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These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber JLJ-6; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA T2936; Loc 2-70-12-6)

Frederick Co, MD - Equity JSJ-6
Lawson SHEPLEY & wife Maranda - Foreclosure On 11 Apr 1885, Lawson H. SHEPLEY & wife Maranda signed a mortgage for $200 to Carleton SHAFER (who conveyed it to Noah E. CRAMER who assigned it to William WILCOXON), on 39 acres conveyed by James H. DELAUTER & wife Mary on FC Deed AF-9, 655 dated 21 Apr 1883. Another deed dated 21 Sep 1888 for 5 acres to the Shepleys from Hiram STOTELMYER and wife Mary (AF-9, 654); land lies adjacent to Samuel TOMS, Ira DRAPER and others and is on the road leading from Wolfsville to Foxville (same as conveyed to David PATTERSON). Sale held in Wolfsville with Amelia F. PATTERSON as highest bidder at $220. ===
536-553 - GROVE - Jan 1897
Estate of Calvin GROVE Calvin GROVE d/ Nov 1896 intestate, leaving widow - Louisa C. and 7 minor children, - Florence V. GROVE, 17 - William A. GROVE, 14 - John C. GROVE, 12 - Philip M. GROVE, 10 - Mary E. GROVE, 7 - Husker W. GROVE, 1 - Virgie M. GROVE, 1 Lived in Brunswick, Frederick County, Maryland on 26 Jan 1897. (unfinished, closing time) ===
596-602 - ETZLER, MITCHELL, CRONISE, DOLL - Jul 1897
Fredericktown Savings Inst, mortgagee of Hamilton ETZLER Hamilton ETZLER & w/ Susannah issued a mortgage for $450 in Jun 1892 to the Fredericktown Savings Inst, Joseph CRONISE being president of the bank, but he is now deceased, and a new trustee needs to be appointed. Melville E. DOLL then became president of the bank and he is now the trustee for the mortgage. LAND - Lots# 106 & 107 (each lot 50x300') on Main St on the west end of Libertytown; adjoined lots of Rev. Perry G. WALKER on the west and an alley on the east which divided property from James GARBER. Improvments of a 2-story frame house of seven rooms, a wheelwright shop, fruit trees and fine water near the front door. To Hamilton ETZLER from Archibald ETZLER & w/ Annie L., Mary C. & h/ Thomas P. MITCHELL and Thomas C. ETZLER, as heir of Ann E. ETZLER in Jul 1882 [AF-5, 558]. Previously to Ann E. ETZLER from Adam W. DEVILBISS, atty, in May 1859 [BGF-4, 167]. Sale was held at the courthouse on 31 Jul 1897; high bidder was: - Fredericktown Savings Bank at $500 Closed without auditor's report on 27 Aug 1897. ===
GORLEY vs SEIS - Sale of Real Estate # 6612) Arnold R. SEIS d/ c1890 intestate, leaving widow - Mary and no children; he did leave 8 siblings, bro/ Joseph L. SEIS, dec'd - Missouri (children unknown) sis/ Ellen L. w/o Shepherd LINEBACH - Indiana bro/ John A. SEIS, dec'd - Out of State (children unknown) sis/ Mary SEIS, dec'd - Ohio (children unknown) bro/ Benjamin SEIS, dec'd - leaving daughter, .........Emma J. LOUNSBURY - Illinois bro/ George J. SEIS and w/ Mary bro/ Samuel SEIS, dec'd - moved West (children unknown) sis/ Eliza J. CLAYBAUGH - her daughter .........Maria M. w/o John C. GORLEY Land - 16 1/2 acres, in Cherry Valley on Upper Mechanicstown Road, near Pike from Mechanicstown to Emmitsburg, 1 1/2 miles south of Mt St Marys; adjoined land of the heirs of John Theodore PEDDICORD and the heirs of Samuel HEMLER. -Improvements of a two-story log dwelling with a frame weather-boarded kitchen attached, a log stable, a stone spring house, a hog pen and other out buildings; an excellent well of mountain water near the door, fruit trees of apple and peach, four acres cultivated and the balance in timber. From his brother Joseph SIS on 8 Sep 1888 [WIP-8, 18 and GG-8, 655]. (Also mentioned a deed to Eliza J. CLAYBAUGH and Arnold R. SEIS by Daniel SEISS, executor.) Testimony given by: - John A. PEDDICORD, 45, who resided at Mount St Marys - Augustus WAGNER, 57, from Emmitsburg District. Trustee was Vincent SEBOLD; sale was advertised in the Emmitsburg Chronicle and held at Western MD Hotel in Emmitsburg on 27 Mar 1897; high bidder was: - Maria M. GORLEY for $165. === ===================== To Be Continued =====================

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