Frederick Co, MD - Equity ES-1

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity Court Abstracts

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber ES-1; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA C 2477, Loc 2-70-10-30 dated 1852]

1-10 - McBRIDE, McNULTY, QUYNN, SHORB - Jan 1849
Joseph BEAKEY vs William I. McBRIDE & Others Edward McBRIDE had been in possession of Lot #34 & 36 on south side of Main St in Emmitsburg. It was mortgaged to Cornelius McNULTY in 1835, but later sold by Henry HOUCK, Sheriff, to John QUYNN who in 1842 sold the same to William I. McBRIDE by agreement. - "Carrollsburgh", 18 acres, part from John WALSH in 1815 and the other part from Lewis MOTTER, trustee of James MOORE in 1826. James A. SHORB was the executor for Cornelius McNULTY. John QUYNN died in 1848; his heirs were unknown but believed to then be living in New York. Enoch Lewis LOWE was his administrator. Trustee was Augustus TANEY to convey the deed to William McBRIDE. Closed Feb 1852.
Basil NORRIS vs Henry COBLENTZ & Others George S. ROUTZAHN d/ 28 Apr 1849 intestate widow - Eve and minor children d/ Elizabeth S. A. ROUTZAHN d/ Eugenia ROUTZAHN d/ Malinda Catharine ROUTZAHN s/ John ROUTZAHN, since dec'd Land - "Little Bottle", "Delight", "Resurvey on Hunters Delight", "Stoney Land", "Resurvey on Hunters Delight" and "Deer Spring", 154 acres; also "Puzzlesome Corrected", 57 acres, from David BOWLUS in 1823; in Middletown Valley; to John ROUTZONG and George S. ROUTZONG, sons of Benjamin ROUTZONG, dec'd, (per his will written 11 Jul 1845), from Benjamin ROUTZONG of Adam, executor of Benjamin ROUTZONG, in 1838. (from Henry BOWLUS in 1823). - 7 acres from George W. ABRECHT (w/ Mary) in 1848; (previously to Henry SMITH from George SMITH and Jacob SMITH in 1824). - "Resurvey on Hunters Delight", 1 acre, from Elizabeth ROUTZAHN in 1836; (previously to Thomas SHROYER from Michael KELLER in 1815); also part "Deer Spring", 1 acre, (previously from Christopher RA_ER in 1830) . John ROUTZONG (w/ Sarah) sold his half to his brother George S. ROUTZONG in 1838. Guardian was Thomas HALLER. On 24 Oct 1849, Phillip COBLENTZ stated he was acquainted with the widow and that she was 34 years old. Testimony was heard from Henry COBLENTZ who was also the trustee for the sale with sureties as John COBLENTZ of P. and John ROUTZAHN. Sale was held in Middletown on 12 Jan 1850; high bidders were: - Hugh OWENS for 24 acres at $397.56 - Michael P. HAGAN for 24 acres of mountain land at $339.56 - John ROUTZAHN of B. for 161 acre farm in Middletown at $10,191 - John SMITH of Henry for 2 acre lot w/buildings at $646.50 Total sales, $11,574.62. 1st Distribution of $4,321.18; only costs and creditors paid. Closed 25 Mar 1852.
40 - ROUZER, SHAFER - Mar 1851
Henry ROUZER vs Daniel SHAFER Daniel ROUZER d/ 1850 (Will) Executors were: Henry ROUZER, John ROUZER and William C. LANDERS. Daniel SHAFER's land was mortgaged to Daniel ROUZER in 1842. Land - Lot of 3 acres on Water St in Mechanics Town where Daniel SHAFER then lived; adjoining lots of Joseph WILHIDE, James STOKES, Henry ROUZER and a public alley. - Lot of 3 acres near Mechanics Town; adjoining lands of Joseph KUHN, Daniel WIREMAN, HANKEY's heirs and Elizabeth GERNAND. Sale was held 15 Nov 1851 at the Hotel of John NEED in Mechanics Town; high bidders were: - James S. FLAHART for the 2nd mentioned lot at $66 - Joseph FRIEZE for two acres of the 1st mentioned lot at $48.67 - John H. POLLY for the house and remaining portion of lot at $395 Total sales, $509.67. Distribution made to the executors of Daniel ROUZER for the payment of the mortgage. Closed 25 Mar 1852.
John ARNOLD vs Peter ARNOLD & Others David ARNOLD, dec'd, by executor Peter ARNOLD. Sales: - Joseph ENOS for Home Farm of 161 acres at $6,208.04. - Peter ARNOLD for 31 acre lot (#1) at $611.62 - Andrew KEYSER for 7 acre lot (#2) at $190.62 - Tobias HORINE for 9 acre lot (#3) at $241.40 - Peter ARNOLD for 9 acre lot (#4) at $133.87 - John HEFFLEBOWER for 8 acre lot (#5) at $111.23 - Henry BREMMERMAN for 8 acre lot (#6) at $134 - David ARNOLD for 13 acre lot (#7) at $146.74 - David SMITH for 8 acre lot (#8) at $41.03 - David ARNOLD for 12 acre lot (#9) at $181.99 - Joshua AHALT for 12 acre lot (#10) at $90.79 - David ARNOLD for 2 acre lot (#11) at $85 Total sales, $8,142.72. 1st Distribution of $2,714.24; costs and some creditors paid including payments for care of NEGROES (names not given); Legacies to David ARNOLD's children - $1,786.42 - Lydia GROSMAN, Daniel ARNOLD, John ARNOLD, each $134.59 Also to - Sally (Hefflebower) JACOBS, John HEFFLEBOWER, Lloyd MILLER, each $163.14 - Catharine BROOKS (d/o Peter MILLER), Jacob MILLER, John MILLER, Peter MILLER, Sally HIGGENS, Mary CHAMBERS, Lydia CASTLE and Julia ELGIN, each $61.17. Feb 1852 - Report of Sales for Real Estate devised to Elizabeth TRITT for life and, after her death, to her children. Property of 59+ acres sold 20 Mar 1851 to John HEFFLEBOWER at $2,091. 2nd Distribution of $2,877.09; costs of $52.43; - Claim of John ARNOLD $38.48 Legacies to David ARNOLD's children - Lydia GROSMAN, David ARNOLD, John ARNOLD, each $212,82 Also to - Sally (Hefflebower) JACOBS, John HEFFLEBOWER, Lloyd MILLER, each $257.95 - Catharine BROOKS (d/o Peter MILLER), Jacob MILLER, John MILLER, Peter MILLER, Sally HIGGINS, Mary CHAMBERS, Lydia CASTLE and Julia ELGIN, each $96.73. Distribution of Account between the heirs of Elizabeth TRITT and Peter ARNOLD, trustee; $2,091.25; costs of $136.72; remaining balance of $1,954.33 distributed to her children: - John TRITT (to his assignee, John HEFFLEBOWER) - Samuel TRITT - Tilghman TRITT - Randolph TRITT - Ezra TRITT Each received 1/5, $390.90. Closed 9 Jun 1852.
Peter SHAFER, Richard EDWARDS & Others vs David SHAFFER & Others [Supplemental from WBT-2. 84] 3rd Distribution: $2,259.01, George SMITH, trustee for Estate of John A. SHAFER - Court Costs, $19.70 - Daniel P. BAUGHER, balance of judgment, $885.70 - David SHAFER, balance due him, $349.47 - Catherine SHAFER, balance due her, $331.98 - Sarah A. SHAFER, balance due her, $338.65 - Harriet SHAFER, balance due her, $333.53 Public sale held 31 Jan 1852 for the remainder of the real estate of John SHAFFER, incumbered by the dower of Mrs. Elizabeth SPECHT, formerly the widow of John SHAFFER. It contained 85 acres. It was sold to George W. SMITH at $1,100. Distribution from Final Sale: - Court Costs, $105.54 - David SHAFER, balance due him, $268.19 - Catherine SHAFER, balance due her, $236.98 - Sarah A. SHAFER, balance due her, $249.57 - Harriet SHAFER, balance due her, $239.72
Ezra HOUCK, guardian of Franklin MYERS vs Joshua S. INLOES, James WILLIAMS & Others Jacob MYERS of Calvert St, Baltimore City d/ 1847 (Will written 17 Jul 1835 & Codicil 13 Jan 1837; filed 14 Jul 1847) widow - Magdalene son/ Samuel S. MYERS - Virginia son/ William R. MYERS son/ Charles H. MYERS d/ 23 Oct 1850 ......w/ Mary M. ........Franklin MYERS, a minor ........Charles J. MYERS, a minor (died after his father) dau/ Mary (Myers) w/o James WILLIAMS - Baltimore City dau/ Louisa (Myers) WEBB dau/ Sarah (Myers) w/o Joshua S. INLOES - Baltimore City dau/ Sophia (Myers) PEARCE dau/ Juliana (Myers) COLE dau/ Rebecca A. MYERS, later married _____ MILLER dau/ Emily Augusta MYERS, later married _______ ROBERTSON sis/ Margaret FITZGERALD Executors: Samuel S. MYERS, James WILLIAMS and Joshua S. INLOES Witnesses: John R. CONWAY, W. F. RUDENSTEIN and William A. BOYD Codicil Witnesses: Fielder ISRAEL, John R. ISRAEL and Alfred H. POLLITT 2nd Codicil dated 20 Jun 1838 gave land in Baltimore County to his daughter Juliana COLE; land was conveyed to him by John PHILPOTT and w/ Elizabeth in May 1838. Witnesses: James ARMSTRONG Jr, Jesse COMEGYS, Joseph FRYE Jesse COMEGYS had been a resident of Frederick Co, Virginia from about 1840 per testimony from Eliza SNYDER of Baltimore County on 14 Jul 1847. 3rd Codicil dated 8 Apr 1840 removed a cash payment to wife. Witnesses: Oliver HOLMES, John FOBLE and C. H. MILLER 4th Codicil dated 27 Dec 1845 to deduct advances for daughters, Mrs COLE, Mrs WEBB, Mrs PEARCE, Mrs MILLER and Mrs ROBERTSON and bonds for sons Samuel and William. Witnesses: A. J. HAMPSON, Frances BULL and Wm. P. GETTING 5th Codicil dated 6 Jun 1846 devised household goods to daughter Rebecca and daughter-in-law Mary M. MYERS. Witness, William H. MYERS Trustee was Ezra HOUCK; sale was held at the hotel of Norman B. HARDING in Frederick Town on 31 Jan 1852, high bidder was Edward SCHLEY at $7,725. After costs, $7,365.22 remained with the trustee. Disbribution not provided. Closed 23 Mar 1852.
72-74 - KAUFMAN, CONRADT, ACLE, KOLB - Nov 1851
John C. KAUFMAN & Others vs William KAUFMAN & Others Supplement from WBT-4, 645 John C. KAUFMAN, acting as trustee, sold a Lot in Frederick Town to William KAUFMAN; however, William was not able to make payments and has asked that John SIFFORD and Henry LORENTZ, trading as Sifford & Lorentz, be made the purchasers in his place. Estate of Barbara KAUFMAN, dec'd, consisted of a house and lot on the north side of East Sixth St, then occupied by John CONRADT. Distribution of $760; $228.55 in court costs; To each child of Barbara KAUFMAN, 1/9 or $61.27: - Ann ACLE - John C. KAUFMAN - Margaret KAUFFMAN - Hyram KAUFFMAN - Mary A. KAUFFMAN - John H. KAUFFMAN - Jesse A. D. KAUFFMAN - William KAUFFMAN (to insolvency trustee, Casper MANTZ) - Caroline KOLB, dec'd - to her d/ Ann KOLB Closed 10 Jan 1852.
William TOMS & Others vs John T. ROBERTSON & Others Abraham TOMS Sr. d/ 8 Dec 1851 intestate s/ William TOMS s/ Abraham TOMS s/ Samuel TOMS s/ Daniel TOMS s/ Benjamin TOMS d/ Elizabeth w/o Christian MOSER d/ Susan w/o John GILBERT d/ Barbara w/o Jacob DURNBAUGH d/ Mary w/o William D. BROWN d/ Magdalene w/o John SENSENBAUGH d/ Catherine, dec'd w/o Alexander POTTS .....Catherine POTTS d/ Hannah w/o John T. ROBERTSON - PA Land - "Williams Defence", 327 acres; and "Abrahams Lot", 63 acres, adjoining the other tract with about 300 acres in Frederick County and about 90 acres in Washington County. Trustees were William TOMS, Abraham TOMS and William D. BROWN with sureties as George P. FOX, Jacob YOUNG of D. and Samuel TOMS; sale was held on 25 Mar 1852 on the premises, high bidders for the divided lots were: - David BOUKMAN/BANKMAN for Lot #13, 13 acres, at $577 - Jacob BARKMAN? for Lot #12, 11 acres, at $221.87 - Jacob BARKMAN Jr for Lot #18, 11 acres, at $417.60 - John FASSLER for Lot #11, 15 acres, at $342.89 - John FASSLER for Lot #5, 13 acres, at $532.50 - John FASSLER for Lot #14, 12 acres, at $276 - John FASSLER for Lot #22, 18 acres, at $341.46 - John FASSLER for Lot #21, 11 acres, at $426.68 - Henry BROWN for Lot #10, 16 acres, at $562.72 - Solomon TOMS for Lot #9, 13 acres, at $213.92 - Solomon TOMS for Lot #19, 19 acres, at $308.79 - Daniel TOMS for home place, 66.2 acres, at $1,655 - Levi BUHRMAN for Lot #16, 9 acres, at $454.78 - William BUHRMAN for Lot #17, 8.4 acres, at $210.18 - Hiram BROWN for Lot #20, 15 acres, at $284.40 - Benjamin TOMS for Lot #4, 13 acres, at $267.12 - Zost WIANT for Lot #1, 12 acres, at $260.68 Total acreage sold was 280 acres, 3 roods, 19 perches with 109 acres, 26 perches remaining as unsold; Total sales as $7,334.10. Distribution: Court Costs, $354.90, leaving $6,979.20; Each 1/12 to the children was $581.60. Closed 21 May 1852. Note - For Supplemental, see page 498.
Joseph ZACHARIAS & Others vs Ann C. TROXELL & Others Peter TROXELL of J. d/ Fall of 1836 intestate, leaving widow - Catherine and seven children d/ Mary A. Rebecca w/o Joseph ZACHARIAS d/ Amanda E. w/o John G. WOLESTON - Ohio s/ Philip N. TROXELL - Baltimore Co s/ Felix J. TROXELL d/ Ann C. TROXELL, a minor d/ Emily J. TROXELL, a minor. s/ Andrew J. TROXELL, a minor ch/ _______ TROXELL, dec'd, (name not given) Land - "Resurvey on Harrises Delight", "Farrises Bottom" and "Addition to Johns Factory" (Lot #7), 93 acres, from Philip NUNAMAKER of Liberty Twp, Adams Co, PA in 1827. Land lies next to lands of John TROXELL and BRAWNER's land and runs to road leading from Emmitsburg to Frederick Town. Property is one mile from Emmitsburg. - Farm of 100 acres and mountain tract (in Emmitsburg) of 15 acres to Elias TROXELL and Peter TROXELL for $5,609.45 from Bene S. PIGMAN, trustee for Jacob TROXELL, dec'd (Equity dated 10 Jan 1818) in Feb 1824. Patent to Heirs of Jacob TROXELL: John TROXELL, Elias TROXELL, Mary STEVENSON, Peter TROXELL, Catharine GROSHON, Jacob TROXELL, Magdalena TROXELL, Susanna TROXELL and Amelia TROXELL dated 19 Dec 1817 for 202 acres. In Apr 1827, Peter TROXELL was conveyed his brother Elias' interest at public sale from George M. EICHELBERGER, acting exec/of Elias TROXELL, dec'd. Elias' will was written 27 Jan 1824. In Dec 1829 Peter TROXELL and Frederick CRABBS entered into an agreement distinguishing the division lines between their properties. Frederick CRABBS' land was on tract "Carrollsubrg" and conveyed to him from John B. McPHERSON of Gettysburg, PA; Peter TROXELL's land was on tract "Harrisses Delight" and adjoined land of the Sisters of the House of St Joseph and was along the road leading from Emmitsburg to Middleburg and also along the Great Road leading from Emmitsburg to Frederick Town near John FARRIS' brick house and near the Junction of the road leading from Mount St Mary's Seminary to the end. Signature by Peter is Peter TROXELL of J. Guardian was John NUNAMAKER Sr. In Oct 1851, testimony was heard from Joseph WELTY who claimed the widow was about to leave the farm. Also testifying was John NUNAMAKER, an uncle of the children; he also testified on 29 Sep 1851 that he knew the widow Catherine and her age was about 50 and her general health was good. Trustee was Catharine TROXELL with sureties as John NUNAMAKER, Joseph ZACHARIAS and Felix J. TROXELL. She sold at public sale all the lands mentioned above to the Sisters of Charity of the House of St Joseph at $3,421.25. Distribution: Court Costs, $232.62; - Catherine TROXELL, the widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8 or $398.58 - each 1/7 to the children, $398.57 Closed 20 May 1852.
Elizabeth COBLENTZ & Others vs Rebecca BOWLUS & Others Supplemental of WBT-4, 196 Stephen R. BOWLUS, trustee for Nicholas BOWLUS, dec'd Distribution of $4,292.84 received from Samuel BOWLUS and Daniel KEAFAUVER: - Court Costs, $54.63 - Elizabeth ROUTZAHN, 1/6 or $665.62 - Maria RAMSBURG, 1/6 or $665.62 - Catherine LIGHTER, 1/6 or $665.62 - Samuel BOWLUS, 1/6 or $665.62 - Stephen A. BOWLUS, 1/6 or $665.62 - Rebecca C. BOWLUS wid/o Lewis J. BOWLUS (a dec'd son) in lieu of her dower, 1/7 of 1/6 or $95.09 - Samuel BOWLUS as guardian of Silas M. BOWLUS, s/o Lewis J. BOWLUS, 3/7 of 1/6 or $285.27 - Samuel BOWLUS as guardian of Amos S. BOWLUS, s/o Lewis J. BOWLUS, 3/7 of 1/6 or $285.27 3rd & Final Distribution of $4,292.84: - Court Costs, $28.40 - Elizabeth COBLENTZ, 1/6 or $710.74 - Maria RAMSBURG, 1/6 or $710.74 - Catherine LIGHTER, 1/6 or $710.74 - Samuel BOWLUS, 1/6 or $710.74 - Stephen A. BOWLUS, 1/6 or $710.74 - Rebecca C. BOWLUS wid/o Lewis J. BOWLUS (a dec'd son) in lieu of her dower, 1/7 of 1/6 or $101.53 - Samuel BOWLUS as guardian of Silas M. BOWLUS, s/o Lewis J. BOWLUS, 3/7 of 1/6 or $304.60 - Samuel BOWLUS as guardian of Amos S. BOWLUS, s/o Lewis J. BOWLUS, 3/7 of 1/6 or $304.60 Closed 22 May 1852.
102-104 - MAUGINS, KLINE - Feb 1852
Michael KLINE vs Samuel MAUGENS Supplemental of WBT-4, 696 Creditors of John MAUGINS, dec'd; Samuel MAUGINS, Trustee Distribution of $343.91; Court Costs $189.69; Balance paid to numerous creditors. Closed 26 Apr 1852.
Sarah HARDING & Others vs Eli HOUSE & Others Jacob RIDGELY d/ 1815 (Will 24 May 1811; 24 Apr 1815) widow - Ruth (d/ 1850) and 10 children s/ Jacob RIDGELY, now dec'd, w/o issue s/ William RIDGELY, now dec'd, w/o issue s/ Westal RIDGELY, now dec'd leaving 14-15 children d/ Sarah RIDGELY HARDING .....Lewis R. HARDING d/ Ruth RIDGELY, now w/o Eli HOUSE s/ Greenberry RIDGELY, now dec'd, w/o issue s/ Thomas RIDGELY, now dec'd .....Thomas H. RIDGELY - Missouri .....Mary Ann DEAVER, now dec'd, leaving children in Ohio .....Robert RIDGELY .....William RIDGELY .....Jacob RIDGELY .....Cordelia RIDGELY .....Bethany RIDGELY d/ Martha RIDGELY, now w/o William HOUSE - Ohio s/ Eli RIDGELY, now dec'd .....Elizabeth HAMMON - Michigan .....William RIDGELY, dec'd ----------John Hoy RIDGELY, a minor - Allegany Co, MD .....Ellen w/o John BEVENS - Missouri .....Mary Ann w/o William STANTON - Allegany Co, MD .....Ann I. RIDGELY - Allegany Co, MD .....Juliana w/o Levi HILLEARY - Allegany Co, MD .....Martha w/o Walter BEVANS - Allegany Co, MD .....Rebecca RIDGELY - Allegany Co, MD .....Jacob RIDGELY - Allegany Co, MD s/ Hezekiah RIDGELY, now dec'd, w/o issue Execs/ sons Jacob & William Ridgely. Witnesses: Patrick McGILL, James TORRANCE, George WILLIARD (Spouses and granchildren not listed in Will.) Land - "Leave It So", "Phillips Luck", and "Mathews Good Will", 180 acres. Guardian for John Hoy RIDGELY was Henry C. G. WORTHINGTON. Testimony was heard from Lewis R. HARDING who was a grandson of Jacob RIDGELY Sr. Trustee was Lewis R. HARDING; sale was held on 10 Mar 1852 at the hotel of Robert WINDSOR in Jefferson. Sale made to William S. HERSHBERGER for $3,605. 1st Distribution of $1,201.66; court costs $284.58; - 1/6 or $152.84 each to Sarah HARDING, Ruth HOUSE, Martha HOUSE and to Heirs of Westal RIDGELY - 1/7 of 1/6 or $21.85 each to Heirs of Thomas RIDGELY - 1/9 of 1/7 or $16.98 each to Heirs of Ely RIDGELY Closed 9 Jun 1852
Farmer & Mechanics Bank vs Michael KEEFER & Others Richard JOHNSON d/ (Will 31 Dec 1850; 6 Jan 1851) s/ Richard Edwin JOHNSON, a minor (mother was Sarah WILLIAMS) - Washington County bro/ Thomas JOHNSON - his children - Francis R. A. JOHNSON - Jane JOHNSON, a minor - Thomas JOHNSON Jr, a minor - Wyndham JOHNSON, a minor - Fanny JOHNSON, a minor - Catherine Virginia JOHNSON, a minor - Mary Bedloe JOHNSON, a minor Land - "Peria Land", 256 acres, in Frederick and Washington counties; patented to Richard JOHNSON in 1838 and lies along Ridge Road and next to lands of Joseph WALTMAN and George RHODES. - "Peria Land", 159 acres, runs along the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and lies next to land of Lingser BOTALER. Exec/ brother-in-law, Michael KEEFER Witnesses: William I. ROSS, M. B. LUCKETT, Lloyd DORSEY Guardian was Casper MANTZ; Testimony was heard from Michael KEEFER. Trustee was Michael KEEFER; sale was held 15 Jan 1852 at the tavern of William B. TABLER in Knoxville. High bidders were: - Henry T. DEAVER for the home farm of 256 acres at $14,090.31. Another farm, 159 acres, was offered for sale, but no adequate bids were received. It was later sold at private sale to Henry T. DEAVER at $8,746.72. 1st Distribution of $7,612.34; court costs $1,685.06; balance went to creditors. Closed 9 Jun 1852.
136-143 - BOTELER, HOUCK - Jun 1851
A. W. MARRIOTT vs John HOUCK Jr & Others Estate of Elias BOTELER, dec'd, by John HOUCK, trustee 2nd Distribution of $560.61; court costs $7.39; for judgment of E. W. MOBBERLY, $553.22. 3rd & Final Distribution of $582.71; court costs $18.53; balance to numerous creditors. Closed 23 Apr 1852.
Mary E. BECK by Aaron BECK, her next friend vs Jacob WALKER & Others Isaac WALKER and Jacob WALKER were executors of the Will of John WALKER. Jacob WALKER was guardian of Mary E. BECK, the only heir of Edward BECK, and was appointed trustee to sell property of which he sold to Aaron BECK who reconveyed it to Jacob WALKER; however, no monies were ever paid which defrauds her of her inheritance. Requests the property be resold legitimately. Jacob WALKER was insolvent and made a deed of trust to Isaac WALKER. Property was then resold property to Charles F. BROADHAUPT, Jacob BARRICK, Ann BARRICK, Robert NELSON and Simeon W. STOUFFER at $1,560 for several lots. Land - The plat shows Walkersville Lots #18, 19 and 20 were divided into Lots A through E and lie NE of the intersection of the public road and a Walkersville street with Lot E being in the corner. Trustee for resale of the property was Isaac WALKER; sales went to: - Rebecca RINEHART for Lot A at $260 - Jacob PERRY for Lot B at $390 - Daniel S. KEMP for Lot C at $335 - John STIMMEL for Lot D at $199 - Israel HITESHEW for Lot D at $201 Total sales, $1,385. 1st Distribution of $1,385; court costs $154.96; - Mary BECK, $542.37 (includes interest) - Isaac WALKER, trustee of Jacob WALKER, $687.67 Closed 25 Feb 1852.
Jacob BEAKLEY & wife vs Barbara BEAKLEY and Others Supplemental from HS-2, 684(?) Estate of Henry BEAKLEY Sr.; John BEAKLEY as trustee Estate was sold except for 94 acres which was laid out for Barbara BEAKLEY, widow, as her dower right. The widow recently died and the 94 acres were then sold on 10 Apr 1852 to Daniel BEAKLEY at $3,290. Since the first sale, some family changes were made: - Mary BEAKLEY's husband Henry AHALT has died - Barbara BEAKLEY has married Jacob FLOOK of John - Henry BEAKLEY Jr's daughters, .....Mary Ann BEAKLEY has married Mathew CHAMBERS .....Barbara BECKLEY has married Henry DICK 2nd Distribution of $3,290; court costs, $144.94; - Mary AHALT - 1/10, $314.50 - Barbara FLOOK - 1/10, $314.50 - Jacob BEAKLEY - 1/10, $314.50 - John BEAKLEY (w/ Catharine) - 1/10, $314.50 - Daniel BEAKLEY - 1/10, $314.50 - Conrad BEAKLEY - 1/10, $314.50 - Catharine LINEBAUGH - 1/10, $314.50 - Mary CHAMBERS - 1/2 of 1/10, $157.25 - Barbara DICK - 1/2 of 1/10, $157.25 - Daniel BEAKLEY, assignee of Conrad MICHAEL & wife - 1/10, $314.50 - Daniel BEAKLEY, assignee of Peter BEAKLEY - 1/10, $314.50 Closed 10 Jun 1852.
157-178 - SMITH, WALKER, WARFIELD - Jul 1851
EICHELBERGER & WILSON vs Michel SMITH & Others Creditors EICHELBERGER and Benjamin H. WILSON, partners, and trading under the name Eichelberger & Wilson in Baltimore city are suing the estate of James SMITH, New London d/ 1850 intestate widow - Michel and 7 children s/ John Henry SMITH d/ Mary Elizabeth w/o William W. WALKER s/ Joshua P. SMITH s/ William J. SMITH s/ Charles Abner SMITH, a minor s/ Basil SMITH, a minor d?/ Lavinca/Lavenia P. SMITH, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Drum Mines", 18+ acres, from Evan DORSEY (w/ Juliana) of Seneca Co, OH in 1829; neighbors were Elisha NELSON on the West; Chirisian HARDING on the East, William DORSEY on the North and Joshua PRESTON on the South. In Feb 1829, James SMITH was already living on the property. - "Drummine", 2 acres, from Nathan NELSON as trustee for Estate of Michael MEALEY in 1838. Eli BUCKEY may have purchased it for James SMITH. Land was mortgaged to Nathan NELSON who assigned it to William W. WALKER who is also the administrator of James SMITH's estate. Guardian was George W. WARFIELD; testimony was heard from William W. WALKER who was also appointed trustee to sell the property, subject to the widow's dower. The land was divided into three lots with the widow's dower being Lot 2, 7 acres, which was near and northeast of Ben's Branch, land of Elisha NELSON and William HOBBS; it contained the house and barn and was on north side of road leading from William HOBBS' Mill to William HARDING's Mill. Private sales were made to Joshua P. SMITH on - 8 Nov 1851, for Lot #1 at $751. - 16 Feb 1852, for Lot #2 at $100, subject to the life estate of the widow. - same day for Lot #3 at $210. Distribution of $1,061; court costs $194.98; - William W. WALKER, assignee of mortgage, $302.92 - balance to numerous creditors. Closed 14 Jun 1852.
Jonathan F. DOUB & Others vs Daniel DOUB & Others Jacob DOUB Sr. d/ abt 1838 (Will written 20 Oct 1835) wife - Elizabeth s/ Daniel DOUB & w/ Lydia - Jefferson Co, KY s/ Jacob DOUB Jr. & w/ Sarah - OH s/ Jonathan F. DOUB & w/ Elizabeth SPESSARD - Washington Co, MD d/ Elizabeth w/o John HARP d/ Catharine w/o Joseph BOWLUS s/ George DOUB, d/ 1846 .....Catherine DOUB .....Sophia w/o Ezra TOMS .....Sarah Ann DOUB, a minor; married George P. POFFENBERGER abt Jan 1852 .....Isaiah DOUB, a minor .....Caroline DOUB, a minor .....Mary Margaret DOUB, a minor s/ John DOUB, d/ abt 1825 .....Caroline w/o Ezra COST .....Mary (d/ 9 Feb 1852) w/o Joseph BROWN --------Sophia BROWN (age 7) --------Sarah E. BROWN (age 4) --------Arbelon BROWN (age 4 months) s/ David DOUB d/ 5 Dec 1851 intestate and unmarried Land - Farm, 200 acres, in Middletown Valley of which 60 acres are in timber, has a large brick house and Switzer barn. Property was the home farm of Jacob DOUB and was inherited by David from his father in his father's Will. Executors: son-in-law John HARP and son George DOUB Witnesses: John APPLEMAN, Benjamin ROUTZAHN and Jacob COBLENTZ Guardian was William SCHILDKNECHT; testimony was heard from Peter PALMER and Jacob YOUNG of D. Trustees were Jonathan F. DOUB of Washington Co, MD and Joseph BOWLUS. On 15 Apr 1852, sale was made to John HARP for 189 acres at $9,654.83 and a right of way for $15.75. On 29 Apr 1852, Michael HOFFMAN testified that Jacob's daughter, Mary BROWN died 9 Feb 1852, listed her children and stated Joseph BROWN, her husband, was about 33 and his general health was good. Distribution of $9,670.58; court costs $484.01; taxes $229.66; Each of David DOUB's siblings received 1/7 share, $1,279.55. (Joseph BROWN received a curtesy share of 5/16 of 1/2 of 1/7, $199.93 with the balance of his wife's share divided equally between his children.) Closed 18 Jun 1852.
Perry STANTON & w/ Mary vs Joseph SHRIEVES and Samuel SHRIEVES Joseph SHRIEVES Sr of Washington Co, MD d/ Feb 1840 (Will 12 Feb 1840; 25 Feb 1840) widow - Mary, now w/o Perry STANTON d/ Catharine SHRIEVES (from a former marriage), d/ abt 1847 s/ Joseph SHRIEVES Jr (age 16 in 1852) s/ Samuel SHRIEVES (age 13 in 1852) Land - House and Lot in Frederick Exec/ friend Philip READER Witnesses: John KEAFAUVER, Henry M. COFFMAN and Andrew SMITH Since the death of Joseph SHREEVES/SHRIEVES Sr, his daughter Catharine has died intestate and a minor with no other heirs except Joseph Jr and Samuel. Guardian was George SMITH; testimony was heard from George METZGAR. Trustee was George SMITH with Christian SMITH as surety; sale was held on 15 May 1852 with high bidder as Henry NIXDORFF at $300. Distribution of $300: court costs $89.79; - the widow Mary STANTON, 1/7, $30.03 - Joseph SHRIEVES, $90.09 - Samuel SHRIEVES, $90.09 Closed 13 Jul 1852.
William THOMAS & wife vs Leonard M. KOHLENBERGER & Others (Supplemental of WBT-4, 683) Estate of Etty ORME; Elisha HOWARD as trustee Distribution of $500.62; court costs $91.14; - Ann H. THOMAS, 1/4, $102.37 - Leonard M. KOHLENBERGER, 1/4, $102.37 - William KOHLENBERGER, 1/4, $102.37 - John A. KOHLENBERGER, 1/4, $102.37 Closed 11 Jul 1852.
214-236 - WEDRICK, WACHTER, STULL, STALEY, etc - Mar 1851
Jacob WEDRICK & Others vs Philip WACHTER & Others George WEDRICK, dec'd - Christian WEDRICK d/ Aug 1850 intestate with no issue or wife - Jacob WEDRICK & w/ Mary - John WEDRICK & w/ Elizabeth (he died, no children) - Elizabeth STALEY - Margaret, now w/o Jacob WACHTER - Ann Mary Elizabeth, now w/o Philip WACHTER Jr. - Susan/Catharine w/o John STULL of Adam (she died, no children) - Mary, dec'd w/o Jacob/Philip WACHTER .......John WACHTER .......Mary WACHTER (born non compos mentos) Land - "Hedges Delight", 60 acres, to Christian WEDRICK from Robert McDUEL, adm/of Daniel STALEY in 1850. - 114 acres, lands of George WEDRICK, to Christian WEDRICK from Jacob WEDRICK and w/ Mary, John WEDRICK and w/ Elizabeth, Elizabeth STALEY, Margaret and h/ Jacob WACHTER, Mary E. and h/ Philip WACHTER, Catharine and h/ John STULL, John WACHTER, and Jacob WACHTER for benefit of Mary WACHTER in 1835. - "Resurvey on Hog Range", 116 acres, to John STULL and Christian WEDRICK from Peter MANTZ (w/ Catharine) in 1826 (originally patented to John CRONISE for 240 acres and conveyed to Peter MANTZ by Richard POTTS, exec/of Dr. William POTTS in 1824). Mountain land; was divided into six lots. Guardian was Caspar MANTZ; testimony was heard from Hugh MULLEN. Trustees were Jacob WEDRICK and George F. STALEY; sale was held 2 Mar 1852 at the tavern of Ezra SHANK in Frederick city; high bidders were: - Adam STULL for 60 acres at $22/acre - Daniel PALMER for Lot #1, 23+ acres at $32/acre - Peter GAVER for Lot #2, 26+ acres at $20/acre - John GAVER for Lot #3, 14 acres at $16/acre - Nathan O. NEIGHBOURS for Lot #4, 13+ acres at $25.50/acre - Charles BROADRUP for Lot #5, 16+ acres at $10/acre - John T. NEIGHBOURS for Lot #6, 24+ acres at $27/acre - Joseph CRONISE for the Home Farm, 114 acres at $32/acre for benefit of George F. STALEY. Total sales, $7,564.50. Distribution of $7,564.50; court costs $453.21; - George F. STALEY, creditor, $161.07 - Taxes - $172.55 - 1/5 share or $1,355.29 due to each surviving sibling, Jacob WEDRICK, Elizabeth STALEY, Margaret WACHTER, A.M.E. WACHTER, and children of Mary WACHTER. Closed 28 Jul 1852.
George WINTER & Others vs Daniel CARVER & Others A deed of trust was made by Martin and Susanna (Carver) WHITMORE in Dec 1833 to Augustus TANEY for Lots in Emmittsburg for their joint use during their natural lives. Susanna (CARVER) wid/of Martin WHITMORE (she died 27 Oct 1851, intestate) bro/ George CARVER, dec'd .....Jacob CARVER (residence unknown) .....Catharine CARVER w/o Henry MECKLIN - PA .....Mary CARVER w/o Peter BITZEL (residence unknown) .....Michael CARVER (residence unknown) .....George CARVER Jr. (residence unknown) sis/ Anna Mary CARVER, dec'd w/o Charles AMIG - Out of State .....Mary AMIG w/o Philip CLADFETTER - PA .....Jacob AMIG - Out of State .....Charles AMIG - Out of State .....Catharine AMIG w/o Mr NULL (or McNEEL) - Out of State .....Margaret AMIG w/o Daniel CLADFELTER - Out of State .....Elizabeth AMIG w/o Thomas YOUNG - Out of State .....Aby AMIG w/o ___________ - Out of State bro/ Michael CARVER, dec'd .....Mary CARVER w/o Johnson MUSTALER - Out of State .....Catharine CARVER w/o John AMIG - Out of State .....Sarah CARVER w/o Mr FAGAN - Out of State .....Daniel CARVER - Washington Co, MD bro/ Adam CARVER - CANADA (left more than 30 yrs ago, never heard from again) sis/ Margaret CARVER w/o Jacob WINTER, both dec'd .....Margaret WINTER w/o Henry RICKENBAUGH - PA .....Mary Magdalena WINTER, dec'd w/o Andrew EYSTER .....George WINTER .....Henry WINTER & w/ Mary Ann ROWE .....Jacob WINTER & w/ Miss COON (KUHN) - Missouri Land - House & Lot #32 on Main St in Emmitsburg, back lots of about 4 acres adjoining land of Jacob DANNER; - mountain lot, 30 acres, adjoining land of Frederick CRABBS. Trustees were Henry WINTER and Andrew EYSTER; sale was held on 29 May 1852; high bidders were: - George WINTER for House & Lot at $430 - John MILLER for back Lots #37 thru 41 at $200 - David GAMBLE for back Lots #73 thru 77, fronting Fredericktown Rd at $216.25 Total sales, $846.25. Distribution to Heirs of remaining $705.90: - Heirs of George CARVER: Jacob CARVER, Catharine MECKLIN, Mary BITZEL, Michael CARVER, George CARVER Jr. - $35.29 each - Heirs of Anna Mary CARVER AMIG: Mary CLADFETTER, Jacob AMIG, Charles AMIG, Catharine McNEEL, Margaret CLADFELTER, Elizabeth YOUNG, Aby AMIG CLADFELTER, each $25.21 - Heirs of Michael CARVER: Mary WESTAL, Catharine AMIG, Sarah FAGAN, Daniel CARVER, each $44.11 - Heirs of Margaret CARVER WINTER: Margaret RICKENBAUGH, George WINTER, Henry WINTER, Jacob WINTER, each $44.11 Closed 22 Jul 1852. Note - Jacob Winters of Emmitsburg, MD offers reward for apprentice to hatting business, Daniel Carver, 19, 5`2`. Oct 21, 1815. [Newspaper Abstracts of Frederick Co, MD 1811-1815 (249)]
John DeGRANGE & Others vs Henry RUNNER & Others Supplemental of WBT-3, 360 Estate of Daniel RUNNER, son of Charity RUNNER, dec'd, with John DeGRANGE as trustee. Land - part of land was inherited from his mother and part was inherited from his brother, John RUNNER, dec'd, who had received his land from his mother also. Abraham JONES, a free man, is petitioning the court for his mother, a negro woman slave named SUEKEY, who was a slave for life of Charity RUNNER who left a provision in her will for SUEKEY. The provision stated that Charity's children, Daniel RUNNER, John RUNNER and Catharine ROHRER were to keep and maintain SUEK during her natural life; hoever, none of the parties have supported Suek, who is now old and helpless, for more than two years and no provision has been made for her. Testimony was heard from John DeGRANGE who stated payment for maintenance for SUEKEY had been provided up until 19 June 1847; John RUNNER died long before his brother and his estate has already been settled; and Catharine ROHRER is now dead and her estate has been willed to her son, Henry ROHRER. He further stated that 1/3 of monies due for SUEK should be paid by Henry ROHRER. He also offered to take SUEKEY and maintain her comfortably for the sum of $50 per year which he felt was ample compensation as her son has placed her with strangers and is not being cared for as well as she should be. Abraham JONES was awarded $60 per year for the period 19 June 1847 through 19 November 1850 with Henry ROHRER to pay 1/3 of it out of the funds due him and the other 2/3 to be taken from the proceeds before distribution to the heirs. In addition, $1,000 is to be set aside for the future maintenance of SUEK with $60 per year being paid to John DeGRANGE as care provider. 4th Distribution of $1,777.96; court costs $116.62; taxes $41.53; - trustee for Henry ROHRER's portion for SUEKEY, $269.97, but $68.33 to go to Abraham JONES - trustee for reserved portion for SUEKEY, $666.67 - Abraham JONES, $136.67 - Mary KENNEDY, widowed sister, 1/5 or $109.30 - Henry RUNNER, a brother, 1/5 or $109.30 - Michael RUNNER, dec'd brother, his children - ......Elizabeth DeGRANGE and Michael RUNNER, $54.65 each - Charlotte WOLFE, dec'd sister, her children - (Out of State) ......Lewis WOLF, Peter WOLF, John WOLF, Mary ROHRER, Catharine RUNNER each received $21.86 - Elizabeth SHOW, dec'd sister, her children - (Out of State) ......John SHOW, Jacob SHOW, Conrad W. SHOW, Henry SHOW, Daniel SHOW, William SHOW, Mary HAMBAUGH (widow), Charlotte MOORE (widow), $13.66 each By Jun 1852, SUEKEY had died. The balance of estate reserved for her is now to be distributed among the heirs of Charity RUNNER. 5th Distribution of $835.17 (after costs and previous expenses paid for SUEKEY; - to trustee for support of SUEKEY, 15 Jan 1851 to 15 Jun 1852, $85; - Henry ROHRER from his reserve, $164.56 - Mary (Runner) KENNEDY, widowed sister, 1/5 or $117.12 - Henry RUNNER, a brother, 1/5 or $117.12 - Michael RUNNER, dec'd brother, his children - ......Elizabeth DeGRANGE and Michael RUNNER, $58.56 each - Charlotte (Runner) WOLFE, dec'd sister, her children - (Out of State) ......Lewis WOLF, Peter WOLF, John WOLF, Mary (Wolf) w/o John ROHRER, Catharine (Wolf) RUNNER each received $23.42 - Elizabeth (Runner) SHOW, dec'd sister, her children - (Out of State) ......John SHOW, Jacob SHOW, Conrad W. SHOW, Henry SHOW, Daniel SHOW, William SHOW, Mary (Show) HAMBAUGH (widow), Charlotte (Show) MOORE (widow), $14.64 each.
260-261 - POTTS, BOYD, BALTZELL, MEDTART - Jul 1852
George BALTZELL vs Lewis MEDTART & Others Supplemental of WBT-4, 13 Richard POTTS had purchased Lots 1 and 2 from the estate. Now, Richard POTTS has sold Lots 1 & 2 to Andrew BOYD and asks that the trustee, William I. ROSS covey the deed; so ordered.
261-271 - TROXELL, ZECK, HARDMAN, EYSTER - Dec 1851
Deitrick ZECK, guardian of Charles W. TROXELL and Frederick W. TROXELL vs Charles M. TROXELL and Others Land - 3 acres adjoining lands of J. MORITZ, George S. SMITH, Jacob MOTTER and the church lane - 1/2 part of Lot 6 on "Shield's Addition to Emmitsburg" (other 1/2 owned by Philip HARDMAN), includes a factory for casing iron. ZECK sold this to Philip HARDMAN for $332.14. The firm operating the factory was Philip Hardman & Frederick W. Troxell. The court appointed James KERREGAN Jr. as guardian. Testimony was heard from Andrew EYSTER; the children live with their mother in Emmitsburg. Charles M. TROXELL is 2 years and 5 months old Frederick W. TROXELL is 5 months old (stated on 27 Jan 1852) . The court approved the sale.
271-277 - MAIN, BISER, WARNER - Apr 1852
BISER vs MAIN - Supplemental of WBT-4, 654 Estate of George MAIN, dec'd; Joshua DILL as trustee Christian STEINER petitioned for judgment against insolvent Jesse MAIN with John WARNER as appointed trustee; however, John WARNER has since moved out West. Salome MAIN petitioned for herself and as guardian. Distribution after costs of $2,039.12 on - the widow, Salome MAIN, 1/7 of mountain lot in lieu of dower, $10.71 - the trustee for payments for Lot 1 & 2, $1,129.90 to the children, 1/9 or $98.84 each - Espy (Main) w/o Frederick BISER - George J. MAIN - William H. MAIN - Lewis C. MAIN - Elizabeth C. MAIN - James A. MAIN - Mary M. MAIN - Joseph G. MAIN, now dec'd, no children - MAHLON MAIN, dec'd .......Milton MAIN .......George MAIN - Jesse MAIN - except his share went to trustee, M. B. LUCKETT From that, the Clerk got $2.09 and Lucket kept $10 as fee.
Theodore PEDDICORD & Others vs Maria L. IRONS & Others Elizabeth IRONS d/ Sep 1851 intestate (w/o Michael IRONS) d/ Sarah w/o Theodore PEDDICORD d/ Sophia Susanna IRONS d/ Rebecca IRONS d/ Maria Louisa IRONS, a minor d/ Catharine Anna IRONS, a minor s/ John Shealor IRONS, a minor d/ Amanda Caroline IRONS, a minor Land - 30 acres, from Jacob LIVINGSTONE and w/ Elizabeth in 1849; on main road from Emmitsburg to Mechanics Town (land on both sides of road, is divided by road) and adjoining lands of John T. PEDDICORD, John LOHR, Jacob SHEETS, Anthony WELTY and Samuel SEISS; previously to Livingstone from Adam GUTHRIE (w/ Margaret) in 1847. - "Whiskey Plenty", 12 acres, from Jacob GERNAND amd William BOLLER, trustees for estate of William BOLLER Sr. Testimony was heard from John R. BOLLER; trustee was Jacob GERNAND. In May 1852, sale was made to John T. PEDDICORD at $500. Distribution to heirs, $330.35: $47.19 to each child. Closed 23 Aug 1852.
Hugh McALEER & Others vs John H. ANDERSON & Others Thomas ANDERSON d/ 1843 intestate widow - Ann (now w/o John THOMAS Jr.) s/ William P. ANDERSON s/ Covington C. ANDERSON s/ Henry Mortimer ANDERSON s/ Absalom ANDERSON d/ Mary ANDERSON, now w/o Charles NUZMEYER/NUMEYER s/ Philemon ANDERSON, dec'd ..........John H. ANDERSON - Harpers Ferry, VA (now WV) Land - "Hobbs Purchase", 200 acres, - "New Market Plains", 1 acre, - "New Market Plains", 7/8 acre, - Lots #26 & 93 in New Market - Bush Creek Mill Farm in "Hickory Plains", 1/2 of undivided farm & mill, 120 acres, near Monrovia Depot of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (sold in common with John H. M. SMITH, now dec'd) A sheriff's sale against Charles C. ANDERSON and John THOMAS Jr, trading as Thomas & Anderson, sold Covington's part to Hugh McALEER in 1851. Sheriff was Norman B. HARDING. Petition to William STEVENS and Arnold STEVENS of Harpers Ferry, Jefferson Co, VA (now WV) to appoint a guardian for John H. ANDERSON; they appointed Righter LEVERING. Testimony was heard from Jacob TRAYER. Widow's dower was laid out for 191 acres (plat shown). Trustee was H. Mortimer ANDERSON; sale was held on 10 Jul 1852 at the tavern of Thomas ETCHISON in New Market; high bidders were: - Mrs Ann THOMAS for Lots 26 & 93 with buildings at $1,700 - Dr. George HUGHES for the one-acre lot at $117 - Joshua WOOD for 7/8 acre lot at $100 - David RINEHART for farm & Mill propety at $3,625 - ________ for 14 1/2 acres of "Hobbs Purchase" at $457.75 - Hugh McALEER for undivided 1/2 of lot & stone house on corner of Mill farm at $525 (he is also the owner of the other undivided half) Total sales, $6,524.75. Judgment was also brought against William P. ANDERSON and a sheriff's sale sold William's share to William H. TRAYER. Distribution of each 1/6 child's share, $1,023.43; however Hugh McALEER got Covington's share and William P.'s share was divided between David RINEHART ($651.03), Jesse WRIGHT ($300.88) and William H. TRAYER ($66.37) with $5.15 going to taxes. Closed 25 Sep 1852.
John SHIELDS & Others vs Jefferson SHIELDS & Others William SHIELDS, dec'd (Will 30 Nov 1789; 9 Aug 1797) w/ Jane and 11 children 1/ John SHIELDS d/ May 1833 in Cocke Co, Tennessee .....Nancy SHIELDS, dec'd w/o R. B. DEWITT (no issue) - Out of State .....William SHIELDS - Out of State .....James Madison SHIELDS - Out of State .....Henry D. SHIELDS - Out of State .....John Patrick SHIELDS, dec'd w/o issue - Out of State .....Margaret SHIELDS w/o John STUART - Out of State .....Jane SHIELDS, dec'd w/o George STUART - Virginia --------James H. STUART - Texas --------David M. STUART - Out of State --------George STUART - Out of State --------John STUART - Out of State --------Mary S. STUART w/o Mr BENHAM - Out of State .....Polly SHIELDS w/o T. A. HOWARD - (children unknown) - Indiana .....Hetty SHIELDS w/o 2nd h/ James ANDERSON - Tennessee .....Eliza SHIELDS w/o Samuel SHIELDS (s/o James SHIELDS) - Out of State 2/ James SHIELDS, dec'd - Green Co, Tennessee .....William SHIELDS - Out of State .....Milton SHIELDS - Out of State .....Samuel SHIELDS - Out of State .....Johanna SHIELDS w/o H. G. LEE - Out of State .....David SHIELDS, dec'd (has an unknown daughter) - Out of State .....Henry SHIELDS, dec'd (children unknown) - Out of State 3/ Henry SHIELDS, dec'd - Out of State 4/ William SHIELDS Jr, dec'd .....Jefferson SHIELDS (Dr.) d/ 26 Oct 1851 (Will) -----w/ Harriett --------son/ John W. SHIELDS (studying to be a doctor) .....William SHIELDS, dec'd (children unknown) - Ohio .....Lydia SHIELDS w/o Joseph WORKMAN - Out of State .....Ann E. SHIELDS w/o Nathaniel GREASON - Out of State .....Jane SHIELDS w/o Joseph HUNTER - Out of State .....Nancy SHIELDS w/o Doctor HILL - Ohio .....Maxwell SHIELDS - Out of State .....Mary SHIELDS w/o ________ - Out of State .....Catharine SHIELDS w/o __________ - Out of State .....Mary Jane SHIELDS w/o __________ - Out of State 5/ Samuel SHIELDS, dec'd - Out of State 6/ Agnes SHIELDS, dec'd w/o Mr WOODS - Out of State 7/ David SHIELDS, dec'd - Out of State 8/ Banner SHIELDS, dec'd .....John SHIELDS - Polk Co, Tennessee .....William SHIELDS - Out of State .....Sarah SHIELDS w/o C. I. SHIELDS - Out of State .....Jane SHIELDS, dec'd w/o Robert REED - Texas (children unknown) .....Nancy SHIELDS w/o John DUCKEY - Out of State .....Mary SHIELDS w/o William WALKER - Out of State .....A. E. SHIELDS w/o John KILLINGSWORTH - Mississippi .....Margaret SHIELDS w/o James CROMWELL - Texas .....Kitty/Hetty SHIELDS w/o Samuel NIEMAN/NEWMAN - Texas 9/ Ebenezer SHIELDS, dec'd .....Jefferson SHIELDS .....John H. SHIELDS .....Andrew I/J. SHIELDS .....William V. B. SHIELDS 10/ Mary SHIELDS, dec'd w/o William BLAIR - Out of State 11/ Margaret SHIELDS, dec'd w/o Mr EVANS - Out of State (The Will mentioned Margaret as his youngest.) Execs/ sons John SHIELDS and James SHIELDS Witnesses: James HUGHES, John CAFF and Joseph HUGHES Before Nancy's death, she transferred her share to Jefferson SHIELDS as did John P. SHIELDS and Margaret STUART. Robert ANNAN holds the interest of Ebenezer's oldest three children. Land - "Carrollsburg", "Shields Adventure", "Carolina", "Carrols Chance", "Shields Delight", 560 acres; lies on MD/PA state line; next to Samuel CORRICK, I. M. BYARD, Henry TAWNER and Charles Quay. - "Shields Addition to Emmittsburg" John SHIELD's Cocke Co, TN WILL was written 27 Sep 1829; filed May 1833 (pg 319). Dr. Jefferson SHIELDS left a Frederick Co, MD Will, written 16 Oct 1851, and appointed as executors, his son, John W. SHIELDS and brother-in-law, Peter GRABILL; witnesses were William WATERS, Joseph SHAWEN and Grayson EICHELBERGER. Trustees for the sale were Robert ANNAN, William M. MERRICK and Grayson EICHELBERGER; sale was held on 26 Jun 1852 at the hotel of Mrs. AGNEW in Emmitsburg with high bidders as follows: - Eli SMITH for the farm known as 'Shields Brick House Farm', 129+ acres, at $2,203.62 - Bernard WELTY for Lot #6, 4+ acres, at $77.90 - Adam GUTHRIE for Lot #1, 5+ acres, at $159.36 - Bernard WELTY for Lot #2, 17+ acres, at $539.78 - Peter SEBOLD for Lot #3, 10+ acres, at $257.71 - Peter SEBOLD for Lot #4, 4+ acres, at $108.11 - Eli S. SMITH for Lot #5, 5+ acres, at $84.50 - E. S. ANNAN for the Stony Field, 13+ acres, at $227.49 - _________ for the 'Bottom', 10+ acres, at $510.93 - Franklin B. WELTY for Lot #7 of mountain land, 12+ acres, at $147.56 After other non-sufficient bids, private sales were made to: - Peter SELL for Lot #13, 6+ acres, at $183.37 - Samuel DUPHAM for Lots 16 & 17, each 5+ acres, at $103.56 & $200 - Michael C. ADELSPERGER for ground rents on Lot #2 of "Shields Addition to Emmitsburg" at $10 - William PEPPLE for ground rents on Lot #3 of "Shields Addition to Emmitsburg" at $10.01 - Trustees of the German Reformed Church for ground rents on Lot #9 of "Shields Addition to Emmitsburg" at $10 - Joseph ROWE for ground rents on Lot #23 of "Shields Addition to Emmitsburg" at $10 - David GAMBLE for ground rents on Lot #54, back lot of "Shields Addition to Emmitsburg" at $6 - Barbara SPECKTON for ground rents on Lot #24 of "Shields Addition to Emmitsburg" at $10 - George METZGAR for ground rents on Lot #25 of "Shields Addition to Emmitsburg" at $10 - Dr. Andrew ANNAN for 20 acres, part of the original Shields Tract and adjoining lands of Dr. Andrew ANNAN and heirs of William SHIELDS Total sales, $4,943.94 (plats shown). Distribution of $4,555.17 after costs: - Heirs of John SHIELDS, 1/10 of 1/8 or $56.93 each .....(except Nancy SHIELDS, Margaret STUART and John P. SHIELDS, theirs went to Harriet SHIELDS, devisee of Jefferson SHIELDS, assignee) - Heirs of James SHIELDS, 1/6 of 1/8 or $94.89 to each - Heirs of Ebenezer SHIELDS, 1/4 of 1/8 or $142.34 .....(except shares of Jefferson, John H. and Andrew I/J. SHIELDS went to Robert ANNAN, assignee) - Heirs of Banner SHIELDS, 1/9 of 1/8 or $63.26 each - Heirs of Henry SHIELDS, 1/8 or $569.39 - Heirs of David SHIELDS, 1/8 or $569.39 - Heirs of Harriet SHIELDS, 1/8 or $569.39 * - Heirs of Margaret EVANS, 1/16 or $284.69 - Heirs of Agnes WOODS, 1/16 or $284.69 Closed 21 Sep 1852. Note: The executor purchased the shares of Mary BLAIR, but I am still uncertain why Margaret EVANS and Agnes WOODS only received 1/16 instead of 1/8. It also appears that the Heirs of Samuel SHIELDS were omitted. * Harriett SHIELDS, wid/o Dr. Jefferson SHIELDS received the shares of the Heirs of William SHIELDS Jr as Jefferson purchased their shares.
339-349 - MICHAEL, MILLER, MULLEN, BOWLUS - Oct 1851
Samuel G. HARBAUGH vs Perry Michael LEWIS & Others Naomi MICHAEL d/ Dec 1850 intestate bro/ Perry MICHAEL bro/ Lewis MICHAEL sis/ Louisa MICHAEL w/o John MILLER sis/ Ann Maria MICHAEL sis/ Catharine MICHAEL, a minor - Washington County bro/ Thomas MICHAEL, a minor Land - House & Lot in Village of Beallsville, from John F. MICHAEL, David SCHINDLER and Samuel H. BOWLUS, execs/of Christopher MICHAEL. Guardian was Charles MULLEN; testimony was heard from Samuel H. BOWLUS who was also trustee for the sale. On 19 May 1852, sale was held in Beallsville and high bidder was Perry MICHAEL at $275. First Distribution went to creditors. Closed 24 Sep 1852.
Mary CLEMSON & Others vs Ephraim H. MAYNARD & Others Supplemental of WBT-4 - Estate of Dennis D. HOWARD, Trustees Dennis H. MAYNARD and Dawson V. HAMMOND 3rd Distribution of $6,899.72 after costs: - Mary CLEMSON, 1/10 or $689.97 - Eleanor MAYNARD, 1/10 or $689.97 - George HOSKINS, Register, for taxes, $137.99 - Ephraim H. MAYNARD, 1/9 or $597.97 - Basil MAYNARD, 1/9 or $597.97 - Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, 1/9 or $597.97 - Thomas HODGKISS, 1/9 or $597.97 - Ann M. TROXELL, 1/9 or $597.97 - Basil WARFIELD, 1/9 or $597.97 - William WARFIELD, 1/9 or $597.97 - Heirs of George W. WARFIELD, .....Dennis H. MAYNARD, 1/2 of 1/18 or $298.98 .....Elizabeth SIMMONS, 1/2 of 1/18 or $298.98 - Lydia HODGKISS, dec'd .....h/ Dawson V. HAMMOND, 5/16 of 1/9 or $186.86 .........d/ Lydia E. HAMMOND, only child, $411.11 4th Distribution of $825.06 after costs: - Mary CLEMSON, (co-tenant) 1/10 or $82.50 - Ellen MAYNARD, 1/10 or $82.50 - George HOSKINS, Register, for taxes, $16.50 - Ephraim H. MAYNARD, 1/9 or $71.50 - Basil MAYNARD, 1/9 or $71.50 - Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, 1/9 or $71.50 - Thomas HODGKISS, 1/9 or $71.50 - Ann M. TROXELL, 1/9 or $71.50 - Basil WARFIELD, 1/9 or $71.50 - William WARFIELD, 1/9 or $71.50 - Heirs of George W. WARFIELD, .....Dennis H. MAYNARD, 1/2 of 1/18 or $35.75 .....Elizabeth SIMMONS, 1/2 of 1/18 or $35.75 - Lydia HODGKISS, dec'd .....h/ Dawson V. HAMMOND, 5/16 of 1/9 or $22.34 .........d/ Lydia E. HAMMOND, only child, $49.16 Petition of Henry CARTER Trustees Dennis H. MAYNARD and Dawson V. HAMMOND made sale to Henry CARTER for 216 acres in Liberty of which $8,329.50 has been paid with $3,552.15 remaining due. Carter now claims he had no knowledge of any incumbrances, but has since been served with papers for water rights whereby Isaac TYSON Jr. diverted the water from parts of said land causing the land to be worth less than what he had agreed to pay for it. Carter asks for a decrease in price of the property. Allen PAINE Jr, Basil DORSEY and Francis S. JONES also testified validating Carter's claim; auctioneer was Thomas CARR. Basil testified that he had heard Dawson V. HAMMOND say, at the tavern of Daniel ROOT in Liberty, that Dawson did not believe there was any contract between his uncle Dennis HOWARD, dec'd and Isaac TYSON Jr. The court ruled that an abatement of $1,000 be made to Henry CARTER against the purchase price. Closed 1 Nov 1852. Agreement to Isaac TYSON Jr. of Baltimore from Dennis D. HOWARD for right of all the water of the Dollyhide Branch running through his tract "Howard's Paradise" in the ditch or race as it is now dug with right to enlarge it to width of six feet and also for the right at any and all times for the next ensuing forty years to enter upon the premises to mend or clean said ditch or race provided not injury to any crop or premises. It is understood said water right is in connection with Tyson's mining rights at Richard COALES and will continue as long as the lease granted Richard COALE shall continue. Dated 17 Apr 1847. 5th Distribution of $3,440.69 after costs: (appears to be something missing here as the distributions below only equal $704.61) - Ephraim H. MAYNARD, 1/9 or $78.29 - Basil MAYNARD, 1/9 or $78.29 - Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, 1/9 or $78.29 - Thomas HODGKISS, 1/9 or $78.29 - Ann M. TROXELL, 1/9 or $78.29 - Basil WARFIELD, 1/9 or $78.29 - William WARFIELD, 1/9 or $78.29 - Heirs of George W. WARFIELD, .....Dennis H. MAYNARD, 1/2 of 1/18 or $39.14 .....Elizabeth SIMMONS, 1/2 of 1/18 or $39.14 - Lydia HODGKISS, dec'd .....h/ Dawson V. HAMMOND, 5/16 of 1/9 or $24.46 .........d/ Lydia E. HAMMOND, only child, $53.83 6th Distribution of $1,324.67 after costs: - Ephraim H. MAYNARD, 1/9 or $147.18 - Basil MAYNARD, 1/9 or $147.18 - Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, 1/9 or $147.18 - Thomas HODGKISS, 1/9 or $147.18 - Ann M. TROXELL, 1/9 or $147.18 - Basil WARFIELD, 1/9 or $147.18 - William WARFIELD, 1/9 or $147.18 - Heirs of George W. WARFIELD, .....Dennis H. MAYNARD, 1/2 of 1/18 or $73.59 .....Elizabeth SIMMONS, 1/2 of 1/18 or $73.59 - Lydia HODGKISS, dec'd .....h/ Dawson V. HAMMOND, 5/16 of 1/9 or $45.99 .........d/ Lydia E. HAMMOND, only child, $101.19 Closed 24 Nov 1852.
Estate of Jonas EYLER by Jonas MATHEWS, trustee Supplemental - Amended Statement Distribution of $2,496.01 after costs: - Araminta SMITH, her legacy, $50 - George EYLER, a son, 1/9 or $271.77 - Benjamin EYLER, a son, 1/9 or $271.77 - John EYLER, a son, 1/9 or $271.77 - Priscilla HAMMERS, a daughter, 1/9 or $271.77 - Polly WILHIDE, a daughter, 1/9 or $271.77 - Margaret AZATRODE, dec'd daughter; .....her d/ Araminta SMITH, 1/9 or $271.77 - Margaret MEFFORD, dec'd daughter; .....her d/ Margaret MEFFORD, 1/2 of 1/9 or $135.88 .....her d/ Rachel BOLLER, 1/2 of 1/9 or $135.88 - Samuel EYLER, dec'd son; .....his s/ Samuel N. EYLER, 1/6 of 1/9 or $45.29 .....his d/ Lydia DONALD, 1/6 of 1/9 or $45.29 .....his s/ Jonah EYLER, dec'd ...............Malinda EYLER, 1/3 of 1/6 of 1/9 or $15.09 ...............Samuel EYLER, 1/3 of 1/6 of 1/9 or $15.09 ...............John F. EYLER, 1/3 of 1/6 of 1/9 or $15.09 .....his d/ Mary YOUNG, 1/6 of 1/9 or $45.29 .....his s/ John F. EYLER, 1/6 of 1/9 or $45.29 .....his d/ Ann E. PERCELL, dec'd ...............Ann E. PERCELL, 1/2 of 1/6 of 1/9 or $22.64 ...............John PERCELL, 1/2 of 1/6 of 1/9 or $22.64 Closed 26 Jul 1852.
366-374 - DUVALL, BELT - Jan 1853
Estate of Daniel DUVALL; Alfred BELT & Lloyd T. DUVALL, executors Supplemental of WBT-4, 588 Distributions with proceeds to creditors.
Thomas FLEMING & Others - Petition Thomas FLEMING d/ 1812 (Will 1 Nov 1809) widow - Mary Ann d/ 1851 s/ Thomas FLEMING (Jr) - Carroll County d/ Lucy w/o Nehemiah POOLE - Carroll County d/ Catharine CAIN d/ Elizabeth w/o Asbury MULLINIX - Montgomery County d/ Sarah MOLESWORTH d/ Susannah MOLESWORTH .......Joseph MOLESWORTH .......Thomas MOLESWORTH .......Matthew MOLESWORTH .......William MOLESWORTH .......George MOLESWORTH s/ John FLEMING .......Thomas FLEMING .......John FLEMING .......Otho FLEMING .......Matthew FLEMING .......Lucy w/o Solomon POOLE .......Rebecca Ann FLEMING d/ Mary CHANEY .......Catharine w/o Oliver P. ALDRIDGE .......Henry CHANEY .......Charles CHANEY .......Mary Ann w/o John HENRY Executrix was wife; Witnesses: Henry McELFRESH, Joseph WEST Jr., Adam KLAY Jr. Trustee was Thomas FLEMING (Jr); sale was held Aug 1852, high bidders - Asbury MULLINIX for 132 acres at $6.10/acre - Thomas FLEMING of John for 144 acres at $4.65/acre with the exception of 1/4 acres that was the Fleming family burial ground and to remain such. Distribution of $1,327.05 after costs: each 1/8 share, $165.88. Closed 27 Nov 1852.
Martha E. GARROTT vs Mary E. GARROTT & Others John P. GARROTT d/ 15 Mar 1852 widow - Martha E. d/ Mary E. GARROTT, a minor s/ Charles B. GARROTT, a minor d/ Sarah W. GARROTT, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Maryland", 4 acres, from Martha GARROTT in 1843; on road leading from Frederick to Harpers Ferry. - Lot #27 in a Barnes Plot in Knoxville, 1+ acre, from James E. WOOD (w/ Sarah) in 1848; lies on the north boundary of Canal St. - Lot #31 w/brick 2-story house in Knoxville from Caspar MANTZ, trustee of John ORTMAN in 1847; lies on road from Frederick and Harpers Ferry Road to Hickory landing. The other part of Lot #31 on the SE end was called the 'Cooper Shop'. - Lots #9, 10, 11 & 12 (parts of "Resurvey on Maryland") from George RHODES (w/ Catharine) in 1849 (conveyed to Catharine RHODES by Henry BOTELER in 1845 and surveyed by Cornelius KNODE in 1847); next to Warren GARROTT's stone house. Before John P. GARROTT died, he made an insolvent deed of trust to Samuel B. PRESTON for benefit of creditors. Deed is still in Preston's possession and property has not been sold. Request for widow's dower to be laid out and property sold. Guardian was William MAHONEY; testimony was heard from William NEWTON. The widow's dower was laid off for 4 acres, being the part originally from Martha GARROTT. Ended July 1852.
Eldred W. MOBBERLY vs Willaim NORRIS, adm/of Frederick BROWN, dec'd & Others Frederick BROWN d/ 1851 intestate bro/ Benjamin BROWN - Out of State sis/ Susan BROWN - Out of State sis/ Sarah BROWN, dec'd w/o Washington BUSEY - Harpers Ferry, WV .......Sarah BUSEY w/o Samuel TRAILL - Out of State .......Sarah D. BUSEY, a minor - Harpers Ferry, WV Land - "The Meadow" and "Rich Bottom"), 114 acres, in New Market, from William RADCLIFF, trustee for Thomas RADCLIFF, dec'd, in 1836; on the south side of Bush Creek, (previously from Elisha FALCONER in 1801). Administrator was William NORRIS who gave bond along with Basil NORRIS and Otho NORRIS; trustee was William NORRIS. Sale was held at the tavern of THOMAS H. ETCHISON on 7 Aug 1852. High bidder was: - Eldred W. MOBBERLY at $1,342.44, subject to the widow's dower. Distribution after costs and debts: each 1/3 share was $154.27. Closed 18 Feb 1853.
404-418 - HAUGH, MARING, BROMETT, ILER - Jul 1852
William ROBERTS & Others vs George MERING, adm/of Jacob HAUGH & Others Jacob HAUGH d/ 31 May 1852 intestate widow - Lydia s/ Lewis Martin HAUGH, a minor s/ James Calvin HAUGH, a minor s/ Henry Swingle(?) HAUGH, a minor d/ Catharine Elizabeth HAUGH, a minor d/ Louisa Clary HAUGH, a minor s/ Thomas Franklin HAUGH, a minor d/ Mary Alice HAUGH, a minor Land - "William's Increase", 18 acres; "Truck's Discovery", 63 acres, and David NICKEY's part of "Carmack's Troubles", 4 acres; from John HAUGH and David HAUGH, exec/of William HAUGH in 1848. Administrator was George MARRING with John COVER and Jacob BIEHL as sureties. Guardian was Michael BROMETT. Lydia HAUGH, the widow, released her dower and stated she was 38 years old. Trustee was George MARRING, esquire, who also testified; was later names as trustee with Samuel BIRELY and David BIRELY as his sureties. Sale was made on 30 Oct 1852, high bidders were: - Josiah ILER for the home place of 67 acres at $3,013 - Josiah ILER for the 18 acres of mountain land at $26.50 Total sales, $3,039.50. Distribution of $2,291.41 after costs & debts: - Lydia, the widow, $5,000 the balance was paid to a multitude of creditors. Closed 19 May 1853.
419-428 - KELLER, MARKELL - Oct 1851
John MARKELL vs Rudolph KELLER John MARKELL held a mortgage owed by Rudolph KELLER whose property had been sold at a sheriff's sale to Albert RITCHIE. Land - 35 acres to Rudolph KELLER from Henry T. KELLER and Jacob KELLER in 1824. Basil NORRIS testified he knew John MARKELL, Rudolph KELLER and Albert RITCHIE for 20 years, but he did not know George ROHR who had signed as a witness. Trustee was M. B. LUCKETT; sale was held at the hotel of N. B. HARDING in Frederick Town on 5 Jan 1853, high bidder was: - Frank MARKELL for $450. Proceeds were slightly short of paying off the mortgage. Rudolph KELLER refused to give up the property nonetheless and a court order was broght to have him removed.
Armstead T. HAMPSTON & Others vs William O. TRIMBLE Nathan T. HAMPSTON of Montgomery County d/ Apr 1850 intestate widow - bro/ Armstead T. HAMPSTON - Montgomery County sis/ Christy (Hampston) w/o Nathan O. DICKENSON - Montgomery County sis/ Elizabeth (Hampston) w/o Francis FISH - Virginia sis/ Ann (Hampston) TRUNDLE, dec'd .......William O. TRUNDLE, a minor - Montgomery County .......Mary E. TRUNDLE, a minor - Montgomery County sis/ Harriet (Hampston) POOLE, dec'd .......William H. POOLE - Montgomery County .......Thomas POOLE - Montgomery County .......Mary (Poole) w/o John F. FLETCHER - Montgomery County .......James Franklin POOLE, a minor - Montgomery County sis/ Frances (Hampston) TRUNDLE .......William H. TRUNDLE - Montgomery County .......James A. TRUNDLE - Montgomery County .......Sarah F. TRUNDLE, a minor - Montgomery County .......Ann V. TRUNDLE, a minor - Montgomery County .......Susan E. TRUNDLE, a minor - Montgomery County Land - undivided half of "Second Resurvey on Lucketts Merry Midnight", 219 acres, to Nathan T. HAMPSTON and Armstead HAMPSTON from Clarisa H. LUCKETT and Serena LUCKETT in 1846; same land previously conveyed by Samuel LUCKETT and others to Lloyd LUCKETT in 1821, except a small part since sold to the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Company of 14 acres. Guardian was Jacob MAJORS; trustee was M. B. LUCKETT. On 23 Oct 1852, sale was held at the tavern of Robert WINDSOR in Jefferson; however, no sufficient bid was received. On 27 Dec 1852, the property was sold to William GRAHUME at $5,500. At that time, Jonas C. LUCKETT had been living there. Distribution after costs, $1,496.86: - Armstead T. HAMPSTON, co-tenant & joint owner, $748.42 - Taxes, $18.71 - each 1/6 share to siblings, $121.65 Closed 20 Apr 1854.
Frederick Town Savings Institution vs Ann M. BOWLUS, adm/of William BOWLUS & Others William BOWLUS d/ 5 Apr 1852 intestate in Middletown Valley widow - Ann Mary s/ Simon BOWLUS, a minor s/ Edward BOWLUS, a minor d/ Mary BOWLUS, a minor s/ George BOWLUS, a minor d/ Elizabeth BOWLUS, a minor s/ William David BOWLUS, a minor Land - "The Blooming Month of May", 18 acres, from Henry R. SMELTZER and w/ Ann Sarah in 1849; previously conveyed by Henry McDUELL and w/ Magdalene to Lawrence EVERHART, now dec'd and from Jacob FLOOK of John, exec/of Lawrence EVERHART to Smeltzer. - "Apple Brandy", 4+ acres, from John FLOOK and w/ Barbara in 1851. Administrator was the widow with sureties as Isaac MICHAEL and George RINEHART. Guardian was William MAHONEY; Testifying was Jacob FLOOK of John who stated he had known the parties for three years except for William David who was an infant. Trustee was George RINEHART with sureties as Daniel SMELTZER and Isaac BOWLUS. On 6 Nov 1852, public sale was held in Middletown at the tavern of William COOKERLY; high bidder was Ann Mary BOWLUS at $1,100, subject to dower. Creditors were paid; closed 17 Feb 1853.
Davis RICHARDSON vs Henry B. WARING & Others Davis RICHARDSON and w/ Elizabeth were indebted by mortgage to Milicent WARING, as trustee in the will of her late husband, Henry WARING. Milicent WARING of Montgomery Co, d/ May 1847 intestate s/ Henry B. WARING - Montgomery Co s/ John P. WARING - DC d/ Mary Ann w/o Nicholas BROOKE - Montgomery Co d/ Matilda M. HILL, widow, now w/o Dr. HARDY - DC d/ Ann Maria WARING - Montgomery Co d/ Eliza A. WARING (from testimony) d/ Josephine J. WARING (from testimony) d/ ______ BRENT, dec'd .....Henry Waring BRENT, a minor - Charles Co d/ Henrietta M. L. w/o Henry N. YOUNG, both dec'd .....Mary Milicent YOUNG, w/o Dr Edward HURT/HART - Prince George's Co .....Henry Nicholas YOUNG - Prince George's Co .....George Washington YOUNG, a minor - Prince George's Co .....Edward W. YOUNG, a minor - Prince George's Co .....Maria Eugenia YOUNG (from testimony) Administrators were Henry B. WARING and Clement COX, the latter having died Jan 1848. Land - "Rocky Fountain", 468 acres (being parts of "Carrolton", "Good Luck" and "Mount Hope"), on bridle road from Buckeys town to Jefferson and on New Designed Road between Mrs. Catharine HARPER and Davis RICHARDSON, and also by Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and road from Frederick Town to mouth of the Monocacy. It was determined that Henry W. BRENT was now living in Montgomery County. Guardian for him and George W. YOUNG was William MAHONEY. Testimony was heard from Walter S. COX, son of Clement COX, and from Henry B. WARING. Guardian then named for transferring title was George K. SHELLMAN. Closed Feb 1853.
Caroline Matilda PEARRE by William LOWE, her next friend Joshua PEARRE d/ 1844-1845 (Will 15 Aug 1844) widow - Deborah d/ Caroline Matilda PEARRE s/ Charles Morgan PEARRE, a minor d/ Franscena Virginia PEARRE, a minor d/ Laura Sophronia PEARRE, a minor d/ Lucretia Clay PEARRE, a minor (d/ c1846) other children s/ Thomas Otho PEARRE d/ Rachel Baker PEARRE (b/ 26 Dec 1833) now w/o John MILLS Execs/ Deborah PEARRE and brother James PEARRE Witnesses: D. W. NAILL, Levi F. BARNES and George W. DUDDERAR Deborah PEARRE renounced the will and chose her 1/3 legal right dower on 20 Feb 1845. Land - Home Farm, 200 acres, lies 1 mile east of Unionville, adjoining lands of Dr. G. R. SAPPINGTON, has lime stone and blue slate in 12 separate enclosures with running water in nearly every field and in good state of cultivation, good fencing and buildings. The mansion house is built of stone with an extensive back building of brick, a large Switzer barn with extensive stables, wagon sheds and corn crib, smoke house, dairy and all necessary outbuildings and a never failing spring of water convenient to the premises; also has two large orchards in full bearing; suitable for two farms. Lot #2 is a wood lot of 12 acres, lying one mile east of the home farm on the old Liberty Road and adjoining lands of Isaac C. NICODEMUS, Levi Z. BARNES. Lot #3 has 48 acres and lies 1 1/2 miles from Lot 2, adjoining lands of Levi DEVILBISS, John COVER and Jacob NUSBAUM; about 10 acres is cleared and has been covered with lime, the balance is timbered. It is prime property because of quality of soil, excellence of nearly new buildings, character of the neighbourhood, location for health being in midst of wheat-growing country with mills and post office near the farm. It is sold clear of widow's dower. Guardian was John A. LYNCH; testimony was heard from John C. NICODEMUS. Trustees were the executors of the will. On 15 Dec 1852, sales were made to: - Greenbury R. SAPPINGTON for the home farm, 130 acres, at $55/acre - Henry C. WORMAN for 70 acres of the home farm with tenant house at $32.32/acre - Henry C. WORMAN for wood lot (#2) of 12 1/2 acres at $25.62/acre - John R. MILLS for Lot #3, 48 acres at $26/acre Total sales, $11,028.06. Distribution after costs, $11,569.12: - Deborah PEARRE, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15 or $1,401.98 - Charles M. PEARRE, $3,456.82 - Caroline M. PEARRE, $1,677.57 - Francesca N. PEARRE, $1,677.57 - Laura S. PEARRE, $1,677.57 - Deborah PEARRE as adm/of Lucretia C. PEARRE, dec'd, $1,677.57 2nd Distribution after costs, $321.96: - Charles M. PEARRE, $109.46 - Caroline M. PEARRE, $53.12 - Francesca N. PEARRE, $53.12 - Laura S. PEARRE, $53.12 - Deborah PEARRE as adm/of Lucretia C. PEARRE, dec'd, $53.12 Closed 26 Jul 1853.
Joshua STALEY and Others vs John W. BRUBAKER and Others John BRUBAKER Sr d/ 1851 (Will) widow - Mary d/ Ann E. w/o Joshua STALEY d/ Isabella BRUBAKER d/ Sarah, a minor and w/o William WHITMORE s/ John W. BRUBAKER, a minor d/ Mary Jane BRUBAKER, a minor s/ Isaac BRUBAKER, a minor s/ Calvin BRUBAKER, a minor s/ Samuel BRUBAKER, a minor s/ William J. BRUBAKER, a minor Land - Home farm, 220 acres (to be placed with friend Valentine DOUB until son John is capable of managing it). Guardian was Mary BRUBAKER; testimony was heard from Cornelius STALEY. Trustees were Cornelius STALEY and Joshua STALEY with John STALEY and Frederick STALEY as sureties. On 5 Feb 1853, sale was held at the tavern of Ezra SHANK in Frederick Town, high bidders were: - Joseph G. MILLER for the home farm, 217 acres, at $8,037.09. - John STEIN for the mountain lot, "Cow Pasture", 20 acres, at $107. - John NOONAN and Joseph SCHELL for mountain lot, "Bull Pasture", 16 acres, at $162.50. - Joseph SCHELL and John NOONAN for mountain lot, "Fox Tail", 15 acres, at $39.87. Total sales, $8,346.46. Distribution after costs $7,797.05: each 1/9 share, $866.33. Closed 6 Apr 1853.
William TOMS vs John T. ROBERTSON and wife Supplemental to ES-1, 74 Trustees William TOMS, Abraham TOMS, Samuel TOMS and William D. BROWN sold to: - Daniel TOMS for Lots 7 and 8 in both Frederick and Washington counties Lot 7, 19 acres, at $25.25/acre; Lot 8, 16 acres, at $17.50/acre; total, $769.28 - John FESSLER for Lots 6, 5, 3 and 2 for 17 acres, 14 acres, 19 acres and 22 acres, respectively, totaling $1,556.71 Total sales, $2,326. Distribution after costs, $2,227.16: each 1/12, $185.59 to: - William TOMS - Abraham TOMS - Samuel TOMS - Daniel TOMS - Benjamin TOMS - Elizabeth MOSER - Susan GILBERT - Barbara DARNBAUGH - Mary BROWN - Magdalena SENSEBAUGH - Hannah ROBERTSON - Catharine POTTS, child of Catharine POTTS, dec'd Closed 14 May 1853.
Isaac N. CARTER vs Rebecca HUNTER & Others James S. LANE d/ 7 Oct 1823 intestate, without issue (In 1816, he had been living in Jefferson Co, VA/WV) bro/ Thomas C. LANE d/ 1835 intestate, no issue - Jefferson Co, VA/WV bro/ Joseph E. LANE d/ Apr 1852 intestate, no issue bro/ Willoughby W. LANE d/ 1846 intestate .....Mrs. Rebecca HUNTER - Jefferson Co, VA/WV .....Mary Ann (Lane), now w/o Andrew KENNEDY - Jefferson Co, VA/WV bro/ John M/W. LANE - Lancaster Co, PA bro/ George S. LANE, now dec'd intestate .....Misstress Mary NICKUM - Jefferson Co, VA/WV sis/ Mrs Sarah N. CARTER, now dec'd intestate .....Isaac N. CARTER .....Mary F. (Carter) now w/o John MARTIN - Montgomery Co, KY sis/ Martha WEBB, dec'd intestate .....Willoughby L. WEBB - Philadelphia, PA .....George WEBB - Illinois .....Edwin B. WEBB - Illinois sis/ Mary WOLFORD, now dec'd intestate, no issue bro/ William N. LANE, now dec'd intestate .....Clarissa N. RITCHIE - Clarke Co, KY .....Alice (Lane), now w/o Hubbard TAYLOR - Clarke Co, KY .....William N. LANE (Jr) - Clarke Co, KY .....James S. LANE - Clarke Co, KY .....George T. LANE - Lancaster Co, PA bro/ Elliot T. LANE, now dec'd intestate .....James B. LANE - Lancaster Co, PA .....Eckridge LANE - Lancaster Co, PA .....Harriet LANE - Lancaster Co, PA .....Mary (Lane), now w/o Washington BAKER - Lancaster Co, PA Land - one undivided half of the west half of Lot #33 on the south side of Patrick St in Frederick city; owned by him and Benjamin RUTHERFORD as tenants in common from Jospeh CHAPLINE and w/ Mary Ann Christy Abigail CHAPLINE of Washington County, MD in 1816. Lot was then in the possession of Charles SCHELL and adjoined east side of Lot #32 in possession of Isaac MANTZ. James' brother, Thomas, had become administrator of his estate in Virginia and in Washington Co, MD and held monies from James' estate and had purchased Benjamin RUTHERFORD's half of Lot #33 for $4,000 and has a deed for it in his name in trust for his siblings. Trustee was William M. MERRICK, esq; sale was made on 27 Jan 1853 to Jacob MARKELL at $5,050. Distribution after costs, $4,734.93: each 1/7 to the siblings was $676.41 (Thomas, Joseph & Mary died without issue). Closed 30 Mar 1853.
John REIFSNIDER vs Solomon BEARD, adm/of John BEARD Jacob BEARD d/ 1848 (Will 7 Apr 1848) s/ Solomon BEARD s/ John BEARD d/ Dec 1851 intestate ...w/ Sarah ......George Washington BEARD, age 4 ......(infant son) later named John David BEARD (corrected to John Thomas) s/ Mathias BEARD s/ Philip BEARD d/ Catharine PFOUTZ s/ Jacob BEARD s/ Peter BEARD ......Mary BEARD d/ Mary BEARD w/o Ezra SMITH d/ Elizabeth BEARD, dec'd w/o Solomon EARNEST d/ Christiana BEARD w/o Thomas P. WILLIAMS d/ Sally (Salome) BEARD w/o Mathias SMITH Execs/ sons Philip and John Witnesses: Brooke BAKER, George LOCK and William Harrison BAKER Land - The home farm (parts of tracts "Resurvey on Andrew's Chance", "Beards Delight", "Addition to Hartsocks Adventure" and "Hickory Bottom") was devised to Jacob's two sons Solomon and John as tenants in common and they then had the land divided; John's half was 162 acres and surrounded the Rocky Hill Church (east, west and south), located in Woodsborough. - 14 Acres, adjoining lands of George SMITH, heirs of Adam ANDERS and Jacob BEARD. Administrator of John's estate was Solomon BEARD; guardian was John W. WILHIDE. John BEARD was indebted to his sister Christiana for her share of her father's estate to be paid by John BEARD. She transferred/sold her interest to John REIFSNIDER. Testimony was heard from John M. FOGLE. Trustee was Solomon BEARD with sureties as Mathias BEARD, John M. FOGLE and John SMITH of M. Mathias BEARD testified the widow was about 34 and in good health. On 4 Sep 1852, sale was made to: - John SMITH of M. for the home farm at $20.05/acre - Sarah BEARD for the 14 acres at $400 Distribution to the widow in lieu of her dower, 1/7 or $436.58; Many creditors were paid, then distribution to heirs, $212.28 each to the two sons of John and Sarah BEARD. Closed 15 Apr 1853.
William T. PRESTON vs Rebecca MILLER & Others George E. MILLER d/ 17 Dec 1852 intestate widow - Rebecca bro/ Frederick D. MILLER sis/ Susanna w/o Tobias STALEY sis/ Rebecca w/o James MUSSER Land - "Lawson Resurveyed", 19 acres, from Susanna WIEST and Frederick A. WIEST, execs/of Jacob WIEST in 1849 (to Wiest from Jacob SHAEFFER). - "Sampsons Resurveyed", 2 acres, from George HINKLE and w/ Catherine in 1842 (owned by Peter SHAFER in 1790). Trustee was Rebecca MILLER with surety as Cornelius STALEY. On 26 Feb 1853, sale was made to Elias GROVE at $1,125. Distribution after costs and mortgages, $502.67: - widow, 1/7 or $142.70 each sibling, $116.99 each. Closed 24 Feb 1854.
John ARNOLD vs Peter ARNOLD & Others Supplemental from ES-1, 41 5th & Final Accounting Peter ARNOLD, exec/of David ARNOLD, has now collected final payment on property sold in the amount of $3,039.34. When David ARNOLD died, he had a negro woman, PEGGY, who was old and unable to support herself. The court ruled that $1,000 be set aside for the support of PEGGY. Distribution after costs and deduction for PEGGY, $1,882.43 - John ARNOLD, $365.30 - Children of David ARNOLD, dec'd - each rec'd $121.93 .....Lydia GOODMAN .....David ARNOLD .....John ARNOLD - Children of Hulda MILLER, dec'd - each rec'd $157.66 .....Sally JACOBS (formerly Sally HEFFLEBOWER) .....John HEFFLEBOWER - Children of Peter MILLER, dec'd - each rec'd $59.12 .....Catharine BROOKS .....Jacob MILLER .....John MILLER .....Peter MILLER .....Sally HIGGINS .....Mary CHAMBERS .....Julia ELGIN - John ARNOLD, 1/7 of balance, $29.26 - Peter ARNOLD, $29.26 - Lydia AUSHERMAN, $29.26 - Children of David ARNOLD, dec'd - 1/3 of 1/7, each rec'd $9.75 .....Lydia GOODMAN .....David ARNOLD .....John ARNOLD - Children of Mary MILLER, dec'd - 1/8 of 1/7, each rec'd $3.65 .....Catharine BROOKS .....Jacob MILLER .....John MILLER .....Peter MILLER .....Sally HIGGINS .....Mary CHAMBERS .....Julia ELGIN - Children of Hulda MILLER, dec'd - 1/3 of 1/7, each rec'd $9.75 .....Sally JACOBS (formerly Sally HEFFLEBOWER) .....John HEFFLEBOWER .....Lloyd MILLER - Children of Elizabeth TRITT, dec'd - 1/5 of 1/7, each rec'd $5.85 .....John TRITT .....Samuel TRITT .....Tilghman TRITT .....Randolph TRITT .....Ezra TRITT Closed 21 Mar 1854.
538-540 - JOHNSON, KEEFER - Apr 1853
Farmers & Mechanics Bank of Frederick County vs Michael KEEFER, et al Estate of Richard JOHNSON, Michael KEEFER, trustee Collections of $8,069.07, paid out to judgements. Closed 21 Mar 1854.
Sarah HARDING, et al vs Eli HOUSE, et al Supplement to ES-1, 104 Estate of Jacob RIDGELY, L. R. HARDING, trustee 2nd Accounting of $1,273.76; after costs, $1,246.55 Distribution: - Sarah HARDING, 1/6 or $207.75 - Ruth HOUSE, 1/6 or $207.75 - Martha HOUSE, 1/6 or $207.75 - Westel RIDGELY's heirs, 1/6 or $207.75 - Thomas RIDGELY's heirs, 1/7 of 1/6, $29.67 each .....Thomas H. RIDGELY .....Robert RIDGELY .....William RIDGELY .....Jacob RIDGELY .....Cordelia RIDGELY .....Betheny RIDGELY .....Mary A. DEAVER's children - Eli RIDGELY's heirs, 1/9 of 1/6 or $23.08 .....Elizabeth HAMMOND .....Ellen BEVANS .....Mary A. STANTON .....Ann I. RIDGELY .....Juliann HILLEARY .....Martha BEVANS .....Rebecca RIDGELY .....Jacob RIDGELY .....William RIDGELY's son, John Hoy RIDGELY Closed 21 Mar 1854.
John SHIELDS Jr, et al vs Jefferson SHIELDS, et al Supplemental of ES-1, 309 Estate of Jefferson SHIELDS; W. M. MERRICK, Grayson EICHELBERGER and Robert ANNAN, trustees - On 26 Jun 1852, sale was made for "Bottom", 10 acres, to John YOUNG at $510.95 Additional Sales - Lots #1 & 2, 26 acres, to George KIMMEL at $315.90 - Lot #3, 5 acres, to John KIMMEL at $50 - Lots #8, 9, 10, 14 & 15, 26 acres, to Samuel DUPHORN at $805.68 - Lot #11, 4 acres, to William PAXTON at $127 - Lot #12, 7 acres, to John TAYLOR at $211.31 - School House lot, 1 acre, to Robert CROOKS, Jasper PEDDICORD and Robert ANNAN, trustees of Primary School #85 for Frederick County at $10 Total sales, $1,520.02. Distribution after costs, $1,339.30 - John SHIELDS' heirs (a son) - $16.74 to each .....Nancy SHIELDS, to assignee Harriet SHIELDS, widow of Jefferson .....Wm. J. SHIELDS .....James M. SHIELDS .....Henry D. SHIELDS .....John P. SHIELDS, use of Harriet SHIELDS, widow of Jefferson .....Margaret STUART, to Harriet SHIELDS, devisee of Jefferson .....Polly HOWARD's heirs .....Hetty ANDERSON .....Eliza SHIELDS - Jane STUART's heirs (a daughter) - $3.34 to each .....James H. STUART .....David M. STUART .....George STUART .....John STUART .....Mary S. BONHAN - James SHIELDS' heirs (a son) - $27.90 each .....William SHIELDS .....Milton SHIELDS .....Samuel SHIELDS .....Joshua LEE .....David SHIELD's heirs .....Henry SHIELD's heirs - Ebenezer SHIELDS' heirs (a son) - $41.85 each .....Jefferson SHIELDS, to Robert ANNAN as assignee .....John H. SHIELDS, to Robert ANNAN as assignee .....Andrew J. SHIELDS, to Robert ANNAN as assignee .....Wm. V. B. SHIELDS - Banner SHIELDS' heirs (son) - $18.60 each .....John SHIELDS .....William SHIELDS .....Sarah SHIELDS .....Jane REID heirs .....Nancy LUCKEY .....Mary WALKER .....A. E. KILLINGSWORTH .....Margaret CROMWELL .....Hetty NEWMAN - Henry SHIELDS' heirs (a son) - $167.41 - David SHIELDS' heirs (a son) - $167.41 - Samuel SHIELDS' heirs (a son) - $167.41 - Margaret EVANS' heirs (a daughter) - $83.70 - Agnes WOOD's heirs (a daughter) - $83.70 Closed 16 Jun 1855.
Henry STEINER, et al vs William H. CLEMENTS, et al Supplemental of WBT-4, 633 Henry H. STEINER of Richmond Co, GA, trustee for Estate of Henry STEINER Left to be sold was "The Dublin Farm", 220 acres, which wasn't sold at public sale, but now was sold at private sale to George W. SMITH at #13,194.37. The tenant then in possession was William DIXON. Distribution after costs of $12,664.91 - Henrietta SHELLMAN, 1/7 or $1,809.27 - Henry H. STEINER, 1/7 or $1,809.27 - Mary SHOEMAKER, 1/7 or $1,809.27 - Thomas M. STEINER, 1/7 or $1,809.27 - Josephus STEINER, 1/7 or $1,809.27 - John B. CLEMENT (grandson), s/o Elizabeth CLEMENT, 1/2 of 1/7 or $904.63 - Henry S. CLEMENT (grandson), s/o Elizabeth CLEMENT, 1/2 of 1/7 or $904.63 - John J. STEINER (to H. H. STEINER assignee), 1/7 or $1,809.27 The shares of John and Henry Clement went to William B. CLEMENT as assignee. Closed 31 Aug 1853.
Charles JOHNSON vs Ely DORSEY & others Supplemental of HS-9, 298 - Charles JOHNSON, trustee for Estate of Roger JOHNSON Sale was made to B. E. McWHORTER(?) at private sale for "Mine Bank Farm" which lies in the limits of Point of Rocks on the Potomac River and east of Lots #19, 73, 84 and 124 at $400. Distribution after costs, - Charles JOHNSON, 1/4 or $88.06 - James A. JOHNSON, 1/4 or $88.06 - Henrietta JOHNSON, 1/8 or $44.03 - Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 1/8 or $44.03 - Dorothea McCOLLECH(?), 1/8 or $44.03 - Ely DORSEY, surviving h/o Sarah DORSEY 3/9 or $14.67 .....William H. DORSEY, $5.87 .....Ellizabeth WHEAT, $5.87 .....Dorcas CHAPLINE, $5.87 .....Morris DORSEY, $5.87 .....John DORSEY, $5.87 Further sales at Point of Rocks were made to: - James WELLING for Lots 52 & 63 at $15 - Jacob WIRTS for Lot 111 at $20 - James H. HANN for Lots 61 & 62 at $40 - James H. HANN for Lot 59 at $20 Total sales were $95. 3rd Distribution of $74.56 was divided in same portions as above. Closed 3 Jul 1852.
MAYNARD & Others vs HAMMOND & Others Supplemental of ES-1, 362 - Estate of Dennis H. HOWARD with D. H. MAYNARD and D. V. HAMMOND as trustees 5th Distribution of $3,645.50 - Ephraim H. MAYNARD, 1/9 or $405.05 - Basil MAYNARD, 1/9 or $405.05 - Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, 1/9 or $405.05 - Thomas HODGKISS, 1/9 or $405.05 - Ann M. TROXELL, 1/9 or $405.05 - Basil WARFIELD, 1/9 or $405.05 - William WARFIELD, 1/9 or $405.05 - Dennis H. MAYNARD, ch/o George W. MAYNARD, 1/2 of 1/9 or $202.52 - Elizabeth SIMMONS, ch/o George W. MAYNARD, 1/2 of 1/9 or $202.52 - Dawson V. HAMMOND, h/o Lydia HODGKISS, his curtesy 5/16 of 1/9 or $126.58 .....Lydia E. HAMMOND, only ch/o Lydia HODGKISS, $278.47 There was a trust fund set aside by the will of Dennis D. HOWARD for the support of the two negroes, DOLLY and LUCY who are now dead (Sep 1852). Distribution of $2,576.41 was made to the above heirs in the same divisions as above (each 1/9, $264.04). Distribution of $1,401.85 was made to the above heirs in the same divisions as above (each 1/9, $155.96). Closed 2 Jan 1854.
558-568 - WALKER - Jun 1852
NELSON vs WALKER Supplemental of WBT-4, 496 - Creditors of Jacob WALKER; Isaac WALKER as trustee Mary WALKER, wid/of Jacob received $443.81 as dower, but all other monies were paid to numerous creditors. Closed 14 Oct 1853.
568-580 - IJAMS, CARPENTER, BROWN, DEBOW - Feb 1852
IJAMS vs IJAMS - Supplemental Estate of Plummer IJAMS, trustees were Richard IJAMS and James IJAMS Private sale was made to John DEBOW for a mill property with 16 acres, "Duvall's Forest", at $3,000 and part of "Mary's Fall". Also sold to Jacob BAILY was 9 acres at $70.56. The balance of the proceeds, $4,685.80, went to Richard IJAMS for his overpayments on the estate as trustee. Richard IJAMS wanted to buy the home farm but was unable to because he was one of the trustees; the other trustee, James IJAMS, has now moved to Virginia. Request was made for a new trustte and Grayson EICHELBERGER was appointed. Private sale was then made to Richard IJAMS for the home farm of 181 acres on tracts "Parres the Third", "Duvall's Forest" and "Mary's Fall", at $3,801. Distribution of $3,251: s/ Richard IJAMS, 1/5 or $650.20 d/ Joshan M. BROWN, 1/5 or $650.20 s/ Plummer IJAMS Jr, dec'd .....Alfred IJAMS, $216.73 .....Oliver IJAMS, $216.73 .....John Plummer IJAMS, $216.73 d/ Rebecca CARPENTER (d/ fall of 1849) .....her husband, John M. CARPENTER of King Georges Co, VA, $121.91 .....William Henry CARPENTER, $264.14 (over age 10) .....Julia Rebecca CARPENTER, $264.14 (over age 5) s/ James IJams, 1/5 or $650.20; however, his share went to Miller & Mayhew on a judgment. John M. CARPENTER acted as guardian for his children and also obtained $300.12 from Samuel HART, exec/of Isabella C. BRYANT and $249.01 from John MONTGOMERY Jr, surviving exec/of John MONTGOMERY Sr's estate. Closed Mar 1854.
Armistaat T. HEMPSTON - Petition Heirs of Nathan HEMPSTON by trustee, M. B. LUCKETT Supplemental from ES-1, 429 Distribution of $729.71 bro/ Armistead T. HEMPSTON, 1/6 or $121.65 sis/ Christy DICKENSON sis/ Elizabeth FISH sis/ Ann TRUNDLE, dec'd .....William O. TRUNDLE, $60.82 .....Mary E. TRUNDLE, $60.82 sis/ Harriet POOLE, dec'd .....Wm. H. POOLE, $30.41 .....Thomas POOLE, $30.41 .....Mary FLETCHER, $30.41 .....James T. POOLE, $30.41 sis/ Frances TRUNDLE, dec'd .....Wm. H. TRUNDLE, $24.33 .....James T. TRUNDLE, $24.33 .....Sarah T. TRUNDLE, $24.33 .....Ann V. TRUNDLE, $24.33 .....Susan O. TRUNDLE, $24.33 Closed 18 Feb 1853.
582-584 - DUVALL, BELT - Dec 1853
Lloyd T. DUVALL & Alfred BELT, trustees & executors Estate of Daniel DUVALL Sr. - Supplemental of ES-1, 366 Distribution of $1146.14 to Alfred BELT for his claim, balance of $53.68 to trustees for future order of the court. Closed 31 Jan 1854.
584-589 - JAMISON, BAUGHMAN, BOONE - Oct 1852
Benedict BOONE & Others - Petition Supplemental of HS-23, 599 Estate of Baker JAMISON, dec'd, his heirs - Joshua JAMISON - Teresa JAMISON - Susanna JAMISON - Ann JAMISON - Sylvester B. JAMISON - Catharine JAMISON - Mary Jane (Jamison) w/o John W. BAUGHMAN - Henry JAMISON, now dec'd .....Baker Ignatius JAMISON Property sold Lot #26 in Knoxville to Benedict BOONE who then resold it to Tilghman HILLEARY. Trustees were changed from Edward A. LYNCH (by his death) to E. Louis LOWE, Esq. who also sold Lot #32 & 36 to Tilghman HILLEARY. Tilghman has since sold the lots to P. Frazier SMITH. Request to transfer title of the lots to Smith; court so ordered. Petition was made by Sylvester B. JAMISON, now of full age, to inform the court that Henry JAMISON died on 25 Nov 1845, leaving his heir, Baker Ignatius JAMISON, an infant under twenty one years. Request a guardian be appointed. Guardian was Hugh McALEAR. John JAMISON testified that, after the death of Baker JAMISON, he had spoken to Henry JAMISON and suggested to him that, since he had already received his share of the estate in several advances, he should sign his share over to his sisters since they were without means of support. Henry had agreed and John drew up the release, but it is unknown what happened to it; it was believed to be in the possession of William LEE, exec/of Baker JAMISON. Distribution: 1/7 or $119.92 to each child (except Henry). Closed 17 Dec 1853.
589-591 - KINZER - Mar 1854
KINZER vs KINZER - Supplemental of ES-2, 14 Estate of Jasper KINZER; trustee is John KINZER Monies received from Nathan ENGLAR. Distribution of $4,827.52 s/ John D. KINZER, 1/3 or $1,609.17 d/ Ann E. KINZER, 1/3 or $1,609.17 - John KINZER, adm/of John N. KINZER, for state tax on collateral inheritances of 1/3, $40.23 - John D. KINZER, $784.47 (1/2 of residue of 1/3) - Ann E. KINZER, $784.47 (1/2 of residue of 1/3) Closed 2 apr 1854.
HEMPSTON & Others vs TRUNDLE & Others - Supplemental Heirs of Nathan HEMPSTON; trustee was M. B. LUCKETT 2nd Distribution of $632.24 bro/ Armistead T. HEMPSTON, 1/6 or $102.74 sis/ Christy DICKENSON, 1/6 or $102.74 sis/ Elizabeth FISH, 1/6 or $102.74 sis/ Ann TRUNDLE, dec'd .....William O. TRUNDLE, $51.37 .....Mary E. TRUNDLE, $51.37 sis/ Harriet POOLE, dec'd .....Wm. H. POOLE, $25.68 .....Thomas POOLE, $25.68 .....Mary FLETCHER, $25.68 .....James T. POOLE, $25.68 sis/ Frances TRUNDLE, dec'd .....Wm. H. TRUNDLE, $20.54 .....James T. TRUNDLE, $20.54 .....Sarah T. TRUNDLE, $20.54 .....Ann V. TRUNDLE, $20.54 .....Susan E. TRUNDLE, $20.54 Closed 17 May 1854.
592-594 - WACHTER, LOATS - May 1854
WACHTER vs WACHTER - Supplemental of WBT-4, 52 Estate of Michael WACHTER, Sr; trustee was George WACHTER Sale made to John LOATS for "The Mountain Tract", 40 acres at $614.81. Distribution of $541.76 s/ George Wachter, 1/2 or $270.88 Grandchildren, $54.17 each to - Ann M. WACHTER - Jacob WACHTER - Leonard WACHTER - George W. WACHTER - Maria WACHTER Closed 22 Sep 1854.
CLEMSON vs MAYNARD - Supplemental of ES-1, 349 Estate of Dennis HOWARD; trustees, Dennis H. MAYNARD and Dawson V. HAMMOND Partial monies were returned to Henry CARTER who had purchased the property at a sale with no incumberances except growing crops. Later an agreement was produced between Dennis MAYNARD and Isaac TYSON Jr, granting TYSON with water rights and the right to divert water from the property sold. Distribution of 1/9 or $532.21 each to - Ephraim H. MAYNARD - Basil MAYNARD - Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN - Thomas HODGKISS - Ann M. TROXELL - Basil WARFIELD - William WARFIELD - George MAYNARD, dec'd .....Dennis H. MAYNARD, $266.10 .....Elizabeth SIMMONS, $266.10 - Lydia HODGKISS, dec'd ....h/Dawson V. HAMMOND, $166.32 Lydia E. HAMMOND, $365.89 Closed 5 Jun 1854.
John MAUGHT & Others vs Samuel FUNK & Others Estate of John MAUGHT Land - "Fielderea" and "Good Luck", 46 acres, includes merchant mill, saw mill, dwelling and other out buildings, located near the ridge road leading from Frederick Town to Harpers Ferry. Sale was made to John MAUGHT and Samuel MAUGHT for $12,000 on 20 Apr 1840 by trustees Frederick A. SCHLEY and Joseph M. PALMER, esquires. On 16 Jul 1847, Samuel conveyed his undivided portion to John. In Feb 1849, appointed trustees were Thomas J. MAUGHT, Andrew C. H. MAUGHT and Conrad W. MAUGHT, who sold the estate of John MAUGHT to William H. C. KEMP for $6,000 on 17 May 1850 sho later was substituted by Joseph CARTZENDAFNER. Petition is for title since no conveyance was ever made to John and Samuel MAUGHT or either of them. On 25 Oct 1852, Andrew C. H. MAUGHT testified that the Mary MAUGHT, widow of John MAUGHT, dec'd, was born in 1792 and was then sixty years of age. John MAUGHT, dec'd widow - Mary d/ Mary A. Barbara, now w/o George T. WHIP d/ Sarah MAUGHT d/ Eliza MAUGHT d/ Mary Susanna MAUGHT d/ Catharine w/o Joshua AHALT Distribution of $5,629.18 after payouts and costs: - Mary MAUGHT, widow, 1/10 or $562.91 - Thomas J. MAUGHT, A. C. MAUGHT and C. W. MAUGHT, adm/of John MAUGHT for their overpayments, $5,066.27. Closed 13 May 1850.
606-609 - JOHNSON - Feb 1854
Farmers & Mechanics Bank of Frederick County vs Michael KEEFER & Others Estate of Richard JOHNSON, dec'd; Michael KEEFER, trustee 3rd Distribution after costs of $5,319.81; multiple creditors paid. Closed 30 Oct 1854.
609-610 - INGMAN - Nov 1854
Frederick Town Savings Institution vs Mary CLARKSON & Others Estate of Joshua INGMAN; M. B. LUCKETT, trustee Creditors paid; Closed 13 Nov 1854
BENTZ & Others vs Heirs of Estate of Sarah Ann DAYWORTH/DEMUTH; Joshua DILL, trustee Sale made to Lewis BENTZ on 20 Mar 1854 for Lots# 5 & 6 in Creagerstown with two-story brick house, stable and other buildings. The property of Sarah Ann DAYWORTH and Mrs. GILBERT was then occupied by Philip MATHIAS, Esq. 2nd Distribution $230; creditors paid. Closed 13 Nov 1854.
612-619 - ROWE, PORTER, ELY, KOLB - Mar 1854
Petition of John PORTER & Others Michael ROWE d/ 1816 (Will 31 Aug 1816) widow - Elizabeth (died abt Dec 1853) d/ Catherine w/o John A. PORTER s/ Ezra ROWE d/ Ann Eliza w/o Ezra ELY d/ Sarah wid/o William ELY Exec/ Henry NIXDORFF; however he renounced the duties. Land - House & Lot# 307 on Third St in Frederick, adjoining lot of William KOLB. Property from Chancellor of Maryland from confiscated British property in 1792 (formerly owned by Daniel DULANEY, son of Daniel. Joseph POOLE had been the buyer, but transferred it to Michael ROWE. Trustee appointed for sale was John A. PORTER. Sale was held on 25 Apr 1854 at the tavern of Ezra SHANK in Frederick; high bidder was William KOLB, Esq, at $461. Distribution after costs of $355.90: each 1/4 share, $88.97. Closed 1 Aug 1854.
Isaac N. CARTER & Others vs John W. LANE & Others James S. LANE d/ bef Jun 1825, intestate, no issue widow - Ann F. - later married Henry BOTELER of Shepherdstown, Jefferson Co, Virginia She is now deceased; her admin/ Alexander R. BOTELER bro/ Thomas C. LANE, now dec'd (James' administrator) bro/ Joseph Eskridge LANE d/ Apr 1852 - Jefferson Co, VA (WV) (Will, to three HuNTER grand nieces) sis/ Mary F. (Lane)*, m/ Col John F. WOODFORD of KY in Dec 1828; she d/ with no issue (left Will for nieces) sis/ Martha "Patsy" (Lane) WEBB, dec'd, her children .....Willoughby W. WEBB - Out of State .....George WEBB - Out of State .....Edwin B. WEBB - Out of State .....John S. WEBB, now dec'd ----------Susan E. WEBB, a minor - Illilnois ----------George W. WEBB, a minor - Illinois bro/ William N. LANE, dec'd, his children .....Clarissa N. (Lane) RITCHIE - Out of State .....Alice T. (Lane) w/o Hubbard TAYLOR - Out of State .....William N. LANE - Out of State .....James S. LANE - Out of State .....George T. LANE - Out of State .....Mary Ann E. T. LANE, dec'd minor, no issue bro/ George S. LANE, dec'd, his children .....Mary (Lane) NICKLIN - Out of State .....Elizabeth LANE, dec'd .....(deceased child) .....(deceased child) sis/ Sarah N. CARTER, dec'd, her children .....Isaac Newton CARTER .....Mary F. (Carter) w/o John MARTIN - Kentucky bro/ Elliott T/F. LANE, dec'd, his children .....James B. LANE - Out of State .....(Joseph) Eskridge LANE - Out of State .....Harriet LANE - Out of State .....Mary/Nancy (Lane) w/o Washington BAKER - Out of State bro/ Willoughby W. LANE, dec'd, his children .....Rebecca S. E. (Lane) HUNTER - Out of State ---------Sarah R. HUSTON (half sister to other two) ---------Elizabeth P. HUNTER ---------Mary I. E. HUNTER .....Mary Ann (Lane) w/o Andrew KENNEDY bro/ John A. LANE, surviving brother - Out of State Land - Lot #33, western half on south side of Patrick Street in Frederick; previously owned by James S. LANE and Benjamin RUTHERFORD as tenants in common. Trustee for Joseph E. LANE was William M. MERRICk. Andrew KENNEDY collected the rents totaling $3,446.32. =============== Joseph Eskridge LANE, dec'd - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, VA (WV) (Will written 17 Nov 1847) to servants - their freedom to them and their children forever - Ann Virginia FRAZIER (b/ 6 Mar 1828) - Catharine Jane FRAZIER (b/ 15 Sep 1831) - Eveline Lear FRAZIER (b/ 5 Jun 1835) Also, interest on $5,000 (changed to $3,000 on codicil) and divided to them when they are 21 or after his death. The principal of $5,000 to be disributed equally to their children. If there are no surviving children, then to Elizabeth and Mary HUNTER, daughters of his niece, Rebecca HUNTER. There was to be $1,500 retained to purchase a house and lot for each of the above named servants (slaves) as each turns 21. - niece, Rebecca S. E. HUNTER - servant WILLIAM and pair of carriage and horses (William may choose to be sold if he wants and may choose his own master) and to her daughters .....Sarah R. HUSTON, niece - House & Lot in Charles Town where he lived. If she has no issue, then to her half sisters. .....Elizabeth HUNTER, niece - House & Lot on east end of Charles Town of 14 acres, to her and her children. .....Mary I. E. HUNTER, niece - Stone House & Lot on Serman St in Shepardstown and lot of 10 acres adjoining the barn lot, late the property of his brother, W. W. LANE. - nephew, Isaac N. CARTER - all of his indebtedness forgiven - nephew, Willoughby L. WEBB - $2,000 Other items to nieces and nephew. Execs/ nephew and niece, Willoughby L. WEBB and Rebecca S. E. HUNTER Witnesses: T. C. SEGAFOOSE, John S. STEVENSON, F. I. HANLEY =================== * Agreement was made between Mary F. MILLER, wid/of William MILLER by John T. WOODFORD, her fiance, all of Clarke Co, KY to permit Mary full rights and power of her 1/3 inheritance on 30 Dec 1828. In Mary WOODFORD's Will, she left numerous items to her nieces and to Mary Lane MILLER and Betsy MILLER, d/o her friend, James MILLER (the brother of her deceased husband). She owned slaves and left PRISS to Sally MILLER, d/o James MILLER. Also mentioned was Melore T. LANE, but association not listed. Her will was written 2 Jul 1833 and filed 1 Dec 1835 from Clarke Co, KY with execs as John T. WOODFORD, William RITCHIE and John MARTIN and she appointed John MARTIN as trustee for her nephew, Newton CARTER and his children. Witnesses were Hubbard TAYLOR, Maria WOODFORD and Reuben T. TAYLOR. On 20 June 1825, Agreement was made by Ann F. LANE of Sheppardstown, Jefferson Co, VA (WV), widow of James S. LANE and Henry BOTELER (her then fiance) and Thomas S. LANE to establish that Ann was to maintain control of her property from the estate of her late husband and making Thomas the trustee to handle this. Ann had a sister, Sarah, w/o Charles CUMMENS - New York; their children, - Thomas Gamble CUMMENS - Mary Gamble CUMMENS - James S. Lane CUMMENS - John Lasle CUMMENS - Frances Murcee CUMMENS - Sarah Ann CUMMENS She left money to their children. Distribution after costs of $4,597.32 - Alexander R. BOTELER as admin/of widow Ann F. BOTELER, dec'd, 1/4 or $1,149.33 - John W. LANE, $383.11 - Mary KENNEDY, 1/2 of 1/9, $191.55 each child - Rebecca HUNTER, 1/2 of 1/9, $191.55 each child - Isaac N. CARTER, 1/2 of 1/9, $191.55 each child - Ing MARTIN, trustee of his children (Mary Woodford's estate), $23.94 - Mary F. MARTIN, $215.49 - Willoughby W. WEBB, 1/4 of 1/9, $119.72 - George WEBB, 1/4 of 1/9, $119.72 - Edwin B. WEBB, 1/4 of 1/9, $119.72 - Susan E. WEBB, $59.86 - George W. WEBB, $59.86 - Mary NICKLIN, $478.88 - Clarissa N. RITCHIE, $105.35 - Alice TAYLOR, $105.35 - William N. LANE, $105.35 - James S. LANE, $105.35 - James T. LANE, $105.35 - James B. LANE, $95.77 - Eskridge LANE, $95.77 - Harriet LANE, $95.77 - Mary BAKER, $95.77 - Taxes, $9.57 - Sarah R. HUSTON, $124.51 - Mary I. E. HUNTER, $124.51 - Elizabeth P. HUNTER, $124.51 Distribution of rents collected by Andrew KENNEDY - A. R. BOTELER, adm/of Ann F. BOTELER, $861.57 leaving $2,376.70 bro/ John W. LANE, 1/9 or $286.30 - Mary KENNEDY (of Willoughby), $143.15 - Rebecca HUNTER (of Willoughby), $143.15 - Isaac N. CARTER (of Sarah CARTER), $143.15 - John MARTIN, trustee of children of J. N. CARTER & of Mary WOODFORD, $17.89 - Mary MARTIN, $161.04 - Willoughby W. WEBB (of Martha WEBB), $89.46 - George WEBB (of Martha WEBB), $89.46 - Edwin B. WEBB (of Martha WEBB), $89.46 - Susan R. WEBB (grch/of Martha WEBB), $44.73 - George W. WEBB (grch/of Martha WEBB), $44.73 - Mary NICKLIN (of George S. LANE), $357.87 - Clarissa N. RITCHIE (of Wm. LANE), $78.73 - Alice TAYLOR (of Wm. LANE), $78.73 - William N. LANE (of Wm. LANE), $78.73 - James S. LANE (of Wm. LANE), $78.73 - George T. LANE (of Wm. LANE), $78.73 - James B. LANE (of Elliott T. LANE), $71.57 - Eskridge LANE (of Elliott T. LANE), $71.57 - Harriet LANE (of Elliott T. LANE), $71.57 - Mary BAKER (of Elliott T. LANE), $71.57 - Wm. M. MENICK, adm/of Joseph C. LANE, $286.30 Closed 24 Aug 1854.
Sebastian G. COCKEY vs Abraham BITZENBERGER, adm/of Alfred BASFORD Alfred BASFORD d/ early 1848, intestate s/ John BASFORD d/ Ellen BASFORD - Virginia d/ Eliza BASFORD s/ Henry BASFORD (age 21 bet Feb & Jun 1854) d/ Charlotte BASFORD, a minor d/ Susan BASFORD, a minor s/ George BASFORD, a minor s/ Alfred BASFORD (Jr), a minor s/ Adam BASFORD, a minor Land - Lot #4 (which is part of Lot #2) of "New Bremen", 23 acres, from George L. L. DAVIS and w/ Laura of Baltimore, MD in 1847 (but previously owned by Ignatius DAVIS); located on west side of road leading from Dudderar's Mill to Buckeys Town Administrator was Abraham BITZENBERGER; guardian was Daniel P. RUNNER. Trustee was John Thomas BASFORD; sale made in Jul 1854 to James H. SIMMONS at $463. Distribution of $300; after costs, $190.26 - creditors paid $39.29 - each 1/9 share to children, $15.66. Closed 19 Oct 1854.
Henrietta NORRIS - Petition Estate of John M. McELFRESH (Will 21 Nov 1851; 11 Mar 1852) sis/ Ruth GRIFFITH nephews/ Zachariah McELFRESH, William McELFRESH niece/ Sarah Ann GLOGE(?) niece/ Lydia JONES nephew/ Philip M. LINTHICUM, dec'd; to his children SLAVES - He freed his slaves when the males were 31 and the females at 21. - Henry ORUM, age 65; BETTY, 40; JUNO, 65; Harry LUCKET b/ 17 Jan 1816; BASIL b/ 5 Mar 1818; GEORGE b/ 12 Mar 1819; Thomas ORUM b/ 1 Nov 1838; Henry ORUM b/ 1 Mar 1840; Maria ORUM b/ 1 Mar 1843. Exec/ William NORRIS who died abt April 1854 and his wife, Henrietta NORRIS, was his administrator of his estate. She requested a trustee be appointed to complete the admistration of the McElfresh estate. (Basil NORRIS and Otho NORRIS, sureties) Witnesses: John BARTHOLOW; Lebbens GRIFFITH, Philip MUSSETTER Land - "Hobbs Purchase", 250 acres, sold to John WOOD and Charles WOOD at $2,415 (known as the Stone Farm); - "Hobbs Purchase", 97 acres, sold to Samuel NAYLOR at $921.50 - Lot of 6 acres, near Bartholow's water station, sold to William Joshua CAIN at $43.50 Total sales, $3,380. No Distribution listed. Closed 14 Sep 1854.
664-666 - UPCRAFT, BALTZELL, BROWER - Aug 1854
Mary UPCRAFT vs Maria DEMMIT et al Estate of Robert UPCRAFT; Isaac BROWER, trustee Distribution after costs, $260.47 - Mary UPCRAFT, $131.81; $110.26 - George BALTZELL, exec, $19.11 Closed 6 Oct 1854.
666-667 - ROUTSONG, AHALT - Nov 1854
Estate of Enos ROUTSONG; Samuel AHALT, trustee Supplemental of WBT-4, 335 Distribution after costs, $211.19 - Lydia ROUTZONG, widow, 2/15 or $28.16 Each 1/9 to children, $20.33 - - Cyrus, John H., Mary A., Ezra R., Sarah E., Lucinda C., George W., Carlton P., Enos S. ROUTZONG Closed 11 Dec 1854.
668-678 - BUCKEY, RAY, BEALL, OGBORN - Feb 1854
John W. OGBORN vs George W. BUCKEY, adm/of Jacob BUCKEY & Others Jacob BUCKEY d/ May 1850 intestate s/ James Henry BUCKEY d/ Margaret A. C. BUCKEY d/ Sarah Ellen BUCKEY w/o John RAY d/ Caroline Susan BUCKEY s/ George Adam BUCKEY d/ Ann Rebecca BUCKEY d/ Mary Elizabeth BUCKEY s/ John Edward BUCKEY d/ Martha Medora BUCKEY All children are minors except the eldest and all are non-residents of Maryland. Land - "Discovery Resurveyed", 6 acres with house, from Jacob WALKER and w/ Mary A. in 1845; (previously from Richard STEVENSON); located near Mount Pleasant. Admin/ George William BUCKEY who was also the trustee appointed to make sale of the real estate. Sale was made Aug 1854 to Otho BEALL at $237.50. All proceeds went to creditors. Closed 7 Dec 1854.
678-680 - DELAUGHTER, DILL - Dec 1854
Estate of Henry DELAUGHTER; Joshua DILL, trustee Supplemental of WBT-4, 366 2nd & 3rd Distribution after costs of $890.47 - to numerous creditors, $857.73 - widow, $34.74 Closed 12 Jan 1855.
James H. HARLAND, Nancy HARLAND vs Moses ANDERS & Others John M. HARLAND, wagon maker, d/ 1852 intestate, no issue bro/ James W. HARLAN sis/ Nancy HARLAN bro/ Joseph HARLAN - Out of State sis/ Mary HARLAN - Out of State bro/ Washington HARLAN sis/ Ellen HARLAN w/o Moses ANDERS sis/ Catharine HARLAN - Out of State Land - House and Lot #47 in Woodsborough, previously part of "Woods Town", (previously owned by David WAGNER); - "Worst of All", 10 acres, located 4 miles east of Woodsborough, adjoined lands of Frederick LOCK, Mr FOGLE, heirs of Jacob STITELEY and David BAER. Adm/ Moses ANDERS who was also appointed the trustee; sureties were John SMITH of John and John TROUT. Sale was made to - Nancy HARLAN for the house and lot at $750; - Henry KEMP for 8 1/2 acres (not 10) at $31/acre. Distribution after costs of $873.53 - David WAGNER, balance of purchase money, $328.76 - James M/W. HARLAN, his claim, $278 - George HOSKINS, register, taxes, $6.67 - each of the siblings 1/7 share, $37.16. Closed 4 May 1855.
Ephraim, Samuel, Ann & Tabitha COLLINS - Petition Henry EBBERT, dec'd (Will written 18 Aug 1817; widow - Elizabeth (d/ abt 1840) bro/ Philip EBBERT and his children .....s/ Samuel EBBERT (monies to his children) .....d/ Catharine BAUMGARTNER (monies to her children) .....d/ Mary SMITH (monies) .....d/ Susanna SMITH (monies) .....d/ Elizabeth (EBBERT) w/o Henry COLLINS (land tract) --------ch/ Ephraim COLLINS --------ch/ Samuel COLLINS --------ch/ Ann COLLINS --------ch/ Tabitha COLLINS --------ch/ Mary COLLINS (non compos mentis) --------ch/ Elizabeth COLLINS, a minor --------ch/ Asneth COLLINS, a minor --------ch/ Ellen COLLILNS, a minor Land - "Hobson's Choice", 150 acres, Exec/ Henry COLLINS Witnesses: John GERHARD, William MYERS, Robert CUMMING (Note - Children of Henry & Elizabeth COLLINS were not listed in the Will) Guardian was Lewis A. ALBAUGH; Testimony was heard from Daniel SWEADNER and Adam NUSBAUM. Trustee was Ephraim COLLINS with sureties as Raphael JONES and Abdiel UNKEFER. After three failed public sales, private sale was made on 1 Apr 1851 to Samuel COLLINS at $3,200. Distribution after costs of $2,011.84: Each 1/8 to the Collins children, $376.48. Closed 31 Jan 1855.
701-705 - WALKER - Feb 1855
Supplemental - Jacob WALKER Estate; Isaac WALKER as trustee Distribution of $1,781.40 - Mary WALKER, $210.90, her balance Creditors received the balance.
Supplemental - Estate of A. T. HEMPSTONE and Heirs of Nathan HEMPSTONE; M. B. LUCKETT, trustee 3rd Distribution of $1,355.44 - court costs, $43.50 - A. J. HEMPSTONE, co-tenant, 1/2 or $655.97 - George HOSKINS, register, state tax, $16.39 - A. T. HEMPSTONE, a brother, 1/6 or $106.59 - Christy DICKERSON, a sister, 1/6 or $106.59 - Elizabeth FISH, a sister, 1/6 or $106.59 - Wm. P. TRUNDLE, s/o Ann TRUMBLE, 1/12 or $53.29 - Mary E. TRUNDLE, d/o Ann TRUMBLE, 1/12 or $53.29 - Wm. H. POOLE, s/o Harriet POOLE, 1.24 or $26.64 = Thomas POOLE, 1.24 or $26.64 - Mary FLETCHER, 1.24 or $26.64 - James F. POOLE, 1.24 or $26.64 - Wm. H. TRUNDLE, ch/o Frances TRUNDLE, 1/30 or $21.31 - James P. TRUNDLE, ch/o Frances TRUNDLE, 1/30 or $21.31 - Sarah T. TRUNDLE, ch/o Frances TRUNDLE, 1/30 or $21.31 - Ann V. TRUNDLE, ch/o Frances TRUNDLE, 1/30 or $21.31 - Susan E. TRUNDLE, ch/o Frances TRUNDLE, 1/30 or $21.31 Closed 10 May 1855.
Supplemental - Estate of Jacob RIDGLEY; L. R. HARDING, trustee 3rd Distribution of $1,411.76 - court costs, $25.44 - Sarah HARDING, a daughter, 1/6 or $231.05 - Ruth HOUSE, a daughter, 1/6 or $231.05 - Martha HOUSE, a daughter, 1/6 or $231.05 - Westel RIDGELY's Heirs, 1/6 or $231.05 - Thomas RIDGELEY's Heirs .....Thomas H. RIDGELEY, 1/7 of 1/6 or $33 .....Robert RIDGELEY, 1/7 of 1/6 or $33 .....William RIDGELEY, 1/7 of 1/6 or $33 .....Jacob RIDGELEY, 1/7 of 1/6 or $33 .....Cordelia RIDGELEY, 1/7 of 1/6 or $33 .....Bethany RIDGELEY, 1/7 of 1/6 or $33 .....Mary A. DEAVER's children, 1/7 of 1/6 or $33 - Eli RIDGELY's Heirs .....Elizabeth HAMMOND, 1/9 of 1/6 or $25.67 .....Ellen BEVANS, 1/9 of 1/6 or $25.67 .....Mary A. STANTON, 1/9 of 1/6 or $25.67 .....Ann I. RIDGELY, 1/9 of 1/6 or $25.67 .....Juliana HILLEARY, 1/9 of 1/6 or $25.67 .....Martha BEVANS, 1/9 of 1/6 or $25.67 .....Jacob RIDGELY, 1/9 of 1/6 or $25.67 .....Rebecca RIDGELY, 1/9 of 1/6 or $25.67 .....John Hoy RIDGELY (grandchild), 1/9 of 1/6 or $25.67 Closed 10 May 1855.
708-710 - BEST, CROMMER, SAYLOR - Feb 1855
Estate of John F. BEST; Jacob CROMMER, of H., trustee Supplemental of WBT-2, 688 Private sale was made to George SAYLOR at $450. 4th Distribution of $450 court costs, $73.87 - Catharine BEST, widow, 1/7 or $53.73 - Henry L. BEST, 1/5 or $64.48 - George W. BEST, 1/5 or $64.48 - John C. BEST, 1/5 or $64.48 - Margaret E. BEST, 1/5 or $64.48 - Noah BEST, 1/5 or $64.48 Closed 10 May 1855.
John A. PORTER & wife, Ezra ROWE & Others - Petition Supplemental from ES-1, 612 Upon the death of John A. PORTER, Grayson EICHELBERGER was appointed as trustee to replace him; authorization was given to convey a deed to William KOLB. ================== The End of ES-1 ==================

Equity Records at Mid Maryland Roots

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