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Equity Court Abstracts

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber ECW-16; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search. Records Located at Maryland State Archives. [MSA C 2477-90; MdHR: T2936-118; Loc: 2-70-11-46 dtd 1950's)

Estate of Elias E. SHEPLEY Elias E. SHEPLEY d/ 24 Dec 1934 intestate, unmarried bro/ Peter F. SHEPLEY d/ 25 May 1943 intestate, leaving .....widow - Lillian H. SHEPLEY as his sole heir. bro/ William S. SHEPLEY - Myersville bro/ George U. SHEPLEY d/ Mar 1940, intestate, leaving .....widow - Ida SHEPLEY, as his sole heir (she d/ 1943-1944 intestate), heirs unknown bro/ John C. SHEPLEY d/ before Elias, heirs unknown bro/ Charles E. SHEPLEY d/ before Elias, heirs unknown half bro/ Daniel SHEPLEY d/ before Elias - his son ..........s/ Melvin F. SHEPLEY d/ Feb 1935 - his son ...............D. Carroll SHEPLEY (s/o Melvin and grandson of Daniel) - Myersville half sis/ Hannah A. (Shepley) BROWN d/ before Elias, heirs unknown half bro/ Aron SHEPLEY d/ before Elias, heirs unknown half bro/ Lawson H. SHEPLEY d/ before Elias, heirs unknown Land - 1/2 share of "Stephen's Hope", 2 1/2 acres with improvements in Jackson District (FC Land 324-226); owned with brother Peter F. SHEPLEY and his w/ Lillian H., purchased from Effie L. AUSHERMAN, widow, on 15 Mar 1918; next to lands of Martin V. EASTERDAY (from Josiah TOMS & others); same land previously to David E. AUSHERMAN and wife Effie L. by Cyrus F. FLOOK, trustee, under will of John A. SUMMERS by deed dated 23 Feb 1915 (Fr Land HWB-312, 52). Lillian H. SHEPLEY (w/o Peter) d/ 22 Oct 1954, intestate, no issue bro/ David R. FREY, dec'd - .......s/ J. Peter FREY and w/ Grace I. .......d/ Barbara (Frey) w/o Philip WARRENFELTZ - Myersville sis/ Anna CREAGER, dec'd - .......s/ James CREAGER and wife - Hagerstown .......d/ Hazel MINER & husband - Hagerstown (served papers as Hazel CREAGER, not married) .......d/ Melissa SNOWBERGER and husband - Waynesboro, PA sis/ Mollie CREAGER, dec'd - .......s/ William CREAGER, single - Waynesboro, PA sis/ Mae GARDINER, dec'd - .......s/ Marvin GARDINER, single - NYC .......s/ George GARDINER .......d/ Fern (Gardiner) & husband (unknown) - Honolulu, Hawaii? sis/ Ida BEARD, dec'd - .......s/ Vaughn BEARD & wife - Hagerstown .......s/ Calvin BEARD (unknown heirs, deceased?, whereabouts unknown) .......d/ Gail BEARD, unmarried - Smithsburg .......s/ Rudolph BEARD, dec'd (to his heirs) - (killed in Korean Conflict) bro/ Richard R. FRYE and w/ Minnie - Hyattsville (Prince Georges Co) Administrator was Byron W. THOMPSON. Paul BITTLE of Myersville testified that Peter died c 25 May 1943. Sale was held on 1 Oct 1955, on the premises situated at Church Hill in Jackson District, and sold to Charles William FAWLEY and w/ Creola Mae as highest bidder for $2,200; property contained two-story frame house w/ metal roof, six rooms and cellar, barn, chicken house, smoke house and spring house. Finalized 28 Oct 1955. ===================== To be Continued =====================

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