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Frederick County, Maryland

Equity AF-6

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber AF-6; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity AF-6
1-15 - POOLE, SIMMONS, KELLER - Mar 1884 #FC
Theresa A. SIMMONS, mortgagee of Bushrod POOLE - Report of Sales on Foreclosure - Equity #4968 LAND - House & Lot on west side of Main St in Buckeystown; adjoined lots of Dr. Bushrod POOLE on the north and Otho J. KELLER on the south. Improved with a 2-story 9-room brick house and back building, cistern, stable and carriage house attached, meat house and milk house. To Bushrod POOLE from Theresa A. SIMMONS. Previously to Theresa A. SIMMONS from James S. SIMMONS in Jul 1876 [TG-6, 195]. Mortgaged to Theresa A. SIMMONS for $1,200 in Apr 1880. Sale was held 5 Mar 1884 on the premises; high bidder was: - Edward S. KELLER and John M. KELLER at $1,300 Dr. Bushrod POOLE objected to the sale claiming he was to meet SIMMONS to pay the money and she didn't appear at meeting nor did she give notice of the sale; also no allowance was made for his wife. Testimony was heard 8 Apr 1884 from: - John B. THOMAS - stated Cyrus POOLE asked him to take over the mortgage and pay Mrs SIMMONS, but she sent word through Charles RITTER, her brother-in-law to see her counsel, M. G. URNER. - Cyrus W. POOLE, son of Dr. Bushrod POOLE (& w/ Catharine B.) and acting as his power of attorney; went to see Col. John B. THOMAS to make arrangements to pay off the mortgage and expenses which THOMAS had agreed. Cyrus went to see Mrs. SIMMONS who first objected but finally consented and a Saturday meeting was arranged; however, she didn't show nor did she contact me otherwise. - Margaret V. R. POOLE, daughter of Dr. Bushrod POOLE - stated Mrs SIMMONS came to the house to see her brother the day the property was advertised and agreed not to advertise the property until she met him in Frederick but did. Mrs SIMMONS had sent word by her son-in-law, John GROFF, that she was sick and could not come on Friday but would meet him on Saturday. - Mrs Theresa A. SIMMONS - claimed she had never received the money and never agreed to assign the mortgage. - Otho J. KELLER, resided in Buckeystown, 1/4 mile from said property; he bid on the property for his brothers. - Charles B. FOUT, auctioneer - sale was on the morning of the sale of Charles S. SIMMONS' personal property. - John GROFF, lived 1 1/2 miles from Buckeystown - John A. DELASHMUTT, lived in Buckeystown - stated Dr. POOLE had rented the house to Mr CROMWELL at $120/year - Milton G. URNER, counsel for Mrs. SIMMONS - he had spoken to Col. THOMAS about the assignment after the advertisement; Mrs SIMMONS came in but had not decided what she was going to do. The court overruled the objections and approved the sale. Distribution after court costs: - Theresa A. SIMMONS, mortgage claim, $1,043 - Dr. Bushrod POOLE, balance, $1.75 Closed 5 Jul 1884. ===
Estalena DALLETT & Others vs Maria BROCK, wid/of Jonathan BROCK & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4941 LAND - "Resurvey on Drumine" and "Nathan's Undertaking", 60 acres To New London Copper Mining Company from Mathew T. MILLER in Apr 1864 [JWLC-1, 431]. Exception - New London Copper Mining Company to Joseph LOWE in Aug 1865 [JWLC-3, 29]; subject to dower rights of Maria BROCK and Emily L. HOWELL. To Simon POSEY of Brooklyn, NY at $4,100 in Nov 1883 at Sheriff's sale [AF-7, 545]; held in trust for parties in New York and Philadelphia: Adam WARTHMAN, Thompson REYNOLDS, M. BUCKMAN, H. C. LANCASTER, K. J. PRICE, dec'd, J. J. BROCK, M. YARDLEY, DeHAVEN and brother, DALLETT and son, Jonathan BROCK, E. T. RICHARDSON, H. B. LEACH, Charles HOWELL, dec'd, HERR and WAGNER, in proportion to their respective shares recorded in books of the old company, subject to monies of $538.23 due POSEY dated 15 Feb 1875 [TG-8, 367] . Previously the property of the New London Copper Mining Company of Frederick County and conveyed to Simon POSY by Sheriff William TABLER in Aug 1867 [DSB-1, 607]. Since the trust, there were several deaths and conveyances of shares: - Kirk J. PRICE to Esther B. TAYLOR, daughter & sole devisee (500/4100 share) - Mahlon YARDLEY to Elizabeth YARDLEY, widow & sold devisee (50/4100 share) - DALLETT & Son to Estelina DALLETT, widow (1035/4100 share) - Jonathan BROCK to Maria BROCK (age 65), widow & children (652/4100 share) ..........Lydia T. w/o John W. BROWN ..........Henry BROCK ..........Edward BROCK ..........Walter BROCK ..........Bernard BROCK - Edward T. RICHARDSON to Joseph A. RICHARDSON, devisee (200/4100 share) - Charles HOWELL, dec'd (each 1/6 of 500/4100 share) .....sis/ Kate H. w/o Benjamin W. HARPER .....sis/ Elizabeth HOWELL .....sis/ Anna M. CHEPPER .....bro/ William H. HOWELL .....sis/ Emma A. HOWELL .....bro/ John HOWELL, dec'd ..............wid/ Emily L. (age 40) - West Philadelphia, PA .......................Annie HOWELL .......................Emily HOWELL, a minor - West Philadelphia, PA .......................Henry HOWELL, a minor - West Philadelphia, PA - Adam WORTHMAN (300/4100 share) - Thompson REYNOLDS (111/4100 share) - Mahlon BUCKANAN/BUCKMAN (200/4100 share) - Henry C. LANCASTER (50/4100 share) - John J. BROCK (50/4100 share) - Hugh DeHAVEN Jr & Alexander H. DeHAVEN, partners (50/4100 share) - Henry B. LEACH (250/4100 share) - Joseph C. HERR & Levi N. WAGNER, partners of Herr & Wagner (100/4100 share) Guardian was Dallas SANDERS, Esquire of Philadelphia Co, PA. Testimony was heard 25 Apr 1884 from: - Henry C. DALLETT Jr. - Thompson REYNOLDS Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Private sale was made 8 Dec 1883 to: - Edward S. WERTZ, Esquire of Allentown, Pennsylvania for 31 acres with machinery on the ground, if any, at $4,000 Distribution: court costs, $541.40 = $3,485.60 - Adam WORTHMAN, $255.04 - Thompson REYNOLDS, $95.13 - Mahlon BUCKANAN/BUCKMAN, $170.03 - Henry C. LANCASTER, $42.50 - Esther B. TAYLOR, $425.07 - John J. BROCK, $42.50 - Elizabeth YARDLEY, $42.50 - DeHAVEN & Bro, $43.01 - Estelina DALLETT, $922.69 - Maria BROCK, widow, 1/10, $55.44 - Lydia L. BROWN, 1/5 of 9/10, $99.80 - Henry BROCK, 1/5 of 9/10, $99.80 - Edward BROCK, 1/5 of 9/10, $99.80 - Walter BROCK, 1/5 of 9/10, $99.80 - Bernard BROCK, 1/5 of 9/10, $99.80 - Joseph A. RICHARDSON, $170.03 - Henry B. LEACH, $212.53 - Kate H. HARPER, 1/6 of Charles HOWELL's share, $70.84 - Elizabeth HOWELL, 1/6 of Charles HOWELL's share, $70.84 - Anna M. CHAPPEN, 1/6 of Charles HOWELL's share, $70.84 - Emma A. HOWELL, 1/6 of Charles HOWELL's share, $70.84 - William M. HOWELL, 1/6 of Charles HOWELL's share, $70.84 - John HOWELL's heirs, 1/6 of Charles HOWELL's share, $70.84 ..........Emily L. HOWELL, widow, 2/15 of 1/6, $9.44 ..........John HOWELL, 1/4 of 13/15 of 1/6, $15.35 ..........Annie HOWELL, 1/4 of 13/15 of 1/6, $15.35 ..........Emily HOWELL, 1/4 of 13/15 of 1/6, $15.35 ..........Henry HOWELL, 1/4 of 13/15 of 1/6, $15.35 - HERR & WAGNER, $85.01 Closed 28 Jun 1884. ===
Charles W. ROSS, atty/for Ann P. MARSHALL, mortgagee of David Levi STALEY - Report of Foreclosure Sale - Equity #4963 LAND - parts of "Hedge's Delight", "Charles and Mary", and "Chestnut Ridge", 146 acre home farm, 4 miles NW of Frederick, near the Spout Spring Turnpike; adjoining land of Charles H. BURKHART. Improved with a 2-story stone house and a 2-story frame house, recently built, a bank barn, corn house and stabling; divided into eight fields with three springs, and two orchards. Metes & Bounds found in Deed from Dorcas HEDGES to Peter J. STALEY in Apr 1834 [JS-49, 391] and from Charles H. BURKHART & wife to Peter J. STALEY in Dec 1840 [HS-12, 156]. - "Resurvey on Tuscarora", 29 acre wood lot, adjoining land of Nathan O. NEIGHBOURS. Previously to Peter J. STALEY from John T. NEIGHBOURS in Apr 1884 [JS-49, 390]. To David Levi STALEY from Charles V. S. LEVY and Milton G. URNER, trustees (Equity Case #4218 of William PEARL & wife and Uriah RAMSBURG & wife & Others vs David Levi STALEY & wife & Others), at $5,396.50 in Feb 1879 [TG-11, 65]. Mortgaged to Ann P. MARSHALL at $3,400 in Feb 1879. David Levi STALEY d/ Jan 1884, intestate, leaving 10 children: s/ Lewis H. STALEY s/ Daniel H. STALEY s/ Horace E. STALEY d/ Margaret (STALEY) w/o Lewis MARTZ d/ Mary (STALEY) HARRIS, widow d/ Susan (STALEY) w/o Henry MEASEL d/ Sarah (STALEY) w/o John HEFFNER d/ Martha (STALEY) w/o William ALBAUGH d/ Nettie (STALEY) w/o Joseph SPONSELLER s/ David T. STALEY --- Sale was held 23 Mar 1884 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Johnn ROELKEY for wood lot at $8/acre - William H. CREAGER for the home farm at $40.50/acre Total sales, $6,175.97. Distribution of $6,164.97; court costs, $268.44 = $5,896.53 - Ann P. MARSHALL, mortgage claim, $3,604 = $2,292.53 - each of the Staley children's 1/10 share, $229.25 Closed 2 May 1884. ===
William D. TRUNDLE, et al vs Jacob HUMMELL, et al - Report of Sales - Equity #4488 Trustees were John H. KELLER and William D. TRUNDLE LAND - "Chance", 85 acre farm in Montgomery County To David TRUNDLE from Samuel MILFORD & w/ Elizabeth E. at $175 in Jul 1844 [Mont Co, BS-12, 351]. Previously to MILFORD from Daniel BOWLES, trustee of Henry FISTER Sr in Nov 1834 [Mont Co, BS-11, 171]. Private sale (agreed to by George Jacob HIMMELL & w/ Henrietta and William BRUCHEY & w/ Ann; witnessed by Laura HIMMELL and Henry HAGAN) made to: - Marietta TRUNDLE, w/o William D. TRUNDLE, at $805 Sale ratified 27 Aug 1880; no distribution shown. ===
42-57 - ECKER, GITTINGS, SWOPE - Apr 1883 #FC
Mary E. ECKER & Others vs George Levi ECKER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4879 (also see TG-7, 146-158) Mary E. ECKER, widow of Levi ECKER - Ella Eugenia ECKER - Cordelia E. ECKER - Ida May ECKER - George Levi ECKER, a minor - Oberlin, Lorain Co, Ohio - Albert W. ECKER, a minor - Thomas Calvin ECKER, a minor - Carrie Bell ECKER, a minor - Clarence J. ECKER, a minor George W. GITTINGS, guardian LAND - "Mount Felicity" and "Whiskey Ridge", 81 acres. To Samuel ECKER & wife from Henry SWOPE in Apr 1863 [BGF-8, 519]. To Levi ECKER from Samuel ECKER & w/ Elizabeth at $4,000 in Feb 1871 [CM-6, 389]. Sale was held 8 Mar 1879 on the premises; high bidder was: - Samuel ECKER at $36.50/acre, $2,957.41 who substituted the children of Mary E. ECKER as the purchasers. All monies were paid. Subject to lien in dower of Mary E. ECKER, wid/of Levi ECKER. [TG-12, 122 dated Jun 1879] The school board was interested in purchasing 1 acre for school at $100; located at intersection of road from Libertytown to New Market and from Frederick to Libertytown at the toll gate on the turnpike, 1 mile west of Libertytown to Libertytown and New Market road, bounded on two sides by road; sale to be free of dower. Mary E. ECKER was indebted by mortgages to Henry SWOPE and George W. GITTINGS, both having agreed to sale of one acre to the schoool. Guardian for George Levi ECKER was Lester McLEAN, Esquire of Lorain Co, Ohio. Guardian appointed for the other minors was Joseph W. GAVER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 26 Mar 1883 from: - George W. GITTINGS, age 73, farmer, resides in Liberty - Henry SWOPE, age 66, retired farmer and merchant, resides in Liberty George W. GITTINGS was appointed trustee to convey the 1 acre to the Board of Education for Ecker's School. Closed 1 Jun 1883. ===
58-69 - LIDIE - Sep 1883 #FC
Sarah LIDIE vs Ada LIDIE & Others - Equity #4928 Rosannah V. LIDIE d/ 2 Dec 1879, intestate w/o Jacob W. LIDIE (minor children all under age 16) d/ Ada LIDIE, a minor - Baltimore City (at Female House of Refuge, NW corner of Carey & Baker Sts, Baltimore City) s/ Clarence LIDIE, a minor - Washington County d/ Joy Grace LIDIE, a minor - Washington County LAND - Mountain Lot, 12 acres, 3/4 mile north of Mechanicstown; adjoining land of John ROUZER. Improved with a 1 1/2 story log house with frame back building and porch in front, stable and fruit trees. To Rosannah V. LIDIE from Andrew SEFTON & w/ Elizabeth in Apr 1878 [AF-7]. Jacob W. LIDIE conveyed his life estate to his mother, Sarah LIDIE, for $150 in Aug 1883 [AF-7]. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 3 Dec 1883 from: - Frederick WHITE, age 60, teacher, resided in Mechanicstown; stated Sarah LIDIE was age 93. - J. Henry COVER, age 41, shoemaker, resided in Mechanicstown Trustee was Frederick WHITE. Sale was held 2 Feb 1884 at the public square in Mechanicstown; high bidder was: - Sarah LIDIE at $460 Distribution of $471.50; court costs, $133.64 = $337.86 - Exec/of Sarah LIDIE, dec'd, in lieu of life estate from Jacob W. LIDIE, $42.23 - Each child's 1/3 share, $98.54 Closed 22 Sep 1884. ===
70-81 - SIMMONS, TARR, FISHER, FUNK - Sep 1883 #FC
Thomas W. FISHER vs H. Elizabeth TARR & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4921 John F. SIMMONS d/ Jun 1883, intestate d/ Henrietta Elizabeth (SIMMONS) TARR, widow (non compos mentis) (now an inmate of Spring Grove Insane Asylum in Baltimore County) d/ Anna W. (SIMMONS) w/o Thomas W. FISHER - Baltimore City LAND - "Pleasant Prospect", Lot & House in Urbana To John F. SIMMONS from Henry M. NIXDORFF at $1,100 in Jun 1866 [JWLC-4, 130]. Previously to NIXDORFF from John WAGONER & wife in Aug 1861 [BGF-7, 69]. - Lots #1 & 2, being parts of Lots #36 & 37 Mountain lot, 30 acres To John F. SIMMONS from Henry SCHOLL & w/ Rebecca at $246 in Oct 1845 [WBT-2, 536]. Parts were sold before John F. SIMMONS death to: - Samuel HINKS [JWLC-2, 630] - Daniel BAKER [JWLC-2, 448] - ____ TRUNDLE [JWLC-2, 481] - Thomas A. SMITH Thomas W. FISHER of Baltimore City was appointed to take charge of estate of Henrietta Elizabeth TARR. Testimony was heard 15 Dec 1883 from: - Thomas W. FISHER, claimed 33 acres were indebted to him at $650. Trustee was Thomas W. FISHER, Sale was held 16 Feb 1874 on the premises; high bidder was: - Mrs. Anna W. FISHER for House & Lot at $700 - William FUNK for the mountian lot at $4.95/acre Distribution of $720.40; court costs, $174.18 = $546.22 - E. G. GARDNER & Bro for funeral expenses, $65 - Thomas W. FISHER, partial payment of claim, $428.55 - J.E.R. WOOD, claim, $52.67 Closed 14 Aug 1884. ===
82-96 - GREEN, HOLMES - Feb 1881 #FC
Washington GREEN - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4663 Francis GREEN d/ 3 weeks before Christmas in 1873 (Will written 7 Apr 1872) widow - Barbara d/ 13 or 29 Jan 1881 s/ Washington GREEN & w/ Martha Ann s/ Elias GREEN & w/ Sarah s/ Jacob GREEN s/ Christian GREEN & w/ Susan - Washington County s/ Ezra GREEN & w/_____ - Indiana s/ Adam GREEN (now dec'd) & w/ Martha Jane ..........Francis F. GREEN, a minor d/ Caroline (GREEN) w/o Horatio HOLMES ..........Mary L. HOLMES ..........Margret A. HOLMES ..........Sarah A. HOLMES ..........Tilghman HOLMES ..........Vandelia HOLMES, dec'd Life estate to wife and after her death, to his grandchild, Caroline HOLMES. Exec/ wife Witnesses: Benjamin SHUFF Jr, Levin HURLEY, Jonathan D. ENGLISH LAND - "The Range about The Three Miserable Nobs", 36 acres; in Catoctin District, located 1 1/2 miles east of Middlepoint School House; adjoined lands of John and Bartley RONEY, Mathew MURRAY, John STOTTLEMYER, Peter GROSSNICKLE, J. WARSTLER and Jacob LEIGH. Improved with a small log house; part is timbered. To Francis GREEN from Albert RITCHIE & w/ Catharine L. and Mary OTT, heirs of Thomas BEATTY, at $72 in Jan 1833 [JS-41, 33]. Petition claims there was never a grandchild named Caroline HOLMES which makes that part of the Will invalid. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 4 Jan 1882 from: - Washington GREEN - Martha A. GREEN Trustee was John C. MOTTER. Sale was held 14 Jul 1883 in front of the Valley Register Office in Middletown; high bidder was: - George W. GREEN at $101 Neighbors in 1883 were Thomas L. WINFIELD and Benjamin SHUFF. No Distribution. Closed 15 Feb 1884. ===
Sophia T. BLICKENSTAFF by husband Daniel W. BLICKENSTAFF vs Howard GILBERT and Harry GILBERT - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4899 Ephraim W. GILBERT d/ 16 Jun 1881 (Will written 25 Dec 1879] widow - Sophia T. (age 47 in Nov 1882) (now w/o Daniel W. BLICKENSTAFF) s/ Howard GILBERT, a minor (age 17) s/ Harry GILBERT, a minor (age 10) Wife had life estate, than divided among children. Exec/ Henry T. MYERS Witnesses: Elias BLICKENSTAFF, Jacob BLICKENSTAFF Attested by John MYERS, J.P. LAND - "Six Daughters" and "Yost's Triangle" and "Yost's Claim Enlarged", 8 acres; adjoined land of Hezekiah PALMER. Improved with a house, small shop and stable. To Ephraim W. GILBERT from Elias BLICKENSTAFF & w/ Elizabeth at $600 in Apr 1875 [TG-3, 372]. Guardian was William MAHONY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 31 May 1883 from: - Daniel W. BLICKENSTAFF - Jacob BLICKENSTAFF Trustee was Daniel W. BLICKENSTAFF. Sale was held 6 Oct 1883 at Middlepoint but no sufficient bid was obtained; later, private sale was made to: - Lawson CLINE at $712.50 Final payment not due until Jan 1885; no distribution at this time. closed 4 Feb 1884. ===
George W. ROWE vs E. Cora ROWE & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4956 John H. T. WEBB & w/ Ellen and Jemima A. WEBB were indebted by mortgage to Mary C. TANEY, who assigned the mortgage to Eugene L. ROWE, who later assigned said mortgage to Lawrence L. DIELMAN, now the husband of Mary C. TANEY. Lawrence L. DIELMAN sold the property 10 Dec 1881 at auction in Emmittsburg; high bidder was: - Charles J. ROWE at $1,500 [Deed AF-4, 556, dated Jan 1882] LAND - Lot #95 on south side of Main street in Emmitsburg; bounded on the east by George T. EYSTER and Hale W. EYSTER and on the west by Mrs. Harriet MOTTER and on the south by an alley. To John H. T. WEBB and Jemima A. WEBB from James HOSPELHORN & wife in Apr 1877 [TG-7, 468]. Charles J. ROWE d/ 24 Dec 1883 in Emmitsburg, intestate widow - E. Cora (age 25 in Feb 1884) s/ Joseph E. ROWE, a minor (age 10 months in Feb 1884) Adm/ E. Cora ROWE, with sureties as Eugene L. ROWE and George W. ROWE. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 5 Feb 1884 from: - Eugene L. ROWE, age 38, Emmitsburg - Henry STOKES, age 59, Emmitsburg; provided death date of decedent and ages of heirs. Trustee was Eugene L. ROWE. Sale was held 3 Mar 1884 on the premises; high bidders were: - W. H. H. HARDMAN for eastern half of lot at $600 - Samuel R. GRINDER for western half of lot at $1,003 Distribution of $1,609.46; court costs, $190.08 = $1,419.38 -George W. ROWE, claim, $194.40 - Mary A. WINTER, claim, $19.79 - John ELLOWER, claim, $38.47 - Barbara HARDMAN, claim, $76.02 - James W. EICHELBERGER, claim, $12.25 Balance - $1,073.45 - E. Cora ROWE, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $202.77 - Joseph E. ROWE, balance, $875.68 Closed 1 Dec 1884. ===
Charles W. HOFFMAN of Washington, DC vs Henry C. GRABENHORST & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4724 Henry C. GRABENHORST & w/ Margaret Ann were then still living. s/ Jacob Frederick GRABENHORST s/ William H. GRABENHORST (temporarily living in DC) d/ Caroline GRABENHORST, a minor LAND - Lot #28, parts of "Mortality" and "Taskers Chance", 26 acres; on main road from Frederick Town to Creagerstown and also road from Frederick Town to fulling mill on NE corner of farm of Peter SOWERS; adjoined land of Moses WORMAN, Hugh REYNOLDS, John WHITE, Isaac CRONISE, Caspar MANTZ ("Tuscany Resurveyed") and tracts, "Rose Garden" (from Col. John McPHERSON to Edward B. McPHERSON). To Henry C. GRABENHORST of Baltimore County froom George R. DENNIS at $40,000 in Apr 1864 [JWLC-1, 501-503]. Previously to DENNIS from David BOYD & w/ Mary in Apr 1855 [ES-5, 502-504]. - Mortgage of Henry C. GRABENHORST of Baltimore County to George R. DENNIS at $40,000 in Apr 1864. DENNIS assigned $10,000 of note to David C. WINEBRENNER in Feb 1871. - To Anna Maria LOYER of Baltimore County from Henry C. GRABENHORST & w/ Margaret Ann of Baltimore County (for Lot #28) at $25,000 in Sep 1865 [JWLC-3, 419]. - From Anna Maria LOYER of Baltimore County to Margaret Ann GRABENHORST of Baltimore County at $25,000, for life estate of her husband and at his death to their children, subject to mortgage claims of William C. HOFFMAN and George R. DENNIS in Jan 1868 [TG-8, 639-641]. William C. HOFFMAN, now dec'd (Will SGC-1, 451 dated 1 Sep 1873) Exec/ Charles W. HOFFMAN with sureties as Philip REICH and Julianna REICH Charles W. HOFFMAN had mortgage to William C. transferred to himself; he also transferred notes of $2,600 to William F. HOFFMAN in part payment of his distribution share. George R. DENNIS lived in Urbana in Oct 1881. Guardian for Caroline was Edward McINTIRE, Esquire. Testimony was heard 26 Nov 1881 from: - Charles H. HOFFMAN - Arthur POTTS - Sarah C. HOFFMAN Trustees were Charles W. HOFFMAN of Washington, DC and David C. WINEBRENNER. Sale was to be held but file ended here on 6 Jan 1882. ===
141-145 - GEESEY, HINES, WALTMAN - Sep 1884 #FC
John T. GEESEY and Jacob H. HINES, mortgagees of Augustus M. GEESEY - Foreclosure Sale - Equity #5008 LAND - Lots #8 & 9 in Lewistown, SW of Frederick to Emmitsburg Turnpike and Johnson St. Improved with a 2-story frame house (2 rooms and hallway on 1st floor and 3 roooms on 2nd floor and long front porch on both stories) and storeroom (16 x 30' in two parts and 9' high; 2nd story has 3 rooms), stable and buggy shed, wash room, cistern and well in the yard, all buildings new. Storeroom then occupied by P. T. WALTMAN. To Augustus M. GEESEY from William A. WALTMAN & wife in Apr 1883. Previously to William A. WALTMAN from Peter T. WALTMAN in May 1881 [AF-7, 2]. Augustus M. GEESEY & w/ Mary C. L. mortgaged it to John T. GEESEY and Jacob H. HINES at $1,500 in Apr 1883. Foreclosure Sale was held 13 Sep 1884 on the premises; high bidder was: - John T. GEESEY at $1,350 Distribution after court costs: - Frederick Town Savings, mortgage claim (of $1,500), $1,311.50 Closed 15 Oct 1884. ===
David C. MARTIN, adm/of Ann E. MARTIN vs Leonard R. WAESCHE - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4648 Ann E. MARTIN d/ 12 Oct 1880, intestate widow of John A. MARTIN LAND - Lot #2 of "Resurvey on Stony corner" and "Millers Conclusion", 44 acres; north and west of turnpike. - Mountain Lot, 25 acres, on High Run, part of "Kuhn's Lot"; adjoining that of Elias MOSER and Daniel WILLHIDE. To John A. MARTIN from David KEPHART, trustee (Equity #2893 dated Oct 1860 - David KEPHART & George R. OVELMAN, execs/of George OVELMAN vs William H. KUHN), at $1,737 in Sep 1862 [BGF-7, 682]. - 11 acres To John A. MARTIN from Joseph E. KUHN & w/ Lilly E. of Washington, DC, at $385 in Dec 1864 [JWLC-2, 322]. EXCEPTIONS: - To James Henry HENDRICKS from John A. MARTIN & w/ Ann E. for "Miller's Conclusion" on east side of Frederick-Emmitsburg Turnpike (acreage not given) at $250 in Dec 1867 [CM-4, 369]. - To David WILLHIDE from John A. MARTIN & w/ Ann E. for part of Lot #9, 25-acre mountain lot and also part of "Millers Conclusion", near Turnpike on the east side of the old Hagerstown Road (acreage not given) at $300 in Apr 1868 [CM-1, 677]. - To Ann Elizabeth MARTIN from John A. MARTIN for parts of "Stony Corner", "Millers Conclusion", "The Mountain Tract", "Thereabouts" (with some exceptions) and also "Buck's Horn" (from Henry ROUZER, John ARTHUR and Godliep J. SIGMOND in Sep 1862, BGF-8, 46) with excepting SE of Mechanicstown to Hagerstown road including the mill then in possession of T. A. WIERMAN and excepting small strip at the north now to David L. WILLHIDE, (acreage not provided), given for love and affection to wife, in Dec 1871 [CM-7, 668]. - To Simon A. WELLER from Ann E. MARTIN for 6 acres in Mechanicstown on Creagerstown to Harman's Gap road and also 1 acre east and at junction of Turnpike and corn of WELLER's lot at $675 in Apr 1874 [TG-1, 399]. - To Calvin WELLER from Ann E. MARTIN for "Millers Conclusion", 6 acres, on east side of Creagerstown to Harmon's Gap road at SW corner of John A. FLEAGEL's lot, at $330 in Apr 1876 [AF-2, 517]. - To Simon A. WELLER from Ann E. MARTIN of Mechanicstown for lot in "Millers Conclusion", 4 acres on south side of Frederick-Emmitsburg Turnpike, SW of lot of John R. ROUSER and by FLEAGEL's lots and Calvin MILLER's, at $246 in May 1876 [TG-5, 626]. - To John R. ROUSER from Ann Elizabeth MARTIN, wid/of John A. MARTIN for "Resurvey on Stony Corner", 10 acres, at corner of Simon A. WELLER's lot and on south bank of Hunting Creek, near SE abutment of bridge, at $785 in Dec 1876 [TG-6, 389]. - To John W. MARTIN from Ann E. MARTIN for 3 1/2 acres in Mechanicstown at $1,350 in Apr 1877. Land next to Simon A. WELL and on west side of pike towards Hunting Creek Bridge. In Feb 1873, Leonard R. WAESCHE made an agreement with Ann E. MARTIN to purchase land for $4,300; balance not yet paid. Trustee was David C. MARTIN (lived in Hagerstown, Washington County). Sale was held 23 Feb 1884 at the public square in Mechanicstown; high bidder was: - Rev. Henry WISSLER for 20 acres with improvements at $1,425. Lot on Frederick-Emmitsburg Turnpike on the south side of Mechanicstown, adjoining lands of W. L. SHAFFER and Simon A. WELLER; improved with a large 2-story weatherboarded log house for one or two families, a barn, hog pen, smoke house with well in the yard and fruit trees. Distribution after court costs: - David C. MARTIN, adm/of Ann E. MARTIN, claim, $1,201.19 Closed 17 Oct 1884. ===
Benjamin F. BROWN, trustee for Thomas F. CASTLE, assignee of Dr. Amos A. ROTH, mortgagee of George W. SHAFFNER & w/ Mary (formerly w/o Sebastian EXNER) - Report of Sales - Equity #5013 LAND - Lot on north side of West Sixth St in Frederick City; adjoined lots of Mr. BLUMENAUER on the east and George HARMAN on the west. Improved with a 2-story brick and frame double house; east side with 6 rooms, cellar and garret; west side with 5 rooms, cellar and garret and then in possession of William GOINGS. Hydrant was in the yard. To Sebastian EXNER & w/ Mary from Joshua DILL & w/ Mary in Jun 1862 [BGF-7, 544]. Sale was held 27 Sep 1884 on the premises; high bidder was: - Thomas F. CASTLE at $505 Distribution of $514.25 (interest included); court costs, $128.71 - Thomas F. CASTLE, assignee of mortgage, $385.54 Closed 22 Nov 1884. ===
Joseph H. EYLER & Others vs Alfred WILHIDE & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4955 David WILHIDE d/ c1870, intestate widow - Elizabeth d/ 1883 s/ Alfred WILHIDE & w/ Nancy Jane - Iowa * s/ David L. WILHIDE, now dec'd .....w/ Hannah (age 35) * ...........Ida (WILHIDE) w/o George HARTING * ...........George WILHIDE, a minor * ...........John WILHIDE, a minor ...........Betty WILHIDE, a minor ...........Sally WILHIDE, a minor ...........Jessie WILHIDE, a minor s/ Otto C. WILHIDE & w/ Anna * s/ Cyrus P. WILHIDE & w/ Laura - Washington County * s/ Elias N. WILHIDE, d/ intestate .....w/ Sarah (now Sarah JAMISON, age 35) ...........Emma Kate WILHIDE, a minor ...........Henry N. WILHIDE, a minor ...........Sarah M. WILHIDE, a minor d/ Catharine "Kate" FRESHMAN d/ Sophia E. WIERMAN * d/ Mary M. w/o Joseph H. EYLER - Mechanicstown * d/ Matilda, dec'd w/o George W. MILLER (age 40) ...........Elizabeth (MILLER) w/o Andrew J. POTTS * ...........Charles A. MILLER, a minor ...........Rosella MILLER, a minor LAND - "Bucks Horn", Lot (85 x 120') on West Main St in Mechanicstown; adjoined lands of John ARTHUR and David L. WILLHIDE. Improved with 1 1/2-story log house with back building, bake oven, hog pen; with good spring and fruit trees. Then in possession of Charles H. EYLER. To David WILHIDE from Frederick WHITE & w/ Savilla at $200 in Apr 1860 [BGF-6, 167]. Previously to Frederick WHITE from Henry ROUZER, John ARTHUR, Godleip J. SIGMOND and Washington A. BENNETT in Nov 1859 [BGF-5, 20]. Exception - parts sold to: - Elias N. WILHIDE for part of lot at east side fronting West Baltimore St in Mechanicstown; adjoined lot of J. P. HARBAUGH at $30 in Jun 1864 [JWLC-2, 199]. - James C. MACKLEY for part of lot at NW corner at $25 in Sep 1868 [CM-2, 493]. Guardian for the minors was Alfred RITTER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 9 Feb 1884 from: - Joseph H. EYLER - George M. ZIMMERMAN Trustee was George M. ZIMMERMAN. Sale was held 22 Mar 1884 at the public square in Mechanicstown; high bidder was: - James C. MACKLEY at $302 Distribution: court costs, $169.82 - Each 1/9 child's share, $14.68 * Heirs who donated their shares to pay funeral expenses of Elizabeth, widow of David WILHIDE. Closed 16 Dec 1884. ===
183-187 - PUTMAN - May 1875 #FC
Samuel PUTMAN, mortgagee of Sarah A. V. PUTMAN & husband, Hezekiah PUTMAN - Report of Sales - Equity #4075 LAND - Farm, 29 acres, in Johnsville District, near Good Intent School House, just south of Johnsville to Ladiesburg road. Improved with a 2-story log house, stable, spring and a young orchard. To Sarah A. V. PUTMAN from Jacob STITELY of J., atty/for Barba FITES and David FITES. Sale was held 22 May 1875 on the premises; high bidder was: - Samuel PUTMAN at $1,000 Distributions after court costs: - Samuel PUTMAN, mortgage claim, $742.81 - Sarah A. V. PUTMAN, balance, $139.24 Closed 4 Feb 1876. ===
188-203 - ELDER, ECKENRODE, DAMUTH - May 1882 #FC #BCY
John Francis ELDER & Others vs Mary ELDER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4791 John F. ELDER d/ Jun or Oct 1879 (Will written 22 May 1868) widow - Caroline d/ Apr 1882 (Will) s/ John Francis ELDER & w/ Mary d/ Josephine ELDER - Baltimore City d/ Mary ELDER d/ Elizabeth w/o Ephraim ECKENRODE Devised everything to wife and upon her death to children equally. Exec/ wife Witnesses: John McCLOSKEY, Peter SEBOLD Jr, James McBRIDE * Codicil - Revoked share from son John Francis ELDER and for it to go to his wife Mary, deducting $451 already paid to son. Also devised $1,000 to wife in consideration of money she had at time of marriage. - dated 29 May 1879 Witnesses: John McCLOSKEY, Felix A. DIFFENDALL, James A. ELDER --- Caroline ELDER (Will written 28 Apr 1882) Devised her $1,000 from husband's Will and personal property to her daughter Mary and named her as executor. Mary had paid the funeral expenses. Witnesses: Joseph W. DAVIDSON, John F. COLLIFLOWER, William H. BIGGS --- LAND - "Brook's Reserve", 183 acres and "Brook's Reserve Situated", 4 3/4 acres, in Emmitsburg District, on old Emmitsburg to Frederick road by way of Creagerstown and 1 1/2 miles NW of Rocky Ridge; adjoining tract "Resurvey on Buck Forrest" and land of John WITHEROW and heirs of John HOBBS. Improved with a large brick house and barn with fruit trees; divided into fields, land quality is red land. To John F. ELDER from John HOBBS & w/ Eleanor at $3,755 in Apr 1843 [HS-18, 559]. Previously to John HOBBS from James COOPER, Equity trustee for Estate of James COOPER. - "Five Mill Seats", Lot #9, 41 acre mountain tract in Mechanicstown District, near Mount St Mary's College in Emmitsburg. To John F. ELDER from William P. ELDER & w/ Henrietta at $115 in Jan 1853 [CM-3, 630]. Previously to William P. ELDER from Arnold LIVERS, John F. ELDER and George SPALDING. Trustees were John C. MOTTER and Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held 24 Mar 1883 at Joshua BIGGS' store at Rocky Ridge Station on the Western Maryland Rail Road; high bidder was: - Ephraim ECKENRODE for the mounntain tract at $4.25/acre Not receiving a sufficient bid for the home farm, another sale was held 11 Aug 1883 at the same location; high bidder was: - Charles A. DAMUTH at $28/acre Total sales, $5,428.52. Distribution: court costs, $523.36 = $4,905.16 - Mary ELDER, legatee, $1,000 - Mary ELDER, interest on same, $90 - Josephine ELDER, 1/4 , $1,066.54 - Mary ELDER, 1/4 , $1,066.54 - Elizabeth ECKENRODE, 1/4 , $1,066.54 - Mary ELDER, w/o John Francis ELDER, 1/4, $1,066.54 - $451 = $615.54 Closed 19 Oct 1883. ===
Jonas URNER vs John W. FOGLE & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4915 Lydia FOGLE d/ May 1883, intestate s/ John W. FOGLE & w/ Cenia A. (signed as Sarah A. C.) s/ Dennis H. FOGLE & w/ Elizabeth (signed as Lydia E.) s/ Jacob E. FOGLE & w/ Emily (signed as Emma V.) d/ Mary E. FOGLE d/ Ann Sophia FOGLE w/o Levi WETZEL d/ Franceanna FOGLE w/o Thomas GAINARD/GRAYNOR - Somerset Co, PA s/ Charles V. FOGLE d/ Alice FOGLE w/o Newton BLESSING LAND - House & Lot, 2 acres, on the east side and near the south end of Main St in Johnsville, on road into Johnsville at SW corner of Wesley REPP's woodland. Improved with a new 2-story frame house with basement, kitchen and front porch, corn crib, hen house and orchard of peaches, pears, plums, quinces, damsons, apples and grapes. Then in occupancy of Charles V. FOGLE. To Lydia A. FOGLE from Lydia A. BLESSING at $650 in Apr 1877 [TG-7, 574]. Trustees were Milton G. URNER and C. V. S. LEVY. Sale was held 13 Sep 1884 on the premises; high bidder was: - Charles V. FOGLE at $615 Distribution: Multiple creditors received 79% of claims; however, John W. FOGLE objected to five of the claims, one being to Mary E. FOGLE and two being to Charles V. FOGLE. Court approved payment of other claims; those objected to are pending. Last dated 19 Dec 1884. ===
Mortimer P. TRAYER, et al vs Henrietta TRAYER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5000 Jacob TRAYER d/ Jun 1869 in New Market (Will written 16 Nov 1859) widow - Sarah d/ Jun 1884 in New Market, intestate - 10 children s/ William H. TRAYER & w/ Marietta - Pennsylvania d/ Eliza w/o Daniel SWOMLEY s/ Thomas C. TRAYER & w/ Henrietta SMITH - Pennsylvania d/ Martha F. w/o Grafton HAMMOND s/ Jacob V. TRAYER, d/1881 in Carroll County after his father, intestate .....w/ Virginia "Jennie" (age 48) - all in Carroll County ...........Clara TRAYER ...........Lillian Huntly TRAYER ...........Jacob Banks/Bentz TRAYER, a minor (listed as adult in Aug 1884) ...........Harry Reed TRAYER, a minor ...........James Tilghman TRAYER, a minor ...........Minnie Varden TRAYER, a minor d/ Henrietta P. TRAYER s/ George Milton TRAYER d/ c1873 Philadelphia, PA after his father, intestate .....w/ Maggie E. (age 38)(now Maggie E. PERKINS) - Baltimore City ...........Irene Virginia TRAYER, a minor - Baltimore City d/ Susan Emma TRAYER w/o John T. SMITH s/ Mortimer P. TRAYER & w/ Anna A. d/ Laura V. TRAYER w/o Oscar O. BELLMAN - Washington County Estate to wife, granting her right to sell. Exec/ wife Witnesses: William E. SALMON, William DOWNEY, R.G.D. RICE --- LAND - "New Market Plains", 47 acres, in New Market, on north side of Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike and ran to west side of road from New Market to the Quaker Meeting House. To Jacob TRAYER from Thomas C. SHIPLEY & w/ Ann G. at $1,415 in Jul 1814 [HS-11, 404]. Included was water rights to the spring for Thomas C. SHIPLEY family. - Sold 27 acres to Cornelius KLAY in Aug 1840 Remaining were 13 acres on south side of New Market on road to Friends Meeting House; adjoined lands of George SPONSELLER and Samuel BROWN. - "New Market Plains", 10+ acres To Jacob TRAYER from Cornelius KLAY/CLAY & w/ Ann at $210 in Jan 1844 [HS-22, 162]. - Front Lot #35 in New Market and - Back Lot #102 in New Market; adjoined lots of Mrs HAMMOND and Miss Mary STEVENS. Improved with a stable and fruit trees. To Jacob TRAYER from John H. M. SMITH (w/ Corilla H.) at $300 in May 1831 [JS-36, 15?]. - Front Lot #37 in New Market, on south side of Main St; adjoining lot of Dr. E. W. MOBBERLY on the west. Improved with a 2 1/2 story brick house with 10 rooms and shop attached, well near the door and fruit trees. To Sarah TRAYER from Corilla H. SMITH and Philemon M. SMITH, execs/of John H. M. SMITH at $705 in Oct 1851 [ES-1, 64]. ...Mortgage to Joseph MOLESWORTH for $500 by Sarah TRAYER, widow in Apr 1880. Now held by Ann MOLESWORTH, wid/of Joseph. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 18 Aug 1884 from: - John T. LOWE - Mortimer P. TRAYER Trustee was Mortimer P. TRAYER. Sale was held 4 Oct 1884 in front of the Odd Fellows Hall in New Market; high bidders were: - Anna A. TRAYER for Lot #37 at $1,065 - Daniel T. RAGERT(?) or Samuel RAGERS for Lot #102 at $81 - Anna A. TRAYER for 13 remaining acres on road to Quaker Meeting House at $988 Total sales, $2,134. Page 237 blank but Distribution not listed. Ratified 15 Nov 1885. ===
238-242 - BAIRD, BIGGS, BEITLER, SMITH - Oct 1884 #FC #WC
Joshua BIGGS vs George BAIRD and Sarah E. BAIRD - Report of Sales - Equity #5006 LAND - Lot in 4th District, 60 acres, on Westminster to Hagerstown road; adjoined lands of Samuel J. BEITLER and Joshua BIGGS. Improved with a new 2-story house, stabling and well near the house. To Sarah E. BAIRD from Jesse BEITLER in Dec 1877 [TG-9, 49]. Mortgage of George BAIRD & w/ Sarah E. of Washington County to Joshua BIGGS for $1,500 in Feb 1883. Sale was held 13 Sep on the premises; high bidder was: - Jacob SMITH at $2,025 Distribution: court costs, $267.16 = $1,757.84 - Joshua BIGGS, mortgage claim, $1,639 - George & Sarah E. BAIRD, balance, $118.84 Closed 11 Nov 1884. ===
Josiah HARP vs Susan WEDDLE, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4989 James WEDDLE of L. d/ Jan 1884 (Will written 8 Apr 1854) widow - Susan (age abt 77) s/ Lawson WEDDLE & w/ Emeline - Ohio d/ Amanda WEDDLE w/o John H. MOSER d/ Rebecca WEDDLE w/o Adam W. PALMER s/ Eli WEDDLE & w/ Emeline? - Washington County s/ Luther WEDDLE & w/ Elizabeth d/ Martha WEDDLE, dec'd w/o ______ DELAUTER/DELAUDER * ..........Eliza DELAUTER, a minor ..........Cora DELAUTER, a minor ..........Charles DELAUTER, a minor Devised estate to wife and upon her death or marriage, then to children; however, no power of sale was included in the Will. (Names of children not listed in Will; only wife.) Exec/ wife Witnesses: W. M. METZGER, Jacob WILES, John A. RAYMER LAND - in Jackson District, 1 1/2 miles north of Myersville; adjoining lands of Samuel PALMER and John MOSER. Improved with a house and small frame barn and fruit trees. Includes tracts: - "Land of Promise", 9 acres To James WEDDLE from John JONES & w/ Sarah Ann at $430 in Nov 1840 [HS-12, 48]. - "Hamburg", 13+ acres, To James WEDDLE of L. from Enos DOUB & w/ Elizabeth at $964 in Mar 1854 [ES-3, 558]. SOLD to John H. MOSER by James WEDDLE of L. & w/ Susannah for 2 3/4 acres of "Hamburg" at $292 in Aug 1858 [BGF-2, 400]. SOLD to Samuel PALMER by James WEDDLE of L. & w/ Susan for 1 acre of "Hamburg"at $70 in Apr 1854 (recorded Sep 1858) [BGF-3, 115]. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 24 Nov 1884 from: - George KOOGLE, age 54, Frederick City - Ezra ROUTZAHN, age 48, agent for the widow as executor Trustee was Ezra ROUTZAHN. Sale was held 31 Jan 1885 at T. F. BITTLE's Store in Ellerton; high bidder was: - Israel HARSHMAN for 19 1/4 acres at $1,397.50 Distribution of $1,402.12; court costs, $231.79 = $1,171.15 - Multiple creditors, $1,072.58 - Susannah WEDDLE, widow, balance, $98.57 Closed 18 May 1885. * NOTE - Frederick Co, MD Marriage Licenses - James WEDDLE and Susannah PALMER on 3 Mar 1828 - Lawson B. WEDDLE and Emeline HARSHMAN on 24 Aug 24 1853 - Amanda E. WEDDLE and John H. MOSER on 4 Apr 1856 - Rebecca WEDDLE and Adam Wesley PALMER on 8 Jan 1859 - Martha A. WEDDLE and Samuel DELAUDER on 20 Apr 1863 ===
263-268 - STEWART, SMITH - Feb 1885 #FC
Henry E. SMITH, trustee of Benjamin F. STEWART - Report of Sales - Equity #5052 LAND - Lot on SW corner of Patrick St & Brewer's Alley, formerly the Central Hotel, but then occupied as a hardware and agricultural implement store and as a hotel. Building is four stories, lot is 41 x 450'; warehouse attached to the main building is 28 x 117'; has stable, shedding, carriage house and hog pens; store room has an open front. There are 25 rooms in the house, a good bathroom and gas throughout the house. Mortgages of $7,000 to Mrs. HOOD and Hagerstown Manufacturing Company. Sale was held 18 Apr 1885 at the Central Hotel; high bidder was: - Mrs. Annie M. STEWART, w/o Benjamin F. STEWART, at $2,350 No Distribution shown. Closed 16 May 1885. ===
269-274 - GANT, BOWERS, MILLER, BURALL - Jan 1885 #FC
William D. BOWERS and Joseph G. MILLER, mortgagees of John C. GANT & w/ Rachel R. - Report of Sales - Equity #5046 LAND - Lot on north side of West All Saints St in Frederick Town. Improved with a 2-story brick house with basement and back building. Sale was held 31 Jan 1885 at the court house; high bidders were: - George W. BURALL and Joanna BURALL at $825 After court costs, the balance was paid to: - William D. BOWERS and Joseph G. MILLER, mortgage claim, $710.13 Closed 30 Mar 1885. ===
Isaac M. FISHER and William G. BLAIR, mortgagees of Mary Ann JONES & h/ Morris J. JONES - Report of Sale - Equity #5076 In 1883, Mary Ann and Morris J. JONES lived in Baltimore City. LAND - 118 acre Farm in Emmitsburg District, on road from MAXWELL's Mill to Emmitsburg, 1 mile SE of Emmitsburg and 1/2 mile from Saint Joseph's; adjoining land of Jacob MYERS, KOONTZ Brothers Saint Joseph's and Adolphus HOOVER; then in occupancy of Hugh F. RODDY as tenant. Improved with a 2-story stone house, a nearly new 2-story frame tenant house, a large bank barn and carriage house with well near the kitchen. There was running water in most fields; thoroughly limed and has orchard. To Mary Ann JONES from Frederick STAMBAUGH & w/ Margaretta in Apr 1880 [AF-2, 106]. - 17 acres mountain land. To Mary Ann JONES from Jacob MYERS & w/ Mary in Apr 1881 [AF-2, 759]. Sale was held 4 Apr 1885 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; the farm was bid up to $31.40/acre by Mr ECCLESTON, a brother-in-law of the son of the mortgagors; but he then disclaimed having made the bid. Auctioneer was Theodore L. NAILL. Farm was then rebidded and high bidders were: - Isaac M. FISHER and William G. BLAIR at $22.50/acre, subject to prior mortgage - Isaac M. FISHER and William G. BLAIR for wood lot at $1.50/acre Total sales, $3,693, less than the $4,500 mortgage Closed 19 May 1885. ===
283-286 - COMBASH, KING, BARTGIS - Dec 1884 #FC
Margaret KING, mortgagee of John Tyler COMBASH & w/ Ruth - Report of Sales - Equity #5025 LAND - House & Lot on north side of West Patrick St in Frederick City; adjoined lot of Daniel ROELKEY. To John Tyler COMBASH from Margaret KING & h/ George KING. Sale was held 29 Nov 1884 on the premises; high bidder was: - Frederick A. BARTGIS at $610 Proceeds to the Mortgagee. Closed 29 Dec 1884. ===
Louis MARKELL, pres/of Fredericktown Savings and mortgagee of Daniel G. ADELSBERGER & w/ Mary M. - Report of Sales - Equity #5049 LAND - Lots in Emmitsburg - #28, fronting on the square; improved with a 3-story brick building known as the Western Maryland Hotel with stables attached but on Lot #46 # 42-45, vacant lots. To Zachariah H. BUSBY from John K. TAYLOR in May 1870 [CM-5, 373]. Descended to Mary M. ADELSBERGER, w/o Daniel G. ADELSBERGER, as the only child of Zachariah H. BUSBY. (Previously to John K. TAYLOR from Hugh McALEER, trustee for Daniel WILE in Oct 1864 [JWLC-2, 127]. Sale was held 31 Jan 1885 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidders were: - Azarick EYSTER for Lots #28 & 46 at $4,800; subject to dower of Mrs. Rachel BUSBY, wid/of Zachariah H. BUSBY. At the time of the sale, the hotel was in the occupancy of William H. CRONISE & Son, situated on the SE corner of the Public Square in Emmitsburg and adjoined the property of Isaac HYDER on the east. The sale of the hotel was sufficient to pay the mortgage so the other lots were not sold. After the court costs and the mortgage was paid, there remained $1,283.90, subject to further order of the court and pending taxes due. Closed 2 May 1885. ===
298-303 - KLEES, FAUST - Mar 1885 #FC #BCY
Henry FAUST, mortgagee of Henry KLEES Jr & w/ Mary and William F. KLEES - Report of Sales - Equity #5072 All parties then lived in Baltimore City. LAND - "Father's Gift", 62 acres, known as KLEE's Tannery, in Oak Orchard in Linganore District, on road from Oak Orchard to the new Liberty Road; adjoined land of Caspar DEVILBISS and STRAUSBAUGH. Tannery has 150 vats, back mill, drying sheds, etc. Improved with a 2-story stone house and back building, a 2-story frame tenant house, barn, orchard and abundance of good water. Sale was held 31 Mar 1885 on the premises; auctioneer was Walter SAUNDERS; high bidder was: - Henry H. FAUST Jr at $4,500 Distribution: after court costs, balance paid to: - Henry FAUST, partial mortgage claim, $4,031.61 (mortage & interest was $5,470.85) Closed 2 Jun 1885. ===
303-306 - HAMMOND, THOMAS, THOMPSON - Dec 1884 #FC
John B. THOMAS, mortgagee of Lloyd HAMMOND & w/ Catharine C. - Report of Sales - Equity #5029 LAND - "Altogether", 9 acres, in Urbana District; adjoined lands of John H. THOMPSON, Joshua J. ZIMMERMAN and Col. Charles TRAIL. Sale was held 20 Dec 1884 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - George W. THOMPSON and Elizabeth THOMPSON at $250 Distribution after court costs: - John B. THOMAS, partial mortgage (of $200), $180.77 Closed 14 Feb 1885. ===
William P. MAULSBY Jr and John RITCHIE, trustees of Jame H. BESANT - Report of Sales - Equity #4614 LAND - 80 acres, adjacent to Point of Rocks To James H. BESANT (w/ Margaret Ann) from: ...Jacob RAMSBURG & w/ Eve in Jan 1863 [JWLC-2, 713]. ...Henry CULLER & wife in Sep 1859 [BGF-5, 84]. - 117 acres, in Loudoun Co, VA, 1 mile SE of NOLAN's Ferry, on the Potomac River; adjoined lands of George W. CHEAK and the heirs of Powell HARRISON. Improved with a house, dairy, meat house, stable; has 25 acres in prime timber. George BARNHOUSE was then tenant. To James H. BESANT from John W. MILLER, atty/of Mr. Esther Ann CALLETT. SALES: Personal property previously sold at $104.50; as well as a House & Lot in Point of Rocks to: - John P. WRIGHT at $130 at private sale Public Sale was held 7 Dec 1878 at Point of Rocks; high bidder was: - Levin C. BEALL for 80 acres at $320; however, he resold it to G. Mantz BESANT who sold it to John P. WRIGHT. Also sold horses, wagons and harnasses to: - C. Mantz BESANT at $48.75 Also received rent on the Virginia property of $38. Public Sale was also held the same day on the premises in Loudoun Co, VA; but name of purchaser not listed. Distribution of $641.25; court costs, $197.14 - Elizabeth BELL, admin/of Levin C. BELL, dec'd, creditor, $444.11 Closed Apr 1885. ===
Lewis MARKELL, pres/of Frederick Town Savings, mortgagee of Henry F. THOMAS & w/ Mary L. - Report of Sales - Equity #5054 LAND - "Addition to Frederick", Lot #227 on east side of North Market St in Frederick City; adjoined the Primary School House on the north and lot of Mary CARLIN on the south and Miss Sophia NEWPORT on the east. Improved with a 2-story brick house and back building; one of front rooms used as store room. To Henry F. THOMAS from William A. SWORDS & w/ Adelaide and Jacob LOUCKS & w/ Mary E., all of York Co, PA and from Joseph W. WISCOTT & w/ Georgetta of Baltimore City in Oct 1878. Mortgaged at $1,000. Sale was held 14 Feb 1885 at the Carlin House in Frederick City; high bidder was: - J. Nicholas ZIMMERMAN at $1,800 In his acknowlegement of sale, he stated Adelaide SWORDS was under the age of 21 and died during childbirth, leaving her husband and infant. Mary L. THOMAS petitioned the court as she had owned a share of the property personally. Distribution: After court costs and payment of the mortgage, proceeds to: - Mary L. THOMAS (1/4), $450 - Mary L. THOMAS, adm/of Henry F. THOMAS, balance, $126 Closed 9 May 1885. ===
David S. R. MILLER & Others vs Lewis H. MILLER, et al - Report of Sales - Equity #4287 (Supplemental of TG-7, 158) Estate of Ann Catharine MILLER - Trustees, David S. R. MILLER and Jacob M. MILLER LAND - Lot & House on North Market St, between Fourth and Fifth Sts, in Frederick City. After a failed sale, private sale was made 5 Mar 1885 to: - Christian L. C. LAMPE at $2,500 Heirs who have died since the last audit: - Ann M. E. MILLER, Will devised her share to her sister, Mrs. Ann R. ZACHARIAS. - Mary A. HALLER d/ Aug 1880, intestate, w/o William H. HALLER leaving children: (all of the HALLERs lived in Allegany Co, MD) ..........John HALLER ..........Francis HALLER ..........Martha HALLER, now married ..........Elizabeth HALLER, now married ..........Nettie HALLER ..........Melia HALLER --- Jacob M. MILLER assigned $600 of his share to Ann Maria Elizabeth MILLER on 27 Feb 1878, which was paid. On 27 Feb 1878, he assigned all the remaining interest his his mother's estate to David S. K. MILLER by deed. Lewis H. MILLER's share will be absorbed in judgment debts due to David C. WINEBRENNER, admin/of George WINEBRENNER, dec'd. Allowance of $100 to Lydia K. MILLER, w/o Lewis, as 1/14 interest for her right of dower. Distribution of $2,500; court costs, $269.84 = $2,330.16 - David S. K. MILLER, 1/9, $247.79 - David S. K. MILLER, assignee of Jacob M. MILLER, 1/9, $247.79 - Barbara A. MANTZ, 1/9, $247.79 - Ann R. ZACHARIAS, 1/9, $247.79 - Ann R. ZACHARIAS, legatee of Ann Maria Elizabeth MILLER, 1/9, $247.79 - Milton MILLER, 1/9, $247.79 - Charles ANDERSON, grandson, 1/3 of 1/9, $82.59 - Mary ANDERSON, granddaughter, 1/3 of 1/9, $82.59 - Lillie ANDERSON, granddaughter, 1/3 of 1/9, $82.59 - William H. HALLER, surviving husband of Mary A. HALLER, 1/9, $247.79 - Lydia K. MILLER, w/o Lewis H., dower right, $25.80 - David C. WINEBRENNER, admin/of George WINEBRENNER, balance of share of Lewis H. MILLER, $221.99 Closed 13 Jun 1885. ===
Charles BROADRUP, mortgagee of Jacob BENNER - Report of Sales - Equity #5024 LAND - "Chestnut Level", 8 acres in Tuscarora District, 1/8 mile NE of Brook Hill; adjoined lands of Albert W. BURKHART and Fleet STALEY. Improved with a 1 1/2 story frame house with back building, frame stable, orchard and spring on the premises To Jacob RENNER (BENNER?) from William H. SMITH & w/ Sophia in Mar 1887 [DSB-1, 410]. Sale was held 1 Nov 1884 on the premises; high bidder was: - William ANGLEBERGER at $470 Distribution: court costs, $95.38 = $374.62 - Charles BROADRUP, mortgage, $114.50 - John H. BENNER, son, 1/6, $45.12 - Wesley BENNER, son, 1/6, $45.12 - Catharine V. MILLER, daughter, 1/6, $45.12 - Thomas L. BENNER, son, 1/6, $45.12 - Frank P. BENNER, son, 1/6, $45.12 - Minnie F. SMITH, granddaughter, 1/3 of 1/6, $15 - Franklin SMITH, grandson, 1/3 of 1/6, $15 - Alberta SMITH, granddaughter, 1/3 of 1/6, $15 Closed 14 Apr 1885. ===
William H. MORNINGSTAR & John W. ALBAUGH vs Levi MORNINGSTAR (w/ Lydia) - Equity #4953 LAND - Lot, 2 acres, on road from Haugh's Church to Mechanicstown, 1 mile from the Church and also 1 mile from Double Pipe Creek post office. Improved with a 2-story log house, carpenter shop, stable, orchard and spring. To Levi MORNINGSTAR from Jacob ROOT & w/ Eliza in Apr 1849 [BGF-7, 464]. To Levi MORNINGSTAR from John W. WEANT & wife in Apr 1876. Sale was held 30 Oct 1883 on the premises but didn't receive a sufficient bid; private sale was later made to: - Joshua E. MENTZER at $575 Distribution of $859.82 (includes sales of personal property) - court costs, $64.96 - William H. MORNINGSTAR & John W. ALBAUGH, partial mortgage claims, $794.86 Closed 13 Dec 1884. ===
Jacob R. RODERICK - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5056 Lewis RODERICK d/ Aug 1880 w/ Margaret d/ Jul 1883 their heirs: - Jacob R. RODRICK - Daniel F. RODERICK - Catharine M. RODRICK - William W. RODRICK - Benjamin M. RODRICK - John S. L. RODRICK - Mary A. M. DERENY LAND - "Resurvey on Luckett's Merry Midnight", 2 acres, on road to the Catoctin Switch on the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road; adjoined land of A. T. HEMPSTON (from Lloyd LUCKETT) and heirs of Charles GROSS. Improved with a house and stable. To Jacob R. RODERICK from Clarissa H. LUCKETT and Serena LUCKETT in July 1851 [WBT-14, 482]. Jacob purchased the property in trust for his parents until their death, then to sell the property and reimburse Jacob for expenses for parents and maintaining the property, then to distribute the residue among the heirs of Margaret RODERICK. Previously to Clarissa and Serena from William LUCKETT by his Will dated 1 Oct 1817. List of Expenses validated and signed by Jacob R. RODRICK in Loudoun Co, VA on 30 Jan 1885, amounting to $6889.95. Jacob claimed he was in ill health and asked for a trustee to manage the sale of the property and disbursements. Trustee for sale was Clayton O. KEEDY. The heirs approved a private sale to: - Daniel F. RODERICK and Catharine M. RODERICK at $500 and costs. Distribution: - court costs, $71.16 - Jacob R. RODRICK, per agreement, $500 Closed 15 May 1885. ===
Conrad RULAND, assignee of Joseph STIMMELL, assignee of Thomas CLAGETT, assignee of Mary M. STRAILMAN, mortgagee of Rebecca STIMMELL and Joseph STIMMELL - Report of Sales - Equity #5057 Mary M. STRAILMAN was the wife of Abdiel L. STRAILMAN and held the mortgage of $200. LAND - Lot (30 x 90', western half) on south side of West South St in Frederick Town; adjoining lot of Louis BURKE on the east and Henry DAILY on the west. Improved with a 1-story brick house with a 1-story back building. To Rebecca STIMMEL from John W. PHEBUS and Benjamin F. PHEBUS, trustees, in Jan 1875. Previously from Stephen STEINER to Peter PHEBUS. Sale was held 28 Feb 1885 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Frederick W. OBENDERFER at $300 Distribution after court costs: - Conrad RULAND, partial mortgage, $180.12 Closed ===
John M. KOLB, assignee of Curtis A. CROMWELL, mortgagee of Virginia R. BURDET and Richard E. BURDET - Report of Sales - Equity #5012 LAND - "Ward's Pleasure", 5 1/2 acres; adjoining lands of Samuel PRICE, Oliver R. PRICE and Nelson BEALL. In occupancy of Charles HARRIS. To Virginia R. BURDET from Nelson BEALL & w/ Mary E. in Mar 1876; also from Samuel W. PRICE & w/ Ann in 1876. Mortgage to Curtis A. CROMWELL of $250 Sale was held 20 Sep 1884 on the premises; high bidder was: - Curtis A. CROMWELL at $290 Distribution after court costs: - John M. KOLB, partial mortgage, $223.72 Closed 2 Mar 1885. ===
354-358 - FINK, HYATT, SPARROW, KEAFAUVER - Mar 1885 #FC
Lloyd H. HYATT, mortgagee of Elizabeth FINK - Report of Sales - Equity #5059 LAND - House & Lot in western section of Middletown on "Smithfield", 1/2 acre; adjoined land of Peter G. SCHLOSSER, the Baltimore & Frederick Turnpike and Middletown to Burkittsvillle road and small branch of the spring in Middletown. Improved with a 2-story stone house with 8 rooms, a large stable, wash house, a spring of water and spring house at the kitchen door; has garden and choice fruit trees. Then occupied by Howard E. SPARROW. To Elizabeth FINK from Isaac MICHAEL, exec/of John BOWLUS in Sep 1859 [BGF-4, 507]. Also from Lloyd H. HYATT, mortgagee of John D. FINK & wife; Mortgaged at $870. Sale was held 7 Mar 1885 in front of the Valley Register office in Middletown; high bidder was: - Samuel M. KEAFAUVER at $900 At sale, neighbors were Thomas W. KOOGLE and George CHAMBERLIN. Distribution after court costs: - Lloyd H. HYATT, partial mortgage claim, $813.80 Closed 25 May 1885. ===
359-366 - MAXWELL, BEALL, VIERS, KLINE - Mar 1884 #FC
John T. MAXWELL, trustee of Alexander MAXWELL - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4971 Deed of Trust to son John T. MAXWELL in 1874 for life estate of Alexander MAXWELL and also to permit his daughters to live in the mansion. After Alexanders's death, 1/3 of net sale for debts and expenses for Maria H. VIERS, in case she married Alexander, during her life and after her death to Alexander's children; however, they never married. Alexander MAXWELL d/ 6 Sep 1883 s/ William E. MAXWELL s/ John T. MAXWELL s/ James S. MAXWELL s/ Westly A. MAXWELL d/ Emma Virginia MAXWELL d/ Mary Jane MAXWELL, dec'd w/o James F. BEALL ..........Edgar BEALL ..........John BEALL, a minor (under age 21) ..........Newton BEALL, a minor ..........Ella BEALL (over age 18) ..........Fannie BEALL, a minor ..........Laura BEALL, a minor d/ Elizabeth MAXWELL, also dec'd w/o James F. BEALL ..........Joseph M. BEALL, a minor ..........Arthur L. BEALL, a minor ..........Marvin C. BEALL, a minor LAND - farm, 132 acres, in Urbana District, on road from Greenfield Mills to Urbana, 1 1/2 miles north of the mills. James S. MAXWELL then resided there. To Alexander MAXWELL from Jacob LEWIS in Dec 1859 [BGF-5, 88]. Sale was held 12 Dec 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Jacob R. KLINE at $5,280 Distribution of $6,441.91 (includes sales and collections and mortgage payment from Herman D. ORDERMAN) - court costs, $598.62 = $5,843.29 - multiple creditors, $2,208.98 = $3,634.31 - each child's 1/7 share, $519.18 (deceased children's share equally to their children) Closed 16 Apr 1885. ===
366-378 - SMITH, GRIMES, SIM, GARBER - Oct 1884 #FC #WV
Dr. J. Thomas SIM vs Susannah E. SMITH, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5020 William M. SMITH d/ fall of 1881 in Mount Pleasant, intestate widow - Susannah E. (age 71) s/ Jacob E. SMITH (may be of unsound mind) s/ William H. SMITH & w/ Sarah Lavinia d/ Anna Mary Naomi (SMITH) w/o William H. GRIMES - Martinsburg, WV LAND - 15 acres (part of 33 acres); adjoined land of Jacob SOUDER (from Alexander SLAYMAKER) and Richard COATS (from Peter CREAGER). To William M. SMITH from Gideon D. CRUMBAUGH & w/ Elizabeth L. at $470 in July 1845 [WBT-1, 405]. Alfred RITTER, Esquire, was guardian for Jacob E. SMITH. Testimony was heard 14 Nov 1884 from: - William H. SMITH - Oliver D. LEASE Trustee was Milton G. URNER. Sale was held 27 Dec 1884 at O. D. LEASE's store in Daysville; high bidder was: - John D. GARBER at $323.50 Neighbors then were Mrs. Susannah E. SMITH, Adam CRUM and O. D. LEASE. Distribution of $325.95; court costs, $129.64 = $196.31 - Susannah E. SMITH, widow, in lieu of dower, $19.82 - balance to multiple creditors Closed 13 Jun 1885. ===
Louis F. KEHNE & Others vs Samuel Scholl RUTHERFORD - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5032 Margaret SCHOLL d/ Dec 1884 near Harrisburg, PA, intestate wid/of Dennis SCHOLL (his Will written 17 Sep 1883; filed 10 Jul 1884; to wife; no children mentioned) d/ Margaret Jane (SCHOLL) w/o Lewis F. KEHNE - Bethalto, IL s/ Mathias B. SCHOLL - Baltimore City d/ Helen K. SCHOLL - Frederick City d/ Fanny E. (SCHOLL), dec'd w/o Samuel H. RUTHERFORD - Dauphin Co, PA ..........Samuel Scholl RUTHERFORD, a minor (lives with his father) LAND - Western half of Lot #104 (35 x 198') on north side of East Second St in Frederick City. Improved with a 2-story brick house with back building, garden , fruit trees with a hydrant in the yard. Devised to Margaret by the Will of her husband, Dennis SCHOLL. To Dennis SCHOLL from William M. BEALL, (trustee in Equity case of Martha R. HANNA vs Clarissa McCLEERY and Henry W. KNIGHT dated 14 Mar 1844) at $410 [HS-23, 94]. Exception - Northern part of Lot #104; the SCHOLLs sold to Lewis RICE at $750 in Apr 1884 [AF-9, 206]. Guardian was Samuel H. RUTHERFORD, Esquire, of Dauphin Co, PA. Testimony was heard 28 Jan 1885 from: - James M. HOOD; stated the widow died while on a visit to her daughter near Harrisburg, PA. - George T. CLINGAN Trustee was Helen K. SCHOLL. Sale was held 7 Mar 1885 on the premises; high bidder was: - Fannie V. E. DORSEY at $3,325 Distribution: court costs, $268.04 = $3,056.96 - each child's 1/4 share, $764.24 Closed 30 May 1885. ===
Margaret PELTON by husband and next friend James B. PELTON, et al vs Walter B. STEVENS, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4985 Rezin STEVENS d/ about 20+ years before, intestate widow - Susan d/ Sep 1881, intestate s/ Reuben G. STEVENS d/ c1881, intestate * .....wid/ Laura E. ..........Charles STEVENS, a minor ..........Fannie STEVENS, a minor ..........Mary STEVENS, a minor ..........Bradley STEVENS, a minor ..........Florence STEVENS, a minor s/ Flanius J. STEVENS d/ c1874 (Will written 6 Dec 1872) * .....wid/ Susan C., now w/o John McMASTER * ..........Walter B. STEVENS, a minor (age 19) ..........Annie Bertha STEVENS, a minor (age 16) s/ John Benjamin STEVENS s/ Theodore A. STEVENS & w/ Elizabeth B. * s/ George STEVENS & w/ Mary * s/ Rezin Calvin STEVENS d/ Margaret A. w/o James B. PELTON * LAND - 27 acres of wood land in Mount Pleasant District; adjoins land of George CROMWELL and land formerly owned by Daniel KOLB, dec'd and is near the homestead of John FOX. (deed was lost) - "Casper's Loss", 1/2 acre To Rezin STEVENS from Michael SPONSLER Jr at $90 in Oct 1817 [JS-5, 815]. - "Middle Plantation", 79 1/2 sq perches, in Mount Pleasant District. To Rezin STEVENS from Samuel STEVENSON at $200 in Mar 1840 [HS-11, 217]. - "Middle Plantation", 1/2 acre, in Mount Pleasant District; adjoining A. C. BARRICK's lot. To Rezin STEVENS from Joseph KIENS & w/ Elizabeth Ann at $30 in Sep 1849 [ES-8, 194]. Previously to KIENS from Haines DIXSON. - 1 acre in Mount Pleasant District; adjoins the Stevenson lot. To Susan STEVENS from Samuel HOKE about 1864. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 18 Jun 1884 from: - Theodore A. STEVENS, age 34, New Market District, son - Rezin Calvin STEVENS, age 30, Mount Pleasant District, son - Benjamin F. STEVENS, age 42 - George A. STEVENS - Robert LEASE - claimed the wood land with lost deed had belonged to his mother and Rezin had bought out the shares of his siblings; Robert and Rezin had the same mother. Trustees were John C. MOTTER and Willilam P. MAULSBY Jr. Sale was held 20 Dec 1884 at the Carlin House in Frederick City; high bidders were: - John Benjamin STEVENS for House & 1 1/2 acre at $620. On the north side of the pike from Frederick to Liberty in Mount Pleasant; nearly opposite the store of James RIDDLEMOSER. (Residense of Mr. Susan STEVENS). Improved with a log house, stable and fruit trees. - Frederick D. BARRICK for 3/4 acre with blacksmith shop at $234.50. On the north side of the pike from Frederick to Liberty in Mount Pleasant; adjoins land of Frederick BARRICK. Then in occupancy of John B. STEVENS. - Singleton FOX for 25 acres of wood land as 3 lots at $19/acre; bearing to the left, going east of the middle road from Frederick to New London, 1/3 mile south of John FOX's home; adjoining land of George CROMWELL and Adam JACOBS. Has good timber. (to be surveyed) Gross sales, $1,329.50 1st Distribution - $707.61 less court costs, $314.59 = $393.02 - John B. STEVENS, 1/7, $56.14 - Theodore A. STEVENS, 1/7, $56.14 - George STEVENS, 1/7, $56.14 - R. Calvin STEVENS, 1/7, $56.14 - M. A. PELTON - to Theodore A. STEVENS, 1/7, $56.14 - Flavious STEVENS' children, each 1/2 of 1/7, $28.07 - Laura E. STEVENS, wid/o Reuben, in lieu of dower, 1/8 of 1/7, $7.02 - Reuben STEVENS' children, each 1/5 of 7/8 of 1/7, $9.82 Closed 21 May 1885. *Note - Frederick County Marriage Licenses - Margaret Ann STEVENS to James B. PELTON on 5 Mar 1860. - Reuben STEVENS to Loretta STUPE on 11 Mar 1861. - Flavius J. STEVENS to Sue C. BARRICK on 24 Oct 1863. - Susan C. STEVENS, Mrs, 35, widow, to John L. McMASTER, 26, coach painter on 19 Dec 1878 by A. SHULENBERGER in Frederick. - George A. STEVENS, 27, coach maker, and Mary E. WAGNER, 20 on 9 Oct 1879 by S. V. LEECH - Theodore A. STEVENS, 29, coach maker, and Lizzie DORSEY, 26 on 25 Nov 1880 at bride's residence by M. G. BALSTERS ===
409-414 - BURKE, MAYNARD - Jan 1885 #FC
Grafton B. MAYNARD, mortgagee of John F. BURKE - Report of Sales - Equity #5040 LAND - "Snakeroot Thicket", 1 acre, in Kemptown, on the road to Damascus; adjoining lands of Jeremiah BROWING, Jesse CLAY and Greenberry BOYER. Improved with a 2-story frame house. Sale was held 14 Jan 1885 on the premises in Kemptown; high bidder was: - Grafton B. MAYNARD at $490 Distribution after court costs: - Grafton B. MAYNARD, partial (of $500 mortgage), $416.95 Closed 25 Mar 1885. ===
414-420 - MYERS, WATERS, HARGETT, WHISNER - Jun 1885 #FC
Douglas H. HARGETT, assignee of Richard C. WATERS, mortgagee of Charles C. MYERS & w/ Ann R. - Report of Sales - Equity #5097 LAND - Lot (22 x 221') on south side of Jail St in Frederick City; adjoined lot of James HOPWOOD on the east and Richard C. WATERS on the west and also Mantz's Alley. Improved with a 1-story house with attic. To Charles C. MYERS from Richard C. WATERS & w/ Ann Eliza in Apr 1883 [AF-7, 251]. Sale was held at the courthouse door on 6 Jun 1885; high bidder was: - Michael WHISNER at $306 Distribution: - court costs, $55.75 - D. H. HARGATE, assignee, $235.67 - Charles C. MYERS, mortgagor, $13.58 Closed 27 Jul 1885. ===
David P. SMELSER and Charles C. ENGLE, partners t/a Smelser & Engle vs Peter BAILE, adm/of Susan J. CLAY, dec'd & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4958 Susan J. CLAY d/ 8 Oct 1883 in New Windsor, Carroll Co, MD, intestate, unmarried sis/ Cinderella (CLAY) w/o Thomas J. HAINES - Carroll County * sis/ Anna E. CLAY - Carroll County bro/ Grafton CLAY & w/ Mary M. * sis/ Williaminia (CLAY), dec/d w/o _______ HIBBARD * ..........Helen C. HIBBARD, a minor - Carroll County sis/ Joanna (CLAY) dec'd w/o _______ SPONSELLER * ..........Bradley SPONSELLER Adm/ Peter BAILE LAND - Lot #10 (front) & #15 (back) in PLUMMER's part of New Market on north side of Main St (Lot is 33 x 300'), runs back to alley. Improved with a 2-story brick house with back building; then in occupancy of Edward ADAMS as tenant. - Other half of same Lots on east end (33 x 300'). Improved with a 1 1/2-story house, smoke house and stable. Then occupied by Isaac WOOD as tenant. To Susan J. CLAY from William DOWNEY, exec/of Ann TANZEY, at $1,020 in Apr 1871 [CM-6, 650]. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 11 Feb 1884 from: - Peter BAILE - stated Smelser & Engle's business was in New Windsor and at the time of the decedent's death, she owed $40 for coal; other debts of $1,000. - Grafton CLAY Trustee was Grafton CLAY. Sale was held 29 Mar 1884 on the premises in New Market; high bidders were: - Melvin P. WOOD for Lot #10 & 15 at $855 - Edward E. ADAMS for east half of lots at $305 Total sales, $1,160. Distribution all went to various creditors. Closed 6 Apr 1885. *Note - Marriage Licenses Frederick County - Joanna CLAY to Jacob C. SPONSELLER - 1 Mar 1850 - Cinderella CLARY to Thomas J. HAINES - 4 Jan 1860 - Grafton CLAY, 29 (wid), farmer to Mary M. STARR, 28 - 14 Feb 1872 - by Alfred BAKER of Montgomery County; married in Frederick County Carroll County - Willie C. CLAY to Allen HIBBERD - 19 Mar 1880 ===
Jacob R. RHODERICK, et al vs William W. RHODERICK, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5016 LEWIS RHODERICK d/ Aug 1880, intestate widow - Margaret d/ Jul 1883 s/ Jacob R. RHODERICK & w/ Esther Ann - Loudoun Co, VA s/ Daniel F. RHODERICK & w/ Emma C. - Lander, Frederick County d/ Catharine M. RHODERICK s/ William W. RHODERICK & w/ Amanda E. - Washington, DC s/ Benjamin M. RHODERICK & w/ Anna Eliza - Illinois s/ John S. L. RHODERICK & w/ Mary Elizabeth d/ Mary A. M. (RHODERICK) widow of _____ DENNY, - Indiana LAND - "Second Resurvey on Lucketts Merry Midnight", 9 acres; on road from HAMMOND's Mill to the Catoctin Switch; crosses road to Jefferson (surveyed in 1838 for Lloyd LUCKETTS). To Lewis RHODERICK from Joseph WALTMAN at $725 in Sep 1869 [CM-4, 387]. Trustee was Clayton O. KEEDY. The heirs agreed that private sale could be made to: - Daniel F. RODERICK and Catharine M. RODERICK at $125 Distribution of $190.60 (included personal property). After court costs, per agreement with the heirs, balance to: - William W. RODERICK, $125 Note - Name spelled differently thoughout - Rhoderick, Roderick, Rodrick Closed 15 May 1885. ===
445-453 - DUPEY, BOYER - Aug 1883 #FC #MC
Alvin Boyer DUPEY by Alice B. DUPEY, mother - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4916 Joseph DUPEY d/ 12 May 1883 in Kemptown, intestate widow - Alice B. (age 25) s/ Alvin Boyer DUPEY, a minor (age 3) LAND - House & Lot in Kemptown; adjoined lots of Jeremiah LEWIS and Greenbury BAKER. To Joseph DUPEY from Greenbury W. BAKER & w/ Hephzibah at $600 in Apr 1883. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 17 Sep 1883 from: - Greenberry BOYER, age 53, resides in Montgomery County; father-in-law of Joseph DUPEY - Alice B. DUPEY, age 25, Kemptown Trustee was Greenberry BOYER. Sale was held 10 Nov 1883 on the premises, but received no adequate bid; private sale was later made to: - Wesley BOYER at $625, clear of dower Distribution: after court costs: - Alice B. DUPEY, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $73.08 - Alvin B. DUPEY, 6/7, $438.48 Closed ===
453-461 - BOLLINGER, REIFSNIDER - Jan 1885 #FC #CC
John L. REIFSNIDER, mortgagee vs Lewis A. BOLLINGER & w/ Martha E. - Report of Sales - Equity #5035 LAND - "Aaron's Plagues", 159 acres To Lewis A. BOLLINGER from Lewis A. BOLLINGER, exec in Nov 1884. Mortgaged at $4,000 to John L. REIFSNIDER in Dec 1884. Sale was held 31 Jan 1885 on the premises; high bidders were: - George W. BOYD of Carroll County for the 159 acres at $35/acre or $5,599.57 Distribution: court costs, $486.29 - John L. REIFSNIDER, mortgage, $5,113.28 - Balance subject to further order of the court, $773.28 Weber Wagon Company filed to hold balance of monies pending insolvency hearing again Lewis A. BOLLINGER. So ordered. Closed 2 Jun 1885. ===
461-468 - BOLLINGER, RINEHART, BOYD - Jan 1885 #FC #CC
Jeremiah RINEHART, mortgagee vs Lewis A. BOLLINGER & w/ Martha E. - Report of Sales - Equity #5036 LAND - 43 acres, lying in Frederick and Carroll counties, along the Monocacy; adjoining lands of Jacob BOLLINGER and John CLABAUGH. To Lewis A. BOLLINGER from Elizabeth SHOEMAKER & Others in Apr 1877 [TG-7, 730]. Mortgaged to Jeremiah RINEHART of Carroll County at $800 in 1884. Sale was held 31 Jan 1885 on the premises; high bidder was: - George W. BOYD of Carroll County at $1,365 Distribution after court costs: - Jeremiah RINEHART, mortgage & interest, $846.44 - Balance, subject to further order of the court, $337.49 Weber Wagon Company filed to hold balance of monies pending insolvency hearing again Lewis A. BOLLINGER. So ordered. Closed 2 Jun 1885. ===
469-475 - MILLER, KUNKEL, KAUFMAN - Mar 1885 #FC
Philip B. KUNKEL, trustee of Jacob M. MILLER & w/ Jane C. - Report of Sales - Equity #5061 LAND - Lot (94 x 216") on north side of East Patrick St in Frederick City. Improved with a 2-story stone house with attic and large brick back building, covered with slate roof and has nine rooms; also, a 1-story brick house fronting Patrick st and adjoining the stone house; stabling, slaughter house and wagon shed. To Jacob M. Miller from Charles W. HOFFMAN, exec/of Willliam C. HOFFMAN in Sep 1876 [TG-6, 102]. Sale was held 22 Nov 1884 at the courthouse door but didn't receive a sufficient bid. Later, on 19 Mar 1885, private sale was made to: - Jesse D. KAUFMAN at $3,575 Distribution after court costs: - C. W. ROSS, Guardian Mortgage, $2,870.41 - Multiple Creditors at 6% of their claims, $124.97 Closed 20 Jun 1885. ===
Joseph L. ROUTZAHN, prochien ami of Walter A. ENGLAND and Nathan J. ENGLAND vs Walter A. ENGLAND, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4983 Mary Ellen ENGLAND, widow, d/ 17 Mar 1884 in Urbana District, intestate, leaving minor children: s/ Walter A. ENGLAND (age 20) s/ Nathan J. ENGLAND (age 18) d/ Hattie E. ENGLAND (age 16) s/ Charles E. ENGLAND (age 14) d/ Imogene ENGLAND (age 12) s/ John W. ENGLAND (age 10) LAND - 1 - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 186 acres, near Bennett's Creek and along the road from Urbana to New Market; adjoined land of Thomas BURGEE (1809) and the late Yate PLUMMER. To Singleton BURGEE from Thomas WORTHINGTON of J. in Feb 1835 [JS-48, 298]. 2 - To Jane BURGEE from Sheriff Mahlon TALBOTT; then conveyed to Eleanor HENDRY by Jane BURGEE in Jul 1841 [HS-14, 15-16]. 3 - "Joseph's Advance", To Charles HENDRY from George LORENTZ in Aug 1854 [ES-7, 308]. Previously to George LORENTZ from William G. HOWARD & wife (metes & bounds) in Aug 1852 [ES-1, 412]. (To Eleanor HENDRY, wid/of Charles Hendry by his Will dated 11 Jan 1872) 4 - To Charles HENDRY from Ruth HOWARD in Jul 1857 [BGF-1, 27]. (To Eleanor HENDRY, wid/of Charles Hendry by his Will dated 11 Jan 1872) 5 - To Eleanor HENDRY from John MUSSETTER & wife in Dec 1863 [JWLC-1, 508]. 1 through 5: To A. Rebecca SMITH, Mary E. ENGLAND, Martha C. ADDISON and Emily C. SHIPLEY from their mother, Eleanor HENDRY (undivided 1/4 shares) with Eleanor to have life estate in Sep 1877 [TG-8, 251]. Pending Litigation before Mary Ellen ENGLAND's death: - N. B. HENDRY and Isaac S. HENDRY & Others vs John T. WILLIAMS & Others [Equity #3373 dated 13 Mar 1869 - Division of Real Estate]. It was determined that Mary Ellen ENGLAND shall hold severally all the part on Plat A as Div 3 of the Home Farm of Jane BURGEE: - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 186 acres, near Bennett's Creek and along the road from Urbana to New Market; adjoined land of Thomas BURGEE (1809) and the late Yate PLUMMER. There was a stipulation that Mary Ellen pay to Sarah A. LINTHICUM $2,705.39 as excess of the value of her share. Improved with a 2-story log and weatherboard house and attic witha a 1-story and loft log kitchen, a log meat house, log tenant house and a frame stable, granary, frame hen house, dairy, spring, and orchard of apples, peaches and pears; water in four fields; 60-70 acres in timber, Rock Oak, Black Oak and Chestnut; fencing is part rail and post and part worm. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 13 Sep 1884 from: - John D. ADDISON - Gideon BUSSARD Trustee was James McSHERRY. Sale was held 22 Nov 1884 at the courthouse door; high bidder was: - Gideon BUSSARD at $3,725 (as guardian for the sons of Mary Ellen ENGLAND); adjoined lands of Gideon BUSSARD, John T. WILLIAMS and Mrs. Martha C. ADDISON. Distribution after court costs of $3,283.53 - Gideon BUSSARD as guardian of Walter A. ENGLAND, 1/6, $547.25 - Gideon BUSSARD as guardian of Nathan J. ENGLAND, 1/6, $547.25 - Gideon BUSSARD as guardian of John W. ENGLAND, 1/6, $547.25 - James GITTINGER as guardian of Hattie E. ENGLAND, 1/6, $547.25 - James GITTINGER as guardian of Charles E. ENGLAND, 1/6, $547.25 - James GITTINGER as guardian of Imogene ENGLAND, 1/6, $547.25 Closed 9 Apr 1885 ===
Dr. Lewis LAMAR vs Mary KLINE & others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4967 Jacob KLINE Jr. d/ 1877 in Wolfsville, intestate w/ Mary (age about 70) s/ George Hiram KLINE s/ Andrew J. KLINE d/ Mary E. KLINE - Washington County d/ Susan A. KLINE w/o Alexander RIDENOUR - Washington County d/ Amy C. KLINE d/ Aug 1883 in Wolfsville s/ Jacob H. KLINE & w/ _____ - Whiteside Co, Illinois d/ Hannah KLINE w/o Samuel H. ITNYRE - Carroll Co, Illinois d/ Sarah KLINE (d/ before 1877) w/o Jacob A. RIDENOUR ..........Clara Amanda RIDENOUR, now w/o Mark A. BARIS - Illinois/ later Lyon Co, Kansas ..........Mary E. RIDENOUR, now w/o Joseph M. ROWE - Mason Co, Illinois ..........Josephine RIDENOUR - Illinois Administrator was John O. HAYS. LAND - 'Home Place', 19 1/2 acres, in Catoctin District, 1 mile north of Wolfsville on road to Smithsburg; adjoining lands of Henry FREY and Paul KLINE. Improved with 1 1/2 story log house, kitchen and barn. Included: - "The Third Time of Asking", 10 acres; adjoined tract "Mountain Vacancy". To Jacob KLINE Jr. from Jacob SENSENBAUGH & w/ Catharine in Apr 1829 [JS-31, 263]. (Previously to George Adam KLINE for 640 acres in Oct 1799.) - parts "Mountain Vacancy" and "The Third Time of Asking", 9 1/2 acres. To Jacob KLINE Sr. from Jacob KLINE Jr. in Jun 1834 [JS-47, 236]. - 25 acres of mountain land with half being cleared, also1 mile north of Wolfsville on road to Smithsburg; adjoining lands of Paul KLINE, James SENSENBAUGH and David OSWOLD. To Jacob KLINE from John WILLIAMS (deed may not be recorded). Exhibit JW - "Piney Meadow" and "Good Hope", 25 acres. To Jacob WILLIAMS from Samuel WOLF & w/ Mary and Henry BURN & w/ Magdalena in Aug 1840 [Deed HS-11, 353]. Testimony was heard 17 Jul 1884 from: - Jacob MANGANS - stated since Jacob KLINE's death, the widow has moved to Washington County. - Jacob WILLLIAMS - testimony same as above Trustee was Clayton O. KEEDY. Sale was held 27 Sep 1884 in front of MANGAN's Store in Wolfsville; high bidders were: - Paul KLINE for mountain land at $372 - Paul KLINE for the 'Home Place' at $613 Total sales, $985. Paul KLINE purchased the shares of Mary E. KLINE (for $35 in Jan 1884), Jacob KLINE (for $30 in Apr 1884), Hannah ITNYRE (for $30 in Feb 1884), Clara BARIS (for $10 in Oct 1884) and Mary ROWE (for $10 in Aug 1884). Susan & Alexander RIDENOUR sold her share for $25 to George Hiram KLINE in May 1879. Andrew KLINE sold his share for $25 to George Hiram KLINE in Apr 1882. George Hiram KLINE sold all his interests for $200 to Michael KLINE Jr. in Mar 1884 [AF-9, 21]. 1st Distribution of $492.50; court costs, $202.78 = $289.72 - Mary KLINE, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $78.23 - Dr. Lewis LAMAR, claim against Jacob KLINE, dec'd, $27.49 Each child's 1/8 share, $23 - Michael KLINE Jr, shares of George, Andrew & Susan, $69 - Paul KLINE, shares of Mary E., Jacob & Hannah, $69 - Paul KLINE, shares of Clara BARIS & Mary ROWE, 2/3 of 1/8, $15.32 - Josephine RIDENOUR - 1/3 of 1/8, $7.66 - Dr. Lewis LAMAR, for claim against Amy C. KLINE (of $40.60), $23 Closed 3 Feb 1885. ===
519-529 - MATHEWS, FOGLE, FAERRO, O'LEARY - Mar 1885 #FC #OH
Augustus D. O'LEARY, President of Franklin Savings Bank of Frederick, mortgagee of Lewis MATHEWS & w/ Eleanor - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5066 Lewis MATHEWS d/ Jul 1884 (Will JPP-1, 554, written 28 Jul 1881) w/ Eleanor (renounced terms of Will and asked for her dower) s/ Commenias A. MATHEWS d/ Mary Catharine w/o Charles FOGLE s/ Lewis Edward MATTHEWS d/ Rachel Martha Eleanor w/o Laurence FAERRO/FAINS s/ John Alfred Williams MATHEWS s/ Jacob Glossbrenner MATHEWS, youngest son (+ $50) grand dau/ Menera Delilia MATHEWS (+ $30) Exec/ Charles A. EYLER (renounced on 28 Jul 1884) Witnesses: John H. RODDY, Thomas STOUFFER, William J. RODDY Jr. --- LAND - 13 acres in Mechanicstown District, 3 miles north of Mechanicstown on road to Mount St Mary's College; adjoining lands of Mary EYLER, William RODDY, Mary MULLIN, Joshua GILBERT and Abraham ZENTZ. Improved with a 1 1/2 story house, stable and apple and peach orchard. - "Conrad's Purchase", 7 1/2 acres To Lewis MATHEWS from John STUART in Nov 1854. - "The End of Strife", 1 acre To Lewis MATHEWS from Frederick & Mary A. RIDER in Feb 1850. - 130 perches of 9 acres. To Lewis MATHEWS from William & Mary E. RODDY in Jan 1853 Administrator was Jacob G. MATHEWS with sureties as John W. W. MATHEWS and Charles A. EYLER. On 1 Jun 1885, John MALLON, Deputy Sheriff of Lucas Co, Ohio, claimed although he was able to serve the subpoena to Rachel M. E. FAERRO on 30 May 1885, he was unable to find Lewis E. MATTHEWS or Commenias A. MATHEWS. On 16 Jun 1885, Thomas F. WHALEN, Sheriff of Seneca Co, Ohio served a subpoena to Commenias A. MATHEWS. Sale was held 26 Mar 1885; high bidder was: - Jacob F. MATHEWS at $700 Distribution after court costs: - A. D. O'LEARY, bank pres, $78.37 - Eleanor MATTHEWS, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $50.14 - Jacob G. MATTHEWS, 56% of claim, $322.19 - Commenias A. MATTHEWS, 56% of claim, $71.15 - Daniel J. MONAHAN, 56% of claim, $2.30 - Eleanor MATHEWS, 56% of claim, $33.12 Closed 29 Aug 1885. ===
Joseph A. MILLER, et al vs Dr. James W. MILLER & w/ Catharine - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5014 John William MILLER d/ Nov 1875 (Will written 28 Apr 1875) widow - Joannah d/ Mar 1881 s/ Dr. James W. MILLER & w/ Catharine - Shelby Co, Missouri s/ Joseph A. MILLER & w/ Margaret s/ John F. D. MILLER & w/ Mary d/ Minerva A. w/o John ROOT d/ Georgianna C. w/o John A. KOONS d/ Columbia V. w/o Levi F. MILLER d/ Emma F. w/o John OTT House & Lot in Rocky Ridge (then in occupancy of son Dr. James W. MILLER) to wife. Each child to receive $800 upon sale of farm. Execs/ Dr. James W. MILLER, Joseph A. MILLER and John F. D. MILLER Witnesses: Eli OTT, Jacob WARNER, Joshua CARMACK LAND - 188 acres at the Monocacy on the Westminster-Hagerstown road, 1 1/2 miles east of Rocky Ridge Station of the Western MD Rail Road and 1 mile east of Double Pipe Creek; adjoined lands of D. P. SAYLOR, Jacob WARNER and John EYLER. Improved with a large brick house with 10 rooms and cellar under the entire house, a bank barn, spring house; also has two springs near the house and a large orchard; farm is divided into seven fields, two large tracts of rich bottom land of 30 acres and 30 acres of Oak and Hickory timber. (Patented by John FLOWER in Jan 1789 [JC-6, 614]) - "6th Dividend", 10 acres, adjoining other tract To John W. MILLER from Mary Ann MILLER, wid/of William MILLER, at $6,000 in Oct 1864 (M&B). Ephraim CARMACK provided month and year of deaths of John William MILLER and his widow Joanna on 9 Feb 1885. Trustees were Joseph A. MILLER and John F. D. MILLER. Sale was held 30 Apr 1885 on the premises; high bidders were: - Charles H. DILLER for the farm at $39.10/acre, $6,959.80, subject to survey Henry A. HINES presented a claim against John F. D. MILLER previously filed with the court. 1st Distribution of $2,493.62; court costs, $494.34 = $1,998.28 - Joseph A. MILLER, 1/7, $285.46 - Georgiana C. KOONTZ, 1/7, $285.46 - Emma OTT, 1/7, $285.46 - Minerva ROOT, 1/7, $285.46 - Columbia MILLER, 1/7, $285.46 - Dr. James W. MILLER, 1/7, $285.46 - Henry A. HINES, assignee of John F. D. MILLER, $155.36 - John F. D. MILLER, balance of 1/7, $130.10 Closed 24 Aug 1885. ===
541-551 - RAMSBURG, MARTIN - Oct 1884 #FC #SMC
Margaret J. RAMSBURG Sr, et al vs Margaret J. RAMSBURG, et al - Petition for Mortgage - Equity #5018 On 30 Dec 1876, Newton A. RAMSBURG, of Baltimore City, conveyed deed to his mother, Margaret J. RAMSBURG, of Frederick City, for life, and upon her death to Sarah M. RAMSBURG for life, and upon her death to Newton A. RAMSBURG for life, with rights to sell [TG-6, 732]. However, the property was still under a mortgage to Col. Richard MARTIN who is now deceased and the mortgage notes are lost. There was no provision to authorize a mortgage. Newton A. RAMSBURG w/ Sarah M., now dec'd d/ Margaret J. RAMSBURG, a minor - St Mary's Co, MD s/ Alexander K. RAMSBURG, a minor - St Mary's Co, MD s/ John E. RAMSBURG, a minor - St Mary's Co, MD d/ Sarah K. RAMSBURG, a minor - St Mary's Co, MD LAND - House & Lot in Frederick City To Newton A. RAMSBURG and Robert M. RAMSBURG from John RAMSBURG & wife in Dec 1868 [CM-2, 593]. Previously to John RAMSBURG from Andrew HEIM in Mar 1868 [CM-1, 463] Robert M. RAMSBURG & w/ Dora E. conveyed his share to Newton in Mar 1875 [TG-2, 745]. Mortgage by Newton A. RAMSBURG & w/ Sallie M. to Gideon M. ZIMMERMAN in Apr 1875. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 5 Nov 1884 from: - Robert M. RAMSBURG - stated the oldest child of Newton was about 14; the lost mortgage due by Col. MARTIN (now dec'd) has a balance due of $2,000 plus interest. The property is worth about $4,000. For the benefit of the minor children, it would be best not to sell the property. Claimed he would pay off the lost mortgage and expenses. - Dora E. RAMSBURG Court appointed Robert M. RAMSBURG as trustee to obtain a mortgage for $2,000, approved by Margaret J. RAMSBURG Sr and Newton A. RAMSBURG. Closed 11 Nov 1884. ===
552-558 - UTTERMEHLE, KOLB - Jan 1885 #FC #DC
Naomi UTTERMEHLE, guardian of Charles H. UTTERMEHLE vs Charles H. UTTERMEHLE - Petition for Mortgage - Equity #5039 The minor, Charles H. UTTERMEHLE purchased Brengle Lime Kilns near Frederick City at $4,200. The funds of the minor held by his guardian are invested elsewhere by jurisdiction of the court and cannot be converted without loss. Request a mortgage for the lime kilns. Daniel KOLB of Washington, DC died leaving a Will with executrix as Naomi UTTERMEHLE. LAND - "Resurvey on Locust Level", parts of Lots # 10 & 20, 25 acres, known as Brengle Lime Kilns, on Frederick Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road, 3/4 mile east of Frederick City. To Daniel KOLB from George R. DENNIS, trustee, in Mar 1876 [TG-4, 615]. - "Middle Plantation", 116 acres of wood land in Mount Pleasant District (plat). To Daniel KOLB from David F. KOLB in Sep 1874 [TG-2, 113-114]. Tract was divided into 11 lots for the sale. Sale was held 14 Feb 1883 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - Charles H. UTTERMEHLE for Brengle Lime Kilns at $4,200 [Sale of Real Estate JPP-1, 223] No sufficient bids were received for the wood lots. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 12 Mar 1885 from: - Charles H. UTTERMEHLE, age 20, lives in Frederick County, s/o Mrs. Naomi UTTERMEHLE who lives in Washington, DC. Court authorized Mrs. Naomi UTTERMEHLE as guardian to procure the mortgage on Brengle Lime Kilns, payable in one year. Closed 30 Mar 1885. ===
C. Keefer THOMAS & w/ Eveline - Estate of Phoebe J. THOMAS - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4484 (also see Equity HS-4, 96 & HS-5, 164) Samuel S. THOMAS d/ 1829 (Will GME-1, 310 dated 23 Jul 1829] s/ Samuel THOMAS (400 acres on east side) d/ Eliza THOMAS, now dec'd d/ Phoebe J. THOMAS d/ 1878 (Will JRR-1, 316) d/ Mary THOMAS d/ bef Feb 1850 Real Estate to daughters; after the death of the last living daughter, then to son Samuel THOMAS and his heirs. SLAVES (for life) - MINGO, ABRAHAM, CASSY, EMMELINE, BARNEY, PHILIP and GEORGE (to son Samuel THOMAS) --- Samuel THOMAS d/ 1884, intestate w/ Juliet C. s/ Col. Christian Keefer THOMAS s/ Dr. Bruce THOMAS s/ William Notley THOMAS d/ Anna (THOMAS)(bef Apr 1885) w/o James S. SIMMONS (d/ 1883) ..........Lee SIMMONS d/ Adeline (THOMAS)(d/ bef 1878) w/o Edward W. STONE ..........Albert STONE ..........Cecelia J. STONE, a minor (age 18) w/o Kemp BUCKEY (married in Jan-Feb 1883) ..........Samuel Thomas STONE, a minor - Out of State (of age 21 by Feb 1883) --- Phoebe J. THOMAS had purchased shares of Bruce and William N. THOMAS. Upon her death, in her Will, she devised all her interests in the "Home Farm" to C. Keefer THOMAS, subject to annual payments of $100 to William Notley THOMAS. LAND - tract "Thomas' Profit" in Buckeystown District, on road from Frederick to Point of Rocks. Farm is on the B & O Rail Road between Point of Rocks and Adamstown. Land has good quality limestone. (plat)(M&B included). Adjoined tract "Resurvey on Flag Pond" and lands of heirs of James WALLING, and Ezra MICHAEL; also land of Jacob BASFORD. Previously to Samuel THOMAS from James DURBIN. William Notley THOMAS sold his share to Eliza THOMAS and Phebe THOMAS at $800 in Feb 1850 [ES-1, 125]. To Phoebe J. THOMAS from Michael KEEFER & w/ Catharine for their share and also for their share of dower right of Juliet C. THOMAS, wid/of Samuel THOMAS, at $1,284 in Feb 1858 [BGF-1, 178]. Previous deed to Michael KEEFER from Bruce THOMAS in Oct 1854 [ES-5, 230]. Phoebe THOMAS had the land surveyed and divided between Dr. Bruce THOMAS for 200 acres, Samuel DUTROW for 192 acres and Col. C. Keefer THOMAS for 300 acres in Dec 1878. Trustee was C. Keefer THOMAS. Sale was held 28 Apr 1883 at the City Hotel in Frederick, but no sufficient bid was received. Private sale was made 19 Jan 1884 to: - Kemp BUCKEY at $11,000 Tenant then on farm was John S. ORISON. Neighbors then were Daniel J. SHELLMAN and Ezra MICHAEL Distribution of $11,000 less court costs, $654.80 = $10,345.20 - C. Keefer THOMAS, nephew, 3/5, $6,207.12 - Lee SIMMONS, s/o Mrs Ann SIMMONS, niece, 1/5, $2,069.04 - Samuel T. STONE, grand nephew, 1/4 of 1/5, $517.26 - Edward W. STONE, grand nephew, 1/4 of 1/5, $517.26 - Albert STONE, grand nephew, 1/4 of 1/5, $517.26 - Cecelia J. BUCKEY, grand niece, 1/4 of 1/5, $517.26 Court ordered a new audit regarding Adeline STONE's part. Closed 23 May 1885. ===
William P. MAULSBY of Carroll County vs John RITCHIE, Albert RITCHIE, J. Alfred RITTER and William P. MAULSBY Jr. - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5048 LAND - Lot #6 on north side of West Patrick St in Frederick City. Improved with a double rough-cast stone dwelling; occupied by Dr. Albert RITCHIE as his residence at the time of his decease. Previously to Mrs. Mary OTT from Lewis MOTTER in Dec 1827 [JS-28, 548]. Mortgages: In 1870, John RITCHIE and Albert RITCHIE (Baltimore City) were sureties on a mortgage of John RITCHIE to Frederick Town Savings for $3,000. John RITCHIE (w/ Betty H.) also owed a mortgage to Wiliam P. MAULSBY Jr. for $1,930. - Albert RITCHIE of Baltimore City and John RITCHIE & w/ Betty H. to Frederick County Building Assoc. by Pres/ J. Alfred RITTER at $1,560 in Aug 1867. FCBA assigned $250, the balance due to Nathan O. NEIGHBORS, Esq. in Aug 1875. Nathan assigned it to William P. MAULSBY Jr. in Apr 1881. Trustee was John RITCHIE Private sale was made 2 Feb 1885 to: - Harriet McCARTNEY and Mary A. PAYNE at $2,500 Closed 5 Feb 1885. ===
George W. WACHTEL vs Mary A. GAVER, widow, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5042 Joseph GAVER d/ 1 Jul 1884 at home (Will written 25 Jun 1884) widow - Mary A.(age 64) (renounced provisions in Will on 21 Jan 1885) d/ Jane Rebecca w/o James H. MICHAEL - Washington County s/ George W. GAVER & w/ Susan d/ Malinda C. w/o Albert T. FIERY - Washington County s/ Otho J. GAVER & w/ Kate s/ Jeremiah R. GAVER - Montana Territory s/ Charles B. GAVER s/ Joseph W. GAVER Execs/ Otho J. GAVER, Charles B. GAVER and Joseph W. GAVER Witnesses: George SMITH, Frederick BISER, Joshua M. FLOOK --- LAND - "The Year of Plenty", 125 acre farm; 1/2 mile west of Myersville, on road from Myersville to Boonesboro; adjoined lands of Moses H. SNIDER, Enoch POFFINBERGER, William METZGER, Cyrus ROUTZAHN and tract "Metzger's Home" and old Hagerstown Road and road to Mount Tabor church; ending at Jacob SCHILDKNECHT's land. Improved with a large brick house of 9 rooms, large bank barn, corn crib, wagon shed, blacksmith shop, carriage house, combined spring and wash house and a number of fruit trees; is well limed with an abundance of running water and good fences. To Joseph GAVER from Daniel MAIN at $7,485 in Jan 1862 [BGF-7, 267]. - "The Year of Plenty", 3 roods and 37 sq perches. To Joseph GAVER from Dawson T. FLOOK & w/ Elizabeth in Jun 1883 [AF-9, _] Previously to FLOOK from John HAUPT in Jun 1861 [BGF-7, 150]. - "Aaron's Rod" and "The Year of Plenty", 2 1/4 acres, in Jackson District. Adjoined tract "Pig Sty" and land of Jacob SMITH of M. (from Tobias HORINE in Apr 1838 - [HS-7, 59]). To David KINNA from Enoch POFFINBERGER, Joseph GAVER & w/ Mary at $900 in Jun 1864 [JWLC-1, 606]. Previously to Enoch from Tobias HORINE & Others in Feb 1860 [BGF-5, 584]. - "Resurvey on Rodenpillers Rambles", 4 acre mountain lot. Adjoined tracts "Quaker's Tricks" and "Lost Bottle" and land of Daniel LINEBAUGH. - "Tanner's Purchase", 2 acre mountain lot. To Joseph GAVER from J. William METZGER, exec of Michael HOFFMAN, at $164 in Jun 1862 [BGF-8, 229 - claims 15 acres]. - "Michael's Tricks", 13 acre mountain lot, 3 miles from Myersville on road from Monument School House to Zittlestown; adjoining lands of William LUDY and Hiram SMITH. To Joseph GAVER from William LUDY & w/ Susan at $650 in Apr 1871. Previously to LUDY from Cyrus ROUTZAHN & wife in Jan 1865 [CM-7, 615]. - "Sweepstakes" and "Tanner's Purchase", 16 acres, 3 miles north of Myersville, near road from Pleasant Walk to Wolfsville; adjoining lands of John GERNAND and Lewis DOUB. Adjoined section of the widow of Michael HOFFMAN and ran to the Washington County line. To Joseph GAVER from David KINNA & w/ Emeline, Josiah HOFFMAN & w/ Margaret C., Horace B. WINTON & w/ Sarah E. at $64 in Oct 1882 [AF-9, 585]. Mortgage to Margaret C. SCHAEFFER in Mar 1878. All parties agreed to the sale, except Jeremiah could not be reached. Testimony was heard 17 Feb 1885 from: - Joseph W. GAVER - claimed brother Jeremiah left four years ago, but haven't heard from him the last two years and his whereabouts are unknown. - George W. GAVER Trustees were George W. WACHTEL and Clayton O. KEEDY. Sale was held 21 Mar 1885 in front of Joseph BROWN's store in Myersville; all lands subject to dower of widow; high bidders were: - Joseph W. GAVER and Charles B. GAVER for the farm at $6,125; neighbors then were Dawson F. FlOOK, Lydia METZGER and George SMITH - Joseph W. GAVER and Charles B. GAVER for 16 acres of mountain land at $33 - Joseph W. GAVER and Charles B. GAVER for 15 acres of mountain land at $18.98; located 1/2 mile from Pleasant Walk; adjoining lands of Benjamin BOWERS and John GERNAND (ref: Metzger BGF-8, 229) - Hiram T. SMITH for 13 acres of mountain land at $34.45 Total sales, $6,211.43 Distribution: court costs, $721.75 = $5,459.68 - Margaret C. SCHAEFFER, mortgage, $2,288 - Balance paid to multiple creditors at 28% Closed 18 Oct 1885. ===
611-624 - DERR, GORSUCH, McDEVITT, SMITH, BENTZ - Jul 1885 #FC
Thomas GORSUCH, mortgagee of George C. DERR & w/ Frances V. - Report of Sales - Equity #5105 LAND - Lot, 2 acres, on NW corner of Patrick St & Mill Alley in Frederick City. Improved with a 2-story brick house of 9 rooms w/ closets, bath room, cellar, gas and water from hydrant at the door and a well; also has a brick meat store fronting West Patrick St w/ cellar, a 6-horse brick stable, a hay shed, brick butchering shop (could be converted to tenant house) and fruit orchards. In addition, there were 300 feet of shedding on the north end of the lot equipped with troughs and racks, good for a cattle dealer. To George C. DERR from George William SMITH, exec/of George SMITH in Jan 1872 [CM-7, 662]. - Lot, 6 acres, at west end of Battletown on south side of Hagerstown Pike and adjacent to Frederick City, in 2nd District of Frederick County; adjoined land of Daniel WHIP and George RIZER. It had a large pond and a never-failing spring; meadow land good for truck garden. To George C. DERR from John E. SIFFORD, surviving exec/of John SIFFORD in Jan 1872 [TG-11, 657]. Sale was held 27 Jun 1885 on the premises; high bidders were: - Christiann McDEVITT (w/o Charles W.) for the 6 acres at $910 However, they sold it to Dr. Franklin B. SMITH. - Lawrence BENTZ for the 2 acres at $5,000 Additional Mortgage of George C. DERR & w/ Frances V. and sureties, Lawrence BENTZ, James H. DEAN and John C. MOTTER to First National Bank of Frederick for $500 in Feb 1882 for: LAND - 2 Lots on west side of Bentz St in Frederick City. To George C. DERR from John RITCHIE & w/ Betty H. in Mar 1877 [TG-7, _]. - "Tryall", Lot. To George C. DERR from George William SMITH, exec/of George SMITH in Feb 1872 [CM-7, 690]. - Lot on north side of Cat Alley in Frederick City. To George C. DERR from Solomon D. GETZENDANNER & wife in Feb 1870 [CM-4, 534]. Distribution of $5,910 less court costs, $672.46 = $5,237.54 - Thomas GORSUCH, mortgage claim, $4,904.60 - William McDEVITT, reimb/mortgage payment, $28.43 - Lawrence BENTZ, partial mortgage claim, $294.51 Closed 21 Sep 1885. ===
Christian WINEBRENNER, mortgagee of John WOOD - Report of Sales - Equity #5098 Mortgage by John WOOD & w/ Sophia to Christian WINEBRENNER at $268 in Mar 1885. LAND - "Resurvey on Kinehart's First Choice", 5.1 acres, in Woodsboro District, near road from Israel's Creek to Liberty, 1/4 mile NW of Daysville; adjoining lands of Benjamin MORGAN. Improved with a house, fruit trees and a spring of water. To John WOOD from Andrew SMITH in Mar 1865. John WOOD d/ 1885, intestate widow - Sophia d/ Nancy (WOOD) w/o Charles Wesley DEVILBISS d/ Harriet C. (WOOD) w/o George W. ILER The heirs issued a power of attorney to Christian WINEBRENNER to sell the property. Sale was held 30 May 1885 on the premises; high bidder was: - Edward ILER at $317.50 However, he wasn't able to comply; Christian WINEBRENNER was substituted as the purchaser. Distribution after court costs: - Christian WINEBRENNER, partial mortgage claim, $222.42 Closed 20 Oct 1885. ===
Thomas JACOBS & w/ Mary vs Sarah JACOBS, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4940 Ignatius JACOBS d/ 3 Oct 1883, intestate widow - Sarah (age 76) - Pennsylvania s/ Thomas JACOBS & w/ Mary s/ John G. JACOBS & w Catharine - Missouri d/ Mary A. C. (JACOBS) w/o JonathanH. BAKER - Iowa s/ Henry J. JACOBS & w/ Wilminah - Indiana s/ Willliam D. F. JACOBS & w/ Mary A. - Missouri s/ Jacob M. JACOBS & w/ Clorinda - Indiana d/ Susan R. (JACOBS) w/o Isaac Sampson HARSHMAN - Indiana s/ Benjamin F. JACOBS & w/ Marietta - Wisconsin d/ Ellen (JACOBS) w/o Cornelius WOLF - Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD LAND - 121 1/2 acre farm in 16th District, 2 miles north of Myersville on road from Old Jerusalem to Pleasant Walk; adjoining lands of Samuel BETTS and Frederick FOX. Improved with a log house, barn, fruit trees and is well watered; divided into fields with part in timber. Consisting of: - "I Have Got the Bird in the Cage", 72 acres, and "More Stones Added", 12 acres; To Ignatius JACOBS from George HAUPT in Oct 1823 [JS-18, 575]. Previously from Peter MICHAEL Jr to Dewalt STOTTLEMYER in Mar 1805 and from Dewalt to Nicholas HAUPT, father of George in Oct 1809. Also - from Nancy HAUPT of Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio, wid/of George HAUPT, for Release of Dower, at $105 in May 1839 [HS-8, 534]. - parts of "Hog Nest", "We Have the Bird in the Cage" and "World in Arms", 16 acres. To Ignatius JACOBS from Jacob PALMER & w/ Nancy at $200 in Oct 1840 [HS-12, 76]. - Lot #9 of "More Stones Added", 11 acres; adjoined tract "We Have Got the Bird in the Cage". To Ignatius JACOBS from John SIFFORD, trustee (in Chancery of Petition of John STOTTLEMYER Jr and John SHROYER & wife in Nov 1848), at $163 in Dec 1850 [WBT-13, 328]. - Lot #8, part of Estate of Jacob WERTENBAKER, 2 acres. To Ignatius JACOBS from William H. GLADHILL & w/ Matilda Ann at $35 in Aug 1864 [ES-5, 120]. - Part of 7 1/2 Lot (from Daniel DERR & Others in Feb 1865), 1 1/2 acres, lying north and northeast below the public road. To Ignatius JACOBS from William RIDGELEY & w/ Martha M. at $25 in Jan 1866 [JWLC-3, 503]. - "More Stones Added", 6 acres; adjoined land of George A. DELAWTER and tract "Hog Nest". To Ignatius JACOBS from James U. GARNAND & w Mary Jane at $60 in Feb 1882 [AF-4, 713]. Previously to GARNAND from George WACHTEL, trustee in Apr 1880 [AF-4, 306]. Trustees were Charles V. S. LEVY and John C. MOTTER. Sale was held 18 Dec 1884 at BUHRMAN's Store in Myersville; high bidder was: - Thomas R. JACOBS for the 121 1/2 acre farm at $2,551.50; however, he resold it to Jacob M. JACOBS and Francis M. BRUNER (at $121.50 less than he paid ). Jacob M. JACOBS has since sold his share to Francis M. BRUNER. Distribution of $2,551.50; court costs, $454.27 = $2,097.23 - Sarah JACOBS, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $209.72 - Thomas JACOBS, claim, $250 less claims against him = $20.83 - Frances M. BRUNNER, per agreement, $121.50 - John M. GAINES, per order of court, $107.67 - Mary JACOBS, use of Thomas JACOBS, claim, $25 - Children of Ignatius JACOBS, each 1/9 share, $179.16 Closed 4 Jun 1885. ===
652-658 - SHAFFNER, CUBITS, HARGETT - May 1885 #FC
George W. CUBITS, adm/of Barbara CUBITS, mortgagee of George W. T. SHAFFNER & w/ Mary - Report of Sales - Equity #5091 LAND - House & Lot on SE corner of Sixth St & Klinehart's Alley. Improved with a brick house, garden and fruit trees with hydrant in the yard. To George W. T. SHAFFNER & w/ Mary from Ann Maria CRANS, exec/of Elizabeth KOLB in Apr 1880. Mortgage to Barbara CUBITS for $490. Barbara CUBITS died 1883, intestate; adm/ George W. CUBITS. Sale was held 23 May 1885 at the Carlin House in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Elizabeth HARGETT at $600 However, Elizabeth HARGETT claimed she was not aware of the value of the property and is now a married woman and is unwilling to take the property, but after negotiations with George W. CUBITS, she will now pay $500. Distribution after court costs: - George W. CUBITS, adm, partial mortgage claim, $428.35 Closed 18 Nov 1885. ===
Edward F. GETZENDANNER & Others vs Daniel GETZENDANNER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5022 John DERR (Will JPP-1, 467 written 14 Dec 1829; filed 13 Apr 1838) widow died 1852 s/ John DERR & w/ Elizabeth LUGENBEEL, both now dec'd (home farm & wood lot, slaves, etc) d/ Elizabeth (DERR) (d/ Aug 1883) w/o Jonathan GETZENDANNER, now dec'd ........1/ William GETZENDANNER, dec'd, no children ........2/ Mary A. (GETZENDANNER) w/o John BECHTOL - Goliad Co, Texas ........3/ Catherine Elizabeth (GETZENDANNER) wid/o Henry LIGHTER - Kansas ........4/ Thomas E. GETZENDANNER & w/ Mary P. CARLIN - Baltimore City ........5/ John D. GETZENDANNER (d/ 1877) & w/ Charlotte - Frederick City -----------------Dr John W. GETZENDANNER & w/ Melissa 1st w/ Martha V. GETZENDANNER, d/o Daniel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hattie GETZENDANNER, a minor -----------------Samuel P. GETZENDANNER, dec'd & w/ Annie M. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Edith Regiina GETZENDANNER, a minor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Catharine Ellizabeth GETZENDANNER, a minor .........6/ Jacob GETZENDANNER, dec'd & w/ Ann V. FLEMING - Frederick City ------------------Susan Virginia (GETZENDANNER) w/o Frederick W. OBENDORFFER - Frederick City ------------------Mary Elizabeth GETZENDANNER - Frederick City .........7/ Lewis GETZENDANNER, dec'd, unmarried .........8/ Annie Rebecca (GETZENDANNER), dec'd w/o William HUGHES, now dec'd ------------------William S. HUGHES & w/ Elizabeth - Baltimore City ------------------Wendell B. HUGHES & w/ Hallie - Baltimore City ------------------Elizabeth F. (HUGHES) w/o Daniel C. R. WILCOXEN - Baltimore City ------------------Florence Genevieve Patterson HUGHES, a minor - Baltimore City d/ Mary "Polly" (DERR) (d/ c1859), dec'd w/o Daniel GETZENDANNER (d/ 1873) .........1/ Edward T. GETZENDANNER & w/ Verlinda C. - Montgomery County .........2/ Annie Mary (GETZENDANNER) w/o Andrew J. WILCOXEN .........3/ Daniel GETZENDANNER & w/ Margaret - West Virginia .........4/ Milton E. GETZENDANNER & w/ Clara - Montgomery County .........5/ Marion GETZENDANNER & w/ Sallie - Montgomery County .........6/ Harrison GETZENDANNER & w/ Fannie - Shelby Co, Missouri .........7/ John GETZENDANNER & w/ Margaret - Texas .........8/ George GETZENDANNER & w/ Anna - Polk Co, Nebraska .........9/ Martha V. "Mattie" (GETZENDANNER), dec'd w/o John W. GETZENDANNER (s/o John D.) d/ 1877 ------------------Hattie GETZENDANNER, a minor 10/ Elizabeth GETZENDANNER d/ c1846, no children 11/ Calvin R. GETZENDANNER d/ c1869, unmarried d/ Catherine (DERR) (d/ Nov 1884) w/o Jacob REESE, also now dec'd (no issue) Devised farm to daughter Catherine REESE during her lifetime and then to her children; if no children, then to testator's other children except son John. Estate divided equally among all children except son John. SLAVES - SANDY and WEST (to son John - to serve four years after death of decedant, then to be freed) - TONE (son John to take good care of him and free him when he wants but to provide for him, being an old and faithful slave) - LINDY, negro woman (to be set free at death of decedant) - HARRIOT (age 13), BILL (age 10), ASBURY (age 7 or 8), ANN (age 4), DAVID (age 3), JANE (age 18 months), ELLEN (age 17) & her child (age 6 months) (each to serve until age 30, then to be set free) - BAKER, (to serve son John until age 20, then to be set free) (Information is from the Equity Court testimony) Exec/ son John DERR Witnesses: L. P. W. BALCH, John STONER, Thomas DEVILBISS Codicil on 13 Mar 1833 - granted additional monies to daughters Elizabeth and Mary and stipulated timber on daughter Catharine's land only to be cut for their use, not to be sold. Witnesses: L. P. W. BALCH, John STONER, Lewis B. EADER --- LAND - "Tasker's Chance", 273 acres, (Home Farm), - Wood lot, 87.5 acres; adjoining land of Widow MARCHIS To John DERR from Horatio ROSS. Devised to son John. B - "Dulaney's Lot", 1/2 of Lot #3, 87 acres, along Monocacy Valley, 3.25 miles from Frederick City, near the junction of Frederick and Liberty with the Woodsboro Turnpike; adjoining lands of HOKE and ZIMMERMAN. Improved with a brick house, a barn, wagon shed, etc; divided into fields with good fencing; land is limestone. To John DERR from John CRAPS (w/ Ann) at $7,260 in Apr 1817 [JS-4, 253]. Previously to CRAPS from John STONER in Dec 1798. This was devised as life estate to daughter Catherine REESE. C - 1/4 acre, near the Monocacy, adjoining the graveyard. To John DERR from Rachel YATMAN at $100 in Nov 1827 [JS-8, 450]. Previously to William YATMAN of Col. William BEATTY and adjoined lot of William BELL. D - An undivided lot in Frederick Town near the Monocacy, formerly owned by John BELL Sr, dec'd. To John DERR from L. P. W. BALCH, Esq, trustee of Ezra STONER (Deed of Trust from John BELL & wife, John SPITZENBERGER & w/ Mary Ann, Rachel YATMAN, Jesse EYZERD & wife) at $205 in Sep 1827 [JS-28, 201]. --- Elizabeth GETZENDANNER (Will written 30 Jan 1880; filed 28 Aug 1883) d/ Mary A. BECHTOL d/ Catherine Elizabeth LIGHTER d/ Annie Rebecca HUGHES s/ Jacob GETZENDANNER ..........Mary Elizabeth GETZENDANNER s/ Thomas GETZENDANNER ..........Susan Virginia OBERDERFFER (+$100) ..........Minnie Rebecca GETZENDANNER (+$100) Will stated tombstones were to be placed on her and her husbands graves and curbstone to enclose their burial lot at Mount Olivet Cemetery. Exec/ daughter Ann Rebecca HUGHES Witnesses: Lewis KOESTER, J. G. LAMBERT, John T. RAMSBURG Codicil on 12 Jan 1881 - to appoint William WILCOXEN as executor as her daughter Ann Rebbeca had died. - Witnesses: J. George LAMBERT, Daniel P. WHIPP, Lewis KOESTER --- Catharine REESE recently died and since she had no children, the property where she lived now reverts to her two deceased sisters' descendants. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 17 Apr 1885 from: - Edward A. SHRINER, age 55, a miller - stated Catharine REESE died in Frederick City in Nov 1884 and had neither children nor a husband surviving her; both John DERR Sr & his wife died at their home place. He also provided maiden names of wives and locations. - Harrison MILLER, age 64, a retired farmer - also provided the names of the deceased sons of Elizabeth and Jonathan GETZENDANNER. In Jan 1885, Anna Getzendanner had her testimony notarized in Kenton Co, KY while her husband George had his notarized in Polk Co, NE. Trustees were Edward T. GETZENDANNER, M. Eugene GETZENDANNER and Andrew J. WILCOXON. Sale was held 15 Aug 1885 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidders were: - S. Theodore STAUFFER for the 87 acres at $75.50/acre, $6,549.39 (Continued on Folio 739-741 - which showed Public Sale advertisement but no Distribution; it was Referred to Auditor on 25 Sep 1885.) ===
711-738 - DERR, SMITH, McCLAIN, ENGLEBRECHT - Jan 1885 #FC
John L. DERR vs George C. DERR, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5051 Catherine DERR d/ fall of 1884 in Frederick City, intestate w/o Daniel DERR, died since his wife s/ George C. DERR & w/ Francis V. s/ Charles E. DERR & w/ Alice R. s/ Millard F. DERR & w/ Mary (SMITH) s/ Hiram A. DERR & w/ Florence d/ Margaret Jane (DERR) w/o Rufus A. McCLAIN/McLANE d/ Elizabeth (DERR) w/o George ENGLEBRECHT s/ John L. DERR LAND - Lots on south side of West Patrick St in Bentz Town, Frederick City, also fronts an alley running to the jail, lots being L shaped; adjoins residence of the late William TREGO. Improved with a 1-story brick house with attic, a 2-story brick back building and fruit trees; also a frame meat store on Patrick St, a slaughter house and other buildings for butchering; and a large brick stable and ice house on the jail alley. Previously to Daniel DERR from George WISSINGER [HS-10, 221]. Also previously to Daniel DERR from George W. DERTSBAUGH & wife [BGF-2, 191]. To Catherine DERR from John LOATS, trustee of Daniel DERR (Insolvency), at $2,745 in Jul 1860 [BGF-5, 715]. Mortgages to Frederick Town Savings. George C. DERR & wife were indebted to George U. SMITH and Tilghman T. HERSPERGER for a $250 note. There were also judgements against Charles E. DERR in favor of Lorenzo E. MULLINIX and one to Dr. Justus DUNOT of Cecil County; against Millard F. DERR in favor of David LOWENSTEIN; and one against John L. DERR in favor of John D. HENDRICKSON and another in favor of Isaac LOWENSTEIN of Washington County. Testimony was heard 23 Mar 1885 from: - Herman F. STEINER, age 54, Frederick City - James E. STAUP, age 41, Frederick City Trustee was John C. MOTTER. Sale was held 16 May 1885 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Margaret Jane McLANE at $2,250 Distribution after court costs and claims: - George C. DERR, 1/7 less debts, $-0- - Charles E. DERR, 1/7 less debts, $-0- - Millard F. DERR, 1/7 less debts, $111.98 - Hiram A. DERR, 1/7 less debts, $76.56 - Margaret Jane McCLAIN, 1/7, $133.80 - Elizabeth ENGLEBRECHT, 1/7, $133.80 - John L. DERR, 1/7 less debts, $47.87 Closed 16 Sep 1885. ===
739-741 - DERR, GETZENDANNER, etc - Aug 1885 #FC
John L. DERR vs George C. DERR, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #5022 Continued from Folio 710 Public sale advertisement. Referred to Auditor on 25 Sep 1885. === ============================= Blank Pages - 742 through 746 =============================
747-751 - TIMPSON, CRAIN - May 1885 #FC #BCY
Hettie Ellen CRAIN of Baltlimore City, mortgagee of Richard TIMPSON - Report of Sales - Equity #5089 LAND - 1/2 acre in Mount Pleasant; adjoined land of Adam LINKS. Previously to Richard TIMPSON from John T. TAYLOR & wife. Sale was held 13 May 1885 - Hettey Elen CRANE at $160 Distribution after court costs: - Hettie Ellen CRAIN, as partial mortgage claim, $120.50 Closed 18 Nov 1885. ================== The End of AF-6 ==================

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