Frederick Co, MD - Equity HS-2

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity HS-2

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber HS-2; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Charles W. JOHNSON vs Estate of Thomas J. GRAHAM Thomas J. GRAHAM d/ intestate, leaving widow - Caroline and daughter, - Ann Rebecca GRAHAM, a minor Administrator was John GRAHAM, father of Thomas. Land - one mority share in numerous Lots (50 acres each), in Allegany County, District 1, part of Spruce Spring. SLAVES - negro WALLEY, his wife and 3 children - $900 - negro LENERE - $300 - negro EDWARD - $300 - old negro PETER - $30 - negro girl SALLY and child - $300 - negro LUCINDA and child - $300 Guardian was the child's mother; trustee was John GRAHAM. Not being able to sell at public auction, private sales were made to Joshua JOHNSON for large tract of 16,000 acres consisting of "Grove", 706 acres; "Sugar Tree Bottom", 103 acres; and attached lots in District 1 at $8,000; leaving Spruce Spring, 124 acres and Lots #697, 698-692, 696, 688, 689, 695, 705 and 739. Also sold to Alexander THOMAS for 7 lots at $200; to Hezakiah ROBEY for 2 lots at $50; to J. McCLEARY for 2 lots at $50. On 25 Nov 1832, he sold the remaining lots to Thomas HAMMOND at $3,652. The widow received 1/7 in lieu of her dower rights, $1,057.75, $1,086.04 and $543.12; finalized Feb 1833.
22-25 - CRAFT, RENNEY, RENCH, CROFT - Feb 1832
Estate of Elizabeth CRAFT - Distributions Elizabeth CRAFT, dec'd - her heirs - Elizabeth w/o James RENNEY - John CRAFT - Mary w/o John RENCH - David CRAFT - Frederick CRAFT Jr, dec'd - his children, ..John H. CRAFT ..Salinda CRAFT Land - Farm of 258 acres, 3 miles south of Middletown Trustee was John CRAFT, esquire; on 14 Feb 1832, sale made to James RENNEY for 258 acres at $19/acre, but the acutal survey proved to be 299 acres which made the sale $5,685.75; to John CROFT for the merchant mills and 12 acres at $4,802. Each 1/5 share was $135.26; finalized 16 Jul 1835.
Casper MANTZ vs Thomas BURGER Jr. - Foreclosure Land - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 100 acres, from his father, Thomas BURGER Sr. (Singleton BURGER has a plantation on another part of this tract that Thomas Sr. bought) (to Thomas BURGER Sr. from Caleb DORSEY (w/ Elizabeth) of Thomas of Anne Arundel county in 1809; and to Dorsey from John WORTHINGTON the Elder of Anne Arundel county in 1782 and next to land of Yate PLUMMER). Trustee was John H. McELFRESH; on 21 Feb 1835 at the tavern of John DILL, sale was made to Singleton BURGEE at $1,449; Singleton BURGER also had a claim but proceeds were not sufficient to pay him after Mantz was paid; finalized 20 May 1835.
John YINGLING and w/ Nelly vs Estate of Jacob EGA Jacob EGA/EGG/AKE Sr. d/ abt 1798 (will 21 Feb 1798; 10 Apr 1798), leaving widow - Elizabeth (d/ 18 Jan 1830) and 13 children, - Jacob EGA - John EGA - Joseph EGA - Margaret EGA - Marthany EGA (a son) and 8 youngest children - Nelly w/o John YINGLING - Martin EGA (d/ before his mother, w/o issue) - Catharine w/o Peter FOREMAN - Barbara wid/o James WANE - PA - Francis EGA - Ohio - Elizabeth wid/o Elijah STANSBURRY - Ohio - Regina w/o John WATTERSON - Cumberland Co, PA - Polly w/o Balther CONRAD - PA Executor was the wife; witnesses: Greenbury MAGERS, John MATHIAS, Charles STEVENSON. (All of the children were not named in the will.) Land - "Legonier", 102 acres, to Jacob AKE from William Edward HEAD in 1793; next to "Second Amendment"; also 4+ acres of same tract from Mary KEMP (to her from John Ross KEY). Regina sold her interest to John MATHIAS in 1825; Polly conveyed her share to Joseph STORM in 1814, who is now deceased, and James STORM and Adam LONG are his executors. At that time, Polly and Baltzer CONRAD were living in Frankstown Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA; Joseph STORM was of Adams Co, PA. Trustee was John Henry HOPPE; on 7 Feb 1835, sale make to Jesse YINGLING and John YINGLING for 107 surveyed acres at $1,287; each 1/6 share to the surviving younger children was $167.30 (Elizabeth was not included); finalized Jul 1836.
Elizabeth COUGH vs Rachel BISHOP and others John BISHOP, the Elder d/ 2 Jul 1813 intestate, leaving widow who is now deceased - and 8 children, 1/ John BISHOP d/ abt 1829 intestate, leaving .w/ Susanna (Preston Co, VA) and 6 children, ....Henry BISHOP - Preston Co, VA ....John BISHOP - Preston Co, VA ....Joseph BISHOP - Preston Co, VA ....Samuel BISHOP - Preston Co, VA ....William BISHOP - Preston Co, VA ....Rachel w/o John BETTES - Preston Co, VA 2/ Dedrick BISHOP and w/ Catharine 3/ Elizabeth wid/o Martin COUGH 4/ Catharine w/o David H. FRIES - Preston Co, VA 5/ Eve w/o Henry LANTZ - Preston Co, VA 6/ Jacob BISHOP, now dec'd intestate, leaving .w/ Rachel and 6 minor children, ....Catharine BISHOP, now w/o George HAIFLEIGH ....Eve BISHOP ....Mary BISHOP ....Jacob BISHOP ....John BISHOP ....Hannah BISHOP 7/ Henry BISHOP - Preston Co, VA 8/ Christian BISHOP - Preston Co, VA Land - "The New Location", 8+ acres, from Jacob SNIDER Jr. (w/ Catharine) in 1795, next to "Red Land"; - "Errors Corrected", 106+ acres, from Valentine BAIST in 1799, next to Jacob BURGOON's "Elory", and "Red Land"; - "Resurvey on Runnymede", 8+ acres, from Upton SCOTT, physician, of Annapolis in 1801 to John BISHOP, farmer; total of 123 acres; neighbors were David FAITZ, Jacob CORRELL, Peter SHOEMAKER and Peter BABELON. In 1831, Dedrick sold his share to his brother Jacob, now deceased; as did brother Henry and sister Catharine. Guardian was Rachel BISHOP except daughter Catharine was represented by her husband; trustee was Jacob MATHIAS; sale made to David FOUTZ at $1,469.42. John Henry HOPPE was administrator for Jacob BISHOP's estate. Each 1/8 share was $170.04; finalized 23 May 1835.
Estate of Henry BEAKLEY/BEACHLER/BEAGLER/PEAKLY/BEACHLEY Henry BEAKLEY/BEACHLEY Sr., d/ Feb 1831 intestate, leaving widow - Barbara and 10 children, - Mary Magdalene w/o Henry AHALT - Barbara BEAKLEY - Elizabeth w/o Conrad MICHAEL - Jacob BEAKLEY - Peter BEAKLEY and w/ Elizabeth ALEYOSS - John BEAKLEY and w/ Catharine LINEBAUGH - Catharine w/o Daniel LINEBAUGH - Daniel/David BEAKLEY and w/ Mary Esther SHOEMAKER - Conrad BEAKLEY and w/ Susannah B. LINEBAUGH - Henry BEAKLEY Jr., dec'd - his children, ...Mary Ann BEAKLEY ...Barbara BEAKLEY Land - "Resurvey on Tom's Gift", 150 acres, from William Joseph James CHAPLAIN in 1771. - "Resurvey on the Gap", 219 acres, by warrant, by lands of Jacob FULWILER. - "Laurel Ridge", 6 acres, In 1834, deed from Elizabeth and h/ Conrad MICHAEL (heir of John Henry BEACHLEY) to Daniel BEACHLEY for their 1/10 interest in two farms and a tavern on the west end of Middletown Valley. In 1833, deed from Peter BEACHLY (w/ Elizabeth), (heir of John H. BEACHLEY), to John BEACHLEY for his 1/10 share of "Tom's Gift" (where John then lived). In 1803, deed to Henry BEACHLER for "Tom's Gift" from his sisters and daughters of Henry BEACHLER, dec'd, by will 21 Jan 1777 - Mary Elizabeth and h/ George MICHAEL - Catharine and h/ Christian EASTERDAY Jr - Eve Elizabeth and h/ Henry BURN - Susannah and widow of Jeremiah ILFORT/EFORT - Barbara and h/ Conrad MICHAEL Guardian was Nelson POE, esquire; 94 acres of "Resurvey on the Gap" was laid off for the dower of the widow Barbara BEACHLEY. Trustee was John BEAGHLEY; on 15 Mar 1834, sale made to Jacob BEACHLEY for 149 acres of "Resurvey on Tom's Gift" at $5,401.25; to Daniel BEACHLEY for 105 acres of "Resurvey on the Gap" at $2,808.75; to Conrad BEACHLEY for "Laurel Ridge" at $43.50; total sales $8,253.50; each 1/10 share was $789.13; finalized 21 May 1834.
Trustee for Joshua HARLEY Sr. Suit brought by his son, Joshua HARLEY Jr. with testimony, regarding unsoundness of mind of Joshua HARLEY Sr, given by Jacob SMITH, Henry ASHERMAN, witnessed at the store of Mahlon HARMAN in the past two years, stating he did not recognize his own son and was cutting green wheat, claiming he was cutting a road to Leitersburg. Land - "Gaver's Resurvey", "Honesty Best" and "Friends Good Will", 233 acres. SLAVES - 5? negroes - DAVID (sold to Ezra SLIFER for $350); - GINNY (sold to Samuel SLIFER for $306); - JORVIS (sold to William SLIFER for $417); - HENNY (sold to Christopher LONG for $309); - MARY and LUCY (kept to help care for Joshua Sr). ======= Joshua HARLEY Sr. had 9 children, - William M. HARLEY (age 39) - Sophia (age 36) w/o Daniel BISER - Otho F. HARLEY (age 34) - Joshua HARLEY Jr. (age 32) - Mahlon HARLEY (age 27) - Matilda (age 25) w/o Ezra SLIFER - Thomas HARLEY (age 23) - Elizabeth HARLEY (age 20) - Eliza, dec'd (age abt 29) w/o Benjamin BOTELER - Alabama (4 children, evidently one died between Jan 1829 and Oct 1833) (ages given at inquisition on 24 Jan 1829) Trustee appointed to handle Joshua HARLEY's property was Thomas I/J. HARLEY; but was changed to Ezra SLIFER with securites being James SLIFER and John SLIFER. An agreement was made of Thomas I/J. HARLEY to be the caretaker of Joshua HARLEY Sr. After personal property was sold, proceeds were short to pay creditors, they receiving $.40 on the dollar. Farm was rented to Otho HARLEY for one year. To pay off the rest of the debts, his real estate was to be sold except for the lot and house in Burkittsville where Joshua Sr. lived. Sale made to David MALLENDORE for the farm of 221 acres at $7,090.22; and to Archibald LAMON for the tanyard with 1+ acres at $907. Joshua HARLEY Sr. d/ 9 Nov 1832 intestate, leaving 9 children, - William M. HARLEY (age 39) - Sophia (age 36) w/o Daniel BISER - Otho F. HARLEY (age 34) - Joshua HARLEY Jr. (age 32) - Mahlon HARLEY (age 27) - Matilda (age 25) w/o Ezra SLIFER - Thomas I/J. HARLEY (age 23) - Elizabeth HARLEY (age 20), later w/o William B. LAMAR - Eliza, dec'd w/o Benjamin BOTELER/BUTLER/BUTTER - Alabama (their 3 surviving children in Alabama) .....William BOTELER/BUTLER/BUTTER .....Thomas BOTELER/BUTLER/BUTTER .....Matilda BOTELER/BUTLER/BUTTER Administrator was John FINK Jr; Mahlon owed the estate so did not get a share. Finalized 6 Feb 1834.
John BRENGLE and Jacob BRENGLE vs Estate of Peter BRENGLE Peter BRENGLE d/ intestate, leaving widow - Catharine and 7 children - David BRENGLE - Francis BRENGLE - Lewis BRENGLE - Matilda w/o Noah A. SCHAEFFER - George BRENGLE, a minor - Mary BRENGLE, a minor - Ann R. BRENGLE, a minor Administrator was Francis BRENGLE; guardian was Lewis BRENGLE. Land - Lots #266 and 267 in Frederick Town from Charlotte BOYER in 1803; mortgaged in 1828 to John BRENGLE and Jacob BRENGLE and Johnathan EADER. Trustee was Francis BRENGLE; sale made to Jacob BRENGLE for $62; the widow received $7.28; proceeds short; finalized 3 Oct 1833.
HAMMOND vs DULANEY - Division of Land Nicholas RANDALL died with a will dated 28 Jul 1819, appointing Nicholas A. RANDALL as executor who, in 1824, sold the real estate (as tenants in common) to - Mary SIM, w/o Nathan C. HAMMOND and - Harriet SIM, dec'd w/o Aquilla DULANEY - their son, ...Thomas Sim DULANEY - Harford County Land - "Mackey's Luck", 40 acres, to Nicholas RANDALL from Ariana ROSS, David ROSS, Horatio ROSS and Archibald ROSS in 1796. Neighbor was Henry NIXDORF who owned 40 acres. - "Mackey's Luck", Lot #11, 69+ acres, patented to Dr. David ROSS, dec'd, by Major MANTZ's plot and "Benjamin's Delight" (granted to Benjamin MARTIN in 1759). - "Mackey's Luck", Plat #13, Lot #12, 107 acres. Guardian was Aquilla DULANEY; land to be divided in two shares, closed 9 Jul 1832.
Elizabeth TANEY and Reuben HAINES - Estate of Frederick TANEY Frederick TANEY d/ 5 Aug 1825 (will 22 Feb 1823), leaving widow - Elizabeth and 7 children, - Jacob TANEY - John TANEY - David TANEY - George TANEY - Catharine (TANEY) ADLESPERGER, now w/o Charles SENTZ - Sally (TANEY), dec'd w/o Frederick WARNER - their children, ...Elizabeth (WARNER) w/o John COULSON ...Catharine (WARNER) GAMBRILL ...Ann (WARNER) w/o William WIEGANDT ...Frederick WARNER ...Fanny WARNER - Elizabeth (TANEY) GLEIM/GLIME, dec'd - her children, ...Elizabeth GLEIM/GLIME ...Sally GLEIM/GLIME SLAVES - negro girl APPALONIA (to widow) Executors were the widow and William DURBIN. Witnesses: John ROOP, Peter ROZER, Nicholas DURBIN. Land - "Lamas Chance" and "Locust Neck", 176 acres, composed of parts of "Glade Spring" and "Molly's Fancy" (the homeplace). - "Resurvey on Lookabout", "Arnold's Remnant", "Father's Advice", and "Molly's Fancy", 118 acres, adjoining the Old Quarter. - Lots in Westminster Has 800 acres plus the lots in Westminster and Union Town and homeplace left to the widow; William DURBIN has already sold 200 acres. Trustee was Michael MORELOCK; on 26 Jan, at the house of Isaac SHRIVER, sale made to - Isaac SHRIVER for Lots #14, 15, 16 in Westminster at $314 - Jacob RIGHTER for Lot #10, 1 acre at $30 - Isaac SHRIVER for 3 lots in Westminster at $17 - John MILLER for 3 lots in Westminster at $12.81 - John ROBERTS for 1/2 lot in Union Town at $22 totaling $396.81. On the next day at the tavern of Nimrod FRIZZLE, sale of woodland, part of the furnace land on "Lookabout" to - John SCHWEIGERT for 39+ acres at $278.25 - David ROOP for 35+ acres at $226.12 - George SCHADE for 45+ acres at $436.40 - Simon WITMYER for 44+ acres at $314.12 - Peter FOGLESONG for 51+ acres at $301.09 - Magdalina RINEHART for 44+ acres at $265.30 also - Jacob RIGHTER for 74+ acres, known as Casses Lot at $1,083.87 - Jacob RIGHTER for 46+ acres, known as Byer's Farm at $275.89 - Magdalina RINEHART for 70+ acres, part of Byer's place at $461.08 totaling $3642.34. On the 28th of Jan at the home of Jacob MORELOCK, sale made to - Peter SHOEMAKER for 55 acres of the furnace land at $385 - Magdalina RINEHART for 42 acres, known as Stouffer's place at $147 - George HAIFLEY for 99 acres, known as Herman's place at $644.63 - David ROOP for 61 acres on "Arnold's Remnant" at $321.55 totaling $1,498.18. The grand total was $5,537.33; creditors paid and some legacies; finalized 11 Apr 1834.
Estate of George SNOUFFER Jonathan MILLER d/ intestate, leaving widow - Mary Ann (now in Frederick County) and 5 children - Sarah MILLER w/o Daniel HAUVERMALE - Washington County - Dorcas MILLER w/o John OTTO - Washington County - Mary MILLER - Caroline MILLER w/o Michael SNOUFFER - Anne MILLER, now dec'd w/o William HENDERSON (he moved west) Land - "Resurvey on Fox's Hall", 306 acres Trustee, John NELSON, esquire, lives in Baltimore. In 1829, he sold the real estate of Jonathan MILLER to George SNOUFFER, Michael SNOUFFER and Mary Anne MILLER, the widow of Jonathan; however, the deed was never transferred. Mary Ann MILLER sold her portion to Michael SNOUFFER (w/ Caroline) and the estate was then divided between Michael and George SNOUFFER, George having the greater half and paying Michael for the difference. ============== George SNOUFFER d/ 1831 intestate, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 6 minor children - Sarah E. SNOUFFER - William H. SNOUFFER - George W. SNOUFFER - Archibol/Michael T. SNOUFFER - John B. SNOUFFER - Benjamin SNOUFFER Administrator was John Henry HOPPE. Snouffer, the deceased, was mortgaged to Stephen T. RAMBERGER and Philip RAMBERGER. Land - from Frederick SCHLEY in 1826 (Schley was trustee from 1824 decree to sell the property mortgaged by Samuel H. THOMAS to Otho THOMAS, Archibol THOMAS and George SNOUFFER). In 1831, John NELSON and Frederick A. SCHLEY obtained a mortgage from SNOUFFER for an 1828 deed from Charles CUNNINGHAM for part of "Farmells Convoy Island", 118 acres; "Poplar Timber", 16+ acres; "Peach Island", 10 acres; and rights to a ferry on the Potomac River. Located next to land of Christian KEMP and "Nelson Island". In 1834, John NELSON conveyed deed to Michael SNOUFFER, Mary Ann MILLER, Sarah E. SNOUFFER, William H. SNOUFFER, George W. SNOUFFER, Archibol SNOUFFER, John B. SNOUFFER and Benjamin J. SNOUFFER, heirs of George SNOUFFER for the "Resurvey on Fox's Hall". Guardian was Otho THOMAS; trustee was John Henry HOPPE; on 7 Mar 1835, sale made to Thomas J. DAVIS for the Mill property, 115 acres, on the Monocacy at $4,257. Elizabeth, the widow received 2/15, $188.93; each 1/6 share was $204.68; finalized 14 Jul 1835.
Robert NELSON vs Estate of Michael BECK Michael BECK, dec'd (will 19 Jun 1831; 18 Jul 1831), leaving 7 children, - David BECK and w/ Elizabeth - Seneca Co, Ohio - Nimrod BECK - Edward BECK - Catharine w/o Frederick GRIMES - Elizabeth w/o Charles HESSER - William BECK, a minor - Aron BECK, a minor Executors were his son-in-laws. Witnesses: Thomas SIM, David WAGNER. Land - House and Lot #51 in Woodsborough, part of "Woodstown Land" on the plan of Woodsberry Town, from Bernard GILBERT (w/ Elizabeth) in 1806. David BECK sold his interest to Robert NELSON in 1833. Catharine sold her interest to Nimrod in 1833. Guardian was L.P.N. BALCH; trustee was Ebenezer B. HUBBARD; sale made to Charles HESSER at $265, subject to the widow's dower; each 1/7 share was $27.66; finalized 9 Jun 1836.
209-221 - GEISBERT, MANTZ, WELTY, SHYROCK - Jun 1834
Casper MANTZ vs Jonathan GEISBERT Land - "Friendship", 209+ acres, from Roger JOHNSON in 1823; (to Johnson from Isaac WRIGHT in 1814; and to Wright from Thomas FLEMING in 1805). Property was mortaged by Jonathan GEISBERT to Casper MANTZ in 1824, payments overdue. Trustee was John H. McELFRESH; on 4 Oct 1834, sale made to Frederick WELTY at $2,747.68 with objections by Henry SHYROCK who bidded higher but was unable to obtain securities in the allotted time period. A decree is not listed after the bill from Shyrock, but appears Shyrock may have been the purchaser. After debts were paid, Jonathan GEISBERT received $12.20; finalized 8 Jan 1835.
Estate of Peter HAUVER Peter HAUVER d/ 27 Oct 1835 intestate, leaving children - Elizabeth w/o George LONG - Barbara w/o David PIMRED - Out of State - Peter HAUVER - Out of State - George HAUVER - Out of State - Catharine w/o Christian BLICKENSTAFF - Peggy w/o Peter GROSSNICKLE - Rosina w/o Martin GREENWALT - Out of State - Daniel HAUVER - Mary w/o John GROSSNICKLE - Jacob HAUVER - Christian HAUVER Out of State children live in Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Land - "Snowy Mountain", 110 acres, to Peter OATS from John TOMMS (w/ Catharine), both farmers, in 1791. - "Snowy Mountain", 102 acres, next to "Three Mill Seats"; also "Timber Plenty", 90 acres, (surveyed for Christian KOON in 1788), from George HAVER (w/ Catharine) in 1804. - "Three Mill Seats", 101 acres, to Peter OATTS from William HOBBS of Samuel (w/ Henrietta) in 1795; (next to "Timber Plenty" surveyed for Peter Christian KUHN in 1788). All lands were contiguous. Petition to sell per the lease to Christian HAUVER. Trustee was L.P.N. BALCH; on 13 Aug 1836, sale made to Christian HAUVER for 404 acres at $1,300; each 1/11 share was $108.61; finalized 12 Dec 1836.
Estate of John BRUNNER - Petition to Sell HENRY BRUNNER, dec'd (will 24 Dec 1775; 12 Jan 1776), leaving widow - Magdalena and children, - Henry BRUNNER - Valentine BRUNNER - John BRUNNER * - Barbara w/o Benhard LINGANFELTER - Mary w/o Jacob COST - Susannah w/o Jacob THOMAS - Margaret BRUNNER - Jacob BRUNNER also - Mary BANTZ and Henry BANTZ, s/o Adam BANTZ SLAVES - negro SAMUEL (to be freed in 15 years) Land - "Carroll's Creek", 186 acres (to sons, Henry and Valentine). Jacob THOMAS is indebted to estate. Executors were the widow and son John. Witnesses: John SHELLMAN, Ludwick WILTURE, Valentine ROB, George BEAR and Michael TRESSLER. ================ *John BRUNNER d/ May 1829 intestate, leaving widow - Barbara d/ 1836, leaving no children Brunner left 5 sisters and 3 brothers, sis/ Barbara (Brunner) w/o Barnhart LINGENFELTER - KY (she d/ abt 1824 and he d/ abt 1806) - their 7 children, .....1/Valentine LINGENFELTER .....2/John LINGENFELTER .....3/Jacob LINGENFELTER .....4/George LINGENFELTER .....5/Daniel LINGENFELTER .....6/Mrs. CASSELL .....7/Mrs. WALTZ sis/ Catharine (Brunner) w/o Adam BANTZ, both dec'd - their son, .....1/Henry BANTZ d/ 1831-1832 - his children, ......---Gideon BANTZ ......---Henry BANTZ ......---Nimrod BANTZ ......---Uriah L. BANTZ ......---Catharine (Bantz) w/o Christopher BARRICKMAN - Ohio bro/ Henry BRUNNER m/ Catharine ZIMMERMAN (d/ 1776) - their 3 chidren, .....1/Henry BRUNNER d/ 1824, leaving 8 children, ......---Mary BRUNNER ......---Catharine BRUNNER ......---Henry BRUNNER ......---Elizabeth BRUNNER ......---Peter BRUNNER ......---Rebecca BRUNNER ......---Rhoda BRUNNER ......---John BRUNNER .....2/John BRUNNER d/ 1821, leaving 4 children, ......---Lewis BRUNNER ......---John BRUNNER ......---Joshua BRUNNER ......---(daughter) BRUNNER .....3/Elizabeth (Brunner) w/o Stephen RAMSBURG sis/ Mary (Brunner) w/o Jacob COST, dec'd sis/ Susanna (Brunner) w/o Jacob THOMAS, dec'd bro/ Valentine BRUNNER sis/ Eve Margaret (Brunner) (d/ 1835) w/o David JORDAN, both dec'd - (she had Shenandoah Co, VA will 26 Sep 1824; 11 May 1835) their 8 children, .....1/Mary (Jordan) w/o David/Daniel HUDDLE - Woodstock, VA .....2/Catharine JORDAN - Woodstock, VA .....3/Charles JORDAN - Woodstock, VA .....4/John JORDAN - Woodstock, VA - his daughter, ..........Margaret JORDAN .....5/Lewis JORDAN - Indiana .....6/Elizabeth JORDAN - Indiana .....7/Benjamin JORDAN - Indiana .....8/David JORDAN, dec'd - Woodstock, VA - his 4 children, ..........Isaac JORDAN, a minor ..........Jacob JORDAN, a minor ..........Susan JORDAN, a minor ..........John David JORDAN, a minor bro/ Jacob BRUNNER and w/ Margaret - Tennessee Since Henry's two sons died before his brother, John, they are excluded from inheritance. Margaret JORDAN left a will devising her interests in lot to her two children, Catharine and Charles, but her will was not executed properly (may have needed three witnesses instead of two), and thus her share would be divided equally amongst all her children. Land - Lot in Frederick Town on Market Street from Henry BRUNNER in 1775. Trustee was Valentine BRUNNER; on 22 Oct 1836, sale made to Ezekial HUGHES for Lot #1 fronting Market Street and runs with Church Street at $1,800; to Valentine J. BRUNNER for part of Lot #2 fronting Market Street next to Lot #1 at $1,400; to Gideon BANTZ for other part of Lot #2 at $490; totaling $3,690. Each 1/8 share was $436.48; finalized 9 Jan 1837.
Estate of Frederick EICHELBERGER Frederick EICHELBERGER d/ 5 Sep 1836 intestate in Maryland of Carroll Twp, York Co, PA, leaving widow - Catharine and no issue bro/ George M. EICHELBERGER sis/ Lydia w/o Daniel BAILEY - York Co, PA sis/ Susan w/o Ludwick SHEARER bro/ Jacob EICHELBERGER, dec'd - his 2 children, .......Eliza (Eichelberger) w/o George L. SHEARER - York Co, PA .......Maria EICHELBERGER - York Co, PA .......Catharine EICHELBERGER - York Co, PA sis/ Mary Magdalene "Polly" WELTY, dec'd - her 7 children, .......Daniel WELTY .......Jacob WELTY .......Joseph WELTY .......Eliza (Welty) w/o Joseph WISE .......Mary (Welty) w/o Frederick BLACK - York Co, PA .......William WELTY .......James WELTY, a minor sis/ Sarah WELTY, dec'd - her 4 children, .......Levi WELTY .......Keziah Ann WELTY - York Co, PA .......Caroline WELTY, a minor - York Co, PA .......Lydia WELTY, a minor - York Co, PA The deceased left a York Co, PA will (21 Oct 1835; 13 Sep 1836), but it wasn't adequate for the disposal of his real estate, probably because there were no witnesses. Louisa McCELLEN did testify to his handwriting though. He left his widow the family paintings. He provided for an Elizabeth WISER who is single, and is a hireling. The children of his siblings were not listed in his will. Executors were the widow and Doctor George L. SHEARER; advising executors were his brother, George M. EICHELBERGER and Elias BAKER. Land - "Locust Level", Lot #25, 73 acres, from John LAYMAN and w/ Barbara Ann in 1836 (Frederick EICHELBERGER had lived in York Co, PA before this); borders main road leading from Frederick to George Town and road leading from Frederick through the Sandholes towards Noland's Ferry. Previously conveyed to John LAYMAN by John H. McELFRESH, esquire and trustee for equity decree sale. Guardian for James WELTY was George M. EICHELBERGER; guardian for the Caroline and Lydia WELTY was Frederick WELTY. Trustee was Jacob WELTY; on 28 Jan 1837, sale made to G. M. EICHELBERGER at $2,250; each 1/6 share was $349.90; finalized 16 Mar 1837.
273-282 - STEVENS, LUCKETT, REMSBERG - Oct 1835
Sebastian REMSBERG Jr. vs Estate of James STEVENS - Title James STEVENS d/ intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 3 minor children, - John Francis STEVENS - Thomas STEVENS - Henry STEVENS Land - "Clifton", from John RIGNEY, sheriff, in 1829, for judgement of Charles CARROLL against John S. STEPHENS and James STEPHENS. In 1828, agreement was made to sell property to Sebastian REMSBERG Jr. Administrator was William H. DAINGERFIELD. Guardian was M.B. LUCKETT. Testimony heard on 8 Sep 1836, from Joseph STEPHENS, age 51, the brother of James. Richard H. MARSHALL was appointed trustee to transfer title of the deed to Sebastian REMSBURGH Jr.
Estate of Jacob HOOVER Sr. John HOOVER (Johannes HUBER), dec'd (will 22 Jan 1822; 13 Jan 1823), leaving 6 children, - John HOOVER (1 & 2) - Mary HOOVER - Elizabeth HOOVER - Eve HOOVER - Jacob HOOVER (3) - Christian HOOVER (4) Land - (1) "Resurvey on Friendship", 2+ acres, from John JAMES in 1800. - (2) "James Farewell", 243 acres, from John JAMES in 1796. - (3) "Seven Fold", 240 acres, (deed in the German form HUBER) from Peter RECKER (w/ Elizabeth) in 1805. - (4) "Egypt", 280 acres (home plantation from his father in 1799) Executors were sons, John and Jacob. Witnesses: Daniel LEATHERMAN, David MAGINS and Jacob DAUB. ===== Jacob HOOVER Sr. d/ 1 Dec 1836 intestate, leaving 14 children, 1 - John HOOVER 2 - Jacob HOOVER Jr. 3 - Peter HOOVER 4 - Mary HOOVER 5 - Fanny HOOVER 6 - Lydia w/o Charles W. ZAHN 7 - Joel HOOVER, a minor 8 - Ezra HOOVER, a minor 9 - Daniel HOOVER, a minor 10- Solomon HOOVER, a minor 11- Martin HOOVER, a minor 12- Kitty HOOVER, a minor 13- Tobias HOOVER, a minor 14- Caroline HOOVER, a minor Land - "Seven Fold", 240 acres, devised to Jacob from the will of his father, John HOOVER (or Johannes HUBER); - "Three Brothers", 36+ acres, from Jacob STOTTLEMYER (w/ Barbara) in 1830, lies adjacent to other tract. Guardian was Charles B. McKIERNAN, esquire; Trustee was John HOOVER; land was surveyed into four plats. On 25 Aug, sale made to - Christian HARSHMAN for Plat #1, 93 acres at $2,522.62; - Charles MILLER for Plat #2, 152 acres at $4,242.25; - Jacob HOOVER for Plat #3 and #4, 43+ acres at $905.62; total sales was $7,670.50. Each 1/14 share was $138.99 from first distribution; record ended 4 Jan 1838.
Creditors vs Estate of Nathaniel WELLER Nathaniel WELLER d/ intestate, leaving widow - Mary and 1 minor child, - Horatio Nelson WELLER Land - Lot #20 in Mechanics Town, on south side of the main or Baltimore Street and on west side of William GERNAND's (previously owned by Christian WELLER) from Jacob FIROR (w/ Magdalena) in 1829. - "Weller's Correction", from Jacob WELLER B.S. (as trustee for the estate of John WELLER) in 1830 (same tract conveyed to John WELLER from his father, Jacob WELLER Sr. in 1819). Administrators were David BUSH and John ARTHUR; guardian was Nelson POE. Trustees were also the administrators; on 7 Dec 1833, sale made to Simon MEREDITH for 2 acres at $119; to Joseph WELLER (security was Jacob WELLER B.S.) for house and lot in Mechanick's Town adjoining the property of Jacob WELLER B.S. at $830; total sales were $949; the widow received 1/7, $122.55; the son received the proceeds after the debts, $128.09. On 27 Jan 1834, Jacob FIROR claimed he has known the widow for at least 20 years and that she is 26 and her health is tolerably good. Godfrey SEISS brought a late claim for a promissary note which then reduced the son's portion to $64.28. In 1835, both Joseph WELLER and Jacob WELLER B.S. were insolvent and discharged by the courts. William WELLER was appointed trustee for Joseph's case; and he sold the property to Levi REIFSNIDER for $3, subject to the lien; however, Levi also failed to make payments, so the court was petitioned for the resale again and John ARTHUR was made trustee for this sale. In Oct 1836, sale was made to David ZEPP for $600. The widow received 1/7, $122.35; the son received $50.12 after the debts; finalized 24 Aug 1837.
DORSEY, DUVALL vs DUVALL - Title Thomas HAWKINS, esquire d/ 25 Jan 1820 intestate, leaving d/ Julia (Hawkins) w/o Henry CLAGGETT - Leesburg, Louden Co, VA she d/ 16 Dec 1830 intestate, leaving 4 children, .....Thomas Hawkins CLAGETT .....Henry CLAGETT, the younger .....Elizabeth CLAGETT .....Olivia CLAGETT, a minor d/ Elizabeth Whitaker (Hawkins) w/o Grafton DUVALL she d/ 13 Apr 1831 intestate, leaving 7 children, - Sarah Ann w/o Robert E. DORSEY - Alexander Thomas Hawkins DUVALL - Algernon S. DUVALL - Virginia C. DUVALL, a minor - Henry C. DUVALL, a minor - James L.H. DUVALL, a minor - Mary E. DUVALL, a minor Guardian for Olivia CLAGETT was her father; Alexander T.H. DUVALL was guardian for his younger siblings. Land - In 1821, the daughters and their spouses divided the lands by deed for Julia - - "Resurvey on Hawkin's Merry Peep A Day", "Fielderea Manor", "Fielderea", "Resurvey on John and Sarah", and "Andrew's Folly and Discontent", 1,400 acres; runs by Little Catoctin Creek to the Potomack River at the mouth of Catoctin Creek called Big Catoctin Creek and back along Catoctin Creek. - "Hawkin's Island", 4 3/4 acres; lies on Potomack River near the mouth of Catoctin Creek, originally surveyed for Thomas HAWKINS, esquire, in 1813 and patented in 1815. for Elizabeth - - 482 acres; lies on Little Catoctin Creek and runs to edge of River and up the river to land of Alexander Thomas HAWKINS (from Patrick SIM in 1788) where branch empties into Potomack River at the landing known as STIMMER's Ferry Landing, then up the branch to a Buck Tree marked with nine notches and by "Resurvey on Hawkin's Merry Peep A Day", and back along Little Catoctin Creek. - "Resurvey on Hawkin's Merry Peep A Day", "Maryland", "Fielderea Manor", "Fielderea", 705+ acres; starts at "Brothers Good Will" and runs to Lot #54 of "Fielderea", and to Lot #8 of "Maryland" with roads for carriages. - "John and Priscilla" (granted to John HAWKINS in 1744), 128 acres; adjoins lands of the late Roger NELSON on the south, the late Tobias BETT/BELT on the west, Otho THOMAS on the north and Henry FRAZIER on the east. - two parcels containing 200 acres, from the late Barton PHILPOTT in 1820. Although both of the daughters signed the deed in addition to their spouses, there was a question as to whether they had been asked for verification of this out of the presence of their spouses. Petition brought to validate the deed. In 1830, deed of trust was made from Elizabeth and Grafton to Alexander T.H. DUVALL for the two parcels of 200 acres. In 1833, Grafton DUVALL made deed of trust to Daniel DUVALL for all the personal property and remaining real estate from his wife and also 6 acres and 50 acres (dower rights) he owned. His personal property included 13 negro SLAVES (unnamed). On 9 Jun 1835, Mrs. Priscilla Ann DUVALL, mother of Dr. Grafton DUVALL, testified he was born 10 Jun 1780 and is in good general health. On the same day, Joseph WEST also testified Grafton was about 55 and believes he is in good health. Trustee was Robert E. DORSEY. On 15 Apr 1835, sale held at residence of A.T. Hawkins DUVALL; but, the only sufficient bid was for 20+ acres to Solomon BLESSING $1,078.21. Later he sold to John RICHARDS - 9+ acres at $575.25, 6+ acres at $261. Sales were hindered due to the court requiring all sales be made in cash with no credit for later payments. Private sales were made in Jun 1835 to Francis THOMAS for the use of St Mark's Parish, 2 3/8 acres at $142.50; in August to George WISSINGER, a blacksmith's lot, adjoining the last mentioned tract, at $350; to Thomas J. MARLOW, 175+ acres at $3,944.85; to Thomas J. MARLOW, 171+ acres at $6,865. In Sep 1835, private sales made to Hanson MARLOW for "John and Priscilla" at $4,505.37. In Apr 1835, private sale made to William SHELMAN of Washington County for parts of "Hawkins Merry Peep A Day" and "Maryland", 241+ acres, lying on the south side of the Harpers Ferry road, at $10,389.77. The widower, Grafton, received 1/3, and, after taxes were paid, his children received 1/7, of each distribution. Finalized 28 Jul 1836.
David HILL and George H. STEWART, adm/of Bernard FEGAN, (both of Baltimore) vs FALLS & VANBIBBER In Apr 1818, Isaac VANBIBBER leased the mills, on the farm of Washington VANBIBBER, to Richard FALLS, for a term of ten years. The merchant mills needed repair and Falls employed David HILL and Bernard FEGAN to do the repairs and promised to pay them Baltimore prices for their labour. Hill and Fegan lived in Baltimore and worked from April thru October when they completed the repairs. Hill was due $482.65 and Fegan was due $495. During that time, in Aug 1818, Richard FALLS reassigned the lease to Washington VANBIBBER of Frederick County, in trust to regain the monies Vanbibber had advanced Falls and also for repairs to be paid. Hill & Fegan approached Vanbibber regarding their payment; Vanbibber told them to continue with the repairs, he would pay them when the work was completed. Since then, both Falls and Vanbibber have refused to pay them. Bernard FEGAN d/ Baltimore, intestate Administrator was George H. STEWART of Baltimore. Richard FALLS has since moved out of state, believed to be in Kentucky. In Jan 1824, the court ruled the remaining seven years of the lease on the mills be sold, free from all claims to the petitioners and Vanbibber; except the yearly $100 rent would still be due to Washington Vanbibber and Vanbibber would have his grinding and sawing done free of charge as specified in the original lease from Isaac VANBIBBER to Richard FALLS. Trustee was Peter FEAGAN of Baltimore; bonds were made by Peter FEGAN, David HILL and Francis FEGAN. On 23 Jun 1824, public sale was held at SHRIVER's Tavern in Westminster; David HILL was high bidder at $160. Distribution was made to David HILL for $48; to George H. STEWART for the estate of Bernard FEGAN for $49; and to John JAMES for $18.95 for his claims; claims were paid at less than $.10 on the dollar; finalized 24 Mar 1825.
368-380 - CREAGER, HOLTZ, SLAVES - Oct 1821
Nicholas HOLTZ vs George CREAGER and Lewis CREAGER Nicholas HOLTZ was endorser for George CREAGER's loan from the Frederick County Bank in 1820 and mortgage was made to Holtz. Land - "Addison's Choice", 140+ acres, to George CREAGER from Charles SALMON and others (where Edward SALMON died); in 1789 to Edward SALMON from Joseph SIM; next to lands of Nicholas BRENGLE and William BEATTY. - "Final", 9 1/2 acres, next to "Addison's Choice"; to Edward SALMON from William BEATTY in 1798. In 1821, George CREAGER conveyed to Lewis CREAGER all his real and personal property. Land was 285 acres, including the 150 acres listed above. He also listed SLAVES - five negroes - DANIEL, BOB, SAM, NELL, CATE along with livestock, farm equipment and household furniture and goods. Lewis also was a surety on George's loans and conveyance was in trust. Trustee was Joseph M. PALMER; the amount of sales was $3,356.25, but the buyer's name was not listed. Holtz was paid, but Lewis CREAGER's remaining balance was held in reserve for additional debt claims; closed 22 Jan 1823.
Bank of Westminster vs McPHERSONs Alexander McPHERSON d/ intestate, leaving widow - Matilda Chase McPHERSON and 3 minor children - Catharine McPHERSON - Matilda McPHERSON - John McPHERSON Administrators was John McPHERSON Jr. and Doctor William S. McPHERSON. Land - "Bellview" and Lots #6 and #7 of "Resurvey on Locust Levell"; 209+ acres, from Worthington JOHNSON (w/ Mary P.F.) in Nov 1823 (to Johnson from John Lee POTTS in Jun 1823); exception of 3+ acres to Jacob REED in Feb 1823. - from Worthington JOHNSON (w/ Mary P.F.) in Nov 1823 -Lot #26 of "Tasker's Chance", 178+ acres, runs by Monocacy River and lands previously owned by Lawrence BRENGLE and Christian THOMAS; being the same as was conveyed from Clement HOLLYDAY and Gabriel DUVALL, esquire, commissioners of confiscated property (General Court Office, TBH-1, 436), to Baker JOHNSON in Sep 1785; and from Baker to Worthington in 1809. - Lot #3 of "Pipe Meadow", 5 acres, next to Doctor FISHER's (to Baker JOHNSON from Isaac GARDNER in Feb 1803 and devised to Worthington from Baker's will); - parts of "Pipe Meadow" and "Spring Garden", 9+ acres, on Monocacy River about two miles from Frederick Town and near the mill formerly owned by Col. Baker JOHNSON; purchased by Baker JOHNSON at public sale from Daniel HENOP, John HENOP and Jasper COPE, trustees for Philip HEYNOP & Co. in 1807 and devised by Baker's will to Worthington. Guardian was the mother; trustees were John McPHERSON Jr. and William McPHERSON. The farm was located one mile east of Frederick Town on the Turnpike road of 208+ acres. After failed sale, on 1 Jul 1826, Richard POTTS, esquire, was buyer at $8,130.77. On 11 Sep 1826, an undivided moriety of Linganore Mills with 92 acres were sold to Col. John McPHERSON at $12,000. The mill on Carroll's Creek, commonly known as JOHNSON's Mill with 193 acres was about a mile from Frederick Town. After two failed public sales, private sale was made on 14 Apr 1829 to Col. John McPHERSON Sr. at $15,000. Auditor's report ordered; file closed 3 Jun 1829.
Estate of Abraham MAUGINS Conrad MAUGINS, dec'd of Fredeick County (will 15 Mar 1813; 9 Apr 1822), leaving 12 children, s/ Abraham MAUGINS s/ David MAUGINS s/ John MAUGINS s/ Gabriel MAUGINS s/ Daniel MAUGINS s/ Peter MAUGINS, dec'd d/ Magdalena MILLER d/ Catharine MILLER d/ Elizabeth WEAVER d/ Mary FREY d/ Barbara MYERS s/ Mathias MAUGINS Executor was son Abraham. Witnesses were John HOOVER Jr., Jacob WARRENFELD and (in German?). =========== Abraham MAUGINS d/ 14 Feb 1833 Washington Co, MD, intestate; he was formerly of Frederick County, leaving widow - Elizabeth and 11 children, - Mary (Maugins) w/o Christian BOVEY - Susan (Maugins) w/o John LEEDY - Nancy (Maugins) w/o Henry RICE - Catharine (Maugins) w/o David BOVEY - Rosannah (Maugins) w/o James GORLEY - Joseph MAUGINS - Enoch MAUGINS - Elizabeth MAUGINS - Jonathan MAUGINS - Daniel MAUGINS - Magdalina MAUGINS, a minor Administrator was John NEWCOMER. Land - "Conrad's Travels by Night", 244 acres, in Frederick county - "Tom's Farewell", <1 acre. Lands received by Abraham from the will of his father, Conrad MAUGINS (conveyed to Conrad from John HOOVER in 1801). Guardian was L.P.W. BALCH; trustee was John NEWCOMER. Sale was made to Christian HARSHMAN at $4,160.20. On 16 Mar 1835, the widow released her dower and stated she was 61 years old and of unusually delicate health. The widow received 1/9, $440.39; some of the children's legacies were paid and some creditors; finalized 4 Sep 1835.
Estate of Daniel BISER Daniel BISER d/ 24 Jul 1834 intestate, leaving widow - Sophia and 9 children, - Matilda (Biser) w/o Peter SHAFER - Maria (Biser) w/o Henry KEAFAUVER - Joshua D. BISER - Elizabeth BISER, a minor - Anne BISER, a minor - Henry BISER, a minor - Mahlon BISER, a minor - Daniel BISER, a minor - Sophia BISER, a minor Administrators were Peter SHAFER and Henry KEAFAUVER. Daniel BISER SR. - (will 13 Aug 1817, 20 Oct 1817) to son Daniel BISER, "Surveyor's Industry" and "The Nipple". Witnesses: Henry BURKITT, Philip FINK, Jacob SLIFER, Eli JAMES and George FREISE. Jacob BISER and John BISER presented the will. Land - "Daniel's Addition", 339+ acres, resurveyed in Feb 1834, to Daniel BISER of Daniel in 1833 by special warrant: - "Kemp's Long Meadow", 150 acres (originally surveyed for Christian KEMP in 1752 for 600 acres). - "Fink's Purchase", 5+ acres (originally granted Philip FINK Jr. in 1791). - "Fielderea Manor", 3+ acres (originally granted to James PILES for 80 acres in 1762). - "Shot Proof", 16+ acres (originally granted to Jacob WESTMAN for 149 acres in 1759). - "Surveyor's Industry", 163+ acres (originally resurveyed for Daniel BISER Sr. for 243 acres in 1792). Also - - "The Nipple", 48 acres, from John Adam KARN (w/ Rosina) in 1788; lies next to land of George HOUSE. totaling 339+ acres altogether. Solomon FUNK was trustee for estate of Philip FUNK. In May 1835, the widow Sophia asked for her dower in lands be laid off, except for "Fink's Farm". Guardian was John ARNOLD. Daniel S. BISER, esquire, was a justice of the peace. The family asked that only "The Nipple" be sold to pay expenses as the family resides on the other property. Trustee was Daniel S. BISER; sale made 20 Feb 1836 to Henry McDUELL for 161+ acres at $8,954.28; his securities were Lawrence EVERHART and Jacob FLOOK of John. Also sold to Stephen HOUSE was 10+ acres at $685.75, security was Eli P. HOUSE. On 19 May 1836, Samuel SLIFER Sr. testified the widow was 45 and not subject to conditional sickness; she received 1/8 of "The Nipple" proceeds. Henry McDUEL petitioned the court for a deed as Solomon FUNK/FINK, trustee for Philip FUNK, had moved out of state. Distributions: widow, $766.23; each 1/9 share, $595.96; closed on 18 Aug 1836.
440-443 - BLESSING, MUMMA, WELTY - Oct 1833
George BLESSING, John BLESSING vs Eve BLESSING, Solomon BLESSING et al Philip BLESSING d/ intestate, leaving widow - Eve and 6 children, - Philip BLESSING and w/ Drucilla - Out of State - Jacob BLESSING and w/ Elizabeth M. - George BLESSING - John BLESSING - Mary "Polly" w/o Jacob MUMMA - Out of State - Catharine w/o John B. WELTY Land - 98 acres On 1 May 1834, court decreed deed be transferred to George and John BLESSING and approving the sale to them from Solomon BLESSING, the brother of Philip, who sold the property in benefit of Philip's estate. There was other land in which the widow had dower.)
Eli MILLER and w/ Mary Ann vs George COLLIFLOWER & w/ Hannah, et al George Peter WILE d/ 1832 (will 30 Aug 1830; 15 May 1832) w/ Magdalena and 7 children, d/ Catharine WILE d/ Susannah WILE (5 acres) s/ George WILE, dec'd .....w/ Hannah, now w/o George COLLIFLOWER .......Mary Ann w/o Eli MILLER .......Jacob WILE .......Peter WILE .......George WILE, a minor .......Frederick WILE, a minor .......John Henry WILE, a minor .......Sophia WILE, a minor s/ William WILE s/ Peter WILE s/ Jacob WILE or his heirs d/ Elizabeth WILE granddaughter - Maria (a daughter's child) He designated 1/2 acre for neighborhood burying ground. (grandchildren not listed in will except for Maria) Executors were son William and John COBLENTZ. Witnesses: Ludwick BECHDOL, John BISER, George TITLOW. The will devised 50 acres to daughter-in-law Hannah, unless she remarried; then the land would go to the children of Hannah and and her late husband. Hannah later remarried to George COLLIFLOWER. LAND - "Horse Range" and "Smith's Lot", 49.75 acres, next to "Black Oak Neck" and Big Hunting Creek, from Adam RENNER (w/ Rachel) in 1826. Guardian was Daniel LONG; trustee was Zebulon KUHN. In Apr 1837, at the house of George BECKENBAUGH in Creagerstown, testimony was heard from George WEDDLE who claimed the tract was the same as the one Daniel WELLER sold to William WILE. SALE on 7 Jun 1837 to: - Jacob WILE at $351 Distribution after costs: - son George's children, each 1/7 share, $40.83 Finalized 28 Oct 1837.
464-494 - COST, WARFIELD, GARROTT - Jan 1838
Beneditta COST vs Elias COST et al - Divison for Dower John COST d/ 17 Nov 1837, leaving widow - Beneditta and his siblings bro/ Jacob COST - Ontario Co, NY bro/ Elias COST - Ontario Co, NY bro/ Henry COST sis/ Catharine (Cost) wid/of Presley WARFIELD bro/ Christian COST, dec'd - his children, .......Ann Rebecca COST .......Alexander J. COST - Baltimore County .......Catharine COST, a minor .......Serena COST, a minor Land - from William M. BEALL Jr., sheriff, in Feb 1821, as settlement in judgements against John GARROTT: - "Maryland", to Garrott by Elizabeth PHILPOTT in 1812; - "Merryland", to Garrott from John P. GARROTT in 1805; - Lot #14 of "Resurvey on Merryland" and part "Fielderea Manor", to Garrott from Barton GARROTT in 1803; totals 246 acres, exclusive of 4 acres to Thomas BURGEE. (Numerous judgements had been obtained against John GARROTT and one also against John GARROTT, Erasmus GARROTT and Peter MARTIN.) Land lies on south side of the old read leading from Frederick to Harpers Ferry near a hill called 'PAYNE's Hill'. Other Land near Jefferson - "Children's Chance", "Thrasher's Chance", and lots being part of the farm "New Freedom"; 25+ acres, clear of the graveyard (agreeable to the deed from Joseph M. PALMER, trustee for Edward BOTELER, dec'd, to Richard JOHNSON), to Cost from Richard JOHNSON in 1834. - "New Freedom", 8+ acres; and "The Title Is Good", 4+ acres; "Children's Chance", <1 acre, from Edward L. BOTELER and w/ Prudence of Washington County in 1834. - "New Freedom", 8+ acres; "The Title Is Good", 4+ acres; "Children's Chance", <1 acre; to Edward BOTELER from Patrick McGILL Sr. (w/ Eleanor H.) in 1837. McGill had sold the land to Thomas HERSPERGER who resold it to Edward L. BOTELER (who was absent from the United States in Apr 1837) whose residence was in Baltimore and who purchased it through the agency of his father, Henry BOTELER. Land was part of the undivided share of Thomas HERSPERGER, dec'd. Guardian was Henry COST. In Feb 1838, at the house of Jesse M. LITTLE, testimony was heard from William LYNCH. Elihu H. ROCKWELL was surveyor who laid out the dower for John Cost's widow. On 18 Feb 1832, Martha GARROTT, the widow of John GARROTT, of Middletown, relinquished her dower rights in her husband's estate. File closed Jan 1838.
Thomas RITCHIE & Others Thomas BEATY, dec'd of Creagerstown (Will written 28 Dec 1810) Heirs - - Thomas RITCHIE - Mary OTT - William PARKINSON & w/ Henrietta - John D. SCOTT - Jane C. SCOTT - Basil BRAWNER - Eleanor H. BRAWNER Codicil on 16 Jul 1815 has John RITCHIE as executor to sell real estate and convey deeds. Thomas BEATY did sell a portion of the real estate to Christian BLICKINGSTAFF, but was never conveyed, and John RITCHIE is now deceased. Land - "The Range About the Miserable NOBBS", 126 acres; adjoins land of Christian BLICKENSTAFF, Lewis EKHART, Peter EKHART and Joseph BLICKENSTAFF. Richard H. MARSHALL was appointed as trustee to convey the land to Christian BLICKENSTAFF. Closed 4 Mar 1836. ================ The END ================

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