Frederick Co, MD - Equity BGF-3

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity BGF-3

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber BGF-3; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Equity BGF-3
Negroes, AIREY, RUTH and FANNY vs Sebastian RAMSBURG & Others - to Establish their Freedom and/or Prevention of their Sale William LUCKETT, dec'd (Will written 1 Oct 1817) - Samuel LUCKETT & w/ Rebecca - Nelson LUCKETT - Lloyd LUCKETT & w/ Henrietta S. - Clarissa Harlon LUCKETT (101 acres beginning at tract "John and Sarah") - Serena LUCKETT (161 acres beginning at tract "John and Sarah") ==== Serena LUCKETT d/ Apr 1858 (Will written 4 Mar 1856) nephew/ Mount Joy B. LUCKETT ($200) niece/ Lucinda LUCKETT - Montgomery County niece/ Mary Brengle LUCKETT - Montgomery County niece/ Caroline LUCKETT (died before Serena) niece/ Ann Elizabeth LUCKETT (now insane & in Maryland Hospital in Baltimore) (guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY) SLAVES - negro DAVID/DAVY (reserved money for his support) - RUTH (then 18) and her 'increase' to be freed upon decedent's death. - FANNY (then 21) and her 'increase' to be freed upon decedent's death. - AIREY and her 'increase' to be freed upon decedent's death. - servant CHARLES (then age 15) to be free at age 21; - and GEORGE (then age 7) to remain with his mother until he is 16, then hired out until age 21, then to be freed. Balance of estate, except the servents, to be divided equally among the four nieces. Exec/ Mount Joy B. LUCKETT (he died before taking duties in 1857-1858); whereby Sebastian REMSBURG was made administrator. Witnesses: Sebastian REMSBURG, Jacob GROVE, W. H. GROVE Letters of Administration issued 14 July 1857 to Sebastian REMSBURG with sureties George GROSS and George W. CRUM. Land - "Second Resurvey on Lucketts Merry Midnight", (a portion) 320 acres; from Samuel LUCKETT, Nelson LUCKETT and Lloyd LUCKETT to Clarissa Harlon LUCKETT and Serena LUCKETT in 1821. (Witnessed by William R. KING and P. McGILL Jr. - JS-14, 110) Land is located in Jefferson District, three miles south of Jefferson, near the 29th Lock on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. It lies on the public road from the Catoctin Switch on the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road. Portions were sold to Henry GROSS and William LAKIN, leaving about 180 acres, Serena's portion is undivided. Improvements consist of a comfortable dwelling house, dairy, granaries, negro quarters and other out buildings, 1/3 in timber. It lies about a mile North of the Catoctin Depot on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road, adjoining lands of Charles GROSS, Dr. G. W. CRUM, George P. RAMSBURG and is accessible to churches, schools, mills and markets. (Act of 1831, Ch 281 - Conditions for Freedom of Slaves in a Will; one provision is that the decedent's estate must cover debts.) Testimony was heard from Sebastian REMSBURG who also was appointed trustee with sureties as George W. CRUm and Jacob REMSBURG. Sale was held on 2 May 1861; Clarissa LUCKETT appointed George W. CRUM as her agent and agreed her undivided portion should be sold at the same time, total was 171 acres. High bidder was: - Thomas J. McGILL at $6,788.27, subject to grains growing and due to Lewis RHODERICK and William RHANAHAN. Distribution of $3,394.13; court costs $217.43 - multiple creditors, $2,497.46 - A. P. KESSLER, Register of Wills, tax, $16.98 - Eleanor H. LUCKETT, executrix and devisee of M. B. LUCKETT, dec'd, his legacy with interest, $230.10 - Lucinda LUCKETT, 1/3, $144.05 - Mary B. LUCKETT, 1/3, $144.05 - Ann E. LUCKETT, 1/3, $144.05 Closed 14 Aug 1861.
William S. HERSPERGER, et al vs Henry C. HERSPERGER, et al Henry HERSPERGER d/ 10 Jan 1859, intestate widow - Julia Ann (age 63) s/ Henry C. HERSPERGER - Kentucky s/ Tilghman T. HERSPERGER - California d/ Mary C. w/o George KNODE - Indiana d/ Malinda S. w/o James SMITH - Kentucky d/ Sarah E. w/o William WALLACE - Texas s/ Oliver H. HERSPERGER d/ c1855 in Texas .....Scott HERSPERGER - Texas .....Clay HERSPERGER - Texas s/ William S. HERSPERGER d/ Harriet wid/o Abraham WILLIARD d/ Elizabeth S. (d/ Jul 1860) ...w/o William Levi S. BARRICK .....Charles C. BARRICK .....Ada Florence BARRICK .....Susan M. BARRICK s/ Aaron B. HERSPERGER d/ Julia Ann HERSPERGER d/ Amanda H. HERSPERGER Land - 94 acres, in Jefferson District, on the east side of Catoctin Creek, 2 1/2 miles from the village of Jefferson and 4 miles from Middletown; adjoining lands of Benjamin ROUTZAHN, Joseph SHAFFER and Levin RICE. - 177 acres, in Middletown District Guardian for the Barrick children was John DARE. Testimony was heard from Mrs. Julia Ann HERSPERGER, John DARE and Jesse M. LITTLE. The widow's dower was laid off seperate. Trustee was William S. HERSPERGER with sureties as John DARE and Henry H. BISER. Sale was held on 10 Apr 1861, high bidder was: - Daniel BEACHLEY for 94 acres at $3,478.94 Distribution: court costs, $273.61 - each 1/12 share, $267.11 The deceased children's share was divided evenly amongst their children. Closed 14 Sep 1861.
Peter ILER, et al vs Margaret ILER, et al Jacob ILER d/ Dec 1859, intestate widow - Margaret s/ Conrad ILER - Tiffin, Seneca Co, Ohio s/ Jacob ILER s/ Peter ILER - Worster, Wayne Co, Ohio d/ Mary ILER d/ Barbara w/o David FEITZ s/ John ILER - Illinois s/ William ILER Land - "Resurvey on Good Neighborhood", 47 acres. Inherited from his father, Conrad ILER Sr. by Will filed 3 Aug 1816; land previously conveyed to Conrad from Balser FOX (w/ Elizabeth) in 1797. Adjoined tract "Fatt Mutton Enlarged" (resurveyed for Henry FOGLE in 1802 and granted to him in 1812 for 234 acres) and "Addition to Arnolds Integrity" (conveyed by Arnold HARDY to Noah PHILLIPS for 24 acres in 1811). Located 2 1/2 miles NE of Woodsborough, adjoining lands of Col. Noah PHILLIPS, William HAUK and Peter ILER Sr. There were two 1 1/2 story log houses, barn and other buildings. Jacob ILER petitioned for insolvency in 1862 with John A. HARLAN as his trustee. Conrad ILER petitioned for insolvency in 1845 with John SMITH of M. as his trustee (it was later determined this Conrad ILER was the s/o John ILER, not this Jacob ILER). William ILER filed for insolvency in 1854; his trustee was David FEITZ (w/ Barbara). Testimony from widow was witnessed by John DIFFENDAL; testimony was heard from John SMITH of M. stating the widow was age 75-80 and her health was fair for her age (dated 18 Jan 1861). Testimony at the hearing was heard from John SMITH of M. who stated John A. HARLAN is now deceased. Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER with Edward SHRIVER and William T. PRESTON as sureties. Sale was held 4 May 1861 at the hotel of Moses ANDERS in Woodsboro by auctioneer George W. SHANK; high bidder was: - David E. FOGLE at $706 Jacob ILER asked the sale be set aside as he claimed his out-of-state brother Conrad was chosen as their agent to sell the property and it had been sold to the claimant's wife. Exception was overruled. Distribution of $706; court costs, $162.62 - Margaret ILER, widow, 1/10 in lieu of dower, $54.34 - each 1/7 share to the children, $69.86 Closed 21 May 1862.
Central Bank & Others vs Sampson KINNA & Others 3rd Report of Sales for farm (except the mill) of James KINNA by trustee, Richard H. MARSHALL on 17 Dec 1858, to: - David KAILOR for 100 acres of farm at $55/acre No bid for remainder of farm, but private sale made to: - George W. SUMMERS for 180 acres at $55/acre - Michael STEIN for mountain lot, "The Hickory Lots", 17 acres, at $40/acre Previously, a lot on "Carrolls Manor" was sold to John BISER at $310; however, he has not complied. A resale was ordered and after the second attempt, it was sold to: - Robert BOONE at $330 Distribution of $29,636.98 - multiple claims paid at 78% Closed 20 Sep 1861.
Charles E. TRAIL vs Perigrine FITZHUGH, et al - Petition for Foreclosure Peregrine FITZHUGH (w/ Sarah Margaret) owned property with his mother, Sophia FITZHUGH as his surety; and was indebted to Charles E. TRAIL for $7,500. There were numerous mortgages from multiple banks. Land - 'Catoctin Iron Works', 7,000 acres; except lot for Protestant Episcopal Church and 200 acre farm claimed by William STOKES; adjoining land of Jacob M. KUNKEL who was a partner of Fitzhugh & Kunkel. Trustees for sale were John B. KUNKEL and William J. ROSS; sale was held 15 Dec 1858, high bidder was: - John KUNKEL at $51,000 Petition filed by Sarah Margaret FITZHUGH by her next friend, John P. POE, to prevent her loss on some of the mortgages. Distribution of $51,000 - multiple mortgages paid, $22,252.21 - Jacob M. KUNKEL, as partner, 1/2, $13,356.25 - Sophia FITZHUGH, for note, $589 and $587.75 - Sarah Margaret FITZHUGH, for note, $1,345.45 and $706 - Sophia FITZHUGH, 73% of mortgage, $5,155.14 - Sarah Margaret FITZHUGH, 73% of mortgage, $3,953.91 On 19 Nov 1860, it was ordered that Sophia FITZHUGH was to be paid $1,000 by Jacob M. KUNKEL, John B. KUNKEL and Philip B. KUNKEL.
Christian NEIGHOFF, John BETSON & wives vs Baltzer NEIGHOFF & wife Petition for Sale of Real Estate of Stephen RAMSBURG Christian RAMSBURG, dec'd s/ Stephen RAMSBURG, dec'd .....Stephen RAMSBURG* d/ Feb 1861, intestate, unmarried & w/out issue .....Susan RAMSBURG d/ unmarried and w/out issue .....Rebecca RAMSBURG d/ unmarried and w/out issue d/ Catharine, dec'd w/o Daniel NEIGHOFF .....Frederick NEIGHOFF, dec'd .....Christian NEIGHOFF & w/ Susanna .....Susanna (NEIGHOFF) w/o John BETSON .....Baltzer NEIGHOFF & w/ Maria - Freedom Twp, Carroll Co, Illinois Land - "Mortality" (part of "Taskers Chance"), 7 acres; from Ezra HOUCK, P. Light WILSON and John W. CHARLTON, trustees, in 1859; adjoining lands of Jeremiah CRONISE/CRAUSE/CRAME(?) and William WHITE. Property was located 2 1/2 miles north of Frederick on the Emmittsburg Turnpike and had a new 2-story brick house with back building and bake oven, smoke house and pantry attached, a capacious stable, carriage house and corn house under one roof, a milk house and a well of excellent water near the kitchen door, fruit trees and good fencing. It had limestone land with three acres set in timber. A church and school house adjoined the premises. Trustee was Joseph G. MILLER with sureties as David E. MILLER and David C. WINEBRENNER. Sale was held on 2 Nov 1861 at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidder was: - Isaac CRONISE at $3,380 Distribution; court costs, $208.91 - A. P. KESSLER, Register of State Tax, $79.28 - Christian NEIGHOFF, 1/3 or $1,030.60 - Susanna BETSON, 1/3 or $1,030.60 - Baltzer NEIGHOFF, 1/3 or $1,030.60 Closed 29 Mar 1862.
Robert BOONE & James M. COALE vs Benedict BOONE, et al Harriet BOONE d/ 1861, intestate bro/ Robert BOONE sis/ Marcellina L. BOONE bro/ Benedict BOONE sis/ Caroline J. (BOONE) wid/o Richard CROMWELL - St Louis, Missouri sis/ Mary C. BOONE - St Louis, Missouri sis/ Margaret Ann BOONE, dec'd; (no living children) ...1st h/ Benedict JAMISON, dec'd ...2nd h/ Tobias BELT, dec'd Administrator was Jemingham BOONE. One of the creditors was Dr. Robert BOONE. Land - Lot #108 & House on Second St in Frederick Town; from Asbury H. HUNT & w/ Ann Sophia in 1853. It adjoined property of James BRUNNER on the east and the brick house of the estate of Jacob WIEST on the west. (Previously by Susanna WIEST and Frederick A. WIEST, exec/of Jacob WIEST in 1850.) Property had a 2-story brick house and good stable. Trustee was James McSHERRY; on 19 Oct 1861, sale was held on the premises, high bidder was: - Robert BOONE at $1,730 Distribution: court costs, $133.07 - Tax, $6.97 and 6.95 - Robert BOONE, assignee of J. M. COALE, partial payment of judgment, $1,583.81 Closed 21 Dec 1861.
John KINZER, et al vs Thomas M. O. STONER, et al John KINZER and Augustus STONER, exec/of Denton HAMMOND of G. d/ 1851 (Will written 6 June 1850) widow - Rebecca and their only child, d/ Susanna Anne (d/ Sep 1852), w/o Augustus STONER .....Thomas M. O. STONER, a minor .....Denton H. STONER, a minor .....Dallas O. STONER, a minor Witnesses: John WOLFE, John S. REPP, Hanson T. WEBB Land - "Resurvey on Spring Garden", Lot #3, 82 acres; near village of Johnsville; part of Francis SIMPSON's tract "Wingfields Delight" which contained 362 acres and was divided among his four daughters: - Aire SIMPSON, Thompsey HAMMOND*, Nancy GAITHER and Sarah SIMPSON (See Anne Arundel County Wills). - 2/10 of 2-9 share from George R. FOX & w/ Mary Ann Elizabeth of Belmont Co, Ohio in 1847; - 7/10 of 2/9 share from: George W. HAMMOND, Eliza E. HAMMOND, Rachel G. R. HAMMOND, Cornelius BOND & w/ Topsey BOND, John L. EBBERLY & w/ Mary Ann, Thomas J. HAMMOND and Caroline A. HAMMOND in 1848. - 1/10 of 2/9 & 7/9 share from Allen C. HAMMOND & w/ Sarah E. of Berkeley Co, VA (now WV) in 1861. - 1/10 of 2/9 share from Lawson L. HAMMOND & w/ Harriett of Ohio Co, VA (now WV?) in 1847. - "Resurvey on Spring Garden", 19 acres, with water rights, on the west side of road from Liberty Town to Johnsville; from John L. EBERLY & w/ Ann in 1849 (previously to EBERLY from Richard SIMPSON (w/ Joanna) and to him from Nancy SIMPSON). 2nd & Final Accounting of George SMITH, adm/of Denton HAMMOND of G. Monies Received from sale of real estate of - Grafton HAMMOND, $3,057.90 From this were payments to: - Resister for Collateral tax, $71.65 - Elizabeth R. HAMMOND, $399.22 - M.E.A.R. HAMMOND, $175.75 - Ormand W. HAMMOND (to his guardian George SMITH), $399.22 - Mary A. HAMMOND (to her guardian George SMITH), $399.22 - Oliver B. HAMMOND (to his guardian George SMITH), $399.22 - Annie W. HAMMOND (to her guardian George SMITH), $399.22 - Grafton B. HAMMOND (to his guardian George SMITH), $399.22 - Eugene HAMMOND(to his guardian George SMITH), $399.22 - Misc Admin fees, $8.41 Guardian was William STOKES; testimony was heard from Cornelius BOND, Rebecca ECKER, John HYDE, Daniel SWEADNER, James H. WILLIAMS, Jacob EBERLY, Reuben SIDWELL, James McDERMOTT, Howard HARDSOCK and Dr. Thomas SINN. Trustee was John KINZER with sureties as John WOLFE and Augustus STONER. Sale was held on 9 Nov 1861, on the premises near the town of Johnsville; high bidder was: - Augustus STONER at $4,912.50 On 15 Nov 1861, Rebecca HAMMOND declared Augustus STONER was 45 years old and his general health was good. Distribution: $4,912.50; court costs, $297.27 - Augustus STONER, claims paid by him for decedent, $2,398 Remainder for Distribution: $2,217.23 - Augustus STONER, curtesy share, $415.73 - Thomas M. O. STONER, $600.50 - Denton H. STONER, $600.50 - Dallas O. STONER, $600.50 Closed 16 Jan 1862.
240-267 - OGLE, THOMAS, DEVILBISS - Mar 1861
Catharine M. OGLE vs Jane E. OGLE, et al John OGLE d/ May 1859, intestate d/ Catharine M. OGLE d/ Jane C. OGLE d/ Anna S. OGLE s/ John Oliver OGLE & w/ Matilda A. - Missouri Land - "Case of Necessity", 20 acres; from Samuel DEVILBISS & w/ Mary in 1833; adjoins land of Frederick BALSER. (witnessed by M. BALTZELL and John McDONALD) - "Case of Necessity", 1 acre; from Samuel DEVILBISS (of John) & w/ Mary in 1846; adjoined land of David BOYD and on the public road. (Witnessed by William OTT and Thomas PICKING) - "Monocacy Manor", 125 acres; from Nicholas RANDALL, exec/of Nicholas RANDALL, in 1821. (Previously to RANDALL from William CAMPBELL in 1814) Property lies on the Monocacy. RANDALL previously had sold a section to Philemon CROMWELL in 1814. - "Water, Wood and a Stone", 6 acres; from Lewis W. P. BALCH, trustee of John HEFFNER, dec'd, in 1830. (Witnessed by David O. THOMAS and J. M. HARDING, Justice of the Peace. Property totaled 152 acres in all and had a blacksmith shop, stable and log house. Testimony was heard from David O. THOMAS. John Oliver OGLE sold his share to his sisters in 1859. The sisters lived together in the house and the sister Anne had not wanted to sell and asked the land be equally divided. The house farm was resurveyed and called "The Three Sisters" and consisted of 130 acres: - Lot #1, 55 acres, to Ann S. OGLE (valued at $3,144), on Monocacy - Lot #2, 25 acres, to Catharine M. OGLE (valued at $4,000), adjoins New Dublin - Lot #3, 50 acres, to Jane C. OGLE (valued at $3,233) Catharine was to pay the other two sisters the difference in the value. The mountain land on "Case of Necessity" was also divided into three lots: - Lot #1, 6 acres, to Ann S. OGLE - Lot #2, 6 acres, to Catharine S. OGLE - Lot #3, 7 acres, to Jane E. OGLE Lands were divided by Arbitrary Commission of Henry R. HARRIS, Adam DIEHL and Christian WINEBRENNER; surveyor was William H. HILLEARY. Closed 26 Oct 1861.
268-283 - MORT, MARSH, BIRELY, FOGLE, BARRICK - Aug 1860
Samuel BIRELY vs Mary MORT, et al Baltzer MORT d/ fall of 1859, intestate widow - Mary s/ William MORT, a minor s/ Franklin MORT, a minor d/ Sophia B. MORT, a minor d/ Margaret J. E. MORT, a minor Land - "Linked Together", 2 1/2 acres; from William H. BOWMAN in 1856. Mortgage in 1856 by Baltzer MORT & w/ Mary to Samuel BIRELY. Guardian was Mason R. MARSH. Testimony was heard from John W. BARRACK, who had known Samuel BIRELY and Mary MORT for more than 20 years. Trustee was John W. BARRACK/BARRICK with sureties as Daniel J. BARRICK and Isaac STAUB. Sale was held 15 Dec 1860 on the premises; high bidder was: - Joseph FOGLE at $297 Distribution: court costs, $93.31 Balance paid to various creditors at 32%. Closed 17 Jan 1862.
William HULL, guardian vs Emma T. HULL, et al Alfred HULL d/ 1859, intestate widow - Margaret A. (then age abt 30) d/ Emma F. HULL, a minor s/ Ida J. HULL, a minor d/ Margaret E. HULL, a minor On 19 Jul 1860, William HULL was guardian of the children of Alfred HULL, dec'd. Land - "Town Trace" and "The Third Addition to Resurvey on Fountain Low", 20 acres; from Jacob G. FOX & w/ Sarah in 1858. (Previously to FOX from Alfred HOLL and Justius C. HOLL, exec/of David HOLL in 1858.) Guardian appointed was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Michael ZIMMERMAN. Widow released her dower, witnessed by Eli OTTO, Justice of the Peace. Commission to value the property was: John W. STAUB, Charles STEVENS and J. H. STONESIFER. Trustee was David KOONTZ/KOONS with sureties as Charles STEVENS and G. W. BARRICK; sale was held 16 Mar 1861, high bidder was: - Michael L. BECKENBAUGH at $224.96 Distribution: court costs, $98.80 - Margaret A. HULL, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15, $29.99 - each of the three children received 1/3, $32.05 Closed 4 Mar 1862.
295-315 - CRAMER, BUCKEY, TROUT, BARRICK - Nov 1858
Henry D. CRAMER, et al vs Susan CRAMER, administrator Samuel CRAMER d/ May 1858, intestate widow - Susan and 8 minor children, s/ Edward CRAMER s/ Charles CRAMER d/ Louisa E. CRAMER s/ George H. CRAMER s/ Ezra D. CRAMER s/ John William CRAMER s/ Noah Philip CRAMER d/ Emma Barbara CRAMER Administrator was Susan CRAMER with sureties as Noah CRAMER and Henry D. CRAMER. Land - "Wolfe Delight" and "Resurvey on Wolfe Delight", 196 acres; - from Josiah S. THOMAS & w/ Susan R. in 1849 (120 acres) (witnessed by A. DELASHMUTT and John WISE) (to the Thomas' from Jesse LANDIS & w/ Juliet H. in 1849); - from Richard T. HAMMOND & w/ Mary Agnes in 1851; (witnessed by Brooke BAKER and F. SHAW) (to Hammond from Ezra CRAMER for 134 acres in 1849) - from Christian BARRICK in 1853; (tract originally known as parts of "Spring Plain" and "Josephs Friendship"). Contained 28 acres; also 8 acre lot on north side of road from Woodsboro to Creagerstown, "Groves Purchase" (being part of "Resurvey on Josephs Friendship"). Has good quality limestone and red land with 2-story brick house and two-story attached kitchen and fine spring with dairy, brick smoke house, large Switzer barn, corn crib, wagon shed and other buildings. Exceptions are parts sold to John TROUT (67 acres) and to Christian BARRICK. Located on road from Creagerstown to Woodsboro and north of the school house on the ridge. Guardian was Mason R. MARSH; testimony was heard from George William BUCKEY, the brother of Susan CRAMER, the widow. Trustee was George W. BUCKEY with sureties as Ephraim CREAGER and Joseph CRAMER. Sale was held 5 March 1859 on the premises, high bidder was: - Susan CRAMER at $7,056 Distribution of $8,225.52; court costs, $407.33 - Susan CRAMER, for claims, $3,330.51 - Susan CRAMER, overpayment of claim, $128.62 - Ann S. BARRICK, guardian of F. C. BARRICK, $939.67 - Susan C. BARRICK, balance due, $508.91 - each child's 1/8 share, $363.56 Closed 11 March 1862.
Joseph HAYS vs Ann MUNSON et al John ARMSTRONG was indebted to Samuel LONDON. London reassigned the notes to Joseph HAYS. John ARMSTRONG d/ June 1843, intestate widow - Isabella (living in Virginia) s/ Samuel ARMSTRONG d/ before Apr 1858 ....(daughter) ARMSTRONG, dec'd, no issue s/ William ARMSTRONG d/ before Apr 1858, no issue s/ James ARMSTRONG d/ after Apr 1858 - Kentucky?? .....(child) ARMSTRONG .....(child) ARMSTRONG s/ Robert ARMSTRONG (no contact for more than 20 years) d/ Elizabeth w/o Thomas HAYS, both dec'd .....Deborah (HAYS) w/o Darius THOMAS - Out of State .....William HAYS - Out of State .....Samuel E. HAYS - Out of State .....Joseph HAYS .....James Thomas HAYS d/ Ann wid/o John MANSON/MUNSON - Indiana d/ Jane wid/o Samuel HERD/HEARD - Pennsylvania d/ Mary w/o Dr. James MENOSON(?) - Virginia Land - Lot #7 in "Shields Addition to Emmittsburg"; from Samuel LONDEN of Adams Co, PA in 1838. Fronting Main St, bounded on the east by Madam Catharine EYSTER's Lot and on west by lot of Joseph CUNNINGHAM and on north by an alley. It has a 1-story brick house with a log back building and a new 1-story log shop. It adjoins the foundry property. Testimony was heard from David GAMBLE. James T. HAYS was appointed as trustee with sureties as Jacob MOTTER and Andrew ANNAN. On 25 Jun 1859, sale was held at the hotel of Daniel WILES in Emmittsburg; high bidder was: - Joseph HAYS at $350 Distribution: court costs, $84.19 - Joseph HAYS, part payment of mortgage claim, $265.81 Closed 22 March 1862.
William C. LANDERS - On Petition Deed of Trust for creditors of Dennis McNULTY was issued to William C. LANDERS, who sold part of real estate to B. O. DONNELL at $1,550. A mountain lot was sold to Daniel ADELSPERGER at $42.75. Personal estate was sold fpr $377.53. Distribution of $1,997.23; court costs, $268.94 Balance paid to multiple creditors at 75% of claims. Closed 27 March 1862.
John A. SIMMONS, et al vs Catharine POOLE, et al John A. SIMMONS and Simon C. SIMMONS filed petition as sureties and creditors against Estate of William POOLE d/ Spring 1855, intestate widow - Catharine d/ Ann w/o Stephen J. KLINE s/ Hanson POOLE s/ John POOLE d/ Lucretia w/o George HAWES/HAUER s/ William POOLE, a minor Administrator was John A. SIMMONS. John POOLE has filed for insolvency with Alexander LOWE as his trustee. Land - "Long Acre", lot in Frederick Town in section known as Bentz Town on the north side of Patrick Street. Guardian was William MAHONEY. Testimony was heard from Godfrey KOONTZ for the bank, William MAHONEY and John POOLE. Trustee was John A. SIMMONS with surety as Lewis BRUNNER. Sale was held 26 July 1856 on the premises; high bidder was: - Lewis Henry MAIN for 50 feet frontage to 50 feet back of lot at $405 Distribution of $405; court costs, $35.59 - John A. SIMMONS, for claim, $135.45 - John A. SIMMONS ^ S. C. SIMMONS, as sureties on mortgage claims, $233.66 Closed 26 Sep 1856.
William McKISSICK, et al vs Nathaniel SEISS, et al Elizabeth McKISSICK d/ intestate wid/o William McKISSICK s/ William McKISSICK & w/ Eliza d/ Julia w/o Hiram STEIN d/ Mary Ann McKISSICK d/ Rebecca w/o Nathaniel SEISS Land - "The Remainder", 110 acres, from John EYLER (w/ Rebecca) in 1828; located on Owings Creek and north of a sawmill. Divided into three lots, Lot 1 being on Mechanickstown Road, said to be on South Mountain. Trustee was John B. PICKING with sureties as William C. LANDERS and Joseph F. LIVERS. Sale was held on 29 Oct 1859 at Franklin Mills; high bidders were: - Mary Ann McKISSICK for Lot #1, 42 acres, at $322.27 - George A. SEABROOK for Lot #2, 51 acres, at $107.28 - John A. MARTIN for Lot #3, 46 acres, at $99.15 Total sales, $528.70. Distribution: court costs, $112.53 Balance was paid in claims against the estate. Closed 1 May 1862.
Cornelius WOLFE vs Catharine BRUNNER William BRUNNER d/ 1858, intestate widow - Catharine d/ Louisa Catharine BRUNNER, a minor Administrator was the widow with sureties as Jacob LEATHERMAN and George SUMMERS. The widow's release of dower was witnessed by Daniel LEATHERMAN. On 2 Apr 1860, Jacob LEATHERMAN of G. testified that the widow, Catharine BRUNNER was about 26 years of age and her health was good. Land - 4 acres near Wolfsville which included an unfinished 1 1/2 story brick house, property desirable for a shoemaker or tailor. Guardian was Catharine M. BRUNER/BOWER (written both ways in same document). Testimony was heard from Samuel WOLFE. Trustee was Jonathan D. ENGLISH with sureties as Jacob LEATHERMAN of G. and Frederick LEATHERMAN. A sale was held at the store of H. H. MULLER on 14 Jul 1860 and sold to Catharine M. BRUNER who was not able to comply with the terms. A resale eventually was made at private sale to: - John L. GILBERT at $275 Distribution: court costs, $121.39 - Cornelius WOLFE, part of claim, $153.61 Closed 1 May 1862.
Lucinda A. OTT & Others vs Phoebe ANDERS & Others John OTTO d/ Feb 1860, intestate (wife died before him) d/ Lucinda Ann OTTO d/ Lucretia OTTO w/o Henry WORKING s/ Charlton F. OTTO d/ Sarah E. OTTO w/o Lewis SMITH s/ Peter OTTO - Carroll County d/ Mary E. OTTO, dec'd w/o Paul ANDERS .....Margaret ANDERS w/o John M. ANDERS .....Sarah A. ANDERS w/o John HAUGH .....Lucinda A. ANDERS w/o George J. WELLER .....Phoebe ANDERS, a minor - Virginia .....Florentine B. ANDERS, a minor .....Serepta J. ANDERS, a minor, later w/o Adam BIRELY .....John A. ANDERS, a minor - Virginia s/ Samuel F. OTTO, dec'd .....Alice OTTO, a minor - Carroll County .....Thomas OTTO, a minor - Carroll County .....Ellen OTTO, a minor - Carroll County Land - "Long Snake", "Resurvey on Welsh Cabbin" and "Resurvey on This or None", 53 acres, in Woodsborough District, on road from Ladiesburg to Double Pipe Creek. It had a 1 1/2 story log house with a stone attachment, a frame barn and log stable, a well near the house and fruit trees. Deed mentions a deed from John OTTO to Eli OTTO in 1821. Property lies on edge of road from Millers Bridge to Haughs Church; adjoins land of Daniel GROSSNICKLE and Josiah EILER and Frederick BIRELY. Guardian was Robert E. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from John WARNER who had known the parties for 20 years; also testifying was John ALBAUGH. Trustee was Lucinda A. OTTO with sureties as Charlton F. OTTO and Samuel BIRELY. High bidder was: - Charlton F. OTTO at $1,400 Distribution of $933.34; court costs, $152.24 - Lucinda A. OTTO for overpayment of claims, $138.38 - each child's 1/7 share, $91.81 (deceased children's share was divided equally among their children) Closed 20 Jun 1862.
Ellen Elizabeth ROBERTS vs Sophia ROBERTS, et al Nelly ROBERTS d/ May 1849 (Will written 28 May 1849) s/ Alfred ROBERTS s/ Augustus ROBERTS s/ Henry ROBERTS .....Ellen Elizabeth ROBERTS .....Sophia ROBERTS, a minor - Baltimore city d/ Emeline (ROBERTS) .....Ellen Rebecca HALL, a minor .....Daniel Pane HALL, a minor - Baltimore city .....David Fountain THORNTON, a minor Exec/ William SAPPINGTON Witnesses: Abdiel UNKEFER, Richard GALLAHER, Francis S. UNKEFER Land - House & Lot #117 & 1/2 of Lot #118 in Liberty Town; from Joseph SEIGMAN. Guardian was Daniel COSTLY. Testimony was heard from Alfred ROBERTS. Trustee was William C. SAPPINGTON, Esquire, with sureties as Greenberry R. SAPPINGTON and Thomas SAPPINGTON. Trustee was unable to attend the sale, but auctioneer sold the property to Dennis ANTHONY, a colored man, at $240; however, he wasn't able to comply with the terms, because he had expected to use the money from a legacy to his wife from her former master, Dennis D. HOWARD. The legacy ended up being very little because of the former master's debts. Property was later sold at private sale to William BRIEN, a free colored man, at $220 After filing the Report of Sale on 7 Jun 1854, William C. SAPPINGTON died. New trustee was Greenbury R. SAPPINGTON with sureties as Sidney SAPPINGTON and Augustus A. SAPPINGTON. Distribution of $240; court costs, $86.41 - Ellen Elizabeth ROBERTS, 1/2 of 1/2, $38.39 - Sophia ROBERTS, 1/2 of 1/2, $38.39 - Ellen Rebecca HALL, 1/3 of 1/2, $25.60 - Daniel P. HALL, 1/3 of 1/2, $25.60 - David F. THORNTON, 1/3 of 1/2, $25.60 Closed 8 May 1862.
The Jefferson Circuit Benevolence Society of the Methodist Protestant Church vs Jesse T. BOYER & Others Peter BOYER d/ Jan 1861 (Will written 28 Dec 1858) widow - Mary s/ Jesse T. BOYER s/ John E. BOYER s/ Ezra BOYER s/ Henry BOYER d/ Mary C. BOYER w/o Daniel ARNOLD d/ Cordelia J. THOMAS Will stipulated that any negroes born during his lifetime were to be sold at private sale and proceeds divided among his children. Execs/ Jesse T. BOYER and Dewalt WILLIARD Witnesses: Charles E. THOMAS, John W. SPARROW, Perry G. THOMAS Land - "Quakers Folly", "Struggle", "Anchor & Hope" and "Resurvey on Anchor & Hope", 212 acres; from Thomas R. L. THRASHER in 1850. Located 3 miles NW of Jefferson on road from Perry G. RICE's Mill to Broad Run. It adjoined the lands of Eli P. HOUSE, Henry BISER, Levin RICE and P. G. RICE. It is watered by Catoctin Creek, has an abundance of timber and includes a 2-story weatherboarded house with back building attached, a log barn and stabling, corn house, milk house, smoke house and a large stone building used as a granary. It also has a well of pure water at the door and a thriving young orchard of choice fruit. Jesse BOYER was then living there and John DARE lived in Jefferson. Mortgage to John W. CHARLTON and P. Light WILSON. On 30 Dec 1861, Dr. G. W. CRUM(?) testified the widow was between 70-75 years old and her health was tolerable. Trustee was John W. CHARLTON, Charles GROSS and Richard CHILCOTE. Sale was held 5 Mar 1862, high bidder was: - Stephen R. BOWLUS for 193 acres at $7,758.60. It was later surveyed for 186 acres and sale amount became $7,486.50. Distribution: court costs, $387.59 - Jefferson Circuit Benevolent Society for their mortgage, $1,861.50 - Mary BOYER, 1/10 in lieu of dower, $525.74 - Jesse T. BOYER & Dewalt WILLIARD, execs, $4,713.67 Closed 22 May 1862. Note - Frederick County Marriage Licenses show Cordelia Jane BOYER to George E. THOMAS on 20 Oct 1857.
422-429 - SCHLEY, RAMSBURG - Dec 1861
George SCHLEY & wife, et al vs William Henry SCHLEY, et al Supplemental of BGF-1, 490 and BGF-2, 199 Estate of Frederick A. SCHLEY Trustees were George SCHLEY of Washington County and James M. SCHLEY. Land - "Springfield", 297 acres; lying NE of the Frederick and Mechanicstown Turnpike and west of the Creagerstown Road. Trustees were unable to sell the estate at public or private sale. James M. SCHLEY was willing to purchase the estate for $13,000. Other sales: - Lewis P. RAMSBURG for Lot #10, 15 acres, at $500.82; his sureties were Alexander RAMSBURG and Adam DIEHL. Distribution of $13,500.82; court costs, $467.60 - George SCHLEY, 1/4, $3,258.30 - James M. SCHLEY, 1/4, $3,258.30 - William Henry SCHLEY, 1/4, $3,258.30 - Buchanan SCHLEY, 1/4, $3,258.30 Closed 26 May 1862.
429-441 - HARLAND, ANDERS, DEVILBISS - Jan 1860
Moses ANDERS vs James W. HARLAN, Administrator John M. HARLAND, dec'd s/ James W. HARLAND d/ Nancy HARLAND, now dec'd, without issue s/ Joseph HARLAND - out of state d/ Mary HARLAND - out of state s/ J. G. Washington HARLAND d/ Ellen HARLAND w/o Moses ANDERS d/ Catharine HARLAND - out of state Land - House and Lot #47 in Woodsborough; with 2-story weatherboard house, adjoins Evangelical Lutheran Church and has a good kitchen and wagon maker shop attached and other necessary buildings, an excellent well and choice fruit. - also "The Worst", an 8 acre wood lot Trustee was Moses ANDERS (this stems from a decree of James W. HARLAN and Nancy HARLAN against David WAGNER). Sale was held 8 Apr 1854 on the premises; high bidder was: - Henry KEMP for the wood lot at $31/acre - Nancy HARLAND for house and lot at $750; however, she died in the early part of 1859, intestate, without paying off the total purchase; her administrator was J. G. Washington HARLAND. Moses ANDERS was trustee for the resale of the house and lot, with sureties as John TROUT and George SNYDER. On 2 Mar 1861, sale was held on the premises; high bidder was: - Wesley DEVILBISS for house & lot at $850 Distribution of $850; court costs, $136.10 - Moses ANDERS for claim, $278.45 - J. W. HARLAN for claim, $322.91 - A. P. KESSLER, for state tax, $2.81 - James W. HARLAN, 1/6, $18.28 - Joseph HARLAND, 1/6, $18.28 - Mary HARLAND, 1/6, $18.28 - J. G. Washington HARLAND, 1/6, $18.28 - Ellen ANDERS, 1/6, $18.28 - Catharine HARLAND , 1/6, $18.28 Closed 3 May 1862.
Henry A. PEDDICORD & w/ Mary E. vs Sarah M. MERCER, et al Henry D. MERCER d/ Feb 1857, intestate widow - Rachael B. MERCER d/ Feb 1859 d/ Mary E. w/o Henry A. PEDDICORD d/ Sarah M. MERCER, a minor d/ Emma L. MERCER, a minor, later w/o Charles PEDDICORD - Howard County s/ Samuel B. MERCER, a minor d/ Charlotte MeRCER, a minor d/ Anne M. MERCER, a minor Land - "Pleasant Fields", 3/4 acre; from Samuel BAKER & w/ Elizabeth in 1834; located on Linganore, adjoining land of John LUGENBEEL. House and lot is in Unionville. - "Williams Beginning and Shun___", 199 acres; from Isaac BROWER, as insolvent trustee for James CORRIE Sr. (to him from William A. DORSEY in 1847). Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Greenbury R. SAPPINGTON and C. W. DORSEY. Trustee was Henry A. PEDDICORD with sureties as Greenberry R. SAPPINGTON and George W. DUDDERAR. Sale was held 1 Oct 1859 at the tavern of Upton WOLFE in Unionville; high bidder was: - Caleb PEDDICORD for the farm at $4,883.46 - Thomas O. LINDSAY for house and lot at $705 Total sales, $5,588.46 Distribution: court costs, $288.04 - D & P ENGEL, claim, $71.50 - Wm. H. WARNER, claim, $651.25 and $41.40 - John MILLER, claim, $9.56 - Thomas HAMMOND, claim, $52.23 - each 1/6 share to children, $745.74 Closed 16 May 1862.
Stephen GAUTT & wife vs George MARKELL & Lewis MARKELL Franklin Savings Bank held a mortgage of Stephen GAUTT & w/Henrietta, both free negroes; their sureties were George MARKELL and Lewis MARKELL. Land - Lot on north side of West All Saints St in Frederick Town, with a shared alley. Conveyed from L. M. NIXDORFF and H. M. NIXDORFF, trusees. It had a stone house and was west of the Baptist Church. Property was sold at public sale at the City Hotel in Frederick Town on 17 Apr 1862 to George METZGER at $375. Distribution to George MARKELL, in part of his note, for $301.92, after the court costs. Closed 19 May 1862.
Central Bank of Frederick vs John McPHERSON of William, et al Supplemental of BGF-1, 459 and BGF-3, 464 Other defendants were Michael KEEFER, Jacob M. KUNKEL and George R. DENNIS. William S. McPHERSON of Howard County was petitioner. Trustees were George K. SHELLMAN and Bradley T. JOHNSON, who have both moved out of state. Request for a trustee be appointed to close the trust. New trustee was William J. ROSS with surety as R. Y. STOKES. No final distribution listed at this time, 29 May 1862.
George BLESSING, et al vs Mary E. GRIMES William GRIMES d/ c1845 widow - Mary s/ Frederick GRIMES, dec'd .....William H. GRIMES .....Belinda GRIMES .....Amelia GRIMES (later married a KLINE ?) .....Mary A. GRIMES, a minor d/ Susan Ann GRIMES w/o David ROOP s/ Clinton GRIMES & w/ Eliza s/ William C. GRIMES d/ Mary Ann Elizabeth BECK, dec'd w/o Nimrod BECK .....Martin Luther BECK, a minor - Missouri s/ Charles GRIMES, dec'd - near Louisville, KY .....Charles F. GRIMES - Kentucky .....Alfred W. GRIMES - Kentucky .....Hannah GRIMES w/o Dennis MAHONEY - Kentucky .....Mary E. GRIMES w/o Amos GRIFFIN - Kentucky Land - 100 acres; located two miles east of Woodsboro, where William C. GRIMES was then living. - wood lot, 10 acres Cllinton GRIMES conveyed his share to George BLESSING. William C. GRIMES coveyed his share to Samuel STITELY. Testimony was heard from Jacob HYDER and Nicholas FOGLE. Trustee was Geoge BLESSING with sureties as John WARNER and Daniel GROSSNICKLE. Sale was held 17 Apr 1858; high bidder was: - William C. GRIMES at $700 Distribution: court costs, $231.17 - George BLESSING, assignee of Clinton GRIMES, 1/6, $78.13 - M. Luther BECK, 1/6, $78.13 - William C. GRIMES, assignee of Susan ROOP, 1/6, $78.13 - Ann E. GRIMES, assignee of Samuel STITELY who was assignee of William C. GRIMES, 1/6, $78.13 - Alfred W. GRIMES, 1/4 of 1/6, $19.53 - Charles F. GRIMES, 1/4 of 1/6, $19.53 - Hannah MAHONEY, 1/4 of 1/6, $19.53 - Mary GRIFFIN, 1/4 of 1/6, $19.53 - Mary A. E. GRIMES, assignee of Wm. H. GRIMES, 1/4 of 1/6, $19.53 - William C. GRIMES, assignee of Amelia KLINE, Belinda GRIMES and Mary GRIMES, 3/4 of 1/6, $58.60 Closed 19 Sep 1863.
487-504 - WHITMORE, PRESTON, BRUBAKER - Feb 1862
Fredericktown Savings Institution vs Elizabeth V. WHITMORE & Others - Foreclosure Nicholas T. WHITMORE d/ Aug 1861 widow - Elizabeth A. V. d/ Marietta P.WHITMORE, a minor (age 3) d/ Susan R. WHITMORE, a minor (age 1) Land - "Alltogether" and "Sharer's Rest", 60 acres; from Nicholas WHITMORE in 1860; (previously to him from William F. JOHNSON). Located on Hamburg Road, 3 miles NW of Frederick with a new 2-story bouble stone house with back building, a new Switzer barn, large wagon shed and corn house and two fine springs and heavily limed within the last three years; adjoins land of William T. PRESTON and Nicholas WHITMORE. Guardian was William T. PRESTON; testimony was heard from William T. PRESTON and John W. BRUBAKER, also Lewis RAMSBURGH who testified for the bank. Trustee was Edward SHRIVER, one of the sureties on the mortgage. On 26 Apr 1862, sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick, high bidder was: - John W. WHITMORE at $5,000 (free of dower) Distribution: court costs, $279.68 - Fredericktown Savings, mortgage, $2,100 - Elizabeth V. WHITMORE, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $374.33 - Marietta P. WHITMORE, 1/2, $1,122.99 - Susan R. WHITMORE, 1/2, $1,122.99 On 15 Jul 1862, guardian appointed was William M. FEAGA with sureties as William T. PRESTON and Joseph G. MILLER. Closed 15 Jul 1862.
John W. DUDDERAR, a minor, by Joshua BIGGS and William C. LANDERS William DUDDERAR d/ Feb 1856 (Will written 31 Jan 1856) s/ David M. DUDDERAR (d/ Feb 1857) s/ John W. DUDDERAR Exec/ David M. DUDDERAR Administrators of William DUDDERAR's estate, after the death of son David, were Joshua BIGGS and William C. LANDERS. Land - House and Lot, 1 acre, in Woodsborough, said to be in disrepair. Located 1 mile north of Woodsborough, adjoining land of Michael SHANK. Property had a 2-story log house and log stable with a well near the door. Sale was held by the administrators on 27 Jan 1858 at Barrick's Hotel in Woodsborogh, high bidder was: - John B. STIMMEL at $305 (no closing document)
Central Bank of Frederick, et al vs Sampson KINNA, et al Supplemental of BGF-1, 541-611 and BGF-3, 75 Estate of James KINNA d/ 3 Jan 1857 Testimony from son, Thomas KINNA, regarding exception to claim of James WATERS, representing the bank, as payment of interest was paid within the three years prior to the filing of Petition. Also testifying was Mary C. TOMS, w/o Isaiah TOMS, for Ann C. SCHINDLER; Mary's father was David SCHINDLER who died 23 Feb 1856. Sale to John BISER for lot on "Carroll Manor" at $310, but he failed the terms of purchase. Property was resold to: - Robert BOONE at $330 Robert BOONE testified as agent he rented a farm of 480 acres on "Carroll Manor" to Hezekiah FLOYD who subrented 65-70 acres to James KINNA. David KINNA, s/o James KINNA, also testified. Richard H. MARSHALL was trustee who submitted Distribution of $29,636.98 - court costs, $33.68 - claims allowed in 1st audit, $23.288.72 - Central Bank, 79% of notes, $900.38, $2,250.96, $1,694.53, $900.38 - Michael STINE, 78% of note, $72.14 - Anne c. SCHINDLER, Executrix, 78% on note, $217.86 - T. KOHLENBERG & CROWN, 78% on note, $35.54 - Robert CURTIS, 78% on note, $30.89 - Samuel MILLER & Adam MILLER, 78% on note, $211.90 The mill property in Middletown Valley near Middletown is encumbered by the dower of the widow, Mrs. KINNA, and sales failed to receive a sufficient bid. The mill is a large brick merchant mill with 55 1/2 acres of productive land attached. It also has a brick house, Switzer barn. At private sale, Jonathan ROUTZAHN purchased 34 acres of mountain land at $878.72. Distribution of $2,704.22 with included rents and interest: - court costs, $209.68 - balance paid to multiple creditors. Closed 2 Aug 1862.
Van Buren DIXON, et al vs Margaret BAKER, et al Haines DIXON d/ 6 Jun 1860, intestate s/ Van Buren DIXON d/ Eliza w/o Daniel FERREE/FERRELL - Sidney, Shelby Co, Ohio d/ Ann Rebecca w/o Solomon F. CONWAY - Muscatine Co, Iowa d/ Caroline w/o Joseph BARRICK - Muscatine Co, Iowa d/ Susan, dec'd w/o Aaron BAKER .....William D. BAKER .....David A. BAKER .....Susan Ann E. BAKER .....Elenora Margaret BAKER, a minor .....Belinda Lavinia A. BAKER, a minor Land - "Dulaney's Lot", 97 acres and 12 acres; on the south bank of the mill race from Daniel SOUDER (w/ Margaret) (by 1820 Will of Jacob SOUDER) in 1822. Located outside of Frederick city. - "Middle Plantation", 11 acres; from John STAUFFER, trustee of Estate of Abraham STONER, in 1836. (Previously from Elie BEATTY and Nathaniel ROCHESTER to John STONER in 1804.) Adjoined land of Peter OGLE and Ezra SMITH. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. A commission was issued, to Daniel SWEADNER, Lawrence J. BRENGLE, Francis L. JONES, Joseph ROUTZONG and Joseph COVER, to divide the land into five equal parts if warranted. - The commission decided the land of 99 acres could not be divided equally, as the portions would be too small for farming. Land was valued at $8,440.76. - House and Lot of 11 acres near Mount Pleasant was valued at $692.50. - Wood land near Mount Pleasant of 33 acres was valued at $401.25. (Previously conveyed by William HERD, Joshua HERD and Jacob HERD to Aaron HERD in 1814.) Adjoined Cock's Orchard; county road passed through the property north/south. Total estate was valued at $9,534.51. Appraised by Daniel SWEADNER, Joseph ROUTZAHN and Joseph COVER. Van Buren DIXON, the eldest and only son, elected to purchase the property at the appraised value, then paying an equal share to his siblings. Distribution of $9,534.51; court costs, $719.32 - each 1/5 share, $1,883.13 (each of the BAKER children received 1/5 if 1/5, $376.60) Closed 11 Aug 1862.
547-564 - PLUMMER, NOKES, DEAN, DUVALL - Feb 1860
Lloyd T. DUVALL vs John PLUMMER, et al Ann PLUMMER d/ spring 1859, intestate s/ John PLUMMER & wife - out West d/ Margaret w/o William NOKES - Wash., DC d/ Mary E. DEAN d/ Catharine "Kitty" DEAN s/ Noble DEAN s/ Edward DEAN & wife Land - "Trammels Coney Island Resurveyed", 3 acres; from Alfred BELT and Lloyd T. DUVALL, exec/of Daniel DUVALL, in 1847. Adjoins land of Col. Daniel DUVALL (by Daniel BUCKEY, exec/of Christian KEMP) and runs along Point of Rocks Road. Property had a 1 1/2 story log house with kitchen attached, surrounded by good fencing and good water convenient to house. Said property was near the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and within a few hundred yareds of the Depot on the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road. Testimony was heard from William H. SMITH and James H. BESANT. Trustee was John A. LYNCH; sale was held at George BERRY's St. Charles Hotel at Point of Rocks on 18 Aug 1860, high bidder was: - Mary C. PLUMMER at $420 There was a petition for the resale of property because Mary was not able to comply with the terms; but then is followed by the distribution. Distribution of $420; court costs, $126.93 - John PLUMMER, 1/6 or $31.51 - B. F. GATTON as assignee of Margaret & William NOKES, 1/6 or $31.51 - B. F. GATTON as assignee of Catharine DEAN (alias PLUMMER), 1/6 or $31.51 - B. F. GATTON as assignee of Noble DEAN (alias PLUMMER), 1/6 or $31.51 - Edward DEAN (alias PLUMMER), 1/6 or $31.51 - his part to .....S. C. MEANS & Bro., for levy, $19.70 .....B. F. GATTON, as assignee, $11.81 - Joseph T. REID, levy on M. E. DEAN (alias PLUMMER), $24.52 - Mary E. DEAN (alias PLUMMER), balance of her 1/6, $6.99 Closed 31 July 1862.
David BRISH & wife vs David W. BRISH, & Others Barbara BRISH, Frederick Town d/ (Will written 7 Dec 1829) son/ David BRISH d/ 1858 (best cow) ........David W. BRISH, a minor ........John E. BRISH, a minor (was declared an idiot) ........Barbara Ann BRISH, a minor (d/ before 1858, single, no issue) ........Mary BRISH, a minor - later w/o William BRENGLE nephew/ William SHELLMAN * nephew/ Jacob SHELLMAN (large Georgian bible) niece/ Pizzy BENTZ (large looking glass) niece/ Harriet BENTZ (walnut table) grandson/ David BRISH - bed, chest, etc - William HOWARD (s/o George HOWARD) - $50 - Susan SHELLMAN - walnut chest - Maria WILLIAMS (a black woman) - cover lid and chain (previously given to her by the decedent and her sister, Elizabeth) Clock to be purchased by nephew Jacob SHELLMAN or someone in the family. Land - *Lots on South side of Patrick Street in Frederick Town, (opposite to decedent's house) to nephew William SHELLMAN who was to build a currier shop. - Lot fronting Patrick Street in Frederick Town, near the Alms house (to executor, in trust, to build a 1-story brick house 28x28 with a brick kitchen annexed and a 1-story 12x18 with a brick bake oven. When finished, to be for use of son David BRISH and his wife and their children during the lifetime of said son and the widowhood of his said wife; upon their deaths, to be sold and divided among his children). An agreement between Jacob SHELLMAN Sr, Barbara BRISH and her sister Elizabeth regarding the lots across from Barbara with a currier shop. Exec/ Christian KEMP (d/1840 before final administration of estate) Witnesses: Frederick A. SCHLEY, David F. SCHAEFFER, James L. DAVIS/DARIS Trustee was Daniel GETZENDANNER (in 1840) with surety as Jonathan GETZENDANNER; guardian was M.B. LUCKETT. Distribution of interest monies was distributed among the three surviving children of David BRISH. No record of sale of property, only papers to pay the surviving children from the trust. There was also no mention of David's wife, her name or whether deceased or still alive. If she was still alive, the trust would continue. Closed 25 Aug 1862. Note - Frederick County Marriage Licenses - David BRISHE to Barbara PENTZ (BENTZ?) on 13 Sep 1788 - Jacob SHELLMON to Catherine BENTZ on 30 Mar 1788 - David BRISHE to Ann LINTON on 21 Dec 1818
Joshua MOTTER vs Charlotte A. HOOVER & Others Jesse HOOVER d/ Fall 1861, intestate widow - Charlotte A. HOOVER (his last wife whom he married 7-8 months before his death) s/ John D. HOOVER s/ William A. HOOVER s/ James D. HOOVER, a minor Administrator/ Joshua MOTTER Land - Mansion farm, 150 acres; from Francis J. HOOVER, exec/of John HOOVER, in 1849. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testifying was David AGNEW Trustee was Joshua MOTTER with sureties as Lewis M. MOTTER and Samuel MOTTER. Sale was held on 28 Aug 1862 - William KOONS for the mansion farm at $3,550 - ADELSPERGER & SHOOLE for 9 acres of mountain land at $668.40 - John M. BELL for 3 acres of mountain land at $298.13 Distribution of $4,516.53; court costs $268.10 - Joshua MOTTER for mortgage, $2,303.74 - Charlotte A. HOOVER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $278.67 - John D. HOOVER, 1/3, $557.34 - William A. HOOVER, 1/3, $557.34 - James D. HOOVER, 1/3, $557.34 Closed 30 Sep 1862. Note - FCML - Jesse HOOVER to Charlotte Ann SINGER on 8 Dec 1860
Leander McKEE & w/ Anna McKEE of Washington County - on Petition Joseph GABBY, Washington County (Will written 10 Feb 1855) d/ Eliza C. (GABBY), now dec'd w/o Thomas B. DUCKETT (gold-headed staff) .....Joseph Gabby DUCKETT, now dec'd (gold watch) .....Richard DUCKETT, a minor d/ Jane (GABBY) JOHNSON .....Mary E. JOHNSON .....Anna C. JOHNSON, now w/o Henry SMITH d/ Emily (GABBY) McDOWELL .....Anna M. McDOWELL, now w/o Leander McKEE .....Joseph G. N. McDOWELL .....Mark McDOWELL .....Sally McDOWELL, a minor .....Charles McDOWELL, a minor .....Elizabeth McDOWELL, a minor - Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Hagerstown - $500 for parsonage or invest for support of pastor. - colored woman JANE - to be free at his death and to receive $150 .....her children to serve his daughter Eliza until they are 21, then to be free. Execs/ daughter Eliza and Christian STRITE (he renounced duties) Witnesses: Joseph STRITE, George A. ZIEGLER and Frederick SHECK Land - "Three Mill Seats", 36 acres in Frederick County; to Joseph GABBY from William DRAPER and w/ Charlotte in 1846 (previously to William DRAPER Jr by William GABBY in 1821). Land was three miles from Wolfsville, on the road to Wolf's Tavern (For life estate of daughter Eliza, then to be sold and divided between the children of the three daughters.) Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER; sale was held in Wolfsville on the 25th of July 1862; high bidder was: - William DRAPER at $169 Distribution: court costs, $71.55 - Richard DUCKETT, 1/2 of 1/3, $16.24 - Thomas B. DUCKETT, 1/2 of 1/3, $16.24 - Mary E. JOHNSON, 1/2 of 1/3, $16.24 - Anna C. SMITH, 1/2 of 1/3, $16.24 - Anna M. McKEE, 1/6 of 1/3, $5.41 - Joseph G. McDOWELL, 1/6 of 1/3, $5.41 - Mark McDOWELL, 1/6 of 1/3, $5.41 - Sally McDOWELL, 1/6 of 1/3, $5.41 - Charles McDOWELL, 1/6 of 1/3, $5.41 - Elizabeth McDOWELL, 1/6 of 1/3, $5.41 Closed 20 Nov 1862. Note - Washington Co, MD Marriage Index shows - Eliza C. GABBY to Thomas B. DUCKETT on 13 Mar 1839 - Emily GABBY to John JOHNSON on 10 Nov 1829 - Jane GABBY to Nathan McDOWELL on 8 Jan 1834
Thomas FLANIGAN vs John OATES & Others Roseanna FLANIGAN d/ 2 Dec 1861 in Frederick city She was the w/o Thomas FLANIGAN (m/ 14 Oct 1830), but formerly was the widow of Charles McDERMOTT. s/ John McDERMOTT d/ before 1830 d/ Catharine McDERMOTT d/ before 1830 s/ Charles McDERMOTT d/ Jul 1853 ...widow (who is now w/o Thomas JONES) and 2 children s/ James McDERMOTT d/ 28 Feb 1861 ...widow (who is now w/o ____ BEAN) and 1 child d/ Mary (McDERMOTT) w/o John OATES d/ Margaret FLANIGAN s/ John T. FLANIGAN Land - House & Lot on NW corner of Church & East St in Frederick, at end of the late Andrew HEBRICK's lot, but now to the Heirs of Col. Baker JOHNSON; runs south to Church St, then west; from Jacob MICHAEL & w/ Rachael in 1833. (Previously was devised to Worthington JOHNSON by Col. Baker JOHNSON. Part of lot was conveyed to Rachael MICHAEL by John RIGNEY in 1825.) There was a brick house and three tenements rented. Section 4 contained a 2-story brick house, store room and carpenter shop. Deed of Trust to Patrick O'NEIL; to be sold upon the death of Roseanna FLANIGAN and proceeds divided between Thomas FLANIGAN and the surviving children of Roseanna from both of her marriages; however, Patrick O'NEIL died Dec 1855, thus another trustee is needed. Patrick O'NEIL's only child was son, Howard D. O'NEIL, then a resident of Baltimore city. John FLANIGAN asked that he be allowed to remove the carpenter shop which he had erected on the property. Testimony was heard from Michael FARRELL, Margaret FLANIGAN and Hugh McALEER. New trustee was James McSHERRY with surety as Michael FARRELL; sale was held on the premises on 18 Oct 1862, high bidders were: - Thomas FLANIGAN, John FLANIGAN & Margaret FLANIGAN at $3,036 Distribution of $3,242; court costs, $262.63 - John FLANIGAN, for improvements, $100 - John FLANIGAN, for insurance payment, $7 - Thomas FLANIGAN, 1/4, $718.09 - John FLANIGAN, 1/4, $718.09 - Margaret FLANIGAN, 1/4, $718.09 - Mary OATES, 1/4, $718.09 Closed 12 Dec 1862.
Samuel HINKS & Others vs George C. SMITH & Others Supplemental of BGF-2, 474 Estate of Henry NIXDORFF widow - Susan On 13 Jan 1861, Lewis M. NIXDORFF testified the widow was then aged about 73 and in good health. Trustees were Lewis. M. NIXDORFF and Henry M. NIXDORFF. Land - Seven lots in Frederick on north side of All Saints St, abutting eight lots going north along Bentz St. (plat shown) A 10-foot alley running east-west divides the lots from Lot #15. On 26 July 1862, sale was held at City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: (some properties on Bush Creek) - Thomas J. McGILL for 173 acre farm at $3,061.61 - Jacob NICKELL for 164 acre farm at $4,966.11 - W. HOFFMAN for 22 acres of wood land at $422.75 - W. HOFFMAN for 25 acres of wood land at $516.47 - William CLAY for 52 acres of wood land at $789.91 - Francis MARKELL for 21 acres at $535.30 - O. SAUERWEIN for 23 acres at $866.94 - Samuel R. HOGG for 31 acres at $1,086.75 - Samuel HINKS for 126 acre farm at $3,906 - Thomas A. SMITH for House & Lot with Storeroom in village of Urbana at $915 - Samuel HINKS for 22 building lots in Urbana at $400 - Mrs. Susan NIXDORFF for 46 acre mountain lot in Fielderia Manor at $489.10 - Samuel HINKS for 46 acre mountain lot in "Fielderia" at $492.54 - John CLIP for 5 acre wood lot at $102.50 - Samuel HINKS for 31 acre mountain lot on "Tryall" at $2104.48 - Frederick BUCKHEIMER for 4 acres in "Tryall" at $228.37 - Samuel HINKS for 51 acres in "Tryall" at $635.95 - George W. SMITH for 16 acres in "Tryall" at $662.15 - Daniel GETZANDANNER for 1 acre in "Tryall" at $53.04 - George RHODES for 19 acres in "Wayman's Retreat" at $421.94 - Samuel BENTON for 22 acres in "Wayman's Retreat" at $354.75 - Samuel BENTON for 21 acres in "Wayman's Retreat" at $322.50 - Edward S. WINDSOR & Brother for 17 acres on "Foul Play" at $253.31 - J. N. CHRISWELL for 17 acres on "Foul Play" at $212.54 - J. N. CHRISWELL for 36 acres on "Foul Play" at $485.78 - John MUSSITTER for 23 acres on "Bloomsbury" at $1,191.54 - John MUSSITTER for 16 acres on "Bloomsbury" at $781.37 - Jacob TOMSS for 21 acres in "Bloomsbury" at $926.28 - Thomas BARNES for brick house and lot on South St in Frederick Town at $365 - Mrs. Susan NIXDORFF for house and Lot with store on West Patrick St in Fredericktown at $4,000 Private sales were made to: - Mrs. E. J. ELDRIDGE for Lots 4 & 5 at $300 - Francis MARKELL for Lots 7, 9 & 10 at $400 - C. ELDRIDGE for Lot 6 at $100 - Francis MARKELL for Lots 11 through 14 at $376 - Joseph PAYNS for 165 acre farm at $2,086.69 Total sales, $35,465.75. Distribution after costs: - Susan HINKS, child, 1/6, $5,093.24 - Julia M. MILLER, child, 1/6, $5,093.24 - George R. NIXDORFF, child, 1/6, $5,093.24 - Lewis M. NIXDORFF, child, 1/6, $5,093.24 - Henry M. NIXDORFF, child, 1/6, $5,093.24 - George SMITH, curtesy share 1/9 of 1/6, $565.91 surviving husband of Mary E. SMITH (dec'd child); and children of Mary E. SMITH - Charles C. SMITH, 1/4 of 8/9 of 1/6, $1,131.83 - Emma J. SMITH, 1/4 of 8/9 of 1/6, $1,131.83 - Clara V. SMITH, 1/4 of 8/9 of 1/6, $1,131.83 - Francis B. SMITH, 1/4 of 8/9 of 1/6, $1,131.83 Closed 16 Oct 1862.
649-653 - KINNA, MARSHALL, LOATZ, KEMP - Dec 1857
Central Bank & Others vs Sampson KINNA & Others Supplemental of BGF-1, 541-611 Estate of James KINNA; Richard H. MARSHALL, trustee Land - 51 acres and mill near Middletown, encumbered by the life estate of the widow. Bidder at private sale was John LOATZ, esquire, at $1,525; however, it was requested that William H. C. KEMP be substitued as the bidder. Distribution was made to creditors at 26% of their claims. Closed 1 Jun 1863.
William F. COLLIFLOWER, et al vs George J. FISCHER Supplemental of BGF-2, 436 Estate of William FISCHER; William F. COLLIFLOWER, trustee 2nd Report of Sales (private sale) to - John REIFSNIDER for House & Lot at $1,400 Land - 2-story brick house on East Patrick St in Frederick city with a 1-story kitchen; adjoining property of Lewis S. CLINGAN, esquire. Heirs consenting to private sale: Joseph BEVAN, Sarah C. BEVAN, Robert G. HARPER, Harriet N. HARPER, Ann E. COLLIFLOWER, L. L. CLINGAN, John GOMBER, Minerva E. CLINGAN (one heir may have been absent and in Virginia). Distribution after court costs: - Ann E. COLLIFLOWER, 1/4, $318.50 - Sarah BEVAN, 1/4, $318.50 - William SHIPMAN, child of Miranda SHIPMAN, dec'd, 1/2 of 1/4, $159.50 - Harriet A. HARPER, child of Miranda SHIPMAN, dec'd, 1/2 of 1/4, $159.50 - Margaret GOMBER, 1/4, $318.50 Closed 11 Dec 1862.
656-682 - JONES, McALEER, McGEARY - Feb 1861
William R. SANDERSON, Exec/of William R. SANDERSON vs Josiah JONES, et al Foreclosure against Josiah JONES & w/ Mary Eliza Trustee was William J. ROSS; on 29 Nov 1862, sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidders were: - Hugh McALEER for 217 acre farm, then in occupancy of James McGEARY, adjoining lands of Jacob M. KUNKEL and Henry CRAMER; from David HINES Y w/ Jane C. of Baltimore city; at $65.50/acre. - Hugh McALEER for "Chesnut Hill", 13 acres, from David HINES & w/ Jane C. of Baltimore city; at $5/acre Total sales, $14,281. Payments were made on 20 different mortgages. Closed 12 Feb 1862.
Alexander DAVIS & w/ Charlotte J. vs Charles Jerome HALL and Julia Ann HALL Mary MYERS (Will written 6 Sep 1856) faithful servants of her mother, Elizabeth MYERS - Charlotte Jane HALL w/o Alexander Davis (free negroes) - Charles Jerome HALL & w/ Julia Ann Exec/ Samuel KEEFER Land - 3 acres in Lewistown Testimony was heard from Joshua DILL. Elizabeth MYERS signed manumassions on 9 Jan 1851, freeing the following slaves: - John William HALL, age 31 - Henry Edward HALL, age 47 - Charles Ramon HALL, age 25 - Charlotte Jane HALL, age 9 Witnessed by George W. SHANK and Martha C. ZIMMERMAN. Filed by negroes, John and Edward. Trustee was Joshua DILL. Sale was held on 18 Oct 1862 at the Dill House in Frederick; high bidder was: - Thomas C. RAMSBURG at $900 Distribution: court costs, $145.20 - Alexander DAVIS, 1/2, $377.40 - Charles R. HALL, 1/2, $377.40 Closed 17 Jan 1863.
689-693 - DELAUDER, POOL, BUHRMAN - Mar 1862
John DELAUDER, exec/of Jacob DELAUDER Supplememental of JS-3, 589-620 Estate of David DELAUDER d/ 1823 widow - Elizabeth (now dec'd) Land - Dower land for widow was two tracts, 63 3/4 acres, in Middletown Valley on the left side of the road from Beallsville to Myersville, near Catoctin Creek with a roomy stone house and new barn; and 26 1/2 acres of mountain land, adjoining lands of the late Henry DELAUTER, John GROSSNICKLE and ROUTZAHN's. Sale now needed to pay off previous debts. Trustee was Grayson EICHELBERGER; sale was held on 22 Nov 1862 at Upton BUHRMAN's store in Myersville, high bidders were: - Elias DELAUDER for 63 3/4 acres at $4,462.50 - William POOL for mountain land of 26 1/2 acres at $215.31 Total sales, $4,677.81. Distribution - after court costs, all monies were paid to creditors. Closed 17 Feb 1863.
James BRUNNER vs Mary Ann HARDT, et al - Foreclosure George HARDT d/ Feb 1862 intestate widow - Mary Ann (Rockville, Montgomery County) d/ Julia Ann HARDT w/o James A. ALLEN - Montgomery County d/ Charlotte HARDT w/o Henry LYDAY - Montgomery County d/ Anna Mary HARDT, dec'd w/o John MOULDER - Montgomery County .....Lillia Ella MOULDER, a minor - Montgomery County d/ Dora HARDT, a minor - Rockville, Montgomery County d/ Minerva HARDT, a minor - Rockville, Montgomery County d/ Drucilla HARDT, a minor - Rockville, Montgomery County s/ John HARDT, a minor - Rockville, Montgomery County Land - "Middle Plantation", 34 acres; located 5 miles NE of Frederick on road from Baltimore turnpike to Krantz Mill and adjoining lands of Frederick KRANTZ, George SMITH and others. Improvements consist of a 1-story log house, stable apple orchard, 10 acres in fencing and rest in timber. Property was then occupied by William LARE, Esquire. Guardian was Dennis SCHOLL; testimony was heard from William LARE who state the widow was about 35 years old and in good health. Also testifying was Hiram SCHIESLER regarding the mortgage. Trustee was James BRUNNER; sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 29 Oct 1862, high bidder was: - William LARE at $450 Distribution: court costs, $109.60 - James BRUNNER, his claim, $171 - Mary Ann HARDT, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $24.20 - William LARE, subject to order of court, $30.80 - Julia A. Allen, 1/7, $16.34 - Charlotte LYDAY, 1/7, $16.34 - Lillia E. MOULDER, 1/7, $16.34 - Dora HARDT, 1/7, $16.34 - Minerva HARDT, 1/7, $16.34 - Drucilla HARDT, 1/7, $16.34 - John HARDT, 1/7, $16.34 Closed 12 Feb 1863.
John M. KOLB & wife - Petition John HANE d/ Sep 1855 (Will written 12 Dec 1851) widow - Margaret d/ autumn of 1862 (executrix of his Will) d/ Susan Elizabeth wid/o Thomas WHITTER d/ Christiana Catharine w/o John Michael KOLB d/ Catharine Mary w/o Otho REEL s/ William Conrad HANE s/ John Valentine HANE Land - in Frederick City (to widow, upon her death to be distributed evenly among their children). - (A) Two small Houses on south side of East Church St opposite the Priests' House - (B) House & Lot on south side of East Patrick St, then occupied by John V. HANE, esquire; next door to the Stone house, formerly owned by Captain John ADLUM (Lot #43). - (C) Two-story brick House on west side of Carroll St, now occupied by John SUMAN, esquire, purchased from Joshua DILL, trustee of James HOLMES. Located next to Valentine BIRELY's tanyard. Other properties were already bequeathed to his children, including "Turkey Hill", 165 acres on the east side of the Monocacy, to his sons. Witnesses: Casper MANTZ, James BARTGIS, Michael BROMETT Administrator of Margaret HANE was Susan E. WHITTEN with sureties as Godfrey KOONTZ and Philip KUNKEL. Trustee was William B. NELSON with sureties as J. J. MORAN and John M. KOLB. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 6 Jan 1863, high bidders were: - John V. HANE for (B) at $1,200 - Valentine S. BRUNNER, agent for J. M. GANNON, for (C) at $905 Total sales, $2,105. Distribution of $2,129; court costs, $178.41 - each child's 1/5 share, $390.11 Closed 19 Feb 1863.
Henry CRONE vs Jacob C. FLOOK & Others Conrad CRONE d/ Dec 1859, intestate widow - Eliza Ann s/ Carlton H. CRONE, a minor s/ Josephus P. CRONE, a minor d/ Amanda J. CRONE, a minor Land - 33 acres in Middletown; to Henry CRONE and brother, Conrad CRONE. Lies on West side Middletown-Petersville Road, beside land of David HART and opposite Peter PETERS' stable. A new road to be open through said lands leading to Catoctin Ridge near KINNA's Mills; includes water rights from adjoining lands. 1856 Agreement of Sale made to Jacob C. FLOOK of Jacob (papers in possession of Jacob T. C. MILLER); however, balance not paid. In 1860, Jacob C. FLOOK conferred judgment to Peter SHAFER Jr and they conferred judgment to Randolph SHAFER and Robert SHAFER. In 1861, Jacob C. FLOOK and Jacob CULLER conferred judgment to John HERRING of C. Jacob C. FLOOK is no longer a resident of Maryland, but now lives in Ohio; Petition for sale of Real Estate. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from John CULLER and J. T. C. MILLER. Trustee was Henry CRONE with sureties as John CRONE and Joseph DAVNER; sale was held on 26 Dec 1862 at the Valley Register office in Middletown; high bidder was: - Jacob RUDY at $1,656.56. Henry CRONE died between Dec 1862 and Feb 1863; his executor was John W. RAMSBUIRG. Trustee now John W. RAMSBURG with sureties as Christian RAMSBURG and Robert SHAFER. Distribution of $1,667.76: court costs, $159.88 - John W. RAMSBURG, exec, part payment of lien, $1,507.87 Closed 27 Mar 1863. ================== The End of BGF-3 ==================

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