Frederick Co, MD - Equity HS-4

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity Court Abstracts

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber HS-4; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Thomas B. OWINGS & wife, DORSEY vs IJAMS Nathan HARRIS d/ Apr 1820 intestate Administrators were Thomas Beall OWINGS and w/ Cordelia and Basil DORSEY and w/ Harriet. John IJAMS was indebted to Harris and Ijams sold six of his negroes on 7 Dec 1822 for $2,200; but he did not pay any part on his debt to Harris. Claim was made that Ijams, along with his brother Joseph IJAMS, were committing fraud by disposing of all property for their own benefit, claiming they will make payment, but not. In addition to the negroes, John IJAMS had 12 hogsheads of tobacco. John IJAMS has now left the state. Sarah MACKELFRESH, dec'd (will 22 Nov 1814; 16 Jan 1815), leaving nephew - John JIAMS ..He to erect a small house near Rocky Hill for her maid, JANE, for her dwelling for her lifetime without rent or being molested. niece - Rachel W. ROBERTS ..two bonds from Charles MACKELFRESH, Henry MACKELFRESH, Henry WOOD, Rachel SMITH and Nicholas HALL Jr. - legacy bequeathed to her by Joseph MACKELFRESH, husband of the deceased. niece - Sarah H. FISHER ..1/2 of note from Solomon SHEPPERD and Richard ROBERTS; 1/2 bond from Charles MACKELFRESH, Henry MACKELFRESH, Henry WOOD, Rachel SMITH and Nicholas HALL Jr. nephew - Thomas GASSAWAY - his children, ..William GASSAWAY ..Ruth GASSAWAY ..Rachel GASSAWAY 1/2 of note from Solomon SHEPPERD and Richard ROBERTS; 1/2 bond from Charles MACKELFRESH, Henry MACKELFRESH, Henry WOOD, Rachel SMITH and Nicholas HALL Jr. brother - Joseph HOWARD sister - Elizabeth JIAMS/IJAMS SLAVES - negro men GLASGO, ISAAC (each $100) - maid JANE ($100); maid Rachel ($20) Executor was nephew, John JIAMS. Witnesses: Philip GRIFFITH, John JIAMS Sr. and Christopher MUSSETER. Land - "Resurvey on Seth's Folly", "Meadows", "Paris the Third"; in two parts, 75 acres and 12+ acres; along east side of Bush Creek and "Rich Forrest"; to Sarah McELFRESH from William ANDERSON in 1804. - "Meadows", 151 acres (part from survey for Thomas JOHNSON in 1786), next to Thomas RATCLIFF and "Sideling Hill"; to Sarah McELFRESH from Elisha FALCONER in 1810. - "Long Range" and "Double Lot"; 27+ acres, on waters of Bennett's Creek, next to "Resurvey on Solomon Flowers" and "Chance"; to John IJAMS Jr. from John PANCOAST in 1822. - "Resurvey on Solomon Flower", 173 acres, on the waters of Bennetts' Creek; next to "Prather Adventure"; to John IJAMS from Jesse WRIGHT in 1822 Joseph IJAMS claimed the monies from the sale of the six slaves was paid to him by John IJAMS for the sale of 173 acres of land in Ohio. He claimed six hogsheads of tobacco are on the farm of John IJAMS in Frederick County where Denton SUMMERS lives; one on another farm of John IJAMS where Glascon LEAKINS lives; and three on another farm if IJAMS where Philip MYERS lives. He estimated the value of the tobacco was $160 per hogshead. The court ruled fraud was evident and an injunction on holding the tobacco was made and the bank accounts of John and Joseph IJAMS was frozen until the debts were paid; Mar 1824.
Michael THOMAS vs Heirs of Adam SIMONS Adam SIMONS d/ abt 1827 widow - Rosanna and 4 children, - Catharine w/o John FOX - Susan SIMONS - Elizabeth SMITH - Mary w/o James ADKINS/ATKINS Land - "Good Wife", 75 acres, adjoins land of Peter GROVE. Michael THOMAS was security on a note Adam SIMAN owed to Frederick KEMP. Elizabeth SMITH and Catharine and John FOX sold their shares of the estate to George BROADRUP for $30 each in Mar 1828. Trustee was Richard H. MARSHALL; on 16 Aug 1828, sale made to George BROADRUP at $393.75. Each 1/4 share after debts was $33.46; ended 29 Jul 1831.
Francis B. SAPPINGTON vs Heirs of Joseph WRIGHT Joseph WRIGHT of Pipe Creek, d/ 10 Aug 1816 (will 20 Jun 1812; 26 NOv 1816) widow - Mary (d/ 10 May 1822) and children, d/ Mary WRIGHT (d/ 1 May 1829 with will) d/ Rachel WRIGHT (d/ 20 May 1824 with will) d/ Susannah WRIGHT s/ William WRIGHT, dec'd ...w/ Catharine and children, ......Joseph WRIGHT ......Ann w/o Caleb OGBORN ......Ruth w/o Joel FARQUHAR ......Elizabeth WRIGHT ......Charles WRIGHT ......William WRIGHT ......Mary w/o John THOMAS - Indiana s/ Samuel WRIGHT - Indiana d/ Anne RICHARDSON - Illinois d/ Elizabeth w/o Edward RICHARDSON - Ohio Will divided land between first four named children with monies going to last three children. Executors were d/ Susanna and grandson, Joseph WRIGHT. Witnesses: William SHEPHERD, Ellen HIBBERD, Amos FARQUHAR. Land - "Kefadda", "The Fancy", and "Quaker's Good Will", 122 acres, including a house and mill, Wright's Mill, on Little Pipe Creek.from Joseph WRIGHT Jr. (s/o Wm.) to Joseph WRIGHT Jr. and w/ Mary on 16 Jun 1812 for $6,000; but from Joseph WRIGHT Sr. and w/ Mary to Joseph WRIGHT Jr. on 15 Jun 1812. Daughter Rachel's will left everything to her two sisters, Mary and Susannah. Daughter Mary's will left everything to her sister Susannah; and after her death, to be equally divided between siblings, Samuel, Anne and Elizabeth and to children of brother, William, being Joseph, Ruth, Elizabeth, Charles and William; sisters Susannah and Ruth as executrixes. Trustee was James RAYMOND; private sale made to David SWITZER at $4,877.50. After the legacies were paid, Susannah received 3/4, $3,057.43 (hers and her two sisters); each of William's children received $97.97; ended 2 May 1833.
George W. HOFFMAN et al vs George HOFFMAN Estate George HOFFMAN d/ 1836 intestate, leaving widow - Eleanor and 7 children, s/ Nelson HOFFMAN d/ Julian w/o Jacob TABLER - Ohio d/ Mary Ann w/o Jacob THOMAS s/ George W. HOFFMAN and w/ Catharine S. d/ Margaret w/o Philip HAWKER s/ David M. HOFFMAN and w/ Margaret Ann s/ Francis A. HOFFMAN, a minor Land - "Washington", 351+ acres; which, by warrant of resurvey, contained parts of "Bad Luck", "Good Luck", "Mistaken Rival", "George's Discovery", "Resurvey on George's Discovery", "Daniel's Addition" and vacant land. - "Resurvey on Well's Invention", "New Freedom"; 124 acres. - "Daniel's Addition", 3+ acres. - "Resurvey on Back City", 46+ acres. - "Law/Larr Land", Lot #17, 135 perches; from Sheriff's sale to recover debts of Nelson HOFFMAN. The deceased was a s/o Francis and Barbara HOFFMAN. On 11 Sep 1837, John COST testified he was well acquainted with the widow, Ellen HOFFMAN, and that she was 64 years old and in delicate health; she received 2/19. On 19 Sep 1837, testimony was heard from Horatio G. ONEAL who had known the family for 20 years. He was also the guardian for Francis. Trustee was George W. HOFFMAN; on 28 Oct 1837, sale was made to - John SNIDER for 188+ acres of "Washington" (Lot #4) at $7,550 - Henry CULLER for 46 acres of "Back City" (Lot #5) at $928.24; and received no adequate bids for the remaining property. On 6 Nov 1837, private sale made to - Henry CULLER for "Resurvey on Well's Invention", 118+ acres (Lot #1) at $7,125 - Henry CULLER for Lot #17 in Jefferson (Lot #2) at $100 - Philip HAWKER for "Washington", 163 acres (Lot #3) at $6,036.55 Total of all sales was $21,739.78, clear of dower. Disbursements: the widow, $2,208.44; each 1/7, $2,681.69. Closed 31 Jan 1838.
71-86 - JOHNSON, WEST, DUVALL, CAREY - Mar 1838
Ann R.W. JOHNSON vs Ann W. JOHNSON and Jane E. JOHNSON John JOHNSON d/ (will 10 Mar 1815) s/ Joseph W. JOHNSON s/ William S. JOHNSON (Lots #2&3, 274+ acres) d/ Anna WEST d/ Hilleary JOHNSON d/ Catharine JOHNSON s/ Thomas W. JOHNSON s/ James Augustus JOHNSON s/ Augustus JOHNSON s/ Milton JOHNSON In 1825, all payments by William S. JOHNSON to his siblings had been made and land was deeded to him. William S. JOHNSON d/ Nov 1837 widow - Ann R.W. and 2 minor children d/ Ann W. JOHNSON d/ Jane E. JOHNSON Petition was to lay out the dower lands for the widow. Land - "Mountain Fields" and "Lashmutt's Folly", 175 acres. In 1829, "Mountain Fields" and "Resurvey on Flag Pond; 99+ acres were conveyed to James A. and Milton JOHNSON by William S. JOHNSON. On 8 May 1838, Daniel DUVALL gave testimony. Guardian was John CAREY. The widow's dower was laid off, totaling 43+ acres, in part by Daniel DUVALL, exec/of William S. JOHNSON. Ended 9 Aug 1838.
Samuel SHAWEN, Wm. HARPER, et al vs Joseph SHAWEN Jr., et al - Sale of Real Estate In 1832, a lot was deeded from David BOWLUS and w/ Sophia to - Samuel SHAWEN - Ann Rebecca w/o William HARPER - Cornelius SHAWEN - Joseph SHAWEN Jr., a minor - Andrew J.B. SHAWEN, a minor - Mary Catharine SHAWEN, a minor Land - "Fielderia Manor", 1 acre. Guardian was Jacob T.C. MILLER. On 19 Mar 1838, testimony was heard from John HAGAN who claimed to have known the parties for 15 years. Trustee was George SCHLEY; private sale was made to William MESSER at $150; each 1/6 share was $19.33; ended 31 May 1838.
Juliet C. THOMAS vs Christian C. THOMAS and others Samuel S. THOMAS d/ 1831 (will 23 Jul 1829; 19 Dec 1831) s/ Samuel THOMAS (only son) d/ Eliza THOMAS d/ Phebe THOMAS d/ Mary THOMAS grandchildren - ...Samuel T. GISEBERT ...Elizabeth w/o Samuel DUDDERAR SLAVES - MINGO, ABRAHAM, CASSY, EMMELINE, BARNEY, - PHILIP, GEORGE (gave to his son) - (24 others not named) Land - "Thomas' Profit", 700 acres. (Willed 400 acres on the east side to his only son, Samuel; the remainder went to his three single daughters, but after their deaths, to go to his son.) Land on west side was near the Potomac River and there was a small piece in Prince Georges County, 20 acres, near Piscataway on the road leading to Marlborough. Some of this land lay near Point of Rocks, being "Rock Hall", 45 acres; "Hill in the Middle", 102+ acres + 34 acres; "Trammell's Conay Island", 21 acres + 82 acres. Executor was his son. Witnesses: Jacob STEINER, Sebastian GRAFF and Caspar MANTZ. Samuel THOMAS d/ bet 1834-1835 w/ Polly (KEEFER) d/ bef 1834 widow - Juliet C. (JOHNSON) and 5 minor children, s/ Christian Keefer THOMAS d/ Ann E. THOMAS, now w/o Charles SHRIVER s/ William N. THOMAS s/ Bruce THOMAS d/ Adelaide THOMAS The widow petitioned to have dower lands laid out. Guardian was Henry KEEFER. Testimony was also heard from Henry KEEFER who testified he knew all the parties except for the youngest child; also stated Samuel S. THOMAS' first wife was Polly KEEFER who died and his second wife was Juliet C. JOHNSON who has survived him and is now living (seems to indicate the first four children may have been by the first wife). Samuel HALLER testified of the marriage to Juliet C. JOHNSON at the Luthern Church. The widow's land was 77 acres plus 40 acres of woodland. Ended 13 Jun 1838.
John BAUMGARDNER vs Estate of Henry BAUMGARDNER - Sale of Real Estate Henry BAUMGARTNER/BAUMGARDNER d/ Jan 1836 (will 27 Mar 1822; 30 Jan 1836) w/ Catharine and 8 children, d/ Maria Magdalena (BAUMGARDNER) SNECK ...Lydia w/o John HAHN ...Elizabeth w/o William KEAGLE ...John SNECK ...Henry SNECK ...Anna SNECK ...Mary Magdalena SNECK ...Catharine SNECK ...William SNECK ...Caroline SNECK s/ John BAUMGARDNER s/ Jacob BAUMGARDNER d/ Elizabeth BAUMGARDNER d/ Catharine BAUMGARDNER s/ Henry BAUMGARDNER ...Samuel BAUMGARDNER ...Lewis BAUMGARDNER ...Joshua BAUMGARDNER ...Amanda Elizabeth BAUMGARDNER d/ Rachel BAUMGARDNER d/ Sarah (BAUMGARDNER) HEISER ...Henry GARRET ...Lewis HEISER ...Mary HEISER ...Daniel HEISER ...Catharine HEISER Jacob was to receive only half of the what the others received as he had been "disobedient". Sarah is to receive the bed furniture as her sisters did. Executors were Jacob MIKESELL and Henry HOUCK who refused the duties. Witnesses: Andrew SHRIVER, William SHRIVER, George STEIN and John ?STEIN. Codicil on 21 Jul 1832 - Maria Magdalena's share to go to her children; Henry's share is deducted $32 and balance to go to his children; Sarah's share to go to her children (by her request), including her illegitamate son, Henry. Nephew, Jacob LIPPY to get $40 for services. Witnesses: Andrew SHRIVER, William SHRIVER and Andrew K. SHRIVER. (Grandchildren's names were not in the will or codicil; but were listed in the distributions.) Land - not described; but was advertised in the Carrolltonian and the Hanover GAZETTE, so must have been near the Carroll County or PA border. Trustee was John Henry HOPPE (who had been the keeper of Baumgartner's will). On 24 Feb 1837, sale was made to Catharine BAUMGARTNER at $921.33; but, she was unable to abide by the terms. On 16 Jan 1838, private sale was made to John KNIPPLE of Carroll County at $900; but Catharine had to make up the $21.33 difference to equal $921.33 as the sale price. Distributions: the seven 1/8 shares were $70.61; Jacob's was $35.30. Closed on 31 May 1838.
David BOWLUS vs Admins/of William MOTTER Estate Henry MOTTER d/ 1830 (will 14 Jul 1826; 10 Nov 1830) s/ William MOTTER s/ John S. MOTTER d/ Elizabeth w/o John STALEY s/ George MOTTER, dec'd ...w/ Susannah ...s/ Henry D. MOTTER ...d/ Elizabeth MOTTER s/ Henry MOTTER (only $500) d/ Catharine BOWLUS, now w/o James COOK d/ Maria w/o John NICODEMUS d/ Rebecca w/o Joseph STALEY gr dau/ Amanda STALEY son-in-laws - John STALEY and Joseph STALEY SLAVES - negro woman MATILDA (to Elizabeth) - negro child NANCY (to Amanda after death of wife) - negro LOT, age 28; NATHAN, LLOYD, MARQUAIN, ELIZABETH (to Rebecca) (bought from Joseph STALEY 28 Oct 1822) - negro man ROSS (to Catharine) - remaining negro men (to sons) - remaining negro women and girls (to wife, and then to daughters) Land - "Valentine's Retirement", "Four Gallons and a Half of Rum", "Fox Hole Enlarged"; 193+ acres; starts at northeast corner of a stone bridge at the Turnpike Road, leading from Middletown to Frederick Town, crossing Tobias Run near Henry MOTTER's brick house; lies next to "Loss and Gain" (resurveyed for Michael YOUTSEY in 1812), "Smith's Mistake Rectified". - "Fielderia Manor", 14+ acres of mountain land. To son William - part referred to as 'Upper Place', 193+ acres in Middletown Valley, along with the 24-hour clock and the distillery and two cows and other items. To son John - part referred to as 'Tavern Stand', 171+ acres, on "Four Gallons and a Half of Rum", "Valentine's Retirement" and "Smith's Mistake Rectified", next to Elie WILLIAMS and others; along with the 8-day clock, barroom accessories, blacksmith tools and two cows and other items. To daughter-in-law Susannah - part referred to as 'Lower Place', 185 acres, and the mountain land, then to her son with son making payments to his sister. To daughter Catharine (in codicil) - House and Lot in Middletown. Executors were sons, John and William. Witnesses: John P. THOMSON, Frederick A. SCHLEY, William LINN and John BREWER. Codicil - 13 Aug 1829 Witnesses: David BOWLUS, Adam LORENTZ, Jacob COBLENTZ. Elizabeth and Rebecca and their families were going to move west, so they sold their legacies to their brother, John S. MOTTER in Aug 1836. ====== William MOTTER (s/o Henry) d/ Jul 1836 intestate widow - Elizabeth and 3 minor children, s/ Joshua MOTTER s/ George MOTTER s/ Hiram MOTTER Administrator was John S. MOTTER. Guardian was Lewis BIRELY. On 1 Mar 1837, testimony was given by George SMITH. Land - Farm of 193 acres in Middletown Valley; and wooded lot, 14 acres, on the mountain. John S. MOTTER paid many of the debts of William MOTTER after his death, including the legacies due his sisters. Trustee was George SMITH; sale went to John S. MOTTER for the farm at $12,014.25; to John SIFFORD for mountain lot at $570; all subject to the widow's dower. After legacies and debts were paid, the three minor children each received $1,478.75; finalized 12 Apr 1838.
171-249 - BRIEN, McPHERSON, etc - Nov 1834
Farmers Bank of Maryland vs John McPHERSON, admin/of John BRIEN John BRIEN d/ intestate, leaving s/ John McPherson BRIEN s/ Henry A. BRIEN s/ William C. BRIEN (d/ abt Dec 1834), leaving ...widow but no issue s/ Robert C. BRIEN, dec'd, leaving son, ....Luke Tiernan BRIEN, a minor Land - in Frederick County - Lots in Frederick Town, from justices of the Levy Court in 1817; land where old jail house and scale house were situated; now being subdivided into lots. Where the scale house stood is now Lots #1-8 and where the old jail stood is now Lots #9-12. Lots #6-12 were sold to John McPHERSON at $8,250. There was an agreement between McPherson and John BRIEN to divide the lots and Lots# 6-8 were deeded to Brien at the cost of $4,895. Lots 6-8 were originally Lot #78 where the scale house stood. Lots #9-10 and half of #11 were originally Lots #76 and 77 where the old jail stood; and lay on south side of Second Street and on west side of Court Street, it being the NE corner of Lot #9. Brien's lots lay next to those of Beene S. PIGMAN on the west and heirs of Roger NELSON on the east. The deed was acknowledged by Mayor Lawrence BRENGLE. - "Mountain Tract", 57 acres; from Henry FRAILEY/FRELIG (w/ Margaret) in 1821; next to "Stoney Park" granted to Doctor Charles CARROLL, "Resurvey on Paradise", and "First Dividend". - also "Stoney Park", 33 acres, contiguous and on road leading from the furnace by FRALEY's house. - "Auburn", 30 acres, with reserved water rights, from Baker JOHNSON (w/ Sophia) in 1821. - the Catoctin Furnace and lands attached for $7,505, from Daniel KING, trustee for mortgage sale of Willoughby MAYBURRY in 1822. Property previously deeded to Willoughby and his brother, Thomas MAYBURRY from Catharine JOHNSON, Baker JOHNSON and William ROSS in 1812. - "Mountain Tract", 390 acres, from James JOHNSON (w/ Ann) in 1823; but, exclusive to one acres sold to John WELLER for a stone quarry; lies next to NW line of Thomas JOHNSON's part. - also Lot G of same tract, 335 acres, next to Henry FRALEY's part. - "Mountain Tract", Lot E, 42 acres, from Sheriff Thomas W. MORGAN for $126 in levy sale of Henry BARRICK in 1823. - Lot #1 and 37 in Lewistown, from Peter EICHELBERGER (w/ Sarah) to Col. John McPHERSON and John BRIEN in 1824; previously to Eichelberger from Thomas DRAPER in 1817. - "Auburn" and "Mountain Tract"; 220 acres, from Sheriff Thomas CARLTON at $10,000, from judgement sale of Baker JOHNSON in 1826. Johnson inherited lands from the will (22 Feb 1809) of his father, Baker JOHNSON. - "Wood Lot" #1 and Auburn, 560 acres, from Baker JOHNSON in 1826, lands inherited from his father. - "Locust Level", 457 acres from Victoire Pauline Marie Gabriel Dela Vincendiere in 1827 at $24,025; road leading from Frederick Town to the mouth of the Monocacy River is on the east side. She obtained the property from Daniel DULANY in 1795. - also, "Resurvey on Locust Level" and "Arcadia", 291 acres. She obtained the property from James MARSHALL in 1798. Said property runs along SW side of main road on on west side of Monocacy River. - Lots #2, 3, 167, 168 in Lewistown, from John CRAVER (w/ Susannah) in 1827 (previously to Craver from William SCHLEY in 1827). - "Worth the Taking", 475 acres, from Henry WAYMAN of Anne Arundel County in 1828. Land originally conveyed to Samuel PAULTNEY (now dec'd), jointly, with Henry WAYMAN from James WILLIAMS of Annapolis in Anne Arundel County. Executors of Paultney were Joseph HEBBARD and John PANCOAST who conveyed his part to Wayman in 1828, except for the parts Paultney and Wayman conveyed to Mr.'s HARMAN, WELLER and WILHIDE and from Wayman to Jacob ZECK. - "Three Mill Seats", 302 acres, from Jacob KLINE (w/ Hannah) in 1829; lies next to "Good Luck" and "Strong Spring", "Timber Plenty" and land of Francis GREEN. - "Puzzlesome Corrected", 251+ acres, from Henry KOONTZ and James RAYMOND, trustees for John RITCHIE, in 1830. Land was conveyed to Ritchie by Thomas BEATTY in 1797. - also farm near Frederick, 328 acres, next to Nicholas WHITE's brick house on the west (Lot #30), tract "Resurvey on Locust Level", "Rockey Creek" (parts conveyed by Thomas BEATTY to Baltzer FOUT and also to William Murdock BEALL; also part to George BAER by Benjamin JOHNSON), to north edge of road leading from Harpers Ferry to Frederick, to land of Stephen STONER's heirs (part "Long Acre" which was part of "Tasker's Chance"), to southern edge of South Street, lot of Samuel DUVALL, William JENKINS, Lot #169, to western edge of Market Street. - Lot #119 in Frederick Town, fronting Second Street and between lot of Christian STONER and the Presbyterian Church, from Richard POTTS and George M. POTTS, exec/of Eleanor MURDOCK in 1831 (to George MURDOCK from A.C. HANSON, Chancellor in 1799. - "Spring Fields", 219 acres, from Jacob BERGER and w/ Mary in 1832. - "Spring Fields", 219 acres, from John WELKER and w/ Margaret in 1832; this was for the dower as John WELKER's part was sold by Peter SCHLOSSER in Feb 1823 chancery decree. and land in Washington County - "Antietam Works", "Keep Tiece", "Resurvey on Piles Delight" and other parts of tracts consisting of 16,000 acres; contains The Antietam Iron Works and lands, owned as tenants in common by John McPHERSON (the grandfather of the Brien children) and John BRIEN. Land also connected into Virginia. John McPHERSON died (before the death of John BRIEN) with a will written will 12 Jan 1827. After legacies and debts, the residue of McPherson's estate went to his son, Horatio McPHERSON. On 5 Sep 1833, Horatio sold his interests to John McPherson BRIEN. Guardian was George M. EICHELBERGER; trustee was John McPHERSON who was also administrator and claimed the debts were about $80,000. On 29 Jan 1835, sales made to - Frederick A. SCHLEY for the mansion House now occupied by Mrs. E. Potts at $7,050 - Doctor R.E. DORSEY for House #1 at $2,025 - James RAYMOND for House #2 at $1,710 - James M. COALE for House #3 at $1,690 - Edward A. LYNCH for House #4 at $2,390 - Mahlon TALBOTT and F.A. SCHLEY for Lot #119 at $700, Schley to have half of said lot next to the church. - William LOUMAN, Baltimore, for mountain tract, "Puzzlesome Corrected", 251+ acres, at $1,659.90 - William LOUMAN, Baltimore, for 328+ acres, which Col. RITCHIE heirs owned previously, at $26,384.07 - Edward McPHERSON for triangle of 35+ acres, subject to the purchase money due on the farm, at $2,852 - John H. McELFRESH for "The Heritage", 748 acres at $26,367 Total sales $72,827.97. Edward McPHERSON resold his purchase to Bolton JACKSON. In Mar 1836, private sale of "Spring Fields", 167 acres, to Frederick CRONISE at $5,862.50; also part "Spring Fields", Neighbour's Agreement" and "The Mountain Tract", 707+ acres, at $11,312. Debts paid; finalized 24 Feb 1837.
Joseph WEST, Henry M. JAMISON and Jeremiah MORRISON - Petition Tobias BELT d/ 9 Feb 1828 (will 9 Feb 1828; 23 Apr 1828) widow - Margaret Ann and 9 sisters, sis/ Eleanor WEST - her children, .....Carlein WEST .....Benjamin WEST .....Mary G. WEST, now w/o Jeremiah MORRISON .....Susannah J. WEST, now w/o Richard DRANE .....Eliza H. WEST, now w/o Levin WEST sis/ Mary JOHNSON sis/ Louisa w/o Henry PRATHER, both dec'd, no issue sis/ Charlotte JONES sis/ Fidelia TOWNSHEND sis/ Priscilla w/o Samuel JAMISON, both dec'd .....Richard JAMISON .....Jeremiah JAMISON .....Henry JAMISON .....Priscilla JAMISON, now w/o Allanasius MUDD .....Jane JAMISON, a minor .....Frances JAMISON, a minor .....Josephine JAMISON, a minor .....Samuel JAMISON, a minor .....Tobias B. JAMISON, a minor sis/ Catharine TOWNSHEND sis/ Maria BOONE sis/ Ann MORRISON, dec'd, her children, .....Tobias B. MORRISON, a minor .....Priscilla Ellen MORRISON, a minor sister-in-laws - Polly BOONE - Harriet BOONE - Marsellind BOONE - Rev. John M. ELROY - John LEE, esquire (1 acre on which St Mary's Church near Petersville has been built, Also, 6 lots in Georgetown, from exec/of Thomas Sim LEE, for him to sell for the benefit of the church. SLAVES - males age 35 or older to be set free; females age 28 or older to be set free. Executrix was the widow. Witnesses: John S. HARDING, Hugh M. MALLEN, John TEHAN. ================= Margaret Ann BELT, the widow, d/ abt May 1837 (will 30 Dec 1830; 16 May 1837) s/ Henry M. JAMIESON ...w/ Exile ......Benedict JAMISON (deaf) d/ Mary w/o Joseph WEST Executors were son and son-in-law. Witnesses: William FISCHER, Z.T. SIMMONS, John RIGNEY and David STEINER. Trustees were Henry M. JAMIESON and Joseph WEST; after a failed public sale, private sale was made to John GRAHAME of Loudon Co, VA for 250 acres at $10,000. After debts were paid, each 1/9 share was only $1.61. Finalized 21 Jun 1838.
262-265 - HOOVER, ZAHN, HARSHMAN - May 1837
HOOVER vs HOOVER John HOOVER of Jacob, trustee of estate of Jacob HOOVER, received second payment from Christian HARSHMAN. Distribution of $143.33 each to Jacob's 14 children, - John HOOVER - Jacob HOOVER - Peter HOOVER - Mary HOOVER - Fanny HOOVER - Lydia HOOVER w/o Charles W. ZAHN - Joel HOOVER - Ezra HOOVER - Solomon HOOVER - Daniel HOOVER - Martin HOOVER - Kitty HOOVER - Tobias HOOVER - Caroline HOOVER dated 13 Dec 1838. (See pages 338-339 for distributions)
George M. EICHELBERGER vs Edward OWINGS et al Patrick OWINGS d/ intestate widow - Sarah Ann and children s/ Edward OWINGS d/ Mary w/o Daniel RILEY s/ Alexander OWINGS, a minor s/ Samuel OWINGS, a minor s/ David OWINGS, a minor s/ George OWINGS, a minor d/ Harriet OWINGS, a minor Land - "Emmitt's Fancy" (or "Emmit's Resurvey"), 9+ acres, where the old Hampton Furnace was situated on south side of Turkey Run and above Shield's sawmill, with water rights, conveyed by William SHIELDS (w/ Elizabeth) in 1815. - "Resurvey on (Hemmit's) Emmitt's Fancy", 37+ acres, from John HUSTON (w/ Sarah) in 1814. - "Emmitt's Fancy", "Carolina", "White's Delight", "Resurvey on John's Child", 130 acres, from William SHIELDS (w/ Elizabeth) in 1824, near Emmitsburgh; next to Jacob HAMMER, James TAILOR, John O'BERMYER, by the road, Patrick WOODS, William JORDAN, the school house, Robert S. ANNAN, G.M. EICHELBERGER's mountain Lot #21, Ludwick GELWIX and George WHITMAN. Guardian was Robert ANNAN, esquire; trustee was James M. COALE. On 16 Nov 1837, Joseph BEAKEY/BEALSEY testified he knew the widow for the last 23 years and she was between 46 and 54 years of age. Public sale was held on 2 Sep 1837, but bids were not sufficient. On 18 Nov 1837, private sale was made to Henry McDEVITT and James McDEVITT of H & J McDEVITT for "Hampton", 130 acres at $1,326. Distribution of 1st Accounting - The widow received 1/8, $153.24; creditors received $.37 on the dollar. On 21 Apr 1838, public sale was held at the tavern of David AGNEW in Emmitsburg. Sale made to Nathaniel PEDDICORD for surveyed 31 acres at $323.52; was not able to sell the remaining 10 acres with a paper mill, but did sell at private sale to Ezekiel HUGHES at $400. Distribution of 2nd and Final Accounting - The widow received 1/8, $84.58; creditors received $.32 on the dollar; closed on 22 Oct 1838.
Maria EADER vs Thomas EADER, et al - Dower Lands Jonathan EADER d/ Nov 1837 intestate, leaving widow - Maria (m/ 19 years), no issue bro/ Thomas EADER bro/ William EADER bro/ Darius EADER - Out of State sis/ Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Henry T. KELLER .......Louisa w/o George B. SHUP/SHOPE .......Rebecca w/o Edward LEAR/LARE Land - "Tasker's Chance", 5 acres, from Lewis WELTZEIMER in 1832, lies on road leading from Frederick Town to JOHNSON's Mill. - Lot #280 in Frederick Town, fronting Church Street, from Frederick REIHL (w/ Catharine) in 1827 (to Reihl from Peter TIGER in 1765). - Lot on East Street in Frederick Town, conveyed to Evangelical Lutheran Church by Worthington JOHNSON and then conveyed to Eader in 1827. Plat shows Church Street property to be on South corner of Church and East Street; and also the middle section of the east side of East Street between Church Street Patrick Street. East Street is listed as also being Love Lane. Church Street extended is listed as the road leading to SCHLEY's Mill. The dower was laid out in the two middle lots (of four) on East Street on 20 Nov 1838. * * * Continued on page 322 * * *
304-305 - AHALT, YOUNG, BLESSING - Mar 1839
Jacob AHALT, et al vs John AHALT, et al Second audit of Jacob AHALT, dec'd s/ Jacob AHALT d/ Catharine w/o John YOUNG d/ Elizabeth FINK s/ Mathias AHALT s/ Samuel AHALT s/ Joshua AHALT Trustee was Samuel AHALT, esquire. Abraham BLESSING of George was a creditor. Each child received $9.45 in this second audit; closed on 13 Mar 1839.
306-321 - WEILAND, RUDY, BECHTOL, CRANE - Jan 1837
Daniel RUDY vs John WEILAND, et al Bernard WEILAND Jr. d/ 1832 intestate widow - Elizabeth d/ Susannah w/o Daniel RUDY s/ John WEILAND, a minor s/ Jacob WEILAND, a minor s/ Samuel WEILAND, a minor s/ George WEILAND, a minor d/ Elizabeth WEILAND, a minor d/ Sarah WEILAND, a minor Administrators were the widow and Lewis BECHTOL. Land - "Kernbaugh", 225+ acres. Sold in Middletown on 4 Feb 1839 to John CRANE at $12,884.30, with Adam BOWLUS and Peter SCHAEFFER as his sureties. - "Grammer's Deer Park", 50 acres, a wooded lot from Christopher MICHAEL (w/ Catharine) in 1819. Guardian was L.P.W. BALCH; testimony was heard from John BOWLUS. Trustee was John SIFFORD. On 5 Mar 1838, the widow testified she was in her 45th or 47th year of age and her general health was good; she received 2/17, $1,459.56; each 1/7 share was $1,563.82; closed 22 May 1839.
Thomas EADER, et al vs George B. SHOPE, et al Jonathan EADER d/ Nov 1837 intestate, no issue bro/ Thomas EADER bro/ William EADER bro/ Darius EADER - Seneca Co, Ohio sis/ Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Henry T. KELLER ......Louisa w/o George B. SHOPE ......Rebecca w/o Edward LARE Land - (see pages 287-304 for land descriptions) Trustee was John H. McELFRESH; on 30 Mar 1839, sale was made to - Mary EVITT for two-story brick house and lot fronting Church and East Streets at $782; - Godfrey KOONTZ and George KOONTZ for the house and lot adjoining the Evitt's house on Church Street at $650; - Thomas EADER for the 5 acres $560.63; other properties did not receive sufficient bids. Distributions: each sibling received $198.36; dated 16 May 1839. Note - See Book HS-7, page 327 for supplemental.
337-338 - WINTERS, WAMPLER, COCKEY - Apr 1839
Abraham WAMPLER vs Magdalena WINTERS Second statement of account, Abraham WAMPLER, trustee for Magdalena WINTERS. Judgement paid to Joshua COCKEY and William WILLIS, exec/of John C. COCKEY, $168.84.
338-344 - FINK, BISER, McDUEL - Sep 1838
Henry McDUEL - Title Trustee for Philip FINK was Solomon FINK (now living out of state); on 27 Feb 1833, sale made to Daniel BISER who died before a deed was conveyed. Trustee for Daniel BISER was Daniel S. BISER who sold the property to Henry McDUEL in 1836. Land - "Fink's Purchase", "Friend Good Will", "Kemp's Long Meadow", "Fielderea Manor', 161 acres; next to land of John FINK and "Horse Neck". Court granted deed to be conveyed to Henry McDUEL by Daniel S. BISER, acting trustee, in Jan 1839.
John THRASHER vs Thomas J. MARLOW and John SHAFER Auditor's Report for creditors of Thomas MARLOWE, dec'd, by Thomas J. MARLOWE, trustee. Part of the distribution was to Thomas T. KEAN as guardian for John FRAZIER and Levy T. FRAZIER; to L.M. BALL as guardian to Washington FRAZIER and to L.M. BALL and wife; as their proportion of the trust fund, $4.16 for each of the four. John SCHAEFFER received several portions. Closed on 16 May 1839.
348-349 - HOOVER - May 1839
Jacob HOOVER, dec'd - Auditor's 3rd Report Distributions to his 14 children - $113.08 each: (see pages 262-265 for names of children)
349-352 - BOYLE, SWOPE, RUDICIL, JONES - Dec 1838
Catharine BOYLE, et al vs John B. BOYLE, et al - Mar 1832 Daniel BOYLE, dec'd - his 7 children, d/ Catharine BOYLE d/ Henrietta BOYLE s/ James W. BOYLE s/ John B. BOYLE d/ Ann BOYLE s/ Joseph BOYLE s/ Henry BOYLE Land - Dwelling house and stone house at cross sections of main streets in Taneytown. Only part of the estate, remainder was not sold. Trustee's Report - trustees were John B. BOYLE and John SWOPE. In Dec 1837, sale made to William RUDICIL, Tobias RUDICIL and Thomas JONES at $1,613; closed 12 Feb 1839. Each 1/7 share was $218.14; closed 11 Apr 1839.
Joseph ELDER vs Estate of William B. HEAD William B. HEAD, dec'd (will 29 Aug 1831; 6 Jan 1834) s/ John HEAD (d/ May 1838 in PA) d/ Elizabeth CLARK d/ Mary GREGORY (in trust to Dr. Richard McSHERRY - VA) d/ Ann HOBBS (her children) - KY grandson - Joseph ELDER, a minor (parentage not given) granddaughter - Ann GREEN, a minor (her mother is listed as w/o Lewis ELDER) bro/ Celius HEAD, dec'd - KY sis/ Nancy BEALL - KY bro/ Biggs HEAD, dec'd - KY sis/ Elizabeth WOOD, dec'd - KY SLAVES - negro girl HARRIET (to Ann Green) - negro woman TERESA and her issue (all to be freed after his death if she pays $100) After legacies to his siblings, remainder was divided in 1/6 shares to his son, three daughters, granddaughter and grandson. Executor was son John HEAD. Witnesses: Zebulon KUHN, John KNOUFF, James LIGGETT. Land - Lot #2 of "Friendship", 216 acres,from Thomas James JOHNSON, Baker JOHNSON and Roger JOHNSON in 1797. Trustee was Zebulon KUHN; after a failed public sale, private sale was made to George MILLER at $1,836; after the $300 legacies to William's siblings, each 1/6 share to his children was $87.21; closed 30 May 1839.
360-371 - SHANK, STONER, PARSONS - Oct 1837
John STONER (of Abraham) vs Heirs of Geoge SHANK George SHANK (of Michael) d/ abt Jun 1836 intestate widow - Mary and 4 minor children, d/ Elizabeth SHANK s/ David SHANK s/ Michael SHANK s/ George SHANK Administrator was John STONER of Abraham who is petitioning to reclaim monies he paid of Shank's debts. Land - House and Lot #23 in Woodsborough, part of "Woods Town", from Michael SHANK (w/ Sarah) in 1822. Guardian was Mason PARSONS; trustee was John STONER of Abraham. On 3 Feb 1838, sale was made to Mrs. Mary SHANK at $250, subject to the widow's dower. Each 1/4 share was $39.56; closed on 7 May 1839.
371-381 - GEESEY, McDONALD, MARKER, GAVER - Apr 1836
John McDONALD, adm/of Jacob GEESEY vs Christian GEESEY In 1818, Christian GEESEY purchased land from George MARKER Jr., by Mortgage to his security (co-signer), Jacob GEESEY. Marker assigned payment to John GAVER and Christian failed to make payments, resulting in a judgement against both Christian and Jacob which Jacob paid. Christian now lives out of state. Land - "Marker's Delight", 50 acres, from George MARKER Jr. (w/ Margaret) in 1818. Trustee was Madison NELSON; on 8 Oct 1836, sale was made to John McDONALD for 34 acres at $212.75. Monies went to estate of Jacob GEESEY; closed 9 May 1839.
381-392 - RINEHART - Mar 1838
Estate of George RINEHART Jr. George RINEHART/REINHARDT Sr. (a taylor) d/ 1799 intestate, widow - Sally (d/ Jan or Feb 1838) and his only child, - George RINEHART Jr. who d/ 1817 intestate - his 5 children, ....William RINEHART ....Frederick RINEHART ....David RINEHART ....George RINEHART (III) ....Andrew H. RINEHART, a minor Land - House and Lot #92 in Frederick Town from Frederick SHANEHOLTZ/SCHANEHOLTZ (a weaver) (w/ Margaretha) in 1784. Property is next door to Joseph M. PALMER on Church Street. Testimony was heard from Nicholas HOLTZ. Trustee was Frederick RINEHART. On 9 Mar 1839, sale was held at the tavern of Mr. GILBERT in Frederick Town where William RINEHART became the high bidder at $475. Each 1/5 share was $82.41; file closed on 9 May 1839.
Estate of John R. MAGRUDER Samuel MAGRUDER Sr., dec'd (will 13 Mar 1804; 28 Apr 1804) s/ Samuel Clagett MAGRUDER d/ Eleanor HAGERTY d/ Margaret Agnes STOTTLEMIRE d/ Masly/Mesly RUBEL d/ Henrietta McATEE s/ John Rezin MAGRUDER* d/ Mary McATEE SLAVES - negro boy JOSHUA; negro gal JUDITH (to son Samuel); - negro boy JAMES; negro girl BASILLA (to son John)' - negro girl CLOE (to dau/ Mary); - negro girl Precious ROSE (to dau/ Margaret); - negro woman MIME (to sons) Land - "Forrest", by old fording of Kittocton Creek above the main road leading across the ridge and by another tract of John Rezin MAGRUDER. Part was conveyed to Jacob EVERHART. This was willed to his son, Samuel Clagett MAGRUDER; the remainder willed to son, John Rezin MAGRUDER. - "Rich Meadow", 15 3/4 acres. Half was given to each son, Samuel Clagett MAGRUDER and John Rezin MAGRUDER. - "Goose Cap", to son John Rezin MAGRUDER. - "What Is Left", 18 acres. Executors were sons. Witnesses: Joel JACOBS, Jacob C_____ and John ________. ===== John Rezin MAGRUDER* d/ 1831, leaving widow - Susanna and 7 children, s/ Elias S. MAGRUDER s/ Henry MAGRUDER d/ Elizabeth MAGRUDER s/ Samuel C/E. MAGRUDER s/ Arthur MAGRUDER, a minor s/ Hezekiah MAGRUDER, a minor d/ Sarah Ann MAGRUDER, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Tom's Gift", "Addition to Whats Left"; next to "The Forrest", land of Philip SHAFFER, "Cool Spring", 1/2 acre from Barnet WHIP (w/ Eve) in 1824. - "Forrest", "Rich Meadow" and "Addition to Whats Left", 47 acres, situated in Middletown Valley along Catoctin Creek to old ford near John BOWLUS' Mill, from Singleton DUVAL, trustee for estate of Samuel C. MAGRUDER, in 1829. - "Last Shift", "Resurvey on Mineall", "I Hope Its Well Done", 1 acre, from Henry HAUPT (w/ Elizabeth) in 1824 (previously from Jacob SAMSEL in 1817). - "Resurvey on Tom's Gift", next to "Forrest", 21 acres, from Barnet WHIP (w/ Eve) in 1815. - "Cool Spring", 77 acres, from John SHANK and William MICHAEL Jr., trustees for estate of Philip SHANK, in 1826 (previously to Shank from Joseph RENCH, John RENCH and Andrew RENCH. - "Forrest" and "Goose Cap", 15 acres, from Samuel MAGRUDER Sr. in 1800, on the bank of Kittocton Creek and east side of Samuel MAGRUDER's house and on main road leading from Middletown to Turner's Gap on South Mountain. - "Addition to What's Left", from Joseph SWEARINGEN in 1821, next to "Forrest", "Cool Spring", "Resurvey on Oxford" and "Rich Meadow". - "Forrest" (1/8 part) from John MAGRUDER, heir of Samuel Clagett MAGRUDER, in 1822 (Samuel received from his father as stated above). - "Apple Brandy", 14 acres, from estate of Jacob FULWIDER in 1815, on top of South Mountain . In Mar 1833, a Resurvey was prepared, tract now "Union", 349 acres, where lands of John R. MAGRUDER, dec'd, were divided into three lots: Lot 1 has 71 acres and house; Lot 2 has 77 acres and house; Lot 3 has 200 acres and house. Catoctin Creek runs thru Lot 3 and borders Lot 1; the turnpike road also runs thru both Lots. Lot 2 is some distance on opposite side of road. (pages 408-409 are missing online) To Samuel Clagett MAGRUDER - - "Addition to What's Left", 6 acres, from Joseph SWEARINGEN (w/ Ruth) in 1806, next to "The Forrest" and land of Jacob EVERHART, and "Rich Meadow". Guardian was Susanna MAGRUDER, the children's mother. Petition against Henry MAGRUDER by John HERRING of Caspar who held an 1834 mortgage for Henry. The new trustee appointed was Joseph M. PALMER as requested by Elias. On 14 Mar 1835, sales were made to: - Susanna MAGRUDER for 200 acres of Lot #1 at $51/acre; for 14 acres ow woodland at $10/acre; - Daniel RODRICK for 77 3/4 acres at $51.75/acre; - Jonas SMITH for house and lot at $201; - Frederick RUDY (on 25 Apr 1835) for 71 1/4 acres at $40/acre. Total sales were $17,414.56. Distribution: Susanna, the widow, received 1/8 in lieu of her dower, $2,101.36; each 1/7 share, $2101.36. Closed 17 Sep 1835.
427-444 - HILLEARY, WILLIAMS, GROVE - Nov 1838
John M. WILLIAMS, next friend and maternal uncle of the children of John H. HILLEARY - Sale of Real Estate John Henry HILLEARY d/ leaving 5 children d/ Sarah Ann P. HILLEARY, age 10 s/ Thomas HILLEARY s/ John W. HILLEARY d/ Ellen McGill HELLEARY s/ Tilghman HILLEARY, age 3 Land - "Fielderea", 52 acres, from Andrew DRILL in 1824 (to him from Jacob DRILL, now dec'd), next to "Wells Invention". - "Catoctin Ridge", 188+ acres, from John NELSON in 1829, as trustee for court decree against George B. DUTRO for debt settlement (previously to George B. DUTRO and Isaac DUTRO from George Balser DUTRO (will RB-4, 365-366). - "Resurvey on Wells Invention", 160 acres, from his father, John HILLEARY in 1823 (to him from David LYNN in 1811); lies next to land of Perry HILLEARY from John HILLEARY. Guardian was George M. EICHELBERGER. Tilghman HILLEARY was the children's paternal uncle and petitioned the court to be trustee instead of John M. WILLIAMS, the maternal uncle, who lived in Montgomery County and was the administrator. Trustee was Francis THOMAS; on 9 Mar 1839, sale was made to Leonard S. GROVE for 313 acres at $20,404.05 ($65.09/acre). Each 1/5 share was $3,939.28; closed 13 May 1839.
Michael McCARTNEY and Henry J. JARBOE, adm/of William JARBOE vs William H. DANGERFIELD, Caspar MANTZ and others James STEVENS was a constable of Election District #1; William JARBOE signed as security on his bond. William JARBOE was sued, as security of the bond, by Jane E. JARBOE as administratrix of John JARBOE, to recover a sum which had been placed into Stevens hands as constable to be collected. Stevens collected the sum but did not pay it to the plantiff. A judgement was obtained against William JARBOE as security, which he paid. Suit was also filed against Stevens, but was dropped after the money was received from Jarboe. William JARBOE has since died intestate with administrators as listed above. James STEVENS/STEPHENS d/ widow - Mary Ann and 3 minor children s/ John Francis STEVENS s/ Henry Joseph STEVENS s/ Thomas A. STEVENS Land - "Resurvey on Lashmutt's Folly", 122 acres, next to land of Philip Henry THOMAS and Joseph HILLS; - "Hard to Find", 3 acres of woodland. Administrator was William H. DANGERFIELD, esquire. Stevens was also greatly indebted to Caspar MANTZ. Guardian was Mountjoy B. LUCKETT. Testimony was heard from Joseph STEPHENS (age 51). Trustees were John H. McELFRESH and William H. DANGERFIELD, esquires. On 17 Dec 1836, sale was made to William S. JOHNSON at $1,553.75, subject to the widow's dower. John D. RIDDLEMOSER petitioned the court to be substitued as the purchaser in place of Johnson. After debts were paid, each 1/3 share was $60.21; closed 13 Jun 1839.
Henry COST vs Jacob COST and others John COST of Jefferson District, d/ 20 Nov 1837 intestate bro/ Jacob COST - Manchester, Ontario Co, NY bro/ Elias COST - Phelps, Ontario Co, NY bro/ Henry COST sis/ Catharine (COST) widow of Presly WARFIELD bro/ Christian COST, dec'd ......d/ Ann Rebecca COST, now w/o John POOL - Montgomery County ......s/ Alexander J. COST - Baltimore City ......d/ Catharine COST ......d/ Serena COST, a minor Land - "Merryland" (to John GARROTT, parts from Elizabeth PHILPOTT in 1812; John P. GARROTT in 1805); - Lot #4 of "Resurvey on Merryland" and "Fielderea Manor" (to John GARROTT from Barton GARROTT in 1803); except 4 acres sold to Thomas BURGEE Sr; totals 246 acres, from Sheriff William M. BEALL, Jr. in 1821, from multiple judgements against John GARROTT. - "Children's Chance", "Thrasher's Chance" and part of farm, "New Freedom", 25+ acres, clear of the graveyard, agreeable to the deed from Joseph M. PALMER, trustee for the estate of the late Edward BOTELER; lies near Jefferson; from Richard JOHNSON of Willliam in 1834. - "New Frederick", 8+ acres, next to "New Freedom"; and (adjoining) "The Pitts is Good", 4+ acres; and "Children's Chance" 142 perches, (previously from Leonard THOMAS), at SE corner of Patrick McGILL Sr.'s; from Edward L. BOTELER and w/ Prudence in 1834. Guardian was George Cost BISER; testimony was heard from Thomas JOHNSON of William. On 20 Aug 1838, Catharine WARFIELD requested her son, Thomas JOHNSON, be appointed trustee. Trustees were M.B. LUCKETT and Thomas W. JOHNSON. On 23 Feb 1839, sale made to Benedict BOONE for 240 acres at $8,040. Each 1/5 share was $467.08; closed 11 Apr 1839.
William GRAFF vs Marcus Y. GRAFF and others Sebastian GRAFF d/ 14 Nov 1834 (will 15 Apr 1833; 27 Nov 1834) widow - Elizabeth (previously w/o Dr. Edward JOHNSON) and 5 children, s/ Marcus Y. GRAFF - Seneca Co, Ohio d/ Ann C. w/o George W. GIST - Seneca Co, Ohio s/ Willilam GRAFF - Seneca Co, Ohio d/ Caroline w/o Dr. George E. PRYOR - Seneca Co, Ohio d/ Mary Eleanor w/o Rev. John H. BAKER - Prince George's Co, MD SLAVES - negroes HARRY, KITTY and MARIA d/o Kitty (to wife); - negro girl MARY JANE, a slave for life (to d/ Mary Eleanor); Wife's slaves to be sold upon her death; but, if Maryland renounces its 1831 restriction on freeing slaves, then HARRY shall be manumitted and freed. Slaves not to be sold until after wife's death. Legacies due William, Caroline and Mary Eleanor from their maternal grandfather. Deed of Trust to William COCKEY. Sole Executor was Neilson POE of Baltimore City (other executor, William SCHLEY renounced). Witnesses: Jacob POE, M.E. BARTGIS, Nicholas CROMWELL. Trustee was William SCHLEY; on 3 Jul 1839, sale was held at the tavern of William COOKERLY without successful bids. Later on the same day, sale was made to John McPHERSON, esquire, at $1,400, subject to the life estate of the widow (dower rights). Creditors received 63 % of claims. Closed 15 Aug 1839.
507-516 - SNAUFFER, THOMAS - May 1839
Elizabeth SNAUFFER vs John B. SNAUFFER and others - Dower Land to be Laid Off George SNAUFFER d/ abt 1831 intestate widow - Elizabeth and children s/ John B. SNAUFFER s/ Benjamin J. SNAUFFER s/ Archibald P. SNAUFFER s/ George W. SNAUFFER, a minor s/ William Henry SNAUFFER, a minor d/ Sarah E. SNAUFFER, a minor Land - "Bowney on Hazzard", "Thomas' Profit", and "Mad Wife", 133 acres contiguous, from Frederick A. SCHLEY, trustee (JS-24, 558-559); and woodland, "Trammell's Conay Island", 118 acres, from Frederick A. SCHLEY and John NELSON, trustees (JS-37, 229-231); at Point of Rocks, on the north side of the railroad, canal and Potomac River, also on a corner of "The Mine Bank Farm" and the end of "Nelson's Island". Guardian was Otho THOMAS. Court ruled for dower lands to be laid off; closed 25 Jul 1839.
517-517 - DORSEY, McELFRESH - Sep 1839
Evan DORSEY vs Roderick DORSEY and others Distributions reported by trustee, Col. John H. McELFRESH - Upton L. DORSEY, dec'd - Susan H. DORSEY - Basil Evan DORSEY - William James Higgins DORSEY - Upton L. DORSEY Each 1/4 = $314.70; closed 12 Sep 1839.
517-519 - LEAB, YOUNG, SMITH - Nov 1835
Jacob YOUNG and wife to Charlotte LEAB and others Jacob LEAB, dec'd widow - Mary d/ Maria Sophia w/o Jacob YOUNG d/ Charlotte LEAB s/ Jacob LEAB Jr. Land - two houses in Fredericktown, one brick and one log with outhouses, a butcher shop and slaughter house, on the south side of Patrick Street. Trustee was Jacob YOUNG; on 24 Oct 1835, sale was made to Rebecca SMITH at $1,806. The widow received 2/17, $201.07; each 1/3 was $502.69; closed 5 May 1836.
Estate of William WORMAN - Sale of Real Estate William WORMAN d/ 30 Aug 1835 intestate d/ Juliet WORMAN s/ Andrew WORMAN d/ Barbara WORMAN, now w/o John WHITEHILL s/ Maximus J. WORMAN, a minor s/ Henry Clay WORMAN, a minor Land - "Rural Felicity", 308+ acres, near Unionville, (by special warrant from "Charles Choice" and "Grove" to Charles WOOD in 1775); lies by land to Andrew WORMAN from Basil WOOD, Henry WOOD and John WOOD in 1791; and by the Great Road, "Resurvey on Cold Friday", "Saplin Ridge" and "Adams Fall" (resurveyed for Peter LOOKINBILL in 1790) and by "Resurvey on Coomes His Inheritance", "Addition to Pearre's Retreat" (resurveyed for James PEARRE in 1810), and "Resurvey of Charles' Choice" (to Peter KEMP from Charles WOODS in 1778). - 25 acres, near Unionville, from John LUGENBEEL and w/ Pamela in 1832; on the head waters of Linganore Creek and adjoining the lands of Thomas SAPPINGTON and John DUDDERAR, "Level Farm". - "Resurvey on Woods Lot", 2+ acres with water rights, near Unionville, from John DUDDERAR in 1835; next to land of John DUDDERAR (conveyed to him by Daniel JAMES, exec/of Aaron WOOD in 1824), on west side of a small mill race. Administrators were John DUDDERAR and Andrew WORMAN. On 28 Oct 1837, testimony was heard from John DUDDERAR at the office of Dr. William COALE in Liberty Town. Guardian was Thomas HAMMOND. Trustee was John DUDDERAR; on 2 Jan 1838, sale was made to Andrew WORMAN for "Rural Felicity" with a grist mill at $12,000; to Orrellance/Orrellana H. OWINGS for Lugenbeel's Mill and the other Unionville property at $6,240. Each 1/5 share was $3,512.55; closed 22 Feb 1838.
Estate of Lydia WOOD Lydia WOOD d/ 1836 intestate, leaving 9 siblings, widow of Basil WOOD (12 Mar 1816 will) bro/ Robert GILL ......Anna GILL - KY ......Erasmus GILL - KY ......Lydia (Gill) wid/o William SMOOT - KY ......Lettice TABB - KY * ......John GILL - KY ......Augustus GILL's 2 daughters, ----------Charity w/o William R. BARKER * ----------Elizabeth w/o Dominick BOWLING * sis/ Mary (GILL) w/o Zachariah LYON, both dec'd ......Nancy (Lyon) w/o Anderson RAL/ROE KY ......Elizabeth (Lyon) w/o W. FERGUSON - KY ......Samuel LYON - IN ......William LYON - ? ......Hezekiah LYON - KY ......Henry LYON - KY ......Elijah LYON - KY ......Harrison LYON - IN sis/ Elizabeth (Gill) w/o John LYON, both dec'd ......Catharine (Lyon), dec'd w/o William C. MORAN - KY ----------Lettice MORAN - KY * ----------Elizabeth MORAN wid/o Hezekiah DAVIS - KY * ----------Sarah MORAN w/o Alton/Ashton TURNER - KY * ----------Thomas MORAN - KY * ----------Nancy MORAN - KY * ......Charles LYON - KY ......Gustavus LYON - KY ......John LYON - KY ......Joseph LYON - KY sis/ Eleanor (Gill) w/o Joseph LYON, dec'd ......Elizabeth (Lyon) w/o James CANTER - KY * ......Robert LYON, died w/o issue - KY * ....2nd Husband of Eleanor - Leonard CANTER, both dec'd ......Henry CANTER - MD ......Horatio CANTER - MD ......Lydia CANTER w/o John MORAN, dec'd ---------William MORAN - MD * ---------Horatio MORAN - MD * ......2nd husband of Lydia (now dec'd) - John WEBSTER ---------Eliza WEBSTER * bro/ Charles GILL - VA sis/ Catharine (Gill), dec'd w/o Samuel ADAMS ......Chloe (Adams) wid/o Thomas ODEN - TN ......Catharine (Adams) wid/o Mathew HUGHES - KY ......Susan (Adams) w/o John LYON - KY ......Elizabeth (Adams) w/o Elijah LYON - KY ......Henry ADAMS - TN ......John R. ADAMS - TN ......Samuel G. ADAMS - KY ......Harriet ADAMS - KY ......Mary ADAMS - KY ......Richard ADAMS - VA sis/ Chloe (Gill) wid/o N. GIBBONS - KY sis/ Charity (Gill) w/o Joseph BARKER, both dec'd ......Mary (Barker) w/o Erasmus GILL - KY ......Elizabeth (Barker) w/o Blackstone N. RANKINS - KY ......Juliet (Barker) w/o Jesse TURNER - KY ......William M. BARKER - KY ......John N. BARKER - KY ......George BARKER - KY ......Malvina BARKER - KY ......Evelina (Barker) w/o Buckner S. MORRIS - IL bro/ Henry GILL - KY Land - House and Lot in Liberty Town; except for parcel sold to Elihu H. ROCKWELL in 1834 at east end of Liberty on tract "Carmack's Farewell", 84 perches, next to land of John WAGNER. - Adjoining Lot, 1+ acres, from Abraham JONES (w/ Charity) in 1834; next to land of George OVELMAN. Trustee was Abraham JONES but he refused it; substituted was Thomas G. GIBBONS. Sale went to Elihu H. ROCKWELL at $340. Each 1/9 share was $32.31; closed 17 Jan 1839. * indicates the names not listed in distributions, possibly they were then deceased.
548-560 - TITLOW, KEEFER, STEINER - Oct 1838
Christian STEINER vs Estate of John TITLOW - Foreclosure John TITLOW d/ Oct 1838 (will 28 Jul 1838) widow - Margaret s/ John TITLOW Jr. d/ Elizabeth w/o Henry KEEFER d/ Margaret TITLOW Jr. s/ Daniel TITLOW, a minor d/ Eleanor TITLOW, a minor d/ Henrietta TITLOW, a minor s/ Edward TITLOW, a minor d/ Caroline TITLOW, a minor s/ Charles TITLOW, a minor Land - Lots 225, 226 and part of 224 in Frederick Town, fronting Market Street. Executor of Titlow's will was Christian STEINER who renounced the duties. Steiner holds a mortgage against Titlow. Guardian was N.H. PITTS; In Aug 1839, testimony was heard from Levi MOBERLY. Trustee was George KOONTZ and Godfrey KOONTZ also posted bond with him. On 5 Sep 1839, sale was made to Christian STEINER at $350, subject to the widow's dower. Monies went to Steiner in repayment of mortgage, but were somewhat short; closed 3 Oct 1839.
Thomas SPRINGER vs Estate of Michael PETERS Michael PETERS d/ Jun 1839 intestate d/ Mary Margaret PETERS, a minor d/ Ann Cecelia PETERS, a minor d/ Cevilla/Sevilla PETERS, a minor Land - Lot #2 on "Resurvey on Watson's Welfare", an addition to Middletown, from Michael KELLER (w/ Catharine) in 1822; lies next to Perry DARBY's Lot #1; also privilege of alley intended for passing wagon horses. - Lot #3 on "Resurvey on Watson's Welfare" in Keller's Addition to Middletown (on other side of alley), from Peter COBLENTZ and w/ Magdalena of Montgomery Co, Ohio in 1834. Property was mortgaged to Perry DARBY who no longer resides in the state. Mortgage was paid in 1828, but no conveyance was done. Administrator was Thomas SPRINGER. Testimony was heard from William J/I. CARTZENDAFNER, age 23, who stated D. SPRINGER provided medical services to the Peters family for 10-12 years. Also testifying was Thomas SPRINGER Jr. Guardian was George BOWLUS; trustee was Thomas SPRINGER. On 8 Jan 1842, sale was held at the tavern of L.D. RIDDLEMOSER in Middletown; Lot #2, including the two-story brick house fronting Main Street and including a commodious stable, was sold to John COBLENTZ at $650; Lot #3 was sold to George BOWLUS at $125. Sale was advertised in the Catoctin Enterprize and the Middletown Valley Gazette. Each 1/3 share was $37.37; closed 11 Mar 1842. ===================== The End of HS-4 =====================

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