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These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber AF-6; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity AF-6
George W. WACHTEL, creditor vs Mary A. GAVER, widow, & Others - Equity #5042 Joseph W. GAVER d/ 1 July 1884 (Will written 25 Jun 1884) widow - Mary A. (age 64) d/ Jane Rebecca (GAVER) w/o James H. MICHAEL - Washington County s/ George W. GAVER & w/ Susan d/ Malinda C. (GAVER) w/o Albert T. FIERY - Washington County s/ Otho J. GAVER & w/ Kate s/ Jeremiah R. GAVER - Montana Territory s/ Charles B. GAVER s/ Joseph W. GAVER (Jr.) Execs/ sons, Otho J. GAVER, Charles B. GAVER and Joseph W. GAVER. Witnesses: George SMITH, Frederick BISER, Joshua M. FLOOK Codicil on 30 Jun 1884. The widow renounced the Will and choose instead to accept her legal share. LAND - to Joseph GAVER - "Year of Plenty", 125 acre farm; adjoining land of Moses H. SNIDER, road to Myersville, land of Enoch POFFINBERGER, John SMITH and tract "METZGER's Home", land of William METZGER, Old Hagerstown Road, land of Cyrus ROUTZAHN and road to Mount Tabor Church to land of Jacob SCHILDKNECHT. Located 1/2 mile west of Myersville on Myersville to Boonsboro road; improved with a 9-room brick house, large bank barn, corn crib, wagon shed, blacksmith shop, carriage house, spring and wash house, fruit trees and an abundance of running water. From Daniel MAIN in 1862. - "Year of Plenty", 3 roods, 27 perches; adjoining land of John HAUPT. From Dawson C. FLOOK & w/ Elizabeth in 1883. - "Resurvey on Rodenpillers Rambles", mountain lot, 14 acres; by tracts "Quakers' Tricks" and "Lost Bottle" and land of Daniel LINEBAUGH. - "Farmers Purchase", 2 acres; Located 1/2 mile from Pleasant Walk, adjoining lands of Benjamin BOWERS and John GARNAND. From J. William METZGER, exec/of Michael HOFFMAN, in 1862. - "Michael's Tricks", mountain lot, 13 acres; located 3 miles from Myersville on road from Monument School House to Zittlestown, adjoining lands of William LUDY and Hiram SMITH. From William LUDY & w/ Susan in 1871 (to them from Cyrus ROUTZAHN in 1865). - "Sweep Stakes" and part "Tanner's Purchase", mountain lot, 16 acres; (formerly laid out for the widow of Michael HOFFMAN). Located 3 miles north of Myersville, near Pleasant Walk to Wolfsville Road, adjoining lands of John GARNANDand Lewis DOUB. From David KINNA & w/ Emeline, Josiah HOFFMAN & w/ Margaret C., Horace B. WINTON & w/ Sarah E. in 1882. Sold - part "Aaron's Rod", 2+ acres; adjoined land from Tobias HORINE to Jacob SMITH of M. in 1838. To David KINNA from Enoch POFFINBERGER, Joseph GAVER & w/ Mary in 1864 (previously to them from Tobias HORINE in 1860). Indebted by mortgage of $2,200 to Margaret C. SCHAEFFER. Testimony was heard from Joseph W. GAVER who stated his brother Jeremiah left for Montana about four years ago and they hadn't heard from him in the last two years. Also testifying was George W. GAVER. Trustees were George W. WACHTEL and Clayton O. KEEDY. Sale was held in fron of Joseph BROWN's store in Myersville on 21 Mar 1885; all sales subject to the widow's dower; high bidders were: - Joseph W. GAVER and Charles B. GAVER for the home farm, 125 acres, at $6,125 (neighbors at time of sale were Dawson F. FLOOK, Lydia METZGER and George SMITH. - Joseph W. GAVER and Charles B. GAVER for 16 acres of mountain and at $33 - Joseph W. GAVER and Charles B. GAVER for 15+ acres of mountain land at $18.98 - Hiram T. SMITH for 13 acres of mountain land at $34 Total sales, $6,211.43 Distribution: court costs, $721.75 - Margaret C. SCHAEFFER, mortgage, $2,288 - balance to multiple creditors Closed 18 Oct 1885. To be Continued ================== The End of AF-6 ==================

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