Frederick Co, MD - Equity BGF-2

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity BGF-2

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber BGF-2; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Equity BGF-2
John WITHEROW, next friend of Rosanna STEWART and John W. STEWART - Petition John Shelar STEWART d/ 1850 intestate widow - Margaret B., now w/o Robert L. GREEN d/ Rosanna J. STEWART, a minor s/ John W. STEWART, a minor Land - Lot #7 of tract "Good Neighbors", 9+ acres; from Daniel J. POOLE & w/ Amy in 1841. - "Disappointment" and "Brook Reserve", 140 acres; from John STEWART & w/ Rosanna in 1841 (to them from Jacob FIVOR [w/ Magdalena] in 1828 and to FIVOR from Henry WELTY [w/ Mary] in 1827 [included part of "The Mountain"]; to WELTY from Jacob WELTY of Franklin Co, PA in 1825). Adjoined tract "Buck Forest". On 24 Aug 1859, David AGNEW made oath that Margaret B. GREEN, the widow, was then 41 years old and her general health was good. Guardian was Mason R. MARSH. The Commission to decide if the land was to be sold included Michael CROUSE, John SEISS and William C. LANDERS. Trustee was John WITHEROW with sureties as William C. LANDERS and Henry YOUNG; sale was held on 24 Nov 1859 on the premises near Graceham, high bidders were: - Henry BLACK for 140 acres at $46/acre - Eli G. GROFF for Lot #7 at $40/acre Total sales, $6,820.50. Distribution: court costs, $357.22 - Margaret B. GREEN, widow, 2/15 or $861.77 - Rosanna J. STEWART, 1/2 or $2,800.75 - John W. STEWART, 1/2 or $2,800.75 Closed 11 Jan 1860.
Mary DAVIS & Others vs Mason DAVIS & Others Mahlon DAVIS Sr. d/ Oct 1857 intestate widow - Mary DAVIS d/ Elizabeth DAVIS - Baltimore city s/ George W. DAVIS & w/ Belinda s/ Mahlon DAVIS Jr. & w/ Mary C. s/ Edward DAVIS & w/ Susan - Baltimore city s/ Mason DAVIS, a minor s/ Charles DAVIS, a minor d/ Mary (d/ 1854), dec'd w/o Hiram GREENTREE .....Winslow GREENTREE, a minor - Baltimore city Land - "Resurvey on Inclosure", 10 acres, lying on north side of road from Frederick to Libertytown and adjoins lands of John T. RIPPEON(?) on the west, of Daniel SWEADNER on the east; from Jonathan BROWNING of A. & w/ Maria in 1858 (previously from Peter SMITH to E. H. ROCKWELL, then to Maria). - "Resurvey on Spring Garden", 38 acres, on road from Liberty to Frederick Town; from Adam NUSBAUM & w/ Rachael in 1843. Deed listed right of way to James M. COALE. - Lot #102 in Libertytown, lying on the south side of the main street, directly opposite the house and lot of Mahlon DAVIS, fronts north on street; from Mahlon DAVIS Jr (previously he purchased it from Ann Elizabeth STIMMEL in 1851. (References the Will of Elizabeth SERGESSON, GME-2, 334, Apr 1829; 11 Mar 1833; d/ Lydia STIMMELL and Lydia's children, Elizabeth Ann and John Peter STIMMELL.) - 5 acres, from Daniel SWEADNER & w/ Rebecca Guardian was Michael BALTZELL; testimony was heard from Thomas CARR. Trustee was Mahlon DAVIS Jr. with sureties as Edward JONES and Thomas SIM. Sale was held on 27 Sep 1858 at the store of James O. JESSUP in Liberty; high bidders were: - SIDNEY SAPPINGTON for small farm at $2,000 - Basil SWEADNER for Lot in Liberty at $58 Distribution of $2,163.22; court costs, $150.54 - Mary DAVIS, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8 or $223.63 - Mahlon DAVIS Jr, claim, $158.35 - each 1/7 share to children & grandson, $232.95 Closed 23 Feb 1860.
Joseph BOYLE vs Ann E. BOYLE & Others Petition for Title William BOYLE d/ 1857 intestate widow - Ann E. - Out of State bro/ Patrick BOYLE - Out of State sis/ Jane BOYLE - Out of State bro/ Joseph BOYLE Land - House & western half of Lot #5 in Emmitsburg; from William BOYLE of Missouri (sold but not conveyed). In a letter dated 2 Jun 1855 to Michael C. ADDLESBERGER (agent and trustee of George GROVER) from William BOYLE, Oakland (MO?); William mentioned his ill health, losing five slaves, two men and a woman and two others and also mentioned his cotton crop in New Orleans. Testimony was heard from Isaac E. PEARSON; trustee was Michael C. ADDLESBERGER to convey the deed. Closed 18 Oct 1859.
41-43 - TANEY, DWEN, HERBST - Jul 1859
Edward S. TANEY & Others vs Cornelia V. TANEY & Others Supplemental Proceedings Equity #2682 lists Edward S. TANEY as trustee who sold at private sale a tract of 17 acres conveyed from Isaac E. PEARSON, insolvent trustee of George HERBST for benefit of Emanuel BROUGH, to Dr. Augustine TANEY. Distribution of $750, court costs, $57.77 - E. S. TANEY, child, 1/3 or $230.76 - Laura B. DWEN, child, 1/3 or $230.76 - Cornelia V. TANEY, child, 1/3 or $230.76 Closed Feb 1860.
43-58 - BAYLEY, FARNUM, DILL, BANTZ - Sep 1858
Joshua DILL vs William BAYLEY of Baltimore City and John C. FARNUM John C. FAVNUM issued a Deed of Trust for benefit of creditors which included a claim against William BAYLEY of Baltimore city which is secured by a Deed of Mortgage dated Apr 1856. Land - 36 acres with slate quarry; to John C. FARNUM and William BAYLEY as tenants in common from Maria BANTZ, William BANTZ & Others, heirs of Gideon BANTZ, in 1855. - "Rights of Man", 1+ acre, undivided 1/2 share, along with quarry tools; other half owned by John C. FARNUM Lands located on the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road, adjoining the village Ijamsville. The roof and spere of the new Episcopal Church were covered with this slate. Mortgaged by William BAYLEY of Baltimore City to John C. FARNUM in 1856. Deed of Trust in 1858 to Joshua Dill, as trustee for benefit of creditors, for the land and quarry and tools listed above. William BAYLEY, Baltimore City, d/ abt Oct 1858, intestate adm/ Mary Ann BAYLEY. Testimony was heard from James M. HARDING, justice of the peace. Trustee was Joshua DILL, equire. Sale was held 1 Oct 1859 at M. Zimmerman's Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Edward P. FARNUM at $1,000 Distribution after court costs went to the trustee for payment of mortgage. Closed 29 Mar 1860.
Jacob APPLEMAN vs Henry CRONE and Conrad CRONE Land - "Ramsburg Content" and "Hopkins Content", 22 acres; to Jacob APPLEMAN from John KEAFAUVER and w/ Rebecca in 1850. First mortgaged to Henry CRONE and Conrad CRONE in 1854 by Jacob APPLEMAN. Adjoined lands of Henry CRONE on the east and Hanson RAMSBURG on the south and by the Petersville Road on the west, leading from Middletown. Deed of Mortgage to Peter SHAFER by Jacob APPLEMAN in 1858. Trustee was Peter SHAFER. On 25 Feb 1860, in front of the office of the Valley Register in Middletown, sale was made to Tilghman F. GAVER at $67.50/acre. Distribution of $1,485; court costs, $127.15 - Henry CRONE, survivor of Conrad CRONE, 1st mortgage, $636.33 - Peter SHAFER, 2nd mortgage, $339.50 - Malinda SHAFER, 3rd lien, $229.70 Remaining balance, $152.32, to go to Jacob APPLEMAN. Closed 4 May 1860.
Samuel EICHOLTZ vs George CLEM, et al George CLEM d/ 17 Oct 1858, intestate widow - Catharine d/ Maria C. CLEM, now w/o Lewis M. WACHTER d/ Josephine M. CLEM, now w/o Samuel S. ROGERS s/ George H. CLEM s/ Ezra J. CLEM d/ Sarah Ann E. CLEM d/ Maranda P. CLEM, a minor Administrators were George H. CLEM and Catharine CLEM. Land - "Green Spring", 35 acres; and "First Dividend", 15 acres; (previously to John RUSHER from Conrad LICKLITER); from Abraham STIMMEL of Frederick Co, VA in 1833. - "First Dividend", 22+ acres; from William JOHNSON in 1851; adjoined land of George MILLER. - 12 acres, from George LAYMAN in 1853, agent for Estate of ...Frederick SNOOK's heirs, .....bro/ Jacob SNOOK & w/ Charlotte - Out of State .....sis/ Phebe w/o Francis BERNARD - Out of State .....sis/ Catharine wid/o Adam BUTLER - Out of State .....bro/ Frederick SNOOK (Previously to George SCHLOSSER from Daniel HARTSOCK in 1842; and from George SCHLOSSER & w/ Phebe to John SNOOK in 1845.) - "Green Spring", 11+ acres; from William EARHART Sr. & w/ Margaret in 1846; on road from Lewis Town to Harbaugh's Valley, adjoining HARTSOCK's lot, included water rights. - "Green Spring", 25 acres; from George BECKENBAUGH and Michael ZIMMERMAN, mortagees, mortgage of Dennis HANDLEY and wife, in 1858. Guardian was Mason B. MARSH; Testimony was heard from George H. CLEM and Catharine CLEM. On 8 Jan 1859, Ezra CLEM made oath of the widow being in tolerably good health and age to be under 40 years. Trustee was George H. CLEM with sureties as Lewis M. WACHTER and George H. POWELL. After a failed public sale, private sale for the 101 acres, per survey, to: - Henry RAMSBURGH at $1,908.14; now said (Feb 1860) to be on road from Lewistown to Eicholtz's Mill. Distribution: court costs, $233.69 - Catharine CLEM, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $239.23 - Michael ZIMMERMAN, claim, $23.68 - Catharine CLEM, note, $195.50 - each child's 1/6 share, $202.70 Closed 23 May 1860.
Catharine SCHLOSSER vs Peter G. SCHLOSSER, et al George SCHLOSSER d/ (Will written 9 Mar 1853; codicil on 13 Jul 1859) widow - Catharine s/ Peter G. SCHLOSSER d/ Naomi G. w/o William STATE/STAIT d/ Keziah w/o Samuel KEEFER Exec/ son Peter G. SCHLOSSER Witnesses: George MIKESELL, Andrew WIENER, Oliver T. ZIMMERMAN Witnesses for Codicil: M. BALTZELL, James H. THOMSON, W. MAHONEY Land - House & Lot, tannery and barn in Lewistown, 2 acres; on north side of Lewistown, adjoining Frederick to Emmittsburg road; from Daniel FUNDENBURG, from John CRONISE, from Thomas DRAPER. (Previously from John WALKER in 1817 of 35 acres, Lot ED.) - two fields on east side of Lewistown, adjoining the turnpike road (previously from John CRONISE for 18 acres.) - 'Deitrick Lot' (Lots 1 & 2), 34 acres of mountain land; adjoining lands of William SMITH; from Henry LORENTZ & wife in 1857. Trustee was Peter G. SCHLOSSER; on 1 Mar 1860, sale was held in Lewistown, high bidders were: - William H. TODD & Edward T. GETZENDANNER for 34 acres of mountain land at $170 - Ephraim DEVILBISS for 35 acres at $1433.94 - Jacob BISHOP for Lot #1, 7 acres, on east side of Lewistown at $288.27 - Jacob BISHOP for Lot #2, 10 acres, at $329.16 - Ephraim DEVILBISS for House & Lot in Lewistown of 3 acres, at $1,300 Total sales, $3,521.37. Distribution: court costs, $255.49 - Peter G. SCHLOSSER, trustee, for investment for the benefit of the widow during her life, $3,265.88 Closed 26 May 1860.
101-120 - SMITH, RHODERICK, HAGAN - Dec 1858
Andrew HEIM, creditor vs George SMITH, adm/of Christian SMITH & Others Christian SMITH d/ 1 Dec 1858, intestate widow - Mary A. E. and 7 minor children, d/ Fannie R. SMITH d/ Mary E. SMITH s/ George C. SMITH s/ Howard P. SMITH s/ Louis M. SMITH s/ Dorsey H. SMITH d/ Clara J. SMITH Land - "Prospect Hill", 282+ acres; from Lewis G. KEMP, ex/of Col. Lewis KEMP (Will of 26 Jul 1854) in Jan 1856 by private sale; (parts previously from Estate of William P. MAULSBY, Philip BALTZELL and others). Located on the Frederick - Harpers Ferry Ridge Road and Baltimore and Hagerstown Turnpike and adjoining land to John BENTZ from Dr. William S. McPHERSON in 1837. Administrator was George SMITH; guardian was Mason R. MARSH. Testimony was heard from George SMITH. On 4 Jan 1859, Mahlon RHODERICK made oath that Mary A. E. SMITH, widow of Christian SMITH was about 38 years old and in general good health. Trustee was George SMITH with sureties as John J. SMITH and William J. ROSS; sale was held on 12 March 1859 at the City Hotel in Frederick, but after a failed sufficient bid, private sales were made to: - John HAGAN for 99 acres at $8,470.25 (on Baltimore & Hagerstown Turnpike) Another public sale was held on 16 Apr 1859 at the City Hotel in Frederick with the remainder of the property being sold to: - George W. SMITH for 182 acres at $15,661.10 (on Frederick to Harpers Ferry Road & adjoined land of Col. Wm. P. MAULSBY). The property had three wells of pure water and a running stream through the farm, a harge and elegant brick 2-story house and basement covered with slate and extensive 2-story back building with magnificent prospect overlooking the city of Frederick and the Monocacy Valley. It has a large Switzer barn and every convenience of stabling, shedding and granery, a dairy, smoke house, lime kiln, tenant house, orchard and other out buildings. Mr HARGATE was then living on the premises. Total sales, $24,131.35. Distribution of sales and interest: $26,953.71 - court costs and trustee's commission, $1,100.28 - Mary A. E. SMITH, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $3,607.63 - George SMITH, trustee, creditor's notes, $13,624.74 - each child's 1/7 share, $974.43 Closed 13 Jun 1860.
Francis J. CRAWFORD and Samuel BROWN vs Catharine CARTER, et al James CARTER d/ Jan 1859 (colored man) (Will written 24 Nov 1858) widow - Catharine s/ John CARTER & w/ Catharine (LOSSEN) s/ Benjamin Jefferson CARTER s/ William CARTER d/ Ann w/o Henry DUNCAN/DUCARIS/DUCAUS d/ Mary Jane Cunay CARTER d/ Harriet w/o Elias KEY s/ Thomas H. CARTER, a minor Land - "Father's Gift" and "Difficulty", 13 acres; from David ENGEL (of P.) of Carroll County in 1854 (previously from Adam MARKLE to Casper DEVILBISS in 1807). Located on road from Unionville to Franklinville and adjoins land of Nicholas NUSBAUM and Levi CRAMER; has 1-story log house and lot with timber, stable, log smoke house, spring and orchard. Exec/ son Benjamin J. CARTER Witnesses: William LEWIS, Isaac DOTSON, William H. STEEN Administrator was Isaiah DEVILBISS with sureties as Charles DEVELBISS and Daniel GETZENDANNER. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Isaiah DEVILBISS who also was appointed as trustee for the sale of the house and lot. His sureties were Jesse L. DEVILBISS and Thomas DEVILBISS. Sale was held 24 Mar 1860 on the premises; high bidder was: - Benjamin J. CARTER at $400 (surety was William H. LONG) Distribution of $400; court costs, $100.93 - Catharine CARTER, Widow, in lieu of dower, 1/9, $33.23 - balance to various creditor claims. Closed 20 Jun 1860.
Stephen RAMSBURG vs P. Light WILSON, et al Petition of Jefferson Circuit Benevolent Society of the Methodist Protestant Church Susan RAMSBURG, dec'd (Will) - Pipe Creek Benevolent Society (her portion during the life of her brother Stephen, in trust; after his death, to be sold) - Peter - $200 - Rebecca ALBAUGH, w/o Valentine ALBAUGH - $200 - Rhoda, w/o Peter CLEM - $200 - Christ____ TREIGHOOF - $200 - Susan BETSON, w/o John BETSON - $200 - Balsey NEIGHOOF - $200 - Jefferson Circuit Benevolent Society of the Methodist Protestant Church - $6,000 in trust for support of the House Missions of the Methodist Protestant Church within bounds of the Maryland district - Pipe Creek Benevolent Society - residue of her interest in the proceeds Land - (held as tenants in common with her brother, Stephen RAMSBURG). Trustees for Susan's portion of sale was John W. CHARLTON and P. Light NELSON with sureties as Frederick CRONISE, Jacob CRONISE, Peter BOYER and Levin RICE. Accounting Report - Trust Funds, interest and rents, $9,040.13 Payments of claims, then balance to trustees. Closed 25 Jun 1860.
Augustus L. EADER, et al vs Margaret EADER, et al Thomas EADER (Will written 28 Dec 1840) widow - Margaret d/ Susannah, dec'd (d/ c1846) w/o Charles KELLER .....infant child, dec'd s/ Augustus L. EADER d/ Isabella Ann EADER, w/o Charles J. ENT - Ohio d/ Margaret Amelia EADER, dec'd (d/ c1856) w/o Rev. John WELFLEY .....Amelia Margaret WELFLEY - Cumberland, then Franklin Co, PA s/ John William EADER - Ohio s/ David EADER, dec'd, intestate, unmarried and w/o issue (d/ c1843 at age 12-14) d/ Ann Catharine EADER Execs/ Lawrence J. BRENGLE (renounced 23 May 1848) and Margaret EADER (renounced 23 Oct 1848) Witnesses: George KOONTZ, Henry C. LARE, Hiram KIEFER, George RICE Will was rewritten 23 Apr 1848, but included Augustus L. EADER as one of the witnesses, so was refused by the Orphan's Court since he was a legatee. Land - 6 acres, in Frederick Town; on road to Mill, formerly owned by Col. Baker JOHNSON, but now in occupancy of Basil SHRINER; from William ROSS & w/ Catharine W. in 1845 (previously to Catharine W. ROSS by Col. Baker JOHNSON in 1806). - Lot #22 of "Taskers Chance", 9+ acres; from William M. BEALL of Frederick City, trustee of Equity case against Perry B. McCLEARY on Estate of Robert McCLEARY, in 1840. - Lot in "Taskers Chance", 4+ acres; from John H. McELFRESH, trustee for Estate of Jonathan EADER, in 1840 (previously to Lawrence BRENGLE from Alexander C. HARRISON, Chancellor of MD). Located on road from Frederick to Johnson's Mill. - Lot #282 in Frederick town; from Christian SEAMAN in 1832 (previously to SUMAN from Martin HENSELL & w/ Barbara in 1831). - Lot #284 in Frederick town; from Jacob WIEST & w/ Susanah in 1836. Sold - Lot #283 on north side of East Church St in Frederick Town; to Mary GONSO in 1846. Located at SW corner of Thomas EADER's residence, westwardly to Rev. WACHTER's lot. Guardian was Rev. John WELFLEY of Franklin Co, PA (12 Jan 1858). Testimony was heard from William EADER. Trustee was Augustus L. EADER. After two failed public sales, private sales were made to: - Christian SUMAN/SIEMAN of 22 acres at $3,318.75 - Christian SUMAN/SIEMAN for house and lot at $1,550 Total Sales, $4,868.75. Carroll Creek Mills was mentioned in the sales. Distribution: after court costs, - each 1/5 share, $794.12 to ...Amelia Margaret WELFLEY ...John William EADER ...Ann Catharine EADER ...Augustus L. EADER ...Isabella Ann ENT Closed 23 May 1860.
174-189 - BAER, GRIMES, SHUEY, CRUM, BENEDUM - Sep 1858
David BAER, et al vs Eliza A. BAER, et al (parts of these records are extremely faded) John BAER d/ Jun 1858 intestate s/ David BAER s/ John H. BAER d/ Eliza A. w/o William C. GRIMES s/ Jacob BAER, d/ Jun 1855 - Augusta Co, VA ...Eliza Ann BAER ...David H. BAER, a minor ...Catharine V. BAER, a minor ...John H. BAER, a minor ...Sarah J. BAER, a minor ...William Y. BAER, a minor ...Jacob S. BAER, a minor Land - "Pleasant View", 30 acres; to David BAER from C______ BENEDUM, Henry BENEDUM, Elizabeth BENEDUM, Sally LA___, WIlliam RO__LINGS, and Rebecca RO_INGS of Louden Co, Virginia in 1835. Located at SE side of stony ridge between Pipe Creek and Israel's Creek. - also "Resurvey on Good Neighbourhood", 97 acres; to John BAER from Philip PRICE of Ohio in 1818. Land was in Johnsville District and adjoined lands of Diffendal Jacob Stitely, dec'd. Guardian was George A. SHUEY of Augusta Co, Virginia; trustee was David BAER with sureties as Jacob ROOT and David BIRELY. Sale was held on 17 Mar 1859 on the premises, but no sufficient bid; later private sale was made to: - Frederick CRUM at $1,800 Distribution: court costs, $175.13 - each 1/4 share to children, $406.26 (grandchildren's share was $58.03 each) Closed 14 Jul 1860.
189-199 - HOKE, SMITH, BOTTS, MOTTER - Dec 1857
George SMITH of York Co, PA vs Michael HOKE In 1849, Michael HOKE became indebted to Jacob BOTT and Peter BOTT of York Co, PA for $4,000 and mortgaged his property to them. The BOTTs later transferred Hoke's mortgage to George SMITH. Land - 275 acres; from Henry YELLES Estate in 1859 (previously to YELLES from Sebastian WISE and Peter WISE in 1839). Trustee was William P. MAULSLY with surety as Edward SHRIVER; sale was held on 3 Mar 1860 at hotel of Daniel WILE, high bidder was: - George SMITH at $7,500 Distribution: court costs, $353.12 After SMITH and the BOTTs were paid, - L. M. MOTTER, insolvent trustee for Michael HOKE, received the balance, $1,392.30 Closed 14 Aug 1860.
199-205 - SCHLEY, COOPER, WORMAN - Nov 1859
George SCHLEY, et al vs William Henry SCHLEY, et al George SCHLEY of Washington County and James M. SCHLEY of Allegany County, trustees of Equity Court for sale of Estate of Frederick A. SCHLEY to James COOPER of Germantown, PA; sale for the mansion house in Frederick, nearly opposite to the court house at $10,000. Also, at private sale, was "Springfield", lying west of Frederick and Woodsboro turnpike with water rights; to Henry C. WORMAN at $10,000; (previously to Frederick A. SCHLEY from Peregrine FITZHUGH in 1855). 2nd Accounting: $20,000; court costs, $676.37 - George SCHLEY, son, 1/4 or $4,830.90 - James M. SCHLEY, son, 1/4 or $4,830.90 - William Henry SCHLEY, son, 1/4 or $4,830.90 - Buchanan SCHLEY, son, 1/4 or $4,830.90 Closed 29 Jun 1860.
Michael W. FOUT, et al vs Elizabeth C. KEITH, et al Debts owed to James GRAHAM and Michael W. FOUT, trading as Graham & Fout, and Dr. Thomas B. OWINGS of Howard County by Catharine B. WATTS d/ early 1854 or late 1855, intestate (w/o John WATTS) d/ Marietta WATTS - Baltimore city d/ Elizabeth C. WATTS, w/o George W. KEITH - Baltimore County s/ James Monroe WATTS - Out of State s/ John Quincy WATTS, a minor - Baltimore County s/ George Harrison WATTS, a minor - Baltimore County d/ Susan Rebecca WATTS, a minor - Baltimore County s/ William Andrew WATTS, a minor - Baltimore County d/ Laura Jane WATTS, a minor - Baltimore County s/ Winfield Scott WATTS, a minor - Baltimore County Land - "Middle Plantation", 5 acres, near Mount Pleasant; from Susannah WATTS in 1848; adjoining land of Charles STEVENS and Thomas WATTS. At that time, property was occupied by Hiram WHITE; it included a 1 1/2 story log house and log stable with an apple orchard and forrest. Guardian was William G. COLE; Trustee was C. Louis LOWE with surety as Adelaide V. LOWE. Sale was held 5 May 1860; high bidder was: - Reuben SHEETENHELM at $299 Distribution: court costs, $155.82 Balance paid to creditors at 66% of their claims. Closed 20 Aug 1860.
James W. CAMPBELL and Isaac/Josias PENNINGTON vs Charles E. MEALEY and John W. ROSS (parts are very faded) Land - in Middletown Valley on the Catoctin Creek near Jefferson and north of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road and the C & O Canal, adjoined lands of NEWCOMER and STONEBRAKER and Dr. Charles H. CLAGETT; to Joseph E. CARTZENDAFNER, Martin W. E. HOUSE & w/ Rebecca E. from Charles E. MEALEY; Mortgaged to John W. ROSS. (Land previously from Joseph EASTERDAY.) It had a blacksmith shop, cooper shop, spring house, apple and peach orchards and other fruit trees. Trustee was John W. ROSS and Charles W. ROSS with sureties as William J. ROSS and A. Z. KIMMEL(?). Sale was held on 5 May 1860 at the store of Lloyd & Kessler in Jefferson, but insufficient bid; sale was rescheduled and high bidder was: - John T. SIM(?) at $3,600 Distribution: court costs, $258.27 - CAMPBELL & PENNINGTON, $1845.84 - ROSS, $1,495.87 Closed 15 Aug 1860.
Thomas BALDWIN, et al vs George MOBERLY Rignold BALDWIN d/ winter of 1848 in Buckeystown, intestate widow - Grace d/ Apr 1859 s/ Phineas BALDWIN d/ Elizabeth w/o Zachariah SHAW d/ Susan B. wid/o Patrick Henry HOUGH (d/ Jan 1850) s/ William BALDWIN s/ Samuel BALDWIN - Railroader - Allegany Co, MD s/ John BALDWIN - Baltimore city d/ Lydia w/o James FULTON d/ Ann (d/ 1852) w/o William MOBBERLY - Reisterstown, Baltimore Co, MD .....George MOBBERLY, a minor - Baltimore city Land - "Small Gains", 6+ acres; from Milicent WARING of Montgomery County, widow and trustee of Henry WARING, in 1841, with consent of Charles HILL of Prince Georges County, Raphael SIMMS/SIMMERS/SIMMONS/SEMONERS and Clement COX of Washington, DC, as survivors of Doctor Clement SMITH, dec'd, late of Prince Georges County and Clement SMITH, dec'd, late of Washington County, subject to widow's dower. Property adjoins "Addition to Carrolton" and land from CRONISE and WINTER of 1835. Located on SE side of Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road and NW of road from Frederick Town to Nolands Ferry. The child, George MOBBERLY, was said to be found at John BALDWIN's on McHenry St, opposite Camden Station. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimoney was heard from William H. WAYS and B. A. CUNNINGHAM. Trustee was James L. DAVIS with surety as John A. H. CUNNINGHAM; sale was held on 13 May 1860 on the premises; high bidder was: - Manassas J. GROVE at $1,011 Distribution: court costs, $145.58 - each 1/8 child's share, $108.17 Closed 14 Aug 1860.
George B. BAKER, et al vs John A. BAKER, et al Brooke BAKER d/ Jan 1859 in Woodsborough, intestate d/ Sarepta A. w/o George W. SHANK d/ Mary A. w/o George SAYLOR d/ Belinda E. wid/o David H. YANTIS s/ John A. BAKER s/ David O. BAKER s/ George B. BAKER s/ William H. H. BAKER, dec'd .....Ella Jane BAKER, a minor Land - Lot on Creagerstown Road, 1 acre, then occupied by Peggy FERGUSON. - "Resurvey on Pawpaw Bottom", 159 acres and 20 acres; also "Stouders Desire", 9 acres; from Henry G. WATERS and w/ Eliza in 1817 (Wife's acknowledgment witnessed by Jason PHILLIPS and George KEYSER. - "Woods Town", Lot #8, in Woodsbury (now Woodsboro) from Henry G. WATERS and w/ Eliza in 1821; in occupancy of SHANK & SAYLOR. - Lot #2, 1 acre, on new road from Woodsboro to Eichelberger's Mills; to Brooke BAKER and George W. SHANK from Asbury CHAMBERS and w/ Nelly (colored persons) in 1845 (wife's acknowledgement witnessed by Isaac WRIGHT and John BARRICK of C.). Adjoined Lot #1 of Jacob ARMSTRONG (colored man). - "Resurvey on Pawpaw Bottom", 72 acres; to John A. BAKER from Elias A. GROSHON & w/ Catharine in 1849 (previously from Joseph M. PALMER & w/ A. A. in 1849). After the death of Brooke BAKER, David O. BAKER conveyed all his interest in estate to John B. STIMMEL, in 1859. Trustee was George SAYLOR with sureties as Sameul BAKER and George W. SHANK; testimony was heard from Brooke YANTIS. Sale was held on 2 Dec 1859; high bidders were: - George W. SHANK for 150 acres at $20/acre, pending survey - George W. SHANK for 72 acres at $8/acre - George W. SHANK for lot on Creagerstown Road at $17.50 - John W. BARRICK for Lot #2 at $50 - George B. BAKER for House & Lot in Woodsboro at $2,000 Total sales, $5,647.50 George B. BAKER was not able to comply with terms and property was resold to George W. SHANK at $1,976. Distribution of $5,647.50; court costs, $300.49 - Sarepta A. SHANK, 1/7 or $763.85 - Mary A. SAYLOR, 1/7 or $763.85 - Belinda E. YANTIS, 1/7 or $763.85 - John A. BAKER, 1/7 or $763.85 - David O. BAKER, to his assignees .....HUMMEHOUSE & BANDEL, lien, $442.14 .....John B. STIMMEL, lien, $321.71 - George B. BAKER, 1/7, less resale exp, $703.35 .....George SAYLOR, trustee, for resale exp, $60.50 - Ella Jane BAKER, 1/7 or $763.85
Daniel MAIN, adm vs Andrew DRAPER, et al In 1843, Daniel BLICKENSTAFF, now deceased, obtained a judgment against William DRAPER. Daniel MAIN is Blickenstaff's administrator. William DRAPER d/ Mar 1857, intestate widow - Mary s/ Andrew DRAPER (applied for insolvency in 1845) d/ Hopenell w/o Samuel HAYS - PA s/ Isaac DRAPER (applied for insolvency) s/ William DRAPER Jr s/ David DRAPER s/ Joseph DRAPER d/ Elizabeth DRAPER, now w/o ______ STOUFFER - Ohio?? Land - "The Range about the Three Miserable Knobs", 210 acres, in Catoctin District, adjoining lands of Noah ECKARD, Mr BUZZARD and Daniel STOTTLEMIRE; - tract in Middletown District, 28 acres. David Wolfe Jr. was insolvent trustee for Isaac DRAPER. Joshua DILL was insolvent trustee for Andrew DRAPER. Testimony was heard from Jacob YOUNG of D. Trustee was Daniel MAIN with sureties as Jacob SUMMERS and Jacob YOUNG of D. On 5 Jun 1852, sale was held at the store of Hiram NULLEN in Wolfesville; high bidders were: - Jacob YOUNG of D. for 210 acres at $210.52 Distribution: court costs, $103.64 - Daniel MAIN, adm/of Daniel BLICKENSTAFF on judgment, $106.88 Closed 22 Sep 1852.
Daniel MAIN vs Samuel HAYS, et al Land - "The Range about the Three Miserable Knobs", 93 acres; adjoins "Yosts Claim Enlarged"; from John WISEMAN/WISNER Jr. in 1824; to (siblings): - Andrew DRAPER - William DRAPER Jr - Elizabeth DRAPER - Hopenell DRAPER - Nancy DRAPER, died intestate - Isaac DRAPER - David DRAPER - Daniel DRAPER, died intestate - Joseph DRAPER Isaac DRAPER was insolvent and his trustee, David WOLFE Jr. conveyed Isaac's interests to Andrew DRAPER. Afterwards, he purchased from Adam CUSTARD, sheriff, all the undivided interests of Andrew DRAPER (2/7 share). Daniel LEATHERMAN purchased all the interests of William DRAPER and David DRAPER by deed from Jacob YOUNG of D., constable. Judgment against David DRAPER by Jacob NEFF and w/ Barbara. Judgment against William DRAPER by Daniel MAIN and George LIZAR. Hopenell DRAPER married Samuel HAYS and lives in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth DRAPER married a Mr STOUFFER and lives out of state. Testimony was heard from Jacob YOUNG of D. who stated old William and Mary DRAPER were in possession of the land until William's death, then Mary DRAPER and Joseph DRAPER lived there. Trustee was Daniel MAIN with sureties as Jonathan ROUTZAHN and Frederick MAIN. Sale was held on 13 Mar 1858, in Myersville; however, no sufficient bid was obtained. Later, private sale was made to Jacob WOLFE Jr at $400. Distribution: court costs, $118.68 - Daniel MAIN, 2/7, $80.37 - Daniel LEATHERMAN, 2/7, $80.37 - Hopewell HAYS, 1/7, $40.18 - Elizabeth STOUFFER, 1/7, $40.18 - Joseph DRAPER, 1/7, $40.18 Closed 25 Jun 1860.
Frederick WHITE, John ROUZER and William C. LANDERS vs Frederick W. RIDENOUR, et al Andrew RIDENOUR d/ Nov 1859, intestate widow - Mary Ann Louisa s/ Frederick W. RIDENOUR, a minor s/ Washington A. RIDENOUR, a minor Land - "Creagers Scheme" and "Hammer", 23 acres; from Thomas GURLEY in 1850; adjoining lands of Charles RIDENOUR, Adam EYLER and Henry ROUZER. Previously to Thomas GURLEY Sr. from John FLOHR, attorney of Nancy SMITH, in 1848. - "Resurvey on Five Mill Seats", 4 acres, adjoining the other tract; from John C. EYLER and Edwin F. EYLER in 1852. Located on road from Mechanicstown to Sabillasville, about 2 1/2 miles from Mechanicstown and 4 1/2 miles from Sabillasville. It had a weatherboarded house with carpenter shop attached, log stable, hog pen, wood house, wash house, spring near the house, an orchard and it was well timbered. Administrator was Frederick WHITE with sureties as William SEFTON and John NEED. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from John S. PENNELL who testified he had known the complainants since the 1840's and stated the widow's name was Ann, the descendant had three children, one from the first wife being age seven, and they had lived in Mechanictown. Also testifying was Adam EILER who claimed the widow's name was Ann and only knew of two children, the eldest being age six. Trustee was Frederick WHITE with surety as John Milton COVER; sale was held in Mechanicstown on 26 May 1860 without an offer. Then, on 11 Aug 1860, sale was made to highest bidder: - William C. LANDERS at $275 Distribution: court costs, $103.96 - Frederick WHITE, 58% of mortgage, $87.88 - John ROUZER, 58% of mortgage, $24.81 - William C. LANDERS, 58% of mortgage, $58.35 Closed 22 Oct 1860.
John HOUSE - Petition William HOUSE d/ May 1819 (Will written 8 Oct 1818) s/ George HOUSE (eldest son married at age 19) (inherited 100 acres) s/ Caleb HOUSE (100 acres) d/ Leah w/o James PHILLIPS .....Mely w/o ______ CAVENTY - Ohio .....Mariah w/o ______ GREEN - Ohio .....Racheal w/o _______ TUCKER - Virginia?? s/ Daniel HOUSE, dec'd (5 children by 2nd wife) .....Nelson HOUSE .....Anna HOUSE .....Sarah HOUSE .....Rebeckah HOUSE .....Marandah HOUSE d/ Rachel w/o William LUCKER (2 negroes) d/ Ruth (d/ 30 yrs ago) w/o Christian NISINANGER - Loudoun Co, VA (gave them 2 negroes and 100 acres) d/ Mary wid/of David HARVEY - Zanesville, Ohio (gave her 98 acres) d/ Sarah, dec'd w/o Thomas HARRISON - Kentucky s/ John HOUSE (remainder to him and sister Elizabeth) d/ Elizabeth w/o Thomas WILES (32 acres) Housekeeper - Delilah TURNER(?) (30 acres) Execs/ John S. FRAZIER and Thomas MARLON, (both now dec'd) Witnesses: Jossaw Y. YANFUN, William JACOBS, James FRAZIER, and Jacob COLEMAN Land - "Resurvey on Long Bottom", 39 acres; on SE side of Catoctin Creek. - "More Bad Than Good", 5 acres; Tracts were divided by Catoctin Creek and surrounded by SHAFER's land, RINGGOLD's land and tract "The Spring Secured". Located on county road from Broad Run to Frederick, about 5 miles NW of Jefferson, adjoining lands of SANDERS, John HOUSE, J. RINGGOLD ROUTZAHN and SHAFFER. On 31 Dec 1822, Administration was granted to John HOUSE, Thomas WILES and w/ Elizabeth with sureties as Jacob THOMAS and Abraham DEAVER Jr. Trustee was John HOUSE Jr with surety as Peter WHIP. Sale was held on 27 Sep 1860, high bidders were: - John RINGGOLD for 39 acres at $18/acre - Christopher RINGGOLD for 5+ acres on west side of Catoctin Creek at $91.75/acre William HOUSE petitioned the court to object to the 5-acre sale, claiming he had been sold that land 20 some years ago, but had not finished paying for it. Distribution of $1,234.07; court costs, $212.86 - John HOUSE, surviving admin, $1,021.23 Closed 14 Dec 1860.
John G. NORRIS vs William G. NORRIS, et al John T. NORRIS, dec'd (land records indicate 11 children) - Catharine w/o David UMSTEAD - Lott NORRIS - John NORRIS - Lloyd NORRIS - William NORRIS & w/ Henrietta - Otho NORRIS & w/ Sarh Ann - Montgomery County - Basil NORRIS & w/ Jane - Harriet w/o William DEVILBISS - Deborah w/o David FOUTZ - Mary NORRIS - Lydia NORRIS Land - "Ushers Freehold", 131 acres (from Catharine USHER in 1795); "Prospect Hill", "Resurvey on Woods Lot", (from John STEVENSON), total of 142 acres; a graveyard was said to be on this tract. - "Addition to Grummetts Prospect", 56 acres, on Bennetts Creek; (from Belt BRASHEAR in 1822) David UMSTEAD & w/ Catharine of Ross Co, Ohio sold her interests to Lott NORRIS, John NORRIS and Lloyd NORRIS in 1825. Basil NORRIS (w/ Jane) sold his 1/11 undivided share to his brothers William, John, Lott, Lloyd and Otho in 1825; mentions 56 acres with mills on Bennett's Creek on tract "Addition to Gummetts Prospects", same as conveyed to John T. NORRIS by D. Belt BRASHEAR in 1822; also includes "Ushers Freehold", 131 acres and a quarter of acre conveyed to John T. NORRIS by Catharine USHER in 1795; also "Woods Lot" to John T. NORRIS from John STEVENSON, dec'd. (Witnessed by George ROHR and Henry KEMP) David FOUTZ & w/ Deborah sold her share to Lott Norris in 1828. (Witnessed by Henry BAKER and John LUGENBEEL. William DEVILBISS & w/ Harriet (d/o John T. NORRIS) sold her share to Lott NORRIS and Lloyd NORRIS in 1828. (Witnessed by A. McILHENNY and John M. STEVENSON) Otho NORRIS (w/ Sarah Ann) of Montgomery County sold his undivided 1/11 share to Lott NORRIS, John NORRIS and Lloyd NORRIS in 1828. John NORRIS sold his shares to Basil NORRIS in 1828. Lloyd Norris sold his share to Lott NORRIS in 1828. Basil NORRIS (w/ Jane) sold his share to Lott NORRIS in 1830. (Witnessed by George ROHR and David STEINER) Mary NORRIS sold her share to Lott NORRIS in 1842. William NORRIS & w/ Henrietta sold his share to Lott NORRIS in 1843. (Witnessed by Joseph TANEY Jr. and John GLISAN) Lydia NORRIS sold her share to Lott NORRIS in 1844. (Witnessed by Abdiel UNKEFER and John GLISAN) ====== LOTT NORRIS d/ Sep 1856 (Will written 1 Mar 1855) widow - Elizabeth A. (renounced Will and claimed dower) s/ John G. NORRIS s/ William G. NORRIS, a minor s/ Richard Henry NORRIS, a minor s/ George Dorsey NORRIS, a minor SLAVES - to be freed upon wife's death or remarriage. Only one named was BENJAMIN, the oldest and who had served the longest - was given $200 Guardian to be John D. GAITHER; second choice, Richard D. GAITHER (Children not named in Will) Execs/ none listed Witnesses: William WARFIELD, Lewis ALBAUGH, Thomas MAYNARD Land - "Ushers Freehold", 4 acres; from George KLINE & w/ Sarah E. in 1849. (Previously from Richard COALE to John CAMPBELL Jr. in 1819; witnessed by Abdiel UNKEFER and Isaac BROWER) - "Prospect Hill" and "Resurvey on Woods Lot", 13 acres; from William BRIEN & w/ Lucy in 1852. (Witnessed by Abdiel UNKEFER and William H. BEALL) Guardian was William STOKES; testimony was heard from Henry C. GAITHER and George GAITHER. On 19 Jul 1860, Basil NORRIS testified the widow, Elizabeth A. NORRIS, was 44 years of age and was in general good health. Trustee was John G. NORRIS, but he renounced it; then George GAITHER was appointed trustee with sureties as Henry C. GAITHER and Elizabeth A. NORRIS. Sale was held on 22 Sep 1860 at the hotel of W. W. PERRY in Liberty; high bidder was: - Elizabeth A. NORRIS for the home place of 141 acres at $8,508 Distribution: court costs, $439.55 - Elizabeth A. NORRIS, in lieu of dower, 2/15 or $1,175.79 - each 1/4 share to Lott NORRIS' children, $1,748.16 Closed 7 Nov 1860.
Benjamin A. CUNNINGHAM & Grafton DUVALL vs Caroline L. R. THOMAS, et al William THOMAS d/ Aug 1858 intestate d/ Caroline L. R. THOMAS, a minor Administrator was Grafton DUVALL with sureties as William H. WAYS and Arthur DELASHMUTT. Land - Lot #425 of "Resurvey on Right and Good Reason", 23 acres, and Lot #5, 1 acre; from William B. NORRIS (Baltimore city), exec/of George HOSSELBACK in 1852. - "Resurvey on Right and Good Reason", 4 acres; from John THOMAS & w/ Elizabeth in 1849; money paid to Elizabeth BALL; (previously to John THOMAS from John W. BASFORD & w/ Janey in 1834). - "Resurvey on Right and Good Reason", 76 acres and 2 1/2 acres; from John HAGAN & w/ Maria L. and Michael KEEFER & w/ Catharine A. in 1855. Land near the school house on the public road. Testimony was heard from William RICHARDSON Trustee was Grafton DUVALL with sureties as B. A. CUNNINGHAM and Daniel BAKER; sale was held on 19 Mar 1859 at the Bear Branch School House, high bidders were: - Richard P. T. DUTROW for Lot #1, 10 acres, at $14/acre - Jacob M. BUCKEY for Lot #2, 14 acres, at $13.40/acre - Mrs. Rebecca THOMAS for Lot #3, 2 1/2 acres, at $8.50/acre - Mrs. Rebecca THOMAS for Lot #4, 4 acres, at $15/acre - William PORTER and Benjamin BOTELER for Lot #5, 23 acres, at $6.60/acre - James STEWART for Lot #6, 51 acres, at $4.75/acre Total sales, $817.71. Distribution of $838.37; court costs, $158.67 - balance to creditors, paying at 87% of claims. Closed 28 Jan 1861.
Peter LUGENBEEL vs Thomas B. BUCKINGHAM - Foreclosure Thomas B. BUCKINGHAM obtained a mortgage from Peter LUGENBEEL for Land - "Resurvey on Stripes Purchase", 77 acres; from Nicholas BOYER to Peter LUGENBEEL in 1848 and from him to Thomas B. BUCKINGHAM in 1853. ["Resurvey on Stripes Purchase", 50 acres;and "Cold Friday", Lot #3, 4+ acres; and "Resurvey on Stripes Purchase", 22 acres, (from John SHRINER to Michael SHRINER in 1806).] Trustee was Jacob STITELY of John with sureties as John STITELY and John WEDDLE. Sale was held on 28 Mar 1860; high bidder was: - Peter LUGENBEEL at $700 Distribution: court costs, $104.02 - Peter LUGENBEEL for unpaid purchase money, $595.98 Closed 11 Jan 1861.
408-423 - GRIM, CRAMER, DELASHMUTT - Jul 1860
Jacob CRAMER vs Thomas C. GRIM, et al Land - 117 acres, in Mount Pleasant District in two tracts, 99+ acres, and 17+ acres; to Thomas C. GRIM & w/ Catharine from her parents, Jacob CRAMER & w/ Susan N. in Apr 1858. Thomas C. GRIM & w/ Catharine d/ Loviana A. GRIM, a minor d/ Fanny A. GRIM, a minor d/ Clara E. GRIM, a minor s/ Bradley L. GRIM, a minor Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from William MAHONEY and E. L. DELASHMUTT, agent for Jacob CRAMER, who testified the GRIM's moved to Ohio within the last ten days. Trustee was Elias L. DELASHMUTT with sureties as Godfrey KOONTZ and William H. WAYS. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 5 Nov 1860, high bidder was: - Jacob CRAMER for $4,817.50 Distribution of $4,822.24; court costs, $290.45 - Jacob CRAMER, in part for claims, $4,531.79 Closed 11 Jan 1861.
George W. MEASELL, et al vs Dorcas MEASELL, et al John MEASELL d/ mid Aug 1859, intestate widow - Dorcas s/ George W. MEASELL d/ Ann Rebecca w/o Dennis STULL d/ Harriet P. w/o William H. SADLER - Baltimore city d/ R. Amelia w/o James M. JOY d/ Catharine M. w/o Peter KLINE s/ Thomas J. MEASELL, a minor Land - "Distillery", "Chap Bought" and "Chestnut Level", 11 acres; by Agreement from Charles BROADRUP (w/ Susannah M.) in 1855. On 3 Jan 1859, Charles H. BURKHART made oath the widow was 55 years of age and in fair health. He also gave testimony. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON. Trustee was Nathan O. NEIGHBORS with sureties as Nicholas WHITMORE and Joseph G. MILLER. On 8 Mar 1860, sale was held on the premises; high bidder was: - James H. JOY at $420; but he assigned all his legal interests to Albert W. BURKHART on 17 Mar 1860. Distribution: court costs, $106.35 - Dorcas MEASELL, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/9 or $35.07 - each child's 1/6 share, $46.76 Closed 28 Jan 1861.
William F. COLLIFLOWER, et al vs George J. FISHER William FISHER of Washington, DC, dec'd (Will TS-1, 327, written 25 Mar 1846; filed 18 Feb 1852) mother/ Elizabeth FISHER sister/ Miranda SHIPMAN, dec'd ..........William P. SHIPMAN ..........Harriet Ann w/o Robert G. HARPER - PA sister/ Margaret GOMBER sister/ Ann Eliza w/o William F. COLLIFLOWER sister/ Sarah w/o Joseph BEVAN - Baltimore city Execs/ George J. FISHER and Harriet FISHER (Harriet later died and George renounced the duties) Witnesses: Daniel W. MIDDLETON, Charles H.W. MEEHAN, Alfonso LALBR Land - Lot #275 with two-story brick house and extra lot (then in possession of Mrs GOMBER, on north side of Patrick St in Frederick Town; conveyed by John A. STEINER and Mary Ann STEINER for Elizabeth FISHER during her natural life and then to George J. FISHER in trust. Trustee was William F. COLLIFLOWER with sureties as Jonathan A. THOMAS and Joseph RODRICK. Sale was held at the Dill House in Frederick on 21 Nov 1860; high bidder was: - Lewis S. CLINGAN for Part 1, extra lot, at $2,730 There was no sufficient bid for the House and Lot. Distribution: court costs, $208.80 - A. P. KESSLER, Register, state tax, $63.03 - each 1/4 share to sisters, $614.56 Closed 9 Feb 1861.
William G. GUEREY & wife vs Craven S. WALKER & wife Mary STEWART d/ 1812 She left a number of children who all died unmarried, except d/ Margaret WALKER, widow, d/ 1827 intestate .....Mary C. (WALKER) w/o William G. GUEREY .....Craven S. WALKER & w/ Emeline .....Joseph R/B. WALKER d/ Elinor (d/ 1814) w/o Vincent COLE (d/ 1835) .....Sarah Ann w/o William SHAFFER - Baltimore County .....Catharine w/o Henry NUTTY - Baltimore County .....Rebecca w/o Thomas SMITH - Baltimore County .....Craven S. COLE - Baltimore County .....Jordan C. COLE d/ 1851-1852 intestate ........w/ Mary - Baltimore County (Towsontown) ...........Elizabeth A. COLE - Baltimore County ...........Matilda COLE, later w/o Joseph W. NASH - Baltimore County ...........Nicholas V. COLE - Baltimore County ...........Mary COLE, a minor - Baltimore County ...........Benjamin S. COLE, a minor - Baltimore County ...........Jordan B. COLE, a minor - Baltimore County ...........Rebecca COLE, a minor - Baltimore County ...........Craven W/S. COLE, a minor, & w/ Catharine FRAUNK - Baltimore County ...........Thomas COLE, a minor - Baltimore County d/ Sarah STEWART d/ c1846 intestate, no issue s/ Benjamin STEWART Land - "Resurvey on Jedborough Forrest", 131 acres; from Thomas CHISHOLM and 15 acres; from from Rebecca OSBORNE to Jordan STEWART (from Heirs of John CHISHOLM). Foreclosure by Farmers & Mechanics Bank against Benjamin STEWART with the bank claiming his interests in the property. The bank then sold it to Mary C. WALKER. Elinor's children (then in Carroll County) conveyed their interests to Benjamin STEWART, who conveyed all his interests to Mary C. GUEREY. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Arthur DELASHMUTT. Trustee was John A. LYNCH with sureties as Grayson EICHELBERGER and William S. BANTZ; sale was held on 5 Mar 1859, high bidder was Mary C. GUEREY at $4,960.78; however, she was not able to comply with the terms. A second sale was held on 15 Jul 1859 at the store of Mr. ALLNUTT in Licksville, high bidder was: - Peter N. LEAPLEY at $3,744.68 - Benjamin STEWART was high bidder for corn at $63 Total sales, $3,807.68. Distribution of $5,183.94; court costs, $355.05 - Craven S. WALKER, 1/3 of 1/4, $402.40 - Joseph R. WALKER, 1/3 of 1/4, $402.40 - Mary C. GUEREY, 1/3 of 1/4, $402.40 - Mary C. GUEREY, assignee of Benj. STEWART, 1/4, $1,207.22 - Mary C. GUEREY, assignee of Benj. STEWART who was assignee of Eleanor COLE, dec'd, 1/4, $1,207.22 (from Sarah STEWART) - Craven S. WALKER, 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/4, $134.13 - Joseph R. WALKER, 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/4, $134.13 - Sarah Ann SHAFER, 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $80.48 - Catharine NOLTE, 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $80.48 - Rebecca SMITH, 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $80.48 - Craven S. COLE, 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $80.48 - Mary COLE, wid/o Jordan C. COLE 1/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Elizabeth A. COLE, 1/9 of 9/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Matilda NASH, 1/9 of 9/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Nicholas V. COLE, 1/9 of 9/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Mary COLE, 1/9 of 9/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Benjamin S. COLE, 1/9 of 9/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Jordan B. COLE, 1/9 of 9/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Rebecca COLE, 1/9 of 9/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Craven W. COLE, 1/9 of 9/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Thomas COLE, 1/9 of 9/10 of 1/5 of 1/3 of 1/4, $8.04 - Mary C. GUEREY, 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/4, $134.13 - Mary C. GUEREY, assignee of Benj. STEWART, 1/3 of 1/4, $402.40 Mary C. GUEREY's total was $3,353.39, less additional court costs for resale of property, etc, $1,323.66, leaving a balance to her of $2,029.73. Closed 8 Feb 1861.
Samuel HENKS, et al va George C. SMITH, et al Henry NIXDORFF d/ May 1859 intestate widow - Susan (FCML shows Henry NIXDORFF m/ Susanna MEDTART, 10 Feb 1814) d/ Mary E. (d/ Oct 1859) w/o George SMITH (FCML shows Mary Ann NIXDORFF m/ George SMITH, 10 Jun 1835) .....Charles C. SMITH, a minor .....Emma L. SMITH, a minor .....Clara V. SMITH, a minor .....Frances B. SMITH, a minor d/ Susan w/o Samuel HENKS - Baltimore city d/ Julia M. w/o Charles M. MILLER (FCML on 2 Jun 1857) s/ George A. NIXDORFF s/ Lewis M. NIXDORFF s/ Henry M. NIXDORFF Administrators were Lewis M. and Henry M. NIXDORFF. Land - Lot in Bentz Town; to Samuel NIXENDORFF, blacksmith, from Charles SHELL (s/o Charles SHELL, dec'd) and w/ Mary in 1786 (witnessed by W. M. BEALL and George MURDOCK). Carrolls Creek ran at the north of said lot. - (A) 40 acres; from Thomas CARLTON, Sheriff, court decree for benefit of Jacob HILDEBRAND and w/ Catharine against Henry CROSS in 1827 (inherited from his mother, Catharine CROSS, in 1810). - 40 acres(?); from Samuel CROSS and w/ Catharine in 1828 (inherited from his mother, Catharine CROSS, in 1810). - "Mary Makes One", 103 acres; from John FAUBLE in 1831. (Previously to Fauble from William HILBUS, Casper MANTZ, Henry NIXDORFF and Peter DEGRANGE, Margaret DEGRANGE, Jacob FAUBLE, Catharine FAUBLE and John DEGRANGE in 1830. - Lot #4 of "Fieldera", 40 acres; from James HUGHES of Louisville, KY, exec/of John HUGHES, dec'd, in 1832. (Previously to John HUGHES from Elizabeth NOLAND of Loudoun Co, VA in 1818) - "Try All", 5 acres, adjoining land of Daniel GETZENDANNER; from Thomas NEILL & w/ Rebecca in 1832 (witnessed by George ROHR and John EBERT). - (B) Lot #1 of "Mountain Land", 119 acres, with right-of-way for wagon road; from William M. B. WILLSON in 1833. - "Bloomsberry", 60 acres; from Joseph A. JOHNSON and Charles JOHNSON, execs/of Roger JOHNSON (1831 Will), in 1834. Located on the old furnace road and adjoining tract "Resurvey on Right and Good Reason". - Farm of 530 acres; from Tobias JOHNSON and w/ Ruth of Washington County in 1835 (Tobias inherited it from his uncle, Benjamin JOHNSON in 1833). John RICE then resided on the farm. Comprised of: "Forrest Farm", 100 acres; 200 acres from Thomas JOHNSON and 230 acres from Joshua JOHNSON; reservation for House and Lot where Ric. THOMAS formally lived, reserved for negro man JOSEPH during his live, then to Tobias JOHNSON. - Lot #4 & 5 of "Bloomsberry", 16 acres and 25 acres; from Charles JOHNSON, surviving exec/of Roger JOHNSON in 1836. Located on the side of the old forge dam, adjoining tract "Omi Land" and land of James SIMMONS. - #2 of "Bloomsberry", 40 acres, adjoining tract "Resurvey on Plummers Delight" and "Dudderers Fancy". - Lot #5 of "Bloomsberry" and "Wayman Retreat", 30 acres. Both from John H. SIMMONS in 1839, trustee for Richard JOHNSON and w/ Juliana. - "Try All", 97 acres; from Robert G. McPHERSON and w/ Millicent of Jefferson Co, VA (WV now) and Catharine D. McPHERSON and John H. T. McPHERSON in 1841. (Previously from Charles BEATTY to John McPHERSON in 1796.) Exception is 20 acres to Edward TRAIL and tract "Resurvey on Manken", 60 acres. - (C) Lot in "Taskers Chance", 3 acres; from George C. STOKES of Baltimore city in 1846, trustee in Equity decree for Catharine STOCKTON against Samuel L. AUSTIN and Anne M. AUSTIN and others. Lot bounded on the east by lot of Peter MANTZ and on the south by the street and by Baptist Church on the west by the alley running down to Patrick St at the tavern of Thomas NEWENS and on north by lot owned by LEVY's heirs, John BRUNNER of J., Jacob RUHL and the town creek. - "New Bremen", "Nancys Beginning", "Little Did I Think It", "Gautts Garden", "Honers Choice", "Two Brothers", "Resurvey on Wilsons Lot"; total of 274 acres; from Moses LUGENBEEL in 1846, trustee in Equity case for Moses LUGENBEEL, wife and others against Rebecca KRAMER and others (Estate of Adam KRAMER, dec'd). - Lot #16 of "Foul Play", 77 acres, from Jacob KEEFER and Michael KEEFER, trustees in Equity case against James FINNEY and wife, in 1848 (previously to FINNEY from Willy JONES in 1832). - Lot and 2-story stone house on west side of Market Street in Frederick Town, adjoining residence of Samuel MILLER (was bequeathed to Elizabeth JONES and Louisa DEBRUBER by Jacob MEDTART, dec'd father in Will HS-2, 4); from Norman B. HARDING, Sheriff, in 1849, in court case of George BALTZELL against Elizabeth JONES and Lewis MEDTART. - "Fielderea", 47 acres; from Edward SHRIVER in 1850 (recorded 1860), as trustee from Equity case of Charles RUTHERFORD, Ann M. RUTHERFORD and others against George RUTHERFORD and Frances M. RUTHERFORD, whereby property was sold to Mark BISHOP who died with a Will appointing Grayson EICHELBERGER as his executor who sold said property to Henry NIXDORFF. - Lot #6 on "Waymans Retreat" and "Bloomsberry", 31 acres; from Andrew MICHAEL in 1851. Previously by Deed of Trust to John H. SIMMONS by Richard JOHNSON of R. and w/ Juliana, who conveyed it to Andrew MICHAEL in 1836. - Lot on "Taskers Chance", on South Street; from George SMITH in 1852, as trustee for estate of Joseph SCHNERE. Formerly owned by Robert ROACH. - House & Lot #6 on "Long Acre" in Frederick Town (previously part of "Taskers Chance"); from Willliam C. SAPPINGTON in 1853 (recorded 1860), trustee in Equity case for George ABRECHT and w/ Mary and others against William POOLE and w/ Catharine and others. Consisted of "house and store, residence and lot on All Saints Street and log house and Lot in Baltimore; brick house and Lot in Battletown and house and Lot of ABRECHT and house on South Street, 80 acres, near Shookstown, 119 acres and improvements near Zion and 203 acres of mountain land in different tracts. In district 7, Urbana, 2 Lots and brick house and stone house, 275 acres, 2 log houses, stable and barn, at New Breman 60 acres in wood; "Bloomsberry", 76 acres, Lot #16 Sugarloaf Mountain, 31 acres Lot #6. 30 acres Lot #5, both in wood; "Bloomsberry" in District 9 New Market 525 acres of "Altogether"." Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from Thomas H. O'NEAL and William SMITH. Trustees were Lewis M. and Henry M. NIXDORFF. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 22 Dec 1860; high bidders were: - Edward KEMP for (A) the farm, 3 1/2 miles west of Frederick near Shookstown, 88 acres, at $35/acre - John KAUFMAN for (B) farm about 3 1/2 miles SW of Frederick, 119 acres, from William M. B. WILLSON at $30/acre The following lots are parts of (C) - William TUCKER for Lot #1 in Frederick Town at $202.50 - Joseph M. EBBERTS for Lot #2 at $187.50 - George MARKELL for Lot #3 at $325 - Francis MARKELL for Lot #8 at $250 - Peter MANTZ for Lot #15 at $160 Total sales, $6,571.87. Distribution: court costs, $401.13 - Susan NIXDORFF, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $617.07 - each 1/6 share to the children, $925.61 (George SMITH, husband of Mary, received curtesy of 1/9 of 1/6, $102.84; her children each received 1/4 of 8/9 of 1/6, $205.69) Closed 23 Feb 1861.
John L. LITTLE vs Daniel LEATHERMAN, et al Daniel GEASEY of Lewistown, d/ May 1858 intestate widow - Elizabeth (age 27) d/ Susannah Rebecca GEASEY, a minor (age 9) d/ Amanda Catharine GEASEY, a minor (age 7) d/ Ann Matilda GEASEY, a minor (age 4) d/ Rebecca Elizabeth GEASEY, a minor d/ Phoebe Ann GEASEY, a minor (age 2 months) Note - Rebecca's age not mentioned, but death not mentioned either (perhaps she was just skipped?), nor was birth of Phoebe mentioned in petition records, only in testimony of Daniel LEATHERMAN Jr. Land - Lot #10 in Lewistown; from Joseph HUGHES in Emmitsburg - undivided share in Lots #11, 44, 49, 72 in Lewistown; from Perry G. SMITH, Susanna R. SMITH, John PERKINS, Elizabeth PERKINS, Catharine DERR, w/o Henry DERR, in 1856. Administrator was Daniel LEATHERMAN Jr with surities as Jacob LEATHERMAN and Bradley JOHNSON. Distribution of Personal Property inventory, $109.55 - court costs, $64.24 - John L. LITTLE, creditor, $34.36 Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Daniel LEATHERMAN Jr. who was also the trustee for the sale with sureties as Daniel RAMSBURG of J. and John L. LITTLE. Sale was held in Lewistown on 21 Nov 1858; high bidders were: - Harriet A. HOLL for Lot #44 at $27 - Daniel BARRICK for Lot #49 at $10 - Thomas PICKING for Lots #10 & $11 at $300 (On 15 Oct) Distribution of $337; court costs $116.83 - Elizabeth GEESEY, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $31.45 - balance to numerous creditors. Closed 1 Jun 1861.
John W. DIEHL, et al vs Edmond KEHN, et al William DIEHL d/ Sep 1859 intestate widow - Mary and 8 children d/ Anna w/o Edmond KEHN - Carroll County d/ Mary w/o John W. STONER d/ Sarah w/o George Columbus DEVILBISS s/ John W. DIEHL d/ Susanna DIEHL s/ Jacob DIEHL d/ 30 Dec 1859, intestate, single, no issue d/ Hannah DIEHL, a minor d/ Joanna DIEHL, a minor Land - "Long Ridge", 171 acres; from Will of his father, John DIEHL dated 4 Feb 1827 (execs: Martin DIEHL & Abraham DIEHL). - "Resurvey on Small Beginning" and "Cedar Clift", 160 acres; from Will of his uncle, John GARBER dated 10 May 1858 (execs: William DIEHL, Solomon GARBER and Nicholas BOOCKER). Guardian was Mason R. MARSH; commissioners to survey the land were: Nathan ENGLAR, Reuben SAYLOR, John KINZER, Christian N. GARBER and Michael BALDNER. On 21 Dec 1859, Jacob SAYLER gave oath the widow, Mary DIEHL, was 55 years old and her general health was moderately good. John W. DIEHL was administrator with sureties as George PFOUTZ and John Hammond. Trustee was also John W. DIEHL who notified the court on 4 Jan 1860 that Jacob DIEHL was instantly killed in a fatal accident by the discharge of his gun on the 30th of December 1859. The heirs agreed to divide the lands into lots. On 9 Oct 1860, sale was held on the premises; high bidders were: - Isaac PFOUTZ for House & land on "Cedar Clift" & "Resurvey on Small Beginnings", 150 acres, at $74.01/acre - George PFOUTZ for "Long Ridge", 137 acres, at $35/acre Total sales, $15,956.86. Distribution: court costs, $726.19 - Mary DIEHL, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/9, $1,692.29 - John W. DIEHL, adm, claim, $1,548.01 - Anna KEHN, 1/7, $1,712.90 - Mary STONER, 1/7, $1,712.90 - Sarah DEVILBISS, 1/7, $1,712.90 - John W. DIEHL, 1/7, $1,712.90 - Susanna DIEHL, 1/7, $1,712.90 - Hannah DIEHL, 1/7, $1,712.90 - Joanna DIEHL, 1/7, $1,712.90 Closed 3 Apr 1861.
William KOLB, et al vs John NEED, et al Suit of William KOLB, Godfrey KOONTZ, trustees for Mrs. Nancy TAYLOR, The Central Bank of Frederick, Adam C. WARNER and Robert DADE against John NEED & w/ Mary and John McPHERSON of Wm. & w/ Elizabeth (DUKE), who were indebted to Norman B. HARDING Mutiple mortgages listed including a hotel in Fredericktowne. Land - City Hotel and lots on north side of West Patrick St on on the east side of Court Street in Fredericktowne with stables, trading as McPHERSON & NEED. Trustees were William P. MAULSEY and Grayson EICHELBERGER with sureties as Edward SHRIVER and John A. LYNCH. On 24 Jan 1861, sale was made to John NEED for $16,050. Distribution: court costs, $48.43 - Godfrey KOONTZ, trustee for Mrs. Nancy TAYLOR, $3,180 - Central Bank of Frederick, $2,344.34 - Central Bank of Frederick, $2,344.34 - William KOLB, $2,483.40 - Adam C. WARNER & Robert DADE, $1,604.31 - John NEED, assignee of Charles J. JENKINS, $2,349 - John NEED, assignee of Elizabeth McPHERSON, $1,696.18 Closed 21 Mar 1861.
578-591 - BOLINGER, CRAWFORD, KLINK, MAIN - Aug 1860
Rachel BOLINGER vs John Christian BOLINGER - Petition to Sell Real Estate Christian BOLINGER d/ Aug 1859 widow - Rachel s/ John Christian BOLINGER (b/ 7 Aug 1859) Rachel CRAWFORD married Christian BOLINGER and before the marriage had a marriage contract dated 7 July 1858. The contract provided if Rachel should die first, after burial expenses, her interest in property would go to Christian's relatives. Should Christian die first, Rachel could sell the property and use the proceeds for her own use. Land - Lot #22 in Middletown; from John FISHER & w/ Mary in 1838. Adjoins lot of Jacob WISE; in 1861, adjoined lots of George WILLIAMSON on the east side and Jacob N. D. HOUPT on the west side. - Lot #1 in Wise Additon to Middletown, on the main road Witnessed by G. BOWLUS and Adam KELLER. Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON. In November 1860, testimony was heard from Rev. C. M. KLINK who stated John C. BOLINGER was 16 months old. Dr. Charles J. BAER also testified, stating the date of birth of John Christian BOLINGER. Trustee was Rachel BOLINGER with sureties as Charles M. KLINK and Daniel MAIN; sale was held 23 Feb 1861 on the premises, high bidder was John CRONE at $995. Distribution: court costs, $112.28 - Rachel BOLINGER, balance of $882.72 per marriage contract. Closed
Thomas S. WITHEROW of Virginia vs John WITHEROW, et al John R. F. WITHEROW d/ April 1858 intestate widow - Mary A. R. and minor children, s/ John W. WITHEROW d/ Elizabeth J. WITHEROW s/ (Thomas) Scott Hay WITHEROW s/ (John) Ross Fayette WITHEROW s/ William H. WITHEROW Administrators were John WITHEROW and John A. MARTIN Land - "Lofty Prospect", 22 acres; from John LONG in 1858. Next to "Addition to John's Fancy" - Limestone Quarry to John Ross WITHEROW from David DAMUTH and William STOUFFER in 1858. Previously from Michael FREEZE in 1851. Located on the east side of road leading from Apples Church to Emmittsburg and about 2 miles from the farm. - "All Whats Left", a mountain lot to John Ross WITHEROW from John EIGENBRODE in 1858. - "Brooks Reserve" and "Resurvey on Buck Forrest", 343 acres; to John Ross F. WITHEROW from John WITHEROW, trustee, in 1853. - "Resurvey on Buck Forrest", 115 acres; from John Ross F. WITHEROW & w/ Mary A. R. to John WITHEROW in 1853. (Witnessed by John ARTHUR and Christian HARBAUGH) Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testifying was John W. WITHEROW who was also appointed as trustee with sureties as John DORSEY and John SIESS. Sale was held on 15 Dec 1860 on the premises; high bidders were: - John LOHR for the home farm, 125 acres, adjoining land of Michael CROUSE and John LOHR, at $40/acre. - Jacob ROSS(?) for the 22 acre mountain lot at $3/acre - William STOUFFER for 33 acre mountain lot at $2.80 - William ROUTZER for the limestone quarry at $18.50 Total Sales - $5,178.30. The 105 acre farm on "Resurvey on Bucks Forrest" didn't receive a sufficient bid; however, a private sale was later made to James T. HAYS at $1,350. Distribution of $6,528.30; court costs, $395.93 - Mary A. R. WITHEROW, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $876.05 - to trustees for claims, $11.54 - Thomas S. WITHEROW, note, $1,042.85 - Sarah A. J. HAYS, note, $866.18 - each child's 1/5 share, $667.15 Closed 1 May 1861.
615-629 - JACOBS, KLIEN, FAQUA - Sep 1860
Catharine JACOBS, et al vs Sarah J. JACOBS, et al David JACOBS d/ Fall of 1859, intestate d/ Catharine JACOBS d/ Barbara JACOBS d/ Mary M. w/o Frederick KLIEN s/ David P. JACOBS s/ Adam L. JACOBS & w/ Jemimina d/ Margaret M. JACOBS d/ Sarah J. JACOBS, a minor d/ Eliza C. JACOBS, a minor Land - "Middle Plantation", 32 acres, to David JACOBS from Daniel JACOBS and Adam JACOBS, execs/of Adam JACOBS, in 1848. Located 1 1/2 miles SE of Mount Pleasant on road leading to New Market, with 2-story log house; David P. JACOBS was then living on the premises. Admin/ Adam L. JACOBS; guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from James FAQUA. Trustee was Adam L. JACOBS with sureties as William H. LEASE and Adam JACOBS. Sale was held on 9 Mar 1861 on the premises; high bidder was: - David P. JACOBS at $485 Distribution: court costs & admin fees, $203.51 - each child's 1/8 share, $35.18 Closed 11 May 1861.
Ezra WARRENFELTZ & Others - Petition Supplemental of BGF-1, 475 Sale of Hutzel Farm by Ezra WARRENFELTZ, trustee; on tract "Long Dispute Ended", 162 acres, sold on 8 Oct 1860 in Bolivar to William Joshua KESSLER at $5,232.56. Property in Bolivar, 3 miles west of Middletown, with 2-story stone house, bank barn, spring house and fruit orchard. Henry BOWER Jr was then residing there. 2nd Accounting: $5,232.56; court costs, $228.06 - Ezra WARRENFELTZ, 1/6, $834.08 - Joshua WARRENFELTZ, 1/6, $834.08 - Solomon WARRENFELTZ, 1/6, $834.08 - Mary HOOVER, 1/6, $834.08 - Caroline R. MICHAEL, 1/6, $834.08 - Sarah Ann BISER, 1/6, $834.08 Closed 18 Feb 1861.
Joseph WISE vs Elizabeth COBLENTZ, et al Land - House & Lot at east end of Middletown, then occupied by Isaiah ROUTZANG, adjoining property of Charles NEMIRE. It had a 2-story brick and log house with stable and fruit trees. Sold to Elizabeth COBLENTZ by Joseph WISE in 1857. Mortgage to Samuel BOWLUS for payment to Thomas SHAFER, which he transferred to Stephen R. BOWLUS. Samuel BOWLUS died 1859, intestate, leaving no estate. His widow was Mahala BOWLUS; they lived on the north side of Main St in Middletown. He was guardian of Silas M. BOWLUS and Amos S. BOWLUS. Samuel and wife made deed of trust to Stephen R. BOWLUS. Thomas SHAFER paid by heirs of Samuel BOWLUS; monies still due to Joseph WISE. Trustee was Joseph WISE with sureties as Jonathan ROUTZAHN and Lloyd H. HYATT. Sale was held on 2 Mar 1861, high bidder was: - Frederick MAIN at $714.75 Distribution: court costs, $83.89 - Joseph WISE, note, $280 - Joseph WISE, note, $252 - Thomas SHAFER, lien, $98.86 Closed 1 May 1861.
645-649 - RAMSBURG - Jan 1861
Stephen RAMSBURG vs P. Light WILSON, et al Supplemental to #2799 of BGF-1, 185 & BGF-2, 138 Will of Susan RAMSBURG Petition of Jefferson Circuit Benevolent Society of the Methodist Protestant Church vs P. Light WILSON and J. W. CHARLTON, trustees On 20 Apr 1861, ordered the matter be referred to the auditor for distribution.
Joshua RUDY, et al vs Hamilton F. SCHINDLER, et al Petition to Sell Real Estate Henry SCHILDKNECHT (Jr) d/ Oct 1858, intestate w/ Mary (dec'd) d/ Phebe w/o Joshua RUDY d/ Sarah A. w/o John SANNER d/ Caroline E. w/o Hamilton T. SCHINDLER d/ Amanda C. SCHILDKNECHT, a minor d/ Mary Jane SCHILDKNECHT, a minor d/ Alice SCHILDKNECHT, a minor d/ Laura SCHILDKNECHT, a minor d/ Helen SCHILDKNECHT, a minor Land - "New Sivabia", 144 acres; (consisting of several tracts of a resurvey in 1819: "Resurvey on Timber Ridge Enlarged", "Resurvey on Panimin", "Rome", "Williams Home", "Quakers Mistake", "Little Good", "Adams Expense", "Rams Horn"; mentions deed to Mary SCHILDKNECHT from George ROUTZONG; from Jacob SCHILDKNECHT (w/ Maria), John SCHILDKNECHT, William SCHILDKNECHT and William ORMAN (w/ Mary), all heirs of Henry SCHILDKNECHT, in 1828, (witnessed by Lewis CREAGER and Jacob COBLENTZ). - "Resurvey on Timber Ridge Enlarged", 10 1/2 acres; from Enos ROUTZAHN & w/ Lydia in 1832. (Witnessed by Jacob COBLENTZ and Jacob BAER) - "Little Good", 7 acres; from George ROUTZAHN & w/ Elizabeth in 1832; adjoining "New Swabia". (Witnessed by Jacob COBLENTZ and Jacob BAER) - "Honesty is the Best Policy", 12 acres; from Jacob PALMER & w/ Nancy in 1848; adjoining land of David MAUGANS. (Witnessed by Jacob STOTTLEMYER and Henry BOWER) The total tract was 157 acres, 68 acres were laid off as the widow's dower, on road to Zittlestown. Commission made up of Daniel SHEFFER, George L. ROUTZAHN, John HARP, William METZGER and Joseph BOWLUS. William METZGER was surveyor in Sep 1860; known as tract "New Swabia" and from parts of tracts, "Williams Home", "Resurvey on Timber Ridge Enlarged", "Little Good" and "Quakers Mistake". Also, 4 1/2 acres of part of a mountain tract of 12 1/2 acres, "Honesty is the Best Policy". Guardian was Robert G. McPHERSON; testimony was heard from Jacob SHANK, George L. ROUTZAHN and George SHANK. Trustee was Joshua RUDY and John SANNER, with sureties as Vincent SANNER and Joseph L. HUFFER. Sale was held 2 Feb 1861; sale was made for the home farm of 89 acres to: - Susanna D. SCHILDKNECHT, wid/of Henry SCHILDKNECHT at $6,367.95 The farm was one mile from Mt Tabor on the road leading from the turnpike to the old Hagerstown Road. The widow's part had a fine brick house, stone barn and good supply of running water and a spring house. Distribution: court costs, $407.89 - each child's 1/8 share, $745.75 Closed 25 May 1861.
David KEPHART, et al vs William H. KUHN George OVELMAN d/ 1859 (Will 13 Jun 1859; 26 Nov 1859) widow - Margaret s/ Hiram Washington OVELMAN* s/ George Ruben OVELMAN* s/ John Martin OVELMAN* s/ William James OVELMAN** Land * - - "Buck Forest", 248 acres, adjoining lands of William BLACK, Christian ZACHARIAS, William MOTTER. - tract of mountain land, 30 acres, adjoining lands of John DORSEY and WAGNER; previously from Bladen DELANEY in 1835. Land ** - "Stony Hill", 37 acres, adjoining lands of Dr. EICHELBERGER and Joseph WHITMORE; previously from Charlotte Ann SINGER, ex/of John SINGER, dec'd. Execs/ David KEPHART (of Taney Town, Carroll County) and George Reuben OVELMAN (Emmittsburg) Witnesses: Daniel KANGE, James H. BLACK and Mathias P. Zacharias --- On 5 Jun 1856, George OVELMAN, now dec'd, was appointed trustee in Equity case of Cyrus KUHN & Others vs Joseph KUHN and Others to sell the real estate of Joseph KUHN Sr, dec'd; and on 16 Aug 1856, the real estate was sold to William H. KUHN at $784, subject to the right of dower of the widow, Sarah KUHN. The tract of 28 acres was called "The Home Place" (the part laid out for the widow's dower). William H. KUHN issued notes for the future payments; however, he has now left the state and monies were not paid by the insolvent William H. KUHN who now goes by the name of John KUHN. Land - parts of tracts "Mountain Tract", "Thereabouts", "Resurvey on Stoney Corner" and "Millers Conclusion" was divided into lots, located in Mechanicstown, on south bank of Hunting Creek where the Frederick and Emmittsburg turnpike crosses the creek: - William KUHN for Lot #1, 6 1/4 acres, at $175 - William KUHN for Lot #2, 16 3/4 acres, at $469 - William KUHN for Lot #3, 11 acres, at $201.03 - Leonard PICKING for Lot #4, 12 3/4 acres, at $310.05 - Peter BUZZARD for Lot #5, 11 1/2 aces, at $175.54 - Henry STOUFFER for Lot #6, 8 acres, at $300.46 - Frederick C. WHITE for Lot #7, 4 acres, at $118.47 - Frederick C. WHITE for Lot #9, 14 3/4 acres, at $177.90 - Joshua STOKES for Lot #8 at $85.28 - William KUHN for mountain lot of 25 acres at $131.25 - Michael DORSEY for undivided half of mountain lot of 20 acres (other owner was Joseph WILHIDE) at $20.62 Total sales, $2,748.62. Lots #2, 3, 4 and 5, along with he home place, lay along Hunting Creek on the NE and Harman's Gap Road lay along the SW and divides the other lots which have this road along the NE. The turnpike road divides the home place from Lot #2 from NE to SW and divides Lot #1 in half. Trustee was David KEPHART with sureties as Samuel SWOPE and Benjamin SHANK. Sale was held on 26 Jan 1861, high bidders were: - John A. MARTIN for Lots #2 & 3 at $1,532.68 - John A. MARTIN for mountain lot at $225 - George W. FOREMAN for Lot #1 at $243.75 Total sales, $2,001.43. Distribution: court costs, $227.37 - balance to trustees for claims of unpaid purchase money. Closed 27 May 1861.
William R. SANDERSON vs William LEASE, et al Christiana (Crissy) KEIFER d/ Jun 1860, intestate unmarried and without issue sis/ Rebecca w/o William LEASE sis/ Catharine w/o Charles Edward BOONE bro/ Jacob KEIFER - Baltimore city bro/ Henry KEIFER, dec'd .....Alice V. w/o Jefferson O. BOTELER .....Lewis KEIFER Land - Lot #1 on North Market St, Frederick Town, near corner of Sixth St, adjoining lots of Arnold VANFOSSEN and Miss Phoebe MARTZ. House is 1-story brick dwelling with public pump near the front door. (Conveyed to William R. SANDERSON, father of complainant, from Frederick STEINER in 1824.) Sold to Christiana KEIFER, monies still due; petition for sale of real estate. Trustee was Lewis H. DILL with sureties as Joshua DILL and George T. DILL. Sale was held on 9 Mar 1861 at the Dill House in Frederick, high bidder was: - Daniel GETZENDANNER at $820 Property sold with right to use the wall of the adjoining building, then occupied by Arnold VANFOSSEN, as a party wall. Distribution of $820: court costs, $100.96 - W. Raymond SANDERSON, lien, $568.31 - Catharine BOONE, 73% of claim, $116.80 - Hiram M. NUTZ, 73% of claim, $1.85 - Mt Olivet Cemetery, 73% of claim, $3.70 - Frederick SCHROEDER, 73% of claim, $19.22 - J. T. & E. SINN, 73% of claim, $5.91 - N. T. HALLER, 73% of claim, $3.25 Closed 6 Jul 1861.
Michael BALDNER vs Felix B. TANEY, et al Petition for Title of Real Estate Joseph TANEY, dec'd (Will filed 2 Dec 1844) s/ Joseph TANEY s/ Felix B. TANEY s/ Augustine TANEY Execs/ sons Felix and Augustine Land - "Resurvey of Spring Garden" Lots of 31 acres, 4 acres and 1 acre in Liberty Town (in trust for use of son Joseph and w/ Harriet). By approval of Joseph & Harriet TANEY, sale of said property was made to Michael BALDNER. Joseph TANEY (Jr) d/ 1848 widow - Harriet - Baltimore city d/ Mary w/o Thomas DOYLE - Baltimore city d/ Harriet TANEY - Baltimore city d/ Dorothea TANEY - Baltimore city d/ Henrietta TANEY - Baltimore city s/ Joseph TANEY - Baltimore city s/ John TANEY - Texas d/ Helen TANEY - New York Soon after the death of Joseph TANEY (Jr), the widow and children, all of who were then of age, conveyed the said property to Michael BALDNER and delivered the conveyance to William C. SAPPINGTON, Esquire, to be given to Michael BALDNER; however, Mr SAPPINGTON died shortly thereafter and the papers were lost. Since then, Augustine TANEY has died and John TANEY has recently died, unmarried and without issue. The lost deed was later found, but was not recorded in the alloted time to now be valid. Trustee was Dennis H. MAYNARD with sureties as Harrison T. CLEMSON and Michael BALDNER Distribution of $1,040; court costs, $76.49 - balance of $963.51 held by trustee for support of widow and children. Closed 28 Jun 1861.
719-734 - PICKETT - Feb 1859
Charles PICKETT vs Ezekiel PICKETT, et al Johnzee PICKETT d/ Spring of 1858, intestate widow - Margaret Johnzee PICKETT was an illegitimate child with illegitimate brothers born of the same mother as bro/ Charles PICKETT bro/ Ezekial PICKETT (Carroll County). Margaret PICKETT, widow, was administrator with sureties as Samuel RUNKELS and Solomon CLARY. Ezekial PICKETT files for insolvency before the death of Johnzee PICKETT; trustee for benefit of creditors of Ezekial was William P. MAULSBY, esquire. Grayson EICHELBERGER, esquire, was appointed trustee for benefit of creditors of Charles PICKETT in his insolvent case. Land - "Resurvey on Moab", 27 acres, and "Resurvey on Menhaines", 21 acres; to Johnzee PICKETT of Howard County from Adam C. WARNER and w/ Margaret Ann of Howard County in Aug 1851; witnessed by McLane BROWN and Littleton MACLIN. (Previously from Joel HALL in Jun 1851; see previous deed from Thomas E. D. POOLE to Jesse CLARY in 1840.) - "Delight Enlarged", undivided 3/4 part, runs along a draught of Talbotts Branch, being a draught of Linganore Creek; from Charles PICKETT and w/ Patience in 1834; witnessed by Thomas SMITH and Stephen GORSUCH. Trustee was William P. MAULSBY and Grayson EICHELBERGER with sureties as Edward SHRIVER and John A. LYNCH. Sale was held on 22 Sep 1859, high bidder was: - Ezekial PICKETT at $1,326, but he failed to comply with terms. Margaret PICKETT, the widow, is now willing to purchase the said property for $1,400. Distribution: court costs, $176.68 - William P. MAULSBY, insolvent trustee for Ezekiel PICKETT, $611.66 - Grayson EICHELBERGER, insolvent trustee for Charles PICKETT, $611.66 Closed 28 Nov 1859.
George W. JANNEY and James W. HAMILTON George W. JANNEY and James W. HAMILTON held an 1858 mortgage of James TAYLOR and W/ Ellen for Land - 1/2 of Lot #40 on plat of Berlin (now Brunswick), with dwelling house and meat house. It was sold to Joseph WATTMAN for $240 which paid the mortgage after court costs were paid. Closed 14 Sep 1861. ================== The End of BGF-2 ==================

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