Frederick Co, MD - Equity JS-2

Frederick Co, Maryland
Equity Records - Liber JS-2

These are abstracts from Equity Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JS-2; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket.   Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story.   Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.

1-12 - Richard ROOT vs estate of Margaret ROOT

Margaret ROOT died intestate and, having no children,
left 6 brothers and sisters and their children as follows:

bro/ Richard ROOT

sis/ Jane w/o Edward RICHARDS (out of state)

bro/ James ROOT, deceased
.......Elizabeth w/o John PONTION (out of state)
.......John ROOT (out of state)
.......Ann w/o Edward RILEY (out of state)
.......Daniel ROOT (out of state)

bro/ Daniel ROOT, deceased
.......Margaret w/o George CROWL (out of state)
.......Sarah w/o John COOK
.......Ann TAYLOR
.......Mary w/o Hugh McCLAIN (out of state)
.......Elizabeth w/o Henry GEER (out of state)
.......Lydia w/o Philip HINES (out of state)
.......Daniel ROOT, minor
.......Harriott w/o Nathan ENGLAND, minor

sis/ Sarah widow/o John DAVIDSON (out of state)

sis/ Ann w/o James DEATH (out of state)

Deed dtd 8 Feb 1809 to Margaret ROOT from John YANTIS (& wife Catherine) for $60 for Lot# 73 on
north side of Main Street in Liberty Town, previously owned by Henry FOX.

Petition to sell real estate to settle account. Guardian appointed was Nathan ENGLAND on 28 Feb 1822.
Sale was held 24 Apr 1822 for the house, lot and outbuildings and went to David HINES & Nathan
ENGLAND for $236; 1/6 share was $31.06; case closed 10 Jul 1822.

12-26 - Laurence CREEGER vs Estate of John CREEGER of Lawrence

John CREEGER of Laurence d/ 2 Mar 1819 and owed $5,000 for tracts "What you Please", 18 acres + 2
acres by John WISEMAN in May 1815; "Resurvey on Content" (deeded by Nathaniel & Judith LIVERS
and son Anthony on 16 Mar 1814) and "Creeger's Surprise", 362 5/8 acres. Laurence acted as surety for
the mortgage.

Sarah OGLE, Joseph OGLE & wife and Thomas OGLE previously owned "Resurvey on Content" and after
their deaths, the property descended to Judith LIVERS as heir of Sarah OGLE.

On 11 Sep 1820, Laurence CREEGER filed foreclosure of mortgage to John with Joseph CREEGER
appointed as Trustee but he failed to make bond. Then, Singleton DU VAL was appointed as Trustee on 22
Mar 1821 Sale was held 11 Aug 1821 for the small farm in Creagerstown, "Resurvey on Content" of 125
acres, which had a house, barn, garden, a "never failing" spring and 15-20 acres of meadow and was
located 1/4 mile from Graceham on the road to Creegerstown and two miles from Creegerstown.
"Creager's Surprise" consisted of timbered mountain land. Isaac HANKEY was highest bidder and paid
down payment but sale was voided after non-payment of balance but afterwards it appears the sale was
reinstated and he was charged interest. Last date of entry was 16 Jun 1822.

26-40 - John McPHERSON vs BOGEN & FOUT

John Nicholas Andrew BOGEN, deceased
w/ Amelia Magdalena BOGEN

BOGEN owned Lot # 38 & 39 in Frederick Town from Daniel GAVER (wife Elizabeth) in deed dated 21
Apr 1787 by John Jacob SCHLEY. Either this property or the next-door property was previously owned by
John LINGENFELTER, now deceased. BOGEN was indebted to William FOUT for $755 and also to
Barbara FOUT, George FOUT and Chrisitan SCHOLL. On 5 Jul 1817, BOGEN made a Deed of Mortgage
to William FOUT, Barbara FOUT, George FOUT and Christian SCHOLL as tenants in common.

William FOUT died with will written 13 Oct 1819 and probated 21 Feb 1820
leaving a wife Magdaline and 7 minor children -
1. Elizabeth
2. John
3. Margaret
4. Barbara
5. Charlotte
6. Mary (Polly)
7. Michael William
and stepson Valentine ADAMS

Witnesses were Henry & David KEMP and Henry KEEFER. His land was "Resurvey on Locust Level",
part of "Rocky Creek". He owned slaves. Land had been issued to Barbara MAYER and Peter
HOFFMAN, ex/o John Jeremiah MAYER on 22 Sep 1778.

Henry POOL was named guardian on 16 Feb 1821.

40-47 - Henry CULLER vs John HYMES on 12 Feb 1820

John HYMES was indebted by mortgage for $600 for Lott # 3 in Berlin (Brunswick). Sale was held 15 Sep
for house and lot for $500 and furnishings for $65.84. Two of the purchasers of furnishings were Frederick
LOWERY and Joseph DAVIS. Case closed on 7 Jun 1822.

47-67 - Settlement of the Estate of Theodore MITCHELL

Theodore MITCHELL d/ Sep 1819 intestate leaving children -
1. Sarah
2. Rachel w/o Thomas MITCHELL
3. Julia w/o Benjamin MOORE
4. Cassandra w/o James GITTINGS
5. Theodore G.
and deceased daughter Elizabeth who died before her father
w/o William PAINTER, living in OHIO ?? with daughter Mary Ann

Land was "Fielderea", 170 acres by James SMITH.
Indenture dtd 10 Nov 1796 for 331 pounds and 10 shillings current MD money was sold to Theodore
MITCHELL from James SMITH by Adam HUNTER, Abner VERNON and Patrick HOME, all of Virginia
and ex/o James HUNTER by deed dtd 28 Jun 1792.

Julia and Cassandra sold their share to Tilghman MITCHELL; Theodore G. sold his share to Thomas
MITCHELL; and after the sale, Sarah sold her share to Thomas MITCHELL for $1,165. Mary Ann
PAINTER, now in Frederick Co, Maryland and a minor had Patrick McGILL for a guardian appointed on
1 Nov 1821. Sale for 40 acres was made on 19 Feb 1822 to James TORRANCE.

James GITTINGS of Hardin Co, Kentucky, was bound to Tilghman MITCHELL of Prince Georges Co,
Maryland for $2,400 on 25 Nov 1820. Since he married Cassandra d/o Theodore MITCHELL before the
latter's death, he was acknowledged as a recipient. Each share of 1/6 = $1,108.97.

67- 83 - Michael WACHTER vs George MARKER Sr. - Jul 1821

Michael WACHTER acted as security for George MARKER Sr in a deed of Mortgage from Rev. George
GRAVER / GAVER for $300. MARKER also owned WACHTER $800. GRAVER obtained a judgement
on this deed of lands by Valentine LINGENFELTER by deed 3 Jun 1805 with George KOLB and Henry
KOONTZ Jr. as witnesses.

William ROSS was Trustee and assigned to sell the real estate to the highrest bidder which was Michael
WACHTER for $2,000 - 303 acres: "Catch It If You Can", pt "Hogg's Nest", pt "Fuller Delight", pt "We
Have Got The Bird In The Cage", pt "Neighbors Accomodated". It consisted of 130 acres clear with three
log dwellings, two barns, a grist mill, saw mill and orchard. It was in Middletown Valley, 6 miles from
Middletown on right side of road from Middle Town to Hagers Town adjoining the lands of Jacob

Petition of William WERTENBAKER obtained judgement on 13 Nov 1820 which was superseded by John
VANANDA, John MARKER & Paul MARKER in that Paul MARKER was in possession of part of the
land sold and he had paid $1,700 but had no deed and land was mortgaged by George MARKER and many
others were also involved in mortgages.

83 - Henry BAER vs William WERTENBAKER & David LEVY
Jul 1821; dismissed 29 May 1822.

83 - Peter LOWERS vs Michael KOLB & George KOLB
Oct 1819; satisfied 12 Jul 1822.

84 - Samuel JOHNSON vs Daniel FUNDENBERG & Horation Hobbs HOY
Jul 1819; dismissed 15 Jul 1822.

84 - Sarah LEEKINS & others vs Daniel LEEKINS
Mar 1819; dismissed 15 Jul 1822.

84 - Patrick LOWE on Petition
Jan 1818; auditor's report in H-57 Equity.

84 - Mary STOCKMAN vs Jacob STOCKMAN
19 Sep 1821; satisfied 26 Aug 1822

84 - David HIME & Ann, his wife vs Jacob STOCKMAN
18 Jan 1822; satisfied and dismissed 26 Aug 1822.

85 - Samuel JOHNSON vs Jacob BRANDENBURG, Samuel DUVALL & John NULL
2 Mar 1822; set "off" 31 Aug 1822.

85-99 - Barnett AMES & Richard ALLEN of Augusta, Georgia
vs George CAREY and James CAREY, both of Columbia County, Georgia

Debt was owed by George & James CAREY of $2,469.95 for a lot and stone houses in Frederick Town
adjacent and lying upon Court House Square adjacent to the branch bank of Farmers Bank of Maryland
(land stretched towards Patrick Street).

The property was previously owned by

Robert Turner CAREY who died intestate, no issue, and had only two brothers, William CAREY and John
D. CAREY, who both died before he did.

Children of brother -
William CAREY, died intestate
1. Cyrus of Virginia
2. Elizabeth (w/o Lewis GREEN of Frederick Co, Md)
3. William of Virginia
4. Robert, minor of Frederick Co, Md
5. Eleana, minor of Frederick Co, Md
6. John D., minor of Frederick Co, Md
and his widow, Barbara, now w/o Robert RITCHIE of Frederick Co, Md

Children of brother -
John D. CAREY, died intestate
1. George of Columbia Co, Georgia
2. James of Columbia Co, Georgia

Michael HAUSER was named guardian of the minors. The property was then occupied by Robert
RITCHIE, esq, as offices. Sale was held 13 Jul 1822 at the tavern of John DILL on Church Street and went
to Cyrus CAREY, the highest bidder at $1,106; case closed on 4 Sep 1822.

100 - Francis MANTZ vs John BOYER & Mathias BARTGIS
Jul 1819; dismissed 3 Mar 1822

100-115 - Petition of PENN & SHRINER vs RIDING (REUTING) - Jul 1818

Joshua & Sarah PENN of Fairfield Co, Ohio & Peter SHRINER

Andrew RIDING (REUTING) d/ Nov 1817, intestate
widow - Barbara and 6 children -
1. Peggy w/o Jacob LEMAN (LEMMON? / LAMAN?)
2. Sarah w/o Joshua PENN of Fairfield Co, Ohio
3. Ann Maria, minor
4. Catharine, minor
5. Elizabeth, minor
6. Carolina, minor

The last four children were minors with their mother was guardian. Joshua & Sarah PENN sold all their
rights to Peter SHRINER; Jacob & Peggy LEMAN sold theirs to Basil DORSEY.

Land - Tract "Galloway" and "Resurvey on Galloway" (100 ac) by Leonard RADICKS dtd 12 Sep 1801;
Lot # 3, pt of "Legh Castle" (148 ac) by Samuel CHASE. Galloway lay on branch of draught of Linganore
called Talbot's Branch next to property of William McDONALD.
Indenture - Samuel CHASE, elder; James CLARK; Joseph G.J. BEND; and John WEATHERBURN of
Baltimore County, trustees for Rev. Legh HOSKINS to Andrew REUTING of Frederick County for tract
"Legh Castle" dtd 3 May 1809. The land contained 248 acres total with 100 acres in limestone. Galloway
contained 10 acres of woodland, 15 acres of meadow and had a branch of Linganore running thru it;
contained a dwelling house, barn, good springs and fencing; located four miles east of Liberty and adjoined
the land of Peter SHRINER & Basil DORSEY. Legh Castle was three miles from the other site on the new
road from Liberty to Baltimore and adjoined lands of Amos GOSNELL; this land was half wooded and had
a house.

Peter SHRINER died by 25 Oct 1821 reported by Abraham JONES who was appointed as executor in his
will along with Basil DORSEY; however, Dorsey refused. It was determined in the best interest to divide
Legh Castle into three lots. Sale was held 2 Mar 1822 at Amos GOSNELL's tavern on the road from
Liberty to Baltimore, the Galloway property going to Basil DORSEY (@ $40/ac); 49 acres of Legh Castle
($12.05/ac) went to Nicholas HOY (Lot# 1); 49 acres of Legh Castle ($3.11/ac) went to William
GAITHER (Lot# 2); and 49 acres of Legh Castle ($11/ac) went to Joseph HARTSOCK (Lot# 3); totalling
$5,293.04 subject to incumbrance of debt of $1,300-$1,400. Dower of $560.93 was accepted in lieu of real
estate; 1/6 portion equalled $747.90.

115-119 - Petition of Catherine HITESHEW dtd 1818

(see JS-1, 212)

William HITESHEW was indebeted to John SCHROEDER by note dtd 4 Nov 1813; estate sold by Richard
BROOKE, trustee, but he died before completion. The widow accepted $320.08 in lieu of dower and each
heir's portion was $284.84. (Majority of information was in the auditor's report)

120 - Matthias FLOOK vs Henry PEAKLEY & wife, Barbara
Filed 28 May 1819; after many renewals, it was dismissed 23 Oct 1822.

120 - Samuel FUNDENBERG by Jacob CROUSE, his guardian
vs Thomad DRAPER & Daniel FUNDENBERG

Filed 21 Sep 1820; dismissed 19 Nov 1822.

120 - William SELLERS & Others vs MUMFORD, William, James, John, & Others
Filed Oct 1817; satisfied 2 Oct 1822.

121-122 - Barbara HOFFMAN, George HOFFMAN, Henry CRUM & wife Barbara, John HOFFMAN,

vs George THOMAS & wife Rosina (out of state)

vs Thomas SMITH & wife Mary (out of state)

vs Leonard WISSINGER, George WISSINGER, George ALEXANDER & wife Catherine, Samuel
WADSWORTH & wife Mary & Others
John WISSINGER listed as being in Virginia.

vs Andrew SMITH & wife Charity (out of state)

vs Edward & Hannah MURPHY, Thomas & Mary SMITH & Others
(Defendants out of state)

vs Henry MARTENY & wife Margaret

Filed Mar 1820; dismissed 24 Dec 1822.

122 - George PAYNE vs George RAMSBURG & Valentine BUCKEY
Filed Jul 1822, Injunction and then dismissed 9 Dec 1822.

122 - Joseph JOHNSON & UX, Mathew MURRY & Others
vs David LEVY, Francis GEISINGER & Others

Filed 28 Dec 1816, dismissed 5 May 1823.

123 - John GARROTT vs Elizabeth GARROTT &
John P. GARROTT's heirs

Filed 12 Aug 1819; dismissed 18 Apr 1823.

123 - George BYERLY vs John Thomson BROOKE, Mathias MORT & Others
Filed 12 Nov 1819; Summoned Peter MORT, Sally MORT, Martin GRIMES & wife Nonsun?; Mathias
MORT (deceased) & wife from OHIO, and William MORT
Filed 24 Mar 1821; decree passed 7 May 1823.

123 - Jacob TROXELL vs Anthony BOWEN
Filed 8 Jun 1820; Auditor's report filed 15 Nov 1820.

124 - Valentine WISE on petition
Filed 18 Nov 1820; delunatico issued; her death noted on 27 Oct 1821; Auditor's Report filed 4 Mar 1823.

124 - John L. LAWRENCE vs Samuel URY Sr.
Filed 23 May 1821; dismissed 15 Apr 1823.

124-143 - David ENGLAR vs John STEM's Estate - 4 Oct 1817

John STEM d/ @ 1815 intestate
widow - Margaret (& 4 children)
1. Elizabeth w/o William HOLLINBERGER
2. Samuel, minor (< 14)
3. Lydia, minor
4. Salome, minor

The minor children and their mother lived in Pennsylvania; Nathan ZIMMERMAN was Administrator;
guardian was Thomas WORTHINGTON (appointed 26 Nov 1816). Lydia is listed as later marrying
Samuel STEM.

STEM was indebted to David ENGLER for more than $2,000 for two land tracts

Land Indenture for "Philip's Range" (65 ac) from Frederick ERTHER (& wife Catherine) to John STEM
for $1,900 dtd 26 Nov 1816 (neighbor - Frederick KEIFER).

Tract "Retirement Corrected" (96 ac) was purchased from Jonathan DAVIS (& wife Catherine) for
$5,417.43 dtd 6 Apr 1816; by Amos FARQUHAR dtd 29 Apr 1813.

Jacob STEM was named trustee; sale notice was published in Baltimore papers as well as Frederick papers.
Sale held 8 Jan 1821 but real estate didn't sell; private sale was made for Philip's Range to Adam
SWIGERT Jr. for $2,708.71. The farm had to be readvertised; consisted of a two-story house, kitchen,
barn, orchard and fencing; timber and water, located on the road Hagerstown to Baltimore, two miles from
Uniontown, one mile from CRABB's Mill on Pipe Creek.

Also advertised was William HARMAN's house of nearly 65 acres wooded on Bare Branch, four miles
from Union Town, five miles from Westminster. It is an excellent mill seat commanding 18’-20’ fall, a
good place for a saw mill and other water works. Jacob STEM was trustee, dated 12 Jan 1821.
File closed Jul 1821.

143-152 - Mary DEBRULER vs MEDTART Estate by her next friend George BALTZELL

Jacob MEDTART d/ abt 1 Apr 1821 leaving a will
Children -
1. Margaret Ruth Mary DEBRUDER / DEBUILER - and her daughter -
..........Louisa DEBRIDER (b/ @ 1804)
2. Elizabeth JONES
4. Jacob, dec - his children -
..........Jacob, Elizabeth and Jesse
5. Lewis
6. Joshua

Mary had married James DEBRUDER @ 1801, but he squandered their money and left her and their 10-
month old child and went west to Ohio. He married another woman there even though he had never
divorced Mary. This was listed as happening 17 years ago but he was still listed as living there in January

Jacob had a will and real estate in Washington, DC; made donation to the Reformed Church; Lewis
MEDTART and Henry NIXDORFF were execs.

The property was divided among the heirs; closed Jan 1822.


152-171 - John HARBAUGH of Jacob vs Charles ROBERTSON
Settlement of Debt for $1,000 from 7 Jun 1818 - Filed Jan 1821

Sale was advertised in the Republican citizen in Jan 1822. The
property on road leading through Nicholson's Gap and Emmitsburg
to Baltimore; included buildings, orchards, meadows, woods and
water courses.

171-183 - William LAKIN, Abraham LAKIN & Eleanor LAKIN vs
Abraham LEAKINS Estate dtd Mar 1822

Abraham LEAKINS died intestate abt 1 Jul 1799
leaving 7 children -
...John (died before Nov 1821, intestate, leaving 3 minor children -
..........William, Martha Anne Margaret, and John Hanson LAKIN)
...........(Salome LAKIN* was named guardian - probably their mother)
...Benjamin (died w/o heirs, intestate, since his father)
...Mary w/o Isaac McDEVITT of Preble Co, Ohio

Land tracts - Fieldera, Brother's Lott, John & Sarah; totalling 200+ acres.

On 29 Aug 1818, Sarah LAKIN by deed transferred to William, Abraham and
John LAKIN, all her portion.

On 13 Nov 1818, Mary & Isaac McDEVITT transferred her portion to William,
Abraham and John LAKIN.

John FLOOK, Sr gave testimony on 5 Sep 1822 that he knew Salome and
she would be 26 years old next March.

183-199 - Henry LANTZ vs Benjamin HERSH - July 1821

Henry LANTZ of York Co, PA held a mortgage dtd 24 Mar 1810 of 100 pounds current money from
Benjamin HERSH, yeoman of York Borough of York Co, PA, but now of Frederick Co, MD. On 26 Jan
1815, Benjamin conveyed to Patrick DAVIDSON and William ROSS of Frederick Co, MD (except for two
acres sold to Levi HUGHES) in trust for his children, property containing 50 acres, log house and 14 acres
on North side of road , it being on Monocacy adjoining the turnpike's stone bridge in Frederick County. It
had been purchased from President and Company of Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike Road.

Benjamin HERSH’s children were -
...Cassandra w/o John BEARDSLEY of Baltimore City (married since Jan 1815)
...Sarah, minor
...Juliana, minor

ON 26 Aug 1822, Mary HERSH was named guardian; land was to be sold to pay notes. William ROSS
was named Trustee and sale was made to Samuel HAUPT for $3,300 on 8 Oct 1822.

Additional petitions against Benjamin HERSH were made by -
- George MILLER
- John CROMWELL - On a March 1821 judgement, the Sheriff took Benjamin into custody but released
him under the "bread law" of this state; whereby, John CROMWELL paid judgement and court costs to
Richard POTTS, holder of the note.

Payments were made to:
- John REICH
- John HERSH
- Lewis BIRELY
- John D. SMITH
- John BAER
- Balance went to DAVIDSON & ROSS in trust - $1,599.95
File closed on 14 Dec 1822.

199 – 211 - TOMS - Mar 1821

Abraham TOMS & Samuel TOMS, execs of Daniel TOMS, deceased

Daniel GAVER - Lot #2, pt Land of Promise, 168 acres; mortage held by Daniel TOMS for $3,500.
On 27 Sep 1819; not paid back.

Daniel TOMS’ will – written 12 May 1820, recorded 19 Jun 1820
heirs -
- John (s/o John, dec) pt Land of Promise, 24 ac
    (is illegitimate son of his son, John – mother is Mary MARKER;
- Daniel’s bro/ Samuel to take charge of land and rent it til John is 21 and rents to be used for his support
- Michael, Abraham – furniture divided equally
- Bros/ Abraham & Samuel – balance of estate but pay outs to be made to –
George HARB (HARP?) $200
Susannah w/o Jonathan MILLER $200
Michael TOMS $200
- Bro/ William TOMS, gave silver watch
Held deeds of mortgage to Jacob SUMMERS and Daniel GAVER.

Sold Daniel Gaver’s property for $1682.50 to Abraham TOMS as highest bidder and notated 28 Oct 1822.

211 - 220 - John GLISAN, adm/of Joseph ETZLER vs Abraham ALBAUGH – Nov 1822

Joseph ETZLER d/ Apr 1819 leaving a will
..widow Catherine; will was written 1 Apr 1819 and probated on 26 Apr 1819.
..children – (all minors except Elizabeth)
…Elizabeth w/o Solomon WALTZ
…Archibald ETZLER
…Jonathan ETZLER
…Sarah Ann ETZLER
…Dennis ETZLER
…Harriett ETZLER
Exec/ George FOX (but transferred to John GLISAN)

Joseph owed $260 on a note for land, Resurvey on Albaugh’s Choice of 201 acres conveyed to him on 17
Oct 1811 by Abraham ALBAUGH (by his father, William ALBAUGH) which consisted of a house and
four lots in Libertytown on front street. Thomas HAMMOND was named Trustee for the property to be
sold since note was not paid before Joseph’s death. Abraham ALBAUGH was the highest bidder for $600
on 10 Feb 1823.

220 – 230 - Estate Settlement of Henry GAVER - Jul 1819

Henry GAVER d/ intestate
..w/ Sarah
…d/ Mary Ann, minor
…d/ Willimina, minor

Land in his possession was: pt Johnson’s Lane Enlarged, pt Johnson’s Thickett, pt Johnson’s Lott (#2), and
pt Hazle Bottom totaling 57 acres obtained 5 Oct 1819; adjoined lands of John TOMS and John
Stephen JOY was named guardian; he lived on the property and sale was held at his home with him being
the highest bidder for $1,125. Joy testified he was the father of Sarah and that she was 26 on the 28th of Jan
1823. The widow surrendered her dower in lieu of her share being $146, children received $440 each;
closed out on 5 May 1823.

230 – 237 - James V. WAGNER of Baltimore City
vs Christian WAGNER of Libertytown, Frederick County - Jul 1822

Christian WAGNER was indebted by bond dated 21 Oct 1818 for $1,150 to James V. WAGNER for lot
with frame dwelling in Liberty on draught of Linganore called Piney Run, pt Duke’s Woods, Lot# 32. John
Thomson BROOKE was named Trustee to sell property to settle debt. James V. WAGNER was highest
bidder for $550 on 7 Feb 1823. File closed on 8 May 1823.

237 – 243 - Estate Settlement of William ROBERTS, Jr - Jul 1821

William ROBERTS, Jr died intestate on 7 Jun 1786 leaving
..w/ Ann
…s/ Thomas ROBERTS
…d/ Elizabeth w/o William RANDALL
…s/ William ROBERTS
…s/ John ROBERTS, minor
…s/ Samuel ROBERTS, minor
…d/ Frances ROBERTS, minor (she died between Jul 1821 and 11 Oct 1822)

Land owned was part of tract Reynard of 4 acres. Curtis WILLIAMS was names guardian for the minor
children on 11 Oct 1822 and William ROBERTS was named Trustee. Sale was held at New Windsor on
14 Jan 1823 with William POLE being highest bidder paying $105/acre. This was timberland on Pipe
Creek adjoining lands of Joseph ROOP and David ENGLAR. Closed out on 8 May 1823.

243 – 252 - Estate Settlement of Philip SOUDER - Jul 1822

Philip SOUDER died 24 Sep 1821, intestate in Louden Co, Virginia leaving
..w/ Susanna and nine children –
…Rachel w/o John COST of Ohio (by testimony of Henry COST on 9 Dec 1822)
…John, minor
…Susanna w/o George COOPER (she died before her father)
……..her d/ Margaret COOPER, minor

He was in possession of two farms in Frederick Co, Maryland consisting of parts of the following land
tracts: That’s All, Fielderea Manor, Cut Knee and Betsy’s Delight totaling 325 acres.
The first farm consisted of 141 acres (30 in timber) and was located 1 miles from New Town/Trap
(Jefferson) and nine miles from Frederick Town on the road to Luckett’s Ferry. It contained a frame one-
story dwelling with meat house, corn house, spring house, servant house, log barn and apple orchard with a
spring of pure water convenient to the house.
The second farm consisted of 184 acres (100 in timber) and was located 1 miles from the first farm. It
contained a log dwelling, spring house and stable and was sold subject to the lease of Daniel EMORY
which expired April 1825 with rent being 1/3 of the farm’s products.

Susannah SOUDER was named guardian of John SOUDER and Margaret COOPER on 31 Jul 1822.
Charles GROSS testified on 29 Apr 1823 that Susanna SOUDER was about 60 years of age.
On 24 Mar 1823, properties were sold: 1st farm sold to Anthony SOUDER for $5,642.82; 2nd farm sold to
Peter SOUDER for $4,784. The widow had forfeited her dower in lieu of 1/9 of the net which was $1,115;
each child received $991.11; closed out on 10 May 1823.

252 – 261 - Henry KOONTZ Jr vs George M. CONRADT Sr - Oct 1822

George M. CONRADT Sr was in debt for $800 to Henry KOONTZ Jr for his son, George CONRADT Jr
for a lot in Frederick Town on Patrick Street with a two-story stone house and back brick buildings.
Property was sold to settle account; highest bidder was George M. Conradt Jr for $2,700 on 22 Feb 1823.
It was determined proceeds fell short of debt on 14 May 1823.

261-276 – Estate Settlement of Levin HAYS - Mar 1820

Levin HAYS formerly of Washington Co, MD, died intestate leaving
..w/ Amilla/Amelia and 16 children
..Wilson HAYS
..Delila w/o Henry LIDAY
..Matilda w/o Jacob RIPLEY, of Morgan Co, VA (now WV)
..Sarah w/o Joseph HATHERLY
..Mary w/o Peter PRIER
..Otho HAYS (Out of State)
..Levin HAYS, minor
..Samuel HAYS, minor
..Isabella HAYS, minor
..Henrietta HAYS, minor
..Washington H. HAYS, minor
..Elizabeth S.R. HAYS, minor
..Priscilla F. HAYS, minor
..Franklin G.H. HAYS, minor
..Margaret Ann L.D. HAYS, minor
..Harriott HAYS, minor

Amelia HAYS was listed as guardian of the minor children on 15 Jan 1821.
Property consisted of 100 acre tract “Pumpkin Hall” from Richard POTTS in 1818; John FLORA had a
small land conveyance. He had also purchased 200 acres from/thru Jonathan FORREST of Frederick
County on South Mountain for $12/acre and still owed balance. The property included an orchard, barn
and stables. On 25 Apr 1822, Jonathan FORREST gave testimony he was the father of Amelia HAYS and
she was 35 and healthy but poor. She opted to sell the land free from her dower rights. Jacob & Matilda
RIPLEY conveyed their interest to Wilson & the LIDAYs. On 8 May 1822, the remaining 98 acres of
Pumpkin Hall was sold to Wilson HAYS as high bidder for $400 but was unable to sell the other tract. On
18 Sep 1822, the other tract was sold to Samuel BRANDENBURG for $1,600.

276 – 298 - Margaret FOUT vs John STILLY Estate – Mar 1822

Peter STILLY died leaving a will dated 31 May 1803
..w/ Elizabeth
…s/ John STILLY (only son)
…d/ Rebecca w/o John RAMSBERGER
…d/ Mary w/o Baltzer FOUT
…d/ Anna/Nancy STILLY, minor (later m/ Peter HAGAN)
…d/ Elizabeth STILLY, minor (later m/ Richard TEMPLIN)

Peter owned land tract Neighbor’s Agreement (360 acres) by patent on 14 May 1793. A small parcel was
conveyed to John Peter RICHART by Peter STILLY. In his will, he left his property to be evenly divided
amongst his five children; however, Rebecca and Mary sold their interests to John for 1000 pounds.
Anna’s land (71 acres) adjoined tracts Fieldera, Saplin Ridge and Baker’s Ramble; Elizabeth’s land (71
acres) adjoined Chidley’s Range.

Evidently, before John could repay his sisters for their sections they sold him, he died….

John STILLY died intestate
..w/ Lydia
…d/ Rebecca, minor

Stephan REMSBURG was named guardian of Rebecca on 8 Jul 1822 and he was also administrator of the
estate; Stephan REMSBURG and Lewis REMSBURG were named as Trustees. On 2 Sep 1822, sale was
made to George FOUT as highest bidder for 200 acres @ $19/acre subject to two widows’ dowers; closed
out on 5 Feb 1823.

299 – 309 - Brooke BAKER vs Nathan BAKER – Mar 1821

Brooke Baker became the surety for Nathan Baker who was heavily in debt on 13 Nov 1820; note to Henry
STAUFFER assigned to John McKALEB, to Henry STAUFFER assigned to Jesse SLINGLUFF, one to
Brooke Baker for use of Henry BARRICK

Brooke BAKER of Woodsboro purchased four plots; part Resurvey on Joseph’s Friendship and part The
Fifth Dividend, part of estate of Nathan BAKER. The Fifth Dividend was conveyed by Henry GRIFFITH
to Robert GASSAWAY, adjoined Browning’s Inheritance and next to Joel STIMMEL. Nathan BAKER
had mortgaged land next to STAUFFER’s land. Petition to settle debts; not finalized.

309 – 321 – Estate Settlement of John BURGESS

Eleanor McCANN, John H. BURGESS, William P. BURGESS, Sarah D. BURGESS, Washington
BURGESS, Micah LARKIN & Juliana his wife, and John WOOD and Ruth H. his wife

John BURGESS died on or about 8 Oct 1821 leaving a will
Leaving – (9 children)
1/ Eleanor McCANN (gave negro woman, Cate & her d/ Sarah, & $300)
2/ Nancy w/o Henry STIER (gave $300 or to her children if she dies, not husband)
3/ Charlotte w/o Nathan HAMMOND (gave $300)
4/ Ruth H. w/o John WOOD (gave $300)
5/ Sarah D. BURGESS (gave Negro woman, Peg & her offspring & $250)
6/ Juliana BURGESS (who has since married Micah LARKIN) (gave Negro girl Hetty
now living w/ Wm & $300)
7/ John H. BURGESS (gave $500 to exec for his use)
8/ William P. BURGESS - (gave $500 to exec for his use)
…..his children – Oliver, Louisa & John BURGESS (all minors)
9/ Washington BURGESS (gave negro man Ned & $1500)

- Grand/dau/ Minerva McCANN (gave Negro boy Harry & $200 when she becomes 16 or marries)
- Grand/sons/ Oliver & John BURGESS, sons of my son William P. BURGESS, $500 for their father to
handle until he feels is right to be divided between them.
Execs – Washington BURGESS & Nathan HAMMOND, son-in-law
Written 1 Oct 1821,

Isaiah PRICE was appointed guardian for William P. BURGESS’s children on 11 Sep 1822.
John WOOD appointed Trustee for sale on 16 Dec 1822.

Owned Land tracts – pt The Supply to the Barrons, Wet Time, Middle Plantation, totalling 363 acres.
Sale was held 10 Feb 1823 but did not effect a sale; re-advertised for 28 Mar 1823 and surveyed and
divided property into three sections (plats shown) –

A. 181 acres sold to Washington BURGESS @ $11.20/acre (pt Wet Time located
next to Jacob LEASE’s along Lynganore Creek)
B. 104 acres sold to John LEASE @$11.01/acre (pt Wet Time next to John LARKIN and located
North of Linganore Creek)
C. 78 acres sold to Nathan HAMMOND (of Vachel) @ $10/acre (pts of all three tracts; located on
North side of brand of Lynganore)
totaling $3,957.24; closed out on 9 Jul 1823.

321 – 339 - Francis Brown SAPPINGTON vs John MUMFORD for payment of debt - Jul 1821

On 10 Apr 1820, John MUMFORD mortgaged land to Francis B. SAPPINGTON, but prior to that, had
mortgaged said land to Christian GARBER on 20 Apr 1811. Garber supposedly was paid but left the state
and settled in Virginia sometime after this. Mumford is still living on the property and won’t turn over
property to Sappington but still owes him interest.
Three tracts are involved: Resurvey on Butler’s Lot for 220 acres (except 63 acres of which have been sold
to Christopher HILL); Brooke Field for 7 acres which adjoins the first tract; and Lot #K?, part of Three
Mill Seats for 40 acres. Daniel CRAWMER (or CRAMMER?) was named as trustee to sell the property
to pay debts. Sappington was assignee of Joseph WARNER. Sappington was high bidder at sale. Case
closed out on 10 Jul 1823.

339 – 347 - Bill for Petition of Dower for Widow of John RAYMER - Mar 1822

John RAYMER died without a will owning real estate
..widow – Susanna
…ch/ Ann R. RAYMER, William P. RAYMER and John A. RAYMER
All minors under 21.

Land from Peter WARENFELS for $10,781included pt Three Brothers 152 acres next to Jacob
WARSTLERS and Hazle Bottom (3 acres) next to Henry AMBROSE conveyed to him on 8 Jun 1819.
Land was surveyed to lay off widow’s dower of 50 acres leaving 100 acres to sell. On 18 Mar 1822, Peter
RAYMER (children’s grandfather) was named guardian.
Commissioners: John GETZENDANNER, Frederick STEMBEEL Sr, Christian SIFFERD, Adam
RAUZAHN and Henry MOTTER; closed out 18 Jul 1823.

347–357 – Thomas B. OWINGS and wife Cordelia, Basil DORSEY and wife Harriet, adm/of estate of
Nathan HARRIS vs John S. LAWRENCE – Jan 1820

John S. LAWRENCE was indebted to Nathan HARRIS for $3,000 cm by bond dated 1 May 1818 and deed
of Mortgage of same date conveying lands if in default of debt.

Indenture dated 1 May 1816 to Nathan HARRIS by John Stephen LAWRENCE for $6,000 cm, tracts
Mount Pleasant and part Brand Wine Spring Enlarged; next to Third Addition; Henry POOL’s, Pool’s
Industry; and Henry POOL’s part of Mount Pleasant (deeded him by John DORSEY of John on 19 Oct
1778); totaling 77 acres – deed of mortgage. Lawrence failed to make all payments of mortgage.

Basil DORSEY was appointed Trustee and on 22 Mar 1823, the court ordered the sale of the property.
However, by 14 May 1823, Basil Dorsey had died, intestate. William DOWNEY was then named Trustee
and he and Harriet DORSEY pledged bond. Sale was advertised in the Political Examiner and sale was
held on 26 Jun 1823; highest bidder was Thomas B. OWINGS for $40/acre. Ratification of sale placed in
Republican Citizen newspaper. Distribution: Thomas B. & Cordelia OWINGS, ; Harriet DORSEY, ;
as their right as legal representatives; each half was $1,477.49; closed on 21 Aug 1823.

357-366 – Priscilla HAMMOND, Thomas HAMMOND, Nathan HAMMOND, Carroll HAMMOND,
Rezin HAMMOND, Benjamin JOHNSON and wife Polly, John HAMMOND, Jacob ANGEL and wife
Juliet, Frederick STIER and wife Elizabeth, Harriet HAMMOND and Mordecai L. HAMMOND
– Petition to Lay Out Widow’s Dower – Mar 1823

Vachel HAMMOND d/ Dec 1821, intestate leaving
- widow Priscilla and children –
1. Elizabeth w/o Frederick STIER
2. Polly w/o Benjamin JOHNSON
3. Nathan HAMMOND
4. Carroll HAMMOND
5. Rezin HAMMOND
6. Thomas HAMMOND
8. Juliet w/o Jacob ANGEL
9. Lloyd HAMMOND d/ 1799 intestate leaving widow Polly
- and one child, Mordecai L. HAMMOND
10. Upton HAMMOND died intestate since his father leaving widow Arianna
- and children: Harriet, Martha, Phillip, Vachel, Upton John and Randolph HAMMOND
(all minors except Harriet)
11. Dawson HAMMOND, minor

Land – tract Hammond’s Good Luck, 488 acres, by patent on 14 Dec 1795. Vachel, during his lifetime,
transferred all land except two parts; one part of 122 acres and another of 24 acres. (On 7 Dec 1786,
Vachel Hammond obtained special warrant to resurvey part Gaither’s Chance of 1,060 acres, originally
granted to Benjamin GAITHER on 24 Jul 1732; and part Hammond’s Strife of 1,230 acres, originally
granted to John HAMMOND on 10 Aug 1753. A resurvey dated 20 Jun 1787 contained only 488 acres and
no vacancies and combined both tracts into Hammond’s Good Luck; lying next to John MAYNARD and
Richard WARFIELD’s lands.)

Guardian appointed was Isaac LYON by 17 Apr 1823; commissioners were: John GLISAN, Thomas
SAPPINGTON, Nicholas HOY, John DUDDERER and Charles SIMPSON; Elihu H. ROCKWELL was
surveyor and Zachariah DANNER and Solomon GLISAN were chain carriers. The survey for the widow’s
dower included the front/eastern part of the mansion house from the cellar to the garrot as now divided, the
stone kitchen, most northerly, stone meat house and turkey house, southern half of the garden divided by
the walk, front yard with full liberty to pass from buildings; oven and spring house to be considered in
common for use of the widow and heirs of estate; dower contained 122 acres; dated 10 May 1823. File
closed on 6 Aug 1823.

366 – 372 - John POFFINBERGER vs estate of John TOMS – Title - Mar 1822

On 10 Feb 1817, John TOMS agreed to sell lands to John POFFINBERGER for $1,400 and a deed was to
be conveyed upon the downpayment. Toms executed the deed in Middle Town and deposited it with David
BOWLUS, esquire, to be delivered to Poffinberger. But, soon after, Bowlus moved West without
delivering the deed. When Poffinberger finally did receive it, it was more than six months old and
therefore, not having been recorded, was inoperative by law.

John Toms promised to re-execute the deed but died before doing so.

John TOMS died leaving children, all minors who live in Washington County, MD –
1. Maria
2. Catharine
3. Ezra

Land – Resurvey on Parts of Pallentine and Shady Grove, 41 acres (John Toms’ undivided part); conveyed
to John Toms and Daniel TOMS by Benjamin MOSER by agreement dated 25 Nov 1812 reserving for
timber to be cut for George ANSPERGER to make staves(?).

Matthew COLLINS appointed guardian for Catharine and Ezra on 15 Mar 1823; Maria TOMS had died per
statement dated Jul 1823. On 29 Aug 1823, Abraham TOMS, brother to John and justice of the peace,
appeared to verify Maria’s death although he had not seen her. On 10 Sep 1823, deed was granted.

372 – 405 – Peter, Jacob and Joseph LEATHERMAN vs Estate of Pierce WOODS

Pierce WOODS died intestate with real estate but heavily in debt, leaving –
- w/ Ann Maria and children -
1. Maria Martena WOODS
2. Catharine
3. Jerome
4. Ann Elizabeth
5. Pierce Patrick
6. William
7. John
8. Francis
9. Caroline

All children were minors (under 21); George M. EICHELBERGER was named guardian.

Creditors were: John HARBAUGH of Jacob; Henry DEMUTH; J. & C. HOOVER; Patrick LOWE; John

Land – part Daniel’s Conquest, 189 acres, next to tracts, Three Neighbours, Gump’s Addition, and Mount
Calvery; recorded to Woods on 14 Aug 1812 by Catherine McCormick and William Gillian, legatees of
Daniel McCormick, Joseph HUGHES trustee; property bought from public sale held 16 Aug 1810.
Another tract from Daniel F. DULANY of Fairfax Co, VA dated 28 Dec 1811; (conveyed to Dulany by
Benjamin DULANY and wife Elizabeth of Alexandria Co, DC) for $5,368 cm from Woods, Lot# 10 of
Resurvey on Buck Forrest next to Beaver Dam Level, and Elder’s Choice, originally for 100 acres, now
168 acres.

On 1 Mar 1822, William KROM purchased 198 acres from public sale for $2,844.65 ; on 11 Mar 1822,
Jacob LEATHERMAN purchased the remaining 168 acres from public sale for $2,856. After this on 2
Aug 1822, Patrick LOWE came forward and petitioned for as a creditor of Woods; finally settled on 26 Feb 1823.

406-418 - MANTZ, HARDING, BARR, BIRELY, McELFRESH - #8211 - Jul 1823
John L. HARDING and wife Eleanor vs George BURKHART, Francis MANTZ and wife Mary Mary MANTZ d/ 12 May 1818 intestate, leaving children - Casper MANTZ - Eleanor w/o John S. HARDING - Christiana w/o David BARR of Washington Co - Charlotte (recently died) w/o Valentine BIRELY, Washington Co - w/o issue - Theresa w/o John H. McELFRESH Mary's husband, Francis MANTZ died 22 May 1823. Mary owned land, part tract "Peace and Plenty", 100+ acres of which she received from her father, George BURKHART Sr (and mother, Mary), on 5 Feb 1795 for the love and affection he had for her and 5 shillings. The land was divided in four sections for the 4 remaining heirs, metes and bounds and plat shown. Finalized 8 Nov 1823. ("Pioneers of Monocacy" indicates this tract to be in Emmitsburg area)
419-433 ROBERTS, DARBY, PANCOAST - Jul 1823
Walter DARBY vs John PANCOAST Richard ROBERTS d/ 1822 intestate, leaving widow - Sarah and minor daughter - - Rachael Ann ROBERTS Gerard COWMAN and Joseph HIBBERD were administrators. John PANCOAST had purchased land conveyed to him by Henry WOOD in 1811 and Peter FOUT in 1813 and Richard ROBERTS in 1816. Darby was agent for Roberts to purchase said land. John SHEETS was renting from Darby. Eli ELLIOTT, George WARFIELD, John RUSSELL, John TALBOTT, John MILLER and William WILLIAMS were witnesses. Land consisted of tract "Middle Plantation", 132 acres.
Horatio G. ONEAL, Henry KELLER and Francis RICHMOND, trading under the firm H.G. ONEAL and Company vs John BIRELY Judgement was taken against Birely in 1820 and Birely was also indebted to David SCHNEIDER of Cumberland, PA since 1817 for a mortgage for part tract "Rough and Smooth". Schneider wrote his will in 1818, the value of this note to his wife, Elizabeth SCHNEIDER. In 1823, she sold the note to John DOUB. David SNYDER, Westpennsboro Twp, Cumberland Co, PA wrote will 18 Jul 1818 to Sally COUGH (who lived with him) his house and lands of 60 acres, lying on the state road, except for the lot where his tenant, Alexander SANDERS lives, this upon the death of his wife, Elizabeth. to United Brethren Society to receive monies and land. - Rebecca BYERLY to receive the house and lot, 5 acres, where she now lives in Westpennsboro Twp, adjoining the lands of Richard WOODS. - Also Monies to English Methodist Baltimore for the poor or traveling preachers. bro/ Melchor SNYDER, dec'd - to his children bro/ Philip SNYDER - to his children sis/ Margaret HELLDER? - to her children sis/ Rosena BYERLY, dec'd - to her children sis/ Catharine HESTER/HEITER, dec'd - to her children to David SHELLEBERGER, miller and s/o Martin SHELLEBERGER, dec'd to Ephraim BEAR of Westpennsboro Twp to Isaac SHELLEBERGER's sons .....Jacob, David, Isaac and John SHELLEBERGER - Westpennsboro Twp exectuors were Philip ROTH of --urton Twp and John HUKIS of West- pennsboro Twp. Witnesses: John GEDDIS and Robert PEEBLES. Will was filed on 16 Feb 1819, Cumberland Co, PA. By Aug 1823, sale was held with property going to Nicholas LUDI for $1,112.40.
449-457 - WELKER, SCHLOSSER, Negro BASIL - Jan 1823
George SCHLOSSER vs John WELKER Welker, being indebted, mortgaged his properties to Schlosser in 1822. Land was part tract "Springfields", 217 acres; tract "Jacob's Fortune", ten acres; also, negro man, BASIL and livestock. Trustee was Peter SCHLOSSER; George SCHLOSSER was high bidder for $1,604.08; report filed May 1823.
457-467 - STOVER, CRAPSTER - Mar 1821
David KEPHART and William Bradford HIBBERD vs Michael STOVER Jr Stover made mortgage, for monies owed to John McKALEB, for tract "The Beautiful Farm", 154 acres, which was sold on 12 Nov 1821 to John CRAPSTER for $5,764.43.
Thomas C. SHIPLEY and wife Ann, Elizabeth PITTS, John STIERS, Henry STIERS and Frederick STIERS vs HULLs Nicholas HULL/HALL wrote will 9 May 1820, filed 23 Jan 1821 -d/ Ann w/o Thomas C. SHIPLEY - and her son .....Nicholas Hall SHIPLEY (gave negro boy, BEN - to be freed 1 Dec 1839) -d/ Elizabeth w/o John PITTS - and her son .....Nicholas Hull PITTS -s/ son HALL, dec'd - his children - .....John Henry HALL .....Nicholas HALL (gave negro boy, WILLIAM - to be freed 1 Dec 1840) .....Elizabeth Jane HALL (gave negro girl, CHARITY - to be freed 1 Dec 1838, her children to be freed at the following ages - males at 31, females at 25 If Elizabeth Jane dies w/o issue, Charity and her children, if any, to be sold .....Martha Ann HALL (gave negro girl, BETTY, sister of Charity - to be freed Dec 1840 (same conditions as Charity) (children's grandmother was Mrs Jane MACKELFRESH) -bro/ John L. HALL (life estate in the property now in his possession) Upon sales of property, to be divided three ways: 1/3 for each daughter and 1/3 for the gransons of deceased son. Manumit and set free slaves - - PHILIP and PETER, immediately upon Hull's death with provision - NACE and AELSEY, his wife - 1 Dec 1827 - NED and PHOEBE, his wife - 1 Dec 1829 - TOM and JANE, his wife - 1 Dec 1828 - HENRY - 1 Dec 1826 or 1836 - REZIN - 1 Dec 1842? - MARY - 1 Dec 1838 - SOLOMON - 1 Dec 1846 - HARRIET - 1 Dec 1843 - SAMUEL - 1 Dec 1848 - ISAAC - 1 Dec 1850 - CHARLES - 1 Dec 1847 - NELSON - 1 Dec 1850 children born of female slaves to be freed at age 31 for males, and 25 for females. Guardians of his two grandsons of his deceased son were Doctor Belt BRASHEAR, Charles MACKELFRESH and Thomas C. SHIPLEY. Executors were John and Elizabeth PITTS and Thomas C. and Ann SHIPLEY. Witnesses were Belt BRASHEAR, Henry STIER, Gerard COWMAN and John PANCOAST. Land consisted of two lots in New Market, Lot 47 and back Lot 114, adjoining, on the south side of Main Street and adjoining the east side of Federal Street. In 1816, Hull conveyed it to John STIERS (wagonmaker). In 1818, John transfered his interest to Henry STIER and Frederick STIER.
Jacob IJAMS and John M. LAUGHLIN and wife Ann vs IJAMS Estate Mary IJAMS (widow of John IJAMS) d/ intestate, leaving children - - Jacob IJAMS - Ann IJAMS w/o John M. LAUGHLIN - Mary and John MONTGOMERY - Elizabeth and Thomas DUVALL - Jane w/o Singleton BURGEE - Plummer IJAMS, Jr, a minor - John IJAMS, a minor Jacob IJAMS purchased interests from Mary Montgomery, Elizabeth and Jane. Mary IJAMS received the land from her father, John WATERS, son of John, to whom it was patented. Land tract, "Paris the Third", 210 acres (formerly Paris Resurveyed), lying on Bush Creek. Plummer IJAMS was guardian for Plummer and John, the minors. On 25 Aug 1823, Jacob IJAMS became the high bidder for $2,422.
485-495 - HERSH, NICODEMUS, OTTO, COVER - Mar 1822
NICODEMUS, OTTO and OTTO vs John HERSH Harman HEARSH died with will written 11 Apr 1818, filed 26 Oct 1818 leaving children - - Anna w/o Jacob NICODEMUS (family Bible) - Mary w/o Herbert OTTO - Christianna w/o Abraham OTTO - John HERSH (farm of 216 acres with pymts to 3 sisters) - Philip HERSH, dec'd - his children - ...Mary Ann HERSH ...Anna HERSH ...Margaret HERSH ...Conrad HERSH - Catharine HERSH? - Conrad HERSH (100 pounds) - Elizabeth COVER (part tract "Addition to Head's Industry", 100 acres) ...Harman COVER (watch) ...Jacob HARMAN COVER ...Margaret COVER ...Daniel COVER Grandsons - Henry OTTO (gun) 150 acres remaining were to be sold and divided. The three sisters, Anna, Mary and Christianna filed petition to collect the monies they were to receive from their brother, John. On 16 Oct 1823, sale went to John OTTO for $2,250.
William M. BEALL Jr and Adam SCHISSLER (creditors) vs Tobias BUTLER Estate Tobias BUTLER d/ intestate, leaving children - - Agnes w/o James F. HUSTON/HOUSTON - Elizabeth w/o Cecelias HEAD - Ohio - Tobias BUTLER Jr - Ohio James F. HOUSTON was administrator and trustee. On 15 Mar 1817, sale was held at the house of John HUSTON in Frederick Town and Benjamin WEST was high bidder at $1,805 for the house and lot in Frederick Town. However, he refused it and then it was offered to George BALTZELL as 2nd highest at $1,800; but, he too refused it. Sebastian RAMSBURG also refused his bid for the mountain tract, so the sale was postponed to 29 Mar 1817. On that day, Adam STULL purchased the mountain tract, "Rockey Mantle Piece", 60 acres, for $315. A sufficient bid was not received for the house and lot and was again postponed to 10 Apr 1817; whereby Richard ENGLISH purchased it for $1,661; appears it may be Lot 119 on Second Street. George KOLB and Jacob STEINER came to court claiming debts owed to them by Tobias Butler Jr and also claimed Richard ENGLISH had actually purchased the property for James Huston, the trustee, and Huston was in possession of the property. Michael BALTZELL, died leaving children - - George BALTZELL - Michael BALTZELL - Margaret McGOWAN - Lewis BALTZELL Baltzell, the deceased, held a judgement of condemnation on lands descended to Tobias BUTLER Jr by his father for debts due from Tobias Jr.
Creditors against Lawrence CREEGER's sons and Estate Lawrence CREEGER wrote will 10 NOv 1820, filed 27 Nov 1820 w/ Ann Mary (15 acres between Samuel and William's part) and children - - Henry CREEGER (land on Hunting Creek, "Buck's Horn", 32 acres w/ grist mill) - Jacob CREEGER (part "Creager's Farm", 121 acres) - Joseph CREEGER (part "Creager's Farm", 84 acres) - John CREEGER ($5) - Daniel CREEGER (home place, part "Stoney Corner", 112 acres) - William CREEGER (part "Resurvey on Stoney Corner", 88 acres) - Samuel CREEGER (part "Resurvey on Stoney Corner", 38 acres) - Margaret w/o Elias WELLER - Elizabeth w/o Conratt WILHIDE - Rachel w/o Samuel HARBAUGH (her heirs) - Rosanna w/o Elias WELLER (her heirs) Executors were Elias WELLER and Jacob FIROR; witnesses were Frederick WELLER, Jacob FIROR and ?. The executors were the trustees. Christian HARBAUGH purchased Samuel's part; Henry W. HOFFMAN bought William's part; John HARBAUGH bought Jacob and Joseph's parts; widow received her portion of dower. Daniel WELLER was administrator of Mary Barbara WELLER to which an amount given as legacy. Finalized Oct 1823.
BRICKER, MIKESELL, MIKESELL, BISHOP vs BOST Estate Valentine BOST/BAST died with will written 26 Mar 1809 w/ Sidney (1/3 estate til her death) and 7 children. Jacob YON and Jacob BARNHART were executors; witnesses were Francis BURGOON and two others (can't decipher names). Valentine BOST leaves the following children and grandchildren - - Peter BOST, dec'd (100 acres in Kentucky purchased from Benedict SWOPE) (also given family bible, was to be kept in family with Bost name) his children - Mercer Co, Kentucky .....David BOST .....Valentine BOST .....Elizabeth w/o William PULLUM .....Catharine w/o William ALFORD .....George BOST .....Mary BOST .....Isaac BOST, a minor .....Abraham BOST, a minor .....Sarah BOST, a minor .....Jacob BOST, a minor .....Peter BOST, a minor .....Moses BOST, a minor .....Adam BOST, a minor - Betty w/o BRICKER - Mary w/o Jacob MIKESELL - Elizabeth w/o Philip MIKESELL - Sarah BOST - Catharine, dec'd w/o Daniel NYFONG - Mercer Co, Kentucky their minor children - .....Betsy NYFONG .....James NYFONG .....Joseph NYFONG .....Daniel NYFONG Jr .....Peggy NYFONG .....Francis NYFONG - Margaret w/o Vachel BISHOP - Unnamed BOST .....grandson - Cornelius BOST (parents names not given) Peter BOST Jr was guardian for Peter Bost's children; Daniel NYFONG was guardian for his children; Jacob YON was trustee. Land tracts, "Pretty Improvement" and "Errors Corrected". Sale was held Aug 1823 and 50 acres sold to Peter SHOEMAKER; 75 acres to the widow; 177 acres to ______ HESSON.
562-571 - EARTHER, BLACK, GARMON - Jul 1822
In July 1819, Henry BLACK was appointed trustee to sell the real estate of his father, Adam BLACK. He sold the property to Peter EARTHER, but since then Peter EARTHER d/ Dec 1821 intestate, leaving widow - Rebecca and daughter, - Elmyra EARTHER John JONES was administrator; David GARMON was guardian of Elmyra. Trustee's bond included Henry BLACK, Jacob KUHN and John BLACK. David GARMON purchase at sale the 122 acres for $1,799.50.
571-581 - NEAD/NEAT, SMITH - Jul 1821
Christian SMITH vs Christian NEAD/NEAT In Feb 1820, Christian NEAD was indebted to Abraham STONER, Daniel CREAGER and Abraham JONES and thus mortgaged his real Estate which consisted of a house and lot on part of tract "Middle Plantation", 3/4 acres, lying on the forks of the Old Annapolis Road and the road leading from Frederick Town to Liberty Town, adjoining the lands of William E. WILLIAMS and Abraham STONER. Christian SMITH was high bidder for $750.
John CRONISE John Martin DERR wrote will 22 Nov 1809, filed 23 Mar 1812, leaving w/ Elizabeth (1/3) which included 10 children and 1 grandchild - George DERR - John DERR - Margaret DERR - Christena DERR - Elizabeth DERR - Catharine DERR - Mary DERR - Susanna DERR - Eve DERR w/o Conrad HOLTZMAN (to divorce) - Sally DERR - Barbara, dec'd w/o Henry MILLER - their child - .....Betsy MILLER John CRONISE, Christopher HILL and Michael MYERS were to lay out the land and house and garden for the widow's dower. John CRONISE was also executor of Derr's will which gave him authority to sell Derr's real estate. Witnesses were Jacob CRAMER, Ephraim RIDGE and John CRAMER. However, on 25 Mar 1820, Derr purchased a tract of land from James JOHNSON and Peter EICHELBERGER, without any change to the will. Johnson has paid but Eichelberger has not. John CRONISE as executor sold to James JOHNSON part tract "Cooper's Point", 10 1/2 acres; also to Peter MICHAEL, the rest of the farm lying on the east side of road leading to Frederick Town. Joseph M. PALMER was trustee and sale was held on 18 Apr 1823 to sell Eichelberger's part; high bidder was Jacob KERSHNER of 70 acres for $9.55/acre. John CRONISE bidded and purchased 16 acres for $21.25/acre. The four tracts were "Miller's Chance", "Cooper's Point", "Cossel's Desire", "Bone Him, Secure Him", 20 1/4 acres, on former road leading from Frederick Town to Brine's Furnace, by tract "The Eldest Son"; and part is in 16 acre section. Finalized 20 May 1824.
595-604 - STIMMEL, BAKER, STAUFFER - Jul 1821
Jacob STIMMER, John GLISAN, Henry STALEY vs Joel STIMMEL Joel STIMMEL d/ Oct 1821 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and infant son - Joel STIMMEL John B. STIMMEL, brother of Joel, was administrator. In Sep 1820, land of 2+ acres was conveyed to Joel by Nathan BAKER and to him by Henry STAUFFER (part of 48 acres). In Sep 1822, Catharine STIMMEL was appointed guardian; sale was held on 8 Dec in Woodsborough and Jacob STIMMEL was high bidder for $140.
604-621 - BAER, YOUNGER, CARR, FORTNER - Jul 1821
George BAER Jr vs Edward YOUNGER Jr, Isaac CARR and Austin FORTNER, trustees of the African Bethel Church in Frederick Town, to collect on mortgage for 1/4 of lot in Frederick Town conveyed by Guy ROBINSON. George BAER purchased it at sale for $600. Finalized 12 Feb 1824.
621-628 - OTTO, CRISE - Jan 1823
Jacob CRISE vs John OTTO for payment of mortgage on house and 8 acres on tract "Resurveyed on Welch Cabbin". Thomas CARLETON was trustee; Jacob CRISE purchased it at sale for $320.
Jacob OTTO vs Samuel LONGLEY of Baltimore County for payment of mortgage of tract part "Good Intent", 112 acres. William ROSS was trustee. On 9 Oct 1823, John CLABAUGH of Middleburgh bought the property at sale for $1,100. John HASSELBACK complained it was less than the value of said property and petitioned to pay additional monies to claim the property. The sale was reheld on 13 Dec 1823 and John HASSELBACK became high bidder for $1,320.
639-645 - BROOKE, WILLSON, BAYLEY - Mar 1823
BROOKE, WILLSON vs BROOKE descendants Jane BROOKE d/ intestate, leaving heirs - - Basil BROOKE - Henrietta w/o Edward I. WILLSON - Richard BROOKE (died since Jane) .....John T. BROOKE .....Harriet E. BROOKE .....Richard BROOKE, a minor - Baltimore County .....William R. BROOKE, a minor - Baltimore County .....Lydia Ann E. BROOKE, a minor - Baltimore County John BAYLEY was guardian; John T. BROOKE was trustee. Jane owned a house and lot in Taneytown. John DARBY was high bidder for $375, but that was considered insufficient, so was postponed and contract was made with Mrs. REID for $650 on 24 Jan 1824.
William LUGENBEEL vs John LUGENBEEL Estate John LUGENBEEL wrote will 19 Feb 1820, filed 16 Jul 1821, leaving w/ Sarah and children - - John LUGENBEEL - William LUGENBEEL - Susannah LUGENBEEL - Elizabeth LUGENBEEL - Peggy LUGENBEEL - Sally LUGENBEEL - Barbara LUGENBEEL - Peter LUGENBEEL, a minor - Andrew LUGENBEEL, a minor - Basil LUGENBEEL, a minor To Manumit and Release from Slavery - - negro boy, CALEB - 1 Jan 1835 He had sold to Jacob LINDENBERGER of Baltimore, a lot on Hanover Street in Baltimore. Brother, Peter LUGENBEEL and his daughter, Eliza LUGENBEEL Sons, John and William were executors; witnesses were Robert CUMMING, Thomas SAPPINGTON and Alexander LOWE. John LUGENBEEL was guardian; widow asked the land be divided among the other sons who had not yet received land and for her dower, as provided in will; William H. POOLE was appointed to survey and divide it. Land was conveyed to Lugenbeel from Basil WOOD on 11 Apr 1812; from William WORMAN on 8 Dec 1815 (part goes to son, John LUGENBEEL Jr); from Jacob DANNER on 29 Mar 1791; from Peter BECRAFT on 30 Aug 1802; from John McDANIEL on 16 Mar 1810; from decree by court of Jacob STRIPE heirs on 19 Dec 1799 which was then sold to the heirs of Malachi BONHAM, tract "Resurvey on Stripe's Purchase", 229 acres, next to Adam BISH, Nicholas BOYER and John SHRINER (88 1/2 acres conveyed to Stripe by Joshua WADDINGTON in 1795). Land tract names in or by these boundaries were "Resurvey on John and Sally", "Hobson's Choice", "Pleasant Fields", "Policy", "Cold Friday", Jacob STRIPE, d/ before Oct 1799 intestate, leaving children - - David STRIPE - Catharine w/o Christian EURY - Jacob STRIPE - Polly STRIPE - Warner STRIPE - Sally STRIPE - Elizabeth STRIPE Note - Before the Act of Direct Descents was enacted, everything went to the eldest son, it is now divided evenly amongst the surviving children or their heirs, first allowing for widow's dower if she survived.
William GOLDSBOROUGH vs Jacob LAYMAN In Oct 1819, Peter EICHELBERGER was indebted to Goldsborough with a note endorsed by Jacob CRAVER and Jacob LAYMAN. Neither Eichelberger or Craver were able to pay on the note and on the 26th of Oct 1822, Layman executed a deed of conveyance to his two sons, John LAYMAN and George LAYMAN, for the 153 acre tract where he lived. Land was patented to Philip Jacob LAYMAN in 1760 of about 100 acres and Lot #4, part tract "Baltzell's Content", 28 acres, was conveyed to Layman by George BALTZELL (of Jacob) in 1783; and land conveyed from Charles BEATTY, two parts (6 acres and 27 acres) of "Resurvey on Puzzle", running next to tract "Ungerland" and "Mad Bottom". The deed of Layman to his sons was considered fraudulent by the court and declared void; restitution would have to be made on the $1,600 note or the property would be sold.
Henry BANTZ vs William KOLB On 19 Oct 1820, William KOLB owned Lot #31 in Frederick Town and was indebted to Frederick STONER who received a judgement on Kolb in 1822. Stoner had assigned the note to Henry BANTZ. Kolb was also indebted to Valentine BUCKEY, Gideon BANTZ, Christian SCHOLL and William M. BEALL. On 25 Mar 1824, sale was made to William M. BEALL and Christian SCHOLL for $2,200.
681-689 - SHERMAN, SHRIVER, DURBIN - Mar 1823
Isaac SHRIVER of Westminster vs Jacob SHERMAN Estate for Title In Jan 1812, Isaac SHRIVER bought from Jacob SHERMAN a parcel of land in Westminster on four tracts: "White's Level", "Resurvey on Timber Ridge", "Bond's Meadow Enlarged", "Addition to Water Oak Level", all contiguous to each other totaling 5 1/2 acres for 2750 pounds. Before the conveyance was made - Jacob SHERMAN d/ 7 Jul 1822 testate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and only child - Eve w/o David SHRIVER Jr their minor children - all live in Wheeling, VA (now WV) .....Jacob Sherman SHRIVER .....William Wagner SHRIVER .....Elizabeth SHRIVER Executors were his widow and William DURBIN Jr. The lands included Sherman's tavern stand in Westminster situated at an alley on Main Street, along tract "Weedings Choice" and private road of David FISHER, John Valentine MILLER's lot, and corner of William CAMPBELL's lot.
John REICH Petition for Title A bill was filed by Henry LANTZ against Benjamin HERSH, Patrick DAVIDSON, William ROSS and others for the sale of land Benjamin HERSH conveyed to Patrick DAVIDSON and William ROSS as trustees. William ROSS was trustee and sold the land to Samuel HAUPT with stipulatlion John REICH was to have 25 acres, Levi HUGHES to have 10 acres and Haupt to have remainder. Reich and Hughes paid their monies but Haupt did not; suit was filed, judgement received and Haupt's section was sold by sheriff with Reich as buyer. Reich asks that trustees convey to Christian SHULL the 25 acres of Reich plus Haupt's part and to convey the 10 acres to the heirs of Levi HUGHES.
694-697 - ORTNER, STANSBURY, SPONSELLER, etc - Jul 1824
ORTNERs - for Title An equity suit between John GUNN, Jacob DADISMAN and wife Sarah, John MILLER and wife Christiana, Caleb FULLER and wife Margaret against John Curry Cunningham GUNN, Solomon D. GIBSON, Stephen Decatur GIBSON and Peter BRUNNER Jr was filed in Jan 1820 for lot of ground to be sold with Bean S. PIGMAN, esquire as trustee who sold it on 18 Mar 1820 to Mary ORTNER as highest bidder for $538. After the sale, Mary ORTNER sold half of the lot to John ORTNER, her brother. Afterwards, Mary ORTNER married William STANSBURY, both now deceased, without issue and died without conveying the deed for the 1/2 lot (west side) to John ORTNER. She leaves the following brothers and sisters - bro/ John ORTNER bro/ Jacob ORTNER bro/ Samuel ORTNER sis/ Elizabeth ORTNER sis/ Catharine ORTNER In July 1824, John SPONSELLER testified as to the siblings of Mary. Title given to John for west side of lot and to John and other siblings as tenants in common for east side of lot.
Benjamin RUTHERFORD and wife Sophia vs Charles SCHOLL Estate Charles SCHOLL d/ 9 Jan 1824 intestate, leaving children - Enos SCHOLL - Elizabeth SCHOLL - Seth SCHOLL - Jesse SCHOLL - Joseph SCHOLL - Sophia w/o Benjamin RUTHERFORD - Margaret w/o Stuart GAITHER - Charlotte SCHOLL - Mary SCHOLL - William SCHOLL, a minor Nathaniel A. HINKLE was guardian; Benjamin RUTHERFORD was high bidder at $1,660 for tract "Locust Level", 25 acres and a lot of mountain land, 47 acres. Finalized on 22 Jul 1824.
Patrick REID and George GROvER vs the Estate of Caleb KNOTT Caleb KNOTT d/ 4 Oct 1821 intestate, leaving widow - Eleanor and 11 children - - Benedict KNOTT - Matilda KNOTT - Josias KNOTT - Zachary KNOTT, a minor - John KNOTT, a minor - Eliza KNOTT, a minor - Anna KNOTT, a minor - Helen KNOTT, a minor - Elizabeth KNOTT, a minor - Francis KNOTT, a minor - Ignatius KNOTT, a minor Property consisted of Lot #36 in Emmitsburg, lying on the south side of Baltimore Street on a corner of an alley below the main square. Joachin ELDER was administrator; Thomas CARLTON was guardian; John HARRITT was trustee; on the 28th of June 1824, sale was made to Edward McBRIDE for $325.
731-738 - HAFFNER, GITTINGER, HOLTZ - Mar 1824
John GITTINGER vs Michael HAFFNER, William B. SANDERSON, John GESEY and John BALTZELL Michael HAFFNER was indebted to Peter DUTRO on 28 Feb 1822 for $4,040.50 and secured a mortgage owed to John GITTINGER for real estate (not identified). The others in the suit were creditors of Michael HAFFNER. Sale was held on 31 Jul 1824, highest bidder was Nicholas HOLTZ by John GITTINGER for $2,209.
SMITH vs SMITH Estate Andrew SMITH - will written 1 Nov 1804, filed 11 Mar 1808 wife - Elizabeth - Henry SMITH (only son - gave land)* - Elizabeth HAUP (only daughter) - her children - .....Elizabeth HAUP w/o Abraham SNYDER - their children - ..........Daniel SNYDER ..........Elizabeth SNYDER .....Magdalena HAUP - Andrew KELLER (stepson) ========= *Henry SMITH d/ Apr 1823 intestate, leaving children - - Jacob SMITH - Joseph SMITH - Daniel SMITH - Julianna SMITH - Elizabeth SMITH - Susan, dec'd w/o Jacob FLOOK - their minor children - .....Lydia Ann FLOOK .....Israel FLOOK - Rebecca SMITH, a minor - Mary SMITH, a minor - Molly SMITH, a minor - Lydia Ann SMITH, a minor Henry owned property in Middletown Valley, tract "Neighbor's Content", 180 acres; and tract "Locust Valley", 35 acres. George BOWLUS Jr was guardian of minors; Israel RAMSBURG was trustee. The property had to be sold to pay the debts. Jacob SMITH was purchaser of the 180 acre tract for $7,290 and Frederick RUDY bought the 35 acre tract for $358.75.
Abraham JONES vs William COOKERLY Estate On 20 Dec 1822, William COOKERLY was indebted to William JONES for $1,200. William COOKERLY d/ Sep 1823 intestate, leaving widow - Dorcas and minor children - - John COOKERLY - Amelia COOKERLY - Jane COOKERLY - Grafton COOKERLY - Elizabeth COOKERLY - James COOKERLY The land was part tract "Resurvey on Stoney Spring", 72 acres, conveyed by Levy HUGHES on 13 Oct 1817; and "Resurvey on the Olive Branch", 46 acres, conveyed by Philip HINES on 16 May 1818. Said land was situated on the Liberty Road, 4 miles from Liberty Town. Dorcas, the mother, was guardian of the minor children; Jacob BRENGLE was trustee; land to be sold subject to the widow's dower. Sale was made to Jacob BURRIER for $1,511; finalized Jun 1824.
BECKENBAUGH's vs Peter BECKENBAUGH Estate Peter BECKENBAUGH Sr wrote will 16 Mar 1814, filed 18 Apr 1814 widow - Susanna and children - - John BECKENBAUGH - Michael BECKENBAUGH - Jacob BECKENBAUGH - Elizabeth w/o Jacob ALEXANDER - Magdalena w/o Jacob SHANK - Mary BECKENBAUGH (d/ Oct 1823, intestate, no issue) - Susanna w/o Jacob WEDDLE - Margaret w/o Isaac WEDDLE - Barbara w/o Jonathan POWELL (he d/ Jul 1823) - Hutta BECKENBAUGH, a minor - Peter BECKENBAUGH Jr, a minor (who has since died) Land owned by Peter was part tracts "Resurvey on Whiskey Alley" and "Hopkins Content", 325 acres; "Resurvey on Whiskey Alley", 11 1/2 acres; "The Forest", 19 3/4 acres; "Bone Heiser Secured Him", 1 1/2 acres; "Joined Together", 3 3/4 acres; all totaling 360 acres, 100 acres having been sold to Lawrence EVERHART. David BOWLUS was guardian and trustee; 111 acres was sold to John DEAR at $35/acre; and 25 acres to Israel RAMSBURG at $35/acre on 13 Mar 1824 by private sale; the remainder of the land remains unsold per agreement with the widow.
Tabitha SWEARINGEN of Virginia On 21 Apr 1821, Charles TALBOTT became indebted for $2,800 to Benjamin RUTHERFORD, with $1,400 to be for the use of Tabitha who is now the widow of Joseph SWEARINGEN. Land tract "Many Makes One", 70 acres, conveyed to Talbott by Asa BEALL and Elisha BEALL. William SCHLEY was trustee to sell property for payment. Sale was held at the tavern of William MICHAEL in Frederick on 31 Mar 1824 with Benjamin RUTHERFORD being high bidder.
788-798 - DERR, FREDERICK, LEAB, RAYMOND - Jan 1824
Thomas CARLETON and Jacob LEAB vs John DERR Estate John DERR (s/o Martin DERR) died leaving widow - Elizabeth and children (all minors except Ann) - Mary Anne w/o Jacob FREDERICK - Sophia DERR - Rebecca DERR - Henry DERR - Daniel DERR - Jacob DERR - John DERR - Elizabeth DERR - Frederick DERR Derr was indebted to Carleton and Leab for land which consisted of tract "Derr's Purchase", 3 acres; "Resurvey on Miller's Chance", 10 acres, conveyed by John CRONISE, exectutor of John Martin DERR. James RAYMOND was guardian; Edward NEWSOME/NUZUM was trustee. On 26 Feb 1825, sale went to Jacob LEAB as highest bidder for $57.
798-824 - EADER, KELLER, SLAVES, BRENGLE - Aug 1824
John BRENGLE, Casper MANTZ, executors of Francis MANTZ vs EADERs Abraham EADER, blacksmith, wrote will 10 Apr 1822, filed 16 Apr 1822, leaving wife - Susan and children - - Thomas EADER - Willilam EADER - Jonathan EADER (exec of father's will) - Uriah EADER - Ezra EADER (died since his father, intestate, no issue) - George EADER, a minor - Randolph EADER (died since his father, intestate, no issue) - Lewis EADER, a minor - Catharine EADER, a minor - Rebecca EADER, a minor - (daughter) w/o Henry KELLER - their children - .....Louisa KELLER, a minor .....Rebecca KELLER, a minor negro - HEZEKIAH, 34 - to be freed 9 years from his death negro - SUSAN, 26 - to be freed 9 years from his death witnesses: David F. SCHAEFFER, Peter BRENGLE, Jacob KELLER Land was on tracts "Addison's Choice" #2, 4 acres, confiscated British property, conveyed to him by Conrad KELLER (wife Elizabeth) in 1796; "Addison's Choice" #2, 176 acres, borders Monocacy and conveyed to him by Jacob KELLER (wife Rebecca) in 1796; "Addison's Choice", 17 acres conveyed to him by Edward SALMON, school master, in 1796; "Resurvey called Final", 158 acres, borders "Addison's Choice" and and "Middle Plantation", 11 acres, conveyed to him by Samuel Cook (wife Mary) in 1800. Eader possessed Lot #2 of "Middle Plantation", 50 acres, holding bond of conveyance of John BRENGLE to be conveyed to Eader upon completion of payment. This lot was previously conveyed to Lawrence BRENGLE by Samuel DUVALL in 1786. Eader and Brengle signed note to Eleanor POTTS, executrix of Richard POTTS in 1817. Jonathan EADER was guardian for the minors and trustee. On 25 Feb 1825, sale was made to Jacob BRENGLE for $5,838.12.
John RITCHIE vs Benjamin BIGGS Estate Benjamin BIGGS d/ about 1 May 1819 intestate, leaving children - - Zacharias I. BIGGS - Benjamin BIGGS - Naomi BIGGS - Elizabeth w/o George TROXELL - Amanda/Annamae w/o Elie GRAFF - William BIGGS, d/ 1 Aug 1822 intestate - his children - .....Elizabeth Naomi BIGGS .....Martha Jane BIGGS .....Anne William BIGGS William BIGGS was administrator but died 1 Aug 1822 before settlement of the estate was made. After William's death, Zebulon KUHN and John PITTENGER became the administrators. Benjamin BIGGS was indebted to Abraham HOFF, now deceased, with John RITCHIE as his executor. Benjamin's land included tract "Benjamin's Good Luck", 70 acres; "Resurvey on Digges' Lot", 28 acres; "Six Brothers", 165 acres; "Waddle's Delight", 60 acres; "Shark's Choice", 50 acres; totaling 325 acres. Thomas GRAGORY was guardian; Kuhn & Pittenger were trustees. Sale for 106 acres was made to Avery HOFF for $1,484, parts of the first three tracts mentioned above.
836-846 - ANDERSON, DUVALL, BEALL, DAVIS - Aug 1824
Richard ANDERSON vs Robert ANDERSON Estate Robert ANDERSON d/ intestate, leaving children - - Richard ANDERSON - Adam ANDERSON, a minor - Robert ANDERSON, a minor - Catharine ANDERSON, a minor - Mary ANDERSON, a minor - Talbott ANDERSON, a minor "Duvall's Forest", 101 acres, conveyed by Lewis DUVALL (wife Elizabeth) on 14 Sep 1791, runs along Elisha BEALL's part. Gilbert DAVIS was guardian for the minors; in Oct 1824, William SCHLEY became trustee. Richard ANDERSON was high bidder for $1,868.50; finalized on 2 Jun 1825.
Valentine ADAMS vs Estate of William FOUT - Sale of Real Estate Henry FOUT - will dated 29 Mar 1806, filed 19 Jan 1807 w/ Magdalena (1/3) and children - - William FOUT - given negro DICK plantation home, tract "Rockey Creek", 105 acres; and "Fieldera", 49 acres mountain land - Elizabeth w/o Henry HILDEBRAND - she given negro JOSEPH and negro HANNAH (but she has since been sold) - Michael FOUT - Barbara KEIFER - Magdalena MILLER - Charlotte LINTON, widow witnesses: Lawrence BRENGLE, Baltzer FOUT and Frederick SEAVERS. Son William was executor, but ---------------- William FOUT d/ Feb 1820 (will 13 Oct 1819, filed 21 Feb 1820), leaving w/ Magdalena (previously w/o Abraham ADAMS) - and children - - Elizabeth FOUT - by 19 Jan 1824 was w/o David MICHAEL - John Henry FOUT (testified on 14 Jan 1824 he was over 21) - Margaret FOUT, a minor - Charlotte FOUT, a minor - Barbara FOUT, a minor - Mary (Tolly) FOUT, a minor - Michael William FOUT, a minor stepson - Valentine ADAMS (s/o Abraham ADAMS) The stepson was made executor; witnesses were Henry KEMP, David KEMP and Henry KEEFER. William also purchased Lots 35 and 36 on land tract "Resurvey on Locust Level", 192 acres, in 1819 from Frederick A. SCHLEY and Richard POTTS, trustees for Baltzer FOUT. Property needed to be sold to pay debts. Magdalena w/o William was guardian for her minor children; in 1824, John H. FOUT was made guardian of his minor siblings. Frederick SCHLEY and Richard POTTS were also trustees for William FOUT's estate. Sale was held on 1 Apr 1824 with John LANE being high bidder for "Rockey Creek" tract for $6,659.76; on 1 May 1824, at house of John DILL, "Resurvey on Locust Level" tract was sold to Valentine ADAMS for $4,911.93. Estate was still short, paying $.86 to a dollar.
873-884 - LOW, BUCKEY, HOUCK, GREAR, PRICE, DILL - Jan 1822
George BUCKEY and w/ Maria, Jacob HOUCK and w/ Catharine vs Andrew LOW Estate Andrew LOW, Taylor of Frederick Town, d/ Dec 1797 intestate, leaving widow - Maria (also d/ 1821 intestate) - and children - - Jacob LOW - New Orleans, Ohio - Maria w/o George BUCKEY - Catharine w/o Jacob HOUCK - Rockingham Co, VA - John LOW d/ intestate in VA, leaving ...w/ Sarah - who is now w/o John GREAR .....s/ John LOW - Cyrus LOW, a minor - also has d/ intestate Andrew left a will dated 26 Oct 1797, filed 27 Dec 1797; exec/ Michael HOUSER; witnesses: Baltzer KOONTZ, Richard GRIFFITH. Property consisted of Lots 68 and 69 on Patrick Street in Frederick Town, conveyed to Low by Col. Thomas PRICE (w/ Mary) on 2 Aug 1787 (Fr Co Land WR-7, 393). Private sale made to John DILL for $1,250 on 22 Sep 1823; finalized Aug 1824.
David WAGNER vs William ROBERTS Estate On 13 Dec 1818, William ROBERTS owed Joel PUSEY $3,936.40 and deed of mortgage was made for tract "Resurvey on Small Beginning", 128 acres, which was then assigned to David WAGNER in 1819. William ROBERTS and wife are now both deceased, leaving children - - Richard ROBERTS who left Maryland a long time ago and is believed dead - Sally, dec'd w/o George BOOSER/BUSER - their minor son - .....William BUSER - Hannah ROBERTS - Elizabeth ROBERTS - Steven ROBERTS, a minor The guardians were Thomas W. MORGAN for Steven and James RAYMOND, esquire, for William Buser; George GASSAWAY was trustee. The land was 1 1/2 miles from Beaver Dam and adjoined lands of Mr. HANE. High bidder was William M. BEALL of Frederick Town for $2,832.18; finalized Jun 1824.
Henry STULLER, Abraham DERR, John FLUIGLE vs Conrad STULLER Estate Conrad STULLER d/ c 1824 intestate, leaving widow - Sarah and children - - Samuel STULLER - Elizabeth STULLER - Christian/Christina STULLER, a minor - Frederick STULLER, a minor - Molly STULLER, a minor - Henry STULLER, a minor - Sarah Ann STULLER, a minor - Conrad STULLER, a minor Land included tracts "Empty Cupboard" and "Elory", 121 acres, conveyed to Conrad by Ulrick STULLER Sr on 20 Feb 1802; adjoing those was "Peace and Good Will", 11 acres, runs along "Ross's Range Corrected" and "Runny Mede Resurveyed" (by Dr. Upton SCOTT on Oct 1767), along "Elory Resurveyed" (for Valentine BAIST on 18 Feb 1767) and by "Resurvey on Friendship" (for Valentine BAIST on 15 Jan 1765). Also had "Elory Beginning", 16 acres, from John SLIFE (w/ Appolonia) on 23 Jan 1802, next to land from Ulrick STULLER Jr to Slife; and "Runny Mede Enlarged", 9 acres (resurveyed May 1794 by Dr. Upton SCOTT, dec'd, of Annapolis), from Clotworthy BIRNIE (w/ Hessy) on 5 Dec 1818. Administrator was George RINEHART; Andrew K. SHRIVER was guardian; John FLUEGLE/FLEGLE, esquire was trustee. Private sale was made to George REICHARD for $1,000 on 7 Dec 1824. The estate was still short and paid $.66 1/2 per dollar; finalized 16 Jun 1825
918 - GAVER - Aug 1827
Supplement (Distribution) of Equity #208 for Henry GAVER (see Folio 220) Henry GAVER, dec'd w/ Sarah - 2/3 of proceeds of 2nd sale in lieu of dower, $60.55 d/ Mary Ann GAVER - 1/2 of balance, $166.51 d/ Willimina GAVER - 1/2 of balance, $166.51

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