Frederick Co, MD - Equity HS-8

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity HS-8

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber HS-8; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Adam DEVILBISS vs David DEVILBISS, et al - Title Land - "Vennus", 98 acres, (mill property) to George DEVILBISS and David DEVILBISS; 2/3 from John CAMPBELL; 1/3 from William DEVILBISS. Property was sold to Adam DEVILBISS, but not conveyed. George DEVILBISS d/ 23 Apr or 6 May 1842 intestate, (wife died 1841), leaving 12 children, - Adam W. DEVILBISS - Luther M. DEVILBISS - Henry A. DEVILBISS (d/ 22 Aug 1842) - Elizabeth A. DEVILBISS w/o Amos CLARY - Catharine L. DEVILBISS w/o John BARRICK - Rosanna DEVILBISS - Maranda C. DEVILBISS - Asenia DEVILBISS, a minor - America DEVILBISS, a minor - George Columbus DEVILBISS, a minor - Thomas Ephraim DEVILBISS, a minor - Barbara DEVILBISS, a minor Administrators were David DEVILBISS and Henry A. DEVILBISS. Guardian to Asenia and America was Amos CLARY; guardian for the other minors was Adam W. DEVILBISS. David DEVILBISS (w/ Elizabeth) and Adam were brothers to George DEVILBISS. Title granted in Jul 1842.
William RIDGELY, et al vs Estate of Jacob RIDGELY Jr. - Sale of Real Estate Jacob RIDGELY SR., dec'd (will 24 May 1811; 24 Apr 1815) widow - Ruth and 10 children, - Jacob RIDGELY Jr. - William RIDGELY - Westal RIDGELY - Sarah RIDGELY - Ruth RIDGELY - Greenbury RIDGELY - Thomas RIDGELY - Martha RIDGELY - Eli RIDGELY - Hezekiah RIDGELY Land - "Leave It So" and "Philip's Luck" and "Mathew's Good Will"; devised to widow and upon her death to his ten children. - "The Fair Thing" to be sold and divided among children. - "Fair View", 50 acres, to son Jacob at $20/acre. Executors were sons, Jacob and William. Witnesses: Patrick McGILL, James TORRANCE, George HILLYARD. Jacob RIDGELY, Jr. d/ 1841 intestate, w/o issue widow - 2nd w/ Susanna (BARRETT) - leaves 7 siblings, bro/ William RIDGELY - Allegany County bro/ Westill RIDGELY bro/ Ely RIDGELY - Allegany County sis/ Sarah HARDING sis/ Ruth w/o Ely HAUSE sis/ Martha w/o William P. HAUSE bro/ Thomas RIDGELY, dec'd - his children, .......Thomas H. RIDGELY .......Mary A. w/o James DEVER .......Robert RIDGELY .......Cornelia RIDGELY .......William RIDGELY, a minor .......Jacob T.J. RIDGELY, a minor .......Bethany RIDGELY, a minor Administrators: William RIDGELY and Eli RIDGELY on 31 Mar 1842. Marriage Agreement between Jacob RIDGELY and his second wife, Susanna BARRETT, on 13 Sep 1839 - each to be liable for their own debts and she to receive $1,500 in lieu of her dower and to live in the house for three months after the death of her husband. Land - "Jacob's Chance", 22+ acres,next to "Mathew's Good Will"; from Jacob RIDGELY SR. (w/ Ruth) to Jacob RIDGELY JR. in 1805. - Also, Lot #19 of "Fielderea", 46+ acres,(previously to Sr. from Francis HOFFMAN). - "The Fair Thing", 14+ acres, from Thomas RIDGELY (w/ Pheby) in 1816. - "The Fair Thing", 20+ acres, from Thomas RIDGELY (w/ Bethanna) and Henry CULLER in 1826 (previously to Thomas RIDGELY from Jacob RIDGELY and William RIDGELY, exec/of Jacob RIDGELY). - "Resurvey on Ridgely's Rest", 55+ acres, from David BOWLUS, trustee for estate of Samuel RIDGELY in 1835. Guardian was John SIFFORD; testimony given by John SIFFORD and Andrew HEIM. Trustees were William RIDGELY and Eli RIDGELY; on 20 Sep 1842, sale made to John MICHAEL for the home place of 113 acres at $3,390; the mountain tract of 90 acres did not receive bids. Each 1/7 share, after debts and the widow's portion, was $243.30; finalized 24 Nov 1842.
39-52 - POOLE, HOY - Nov 1841
Catharine POOLE - Petition for Dower Land Division George Washington POOLE d/ Jun 1841 intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and 2 children, - Ann Matilda POOLE, a minor - Clementine POOLE, a minor Land - "Poole's Industry" Guardian was Nicholas HOY; and testimony was given by him. Property was surveyed by Elihu H. ROCKWELL; widow's portion was 20 acres; finalized Jan 1842.
52-77 - KEMP, BUCKEY, SLAVES - Nov 1841
E.C. WYSHAM, Thomas J. MYERS and David BREADY, partners and dealers in the Milling business vs Estate of Christian KEMP - Title Daniel KEMP of Henry d/ Jan 1839, leaving widow - Matilda and 4 minor children, - Eugenia KEMP - Emily KEMP - Edward L. KEMP - Henry D. KEMP Land - Mill land conveyed to Daniel KEMP and Daniel BUCKEY. Trustees to sell the 1/2 interest in the mill property were Henry KEMP and William M. KEMP; they sold the property to Christian KEMP, now deceased, for $6,000, free of dower. Since Christian's death, E.C. WYSHAM, Thomas J. MYERS and David BREADY have purchased both halves of the mill property shown to be known as Monocacy Mills. Daniel BUCKEY, Henry KEMP and William M. KEMP are listed as living in Baltimore. Christian KEMP, dec'd (will 3 Jan 1840), leaving widow - Harriet and children, - Walter Baker KEMP (life estate in home place, devised to Christian from his father) - Evelina C. BUCKEY, dec'd - her children - Harriet E. KEMP, dec'd - her children SLAVES - negro man TOM JONES (to son Walter) - negro woman SOPHIA and her son, WESLEY (to wife) Executors were Daniel BUCKEY and Walter B. KEMP, but Kemp declined. Witnesses: Thomas W. MORGAN, William M. BEALL and Daniel HALLER. Indenture from Christian KEMP and w/ Harriet to Daniel KEMP of Henry in 1831, for "Wet Work" and "Resurvey on Buckingham House", 5 acres and 3/4 acre on opposite side of Monocacy River near the mill dam (previously from Ignatius DAVIS to Christian KEMP and Daniel BUCKEY). The widow of Daniel KEMP, Matilda, was allowed 2/15 in lieu of her dower. Title was granted on 16 Nov 1842.
78-94 - JARBOE, McCARTNEY, SMITH - Dec 1841
Henry J. JARBOE vs Estate of William JARBOE - Sale of Real Estate William JARBOE d/ May 1836 intestate, leaving widow - Margaret and 5 children, - Henry Joseph JARBOE - Margaret A.M. JARBOE, a minor - Thomas Randolph JARBOE, a minor - John S.M. JARBOE, a minor - Susannah JARBOE, a minor Administrators were Henry J. JARBOE and Michael McCARTNEY. Land - "Spring Secured", 146 acres; Special Warrant to Resurvey dated 1835, "Long Bottom", "More Bad Than Good", "Mill Race", totals 146 acres, now called "Spring Secured"; includes spring used by family of William HOUSE, next to "Anchor and Hope" and on North and West side of Catoctin Creek; deeded to heirs of William JARBOE. Said property is located 4 miles south of Middletown and adjoins the lands of Levin RICE, Henry HERSHBEGER and others. It included a log dwelling and stable, never-failing spring and had 40 acres heavily timbered. The Catoctin Creek ran through the farm and made it favorable for a Grist Mill or Factory. Testimony heard from John SIFFORD; guardian was Benedict BOONE. Trustee was Michael McCARTNEY; on 19 Dec 1842, at tavern of James STEVENS in Middletown, sale was made to Christian SMITH at $3,905.50. The widow received $437.60 and each 1/5 share was $656.40; finalized 25 Jan 1843.
Robert MORRISON - Petition of Trust for Andrew MORRISON Robert MORRISON of Carroll County was trustee for Andrew MORRISON, who was declared a lunatic in 1837. Land - an undivided 1/9 share of "James' Fancy", 102 acres; and 1/9 share of an 180 acre tract. Andrew was in possession of $32 as his share from the sale of the personal property of John MORRISON, dec'd (Andrew's father?). Siblings of Andrew MORRISON (age 30 in 1836)- bro/ James MORRISON sis/ Jane MORRISON bro/ William MORRISON bro/ Samuel MORRISON bro/ David MORRISON bro/ Robert MORRISON sis/ Sarah MORRISON, now w/o John SIX sis/ Mary MORRISON, dec'd, former w/o John SIX Assigned guardian was John OTT. Trustee was Robert MORRISON; on 1 Jun 1838, sale made to John GRINDER at $197 for Andrew's 1/9 share of the 180 acres; on 3 Sep 1838, the other 1/9 part of the other tract was sold to Jacob ZUMBRUN at $230; total after costs was $378.80 to be invested for the support of Andrew; finalized 3 Jan 1842.
113-139 - VALENTINE, CRAMER, NULL - Dec 1841
Eli CRAMER vs Heirs of Frederick VALENTINE Frederick VALENTINE d/ 1841 (will 20 Mar 1841), leaving widow - Elizabeth and children, s/ Josiah VALENTINE - Out of State s/ Uriah VALENTINE s/ John VALENTINE, a minor s/ Jacob VALENTINE, a minor s/ Eli VALENTINE, a minor s/ David VALENTINE, a minor s/ Daniel Lewis VALENTINE, a minor s/ James Augustus VALENTINE, a minor s/ Calvin Luther VALENTINE, a minor d/ Mary Margaret VALENTINE, a minor Executor was Jacob FIROR. Witnesses: Henry F. LENHART, Josiah SNOOK and Cornelius RIDGE. Land - "Friendship", 121+ acres, from Nicholas HOLTZ in 1832; lies between Catoctin Furnace and Creagerstown, about 3 miles from the furnace and one mile from Creagerstown. It is on the banks of Hunting Creek and has a large 2-story log dwelling, log barn and other out buildings with a never-failing well and a spring near the door; also has meadow and 6 acres of timber. In 1841, Frederick became mortgaged to Henry HARBAUGH of John for this property; he also had a note to Adam SNOOK of A. and George BECKENBAUGH. Guardian was Jacob CRAMER. Trustee was Jacob FIROR; on 6 Aug 1842, sale made to James NULL at $1,241.85. There was no mention of providing any dower, either in land or monies; the widow did receive a sum of $140.32, but monies were to be provided to her by Frederick's will; creditors were paid but no funds remained for distribution to his children; finalized 2 Feb 1843.
Sarah EICHELBERGER by her next friend, Adam KUNKLE On 18 Apr 1823, Joseph M. PALMER, trustee of John M. DARR, deceased, sold 70 acres of "Miller's Chance" to Jacob KIRSHNER at $9.50/acre. On 22 Sep 1829, Sarah EICHELBERGER, w/o Peter EICHELBERGER, by Gustavus KIRSHNER, her next friend, filed a petition in frederick County and asked that Joseph M. PALMER be authorized to convey a deed in trust for Sarah since the property had been purchased by Jacob KIRSHNER with Sarah's money. On 20 Mar 1840, Abraham GROSHON became trustee for Sarah, and Palmer transferred the deed to Groshon. Groshon and Sarah both now live in Washington County and the property is in Frederick County, therefore she desires the property be sold and reinvested in property in Washington County. Trustee to sell the property was George SCHLEY of Washington County. The property was situated in Lewistown and was sold to Benjamin C. FLOWERS at $1,355. After costs, the amount to trustee for Sarah was $1,264.19; closed 13 Jul 1842.
Tobias HORINE et al vs Joshua DILL, trustee of Larken L. COOK In 1841, agreement was made for Tobias HORINE Sr. to sell land to Larkin S. COOK. Tobias HORINE Sr d/ Fall of 1841 intestate s/ Tobias HORINE Jr s/ John HORINE d/ Rebecca w/o Jacob SMITH d/ Euphrania w/o Christian KOOGLE d/ Susannah wid/o John KOOGLE d/ Melinda w/o Daniel MAIN d/ Catharine w/o Geoge CASTLE d/ Sarah w/o Joseph MAUGINS - Out of State s/ Jacob HORINE - Out of State d/ Matilda w/o Philip SHOEMAKER - Out of State s/ Samuel HORINE, a minor d/ Elizabeth (d/ Jul 1842) wid/o Jacob WACHTEL .....Daniel WACHTEL .....Mary WACHTEL .....Solomon WACHTEL .....Rebecca (Wachtel) w/o Samuel SMITH .....Elizabeth WACHTEL, a minor .....Susanna WACHTEL, a minor d/ Mary, dec'd w/o Thomas PATTEN - all Out of State .....George PATTEN .....Elizabeth (Patten) w/o Ulery SHIVELY .....Mary (Patten) w/o Abraham WARFIL .....Nancy (Patten) w/o Robert GOSLER .....Hezekiah PATTEN, a minor .....Uriah PATTEN Jr., a minor .....Margaret Rebecca PATTEN, a minor .....Thomas PATTEN, a minor The Out of State parties reside in Indianna, Illinois and Ohio. Land - "Year a Plenty", 100 acres; located in Middletown Valley, about 4 miles west of Middletown on the Old Hagerstown Road, consists of a farm with house and barn and other outbuildings; lies next to Daniel MAIN's land, then along county road passing MORGAN's Mill, then east to Jonathan PERRY's and Daniel POFFINBURGER's. Larkin S. COOK became indebted and conveyed to Joshua DILL a deed of trust to sell the property and settle the debts; however, since all payments have not been paid, conveyance of the property still remains to the heirs of Tobias HORINE Sr. Cook has since filed for bankruptcy. John transferred his interests to Daniel MAHN in trust for himself and his family. Trustee for sale was Joshua DILL. On 13 May 1843, sale was held at the tavern of Benjamin GILBERT in Frederick and made to Samuel T. HORINE at $3,425. Audit approved on 29 Jun 1843, but distributions not shown.
George W. CUTSHAN vs Eliza CLEM and others Henry COOMES d/ abt 1827 intestate d/ Eliza CLEM - Out of State d/ Mary McKENNY - Out of State d/ Mariah BOSWELL - Out of State d/ Elizabeth BENSKINE, dec'd - all Out of State .....Aaron BENSKIN .....Rachael BENSKIN .....Erasmus BENSKIN .....Ann BENSKIN d/ Catharine STEDMAN, dec'd - all Out of State .....Sarah STEDMAN .....Olivia STEDMAN .....Ellen STEDMAN .....John STEDMAN .....James STEDMAN d/ Ann CUTSHAN, dec'd - Out of State .....George W. CUTSHAN - Jefferson Co, VA/WV .....Mary (Cutshan) CLASPY - Out of State Land - "Resurvey on Maryland", 7 acres, near Knoxville; from Philip STRIDER (w/ Catharine) in 1818; next to Jacob ELLER, Spring Branch, and Philip STOVER's. Testimony was heard from John RHODES. Trustee was George W. CUTSHAN. Sale was made to Thomas STRIDER at $75; each 1/6 share was $6.63; closed 15 Mar 1843.
178-203 - DOLL, BRUNNER, WALKER, DERR - Jan 1843
Estate of Ezra DOLL Ezra DOLL d/ 27 Sep 1842, intestate, leaving, widow - Harriett and 6 minor children, ..Louisa B. DOLL ..George J. DOLL ..Lewis H. DOLL ..Melville E. DOLL ..Samuel V. DOLL ..Leander L. DOLL Land - "Bear Den", 161 acres, from John STONER; - Lots 34 and 35 of "Tasker's Chance", 10 acres; - "The Four Friends", 7+ acres, from Samuel STEVENSON Estate. Ezra had a farm of 172 acres, 3 miles from Fredericktown on road going from Fredericktown to Woodsboro with the Monocacy running along one side. Guardian and trustee was John BRUNNER; Harriett released her dower rights in lieu of payment. Mortgage owed to John DERR Jr. Sale made to Jacob WALKER and John DERR Jr. at $4,851.60. The widow received 1/8, $575.93; each 1/6 was $671.92; finalized 27 May 1843.
204-219 - HAMMOND, HALL, WATERS - Aug 1841
Nicholas HALL, guardian vs Estate of Elizabeth M. HAMMOND Elizabeth M. HAMMOND d/ Apr 1841 intestate, leaving 7 minor children d/ Elizabeth w/o Nicholas HALL s/ Denton HAMMOND s/ Augustus HAMMOND d/ Isabella HAMMOND s/ Thomas S. HAMMOND s/ Grafton HAMMOND s/ Wellington HAMMOND Land - Lot in New Market, 3/4 acre, from Caleb OGBORNE in 1836 (to Ogborne from Nicholas H. PITTS in 1834), starts at Lot #28. Testimony was heard from Grafton HAMMOND. Guardian appointed was Henry G. WATERS, with Nicholas HALL as guardian for his wife. Trustee was Grafton HAMMOND; on 2 Oct 1841, sale was made to Ormond HAMMOND at $500, with stipulation if more would be offered, he would relinquish it for the benefit of the parties. On 15 Oct 1841, Zebulon CLAY offered $660, so private sale was made to him instead. Each 1/7 share was $80.70; closed on 1 Mar 1842.
Philip I. CAHILL vs Ann Eliza BURKE - Petition to Sell Aloysius ELDER, dec'd (will 23 Jul 1827) children of 1st marriage - s/ Joachim ELDER d/ Nancy MURPHY s/ Lewis ELDER d/ Mary ELDER w/o James KEEPERS - MO s/ Jesse ELDER, dec'd - MO d/ Clotilda ELDER w/o James McATEE - KY s/ Justinian ELDER younger children - d/ Ann Eliza BURKE, widow - VA d/ Sophia ELDER w/o Philip I. CAHILL s/ William P. ELDER d/ Mary Philippa ELDER w/o John SANDERS/SAUNDERS - Ohio d/ Ann Rosetta ELDER To son-in-law Daniel BURKE and son William P. ELDER, the farm on which he then resided and all personal property, on condition they pay all debts and legacies with seven years. At wife's death, for her third of real and personal property be equally divided among his five younger children. To son Joachim, $800 + $100; to Clotilda, $50; to Lewis, $200; to Justinian, $5; to Mary, $5; to William, $15. To Rev. Michael Dubury EGAN and John F. McGERRY, the lot now occupied as a burying ground, adjoining my gardens and the adjacent lot now occupied as a grave yard for the NEGROs of the congregation of Mount St Mary's Church; also $50 for repairs or enlargement of the church attached to Mount St Mary's Seminary. Executors were son-in-law Daniel BURKE and William MURPHY. Witnesses: Felix B. TANEY, Jacob ADELSPERGER, James CRATIN. Land - "Enlargement", 46+ acres (the widows), from James KEEPERS (w/ Mary) in 1810 for 52 acres, next to "Ramsey's Rest" and Saint Mary's Valley; with 5 acres conveyed to Jacob ADELSPERGER in 1819. Philip I. CAHILL has purchased all the interests from the children of the second marriage except Anna Eliza BURKE. Trustee was Philip I. CAHILL; on 18 May 1843 at Agnew's Tavern in Emmitsburg, sale was rescheduled due to low bids. Later sale was made to Dr. James A. SHORB at $3.10/acre or $143.22. Distributions - CAHILLs - 8/15, $55.80 - Ann E. BURKE, 2/15, $13.95 - Joachim ELDER, 1/15, $6.97 - Lewis ELDER, 1/15, $6.97 - Nancy MURPHY, 1/15, $6.97 - Mary KEEPER, 1/15, $6.97 - Clotilda McATEE, 1/15, $6.97 closed 10 Aug 1843.
Margaret GAITHER vs Edward GAITHER, Benjamin RUTHERFORD and Joseph SCHELL - Dower Land Stuart GAITHER d/ Oct 1834 (will 18 May 1833) widow - Margaret and 6 minor children d/ Harriott Louisa GAITHER d/ Caroline Augusta GAITHER d/ Ann Elizabeth GAITHER d/ Sarah Jane GAITHER s/ Stuart GAITHER d/ Martha Sophia GAITHER (b/ aft father's death) Executors: wife, Edward GAITHER, Joseph SCHELL and Benjamin RUTHERFORD (and as guardians to his children) and codicil added Dr. William Bradley TYLER; wife and Benjamin later refused the trust. The widow renounced the terms of the will and requested her legal share, signed on 21 Jan 1835. Land - House and Lot #38 in Frederick Town, fronting on the south side of Patrick Street, from Basil NORRIS (w/ Elizabeth) in 1819 (1/2 moiety), next to house of John N.A. BAGAN/BOGAN, but now owned by Colonel John McPHERSON, and by corner of brick privy in the yard of BAGAN. - Lot #38 in Frederick Town, fronting south side of Patrick Street from William NORRIS Jr (w/ Sarah H.) of Baltimore City in 1816; lies between property of Jacob BALTZELL and Mary HICKSON (an undivided moiety). - Lots #38 and 39 in Frederick Town, from Horatio McPHERSON (w/ Mary S.) in 1833, fronting south side of Patrick Street. - Lot of 3 acres in Frederick Town, from William Bradley TYLER, Worthington JOHNSON and William I. ROSS, executors of Dr. Charles W. JOHNSON, dec'd, in 1833; adjoining burying ground of Lutheran Church and property of the late George BUCKEY and Adam ZEALER, bounding on the road leading from Frederick Town to the Monocacy by SCHLEY's Mill; said lot was devised to Dr. Charles W. JOHNSON by his father, Col. Baker JOHNSON thru his will dated 22 Feb 1809. Benjamin RUTHERFORD testified he has known the widow for 16 years and was present at her wedding in the winter of 1821 by Rev. John JOHNS. She was granted the mansion house and stone room, kitchen, smoke/meat house of Lot #38 as her 1/3 share dower, excluding the warehouse and stables, adjoining an alley and near Carroll Creek.
Samuel DEFFENDALL/DIFFENDALL vs Peter HEMLER - Foreclosure Peter HEMLER was indebted by mortgage to Samuel DEFENDALL (was security on loan for Peter). Land - 180 acres near Mechanicstown from Daniel McLAUGHLIN and John McLAUGHLIN in 1832; near Col. Noah PHILLIPS, George BECKENBAUGH, William PITTINGER and William LANDER's Mill. Trustee was Noah PHILLIPS; sold to Samuel DIFFENDALL at $1,600. Notes were repaid to Diffendall, but still short by $212.52; ended 22 Dec 1842.
John DUDDERRAR and Juliet M. WORMAN vs Andrew WORMAN Estate Andrew WORMAN d/ 8 Mar 1841 at his uncle's house. (will written 27 Dec 1840) bro/ Maximus J. WORMAN, a minor bro/ Henry Clay WORMAN, a minor Executor was cousin, Andrew D. WORMAN; but, codicil, dated 7 Mar 1841, changed the executor to Isaac BROWER. Witnesses: Adam MYERS, Nicholas NORRIS, Elihu H. ROCKWELL; for codicil - Nicholas NORRIS, William JUSTICE and John DUDDERAR. Land - "Rural Felicity", 308+ acres, 3 1/2 miles east of Liberty, next to "Addition to Pearre's Retreat"; from John DUDDERRAR in 1840. Land was willed to Andrew's brothers but debts were left unpaid. Testimony was heard from John C. WHITHILL who stated he had known the brothers for 8 years. Trustee was John DUDDERAR who divided the property into two parcels. On 18 Feb 1843, sale made to John C. WHITEHILL with John CLEMSON Jr as his security, for parcel #1, consisting of the farm with house and improvements on 266 acres, at $5,925. No bid was received for parcel #2 which consisted of 38 acres with a mill dam and pond; decision was made to rent it until it could be sold. After Dudderrar was paid, the other creditors received $.52 on the dollar; closed 21 Sep 1843.
295-311 - STEVENS, THOMAS, SNYDER - Feb 1841
Catharine STEVENS - Petition Petition for writ de lunatico inquerendo against Charles STEVENS by his wife, Catharine and Dr. E.W. MOBBERLY, his attorney physician. Testimony was heard from Nicholas H. SHIPLEY regarding the debts. Testifying regarding unsound mind during the past year, although at times lucid, but incapable of governing himself or his affairs, were Jesse WRIGHT, Henry SMITH, Caleb P. NORRIS, Samuel TALBOTT, John SMITH of George, George HUGHES, J.W. GEYER, Samuel WRIGHT, Abraham JOHNS, Washington BURGESS, William WERTENBAKER Jr, Jeremiah LEWIS, Thomas C. BRASHEARS, Asa SWAMLEY, Reuben FALCONER, J.E. BROMWELL, William CAIN and Michael COOKERLY. Charles STEVENS (age 43 in Feb 1841) w/ Catharine AND 7 CHILDREN d/ Mary Margaret STEVENS d/ Louisa STEVENS s/ Christian John STEVENS s/ Henry STEVENS d/ Rachael Ann STEVENS d/ Sarah Catharine STEVENS d/ Anna Maria STEVENS Land - Lots #25 and 94 in New Market with house; - "Resurvey on Hobb's Purchase" and "Land of Promise", 220 acres, half, co-owned with Henry M. SNYDER; division between Snyder and Stevens gave Stevens part as 114 acres. John THOMAS Jr petitioned against STEVENS for lunancy and received a writ on 18 Feb 1841. The widow requested THOMAS be trustee (he was close to the family). Sale was made but details not given; disbursements made to creditors; closed 24 Feb 1842.
Thomas C. SHIPLEY, et al vs Marcella C. WELSH Rachael SHIPLEY d/ 22 Jan 1842 intestate s/ Thomas C. SHIPLEY s/ Ephraim SHIPLEY, dec'd .....Talbott G. SHIPLEY - Anne Arundel Co .....Samuel T. SHIPLEY - Anne Arundel Co .....Joshua O. SHIPLEY - Anne Arundel Co .....Eliza w/o Andrew MERCER - Carroll Co .....Alethea w/o Benjamin WARFIELD - Carroll Co .....Elizabeth M. w/o Reuben WARFIELD - Anne Arundel Co d/ Cassandra WELSH - Carroll Co d/ Marcella O. WELSH Land - part of Lot #1, Lot #24, in Plummers part of New Market, from Charles McELFRESH (w/ Elizabeth) in 1816; next to lot of Ursula PLUMMER from Caleb PANCOAST. Trustee was Nicholas H. SHIPLEY; sale was held at the house of Levi VANFOSSEN; high bid went to Marcella O. WELSH at $450. Each 1/4 share was $95.61; closed 16 May 1843.
Estate of George BUCKEY George BUCKEY d/ 1823 intestate widow - Mary and 3 children, s/ David BUCKEY d/ Rebecca C. BUCKEY w/o Lewis KEMP s/ Daniel BUCKEY Land - Lot from Ignatius DAVIS (w/ Margaret) in 1803; next to John DARNEL's land and "Resurvey on Josiah's Good Luck" and "Friends Good Will", including part of public way in front of George BUCKEY's house. - "Resurvey on Josiah's Good Luck" and "Friends Good Will", 2 acres, from Ignatius DAVIS (w/ Frances) in 1790; on the east side of the Main Road from Frederick Town to Mouth of Monocacy; with rights to use the water which runs to Davis' Mill for their immediate use without interruption of mill stream. - "Good Luck and No Other", 6 acres, from Henry WARRING (w/ Milicent) of Montgomery County in 1816; near Buckeys Town on west side of road leading from NOLAND's Ferry through Buckeys Town to Frederick Town and on south side of road leading from Davis Mills to New Town (Trap Town) until it intersects the 17th line of Carrollton Manor. - "Good Luck", 1 acre, from Jeremiah TARLTON (w/ Mary) in 1805 (she an heir of Philip SYNSTACK)(previously from John DARNALL to Philip SYNSTACK); on road leading from Frederick Town to Mouth of Monocacy by John BUCKEY's lot. .....also from Charles P. SYNSTACK of George Town, District of Columbia, heir of Philip SYNSTACK, in 1819. - from George William HALLER and w/ Ann Wilhemina in 1816, she an heir of Philip SYNSTACK. - "Good Luck", 2 acres, on west side of main road leading from Frederick Town to Mouth of Monocacy, from Elizabeth BUCKEY (per her husband, John BUCKEY's will which stated the estate was to be sold 6 years after his death and after the education of his son Henry) in 1807. - Lot #5 of "New Bremen", 25 acres, from Philip SIGSTOCK /SINGSTOCK in 1800, next to John BUCKEY. - Tanyard and 24 acres with buildings from Richard Lee HEAD (to Head from Henry LEATHERMAN with Head still owing Leatherman money). Tanyard was given to Buckey's son, David BUCKEY by advancement, but deed was never conveyed to David who agreed to place it back in hotch- potch with the estate. The tanyard has lately been rented. - "Hill in the Middle", "Resurvey on Turnstile", 17 acres, from Henry LEATHERMAN (w/ Margaret) to David BUCKEY in 1820; next to "Hedge Hog" and land of Andrew HEDGES. The children made an agreement with the widow to set apart her dower land which included the stone tavern house, the house and part of lot attached now occupied by Thomas C. BERTON; part of house is now occupied by David BUCKeY as a sadler shop, and lot adjoining Carroll's Manor on the south side of the Spring Branch which runs through Buckeys Town and adjoining the Noland Ferry Road as also adjoining the New Town Trap Road; this all laid off for the dower of the widow. Agreement was made on 4 Dec 1829, but, before the deed could be conveyed - David BUCKEY d/ intestate widow - Elizabeth and 3 minor children d/ Ann Rebecca BUCKEY s/ George H. BUCKEY s/ David BUCKEY Guardian was Henry KEMP, esquire; trustee was Daniel KEMP. After failed public sale, private sale was made to - John G. BIRELY for tanyard with 42 vats on 2 1/4 acres, with patent bark mill, stone stable and never-failing spring, brick dwelling and kitchen, house for servants, corn house, stabling and carriage house, about 5 1/2 miles from Frederick on the Creagers Town road in Buckeystown, at $1,700. - Daniel BAKER by Articles of Agreement 1837 for the tanyard and 3 acres in Buckeys Town at $3,000, 331 for rest of indentures; then 345-346 for sales Before all the property was sold, Daniel KEMP (of H.), the trustee, died about 1 Aug 1839 at his residence, as testified by George HOSSELBACK. His administrators were Henry KEMP and William M. KEMP. Lewis KEMP became the new trustee. Other property listed in ads - - for tanyard with 35 vats and 25 acres, 5 1/2 miles from Frederick on the Creagerstown Road with a running fountain in the yard, complete finishing shop, beam shop, bark mill house, all brick newly built, with a large two-story brick dwelling, kitchen, stable, meat house, and a good garden, close to mountains to ensure a plentiful supply of bark. - one-story brick house with a garden in Buckeystown. - 1/2 acre lot in Buckeystown. - two-story stone tavern in Buckeystown with 1 acre, long known as Buckey's, now run by John T. TAYLOR; has stone kitchen and meat house, ice house, secure stabling and sheds and good kitchen garden, wheelwright shop and blacksmith shop. - brick dwelling with kitchen and meat house with garden in Buckeystown. - 5 acres at west end of Buckeystown in cultivation. On 6 Feb 1840, testimony from Jacob KIEFER stated Elizabeth BUCKEY, the widow of David BUCKEY, was about 54 years old and that he had known her from childhood. She was awarded 1/8 share. About 1840, Lewis KEMP reported John G. BIRELY had not paid for the tanyard although he had continued to occupy it and is now insolvent. Kemp resold the property to Richard HARPER at $1,500 cash. Distributions: - Rebecca and Lewis KEMP, 1/3, $1,600.83 - Daniel BUCKEY, 1/3, $1,600.83 - Elizabeth BUCKEY, wid/of David BUCKEY, $200.10 - Ann Rebecca BUCKEY, heir of David, - each of David BUCKEY's children, $466.91. closed 13 Aug 1840.
357-373 - TROXELL, TANEY, HOOVER - Mar 1843
George M. EICHELBERGER, prochien ami for children of Peter TROXELL, dec'd vs Mary TROXELL Peter TROXELL d/ Dec 1836 intestate widow - Catharine and 7 minor children d/ Mary A.R. TROXELL d/ Ann C. TROXELL d/ Emily J. TROXELL d/ Amanda E. TROXELL s/ Felix J. TROXELL s/ Philip N. TROXELL s/ Andrew J. TROXELL Land - "Hopewell", 202 acres, from Bean S. PIGMAN, trustee for estate of Jacob TROXELL, dec'd, to Elias TROXELL and Peter TROXELL as tenants in common in 1824; also 15 acres of mountain land near Emmitsburg. In 1827, George M. EICHELBERGER, exec/of Elias TROXELL, transferred Elias' half to Peter TROXELL who sold most of the estate to Felix B. TANEY as - "Second Resurvey on William's Pleasure", 138 acres, in 1828; lies next to John HOOVER's land. - "Second Resurvey on William's Pleasure", 52 acres, in 1835; lies next to land of Michael BLESSING and William HITESHEW, near Mechanics Town road. The remaining balance of the estate was then 12 acres. Guardian was Felix B. TANEY. Testimony was heard from Jesse HOOVER. Trustee was William M. ADDISON. On 3 Jul 1843, the widow released her dower and Felix B. TANEY testified she was 42 years old and of robust constitution and in the enjoyment of good health. On 8 Aug 1843, sale was made to the President and counsel of Mount St Mary's College at $263.43. A survey was made and determined the land was actually 8 acres. The widow received 1/8, $25.15; each child's 1/7 was $25.15; closed 14 Sep 1843.
Henry WAYMAN of Ann Arundel County Henry WAYMAN was guardian for Charles Edward CUNNINGHAM and George Fairly CUNNINGHAM, both minors who lived in Frederick County. Cpt. William CAMPBELL d/ Fall of 1821 (will HS-2, 506-512, filed 18 Sep 1821) d/ Catharine CAMPBELL (5) s/ Charles CAMPBELL (1) s/ Randolph CAMPBELL (2 and 3) s/ Edward CAMPBELL (4) SLAVES - (not named) Land - from Col. Joseph SIM, devised to Campbell's children, 1 - 310 acres to Charles 2 - 226 acres to Randolph 3 - 200 acres to Randolph 4 - 278 acres to Edward 5 - 461 acres to Catharine Catharine (Campbell) (d/ abt 1843) wid/o JAMES CUNNINGHAM .....William R. CUNNINGHAM .....James C. CUNNINGHAM .....Rebecca (Cunningham) w/o Thomas B. WASHINGTON of Jefferson Co, VA/WV .....Charles Edward CUNNINGHAM, a minor .....George Fairly/Frailie/Failer CUNNINGHAM, a minor Henry WAYMAN was appointed guardian to Charles (age 12 on 1 Jul 1835) and George (age 10 on 8 Jun 1835), the minors being heirs of William CAMPBELL and James CUNNINGHAM, both deceased and of Frederick County. Land - "The Richlands", 401+ acres, being part of "Addison's Choice", along the Monocacy River, next to land of Nimrod OWINGS, esquire, Joseph SCHELL, esquire, and Daniel DORSEY, esquire. In 1843, an agreement was made by the three older children to sell their interest to Grafton HAMMOND at $19,050, if the interests of the other two minor siblings is approved. Because they are minors, court approval is required. The court appointed John SIFFORD to represent the minors. The survey lists Lot 2 as 210 acres and Lot 3 as 193 acres which was the land sold to Grafton HAMMOND. Testimony was heard from George M. EICHELBERGER who stated all the children of William CAMPBELL are now deceased. Also testifying was William C. RUSSEL and William J. ROSS. On 11 Nov 1843, court confirmed the sale and appointed Henry WAYMAN to execute the deed for the minors. Note - FCML shows Catharine CAMPBELL to James CUNNINGHAM on 6 Dec 1814.
John SCHREINER vs John HANE, exec/of Conrad REITENMYER Conrad REITENMYER was indebted to John SCHREINER for the building of a back building and smoke house. Conrad REITENMYER/REITMEYER d/ Jul 1842 (will 21 Dec 1830) - Margaret w/o John HANE .....Susannah Elizabeth HANE, now w/o Thomas WHITTER .....William Conrad HANE .....Christiana Catharine HANE, now w/o Michael KOLB .....Catharine Mary HANE, now w/o Otho REEL .....John Valentine HANE Executor was John HANE. (Conrad's relationship to Margaret is not stated, but it was stated the other Hanes were her children.) Witnesses: Thomas C. WORTHINGTON, Benjamin PRICE and John H. McELFRESH. Land - Brick House and Lot in Frederick Town, on Patrick St at the bend, from John McPHERSON in 1804, brick bark building and small one-story weatherboard house fronting on Patrick St with small frame building in the rear attached. The heirs testified they knew nothing about an agreement for Reitmyer to pay Schreiner for the buildings. They stated Schreiner built the buildings for himself and his family and have received the benefit from them all this time without the payment of any rent and therefore he has received satisfactory compensation. Subpeonas were issued to Louisa HENSON, Minerva GATTER, Mary LYDAY, Philip HAUPTMAN, Samuel CARMACK, Daniel SPRINGER and William B. TYLER to testify. Also summoned were Mrs Margaret SMITH, Mary Ann GETZENDANNER, Henry J. SCHREINER, Andrew HEIM, Dr. William B. TYLER and George KONTNER. On 26 Nov 1842, Dr. W.B. TYLER testified he was Reitenmyer's doctor for 20 years, his last illness lasting 6-8 weeks. He had dry gangrene in one of the lower extremities with excessive pain, remaining that way until his death. The only person he ever saw change the dressings of the ulcer and nerve the patient was John SCHREINER and his wife and he felt they were kind and made every effort to make Reitenmyer as comfortable as possible. Also testifying was - Rebecca SMITH stating the Schreiners had been taking care of Reitenmyer while he was sick and changing the bandages was a most unpleasant task. She also said Reitenmyer had stated about 10 days before he died that Schreiner had done more for him than his own children could have done and he should be paid well. - Andrew HEIM stated Schreiner erected and paid for the back buildings as he had been the carpenter for him and Schreiner had furnished him all the materials; Schreiner had used the buildings since 1823. - Mary Ann GETZENDANNER testified Mrs Schreiner had attended Reitenmyer and prepared his meals for six years at least. - George KONTNER testified Reitenmyer told him Schreiner had put up the buildings and paid for them and they were Schreiner's and for his use. - Henry SCHREINER testified Reitenmyer had occupied a part of the house with John Schreiner for the last 20 years, in a separate apartment; Reitenmyer's wife had been dead about 10 years. He also stated Reitenmyer told him he was deeply indebted to Schreiner and was to pay Schreiner for the buildings when he was able to pay. For the defendants - Philip HAUPTMAN stated he knew Reitenmyer for more than 30 years and has known Schreiner since he was a boy; Schreiner lived in the house of Reitmeyer for 20+ years and was a weaver and used the building as a shop. - Samuel CARMACK knew Reitenmyer and Schreiner for 30 years; Schreiner has lived in Reitenmyer's house for 25 years and had a weaver shop and dye shop and although poor, was always very industrious. - Nicholas D. HAUER stated Mrs. Reel was the d/o William HAINES; Reitmyer worked about 15 years in the hat shop of Hauer's father as a journeyman and was a prudent man. - Louisa HANSON/HENSON stated she lived with Mrs Reel, directly opposite Reitmeyers and was at Reitmeyers nearly every day for the two weeks before his sickness; that food was cooked at Mr Haines for Reitenmyer and before his sickness, had dined everyday at Mrs Haines, although she had only been in the neighbourhood for three months. She further stated Mrs Reel stayed there from morning til night and Mrs Reel, Mrs Whitter, Mr Candle, Mr Kolb, Mrs Hane Jr and herself were there for about two weeks. On cross-examination, she stated Mrs Schreiner prepared his coffee and his chicken for his dinner for two weeks during his sickness which she brought from the market; William HAND and Mrs Reel frequently carried him things. Mrs Reel had been sick for a time, but uncertain as to the dates. - Minerva GAITHER had lived with Mrs Reel for six weeks and testified similar to Louisa Henson. - Henry POOLE stated for the past 10 years, Reitmeyer took his dinner everyday at Mr Haines and the Haines frequently baked bread and took it to Reitmeyer. - M.E. BARTGIS was a judge at the Orphans Court and stated the account was presented for $732 and was not passed, but was dropped $100 and then passed; Schreiner was a weaver which has been a poor business for the last 6-8 years. In Jul 1843, the court ruled Reitmeyer's estate be sold for the payment of his debts; trustee was William J. ROSS. On 19 Aug 1843, sale was held at the tavern of B. GILBERT, high bidder was John HANE at $1,240 with James M. HARDING as security. Schreiner received $648.53; balance of $459.79 remained for court to interpret the distribution as brothers were to make payments to sisters based on the then value which is now decreased; closed 24 Oct 1843. Note - FCML shows Margaret BARTGIS to John HANE on 26 Nov 1811.
Warner KAUFFMAN vs Henry KAUFFMAN et al Henry KAUFFMAN d/ Apr 1843 intestate s/ Henry KAUFFMAN d/ Mary A. (Kauffman) wid/o Alexander HALLER s/ Warner KAUFFMAN d/ Elizabeth (Kauffman), dec'd w/o David WALLING - her 3 minor children .....Susan Elizabeth (Walling) w/o George FAGAN .....Henrietta Adelia WALLING .....Ann Rebecca (Walling) w/o John MARTIN (It seems the grandchildren used their middle names.) Land - Lot #137 in Frederick Town, fronting East Third St, from George CREEGER Jr, Sheriff in 1839, from settlement of judgement against Daniel STOUFFER by Daniel/David SCHULTZ. The property was known as Kauffman's Nursery, fronting on north side of Second Street about the middle of the square and running through to Third Street, about 62 feet front and has two 1-story houses, one rough cast and the other log. Guardian was John MARTIN; testimony was heard from David WALLING on 29 Jun 1843. Trustees were Henry KAUFFMAN and Warner KAUFFMAN. The lot was divided into quarters. On 12 Aug 1843, sales went to - John TITLOW for SE quarter at $360 - John MILLER for SW quarter at $441 Northern parts not sold because of insufficient bids. Each of the southern parts were sold with improvements. Nursery fruit trees were also offered at the sale. John MILLER did not comply with terms of sale and it had to be resold; went to Elizabeth THOMAS at $400. The northern half of the lot was sold to Jacob SAUM at private sale for $75. Distributions: Each 1/4 share was (1st) $69.34; (2nd) $115.92. Closed 15 Dec 1843.
Estate of Cornelius HOWARD Cornelius HOWARD d/ 1839 (will 7 Feb 1832; 9 Mar 1840) widow - Mary d/ Anna (Howard) w/o Jacob IJAMS s/ William HOWARD s/ Levi HOWARD - Out of State d/ Elizabeth (Howard) w/o George BARTHOLOW s/ John C. HOWARD - Out of State SLAVES: YORK BROWN, MINT MARY, MARIA (possibly others came later) (to be set free and manumitted after two months from his decease.) Executor: John C. HOWARD who declined it. Witnesses: Elihu H. ROCKWELL, Thomas CARR, Arch. ETZLER (Cornelius signed by mark.) Administrator was John WILCOXEN. Land - "William and Elizabeth", 100 acres, from Richard COALE (w/ Catharine) in 1795, both farmers; on north side of the middle branch of Bennetts Creek near Hyattstown, adjoining lands of Singleton BURGEE heirs, Joseph PRICE and Upton WORTHINGTON Trustee was John WILCOXEN; on 26 Aug 1840, sale made to Upton WORTHINGTON at $608.50. Distribution: the widow's 1/3, $183.44; each child's share was $163.37, except Anna, Elizabeth and William each had $150 advance deducted from their share. Closed 4 Dec 1840. In 1841, the trustee reported Levi and John to be living out of state and sometime since 26 Oct 1840, Anna IJAMS died. He also listes numerous debts yet to be paid and cancels the previous distribution audit. Revised Distribution: widow's 1/3, $84.85; Levi and John each to get $84.85. closed 20 Jan 1842.
HOLTZMAN vs HOLTZMAN - Sale of Real Estate Frederick HOLTZMAN, dec'd (will 27 Aug 1793; 24 Sep 1793) widow - Margaret and 15 children 1/ Andrew HOLTZMAN d/ VA - (w/ Barbara) ....s/William HOLTZMAN ....s/Andrew HOLTZMAN 2/ John HOLTZMAN d/ out of state - (w/ Ann) heirs unknown) 3/ Conrad HOLTZMAN d/ Allegany Co, MD ....s/ John HOLTZMAN 4/ Susannah HOLTZMAN w/o R.R. SCAGGS - Georgetown, DC 5/ Elizabeth HOLTZMAN, dec'd w/o Nicholas RIDENOUR - Ohio ....d/ Susan RIDENOUR ....d/ Minerva RIDENOUR ....d/ Catharine RIDENOUR 6/ Christiana (HOLTZMAN) HOLSEY FRENCH, d/ PA ....s/ Edward/Emanuel HOLSEY ....d/ Ann Rebecca FRENCH (d/o Peter) ....s/ Samuel FRENCH (s/o Peter) ....s/ John FRENCH (s/o Peter) ....s/ William FRENCH (s/o Peter) ....d/ Maria FRENCH (d/o Peter) ....s/ Elias FRENCH (d/o Peter) ....s/ George FRENCH (s/o Peter) 7/ George HOLTZMAN d/ DC ....s/ William HOLTZMAN ....s/ John HOLTZMAN 8/ Henry HOLTZMAN d/ Baltimore, MD ....s/ George HOLTZMAN ....s/ Thomas HOLTZMAN 9/ Jacob HOLTZMAN d/ 1814 intestate ....widow - Mary LAVELY and 8 children .....d/ William HOLTZMAN ---------d/ Celinda HOLTZMAN .....d/ Mary (Holtzman) WETZEL, dec'd ---------s/ Obadiah WETZEL ---------s/ William WETZEL ---------s/ Leebediah WETZEL ---------s/ Othiniel WETZEL ---------d/ Elisa WETZEL .....s/ John HOLTZMAN, dec'd ---------s/ Marcellus HOLTZMAN ---------s/ Francis N. HOLTZMAN .....s/ Elie HOLTZMAN ---------s/ Jacob H. HOLTZMAN .....d/ Matilda (Holtzman) w/o Adam L. MILLS .....s/ Thomas HOLTZMAN .....s/ George HOLTZMAN ---------d/ Martha HOLTZMAN .....d/ Eliza (Holtzman) w/o Willilam ROBINSON 10/ Mary (Holtzman) LEGHLIDER w/o Peter STARTZMAN - Washington Co, MD 11/ Frederick HOLTZMAN d/ abroad, no known heirs 12/ Charles HOLTZMAN - Allegany Co, MD 13/ Samuel HOLTZMAN - Wheeling, VA/WV 14/ Juliana (Holtzman) w/o William EARHART - Frederick Co, MD 15/ Sarah (Holtzman) w/o Joseph TWIGG - Allegany Co, MD Stepson - Michael REMAICK (Grandchildren, locations and spouses were not given in the will.) Executor was son, Jacob. Witnesses: Biggs HEAD, Mathias SHOUP, Peter STAUP. Frederick's Land - "Resurvey on Fountain Low"; 200 acres to sons Andrew and John with legacies to other children. - 15 acres was left to his widow during her lifetime, lies on south side of new road leading from Creagerstown to Hagerstown and adjoins Thomas BEATTY's land; also house and lots of ground in Creagers Town. Jacob's Land - "Resurvey on Fountain Low", 275 acres - - 65 acres from Frederick HOLTZMAN (w/ Margaret) in 1793; - 100 acres from John HOLTZMAN (w/ Ann) in 1798 (John's share from his father's will); - 100 acres from Andrew HOLTZMAN (w/ Barbara) in 1811 (Andrew's share from his father's will)(to Jacob HOLTZMAN of George Town, DC) (previously to Frederick HOLTZMAN from Gilbert KEMP); lies near Creagers Town. In 1799, Jacob HOLTZMAN (w/ Magdalena), then of Creagerstown, sold to Thomas BEATTY part "Resurvey on Fountain Low", 15 acres. In 1817, all of Jacob's children transferred their interests to Henry PRUTZMAN, including the minors, Matilda, Thomas, George, and Eliza, thru their guardian, William B. HEAD, for "Peace and Plenty", 4+ acres, and also for "Resurvey on Fountain Low", 130 acres; lies next to "Fountain Low", on main road leading from Creagers Town to Emmitsburg and by Thomas BEATTY's "Town Tract" (previously to Jacob from Guy ELDER); all the children were then living in George Town, DC. Frederick HOLTZMAN's widow, Margaret, is now deceased and her 1/3 life estate is to be sold and divided (15 acres and house and lots in Creagers Town). Trustee was Edward A. LYNCH who requested William M. ADDISON be substituted for him. On 17 Dec 1842, sale from COOKERLY's Tavern in Creagerstown was held with bid going to William A. HERD/HART at $5.01/acre, 129 acres, two roods and sixteen perches by survey; Henry SHRYOCK and Adam SNOOK as sureties. Total sales was $650.54. There was another lot in the rear of the adjoining lot by Captain John B. STIMMELL's tavern which was sold at $120 (purchaser's name not given). New trustee was Mountjoy B. LUCKETT; distributions for legacies, but final distribution not given; closed 3 Jan 1844.
494-499 - SCHELL, HUGHES, KEMP, McELFRESH - Feb 1831
William PLUMMER and w/ Rebecca, et al vs Isaac KEMP and Rheuben Peter KEMP John H. McELFRESH was trustee to sell the estate of Peter KEMP, dec'd. Sale was made to Enos SCHELL for 67 acres, the farm where Peter KEMP resided. Trustee is now deceased. Enos SCHELL d/ (will 25 Feb 1838; 28 Apr 1838) widow - Charlotte s/ Charles D. SCHELL wife's brother - James HUGHES, dec'd - Louisville, KY The son received $200; wife received everything else, including any lands in Kentucky, Illinois or Indiana from her late brother; also monies in hands of Charles M. THURSTON of Louisville, KY, his agent. Also due to her was deed for property, where Enos then lived in New Market, from Richard POTTS. Executrix was the widow. Witnesses: Washington BURGESS, Samuel GEYER and Samuel STEPHENS. On 8 Feb 1844, Thomas C. WORTHINGTON was appointed trustee in the place of John H. McELFRESH, dec'd, to convey title to Charles SCHELL for the purchase by Enos SCHELL, dec'd, from John McELFRESH, trustee.
John MULLINUX - Petition Joseph WEST d/ (will 4 Jan 1838; 19 Apr 1841) widow - Nancy s/ Charles WEST s/ John WEST (blacksmith tools and bellows) s/ Mathew WEST d/ Elizabeth CATSALE/CUSTADE d/ Catharine CONDEL d/ Anna KLAY d/ Ariana ENGLE ($50) Executor was son-in-law, John CONDEL/CONDON. Witnesses: Henry McELFRESH, John MACKELFRESH, William CAIN. The widow has since died. Sales of property of the estate were made to John MULLINUX and Levi VANFOSSEN. John CONDON, the executor died 7 Jul 1842 before the transfer of the deeds. On 23 Mar 1843, Thomas E.D. POOLE was appointed trustee in place of John CONDON to transfer the deeds.
503-512 - BRENGLE, KOLB, SNOOK - Jun 1843
Adam SNOOK (of Adam) vs Alfred F. BRENGLE, et al - Title Adam SNOOK of Adam purchased property from Jacob BRENGLE in 1829. Jacob BRENGLE d/ (will filed 5 Jan 1837) s/ Alfred F. BRENGLE d/ Caroline (Brengle) w/o Daniel KOLB s/ William BRENGLE, dec'd .....Nicholas BRENGLE, a minor .....Jacob BRENGLE, a minor Executor was Alfred BRENGLE. Land - "Friendship" and "Rich Bottom" to Brengle from Jacob BRENGLE of Christian in 1822. Guardian was Alfred F. BRENGLE. On 12 Jan 1843, trustee appointed to convey the deeds was M. NELSON.
Jonas SCHEFFER, next friend of Dawson F. FLOOK and Joshua Howard FLOOK, minor children of Perry FLOOK - Sale of Real Estate Perry FLOOK d/ Mar 1842 intestate widow - Deliah/Delana (now w/o Jonas SHEFFER) and 2 minor children s/ Dawson F. FLOOK s/ Joshua Howard FLOOK Land - "Felicity", 70 acres (in 3 parcels), to Perry FLOOK from heirs of John SLIFER in 1837; heirs of John SLIFER were: - Nathaniel SLIFER and w/ Elizabeth - Washington County - Harriett and h/ Abraham HAFLEBOWER - John SLIFER and w/ Mary - Elizabeth and h/ Isaac LONG Jr - Washington County - Lydia and h/ Daniel HEFLIBAUER - Jefferson Co, VA/WV - Ezra SLIFER and w/ Matilda - Eve and h/ Henry MILLER Land lies next to Mr GARROTT's farm, John SCHINDLER's farm, and Tobias HORINE's; is one mile east of Burkettsville on road leading from said village to Jefferson and immediately in the neighbourhood of John LEE, esquire, Dr. GARROTT's late residence and COLE's Mill. It has a 2-story brick house with 4 rooms and a basement, barn, corn house, excellent spring, smoke house; 10 acres are in timber, also has a fruit orchard. Administrator was Jacob FLOOK of John; testimony was heard from George BOWLUS who testified Jonas SHEFFER and the FLOOK children lived in Middletown Valley. Guardian for this was Jacob BAER. There was a petition brought against the minors by Sarah Ann WILLIARD and Dewalt WILLIARD; guardian appointed for that was Daniel KELLER. Testimony heard from Daniel FLOOK. Trustee was George BOWLUS, esquire; on 4 Mar 1843, sale was made to Tobias HORINE at $3,629.68 for the 63+ acres. On 8 May 1843, Ester SHEFFER testified she knew Delana, w/o Jonas SHEFFER and the widow of Perry FLOOK, and stated she was 25 years old and in general good health. She received 1/7, $485.23; creditors, Sarah A. WILLIARD and Jacob WASKEY were paid; then each child received $783.49; closed on 15 Dec 1843.
RENN vs RENN Isaac RENN d/ (will 31 Jul 1841) bro/ John H. RENN - Out of State bro/ Barnet RENN - Out of State bro/ ________ RENN, dec'd .....Isaac H. RENN .....Elizabeth w/o Adam SHAFFER sis/ _______ WHIP, dec'd .....John WHIP .....Barnet WHIP - Out of State .....Catharine w/o Stephen RAMSBERG/RAMSBURGH .....Elizabth w/o Michael ZIMMERMAN .....Mary w/o John SNYDER .....Susan w/o Peter THOMAS .....Charlotte w/o Jacob SHELLMAN - Out of State Sibling's names and grandchildren not listed in the will. Executor was Isaac RENN. Witnesses: William H. ZIMMERMAN, James CASTLE Sr, Henry ZIMMERMAN, Daniel RENNER. Land - 135 acres Trustee was Isaac RENN; on 16 Feb 1842, sale was made to George SHAFFER for farm of 105 acres at $2,966.25; to Peter THOMAS for tract of mountain land of 27+ acres at $909.21. Each 1/4 share, $925.98; closed 31 Mar 1842.
Elizabeth PHEBUS, exec/of Peter PHEBUS vs Solomon RANK and w/ Ann - Foreclosure Sarah Ann MARMON purchased property from Catharine LEWAY/LERVEY, a widow (and colored); later, Sarah Ann married Solomon RANK/RANCK and they, being indebted to Peter PHEBUS, mortgaged their property to him. They have since left the state and a small portion still remains unpaid. Peter PHEBUS has since died, leaving Elizabeth PHEBUS as executrix of his will. Land - House and Lot #5 (northern half) in Frederick Town on Love Lane, east of the town, being part of "Tasker's Chance", (to Catharine LERVEY/LEWEY from Jacob DOLL in 1824). In 1833, when the mortgage was made, William PURNELL occupied the house. Trustee was William I. ROSS; sale was made to David C. STEINER and Valentine S. BRUNNER at $144. After the Phebus debt was paid, there remained $67.09 for the defendants; closed 4 Mar 1842.
Estate of John THOMAS John THOMAS d/ Dec 1841 intestate, w/o issue bro/ George THOMAS of Gabriel bro/ Peter THOMAS bro/ Gabriel THOMAS sis/ Charlotte (Thomas) w/o George THOMAS sis/ Margaret (Thomas) w/o Philip J. HAUMAN/HAWMAN sis/ Mary (Thomas) w/o David SPECHT bro/ Henry THOMAS, dec'd ......Joseph THOMAS ......Catharine THOMAS ......Mary Ann (Thomas) w/o Eli SHAFER ......Susan (Thomas) w/o Walter SHEID ......Elizabeth (Thomas) w/o George PADGET ......Evelina (Thomas) w/o Adam KOHLENBURG ......Robert THOMAS, a minor ......Stephen THOMAS, a minor ......Alcinda THOMAS, a minor ......Martha THOMAS, a minor Land - 238+ acres, from John LEE (w/ Harriet) in 1834. Guardian was Davis RICHARDSON. A commission determined the land could not be divided equally without harm; the eldest brother, George, elected to take the estate, paying each of his other siblings their share. The property was valued at $10,787.26. He asked that his brother, Peter, be joined with him as tenants in common. Each 1/7 share was $1,797.87; closed 16 Mar 1842.
574-592 - BRENGLE, KOLB, PYFER, SLAVES - Mar 1843
Nicholas BRENGLE vs Estate of Jacob BRENGLE Jacob BRENGLE d/ 27 Dec 1836 (will 26 Dec 1836; 5 Jan 1837) s/ Alfred F. BRENGLE d/ Caroline KOLB s/ William BRENGLE - his 3 children ......Nicholas BRENGLE ......Amelia Ann BRENGLE, a minor (d/ 1838 at age 14) ......Jacob BRENGLE, a minor (age 15 in Mar 1840) sis/ Rachel PYFER bro/ Christian BRENGLE (w/ Barbara) To son, Alfred, farm of 280 acres and 45 acres mountain land on Linganore, adjoing the lands of Joseph KENEGA and John STONER; also his interest in tract in Allegany County, now owned with Lawrence BRENGLE; also all his slaves except ELIZA. To daughter, Caroline, during her natural life, the farm where Alfred now resides; after her death, to be sold and divided amongst her children. Also, a 50 acre wood lot, adjoining lands of Jacob SCHOLL and Michael THOMAS; another wood lot of 114 acres, adjoining widow MUSSETER's lands. To make payments to his sister, Rachel for six years. To sister Rachel for 6 years, house and lot in Frederick Town where Lewis BRENGLE now lives, then to granddaughter, Amelia Ann BRENGLE. Grandchildren to receive monetary legacies. Nicholas to get house and lot where Kitty BRENGLE now lives; Jacob to get (sentence is missing). Also purchased 5-acre lot near Frederick from Thomas C. WORTHINGTON, trustee for John SCHISSLER's estate; and an adjoining 5-acre lot from Frederick A. SCHLEY, trustee for Christian SCHOLL's estate. Purchase money for said lots were paid by Christian BRENGLE and executor to convey lots to him. SLAVES: negro woman ELIZA (to his d/ Caroline KOLB) - others (not named) to son Alfred. Executor: Alfred F. BRENGLE. Witnesses: William TYLER, Samuel CRONISE, John H. McELFRESH. Land - House and Lot #276 in Frederick Town, fronting Patrick Street and running back to Church Street, from Abraham KEMP, exec/of Rosanna COOKERLY, in 1830 (from Allen QUYNN to Abraham ADAMS in 1798). It is the western half, divided by an ally from Patrick Street to Church St. Other part was conveyed by Cookerly to Charles PETERS. Guardian was Alfred F. BRENGLE who also gave testimony. Trustee was Alfred F. BRENGLE; sale was made to Rachel PYPHER at private sale for $850. Each of Amelia's brothers received $383.55; closed 3 Jul 1843.
592-594 - MICHAEL, RIDGELY - Oct 1843
William RIDGELY, et al vs John MICHAEL William RIDGELY and Eli RIDGELY were appointed trustees to sell real estate which they sold to John MICHAEL; however, he has failed to comply with the terms or make required payments. Request to resale the property. ================== The End of HS-8 ==================

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