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Frederick County, Maryland

Equity CM-1

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber CM-1; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Equity CM-1
Peter Elias NUSZ, et al vs Arianna CUTSAIL, et al Peter GROVE (Will 29 Nov 1833; 16 Dec 1833) widow - Catharine s/ Elias GROVE Land - "The Barn", 39 acres; from Valentine BUCKEY and w/ Sharlotte in 1813. Located on SE side of hill near Tuscarorah - "Chestnut Level", 1 3/4 acres and 13 acres; from Philip FOLTZ (w/ Catharine) in 1822. (witnessed by J. H. McELFRESH and Isaac MANTZ); (previously to FOLTZ by George WACHTER in 1814). Adjoins "The Barn". - mountain land, 2 1/2 acres ============ Elias GROVE d/ 19 Nov 1866, intestate widow - Mary (no children) sis/ Susanna, dec'd w/o Cyrus NUSZ and George CUTSAIL .......Peter Elias NUSZ & w/ Margaret .......Ann Rebecca (NUSZ) wid/of William CUTSAIL .......Julia Ann NUSZ .......Arianna CUTSAIL, a minor .......Ann Jerome CUTSAIL, a minor sis/ Rebecca GROVE (died before Elias) Land - 198 acres; inherited from Will of his father, Peter GROVE, as well as the additional ones below: - "Staley's Contentment", 31 acres; from John STALEY (and w/ Margaret) in 1829. (witnessed by George ROHR and David STEINER). - "Staley's Contentment", 8 acres; from George ZIMMERMAN & w/ Mary Ann in 1838. - "Chestnut Level", 2 1/2 acres; from John MORGAN & w/ Louiza in 1843. (To the Morgans from Abraham NEIDIG and to him from John NEIDIG & w/ Mary. - "Resurvey on Rock Spring", 41 acres; from Jacob WIEST & w/ Susan in 1845. (Previously to WIEST by R. H. MARSHALL, trustee of Michael BUCKEY in 1836.) - 19 acres from Nicholas HOLTZ - "Resurvey on Rock Spring", 19 acres; from John ZIMMERMAN of John, Ezra HOUCK, Thomas W. MORGAN, and John P. ZIMMERMAN, execs/of Nicholas HOLTZ, in 1850. - "Chestnut Level", 21 acres; from Walter POOLE & w/ Margaret in 1850. (Previously from Frederick BAKER to Peter WOLFE in 1809.) - "Sampsons Resurveyed", 24 acres; (previously from George HINKLE and wife to George S. MILLER in 1842). also ""Lawsons Resurvey", 19 acres; (previously from Susanna WIEST and Frederick A. WIEST to George A. MILLER in 1849) from Rebecca MILLER, trustee in Equity case between William T. PRESTON and Rebecca MILLER & Others, in 1853. - Exception - "Chestnut Level", 1/2 acre; from Elias GROVE to Michael ZIMMERMAN, trustee of the German Reform Church; Charles H. BURKHART, trustee of the Presbyterian Church; Cornelius STALEY, trustee of the United Brethren Church; William T. PRESTON, trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church; and Elias GROVE, trustee of the Lutheran Church in 1856. (Previously to Peter WOLF by Frederick BAKER in 1809.) Intersects road from Frederick to Hamburgh. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Samuel WOLFE who claimed Elias had no children living, but had a child about 30 years ago who died at age 2. Testimony was also heard from Nathan O. NEIGHBORS. Mary GROVE signed a release of her dower rights, citing a bond executed by John STONE and George FEAGA, dated 7 Nov 1835, to Elias GROVE to indemnify Elias from all liability for maintaining the infant daughter of said Mary and from all claim for a separate maintenance and suppor tof said Mary and to save harmless his heirs from all claim of her dower. Witnessed by F. K. STONE on 11 Oct 1867. Trustee was Nathan O. NEIGHBORS; sale was held on 20 Nov 1867 at the Groff House and Hotel in Frederick, kept by William H. DIXON & Son; high bidders were: - Albert P. RAMSBURG for 138 acre home farm at $7,078.58 Improvements were dwelling house, log barn, wagon shed and other out buildings, good spring and spring house near the dwelling and another house with two orchards, two buildings are hay barracks and also has a quarry of first rate limestone. "Resurvey on White Rock Spring", 61 acres of mountain land, laid off in 5 lots; located 5 1/2 miles NW of Frederick on the north side of Hamburg Road and contains Hickory, Chestnut and other timber. - Jacob E. ZIMMERMAN for Lot# 1, 9 3/4 acres at $533.81 - Nicholas WHITMORE for Lot# 2, 9 1/2 acres at $570 - John RODKEY for Lot# 3, 12 acres at $641.17 - Albert W. BURKHART for Lot #4, 13 acres at $559 - Charles BROADRUP for Lot #5, 16 acres at $624 Total sales, $10,006.57. Distribution: court costs, $754.12 - Peter Elias NUSZ, 1/5, $1,850.09 - Ann R. CUTSAIL, 1/5, $1,850.09 - Julia A. NUSZ, 1/5, $1,850.09 - Arianna CUTSAIL, 1/5, $1,850.09 - Ann J. CUTSAIL, 1/5, $1,850.09 Closed 10 Jan 1868.
Samuel HINKS & w/ Susan D. HINKS & Others vs George SMITH, et al Supplemental of #2952 Equity (previous Liber/Folio not stated) Estate of Henry NIXDORFF; trustees, Lewis M. NIXDORFF and Henry M. NIXDORFF Land - 1/2 of undivided share of Henry NiXDORFF, dec'd; Lots #80, 81, 82 on Market St in Frederick city; conveyed by Sheriff Norman B. HARDING to Henry NIXDORFF in Liber WBT-19, 85-88. Improvements: a double 2-story stone house with extensive back buildings and back building which can be used as a stable or wood house, situated opposite the Market House. Other 1/2 moriety will be sold at the same time by Henry M. NIXDORFF, exec/of Louiza SHULTZ. On 5 Oct 1867, sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick city; high bidder was Charles M. MILLER at $2,750. Appears to be on east side of Market St before Church St intersection. Distribution: court costs, $152.39 - Susan NIXDORFF, widow, 1/10 in lieu of dower, $259.76 - Susan HINKS, 1/6, $389.64 - Julia M. MILLER - George A. NIXDORFF - Lewis M. NIXDORFF - Henry M. NIXDORFF - George SMITH, surviving husband of Mary E. SMITH curtesy portion, 1/9 of 1/6, $43.29 ---- Charles C. SMITH, 1/4 of balance of 1/9, $86.58 ---- Emma I. (or J.) SMITH, 1/4 of balance of 1/9, $86.58 ---- Clara O. SMITH, 1/4 of balance of 1/9, $86.58 ---- Francis P. SMITH, 1/4 of balance of 1/9, $86.58 Closed 14 Jan 1868.
Christian HARMAN, et al - Petition to Sell Real Estate Hannah STOTTLEMYER d/ Dec 1862, intestate widow of Nelson STOTTLEMYER (d/ c1861), leaving 12 children: d/ Mary Susan w/o Christian HARMAN s/ George W. STOTTLEMYER & w/ Rebecca s/ James C. STOTTLEMYER & w/ Mary Jane - Washington County d/ Catharine w/o Joshua LANE - Pennsylvania s/ Nelson L. STOTTLEMYER & w/ Sarah A. C. - Ohio d/ Sabelian wid/o George HARMAN d/ Mahala w/o Moses L. HURLEY d/ Sarah Ann w/o Benjamin SHUFF s/ Daniel STOTTLEMYER & w/ Mary Catharine - Ohio s/ William Henry STOTTLEMYER & w/ Amanda Catharine - Ohio s/ Wilson STOTTLEMYER & w/ Catharine - Ohio d/ Elizabeth HIMES, dec'd w/o William HIMES .....Samuel C. HIMES, a minor .....Hannah C. HIMES, a minor - Ohio/Indiana .....Elizabeth Ann HIMES, a minor .....Eliza Ann HIMES, a minor .....Amanda M. HIMES, a minor (still living????) .....Martha Ellen HIMES, a minor Land - "Yost's Claim Enlarged", 11/12 of undivided moriety consisting of 8 acres; from all 11 of the living children, heirs of Nelson STOTTLEMYER, in 1862. (Previously from George GREENWELL to David STOTTLEMYER, then to James C. STOTTLEMYER, then to Nelson STOTTLEMYER, now dec'd.) Adjoined the lands of Daniel STOTTLEMYER, had 1 1/2 story log house with garden and orchard, 2 acres in timber. Daniel STOTTLEMYER & wife and William STOTTLEMYER & wife sold their shares to Rebecca STOTTLEMYER in 1863. Guardian was Thomas M. HOLBRUNER; testimony was heard from Daniel STOTTLEMYER and George STOTTLEMYER. Trustee was Christian HARMAN. Sale was held 4 Mar 1865 at Wilson Lee HAYS store in Wolfsville; high bidder was: - Peter TRACY at $130 However, on 6 Mar 1865, the house was destroyed by fire. Land was then resold to Kline(?) KELBAUGH at $70 Distribution: the expenses exceeded the monies from the sale. Closed 20 Feb 1868.
Ann Eliza SNURR vs George SNURR et al - Petition to Sell Real Estate Henry SNURR Sr. w/ Barbara d/ Ann Eliza SNURR s/ John SNURR s/ George SNURR & w/ Sophia LONG - Ohio s/ Henry SNURR s/ Jacob SNURR & w/ Nancy POTTS - Ohio s/ Joseph SNURR - Ohio s/ Andrew SNURR & w/ Malinda MILLER - Ohio d/ Elizabeth Ann Eve SNURR wid/o John FEASTER - Ohio d/ Mary SNURR w/o John BECK - Ohio Land - "Handsome Wife", 5 acres; from Henry SNURR to John SNURR, George SNURR, Henry SNURR Jr, Jacob SNURR, Joseph SNURR, Andrew SNURR, Elizabeth SNURR, Mary SNURR and Ann Eliza SNURR in 1829; witnessed by Jacob BAER and John SHAFER. Previously from David BOWLUS in 1829. Lies on main road from Middletown to Jefferson, 1/4 mile south of Middletown; with a 2-story log house and small back building, two stables, meadows, orchard and a spring of excellent water. All interests of John SNURR conveyed to George SNURR; all of Henry SNURR Jr to Mary SNURR, now w/o John BECK. Testimony was heard from Ezra MINNICK. Trustee was C. V. S. LEVY; auctioneer was Ezra MINNICK. Sale was held 5 Oct 1867 in Middletown, high bidder was: - Lawson J. TOMS at $1,049 Andrew SNURR was indebted to Jacob T. C. MILLER; Jacob SNURR was indebted to John MENTZER. John CULLER and Jacob CULLER, t/a J & J CULLER obtained a judgement against Joseph SNURR Distribution of $1,049; court costs, $152.58 - Ann Eliza SNURR, 1/9, $99.60 - George SNURR, 2/9, $199.20 - Elizabeth A. E. FEASTER, 1/9, $99.60 - Mary BECK, 2/9, $199.20 - John MENTZER on Jacob SNURR's share, $82.48 - Jacob SNURR, remainder of 1/9, $17.12 - J & J CULLER, on Joseph SNURR's share, $99.60 - Jacob T. C. MILLER on Andrew SNURR's share, $52.31 - Andrew SNURR, remainder of 1/9, $61.64 Closed 24 Feb 1868.
Ann E. WOLFE vs Estate of John KINZER John KINZER d/ Mar 1866 (Will written 31 Jan 1862) widow - Ann (house & 20 acres, but renounced for dower) s/ Thomas O. KINZER - Adams Co, PA d/ Teresa Ann w/o Richard E. SIMMONS s/ Charles Henry KINZER d/ Mary J. KINZER d/ Laura Virginia E. KINZER s/ Hamilton Worth KINZER, a minor s/ Samuel G. KINZER, dec'd .....John Shorb KINZER, a minor - Pennsylvania - Negro SLAVES, Buggy and Harnesses belong to wife, not him. exec/ wife; witnesses: Howard D. HARTSOCK, John WOLFE and John S. REPP Land - "Resurvey on Spring Garden", 7 acres, 80 acres, 1 acre, 14 acres, 1/2 acre; rom John KINZER Sr & w/ Ann in 1845; previously from Johnn MEYER and John HARMAN to KINZER Sr in 1814 (3rd part from Richard H. BURGESS and 4th part from George FOX); next to Methodist Church. - also "Ivy Church", 1/2 acre; from Richard H. BURGESS; all to John KINZER Sr. (Witnessed by Surratt R. WARFIELD and John F. STRAUSBERGER) Exception of 1/2 acre to John WOLFE Sr. and the Methodist Episcopal Church. In north end of Johnsville, on road to Middleburg, 103 acre farm, near Western Maryland Rail Road; has large brick/frame house with large store room and warehouse attached, a log barn, carriage house, corn house, wagon shed; has 8- acres in divided fields with good fencing and running water in each field, balance in timber, black oak and chestnut. Also has a small lot of 2/3 acre. - "Resurvey on Long Tail", 56 perches; from Stephen R. GORE & w/ Sarah J. of Carroll County in 1856 (previously from William N. & John WOLFE, execs/of John WOLFE in 1856). On 22 Sep 1866, Rev. Isaac PFOUTZ testified the widow was 57 years old and in good health. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testifying was John S. REPP regarding advances to the children (some to Samuel for medical education; also, B. Amos CUNNINGHAM, sec/of Frederick Town Savings Institution. Sale was held 19 Dec 1866 on the premises in Johnsville, high bidder: - Joseph W. ETZLER for the farm at $76/acre - Joseph W. ETZLER for 56 perches at $84 Total sales, $7,866.40. Distribution after claims:$6,204.74; court costs, $1,136.04 - Ann KINZER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $620.74 - Frederick Town Savings, mortgage, $1,682.41 Balance paid to other creditors. Closed 29 Feb 1848.
Warner WELCH & Levi T. HYATT, mortgagees of James H. CRAWFORD, et al James H. CRAWFORD & w/ Caroline E. had mortgaged their property to Warner WELCH of Montgomery County and Levi T. HYATT of Johnson Co, Missouri. Land - "Labyrinth" and "McKay's Chance", 8 acres; maintaining the mill dam. Lies 1 1/2 miles SW of Hyattstown and 4 miles south of Urbana, adjoining lands of Samuel SIMMONS, Eli WOLFE; on NE side of Taylor's Creek and southern edge of county road. Improvements: a grist and saw mill, frame house, log house, workshop, stable, meat house, etc. It has a good spring near the dwellings and a fine young orchard and has good fencing. Previously land from Aquella TAYLOR & w/ Rachael to Samuel CECIL in 1836; from CECIL to David A. ZIEGLER in 1851; from ZIEGLER to James H. CRAWFORD & w/ Caroline E. in 1851. On 6 Jan 1868, property was sold to William WILLIAMS at $1,600. Distribution: court costs, $166.67 - Isaac DAVIS, claim, $305.20 - Warner WELCH & Levi T. HYATT, mortgage, $1,107.50 Closed 24 Mar 1868.
Jacob LEILICH vs Urith LOWE Urith LOWE d/ Jan 1867, intestate She died unmarried and without issue. sis/ Eleanor w/o Daniel KILER, both dec'd .......Ann KILER w/o Daniel DRILL - Ohio .......Ruth KILER, dec'd w/o James CAMPBELL - Ohio ------------Margaret CAMPBELL - Ohio ------------Anna CAMPBELL - Ohio ------------James CAMPBELL Jr -Ohio ------------______ CAMPBELL (son) - Ohio .......Rebecca KILER, dec'd w/o ______ INGRAM - Ohio ------------Francis/Frank INGRAM, a minor sis/ Rebecca w/o John KILER, both dec'd .......S. Ellen KILER w/o M. CLEMSON - Illlinois .......Mary Ann KILER w/o F. PELL - Illlinois .......William KILER - Illlinois .......Henry C. KILER - Illlinois sis/ Ann DAYHOFF - Maryland bro/ John LOWE, dec'd (all in Frederick County) .......John T. LOWE & w/ Amanda .......Samuel A. LOWE & w/ Sophia .......Margaret E. HARDING .......Charles LOWE & w/ Susan .......Joseph LOWE & w/ Susan Admin/ Ann DAYHOFF with sureties as Jacob LEILICH and James M. HARDING. Land - Lot# 154 on North side of East South St in Frederick Town; to Urith LOWE and William LOWE from Philip REICH & w/ Rebecca L. H. in 1846. Previously from John REICH to Philip in 1829. - Lot# 155 on North side of East South St in Frederick Town to Urith LOWE from Abner CAMPBELL & w/ Catharine in 1857. Previously to Campbell by Norman E. HARDING, Sheriff in 1850 (see Land Record ES-2, 393). Properties consisted of a vacant lot with apple trees; a lot with a stone house and back building attached with 6 rooms and kitchen, cellar under the front and well at kitchen door and large garden with fruit trees and grapevine; also a lot with a log stable, large 6-8 horse carriage shed and corn house and apple trees. All were fronting East South St on north side and were adjoining. Mortgaged to Ezra SLIFER. Jacob LEILICH, acting as exec/of Alexander LOWE, filed claim for unpaid furniture against the estate. Trustee was Jacob LEILICH Sale was held on 25 Jan 1868 on the premises; high bidder: - William REICH in three separate parcels at $251, $1,505, $595. Distribution of $2,359.50; court costs, $270.55 - Jacob LEILICH, claim, $31.44 - Ezra SLIFER, claim, $215.40 - Ann DRILL, 1/3 of 1/4, $152.80 - Margaret CAMPBELL, 1/4 of 1/3 of 1/4, $38.20 - Anna CAMPBELL, 1/4 of 1/3 of 1/4, $38.20 - James CAMPBELL, 1/4 of 1/3 of 1/4, $38.20 - (son) CAMPBELL, 1/4 of 1/3 of 1/4, $38.20 - Frank INGRAM, 1/3 of 1/4, $152.80 - Ann DAYHOFF, 1/4, $408.40 - S. Ellen CLEMSON, 1/4 of 1/4, $114.60 - Mary Ann PELL, 1/4 of 1/4, $114.60 - William KILER, 1/4 of 1/4, $114.60 - Henry C. KILER, 1/4 of 1/4, $114.60 - John T. LOWE, 1/5 of 1/4, $91.68 - Samuel A. LOWE, 1/5 of 1/4, $91.68 - Margaret E. HARDING, 1/5 of 1/4, $91.68 - Charles LOWE, 1/5 of 1/4, $91.68 - Joseph LOWE, 1/5 of 1/4, $91.68 Closed 13 Apr 1868. Notes - There is no mention regarding William LOWE in these records and deed lists each of their names individually, not as husband and wife; deed does not state if property is jointly or as tenants in common. There was a William LOWE who died 1858. from Frederick County Marriage Licenses - Anne LOWE to James DEHOFF - 3 Nov 1823 - Rebecca LOWE to John KEYLOR - 24 Sep 1822 - Eleanor LOWE to Daniel KELLER - 20 Mar 1813 - John M. LOWE to Sarah MARMAN - 22 Jun 1839
115-127 - SNYDER, LEASE, WATERS - Aug 1867
Thomas U. LEASE & wife vs Anna SNYDER, et al Henry M. SNYDER d/ Apr 1866 (Will written 10 Mar 1866) w/ Harriet Ann (appears she died 1867 as sale to be after her death) s/ Oliver P. SNYDER d/ Olivia Jane w/o Thomas U. LEASE d/ Anna SNYDER d/ Emma SNYDER s/ Henry M. SNYDER, a minor s/ Clarence SNYDER, a minor d/ Fanny SNYDER, a minor Exec/ son Oliver Witnesses: E. W. MOBBERLY, Joseph WOOD, Wm. E. SALMON Land - 222 acres (bequeathed to all children except Oliver); House & Lot on North side of street in New Market; from John THOMAS Jr in 1843, as trustee in Equity for Charles STEVENS (lunatic); lies 2 miles SE of New Market. Previously from Thomas C. BRASHEAR in 1840. - House & Lot adjoining store room in New Market to son Oliver - 4-acre Lot in New Market to sons Henry & Clarence & daughter Fanny Guardian was Henry SCHLEY. Testimony was heard from H. W. D. WATERS, Joseph WOOD and William H. MILES. Trustee was Thomas U. LEASE. On 4 Jan 1868, sale was held on the premises; high bidder was: - Harry W. D. WATERS at $7,492.50. Distribution: court costs, $444.95 - each child's 1/6, $1,174.59 (exception was Oliver) Closed 13 Apr 1868.
127-131 - SMELTZER, SANNER, YOUNG, HORINE - Apr 1868
Estate of Daniel SMELTZER Supplementary of Equity# 3306 (see JWLC-3, 595-610) Daniel SMELTZER, dec'd s/ Daniel B. D. SMELTZER d/ Ellen M. w/o Vincent SANNER s/ Martin F. H. SMELTZER s/ Manasses J. G. SMELTZER d/ Amanda E. H. SMELTZER d/ Sarah C. w/o Daniel YOUNG d/ Deborah F. w/o Adam T. HORINE - Madison Co, Tennessee Releases signed to acknowledge receipt of distribution from Estate of Daniel SMELTZER, dec'd, by Daniel B. D. SMELTZER. - Vincent SANNER & w/ Ellen M. SANNER, $2,893.62 - Daniel B. D. SMELTZER, as guardian for Martin F. H. SMELTZER, $2,893.62 - Daniel YOUNG, as guardian for Manasses J. G. SMELTZER, $2,893.62 - Daniel B. D. SMELTZER, as guardian for Amanda E. H. SMELTZER, $2,893.62 - Daniel YOUNG & w/ Sarah C. YOUNG, $2,893.62
Lewis McBRIDE, et al - Petition to Sell Real Estate Henry SIGLER d/ 1859, intestate widow - Sarah and 9 children d/ Sarah w/o Lewis McBRIDE d/ Lydia F. w/o John W. JENNINGS s/ Samuel SIGLER & w/ Mary Sophia - Springfield, Ohio s/ George SIGLER & w/ Lydia - Mechanicsburg, PA s/ Daniel SIGLER & w/ Elizabeth d/ Margaret A. Ellen (a minor) w/o Carlton H. YONKINS s/ William H. SIGLER, a minor s/ John M. SIGLER, a minor d/ Ann S. SIGLER, a minor Land - "Pools Delight Enlarged" and part "Small Expense" and part "Pleasant Meadow", 107 acres; from to William GUYTON from John AUSHERMAN & w/ Lydia in 1845. Previously to Ausherman from Adam SHANK in 1836. Exception is part (7 acres?) adjoining and sold to Israel REMSBURG, George McBRIDE and William McBRIDE from AUSHERMAN. - to Henry SIGLER from Sarah GUYTON, widow & exec/of William GUYTON, in 1854 (Ref: WBT-1, 153). - "Small Expense", "Pools Delight" and Pleasant Meadow", 5 acres; to John ALEXANDER from Henry SIGLER & w/ Sarah; on road from Burkittsville to Daniel YOUNG's saw mill and by John ALEXANDER's house. - "Locust Valley", 8 acres of mountain land; to Henry SIGLER from Henry McDUELL & w/ Magdalena in 1857. Previously from Samuel AHALT, exec/of Jacob AHALT. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON. Commission to survey and lay off widow's dower section consisted of Samuel AHALT, Daniel YOUNG of J., Joshua AHALT, David WHIP and Joshua RUDY. Widow's dower was 29 1/4 acres, leaving 72 acres for sale. Samuel SIGLER, the eldest, and George SIGLER, the next eldest, both elected not to purchase the home property. Daniel SIGLER, the third son, did elect to purchase the home property at the valued amount of $64/acre or $6,581.45, subject to the incumbrance of the widow's dower; also the mountain land at $50/acre or $435.62. Distribution of $7,016.87; court costs, $199.80 - Samuel SIGLER, 1/9, $757.45 - George SIGLER, 1/9, $757.45 - Daniel SIGLER, 1/9, $757.45 - Daniel SIGLER, assignee of Lewis & Sarah McBRIDE, 1/9, $757.45 - Sydia F. JENNINGS, 1/9, $757.45 - Margaret E. YONKINS, 1/9, $757.45 - William H. SIGLER, 1/9, $757.45 - John M. SIGLER, 1/9, $757.45 - Ann S. SIGLER, 1/9, $757.45 Closed 24 Apr 1868.
John STOCKMAN, et al Philip STOCKMAN d/ Feb 1842 (Will written 14 Jan 1840) widow - Elizabeth (d/ May 1867) and 7 children d/ Julia Ann STOCKMAN w/o John UNGLESBEE, both dec'd .....George W. UNGLESBEE & w/ Catharine .....John W. UNGLESBEE & w/ Columbia .....Ann S. UNGLESBEE wid/o McGee THOMAS d/ Mary Ann STOCKMAN, dec'd w/o John SMITH .....Thomas W. SMITH & wife - Washington County .....John SMITH Jr. & wife .....Mary Ann SMITH w/o Solomon MONTGOMERY - Illinois .....Barbara Ann SMITH w/o ________ - Illinois .....Philip SMITH, a minor - Illinois .....Daniel H. SMITH, a minor - Illinois s/ John STOCKMAN & w/ Ann R. d/ Christian STOCKMAN & w/ Martha A. d/ Elizabeth Catharine STOCKMAN wid/o Wilson L. SPARROW d/ Polly Margaret STOCKMAN w/o Abraham SHAFF d/ Barbary Ann Rebecca STOCKMAN w/o Abraham RICHARDS Execs/ wife and son Christian. Witnesses: Henry CULLER, A. BLESSING of George, John W. SPARROW Land - from Jacob STOCKMAN (his one moriety of plantation devised to him from Estate of George STOCKMAN) in 1822. - "Resurvey on Will's Invention", 2 acres; from William STOCKMAN & Jacob STOCKMAN & w/ Elizabeth in 1818. - "Fielderea", 8 acres of mountain land; from George W. HOFFMAN & w/ Catharine S. in 1840. Previously from William SCHLEY, trustee for George W. HOFFMAN in 1837 for 50 acres. - House & Lot #34 in village of Jefferson on Main St; from George SHAFF & w/ Julian in 1838. - "Resurvey on Well's Invention", 3 acres; to George W. HOFFMAN from Philip STOCKMAN & w/ Elizabeth in 1840. Christian STOCKMAN conveyed his share to George W. CRUM in 1858. John STOCKMAN conveyed his share to William B. TABLER, as insolvent trustee, for his creditors. Testimony was heard from William B. TABLER, Abraham SHAFF and John H. KELLER Trustees were Abraham SHAFF and John STOCKMAN Sale was held on 1 Feb 1868 at SPENCER's store in Jefferson; high bidders were: - John H. FEASTER at $3,146.40; for 55 acre farm on road from Jefferson to Burkittsville; adjoining lands of Daniel SHAFF, John DARE, George SHAFF and Philip ROUTZAN. - Elizabeth SPARROW and J. J. CULLER for house and lot in Jefferson at $826 - George W. CRUM at $155.60 for 8-acre mountain lot on road from Jefferson to Buckeystown, adjoining lands of R. THRASHER and Dr. CRUM. - Addison DARR at $365 for House & 1-acre Lot adjoining the farm Total sales, $4,493.10. Distribution: court costs, $348.92 - John STOCKMAN, 1/7, $592.02 - Elizabeth C. SPARROW, 1/7, $592.02 - Polly M. SHAFF, 1/7, $592.02 - Barbara A. R. RICHARDS, 1/7, $592.02 - George W. CRUM, mortgagee of Christian STOCKMAN, 1/7, $592.02 - George W. UNGLESBEE, 1/3 of 1/7, $197.34 - John W. UNGLESBEE, 1/3 of 1/7, $197.34 - Ann S. THOMAS, 1/3 of 1/7, $197.34 - John SMITH Sr, tenant by curtesey, 1/9 of 1/7, $65.78 - Thomas W. SMITH, 1/6 of 8/9 of 1/7, $87.70 - John SMITH Jr, 1/6 of 8/9 of 1/7, $87.70 - Mary A. MONTGOMERY, 1/6 of 8/9 of 1/7, $87.70 - Barbara Ann SMITH, 1/6 of 8/9 of 1/7, $87.70 = Philip SMITH, 1/6 of 8/9 of 1/7, $87.70 - Daniel H. SMITH, 1/6 of 8/9 of 1/7, $87.70 Closed 9 May 1868.
John T. STULL, et al - Petition to Sell Real Estate Henry LUNG d/ 1864 intestate widow - Sinthia Ann (age 45 in Nov 1867) d/ Mary Susan w/o John T. STULL d/ Sarah E. w/o John GROSHON s/ John W. LUNG s/ Henry Martin LUNG, a minor Land - "Braches Pocket", 4 acres; from Sarah EICHOLTZ, widow of John EICHOLTZ, in 1864; on road from Creagerstown to Harman's Gap by land of Thomas METCALF - 9 1/2 acres, from Ephraim W. GILBERT & w/ Sophia T. in 1861. Adjoins lands of Thomas METCALF, John HANTS and William EICHOLTZ. Previously to Ephraim W. GILBERT from Estate of Jacob CREAGER by James F. STOUFFER in 1856. Total of 14 acres with 1-story brick house with basement, good stable and excellent spring of pure water near the door, has good fencing and an abundance of good fruit. Situated near Eicholtz' Mill, adjoining lands of Samuel EICHOLTZ and A. CREAGER. Sold free of widow's dower. Guardian was Henry SCHLEY. Testimony was heard from Samuel EICHOLTZ and John A. FLEAGLE. Trustee was David BIRELY. Sale was held on 3 Jan 1868 in Mechanicstown; high bidder was: - John HAHN at $1,225 Distribution: court costs, $332.94 - Cynthia LUNG, $161.39 - each child's 1/4 share, $182.66 Closed 8 May 1868. Supplemental of Equity# 3371 John GROSHON petitioned the court to obtain his wife's share as Sarh E. GROSHON died 16 Mar 1868, intestate, leaving no children. So ordered. Closed 8 Jun 1868.
Lycurgus N. PHILLIPS, exec/of Noah PHILLIPS Land - "Carrollsburg", 16 acres; near Emmitsburg on road from there to Hauver's Tavern and to farm of Hopkins SKILES, by land of John SHORB, Philip HARDMAN and bank of YOUNG's mill race and to corner of bridge; to Isaac WRIGHT from Joseph WELTY & w/ Barbara in 1848; - Mansion House & Lot, 2 acres; on North St, NW end of "Shield's Addition to Emmitsburg"; by Jacob MOTTER's lot to road from Emmitsburg to Waynesburg. - mortgaged by Isaac WRIGHT & w/ Mary to Noah PHILLIPS in 1848 (witnessed by Michael C. ADELSPERGER and George W. TROXELL); The WRIGHTS conveyed these properties to Abraham WOLFE of Carroll Co, MD in 1848. Abraham WOLFE & w/ Sarah conveyed 8 3/4 acres of "Carrollburg" to John AGNEW and Raphael A. JARBOE in 1854 (witnessed by Henry H. HARBAUGH and Joshua SWITZER). Isaac WRIGHT and Abraham WOLFE sold parts to Isaac C. PEARSON of Carroll Co, MD, without conveying a deed. Abraham WOLFE d/ Oct 1863 s/ Charles WOLFE - Ohio d/ Rebecca w/o John SHANK - Ohio d/ Elizabeth wid/o John SWITZER - Carroll Co, MD d/ Mary w/o Isaac WRIGHT - Carroll Co, MD d/ Susan w/o Ephraim REPP - Carroll Co, MD s/ Joseph WOLFE - Carroll Co, MD s/ Daniel WOLFE - Carroll Co, MD s/ John M. WOLFE - Carroll Co, MD d/ Margaret WOLFE - Carroll Co, MD s/ Samuel WOLFE - Frederick Co, MD Testifying was Isaac WRIGHT and appealed by Isaac C. PEARSON. Trustee was William J. ROSS; private sale was made on 22 Feb 1868 to: - John WITHEROW for the mansion house and lot at $2,250. Distribution after court costs: - L. N. PHILLIPS, per decree, $1,290.94 - I. E. PEARSON, $767.75 Closed 9 May 1868.
212-223 - MARRIOT, HAMMOD, SIMMONS - May 1862
Simon C. SIMMONS vs Charles H. MARRIOTT Charles H. MARRIOT, now out of state and s/o Alpheus W. & Adelphia W. (HAMMOND) MARRIOTT. Land - "Hammond's Request", 11? acres, is 1/4 share for land to Alpheus W. & w/ Adelia from Estate of Charles HAMMOND, dec'd; located on northern edge of Baltimore and Frederick Town turnpike and on south edge of Linganore Creek; - also "Addison's Chance", 139 acres (the BOOKER farm) with stone house. Total of both was 500 acres. Mortgaged to Simon C. SIMMONS in 1862. Trustee was John SIMMONS; sale was held at the City Hotel on 19 May 1868, high bidder was: - Alpheus W. MARRIOTT at $900 All monies went to claims. Closed 25 Jun 1868.
223-227 - COLE, MILLS, KEEFER - May 1868
John R. MILLS vs Christopher COLE & wife Christopher COLE and W. Cyrenia R. mortgaged their property to John R. MILLS in 1865 (witnessed by J. H. NAILL and John GREENWOOD. Land - "Father's Gift", 1 acre; and "Difficulty", 4 acres; to Christopher COLE from Ephraim RIDGELEY in 1865. "Difficulty" previously from Adam MARKEL and Casper DEVILBISS in 1857. On 28 Apr 1868, John R. MILLS sold the premises to Lewis KEEFER for $185. Land located about 1 mile south of Franklinville in Carroll County; improvements were a log house, log spring house and spring near the house and fruit trees. Payment on mortgage was still short. Closed 16 Jun 1868.
Frederick Town Savings vs Estate of Frederick W. KRAMER - Foreclosure Frederick W KRAMER d/ 3 Dec 1866, intestate widow - Margaret (land bequeathed in 1847 to her from her father, John SCHOLL) d/ Sarah C. KRAMER s/ John A. KRAMER & w/ Serena S. s/ William B. KRAMER & w/ Elizabeth R. s/ Philip E. KRAMER s/ James T. KRAMER s/ Franklin B. KRAMER d/ Mary C. KRAMER s/ Lewis N. KRAMER, a minor d/ Alice C. KRAMER, a minor d/ Virginia KRAMER, a minor Admins/ John A. KRAMER & William B. KRAMER. Land - "Hope" and "Resurvey on Hope", 127 acres; to Frederick W. KRAMER from John C. MOTTER & w/ Ann Elizabeth (previously to John C. MOTTER by Sophia SIMMONS i 1854). On road from Urbana to Greenfield Mills, near Hopehill Church, two miles south of Urbana and seven miles from Frederick. Land in cultivation was 85 acres, remainder set in Black Oad and Hickory timber; had 2-story log house, stable and corn house with a fine spring near the house and a young orchard; divided into five fields under good fencing with running water in each field. - Lots 9 & 10, being parts of the second part of "New Bremen", 109 acres; to Frederick W. KRAMER from Catharine DAVIS (her exec/ James L. DAVIS). Notes issued to Davis by Frederick W. KRAMER and Thomas J. MYERS in 1848. Located on road from Buckeystown to Urbana, midway between them and about five miles from Frederick. Tract is said to be 87 acres, half in cultivation and half in timber. Previously conveyed to George L. L. DAVIS by his father, Ignatius DAVIS (to Ignatius from Davis RICHARDSON in 1811.) Mortgage was also owed to John C. MOTTER who assigned notes to Jacob FOX and Bradley T. JOHNSON. Subsequently, FOX assigned his note to Simon C. SIMMONS. All notes paid except to SIMMONS. Motter and Simmons live out of state. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from James L. DAVIS, Jacob FOX, John A. KRAMER, Simon C. SIMMONS, B. A. CUNNINGHAM, Thomas L. HAYS and Jacob KESSLER. Trustees were the administrators, sons of decedent. Sale was held on the premises on 14 Aug 1867; high bidders were: - James H. SIMMONS for farm on road from Urbana to Greenfield Mills of 127 acres at $30/acre. - Jeremiah KNODE for 87 acres on Buckeystown to Urbana road at $35.55/acre; however, KNODE resold the tract to Christian Keefer THOMAS. Total sales, $6,893.96. Distribution of $6,893.96; closing costs, $514.05 - James H. SIMMONS, $3,552.97 - John A. Y W. B. KRAMER, trustees and assignees of S. C. SIMMONS, $365.80 - C. Keefer THOMAS, $2,826.94 - Margaret KRAMER, assignee of Franklin Savings Bank, $2,826.94 (paid short, 60%) 2nd Distribution of $3,187.17; court costs, $28.35 - Margaret KRAMER, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $318.75 - balance to creditors. Closed 13 Jun 1868.
256-258 - SIGLER, YONKINS - May 1868
Estate of Henry SIGLER - Supplemental Releases showing receipt of $757.45 from Daniel SIGLER, s/o Henry: - Samuel SIGLER & w/ Ann Sophia of Clarke Co, Ohio - William H. SIGLER of Frederick Co, MD - George SIGLER & w/ Lydia of Cumberland Co, PA - Carlton M. YONKINS & w/ Margaret C. of Frederick Co, MD
George P. SHEFFER, et al by Mary SHEFFER, their mother and next friend vs William H. BOWLUS, et al - Supplemental Estate of Daniel SHEFFER; trustee was Mary SHEFFER Report of Sales Sale held on 15 May 1868 in Bolivar; high bidder was George P. SHEFFER for two tracts, 168 acres, of Estate of Daniel SHEFFER, dec'd at $13,440. 2nd Distribution: $13,440; court costs, $472.90 - Mary SHEFFER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $1,680 - Mary C. BOWLUS, 1/7, $1,612.44 - Sarah E. KOOGLE, 1/7, $1,612.44 - Susan R. HORINE, 1/7, $1,612.44 - Martha J. AHALT, 1/7, $1,612.44 - George P. SHEFFER, 1/7, $1,612.44 - Maurice E. SHEFFER, 1/7, $1,612.44 - Laura F. SHEFFER, 1/7, $1,612.44 Closed 16 Jul 1868.
Joshua MOTTER, Isaac MOTTER & Lewis M. MOTTER vs Robert ANNAN and Andrew ANNAN Lewis MOTTER, dec'd s/ Joshua MOTTER s/ Isaac MOTTER s/ Lewis M. MOTTER d/ Elizabeth MOTTER w/o Dr. Andrew ANNAN In addition to monies owed to the MOTTERs by Robert ANNAN, as established by the Will of Lewis MOTTER, money was also owed to Andrew ANNAN. In addition, there were numerous judgements against Robert ANNAN. Robert ANNAN d/ early 1866, intestate widow - Mary J. s/ Henry C. ANNAN d/ Annie E. ANNAN w/o Henry GALT Mortgage to Joshua MOTTER, Isaac MOTTER (Washington County) and Lewis M. MOTTER, execs/of Lewis MOTTER, in 1838 for: - 54 acres; on west side of bank of Tom's Creek; conveyed to Robert ANNAN from Samuel E. ANNAN. Mortgage to Andrew ANNAN in 1862 for: - tract "Stony Field", 13 acres;adjoins land of James HOLPELHORN and the Hagerstown public road; - and mountain land of 28 acres from William J. ROSS and Bradley T. JOHMSON, trustees of Samuel D. YOUNG - 4 acres, across from Tom's Creek, opposite to Robert ANNAN's saw mill - 123 acres, adjoining lands on the south of Josiah WETSEL and William WAGGAMAN, and on the north of James McDEVIT's heirs - 47 acres, adjoining lands of James MUSGROVE, Henry LITTLE and part of "Ireland's Eye" On 25 Sep 1866, Joshua MOTTER testified that the widow, Mary J. ANNAN, was 59 years of age and appeared to be in perfect health. Answering the petition was S. Ebenezer ANNAN and David GAMBLE. Trustee was Andrew ANNAN; sale was held on 6 Mar 1867, high bidders were: - Isaac S. ANNAN for the mansion property of 91 acres at $6,200 - Henry GALT for mountain tract of 132 acres at $588.80 - Thomas CLAYBAUGH for 26 acres of mountain land at $170.96 - Conrad SCHUE for 7 acres at $77.18 - Conrad SCHUE for 28 acres of mountain land at $350 Total sales, $7,386.94. Distribution after court costs of $429.30 - Mary J. ANNAN, widow, 1/10, $695.76 Balance paid to creditors. Closed 23 Jun 1868.
R. H. MARSHALL vs Joseph T. MITCHELL Supplemental Releases signed by Richard H. MARSHALL to Joseph T. MITCHELL, with $2,900 being assigned to Catharine L. MITCHELL, from agreement with O. HORSEY (debt due to Ann M. MITCHELL, dec'd, to be assigned to Catharine L. MITCHELL; mentions Eliza MITCHELL being daughter of Joseph MITCHELL and Catharine T. his wife). Petition of Outerbridge HORSEY against Joseph T. MITCHELL, James McSHERRY, Joseph T. MITCHELL Jr, and Eliza Lee MITCHELL. Since the decree, both Joseph Sr and Jr have died, leaving Eliza Lee MITCHELL as sole survivor with James McSHERRY holding title in lands as her trustee. (Document shows Eliza being in Needwood which is in Montgomery County near Rockville; Jan 10, 1868.) Catharine "Kate" L. MITCHELL is guardian for her children: - Ada MITCHELL - Robert Brent MITCHELL Land - Lots #1, 3 & 4 on tract "Maryland", 235 acres; to Joseph P. MITCHELL from Jacob MARKELL, trustee of Ann MITCHELL in 1860 (Deed WBT-11, 273). Trustee was James A. DALL; sale was held 29 Feb 1868 on the premises in Petersville District; high bidder was: - Outerbridge HORSEY at $21,145.50; however, he sold the same to Eliza Lee MITCHELL. Distribution after court costs of $689.71 - Outerbridge HORSEY, Assignee of E. L. MITCHELL, $2,934.21 - Eliza Lee MITCHELL, $17,531.58 Closed 13 Jun 1868.
William Chesley (of Baltimore city), next friend of Adolphus GREY (out of state) & Others - Petition to Sell Real Estate Louisa SEISS (In Feb 1854, about to marry William CHESLEY of Baltimore city) s/ Adolphus GREY, a minor - out of state d/ Dora GREY, a minor - Baltimore city d/ Elizabeth L. GREY, a minor - Baltimore city d/ Ellen GREY, a minor - Baltimore city Deed of Trust by Louisa to Seth A. NICHOLS in trust for her during her natural life and after her death to be sold and proceeds divided amongst surviving children, born anterior to 6 Feb 1854. Louisa now wishes to forfeit her life estate in property and sell it and invest it for her children. Land - House & Lot on North side and East end of Patrick St in Fredericktown; previously conveyed to John SIFFORD and Henry LORENTZ by Philip J. HARMAN & wife in 1850 (WBT-12, 328), and afterwards to Louisa SEISS. Lot runs back to the Lutheran graveyard; Mr KENNEDY was then the tenant. Seth A. NICHOLS objected to the sale of the property, which goes against the trust. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Henry LORENTZ, John A. LYNCH and Louisa CHESLEY. Trustee was Frederick J. NELSON; sale was held 2 Feb 1867 at the Dill House in Frederick town, high bidder was: - George T. KENNEDY at $869 1st Distribution of $269.66; court costs, $119.01. Balance to trustee, subject to order of court. 2nd Distribution of $477.68; court costs, $26.69 - Adolphus GREY, 1/4, $112.74 - Dora HOOFNAGLE, 1/4, $112.74 - Elizabeth L. COSGROVE, 1/4, $112.74 - Ellen GREY, 1/4, $112.74 Closed 6 Nov 1869.
Elizabeth COVER - Petition of Sale of Real Estate William DUDROW/DUDDEROW d/ c1856 (Will 31 Jan 1856) s/ David M. DUDROW d/ c1857 intestate, unmarried, no issue s/ Dr. John W. DUDROW d/ after 1857 intestate, unmarried, no issue Exec/ David M. DUDROW Witnesses: Joshua BIGGS, Peter HANKeY, Ephraim DELAPLANE Since all descendants of William DUDROW died without issue, estate reverted back to William's Father, Conrad DUDROW d/ c1817 w/ Fanny s/ William DUDROW, dec'd d/ Elizabeth wid/of Tobias COVER - Carroll County s/ Jacob DUDROW (opposed the sale) Land - 220 acres; in Creagerstown District on the Monocacy River; with large stone house, large bank barn, wagon shed, then in occupancy of tenant R. G. STULL. - House & Lot in Woodsborough Elizabeth asked for Samuel COVER and John COVER to be trustees; Jacob DUDROW asked that himself and Ephraim COVER be trustees. Trustees were Samuel COVER and Henry R. HARRIS. Sale was held on 8 Nov 1867 on the premises; high bidder was: - George W. OGLE for the 220 acres at $11,055 Distribution after court costs, $531.17 - Elizabeth COVER, 1/2, $5,261.91 - Jacob DUTROW, 1/2, $5,261.91 On 6 Apr 1868, Josiah DUDROW, adm/of Jacob DUTROW, then dec'd, signed a release for receipt of said monies. Closed 6 Apr 1868.
Thomas WEBSTER, father & guardian of Charles Edward WEBSTER & Others William WEBSTER d/ 1840 (Will written 15 May 1840) widow - Nancy, now dec'd ("many years ago") s/ John TURNER (educated & set him up in business) s/ William WEBSTER (educated & set him up in business) s/ Henry WEBSTER (had adjoining land) .....John WEBSTER (eldest) s/ John B. WEBSTER - Virginia (never took possession of property devised to him) d/ Kitty McDADE s/ Thomas WEBSTER (may have previously left the state??) .....Christianna w/o James B. KINNEY/HINEY/HENNEY - Sussex Co, Delaware .....Harriet w/o Emanuel S/D. STUP .....Adda S. w/o William E/M. MERCER .....William T. WEBSTER & w/ Mary L. - Carroll County .....George W. WEBSTER .....Charles Edward WEBSTER, a minor .....David Luther WEBSTER, a minor .....Jacob Francis WEBSTER, a minor .....Ellen WEBSTER, a minor Land - "Fielderea Manor, 16 acres; from Lewis CREAGER and Henry KELLER. - 4 acres, from John SIFFORD and heirs of David BOWLUS; adjoins the toll gate. - woodland, 10 acres; adjoining land of son Henry; from Henry NIXDORFF. Land on east slope of Catoctin Mountain on road from Frederick to Middletown, adjoining land of William KELLER. (Placed in deed of trust for son Thomas' children). - 33 acres, property deteriorating, barn had burned. - "Fielderea Manor", 23 acres; from Joseph HARGENHIMER; on NE side of turnpike road from Frederick to Middletown, adjoining Toll Gate #9. (devised to son John B. WEBSTER, in trust for his children) (Fielderea Manor referred to as part of Catoctin Manor) Execs/ sons, Thomas & John B. WEBSTER Witnesses: George W. SANDS, Jacob THOMAS of John, Thomas SANDERS Proposed sales: - William KELLER for 19 1/2 acres at $100/acre - William KELLER for 9 acres at $200 - Joshua SIFFORD for 5 1/2 acres at $100 Guardian appointed was Walker Y. PAGE. Testimony was heard from John SIFFORD, Dr. John GOLDSBOROUGH and Joseph P. FLEMMING. Thomas WEBSTER was named trustee to convey the land and accept the proposed sales. Closed 22 Jun 1868. Note - Some of the surnames were spelled differently throughout the various records, sometimes in same documents.
324-325 - NIXDORFF, HINKS, SMITH - May 1868
Estate of Henry NIXDORFF Supplemental - Recording of Release of Distributions From trustees, Lewis M. NIXDORFF and Henry M. NIXDORFF Distribution: - widow, Susan NIXDORFF, $259.76 d/ Susan HINKS, $389.64 d/ Julia M. MILLER, $389.64 s/ George A. NIXDORFF, $389.64 s/ Lewis M. NIXDORFF, $389.64 s/ Henry M. NIXDORFF, $389.64 Distribution: - George SMITH, 1/9 of 1/6, $43.29 - Charles C. SMITH, 1/4 or residue, $86.58 - Emma J. SMITH, 1/4 or residue, $86.58 - Clara V. SMITH, 1/4 or residue, $86.58 - Franklin B. SMITH, 1/4 or residue, $86.58 Closed 21 Jul 1868. (See previous records for more info)
Ezra HOUCK, exec/of Mary BUCKEY vs Daniel BUCKEY Daniel BUCKEY d/ 1847 (Will, Baltimore city) widow - Caroline M. (age then 56-60 years old) d/ Harriet C. w/o Jacob M. BUCKEY d/ Eveline V. w/o Christian K. THOMAS d/ Mary R. w/o William S. MILLER d/ Marion E. w/o James D. THOMAS d/ Juliet B. w/o Joseph HALDERMAN - Berkely Co, WV d/ Isabella W. BUCKEY s/ Thomas W. T. BUCKEY, a minor s/ Daniel G. BUCKEY, now dec'd Exec/ Jacob M. BUCKEY Land - "Good Luck", 1/2 acre; from George BUCKEY (w/ Mary) to Daniel BUCKEY in 1852. Previously from Jeremiah TARLTON. Located on Main Road leading from Frederick Town to the Mouth of Monocacy. Included 2-story brick house with store room connected (occupied by BLESSING & DAY), on north end of Buckeystown. - Undivided 1/5 share; from Thomas C. JOHNSON (as heir & s/o Fayette JOHNSON & his widow, Catharine) in 1832 (his share was 1/5 of 85+ acres which was the widow's dower to be sold upon her death). Located on Frederick and Point of Rocks Road, about 3 miles from POR, adjoins lands of Miss Phoebe THOMAS and formerly occupied by Mrs. Catharine JOHNSON. Includes a frame house, log barn, smoke house, spring house, etc and a fine spring of water near the house; farm is well watered and under good fencing and a high state of cultivation. Mary BUCKEY died with a Will, naming Ezra HOUCK as executor. Monies were still owed to Mary (w/o George) by Daniel BUCKEY. Caroline M. BUCKEY, widow, conveyed her dower interest of the 1/5 undivided share from JOHNSON to Jacob M. BUCKEY in 1867. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Jacob M. BUCKEY, William S. MILLER and Lewis G. KEMP. Trustee was Jacob M. BUCKEY. Sale was held on 20 Apr 1867 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - Bruce THOMAS for house & lot in Buckeystown at $1,075 - Henry A. JOHNSON for the undivided share at $500. Distribution of $1,575; court costs, $239.92 - Ezra HOUCK, ex/of Mary BUCKEY, claim, $51.11 - J. M. BUCKEY, trustee of Daniel G. BUCKEY, $260.25 - Jacob M. & Harriet C. BUCKEY, $385.18 - Mary R. BUCKEY, $312.30 - Isabella W. BUCKEY, $312.30 - Jacob M. BUCKEY, $23.94 All paid at 10%. Closed 16 Oct 1867.
John SIFFORD & Henry LORENTZ d/b/a Sifford & Lorentz vs Estate of Stephen JOY Stephen JOY d/ c1862; his heirs: - Elizabeth JOY - Sarah Ann JOY w/o John K. JOHNSON (2nd husband) .....Mary GAVER w/o John HARVEY (he abandoned her) (she lives in Ellicott Mills in Baltimore County) .....Wilhemina GAVER w/o Robert REDMAN (they live in Ellicott Mills in Baltimore County) .....Charles JOHNSON - Baltimore city .....Edward JOHNSON - Baltimore city .....Robert JOHNSON - city of Washington .....Baker JOHNSON - Ellicott Mills, Baltimore County .....John K. JOHNSON - Ohio .....Bathinia JOHNSON, now w/o John KINNA Land - 10 acres; from Thomas R. JOHNSON in 1839. - Lot #2 (& #4), 4+ acres, on "Resurvey on Stony Level"; from Frederick BISER & w/ Hepsey S. in 1840. Originally from Jacob JOHNSON and Henry FEASTER to Jacob SMITH in 1826 and from SMITH to John BRANDENBURG and from him to Frederick BISER. Lands are located 4 miles NE of Middletown. Unable to find Mary HARVEY, Baker JOHNSON and Edward JOHNSON, believe they are out of state. Testimony was heard from James H. JOY (grandson), Robert PATTINGALL and John SIFFORD. Trustee was Cpt. John SIFFORD. Sale was held at the blacksmith shop of Adam ROUTZAHN, two miles north of Middletown, on 10 May 1868; high bidders were: - Adam BENDEL for the 10 acres at $21/acre. - Adam ROUTZAHN for the lot at $35/acre Total sales, $359.25. After court costs, balance went to Sifford & Lorentz. Closed 10 Sep 1868.
Alfred F. BRENGLE Jacob BRENGLE died with a Will; Alfred F. BRENGLE, his son, was his administrator. Land - Lots# 266 & 267 on SE corner in Frederick Town, on north side of Carroll Creek; conveyed to George HAUER and w/ Catharine in 1836 by Jacob BRENGLE and mortgaged to him. Property known as Hauer's Tan Yard with a large stone beam house, bark shed with bark mill and roller, 60 layaway vats with leeches, limes, pools, etc. Testimony was heard from William LOWE. Trustees were Gideon BANTZ and Ezra HOUCK; however, Gideon BANTZ died shortly thereafter. Since the petition was filed: George HAUER and w/ Catharine both died intestate s/ Daniel J. HAUER d/ Elizabeth w/o Charles T. McMULLEN s/ William HAUER (d/ before Jun 1866, intestate, single, no issue) d/ Ann C. HAUER d/ Mary L. HAUER d/ Susan HAUER The decree had been assigned to Edward JENKINS, William KENNEDY, Mark W. JENKINS and James W. JENKINS, partners under the name of William JENKINS and Sons; whereby they assigned it to Daniel S. HAUER, which has now been assigned to John LOATS. Trustee was John LOATS; sale was held 19 Jun 1867 at the City Hotel in Frederick, high bidder was: - George K. BIRELY at $1,695 Distribution: court costs, $139.07 - John LOATS, per agreement, $800 - Daniel HAUER, 1/5, $151.18 - Elizabeth McMULLEN, 1/5, $151.18 - Ann C. HAUER, 1/5, $151.18 - Mary L. HAUER, 1/5, $151.18 - Susan HAUER, 1/5, $151.18 Closed 26 Oct 1867.
Dennis HILDEBRAND, et al - Petition to Sell Real Estate Daniel HILDEBRAND d/ 1841 (lived 6 miles from Frederick) widow - Julianne Elizabeth s/ Joshua H. HILDEBRAND (has since died intestate) .....w/ Mary Ann ........Howard HILDEBRAND, a minor ........Samuel HILDEBRAND, a minor s/ Dennis HILDEBRAND (died 1866, intestate, single) s/ William Oliver HILDEBRAND s/ Lewis M. HILDEBRAND & w/ Laura V. s/ Samuel T. HILDEBRAND - Danville, Vermilion Co, Illinois d/ Mary A. M. HILDEBRAND, later w/o George E. BROADRUP d/ Julianne E. HILDEBRAND (died 1866, intestate, single) Land - "Haveners Fancy", 25 acres; from L. P. W. BALCH, trustee for Frederick HEFFNER, in 1832. Previously to Frederick HEFFNER from Elizabeth HEFFNER, next to land of Jacob HEFFNER. - 24 acres; from Joseph P. FLEMMING & w/ Charlotte in 1833 and previously to them from Benjamin PRICE in 1832. - Lot# 5 on "Resurvey on Haveners Fancy", 26 acres; from Joseph SMITH & w/ Sabilla in 1834. Lies next to "Benedict's Rest" and "Cronises' Chance" and land of Micahel HEFFNER. also Lots# 6 & 7 on "Resurvey on Havener's Fancy", 3 acres. - "Cronises' Chance", and part "Havener's Fancy", 3 3/4 acres; from John RITTER of Adams Co, PA in 1837. Located on south bank of branch Muddy Run. - Lot# 9 on "Resurvey on Havener's Fancy", 28 acres; from George KETRO Jr & w/ Catharine in 1838. Previously to KETRO from Daniel F. SCHAEFFER in 1835. Adjoining land of Benjamin HEFFNER. - Parts of Lots# 6, 7 and 8, 4+ acres; from John MILLER & w/ Sarah in 1840. Adjoins the school house lot and south bank of Muddy Run. Total of 114 acres; adjoins lands of John HOLTZ and heirs of John MILLER and B. F. BARTGIS. Samuel T. HILDEBRAND sold his share to Joshua H. HILDEBRAND. Mary A. M. HILDEBRAND sold her share to William Oliver HILDEBRAND. Dennis HILDEBRAND conveyed his share to Charles BROADRUP on 8 Feb 1858 with BROADRUP as surety; to be repaid due to Maintenance of male illegitimate child (born 5 Sep 1857) of Lucinda PALMER and Dennis HILDEBRAND with Charles BROADRUP (w/ Susan M.) as surety. Guardian was Henry SCHLEY for Howard & Samuel HILDEBRAND. Testimony was heard from Lewis M. HILDEBRAND and John HOLTZ. A commission was assigned to layoff the dower land (1/3) for the widow. Commissioners were: Samuel P. HEFFNER, Uriah RAMSBURG, Joseph GLAZE, Albert HOLTZ and Charles HILDEBRAND. Widow's land on county road to Bethel Church consisting of 25 acres. Trustee was Lewis M. HILDEBRAND; sale was held at the Groff House in Frederick on 2 Nov 1867 for the remaining 88 acres, high bidder was: - William Oliver HILDEBRAND at $2,212.50 Distribution: court costs, $335.37 - Mary HILDEBRAND, widow of Joshua, 1/8 of 2/7, $67.64 (Joshua also had Samuel's share) - Howard HILDEBRAND, 1/2 of 7/8 of 2/7, $234.64 - Samuel HILDEBRAND, 1/2 of 7/8 of 2/7, $234.64 - William Oliver HILDEBRAND, 2/7, $536.32 (William also had Mary's share) - Lewis M. HILDEBRAND, 1/7, $268.16 The following are shares of the deceased siblings, Dennis and Julianne - Howard HILDEBRAND, 1/2 of 1/5 of 2/7, $53.63 - Samuel HILDEBRAND, 1/2 of 1/5 of 2/7, $53.63 - William Oliver HILDEBRAND, 1/5 of 2/7, $107.26 - Lewis M. HILDEBRAND, 1/5 of 2/7, $107.26 - Samuel T. HILDEBRAND, 1/5 of 2/7, $107.26 - Mary A. M. HILDEBRAND, 1/5 of 2/7, $107.26 Closed 4 Feb 1868.
Charles W. KELLER, et al - Petition for Sale of Real Estate Jacob KELLER, dec'd (Will in part) s/ Daniel KELLER (home farm called "Pleasant Retreat" or "Middle Creek Farm", except land on east side of Catoctin Creek and adjoining land of Jacob DERR) d/ Margaret DERR (daughter?) (Middle Creek Farm, on east side of Catoctin Creek was devised to Maragaret DERR by Joel KELLER on 27 May 1851) s/ Joel KELLER (171 acre farm, "The Three Jacobs" where Joel was then living) =========== Joel KELLER d/ 3 Aug 1865 intestate d/ Malinda w/o Josiah MICHAEL d/ Mary R. w/o George H. KEFAUVER s/ Charles W. KELLER s/ Jacob P. KELLER, a minor d/ Amanda E. KELLER, a minor d/ Sarah J. KELLER, a minor d/ Emma F. KELLER, a minor Land - 175 acres; inherited from Will of his father, Jacob KELLER. Previously conveyed to Jacob KELLER from Henry DOUB & w/ Margaret in 1832. Adjoined tract "Deer Park", "Nicholas' Content" and "Policy" and lands of Nicholas BOWLUS, Jacob BOWLUS and Christopher RADER. (Except is 5 acres to Matilda WISE and John WISE.) Located 1 3/4 miles south of Middletown and seven miles from Frederick and 184 mile of a school house and four churches, adjoining lands of Ezra SMITH, and Vincent SANNER; had oak and hickory timber with water running through several fields and meadows. Property has a roomy log house, lately weatherboarded, attached back building, has dining room and kitchen, Switzer barn 40x80 feet, nearly new, a double corn house and wagon shed, carriage house, spring house, smoke house, etc. Also has an apple orchard and other fruit trees. The wood lot is situated on South Mountain on the Old Sharpsburg Road, adjoining lands of Mr. WISE with 6 acres of chestnut and other timber. George H. KEFAUVER was then living on the farm. - "Nicholas' Content", 3 acres; from Samuel BOWLUS & w/ Mahala in 1855 (recorded Dec 1866). Previously from Stephen BOWLUS to Samuel. - "Fredericksburg", 11 1/2 acres; from Heirs of Henry MILLER, dec'd: Susan MILLER (wid/of Henry MILLER), Henrietta MILLER, Joseph NYMAN & w/ Jane Rebecca, all of Washington County and John W. DERR & w/ Elizabeth, Phineas WILLIAMS & w/ Mary Ann, John MILLER of H. & w/ Susan, Adam KOOGLE & w/ Catharine, all of Frederick County, in 1844. Previously part of tract from Jacob ROUTZAHN to George ROUTZAHN. - Hunters Delight", 18 perches; from Solomon SMITH, Ezra SMITH, Maria SMITH and John SMITH in 1853. Adjoined land of George L. ROUTZAHN, dec'd. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from George H. KEFAUVER and Jonathan ROUTZAHN. Trustee was Jonathan ROUTZAHN; sale was held in Middletown on 9 Mar 1967, high bidder was: - George H. KEFAUVER for the home farm at $110/acre and the mountain lot of 6 acres at $15/acre Total sales, $19,340. Distribution: court costs, $813.66 - Malinda MICHAEL, 1/7, $2,646.62 - Mary R. KEFAUVER, 1/7, $2,646.62 - Charles W. KELLER, 1/7, $2,646.62 - Jacob P. KELLER, 1/7, $2,646.62 - Amanda E. KELLER, 1/7, $2,646.62 - Sarah J. KELLER, 1/7, $2,646.62 - Emma F. KELLER, 1/7, $2,646.62 Closed 18 Nov 1867.
Catharine MARKEN, wid/of John MARKEN Supplemental John MARKEN, presumed dec'd widow - Catharine and heirs, - Josiah R. MARKEN - Isaiah/Josiah M. SCHILDTNECT by Josiah R. MARKEN, his next friend - Lydia & h/ Jacob SMITH of G. - Rosanna MARKEN - Rebecca MARKEN Petition previously filed by Jacob MARKEN with trustee as John HOOVER of J. Sale was made, but distribution is not complete. John MARKEN left the state in June 1855 and is presumed dead. On 23 Jan 1863, Josiah R. MARKEN testified Catharine MARKEN, wid/of John MARKEN was about 62 years of age and in good health. Distribution of $281.18: court costs, $6.80 - Catharine MARKEN, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $27.23 - Josiah R. MARKEN, 1/5, $49.03 - Josiah M. SCHILDTNECT, 1/5, $49.03 - Lydia SMITH, 1/5, $49.03 - Rosanna MARKEN, 1/5, $49.03 - Rebecca MARKEN, 1/5, $49.03 Petition files by John HOOVER & w/ Catharine in Jan 1868, stating Wesley MARKEN d/ intestate widow - Sarah E. d/ Nellie/Nettie MARKEN, a minor d/ Ellie MARKEN, a minor s/ Francis MARKEN, a minor s/ John W. MARKEN, a minor Land - tract "Good Luck" Estate of Samuel MARKEN, dec'd, widow/ Rebecca to have 16 acres as her dower. Improvements were 1 1/2 story log house and back building with a stable and small spring house; adjoins lands of Jacob LUDY and Otho HAYS. The widow having died, sale was held 29 Feb 1868 at the store of Gideon BUSSARD in Wolfsville, high bidder was: - John V. HAYS at $620. Distribution of $620: court costs, $64.95 - Jacob MARKEN, 1/7, $79.32 - Catharine HOOVER, 1/7, $79.32 - John MARKEN, 1/7, $79.32 - Henry MARKEN, 1/7, $79.32 - Mahala DUBLE, 1/7, $79.32 - Elias MARKEN, 1/7, $79.32 - Wesley MARKEN's heirs, 1/7, $79.32 Closed 21 May 1868.
425-430 - McPHERSON, MARKELL, URNER - May 1868
Francis MARKELL vs William H. McPHERSON & wife - Foreclosure Petition shows Lauretta as w/o William H. McPHERSON; however, response is answered by William H. McPHERSON and wife, Martha E. Land - Lot in Frederick Town on sourth side of West All Saints St; adjoined lots of John GRUVER and Nicholas THOMSON. Trustee was Francis MARKELL; sale was held 17 Sep 1868 at the Central Hotel in Frederick, high bidder was: - Milton G. URNER at $240 Distribution: court costs, $88.33 - Francis MARKELL, in part for his mortgage claim, $151.67 Closed 3 Dec 1868.
430-447 - FOGLE, PERRY, KINNY, EYLER, STITELY - Jun 1867
John W. BARRICK, creditor vs Estate of John FOGLE of Henry John FOGLE of Henry d/ Jul 1866 (Will written 4 Feb 1865) widow - Catharine s/ Frederick FOGLE & w/ Margaret Rebecca s/ John FOGLE & w/ Elizabeth d/ Mary "Polly" w/o William PERRY s/ Isaac FOGLE & w/ Barbara s/ William FOGLE & w/ Margaret d/ Eliza w/o John FOGLE d/ Ann Catharine w/o John M./Wesley KINNY d/ Susanna w/o Jacob EYLER of J. Exec/ Nicholas FOGLE Witnesses: Benjamin STRINE, Charles E. DOUGHERTY, Jeremiah ILER of P. Land - "Coopers Alley", 132 acres; inherited from Will of his father, Henry FOGLE in 1816. Located 2 miles NE of Woodsboro, near the York Road. It has two log houses, a log barn, blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, smoke house, springhouse and other buildings, and a good spring running on the place. - "Oilers Conclusion", 55 perches; from Conrad OILER & w/ Anna in 1832. - "The Wedge", 1+ acres. John FOGLE was also indebted to William FOGLE of H. who assigned note to Nicholas FOGLE. Trustees were Nicholas FOGLE and John RITCHIE; sale was held on 12 Oct 1867, high bidder was: - William STITELY at $3,300 Distribution: court costs, $275.81 - Misc Claims, $962.07 - Nicholas FOGLE, executor, $2,062.12 Closed 29 Apr 1868.
Warren GARROTT & Job MILLER, t/a Garrott & Miller vs Sarah E. CARLISLE, adm/of Robert B. CARLISLE Charles CARLISLE, dec'd w/ Mary Amelia s/ Robert B. CARLISLE s/ Arstead M. CARLISLE, dec'd, unmarried, no issue s/ Charles C. CARLISLE, dec'd, unmarried, no issue d/ Mary Amelia S. J. w/o William L. MORRISON Deed for 50 acres, plus half the farm that was in occupancy of Charles CARLISLE at time of his death, to Robert B. CARLISLE and Mary Amelia S. J. MORRISON from Violetta G. BOTELER in 1865 (bond of conveyence to their father in Mar 1841). Located on public road from Burkittsville to Frederick and Harpers Ferry Ridge Road on other side, adjoins land of John N. HOSKINSON. (Previously from Amelia PHILPOTT where Lot# 1 was issued to Barton PHILPOTT and wife with division of Lot # 12, part of "Resurvey on Maryland" made by Lawrence BRENGLE) In 1865, Mary Amelia and her husband sold her share to Robert. Robert obtained a mortgage owed to Mary CLAGGETT. Robert B. CARLISLE d/ 2 May 1868, intestate widow - Sarah E. "Sallie" d/ Cora Belle CARLISLE, a minor s/ Charles Ashby CARLISLE, a minor d/ Anna Laura CARLISLE, a minor s/ Robert B. CARLISLE Jr, a minor Land - "Resurvey on Maryland", 102 acres; Petersville District; adjoining lands of Robert McDUELL and Ezra WILLIARD. On road from Burkittsville to Knoxville, midway between Petersville and Knoxville. It had a 2-story weatherboarded house and stables, corn house, ice house, etc., a young orchard and good spring of pure mountain water near the house. It is convenient to the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. - mountain lot, 20 acres Administrator was Sarah E. CARLISLE with sureties as Barton GARROTT and Henry G. RHODES. Guardian was Herman C. KOCHLER. Testimony was heard from Barton GARROTT, Allen H. GARROTT and H. G. RHODES. Sarah E. CARLISLE released her dower and John W. HILLEARY testified on 17 Jul 1868 that she was about 32 years of age and her general health was good. Trustee was Sarah E. CARLISLE. Sale was held on 5 Sep 1868 on the premises; high bidder was: - James H. McDUELL for the farm at $1.75/acre - Barton GARROTT for the mountain lot at $7.05/acre Total sales, $10,546.36. Distribution of $3,515.45; court costs, $372.56 - Mrs. Mary CLAGGETT, part mortgage, $3,142.89 Final Ratification: 4 Jan 1869. Note - from Frederick County Marriage Licenses - Amelia Sarah Jane CARLISLE to William Lingan MORRISON - 15 Oct 1861 - Robert B. CARLISLE to Sarah GARROTT - 20 Nov 1858
Sarah GETZENDANNER, George HOLTER & Others vs Joshua ZIMMERMAN & Others Peter BEARD d/ Feb or Mar 1868, intestate sis/ Sarah wid/o Jefferson GETZENDANNER sis/ Catharine BEARD sis/ Julianna BEARD bro/ John BEARD, dec'd & w/ Amelia .....Edward BEARD - Iowa .....Margaret w/o Joshua ZIMMERMAN .....John Alexander BEARD - Virginia .....Joseph H. BEARD & w/ Mary A. SMITH .....Peter A. J. BEARD - California (d/ 19 Jan 1867) .....James Gray Elder BEARD - Ohio sis/ Magdalena HOLTER, dec'd .....George R. HOLTER & w/ Mary COBLENTZ .....Susan (HOLTER) wid/o Hanson POOLE .....William H. HOLTER & w/ Elizabeth COBLENTZ .....Samuel L. HOLTER .....Peter HOLTER & w/ Mahala COBLENTZ .....Sarah HOLTER .....Mary (HOLTER) wid/o John SCAARF (SCARF) .....Elizabeth (HOLTER) wid/o John/James HIMES (HEIMS) Land - "Resurvey on Black/Back City", 12+ acres; to Abraham BEARD from John DEGRANGE, trustee for Estate of Daniel RUNNER, in 1847. Adjoins land of John DeGRANGE and is on Catoctin Mountain, about five fmiles from Frederick City. Timber consists of chesnut, white and black oak trees of superior quality. To be divided into three lots. - parts "Deer Spring", "Resurvey on Addition to Hazel Thicket", "Resurvey on Limestone Rock", "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant" and "Jones' Conclusion", 120 acres; to Abraham BEARD and Peter BEARD from John DEGRANGE, trustee, in 1848. Located 4 1/2 miles from Frederick city and south of the Harpers Ferry Road, adjoins lands of Henry RHODES, and John DeGRANGE. It has seven fields under good fencing and two good apple orchards, several springs with a fine stream running through the farm; ten acres in meadows, ten acres in wood. It has a 2-story log house, partly weatherboard, a stone spring house, two log barns in good condition, a log smoke house, two corn houses, a wagon shed and a hog house. Peter BEARD was the eldest brother of Abraham BEARD (no widow) and elected to take the land upon his death. Several of the heirs requested Jospeh H. BEARD be trustee; court appointed Samuel GETZENDANNER, Samuel H. HOLTER and Jospeh H. BEARD as trustees. Sale was held on 24 Oct 1868 at the Dill House in Frederick city; high bidders were: - Catharine BEARD and Julianna BEARD at $15,000, subject to reserved water rights as in deed executed by Michael RUNNER to Christianna RUNNER (WR-19, 122-124) - William HOLTER for Lot #1, 4 acres of the mountain lot at $120/acre - Daniel L. SMITH or Lot #2, 4 acres of the mountain lot at $140/acre - Daniel L. SMITH for Lot #3, 3+ acres of the mountain lot at $140/acre Total sales, $16,595.45. It was later discovered Peter A. J. BEARD, who had moved to California, died 19 Jan 1867, intestate and w/o issue. His share to his then living siblings. Distribution of $5,556.81; court costs, $495.58 - Sarah GETZENDANNER, 1/5, $1,012.24 - Catharine BEARD, 1/5, $1,012.24 - Juliana BEARD, 1/5, $1,012.24 - Edward BEARD, 1/5 of 1/5, $202.44 - Mary ZIMMERMAN, 1/5 of 1/5, $202.44 - John A. BEARD, 1/5 of 1/5, $202.44 - Joseph H. BEARD, 1/5 of 1/5, $202.44 - James G. E. BEARD, 1/5 of 1/5, $202.44 - Peter HOLTER, 1/8 of 1/5, $126.53 - Susan POOLE, 1/8 of 1/5, $126.53 - Willilam H. HOLTER, 1/8 of 1/5, $126.53 - Samuel L. HOLTER, 1/8 of 1/5, $126.53 - George HOLTER, 1/8 of 1/5, $126.53 - susan HOLTER, 1/8 of 1/5, $126.53 - Mary SCAARF, 1/8 of 1/5, $126.53 - Elizabeth HAINES(?), 1/8 of 1/5, $126.53 Closed 6 Jan 1869. Note - from Frederick County Marriage Licenses - Magdelina BEARD to William HOLTER - 24 Sep 1818 - John BEARD to Amelia HUGHES - 5 Apr 1817 - Sarah BAIRD(?) to Jefferson GETZENDANNER - 7 Aug 1823
Frederick-Town Savings Institution vs David STUP - Foreclosure David STUP (incompetent) w/ Susanna s/ Curtis STUP s/ Emanuel STUP s/ Douglas Z. STUP s/ Johnathan STUP d/ Ann Rebecca STUP d/ Sophia STUP Land - "Lambeth", 80 acres; from Jacob STUP and Samuel STUP, trustees of Estate of Jacob STUP in 1832. Located a half mile from Harpers Ferry Road, adjoining lands of William SMITH and Samuel HARGATE. It is good quality red land, divided into six fields and a meadow of 6 acres; has a 2-story log house, log stable, smoke house and a fine spring. - "Castle Henry", 30 acres woodland; from Christian SMITH and w/ Mary A. E. in 1851. (Previously part of "Fielderea") To be divided into lots. Located 1 mile from Mount Zion Church, adjoining lands of John W. WILCOXEN, Sameul GETZENDANNER, Joseph ZIMMERMAN and William HOWARD. Trustee was William J. ROSS. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 3 Oct 1868; high bidder was: - George W. SMITH for 84+ acre farm at $64.75/acre - Henry LORENTZ for Lot #1, 10 acres, at $33/acre - Henry LORENTZ for Lot #2, 9+ acres, at $41/acre - Samuel GETZENDANNER for Lot #3, 9+ acres, at $59/acre who asked the deed be conveyed to Sarah GETZENDANNER. The widow sold her dower rights to the farm to George W. SMITH for $500. Distribution of $3,717.25; court costs, $309.47. After payments to various creditors, the balance went to David STUP, $1,650.39. Closed 6 Feb 1869.
Titus V. BARTGIS & Others vs Frederick T. BARTGIS & Others Ann (HEFFNER) BARTGIS d/ abt 1847 in Baltimore City, MD w/o Benjamin Franklin BARTGIS (he d/ May 1867) s/ Frederick T. BARTGIS & w/ Maria d/ Veronica A. BARTGIS s/ Martin E. BARTGIS d/ Jun 1864 & w/ Ann R. .....Clara V. BARTGIS, a minor .....Frederick A. BARTGIS, a minor .....Anne R. BARTGIS, a minor s/ Daniel A. BARTGIS - Pennsylvania s/ Titus V. BARTGIS d/ Amelia A. BARTGIS w/o William MORGAN - Pennsylvania Land - "Havener's Fancy", Lot #2, 28 acres; as heir of Jacob Frederick HEFFNER in 1815. Adjoins lands of John HOLTZ, John BETSON, Widow HILDEBRAND and Daniel MAINHART. Deed of Partition for parts of "Resurvey on Havener's Fancy", from Will of their father, Jacob Frederick HEFFNER, in 1810: - dower to widow - Susanna HEFFNER 1/ Mary HEFFNER 2/ Ann BARTGIS 3/ Jacob HEFFNER 4/ Elizabeth HEFFNER 5/ Frederick HEFFNER of Loudoun Co, VA 6/ George HEFFNER of Warren Co, Ohio 7/ Benjamin HEFFNER 8/ Appolonia HEFFNER 9/ Joseph HEFFNER 10/John HEFFNER Ann (HEFFNER) BARTGIS died intestate "many years ago". Daniel A. BARTGIS conveyed his interests to Nathan O. NEIGHBOURS (w/ Eliza A.) in 1865. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON. Testimony was heard from Titus V. BARTGIS, Samuel KEYSER and Ann R. BARTGIS who all stated Ann R., widow of Martin E. BARTGIS was about 30 years old. The property was valued at $50/acre and the eldest, Frederick BARTGIS, elected to take said property at that value. Distribution of $1,400; court costs, $152.35 - Frederick T. BARTGIS, 1/6, $208.27 - Veronica A. BARTGIS, 1/6, $208.27 - Titus V. BARTGIS, 1/6, $208.27 - Amelia A MORGAN, 1/6, $208.27 - Nathan O. NEIGHBORS, grantee of Daniel A. BARTGIS, 1/6, $208.27 - Ann R. BARTGIS, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 of 1/6, $29.75 - Clara V. BARTGIS, 1/3 of 6/7 of 1/6, $59.50 - Frederick A. BARTGIS, 1/3 of 6/7 of 1/6, $59.50 - Annie R. BARTGIS, 1/3 of 6/7 of 1/6, $59.50 Closed 13 Feb 1869.
524-534 - CRAMER, FEIZER, STONE - Oct 1865
John P. CRAMER & w/ Margaret vs Ezra CRAMER, et al - Petition to Sell Real Estate John P. CRAMER & w/ Margaret s/ Ezra CRAMER, a minor d/ Mary Jane CRAMER, a minor d/ Sarah Margaret CRAMER, a minor d/ Lucretia Ann CRAMER, a minor s/ Charles Buchanan CRAMER, a minor s/ John Philip CRAMER, a minor d/ Georgia Ann CRAMER, a minor d/ Alice Elizabeth CRAMER, a minor Land - "The Finishing Stroke", 103 acres; to Margaret CRAMER (w/o John P.) and her children from Peter FEIZER & w/ Mary Jane in 1861. Previously from Evan OGLE in 1860. Guardian was Thomas M. HOLBRUNER. Testimony was heard from William BUCKEY and Joseph ROUTZAHN. Trustee was William P. MAULSBY. Sale was held on 19 Sep 1868 at Mount Pleasant; high bidder was: - Daniel E. STONE at $2,350 Distribution: court costs, $207.10 - balance, $2,142.90 to trustee The court appointed Ezra Lewis CRAMER and Jeremiah Henry CRAMER as trustees to receive and invest money for the wife and minor children. Closed 3 Dec 1868.
Samuel L. BOYER vs John L. BOYER & Others Samuel BOYER, dec'd (Will written 20 Jun 1866; filed 4 Mar 1867) s/ John L. BOYER s/ Samuel L. BOYER s/ George L. BOYER d/ Leah w/o Alfred DAVIS d/ Barbara Catharine w/o William MOORE d/ Sarah ENGLE, dec'd .....Charles ENGLE .....Thomas ENGLE d/ Ann Mary SCHWARTZ .....Samuel SCHWARTZ .....Sarah SCHWARTZ s/ Henry L. BOYER, dec'd Execs/ John L. BOYER and Samuel L. BOYER John L. BOYER of Carroll Co, MD sold real estate, as exec, in July 1867; one tract of 33 acres was sold to Grafton DUVALL at $1,336.50. Agreement was then made for resell of said property back to Samuel L. BOYER at the same cost. Samuel L. BOYER was in possession of the property then and has been since. Grafton DUVALL d/ Nov 1868 (Will for only personal estate) widow - Columbia F. A. DUVALL s/ Samuel Grafton DUVALL, a minor s/ Edwin SUMMERFIELD DUVALL, a minor Exec/ Benjamin W. DUVALL and Arthur DELASHMUTT Guardian was William N. YOUNG. Testimony was heard from Charles COLE and John L. BOYER. Monies were paid by Samuel L. BOYER for Grafton DUVALL for deed now to be conveyed to Grafton DUVALL, then to Samuel L. BOYER as in the agreement. Closed 8 Mar 1869.
543-547 - SHIPLEY, WRIGHT, HALL - Feb 1861
Estate of Nimrod O. SHIPLEY Land - "New Market Plains" and "Rich Forrest", 235 acres; by Nicholas H. SHIPLEY & w/ Margaret to Nimrod O. SHIPLEY, trustee; 170 acres is farm where Nicholas HALL & w/ Elizabeth P. resided and, with Nimrod O. SHIPLEY as trustee, mortgaged to Jesse WRIGHT in 1858. Adjoins lands of N. O. SHIPLEY and the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road; has a 2-story frame house and kitchen and three tobacco houses. Money was owed by Elizabeth P. HALL to Jesse WRIGHT who sold the premises due to non payment. Distribution of $2,890; court costs, $138.85 - Jesse WRIGHT, claim 1, $1,321.10 - Jesse WRIGHT, claim 2, $288.02 - N. O. SHIPLEY, trustee, for exclusive & separate use of Elizabeth P. HALL, $1,142.00 Closed 1 Apr 1861
547-566 - LALEY, KOONTZ, NICHOLS, MILLER - Feb 1869
Godfrey KOONTZ, trustee for Nancy TAYLOR vs William H. LALEY & Others Land - House and Lot on Market St in Frederick Town; adjoining land of James D. ENGLISH on the north and Lewis MYERS on the south. Conveyed to William H. LALEY by Margaret McGOWAN, exec/of George BALTZELL in 1857; Mortgaged by William H. LALEY to Godfrey KOONTZ. There were multiple judgements against William LALEY. Testimony was heard from James M. HARDING and Godfrey KOONTZ as to the handwriting of William H. LALEY. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held on 13 Jan 1869 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Col. J. M. KUNKEL at $3,600, reported by William H. LALEY, but not authorized. It was resold to - John Randolph NICHOLS at $3,475 Distribution: court costs, $356.12 - Godfrey KOONTZ, trustee of Nancy TAYLOR, for mortgage claim, $1,165 - Joseph G. MILLER, assignee of Ezra HOUCK, guardian of Franklin MYERS, judgement, $923.23 - Jospeh G. MILLER, assignee of Frederick BRIMMERMAN and William J. ROSS, judgement, $172.36 - Joseph G. MILLER, in part judgement, $858.29 Closed 23 Mar 1869.
George H. LEASE & Others - Petition Deed of Trust to Ezra DOLL by and for benefit of John D. HIMMEL & w/ Catharine and after their death, property to be sold and divided amongst all of their combined children. John D. HIMMEL (STIMMEL) d/ Dec 1868 w/ Catharine d/ 1849 (previously w/o Nicholas LEASE) s/ George H. LEASE & w/ Catharine A. s/ Ezra LEASE d/ 1863 .....William LEASE, a minor .....Charles LEASE, a minor .....Alice LEASE, a minor .....Emma LEASE, a minor d/ Harriet LEASE w/o William B. K. WILLIS - Washington, DC s/ Edward LEASE - Baltimore city children of John & Catharine HIMMEL were s/ Jacob E. HIMMEL s/ John C. HIMMEL d/ Catharine M. HIMMEL w/o John MARTIN After the death of wife Catharine, John D. HIMMEL remarried, but had no other children. Ezra DOLL died intestate several years ago without fulfilling the trust. His administrator was John BRUNNER of J. who also died. Land - House & Lot on east side of Market St in Frederick; adjoining land of David BOYD on the north (previously William KREGLOW) and Leonard GAVER on the east and Adam KNOUFF on the south; from Richard ENGLISH & w/ Mary Ann in 1835. Trustee appointed was George H. LEASE. Sale was held 23 Jan 1869 at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidder was: - Edward KOONTZ at $1,500 (who was then the occupant and ran a Tin Shop. It had a 1-story part brick and frame house with back building attached. Distribution: court costs, $167.40 - George H. LEASE, 1/7, $190.37 - children of Ezra LEASE ...William, Charles, Alice & Emma, each 1/4 of 1/7, $47.59 - Harriet WILLS, 1/7, $190.37 - Jacob E. HIMMEL, 1/7, $190.37 - John C. HIMMEL, 1/7, $190.37 - Catharine M. MARTIN, 1/7, $190.37 - Edward LEASE, 1/7, $190.37 Closed 18 Mar 1869.
John STOCKMAN & Others vs Christian STOCKMAN & Others John STOCKMAN of R. and Abraham SHAFF, trustees of Philip STOCKMAN, dec'd, sold at public sale at Spencer's Store in Jefferson on 1 Feb 1868, to John H. FEASTER at $57/acre: Land - 55+ acre farm; on raod from Jefferson to Burkittsville, adjoining lands of Daniel SHAFF, John DARR, George SHAFF and Philip ROUTZAHN. However, FEASTER asked to be released from sale and be substituted by George T. WHIP. Also sold was House & Lot on 1 acre, adjoining the farm, to Addison DARR at $365; however, he failed to comply with the terms. It was then resold to Christian STOCKMAN, Esq. at $349.50. $25 in rent for the year had also been collected. Closed 12 March 1869 without any distribution.
579-586 - EYLER, TROXELL, MILLER - Jul 1861
Daniel MILLER vs William EYLER Land - Two mountain lots, each 30 acres, in Eyler's Valley; inherited from Frederick EYLER to William EYLER of Adams Co, PA, and mortgaged from him to Felix J. TROXELL. Land from Will of Frederick EYLER to William EYLER and his six brothers, but not to be sold until the death of Frederick's brother, Adam EYLER who died in 1868 (exec/adm/ John DORSEY and Adam H. EYLER, letters filed 19 May 1868). Mortgage by Felix J. TROXELL of Clinton Co, PA, formerly of Franklin Co, PA, transferred to Daniel MILLER of the firm, Miller, Cloud & Miller of Baltimore city in 1861. Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. The heirs of Frederick EYLER came to an agreement to sell the lots and divide the share, which was done on 28 Mar 1864; however, the court refused to accept it. Since Adam EYLER is now deceased, request is now given for acceptance of the sale, providing $169.72 as William's 1/7 share. Distribution of $169.72; court costs, $68.93 - Daniel MILLER, assignee of Felix J. TROXELL, $100.79 Closed 6 Apr 1869.
Charles T. WILLIAMSON, et al vs Josephine S. WILLIAMSON, et al Warren R. WILLIAMSON d/ 6 Jan 1867 in Middletown, intestate widow - Ann Rebecca - out West s/ Charles T. WILLIAMSON & w/ Julia CAMP - Illinois d/ Manzella WILLIAMSON w/o Hiram HUNTRESS - Minnesota s/ James J. WILLIAMSON & w/ Emma LORENTZ d/ Josephine S. WILLIAMSON d/ Maria Melissa E. WILLIAMSON s/ Warren G. A. WILLIAMSON - Illinois d/ Clara A. WILLIAMSON, a minor s/ William R. WILLIAMSON, a minor - Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois d/ Laura V. WILLIAMSON, a minor - Fremont, Sandusky Co, Ohio d/ Ada V. WILLIAMSON, a minor s/ Henry Benton WILLIAMSON, a minor - Wiota, Lafayette Co, Wisconsin Adm/ Lloyd H. HYATT Land - House & 1/2 acre Lot, west end of Middletown with cooper shop; from Catharine LUTTER in 1866. It had a rough-casted house with large new back building, a brick store house adjoining the main building, a large log cooper shop, large stable, two good corn houses, smoke house and a variety of choice fruit trees and a pump of excellent water in the yard. Guardians were: - Abraham BOWLUS for Laura - Eli KREIGH for William - E. S. KNAPP for Henry - Adolphus FEARHAKE for Clara and Ada Testimony was heard from Lloyd H. HYATT and Thomas H. WILLIARD. Trustee was James J. WILLIAMSON. Sale was held 20 Feb 1869, high bidder was: - Mary Ann BARBER at $2,001 Distribution: court costs, $224.78 - Ann R. WILLIAMSON, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $285.85 - each child's 1/11 share, $135.48 Closed 23 Apr 1869.
Elizabeth COX vs Jacob RENNER & Others Andrew COX d/ July 1865, intestate widow - Elizabeth (age 37 in Dec 1965) s/ William COX, a minor s/ Joseph COX, a minor d/ Mary COX, a minor d/ Amanda COX, a minor Land - 30 acres with house; to Andrew COX and Henry HOOVER from Jacob RENNER & w/ Lydia Ann in 1864; and mortgaged to Jacob RENNER. Jacob RENNER assigned his interest in mortgage to Elias RENNER and John DELAUDER in Feb 1867. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Henry HOOVER and Elias DELAUDER. Henry HOOVER filed a supplemental petition upon learning that the widow was not qualified to ask for the sale of the real estate. Trustee was Elias DELAUDER; sale was held 10 Mar 1866 on the premises, but no acceptable bid was received. Later private sale was made to: - Henry FLOOK for part of the real estate at $450 On 16 Feb 1867, public sale on premises was held, high bidder: - John GELSINGER for part of real estate at $185 - Elizabeth COX for House & Lot at $75 Total sales, $710. Upon failure of the purchasers to comply with terms, except for Elizabeth COX, the property was resold, the two parts now being sold together, to: - Henry FLOOK at $500. The total sales now being $575. Distribution: court costs, $151.90 - Jacob RENNER, in part of mortgage claim, $348.10. Closed 4 Mar 1869.
Abraham TRIMMER vs Susan YOUNG & Others Samuel YOUNG d/ Feb 1868 in Baltimore, intestate widow - Susan and 9 minor children d/ Mary C. YOUNG s/ John H. YOUNG s/ Samuel David YOUNG d/ Sarah L. YOUNG d/ Susan E. YOUNG d/ Margaret A. YOUNG d/ Ida F. YOUNG d/ Sophia YOUNG s/ William T/O. YOUNG Land - "Resurvey on Welsh Cabin", 20 acres; from Abraham TRIMMER in 1867 (previously to him from his brother Isaac TRIMMER). Located on SW corner of Martin GRIMES' lot and by Abraham TRIMMER's farm. Located near Double Pipe Creek and about one mile from Miller's Bridge; with black oak, white oak and hickory. Guardian was Walker Y. PAGE. Testimony was heard from Isaac TRIMMER and John H. YOUNG. Trustee was Abraham TRIMMER; sale was held 26 Jan 1869, high bidders were: - Lycurgus PHILLIPS and Levi F. MILLER at $1,225 Distribution: court costs, $168.97 - Abraham TRIMMER, in part payment, $1,056.08 Closed 12 Apr 1869.
John C. DERR, exec/of Henry WILHIDE vs William J. N. HARRISON & Others Henry WILHIDE (of F.) d/ Sep 1866 (Will) d/ Lucy Ann WILHIDE d/ Catharine w/o William J. N. HARRISON d/ Betsy MEISINGER (gave $1) s/ John WILHIDE d/ Susan Ann w/o Charles HEWITT (gave $1) Devised everything to daughter Lucy, and upon her death to be sold; then Catharine and John to each receive 1/2 of the remaining money of the estate. Exec/ John C. DERR Witnesses: M. Thomas GEESEY, P. QUINN, John F. YANDES Land - 10+ acres; near Lewistown in Creagerstown District; adjoins land of David RAMSBURG. Previously from Samuel DEVILBISS in 1850. About 6 acres were in timber; has a good orchard with log house. Testifying was John DERR who petitioned for sale of the real estate because he had overpaid expenses for the estate. Trustee was William B. NELSON; sale was held 15 Feb 1869 at the Dill House in Frederick city, high bidder was: - Lucy Ann WILHIDE at $205 Distribution: court costs, $184.25 - John DERR, in part, $20.75 Closed 8 May 1869.
648-661 - FOGLE, CRAMER, BITLER, KEMP - Apr 1868
George CRAMER vs Henry FOGLE Petition states Henry FOGLE has refused to pay the balance of mortgage and is cutting down the timber on the property even though the agreement was it was not to be cut until final payment was made, except for his personal use; injunction requested. Land - Agreement of George CRAMER to Henry FOGLE on Feb 1866 - 30-35 acres with house and stable (formerly owned by John BITLER and part of farm from Joshua KEMP) for $1,000. Previously - - 7+ acres; on south side of mill race and on public road; to George CRAMER from George W. DEVILBISS & w/ Ann Matilda in 1859. - "Resurvey on Mackey Luck", 5 acres, to George CRAMER from John BITLER & w/ Ann Elizabeth and Samuel D. WALKER & w/ Rebecca B. in 1858. - also, from G. W. WARFIELD & wife to Joshua W. KEMP in 1857. Testimony was heard from D. M. SCHOLL and George CRAMER. Trustee for the sale was William B. NELSON; sale was held on 15 Feb 1869 at the Dill House in Frederick town, high bidder was: - George CRAMER at $250 for 30-35 acres on farm, formerly owned by Joshua V. KEMP but now in possession of Henry FOGLE, on Grape Creek, about two miles NE of Walkersville and adjoining lands of John CRAMER and Mr DINTERMAN. Henry FOGLE opposed the sale on numerous issues; however, the court upheld the sale. Distribution of $250; court costs, $140.14 - George CRAMER, in part of claim, $109.86 Closed 15 May 1869.
William R. SANDERSON, trustee of Thomas SANDERSON vs Sarah MILLER & Others John MILLER, dec'd was indebted to William R. SANDERSON, also now dec'd, by deed of mortgage. William R. SANDERSON, Sr, dec'd (Will written 5 Mar 1856). s/ William R. SANDERSON Jr. s/ Thomas SANDERSON === John MILLER d/ Mar 1857, intestate widow - Sarah s/ John W. MILLER & w/ Julia s/ Josiah N. MILLER d/ Sarah Elizabeth MILLER, now w/o John BOWERS s/ Daniel V. MILLER & w/ Mary (BOWERS) d/ Matilda C. MILLER, now w/o Jacob Ezra PALMER s/ George MILLER, dec'd & w/ Mary Ann (CRAVER) .....Julia A. M. MILLER, now w/o William L. BRUNNER .....Sarah A. R. MILLER, now w/o Edward A. BRUNNER .....Thomas L. MILLER & w/ Miss (PARSONS) .....Winfield T. MILLER, a minor .....John P. MILLER, a minor Land - "John Miller's Resurvey", 359 acres; Special Warrant of Survey in 1847 for John MILLER for 16 adjoining parcels, parts of "Resurvey on Havner's Fancy" (originally granted to Frederick HAVANER in 1762); "Resurvey on Ramsburg's Chance" (originally granted to Jacob CRIST in 1763); "Hill in the Middle" (originally granted to Thomas LEE in 1752); "Cronice's Chance" (originally granted to Hans Teriggs CRONCYS in 1753); "Menfelt" (originally granted to Johannes LEATHER in 1753), however, further examination showed "Menflet" was not included in this resurvey; "Resurvey on Turnstile" (originally granted to Peter BUTLER in 1763; and added "Resurvey on Ramsburg's Chance". Exception is 88 acres sold to Simon SNOOK in 1850 and 100 acres sold to John W. MILLER. Property starts at road leading past the Woodville School house to Frederick city; is four miles from Frederick city and 3/4 mile from Frederick-Emmittsburg Turnpike leading to Woodville School; adjoins lands of HILDEBRAND, and WARRENFELTZ. It has a log house and log stable and is sold free of dower. Guardian was Herman C. KOCHLER. Testimony was heard from Richard HARPER and Peter CRAVER (both provided maiden names). Trustee was William J. ROSS; sale was held 27 Feb 1869 at the Dill House in Frederick Town, high bidder was: - David C. WINEBRENNER for 70 acres at $43.50/acre After the sale, WINEBRENNER reported he was acting as an agent for Daniel SUNDAY who ill make payment in cash. Distribution of $3,045; court costs, $392.61 - William R. SANDERSON, mortgage, $2,022.05 - Sarah MILLER, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $63.03 - John W. MILLER, 1/6 or $94.58 - Josiah N. MILLER, 1/6 or $94.58 - Sarah E. BOWERS, 1/6 or $94.58 - Daniel V. MILLER, 1/6 or $94.58 - Matilda C. PALMER, 1/6 or $94.58 - George MILLER's children, each 1/5 of 1/6, $18.91 Closed 8 May 1869.
John W. DIEHL & Others vs William H. RENNER & Others George PFOUTZ d/ Jan 1868, intestate widow - Catharine d/ Hannah PFOUTZ w/o John W. DIEHL d/ Sarah E. PFOUTZ w/o Daniel R. SAYLOR - Carroll County d/ Elizabeth PFOUTZ w/o William H. RENNER d/ Annie E. PFOUTZ d/ Martha PFOUTZ, a minor (under age 21) d/ Ida PFOUTZ, a minor (under age 21) Land - "Resurvey on Hunting Lot", 119+ acres; from John PFOUTZ & w/ Esther in 1840. - "Resurvey on Spring Garden", 3 acres; from Harry BOOKER & w/ Elizabeth in 1849. - "Resurvey on Hunting Lot", 2 acres; from Jared STONESIFER & w/ Mary in 1857. - "Long Ridge" (previously part of "Resurvey on Hunting Lot"), 112 perches; from William DIEHL & w/ Mary in 1858 (which he inherited from his father John DIEHL in 1827). - "Resurvey on Hunting Lot", 2 acres; from Upton R. WALTZ & w/ Rachael in 1859 (previously from Elizabeth WALTZ and others in 1854). - "Resurvey on Hunting Lot", 8 1/2 acres, with water rights to Stonesifer; from Jared STONESIFER & w/ Mary in 1860. Located on road from Johnsville to Middleburg. (Also signed by Catharine GARBER) - "Resurvey on Hunting Lot", 14 1/2 acres; Solomon STRASBERGER & w/ Nancy in 1860; with water access rights to adjoining neighbors. Adjoins land of Ms E. BIDDINGER, John GRIFFIN and Harriet GRIFFIN. - "Long Ridge", 137 acres ; from John W. DIEHL, trustee of Circuit Court Case of John W. DIEHL & w/ Susanna vs Edmond KEHU & w/ Anna, in 1861. Adjoins tracts, Pleasant Valley" and "I'll Try for It" and land of Mary C. FINIS. - "Resurvey on Hunting Lot", 1 acre, and granting water rights; from Solomon BIDDINGER & w/ Elizabeth in 1864 (Previously to Elizabeth BIDDINGER by Solomon STRASBERGER & wife in 1859). Totals 260+ acres. On 28 May 1868, Samuel PFOUTZ testified the widow, Catharine PFOUTZ, was about 48 years old and general health was not good. Guardian was Walker Y. PAGE. Testimony was heard from Daniel ROOP of Carroll County, Christian N. GARBER and Peter SMITH. Trustee was John W. DIEHL; sale was held on 28 Nov 1868 on the premises, high bidders were: - Jared STONESIFER for the home farm of 148 acres, in Johnsville, adjoining lands of Abraham GARBER, Jacob BOOKER and David STONER, about 1 1/2 miles from Johnsville on Johnsville-Middleburg road; at $71/acre. Improvements of a fine double 2-story brick home, covered with slate, with cellar underneath the whole house, a large Switzer barn, an elegant wagon shed, two spring houses, meat house, etc. There is a fine orchard of different varieties, grape vines of different varieties, 10-11 fields with several fine springs of pure water and has 30 acres in timber, being white oak, black oak and hickory. - Peter SMITH for 118+ acre farm, formerly owned by William DIEHL in Beaver Dam Valley, Johnsville district, about 1 1/2 miles from home place, adjoining lands of Michael BALDNER and Christian N. GARBER, at $45.73/acre. Improvements of a new 2-story brick house (built in summer of 1867) with cellar under the whole house and covered with a slate roof with a never-failing spring of pure water near the door; an 80x40 large Switzer barn, has eight fields with running water in four of them. It has an old orchard and a new one and has 25 acres in fine timber. Both properties lay about two miles from the Western Maryland Railroad and near churches and schools. Sold free of widow's dower. Gross sales, $15,941.82. 1st Distribution of $6,515.32; court costs, $482.72 - Catharine PFOUTZ, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $813.16 - each child's 1/6 share, $868.26 Closed 8 May 1869.
Benjamin P. CRAMPTON vs Martha V. CRAMPTON & Others Benjamin PHILPOT d/ 18 Nov 1868 (Will written 31 Oct 1868) sis/ Martha V. CRAMPTON ($4,000) nephew/ Benjamin P. CRAMPTON sis/ Sarah Ann HAMILTON - Ohio ($3,000) - Emily Jane Florence BROOKS (coloured) - $125 - John Thomas BROOKS (coloured) - $100 (to be retained by the executor for their education) Exec/ nephew, Benjamin P. CRAMPTON Witnesses: George SHAFER, Jonathan A. WARNER, H. Clay GITTINGER Land - 172 acres; to Benjamin P. CRAMPTON and Benjamin PHILPOTT from Oscar P. CRAMPTON and Thomas A. CRAMPTON, trustees of Estate of Thomas CRAMPTON, in 1856. Trustee was Benjamin P. CRAMPTON. Sale was held 6 Mar 1869, high bidder was: - Otho F. HARLEY for 158 acres at $14,128.75 Distribution: court costs, $597.81 - Oscar P. CRAMPTON & Thomas R. CRAMPTON, as trustees, balance due with interest, $3,660.97 - Benjamin P. CRAMPTOM, as partner, $4,934.98 - Benjamin P. CRAMPTON, as exec, $4,934.98 Closed 8 Jun 1869.
723-732 - MARKELL, McCLEARY, FOX, STOUFFER - Mar 1869
Perry B. McCLEARY, cashier of Frederick County National Bank on mortgagee Jacob MARKELL Jacob MARKELL, dec'd (Will written 15 Nov 1862) s/ Frederick MARKELL, his sons .....Charles F. MARKELL .....William M. MARKELL (House & Lot on Patrick St to grandsons, where Frederick then lived and kept a store; to sell when youngest grandson becomes of age 21) d/ Sophia MARKELL w/o George MARKELL Exec/ George MARKELL (son-in-law) Witnesses: Samuel TYLER, Charles J. LEWIS, A. B. McCAFFERY Report of Sales Land - "Birmingham", House & Lot #33 (1/2) on south side of Patrick St in Frederick city between Market St and Brewer's Alley; from Evan T. ELLICOTT, exec/of Bolton JACKSON. - "Birmingham", Lot #33 (1/2) on south side of Patrick St in Frederick city; from William M. MERRICK as trustee of Isaac N. CARTER vs Rebecca HUNTER & Others Equity Case in 1853); previously from Joseph CHAPLINE & wife to James S. LANE & Benjamin RUTHERFORD in 1816. Included a 3-story brick house and 2-story back buildings with a large brick stable and carriage house, all covered with tin; lot measures 35x375 feet. Adjoined on the west by Dr. Fairfax SCHLEY and on the east by George F. WEBSTER, Esquire. Indebted to the bank by Jacob MARKELL, his surety was George MARKELL. Sale was held on 6 March 1869 at the city Hotel in Frederick city with Perry B. McCLEARY as trustee (and cashier of bank); high bidder was: - Charles H. O. Fox at $9,820; sold subject to lease of D & D V STOUFFER. Distribution: court costs, $468.30 - Frederick County National Bank, $5,567.79 - Charles F. MARKELL, 1/2, $2,783.89 - William M. MARKELL, 1/2, $2,783.89 Closed 8 May 1869. ================== The End of CM-1 ==================

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