDY now lives as he would not allow that part to be surveyed) and divided into 4 parts, William having already received his part on tract "Just As You Like". Lot #1 - Susan's parts "Resurvey on Pretty Sally", "Just As You Like", 140 acres; runs along tract "I Looked May Places, None I Liked" and William HOBBS' part; conveyed by Charles CHAINY in 1814. 2nd part consists of "Bite Me Softly", 9 acres. Lot #2 - Margaret's parts "Resurvey on Pretty Sally" and "Bite Me Softly", 116 acres. 2nd part consists of part "Favour and Ease", 75 acres; runs by "Resurvey on Black Bottom" and land conveyed to Gassaway in 1812 by Elisha BROWN. Lot #3 - Sarah's part "Resurvey on Dorsey's Search"; lands conveyed by Basil DORSEY to Gassaway and Henry SNYDER in 1808; runsa along Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike, east end of Tavern house; contains half the value of lands in possession of Edward KENNEDY. Lot #4 - Elizabeth's part "Resurvey on Dorsey's Search"; lands conveyed by Basil DORSEY to Gassaway and Henry SNYDER in 1808; runs along Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike; contains half the value of lands in possession of Edward KENNEDY. It appears Gassaway made an agreement to sell Edward KENNEDY part of the estate but it is not fully paid as yet and was to be considered as part of his estate for value.
John McALLEN Estate John McALLEN d/o Feb 1819 intestate, leaving children - - John McALLEN - Robert McALLEN - Mary w/o Robert ROBERSON - Sarah widow of John SPEECE - Thomas McALLEN, dec'd - his minor children - Out of State .....Sarah McALLEN .....Jane McALLEN .....Thomas McALLEN - Jane, dec'd w/o Alexander HORNER - her children - Out of State .....Eliza w/o John HARPER .....Eli HORNER, a minor .....John HORNER, a minor .....Silas HORNER, a minor Land - tract "Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands", 198 acres, 3 miles from Taneytown conveyed in 1805 from James KEER of Masser Co, PA (should this be KERR of Mercer Co, PA?), lies along Daniel LONG's land (conveyed to him by John SCHOLFIELD), Jonathan AGEY's, tract "Carrollton" and along the bank of Alloway Creek. Joseph Mortimer PALMER was trustee; on 21 Oct 1825, sale was held in Taneytown at the house of John CRAPSTER; high bid went to John McKALEB, esquire for $1,192.99. but the acreage is in question.
Abraham BLESSING vs Jesse MATTHEWS Estate Jesse MATTHEWS d/ 7 Feb 1820 intestate, leaving 4 children - - Margaret d/ 2 Oct 1822 w/o Abraham DEAVER - their minor children .....Ann DEAVER .....Susan DEAVER .....Jesse M. DEAVER .....Martha DEAVER .....Henry T. DEAVER - Elizabeth w/o Levin WEAKLEY - Martha w/o Benedict WEAKLEY - Anne w/o Samuel WEAKLEY Land - part "Good Luck", 10 acres, conveyed from Christian EASTERDAY (w/ Julianna) in 1794 which he obtained in 1760; lies on sw side of Catoctin Creek near the waggon road to Harper's Ferry. -"Fielderea", 15 acres, from Fielder GANTT, adjoins "Good Luck". - Lot #42 of "Fielderea", 82 acres, from John CAIN (w/ Catharine) in 1797 (he purchased at public auction in 1792 from Abner VERNON and Patrick HORNE, executors of James HUNTER of Virginia); adjoins "Good Luck" tract, "Resurvey on Webb's Invention", "Sheerers' Fields", and "Fielderea"; totals 59 acres with dwelling house, a merchant mill and a cooper's house, is situated near Trap Town (Jefferson). Since Jesse's death, Samuel and Anne WEAKLEY transferred their interests to James WEAKLEY (w/ Ruth) and he transferred it back to Samuel and Anne; then in Dec 1823 Samuel transferred it to Benedict WEAKLEY of Loudoun Co, VA and Eliza WEAKLEY (she later married Levin WEAKLEY) of Frederick County, MD. On 29 Apr 1825, Benedict & Martha WEAKLEY, Eliza & Levin WEAKLEY, transferred their interests to Abraham BLESSING for $5,000. Abraham DEAVER was guardian for his children and trustee; sale made to Abraham BLESSING for $5,000 on 24 Dec 1825; Abraham DEAVER received 3/8 of his wife's share as his dower; finalized 11 Apr 1826.
KEMPS vs Bernard HERSPERGER Estate - Division of Land Bernard HERSPERGER - will dated 11 Jun 1798, filed 22 Sep 1798, leaving - Henry HERSPERGER - Barbara w/o Solomon KEMP - Dorothy KEMP - Elizabeth (d/ since her father) w/o DeValt YOUNG - her children - .....Elizabeth YOUNG .....Barnet YOUNG - Washington County .....Jacob YOUNG - Mary (d/ since her father) w/o John MAY - VA - her children - .....Catharine MAY .....Jacob MAY .....Mary MAY w/o Joseph SMITH .....Susanna MAY, a minor .....Elizabeth MAY, a minor .....Daniel MAY, a minor - Eve HERSPERGER - m/ M. RENNER (should be Michael RUNNER) (she died after her father and husband, intestate, leaving children - .....Michael RUNNER .....Elizabeth RUNNER - m/ John DeGRANGE (stepdaughter) Ann w/o Conrad KEMP Land - "Lowland", lying on the north side of road leading from Frederick Town to Harper's Ferry through Trap Town (Jefferson). Also, "Welles Invention", "The Title is Good"; was resurveyed in 1798 by Bernard for 141 acres (Henry's part not included as already laid out). Lot #13 - Dorothy's Lot #14 - Mary's Lot #15 - Barbara's Lot #16 - Eve's Lot #17 - Elizabeth's
Creditors vs David DELAUTER David DELAUTER was security for Jacob MANSER for real estate of Jacob DELAUTER sold to Manser who is now insolvent. The property has been sold and credited to David DELAUTER. David DELAUTER - will dated 13 Nov 1819; filed 29 Dec 1819, leaving widow - Elizabeth - Jacob DELAUTER - David DELAUTER Jr - Henry DELAUTER - Daniel DELAUTER - Mary w/o George KUHN - Susanna w/o Jacob MENSER - Out of State in Sep 1823 - Catharine widow of Henry SCHLOSSER - Barbara w/o George GLADHILL - Elias DELAUTER, a minor - Peter DELAUTER, a minor Sons - Daniel was given 30 acres where he then lived; Jacob was given the 80 acres where he then lived; Henry had been given his share and was named as the executor; the plantation "Gilbert's Inheritance", 180 acres, was to be given to the youngest two sons after the youngest, Peter, became of age (21), along with 40 acres of wood land on "Last Choice". David was security for son David Jr. who became insolvent. Jacob MENSER was also insolvent and was at the time jailed for it; his land, part of "Delauter's Luck", 89 acres, was sold to John GROSSNICKLE for $239.60; also 4 acres of same tract was sold to Henry DELAUTER for $12.70; lands had been mountain land but Menser had cut down and sold most of the timber. Elizabeth DELAUTER was guardian of the minor children; Bean S. PIGMAN was trustee; the widow's dower was laid out to include parts of "Gilbert's Inheritance Enlarged", 64 acres, (which was conveyed to David DELAUTER by Jeremiah GILBERT and Frederick CROFT in 1803), adjoined "Zars" and lands of Jacob SUMMERS. The second part of the widow's dower was included in "Last Choice", 26 acres, adjoins lands of Henry DELAUTER. Her sections included the dwelling house, barn and stables. This record includes a plat and extensive descriptions of all land holdings. On 9 Apr 1824, sale was held with Conrad CRANE buying parts "Johnson's Thickett"; "Johnson's Lane Enlarged"; "Second Chance"; "Brotherly Kindness"; totals 78 acres for $2,047.50. Also sold was part "Gilbert's Inheritance Enlarged", 102 acres, to Peter SCHLOSSER at $1,905.24; part "Land of Promise", 30 acres, to Henry DELAUTER at $5/acre. About three weeks later at Samuel POWELL's tavern in Middle Town, sale was made to Henry DELAUTER for "Last Choice", 57 acres; total received from Henry DELAUTER was $250.
John KNAUFF Estate John KNAUFF d/ 7 Apr 1818 intestate, leaving children - - John KNAUFF - James KNAUFF - Elizabeth w/o George VALENTINE - Fanny w/o James MORRISON - Sarah w/o John STIGERS - Hannah w/o Jacob WELTY - Mary w/o Michael KEEPERS - her only son, .....John KEEPERS, a minor Land - tract "All Is Safe Now", 373 acres Michael KEEPERS was guardian; John KNAUFF was trustee who opted for private sale after three unsuccessful attempts at public auction; sale made to Joshua DELAPLANE on 31 Dec 1825 for $4,476.
Philip SHANK Estate Philip SHANK d/ Jun 1795 intestate, leaving widow - who recently died - and children - - Daniel SHANK d/ intestate since his father - his children - .....David SHANK .....Elizabeth SHANK, a minor .....Polly SHANK, a minor .....Emanual SHANK, a minor .....Sally SHANK, a minor .....Susanna SHANK, a minor .....Kitty SHANK, a minor .....Lydia SHANK, a minor - John SHANK - Peggy w/o John FUNDENBURG - Adam SHANK - Elizabeth w/o William MICHAEL Jr - Jacob SHANK - Ohio - Peter SHANK - Washington Co, MD - Susan w/o Charles P. GRAZE .....3 minor children, oldest is age 11 - Polly w/o David BUZZARD - Ohio Land - tract "Cool Spring", 77 acres, from Joseph RENTCH (w/ Barbara), John RENCH (w/ Margaret) and Andrew RENCH (w/ Elizabeth), they from Washington Co, MD, in 1784; lies 200 yards from the Wagon Road and 1 mile from John BURGESS. Philip H. CRAMER was guardian; John SHANK and William MICHAEL Jr were trustees; on 6 Mar 1826, sale was made to John R. MAGRUDER for $3,092.32. It was reported Charles P. GRAZE deserted his family about three years ago and it is believed he ran off to Indiana with another woman who has since had his child. Susan asks the court to issue protection for her share for her and her children against any attempt of her husband's return to claim it solely for himself as he has not provided anything for her or her children. In Jan 1827, Susan once again petitioned the court to obtain some of inheritance for placement to draw interest to be used for the support of her children since her husband has never returned to offer her any support; court approved her request.
Creditors vs Jacob COOKERLY Estate Jacob COOKERLY was indebted to Joshua DELAPLANE and John CARMACK for the purchase of the farm of Daniel DELAPLANE. Jacob COOKERLY - will dated 11 Aug 1819; filed 3 Nov 1820 widow - Rosina - (moved to North Carolina) and children - - John COOKERLY - Jacob COOKERLY - Mary PITTINGER, now w/o Elias GROSHON - Catharine (recently died) w/o Isaac DERN - Margaret COOKERLY - William COOKERLY (was executor) - Samuel COOKERLY NEGROES - girl PRISS (to widow); ANDREW (to son William). Lands given to sons, William and Samuel - tract "Miller's Choice" (of the "Resurvey on Welsh Cabin"), 216 acres, adjoining lands of Cornelius CARMACK; also, part "Resurvey on Welsh Cabin", known as "Buck's Range", 6 acres; and "Fifth Dividend", 90 acres; and part "Resurvey on Welsh Cabin", 3 acres. Robert FULTON was trustee; on 29 Mar 1826, at the house of John DILL in Frederick, high bid went to William COOKERLY for $7,500.
Michael ECARD (also spelled ACRE, AIKART, ECKARD) Estate Michael ECARD d/ intestate, leaving 6 children - - Henry ECARD - Elizabeth w/o John COBLENTZ - Catharine w/o Jacob COBLENTZ - Ohio (she died since her father) - her minor children - .....Peter COBLENTZ .....Catharine COBLENTZ .....Jacob COBLENTZ - Magdalena w/o Jonah BUFFINGTON - Barbara w/o Solomon RENNER - Mary w/o Thompson McCREY Land - "Carroll's Range", 131 acres from Henry HAWN and Jacob HAWN, executors of Ludwick HAWN in 1814; "Unity"; "Mill House", 23 acres from Leonard SHAUN (w/ Mary) in 1773; "Resurvey on Hibernia", 13 acres, from Leonard SHAUN (w/ Mary) in 1773; "Low Berney", 3 acres, by warrant in 1794; totals 398 acres. Parts of "Carroll's Range" were on the branches of Piney Creek and on the draught of Great Pipe Creek and, in 1750, Neale CAMPBELL and John LAMBERT were living on some of those parts which made up the 300 acres of vacant land for which Dr. Charles CARROLL petitioned. Joseph M. PALMER was trustee; on 3 Dec 1824, highest bid went to John McKALEB for $2,109.40; Jacob COBLENTZ, the widower, was given 6/17 share. John McKALEB had bought the interests of Magdalena, Barbara and Mary.
672-686 - RAYMER, GAVER, WARENFELTZ - Jul 1821
Peter WARENFELS vs John RAYMER Estate John RAYMER d/ intestate, leaving widow - Susanna - and 3 minor children - - Ann R. RAYMER - William D. RAYMER - John A. RAYMER Land - part "The Three Brothers", 152 acres; "Hazle Bottom", 4 acres, from Peter WARENFELS (w/ Sophia) in 1819; borders Henry AMBROSE's orchard and tract "Stephen's Hope"; George GAVER signed as security with John RAYMER. Administrators were John McNEIL and Peter RAYMER; guardian was Peter RAYMER, the children's grandfather. On 7 Jan 1822, the widow and George GAVER requested that Peter RAYMER be one of the trustees so the interests of the widow and children would be better protected; court approved it with John McNEIL as the other trustee. The widow's dower portion of land was laid off prior to the sale where high bid went to Peter WARENFELTZ for $2,996.49, subject to dower rights. The property was located in Middle Town Valley. Creditors were paid $.44 1/2 on the dollar; finalized on 27 Apr 1826.
DAniel SELL vs Peter ZIMMERMAN Estate Peter ZIMMERMAN, Adams Co, PA - d/ intestate, leaving 11 children - - John ZIMMERMAN - Nancy w/o David ECKARD - Peter ZIMMERMAN - Barbara w/o David WEAVER - Mary w/o Henry WELTY - Frederick Co, MD - Esther ZIMMERMAN - Samuel ZIMMERMAN - Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN - Judith ZIMMERMAN - Susan w/o John ARTHUR - Joseph ZIMMERMAN, dec'd - his 9 minor children - .....Esther ZIMMERMAN .....Peter ZIMMERMAN .....Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN .....Mary ZIMMERMAN .....John ZIMMERMAN .....Joseph ZIMMERMAN .....Nancy ZIMMERMAN .....Catharine ZIMMERMAN .....Henry ZIMMERMAN All live out of Maryland except Mary and Henry WELTY, as noted. On 18 Apr 1818, Peter Jr of Frederick Co, MD sold to Peter Sr of Adams Co, PA, part tract "Carrollsburgh"; and a part of same tract, Lot #16, 10 acres, which was formerly owned by James YOUNG, dec'd, and has since been laid off in lots by Andrew SMITH, surveyor, at the request of Robert L. ANNAN and William EMMIT, esq., and was conveyed to Henry KEAGY, and he conveyed to Peter ZIMMERMAN Jr. James NICHOLLS, esq, was trustee; on 6 Jan 1826, after two failed public sales, private sale was made to William SMITH for $321; creditors were paid $.89 on the dollar.
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