Frederick Co, MD - Equity CM-2

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity CM-2

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber CM-2; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity CM-2
Thomas MOLESWORTH vs Isaac WATERS Land - "Mantz" Fatigue", 2+ acres; to Richard WATERS and Isaac WATERS (two coloured men) for $53; from Thomas MOLESWORTH & w/ Mary A. in 1860. Adjoins lot of Maranda RICHARDSON (coloured woman). Richard WATERS lived on the property for some years and made improvements, then in 1868, he and his wife, Elizabeth WATERS, sold their share to Thomas MOLESWORTH for $280. Some years ago, Isaac WATERS enlisted in the Army of the United States and does not reside in the state. Asks for sale of real estate. Trustee was Joel HALL. Sale was held 27 March 1869 on the premises, about 1 mile north of turnpike from Frederick to New Market on the road to Prospect Chapel in New Market District; high bidder was: - Thomas MOLESWORTH at $430 Distribution: court costs, $109.90 - Thomas MOLESWORTH, 1/2, $160.05 - Isaac WATERS, 1/2, $160.05 Closed 29 May 1869.
Charles W. TODD & Others vs Ruth GROVE & Others Benjamin TODD of Carroll County, d/ Dec 1866, intestate widow - Ruth, now w/o Samuel E. GROVE - Carroll County They had no lawful children. bro/ Samuel TODD & w/ Airy - Carroll County .....Samuel B. TODD - Baltimore city bro/ Charles W. TODD bro/ Vachel B. TODD & w/ Margaret - Out of State sis/ Lucy TODD, dec'd w/o John BRENGLE .....Charles W. BRENGLE .....Vachel BRENGLE .....Mary BRENGLE w/o J. R. HOLLUM .....Susan BRENGLE w/o John ADAMS .....Margaret BRENGLE w/o Vachel TODD .....Sarah BRENGLE w/o J. T. BUXTON .....Ellen BRENGLE w/o Upton BROWN .....Julia Ann BRENGLE w/o ______ PICKETT bro/ Alexander TODD, dec'd .....Mary E. TODD w/o Peter DAVIS .....Ira W. TODD .....Rachel R. TODD w/o J. E. TUCKER .....Ann Jenette TODD .....Margaret A."Maggie" TODD w/o James F. THOMPSON .....Susan C. TODD w/o Henry JOHNSON .....Benjamin W. TODD .....Martha A. TODD w/o William L. CROWEL sis/ Mary TODD, dec'd w/o _____ BROWN .....James H. BROWN Land - "Hobbs Purchase", 8+ acres, in New Market; from Harry LUCKETT, atty for Basil LUCKETT in 1863 (previously from Samuel TALBOTT & w/ Catharine in 1857). On road from Bartholow's Switch to Watkins' Mills with a log house. - "Shivers Integrity", stone House & Lot, 1 acre, in Ridgeville in Carroll County on Frederick-Baltimore Turnpike; from William HOBBS of Samuel in 1829. Opposite Frederick GRIMES' Tavern. - "Shiver's Integrity", House & Lot, 1 acre, in Ridgeville in Carroll County; part from William HOBBS of Samuel and part from Margaret GRIMES in 1836. - "Parr's Ridge", House & Office & Lot, 2 acres, also in Ridgeville; from William HOBBS Sr & w/ Susan in 1832. Located on Baltimore -Frederick turnpike, about a mile and a half from Mount Airy on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad with a frame 2-story house, back buildings attached, stable, corn house, etc. and fruit trees. - Home & Farm of Benjamin TODD, 100 acres, in Ridgeville; from John C. DUVAL, trustee of William T. DUVALL, dec'd, of Carroll County in 1866. - "Parr's Ridge", House & Lot, in Parrsville, Carroll County, on Baltimore-Frederick turnpike; from John CAIN & w/ Mary Ann in 1861 (Previously from James A. ALBAUGH). - "Trouble for Nothing" and "Hampton Continued", 35 acres, in Howard & Carroll Counties; from William RUNKLES & w/ Amelia of Sangamon Co, Illinois in 1856. - 140 acres (4/5 share), in Howard County; with interests to Leven HOOD & w/ Caroline, James HOOD and Kitty HOOD, all of Howard County, (conveyed to them by themselves and Samuel T. HOOD and Joshua TODD Jr by Benjamin TODD & wife and John HOOD & wife in 1841 in Anne Arundel County). Also conveyed from Samuel B. HOOD & w/ Juliet Ann of Howard County in 1863. - "Parr's Ridge", 2 acres, in Carroll County; from George HASELTON; located at crossing of the old tract of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with Frederick-Baltimore turnpike at Parrsville. - "Warfield & Snowden" and "Neal's Chance"; to Leven HOOD from Eudolphia L. JACKSON of Howard Co, MO in 1867 (previously from Kitty HOOD to Leven HOOD and others, which Eudolphia inherited from her mother, Letitia TODD, formerly Letitia HOOD). (1/5 share is to Leven HOOD) Samuel TODD & w/ Airy conveyed his interest to his son, Samuel B. TODD of Baltimore city in 1867. The widow, Ruth, now w/o Samuel E. GROVE, requests her dower share to all the land holdings be laid off for her, rather than collect her dower share from the sale of lands, clear of her dower. Trustee for the sale was James W. PEARRE; sale was held 15 April 1869 at the hote in Ridgeville in Carroll County, high bidders were: - Samuel BURDET for 8+ acre Lot in New Market with small log house at $146. - Samuel E. GROVE for lots with improvements, subject to life estate of the widow, at $540; in Ridgeville in Carroll County on Frederick-Baltimore Turnpike, 1 mile from Mount Airy Depot on Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. It has two 2-story frame dwellings, one double and slate covered, also stable, smoke house, etc. One house contains a store room. - Robert A. NELSON for E. C. LEWIS for 2 acres with house and office at $925 - John DEITRICK for the last residence of Benjamin TODD with 18 acres at $2,750 (adjoins his land). Parcel lies in Ridgeville on the Baltimore & Frederick turnpike, about 1 1/2 miles from Mount Airy and Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. It has a frame 2-story weatherboarded house with coverered portion in front and on side and has freshly been painted and papered. It also has a good barn, corn house, etc, as well as a good office building and fine young orchard with apples, pears and cherries. - Nimrod HARRISON for farm of 80 acres at $2,420 - John B. RUNKLES for House & 1-acre lot in Parrsville at $355; two miles from Mount Airy Depot, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. - John J. SAYLOR for 44 acre tract in Carroll & Howard Counties at $221.25 (comprised of three previous tracts). It has chestnut timber and plenty of running water; previously from Wm. RUNKLES and wife. - Upton MULLINIX for farm of 124 acres in Howard County at $1,271; with 3 log houses, log barn, good fencing and tobacco houses. It is well watered and has a fine orchard. - A. J. BAKER for 2 acres of unimproved land at $17.10 - Robert A. NELSON for House & Lot in Ridgeville in Carroll County on the Buffalo Road at $501. It has a 2-story log house on 1/2 acre and is short distance from the crossing of the road with the Baltimore & Frederick turnpike. Total sales, $9,146.30, plus other rents due to estate. Distribution of $10,361.17; - court costs, $1,216.38 (includes commissions to trustee) - State Collateral inheritance tax, $137.17 - John C. DUVALL, trustee, claim, $1,975 - Levin HOOD, (1/5 share of $1,271), $254.20 - Charles TODD, 1/6, $1,129.73 - Vachel B. TODD, 1/6, $1,129.73 - Samuel B. TODD, assignee of Samuel TODD, 1/6, $1,129.73 - children of Lucy BRENGLE .....Charles BRENGLE, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Vachel BRENGLE, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Mary HALLUM, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Susan ADAMS, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Margaret TODD, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Sarah A. BUXTON, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Ellen BROWN, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Julia Ann PICKETT, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 - children of Alexander TODD .....Mary E. DAVIS, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Ira A. TODD, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Rachel R. TUCKER, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Ann Jeanette TODD, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Margaret A. TOMPSON, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Susan C. JOHNSON, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Benjamin W. TODD, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 .....Martha A. CROWEL, 1/8 of 1/6, $141.21 - James H. BROWN, s/o Mary BROWN, 1/6, $1,129.73 Closed 18 May 1869.
Nathaniel B. HENDRY & Others vs John T. WILLIAMS & Others Jane BURGEE d/ June 1866 (Will written 31 Aug 1857) All negro slaves listed in her Will were freed by abolution of slavery in Maryland. SLAVES - JIM (negro boy) (was slave for life) to friend John MUSSETTER - ANN (servant woman) ($10 and be set free) - LLOYD (servant man) (to set free on 1 Apr 1865; before that to granddaughter Jane E. WILLIAMS, w/o John T. WILLIAMS) - UPTON & ANN MARIAH (negro boy & girl)(slaves for life) to grandson Charles HENDRY Jr. - ALPHEUS (negro boy) to grandson Nathaniel B. HENDRY - SARY ANN (negro girl)(slave for life) to granddaughter Jane E. WILLIAMS - HARRIET (of JANE) (negro girl) to granddaughter Ann Rebecca SMITH, w/o Thomas A. SMITH - MATILDA (negro girl) to granddaughter Mary Ellen HENDRY - MARTHA (negro girl) (slave for life) to granddaughter Martha HENDRY None to be sold out of the state of Maryland. d/ Eleanor w/o Charles HENDRY Sr. GRANDCHILDREN ...Charles HENDRY Jr, dec'd, no issue ...Nathaniel B. HENDRY ...Jane E. w/o John T. WILLIAMS ...Isaac S. HENDRY ...Mary Ellen w/o John W. ENGLAND ...Ann Rebecca w/o Thomas A. SMITH ...Martha C. w/o John D. ADDISON ...Sarah Amanda w/o John W. LINTHICUM ...Emily HENDRY, a minor (by friend Nathaniel B. HENDRY) Execs/ John T. WILLIAMS & Charles HENDRY Jr. Witnesses: John H. WORTHINGTON, Thomas CLAGGETT, Richard PLUMMER Codicil on 2 Dec 1863 indicated Charles HENDRY Jr had died and now replaces him with her daughter, Eleanor HENDRY, w/o Charles HENDRY Sr, as execs and trustees for minor grandchildren. Witnessed by Thomas CLAGGET, N. J. WORTHINGTON and Nicholas WORTHINGTON. Land - 232 acres valued at $10,000 - "Paris the Third" (originally "Paris"), 107 acres; Lies on Bush Creek. - "Paris the Third" (originally "Paris"), 92 acres; - "Duvall's Forest", 13 acres; - "Seth's Folly", 19 acres; Conveyed to her by Singleton BURGEE in his Will dated 30 Jul 1838. (Previously to Singleton BURGEE by Jacob IJAMS in 1829.) Jane BURGEE conveyed the above estate to Jane E. WILLIAMS on 1 Aug 1862 with provision for herself to have life estate (signed by mark). Note - This directly conflicts with her prior Will of dividing everything evenly among all the grandchildren. Petition claims all lands should be part of estate as Will states, to be evenly divided among all the grandchildren. Defendants, granddaughter Jane E. WILLIAMS & husband John T. WILLIAMS, claim, in addition to keeping the above lands, they are also entitled to an additional share with the other grandchildren for any remaining estate. Jane was named and raised by her grandmother Jane BURGEE since she was three years old. Jane's parents, Eleanor & Charles HENDRY Sr, testified the decedant intended to give all the grandchildren an equal share and there was no intent to give granddaughter Jane all that land and also an equal share with her other siblings. More land, not conveyed to granddaughter Jane. - Division 1 - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 181 acres, home farm of Jane BURGEE; on Urbana to New Market road, adjoining land of Charles E. WORTHINGTON and tract "Resurvey on Seth's Folly". - 20 perches; from Isaac FORD & w/ Elizabeth R.; on east side of Urbana to Ijamsville road. - Division 2 - "Resurvey on "Seth's Folly", 152 acres; on Urbana to New Market road to Burgee's Mill, being on corner of Nicholas J. WORTHINGTON's farm. - Division 3 - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 186 acres; near branch of Bennett's Creek and adjoining previous tract; to Thomas BURGEE from Caleb DORSEY in 1809. - Division 4 has three detached parcels totaling 82+ acres: 1) Mill and "Jacob's Cowpen" and part "William and John" (from Thomas WOOD to Eli BRASHEARS in 1802), 35 acres; adjoins land of the late Yate PLUMMER and land now of Richard PLUMMER. 2) "William and John" (from William BRASHEARS to Thomas WOOD in 1800), 1 1/3 acre; with priviledges and exceptions for mill race and road in previous deed. 3) "Benjamin's First Choice" and "William and Elizabeth", 46 acres. - Division 5 - "Carolina Farm" a/k/a "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 201 acres; (from Walter C. HAMMOND & wife to Singleton BURGEE); adjoins tract "Resurvey on Solomon's Flower". Lands were valued at $29,297.80. Divisions were allotted to: 1 - Nathaniel B. HENDRY, 181 acres, valued $7,257 2 - Martha C. ADDISON, 152 acres, valued $5,347 3 - Mary Ellen ENGLAND, 186 acres, valued $6,890 4 - Emily HENDRY, 82 acres, valued $4,767 5 - Rebecca SMITH, 201 acres, valued $5,035 Monies deemed due to the following to make equal shares: - Isaac S. HENDRY, monies of $4,185 as his share - Sarah Amanda LINTHICUM, monies of $4185 as her share To be paid as follows: - from Nathaniel B. HENDRY, $3,071 - from Martha C. ADDISON, $1,161.72 - from Mary Ellen ENGLAND, $2,700 - from Emily HENDRY, $582 - from Rebecca SMITH, $850 Additionally, Distribution of $4,515.27 was made to: - N. B. HENDRY, 1/7, $645.03 - Isaac S. HENDRY, 1/7, $645.03 - Mary E. ENGLAND, 1/7, $645.03 - Ann R. SMITH, 1/7, $645.03 - Sarah A. KINTHICUM, 1/7, $645.03 - Emily HENDRY, 1/7, $645.03 - Martha C. ADDISON, 1/7, $645.03 Closed 7 Jun 1869.
George W. HORSEY, Charles W. MILLAR & Samuel BALTEN, partners vs Lycurgus EAGLE & wife Lycurgus EAGLE held a mercantile busines in Montgomery County in 1864 and owed huge debts to Baltimore businesses for merchandise. In May 1865, EAGLE sold the merchandise, in original unpacked boxes, to his brother-in-law, William A. COOLEY (husband of his wife's sister, but later corrected to state she was a niece by Lycurgus; later record has her as a cousin) for $3,000, allegedly applied to a debt which he owed to Maria BELT, wife of William H. COOLEY. EAGLE also mortgaged his property to William H. COOLEY and w/ Maria E. in 1865. Land - "Fox Hall", Lot# 4 on Lower farm, 157 acres; to deed to wife Sarah "Sallie" P. EAGLE in 1865. Of this, 67 acres was sold to Daniel T. JONES a few months later. In Buckeytown District, adjoins land of Daniel T. JONES; has weatherboard house, apple orchard and fine spring on the farm. Equity Court case in 1862 of Basil DELASHMUTT and Thomas A. JARBOE, trustees, in case of Basil DELASHMUTT & w/ Elizabeth Frances & Others vs George W. EAGLE and w/ Sarah - sold to Lycurgus EAGLE for $4,094, Lot# 4, 157 acres, known as the Lewis farm on "Resurvey on Fox Hall", adjoining Carrollton Manor and on road from Greenfield Mills to Adamstown, by mill and Grafton DUVALL's lot. Testimony was heard from Charles W. MILLER, William A. R. GRIFFITH, George W. BURNS, Edward F. THOMAS, Curtis B. BREADY, Henry S. FORNEY, Daniel T. JONES, Richard F. SMALL, James FITCH, Henry S. MARKEY and John RITCHIE for the complainants. For the defendants, William H. COOLEY testified and stated Lycurgus EAGLE married in Sep 1863 with his wife's parents' opposition, being why he deeded the property to his wife. Also testifying was L. R. NICHOLSON and George C. FISHER. George RICHARDSON testified his father, John RICHARDSON purchased the farm in 1864 and sold it back shortly thereafter. John R. BELT testified Lycurgus EAGLE deeded his property to his wife in case he and his son, who were both sick, should die; this would provide for his wife, else his half sisters, Fannie JARBOE and Laura JARBOE, would get the farm. Lycurgus EAGLE stated he had suffered with bronchitis since childhood and felt he had been mistreated by his family and his wife was now shunned by her previous friends and family and he wanted to provide for her. Sarah P. EAGLE also stated the same. The court ruled that the deed to wife Sarah was fraudulent and monies are due to creditors. The deed to Jones stands, but the remainder of property to be sold with right of dower to Sarah. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS; sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 27 Mar 1869, high bidder was: - William A. N. GRIFFITH and Charles W. MILLER for for 78 acres and store house lot, 120 perches, all at $24/acre; on road from Adamstown to Greenfield Mills. Store house was then in possession of Mr. D. FOUT. Total sales, $1,890.30. Sarah & Lycurgus assigned Sarah's share of dower, 1/7 ($195.37), to the purchasers who were of Baltimore city; balance went to various creditors. Closed 24 Jun 1869.
126-135 - WELTY, AGNEW - Jul 1868
Barbara WELTY, exec/of Joseph WELTY vs James WELTY & Samuel WELTY Joseph WELTY of Marion Co, WV (Will written 29 Apr 1857) w/ Barbara (was exec) Children mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: W. MAHONEY, Z. O. SIMMONS, Grayson EICHELBERGER Land - 45 acres one mile west of Emmittsburg from Bernard WELTY by his Will to son Jacob WELTY, through Joseph M. WELTY with payment due to Joseph of $945.05, by mortgage. Adjoined the lands of Franklin WELTY and John TAYLOR; has running water in every field and a fine mountain spring, close by the mansion. It had a weatherboarded house, stabling and a large orchard. Property is sold subject to life estate in half the house and half the garden of Polly WELTY and Eliza WISE(?), both above middle age. Jacob also was indebted by mortgage to Samuel WELTY. Jacob WELTY d/ 1868 s/ James M. WELTY & w/ Ellen d/ Sarah A. WELTY Trustee was Samuel WELTY; sale was held 26 Jan 1869 at Peter HOKE's hotel in Emmittsburg, high bidder was: - Barbara WELTY at $2,250 Distribution of #2,250; court costs, $238.77 - Mary WELTY, her legacy, $154 - James L. AGNEW, his legacy, $28.40 - Samuel WELTY, assignee of Barbara WELTY as exec, $1,253.84 - Samuel WELTY, for mortgage, $538.94 - James M. WELTY, 1/2, $18.02 - Sarah WELTY, 1/2, $18.02 Closed 13 Apr 1869.
Philip WILLIARD, et al vs Fannie WILLIARD, et al Geoge WILLIARD/WILLARD d/ 24 Dec 1849 (Will written 11 April 1845) w/ Susanna (d/ May 1864) s/ Philip WILLARD & w/ Margaretta - Pennsylvania d/ Mary (WILLARD) w/o Christian WEAVER - Iowa d/ Susanna WILLARD, now w/o Dr. James WILLARD - Illinois s/ Henry WILLARD & w/ Ellen - Western Virginia d/ Ann Eliza WILLARD - Illinois s/ George T. WILLARD - Frederick County d/ Catharine WILLARD, dec'd s/ John WILLARD (d/ 6 May 1856) .....John M. WILLARD - Baltimore city .....George WILLARD - Pennsylvania .....Fannie WILLARD, a minor - Pennsylvania .....Mary WILLARD, a minor - Pennsylvania .....Arthur WILLARD, a minor - Pennsylvania d/ Elizabeth (WILLARD) (d/1848) w/o Jacob REMSBURG .....George P. REMSBURG of J. .....Lucinda V. (REMSBURG) wid/o Tilghman MYERS .....WASHINGTON Z. REMSBURG .....Gideon J. REMSBURG .....Calvin F. REMSBURG .....Philip A. W. REMSBURG .....Elizabeth R. (REMSBURG) w/o Daniel/John P. THOMAS .....Annah E/A. REMSBURG, now w/o Lewis E. SMITH .....Albert REMSBURG, a minor d/ Catharine ERVING (d/ 1857 w/o issue) Land - to wife - House & Lot in Jefferson; from Dr. Lloyd DORSEY; Included a 2-story weatherboarded house with seven rooms with kitchen and office attached, stable, corn house, etc. - to son John - 100-acre farm, tanyard and blacksmith shop, the latter then in the occupancy of John ERVIN. Also, two houses and lots on the south side of street in Jefferson, one then occupied by the widow LITTLE and the other by Mr SENEGA, subject to widow's dower. - to son Henry - rest of real estate, subject to widow's dower. - to son Philip, $600, from sons John & Henry - to son George T., $1,000, from sons John & Henry - to daughter Ann Eliza, $1,000, from John & Henry - to daughter Susannah, $880, from John & Henry - to daughter Elizabeth RAMSBURG, $600 (was advanced $400) from John & Henry - to daughter Mary WEAVER, $600 (was advanced $400) from John & Henry - to daughter Catharine ERVIN, $36/per year whilst she remains childless; if she should have a child, $600, from John & Henry SLAVES - negro PERRY and female slave SARAH (to son Henry) - negro MARY (to daughter Susannah) - negro man PETER (to wife, upon her death, to be supported by the estate) CODICIL - negro VIRGINIA (oldest child of negro SARAH) (to son Henry); as well as all other children of negro SARAH, including future children, bequeathed to son Henry. (signed 26 Aug 1848) Execs/ John WILLARD and Henry WILLARD Witnesses: M. B. LUCKETT, George W. HOFFMAN, Joshua JONES (Note - Not all children and grandchildren's names listed here appeared in the Will, only in court records.) Susanna & Eliza as single daughters were given a life estate, along with their mother, until they marry or die. After Susanna married, Ann Eliza went with her sister to Illinois. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from George T. WILLARD and George P. REMSBURG. Trustee was Henry WILLARD who, because he lived in Virginia, asked the court to substitue John LOATS, esquire, which the court approved. Sale was held on 23 Mar 1867 in front of A. SPENCER's store in Jefferson for the House and Lot, formerly occupied by Dr. James WILLARD; high bidder was: - Henry CULLER at $1,780 Daniel CULLER and Henry CULLER, execs/of Henry CULLER, petitioned the court for a judgment against George T. WILLARD for $5,000 owed to the late Henry CULLER. Distribution of $1,780; court costs, $208.43 - held by trustee, $1,571.57 Estate is still considered a trust fund for the life of Ann Eliza WILLARD or upon her marriage. Closed 8 Sep 1869. Notes - from Frederick County Marriage Licenses - Catherine WILLIARD to William T. ERVIN on 7 Dec 1838 - Mary WILLIARD to Christian WEAVER on 8 Nov 1824 By Equity Record testimony above - Susanna WILLARD wed Dr. James WILLARD in 1847
154-157- MOLESWORTH, WATERS - May 1869
Thomas MOLESWORTH vs Isaac WATERS Land -"Mantz' Fatigue", 2 1/2 acres, New Market District; previously from Thomas MOLESWORTH & wife to Richard WATERS and Isaac WATERS in 1860 Thomas MOLESWORTH purchased said property from Joel HALL, trustee in Equity of Thomas MOLESWORTH vs Isaac WATERS in 1869. Rachael WATERS, mother of Isaac WATERS, was then in possession of said property and refused to leave. The court ordered her to vacate the property. Closed 20 Sep 1869.
157-177 - HOGG, DOUB, PARSONS, WATERS - Apr 1868
James HOGG & Others vs John K. HOGG & Others Samuel R. HOGG d/ 1 Apr 1868, intestate w/ Barbara Ann s/ James HOGG d/ Elizabeth R. w/o Ezra DOUB - Baltimore city d/ Amelia J. HOGG d/ Harriet A. w/o Simon PARSONS d/ Rachel O. w/o Horatio WATERS s/ John K. HOGG, a minor d/ Emma V. HOGG, a minor s/ Samuel R. HOGG Jr., a minor Land - Lot# 272 on Patrick St in Frederick Town with stone house; from Gideon BANTZ, trustee, in 1843, in an Equity case of 1837 with Gideon being guardian of Mary Jane, Elmira, John & Isaac REID and selling the widow's dower (widow of Jacob REED); previously to Mary FOUT, widow of Peter FOUT. It has a 2-story stone house with back buildings, a shop with a soap and candle factory and machinery; adjoins lots of James A. GALLIGHER and Miss BAER. - "Three Springs" and "Duvall's Forrest", 69+ acres; from Adolphus FEARHEAKE & w/ Elizabeth in 1860; adjoins Jacob KELLER's land and William C. HOFFMAN's. - "Give and Take", 25 acres; from Jacob KELLER of J. & w/ Ann Elizabeth in 1861. - "Altogether", Lot# 9, 31+ acres excepting right of way; from Lewis M. NIXDORFF & Henry M. NIXDORFF, trustess in Equity Case of Samuel HINKS & Others vs George SMITH & Others, in 1862. Previously to Henry NIXDORFF by Tobias JOHNSON & w/ Ruth in 1835. The last three parcels appear to be adjoining to create 126 acre farm in New Market District which has a two-story weatherboarded house, stable, etc. The heirs requested that Barbara A. HOGG be appointed trustee. Guardian was Harman C. KOEHLER. Testimony was heard from Edward TRAIL and Philip B. KUNKEL. Sale was held 10 Oct 1868 at the Dill House in Frederick city; high bidders were: - James HOGG & John K. HOGG for house and shop property at $7,200 - Simon PARSONS for the farm at $15.25/acre (at 2nd sale) Simon petitioned to be released from sale and substitute J.E.R. WOOD. Distribution of $5,732.06; court costs, $440.51 - Barbara HOGG, in lieu of dower, (1/9 of $8,990.67) $998.96 - James HOGG, 1/8, $536.69 - Elizabeth DOUB, 1/8, $536.69 - Amelia J. HOGG, 1/8, $536.69 - Harriett A. PARSONS, 1/8, $536.69 - Rachel O. WATERS, 1/8, $536.69 - John K. HOGG, 1/8, $536.69 - Emma V. HOGG, 1/8, $536.69 - Samuel R. HOGG, 1/8, $536.69 Closed 4 Nov 1869.
John W. ENGLAND & Others vs Charles HENDRY Sr. Charles HENDRY Jr. d/ c1864 intestate, single, w/o issue bro/ Nathaniel B. HENDRY & w/ Cassandra E.C. sis/ Mary E. w/o John W. ENGLAND sis/ Ann R. w/o Thomas A. SMITH sis/ Martha C. w/o John D. ADDISON sis/ Jane E. w/o John T. WILLIAMS sis/ Amanda S. w/o John W. LINTHICUM bro/ Isaac S. HENDRY sis/ Emma C. HENDRY, a minor, but turned 21 before 27 Mar 1869 Land - "Resurvey on Hope", 155 acres, a/k/a 'Georgia Farm', adjacent to Urbana; from Jane BURGEE in 1862. Previously to Singleton BURGEE (husband of Jane) from John H. McELFRESH in 1824. Adjoins land formerly owned by Robert DARNALL. Mrs. Isaac BURGEE had resided there previously. Other adjoining neighbors were: John F. SIMMONS, Upton WORTHINGTON, Singletown KING and Col George R. DENCUS(?). It had a 1 1/2 story brick house with back building, small barn, good stables and spring of fine soft water near the house and other springs on the farm; has five fields and 40 acres in timber, Hickory, White Oak, Black Oak and Dog Wood. Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER. Sale was held at the store of Thomas A. SMITH in Urbana on 19 Jun 1869; however, no sufficient bid was received. Later sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 14 Aug 1869; high bidder was: - Singletown KING at $9,300 Distriution of $9,300; court costs, $521.40 - each 1/8 share to siblings, $1,097.32 Closed 30 Sep 1869.
David PLAINE, Jonathan JACOBS & Others vs Reuben SAYLOR & Joseph ENGLAR Jonathan PLAINE d/ 27 Apr 1835 (Will written 30 Jan 1834) w/ Lydia (STEM) d/ 3 Oct 1866 Jonathan's siblings: 1) John PLAINE, dec'd, (unknown heirs) 2) Daniel PLAINE, dec'd & w/ Penelope .....Margaret (PLAINE) w/o Adam JACOBS, both dec'd --------Catharine JACOBS --------Barbara JACOBS --------Mary JACOBS w/o Frederick KLINE --------Margaret M. JACOBS --------Sarah J. JACOBS --------Eliza JACOBS --------Adam C. JACOBS --------David JACOBS .....Matilda (PLAINE) w/o Jacob JACOBS, both dec'd --------Jonathan JACOBS .....Stephen PLAINE, dec'd ------w/ Nancy --------Ann C. (PLAINE) w/o Thaddeus HOSLER --------Mary M. PLAINE --------Tabitha (PLAINE) w/o Daniel ECKER --------Jesse PLAINE --------Hannah PLAINE --------Stephen PLAINE --------Jacob PLAINE --------Henry J/V. PLAINE .....Susannah PLAINE .....Jonathan PLAINE .....Maria (PLAINE) w/o Andrew H. EINHART .....Sarah (PLAINE) w/o William J. SNYDER 3) Jacob PLAINE, dec'd .....Alford PLAINE .....Miles PLAINE 4) Samuel PLAINE, dec'd, left no children 5) David PLAINE & w/ Nancy- Carroll County 6) William PLAINE, dec'd & w/ Margaret .....Beniah E. PLAINE .....Elizabeth (PLAINE) w/o Michael BARTHOLOW - Washington County .....Hiram PLAINE - Carroll County .....David W. PLAINE - Virginia .....Catharine (PLAINE) w/o Otho T. CASTLE 7) Nancy (PLAINE) w/o Peter CRUMBACKER, both dec'd .....Elizabeth CRUMBACKER - Carroll County .....Willliam CRUMBACKER - Carroll County .....David CRUMBACKER - Carroll County .....Nathan CRUMBACKER - Carroll County 8) Sarah (PLAINE) w/o Jacob STEM, both dec'd - Seneca Co, Ohio .....Emeline (STEM) w/o Ezra STONER .....Matthias STEM .....Jesse STEM, dec'd, (unknown heirs) .....Elizabeth STEM .....Lydia STEM .....Leander STEM, dec'd, (unknown heirs) .....Catharine (STEM) w/o _____ SMITH .....Clementine STEM .....Ezra STEM Lydia's siblings: 1) Mathias STEM .....Jacob STEM & w/ Sarah PLAINE (sister of Jonathan) --------Emeline (STEM) w/o Ezra STONER --------Matthias STEM --------Jesse STEM, dec'd, (unknown heirs) --------Elizabeth STEM --------Lydia STEM --------Leander STEM, dec'd, (unknown heirs) --------Catharine (STEM) w/o _____ SMITH --------Clementine STEM --------Ezra STEM .....Elizabeth (STEM) w/o Daniel HARNE, both dec'd --------Elizabeth (HARNE) w/o John ENGLAR --------Sidney Ann (HARNE) w/o Lewis PFOUTZ --------Hiram HARRIS 2) John STEM, dec'd .....Samuel STEM .....Elizabeth (STEM) w/o _____HOLLENBERRY .....Lydia (STEM), dec'd w/o George OTT --------Juliett OTT --------Salome (OTT) w/o ____RIFE 3) Salome (STEM) w/o Christopher JOHNSON, both dec'd .....Peter JOHNSON .....Catharine (JOHNSON) wid/o _____ HAINES .....David JOHNSON .....Samuel JOHNSON .....Conrad JOHNSON 4) Catharine (STEM) w/o _____ ZIMMERMAN, both dec'd .....Matthias ZIMMERMAN .....Mary (ZIMMERMAN), dec'd w/o _____ SHAFFELL (unknown heirs) .....Elizabeth (ZIMMERMAN), dec'd w/o _____ HITESHEW (unknown heirs) .....Ann (ZIMMERMAN), dec'd w/o _____ BEAM (unknown heirs) .....Lydia (ZIMMERMAN) w/o William CRUMBACKER .....Jacob ZIMMERMAN, dec'd (unknown heirs) .....John ZIMMERMAN, dec'd (unknown heirs) 5) Mary (STEM) w/o Jacob ENGLAR, both dec'd .....David ENGLAR, dec'd (unknown heirs) .....Philip ENGLAR, dec'd (unknown heirs) .....John ENGLAR, dec'd (unknown heirs) .....Elizabeth (ENGLAR), dec'd w/o Jacob BEAM --------William BEAM --------Joseph BEAM --------Elizabeth BEAM --------Mary BEAM .....Margaret (ENGLAR), dec'd w/o Ephraim BROWN --------Elizabeth (BROWN) w/o Peter PERRY --------Mary Ann (BROWN) w/o Abraham ENGLAR --------Susan (BROWN) w/o John WAYBRIGHT .....Conrad ENGLAR, dec'd (unknown heirs) .....Susanna (ENGLAR) w/o John JORDAN 5) Elizabeth (STEM) w/o David ENGLAR, both dec'd .....Joseph ENGLAR .....Lydia (ENGLAR), dec'd w/o David ROOP --------David ROOP --------Ehlanan ROOP --------Ezra ROOP --------Nathan ROOP --------Abraham ROOP --------Elizabeth ROOP w/o John REESE --------Louisa ROOP .....Hannah ROOP, dec'd w/o John NICODEMUS --------John Louis NICODEMUS --------Nathan NICODEMUS (unknown heirs) --------Augustus NICODEMUS --------Eli NICODEMUS .....Nathan ENGLAR .....Josiah ENGLAR .....David ENGLAR .....Josias ENGLAR .....Elizabeth ENGLAR, dec'd w/o _____ KINZER --------John David KINZER (names of descendants not mentioned in Will) Exec/ the widow Witnesses: Samuel ECKER, David W. ECKER, William CRUMBECKER Land - "Absolom's Chance", 46 acres in Baltimore County; from Dr. Charles HUBBS (w/ Susanna) of Baltimore County in 1815. - Lot #7, parts of "John's Industry" and "Lawrence Pleasant Valley" in Baltimore County; from Abraham WAMPLER, exec/of Ludwig WAMPLER in 1833; for Chancery Court case of James PORTER of Joshua, W. S. PORTER, Ludwig WAMPLER & Others vs Samuel MOALE of Baltimore city. - Undivided 1/2 of "Deer Park", "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant" and "Bedford", 134 acres; now in Carroll County; to Jonathan PLAINE and William CRUMBECKER from William HUFFMAN & w/ Elizabeth in 1834. Adjoined land of John ENGLE. Widow inherited husband's estate until her death, then to Martin DIEHL, Jacob SAYLOR Sr., Thomas OGLE and Abraham WOLFE of Martin, in trust (they all died before the widow Lydia). They were to divide the assets as follows: - 1/4 to children of Jonathan's brothers and sisters - 1/4 to children of Lydia's brothers and sisters - Remaining half for use of the poor In 1835, David, Samuel, William, Daniel PLAINE, Sarah & Jacob STEM and Nancy CRUMBACKER conveyed their shares to Joseph ENGLAR. Jacob SAYLOR, then the only survivor of the trust, died within the previous year, leaving his eldest son (and first of nine children), Reuben SAYLOR to settle his estate. Reuben then applied and became administrator for Jonathan PLAINE's estate; but has refused to distribute the estate, claiminig no knowledge of the trust and believes the "use of the poor" is not specific. William CRUMBACKER of Carroll County testified to the date of death of the decedant and confirmed his signature. Joseph ENGLAR, exec/of Lydia PLAINE testified he found the Will of Jonathan PLAINE after the widow's death on 3 Oct 1866, in a drawer and on the back was written that the paper was to be kept at home. Trustee for sale was Reuben SAYLOR; however, he appealed the decision that the trustees had no interest in said proprty. Court of Appeals decree on 25 Aug 1869 - property to be sold and distributed among the heirs of Jonathan PLAINE, Reuben SAYLOR to be trustee. Sale was held on 4 Oct 1869 to: - Francis J. CRAWFORD for 80 acres (77 1/2 acres) at $22/acre (first two tracts mentioned above were combined). Situated on Sams Creek in Carroll County, adjoining the lands of Dr. F. CRAWFORD, William YOHN and J. S. COVER and has a house and dairy, supplied by spring of excellent water.. No sufficient bid received for Crumpacker Farm, 130 acres (undivided interest). Situated near Union Bridge, Carroll County, adjoining lands of Archibald GRAHAM, Solomon SHEPARD and Joseph HOOP/ROOP. It had a large stone house, a large brick barn and fruit orchards. Distribution was not listed. Closed 4 Dec 1869.
Jacob M. MILLER, et al vs William LEASE & Jane R. LEASE William LEASE d/ Fall of 1863, intestate w/ Rebecca d/ Apr 1869, intestate s/ William LEASE (died bef his father) .....William LEASE, a minor .....Jane R. LEASE, a minor d/ C. Elizabeth (LEASE) w/o B. Franklin CRONISE - Washington County d/ Jane C. (LEASE) w/o Jacob M. MILLER s/ David/Daniel H. LEASE & w/ Mary Jane NICHOLAS s/ Nicholas Calvin LEASE & w/ E. Ellen DYER d/ F. Manzella LEASE s/ Franklin M. LEASE Land - part "Tasker's Chance", in Frederick city on North end of Market St; from George LEASE (& w/ Elizabeth) in 1828. Previously to Lease from Henry KOONTZ in 1811. It had a 2-story brick house. One acre was sold to Juliett WINCHESTER, w/o Hiram WINCHESTER in 1862. Also, adjoining - 3 acres, on west side of turnpike from Frederick Town to the Monocacy bridge; adjoins lots of William LEASE, John FAUBLE and John SCHLEY, dec'd; from Mary PUMPHREY in 1837. Previously to Pumphrey from John PUMPHREY of Greenburg, as trustee for Vachel PUMPHREY, dec'd, through Chancery Court. The heirs requested that Jacob M. MILLER and Benjamin F. CRONISE be trustees. Guardian was Walker Y. PAGE. Testifying was Christian NIGHHOFF and James CARLIN. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 1 Jul 1869; property was divided into lots; high bidderes were: - James WHITEHILL for Lot #1 (30' x 240') at $355 Runs back to land of James CARLIN; has 2/3 of old brick blacksmith shop, now used as a cooper's shop; also has fruit trees. - Franklin LEASE for Lot #2 (30' x 245') at $280 Adjoins Lot #1; has 1/3 of old blacksmith shop and fruit trees. - B. F. M. HURLEY for Lot #3 (48' x 240') at $1,543 includes the 2-story brick house and back building; has fruit trees, grapevines, entrances on south and north sides of house. - Joseph ROUTZAHN & W. D. BOWERS for Lot #4 (30'x 250') at $231 has a frame stable, - Joseph ROUTZAHN & W. D. BOWERS for Lot #5 (30'x 253') at $211 - Dennis MURPHEY for LOt #6 (30'x 257') at $210 (his agent, James CARLIN) - Henry BAUMGARDNER for Lot #7 (30'x 260') at $200 (his agent, Charles E. LEASE) - James WHITEHILL for Lot #8 (30'x 263') at $180 - James CARLIN for Lot #9 (30' x 268') at $206 - James CARLIN for Lot #10 (30' x 272') at $230 - J. Edward RICE for Lot #11 (30' x 276') at $263 adjoins land of James WHITEHILL on the south. All lots front on the Turnpike and run back to land of James CARLIN. Total sales, $3,909. B.F.M. HURLEY petitioned the court because the property did not have the second entrance as was advertised and he needs it for wagons and carriages to the premises. He had been unable to have trustees work out the north entrance and therefore is unwilling to take the property. Lot #3 was resold to Mrs. Eliza M. NICHOLAS at $1,541. 1st Distribution of $1,625.64; court costs, $356.42 - each child's 1/7 share, $185.74. Closed 7 Dec 1869.
251-260 - REMICK, DENT, EICHELBERGER - Oct 1868
George W. DENT vs Joseph REMICK & w/ Jane - Foreclosure Land - House & Lot at Point of Rocks; had weather board house and ground for a large garden. Sold to Jane REMICK for $450 (she was then married, but sale was only to her) by George W. DENT by mortgage. Previously to DENT by James H. BESANT, trustee of Equity case in 1859. Trustee for the sale was William P. MAULSBY Jr. Sale was held at Point of Rocks on 6 Mar 1869; high bidder was: - Mary E. EICHELBERGER at $320 Balance, after court costs, of $216.45 was paid to George DENT on mortgage which was paid short. Closed 21 May 1869.
Charles McGill LUCKETT vs Edwin P. HATCHER & Others Edwin P. HATCHER and w/ Elizabeth J. executed a mortgage to Central Bank of Frederick and another to L. M. & H. M. NIXDORFF. They also executed another mortgage to John B. KUNKEL. Land - 200 acre farm in Mechanickstown, adjoins Catoctin Furnace property; from Grayson EICHELBERGER as trustee in 1865. Adjoins land of John B. KUNKEL and Adam BLACK. There were extensive orchards of 1,329 budded and grafted trees, 1,230 were peach trees of every variety and the remainder were apple, cherry and pear trees and 300 grapevines of the choicest varieties. There wer also strawberry, raspberry and blackberry patches producing 1600 quarts in 1869. Improvements consist of a large 2 1/2 story stone house of seven rooms and two attic rooms, a summer kitchen and stables. There were also three good springs, two of which were never failing with a well and pump at the door; and is elevated with a beautiful view. It also has a tenement house. Jacob M. BUCKEY had obtained a judgement against Hatcher, but Buckey now lives in Virginia. Trustee for the sale was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 30 Oct 1869; high bidder was: - John B. KUNKEL, Esq. at $5,000 1st Distribution of $1,666.66; court costs, $197.63 - Central Nat. Bank, in part, $1m469.03 Closed 12 Feb 1870.
John HAMILTON & wife and George V. SMITH & wife vs Hadrick MURPHY & wife - Petition to Sell Real Estate Elizabeth KIRBY d/ Dec 1864, intestate d/ Elizabeth E. w/o John HAMILTON d/ Harriet J. w/o George V. SMITH - Washington County d/ Mary Sophia w/o James/Sam Haderick MURPHY Land - House and 14 acres, in New Market District, near Baltimore-Frederick Turnpike. The Murphys issued a claim of $400 against the estate for services and attention to her mother from 22 Nov 1861 to 22 Nov 1864. Trustee was William P. MAULSBY Jr. Sale was held on the premises, 6 miles east of Frederick in New Market District, on 23 Feb 1866; high bidder was: - James H. MURPHY at $405; however, he was unable to comply with the terms. After two more sales, property was sold on 9 Mar 1867 to: - John HAMILTON at $265 William LARE testified Mrs. KIRBY had been bedridden for the last 3-4 years of her life and had been cared for by Mrs. MURPHY and her 13 year old daughter. On recall testimony, he stated he had been a trustee of the Public School for 6-7 years and he knew the daughter of Mrs. Murphy and she attended the school free of charge with no expense to Mrs. Kirby. Cyrus SPONSELLER also testified and stated the Murphys lived in a house close to Mrs. Kirby and had an older daughter who lived at home. The younger daughter stayed with Mrs. KIRBY day and night and he had seen Mrs. Murphy there in the evenings. Mrs. B. TROUT also testified to much the same, stating Mrs. MURPHY was back and forth at Mrs. Kirby's and the girl went to a free school; and Mrs. Kirby raised the girl since she was 11 months old. Mrs. Nancy PLANE testified Mrs. Murphy and her younger daughter did all the work, milked, raised poultry, attended market, took care of bed-ridden Mrs. Kirby. Mr. Murphy cut wood, fodder and other duties on the property. She had lived in the neighborhood during the last two years. Peter BOYER lived about a half mile from Mr. Kirby and claimed the going rate for nursing services was $2 a week. Mr. BEEL stated Mrs. Kirby had told him if it was not for Mr and Mrs MURPHY, she would have died, this said in Oct 1863. Dr. J. N. WOOD stated Mrs. Kirby was an invalid. He had not seen Mrs. Hamilton there within 3-4 years and saw Mrs. Murphy there once in 3-4 years. He had seen Haderick MURPHY there splitting wood and gathering fodder a few times. Adam BOYER, a farmer of eight years in the area, stated Mrs. Hamilton waited on Mrs. Kirby until her marriage; the young girl waited on her a good deal. Mrs. Murphy was there sometimes and was there regularly for some months before Mrs. Kirby died. Mrs. Kirby gave Murphy a deal of what was sent there and he ate there. Others who cut an hauled wood were Frank DUVALL, John H. BOYER and himself. Franklin DUVALL was frequently around the house and, although the Murphys were there and cared for Mrs. Kirby, they also used the money and flour and corn and vegetable from the garden of Mrs. Kirby. Daniel SWARMLEY stated he had only been to the Kirbys once since Mr Kirby died. Murphy had no property and worked very little. The court awarded Mary S. MURPHY $216 for services. John HAMILTON as since sold the property to - Valentine S. BRUNNER (amount not disclosed) Distribution of $265; court costs, $197.25 - Mary S. MURPHY, claim in part, $67.75 Closed 28 Feb 1870.
Alfred SCHLEY & w/ Harriet H. SCHLEY - Foreclosure Solomon SAYLOR & w/ Harriett were indebted by mortgage to the Harriet SCHLEY (witnessed by Abdiel UNKEFER. He also was indebted to Samuel McKINSTRY of Carroll County. Land - "Carver's Lot", 52 acres; adjoins land of Daniel SAYLOR & w/ Mary Ann and Jonathan GARBER & w/ Lydia; - also, "Ivy Church", but resurveyed and included in "Crowels Good Will", 58 acres; from Samuel GARBER; - "Simpson's Chance", 10 acres; from Leonard YOUNG; (Other names listed as sellers were: - John PFOUTZ & w/ Sarah - Michael BOHUE & w/ Anna - Wesley REPP & w/ Elizabeth - John SAYLER & w/ Margaret - Samuel REPP & w/ Mary Ann - Abraham SAYLOR) Totals 120+ acres in three parcels. Trustee was William P. MAULSBY. Sale was held in Liberty town at the store of Thomas G. MAYNARD on 27 Nov 1869; high bidder was: - Samuel McKINSTRY for the farm of 123 acres at $6,050 Distribution of $6,052; court costs, $519.60 - Harriet SCHLEY, claim in full, $4,054.50 - in hands of trustee, $1,475.90 Closed 5 Feb 1870.
309-315 - GEIDELMAN, WOOD, HARDT - Dec 1869
John C. HARDT, President of Lincoln Building Assoc of Frederick City Deed of Mortgage from Mrs. Sarah GEIDELMAN. Land - Lot# 108 on north side of East Second St in Frederick; adjoins property of James BRUNNER on the east and the brick house of Estate of Jacob WELCH on the west. It had a 2-story brick house with large brick back building; 13 rooms and fronts 28 feet with a 10-foot inlet, depth of 196 feet with many choice fruit trees, and stable. (Previously to Harriet BOONE by Asbury H. HUNT in 1853.) Report of Sales - at the Dill House in Frederick city on 1 Dec 1869; sold to John E.R. WOOD at $3,700. After court costs and mortgages and claims were paid, balance of $673.60 went to Sarah GIDDLEMAN. Closed 12 March 1870.
David WOLF of S. & Others David WOLFE, dec'd (Will only partially listed) s/ Jacob WOLF (already received) s/ Samuel WOLF (112 acre plantation where Samuel then lived, parts "Good Luck" and "Addition to Good Luck" ===== Samuel WOLF/WOLFE d/ 24 Jul 1861, intestate s/ David WOLF of S. & w/ Elizabeth d/ Melinda w/o Samuel FARST s/ Henry WOLF & w/ Catharine s/ Daniel WOLF d/ Mary Ann w/o Samuel TOMS of W. d/ Catharine wid/o _____ BRUNER d/ Elizabeth w/o Daniel GORDON s/ James K. WOLF & w/ Melinda d/ Nancy WOLF s/ William WOLF & w/ Nancy s/ George W. WOLFE, dec'd .....Andrew J. WOLF - Ohio or Indiana .....Martha Magdalene WOLF w/o Henry C. MILLER - PA or Washington County .....Benjamin WOLF, a minor - Washington County Land - "Foxes Chase", 20 acres, in northern part of Middletown Valley and also adjoining "Addition to Good Luck", 6 acres; from Peter MONG & w/ Susanna of Washington County in 1852. Located on road from RIDENOUR's old tavern to Wolfsville. - "Dry Weather", 18 acres; from William TOMS & w/ Mary in 1833. (surveyed for John BEARD in 1796) - "Piney Meadow" and "Good Hope", 76 acres, adjoining land of George COON; from Jacob WILLIAMS & w/ Catharine and Henry BURN & w/ Magdalena, heirs of George KROM, in 1840. (a/k/a Kuhn tract, formerly owned by George KUHN) - Lot# 3 of "Byers Prospect", 19 acres; on road from Jacob RIDENOUR's to Wolfsville; from William D. BROWN & w/ Mary and Abraham TOMS Jr. & w/ Susan in 1850. Guardian was Thomas L. McLEAN. Testimony was heard from David WOLF of S. and William TOMS. Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER; land was divided into lots and surveyed by John W. HOOVER in Mar 1869. Sale was held on 24 Apr 1869 on the premises, high bidders were: - John HESSONG for the 'Home Farm', 88 acres, at $1,171.91; located 3 miles north of Wolfsville, had 1 1/2 story log house and barn, well watered for farming, 10 acres in Hickory and Rock Oak, Poplar, Chesnut. John HESSONG failed to comply with terms; property resold to: - Daniel WOLFE at $710.75 Plat 1 - adjoined the farm, timber land of oak, poplar, hickory - Dr. William A. RIDDLEMOSER for Lot# 1, 11+ acres, at $82.60 on "Byers Prospect". - Daniel WOLF for Lot# 2, 11+ acres, at $83.95 on tracts "Byers Prospect", "Addition to Good Luck" and "Dry Weather" - James K.P. WOLF for Lot# 3, 4+ acres, at $42.19 - Daniel WOLF for Lot# 4, 8+ acres, at $85.71 - Daniel WOLF for Lot# 5, 7+ acres, at $41.23 - Henry WOLF for Lot# 6, 5+ acres, at $82.92 - Samuel FARST for Lot# 7, 5+ acres, at $70.05 - Daniel SMITH for Lot# 8, 6+ acres, at $75.16 - Daniel WOLF for Lot# 9, 13+ acres, at $85.05 - Samuel FARSHT for Lot# 10, 9+ acres, at $111 - William WOLF for Lot# 11, 11+ acres, at $55.89 Plat 2 - a/k/a the Kuhn Tract - Jacob WILLIAMS for Lot #1, 32+ acres, at $261.25; farm with orchard and fencing, well watered, 4 acres wooded. - James K.P. WOLF for Lot #2, 22+ acres, at $224.69; timber lot of Rock Oak, Chesnut and Pine. - Michael KLINE for Lot #3, 18+ acres, at $199.13; timber lot of Rock Oak, Chesnut and Pine. Total sales, $2,672.11. Daniel WOLFE and Samuel WOLFE were administrators of their father's estate. 1st Distribution of $2,210.45; court costs, $414.89 - Daniel WOLF, as adm for payments made, $34.28 - each child's 1/11 share, $160.11 Closed 5 Feb 1870.
Columbus HARDING & Others - Sale of Real Estate William HARDING d/ 2 Jun 1868, intestate s/ Columbus HARDING - Ohio d/ Barbara Ann wid/o William RUNKLES d/ Sarah Ellen w/o Manasses CREAGER d/ Mary Jane w/o Samuel J. CLARY d/ Cornelia E. w/o John CLARY - Kansas d/ Julia A. CLARY wid/o Nicholas CLARY - Kansas d/ Clara HARDING d/ Lauretta HARDING, a minor Land - "Dispute Continued", "Establishment", 51 acres and grist mill where William then resided; to Christian HARDING from Daniel JAMES in 1792; and - "Hunting Lot", 1 acre where old saw mill stood; devised to William HARDING from his father Christian HARDING's Will written 11 Oct 1848; filed 6 Nov 1848. Administrator was Columbus HARDING. The heirs requested that Joel HALL be chosen as trustee, but later recommended Manasses CREAGER; both were appointed, however, Joel HALL later renounced the duty. Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER. Testimony was heard from Joseph MOLESWORTH and Philip HARDING (Williams's uncle and brother of William's father). Sale was held on 26 Jun 1869 at Buckey's Store in the village in New London for the properties known as Hardings' Mills, on new road from New London to the Old Annapolis Road, about one mile from New London. There were 12 acres in timber, seven acres of meadow land, a 3-story stone mill with one pair of burs and one pair of country chopping stones and an excellent saw mill attached with an abundance of footer. The house has 7-8 rooms, a meat house, dairy, log stable, garden and two fine springs on the farm. High bidder was: - Jacob KELLER of J. at $3,500 1st Distribution of $1,166.66; court costs, $412.42 Balance to creditors, including a debt owed to Philip HARDING for $393.87. 2nd Distribution of $1,219.15 - various creditors including a debt owed to Philip HARDING for $386.07 - Columbus HARDING, 1/8, $58.57 - Barbara A. RUNKLES, 1/8, $58.57 - Sarah E. CREAGER, 1/8, $58.57 - Mary J. CLARY, 1/8, $58.57 - Cornelia E. CLARY, 1/8, $58.57 - Julia A. CLARY, 1/8, $58.57 - Clara HARDING, 1/8, $58.57 - Lauretta HARDING, 1/8, $58.57 Closed 16 Apr 1870.
366-367 - McKINSTRY, SAYLOR, SCHLEY, GARBER - Jan 1870
Jonathan GARBER & w/ Lydia vs Harriet H. SCHLEY (w/o Alfred) and Solomon SAYLOR Answer of Samuel McKINSTRY for claims against Estate of Solomon SAYLOR Court ruled to favor claim of Samuel McKINSTRY for $1,475.90. Closed 26 Apr 1870.
Joseph H. HOFFMAN & Others Ann Mary HOFFMAN d/ 1862, intestate - w/o Henry HOFFMAN d/ Oct 1868 s/ Joseph H. HOFFMAN & w/ Mary Ann s/ Martin HOFFMAN & w/ Emaline s/ Samuel H. HOFFMAN & w/ Barbara - Illinois s/ John William HOFFMAN & w/ Sarah Ann - Illinois d/ Eva Margaret w/o Henry SWITZER - Illinois d/ Mary Ann Elizabeth w/o Jacob BOWERS - Illinois s/ Joshua HOFFMAN, dec'd .....Sarah Margaret w/o John HARSHMAN .....Ezra Cornelius HOFFMAN & w/ Maria - Illinois .....John R. HOFFMAN s/ Solomon HOFFMAN, dec'd .....Henry C. HOFFMAN, a minor - Ogle Co, Illinois .....Charles C. HOFFMAN, a minor - Ogle Co, Illinois .....Elias Calvin HOFFMAN, a minor - New Paris, Elkhart Co, Indiana Land - "We Have Got the Bird in the Cage", 34+ acres; Adjoins land of Jacob DUSING and tract "Fuller's Delight" - "Fuller's Delight", 58+ acres; to Ann Mary HOFFMAN from John GELTZINGER & w/ Elizabeth and Jonathan PERRY & w/ Elizabeth in 1849. Surrounding neighbors were: D. GARNAND, MARKEN, L. EASTERDAY, ZENTMYER and Daniel DUSING. Guardian for Elias Calvin HOFFMAN was J. H. WARSTLER (Feb 22, 1869). Guardian for Henry C. & Charles C. HOFFMAN was James C. LUCKEY. Testimony was heard from Martin HOFFMAN and John HARSHMAN. Trustee was Martin HOFFMAN; sale was held on the premises on 6 Jan 1870, high bidders were: - George W. BOWERS for the home farm, 54 acres, at $1,399.31 - Mary A. HOFFMAN for 10 acres at $198.31 - Mary A. HOFFMAN for 3 acres at $116.25 - Jacob D. WOLFE for 4 acres at $221.18 - William SCHILDTKNECHT for 4 acres at $208.82 - John D. DUPEL for 4 acres at $179.71 - William H. CLARY for 6 acres at $268.75 - Lawrence EASTERDAY for 5 acres at $303.87 Total sales, $2,896.91. George W. BOWERS and Mary C. BOWERS (relationship not stated) petitioned the court to substitute Mary in place of George as the purchaser of the home farm. Also petitioned for substitution of purchaser was Jacob D. WOLFE to David MARKER. Distribution of $2,896.91; court costs, $263.38 - Each 1/8 share to children, $329.19 The grandchildren's share was $109.73. Closed 7 Mar 1870.
Solomon OHLER & Others vs Margaret OHLER & Others Frederick OHLER Sr d/ 11 Jan 1869, intestate widow - Margaret, and children, 1/ Catharine w/o William MORT 2/ Elizabeth w/o Michael HOUCK 3/ Solomon OHLER & w/ Mary Ann CLEM 4/ Levi N. OHLER & w/ Catharine - Ohio 5/ George A. OHLER & w/ ______ LYNN - Iowa 6/ Julia Ann w/o Daniel C. POWELL 7/ Joshua OHLER & w/ Emeline CHAMBER - Ohio 8/ Frederick OHLER & w/ Mary SHORB - Carroll County 9/ Delilah OHLER 10/ Allie w/o Ham DIEHL - Iowa Land - in Emmitsburg District in Frederick County and partly in Carroll County; - "Resurvey on Boxes Search", 100 acres; from George Crabb HARRIS in 1834 (devised to him from his father, Thomas HARRIS by execs/ Joshua DELAPLANE & Francis SPALDING from Will written 9 Dec 1821). Lies along the Monocacy River in now Carroll County and is considered 'Monocacy Bottom land'; adjoins land of Henry BAUMGARDNER and David FORNEY. It had a 2-story log house, log barn and orchard. - "Resurvey on Boxes Search", 130 acres; from George Adam OHLER in 1837 (to him from Alexander BLACKBURN in 1808); lies 4 miles from Emmittsburg on the Monocacy in Frederick County and one mile south of Bridgeport. Adjoined lands of James OHLER and John SLUSS. It had a 2-story stone house, Switzer Barn and two wells of fine water and a good orchard - "Carolina", Lot #3, 8-acre mountain lot; from Francis J. HOOVER, exec/of John HOOVER, in 1844. Lies near road from Monocacy to Harbaugh Valley and Frederick TROXEL's tract, "Good Wife" and a Mr WHITMORE's land. Located on Turkey Run on road from Sabillasville to Emmittsburg, two miles west of Emmitsburg and adjoins land of Christopher CORRELL. On 1 Feb 1869, Solomon KRISE made oath the widow was 75 years old and her general health was good. Testimony was heard from Daniel C. POWELL, John SLUSS and James OHLER. Trustees were Solomon OHLER and Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held on 23 Oct 1869 at the Taylor House, but now the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmittsburg; high bidders were: - Frederick OHLER for the home farm of 130 acres at $5,590 - Delilah M. OHLER for the 100-acre farm at $3,000 - Michael STOUTER Jr for mountain lot at $385; his sureties were George BISHOFF and Michael STOUTER Sr Total sales, $9,167.50. Distribution of $6,975; court costs, $479.75 - Margaret OHLER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $868.77 - Catharine MORT, 1/10, $562.64 - Solomon OHLER, 1/10, $562.64 - Michael HOUCK, assignee of Lewis N. Ohler, 1/10, $562.64 - George A. OHLER, 1/10, $562.64 - Julia Ann POwELL, 1/10, $562.64 - Joshua OHLER, 1/10, $562.64 - Elisabeth HOUCK, 1/10, $562.64 - Frederick OHLER, 1/10, $562.64 - Delilah OHLER, 1/10, $562.64 - Allie DIEHL, 1/10, $562.64 Joshua OHLER had been in possession of the property that Frederick OHLER purchased at the sale; Joshua now refuses to give up possession and Frederick had to petition the court to withhold Joshua's share until he released possession of the property; so ordered. This segment filed 9 May 1870.
402-412 - YEAKLE, MARTIN, SMITH - Jul 1869
Joseph YEAKLE & William YEAKLE, adm/of Jacob YEAKLE vs Potomac Manufacturing Company Jacob YEAKLE, dec'd, of Springfield Twp, Montgomery Co, PA Land - 2 Lots and mill or factory (stone, rough cast) and other buildings on Factory Street in Weaverton, Frederick County, which runs to the Potomac River. Includes water rights of the Weaverton Manufacturing Company extent of 200 horse power. - The other Square #8, now designated on the plan of Weaverton as Section #5, was on the public way along south side of Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road on the east by 5th St, on the south by Canal Avenue and on the west by 4th St; it has two blocks of buildings, each block has 6 separate houses built by the Potomac Mfg Co for use of operators, built of stone, rough cast, 2 1/2 stores high with small lot in rear of each, presently occupied by tenants. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal run along the property. Conveyed to Potomac Manufacturing Company from Weaverton Manufacturing Company in 1850; mortgaged by the former to Jacob YEAKLE. Potomac's attorney and president was Abraham MARTIN; secretary was P. Frazier SMITH who signed the certification in Philadelphia; all officers lived out of state. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS, Esquire. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 19 Oct 1869; high bidders were: - Joseph YEAKLE and William YEAKLE at $2,900 After court costs, the YEAKLES received $2,569.75. Closed 4 Nov 1869.
Jacob HOSTETTER, guardian of Samuel HOSTETTER, et al vs Barbara HOSTETTER Abraham HOSTETTER d/ 14 Feb 1868, intestate - Union Twp, Adams Co, Pennsylvania widow - Mary H. (age 43 in May 1869) (She and all her children lived in Union Twp, Adams Co, Pennsylvania) d/ Barbara HOSTETTER (age 21 in 1869) s/ Samuel HOSTETTER, a minor s/ Jacob HOSTETTER, a minor d/ Anna Martha HOSTETTER, a minor s/ Emanuel HOSTETTER, a minor d/ Mary Elizabeth HOSTETTER, a minor d/ Sarah Jane HOSTETTER, a minor s/ Aaron HOSTETTER, a minor d/ Alberta HOsTETTER, a minor Land - 193 acres, in Mount Pleasant; from John KLINE & w/ Letilda in 1866 (witnessed by Jacob DILLER and Henry DEHOFF) (previously to them from Henry NICODEMUS & w/ Margaret in 1858). Located by Links Tree and by Susanna BEATTY's "Dulaneys Lot", Samuel COOK and James BEATTY's tracts. Located near the turnpike from Woodsboro to Frederick, about 5 miles from Frederick on Israel's Creek, adjoining lands of Samuel HOKE, George THOMAS of Henry and a Mr. JOHNSON. Improvements are a 2-story brick house with kitchen attached, bank barn with wagon shed attached, carriage house and other buildings. There is a spring of water with works attached to run water to the house and barn; also has an orchard. Presently residing on the farm is Jacob TINDERMAN. Guardian for the minor children was Benjamin H. LONGNECKER of Adams Co, PA. He also testified at the hearing, along with Joseph KEAGY. Trustee was Jacob HOSTETTER; after a failed sale, private sale was made to: - Ezra L. CRAMER at $19,500 Distribution: court costs, $790.70 - Mary H. HOSTETTER, widow, in lieu of dower, $2,600 - each child's 1/9 share, $1,789.92 Closed 17 Mar 1870.
Randolph DUDERAR, assignee of George WACHTER of J. vs Jacob H. STALEY George WACHTER of J. possessed the following tracts: Land - in Creagerstown District, near Devilbiss' Bridge on the Monocacy, adjoining lands of Edward T. GETZENDANNER, Dr. COCKEY and Jacob H. STALEY; adapted for use as a market farm. Improvements of house, barn, fruit trees, timber with good fencing and excellent water near the house. - "Ogle's Necessary Compact", 1 acre; from Jacob WACHTER & w/ Margaret in 1855 (witnessed by Thomas PICKING). (Previously from Samuel DEVILBISS in 1832 for 1 acre). - also "Ripshire", 33 1/2 acres; (to Jacob WACHTER from John FUNDENBURG in 1828). - 3/4 acre; from Edward J. (or S.) GETZENDANNER & w/ Catharine E. in 1859. Adjoins previous tract and runs to the west bank of the Monocacy River. (Previously from George SMITH, trustee in 1854.) George WACHTER agreed to sell said lands to Jacob H. STALEY on 1 Apr 1865 for $2,400; Staley paid $800 and took possession of the lands, but has failed to pay the balance. In 1868, he assigned the notes to Randolph DUDERAR. Testifying was George WACHTER who stated Jacob H. STALEY was living in Ohio. Randolph DUDERAR also testified. Trustee was Milton Y. URNER. Sale was held 7 April 1870 on the premises; high bidder was: - John D. GRABILL at $1,583.75 Petition filed by George METZGER as guardian of George W. T. MARSH and Joel J. MARSH. He had obtained the mortage ($500) on the real estate sold which was executed prior to the sale to Jacob H. STALEY. Distribution of $1,583.75; court costs, $198.14 - George METZGAR, claim, $532.50 - Randolph DUDERAR, in part claim, $853.11 Closed 18 May 1870.
George H. LEASE & Others vs William LEASE & Others Catharine HIMMEL d/ 1849 - 1st h/ Nicholas LEASE s/ George H. LEASE s/ Ezra LEASE d/ 1863, his children .....William LEASE, a minor - Washington, DC .....Charles LEASE, a minor - Washington, DC .....Alice LEASE, a minor - Washington, DC .....Emma LEASE, a minor - Washington, DC d/ Harriet LEASE, now w/o William B. R. WILLIS - Washington, DC s/ Edward LEASE - Baltimore city - 2nd h/ John D. HIMMEL (d/ Dec 1868 in Baltimore city) s/ Jacob E. HIMMEL - Baltimore city s/ John C. HIMMEL - Baltimore city d/ Catharine M. HIMMEL, now w/o John C. MARTIN - Baltimore city Land - "Addition to Frederick Town, Lot #235 on Fifth St, adjoining George LOWE's Lot; also two vacant lots on Sixth St, adjoining Mr. HOUFFMAN's lot; conveyed to William LEASE from William H. ALBAUGH & w/ Susannah in 1833, in trust for John D. HIMMEL & w/ Catharine during their natural lives, then for Catharine's children. Previously to the ALBAUGHs by Jacob ROW & w/ Susanne in 1831. William (Ezra) LEASE died several years before, leaving his oldest son, William LEASE, to fulfill the trust. Guardian was Eliza LEASE of Washington, DC; however, for some reason William C. KOEHLER was appointed guardian for William LEASE. Testimony was heard from Jacob NUSBAUM who knew the deceased. Also testifying was Harriet DOLL who has known the family all her life; stated William LEASE (Ezra?) died in Frederick County three or four years ago, leaving children. Trustee was George H. LEASE. After three failed sales, private sale was made to: - Michael H. HALLER at $900 Distribution: court costs, $214.76 - George H. LEASE, 1/7, $97.87 - Harriet WILLIS, 1/7, $97.87 - John A. SIMMONS, assignee of Edward LEASE, 1/7, $97.87 - William LEASE, 1/4 of 1/7, $24.47 - Charles LEASE, 1/4 of 1/7, $24.47 - Alice LEASE, 1/4 of 1/7, $24.47 - Emma LEASE, 1/4 of 1/7, $24.47 - Jacob E. HIMMEL, 1/7, $97.87 - John C. HIMMEL, 1/7, $97.87 - John MARTIN, curtesy share, $18.35 - Mary C. MARTIN, $13.25 - Lucinda V. MARTIN, $13.25 - Emma M. MARTIN, $13.25 - John E. MARTIN, $13.25 - Clara G. MARTIN, $13.25 - Ella J. MARTIN, $13.25 Closed 15 April 1870. (Evidently Catharine (HIMMEL) MARTIN died, per the distribution.)
Joseph D. ANDERS, et al vs SALMA BEARD, et al Adam ANDERS/ANDES d/ 2 Feb 1829 on his farm, intestate widow - Christina d/ 1 Jan 1844 s/ William ANDERS* (age 29), now dec'd s/ Andrew ANDERS (age 21) - Liberty District s/ George ANDERS (age 19), now dec'd & w/ Ann d/ Salma ANDERS, now wid/o Peter BEARD d/ Elizabeth "Betsy" ANDERS (d/ aft her father, intestate) d/ Eliza ANDERS (d/ aft her father, intestate) d/ Mary Ann Catharine ANDERS, now w/o Charles CLANTZ - Tuscarawas Co, Ohio by 1839 d/ Anna/Honor Christina ANDERS, now w/o William FOGLE d/ Mary "Polly" ANDERS, now w/o William BOSTIAN - Delaware Co, Ohio by 1837 Land - 2 1/2 miles from Woodsboro, on road from Woodsboro to Liberty Town; 70 acres in wood, mostly chestnut, 7 acres in meadow. Improvements were a 2-story log house, log barn and stable and milk house, two springs near the house and a good apple orchard. - "Resurvey on Goodwill", 80 acres, and "Williams", 6 acres (being part of "Andrew's Chance") and contiguous to the other tract; to Adam ANDISS from Philip SMITH, farmer, and w/ Mary Magdalena in 1797 (Witnessed by Francis Brown SAPPINGTON & Daniel DORSEY). - "Indian Graves", 100 acres, on north side of draught of Runny(?) Run and on the NW side of Indian Grave hill; to Adam ANDIS/ANDERS, farmer, from Christian SMITH, farmer, and w/ Appolonia in 1790 (Witnessed by Upton SHENDINE and Nicholas HOBBS). - "Resurvey on Standing Stone", 13 acres; to Adam ANDIS from Henry BOSTIAN & w/ Elizabeth in 1798 (Witnessed by Francis Brown SAPPINGTON & Daniel DORSEY). Mary BOSTIAN and Catharine CLANTZ conveyed their shares to William ANDERS. Christina FOGLE & George ANDERS coveyed their shares to Andrew ANDERS (witnessed by F. SHAW). This left 3/7 to William ANDERS, 3/7 to Andrew ANDERS and 1/7 to Salma BEARD. William ANDERS* d/ 1 Feb 1865, intestate widow - Mary (age 69) d/ Susannah E. ANDERS (age 44) s/ Andrew ANDERS Jr & wife (age 37) s/ Joseph D. ANDERS & wife (age 34 Testimony was heard from Andrew ANDES who listed the ages of his brothers and stated George and William were now dec'd and there were only two sisters living. Also testifying was Andrew ANDES Jr and Joseph D. ANDES. Trustee was James W. PEARRE. Sale was held 19 Mar 1870 on the premises; high bidder was: - Joseph D. ANDERS for the whole 199 acre farm at $5,785.50 Distribution: court costs, $419.91 - Salma BEARD, 1/7, $766.51 - Andrew ANDES, 3/7, $2,299.53 - Mary ANDES, (wid/o Wm.), in liew of dower, 1/10 of 3/7, $229.95 - Susannah E. ANDES, 1/3 of 9/10 of 3/7, $689.86 - Andrew ANDES Jr, 1/3 of 9/10 of 3/7, $689.86 - Joseph D. ANDES, 1/3 of 9/10 of 3/7, $689.86 Closed 16 May 1870
Otho U. CECIL, et al vs Hamadethea CECIL, et al Samuel CECIL d/ intestate at age 70 widow - Anne (age abt 60) s/ Otho U. CECIL - Montgomery County s/ Wilson H. CECIL - Montgomery County s/ Levin R. CECIL - Frederick County d/ Catharine (CECIL) w/o Charles H. BAKER - Frederick County s/ Hamedatha CECIL - California d/ Rhoda E. (CECIL) w/o George W. CRAWFORD - Indiana d/ Amanda (CECIL) w/o George E. BAKER - Virginia Land - "Labyrinth", and "McKay's Chance", 183 acres; from Aquilla TAYLOR & w/ Rachael of Clermont Co, Ohio in 1836. Parts in both Frederick and Montgomery Counties, adjoins land of John Hamilton SMITH, John RHOADS, Joshua KNIGHT and William KNIGHT. At the time of the sale, neighbors were Samuel T. SIMMONS and William CECIL and was located near the road from Hyattstown to Barnesville with a log weather-boarded house and out buildings, a spring and apple orchard. Testimony was heard from Isaac DAVIS and R.W. HOLLAND. Trustees were Frederick J. NELSON and Isaac DAVIS. Sale was held 5 Mar 1870 on the premises; high bidder was: - William WILLIAMS at $1,440 Distribution: court costs, $173.35 - each 1/7 share, $162.85 Closed 13 Jun 1870.
Edward HOWARD, next friend of Annie E. HOWARD & Others vs Annie E. HOWARD & Others Charles E. HOWARD d/ 6 Nov 1869 widow - Joanna d/ Annie E. HOWARD, a minor s/ Charles S. HOWARD, a minor d/ Clara HOWARD, a minor s/ Edward B. HOWARD, a minor Land - "Lambeth", 38 acres; from Mahlon RHODERICK & w/ Mary Ann in 1863. Located on south side of road from Frederick to Harper's Ferry and adjoining lands of Edward HOWARD and Samuel HARGATE. - "Jackson's Mountain Range" and "Tryall", 10 acres of mountain land; from Henry M. NIXDORF in 1868. Adjoins land of Susan EDWARDS, George H. RIZER and Henry M. NIXDORF and is located a mile above Shookstown. Timber is oak, chestnut and hickory. Guardian was Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Henry CULLER, Mahlon RHODERICK, Henry M. NIXDORFF and George W. SMITH. Trustees were George W. SMITH and William H. HOWARD. Sale was held 5 Mar 1870 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - Edward HOWARD for the 38 acres at $75/acre - Andrew J. STAUB for the mountain tract at $30/acre Total sales, $3,214.68. Distribution: court costs, $223.69 - H.M. NIXDORFF, note, $232.10 - Joanna HOWARD, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $426.57 - each child's 1/4 share, $581.80. Closed 7 May 1870.
John T. BUXTON & Others vs James L. BUXTON & Others Brook BUXTON Sr d/ Mar 1869, intestate widow - Lydia A. s/ John T. BUXTON & w/ Sarah (BRENGLE) s/ Brook BUXTON Jr & W/ Emma J. (BAKER) s/ William H. BUXTON s/ Basil F.BUXTON d/ Mary C. w/o Ephraim HOOD s/ James L. BUXTON, a minor d/ Susan Jane MULLINIX, dec'd w/o John MULLINIX .....Ella Catharine MULLINIX, a minor - Montgomery County .....William M. MULLINIX, a minor - Montgomery County .....Samuel W. MULLINIX, a minor - Montgomery County Land - located in both Frederick and Montgomery Counties, near Mount Airy and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad: - "Ridgeley's Good Will", 302 acres; from Francis BRENGLE, trustee in case of Rhoderick DORSEY & Janet DORSEY vs Henrietta DORSEY & Others, in 1869 (previously from Joab WATERS to William HOBBS of Samuel in 1811). Surveyed for John HOBBS in 1773. - "Hazard", "Never Fear" and "I Have Got It All", 110 acres, in Frederick County; from Henry LYDY & w/ Catharine in 1843 (previously from Henry McELFRESH to Jesse ENGEL and by him to Henry LYDAY). Administrator was John T. BUXTON with sureties as William E. SALMAN & William R. DORSEY. Guardian was Walker Y. PAGE, Esquire. Testimony was heard from Leonard C. MULLINIX who stated Brook Sr died at the Relay House fram an injury received from being struck by the cars. Also testifying was George M. CLAY. Both listed the maiden names of Brook Sr's daughter-in-laws. John T. BUXTON testified that the widow, Lydia, was about 44 years of age and her general health was good (17 Dec 1869). Trustee was John T. BUXTON. Sale was held 31 Mar 1870 in front of JARRETT's Hotel in Ridgeville; tracts divided into lots and sold to: - Brook BUXTON Jr. for Lot #1 at $2,200; 110 acres with house and orchard. - Jesse BRANDENBURG for Lot #2 at $2567.60; 196 acres, 3/4 in timber. - Thomas FLEMING for Lot #3 at $501.75; 27 3/4 acres, cultivated. - Joseph WOOD for Lot #4 at $742.50; 49 1/2 acres, mostly timber. However, he petitioned to have Jeremiah LEWIS substituted as buyer. - Jesse RYAN for Lot #5 at $748.46; 46 acres, half timber, half cultivated. Distribution of $6,760.31; court costs, $535.90 - Lydia A. BUXTON, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15, $829.92 - each child's 1/7 share, $770.64 (grandchildren's share was $256.88 each) Closed 13 Jun 1870.
Evan WILSON & Others vs Priscilla WOLFE & Others George W. WOLFE d/ Dec 1868 (or following month), intestate widow - Priscilla and 7 children d/ Rachael (WOLFE) w/o Evan WILSON d/ Leah (WOLFE) w/o Thomas J. DAY d/ Jane (WOLFE) w/o Upton MULLINIX s/ William WOLFE & w/ Susan (HYATT) d/ Sarah "Sallie" (WOLFE) w/o George W. HOOD d/ Kitty Ann (WOLFE), dec'd w/o Reuben M. MOXLEY .....Lucinda MOXLEY .....George MOXLEY - Montgomery County .....Leah (MOXLEY) w/o Gassaway HOOD - Carroll County s/ Isiah WOLFE, dec'd .....Ann L. (WOLFE) w/o William FLEMING - Carroll County .....William D. WOLFE, a minor .....Daniel Webster WOLFE, a minor Land - "Burke's Lot", being part of "Hobbs Purchase" and "Hazard" and "Never Fear", 12+ acres; from Benjamin TODD (however, no deed). Located on north edge of Kemptown road to Ridgeville in Carroll County. Priscilla WOLFE, made oath she was age 60 and in good health (2 Dec 1869). Guardian was Arthur POTTS. Testifying was Thomas J. DAY, Upton MULLINIX and Evan WILSON (he married 20 years). Trustee was Evan WILSON. Sale was held 16 Apr 1870 on the premises; high bidder was: - Thomas J. DAY at $501.01 Distribution: court costs, $141.56 - Priscilla WOLFE, widow, in lieu of dower, $35.84 - each chid's 1/7 share, $46.08 Closed 11 Jun 1870.
538-561 - MILLER, MYERS, LONG, CRAWFORD - Feb 1869
Frederick Town Savings Institution vs Sarah B. MILLER & Others Charles MILLER d/ Feb or Mar 1869, intestate - 2nd w/ Sarah B. (married 31 May 1866) children from 1st wife who died d/ Elizabeth (MILLER) w/o Jacob MYERS - Washington County s/ Frederick MILLER - Washington County s/ Hezekiah MILLER, a minor - Washington County d/ Sarah MILLER, a minor - Washington County Land - "Mary's Delight", 129 acres; in Harbaugh's Valley; from Lewis CRAWFORD, trustee in the case of Charles MILLER & Others vs Eve C. MILLER & Others, in 1865. Located near sawmill and dwelling of Jacob HARBAUGH and land to Frederick MILLER from John MILLER in 1849. (Previously from Armor BIGHAM to John MILLER.) Included house, large Switzer barn and other out buildings and orchard of fruit trees. Mortgages to the bank and Henry LORENTZ. Charles MILLER conveyed 33 acres to Simon P. MILLER in 1866 (previously owned by John MILLER, dec'd). By March 1869, Frederick MILLER had become a non-resident of Maryland. Guardian was Arthur POTTS. Testifying was Lewis CRAWFORD, Louis V. SCHOLL (for the bank), H. C. KOEHLER and William J. ROSS. Lewis CRAWFORD was trustee. Sale was held in Sabillasville on 31 Mar 1870; high bidder was: - Joseph MYERS for the 90-acre farm in Hauvers District, 1 1/2 miles east of Sabillasville at $2,115. Distribution: court costs, $245.69 - Frederick Town Savings, mortgage lien, $1,282.20 - Sarah B. MILLER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $173.38 - Henry LORENTZ, mortgage lien, $499.08 - each child's 1/4 share, $3.66 Closed 11 Jun 1870. Note - Frederick County Marriage Records - Charles MILLER, 56, widowed, farmer, to Sarah B. LONG, on 31 on 31 May 1866 by J.D. FREED at Mrs. EYLER's.
Daniel M. HYDER & Others vs Nathan L. BAKER & Others Ellen BAKER, widow, d/ Oct 1867, intestate s/ Nathan L. BAKER & w/ Juliannna (ILER) s/ William H. BAKER & w/ _______ (WARFIELD) d/ Mary E. (BAKER) w/o Daniel M. HYDER s/ Theodore Harrison BAKER & w/ Jemima MEALEY d/ Sarah A. C. (BAKER) w/o John W. FOGLE s/ Samuel Jacob BAKER & w/ Mary (WARFIELD) s/ Basil BAKER s/ John BAKER s/ Ruben Sidwell BAKER, a minor d/ Martha E. BAKER, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Good Neighbourhood", 1+ acre; to Ellen BAKER from Alexander WARFIELD & w/ Eliza. Adjoined land of Jacob STITELY. Located 2 miles west from Johnsville on road from Johnsville to Woodsborough. Improvements were a 2-story log house and back building and good fruit trees. Guardian was Walker Y. PAGE. Testifying was Moses DIEHL and William DIEHL. Trustee was John W. FOGLE. Sale was held 9 Apr 1870 on the premises; high bidder was: - John D. BAKER at $350 Distribution: court costs, $125.20 - each 1/10 share to children, $22.48 Closed 27 Jun 1870.
Robert N. PENDLETON & w/ Fanny vs Joshua G. GIBSON & Others Dr. William WATERS, Frederick City, d/ 1862 (Will written 8 May 1856) w/ Frances C. WATERS d/ several years before husband d/ Susan (WATERS) (d/ 1864) w/o Dr. Joshua Gregg GIBSON - Jefferson Co, VA/WV .....Fanny (GIBSON) w/o Robert N. PENDLETON - Virginia .....William W. GIBSON, a minor .....Agnes GIBSON, a minor .....James GIBSON, a minor .....Ann P. GIBSON, a minor d/ Ann P. WATERS (d/ 1865-1869) w/o Dr. Harry W. DORSEY - (New Market Distr) .....Sarah Waters DORSEY Exec/ wife; witnesses: L.J. BRENGLE, Ezra HOUCK, Grayson EICHELBERGER Land - "Rocky Spring", 220+ acres; from Ezra DOUB (exec/of Valentine DOUB and trustee of Valentine DOUB Jr) and William H. DOUB (exec/of Joshua DOUB who was an heir of Valentine DOUB) in 1857. Adjoins tracts, "County Seat", David KEMP's "Safest Way". Mortgaged to Ezra DOUB, surviving exec/of William DOUB and trustee of Esther DOUB, wid/of William DOUB, in 1857. Improvements were 2-story stone house of nine rooms and kitchen attached with a first-rate cellar under the house and kitchen; a tenant house near the mansion of five rooms; two dairies, summer and winter; large stone Switzer barn with stabling underneath for 12 horses and 12 cattle; a double corn house, storing upt to 300 barrels of corn with granery above it to store 1500 bushes of grain; wagon shed to accomodate two wagons and other vehicles; hog pen with crib above to hold 75 barrels of corn; fine carriage house to house two carriages; a smoke house, blacksmith shop, well within six yards of the kitchen and large spring near the barnyard and running water to supply the stock of the entire farm; also an orchard of choice fruit. Located 2 1/2 miles NW of Frederick on road from Frederick city. - "Safest Way", 8+ acres; from David KEMP (w/ Ruth S.) in 1852. - "Kemp's Discovery", Lot #3, 16+ acres; from Joseph G. MILLER in 1854. Previously to MILLER from John McPHERSON of William in 1854. Lies within two miles of the farm, well-covered with timber. Susan and Dr. J.G. GIBSON mortgaged their share to Mary TAYLOR for benefit of Nancy TAYLOR (Godfrey KOONTZ, agent), who then assigned/transferred it to Ann P. DORSEY (formerly Ann P. WATERS). Dr. H.W. DORSEY was admin/of Ann P. DORSEY with sureties as Lewis M. THOMAS and Godfrey KOONTZ. Guardian was H.C. KOEHLER, Esq; testimony from Godfrey KOONTZ, John REIFSNIDER and Cornelius STALEY who testified that Joshua GIBSON and Harry DORSEY now live in Frederick Co, MD. Trustee was Godfrey KOONTZ. Sale was held 8 Apr 1870 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - Richard J. LAMAR for the 229+ acre farm at $95.60/acre; then occupied by Dr. J.G. GIBSON. - John T. SIM for the 16-acre mountain lot at $16.75/acre. Total sales, $2,205.80. Distribution: court costs, $1,294.26 - Ezra DOUB, claim, $4,734.02 - H.W. DORSEY, adm/of A.P. DORSEY, $3,905.60 - Fanny PENDLETON, $839.63 - W.W. GIBSON, $839.63 - Agnes GIBSON, $839.63 - James GIBSON, $839.63 - Ann P. GIBSON, $839.63 - Harry W. DORSEY, curtesy share, $2,532.42 - Sarah DORSEY, $5,571.33 Closed 13 Jun 1870.
John B. BAKER & Others vs Sarah E. EARNST Peter EARNST d/ Frederick Co, MD - Solomon EARNST* - Esther EARNST w/o Daniel ALBAUGH - Hannah EARNST - Catharine EARNST w/o John Philip SMITH - Barbara EARNST w/o Abraham EARNST Land - 239+/- acres; near road from Liberty to Woodsboro and about two miles from Liberty, adjoining lands of Jacob BEARD, J.P. BEARD, G.W. CRAPSTER and John SMITH. -"Weavers Choice", 100 acres; "Addition to Weavers Choice", 30 acres; "Round About", 90 acres; to Peter EARNST from David EADER. - "Gerhards Forrest", 16+ acres; to Peter EARNST from John HOOVER. In 1830, Barbara & Abraham EARNST of Columbia Co, Ohio conveyed their 1/5 share to Solomon EARNST. In 1834, Esther & Daniel ALBAUGH, Catharien & John Philip SMITH and Hannah EARNST coveyed their 1/5 shares of the 239 acres to Solomon EARNST. Solomon EARNST d/ Mar 1864, intestate widow - Susan Maria d/ Hester w/o John B. BAKER d/ Anna Mary w/o John F. EYLER s/ Solomon Peter EARNST d/ Sarah Elizabeth EARNST, a minor Guardian was A. FEARHAKE, Esq. Testifying was Enoch J. NALTZ and Josiah VALENTINE, both claiming the widow Susan Maria EARNST must be near 70 and was in tolerable health. Land was divided: - Home farm of 132 acres, 35 in timber; good fencing, 11 fields including two meadows and two orchards. Had 2-story log house, weatherboarded with large basement, good barn, horse stable, corn house, wagon shed, meat house, springhouse, wash house and excellent spring of water near the house. Adjoins land of Josiah VALENTINE. - Upper farm of 82+ acres, 25 in timber; six fields including a good meadow, under good fencing; house and stable with sping of water. Adjoins land of heirs of Philip BEARD and Josiah VALENTINE and John SMITH of M. - Wood lot of 7+ acres, lying south of road to Woodsboro. - Wood lot of 6+ acres, lying north of said road. South part lies on public road. Trustee was Solomon P. EARNST. Sale was held on the premises on 19 Mar 1870; high bidder was: - John B. BAKER for the home farm of 132 acres at $40.50/acre or $5,376.88 - John F. EYLER for 83 acres at $30/acre or $2,497.87 - George H. WHITMORE for 7 acres at $43.50/acre or $331.28 - Isaac PFOUTZ for 6 acres at $49.87/acre or $314.36 Total sales, $8,523.39. 1st Distribution of $8,520.39; court costs, $485.96 - Susan M. EARNST, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $803.44 - Hester BAKER, 1/4, $1,807 - Anna M. EYLER, 1/4, $1,807 - Solomon P. EARNST, 1/4, $1,807 - Sarah E. EARNST, 1/4, $1,807 Closed 16 May 1870.
John GARDNER, et al vs John P. GARDNER, et al John Peter GARDNER d/ 5 Sep 1857 near Middletown, intestate widow - Elizabeth, now w/o Jacob SMITH - Middletown d/ Ann Maria Catharine wid/o John W. GROSS and now w/o Charles L. NIEMYER s/ John GARDNER & w/ Susan BECKENBAUGH d/ Barbara Ann, dec'd w/o Frederick RECK - Ohio .....Lewis H. RECK, a minor - Jefferson Co, WV s/ George P. GARDNER - West Virginia s/ John P. GARDNER & w/ Julia Ann ALBRIGHT d/ Elizabeth GARDNER - Pennsylvania d/ Sarah Ann Rebecca w/o John WACHTEL - Ohio d/ Mary Ann Rebecca GARDNER, d/ c1861, a minor, no issue Land - "Forrest", 3+ acres; from Isaac BOWLUS & w/ Sarah Ann in 1848. Adjoins land of George MILLER and John MILLER of H. and Jacob EVERHART, runs to east side of Catoctin Creek. Lies on north side of road from Middletown to Bolivar, two miles west of Middletown. Improved with two dwellings, a good stable, well of good water and choice fruit trees. Petition filed by Charles L. NIEMYER stated: he married Ann Maria Catharine GROSS on 22 Jul 1869. Guardian was George P. GARDNER. Testifying was Johsua D. KOOGLE and Daniel C. MILLER. Trustee was C.V.S. LEVY. Sale was held 5 Feb 1870 at the Valley Rigister office; high bidder was: - John GARDNER at $300 On 18 May 1870, Christopher BURTEL/BUETEL testified the widow, now Elizabeth SMITH, was 45 years of age and her health was good. On 20 May 1870, John RECK of Jefferson Co, WV gave oath that Frederick RECK was 36 years of age and now uncertain of his health. (Recorded by George W. CHASE in Shepherdstown, WV.) Distribution of $300; court costs, $122.55 - John MILLER of H., $99.98 - Elizabeth SMITH, in liew of dower, 1/9, $19.71 - Anna Maria Catharine Niemyer, 1/7, $8.25 - John GARDNER, 1/7, $8.25 - George P. GARDNER, 1/7, $8.25 - John P. GARDNER, 1/7, $8.25 - Elizabeth GARDNER, 1/7, $8.25 - Sara Ann Rebecca WACHTEL, 1/7, $8.25 - Frederick RECK, 5/16 of 1/7, $2.58 - Lewis RECK, 11/16 of 1/7, $5.67 Closed 30 Aug 1870. Note - from Frederick Co, MD Marriage Licenses - John Peter GARDNER to Elizabeth BERGER on 26 Apr 1834 - Ann Maria Catharine GARDNER to John W. GROSS on 9 Dec 1854 - John GARDNER to Susanna BECKENBAUGH on 12 Jun 1860 - Elizabeth GARDNER to Jacob SMITH on 17 Mar 1864 - John P. GARDNER to Julian M. E. ALLBRIGHT on 21 Dec 1864 - Rebecca GARDNER, 19 to John L. WACHTEL, 21, wheelwright on 12 Mar 1867
Mary Ann CREAGER & Others vs John David CREAGER & Others - Petition for Sale of Real Estate Solomon CREAGER d/ intestate w/ Mary s/ Adam CREAGER s/ Jacob CREAGER s/ Solomon CREAGER d/ Catharine w/o Christian CRAMER d/ Lydia w/o Daniel BURRIER d/ Mary w/o George DEVILBISS d/ Sophia CREAGER Son Solomon purchased the shares of his mother and siblings except for Mary DEVILBISS. Frederick BARRICK was legal trustee for Adam CREAGER in 1835. ========== John William CREAGER d/ 1864 (Will) widow - Mary Ann s/ John David CREAGER (eldest son) & w/ Matilda C. d/ Cecelia CREAGER w/o Joseph MURPHY d/ Mary Catharine CREAGER w/o Jacob H. DRONEBERGER s/ William Henry CREAGER (youngest son), a minor (age abt 15) Land - "Retreat", 170 acres, Lot #33, part of "Monocacy Manor"; from William GRIMES Jr (w/ Mary) in 1822. (Witnessed by Joseph HEDGES and Middleton SMITH.) - "Retreat", 1+ acres, Lot #33, part of "Monocacy Manor"; from John FULTON & w/ Sarah in 1842. (Was part previously sold to FULTON from John W. CREAGER.) (Witnessed by Brooke BAKER and David F. YANTIS.) - "Retreat", 51+ acres, including a road from public road to the home farm, then occupied by Josiah & Mary E. JONES; from William J. ROSS, trustee for Josiah & Mary E. JONES, in 1853. - "Huckleberry Hill" and "Creager's Lot", 25 acres; from Heirs of Solomon CREAGER: Mary CREAGER, widow, and his son, Solomon CREAGER & w/ Susanna in 1839. - Sold part of "Monocacy Manor", 2 3/4 acres, in Woodsborough District, to Hugh McALEER from John William CREAGER & w/ Mary Ann in 1864. Adjoins tract "Self Defence". - Sold 46 acres of said land conveyed to Robert FULTON from John William CREAGER & w/ Christena in 1832. (Witnessed by Malachi BERNARD and Gideon D. CRUMBAUGH. - Sold 247 acres of said land conveyed to Joseph WOOD from John William CREAGER & w/ Christena in 1832. (Witnessed by Malachi BERNARD and William GRIMES.) - Sold 50 acres of said land conveyed to David HINES from John William CREAGER & w/ Christena in 1838. (Witnessed by Mason PARSONS and Henry W. DERR.) - "Peter's Promise", 1 1/2 acres, with priviledge of raod from publick road through Solomon CREAGER's other lands; from Solomon & w/ Susanna CREAGER in 1840. (Witnessed by Mason R. MARSH and Isaac WALKER.) Per John W. CREAGER's Will, his two sons to take estate and pay their mother and two sisters 3/5 of the appraised value. Guardian was William Nash YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard from John FULTON, John MILLER and Joseph MURPHY. Trustees were Milton Y. URNER and Joseph MURPHY; property then occupied by John David CREAGER. Sale was held 9 Jul 1870 on the premises; high bidders were: - Theodore F. CRAMER for the Home Farm, 121 acres, at $11,107.48; located about 2 miles north of Walkersville and south of Woodsboro, on the Frederick-Woodsboro turnpike; lies in fertile Glade Valley with fields and good fencing; has spring of excellent water near the 2-story weather-boarded house on the west and facing the turnpike; a brick dairy with running water through the troughs, a log barn, new hog house, meat house, etc. Also a large orchard of choice fruit. Also bordered by the Frederick and Pennsylvania Railroad and lands of John FULTON and the WINEBRENNERs. The wood lot wasn't sold, due to insufficient bid. It had 27 acres and was about 2 miles east of the farm, adjoining lands of John CRAMER and Jacob CRAMER. Distribution of $11,107.48; court costs, $614.67 - Mary Ann CREAGER, $2,172.69 - Cecelia MURPHY, $2,172.69 - Mary Catharine DRONEBERGER, $2,172.69 - John David CREAGER, $1,987.37 - William Henry CREAGER, $1,987.37 Closed 2 Sep 1870.
Lydia METZGER and Mosheim M. METZGER vs James S. GLADHILL, exec/of William METZGER William METZGER d/ 1868 (Will) Execs/ Lydia METZGER, Mosheim M. METZGER and James S. GLADHILL Elias HOFFMAN & w/ Mary Ann E. were indebted to William METZGER and stopped payment on the mortgage in June 1868. Land - "New Saxony", 1 1/2 acre; conveyed to Jacob POFFINBERGER Jr, father of Mary Ann E. HOFFMAN, by Jacob POFFINGERGER Sr in 1823. Provision for access to the pump and well, being on the line between she and her brother, Aaron POFFINBERGER. Land runs by lands of Leander WACHTER and Cyrus ROUTZAHN. Improvements were 2-story frame store house and ware room with right to use the pump and orchard. - Lot #2, "Resurvey on Panmure", 6 1/2 acres; on Old Hagerstown Road and by land of Jacob SUMMERS of J.; conveyed to Jacob POFFINBERGER Jr, father of Mary Ann E. HOFFMAN, by Jacob SCHILDTNECHT & Others in 1830 (JS-33, 600-603). On Old Hagerstown Road - Lot #3, 1 1/2 acres on "Saxony"; conveyed to Jacob POFFINBERGER Jr, father of Mary Ann E. HOFFMAN, in 1833 (JS-41, 377-379). - Lot #4, 12 acres on tract "Narrition"; conveyed to Jacob POFFINBERGER Jr, father of Mary Ann E. HOFFMAN, by William SCHLEY in 1829 (JS-31, 35). Starts at dividing line between her and her brother, Aaron POFFINBERGER and by Joseph GAVER's "The Year of Plenty" and by William METZGER's "Metzger's Home". - Lot #5, 2+ acres on "Resurvey on Panmure"; conveyed by Jacob SMITH of M. & wife in 1844. Improvements of 2-story log house with back building. Lands run by the Old Hagerstown Road and land of Jacob SMITH of M. (see Land Deed ES-5, 348-352) Exceptions were 1/4 acre sold to William METZGER and 3 acre lot sold to Jacob YOUNG of D. and lot deeded to Mary Ann E. HOFFMAN by Mary POFFINBERGER in 1862 (BGF-7, 300). Report of Sales on foreclosed property in Myersville in Jackson District on 22 Jan 1870; property divided into lots. High bidders were: - Upton BUHRMAN for Lot #1 of 3+ acres at $429.18 - Jacob SUMMERS of J. for Lot #2 of 4+ acres at $725.26 - Joseph BROWN for Lot #3 of 1+ acre at $362.25 - Joseph BROWN for Lot #4 of 30 perches with store house at $800.25 Total sales, $2,316.94. It was not necessary to sell Lot #5. Distribution of $2,316.94; court costs, $262.64 - Lydia METZGER & other execs for mortgage, $1,752.53 - Elias HOFFMAN, surviving mortgagee, $301.21. Closed 7 Apr 1870.
676-682 - KILER, BONHAM - Sep 1868
Sarah A. KILER vs David KILER and Elizabeth KILER Petition to Survey and Seperate Dower Land Isaac KILER d/ 1865, intestate widow - Sarah A. bro/ David KILER & w/ Elizabeth - Carroll County Land - "Resurvey on Stripes Purchase", 164+ acres; from Elizabeth BONHAM and Nelson M. BONHAM in 1838 (sold their shares for $1100). Previously from John LUGENBEEL to Heirs of Malachi BONHAM in 1820. Malachi BONHAM, dec'd, his heirs, - Elizabeth BONHAM - Deborah BONHAM - James F. BONHAM - Richard BONHAM - Nelson M. BONHAM Survey was made to section off the widow's dower for Sarah A. KILER. Her 1/3 became 31 3/4 acres plus 8 1/4 wooded acres which began on the public road at the corner of Mrs. BOSTIAN's lot. Closed 19 Dec 1868.
682-686 - JURICKS, BURALL - May 1870
Samuel BURALL - on Petition Samuel BURALL forclosed on a mortgage he held from Jacob JURICKS Jr. Upon not being able to obtain a substantial bid, BURALL purchased the property himself at $490. Distribution was to Samuel BURALL for $387.25 after court costs which was in part for the mortgage. Closed 2 Jul 1870.
Abraham TRIMMER vs Susan YOUNG & Others Samuel YOUNG d/ Feb 1869, Intestate widow - Susan and 9 children d/ Mary C. YOUNG, a minor s/ John H. YOUNG, a minor s/ Samuel David YOUNG, a minor d/ Sarah L. YOUNG, a minor d/ Susan E. YOUNG, a minor d/ Margaret A. YOUNG, a minor d/ Ida F. YOUNG, a minor d/ Sophia E. YOUNG, a minor s/ William P. YOUNG, a minor Adm/ Susan YOUNG with sureties as William DELAPLANE and Nathan BAKER. Land - "Nothing Ventured Nothing Get", "First Chance" and "Fifth Dividend", 2 acres; from Philip CUTSHALL & w/ Lydia in 1850. Located 2 miles north of Woodsboro and adjoins lands of Eli SLAGLE and Susan RENNER. Improvements were 2-story log house, outbuildings, apple and peach orchard and well in yard. - "Fifth Dividend", 10+ acres; from Joseph DELAPLANE & w/ Susanna in 1858. Located in Woodsboro District, on road leading from the York Road at Samuel BOSTIAN's(?) to the mills formerly belonging to EICHELBERGER and next to "Welch Cabin". Previously to DELAPLANE from Henry KRISE, John CARMACK and Paul CARMACK in 1830. Adjoined lands of William KRISE and Henry KRISE. Improvements were a 2-story log house with basement, recently built, with stable and other out buildings; also has young orchard and well in the yard near the house. Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER. The widow Susan YOUNG released her dower rights on the 10+ acres, but maintained it for the 2 acres. On 29 Oct 1869, Jacob DELAPLANE made oath the widow was about 44 and her health was moderately good. Testimony was heard from Jacob DELAPLANE, John H. YOUNG and Isaac TRIMMER. Trustee was Jacob DELAPLANE. Sale was held 26 Feb 1870 on the premises, high bidders were: - John HER of P. for the 2 acres at $710, subject to widow's dower. - John F. FERRIS for the 10+ acres at $1,280; however, he left the state and never paid for the property. A resale was made to Susan YOUNG at $1,025 Distribution of $1,735; court costs, $239.39 - Susan YOUNG, in lieu of dower, 2/15, $104.74 - Abraham TRIMMER, for claim, $627.49 - each child's share, $84.81 Closed 22 Oct 1870.
Joshua WORTHINGTON & Others vs Catharine WORTHINGTON & Others Upton WORTHINGTON d/ 14 Oct 1869, intestate widow - Catharine d/ Lloyd Anna (age 28) w/o Nicholas W. DORSEY d/ Elizabeth WORTHINGTON (age 26)(non compos mentis) s/ Joshua WORTHINGTON (age 25) & w/ Henrietta d/ Lavenia WORTHINGTON (age 21) s/ James WORTHINGTON, a minor s/ Frank WORTHINGTON, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Hope", 300+ acres; from Eliza MURDOCK in 1852. Located on main road leading from New Market to Buckeystown, on east side of Johnson's Road. Previously the Estate of Benjamin MURDOCK. N.W. DORSEY was then living on the premises. - "Many Makes One", 2,800 sq yards, in village of Urbana on north side of road from Georgetown to Frederick city, adjoins north corner of Zachariah T. WINSOR's brick mansion house; from Richard MACKALL & w/ Isabella, Mary HOLLINGSWORTH and Margaret HOLLINGSWORTH of Cecil Co, MD in 1864. Previously to Robert HOLLINGSWORTH from Richard H. THOMPSON & wife in 1856. Improvements were 2-story brick house with small building for a doctor's office attached in the rear of main builing, a smoke house, ice house, stabling and a well of pure water. The house has three rooms on the first floor and four on the second with a kitchen in the rear, front yard is beautifully landscaped. Guardian was Herman C. KOEHLER. Testimony was heard from John T. WORTHINGTON and C. Keefer THOMAS. The widow's dower land was laid off, she receiving 114 acres and a wood lot of 12 1/2 acres. Trustee was Nicholas J. WORTHINGTON. Sale was held 30 July 1870 at Jamison's Store in Urbana; high bidders were: - John H. LAWSON and William P.N. LAWSON for 126 acres of the farm at $50.50/acre; on road leading from Urbana to Buckeystown, adjoining lands of Col. John McPHERSON, Thomas A. SMITH of P. and John T. SIMMONS. Improvements were 2-story brick house with corn crib, wagon shed, stable; has five fields with running water and a fine orchard. - Catharine WORTHINGTON for 126 acres of the farm at $17.55/acre, being the widow's dower portion of the farm. Improvements were a 2-story log house, stabling, corn house; divided into four fields with running water and 12-acre wood lot, 300 yards from the farm. - Joseph WOOD for 47+ acre wood lot at $42.60/acre; on road from Urbana to Barnesville, 3/4 mile from farm and 3/4 mile from Urbana. Timber on land was white oak, black oak, walnut, hickory and poplar. There was not a sufficient bid for "Many Makes One". Distribution of $10,624.83; court costs, $639.69 - each 1/6 chid's share, $1,664.19 Private sale was made to John T. WILLIAMS in Aug 1870 at $1,800. After court costs, each child received 1/6, $288.85. Closed 8 Feb 1871. ================== The End of CM-2 ==================

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