Frederick Co, MD - Equity BGF-1

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity BGF-1

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber BGF-1; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
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Equity BGF-1
Charles A. LAWRENCE & Others vs John Peter LAWRENCE & Others Sarah Maria LAWRENCE d/ c1857 intestate w/o John L. LAWRENCE & d/o Peter SHRINER s/ Charles A. LAWRENCE & w/ Olena s/ Stephen D. LAWRENCE d/ Josephine E. wid/of Marcellus W. WARFIELD d/ Martha E. w/o Henry SIMMS d/ Sarah Margaret w/o Orellana H. OWINGS - Carroll County s/ John Peter LAWRENCE & w/ Frances d/ Larinia Ann LAWRENCE d/ Emma W. LAWRENCE (died befor her mother) d/ Juliana M., dec'd w/o Evan DORSEY ....Stephen DORSEY ....Maria L. DORSEY w/o Aaron T. BAKER ....Julia L. DORSEY, a minor ....Evan DORSEY, a minor Land - "Shrineria", 105 acres, and "McDaniels Chance", 1 acre, (Sarah's share) to John L. LAWRENCE, husband of Sarah M. LAWRENCE, from John LUGENBEEL, trustee for estate of Peter BECRAFT, dec'd in 1829. (Previously conveyed by Abraham JONES, Exec/of Peter SHRINER to Peter BECRAFT on 5 May 1823). - Lot #1 on north side of Main St in New Market, to Sarah M. LAWRENCE from Josiah VARDEN & w/ Margaretta A. in 1856 (previously from Jesse WRIGHT & w/ Margaretta); adjoined lands of Charles SALMEN and Caleb OGBORN. - "Shriner", 71 acres, to Sarah M. LAWRENCE, w/o John L. LAWRENCE, from Abraham JONES, exec/of Peter SHRINER, in 1830. - "New Market Plains", 4 acres, adjoining lands of E. T. HITTIN, E. W. MOBBERLY and T. M. PLUMMER from Johnsey BARBORER & w/ Rebecca S. in 1856 (previously from Washington FALCANE); lies by the alley on the south side of town in New Market. Agreement of Sale dated 12 May 1857 by Larinia A. LAWRENCE (granddaughter of Peter SHRINER and d/o Sarah Maria LAWRENCE) of Baltimore city to Stephen D. LAWRENCE and Charles A. LAWRENCE for her share in estate. Trustee was Dr. Orellano H. OWINGS with sureties as Frances L. JONES, John D. GAITHER of Frederick County and Calius W. H. OWINGS of Baltimore city; sale was held 16 Mar 1858; high bidders were: - Isaac N. WOOD for Lot #1 for $1,500 - Johnsey BARBORER for the BARBORER property at $252 - William G. WILSON for part listed as Lot #12, 21 acres, at $526.21 Private sale made to Stepheny D. LAWRENCE for Lots 13-15, 50 acres, at $1,524.75 and also sold to him Lot #11, 1 acre, at $150 Lot #10 was the only lot not sold. Distribution of $5,962.96, court costs, $477.99 - Charles A. LAWRENCE, 1/8 or $685.62 - Stephen D. LAWRENCE, 1/8 or $685.62 - Josephine E. WARFIELD, 1/8 or $685.62 - Martha E. SIMMS, 1/8 or $685.62 - Sarah M. OWINGS, 1/8 or $685.62 - John Peter LAWRENCE, 1/8 or $685.62 - Charles A. & Stephen D. LAWRENCE, assignees of Larinia A. LAWRENCE, 1/8 or $685.62 - Juliana M. DORSEY's children, 1/8 or $685.62 Closed 4 Dec 1858.
Thomas C. BUFFINGTON & Others vs William C. BUFFINGTON & Others Alexander BUFFINGTON d/ Jul 1857 intestate widow - Mary Ann d/ Louisa E. BUFFINGTON w/o James A. COLEMAN - PA d/ Isabella L. BUFFINGTON w/o Abraham EDWARDS - PA d/ Anna E. BUFFINGTON w/o Lyman B. ROGERS - PA s/ Thomas C. BUFFINGTON, a minor s/ William C. BUFFINGTON, a minor s/ Alexander L. BUFFINGTON, a minor Land - in Johnsville District - "Resurvey on Spring Garden", 123 acres, to Alexander BUFFINGTON of Dauphin Co, PA from Suratt D. WARFIELD & w/ Matilda and Jacob STITELY & w/ Sarah in 1848. Located on the road to Middleburg, had a 2-story log house, barn, a new large grain shed and spring near the door, two orchards and 30 acres of which were in timber. Administrator was Mary Ann BUFFINGTON; guardian was Caspar MANTZ. Testimony was heard from John RINZER. Trustee for the sale was Mary Ann BUFFINGTON with sureties as John RINZER, Mordecai ENGLAR and John L. REPP. On 11 Sep 1857, John RINZER made oath to the widow was age 53 and her general health was only moderately good. After two failed sales (one held at STONER's store), private sale was made to James STONESIFER at $4,400. 1st Distribution of $1,466.67; court costs, $286.41 - Mary Ann BUFFINGTON, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/9, $131.14 - numerous creditors each received 60% of their claims. Closed 28 Dec 1858.
42-52 - GROSS, MARKELL - Oct 1858
Frederick Town Savings Institution vs C. Sampson GROSS & Others Henry GROSS d/ intestate s/ C. Lampson GROSS - out of state s/ Benjamin GROSS - Baltimore city s/ Dennis GROSS - Baltimore city Land - House & Lot on north side of All Saints St in Frederick (one door west of the Baptist Church); to Francis MARKELL from Peter MANTZ, exec/of Peter MANTZ,in 1854 (previously from John ROGERS to Peter MANTZ in 1787). Administrator was Grayson EICHELBERGER as well as the trustee. Sale was held at SHANK's Hotel in Frederick on 5 Jun 1858, high bidder was George MARKELL at $505. Distribution: court costs, $113.57 - balance paid to creditors. Closed 5 Oct 1858.
53-64 - CASTLE, HEBB, BUSHEY, THOMAS - Jan 1859
Edward T. HEBB & Jacob M. BUSHEY vs Lewis CARTTE & Others Deed of Mortgage to Edward T. HEBB and Jacob M. BUSHEY by Lewis CASTLE & w/ Lydia, payable to Samuel DUTROW and Jacob SPECHT. Land - "Carrolton Manor", 98 acres, to Lewis CASTLE by Robert BOONE, agent for Charles Tucker CARROL. Trustees fors sale were Edward T. HEBB & Jacob M. BUSHEY; sale was held on 6 Mar 1858, high bidder was - Josiah L. THOMAS at $6,944.25. Distribution of $6,967.74; court costs, $416.79 - balance paid to creditors. Closed 16 Feb 1859.
64-82 - GALLIGHER - Feb 1857
Michael B. GALLIGHER vs James A. GALLIGHER & Others Mortgage to Rev. Michael B. GALLIGHER of Boston, Massachusetts by James A. GALLIGHER in 1855. Numerous judgments had been filed against James A. GALLIGHER. Land - House & Lot on Patrick St and Chapel or Galligher Alley; from Major Daniel HUGHES. Trustee for sale was Joshua DILL; sale was held on 12 Sep 1857 at Shanks & Nathinal's Hotel in Frederick, high bidder was: - Eliza GALLIGHER, w/o James A. GALLIGHER at $3,625 Petition was files by the Gallighers to void the sale as they intended to pay off the debts. Court annulled the sale and auditor's report showed the listing of payments to the creditors. Closed 1 Deb 1859.
William BROWN & Others vs Josephine BROWN and Elizabeth BROWN William BROWN d/ Aug 1856 intestate s/ William BROWN d/ Mary BROWN w/o Christian HAUVER s/ John BROWN s/ Ignatius BROWN d/ Elizabeth BROWN d/ Hannah BROWN d/ Matilda BROWN w/o William GELTZ/GETZ d/ Catharine BROWN, dec'd w/o William H. BROWN (cousins) .....Josephine BROWN, a minor .....Elizabeth BROWN, a minor Admin/of William BROWN were Ignatius BROWN and John BROWN. Land - "Fox Range", 40 acres; from George ELLICOTT, Samuel GODFRY and James GILLENHAUS; graveyard was mentioned. - "Resurvey on Round Meadow and Stone Enough", 161 acres; from George BROWN (w/ July Ann) in 1835; adjoins land of Tobias RITTERS and includes part "Separation" (resurveyed for John BIGGS in 1792). Guardian was William G. COLE; testimony was heard from John NEID who tesified that William H. BROWN lived in Pennsylvania, but the children were in Maryland. Trustees were Ignatius BROWN and John BROWN (of Wm.) with sureties as Daniel BUHRMAN and George H. FOX. The graveyard had been sold to William BROWN at $1.20. High bidder was: - William GATZ, the farm at $3,035 - George H. FOX, a timber lot of 34 acres at $12/acre Distribution of $3,447.20; court costs, $178.15 - each 1/8 share, $408.65 with Wm. H. BROWN's curtesy share as $76.62 and his two daughters each receiving $166. Closed 9 Oct 1858.
Charles A. LAURENCE & Others vs John Peter LAURENCE & Others Peter SHRINER, dec'd (Will written 29 July 1817) widow - Eve d/ Sarah Maria (d/ 14 Apr 1857) w/o John S. LAURENCE .....Charles Augustus LAURENCE & w/ Olivia .....Stephen D. LAURENCE .....Josephine Elizabeth (LAURENCE) wid/o Marcellus W. WARFIELD .....Martha E. (LAURENCE) w/o Henry SIMMS .....Sarah Margaret (LAURENCE) w/o Orrllana H. OWINGS - Carroll County .....John Peter LAURENCE & w/ Frances - Out of State .....Lavinia Ann LAURENCE - Baltimore city .....Emma W. LAURENCE (died before her mother) .....Juliana M. (LAURENCE), dec'd w/o Evan DORSEY ----------Stephen DORSEY - Out of State ----------Maria L. (DORSEY) w/o Aaron T. BAKER - Out of State ----------Julia L. DORSEY, a minor - Out of State ----------Evan DORSEY Jr., a minor - Out of State Execs/ Abraham JONES and Basil DORSEY (he renounced 9 Mar 1821) Witnesses: R. B. TANEY, Charles MANN, Singleton DUVALL Land - "Shrinera", 1,008 acres, Portions were sold for the payment of debts to Samuel T. DORSEY (60 acres), Peter BECRAFT (32 acres), John COCKRAN (30 acres & 91 acres adjoining John RUNKLES) and Sarah M. LAURENCE w/o John LAURENCE (71 acres), leaving about 722 acres. Abraham JONES, now deceased, had eldest son, John JONES (Out of State). Charles A. LAURENCE and Stephen D. LAURENCE have since purchased the share from their sister, Lavinia Ann LAURENCE. Trustee was Orellana H. OWINGS of Carroll County with sureties as C. W. H. OWINGS, Frances JONES and Johnn D. GAITHER; survey indicated there was 826 acres to sell, lying 1 mile south of Unionville, 4 miles from Liberty Town and 6 miles from the Baltimore and Ohio Rail road. - Lot #1 - was the home farm of 164 acres with the manor house and, in addition, Lot #10, 32 acres from estate of Mrs. Sarah M. LAURENCE, now deceased, totaling 196 acres of best quality limestone and blue slate and had easy acces to Mount Airy Depot and the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road. - Lot #2 - Merchant Mill with water rights and 2 sets of buildings in good repair on 37 acres. The mill is on a good stream in a fine wheat-growing county. - Lot #3 - 105 acres with buildings with 35 acres in timber and cleared land that has been limed and has a spring near the buildings. - Lot #4 - Factory with saw mill attached on 42 acres, had 3 good dwellings and fine orchard and is on a good stream and has $2,000 worth of machinery. - Lot #5 - Adjoins the factory with 140 acres, 45 acres of which is timbered with the rest limed and is well watered. - Lot #6 - 136 acres of which 65 are timbered and the rest limed, is good tobacco land. The lot adjoins COCHRAN and the factory. - Lot #7 - 57 acres, half of which is timberland, the rest would make good tobacco land. - Lot #8 - 15 acres of wood land, adjoins COCHRAN. - Lot #9 - 27 acres of wood land, adjoins COCHRAN. After a failed sale, private sale was made to: - Stephen D. LAURENCE for Lot #2 at $3,500 - Singleton W. HAUN for Lot #4 at $3,000 - Singleton W. HAUN for Lot #5 & #3 at $4,340.31 - Charles A. LAURENCE for Lot #1 at $9,286.50 for Lots #7-9 at $2,613.21 - Eugenia L. OWINGS, infant daughter of the trustee, for Lot #6 & 62 acres of Lot #3, west of Poole Road, at $2,010 and $1,800 Total sales, $15,710.41. Sales of Eugenia L. OWINGS were voided by the court. On 20 Jan 1859, sale was held at SHANK's Hotel in Frederick, high bidders were: - Mrs. Martha E. SIMMS for 62 acres of Lot #3 at $1,875 - Charles A. LAURENCE for Lot #6 at $2,086 Distribution of $22,740.72; court costs, $1,059.52 - each 1/8 share to surviving heirs, $2,710.15 - Julianna DORSEY's children, each 1/4 of 1/8, $677.53 2nd Distribution of $4,086; court costs, $177.17 - each 1/8 share to surviving heirs, $488.60 - Julianna DORSEY's children, each 1/4 of 1/8, $122.15 Closed 7 May 1859. (Blank pages from 103-108)
William DELAPLANE & Others vs Baltzer MORT & Others William DELAPLANE d/ 1844 (Will written 17 Oct 1843) d/ Elizabeth w/o M. B. EABBERT - Sophiah ENGLE, now w/o John ENGLE s/ William DELAPLANE s/ Jacob DELAPLANE d/ Mary DELAPLANE w/o Baltzar MORT d/ Susannah DELAPLANE w/o Samuel YOUNG d/ Margaret DELAPLANE w/o David YOUNG s/ Peter DELAPLANE, a minor s/ John DELAPLANE (b/ Aug 1841), a minor Land - Farm of 129 acres and adjoining wood lot of 6 acres; located 2 miles north of Woodsborough on road leading to Emmittsburg, adjoining lands of Nathan BAKER, Solomon BARRICK, Owen L. VAGROUND(?) and David WAGNER. Property had log house, bank barn, stone blacksmith shop and other outbuildings. Execs/ Sophiah ENGLE and son William DELAPLANE Witnesses: Richard HAMMOND, Paul CARMACK Guardian was Z. Oregen SIMMONS; testimony was heard from George W. ANNAN. Trustee was William DELAPLANE with sureties as John W. BARRICK, George P. BARRICK and George W. SHANK. Sale was held on 6 Mar 1858, high bidder was - Jacob DELAPLANE at $18.70/acre. Also sold was personal property at $334. Total sales, $2,869.97. Moses ANDERS petitioned the court in reference to his purchase of share from Sophia & husband John ENGLE. Distribution of $2,869.97, corut costs, $259.57 - each 1/8 share, $290.06 to: William, Peter, Jacob & John DELAPLANE, Mary MORT, Susanna YOUNG, Margaret YOUNG and Sophia ENGLE (to Moses ANDERS as her assignee) Closed 22 Dec 1858.
Serena SIMMONS & Others vs Isaac SIMMONS & Others James SIMMONS, dec'd (Will written 12 Jan 1829) Children listed were: - sons, Abraham, James and John SIMMONS; - daughters, Drucilla TORRANCE, Mary Ann COST, Ruth DADE and Serena SIMMONS. Issues land "Mountain Top" to son John SIMMONS, on road from New Town Trap to Trammelstown and also part to daughter Serena SIMMONS, along with SLAVES - negro woman CYNTHIA & her youngest child at his decease. Exec/ son John SIMMONS witnesses: Grafton DUVALL, Anthony LANDERS, William LAKINS === John SIMMONS d/ Sep 1857 intestate sis/ Serena SIMMONS sis/ Ruth (Simmons) w/o Robert T. DADE - Montgomery County sis/ Drusilla w/o James TORRANCE, both dec'd .....Rebecca A. L. (Torrance) wid/of Dr. Lloyd DORSEY .....Elizabeth (Torrance) w/o Isaac SIMMONS - Baltimore .....Mary TORRANCE - Baltimore city sis/ Mary Ann (Simmons) w/o Christian COST, both dec'd .....Ann Rebecca (Cost) POOLE, a widow - Montgomery County .....Catharine (Cost) w/o Joseph LYONS - DC bro/ Isaac SIMMONS, dec'd .....Isaac SIMMONS - Baltimore bro/ James SIMMONS, dec'd .....John F. SIMMONS & w/ Harriet MURDOCK .....James S. SIMMONS & w/ Ann E. SHURER(?) .....Abraham H. SIMMONS & w/ Elizabeth Ann SIMMONS .....Elizabeth D. SIMMONS w/o William JOHNSON .....Charles P. SIMMONS & w/ Elizabeth MAYNARD .....Richard SIMMONS & w/ Tereza RINZER .....Rezin Emory SIMMONS & w/ Sarah Elizabeth URNER .....Ann Sophia SIMMONS w/o George W. POLE .....Mary R. SIMMONS w/o John T. WORTHINGTON .....Serena SIMMONS .....Thomas SIMMONS .....Vernon SIMMONS, a minor bro/ Abraham SIMMONS, dec'd .....Mary Ann SIMMONS w/o Leonard SMITH - New York .....Elizabeth SIMMONS w/o John R. GREEN - New York .....Rebecca SIMMONS w/o Christopher BARRISTER - New York .....Caroline SIMMONS w/o William E. CLARK - New York .....James G. SIMMONS & w/ Mary Emily _____ - New York .....Temperance SIMMONS w/o John BARRISTER - Wisconsin .....Drucilla SIMMONS w/o John R. CONOVER - New Jersey .....Adaline SIMMONS w/o Isaac P. WHITE - New Jersey Land - Farm in Middletown Valley in Jefferson District, 397 acres, one and a half miles from Jefferson and two and a half miles from Catoctin Switch, adjoining lands of Sebasian RAMSBURG, and James FIGGINS; divided into nine fields with 70 acres in timber. It has a new fancy 1 1/2 story house, a new Switzer barn and is well watered with several springs and a water ram which brings the water into the yard. It also has a large apple orchard. - "Cut Knee", 3 acres, from Lloyd DORSEY & w/ Rebecca A. L. in 1854 (to them from Isaac SIMMONS in 1842). Guardian was Mason R. MARSH; trustees were Robert T. DADE of Montgomery County and James S. SIMMONS with sureties as J. F. SIMMONS and Charles S. SIMMONS. Sale was held on 2 Aug 1858 at the City Hotel in Frederick, high bidder was: - Robert T. DADE for 275 acres at $11,926.75 Distribution of $11,926.75; court costs, $578.20 - Serena SIMMONS, 1/7 or $1,621.22 - Ruth DADE, 1/7 or $1,621.22 - Isaac SIMMONS, 1/7 or $1,621.22 - Ann R. POOLE, 1/2 of 1/7 or $810.61 - Catharine LYONs, 1/2 of 1/7 or $810.61 - Rebecca A. L. DORSEY, 1/3 of 1/7 or $560.40 - Elizabeth R. SIMMONS, 1/3 of 1/7 or $560.40 - Mary L. TORRANCE, 1/3 of 1/7 or $560.40 - Mary Ann SMITH, 1/8 of 1/7 or $202.63 - Rebecca BANNISTER, 1/8 of 1/7 or $202.63 - Caroline CLARKE, 1/8 of 1/7 or $202.63 - James G. SIMMONS, 1/8 of 1/7 or $202.63 - Temperance BANNISTER, 1/8 of 1/7 or $202.63 - Adaline WHITE, 1/8 of 1/7 or $202.63 - Drucilla CONOVER, 1/8 of 1/7 or $202.63 - Elizabeth GREEN, 1/8 of 1/7 or $202.63 - John F. SIMMONS, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - Abraham H. SIMMONS, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - James S. SIMMONS, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - Charles S. SIMMONS, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - Thomas W. SIMMONS, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - Richard E. SIMMONS, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - R. Emory SIMMONS, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - Vernon SIMMONS, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - Elizabeth D. JOHNSON, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - Ann Sophia POLE, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - Mary R. D. WORTHINGTON, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 - Serena SIMMONS, 1/12 of 1/7 or $135.10 Closed 3 Oct 1858.
Stephen RAMSBURG vs Rev. P. Light WILSON & Others Stephen RAMSBURG (Will written 4 Jan 1850) s/ Stephen RAMSBURG d/ Susanna RAMSBURG d/ Jul 1858 d/ Rebecca RAMSBURG, died intestate, without issue d/ Catharine RAMSBURG, died intestate, without issue Land - "Mortality", originally part of tract "Taskers Chance", 217 acres; reserving the graveyard and access to it. The turnpike road ran through the property and the north bank of the Tuscarora Creek crossed it and ran to edge of Monocacy River. Neighbors were William WHITE, David GLAZIS, Joseph CRONICE, Peter WOLFE, John MILLER - "Chestnut Hill", 50 acre mountain lot. Execs/ Rev. P. Light WILSON and John W. CHARLTON Witnesses: Casper MANTZ, Lewis W. WOLFE, Singleton H. O'NEAL === Susanna/Susan RAMSBURG (Will written 22 May 1858) - Susan w/o Daniel LINN - Louisa w/o Perry RICE and their children, .....Drusilla RICE .....Marine Traler RICE .....Perry F. M. RICE .....Archibald C. RICE .....Levin/Lerin T. R. RICE .....Martha E. RICE .....Sarah J. RICE - Mary w/o Jacob WALKER - Mrs. H. M. WILLSON w/o Rev. P. L. WILLSON - Jesse SHREVE - Peter BRUNER - Rebecca w/o Valentine ALBAUGH - Rhoda w/o Peter CLEM - Baltimore city - Christian NEIGHOOP - Susan w/o John BETSON - Baltz NEIGHOOP - Illinois - Jefferson Circuit Benovolent Society of the Methodist Church in trust for Home Mission of the Methodist Church and Pipe Creek Benevolent Society Execs/ Rev. P. Light WILSON and John W. CHARLTON Witnesses: William TYLER, George R. DENNIS, William WHITE === Codicil of Will dated 16 Jun 1858 of Susanna RAMSBURG provided legacies to: - Lewis BRUNNER - John H. BRUNER - Joshua BRUNNER - Jonathan BRUNNER - Ohio - Isaac BRUNNER - Polly PALMER, 1st cousin of Susanna's mother Witnesses: George R. DENNIS, William WHITE, Henry PERRY === Trustees were Ezra Houck, Rev. P. Light WILSON and John W.; CHARLTON with sureties as Ezra HOUCK, Abraham KEMP and John W. BIRELY, Peter BOYER and Levin RICE. Sale was held 29 Jan 1859 at the City Hotel in Frederick, high bidders were: - Jeremiah C. CRAMER for 210 acres at $70.25/acre or $14,751 - Stephen RAMSBURG for residue of farm of 7 acres at $2,750, which included a large 2-story brick house Distribution of $17,503.79; court costs, $740.20 - Stephen RAMSBURG, 1/2 or $8,381.79 - state tax on Susan RAMSBURG's half share, $209.55 - John W. CHARLTON & P. Light WILSON, as trustees for Estate of Susanna RAMSBURG, $8,172.25 Closed 12 May 1859.
210-223 - EASTERDAY, SLAVES, CRUM - May 1858
Mary EASTERDAY & Others vs Joseph EASTERDAY Deed of Mortgage from Joseph EASTERDAY to Mary EASTERDAY on 15 Feb 1858. Land - 66 acres, in deed to Joseph EASTERDAY from Lewis EASTERDAY, Mary EASTERDAY, Joseph CARTZENDAFNER & w/ Rachel. Also SLAVES - negro GEORGE, age 30; negro SARAH ANN, age 30 & her son PHILIP, age 1; - negro MARY, age 25 & her son WILLIAM, age 2; all slaves for life. SLAVES sold by Joseph EASTERDAY - SARAH ANN and her child PHILIP were sold on 6 Mar 1858. - negro FRANCIS was sold on 10 Mar 1858. Dr. George W. CRUM was trustee for benefit of Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY. Notes were payable to Mary Ann CRUM, Elizabeth CRUM, Margaret A. BOTELER and several banks. Mortgage dated Feb 1858 by Joseph EASTERDAY for benefit of Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY for proceeds of real estate of her deceased father. Joseph was an administrator of credits of Frederick SLAGLE, dec'd, distributed to Sarah. Mortgage included livestock, farm equipment and household contents and blacksmith tools. Also included were SLAVES - negro HARRY, age 70; negro SAMUEL, age 12; negro FRANCIS, age 5; - negro GEORGE, SARAH ANN & her son PHILIP; MARY & her son WILLIAM. Trustee was William P. MAUSLEY; high bidder at the sale was: - Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY, w/o Joseph EASTERDAY, at $1,690.62 (Sarah obtained monies from the estate of her father, Frederick SLAGLE.) Distribution of $1,690.62; court costs, $115.59 - Mary EASTERDAY, claims, $521.67 & 181.51 - G. W. CRUM, trustee of Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY, $872.86
223-241 - MITCHELL, MARSHALL - Jun 1856
Richard H. MARSHALL vs Joseph T. MITCHELL & others Ann M. MITCHELL, then of Kent Co, MD, was indebted to Richard H. MARSHALL Ann Maria MITCHELL d/ Jan 1853 intestate s/ Joseph T. MITCHELL, only child - Kent Co, MD (children by his first marriage) .....Eliza Lee MITCHELL (age 15), a minor .....Joseph T. MITCHELL Jr (age 13), a minor Land - "Maryland", Lots #1, 3 & 4, 234 acres; from Jacob MARKELL, replacement trustee in 1850 after the death of William M. BEALL. (from Deed of Trust in 1844 by Col. John THOMAS to William M. BEALL.) (Previously to John THOMAS from Thomas L. LEE in 1804.) After Ann's death, Joseph conveyed his interests to James McSHERRY, in trust for himself during his life, and after his death, in trust for his children listed above. Trustee was George M. POTTS; testimony was heard from Outerbridge HORSEY. Guardian was James McSHERRY. This record ends on 13 Oct 1856.
Josiah F. SMITH (acting for minors) - Petition John C. LANE d/ summer 1855, intestate widow - Elizabeth - Boonsboro, Washington County and minor children, d/ Mary Catharine LANE d/ Julia Maria LANE - Washington County s/ Charles Seth LANE - Washington County s/ John Clarence LANE - Washington County s/ William Preston LANE - Washington County Land - "Murdock's Mountain Surveyed", 160 acres; to John C. LANE from John KEAFAUVER & w/ Rebecca in 1849 (previously to them from David BOWLUS in 1831). At the Visitation Academy in Frederick, Guardian was appointed for Mary C. LANE, he being Leonard SMITH Jr. Guardian for the other children was Samuel HORINE of Washington County. Testimony was heard from Robert PITTENGALE who stated the widow was 40 years old. Trustee for the sale was Josiah F. SMITH of Washington County with surety as John HAGAN of Frederick County. Sale was head at Beallsville on 8 Jan 1859, high bidders were: - David RAILU(?) for Lot #1, 24 acres, at $7.50/acre - John Z, GAVER for Lot #2, 26 acres at $7.50/acre - Nathan O. NEIGHBOURS for Lots #3-6, 110 acres, at $7.50/acre Total sales, $1,211.25. Distribution: court costs, $198.04 - widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8 or $126.65 - each child's 1/5 share, $177.31 Closed 26 Mar 1859.
Nancy STEPHENS & Others vs Ezra BRANDENBURG Land - "Middle Plantation", 102 acres; conveyed to and mortgaged by Ezra BRANDENBURG to Nancy STEPHENS, Mary LUCAS, Rebecca LUCAS and Susan LUCAS in 1856. Adjoined lands of Michael LEASE and Eli TOMS. Trustee for the sale was Bradley T. JOHNSON Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 30 Apr 1859, high bidder was: - Ezra BRANDENBURGH at $1,500 Distribution: court costs, $122.50 - Nancy STEPHENS, Mary LUCAS, Rebecca LUCAS, Susan LUCAS for payment of mortgage, $1,110.66 - Ezra BRANDENBURG, residue, $266.84 Closed 30 May 1859.
John W. MILLER & w/ Joanna & Others vs Thomas A. MILLER & w/ Sarah & Others - Supplemental Estate of William MILLER; John W. MILLER, trustee Sale of Wood lots of tract "Miller's Fancy" on 18 Feb 1858: - George BLESSING for Lot #1, 7 acres at $31.80/acre - John EILER for Lot #2, 5 acres at $50.51/acre - Daniel GROSSNICKLE for Lot #3, 4 acres at $38.05/acre - John ALBAUGH for Lot #4, 5 acres at $48/acre - William ANNAN & Co for Lots #5 & 6, 9 and 8 acres at $53.21/acre - Joshua CARMACK for 1+ acre at $50/acre Total sales, $1,426.64. Abatement allowance was granted for decrease in acreage by survey. 5th Accounting Distribution of $1,319.68; court costs, $82.54 - Mary Ann MILLER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $123.71 - John W. MILLER, child's 1/6 share, $185.57 - Thomas A. MILLER, child's 1/6 share, $185.57 - William MILLER, child's 1/6 share, $185.57 - Mary A. DUTTARRAS(?), child's 1/6 share, $185.57 - Zachariah MILLER (to trustee Thomas A. MILLER), 1/6 or $185.57 - children of Catharine KOONTZ, each 1/4 of 1/6, $46.39 .....Thomas F. KOONTZ .....Clementine LAUTERBAUGH .....William W. KOONTZ .....Frederick F. KOONTZ Closed 24 May 1858.
275-287 - KOOGLE, RAMSBURG - Feb 1858
Christian KOOGLE & Others vs Mary Deborah F. KOOGLE & Others Isaac KOOGLE d/ intestate widow - Susannah C. - Lewis Co, Virginia d/ Mary Deborah Frances KOOGLE, a minor - Virginia s/ Oliver Columbus KOOGLE, a minor - Virginia d/ Tabitha C. V. KOOGLE, a minor - Virginia Land - parts of "What Not", "Resurvey on Watsons Welfare" and "Smithfield", Lot #5, House and Lot at west end of Middletown, 35 perches; from Catharine LUTTER in 1850 (to her from Jacob WISE & w/ Eliza in 1836); adjoining lot of Peter WILES (from Jacob WISE) and on north edge of turnpike. The 1 1/2 story log house was then occupied by George LORENTZ. Trustee for the sale was Christian KOOGLE with sureties as David KAILOR and Jacob MICHAEL; sale was held on 20 Mar 1858 in Middletown, high bidder was: - Joseph RAMSBURG at $400 On 26 Apr 1859, Christian KOOGLE made oath that Susan KOOGLE, widow of Isaac KOOGLE, late of Lewis Co, VA, was about 34-35 years old and in general good health. Distribution of $400; court costs, $114.36 - widow received 1/7 or $40.80 - each child's 1/3 share, $81.61 Closed 16 May 1859.
287-295 - LOVELY, McCONNELL, RITES, LINN - Aug 1858
John T. LINN & Others vs George L. McCONNELL & wife Emanuel LOVELY d/ intestate widow - Mary Ann, now w/o Joseph W. RITES - Illinois d/ Catharine "Kate" Elizabeth LOVELY (age 18 in 1858), now w/o George L. McCONNELL - Illinois Land - Lots #15, 16 & 17 in Frederick Town; from Henry THOMAS in 1846; (previously from George McGAHEN & wife to Charles GETZENDANNER in 1835; and from Joshua DILL, trustee for GETZENDANNER to Henry THOMAS in 1845). Sale made to John T. LINN by the heirs, but needs court approval. Guardian was Lewis H. DILL; testimony was heard from Levi VANFOSSEN. Sale was approved to John T. LINN with Grayson EICHELBERGER to be trustee to convey the deed. Closed 24 Sep 1858.
Charles HEWITT & Others vs William STILL, et al William HEWITT d/ near Utica on 10 Aug 1856, intestate widow - Ann (13 children) s/ Charles HEWITT s/ Robert HEWITT - Alexandria, VA d/ Mary w/o James BURCH s/ William HEWITT - Alexandria, VA s/ Jacob HEWITT - Washington County s/ Daniel R. HEWITT - Cecil County s/ Abraham HEWITT - Loudoun Co, VA d/ Martha w/o William BURCH - Bedford Co, PA d/ Sarah Ann w/o Jesse GROVE - Bedford Co, PA d/ Elizabeth w/o William STILL - Adams Co, PA d/ Therza/Teresa w/o Joshua CRABBS - Alexandria, VA d/ Frances, dec'd w/o John KING .....Charles W. KING .....William H. KING (died young w/o issue) .....Wesley KING (died young w/o issue) .....Martha Jane (KING) w/o Samuel MEDCALF - Montgomery County .....Francis KING - Loudoun Co, VA .....Nancy KING, a minor - Loudoun Co, VA, later Montgomery Co, MD .....Eleanor KING, a minor - Loudoun Co, VA, later Montgomery Co, MD .....Jackson KING, dec'd --------Joseph Isaiah KING, a minor --------Mary Ellen KING, a minor s/ Benjamin HEWITT, dec'd .....Sarah Ann w/o Charles Z. LOOZE - Bedford Co, PA Land - "End of Trouble", 15 acres, home place at Utica Mills - "Resurvey on Second Part of Puzzle", 1/2 acre; from John STIMMEL in 1851 (previously to STIMMEL from George FRUSHOUR & w/ Nancy in 1832). Adjoining Philip CRIST's part of "No Half for My Loss" and tract "Seven Bits" (conveyed by Jacob CRONISE to Henry HENEP Sr). - "Mineral Attraction", 15 acres mountain land, by warrant in 1838. Adjoins land of Thomas JOHNSON Jr (to him from Benedict CALVERT in 1770 called "The Mountain Tract") and tract "Urricks/Unicks Choice". - "Ulricks Choice", 25 acres mountain land, by warrant in 1768; on east side of draft of Fishing Creek. Guardian for Joseph & Mary Ellen KING was William G. COLE; Guardian for Nancy & Eleanor KING, minors of Poolesville, Montgomery County, was Samuel MEDCALF of Montgomery County. Testimony was heard from Daniel SNOOK and Henry EATON. Trustee was Jacob RAMSBURG with sureties as Dennis RAMSBURG and Jacob SNOOK Sale was held on 2 Jan 1859 at the tavern of Michael ROBERTS in Lewistown; high bidders were: - Edward BARRICK for the home place at $925 - Levi RENNER for house & lot 3/4 mile east of Lewistown, adjoining the farm of Daniel SNOOK, at $90 - L. B. RUNKEL for both mountain lots at $243.45 Distribution of $1,258.45; court costs, $202.91 - widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10 or $105.55 - Casper MERLING & Wm. J. ROBERTS, as asignees of Charles HEWITT, 1/13 or $73.07 - Elizabeth STILL, 1/13 or $73.07 - Therza CRABBS, 1/13 or $73.07 - Mary BURCH, 1/13 or $73.07 - Sarah Ann LOOSE (d/o Benj.), 1/13 or $73.07 - Jacob HEWITT, 1/13 or $73.07 - Daniel R. HEWITT, 1/13 or $73.07 - William HEWITT, 1/13 or $73.07 - Robert HEWITT, 1/13 or $73.07 - Abraham HEWITT, 1/13 or $73.07 - Martha BURCH, 1/13 or $73.07 - Sarah Ann GROVE, 1/13 or $73.07 - Frances KING's children - ....Charles W. KING, 1/6 of 1/13, $12.17 ....Nancy KING, 1/6 of 1/13, $12.17 ....Eleanor KING, 1/6 of 1/13, $12.17 ....Francis KING, 1/6 of 1/13, $12.17 ....Martha J. MEDCALF, 1/6 of 1/13, $12.17 ....Jackson KING's children - .......Joseph Isaiah KING (s/o Jackson), 1/2 of 1/6 of 1/13, $6.08 .......Mary Ellen KING (d/o Jackson), 1/2 of 1/6 of 1/13, $6.08 Closed 12 May 1859.
Sobina MAICKE vs Elizabeth HARRY & Others Isaac R. HARRY (Will written 14 Mar 1855) w/ Ann Margaret d/ 1857 s/ Parmenus R. HARRY (d/ 4-5 weeks after his mother) ...w/ Elizabeth (lived in Graceham) ...d/ Clara HARRY, a minor ...s/ Charles Alfred HARRY, a minor ...s/ P. R. HARRY, a minor d/ ________ MAICKE ...s/ Charles MAICKE (he lived out of state, parts unknown) ...d/ Sabina MAICKE Land - House & Lot #16, 2+ acres, in Graceham; from John CREAGER of L. Property had a 2-story log house, weatherboarded with frame back building, frame stable, fruit trees and excellent water with a good pump near the kitchen door. House was then in possession of Owen DORSEY. Executor for Isaac R. HARRY was son P. R. HARRY. Executor for P. R. HARRY was George H. JOHNSON. Guardian was Jacob GERNAND; testimony was heard from Jacob GERNAND who was also the trustee with surety as John R. BOLLER. Sale was held 29 Jan 1859 on the premises, high bidders were John DORSEY and Jeremiah MARTIN at $247. Distribution: court costs, $102.10 - Charles MAIKE, 1/2 of 1/2 or $36.22 - Sabina MAIKE, 1/2 of 1/2 or $36.22 - Clara HARRY, 1/3 of 1/2 or $24.15 - Charles Alfred HARRY, 1/3 of 1/2 or $24.15 - P. R. HARRY, 1/3 of 1/2 or $24.15 (There was no mention of this P. R. HARRY in the records; however, this distrubution indicates perhaps a third child of Parmenus R. HARRY was born after his death.) Closed 14 May 1859.
337-347 - COVER - Nov 1857
Tobias COVER vs Columbus COVER & Elizabeth COVER Charles COVER d/ 25 Oct 1857, intestate widow - Elizabeth s/ Columbus COVER, a minor d/ Mary Catharine COVER, a minor (b/ 1858) Land - "Anything", "_ _____ Fields", "Resurvey on Justices Delight", "Resurvey on Nicholas Chance", "The Quilting Frolic", "Prosplexity", 76 acres. Deed of Mortgage issued in 1855 to Tobias COVER of Carroll County. Administrator was Tobias COVER who later became the trustee with surety as William P. MAULSBY. (There appear to be many papers missing from this file; the deed, oath of widow's age and health, and the Report of Sales, buyer's confirmation and publication notice; therefore, the buyer is not known from these records.) Distribution of $2,875; court costs, $217.99 - widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 or $379.59 - Tobias COVER, for notes paid for dec'd, $146.81 - Tobias COVER, for notes paid for dec'd, $569.26 - Tobias COVER, for notes paid for dec'd, $659.63 - Tobias COVER, for notes paid for dec'd, $307.58 - Columbus COVER, 1/2 or $307.13 - Mary C. COVER, 1/2 or $307.13 Closed 30 Dec 1858.
John D. CLEMSON & w/ Rachel - Petition Nicholas HOY (Will written 22 Jan 1844/1854) w/ Rachel (d/ Dec 1857) and 9 children d/ Juliet Ann w/o Joseph BIGGS d/ Elizabeth w/o Rodney POOLE d/ Catharine w/o George Washington POOLE d/ Ann * w/o Jacob GRINDER d/ Ruth w/o John PHILLIPS s/ Noah HOY * s/ Ephraim HOY * (d/ after father & before mother) ...w/ Acshah A. ...s/ Thaddeus Sobeiski HOY (d/ after his father) ...d/ Rachel HOY ...d/ Marian F. HOY ...d/ Mary HOY (under age 18) d/ Rachel w/o John Davis CLEMSON d/ Susan w/o Luther MYERS * (shares to remain in hands of executor for their maintenance) Execs/ Rachel HOY (renounced), John D. CLEMSON (renounced) and John PHILLIPS (later renounced duties) Witnesses: Abdiel UNKELFER, Thomas P. WILLIAMS, John C. WHITEHILL, Lott NORRIS Land - "Pleasant Fields", 119 acres, and "Resurvey on Woods Lot", 3 acres;from Amos NORRIS, Elizabeth NORRIS, Bennet WOOD, Susanna WOOD and Dennis D. HOWARD in 1814. Land lied in Long Valley, part of "Monocacy Manor", located in Liberty District. Tenant then living there was Dennis BUTLER. John D. CLEMSON, trustee, sold the home place at private sale (after a failed public sale) to William G. WILSON at $6,209.10. Distribution: court costs, $352.60 - Juliet Ann BIGGS, 1/9 or $650.72 - Elizabeth POOLE, 1/9 or $650.72 - Catharine POOLE, 1/9 or $650.72 - Ann GRINDER, 1/9 or $650.72 - Ruth PHILLIPS, 1/9 or $650.72 - Benjamin LINDSAY, trustee of Noah HOY, 1/9 or $650.72 - Rachel CLEMSON, 1/9 or $650.72 - Susan MYERS, 1/9 or $650.72 - Acsah HOY, widow of Ephraim, 1/3 of 1/8 or $216.90 - Rachel HOY, 1/3 of 2/3 of 1/9 or $144.60 - Marian HOY, 1/3 of 2/3 of 1/9 or $144.60 - Mary HOY, 1/3 of 2/3 of 1/9 or $144.60 Closed 9 Jun 1859.
Elizabeth KELLER & Others vs Samuel JENKINS & Others William JENKINS of Loudoun Co, VA (Will 3 Jan 1821; 8 Jan 1821) Negro Slaves - SAMUEL, LUCY, ANN, POLLY, ELIZABETH to be set free, leave them the bonds against James S. HOOKS' heirs; also priviledge of living on his farm for one year and to have half of winter and summer crops and choice of three of cows. bro/ Job JENKINS (balance of Real & Personal property except island where ADAM now lives Negro Slaves - RICHARD and JANDER(??) (to bro/ Job) to serve Job during his lifetime and then to be set free. Execs/ Edward MARLON & bro/ Job JENKINS Witnesses: George MARLON, William COLE, Henry BALL Letters of Admin to Edward MARLON with sureties as Samuel DAWSON and Thomas J. MARLON. ===== Job JENKINS d/ c1825 intestate, leaving 11 children s/ William JENKINS & w/ Elizabeth GORE, both now dec'd .....(daughter), dec'd w/o _____ DAVIS ----------James DAVIS, a minor - Harper's Ferry, VA/WV ----------Lafayette DAVIS, a minor - Harper's Ferry, VA/WV s/ John JENKINS, now dec'd (unmarried, no issue) s/ Dory JENKINS & w/ Frances REEDE, both now dec'd .....Margaret w/o Daniel MICHAEL .....Sarah w/o Samuel MICHAEL - Stephenson Co, IL .....Anne E. w/o Nathaniel KIDWELL - Missouri .....Mary THOMAS s/ Job JENKINS Jr & w/ Fanny LYNCH, both now dec'd, no issue s/ Limon (Simon??) JENKINS (now dec'd) & .....wid/ Anne SMITH/SMYTH - Montgomery County .....Sarah E. w/o William LEMON - Montgomery County s/ Samuel JENKINS, single (moved west) d/ Eleanor JENKINS w/o William LOCKER - moved west 20 years ago d/ Mary JENKINS w/o John HOOPER, both now dec'd .....James HOOPER & w/ Catharine - Hocking Co, Ohio .....Elizabeth HOOPER wid/o Rudolph KELLER .....Isaac HOOPER (dec'd) & w/ Catharine - Hocking Co, Ohio ---------William J. HOOPER - Hocking Co, Ohio ---------John C. HOOPER - Hocking Co, Ohio ---------Mary R. HOOPER - Hocking Co, Ohio ---------James B. HOOPER, a minor - Hocking Co, Ohio ---------Henry M. HOOPER, a minor - Hocking Co, Ohio ---------Haley J. HOOPER, a minor - Hocking Co, Ohio ---------Christian L. HOOPER, a minor - Hocking Co, Ohio ---------Elizabeth A. HOOPER, a minor - Hocking Co, Ohio d/ Dorcus JENKINS w/o Jacob RAZER - Hocking Co, Ohio d/ Elizabeth JENKINS w/o Richard NORWOOD - moved west 20 years ago d/ Ana Louisa JENKINS w/o Eli UNGLESBEE, both now dec'd ...unnamed child who also died bro/ William JENKINS d/ 1821 his negro slave ADAM d/ 1853-1854 ===== Land - "Trammells Conoy Island", 25+ acres, in Potomac River, between Katocton Mountain in Maryland and mouth of Katocton Brook in Virginia; from Charles CUNNINGHAM (w/ Anne) in 1821. Formerly occupied by William JENKINS, dec'd. - Island in Potomac River, 4-5 acres, where slave ADAM lived. Guardian for the DAVIS children was George L. COLLIS of Jefferson Co, VA/WV; guardian for the HOOPER children was John STROHL of Ilesborough, Hocking Co, Ohio Testimony was heard from Benjamin F. GATTON. Trustee for the sale was Charles H. KELLER with sureties as Daniel MICHAEL, A. H. BREMEMAN and F. W. BREMEMAN. On 28 Apr 1859, sale was held at the tavern of B. F. GATTON in Point of Rocks; high bidders were: - John HEATER for large island, 25 acres, at $39/acre - Joseph FOLEY for small island, 5+ acres, at $18.06/acre Total sales, $1,027.06, subject to survey differences. Distribution of $1,027.06; court costs, $179.88 - James DAVIS, 1/2 of 1/6 or $70.59 - Lafayette DAVIS, 1/2 of 1/6 or $70.59 - Margaret MICHAEL, 1/4 of 1/6, $35.29 - Sarah MICHAEL, 1/4 of 1/6, $35.29 - Anne E. KIDWELL, 1/4 of 1/6, $35.29 - Mary THOMAS, 1/4 of 1/6, $35.29 - Anne JENKINS, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10 of 1/6, $16.12 - Sarah LEMON, 9/10 of 1/6, $127.07 - Samuel JENKINS, 1/6, $141.19 - James HOOPER, 1/3 of 1/6, $47.06 - Elizabeth KELLER, 1/3 of 1/6, $47.06 - William T. HOOPER, 1/8 of 1/3 of 1/6, $5.88 - John C. HOOPER, 1/8 of 1/3 of 1/6, $5.88 - Mary R. HOOPER, 1/8 of 1/3 of 1/6, $5.88 - James B. HOOPER, 1/8 of 1/3 of 1/6, $5.88 - Henry M. HOOPER, 1/8 of 1/3 of 1/6, $5.88 - Haley I. HOOPER, 1/8 of 1/3 of 1/6, $5.88 - Christian L. HOOPER, 1/8 of 1/3 of 1/6, $5.88 - Elizabeth A. HOOPER, 1/8 of 1/3 of 1/6, $5.88 - Dorcus RAZER, 1/6, $141.19 Closed 5 Jul 1859.
384-395 - GOMER, HEIM, SMITH - Jan 1859
Jacob B. HEIM & w/ Anna C. vs Laura V. SMITH & Daniel D. SMITH Isaac C. GOMBER d/ 1857 (Will) - Anna C. w/o Jacob B. HEIM - Baltimore city - John G. SMITH d/ 28 Jun 1857 .....widow - Laura V. .....s/ Charles G. SMITH, a minor (d/ 1 Nov 1858) - Daniel D. SMITH - Ohio Land - House & Lot on north side of All Saints St in Frederick city, runs back to Carroll Creek. It has a 1-story stone house, stone back building, wooden house pump and well convenient to the kitchen, convenient to the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, and adjoins lot of John LOATS (formerly was Isaac REED's) on the east and Jacob LEILICK on the west. In 1856, John G. SMITH purchased share of Anna C. HEIM; he also held in trust the share of his brother, per his father's Will. Trustee was Charles MANTZ with sureties as Allen G. QUYNN and John Alfred RITTER. On 26 Feb 1859, sale was held on the premises; high bidder was: - Laura V. SMITH at $1,250 Distribution: court costs $157.12 - trustee of Daniel D. SMITH, 1/3 or $366.29 - Laura V. SMITH, widow, 1/7 of 2/3 or $106.08 - Daniel D. SMITH as uncle, 1/2 of 2/3, $312.25 - Anna C. HEIM, as aunt, 1/2 of 2/3, $312.25 Closed 2 Jul 1859.
395-400 - MITCHELL, HORSEY, SLAVES, HANDY - Dec 1857
Joseph T. MITCHELL vs Outerbridge HORSEY In Sep 1858, Deed of Trust for creditors to Outerbridge HORSEY by Joseph T. MITCHELL; Mitchell now claims he was of unsound mind when transaction occurred and asks to reclaim his properties. Land - "Brentland", 235 acres; - wood lot, 30 acres, in Washington Co, MD. SLAVES - negroes, Henry JOHNSON & w/ Sarah & their children; Maria TERRY, Eliza WILLIAM, Tom HENRY, Philip HENRY COVER(?) SERVANTS given to wife at marriage: NELSON, PERRY, MARY, NICKEY, EMMA, FRANCES, HENNETTA, LOTTY, LUCY and SARAH (given to him and his wife by his mother). All presently living on the farm or hired by his wife in the city of Baltimore or Washington. SERVANTS - HENRY, HARRIET, MENTS, ABE, CLEM, NICK, ELIGE, JAMES, EMORY, STEVE and JOHN; who are in employment of Miss Gorden T. HANDY in Kent Co, MD. and all other negroes, wherever they may be. On 13 Sep 1858, court ruled property to be conveyed back to Joseph T. MITCHELL.
Joseph TRESSLER & Others vs Christiania GREEN & Others Peter GREEN d/ 1848 intestate widow - Christiania and 6 children d/ Catharine A. GREEN (age 23) w/o Joseph TRESSLER d/ Anna Maria GREEN (age 21) w/o Charles BUHRMAN - PA d/ Christiania GREEN (age 18), a minor d/ Mary Amanda GREEN (age 16), a minor s/ Simon Peter GREEN (age 12), a minor s/ Cornelius GREEN, a minor (now dec'd) Land - "Sugar Tree Valley Bowling Green", "Second Addition to Sugar Tree Vally", "Eyler Content", 165 acres, from John EYLER & w/ Rebecca in 1841. Property situated in Eyler's Valley on South Mountain, and on the great road from Emmitsburg to Harbaugh's Valley to intersection where Frederick and Adam EYLER have land. It is five miles from Mechanicstown and adjoins land of John EYLER. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; administrator was Daniel EIGENBRODE with sureties as William C. LANDERS and Elias MOSER. Testimony was heard from Daniel EIGENBRODE who listed the ages of the children. Trustee was Daniel EIGENBRODE; sale was held on 28 Feb 1859, high bidders were: - Lewis EYLER and Jackson EYLER at $1,008.15 On 1 Feb 1859, Elias MOSER testified the widow, Christiana, was 46 years old and general health was good. Petitioners requested another trustee; Charles W. ROSS was then appointed. Distribution of $1,008.15; court costs $144.50 - Christiania GREEN, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $107.96 - Catharine A. TRESSLER, 1/5, $157.13 - Ann Maria BUHRMAN, 1/5, $157.13 - Christiania GREEN, 1/5, $157.13 - Mary Amanda GREEN, 1/5, $157.13 - Simon Peter GREEN, 1/5, $157.13 Closed 11 Jun 1859.
George P. RAMSBURG, Jacob FEASTER, Richard CHILCOTE, George Cost BISER, John W. CHARLTON & George W. CRUM, as creditors vs Sebastian RAMSBURG Margaret A. CRUM was intermarried to Hezekiah BOTELER; she was to be paid from one of the notes by Sebastian RAMSBURG with sureties as George Cost BISER and Francis A. HOFFMAN. Serena SIMMONS was also to receive payments. Foreclosure on mortgage was filed against Sebastian RAMSBURG. Trustee was Jacob REMSBURG with sureties as George W. CRUM and John FEASTER Sr. On 28 Mar 1859, report said to be filed, but does not appear in these records.
Henry CULLER, Jacob RAMSBURG & Frederick Town Savings vs Sebastian RAMSBURG Land - "Cut Knee", "Fielderia" and "Richard and Elizabeth", 108 acres; from George DULL in 1828; on road from Jefferson to Catoctin Switch, 1/2 mile from the 5-acre plot below. - 5 acres; from Henry COST and wife in Aug 1837; located on east side of Catoctin Mountain, near road from Jefferson to Adamstown. - "Fielderia", 9 acres; from Edward BUCKEY, trustee of George W. HOFFMAN, in 1828. - Undivided interest in 87 acres near Point of Rocks; from Levin THOMAS, trustee to Henry CULLER and Sebastian REMSBURG in Aug 1862. Trustee was Jacob REMSBURG with sureties as George W. CRUM and John FEASTER Sr; sale held on 18 Mar 1859, high bidder was: - George W. CRUM for 114 acres (108 + 5) at $42/acre also wood lot of 3 acres at $15.25/acre wood lot of 4 acres at $10.50/acre - Ann B. STOCKMAN for 2-acre lot at $24 - Oliver H. HOFFMAN for small lot less than 1/4 acre at $1 - James H. BESANT for undivided interest in 87 acres at $5.50/acre - Sarah E. BURGESS for 2 small lots less than 1/4 acre at $2 Total sales, $5,368.51. Distribution: court costs, $371.02 - Balance to various creditors, paying them 99.55% of their claims. Closed on 2 Jul 1859.
435-445 - NICHOLS, BESANT, WATERS, DEUL - Aug 1858
James H. BESANT, et al vs Charles L. NICHOLS, et al James H. BESANT and Joseph G. WATERS, trading as James H. BESANT & Company, creditors against Rebecca NICHOLS. Rebecca NICHOLS d/ c1857 intestate s/ Charles L. NICHOLS s/ John NICHOLS, a minor s/ William F. NICHOLS, a minor Land - Frame House & Lot in village of Point of Rocks; on the north side of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and adjoining lands of J. H. HANN on the west, JOHNSON's estate on the north and east and the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road on the south; from James WALLING. Guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY; testimony was heard from Jacob DUBLE. Trustee was James H. BESANT with sureties as George BERRY and William H. SMITH; sale was held on 27 Nov 1858 on the premises, high bidder was George DEUL(?) at $275. Distribution: court costs, $64.85 - James H. BESANT, for claim, $191.67 - each child's 1/3 share, $6.16 Closed 25 Jun 1859.
445-459 - SMITH, DOLL, SIM - Dec 1858
John P. SMITH & w/ Mary vs John William SMITH, et al John SMITH of William d/ Aug 1852 intestate widow - (unnamed), d/ 1855 d/ Mary w/o John P. SMITH s/ John William SMITH, a minor d/ Susan SMITH, a minor s/ John SMITH, a minor d/ Jane SMITH, a minor Mary SMITH was guardian of her siblings. Land - "Standing Stone", 73 acres; from Ezra SMITH and John FOGLE, execs/of William SMITH in 1845. Guardian was Lewis H. DOLL; testimony was heard from Dr. Thomas SIM who was also named trustee with sureties as Francis S. JONES and Thomas W. SIMPSON. Sale was held on 19 Mar 1859, high bidder was - John SMITH of John at $1,314 Distribution: court costs, $165.16 - each child's 1/5 share, $229.77 Closed 5 Aug 1859.
459-475 - McPHERSON, KEEFER, RUNKEL, DENNIS - Jun 1858
Central Bank of Frederick vs John McPHERSON of William, Michael KEEFER, Jacob M. RUNKEL and George R. DENNIS Land - Farm, 158 acres, from Will of John McPHERSON, to John McPHERSON of William from Godfrey KOONTZ and wife in 1850. Located about 2 1/2 miles NW of Frederick Town on road leading through Shookstown. Land held limestone and gravel and had 1 1/2-story house, log barn and stabling, corn house, wagon shed, ice house, blacksmith shop, apple orchard and well in the yard. There was a small stream running through the farm and also a lime kiln. - 88 acres of mountain land, adjoining lands of Jacob MARKELL and Abram KEMP; is well timbered with chestnut oak. Sureties on mortgage for John McPHERSON of William were Michael KEEFER, Jacob M. RUNKEL and George R. DENNIS. Trustees for the sale were George R. SHELL and Bradley T. JOHNSON of Frederick city. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick Town on 26 Mar 1859; high bidders were: - Mrs. Elizabeth McPHERSON at $50.25/acre On 7 Apr 1859, another sale provided high bidders: - George R. DENNIS for mountain Lot #5, 19 acres, at $12/acre - Mrs. Elizabeth McPHERSON for mountain Lot #6, 17 acres, at $14/acre - George R. DENNIS for mountain Lot A, 22 acres, at $11/acre; and Lot B, 27 acres at $9.25/acre Total sales, $8,944.13. Distribution of $8,917.80; court costs, $432.40 - Central Bank, $3,755.27 - Dr. William L. McPHERSON, claim, $1,625.52 - Central Bank, lien, $3,106.61 Closed 15 Jul 1859.
Ezra WARRENFELS & Others - Petition Philip WARRENFELS/WARENFELTZ d/ Jul 1858 (Will written 17 Oct 1846) widow - Catharine s/ Joshua WARRENFELS s/ Ezra WARRENFELS s/ Solomon WARRENFELS d/ Mary w/o Samuel HOOVER d/ Caroline Rebecca w/o Isaac MICHAEL d/ Sarah Ann w/o Frederick BISER (The younger two daughters were single in 1846) (Will signed by mark) Execs/ Solomon WARRENFELS (renounced 2 Sep 1858) and Catharine WARRENFELS (since died) Witnesses: Henry BINER(?), George HARPS, Joel GARNAND Land - "Maple Bottom" and "Friendship Drop", 45 acres; from Godfred LEATHERMAN & w/ Mary in 1835. - "Three Brothers", 45 acres; from Daniel GARNAND & wife; - "Three Brothers"; 90 acres; from Anthony McBRIDE & w/ Catharine and Elizabeth TOMS and Ezra TOMS in 1837. Runs to "Hazle Bottom"; part of home farm, bequeathed to son Joshua; also, 127 acres or remainder, lying SE of other part, to son Solomon. - "Long Dispute Ended", 160 acres; from Jacob HUTZELL (w/ Catharine) of Washington County to John HUTZELL in 1823; Adjoins tracts, "Johns Delight" and "Pick All" and land of Philip SHAFFER (from Peter HUTZEL). Later, it was purchased by Joshua WARRENFELS on behalf of Philip WARRENFELS, from executor of John HUTZELL (deed not executed) in 1823. Trustee was Ezra WARRENFELS with sureties as Christian WINEBRENNER and Daniel GETZENDANNER; sale was held at the farm, Garnand Farm, on 23 Dec 1858; high bidders were: - Joshua P. WARRENFELS for 45 acre farm at $45/acre, $2,036.25 Land in Middletown Valley. - Samuel HOOVER for Leatherman Farm, 45 acres, at $43/acre (private sale), $1,913.50. Land in Middletown Valley. The Hutzel Farm, 160 acres, wasn't sold. Total sales to date, $3,945.75. Distribution of $3,949.75; court costs, $256.11 - each child's 1/6 share, $615.60 Closed 7 Jun 1859.
490-525 - SCHLEY, RUDDY, LINN, DILL, LORENTZ - May 1858
George SCHLEY & Others vs William Henry SCHLEY & Others Frederick A. SCHLEY d/ 5 Feb 1858 intestate s/ George SCHLEY (age 45) & w/ Mary H. - Washington Co, MD s/ James M. SCHLEY (age 43) & w/ Ellen N. - Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD s/ William Henry SCHLEY (age 30) (declared lunatic) - MD Hospital s/ Buchanan SCHLEY, (age 10) a minor (lives w/ bro/George) Land - "Springfield", "Neighbors Agreed", 573 acres, (parts of original "Springfield", 1,030 acres, resurveyed for Col. James JOHNSON in 1812); bordered on road from Lewistown to Brien's Furnace and from Lewistown to Mechanicstown. Previously owned by F. Augustus SCHLEY Jr; had large house, kitchen, spring house, stable and barn, blacksmith shop and carpenter shop, all on western part. Conveyed to Frederick A. SCHLEY by Peregrine FITZHUGH in 1855 with water rights and dam on property of FITZHUGH which adjoined said property. Land and Mill in Creagerstown District. - also "Mountain Tract", 134 acres, on Catoctin Mountain; adjoins land of Henry BARRICK Total, 707 acres; from John McPHERSON, adm/trustee for John BRIEN, John McPherson BRIEN, Henry A. BRIEN, William C. BRIEN and Luke Tierman BRIEN in 1839. - also, Lots #9 & 10 in Frederick city and 1/2 of Lot #11; (conveyed to John BRIEN previously by Levy Court); located on south side of Second St on on west side of Court St, NE corner of Lot #9 - also, undivided half of Lewis Town Mills, Lot #1 in Lewis Town, includes the mill race and mill pond; held by John BRIEN and John McPHERSON - Lots #36 & 37 in Lewis Town, fronting Washington St, bounded on north by alley; from Daniel MATHIAS & w/ Rosanna in 1845. - Lot #38 in Lewis Town on Washington St to Mill Race, includes Mill; from John CLAY/KLAY & w/ Ann in 1839. - House & Lot, fronting Third St (home residence) in Frederick Town, adjoining and purchased from the Frederick Presbyterian Church. A 3-acre lot was said to be on Bentz St in Frederick Town. Guardian was Edward SHRINER/SHRIVER who also testified along with Doctor Jacob BAER, both providing ages of children. Trustees were George SCHLEY and James M. SCHLeY; on 26 Feb 1859, sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - Philip RUDDY for Lots #9 & 10 at $625 - John J. LINN for Lot #11 at $621 - Joshua DILL and Henry LORENTZ for 3-acre Lot on Bentz St, adjoining lots of Joshua DILL and Henry LORENTZ at $600 Insufficient bids for remainder of real estate. Total sales to date, $2,471. Distribution: court costs, $379.68 - George SCHLEY, 1/4 or $522.98 - James M. SCHLEY, 1/4 or $522.98 - William H. SCHLEY, 1/4 or $522.98 - Buchanan SCHLEY, 1/4 or $522.98 Closed 24 Jun 1859.
Hanson NICHODEMUS, Singleton HAINES & w/ Catharine vs George OVELMAN and Abraham OVELMAN William BIGGS of Jacob was guardian of Hanson NICHODEMUS and Catharine NICHODEMUS (now w/o Singleton HAINES), legatees of Henry NICHODEMUS, with Abraham OVELMAN as surety who executed a Deed of Trust to George OVELMAN. After closing the guardianship, William BIGGS of Jacob died; thereby John NICODEMUS was appointed guardian to finalize the accounting. Hanson and Catharine are still due monies. Property of William BIGGS, in the hands of trustee, John COVER, which was placed in trust, has yet to be sold. Land - "Heins Choice" and "Addition to Heins Choice, 150 acres; to George OVELMAN and Abraham OVELMAN from Thomas CARLTON, sheriff, in 1817; also from Peter MARSHALL & w/ Catharine in 1837; also from George OVELMAN & w/ Margaret to Abraham OVELMAN in 1841; for security of William BIGGS. Trustee was George OVELMAN; sale was held on 6 Jan 1855, high bidder was: - Levi WHITMORE for 150 acre farm at $11.50/acre Objection was submitted to the court by Hanson and Catharine claiming Levi WHITMORE was not the purchaser, but only the bidder for the trustee or his brother, Abraham OVELMAN. In addition, no monies have been paid and further, the bid was not adequate. A request was made for an impartial trustee to replace George OVELMAN. Distribution of $1,805.50; - court costs & trustee's expenses, $881.18 - George OVELMAN, claim, $59.52 - George OVELMAN, claim, $19.19 - James HOSPELHORN, claim, $132.60 - Levi WHITMORE, claim, $132.60 - George OVELMAN, claim, $1,014.16 - Catharine NICODEMUS, 2% of claim, $64.56 - Hanson NICODEMUS, 2% of claim, $64.56 - Jesse NICODEMUS, 2% of claim, $59.34 Closed 20 Nov 1858.
Central Bank and Frederick Town Savings Institution and Richard H. MARSHALL vs Heirs of James KINNA James KINNA d/ 3 Jan 1857 intestate widow - Elizabeth s/ Sampson KINNA d/ Mary KINNA w/o John BISER s/ William C. KINNA - Missouri d/ Sarah KINNA d/ Elizabeth KINNA w/o Martin PERRY s/ Thomas KINNA d/ Catharine KINNA s/ David KINNA d/ Amanda KINNA w/o John CLARK - Ohio s/ Cassia KINNA, a minor d/ Deborah KINNA, a minor Administrators were Sampson KINNA and Thomas KINNA. Land - 14 acres; from Eli HYATT & w/ Lydia Ann in 1853 (previously to Lydia Ann HYATT by Jacob MICHAEL and George W. SUMMERS, exec/of Henry MICHAEL, and Jacob MICHAEL & w/ Catharine in 1843). - "Clifton", 1 acre; from William LOWMAN & w/ Sarah Ann in 1854; (adjoins land of William GIDDINGS from James GIDDINGS & wife). - "Chevey Chase", 131 acres; from George BOWLUS, insolvent trustee for George YASTE in 1852; adjoins lands of Daniel J. EASTERDAY, Jacob DUDROW, Jacob LORENTZ and Henry HORNING/HEVRING. Also the widow's dower from George YASTE and w/ Ann Amelia in 1852. Land lies on road from Middletown to Beallsville. Also 50 perches from Daniel J. EASTERDAY in 1852. Property was then occupied by Martin PERRY. - Land with water rights, merchant mill, saw mill and machinery; from Israel RAMSBURG & w/ Deborah in 1848 (previously parts from George BOWLUS & w/ Catharine in 1825 and from John BECKENBAUGH & w/ Mary in 1834 and from Joshua WINKS and w/ Mahala in 1835 and from Susannah MAGRUDER in 1835 and from David BOWLUS in 1829). Also from George SHAFER and Samuel RAMSBURG, trustees for Israel RAMSBURG, in 1847. - 1/4 acre with water rights; from Sophia BOWLUS, wid/o David BOWLUS, Asa BOWLUS & w/ Sarah, Noah BOWLUS, Edward BOWLUS, Hezekiah ROUTZAHN & w/ Elizabeth, Martha A. BOWLUS and Mary E. BOWLUS (heirs of David BOWLUS) in 1851 (John SKINNER, who previously purchased said land, also signed the deed). Land lies along the bridge over Catoctin Creek and land of Henry SKINNER and along road to Middletown. - "Hopkins Content" and "Whiskey Alley", 19 acres; from William KEAFAUVER in 1854 (to him from Rebecca KEAFAUVER, Lewis H. KEAFAUVER, Elizabeth M. KEAFAUVER, William LITTLE & w/ Ann R. in 1853). Land lies on east side of Catoctin Creek and tract "Watson's Welfare", lands of Jacob C. FLOOK, John BECKENBAUGH and Mahlon RHODERICK, Peter YOUNG (from John KEAFAUVER), and runs across Peter YOUNG's mill dam. - 3 acres + 148 perches; from Sarah PATTENGALL in 1847; adjoins land of George SUMMERS. - "Langh Baugh", 13 acres; from Frederick SHEPLEY & w/ Susannah in 1846. - "Langh Baugh", 73+ acres; from Henry DELAUGHTER Sr & w/ Catharine in 1846; adjoins tract "Marys Mantle Hugg" and lands of Frederick SHIPLEY and Jacob RICE. - "Jacobs Plains", 17 acres; from Adam ROUTZAHN & w/ Mary Ann in 1841. - "Jacobs Plains", 50 acres; from John BAKER & w/ Nancy in 1840; adjoining tract "The Lost Sheep". - "Oak Land Mills", 255 acres, (adjoining tracts "The Sun is Down and The Moon is UP", "The Rifle Gun", "Great Friendship", "Brotherly Kindness", "Knaves Disappointment" and lands of John HAMMOND from David WAMPLER and Peter SCHLOSSER and Adam ROUTZAHN from Andrew SMELTZER); and "Frank and All", 68 acres, (Lot #1 to Elizabeth CRAFT from Joseph MILLER of Washington Co, MD in 1819); from John CRAFT, trustee for Frederick and Elizabeth CRAFT, in 1835. - "Michaels Fancy", 41 acres; from Henry MICHAEL & w/ Sophia Michael MICHAEL in 1843; near small branch of Little Catoctin. Guardian was William G. COLE; testimony was heard from Sampson KINNA, Godfrey KOONTZ and Lewis RAMSBURG. Properties listed as: Ramsburg Mill; Home Farm, 180 acres; The House Oakland Mill, 18 acres; The Yaste farm, 131 acres; House & Lot in the manor, 1 3/4 acre; Mountain Land, The Delaughter and Shepley tracts, 99 1/2 acres; Mountain land, Baker, Routzahn and Pattingall tracts, 71 acres; Eli HYATT tract, 14 acres; Thomas JOHNSON tract, 20 acres. Widow's dower of 1/3 to be surveyed off by Peter YOUNG of J., Daniel KEAFAUVER, Robert PATTENGALL, David KAILER and James WATERS. Trustee was Richard H. MARSHALL; Sale was held 17 Feb 1858 in Middletown, high bidders were: - Samuel KINNA for "Jacobs Plains", "The Lost Sheep", 21+ acres, at $929.33 - John BISER for Lot on manor, 1+ acre, at $310 - David KAILOR for Hyatt Lot, 14+ acres, at $330.86 All other bids were insufficient. Private sales were made to: - Tyler HOOPER for mountain lot, John Edwards tract, at $700 - Ludwick ROUTZAHN for Oakland Mills, 16 3/4 acres, at $2,600 and 3 1/2 acres Trustee's Report of Sales - George W. SUMMERS, 178 acres, part of Oakland Mills, $9,836.75 - David KAILOR, 100 acres of Oakland Mills, $5,580.50 and Hyatt's Lot, 14 acres, $331.48 - Charles HOOPER, mountain lot, part of "Lough Baugh", "The Amicable Twp" and "Marys Mantle", 110 acres, $700 - Ludwick ROUTZAHN, "Oakland Mills" and part "Michaels Fancy, 19 acres, $2,600 (subject to widow's dower) - Michael CLINE, mountain lot "Jacobs Plains", 17 acres, $711.75 - Samuel KINNA, mountain lot "Jacobs Plains", 21 acres, $929.33 - Lloyd H. HYATT, Farm near Middle Town, The Yeast Farm, from George Bowlus, trustee, 132 acres, $9,947.13 Distribution of $31,355.26; court costs, $1,718.28 - numerous creditors, $29,636.98 Closed 19 Sep 1859.
611-632 - LAMAR, HARPER, THOMAS, BOONE, WHITE - May 1859
Catharine HARPER vs Mary C. LAMAR & Others Benoni S. or L. LAMAR d/ 11 Jun 1858 intestate widow - Mary C. and 6 minor children, s/ Samuel Calvin LAMAR s/ Marion Thomas LAMAR s/ George Albert LAMAR d/ Anne Mary LAMAR s/ William Bayard LAMAR s/ John Clarence LAMAR Land - "Carrollton", Lot #11, 238 acres; to Benoni L. LAMAN from Catharine HARPER of Baltimore city by agent Robert BOONE. Administrator was John B. THOMAS; guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testifying was John B. THOMAS and Robert BOONE. Trustee was John B. THOMAS with sureties as John W. HARGET and Richard THOMAS. After a failed public sale, private sale was made to John WHITE (of B.) of Montgomery County at $15,200 on 27 Jul 1859. WHITE's sureties were Nathan S. WHITE of Montgomery County and Joseph N. CHISNELL. Distribution of $15,200: court costs, $697.17 - C. HARPER, claims, $12,861.48 - Mary C. LAMAR, in lieu of dower, 9/15 or $218.85 - each child's 1/6 share, $237.08 Closed 1 Oct 1859.
632-639 - BANTZ, EBBERTS, DAVIS - Oct 1859
Gideon BANTZ & Others vs Peter LOWER BANTZ Gideon BANTZ d/ s/ Gideon BANTZ (Jr) s/ William L. BANTZ d/ Elizabeth A. EBBERTS s/ Theodore L. BANTZ - Baltimore city s/ Edward BANTZ - Baltimore city s/ Algmon L. BANTZ - Missouri d/ Catharine A. L. w/o Henry G. DAVIS - Virginia s/ Peter Lower BANTZ Administrator was Gideon BANTZ (Jr). 1st Distribution of $1,000 from sale (details not provided); - court costs, $75.16 - Gideon BANTZ (Jr), claims he paid for estate, $924.94 Closed 1 Nov 1859.
639-649a - EVITT, McDONALD, STOUDER, FAUBLE - Apr 1859
Joseph EVITT vs Henry H. EVITT & Others Woodward L. EVITT d/ (Will filed 11 Oct 1831) s/ Joseph EVITT ...Henry H. EVITT & w/ Kate - Ohio ...Mary M. (Ohio) w/o Robert McDONALD - California ...Elizabeth C. w/o John A. STOUDER - Missouri ...Thomas N. EVITT - Tennessee ...Ann Cecelia EVITT, a minor - Ohio Land - House & Lot #65 on north side of Patrick Street, backs to Church St, Frederick; then in occupancy of Strickton & Stokes Stage Office. (to son Joseph); adjoins brick houses occupied by George W. SHARPE as a printing office. It has an old delapidated building on Patrick St, which was consumed by fire, and a small smith shop on Church St. Previously from John SHELLMAN (w/ Margaret) to Woodward in 1791. Trustee was Absalom P. KESSLER with sureties as Henry LORENTZ and James WHITEHILL. Sale was held on 14 Oct 1859 at Zimmerman's Hotel in Frederick, high bidder was John (?)FAUBLE at $2,950. Distribution: court costs, $219.96 - balance to trustee in trust per instructions in the Will. Closed 31 Dec 1859.
Samuel MOTTER vs Mary S. SHIELDS & Others (faded in spots and difficult to read) Maywell SHIELDS of Adams Co, PA d/ Feb 1839 intestate widow - Mary S. s/ Patterson McL. SHIELDS - Adams Co, PA d/ Anna Mary SHIELDS - Adams Co, PA d/ Jane SHIELDS - Adams Co, PA d/ Rachel SHIELDS, a minor - Adams Co, PA d/ Sarah SHIELDS, a minor - Adams Co, PA s/ William SHIELDS, a minor - Adams Co, PA s/ Maywell Bauner/Banner SHIELDS, a minor - Adams Co, PA s/ Samuel SHIELDS, a minor - Adams Co, PA Land - Plantation, 103 acres, inherited from Will of Hugh PATTERSON, dec'd, Adams Co, PA (Will written 25 Apr 1831) Plantation had previously been devised to Hugh and his brother John PATTERSON by the Will of their father _______(not readable) PATTERSON. Mentions - grandson, Pertry(?) SHIELDS, for 180 acres of land in Adams Co, PA from Henry COOK. - Thomas(?) SHIELDS, smaller tract in Adams Co, PA - Jefferson SHIELDS, $400 - Betsy GRAYSON(?), alias Betsy SHEILDS - Sarah(?) HUNTER, alias Sarah(?) SHEILDS - Eliza Ann MAGU(?) Exec/ Maywell SHEILDS Witnesses: Philip ______, Peter Hook(?) === Guardian was Gr___ N. GRAYSON; testimony was heard from James(?) H. MARSHALL. (Most of the next pages were not legible due to fading or pencil or bad ink.) Distribution of $982.60; court costs, $175.80 - Mary S. SHIELDS, widow's dower, 1/8 or $100.85 - creditors, $663.04 - each child's 1/8 share, $5.36 Closed Jan 1860.
Jacob M. WACHTER vs Catharine HAUGH, et al Henry HAUGH d/ Jul 1858, intestate widow - Catharine and 9 children, d/ Mary A. E. HAUGH s/ John H. HAUGH s/ Josiah L. HAUGH d/ Eliza A. w/o John BLACKSTONE - Carroll County s/ Isaac W. HAUGH s/ Benjamin F. HAUGH, a minor d/ Elenora HAUGH, a minor d/ Ann R. HAUGH, a minor d/ Louisa C. HAUGH, a minor Land - "The Seventh Dividend", 1+ acre with house; from John H. HAUGH in 1855. - 2 acres, adjoining the above lot. Administrator was the widow; guardian was Joseph W. L. CARTY. Testimony was heard from Jacob ROOP. Trustee was John A. LYNCH; sale was held on 29 Mar 1859 at the store of Jacob M. WACHTER in the village of LUDR__; high bidder was: - Samuel BIRELY for the four acres and dwelling at $275 Distribution of $314.13; court costs, $81.63 - Catharine HAUGH, widow's 1/10 dower, $22.24 - creditors, $189.81 - each child's 1/9 share, $1.15 Closed 13 Feb 1860.
Arthur DELASHMUTT, adm/of Catharine ROYER, dec'd vs Jacob ROYER Catharine ROYER d/ fall of 1853 (Will written 28 May 1853) s/ Samuel ROYER (1st son) d/ Betsey ROYER d/ Susanna ROYER s/ Jacob ROYER d/ Catharine ROYER d/ Sophia ROYER, and her son ......s/ Benjamin Locket ROYER s/ Michael ROYER s/ John ROYER (has his complete portion) s/ Benjamin ROYER (has his complete portion) signed as Margretta ROYER by x Execs/ son Jacob and Alexander MAXWELL (both renounced) Witnesses: Jacob LEWIS, William B. TAYLOR, Conrad BURKHEIMER Administrator was Arthur DELASHMUTT. Land - "The Hope", "Resurvey on the Right and Good Reason"; from Jacob LEWIS & w/ Delia in 1852; subject to mortgage to Thomas PERRILL/PENILL/(?) & w/ Mary Ann (previously to PERSILL(?) from James H. SIMMONS in 1852); (burial ground mentioned in deed). Sold to Jacob ROYER, s/o Catharine ROYER, by her in 1859. - "Joy or Resene", 128 acres; adjoining lands of Jacob LEWIS and Baker SIMMONS Trustee was Arthur DELASHMUTT with sureties as Elias L. DELASHMUTT and Grafton DUVALL. Sale was held on 3 Dec 1859 at Zimmerman's Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - H. D. ORDEMAN for 128 acres at $3,233.28. Distribution: court costs, $219.87 - Arthur DELASHMUTT, adm, for mortgage payments, $3,013.41 Closed 28 Jan 1860. ================== The End of BGF-1 ==================

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