Frederick Co, MD - Equity CM-4

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity CM-4

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber CM-4; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity CM-4
David PLAINE, et al vs Reuben SAYLOR - Trustee's 2nd Report of Estate of Jonathan PLAIN Land - Jonathan PLANE's undivided 1/2 share of 130-acre farm, 'Crumpacker Farm', near Union Bridge, Carroll Co, MD; adjoined the lands of Archibald GRAHAM, Solomon SHEPARD and Joseph ROOP. Improvements were a stone house, large brick barn, a large variety of fruit trees and is well watered. Sale was held 1 Jan 1870 by Reuben SAYLOR, trustee; high bidder was: - William CRUMBAKER at $2,730 Distribution of $5,263.04; court costs, $1,549.97 (includes proceeds of sale from 28 Oct 1869) to the children and their heirs 1 - John PLAIN's unknown heirs, 1/7, $530.52 2 - David/Daniel PLAIN's children, .......A/ Margaret JACOBS' children (d/o David) ............Catharine JACOBS, 1/8 of 1/7 of 1/7, $9.47 ............Barbara JACOBS, 1/8 of 1/7 of 1/7, $9.47 ............Mary w/o F. KLINE, 1/8 of 1/7 of 1/7, $9.47 ............Margaret M. JACOBS, 1/8 of 1/7 of 1/7, $9.47 ............Sarah J. JACOBS, 1/8 of 1/7 of 1/7, $9.47 ............Eliza JACOBS, 1/8 of 1/7 of 1/7, $9.47 ............Adam C. JACOBS, 1/8 of 1/7 of 1/7, $9.47 ............David JACOBS, 1/8 of 1/7 of 1/7, $9.47 .......B/ Matilda JACOBS, dec'd, her son, ............Jonathan JACOBS, 1/7 of 1/7, $75.76 .......C/ Stephen PLAIN's widow and children .........wid/ Nancy PLAIN, 1/10 of 1/7 of 1/7, $7.57 ............Ann C. w/o Th. HOSSLER, 1/8 of 9/10 of 1/7 of 1/7, $8.50 ............Mary M. PLAIN, 1/8 of 9/10 of 1/7 of 1/7, $8.50 ............Tabitha w/o D. ECKER, 1/8 of 9/10 of 1/7 of 1/7, $8.50 ............Jesse PLAIN, 1/8 of 9/10 of 1/7 of 1/7, $8.50 ............Hannah PLAIN, 1/8 of 9/10 of 1/7 of 1/7, $8.50 ............Stephen PLAIN, 1/8 of 9/10 of 1/7 of 1/7, $8.50 ............Jacob PLAIN, 1/8 of 9/10 of 1/7 of 1/7, $8.50 ............Henry PLAIN, 1/8 of 9/10 of 1/7 of 1/7, $8.50 .......D/ Susannah PLAIN, 1/7 of 1/7, $75.78 .......E/ Jonathan PLAIN, 1/7 of 1/7, $75.78 .......F/ Maria RHEINHART, 1/7 of 1/7, $75.78 .......G/ Sarah SNYDER, 1/7 of 1/7, $75.78 3 - Jacob PLAIN's children, ..........Alfred PLAIN, 1/2 of 1/7, $265.26 ..........Miles PLAIN, 1/2 of 1/7, $265.26 4 - Daniel PLAIN, 1/7, $530.52 5 - William PLAIN's children ..........Beriah PLAIN, 1/5 of 1/7, $106.10 ..........Elizabeth w/o M. BARTHLOW, 1/5 of 1/7, $106.10 ..........Hiram PLAIN, 1/5 of 1/7, $106.10 ..........David W. PLAIN, 1/5 of 1/7, $106.10 ..........Catharine w/o O.T. CASTLE, 1/5 of 1/7, $106.10 6 - Nancy CRUMBACKER's children ..........Ellizabeth CRUMBAKER, 1/4 of 1/7, $132.63 ..........William CRUMBAKER, 1/4 of 1/7, $132.63 ..........David CRUMBAKER, 1/4 of 1/7, $132.63 ..........Nathan CRUMBAKER, 1/4 of 1/7, $132.63 7 - Mrs STEM's children ..........Emeline w/o E. STONER, 1/9 of 1/7, $58.94 ..........Mathias STEM, 1/9 of 1/7, $58.94 ..........Jesse STEM's heirs, 1/9 of 1/7, $58.94 ..........Elizabeth STEM, 1/9 of 1/7, $58.94 ..........Lydia STEM, 1/9 of 1/7, $58.94 ..........Loysander STEM's heirs, 1/9 of 1/7, $58.94 ..........Catharine w/o ____ SMITH, 1/9 of 1/7, $58.94 ..........Clementine STEM, 1/9 of 1/7, $58.94 ..........Ezra STEM, 1/9 of 1/7, $58.94 Closed 10 Feb 1872.
Charles W. STALEY, et al vs Mark C. CARPENTER, et al Charles W. STALEY and John Adam STALEY, guardian of Daniel Adam STALeY, Calvin J. STALEY and Eveline R. STALEY, for settlement of Estate of Simon M. STALEY d/ c1863, intestate bro/ Charles W. STALEY sis/ Rueann R. STALEY w/o Mark C. CARPENTER sis/ Susanna E. STALEY (wed Joshua MAYN on 25 Sep 1870) bro/ Daniel Adam STALEY, a minor bro/ Calvin J. STALEY, a minor sis/ Eveline R. STALEY, a minor Land - "Puzzlesome Corrected" and "Mill Haven", 33+ acres; located 5 miles west of Frederick city, about 2 miles west of Brook Hill, adjoining lands of Joshua MANE and Mr HENSHEW; presently in the occupancy of Mark C. CARPENTER; to Simon M. STALEY, Charles W. STALEY, Ruanna R. STALEY, Susanna E. STALEY and Daniel STALEY from John Adam STALEY & w/ Ann Rebecca in 1851. (Previously to John Adam STALEY from Henry STALEY in 1834.) Guardian was H.C. KOEHLER. Testimony was heard from David MAIN and John A.J. ZIMMERMAN. Trustees were John C. MOTTER and C.V.S. LEVY. Sale was held on 7 Dec 1870 on the premises, high bidder was: - Mark C. CARPENTER at 1,020 Distribution: court costs, $211.62 - Charles W. STALEY, 1/5, $161.67 - Susannah E. MANE, 1/5, $161.67 - Ruan R. CARPENTER, 1/5, $161.67 - Daniel A. STALEY, 1/5, $161.67 - Charles W. STALEY, 1/6, $26.94 - Susannah E. MANE, 1/6, $26.94 - Ruan R. CARPENTER, 1/6, $26.94 - Daniel A. STALEY, 1/6, $26.94 - Calvin J. STALEY, 1/6, $26.94 - Eveline R. STALEY, 1/6, $26.94 Closed 15 Feb 1871.
John M. HOLBRUNER, et al vs George W. HOLBRUNER, et al George HOLBRUNER d/ 1868, intestate widow - Mary A. (age 47) and 11 children s/ John M. HOLBRUNER s/ Jacob H. HOLBRUNER s/ Wilson G. HOLBRUNER d/ Margaret E. HOLBRUNER s/ George W. HOLBRUNER, a minor s/ Charles W. HOLBRUNER, a minor s/ Calvin P. HOLBRUNER , a minor d/ Mary E. HOLBRUNER, a minor s/ Casper M. HOLBRUNER, a minor s/ Elmer C. HOLBRUNER, a minor d/ Nancy R. HOLBRUNER, a minor Land - "Spring Plains", 2 1/2 acres, in Woodsboro, with a large stone house and a new 2-story cooper shop, a brick dairy, smoke house, hog house, stable, etc; well fenced with well of water on the premises and an orchard of apples, peaches and pears. In a short distance is the Frederick & Pennsylvania line railroad. From Ezra SMITH & w/ Rebecca F. in 1866. Previously to Ezra SMITH from John SMITH of Meal & w/ Elizabeth in 1847 (WBT-5, 468). Guardian was George MORGAN, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Jacob NEWMAN and George M. SHAW. Trustees were John M. HOLBRUNER and Frederick J. NELSON. Sale was held 11 Nov 1871 on the premises; high bidder was: - Elizabeth GEISELMAN at $1,408.50 Distribution: court costs, $194.24 - Mary A. HOLBRUNER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $151.78 - Wm. H. WAGNER, claim, $288.25 - Jacob H. HOLBRUNER, claim, $219.37 - John W. BARRICK, claim, $62.33 - John M. HOLBRUNER, claim, $44.06 - John M. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - Jacob H. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - Wilson G. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - Margaret E. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - George W. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - Charles W. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - Calvin P. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - Mary E. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - Casper M. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - Elmer C. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 - Nancy R. HOLBRUNER, heir, 1/11, $46.22 Closed 4 Apr 1872.
Mary C. SHRINER vs Henry LORENTZ, Benjamin S. DIXON & w/ Eliza Amanda DIXON The Dixons were indebted to Hugh McALEER for $3,500 on land purchased from Hugh McALEER & wife in 1869. McALEER assigned the last two notes to Henry LORENTZ in 1870, who later assigned said notes to Mary C. SHRINER. Land - 107+ acres; located 2 miles from Buckeystown on the east side of the Monocacy River. Land is limestone and in a high state of cultivation. Improvements were house, barn, corn house, spring house, young orchard with variety of fruit trees; laid out fiels with running water in three of them and enclosed with fencing. Previously to Hugh McALEER from Lewis A. EADER & w/ Catharine E. in 1869 (CM-3, 7) and before that to EADER from Jacob LEWIS & w/ Delila in 1852 (see ES-1, 464 and ES-5, 151). Testimony was heard from Henry LORENTZ and Edward A. SHRINER. Trustee was Edward A. SHRINER. Sale was held 17 Jan 1872 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Jacob K. KLINE at $3,959.81 Distribution of $1,319.94; court costs, $254.50 - Henry LORENTA, partial mortgage, $1,065.44 Closed 20 Apr 1872.
Henry ROHR vs Joseph H. BEARD, exec/of Catharine BEARD, et al Catharine BEARD d/ 1869 (Will written 28 Apr 1868) niece/ Margaret w/o Joshua ZIMMERMAN - $500 nephew/ Joseph H. BEARD's wife, Mary M. BEARD - $500 .........their son, Harlen Joseph Edward BEARD Remainder of all property and real estate to nephew/ Joseph H. BEARD, and upon his death to his son, .....Harlan Joseph Edward BEARD (age 13 in Oct 1871), a minor Exec/ nephew, Joseph H. BEARD Witnesses: Lewis M. NIXDORFF, Henry M. NIXDORFF, J.W. BARNES --- Land - 1/2 undivided share of 125 acres in Buckeystown District. Located 4 1/2 miles from Frederick city and south of the Harpers Ferry Road, adjoining lands of Henry ROHR and John DEGRANGE. - Exception was 8 acres previously sold to John H. RENN. Deed from John DEGRANGE to Peter BEARD and Abraham BEARD in 1850; from 1847 Equity #2091 suit of John DEGRANGE & wife and Catharine ROHR vs Henry RUNNER, Michael RUNNER & others; DEGRANGE then sold said land to David TRUNDLE of Otho at $5,123.97, however, TRUNDLE asked the order be vacated; property was then sold to the BEARDs. (Included parts of "Deer Spring", "Resurvey on Addition to Hazle Thicket", "Limestone Rock", "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant", and "Jones' Conclusion"; which were 110 acres to Charity RUNNER from Michael RUNNER in 1799; and deed to John RUNNER and Daniel RUNNER from Jacob SHELLMAN and adjoined John HARGATE's land for 14 acres, and 25 acres of "Deer Spring" from Jacob SHELLMAN, by farm called "Jones Division" and tract "Jones' Conclusion", deeded by Daniel RUNNER to John DEGRANGE and wife, crossing the Mill Race to the bank). John H. RENN and w/ Sarah Ann R. RENN conveyed to Julianna BEARD and Catharine BEARD part "Resurvey on Addition to Hazel Thicket", 136 acres; previously from Isaac RENN and others in 1837. Catharine BEARD and her sister, Julianna BEARD were joint purchasers of said farm, but Catharine died before receiving a deed. Trustees were Samuel GETZENDANNER, Samuel L. HOLTER and Joseph H. BEARD. Sale was held 24 Oct 1868 at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidders were: - Catharine BEARD and Julianna BEARD for the home place of Peter BEARD, 120 acres at $15,000 Guardian was Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Henry ROHR, Joseph H. BEARD and Joshua ZIMMERMAN. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held 6 Jan 1872 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Joseph H. BEARD for 120 acres at $5,311 Improvements were a 2-story log house, partly weatherboarded, a stone spring house, 2 log barns, a log smoke house, 2 corn houses, a wagon shed and hog house, 2 apple orchards with 10 acres in timber and 10 acres in meadow land with several springs running through the farm. Distribution: court costs, $394.98 - Julianna BEARD, claim, $2,365.86 - Henry ROHR, claim, $465.66 - Mt Zion Evan Reformed Church, $381.68 - John H. RENN, claim, $180.17 - Joseph H. BEARD, claim, $84.75 - Margaret ZIMMERMAN, claim, $84.75 - Joseph H. BEARD, claim, $312.37 - Margaret ZIMMERMAN, claim, $79.92 - Worthington R. JOHNSON, claim, $1.95 - Joseph H. BEARD, tenant for life, by Will of Catharine BEARD, $958.77 Closed 20 Apr 1872.
Lawson H. SMITH, et al vs Georg W. SMITH & Others Mary A. SMITH d/ 31 Mar 1871, intestate husband - William SMITH d/ 1856 s/ Lawson H. SMITH - Washington Co, MD d/ Sarah C. SMITH, now w/o Joseph G. McALISTER - Indiana d/ Mary Ellen SMITH - Washington Co, MD d/ Jane R. SMITH, now w/o Daniel W. RIFFEL d/ Amanda C. SMITH, now w/o William H. POFFINBERGER, a minor s/ George W. SMITH, a minor - Washington Co, MD s/ Joshua W. D. SMITH, a minor Land - Lot #2, parts of "Stony Level", "Johnson's Lane Enlarged", 20 acres; from Edward ROUTZAHN & w/ Sarah in 1867. Previously to Routzahn from Henry CREAGER & wife in 1847. Located 2 miles NE of Middletown, adjoining lands of Edward ROUTZAHN and Mrs. LAMAR. Improvements were 1 1/2 story rough cast log hour, barn, spring house, smoke house, spring of water near the house and an orchard. - "Murdock's Mountain Surveyed", 26+ acres; from George W. SUMMERS of S. & w/ Sarah A. in 1869. Previously from John KEAFAUVER & w/ Rebecca to John C. LANE in 1849 and from John F. GAVER & w/ Elizabeth to George W. SUMMERS in 1861. Tract is mountain land on the western slope of the Catoctin Mountains, adjoining land of Robert PETTENGALL and John ROUTZAHN; Samuel KINNA lived nearby. Guardian was Herman C. KOHLER. Testimony was heard from John N. BRANDENBURG and Edward ROUTZAHN. Trustees were Charles V.L. LEVY and John N. BRANDENBURG. Sale was held in front of the Valley Register Building in Middletown on 27 Jan 1872; high bidder was: - Edward ROUTZAHN for the 20 acres with house, etc, at $1,510 - George W. SUMMERS for the mountain land at $124.09 Total sales, $1,634.09. Distribution: court costs, $177.99 - each child's 1/7 share, $208.01. Closed 22 Apr 1872.
76-78 - LEASE, CRONISE, MILLER - Aug 1870
Estate of William LEASE, dec'd Trustee's Report by Jacob M. MILLER and Benjamin F. CRONISE Monies received, $2,326.72 Distribution: court costs, $74.82 - William E. LEASE, dec'd son .....s/ William Lease, 1/2 of 1/7, $160.85 .....d/ Jane LEASE, 1/2 of 1/7, $160.85 - Elizabeth CRONISE, 1/7, $321.70 - Jane C. MILLER, daughter, 1/7, $321.70 - David H. LEASE, son, 1/7, $321.70 - Nicholas C. LEASE, son, 1/7, $321.70 - F. M. LEASE, daughter, 1/7, $321.70 - Franklin Mc. LEASE, son, 1/7, $321.70 Closed 16 Sep 1870.
Lewis W. WOLF, creditor, Baltimore city & Others vs James W. WOLFE & Others Ludwig WELTZHEIMER, dec'd widow - Ann Margaret d/ Rebecca STEINER d/ Caroline (d/ May 1871) w/o Adam WOLFE leaving 8 children ...Lewis W. WOLFE ...William S. WOLFE, dec'd * ...Charles E. WOLFE ...Mary W. WOLFE w/o William BROWN ...George H. WOLFE ...Thomas M. WOLFE ...F.E.S. (or T.E.S.) WOLFE ...Alice E. WOLFE Land - Lots in Frederick city (#216 was one) - Residence on Lots #208 & 210 located on Fourth St, adjoining Mantz' graveyard, with a small weatherboarded log house. - House & Lot on Market St, then in occupancy of Christian STEINER William S. WOLFE, Baltimore city, d/ end of May 1871, intestate widow - Catharine A. (Kate A. JONES) and 3 minor children s/ James W. WOLFE, a minor - Baltimore city s/ Augustus A. H. WOLFE, a minor - Baltimore city d/ Mary M. WOLFE, a minor - Baltimore city (per testimony of Thomas M. WOLFE, she must have died before her father as only the sons are listed as living and stating that no children died after their father) Land - 1/8 undivided part on Lot #116 in Frederick city, located on corner of Second St and Klineharts Alley; (subject to life estate of Adam WOLFE), as child of Caroline WOLFE, dec'd daughter and as co-heir with Rebecca STEINER). Improvements were 2-story brick house and 2-story brick building. - 1/8 undivided part on Lot #213 on Fourth St and running back to Fifth St, 60x373', with a small log house. Guardian was William Nash YOUNG, Esq. Testimony was heard from George HOSKINS and Thomas M. WOLFE. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 13 Jan 1872; high bidder was: - Lewis W. WOLFE of Baltimore city at $230 (subject to life estate of Adam WOLFE and dower of Catharine A. WOLFE, wid/of William S. WOLFE and to 1/2 part of Lot #116 and 1/8 undivided interest on 1/2 part of Lots #208 & 210 on Square #33 (Fourth St); also 1/8 undivided interest on Lot #213). Distribution of $230; court costs, $165.45 - Lewis W. WoLFE, in part of judgement, $64.55 Closed 20 Apr 1872.
John W. WILHIDE & Others vs Sarah Ida WILHIDE & Others Conrad WILLHIDE d/ (Will written 16 Apr 1833) s/ Daniel WILLHIDE * s/ William WILLHIDE d/ Elizabeth WILLHIDE w/o Henry SHOOK d/ Sarah WILLHIDE w/o Frederick LEATHERMAN d/ Phebe Ann WILLHIDE d/ Mary WILLHIDE RIDER .....RUBEN WELLER (s/o Mary RIDER) .....John WELLER (s/o Mary RIDER) s/ Joseph WILLHIDE s/ Ezra WILLHIDE, a minor s/ Sepheneah WILLHIDE, a minor s/ Frederick WILLHIDE, a minor d/ Teresa WILLHIDE, a minor Land - "Weavers' Weave Stool", 117 acre farm, where David WELLER, s/o Daniel WELLER, then resided, on east side of Hunting Creek and along public road. - Lot #1 (79 acres) to son Daniel; - Lot #2 (38 acres) to son William. also to son Daniel - "Shoemaker's Knife" and "Long Kate Paw", 30 acres; (where Daniel then resided) conveyed to Conrad from Jonathan FRY. - 2 1/2 acres conveyed to Conrad from Nicholas CRAWL. to sons, Joseph, Ezra, Sepheneah and Frederick - "Mountain Tract", farm, and "Thereabouts", conveyed to Conrad from John CREAGER Sr. - "Shoemakers Knife" and "Long Kate Paw", 55 acres conveyed to Conrad from John LEATHERMAN and David CRAWL, execs/of Isaac CRAWL - 11 1/2 acres; conveyed to Conrad from Heirs of Isaac CRAWL: David CRAWL, Henry CRAWL, John CRAWL, Betsy CRAWL w/o David DOMER, Lance (or Laura?) CRAWL, Sarah CRAWL and Mary CRAWL. - "Shoemaker's Knife", (where they presently reside and was left to them by their grandfather, Nicholas CRAWL) conveyed to Conrad from David BUSH and Benjamin BUSH - SLAVES .....colored woman SARAH (to son Joseph) .....colored man WILLIAM (to son Ezra) .....colored boy MATHEW (to son Sepheniah or if he doen't want, to son Frederick) Slaves for life and to be kept until youngest son is 21. Son Joseph to take possession immediately after Conrad's death. - to daughter Elizabeth House where she presently resides and 2 acres from the mountain tract, adjoins lands of Samuel STEIN and Henry CREAGER. Execs to preserve monies and property for her children after her death and not to go to husband. Exec/ son Joseph WiLLHIDE Witnesses: John ARTHER, Henry CREEGER, William BEAM ==== Daniel WILLHIDE d/ Feb 1870, had 9 children s/ John W. WILLHIDE & w/ Anna HOLT d/ Caroline WILLHIDE w/o Theodore N. EYLER/ILER d/ Jane E. WILLHIDE, dec'd w/o David/Daniel L. WILLHIDE .....Sarah Ida WILLHIDE, a minor .....George W. WILLHIDE, a minor s/ Conrad A. WILLHIDE & w/ Harriet WOLFE s/ Simon WILLHIDE & w/ Catharine WILLIAR/WILLIARD s/ Edward O. WILLHIDE & w/ Prudence ILER d/ Mary E. WILLHIDE, dec'd w/o James COIL - Illinois .....Lucy Jane COIL, a minor .....Charles COIL, a minor .....Myrtle COIL, a minor s/ Martin H. WILLHIDE & w/ Mary Ann BAUMER s/ Daniel WILLHIDE Jr, dec'd .....Martha E. WILLHIDE, a minor Guardian was Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr. Testimony was heard from William G. COVER, William BEAM and John ROUZER. Trustee was John ROUZER. After two failed public sales, Rouzer asked the court to make private sale, which was approved and sold to: - Henry RAMSBURG at $1,000 for the 79 acres 1st Distribution of $456.33; court costs, $281.39 - each child's 1/9 share, $31.26 Closed 15 Jul 1872.
118-125 - THOMAS, NEWCOMER, ROBERTS - Nov 1870
NEWCOMER & Co vs Archibald T. SNOUFFER, exec/of Richard THOMAS Benjamin F. NEWCOMER and Eliza A. ROBERTS, trading as Newcomer & Co, running a business, with agent James S. ROBERTS, of milling at Greenfield Mills in Frederick County. An agreement was made with Richard THOMAS, a neighboring farmer, in Feb 1870 and ran until his death on 12 Sep 1870; The agreement provided that Richard THOMAS would have advances of cash and furnish him with flour and other articles from the mill in exchange for equal value of his wheat crop when it matured. His death occurred before the wheat crop was received; balance owed to the company is $1,051.64. Testimony was heard from James L. ROBERTS. Case was not considered for record and ended here.
Parmala FEIZER by John W. SHANK, her next friend vs Phoebe FEIZER & Others Jacob FEIZER Jr d/ 29 Jan 1871, intestate, on his farm in Woodsboro widow - Phoebe E. s/ David FEIZER d/ Mary Catharine FEIZER, a minor (by former wife Matilda, dec'd) s/ Parmalee FEIZER, a minor d/ Laura Matilda FEIZER, a minor d/ Susan Alice FEIZER, a minor d/ Emma Etta Feizer, a minor Land - Lots # 70, 48 & 49 on "Monocacy Manor", 94 + 8 acres; from Jacob FEIZER Sr & w/ Catharine in 1856. (previously to Jacob Sr from Daniel BOWERS in 1854, then 147+acres) Located 1/4 mile west of Woodsborough; parts are 'condemned' by Frederick & Pennsylvania Rail Road (2 acres, being 66' wide of which a commission claimed the railroad was to pay $800). Improvements were 2-story brick house with large back building, Switzer barn, smoke house, summer kitchen, well of pure water at the house and also at the barn. Part land is in limestone and is under good fencing. - "Smith's Good Will", 5 acre wood lot; from Lewis SMITH & w/ Catharine Elizabeth in 1865. Located in Woodsborough District, 2 1/2 miles SE of there, adjoining lands of John D. CRUMBAUGH and Lewis SMITH. - "Spring Plains", 8+ acres; from Jacob BEARD of Philip & w/ Mary A. in 1869. Mill tract, located on Coppermine Road (leads from Woodsborough to Johnsville on Israel's Creek, 1/2 mile east of Woodsborough, adjoining lands of Michael SHANK, Jesse GEISELMAN, Samuel RUBY and Michael SHANK; also included water rights of Israel's Creek which ran through the property; and also the tail race, originally sold by Jacob SNYDER & w/ Mary in 1835. Improvements were a new stone and frame flouring mill in complete order, a 2-story brick house with back building, summer kitchen, smoke house, stabling, a new hog house, and a well near the buildings. - 1/3 undivided share of Lots #56, 57, 58 & 59 on "Woodstown Land", 2 acres, in Woodsboro; from Mrs. Margaret Ann C. GRINDER to William SHANK, William SLAGLE and Jacob FEIZER. Previously from Joseph McCOSKRY & w/ Margaret in 1852. Located in Woodsborough with a 2-story brick school house. Exceptions of land sold to: - Joseph McCOSKEY for 6 acres on "Monocacy Manor" in 1859; included access to road leading to Woodsborough. - Christian RUHTER/RAHTER for 8 acres on "Monocacy Manor" in 1863. The widow agreed to have the mill property, wood lot and school house sold, free of her dower, but accepting share of proceeds. Dower to be claimed on the farm. On 8 May 1871, John D. CRUMBAUGH made oath the widow was 47 years old and her general health was good. Guardian was Herman C. KOCHLER. Testimony was heard from Dr. William H. WAGNER and Columbus A. CRAMER. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held 5 Aug 1871 on the farm premises; high bidders were: - Phoebe E. FEIZER for remaining 85 acres at $70/acre ($5,950) - Milton RUBY for the mill property at $5,450 - Milton RUBY for wood lot at $9.25/acre ($46.25) - William H. WAGNER for undivided 1/3 share at $350 Total sales, $11,851.57. John D. CRUMBAUGH filed a petition claiming debt due him from Jacob FEIZER Jr for $2,000. Guardian of the four youngest children was Phoebe E. FEIZER, their mother. Evidently, both David and Mary Catharine FEIZER were both adults by 29 Apr 1872, as they filed their responses. 1st Distribution of $4,218.61; court costs, $411.35 - Columbus A. CRAMER, assignee of mortgage debt to Jacob BEARD, $628.32 - Phoebe E. FEIZER, widow, in lieu of her dower, 1/8, $652.97 (on mill property, wood lot and school house lot sold for $5,852.14, less mortgage, $628.32) - balance to creditors Closed 1 Jun 1872.
Elizabeth LOY & Others vs Elizabeth OVELMAN Joseph OVELMAN d/ Nov 1870 in Emmitsburg, intestate (never married) sis/ Elizabeth (OVELMAN), wid/of Jacob LOY bro/ William OVELMAN, dec'd - Greencastle, Franklin Co, PA ........Elizabeth OVELMAN (lunatic) - Greencastle, Franklin Co, PA ........Levi OVELMAN & w/ Julianna (LENHART) ........William OVELMAN (Jr) & w/ Hannah M. (KEYGEY) ........David OVELMAN & w/ Elizabeth HARMAN ........John OVELMAN & w/ Emma C. ........Joseph OVELMAN, dec'd .............Mary C. OVELMAN w/o Henry J. DUKE .............Hannah OVELMAN w/o Joseph DAVIDSON Land - Lot #127 & House on Main St in Emmitsburg; from Joseph BRAWNER/BROWN & w/ Catharine in 1864. (previously to Anthony BARUS from Jacob TRUNDLE in 1814) Testimony was heard from William OVELMAN (Jr) who cares for his sister Elizabeth who has been unsound of mind about four years and four months; she is kept in her room as she hammers and breaks everything to pieces and tears her clothes off. Also testifying was Henry DITCH who lives near Greencastle, Franklin Co, PA and George OVELMAN who lives in Emmitsburg who testified to the death date of decedent. Oliver MORRISON testified as well and lived in Emmitsburg. Trustee was George R. OVELMAN. Sale was held at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg on 9 Mar 1872; high bidder was: - John WITHEROW at $241 Distribution: court costs, $166.10 - Elizabeth LOY, 1/2, $37.45 - William OVELMAN heirs, each 1/6 share, $6.24 Closed 22 May 1872.
William G. BAKER, trustee of Adam SCHAEFFER & w/ Elizabeth - Report of Sales Per Deed of Trust, real estate of Adam SCHAEFFER was sold by William G. BAKER at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 6 Feb 1872; high bidder was: - Marshall D. GETZENDANNER for 37 acres of "Carrollton" and a second tract of 37 acres at $8,185.72 Located in centre of 'Carroll's Manor', about 2 miles south of Buckeystown and on the Buckeystown Turnpike, 75 acres divided into fields and improved with 2-story brick house with back building, good barn, two orchards of 500-600 trees of all varieties. (conveyed to Adam SCHAEFFER from Robert BOONE) - Jacob CRIST for 25 acres of "New Bremen" and Lot #5, 20 acres of "New Bremen" at $900 Land was unimproved and was about 200 yards from the farm. Total sales, $9,085.72 Distribution of $4,828.57 - Elizabeth SCHAEFFER, her dower, $600 - Balance to mortgages and other creditors Closed 1 Jun 1872.
George W. FOREMAN & Simon A. WELLER, trustees - Report of Sales Complaintants were Trustees in Deed of Trust from Charles ZIMMERMAN & w/ Anna and Conrad FRANK (Zimmermans had conveyed real estate to him). Land - Mechanicstown District (Thurmont), k/a the BROWNING property; on the east side of the turnpike from Frederick to Emmittsburg; adjoining land of Henry HENDTRIX. Close to the house is a frame builing erected for a brewery. Also has a pump, and well of good water and a good garden. The Western Maryland Railroad was 1/4 mile away. - Lot #1, fronting the turnpike, 135x250' with a new 8-room 2-story log house - Lot #2, lying south of Lot #1, fronting the turnpike, 75x257' - Lot #3 & 4, fronting the turnpike, 75x257' Sale was held 24 Sep 1870 on the premises; high bidders were: - Jacob WASTLER for Lot #1 at $1,300 - George FRESHMAN for Lot #2 at $81 - Christian EXKSTEIN for Lots #3 & 4 at $50 & $45 Also sold were brewery items. Total sales, $1,581.50 Distribution of $1,667.38; court costs, $633.49 - George W. FOREMAN, for mortgage, $166.68 - Simon WELLER, for mortgage, $582.96 - W.C. LANDERS, for use of Simon WELLER, mortgage, $155.49 - Balance to various creditors, $208.76 Closed 1 Jul 1872
182-186 - COX, BIRELY - Apr 1872
John W. BIRELY, mortagee - Foreclosure on John P. COX & w/ Ellen Land - Lot #15 on "Resurvey on Mackey's Luck", 15 acres; from Henry BRINEBRINK(?) & wife in 1864. Foreclosure sale held 15 Feb 1872 on the premises; high bidder was: - P.H.C. BIRELY at $600 Distribution: court costs, $102.10 - John W. BIRELY, part mortgage claim, $497.90 Closed 24 Jun 1872.
186-192 - ROUTZAHN - Apr 1872
John ROUTZAHN & Joseph ROUTZAHN, mortgagees of Benjamin ROUTZAHN & w/ Elizabeth - Foreclosure Land - parts of "The Mistake Is Rectified" and "Rusher's Purchase", 201 acres, in Creagerstown District, about 2 miles from Creagerstown. Improvements included a 2-story stone house with 2-story back building, containing 9 rooms with good cellar, stone bar 136' long, wagon shed, corn crib, ice house, dairy, smoke house, blacksmith shop and tenant house and is near the Western Maryland Railroad. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick city on 13 April 1872; high bidder was: - John ROUTZAHN at $6,941.62 Distribution: court costs, $431.33 - Mortgagees, $2,658.08 - Lydis METZGAR, $3,775.04 - John ROUTZAHN, part payment of 2nd mortgage, $77.17 Closed 26 Aug 1872.
192-203 - CRONE, SANNER, REMSBURG - Dec 1871
Carlton H. CRONE vs Amanda J. CRONE and Josephus P. CRONE Land - Lot #4, 101 acres; from Eliza Ann CRONE (per Equity Court) to Carlton Henry CRONE, Amanda Isabella CRONE and Josephus Philip CRONE in 1865 (JWLC-3, 226). Previously to Conrad CRONE from John CRONE and Henry CRONE, adjoining land of Christian REMSBURG, Asa REMSBURG, Charles P. REMSBURG and Tilghman GAVER; and on road from Middletown to Michael's Mill and also road from Middletown to Jefferson, 1/2 mile south of Middletown. Farm has 7 acres in timber and has 7 fields with running water in each of them. Improvements were a 2-story brick house, bank barn, wagon shed, corn house, spring house, an orchard and spring near the house. Amanda J. CRONE and Josephus P. CRONE were both minors; William N. YOUNG, Esquire was their guardian. Testimony was heard from Hanson T. REMSBURG and John E. CRONE. Trustee was Carlton H. CRONE. Sale was held 17 Feb 1872 in Middletown; high bidder was: - John SANNER at $10,656.82 Distribution: court costs, $520.55 - Carlton H. CRONE, 1/3, $3,378.75 - Amanda J. CRONE, 1/3, $3,378.75 - Josephus P. CRONE, 1/3, $3,378.75 Closed 7 May 1872.
C.V.L. LEVY, equity trustee of John STIMMEL vs John STIMMEL C.V.L. LEVY was trustee for the estate of John STIMMEL, declared a lunatic and non compos mentis and had been in the Alms House for some 19 years. Land - Log House and Lot D (part of Original Lot #19), on south side of Main Street in Walkersville. To John STIMMEL from Isaac WALKER, trustee, in 1852 (Equity of Mary E. BECK by Aaron BECK, her next friend, vs Jacob WALKER and others). Improvements were 1 1/2 story log house, stable, corn crib and Artesian well. Guardian for John STIMMEL was Herman C. KOEHLER. Testimony was heard from Simon W. STAUFFER and J. Lewis NICODEMUS. Sale was held 1 Jun 1872 on the premises; high bidder was: - Jacob S. PERRY at $445 Distribution: court costs, $136.90 - Susan WILSON, per court order, $129.67 - C.V.L. LEVY, Esq, trustee of John STIMMEL, $178.43 Closed 28 Aug 1872.
214-219 - WASKEY, THOMAS, McGILL, MYERS - Mar 1872
Thomas J. McGILL, mortgagee - Foreclosure Deed of Mortgage issued to Dr. Thomas J. McGILL by Leonard T. WASKEY, Lucinda V. WASKEY and Elizabeth THOMAS. Land - parts of tracts, "Fielderea", 17 acres, from Thomas J. McGILL to Leonard T. WASKEY in 1870; on road from Jefferson to Adamstown, adjoining lands of George THOMAS of Henry. Improvements were a new 2-story log house with back building attached and a garden. - "Resurvey on Lashmutts Folly" and "New Discovery", from Mary BLESSING to Elizabeth THOMAS in 1852 (ES-4, 113 on May 1853). Failure to pay resulted in public sale at the Dill House on 16 Mar 1872; high bidder was: - Emanuel MYERS at $480 Objection was made that property was of higher value than sold, but court ruled the sale should stand, recorded 11 Oct 1872. Notated as "unfinished" Note - pages 220-221 are blank
222-231 - MILLER, COVER, DAVIS - May 1872
John COVER, mortgagee of Lycurgus MILLER - Report of Sales Lycurgus MILLER and w/ Lucinda E. were indebted to John COVER. Joseph DAVIS also held a 2nd mortgage by Miller. Land - parts of tracts, "Mackey's Choice", "Long Snake", "Resurvey on Welsh Cabin" and "Stick" (or "Slick"), 91 acres; "Welsh Cabin", 44 acres; and "Wolfe's Parish", 10 acres; from Benjamin BOND & w/ Margaret Ann of Carroll County to Lycurgus MILLER in 1869. Wooded lot is a mile from farm. Improvements were a large 2-story stone house with back building, a stone bank barn, wagon shed, corn crib, a young orchard and spring of soft water near the house. It also has an unfinished tenant house. Public sale was held 18 May 1872 on the premises in Woodsborough District, on the road from York Road to Mechanics Town, near Haugh Church and adjoining lands of Frederick BIRELY, Jacob BIRELY and Samuel McGINNIS; high bidder was: - Joseph DAVIS, Esquire, for the 136 acre farm and 10-acre wood lot at $3,942 Distribution: court costs, $376 - John COVER, for mortgage, $3,566 Closed 30 Aug 1872.
Nathan T. TALBOT, mortgagee of James T. BURCH - Report of Sales Land - parts of tracts, "Bunker Hill", being part of "Resurvey on Hobson's Choice", it being part of "Carrollton", 93 acres; - "Sand Stone Ridge"and "Hill in the Middle", 45 acres; from Nathan T. TALBOT to James T. BURCH in 1869. Previously to Nathan T. Talbot of Montgomery County from heirs of Roger NELSON: Madison NELSON & w/ Josephine, Eleanor H. LUCKETT and Sarah MAULSBY by William P. MAULSBY, William P. MAULSBY Jr, Emily N. MAULSBY, John RITCHIE & w/ Bettie H.N. in 1868; borders the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. William P. MAULSBY's wife, Emily C. died after July 1872, leaving children, s/ William P. MAULSBY Jr d/ Emily N. MAULSBY d/ Bettie H. M., w/o John RITCHIE Acreage above shows remaining acreage after James T. BURCH and w/ Mary sold 222 acres of the total 316 acres to Hugh McALEER in Feb 1869. Property was in Buckeystown District, adjoining "Carrollton Manor" and lands of Mrs. SMOOT, N.T. TALBOTT and Henry MICHAEL, about 1 1/2 miles from Point of Rocks; the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and the Metropolitan Rail Road pass through the property. The farm is divided into four fields and has a 1 1/2-story log house and a barn. The land is red soil and 50 acres are wooded. Public sale was held in front of the store of WEST & CHAMBERS in the village of Point of Rocks on 15 Jun 1872; high bidder was: - D.S. ROTH for the 215 acres at $7,301.40 Distribution: court costs, $604.37 - Nathan T. TALBOTT, for mortgage, $6,697.03 Closed 10 Aug 1872.
Ashbury MOLESWORTH, et al vs Rufus G. MOLESWORTH, et al Alfred MOLESWORTH d/ 8 Jun 1871, intestate widow - Sarah E. s/ Asbury MOLESWORTH s/ Francis B. MOLESWORTH - Bloomington, Illinois s/ Eli H. MOLESWORTH s/ John A. MOLESWORTH s/ Rufus G. MOLESWORTH, a minor d/ Mary E. MOLESWORTH, a minor d/ Clara H. MOLESWORTH, a minor d/ Fannie J. MOLESWORTH, a minor d/ Laura J. MOLESWORTH, a minor Land - "Cowman's Manor", 176 acres; on road from Kemptown to BARTHOLOW's water station on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 1 mile from the station; Improvements of 2-story log house with kitchen attached, meat house, barn with stabling, tobacco house, spring of water, orchard and large garden. - from George M. CLAY & w/ Martha M., Corban R. CLAY & w/ Isabella CLAY, John H. CLAY, J. Thomas BROWNING & w/ Amanda M., George M. MOXLEY & w/ Elizabeth, Thomas H. HYATT & w/ Elcinda, all of Frederick County and John P. IJAMS & w/ Rebecca of Baltimore City in 1867 (DSB-2, 66). Previously to Lemuel CLAY from George CLAY in Jan 1858, by his Will (BGF-1, 232). Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER. Testimony was heard from Joseph WOOD who claimed Will was not admitted to probate because of not being properly witnessed and stated the widow was in good health and was about 50 years old. Also testifying was Milton BURKE and John J. HYATT. The widow asked that her 1/3 dower share of land be laid off for her. Commissioners were Jesse ROOP, William DOWNEY, H. Dorsey WATERS, John BARTHOLOW and Nathan MAYNARD. Asbury MOLESWORTH protested the way the dower was laid out which he claimed excluded water from the other part of lands. The widow's dower included 54+ acres, the mansion house and tenant house. Trustees were J. Thomas BROWNING and Frederick J. NELSON. Sale was held 17 Feb 1872 in front of O.T. FOUT's store in Kemptown; high bidders were: - John A. MOLESWORTH for Lot #1, 120+ acres at $1,717.12; 90 acres were cleared, the balance timbered with young chesnut suitable for rails; also had two good tobacco houses. Lot #2 of 54+ acres received no bids; was assigned to the widow as dower and was subject to life estate of widow. Distribution of $1,717.12; court costs, $290.04 - each child's 1/9 share, $158.56 Closed 15 May 1872.
Thomas CLAGGETT vs James O. EASTERDAY, John EASTERDAY and Gamaliel EASTERDAY (brothers) Land - "Daniel's Small Tract", 68+ and 42+ acres; east and southeast of Urbana; has saw mill seat and tobacco houses; located on roads from New Market to Urbana and from Ijamsville to Hyattstown; improvements of a 2-story log house with basement, a small tenement house, three tobacco houses with three springs of water convenient to the house, an apple and peach orchard and a fine site by Bennett's Creek for a saw mill; - from Thomas CLAGGETT in 1867 to the Easterdays and also was mortgage holder. Previously to Thomas CLAGGETT from John W. HAMMOND, trustee, in 1848 (other half of tract was sold to Josiah S. WARRENFELS). Partial payment for land was given to Gamaliel EASTERDAY by Daniel WASTLER, John CLINE and Henry WASTLER. Thomas CLAGGETT was demanding payment; Easterdays claimed parts of Lot #2 had been sold by CLAGGETT to negroes (Warrenfeltz had rented the tobacco house to Aaron JONES) and therefore, acreage as in agreement was not the same. Survey shows parcels sold by Thomas CLAGETT, one to Easterdays and the other to Gideon BUSSARD, Bennett's Creek flows acrosss both parcels. (Josiah WARRENFELTS conveyed the land back to Thomas CLAGGETT, who then conveyed it to Gideon BUSSARD.) Testifying was James H. HARDING, Adolphus FEARHAKE, Josiah L. WARRENFELTS, William J. KINDLEY, Thomas CLAGGETT, George W. UNGLESBEE, Mrs. Catharine UNGLESBEE, John P. GAVER, Levi WOLFE, William H. MURPHY, Gideon BUSSARD, James O. EASTERDAY, Theodore JACOBS, John EASTERDAY, Gamaliel EASTERDAY, Mel BURGEE, James L.B. GOSNELL, Rufus K. MAGRUDER and Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr. The court ruled deed to be made per the survey (which was done prior to arrangement the defendents had planned to attend), despite the boundary lines differing from initial showing before agreement. Court ruled the defendents should have contested the agreement and asked for refund of their money, instead of remaining in possession of property. If final payment is not made, then trustees, William P. MAULSBY and John E.R. WOOD, Esquires, will sell the property. Charles W. ROSS was substituted for William P. MAULSBY. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 10 Sep 1872; high bidder was: - James O. EASTERDAY for 109 acre farm at $4,692.46 Distribution: court costs, $228.97 - Thomas CLAGGETT, $4,203.76 - James O. EASTERDAY, $259.73 Closed 14 Oct 1872.
David ENGLE of Carroll County vs Christian BOWERS & Others William R. WEST, Liberty District, d/ 13 Mar 1866, intestate widow - Matilda, now w/o Christian BOWERS s/ John David WEST, a minor d/ Elizabeth Catharine WEST, a minor d/ Vandelia WEST, a minor d/ Sarah Jane WEST, a minor (another child did not survive) Land - "Casper's Loss", 2 acres; to William R. WEST of Carroll County from Thomas DEVILBISS & w/ Mary Ann in Sep 1855. Previously bequeathed to Thomas DEVILBISS from Casper DEVILBISS. - "Casper's Loss", 80 perches; from George W. DEVILBISS & w/ Kitty A. in 1859. Property included 1 1/2-story log house and quince, plum and peach trees; adjoined lands of George W. DEVILBISS and John GREENHOLTZ. Administrator was Dr. E. Lincoln BROWN of Carroll County. Guardian was William Nash YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from William H. GREENHOLTZ, Solomon P. ENGLER On 22 Jan 1870, William GREENHOLTZ of Carroll County testified the widow was about 35 years old and her general heath was good. Trustee was Dr. E. Lincoln BROWN of Carroll County. Sale was held 16 Jul 1870 on the premises near Lander's Mill on road from Liberty to New Windsor; high bidder was: - Mary Ann CHASE at $212.50 Distribution: court costs, $138.72 - David ENGLE, claim, $14.38 and $2.81 - Martin L. DEVILBISS, claim, $13.83 - E. Lincoln BROWN, claim, $42.76 Closed 15 Jun 1871.
320-327 - GEESEY, STIMMEL, GEISELMAN - Jul 1871
Sarah A. GEESEY vs Mary D. GEESEY & Matilda GEESEY - Title William Henry GEESEY d/ Jan 1868 widow - Mary D. d/ Matilda GEESEY, a minor Land - "Spring Plains", 1 acre; to William H. GEESEY from Adam HUMMER & w/ Christiana in 1867. Previously from Paul CARMACK. - "Joseph's Friendship", 2 acres, in Woodsboro District; to William Henry GEESEY from John B. STIMMEL & w/ Elizabeth in 1867. Sarah GEESEY paid Jesse GEISELMAN, as agent, for property from John B. STIMMEL. Previously from William C. LANDERS and Joshua BIGGS, trustees to Elizabeth STIMMEL in 1861. Adjoins land of Henry DARKIS; references deed from Henry DARKIS to Fanny DUDDERER. Agreement was made between Sarah A. GEESEY and her son, William H. GEESEY, for him to transfer to her land from Adam HUMMER and for her to transfer to her son land from John B. STIMMEL; however, her son died before the deed was conveyed. Testimony was heard from Jesse GEISELMAN and John B. STIMMEL. Guardian was Walker Y. PAGE, Esquire. The court agreed that transfer of the Stimmel property to deeded to Sarah A. GEESEY and Frederick J. NELSON was appointed as trustee to convey the property. Closed 17 May 1872.
John G. CHAPMAN Jr & Marshall CHAPMAN, admin/of Gen. John G. CHAPMAN, dec'd, all of Charles Co, MD vs The WEAVERTON Mfg Co & Others Deed of Trust was made by the Weaverton Mfg Co to John G. CHAPMAN of Charles Co, MD, for benefit of creditors; however, Chapman died before the duties were completed. Land - "Weaverton", 30,000 sq ft lot; in Frederick and Washington Counties; in the town of Weverton on Factory Street, next to Potomac Mfg Company and house of William LONGBRIDGE, fronting on Canal Avenue and back to alley. Included water power of the Potomac River and a stone factory building. Property was sold by William P. MAULSBY, trustee, in April 1860 to Caspar W. WEAVER for $10,000; however, no money was ever paid and no deed was conveyed. Part of property was sold in 1850 to the Henderson Steel Company with Henry Winter DAVIS and Archibald HENDERSON. Archibald since died intestate and Richard H. HENDERSON of the city of Washington was his administrator. Caspar W. WEVER d/ since April 1860, intestate, Washington Co, MD. s/ Adam WEVER - Ohio d/ Catharine WEVER, w/o William O. COLLINS - Hillsboro, Highland Co, Ohio d/ Charlotte D. wid/o Carlton C. SAMS - Hillsboro, Highland Co, Ohio s/ Patrick Henry WEVER - Ohio - Hillsboro, Highland Co, Ohio d/ Virginia H. WEVER - Hillsboro, Highland Co, Ohio Caspar W. WEVER/WEAVER also owned land in Virginia and had water powers and mill seats. Administrator was Thomas H. CRAMPTON. Letters of Administration for John G. CHAPMAN Sr were issued to John G. CHAPMAN Jr and Marshall CHAPMAN in Charles Co, MD on 15 Apr 1857. Testimony was heard from Joseph M. EBBERTS. Trutee was Marshall CHAPMAN. Sale was held 8 Feb 1871 on the premises; high bidder was: - William A. STEWART and Andrew G. CHAPMAN at $8,800 Sale notice advertised as Valuable Property with Immense Water Power and sites for 20-30 mills and factories; located at Weverton on the north side of the Potomac river, 3 miles below Harpers Ferry; includes 150 acres, about 70 are timbered; has large stone dam across the river which costs the company more than $60,000 to construct and is regarded equal to that at Lowell, Massachusetts. The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and the Frederick & Harper's Ferry Turnpike all pass through the estate. The section between the canal and rail road and a portion north of the rail road have been laid out in lots. There are several never-failing springs of the purest mountain water and an extensive quarry of unexcelled building stone within 200 yards of the rail road; also an abundance of brick clay and iron ore; and has a fine view of the Potomac River and the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, Short Hill, Loudoun Heights and Maryland Heights. There are also two tenant houses. Distribution of $8,800; court costs, $1,923.99 - John G. & Marshall CHAPMAN, claims, $500, $497.01, $210 - Mason KENDELL, assignee of bonds, $5,668 total Closed 20 May 1872.
382-391 - SCHROEDER, MARKEY, GRAHE - Aug 1870
David J. MARKEY, trustee of F. SCHROEDER - Petition In 1871, Frederick SCHROEDER & w/ Sophia conveyed a Deed of Trust to David J. MARKEY for benefit of creditors. Land - House & Lot on east side of North Market St in Frederick - Rear Lot on East Third St in Frederick with an inlet from Chapel Alley - Lot on north side of East Third St in Frederick with rear lot on west side of Chapel Alley, between 3rd & 4th Streets Sale was held on 20 Mar 1872 at the ware rooms of Schroeder, high bidder was: - Mrs. Sophia SCHROEDER for House & Lot at $6,200 - Julius GRAHE for the Rear Lot at $180 Total sales, $6,380. Personal property was sold for $4,379.77. Amounts received on accounts amounted to $1,803.72. After David J. MARKEY became an invalid, he asked the court to appont a trustee to replace him; Henry S. MARKEY replaced him. Distribution of $5700.67; - court costs and mortgage payments, $4,040.52 - Balance with trustee, $1,660.15 A mortgage claim is still owed to E.A.C. FOX. Also, Sophia SCHROEDER has 1/8 share as dower. 2nd Distribution of $6,432.45; court costs, $380.94 - multitude of claims, $5140.51 - Frederick SCHROEDER, balance, $911 Closed 7 Mar 1873.
David F. KOLB, et al vs Alfred B. KOLB & T.M.A. KOLB Daniel KOLB d/ 2 Oct 1871 (Will written 29 Sep 1860) w/ Caroline d/ 14 Nov 1868 s/ Jacob M. KOLB (already rec'd his share) s/ David F. KOLB s/ Lewis A. KOLB s/ Joseph KOLB & w/ Cynthia - New Richmond, Ohio s/ Daniel KOLB Jr. - Washington, DC s/ Thomas KOLB d/ 16 Aug 1869, intestate and w/o issue d/ Naomi wid/o Charles UTERMEHLE, widow - Washington, DC d/ Louisa C. w/o Andrew J. WHITTAKER/WHITACRE - Washington, DC s/ Alfred B. KOLB, a minor d/ Sophia M. A. KOLB, a minor Property to wife and upon her death to unnamed children, except son Jacob M. KOLB, as he had already received his share; however, Caroline died before her husband. Codicil written on 19 Nov 1868 appointing Daniel Kolb Jr. as executor; however, should he die, then son Thomas KOLB. Exec/ wife Witnesses: Henry SCHLEY, R.G. McPHERSON, Mason R. MARCH, Joseph W.L. CARTY Land - parts "Addison's Choice" and "Final", 102 acres in Mount Pleasant; from Joseph & Eliza STAUFFER in 1844; adjoins lands of Cromwell DUTROW and Alpheus MARRIOTT. - Part of the 140 acre tract was sold to William DEAN for 38 acres in 1862; near public road from Linganore Mills to main road from Frederick Town to Liberty Town; adjoins lands formerly owned by Daniel DORSEY (part "Richlands"). Guardian was William N. YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from John W. BRENGLE, John L. REMSBURG and Aaron ANDERS. Trustee was Daniel KOLB Jr of Washington, DC. Lands sold were contiguous to lands on which Caroline KOLB, the widow, had a life estate under the Will of Jacob BRENGLE and, upon her death before her husband, became invested in her children. Lands were used as one farm, but now being divided into Farm 1 and Farm 2. Sale was held 14 Mar 1872 on the premises; high bidders were: - David F. KOLB for Farm 1, 56+ acres, at $70/acre - Lewis A. KOLB for Farm 2, 61 acres, at $30/acre Distribution of $5804.25; court costs, $411.47 - each 1/8 share to the children, $674.09 (exceptions were Jacob and Thomas) Closed 28 Dec 1872.
411-412 - SMITH, LINTHICUM - Oct 1869
J. W. LINTHICUM & wife vs Ann Rebecca SMITH - Release John W. LINTHICUM & w/ Amanda S. have received the full sum of $850.07 per Equity decree from Ann Rebecca SMITH and now release their claim. Page 413 is blank.
William Henry SOELKEY vs Lenah SOELKEY, et al Frederick William SOELKEY d/ 4 Oct 1861 in Baltimore City, intestate widow - Lenah- Baltimore City s/ William Henry SOELKEY - Baltimore City s/ Christian Edward SOELKEY, a minor - Baltimore City d/ Cora Addie SOELKEY, a minor - Baltimore City d/ Alice Olivia SOELKEY, a minor - Baltimore City The widow and children moved from Fredericktown to Baltimore City on 1 April 1867; whereby she rented the Fredericktown property and used the monies as support for her children. Land - House & Lot on West South St in Fredericktown; presently rented to ____SIGLER; adjoining lot of Henry LORENTZ. Improvements were a 2-story brick house with a hydrant in the yard and a variety of fruit trees. From Edward BUCKEY to Frederick William SOELKEY in 1852. Previously to George HELTERBIDLE from Evan CARMACK in 1831; George SALMON, as insolvent trustee of HELTERBIDLE, conveyed it to BUCKEY in 1834. Said to run between Mechanics Street and Liberty Street. - Parcel adjacent to Fredericktown on SE corner of BUCKEY's former lot to farm owned by Bolton JACKSON's heirs. From Peter L. STORM & w/ Isabella to Frederick William SOELKEY in 1854. Previously from Henry STEINER to Storm in 1841 Deed of Mortgage made by Frederick William SOELKEY & w/ Lenah to Lewis M. NIXDORFF in 1861, wo assigned it to Lend LOCKEY, then to the widow of Frederick Wm. SOELKEY. Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER, Esquire. On 6 April 1872, Edward ROELKEY made oath in Baltimore city that the widow was about 45 years old and her general health was good. Testimony was heard from John ROELKEY who testified to the date of death of decedent; also, John F. ZELLERS. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was made to: - Mrs Lenah SOELKEY at $1,475; however, she requested that George J. BUCKEY be substituted as the buyer (John ROELKEY acting as her agent). Distribution: court costs, $212.87 - Lenah SOELKEY, assignee of mortgage, $922.44 - Lenah SOELKEY, widow, in lieu of dower, $48.52 - each child's 1/4 share, $72.79 Closed 21 Dec 1872.
Elizabeth PENN & Others vs Sarah PENN & Others Francis PENN d/ Feb 1869, intestate widow - Elizabeth s/ Francis PENN & w/ Celia (*sold his share to parents) s/ Nicholas PENN - Baltimore City, MD d/ Alice PENN w/o Richard P. "Thomas" LAWSON s/ Abram S. PENN d/ Argine PENN, a minor & w/o John H. DAILY d/ Sarah PENN, a minor d/ Louiza PENN, a minor s/ Charles PENN, a minor d/ Cassie PENN, a minor s/ Edward Perry PENN, a minor On 4 June 1869, Francis PENN conveyed title to his wife, Elizabeth. Land - 12 acres in Liberty District, adjoining lands of William G. WILSON: - "Resurvey on Woods Lot", 2 acres; from Dennis D. HOWARD in 1844. - "Resurvey on Wade's Lot", 10 acres; on north side of public road from Liberty Town to Unionville; from Dennis H. MAYNARD and Dawson V. HAMMOND, trustees for Dennis D. HOWARD, dec'd, in 1854. - "Resurvey on Woods Lot", 20 acres; to Elizabeth PENN from Francis PENN & w/ Cecelia of New York City in 1869. Previously to Francis PENN from Dennis D. HOWARD in 1844. Trustee was Arthur POTTS, Esquire. On 13 Feb 1872, testimony was heard from Martin L. NICODEMUS (age 42) who testified the widow was age 40-45; Richard H. NORRIS (age 30) who testified the widow was age 50-55. Trustee was Martin L. NICODEMUS. Sale was held 27 April 1872 on the premises; high bidder was: - Jesse C. ENGLE at $1,155 Distribution: court costs, $167.02 - Elizabeth PENN, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/9, $109.77 - Elizabeth PENN, assignee*, 1/10, $87.82 less $71.99 & int, leaving balance $12.60 - Each child's 1/10 share, $87.82 (except son Francis whose share was sold to parents) Closed 29 Jan 1873.
Peter THOMAS of G. vs Mattie C. CUNNINGHAM & Others From the Will of John HOSSELBACK (GME-2, 422-425 filed 20 Jan 1840) - devised to his grandson, John CUNNINGHAM, the son of Benjamin Amos CUNNINGHAM, plantation farm on both sides of the Monocacy River where Hosselback lived; also 40 adjoining acres Hosselback purchased from Thomas J. DAVIS and also 76 wooded acres near the Sugar Loaf Mountain (from the Bank of the United States). Should John CUNNINGHAM die without heirs, then to - grandson, William CUNNINGHAM, brother of John, but should he also die without heirs, then to - grandson Thomas I. DAVIS, son of Thomas I. DAVIS, but should he also die without heirs, then to - grandchildren of daughter Eliza GRAMMAR John A.H. CUNNINGHAM d/ April 1870, intestate widow - Mattie C. (DAVIS) and minor children, ages under 13 s/ Benjamin CUNNINGHAM, a minor d/ Kate CUNNINGHAM, a minor d/ Bessie CUNNINGHAM, a minor Land - "Buckingham House", 330 acres, formerly home farm of John HOSSELBACK, dec'd. Located in Buckeystown District, 1 mile from Buckeystown, close to the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and the Buckeytown Turnpike, about 7 miles from Frederick and convenient to mills, schools and churches. Land is all limestone, except for a few acres around the house and has been recently limed. Land is divided into fields with rail and post fencing made of locust posts and chesnut rails. Improvements are one of the largest and most substantially built mansion houses, two stories high, built of stone, with a new Switzer barn (47x80' of yellow pine,double frame and double floor), corn house, hog house, ice house and shed; granaries, large threshing floor, spouting, coper lightning rods, all painted and finished off. There is a cave under the bridge of the barn, 10x30', and a large cistern at the corner of the barn which holds 250-300 hogsheads of water and a never-failing pump near at hand. The stabling held 30 head of horses and cattle. There are orchards of apples, peaches and pears. A view of the entire farm can be seen from the front porch. - "Foul Play", wood Lot #32, 76 acres, near Sugar Loaf Mountain. On Plat by Willy JANES in 1832. Conveyed to bank by Joseph A. and Charles JOHNSON, exec/of Roger JOHNSON in 1832. Land received from the Will of John HOSSELBACK who died 12 Jan 1840 with Will filed 20 Jan 1840. A portion of home place of 73 acres was sold by Cunningham and his wife to William ORME in 1863. In 1869, a Deed of Mortgage was made to John W. ROSS who assigned it to Mattie C. CUNNINGHAM, widow of John A.H. CUNNINGHAM, in 1871. Administrator was James L. DAVIS. By 1 Feb 1871, the minor children were then living in Bostick, Jefferson Co, Georgia. William A. CUNNINGHAM and Thomas Roger JOHNSON, both of Bostick, Jefferson Co, Georgia, were asked to have a guardian appointed for the minor children; H.L. BATTLE was appointed of that county and state. The widow released her dower rights and stated she was age 33 on the 14th of Nov 1870. James L. DAVIS made oath he was the father of the widow, Mattie C. CUNNINGHAM, confirmed her birth date and stated her health was good. Testimony was heard from A.B. CUNNINGHAM, David THOMAS and James L. DAVIS. James L. DAVIS was appointed trustee. Davis was unable to sell the lands at public sale for a reasonable price and asked to be able to sell at private sale, which he did to - Daniel BAKER at $20,000. A survey showed the acreage of the farm to be 289 acres. 1st Distribution of $10,000; court costs, $1,017.40 - Mattie C. CUNNINGHAM, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $1,283.22 - Mattie C. CUNNINGHAM, assignee of mortgage claim, $2,250.66 - multiple creditors were paid at 38.4% of their claims. James L. DAVIS died 18 July 1872, before the final payment and conveyance. Daniel BAKER petitioned the court to appoint a new trustee; B. Amos CUNNINGHAM was appointed the new trustee. 2nd Distribution of $10,668.34 (includes interest) - court costs, $384.40 - Mattie C. CUNNINGHAM, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $1,469.13 - balance to numerous creditors Closed 25 Apr 1873.
Wesley G. HAMMOND, et al vs Clarence SIMPSON, et al Rezin HAMMOND d/ 2 Nov 1871 in Indiana, intestate widow - Ann T. (age 77) s/ Wesley G. HAMMOND - Indiana d/ Mary A. SHELBY - Indiana d/ Edith H. ROACH - Indiana s/ William C. HAMMOND - Indiana s/ Upton J.B. HAMMOND - Indiana s/ Thomas C. HAMMOND - Indiana s/ Rezin R. HAMMOND - Indiana d/ Julia A., dec'd w/o Richard SIMPSON - all of Indiana .....Clarence SIMPSON, a minor .....Elinor SIMPSON, a minor .....Edward SIMPSON, a minor .....Julia A. SIMPSON, a minor Land - "Hammond's Choice", 105 acres; to Rezin HAMMOND of Clark Co, Indiana from Thomas HAMMOND, trustee to sell property of Carroll HAMMOND, dec'd, in 1858 for $8,253 (BGF-2, 545). Previously to Carroll HAMMOND from Vachel HAMMOND in 1819 (JS-11, 37-39). Adjoins tract "Gaither's Chance", located 1 mile NE of Liberty. Improvements were a 2-story fram house, large bank barn, double corn crib, with never failing springs, running steams and a good well at the door and has an orchard with a variety of choice fruit. - also included is "The Grove", 18 acres; Previously to Carroll HAMMOND from John HAMMOND in 1820 (JS-71, 531-533). Adjoins "Hammond's Choice". Guardian was William N. YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Dawson V. HAMMOND and Ephraim RICHMOND Trustee was Frederick J. NELSON. Sale was held at the hotel of George W. SMITH in Liberty town on 22 Feb 1873; high bidder was: - Nicholas H. MEDCALF for farm "Hammond's Good Luck" at $8,006.06 Distribution of $3,006; court costs, $554.98 - Ann T. HAMMOND, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $300.60 - each 1/8 share to children, $268.81 (Julia A. SIMPSON's children's share, ($67.20 each) Closed 9 May 1873.
Francis MARKELL, guardian of Catharine J. TREGO, et al vs Catharine J. TREGO, et al Basil NORRIS, dec'd (Will written 6 Dec 1864) widow - Jane C. d/ 2 May 1871 (devised to her the farm and houses and lots on Patrick St, etc; upon her death, to the children of their daughter) d/ Eleanor Jane, w/o John T. TREGO .....Catharine J. TREGO, a minor - Burlington Co, NJ .....Basil Norris TREGO, a minor .....Eleanor C. TREGO, a minor .....John T. TREGO (b/ Sep 1871), a minor (d/ bef 30 Apr 1873) - Francis MARKELL and William J. ROSS - Houses and Lots on Patrick St in Frederick; from exec/of Peter MANTZ, adjoining Basil's residence, then occupied by Mrs. E. M. SCHLEY and Mrs. ELDRIDGE - also Lot on corner of Patrick and Court Sts in Frederick, adjoining that of Nicholas D. HAUER on Patrick St and that of Joshua DILL on Court St - Stock in Farmers & Merchants Bank of Baltimore - Stock in Franklin Bank of Baltimore - Stock in Union Bank of Baltimore - Weekly deposits in Frederick Town Savings for benefit and use of his daughter Eleanor Jane TREGO and upon her death, to her children. Exec/ wife Witnesses: George ENGLEBRECHT, Daniel HALLER, Thomas M. MARKELL Land - Lots #30 & 31 on south side of Patrick St in Frederick Town to Basil NORRIS for $12,000 from John McPherson BRIEN & w/ Isabella A. of Washington County in 1833 (signed in Baltimore City). Previously to John McPherson BRIEN (w/ Isabella A.) from George W. MILLER in 1833. Guardian was Francis MARKELL who requested a guardian be appointed for Catherine J. TREGO who was then living in in Burlington, NJ. On 28 Dec 1871, George W. HEWETT, Esquire, of Burlington Co, NJ was appointed guardian for Catherine. Frederick County guardian for the other three minor children was Herman C. KOEHLER, Esquire. Testimony was heard from George MARKELL and Louis MARKELL. Trustees were Francis MARKELL and William J. ROSS. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 11 Mar 1872; high bidders were: - Edward BOWLUS at $6,800; 25x388', extends to Brewer's Alley (aka Tanner's Alley). - Elias ZIMMERMAN for Lot #2 at $4,100; 21 1/2x96'with rooms extending over the alley. Distribution of $6,375.47; court costs, $479.86 - each child's share, 1/4, $1,473.90 By 30 Apr 1873, John T. TREGO had died. Distribution of $2,409.07; court costs, $83.92 - Catherine J. TREGO, 1/3, $775.05 - Basil Norris TREGO, 1/3, $775.05 - Eleanor C. TREGO, 1/3, $775.05 Closed 26 May 1873. Note - Pages 500-501 are blank.
514-524 - COVER, HARRIS, CRAMER - Mar 1872
Henry R. HARRIS, trustee of Joseph COVER & w/ Mary Susan COVER - Report of Sales Land - "The Retreat", 116 acres; located 1 1/2 miles south of Walkersville in Mount Pleasant District and adjoining lands of Adam DIEHL and turnpike from Frederick to Woodsborough and is less than half a mile from the Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Rail road and near the projected depot. Farm was divided into 8 fields under post and rail fencing with orchards of apple, pear, peach and cherry trees. Improvements of a 2-story brick house and back building, a Switzer barn (part stone), corn crib, ice house, carriage house and pump of never failing water in the yard. Conveyed to Joseph COVER from E. Louis CRAMER & wife in 1857 (ES-10, 195-196). Personal estate included livestock and wagons, buggies and carriages; reapers and multiple other farm equipment, blacksmith tools, grains, household and kitchen furniture. Henry R. HARRIS, as trustee on Deed of Trust for Joseph COVER, held sale at the City Hotel in Frederick city on 9 Mar 1872; high bidder was: - George CRAMER at $12,152.80 Personal estate sales were $2,194.35 and $1,428.85. Total sales, $15,776. Distribution of $9,000; court costs, $1,131.67 - Mrs COVER, w/o Joseph, dower from Deed of Trust, $900 - H.R. HARRIS, trustee, paid lien, $6,353 - Henry R. HARRIS, 2nd mortgage, $615.33 - J.W. MILLER, mortgages, $583.90 Distribution of $7,216.44 (includes interest); court costs, $254.69 - balance to mortgages and to creditors Closed 3 May 1873.
525-532 - KELLEY, DAVIS, ORME, SIMMONS - Aug 1872
Walter ORME vs Daniel A. KELLEY & w/ Mary B. - Report of Sales Land - Lot #1 of "New Bremen", 28 acres; from Will of Ignatius DAVIS by one of Davis' sons (assigned by executors of John J. DAVIS, a son); conveyed to Mary B. KELLEY, w/o Daniel A. KELLEY by Walter A. ORME & w/ Emerline C. in 1869. Located 7 1/2 miles from Frederick City on Brown's Road from Frederick to Barnesville and adjoining "The Hope", lands of Samuel H. SIMMONS and James H. SIMMONS. Improvements were a 6-room log house and tenant house. Daniel A. KELLEY & w/ Mary B. KELLEY of Baltimore County had property mortgaged to Walter ORME for $1,000. Upon default of payment, he held a sale at the Court House door on 6 Aug 1872; high bidder was: - Walter ORME (himself) at $850 Distribution: court costs, $177.90 - Walter A. ORME, partial mortgage, $672.10 Closed 31 JaN 1873.
532-549 - KELLY, FLYNN, TAYLOR, DWEN/DWEEN - May 1872
J. Hampton TAYLOR vs Mary KELLEY & Others Articles of Agreement between Patrick KELLEY of Emmitsburg and J. Hampton TAYLOR for lots sold to Kelley by Taylor. Land - Lot #7 and 2 Half Lots #6 & 5 in Emmitsburg on the north side of Main St and on east side of the public square, adjoining lot of James F. ADELSPERGER on the west and lot of Heirs of James KERRIGAN Jr on the east, extends from Main St on the South to an alley on the north. Conveyed by John K. TAYLOR to J. (James) Hampton TAYLOR in 1871 (CM-5, 655) for $3,000. Previously from Daniel G. ADDELSBERGER & w/ Mary Margaret to John K. TAYLOR in 1870. Improvements were a 2-story brick house (16x30') used as a merchant tailoring establishment on Lot #7 with an open glass front, good stable, wood shed and smoke house, 2 wells with pump and fine fruit. Payments overdue from Kelley; Henry M. SCHMUCK of PA also filed a mechanics lien in Sep 1871 on the improvements. Patrick KELLY d/ Mar 1872 widow - Mary J. and 7 children: - Francis KELLY - Catharine KELLY - Emma R. KELLY, now w/o Paul FLYNN - Janesville, PA - Anna KELLY - Willam KELLY, a minor - Janesville, PA - Lewis KELLY, a minor - Regina KELLY, a minor (Janesville (aka Smithmill) is in Clearfield Co, PA.) Guardian of Lewis and Regna was Walker Y. PAGE in Oct 1872. Testimony was heard from John K. TAYLOR and Andrew WELTY. Trustee was John K. TAYLOR. Sale was held at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg on 4 Feb 1873; high bidder was: - James A. DWEN at $3,500 Distribution: court costs, $443.18 - J. Hampton TAYLOR, lien, in part, $3,227.65 Closed 21 Apr 1873.
Charles S. SIMMONS, et al vs Clara Ann SIMMONS & Others Sophia SIMMONS, d/ July 1871 (Will written 13 Aug 1869) widow of James SIMMONS of Frederick City s/ Charles S. SIMMONS & w/ Elizabeth Y. s/ Richard E. Simmons, dec'd, his children: .....Clara Ann SIMMONS, a minor .....John K. SIMMONS, a minor .....Richard G. SIMMONS, a minor .....Laura Mary SIMMONS, a minor d/ Ann Sophia SIMMONS w/o George W. POLE - Washington County s/ Rezin Emory SIMMONS d/ Mary R.D. SIMMONS w/o John T. WORTHINGTON s/ Thomas W. SIMMONS & w/ Florence - Washington County s/ James Vernon SIMMONS & w/ Harriet - Virginia or West Virginia d/ Serena SIMMONS wid/o Oliver HAMMOND Directed her house and lot in Urbana be sold and divided among her children. Execs/ Charles S. SIMMONS and son-in-law, George W. POLE Witnesses: Thomas A. BOULLT, Benjamin F. BRENHAM, William U. TICE Land - Northern half of Lot #115 (35x166') on south side of West Third St in Frederick City, on SE corner of Klineharts Alley, adjoins lot of Charles E. KNOUFF on the west and George RICE on the east; to Sophia SIMMONS from David T. BENNETT & w/ Charity A. of Baltimore City in 1870. Parts of the same were obtained by David T. BENNETT from Julia A. BENNETT & Others in 1862 (BGF-7, 570) and from William S. BENNETT in 1866 (JWLC-3, 393). Improvements included a 2-story brick house and back building. Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Thomas GORSUCH and Z.E. GITTINGER. Trustees were Charles S. SIMMONS and R. Emory SIMMONS; after two failed sales, sale was held on the premises on 19 Apr 1873; high bidder was: - Mrs Serena HAMMOND at $2,760 Distribution: court costs, $294.35 - Each child's 1/8 share, $308.20 (Richard's children each rec'd $77.05) Closed 28 Jun 1873.
565-577 - WELLER, ECKMAN, FRESHOUR, LONG - May 1872
Mary A. WELLER, et al vs George & Others John WELLER d/ 3 Jul 1871, intestate widow - Mary A. s/ David C. WELLER & w/ Catharine ECKMAN s/ John C. WELLER & w/ Catharine FRESHOUR s/ Reuben S. WELLER s. Perry W. WELLER s/ George H.L. WELLER, a minor d/ Mary Alice WELLER, a minor d/ Amanda A. WELLER, a minor s/ Silas WELLER, a minor Land - "Sugar Tree Valley", 7 1/4 acres; from: Robert CLINGSTON & w/ Caroline of Franklin Co, PA, David D. BENCHOFF & w/ Mariah C. of Washington County, Samuel DIFFENDALL, Rebecca Ann MARKER, John F. EYLER, Charles A. EYLER & w/ Charlotte L. in 1865. - "Margaret and Jonas' Partnership" and "Sugar Tree Valley", 157 acres; on road from Emmitsburg to Hagerstown, adjoining lands of Christian LANTZ, Joshua WARRENFELTZ, Fredeirck EYLER, George EYLER & others; from Jacob RIFE & w/ Susannah and Aloysius F. ORNDORFF & w/ Julia Ann in 1859. Land is considered rough mountain land. Located 4 miles west of Emmitsburg. (JWLC-2, 391 & BGP-4, 588) Improvements were a 2-story house, etc, with a never-failing spring and young orchard. Guardian was Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Christian LANTZ and Charles A. EYLER. Trustee was John C. WELLER. Sale was held at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg on 27 Jul 1872, but sale failed as did second sale. Private sale was then made on 13 Jan 1873 to: - Philip LONG at $800 Distribution not shown; last document filed 6 Mar 1873.
Joshua BIGGS, mortgagee of George YOUSE & w/ Maria C. - Report of Sales Land - "Benjamin's Advice", 29 acres; adjoining Jacob ENGLAR's heirs, William BIGGS' heirs, Nicholas SNYDER and Jeremiah MARTIN, on east side of Owings Creek. - "Pomona Dwelling", 1 1/2 acres; Mill property, known as Isabella Mills, on Western MD Rail Road, one mile of Rocky Ridge Station; has 3-story mill with modern machinery, two houses, two stables, two cooper shops, etc. William H. YINGLING then resided on the property. Public sale was held due to failure of payment; high bidder was: - Daniel M. REESE at $11,000 Distribution: court costs, $510.13 - Joshua BIGGS, mortgage claim w/int, $6,494 - Daniel M. REESE, assignee of Hopkins & Jones, w/int, $2,164.66 - Daniel M. REESE, assignee of William L. HOPKINS, partial, $1,831.21 Closed 23 Nov 1872.
William H. GETZENDANNER, et al vs Fanny GETZENDANNER and William G. BAKER, trustee Marshall E/A. GETZENDANNER d/ 14 Aug 1872, intestate bro/ William H. GETZENDANNER & w/ Willie - Texas bro/ Milton E. GETZENDANNER - Illinois bro/ Winfield Scott GETZENDANNER - Kansas sis/ Ann Catharine w/o John WELLER - Illinois sis/ Laura V. GETZENDANNER sis/ Mary Jeannette "Nettie" GETZENDANNER, a minor (at filing) sis/ Fanny GETZENDANNER, a minor (by next friend, Edward BUCKEY) Land - "Carrollton" (Lot #4 & 5), 37 acres, 41 acres; on Noland's Ferry Road, 1 1/2 miles south of Buckeystown. Improvements were a 2-story brick house, barn, well near the house, spring on the farm, apple and peach orchards; specimens of iron ore have also been found on the property. from Robert BOONE to Adam SCHAEFFER and in Deed of Trust from Adam SHAEFER & w/ Elizabeth to William G. BAKER (contained parts of "New Bremen", 25 and 20 acres; sold to Marshall E. GETZENDANNER from the Deed of Trust at $8,186. Previously to William M. BEALL from John LEE & W. Harriet in 1843 (HS-19, 90), as Deed of Trust; whereby Beall sold same to Adam SCHAEFFER; however, Beall died before land was conveyed. Robert BOONE was then appointed as trustee to convey the land to Schaefer in 1847. Guardian for Fanny GETZENDANNER was Arthur POTTS, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Daniel GETZENDANNER, Joseph G. MILLER and William G. BAKER. Trustee was Edward BUCKEY; sale was held 18 Jan 1873 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - John William DUTROW at $7,586.57 Distribution of $3,793.73; court costs, $390.64 - William G. BAKER, trustee, claims, $2,896.37 - Mary E. GETZENDANNER, security for Marshall GETZENDANNER, $506.77 Closed 21 Apr 1873.
Catharine GROVE vs Susan ALBAUGH, et al - Sale of Real Estate Land - House & Lot #57 on East Patrick St in Frederick (runs back to Church St); to William H. ALBAUGH from Thomas W. MORGAN & w/ Mary Ann, from Will of Valentine SCHWARTZ Jr. and Will of Susan ALBAUGH. - Lot #57 (1/2 half) in Frederick Town; from Thomas V. HICKSON in Feb 1855; adjoining lot of Nicholas HIGHTER; same tract mentioned in Will of Valentine SCHWARTZ Jr, dec'd of Fredericktown (Will written 4 Feb 1806) mother/ Susannah SCHWARTZ, w/o Valentine SCHWARTZ Sr sis/ Mary w/o Thomas HICKSON (1/2 of Lot) sis/ Margaret WYGELL .....Mary WYGELL (1/2 of Lot, then to Susannah's children) sis/ Susannah SCHROEDER, dec'd .....Henry SCHROEDER .....William SCHROEDER .....Edward SCHROEDER - Elizabeth TRESLER d/o Valentine TRESLER (furniture) Witnesses: Jacob BALTZELL, Philip POYFER, John MANTZ ===== Susan ALBAUGH, dec'd of Fredericktowne (Will written 17 Aig 1855) w/o William H. ALBAUGH Left everything to husband who was also executor. Witnesses: W.H. WAYS, Daniel H. ROHR, J.M. HARDING ===== William H. ALBAUGH d/ 28th Aug 1872, intestate w/o issue widow - Susan (b/ 2 May 1818) sis/ Catharine GROVE, widow - Virginia bro/ Samuel ALBAUGH, dec'd ...wid/ Maria - Hampshire Co, West Virginia .....James ALBAUGH & w/ Rahama - Hampshire Co, West Virginia .....Susan ALBAUGH, now w/o William T. KILY or RILEY - West Virginia .....Eliza ALBAUGH, now w/o Albert NETHERTON - Dakota Territory .....Mary ALBAUGH - West Virginia .....Sarah Catharine ALBAUGH - West Virginia .....Margaret Ellen ALBAUGH - West Virginia .....John Wesley ALBAUGH, a minor - Hampshire Co, West Virginia .....Margary Alice ALBAUGH, a minor - Hampshire Co, West Virginia Guardian for the minors was their mother, Maria ALBAUGH. Testimony was heard from Catharine GROVE, Susan ALBAUGH and L.E. HEDGES. Trustees were John RITCHIE and James McSHERRY. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 31 Mar 1873; high bidder was: - David FRAZIER at $6,565; with 3-story brick house and back building; 1st floor has a large store romm occupied by L.E. HEDGES. (Exception - northern half of Lot was sold to Frederick Female Seminary) Distribution of $2,188.33; court costs, $459.40 - Susan ALBAUGH, widow, age 54, in lieu of dower, $729.44 - Catharine GROVE, 1/2, $500.74 - Children of Samuel ALBAUGH, each 1/8 of 1/2, $62.59 Closed 16 May 1873.
629-637 - JAMES, SELLMAN, NUSBAUM, SPARGO - Oct 1872
William O. SELLMAN & Others vs Samuel E. JAMES & w/ Catharine - Report of SALES William O. SELLMAN, Adam NUSBAUM and Rachael A. SPARGO were assignees of Joseph RUNKLES and w/ Amanda who were mortgagees of Samuel E. JAMES & w/ Catharine. Land - "Outland", "Well Timbered", "Newfoundland", "Resurvey on Darby's Delight" and "Addition to Darby's Delight", 141 acres; located in New Market District, 2 miles east of New London and 4 miles NE of New Market, adjoining farms of Hiram FISHER, Samuel E. LOWE and George BARTHOLOW; land is divided into fileds, is well watered and under good fencing. Improvements were a large brick house, Switzer barn, dairy, a never failing spring near the house and an orchard; then occupied by Marion JAMES. Sale was held 3 Oct 1872 on the premises; high bidder was: - Rachael A. JAMES at $3,750 Distribution: court costs, $301.17 - William O. SELLMAN, assignee, claim w/int, $1,131.66 - Adam NUSBAUM, assignee, claim w/int, $1,131.66 - Rachael A. SPARGO, assignee, claim w/int, $1,131.66 - Samuel JAMES, balance, $53.80 Closed 18 Apr 1873.
637-649 - NICHOLS, SHRIVER, CLAGGETT - Aug 1872
Frederick Co Nat'l Bank & First Nat'l Bank vs Mary M. NICHOLS & Others Seth H. NICHOLS d/ 14 June 1871 (Will written 3 Jan 1863) widow - Mary M. s/ Clayton NICHOLS d/ Cornelia NICHOLS, a minor s/ Fillmore NICHOLS, a minor d/ Anna C. NICHOLS, a minor s/ Seth H. NICHOLS Jr, a minor Execs/ wife and son Clayton Witnesses: Louis MARKELL, George MARKELL, J.M. HARDING Land - House & Lot on North side of Patrick St in Frederick; Mary M. NICHOLS sold the house on 20 June 1872 to Thomas CLAGGETT at $4,025. Guardian was Edward SHRIVER, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Mary M. NICHOLS, Edward SHRIVER Distribution: court costs, $23.70 - FCN Bank, claim, $534.83 - FN Bank, claim, $319.50 - Mary M. NICHOLS, subject to trust in Will, $3,146.97 Closed 22 May 1873.
James W. TYSON, mortgagee of Rezin DAVIS, George W. DAVIS Land - "Supply to the Barrens", "Middle Plantation", "Wet Mire" and "Polly's Inheritance", 115 acres; in New Market District; to Rezin DAVIS and George W. DAVIS from Adam BOYER & w/ Rachel E. in 1868. Farm is divided into six fields with running water in each, 35 acres are in timber. Improvements are a 1 1/2 story log and frame house of six rooms with cellar and spring of water at the house, 54x32' bank barn, carriage house, corn crib, dairy, meal and poultry houses. Also has an apple orchard of 100 trees, as well as peach, pear, cherry and plum trees. Mortgaged by Rezin DAVIS & w/ Ann and George W. DAVIS & w/ Rachael A. to Adam BOYER in 1868, who assigned said mortgage to Lewis F. DETRICK of Baltimore City, who in turn reassigned said mortgage to James W. TYSON. Previously to Adam BOYER by John C. CLAY in 1860. Adjoins land of Elizabeth DEAN, John PANCOAST and Amos PRICE and on north side of Linganore Creek. Foreclosure sale was held 17 Oct 1872 at the Court House in Frederick; high bidder was: - Rezin DAVIS at $2,932.50 Distribution: court costs, $229.92 - James W. TYSON, claim, $891.39 - Rezin DAVIS (tenant in common), 1/2, $905.59 - William DOWNEY, assignee of Rezin DAVIS, mortgagee of George W. DAVIS & wife, $619.28 - Rachel A. DAVIS, wid/of George W. DAVIS, in lieu of dower, after mortgage, $40.90 - Isaac Tyson DAVIS, s/o George W. DAVIS, 1/2, $122.71 - Mary W. DAVIS, d/o George W. DAVIS, 1/2, $122.71 Closed 25 Feb 1873/
Isaac SEELY & Others vs Emmeline SEELY & Others Lyman SEELY d/ 24 Sep 1870 in Frederick City, intestate widow - Emmeline s/ Isaac SEELY & w/ Fanny - New York d/ Julia E. SEELY w/o Albro HUBBARD - New York d/ Sophia D. LAURENCE, dec'd .....Isabella B. LAURENCE, a minor - Frederick City .....Cornelius B. LAURENCE, a minor - Frederick City d/ Matilda B. SEELY w/o Cornelius B. LAURENCE - Frederick County d/ Anna M. SEELY - New York d/ Jane/Jennie S. SEELY - New York s/ Charles K. SEELY - New York Land - House & Lot on east side North Market St in Frederick city, runs easterly to Seventh St; from Joseph GROFF & w/ Susan in 1869; previously from John J. MORAN, William G. MORAN in 1867. Improvements were a 2-story brick house with attic in rough repair, a new brick stable, wood house, etc. - Lot on Seventh St in Frederick; from NE corner of John W. LAMBRIGHT's Lot #48 with southern boundary of Seventh St; to Heirs of Lyman SEELY from the Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council of Frederick in Jan 1871. Improvements include a frame building and two sheds. On 12 Dec 1871, James ELLIOTT made oath the widow, Emmeline SEELY, was about 65 years old and her general health was good. Guardian was Arthur POTTS, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Cornelius B. LAWRENCE, James ELLIOTT Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held 2 Mar 1872 at the City Hotel; high bidders were: - Levi MILLER for the 2nd listed lot at $235 No sufficient bid was obtained for the House and Lot; therefore, another sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 5 Oct 1872, but no bidder was present. On 27 Jan 1873, private sale was made to: - Mrs. Mary R. MYERS, w/o J. Oliver MYERS, at $3,500 Exception was section the City of Frederick took for widening Seventh St. Distribution of $3,735; court costs, $464.31 - Emmeline SEELY, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $327.06 - each 1/7 share to children, $420.52 (Sophia's two children each rec'd $210.26) Closed 8 Apr 1873.
Robert C. MAYNARD vs Eliza M.R. MAYNARD & Others Thomas MAYNARD, dec'd widow - Ruth (?) s/ Howard MAYNARD s/ Benjamin MAYNARD & w/ Eliza M. R. s/ Nathan MAYNARD s/ Thomas MAYNARD d/ Jemima w/o Lewis V. SCHOLL d/ Leah E. w/o John A. FLEET - King and Queen Co, VA Land - 630 acres; on waters of Linganore. Heirs of Thomas MAYNARD agreed to divide tract into 3 parts in 1850. - Part 1 for Howard and Leah: parts of "Nathan's Undertaking", "High Germany", "Middle Plantation" and "Nathan's Grief and Joy", 188+ acres; on east bank of Linganore; also part "Nathan's Grief and Joy", 3 acres. - Part 2 for Benjamin and Thomas: part of "Nathan's Undertaking", 150 acres and part "Nathan's Grief and Joy" and "High Germany", 58 acres. - Part 3 for Nathan and Jemima: parts of "Nathan's Undertaking", "Resurvey on High Germany" and "Nathan's Grief and Joy", 230 acres. === Eliza M.R. MAYNARD purchased Thomas MAYNARD's share for $2,687.95 in 1854. Benjamin MAYNARD d/ Aug 1868, intestate widow - Eliza M.R. MAYNARD s/ Robert C. MAYNARD (milling business) d/ Ruthanna MAYNARD w/o John JONES d/ Leallen MAYNARD, a minor, w/o Nathaniel M. WATERS d/ Rachael T. MAYNARD, a minor s/ Howard G. MAYNARD of B., a minor s/ Grafton B. MAYNARD, a minor Land - 1/2 of farm, 193 acres (other half is widow's); New Market District; located on raod from New London to Frederick, 1 mile from New London. Improvements were stone, rough cast and frame house with kitchen, also of stone. House has 4 rooms below and above with cellar under the house, front and rear porches, new 66x40' Switzer barn covered with slate with granery to hold 300-400 bushels of grain. Also has stabling for 20 head of horses and cattle, corn crib, meat house, milk house, hen house; lime kiln on the farm with quarry; also an apple orchard and other fruit. There was a number of springs of soft water with three near the door and a pump at the barnyard. Within 1 mile of the farm are churches, schools, stores, mills, post office, and other shops; is 4 miles from the Baltimore-Frederick turnpike and 5 miles from B & O Rail Road at Monrovia Station. - 1 acre Lot and House adjoin which has log house, stable, milk house, fruit trees, spring and garden. Admin/of Benjamin's estate was Nathan MAYNARD. Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER. Testimony was heard from Nathan MAYNARD and Lewis V. SCHOLL. On 23 Feb 1870, Lewis V. SCHOLL made oath the widow, Eliza M.R. MAYNARD was about 46 years old and her health was tolerable. Trustee was Nathan MAYNARD. Sale was held 22 Mar 1870, but a sufficient bid was not obtained. Private sale was made on 11 Apr 1870 to: - Elijah DAVIS for 1 acre with log house (was used as a tenant house) at $300. Lot is on outer edge of land, within 1 mile of New London on road from Central Chapel to New Market-Mount Pleasant, adjoins land of Nathan MAYNARD and William RICHARDSON. For some years, lot was in occupancy of Elijah DAVIS. - Thomas A. OGLE for the farm at $8,000, on 27 Dec 1870. Distribution of $8,300; court costs, $670.05 - Eliza M.R. MAYNARD, 1/2, $3,814.97 as widow, 1/3, $254.33 - Nathan MAYNARD, reimbursement of expenses, $1,001.31 - each 1/6 share to Benjamin's children, $426.57 Closed 6 Apr 1872.
Samuel EICHOLTZ, mortgagee vs George BAKER George BAKER Sr d/ 17 Apr 1872 widow - Amanda s/ George BAKER Jr & w/ Anna Barbara AWALT s/ Henry BAKER & w/ Mary E. KROUT/CROUSE s/ Jacob BAKER & w/ Ann ______ - North Carolina d/ Mary (BAKER) w/o Christian WARNER d/ Ellen BAKER, a minor Administrator was George BAKER Jr. Land - "First Dividend", 21 acres; in Mechanicstown (Thurmont) District; 1 1/4 mile from Catoctin Furnace, adjoining lands of Nicholas ENGLE, Dr. J J. HENSHAW and Simon WELLER. Improvements were 2-story frame house cased with brick, frame barn and corn crib, a fine spring and a young apple orchard. Fencing for 17 acres, the other three located about 200 yards distant. (Tract was clear of parts to Mary A. BAKER and to George BAKER Jr.) Lots conveyed from: - William JOHNSON in 1855 for "First Dividend", 4+ acres, and "Dividend, 12+ acres; adjoining "Green Spring" and land of David STAUB. - Nicholas ENGEL & w/ Eve in 1855 for "First Dividend", 3+ acres; previously to Eve ENGEL from Henry LIGHTER. Guardian was Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Lewis SCHOLL, George BAKER, J. J. HENSHAW and David STAUB. Trustee was George Baker. Sale was held 8 March 1873 at the hotel of John B. GILERT in Mechanicstown; high bidders were: - Richard KELLY at $570 for 17 acres - Richard KELLY at $100 for 3 acres Distribution of $335; court costs, $198.82 - Samuel EICHOLTZ, $42.70 - Amanda BAKER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $13.62 - balance to various creditors. Closed 27 Sep 1873.
John STOTTLEMYER & w/ Susan vs Jacob RIDENOUR, et al George STOTTLEMYER d/ Oct 1871 (Will written 1 Jun 1871) widow - Susan d/ summer of 1872 d/ Mahala, dec'd w/o George CLEVEDENCE - Ohio ......children's names unknown s/ George STOTTLEMYER, dec'd ......Samuel STOTTLEMYER (abt 24) ......Hiram STOTTLEMYER (abt 22) s/ John STOTTLEMYER (abt 54) d/ Margaret (abt 50) w/o Henry RIDENOUR - Pennsylvania d/ Kesiah (abt 41) w/o Jacob RIDENOUR d/ Susan STOTTLEMYER (abt 37)(youngest daughter) (only child named in Will was Susan) Exec/ wife Witnesses: Daniel BISER, Henry F.C. STOTTLEMYER, Daniel W. BLICKENSTAFF Land - "Resurvey on Almost Night", 42 acres; in 1841; located 1 mile from Wolfsville and Wolf's Tavern, adjoining lands of Daniel STOTTLEMYER and Daniel BLICKENSTAFF. Improvements were a 2-story log and weather-boarded house, a log back building and a log stable with a spring. from Reps of George STOTTLEMYER, dec'd: ...John P. STOTTLEMYER & w/ Susannah ...Nelson STOTTLEMYER & w/ Hannah ...Daniel STOTTLEMYER & w/ Hannah ...Leven HURLEY & w/ Elizabeth (all signed by mark, except Leven; witnessed by Jacob STOTTLEMYER and Henry BOWER) Part sold to Daniel STOTTLEMYER in Sep 1841, leaving 22 acres. - "Peace Approaching", 2+ acres, wooded; from Daniel STOTTLEMYER & w/ Hannah in 1840. Adjoins lands of Daniel STOTTLEMYER in Catoctin District. Testimony was heard from Joseph STOTTLEMYER of D. who stated Mahala would be about 56 years old if alive, but died about 12 years ago, resided in Ohio and left children whose names are unknown; that George died at age 36 and has been dead about 20 years. Also testifying was Elias BLICKENSTAFF who testified to the same facts. Trustee was John STOTTLEMYER. Auctioneer was Jacob D. WOLF. Sale was held at LEATHERMAN's store in Wolfsville on 1 March 1873; high bidder was: - Lewis LAMAR at $752.50 Distribution: court costs, $303.15 - each child's 1/6 share, $91.49 Closed 27 Sep 1873.
731-736 - HOLTZ, LORENTZ, QUINN - Feb 1873
Henry LORENTZ, mortgagee of Martin HOLTZ & w/ Cornelia - Report of Sales Land - "Case of Necessity", 71 acres, near Lewistown. Previously to Martin HOLTZ from Patrick QUINN & w/Matilda Ann in 1868. Foreclosure sale on 1 Feb 1873 on the premises; high bidder was: - Henry LORENTZ at $745.50 Distribution: court costs, $88.82 - Henry LORENTZ, part of $855 mortgage still due, $656.68 Closed 31 May 1873. ================== The End of CM-4 ==================

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