Frederick Co, MD - Equity AF-5

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity AF-5

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber AF-5; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity AF-5
Martha E. WILCOXON, guardian of minor children vs Rufus WILCOXON & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4868 John WILCOXON d/ 2 Feb 1883 in Frederick city, intestate widow - Martha E. (age 44) s/ Rufus H. WILCOXON & w/ Anne V. d/ Fannie A. w/o Philip L. HITESHEW d/ Maggie H. w/o William H. WAYS Jr. d/ Laura Jane w/o C. Frank DIXON s/ Charles J. WILCOXON d/ Tempe E. WILCOXON, a minor d/ Hattie R. WILCOXON, a minor s/ Harry Edward WILCOXON, a minor d/ Anna Mary, dec'd w/o Thomas GETZENDANNER ..........Florence M. w/o Charles M. BERGAN - Baltimore City ..........Estella R. w/o John H. CORREA - Baltimore City ..........Minnie GETZENDANNER, a minor LAND - All in Frederick City - Lots #159, 160, 161 & 162 in Frederick City, known as the old United States Hotel, on the SW corner of Market and All Saints Sts. To John WILCOXON from Michael H. MILLER & w/ Matilda E. of Baltimore City and William L. MILLER and w/ Sarah A. of Baltimore City at $8,000 in Apr 1869 [CM-3, 320]. Also from Anne B. MILLER at $5 in Aug 1869 [CM-4, 114]. - Lot #2 in "Bentz Addition to Frederick Town", fronting the south side of Patrick St; includes an alley on the east and lot of Albert HOBBS (previously owned by Jacob METZGAR) on the west. To John WILCOXON from Susan THOMAS at $2,500 in Feb 1867 [JWLC-4, 661]. Previously to Susan from George METZGAR & wife in Apr 1851 [WBT-13, 264]. - Lot on All Saints St in Frederick City To John WILCOXON from Charles W. MILLER, exec/of Matthew BUTCHER, at $320 in Feb 1878 [TG-8, 728]. Previously to BUTCHER from George W. ENT in Mar 1847 [WBT-4, 632]. - Lot on west side of South Market St in Frederick City; at the end of 74 1/2 feet from the NE corner of the stone house on the corner of All Saints and Market St. To John WILCOXON from James GITTINGER, acting exec/of Simon C. SIMMONS at $1,030 in Apr 1878 [ TG-9,275]. Previously to Simon from Charles W. ROSS, trustee in 6 May 1875 [TG-3, 421]. - Lots #1 & 2 on south side of West All Saints St in Frederick City - (Home residence). Improved with a 2- story double 10-room brick house with large stable and barn. To John WILCOXON from Annie Josephine PEARRE (formerly Annie Josephine SIFFORD), exec/of John LOATS, and her husband, Aubrey PEARRE of Baltimore City and John E. SIFFORD, surviving exec/of John SIFFORD on Aug 1882 [AF-5, 485]. - Lot on south side of West Patrick St in Frederick city. Improved with a 2-story brick house ...To John WILCOXON and Thomas E. GETZENDANNER from Solomon J. GETZENDANNER and his mother, Susan GETZENDANNER at $20 in Jun 1859 [BGF-4, 242]. ...Thomas E. & w/ Ann M. GETZENDANNER sold his share to John at $700 in Jan 1866 [JWLC-3, 435]. - Lot on south side of West Patrick St in Frederick City. Improved with a 2-story brick house. ...To John WILCOXON and Thomas E. GETZENDANNER from Alpheus W. MARRIOTT and Elizabeth PHEBUS at $900 in Mar 1859 [BGF-4, 85]. Previously to Alpheus from J. C. O'NEAL, Sheriff in Oct 1857 [BGF-1, 5]. Previously to Elizabeth from John BENDER, Constable. ...To Solomon J. GETZENDANNER and his mother, Susan GETZENDANNER from John WILCOXON & w/ Rebecca and Thomas E. GETZENDANNER at $1 in Jun 1859 [BGF-4, 303]. Guardian was Joseph GAVER, esquire. Testimony was heard 12 Feb 1883 from: - Peter BAER, age 60, Frederick City - testified to widow and heirs; claimed the hotel was rented to a number of tenants and had been set on fire several times in the past two years and the insurance companies refuse to insure it any longer. - John H. BENNETT, age 41, Frederick City - testified to the same as BAER - Charles E. MEALY, age 46, Frederick City - testified to the same as the others except he also names the grandchildren which the others didn't know. The heirs requested C. V. S. LEVY as trustee; court approved him along with John C. MOTTER as co-trustees. Sale was held 28 Jun 1883 at the old United States Hotel on South Market St in Frederick; high bidders were: - Martha E. WILCOXON for the home residence on south side of West Patrick St at $3,200 (Lot #1, Fig 3) (adjoins lot of William CHEWS and the Machine Shop of Augustus BOTELER & Bros to NW corner of Lewis BENNETT's lot.) - Charles J. WILCOXON for the house & lot adjoining the home residence, on the east, then in occupancy of William H. ZIEGLER, at $1,100 (Lot #2, Fig 3) - Laura J. DIXON for the 2-story brick house & Lot, on south side of West All Saints St and east and adjoining the previous sale, then occupied by Captain John VIRTUE, at $1,800 (Lot #3, Fig 3) - Martha E. WILCOXON for the 2-story brick house & Lot, on south side of West All Saints St and east and adjoining the previous sale, then occupied by Catharine HAHN, at $640 (Lot #4, Fig 3) - Martha E. WILCOXON for the 2-story brick house & Lot, on south side of West All Saints St and east and adjoining the previous sale, then occupied by Misses GARROTT, at $560 (Lot #5, Fig 3) (to NW corner of alley and west side of hotel) - Margaret H. WAYS for House & Lot on west side of South Market St, south and adjoining the old hotel, then in occupancy of William H. WAYS Jr, at $1,825 (Lot #6, Fig 3) (at SE corner of hotel) - Frances A. HITESHEW for House & Lot on west side of South Market St, south and adjoining previous sale, then in occupancy of Charles E. THOMAS, at $1,800 (Lot #7, Fig 3) - Hamilton B. SHOWMAN for the old United States Hotel at $3,700 (Lot #13, Fig 3) (includes hotel privy; extends to alley) - Philip L. HITESHEW for House & Lot on south side of East All Saints St, then in occupancy of Martellina WARD; lies east and adjoining property occupied by Captain WALLING, at $800 (Lot #8, Fig 2) - Philip L. HITESHEW for House & Lot on south side of East All Saints St, then in occupancy of William FISHER; lies east and adjoining previous sale, at $800 (Lot #9, Fig 2) (at NE corner of Captain WALLING's and south to Christopher LARK's lot) - Philip L. HITESHEW for House & Lot on south side of East All Saints St, then in occupancy of Mrs COOK; lies east and adjoining previous sale, at $900 (Lot #10, Fig 2) - Philip L. HITESHEW for House & Lot on south side of East All Saints St, then in occupancy of Charles ALBAUGH; lies east and adjoining previous sale, at $900 (Lot #11, Fig 2) - Philip L. HITESHEW for House & Lot on south side of West Patrick St, then in occupancy of Daniel P. WHIP; adjoining property of E. A. GITTINGER, Esquire, at $1,650 (Lot #12, Fig 1) (at NE corner of lot of heirs of Albert HOBBS) Total sales $19,675. Distribution: court costs, $1,665.15 = $18,010.85 - Martha E. WILCOXON, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8, $2,251.36 - each child's 1/9 share, $1,751.05 (Anna Mary's children each rec'd 1/3 of 1/9, $583.68. Closed 19 May 1884. (Plats included) ===
45-49 - BEALL, WASKEY, MAULSBY - Dec 1883 #FC
William P. MAULSBY Jr, atty for Jacob Ann WASKEY, mortgagee of Levin C. BEALL & w/ Elizabeth E. - Report of Sales - Equity #4854 LAND - "Nichols Resurvey", 237 acres; located along the banks of the Monocacy, two miles from Licksville; and adjoined lands of Peter LEAPLEY and Samuel H. BROWN. Improved with a weatherboarded house, barn and corn house. To Levin C. BEALL from Edward NICHOLAS (?NICHOLS) (exec/of Jacob NICHOLS of Montgomery County - Will dated 23 Dec 1869 [CM-1, 641]) at $2,556. Sale was held 16 Dec 1882 on the premises; high bidder was: - Elizabeth E. BEALL, wid/of Levin C. BEALL, at $4,929.60 Distribution not shown although page 50 was left blank. Closed 8 Feb 1883. ===
Joseph G. MILLER and Milton G. URNER, mortgagees of Joseph M. EBBERTS - Report of Sales - Equity #4882 Joseph M. EBBERTS & w/ Catharine were indebted to Farmers and Mechanics National Bank and to protect their sureties, Joseph G. MILLER and Milton G. URNER, they issued a mortgage to them in May 1875. LAND - House & Lot on south side of East Church St in Frederick City; adjoined lots of Capt. George W. GROVE on the west and Lycurgus HEDGES on the east. Improved with a 2-story brick house. To Joseph M. EBBERTS from Arthur DELASHMUTT & wife in Jan 1860 [BGF-5, 119]; and also from Allen W. WEST & wife in Mar 1863 [BGF-8, 465]; and lot also from Joshua TROXELL & wife in Jan 1869 [CM-3, 37]. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 3 Apr 1883; high bidder was: - Alice M. EBBERTS at $1,625; however, she was unable to pay the money in the allotted time. She asked for an extension as she was awaiting the money from her father's life insurance, but the court refused an extension and ordered a resale at any loss to her expense. Sale was again held at the City Hotel in Frederick City on 21 Aug 1883; high bidder was: - Caroline S. WILSON at $1,640; obigated with her husband, John WILSON Distribution: court costs, $245.89 = $1,394.11 - Farmers & Mechanics National Bank, partial mortgage, $1,394.11 Closed 15 Oct 1883. ===
Howell SHIPLEY, Admin/of Stephen HOWELL, mortgagee of Rosanna STORMS - Report of Sales - Equity #4878 Stephen HOWELL d/o Jun 1880, intestate LAND - "Resurvey on Rich Hill", "Lapland" and "Elliotts Edition", 48 acres; located one mile east of BOYER's Mill in New Market District; adjoined the lands of Stephen HOWELL and Nathan MAYNARD. Improved with a log house with an orchard. To Rosanna STORMS fron John T. STORMS & w/ Rachel A.; and also from Nathan MAYNARD, atty/for Owen STORMS & w/ Isabella of Carroll Co, Indiana and also atty/for Sarah E. ZELLERS & h/ Valentine of Carroll Co, MD. Sale was held 17 Mar 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Eugene TRAYER at $990 Rosanna issued a 2nd mortgage to Nathan MAYNARD who assigned it to Joseph WOOD who assigned it to Stephen HOWELL in Apr 1878. Distribution of $990; court costs, $156.65 = $833.35 - Howell SHIPLEY, adm/of Stephen HOWELL, mortgage, $582.19 - Howell SHIPLEY, adm/of Stephen HOWELL, partial 2nd mortgage, $251.16 Closed 19 May 1883. ===
Mary E. BLACK, admin/of Abraham A. BLACK vs Augustine SHORB - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4729 Abraham Adam BLACK d/ 4 Jan 1881, intestate On 24 Jan 1881, Mary E. BLACK became administrator of Abraham's estate; sureties were Henry RAMSBURG, Samuel EICHOLTZ and Uriah WARRENFELTZ. LAND - Lot, 7 acres, at north end of Creagerstown; adjoined lot of Augustus SHORB and public road. To Abraham Adam BLACK from John W. SHAW & w/ Sarah M. and Warner T. GRIMES at $286 in Nov 1868 [CM-7, 623]. Testimony was heard 20 Sec 1881 from: - Hamilton GEISBERT - provided Abraham's death date - Samuel GEISBERT - father of Mary E. BLACK and Augustine SHORB is his son-in-law Trustee was Charles V. S. LEVY. Private sale was made in July 1883 to: - George F. COLSEY at $260 Distribution not shown (probably funds short). Closed 3 Aug 1883. ===
80-88 - CULLER, LEATHER, TABLER - Dec 1882 #FC
Andrew J. TABLER, admin/pendente lite of Michael LEATHER, mortgagee of Philip CULLER & w/ Ann R. - Report of Sales - Equity #4848 Michael LEATHER, dec'd, of Montgomery County was mortgagee of Philip CULLER & w/ Ann R.; Andrew J. TABLER was appointed by the Orphans Court in Montgomery County as Administrator Pendente Lite. LAND - "Mulheim", 43 acres; located 3 1/2 miles SW of Frederick on road from Harper's Ferry Ridge Road to Point of Rocks Road; adjoining lands of David BOOK and Joshua J. ZIMMERMAN. Improved with a 2-story house, large stable, a grist mill with a saw mill attached and has 15 acres in timber. ...One acre was sold to Edward O. ZIMMERMAN in Jul 1876. - Also has "Mulheim", 10 acres, adjoining previous land on the east end and the mill property of Elias ZIMMERMAN on the west. To Philip CULLER from Henry CULLER in Dec 1858 [BGF-2, 638] (Ref Equity #4055). Also to Ann R. CULLER from George William SMITH and W. Clayton CULLER, trustees. Sale was held 19 Aug 1882 at the City Hotel in Frederick City but failed to receive a sufficient bid. Sale was held again on 2 Dec 1882; high bidder was: -William L. CULLER at $2,085 Deed to be transferred, but distribution not reported. (page 89 left blank) Closed 31 Jan 1883. ===
Eliza CROUSE & Others vs James A. ORNDORFF and Mary E. ORNDORFF - Equity #4411 James A. ORNDORFF was indebted by note to John R. STONER for $1,441 on 27 Mar 1877. STONER assigned the note to Michael CROUSE. Michael CROUSE died with a Will; Execs/ Eliza CROUSE, James M. CROUSE and Joseph A. GERNAND; they posted bond with sureties as Lewis S. CLINGAN and George A. HOOVER. In Sep 1878, James A. ORNDORFF issued a deed to his wife, Mary E. ORNDORFF, claiming the lands were paid by his wife with her money; and claiming Mary E. received monies from her father, John ORNDORFF, dec'd, of Carroll County; however, the petitioners claimed this deed was an attempt to defraud his creditors [TG-111, 211]. LAND - in District 5, almost 4 miles from Emmitsburg and 1 1/4 mile from Motter's Station and 2 miles from Mount St Mary's College. - Wynn farm (Home farm), 180 acres Improved with a 2-story brick house, a new bank barn, shedding, two tenant houses and stable - Mountain Lot, 20 acres - Two mountain lots, 19 acres, in District 15 (Mechanicstown) of Frederick County - Mountain Lot, 60 acres - Mountain Lot, 39 acres To James A. ORNDORFF - 1 3/4 acres from Jacob RIFE & wife in May 1862 - 50 acres from John WALTER & wife and Joshua MOTTER in Apr 1863 - 50 acres from John WYNN & wife in Jul 1863 - 107 acres from John A. RODDY and Samuel SEBOLD, attys - 10 1/2 acre wood lot from Mary A. McKISSICK in Feb 1865 Except 20 acres sold to Joseph KELLY. After numerous delays from failure of James A. ORNDORFF to appear, finally, on 21 Jul 1881, testimony was heard from: - James A. ORNDORFF - claimed he married Mary E. ORNDORFF in Westminster, Carroll County, on the 13th of Feb 1862. James was born near ECK's Mill in Carroll County and lived there from 1833 to 1845; them to Alloway's Creek in Carroll County and resided there until 1848. Then to Jacob KERNELL's for a year, then to Jacob SHENKLE's near Taneytown, Carroll County for two or three years. Then he lived on Plank Road, near the Baptist Meeting House for eight years. He was 20 years old in June 1853 but left home in April 1853 and went to learn carpentering and bridge building with John K. TAYLOR & Bros. near Emmitsburg and remained there almost three years. He 'hired' for one year to Georgetown College at White Marsh, Prince George's County; then went on his own and worked in carpentry in the same neighborhood until Dec 1860; them back to where his father lived which was called the "Wynn Tract" which afterwards was deeded to him; it was 12-14 acres in Carroll County near the Baptist Meeting House which he bought from his brother Aloysius F. ORNDORFF for $400. He came to Frederick County in Dec 1860. He sold the house and lot to Peter BISHOP's girls for $800, about three years before he was married and then bought the Wynn property of 58 acres for $2,000 from John WYNN, but still owed money on it. He stated his father-in-law, John ORNDORFF, was going to pay the $700 mortgage, but died in the meantime (d/ Feb 1869 or 1870). His wife paid it out of her inheritance with the agreement with her father that it was to be his wife's. John ORNDORFF also had a son Frank. There were three houses on the tracts: His wife & he and their family lived in one; David MARTIN lives in another and farms most of the land; and John TOPPER lives in the third house. There was a new brick house built in 1874, a frame and log house and a log house and a barn built in 1870. He rebuilt the Topper house in 1864. The brick house and barn were on the Wynn property; the Topper house was on the Rife property; and the Martin house was on the Wynn property. For the brick house: Hiram TAYLOR was the carpenter, Samuel SEABROOKS was the brick and stone mason and James T. HAYS did the tin work. The bricks were made on site and the stones were gotten along the mountain; the lumber came from T. H. ECKENRODE of Taneytown and from J & G COALE of Buchanan's Valley, PA. Testimony was heard on 28 Nov 1881 from: - J. Hiram TAYLOR, a member of John K. TAYLOR & Bros - he constructed the barn, blacksmith shop, chicken house, dairy and ice house, wash house, bake house smoke house and privy at a cost of $5,000 and labor at $2,000. Said James told him his father-in-law wanted him to build on the Rife property, but he had it built on the Wynn property, James' property. - James A. ELDER - he sold James the glass, and also red lead and oil for this barn; the Wynn farm was purchased by James A. ORNDORFF before his marriage. - John R. STONER - he attempted to get paid for his notes before he assigned them to Michael CROUSE. James showed him two notes of $4,000 each from his brother- in-law, Josephus ORNDORFF with Jacob ZACHARIAS and Cyrus SCHWEIGART as sureties payable to James A. ORNDORFF. - Eugene L. ROWE - Dr. Joshua W. HERRING, cashier of Union National Bank of Westminster, resides in Westminster, Carroll County - Josephus A. ORNDORFF, s/o John ORNDORFF and brother of Mary E. ORNDORFF. His father died 14 Feb 1869. He paid a note due to James for $8,333.33 in 1874. He bought the home farm after his father's death. - Aloysius F. ORNDORFF, brother of James - claimed James owned the Bishop property in Carroll County prior to his marriage but sold it and then bought the Wynn property in Frederick County. James said he was building on his Wynn tract, not on his wife's Rife tract. He went with James to the Fredericktown Savings Bank to obtain a loan to pay the debts, was told it was approved and then made the deed to his wife. - Francis H. ORNDORFF - son of John ORNDORFF d/ 18 Feb 1869 in Carroll County s/ Josephus A. ORNDORFF s/ Francis H. ORNDORFF d/ Mary Magdalen Elizabeth ORNDORFF, w/o James A. ORNDORFF Each received $5,031.33 from personal property; $8,333.33 from the home farm and $2,885.45 from real estate sold by John J. BAUMGARDNER, trustee of John ORNDORFF's estate. James was indebted to his father for $5,253; $1,253 when they first married and $1,000 when the Walter property was purchased and $3,000 when the Rife property was purchased; the $1,000 and $3,000 payments were by notes payable to John ORNDORFF and signed by James. The notes were paid out of Mary's share upon the settlement of John ORNDORFF's estate. The court ruled the wife must have been aware the deeds were in her husband's name before the transfer and declared the deed to Mary be declared void. Order to sell the real estate to pay the creditors with trustees as Frederick J. NELSON and Charles V. S. LEVY, Esquires. James A. & Mary ORNDORFF appealed the decision and Mary asked the court to put the proceedings on hold until 30 June 1883 whereby she would be able to pay all of the debts and the sale would not be necessary. The court granted her request; however, the appeals court denied it and sale was reinstated. Trustees were Frederick J. NELSON and Charles V. S. LEVY, Esquires. Sale was held 28 Jul 1883 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidder was: - Francis H. ORNDORFF for the Rife and Wynn farm at $6,500 - Ephraim BENTZELL for the 10-acre wood lot at $70 All subject to the dower of Mary ORNDORFF. The ORNDORFFs objected to the sale claiming it should have been divided and only sold enough to cover debts; however, more claims were filed and the court approved the sale. 1st Distribution of $2,190; court costs, $924.89 = $1,265.11 - John C. MOTTER for James T. HAYS, judgment, $304.22 - John R. STONER, for use of Eliza CROUSE, James M. CROUSE and Joseph A. GERNAND, execs/of Michael CROUSE, partial judgment, $960.89 Closed 10 Nov 1883. ===
182-206 - STEVENS, SMITH, GOODEN - Mar 1882 #BCY #FC
Ephhraim R. SMITH vs Laura C. STEVENS & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4780 Reuben G. STEVENS/STEPHENS d/ Sep 1880 in Baltimore, intestate widow - Laura E. (age 39 in Jan 1883) s/ Charles STEVENS, a minor (age 19) d/ Mary STEVENS, a minor d/ Fannie STEVENS, a minor s/ Bradley STEVENS, a minor d/ Florence STEVENS, a minor Admin/ Laura E. STEVENS LAND - 115 acres in Mount Pleasant District, on east end of Mount Pleasant, on turnpike from Liberty Town to Frederick City; adjoining lands of Dr. D. E. STONE. Improved with a 2-story frame house, recently built, barn and fruit orchard and water at the door. 1/- "Middle Plantation", 23 acres, in Mount Pleasant District from Samuel HOKE & w/ Catharine at $1,100 in Aug 1865 [CM-1, 516]. Except 55 sq perches conveyed to John B. STIMMELL in Dec 1874 [TG-8, 117]. 2/- "Middle Plantation", 29 acres, in Mount Pleasant District; from George F. B. CRUMBAUGH & w/ Margaret C. at $450 in Sep 1865 [CM-1, 515]. 3/- "Middle Plantation" and "Resurvey on Mackey's Luck", 11 acres, in Mount Pleasant District; from Mary Ann CONTEE, Charles Edward BOOZE & w/ Caroline, William Henry BOOZE, heirs of Edward BOOZE at $100 in Jan 1870 [CM-5, 247]. Previously to Edward BOOZE from Jacob CRAMER in Dec 1816 [JS-4, 363]. Except 3 acres conveyed to Robert LEASE [TG-2, 234]. 4/- "Resurvey on Mackey's Luck", 8+ acres, in Mount Pleasant District; from Miranda AQUILLER and husband Daniel AQUILLER at $185 in May 1870 [CM-6, 354]. 5/- 17+ acres; from Jared HANKS & w/ Charlotte for $763 in Dec 1871 [CM-8, 650]. 6/- 2+ acres; from Robert LEASE & w/ Mary at $150 in Jun 1872 [CM-8, 651]. Previously to LEASE from John SNODEN & w/ Rebecca in Dec 1869 [CM-5, 142]. 7/- 6 acres, 1/2 mile north of Mount Pleasant where William GOODEN lived; from Henry BINEBRINK, constable of 13th District (in suits of Henry STAUFFER and Christian WINEBRENNER and John SNODEN vs William GOODEN and Reuben KEY) in Feb 1872 [CM-8, 652]. Previously to GOODEN from Henry STAUFFER in Han 1869 [CM-6, 242]. 8/- Lot #15 of "Resurvey on Mackey's Luck", 15 acres from P. H. C. BIRELY at $450 in Aug 1872 [CM-9, 330]. 9/- part of Lot #15 of " Mackey's Luck", and part "Middle Plantation", 4 acres, in Mount Pleasant District; from John B. STIMMELL & w/ Elizabeth at $150 in Dec 1874 [TG-3, 418]. Previously to STIMMELL from David HILL, exec/de bonis oron of Henry HILL, dec'd. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 3 Jan 1883 from: - Laura E. STEVENS - John B. STEVENS, acting as Laura's agent - Dr. Sidney SAPPINGTON, resided in Liberty District and was Justice of the Peace - Dr. Daniel E. STONE, age 43, Mount Pleasant District - George F. B. CRUMBAUGH, age 50, resided in Woodsboro District - Jacob DILLER, age 63, Mount Pleasant District, lived near Reuben Trustees were Frank C. NORWOOD and John C. MOTTER. Sale was held 21 Apr 1883 on the premises, subject to the widow's dower; high bidder was: - Laura E. STEVENS at $2,200 Distribution: after court costs, balance went to pay multiple creditors at 76% of claims. Closed 15 Aug 1883. ===
Louis M. MOTTER, assignee of Elijah CLOSE, mortgagee of Frederick STAMBAUGH & wife - Equity #4931 Frederick STAMBAUGH & w/ Margaret were indebted to Elijah CLOSE for $1,200. Elijah CLOSE d/ 8 Mar 1883, intestate; adm/ Albert B. CLOSE who assigned mortgage to Louis M. MOTTER. LAND - "Mill Tract", known as MYER's Mill or EISENHART's Mill, 19 3/4 acres; 1 mile SE of Emmitsburg on south side of Tom's Creek. - mountain tract, 21 1/4 acres, near road running past ANNAN's Tannery to Friends Creek; adjoined land of Jacob MEYER. To Frederick STAMBAUGH from Joseph MYERS in Apr 1880. Sale was held 6 Oct 1883 on the premises at EISENHART's Mill; high bidder was: - Joseph SNOUFFER for the mill property at $2,450 Distribution: after court costs, balance paid multiple judgments and mortgages. Closed 4 Dec 1883. ===
Charles W. SHREVE & wife vs Daniel T. SHREVE & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity # 3992 Mary E. (TRUNDLE) SHREVE of Montgomery County d/ Autumn of 1855 (Will written 3 Apr 1855; filed 4 Dec 1855) husband - Benjamin SHREVE d/ 4 Feb 1861 and 7 children s/ Daniel T. SHREVE d/ Autumn of 1873 .....w/ Margaret E. (JONES) & 10 children - Virginia, but later Maryland ..........Richard Florence SHREVE, a minor (daughter, age 21 in 1879) ..........Annie Gertrude SHREVE, a minor ..........Daniel T. J. SHREVE, a minor ..........Benjamin F. SHREVE, a minor ..........Ella/Ellen Belle/Beall SHREVE, a minor (d/ Autumn of 1878) ..........Nora Blake SHREVE, a minor ..........Carroll Austin SHREVE, a minor ..........Arthur Bernard SHREVE, a minor ..........Thomas J. SHREVE, a minor ..........Margaret E. SHREVE, a minor s/ Benjamin F. SHREVE, single - Virginia s/ Charles W. SHREVE (Dr.) & w/ Ann E. (JONES) & 6 children ..........Fannie B. SHREVE, a minor ..........Richard B. SHREVE, a minor ..........Mary Esther SHREVE, a minor ..........Annie B. SHREVE, a minor ..........Charles Elgin SHREVE, a minor ..........Thomas Bradley SHREVE, a minor ..........Grafton D. SHREVE, a minor ..........Edward H. SHREVE, a minor ..........William A. SHREVE, a minor s/ Thomas J. SHREVE d/ Apr 1870 .....w/ Rosalie TILGHMAN and 2 children - Talbot County in May 1874 ..........Oswald Tilghman SHREVE, a minor ..........Arthur Leigh SHREVE, a minor d/ Mary E. SHREVE d/ 1862-1863, with no issue d/ Anna Olivia SHREVE w/o J. E. R. WOOD - Montgomery/Frederick County ..........Paul Stanley WOOD, a minor ..........Mary Emma WOOD, a minor ..........John WOOD, a minor ..........Roger B. WOOD, a minor s/ Arthur B. SHREVE, single SLAVES - negro slaves to be divided equally among her children Mary E.'s share to be held in trust by Daniel T. SHREVE during her natural life, free from control of any future husband; upon her death, to her children, if none, then to her siblings. If Daniel T. should die, then Charles to become trustee. Ann Olivia's share to be held in trust by Benjamin during her natural life, free from control of any future husband; upon her death, to her children, if none, then to her siblings. If Benjamin should die, then Thomas to become trustee. To Daniel T. SHREVE, $300 annually in trust for father Benjamin during his life. Execs/ sons Daniel and Benjamin Witnesses: Richard J. BOWIE, Robert W. CARTER, John T. VINSON Consent to Will was signed by her husband. (Spouses and grandchildren's names from equity court records) --- LAND - in Virginia assessed at $19,000; in Montgomery & Frederick Co, Maryland, 820 acres, assessed at $30,361.50. - Montgomery Co, Maryland - Mary inherited 646 acres from her father, Daniel TRUNDLE and also parts of "It May Be Good In Time" and "Hemptone's Discovery", 70 1/2 acres, 5 miles from her residence, all in Montgomery County. Commissioners assessed the property in Montgomery County as: - Lot #1 was in two parts, one contained 203 acres with the house and barn and orchard and valued at $10,670.75; and a mountain lot, 61 acres, valued at $732. - Lot #2 was in two parts, one contained 218 acres and was valued at $8,742.25; and the other contained 43 acres and was valued at $519.30. - Lot #3 was in two parts, one contained 224 acres and was valued at $10,102.50 and the other contained 70 acres and was valued at $846. Total valued at $31,612.50 - Frederick Co, Maryland - purchased by husband Benjamin SHREVE ...61 acres ...part of Lot #31 on the Sugar Loaf Mountain, 43 acres; from Horatio TRUNDLE and Hezekiah W. TRUNDLE, trustees of David TRUNDLE, dec'd --- On 9 Aug 1865, the four oldest children filed for partition of estate in Montgomery County [Equity #182 in 1865 and #159 in 1866]. Charles W. SHREVE and Thomas J. SHREVE elected to take the real estate in Maryland and pay their siblings their share. By Oct 1866, Thomas had married Rosalie and opted for Charles to take the real estate. Charles then did and has paid all of it except $10,120 which is owing to two of the children. All of the real estate in Virgina was taken by Danel T. SHREVE by a similiar understanding; it was valued at $19,000. Thomas J. SHREVE was paid his share before his death. In Montgomery County, Benjamin R. WHITE was appointed as guardian for the then minors, Ann O. SHREVE and Arthur B. SHREVE, in Aug 1865. Testimony was heard in Rockville on 20 Nov 1865 from: - John L. T. JONES, age 44, farmer, resides near Monocacy, Montgomery County - James O. TRUNDLE, age 35, farmer, resides near Mouth of Monocacy in Montgomery County, on the farm adjoining Mary E. SHREVE's. A commission was issued to determine if land could be divided; members were William MATHEWS, George BREWER, Franklin WHITE, Frederick S. POOLE and Greenbury M. WATKINS, all of Montgomery County. In Oct 1874 in Frederick County, Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr was appointed guardian of the minors. Testimony was heard in Rockville on 19 Nov 1874 from: - Richard H. JONES, age 64, resided near Mouth of Monocacy, Montgomery County, lived within a half mile of Mary E. SHREVE - Benjamin F. SHREVE, age 43, Frederick County, son - his mother made her Will just before he left for Missouri. Since the filing, Daniel S. SHREVE has died. - George BREWER, age 52, resided near Mouth of Monocacy, Montgomery County The question regarding the Will was did the children only have a life estate in the real estate or were each to have equal portion in fee. If only a life estate, then the property cannot be sold or leased out. All of the grandchildren are minors. Montgomery County could not decide if the property could be sold and referred it to Frederick County. On 1 May 1878, testimony in Frederick City was heard from: - Edward NICHOLS, attorney in Leesburg, VA - was counsel for Arthur B. SHREVE of St Louis, Missouri for the Loudoun Co, Virginia property. - Arthur B. SHREVE, age 21 in 1878 - lived in Montgomery County in 1874 and went to St Louis in May 1875. Guardian was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire. Testimony was again heard 22 Feb 1879 in Frederick City from: - Charles W. SHREVE, age 44, resided in Montgomery County, about 15 miles from Frederick city - his parents' home was near the Mouth of Monocacy in Montgomery County. Claims his brother Arthur may be living in New York. - Richard H. JONES, age 69, resides near the Mouth of Monocacy in Montgomery County Testimony was heard 22 May 1879 in Frederick City from: - John E. R. WOOD, Esquire, brother of Charles H. WOOD (atty) - Charles W. SHREVE J. Franklin BATEMAN was guardian for Oswald T. and Arthur L. SHREVE. Trustees were Hattersly W. TALBOTT, William P. MAULSBY Jr, John E. R. WOOD, Frederick J. NELSON, Esquires. Sale was held 12 Aug 1882 at the Dickerson Station on the Metropolitan Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road near the real estate to be sold; high bidders were: - Charles W. SHREVE for farm Cedar Grove, 648 acres at $20.01/acre. Improved with a house, large brick barn, tenant house with springs and running streams in all the fields with apple and peach orchards; within 2 1/2 miles of the B & O Rail Road and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal runs through the western border; 100 acres of the farm is river bottom land; in Montgomery County. - R. V. WOOD for 70 1/2 acres, unimproved at $5/acre; about 1 1/4 miles from Barnesville in Montgomery County near the Mouth of the Monocacy. - Charles W. SHREVE for 61 acres of mountain land in the Sugar Loaf Mountains at $5/acre; covered with Chestnut and Oak timber. - Charles W. SHREVE for 43 acres of mountain land in the Sugar Loaf Mountains at $3/acre; covered with young timber. Total sales, $13,810.17. Charles W. SHREVE asked that his wife, Annie E. SHREVE, be substituted as purchaser in his place due to his participation in the case; however she failed to pay more than the initial $500 payment. Trustees petitioned for resale. Sale was advertised twice but an equal or higher bid could not be attained. By then, Annie E. SHREVE had been able to obtain the additional funds and asked to complete the sale; trustees accepted her offer. 1st Distribution of $4,838.22; court costs, $1,849.72 = $2,988.50 - Benjamin F. SHREVE, for life, 1/6, $498.08 - J. E. R. WOOD, trustee of C. W. SHREVE, 1/6, $498.08 - J. E. R. WOOD, trustee of A. B. SHREVE, 1/6, $498.08 - J. E. R. WOOD, trustee of Ann O. WOOD, 1/6, $498.08 - J. Franklin BATEMAN, guardian of Oswald T. SHREVE, 1/2 of 1/6, $349.04 - J. Franklin BATEMAN, guardian of Nathan L. SHREVE, 1/2 of 1/6, $349.04 - Children of Daniel T. SHREVE, each 1/9 of 1/6, $55.34 (since Ella was dec'd, her share went to siblings) Closed 19 Nov 1883 ===
Mary E. BLACK, mother of Henry S. BLACK & Margaret E. BLACK - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4465 Abraham A. BLACK d/ 4 Jan 1881, intestate widow - Mary E. (age 37) s/ Henry S. BLACK, a minor d/ Margaret E. BLACK, a minor Adm/ Mary E. BLACK with sureties as Henry RAMSBURG, Samuel EICHHOLTZ and Uriah WARRENFELTS. LAND - To Abraham A. BLACK 1 - Lot #2, part of "Friendship", 75 acres. From George MILLER & w/ Catherine at $1,350 in Jun 1858 [BGF-2, 547]. 2 - "Friendship", acres, in Creagerstown; adjoining lands of heirs of Elias HAHN on the north and Charles STEVENS on the northwest and Jacob MILLER on the southwest; divided by road from Creagerstown to Frederick. From George HANKEY & w/ Ann Elizabeth at $500 in Mar 1864 [JWLC-2, 265]. - Previously to Elizabeth GEESY from Frederick HANKEY & wife in Mar 1852 [ES-6, 143]; and from her by her Will (6 Aug 1860) to George HANKEY. 3 - Exception - sold to Charles STEVENS for 5 acres at $151 in Feb 1868 [CM-1, 452]. 4 - Exception- sold to Solomon OHLER for 25 acres at $800 in Feb 1868 [CM-1, 384]. 5 - Lot of 7 acres on North end of Creagerstown; adjoins land of Augustus SHORB and public road. From John W. SHAW & w/ Sarah M. and Warner T. GRIMES at $286.75 in Nov 1868 (recorded Jan 1872) [CM-7, 623]. (Sold to Augustus SHORB but he has failed to pay for it.) 6 - Tract; adjoining lands of John CRUM, George W. GROSHON and John HAUTZ - and wood lot near the Pike from Mechanicstown to the Furnace. From Simon C. SIMMONS & w/ Mary M., A. G. QUYNN & w/ Harriet and J. Alfred RITTER & w/ Catharine E. at $3,000 in May 1865 (recorded Oct 1866) [JWLC-4, 363]. - Previously from George K. SHELLMAN and M. B. LUCKETT, trustees in the private Trust Docket #60 and by deed on 5 Jul 1854 [Deed ES-4, 640-643]. 7 - Exception - sold to John J. KROM lands obtained from SIMMONS & RITTER, except for a wood lot, at $3,600 in Apr 1877 (recorded Apr 1879) [TG-11, 300-301]. Adjoins lands of Henry RAMSBURG, John HOLLANDS and Emanuel DABLE. Also to KROM, a mountain lot of 22 acres from David KOONS; adjoining lands of RAMSBURG and purchased from the Trustees of FULTON's on the west, lots of Dubbel Wester EYLER on the east and lots of McDANNELL on the south. 8 - House & Lot #96 on Main St in Creagerstown; adjoining lot of Mary A. WOOD. Then occupied by William CREBS. Improved with a 2 1/2 story weatherboarded log house with back building attached, a stable and well. From John W. KOLB & w/ Eliza at $300 in Sep 1859 [BGF-4, 544]. Previously to KOLB from M. S. BECKENBAUGH in Apr 1857 [ES-10, 365]. 9 - "Hammer and Tongs", 3 acres; adjoining Casper SMITH's "The Anvil" and "The Anvil", 1 acre. From Isaac T. DEVILBISS & w/ Cornelia F. at $300 in Apr 1872 [CM-9, 330]. Previously to DEVILBISS from Thomas GURLEY Jr and w/ Amanda in Aug 1868 [CM-3, 455]. (Sold property to Joseph BROWN; however he hasn't paid for it.) 10 - "Auburn", 145 acres; on noth side of road from Creagerstown to Catoctin Furnace, 3 miles from Creagerstown; adjoining lands of Dr. William S. McPHERSON, John B. KUNKEL and Michael ZIMMERMAN and road from Lewistown to EICHOLT's Mill. No buildings but has a well with cultivated land and wood land. From Edwin P. HATCHER & w/ Elizabeth J. at $1,500 in Apr 1867 [DSB-1, 110]. Previously to HATCHER from William J. ROSS and Juliana JOHNSON, execs/of William JOHNSON. 11 - Exception - sold to George W. POWELL for 75 acres at $1,885 in Mar 1880 [AF-1, 630]. Adjoined lands of DOUBBS and LAYMANS and west side of county road. 12 - "Two Brothers", 14 acres, on east side of Hunting Creek and on road from Creagerstown to SHAW's Mill; adjoined land of Daniel CASTLE. - Also "Highland Farm", 2 1/2 acres, on east side of Mill Race by land of Daniel CASTLE of Thomas. SHAWs had a mortgage to Henry CULLER. Improved with a grist mill and saw mill, a 2 1/2 story brick cased log house with back building attached, a stable, a small orchard and two wells. From George W. SHAW & w/Martha A. at $3,600 in May 1880 (recorded Jun 1881) [AF-3, 525]. Previously to SHAW from John J. PUTMAN & w/ Rebecca in Mar 1867 [DSB-1, 460]. 13 - "Ohio", 4 acres, in Myers District in Carroll County, near Black's School House; adjoined land of George ARNOLDf; set in Chestnut and Oak timber. From Elias STEER & w/ Carolina of Carroll County at $10 in Feb 1883 [Carr Co GEW-24, 284]. 14 - "Ohio", 2 acres of wood land, in Myers District in Carroll County, near Black's School House; set in Chestnut and Oak timber. From John SHULER of Carroll County at $10 in Apr 1853 [Carr Co GEW-24, 283]. 15 - Mountain lot, 10 acres, in Carroll County, 3 1/2 miles from Mechanicstown on the Gates Road; adjoining lands of McDANIEL, Frederick WHITE, William HARMAN and Joshua BIGGS. Lot has been burned over, reducing its value. From Nathaniel EYLER. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 20 Dec 1881 from: - Samuel GEISBERT - Hamilton GEISBERT - Nelson DORSEY - William H. KREBS Trustee was Charles V. S. LEVY. Sale was held 4 Mar 1882 at BLACK's Mill, 1 1/2 miles from Creagerstown, on the road from Creagerstown to Catoctin Furnace; high bidders were: - Mary E. BLACK for (#12), 16 acres with mills at $2,600; adjoined ands of John B. KUNKEL, George POWELL and William DANNER. - Mary E. BLACK for (#10), Farm of 67 acres at $1,353.87 - Mary E. BLACK for Farm of 78 acres at $2,418; on road from Creagerstown to Utica Mills, 3/4 mile from Creagerstown; adjoining lands of George GRAHAM, Jacob MILLER and Mrs. OHLER. Improved with a 2 1/2 story rough cast log house, a log barn with two wells. - Mary E. BLACK for (#8) Lot #96 at $550 - Mary E. BLACK for wood lot, 16 acres, at $328.12; on turnpike from Mechanicstown to Catoctin Furnace, 1 1/4 miles from Mechanicstown; adjoining lands of Daniel FIROR and John SMITH; timbered in Rock Oak and Red Oak. Total sales, $7,249.99. Sale held 20 Oct 1883 at SCHUE's Station on the Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Rail Road in Carroll County; heavily timbered land adjoins land of D. H. REINDOLLAR and George HILTERBRIK; high bidders were: - Simon HARMAN for (#14) timber lot of 2 acres at $194.69 (Samuel H. HARMAN signed for Simon) - George F. KRUG and John F. KRUG, partners t/a George F & J KRUG, for (#13) timber lot of 4 acres at $228.25 Total sales, $422.94. Distribution not shown; closed 4 Dec 1883. ===
William FUNK, et al vs George LAYMAN, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4850 George LAYMAN d/ 1870-1871 in Creagerstown, intestate no surviving widow, children or descendants bro/ John LAYMAN, dec'd ..........George LAYMAN & w/ Mary - Virginia ..........Henry LAYMAN - Virginia ..........Clemintine LAYMAN w/o Charles OTT - Virginia bro/ Henry LAYMAN, dec'd ..........William LAYMAN & w/ Catharine - Franklin Co, Pennsylvania ..........Jacob LAYMAN & w/ _____ - Howard County ..........George LAYMAN & w/ Fannie ..........Ellen LAYMAN w/o Andrew J. TABLER - Montgomery County ..........Margaret LAYMAN w/o Jeremiah KNODE ..........Rachel (LAYMAN) KOHLENBURG, a widow ..........Catharine LAYMAN) w/o Michael MORNINGSTAR - Baltimore City bro/ Jacob LAYMAN, dec'd ..........George LAYMAN & w/ Sophia ..........Henry LAYMAN & w/ Mary Ann ..........John LAYMAN & w/ Elizabeth Catharine sis/ Mary Ann (LAYMAN) STIMELL, dec'd ..........Jacob STIMELL ..........Susan E. (STIMELL) w/o Samuel WILSON sis/ Savilla (LAYMAN) HOVIS, dec'd ..........Savilla HOVIS - Pennsylvania ..........John H. HOVIS & w/ Annie E. - Pennsylvania ..........Amanda (HOVIS) w/o Henry CAHOEF - Pennsylvania sis/ Susan (LAYMAN) WILHIDE, dec'd ..........Jacob WILHIDE & w/ Emma ..........Susan (WILHIDE) w/o Benjamin DAVIS (d/ by May 1883) sis/ Elizabeth (LAYMAN) FUNK, dec'd ..........William FUNK & w/ Catharine S. ..........Mary E. (FUNK) w/o John H. WILES - Warren Co, Ohio sis/ Catharine (LAYMAN) STUART, dec'd ..........James STUART & w/ Mahala ..........John STUART & w/ Rebecca - Loudoun Co, Virginia ..........William STUART & w/ Elizabeth - Out of State (whereabouts unknown) ..........Susan (STUART) w/o James RIDGEWAY - Virginia ..........Mary Ann (STUART) HEATON, a widow - Warren Co, Ohio ..........Jacob STUART (now dec'd) & w/ Virginia ---------------Mary Margaret STUART, a minor ---------------Annie STUART, a minor ---------------Dallas STUART, a minor ---------------William STUART, a minor LAND - Lot #5 of "Murdock's Mountain Resurveyed", 126 acres; in Lewistown District, located 2 1/2 miles west of Lewistown on the mountain road leading to STERN's Saw Mill, on south side of Fishing Creek. From James T. BURCH & w/ Mary at $350 in Sep 1857 [BGF-1, 109]. Previously to BURCH from Jacob WIEST for 87 acres and from Samuel DEVILBISS (of John) and Hanson SHAFER in Sep 1848 for 119 acres. Guardian was William MAHONY. Testimony was heard 25 May 1883 from: - William FUNK, age 61 - George W. LAYMAN, age 53 - James WEDDELL, age 67 Trustee was William FUNK. Sale was held 15 Sep 1883 at CRAMER's Store in Lewistown; high bidder was: - T. E. R. MILLER at $302.50 Distribution: court costs, $212.85 = $89.65 - Each 1/8 share to be divided equally among their children, $11.20 Closed 22 Jan 1884. ===
352-362 - KEEFER, DOLL, BRENGLE, WERTHEIMER - Apr 1883 - #FC
Edward DOLL, et al vs Frederick KEEFER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4883 Margaret KEEFER d/ intestate s/ Frederick KEEFER s/ John KEEFER d/ Dec 1873 Frederick City .....w/ Jane ..........Mary Ella KEEFER, now w/o John Edward DOLL For John's Will written 11 Nov 1873 - SGC-1, 440. Exec/ widow; Witnesses: J. H. GRAHE, Frederick KEEFER and William BEAM LAND - Lot #285 in Frederick town, on north side of East Church St. Improved with a double house, each fronting 15 feet; has gas and also hydrants in the cellar and yard. Adjoins lots of Frank CROUSE and Mrs. William FEAGA and on the north is Academy of the Visitation. One side is occupied by Frederick KEEFER. To Margaret KEEFER from Philip LOWE at $230 in May 1847 [WBT-6, 57]. Previously to LOWE from Rachel STEINER, wid/of Henry in Apr 1835. On 7 Oct 1881, the surviving heirs conveyed said real estate to Francis BRENGLE, Esquire, by mortgage for $900 and it remains unpaid. On 14 July 1880, Jane KEEFER, J. Edward DOLL and Mary E. DOLL conveyed their interest by mortgage to George CRAMER for $150; CRAMER assigned mortgage to Francis BRENGLE. Trustees were Frederick J. NELSON and Francis BRENGLE. Sale was held 17 Jan 1884; high bidder was: - Charles WERTHEIMER at $1,900 Distribution: court costs, $249.41 = $1,650.59 - F. BRENGLE, 1st mortgage, 1/2 of John KEEFER's heirs, $176.60 - F. BRENGLE, 2nd mortgage, 1/2 balance of John KEEFER's heirs, $648.69 - F. BRENGLE, 2nd mortgage, 1/2 balance of Frederick KEEFER, $375.06 - Frederick KEEFER, balance, $450.24 Closed 30 Jan 1884. ===
362-382 - LUTZ, AHALT, RITTER, MEYER - May 1883 - #FC
John D. AHALT, creditor vs John LUTZ Estate - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4903 John LUTZ d/ Mar 1882 in Frederick City widow - Mary E. (age 34) s/ John Michael LUTZ, a minor s/ Robert Lee LUTZ, a minor d/ Mary Emma LUTZ, a minor (children's names not listed in Will) Will written 4 Feb 1880; filed 3 Apr 1882 Exec/ widow (posted bond with sureties, J. W. WHALEN & John J. MEYER) Witnesses: Peter SEEGER, Peter HEYDRICK, Jacob DELP --- LAND - "Resurvey on Locust Level", 29 acres; adjoined land of Lewis KROH and Samuel HOKE (later Daniel HOKE). Located on the line of the Frederick Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road, 1 mile east of Frederick on road from Frederick to Reich's Ford. Improved with a 2-story frame and weather-boarded house (unfinished), a well, also foundation or mason work of a small barn. To John LUTZ from Philip REICH at $2,198.90 in Oct 1876 [TG-6, 230]. Previously to REICH from Gideon BANTZ and Ezra HOUCK in Apr 1847. - House & Lot #265 (31 x 244 feet) on south side of East Patrick St in Frederick City; adjoins an alley. To John LUTZ from Charles C. SMITH, Pres. of Citizens Building Association of Frederick City at $1,100 in Apr 1878 [TG-9, 246]. Previously to John V. HANE from Julius HEFFNER & wife in Sep 1867 [DSB-1, 684]. Mortgage to Jesse BAILE at $2,000 for Lot #265 in Feb 1882. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 3 Oct 1883 from: - John D. AHALT, age 34, farmer and distiller - John W. WHALEN, - Lewis S. CLINGAN - Mary E. LUTZ Trustee was John J. MEYER. Sale was held 3 Dec 1883 at the Court House door in Frederick city; high bidder was: - Mary E. LUTZ for the 29 acres at $2,540 Distribution; court costs, $250.55 = $2,289.45 - multiple creditors, $1,607.38 = $682.07 - Mary E. LUTZ, for life under John LUTZ' Will, $682.07 Mary E. LUTZ objected to the Distribution. No further status at this time. Closed 5 Mar 1884. === Page 383 left Blank ===
384-389 - REPP, REED - Jan 1884 - #FC
J. Hamilton REPP, assignee of Lulia R. REED, mortgagee of Stephen Oliver REPP - Report of Sales - Equity #4954 Stephen Oliver REPP was indebted by mortgage to Lulia R. REED, w/o Albert W. REED of Baltimore City for $1,500 in Jul 1883; she assigned the mortgage to J. Hamilton REPP in Dec 1883. LAND - 89 acres To Stephen Oliver REPP from William STITELY & wife in July 1882 [AF-5, 463]. Sale was held 5 Jan 1884 at the New Midway Station on the Frederick branch of the PA Rail Road; high bidder was: - J. Hamilton REPP at $19.90/acre, $1,788.38 Milton G. URNER was appointed as trustee to convey the deed. Distribution: after court costs, the balance of $1,625.78 went to J. Hamilton REPP in partial payment of mortgage claim & interest. Closed 12 Mar 1884. ===
Francis J. BARTHOLOW, legatee of John BARTHOLOW, dec'd - Sale of Real Estatee - Equity #4818 John BARTHOLOW d/ early 1873 (Will written 20 Dec 1872) widow - Sarah A. s/ Francis J. BARTHOLOW d/ Mary A. w/o William G. BUCKINGHAM (share to be held in trust) s/ John B. BARTHOLOW No executor was named in the Will and there were no provisions for sale; admins/ Sarah A. BARTHOLOW and Francis J. BARTHOLOW Witnesses: Joshua BROWN, William DOWNEY, J. W. DOWNEY --- LAND - 204 acres in New Market District - "Mantz Fatigue", 133 acres, in New Market District To Jesse WRIGHT and John BARTHOLOW from Henry McELFRESH, trustee for John H. McELFRESH of Equity #2137, at $1,437 in Aug 1848 [WBT-8, 405]. Previously to Francis MANTZ from George BURKHART in Feb 1795 [WR-13, 6]. - Jesse WRIGHT & w/ Margaret sold his half share to John BARTHOLOW for $750 in Jan 1851 [WBT-14, 58]. - "Resurvey on Dorsey's Search", 31 acres; adjoined land of Christopher BURKHART. To John BARTHOLOW from John P. WOOD & w/ Susan, Charles WRIGHT & w/ Mary, Lewis WOOD & w/ Rosina R., Joel WOOD & w/ Elizabeth C., all of Belmont Co, Ohio for $500 in Oct 1847. (Signed in Morgan Co, Ohio by John P. & Susan WOOD; signed by the others in Belmont Co, Ohio) - "Addition to Dorsey's Search" and "Resurvey on Dorsey's Search", 22 acres; runs to south margin of the B & O Rail Road. To John BARTHOLOW and Jesse WRIGHT from Cornelius GRIMES & w/ Elizabeth of Carroll County at $300 in Feb 1848 (recorded 17 Mar 1875) [TG-2, 688(?)]. - 10 acres with tan yard and house To John BARTHOLOW from John MARKELL, Peter MANTZ and Nicholas BRENGLE. Eldred W. MOBBERLY provided affidavit in Aug 1882, claiming the widow was 63 years old and her general health was good. Heirs approving sale of real estate were: - Sarah A. BARTHOLOW - Francis J. BARTHOLOW - Cordelia BARTHOLOW (w/o Francis J.)? - John B. BARTHOLOW - Mary M. BARTHOLOW (w/o John B.)? - Mary A. BUCKINGHAM - E. H. BUCKINGHAM - M. Ella BUCKINGHAM - E. Florence BUCKINGHAM - William S. BUCKINGHAM - John B. BUCKINGHAM Francis J. BARTHOLOW was trustee. Private sale was made to: - John B. BARTHOLOW at $6,467.38 Francis J. BARTHOLOW claimed William YINGLING of Carroll County was an uncle and Elias YINGLING was his executor. Distribution of $6,467.38; court costs, $315.77 = $6,151.61 - Sarah A. & Francis J. BARTHOLOW, admins, of overpayment, $1,514.88 - Francis J. BARTHOLOW, per court order, $245.90 - Sarah BARTHOLOW, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $439.08 - Francis J. BARTHOLOW, legacy, $1,500 - Francis J. BARTHOLOW, 1/3, $817.25 - John B. BARTHOLOW, 1/3, $817.25 - Mary A. BUCKINGHAM. 1/3, $817.25 (to be held in trust) Closed 5 Apr 1884. ===
James McSHERRY & James A. C. BOND, trustees, vs Calvin B. ANDERS & w/ Annie M. - Report of Sale - Equity #4970 Calvin B. ANDERS & w/ Annie M. were indebted by mortgage to James McSHERRY and James A. C. BOND (of Carroll County) in Mar 1883. LAND - "Double Pipe Creek Mills", 26 acres, in Frederick and Carroll Counties; on south side of Middleburg Road and on the Western Maryland Railroad, 51 miles from the City of Baltimore. Improved with a large warehouse, a newly constructed large 2-story double house, a brick house and a frame house and stabling; with water rights for mill. The mill had recently been destroyed by fire. A new mill dam was constucted by ANDERS. To Calvin B. ANDERS from Thomas F. COVER in Aug 1878. [Carroll Co -FTS-50, 5 & Fred Co TG-9, 691]. Sale was held 27 Jun 1883 at Double Pipe Creek; high bidder was: - John WEYBRIGHT for the house in the village of Double Pipe Creek at $2,975; for "Prosperty" at Double Pipe Creek in Carroll County, known as Depot Lot #6 on plat DPO; adjoined warehouse lot. Personal property sales, $447.73. After not receiving a sufficient bid, private sale was made to: - Mrs. Annie M. ANDERS (w/o Calvin) at $6,050 for: .....1 acre with warehouse on the Western Maryland Rail Road line .....Lot and brick house .....Lot and frame house .....the Mill site, 25 acres, known as Double Pipe Creek Mills Referred to Auditor. Closed 6 Dec 1883. ===
415-427 - WROE, BARR, RHODES, STREAMS, HYMES, MAIN - May 1883 - #FC #WC
Alfred V. BARR vs Martha J. WROE - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4895 Alfred V. BARR of Washington County, mortgagee of John A. WROE & w/ Martha J. at $3,000 in Apr 1870. Dr. John A. WROE died intestate and Martha J. WROE was living in Washington County when petition was filed. LAND - "Resurvey on Maryland", 22 acres, 30 acres; starts at Lot #29 of "Rhodes Addition to Knoxville"; adjoined lands of Barton GARROTT and Samuel B. PRESTON. Located near and west of Knoxville Improved with a large 2-story brick house with back building and fruit trees. To Martha J. WROE from heirs of Catharine RHODES: Catharine M. STREAMS, Henry G. RHODES & w/ Caroline L., Samuel L. HYMES & w/ Barbara E., at $970 in Aug 1855 [ES-8, 259]. - "Resurvey on Maryland", 5 acres; at a gate NE of Knoxville. Improved with a house and garden. To Martha J. WROE, w/o Dr. John A. WROE, from her mother, Christina BARR of Washington County for love and affection in Nov 1854 [ES-5, 419]. To be for her sole use without control of any present or future husband. Previously to Christina BARR from Catharine RHODES at $250 in Jun 1850 [WBT-12, 425]. (Signing as witness was John REID and Peter RHODES, both justices of the peace) Testimony was heard 12 Oct 1883 from: - George B. OSWALD Trustee was Alexander ARMSTRONG, Esquire. Auctioneer was Robert PORTER. Sale was held 19 Jan 1884 in front of the hotel/tavern at Knoxville; high bidder was: - Joseph D. MAIN at $1,210 Distribution of $1,215.14; court costs, $152.61 - Alfred V. BARR, partial mortgage, $1,062.53 Closed 17 Apr 1884. ===
427-431 - BISER, BROWN - Mar 1883 - #FC
Joseph BROWN, mortgagee of Ezra BISER - Report of Sales - Equity #4877 LAND - 87 perches, in Myersville; adjoins land of Jacob SUMMERS of J. Improved with a 2-story brick house (23 x27') containing four rooms, a kitchen and two halls; also a garden and orchard. To Ezra BISER from Aaron POFFINBERGER & others in Jan 1857. Sale was held 3 Mar 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Joseph BROWN at $700 After court costs, Joseph BROWN received the balance, $662.50, being about $200 short of mortgage debt due. Closed 19 Jun 1883. ===
432-441- WARSTLER, GROSSNICKLE - Dec 1882 - #FC
Simon L. WARSTLER & Others - Petition - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4853 Henry WARSTLER d/ Jun 1876, intestate widow - Sarah (age 46) s/ Simon L. WARSTLER & w/ Virginia C. s/ Silas WARSTLER & w/ Annie s/ Newton S. WARSTLER (working in Washington County) d/ Florence A. WARSTLER, a minor (age 20) s/ Ira L. WARSTLER, a minor (age 17) d/ Annie R. WARSTLER, a minor (age 14) LAND - "Germanity", 4+ acres, 1 1/2 miles from Myersville; adjoins land of James S. GLADHILL. To Henry WARSTLER from William METZGER & w/ Lydia at $247.50 in Jan 1866 [JWLC-4, 141]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 16 May 1883 from: - Daniel V. HARP, age 48, resides in Myersville - George KOOGLE, age 53, resides in Frederick City Trustee was Sarah WARSTLER. After a failed sale, private sale was made to: - Charles H. GROSSNICKLE at $450 No Distribution shown. Files 11 Mar 1884. ===
William T. JOHNSON, mortgagee of Stephen Oliver REPP - Report of Sales - Equity #4936 - Supplement of AF-5, 384-389 LAND - parts of "Ivy Church", "Resurvey on Simpson's Choice", "Black Acre" and "Hammonds Strife", known as the 'Simpson Farm', 170 acres, in Johnsville District, on north side of old Copper Mine Road and on west side of road from Liberty to Union Bridge (known as Fountain School House road), lies 2 miles east of Johnsville; adjoins lands of Richard R. BUCKEY, John WOLFE and A. Henry NORRIS. Farm then in possession of Edward LINDSEY, tenant. Improved with a large house and large Switzer barn. To Christian REPP from Thomas W. SIMPSON, exec/of Warfield SIMPSON, in Jun 1861 [BGF-7, 23]. Then to Stephen Oliver REPP and Mahlon Wesley REPP, sons of Christian REPP, through their father's Will dated 2 Mar 1867 [Will TLMc-1, 385]; and through the deed to Stephen Oliver REPP from John Hamilton REPP, Charles Christian REPP & Others, heirs of Mahlon Wesley REPP (died intestate without issue), in Aug 1878 [TG-9, 741]. Sale was held 27 Oct 1883 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - J. Hamilton REPP at $10,167.12 The Board of County School Commissioners of Frederick County petitioned to note the deed for 120 perches on the "Simpson Farm" conveyed to them at $93.75 from Stephen O. REPP of Baltimore City in Aug 1881 [AF-3, 665]; they requested a cleared deed. Distribution of $10,122.27; court costs, $689.89 = $9,432.38 - William T. JOHNSON, mortgage claim, $6,600 - George P. BUCKEY, judgment, $884.34 - J. Hamilton REPP, mortgage claim, $47.61 - Anna B. REPP, partial mortgage claim, $1,900.43 Closed 30 Apr 1884. ===
454-459 - WARNER, TRENWITH, HARRIS - Nov 1883 - #FC
Thomas HARRIS, mortgagee of John WARNER - Report of Sale - Equity #4942 John WARNER & w/ Catharine were indebted by mortgage to George TRENWITH for $801.80 in Mar 1880. TRENWITH assigned the mortgage to Thomas HARRIS in Apr 1880. LAND - 13 acres, in Liberty District, 1 1/4 miles east of Liberty; adjoined lands of John R. MILLS, Upton H. RICHMOND and Edward HOBBS; at 16th line of "Howard Paradise" and 3rd line of "Hammonds Good Luck". Improved with a 2-story house with basement, a little barn, an excellent cave, hog pen, fruit trees and spring; divided into four fields. To John WARNER from George TRENWITH & w/ Mary in Mar 1880. Sale was held 17 Nov 1883 in front of the Banner Office in Liberty Town; high bidder was: - Thomas HARRIS at $900 After court costs, Thomas HARRIS received the balance, $786.77 in partial payment of his mortgage claim. Closed 23 Jan 1884. ===
459-481 - CLINE, GLISSAN, DORSEY, ALBAUGH - Apr 1883 - #FC #HC
Samuel GLISSAN, creditor of Absalom CLINE - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4889 George CLINE d/ 27 Feb 1873, intestate widow - Sarah E. s/ Absalom CLINE s/ George W. CLINE & w/ Harriet Ann ..........Laura A. CLINE ..........Rosa E. CLINE ..........Walter A. Orlaney CLINE ..........Bertha E. CLINE s/ Frederick P. CLINE d/ Sarah E. (CLINE) w/o Nimrod B. DORSEY On 13 Nov 1874, the heirs of George CLINE appointed William WARNER as attorney to sell the real estate, which he sold to Absalom CLINE at ($1,170?) with balance of money not due until after the widow's death; deed was not issued. --- LAND - "Friendship", 55 acres, 1 mile SW of Unionville; lies on west bank of the Linganore Creek and on the west to road from Maplesville, north to Liberty Road; adjoins lands of William H. BAKER and Andrew ALEXANDER on the north and Nimrod B. DORSEY on the east, Adam GARBER on the south and E. E. BUCKEY on the west. Improved with a 2-story house, barn, new tobacco house with granary and carriage house attached; land is limestone quality, well watered and fenced with two good orchards and ten acres of Hickory, Oak and Chestnut timber. Absalom CLINE d/ 1 Apr 1883, single (Will written 30 Jun 1880) cousin - Rachel R. w/o Jasper ALBAUGH sis/ Sarah E. (d/Sep 1882) w/o Nimrod B. DORSEY - Howard County ..........Manelia F. DORSEY, a minor (age abt 21 in 1883) ..........Mary Virginia DORSEY, a minor (age abt 20) ..........Carrie L. DORSEY, a minor (age 18) ..........Belle DORSEY, a minor (age 16) ..........Albert Nimrod DORSEY, a minor (age 14) ..........Walter DORSEY, a minor (age 5) Exec/ Jasper ALBAUGH Witnesses: Aug. RIGGS, Columbus W. EDMONSON, Reuben WARFIELD (Sarah's children not named in Will. When Alsalom wrote his Will, he stated he was of Frederick County, but then in Howard County; however, testimony stated he died at his home in Frederick County.) --- Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 1 Jun 1883 from: - William W. WARNER - Rodney T. GLISSAN, age 30 - Jasper ALBAUGH, age 49 - William H. WARNER - Manelia F. DORSEY, now age 21 - Nimrod B. DORSEY - Rachel R. ALBAUGH Trustee was Jasper ALBAUGH. Sale was held 25 Aug 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Mrs. Harriet A. CLINE at $1,450 (less amount due to widow, $390.16 leaving balance of $1,059.34) Harriet petitioned the court referencing Equity #4866 that she would have a life estate and upon her death the real estate would go to her children. Distribution of $1,059.34; court costs, $268.24 = $791.10 - balance to multiple creditors, paid at 39% of claims. Closed 17 Apr 1884. ===
John H. HAMILTON - Sale of Real Estate - #Equity #4790 Elizabeth E. HAMILTON d/ 18 Feb 1882 (Will written 26 Dec 1881) w/o John HAMILTON s/ John H. HAMILTON & w/ Georgiana R. C. d/ Maria L. (HAMILTON) w/o William H. GRABILL/GRABLE s/ Frank Thomas HAMILTON & Margaret E. s/ Randolph HAMILTON & w/ Annie M. s/ George W. HAMILTON & Margaret A. d/ Ann C. (HAMILTON) w/o Valentine HARTMAN s/ William J. HAMILTON, a minor d/ Katy E. HAMILTON, a minor Execs/ sons John H. and George W. HAMILTON Witnesses: John W. KOLB, Amos ESWORTHY, Jeremiah MOHLER --- LAND - "Duvall's Forrest", 5 acres, in Bartonsville, New Market District; on east side of road from Frederick & Baltimore Turnpike through Bartonsville; adjoined by lands on the north of Mr BRUNER and on the east of Joshua PHELPS and on the south of Adam ADAMS. Improved with a house, stable, storeroom/country store; also an orchard. To Elizabeth E. HAMILTON from Adolphus FEARHAKE Sr, Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr and Rosa FEARHAKE at $55 in Aug 1871 [CM-7, 287]. (It had been sold to John HAMILTON from Adolphus FEARHAKE & w/ Elilzabeth, but was awaiting for final payment, so no deed had been given.) - "Duvall's Forrest", 2 1/2 acres in Bartonsville; a few hundred yards below the other tract, on the east side of road from the turnpike past Washington SMITH's; adjoining lands of William BELL, William BROOKS and C. H. WATTERMAN. To Elizabeth E. HAMILTON from William R. WALKER & w/ Mary A. E. at $90 in May 1877 [TG-8, 142]. Previously to Mary A. E. WALKER in Dec 1866. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 3 May 1882 from: - John H. HAMILTON, age 41, New Market District - George W. HAMILTON, age 30 Trustees were Charles V. S. LEVY and John C. MOTTER; however, they asked to be relieved of duties as the heirs wanted two of their own as trustees and also wanted to wait until they did some work on the property before selling it. Trustees then appointed were John H. HAMILTON and George W. HAMILTON. Auctioneer was Capt. Walter SAUNDERS. Sale was held 14 Sep 1882 in front of the Court House in Frederick; high bidders were: - Frank Thomas HAMILTON for Lot #2, 2 1/2 acres at $220; but later Randolph HAMILTON was substituted as the buyer A sufficient bid wasn't received for the other lot, but later private sale was made to: - William H. GRABILL at $920 Distribution of $1,174.71; court costs, $238.86 = $935.85 - John H. HAMILTON and George W. HAMILTON, admins, for deficiency of personal estate, $260.84 - Each child's 1/8 share, $84.37 Closed 15 Apr 1884. ===
J. Ijams DUVALL & Others vs George T. DUVALL & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4805 Daniel P. DUVALL d/ 24 Jan 1882 in Frederick City, intestate, unmarried sis/ Mary R. DUVALL (age 67, lived in Frederick City) sis/ Elizabeth A. DUVALL (age 64) wid/of Plummer J. SANK sis/ Ellen Jane DUVALL (age 54) wid/of George W. DERTZBAUGH bro/ J. Ijams DUVALL (age 49) & w/ Mary V. (age 46) - Frederick City bro/ John W. DUVALL d/ 3 May 1882, intestate, no widow ...............Alice S. DUVALL w/o William MOUNT - New Market District ...............George T. DUVALL - Baltimore City ...............Charles E. DUVALL - Baltimore City ...............Daniel P. DUVALL, a minor (age 18) - Baltimore City bro/ Benjamin F. DUVALL d/ 10 May 1882, intestate .........w/ Sydney Jane (age 48) ...............Nettie P. DUVALL ...............Bettie C. DUVALL, a minor (age 20) ...............Benjamin F. DUVALL, a minor (age 18) ...............Thomas B. DUVALL, a minor (age 16) ...............Scott N. DUVALL, a minor (age 13) ...............Ruth A. DUVALL, a minor (age 8) LAND - 146 acre Farm in New Market District, 1/2 mile north of Ijamsville Station of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, on road from Ijamsville to Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike; adjoining lands of Aden ANDERSON, John T. QUYNN and Herbert THOMAS. John W. MONTGOMERY was then residing there. Improved with a 1 1/2 story weatherboarded log house with new grannary, corn crib and wagon shed, also a stable, smoke house with two springs of soft water near the house; a young apple orchard of over 100 trees, also a peach orchard and pears, plums, cherries and other fruits. Land has 25 acres in white and black oak and hickory timber; divided into fields with running water. Consisted of parts: - "Duvall's Forrest" and "Good Friday", 129 acres Previously to Daniel DUVALL from Plummer IJAMS, trustee in May 1833 [JS-42, 412]. - "The Rights of Man", 23 acres To Thomas DUVALL from Thomas DEAN & wife in Mar 1828 - "The Rights of Man", 1 acre To Thomas DUVALL from Gilbert DAVIS & wife in Apr 1828 [JS-29, 174]. - "The Rights of Man", 7 acres To Thomas DUVALL from Ephraim DAVIS & wife in Apr 1828 ...Except 1 acre conveyed to William WILCOXEN ...Except portion taken by Baltimore & Ohio Railroad To Daniel P. DUVALL from Lloyd T. DUVALL, acting exec/of Daniel DUVALL in Sep 1871 [CM-7, 306]. Mortgaged by Daniel P. DUVALL to Lloyd T. DUVALL, acting exec/of Daniel DUVALL at $4,000 in Sep 1871. Daniel P. DUVALL sold 16 acres (parts of "Good Friday" and "Rights of Man") to Isaac FORD at $536 in Sep 1871. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY. Testimony was heard 15 Aug 1882 from: - J. Ijams DUVALL - John S. RAMSBURG Trustee was J. Ijams DUVALL. Sale was held 18 Nov 1882 in Ijamsville, but a sufficient bid was not received; later private sale was made to: - E. Jane DERTZBAUGH at $4,402.50, subject to mortgage of $500 Distribution of $3,902.50; court costs, $301.82 = $3,601.18 - William Z. BAKER, claim, $152.10 - Elizabeth SANK, claim, $174.25 - Ellen J. DERTZBAUGH, claim. $200 - Each sibling's 1/6 share, $512.47 Closed 19 May 1884. ===
David A. BAKER vs John A. BAKER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4864 Mary A. SAYLOR d/ 21 Jan 1883 in Woodsboro, intestate, a widow with no surviving children bro/ John A. BAKER & w/ Margaret bro/ George B. BAKER, dec'd ...............George B. BAKER - Ohio ...............David A. BAKER ...............Ellen N. (BAKER) w/o John W. GRINDER/GRUMBINE ...............Fanny M. (BAKER) w/o Emanuel FUSS - Carroll County ...............Emma J. (BAKER) w/o Charles W. HOLBRUNER ...............William C. BAKER, a minor bro/ Dr. William H. BAKER, dec'd ...............Ella BAKER sis/ Belinda SHANK, dec'd ...............Brook YANTIS & w/ Anna - Ohio ...............William YANTIS & w/ Maggie - Pennsylvania ...............Elizabeth w/o Adolphus RAHTER - Pennsylvania ...............Joseph SHANK, a minor bro/ Fairfax BAKER & w/ ____ - Ohio * bro/ David P. BAKER, dec'd ...............Oro BAKER - Ohio ...............Lee BAKER ...............Minnie BAKER ...............John B. BAKER, a minor ...............Edna BAKER, a minor ...............Effie BAKER, a minor ...............Carrie BAKER, a minor ...............F. T. BAKER, a minor (listed only in Distribution as F. T. 1883) sis/ Senfta SHANK, dec'd ...............Jane R. w/o John A. SNYDER - Carroll County LAND - House & Lot #8 in Woodsboro on Main St with alley in back. Improved with a large 2-story stone and rough cast house with storeroom attached, a large brick shop fronting Main St (then occupied as a tinner's shop by George FLETCHER); also a powder magazine iron house, stable and shed combined, corn house, hog pen and meat house with garden and fruit trees and well in the yard; has alley between storehouse and brick shop. The storeroom with glass front, 60 x 18' with cellar in rear of 16 x 24', was then occupied by Jacob M. NEWMAN. To Mary A. SAYLOR from husband George SAYLOR at $2,000 in Dec 1872 [CM-9, 750]. Previously to George SAYLOR from George W. SHANK & wife in Apr 1862 [BGF-7, 429]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 20 Aug 1883 from: - W. Irving PARSONS, age 42, Frederick City - Owen LEDGEWOOD, age 67 - David A. BAKER, age 29 Trustee was David A. BAKER. Sale was held 20 Oct 1883 on the premises in Woodsboro; high bidder was: - Jacob M. NEWMAN at $2,150 Elizabeth A. FLEMMING submitted her bill for 9 months of boarding and 3 months of nursing Mrs. Saylor during her sickness and funeral expenses - $756. David A. BAKER denied the claim was due. Distribution of $2,345 (includes rents); court costs, $275.85 = $1,969.15 - Elizabeth FLEMMING, claim, $736.96 - Elizabeth FLEMMING, account, $50 - James McSHERRY, account, $50 - SHANK & SAYLOR, account, $19.03 - John W. FLETCHER, account, $260.05 - Margaret SHANK, note, $224.66 - Henrietta E. ALBAUGH (w/o Jeremiah), note, $153.50 Leaving balance of $474.95 - John A. BAKER, 1/6, $79.15 - George B. BAKER's children, each 1/6 of 1/6, $13.19 - William H. BAKER's daughter, Ella, 1/6, $79.15 - Belinda SHANK's children, each 1/4 of 1/6, $19.78 - Fairfax BAKER was not listed with a share; instead, he was listed as "grandson, use of Henry LORENTZ of costs and judgment in attachment proceedings being #17 & 18 Originals") - David P. BAKER's children ....."F. T. 1883, 1/8 of 1/6, $9.89" .....Oro BAKER, 1/8 of 1/6, $9.89 .....John B. BAKER, 1/8 of 1/6, $9.89 .....Lee BAKER, 1/8 of 1/6, $9.89 .....Carrie BAKER, 1/8 of 1/6, $9.89 .....Minnie BAKER, 1/8 of 1/6, $9.89 .....Edna BAKER, 1/8 of 1/6, $9.89 .....Effie BAKER, 1/8 of 1/6, $9.89 - Senfta SHANK's daughter, Jane R. SNYDER, 1/6 share, $79.15 Closed 23 May 1884. * Note - Montgomery Co, Ohio Marriages - Fairfax Baker to Kate Christie on 5 Mar 1878 ===
541-551 - PUSEY, MARTIN, TROXELL, MORT, HANKEY - Feb 1884 - #FC #CC #NY
Maria PUSEY, et al vs Emma L. PUSEY, et al - Equity #4961 Thomas PUSEY d/ Dec 1880, intestate widow - Maria (age 74) d/ Hannah Catharine PUSEY w/o William J. MARTIN d/ Sarah PUSEY w/o William TROXELL - Washington County d/ Mary PUSEY w/o Frederick R. MORT s/ Johnson J. PUSEY, now dec'd, & w/ Emma L. (age 30) - New York City ..........George Thomas PUSEY, a minor ..........Johnson Jackson PUSEY, a minor (recently born) LAND - "Benjamin's Advice", 20 acres, on the waters of Owings Creek; adjoined land of Nicholas SNIDER. To Thomas PUSEY of Carroll County from Elizabeth BAUMGARDNER at $1,200 in Mar 1851 [WBT-13, 280]. - "Fair Dealing", 1 acre. To Thomas PUSEY from Samuel BUTLER at $75 in Jun 1857 [ES-10, 406]. The heirs agreed to sell the real estate to Frederick HANKEY at $2,100; however, Johnson J. PUSEY died before the sale was finalized. Testimony was heard 20 Mar 1884 from: - Henry A. HINEA - Jeremiah MARTIN William J. MARTIN was appointed as trustee to convey the real estate to Frederick W. HANKEY. Distribution of $2,100; court costs, $165.90 = $1,934.10 - Maria PUSEY, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $193.41 - Hannah Catharine MARTIN, 1/4 of 9/10, $435.14 - Sarah TROXELL, 1/4 of 9/10, $435.14 - Mary MORT, 1/4 of 9/10, $435.14 - Emma L. PUSEY, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/7 of 1/4 of 9/10, $62.16 - George Thomas PUSEY, 1/2 of 6/7 of 1/4 of 9/10, $186.50 - Johnson Jackson PUSEY, 1/2 of 6/7 of 1/4 of 9/10, $186.50 Closed 20 May 1884. ===
William KETROW, et al vs Matilda BEALL, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4952 John H. BEALL d/ 30 Sep 1883, intestate widow - Matilda (age 60) d/ Margaret C. (BEALL) w/o William KETROW d/ Aceneth (BEALL) w/o George CROMWELL d/ Amelia A. (BEALL) w/o Levi GLADHILL d/ J. Rebecca (BEALL) w/o Richard ROWLES/ROLES d/ Fannie (BEALL) w/o Calvin DOFLER d/ Naomi BEALL s/ Charles E. BEALL s/ Robert L. BEALL, a minor LAND - in Mount Pleasant District 1 - "Middle Plantation", 58 acres. To John H. BEALL from Gideon BANTZ and Ezra HOUCK, trustees for Alfred F. BRENGLE & w/ Louisa, at $784 in Sep 1847 [WBT-6, 260]. Previously to Alfred BRENGLE from William M. BEALL, trustee in Mar 1841 [HS-12, 500]. 2 - Lot #5 of "Middle Plantation", 9 acres. To John H. BEALL from Frederick SHIPLEY & w/ Margaret Jane at $100 in Feb 1854 [ES-4, 450]. 3 - "Middle Plantation", 32 acres, in Mount Pleasant District. To John H. BEALL from George SMITH and L. M. NIXDORFF at $1,268 in Jun 1863 [BGF-9, 58]. 4 - part of Lot #4 of "Middle Plantation", 107 perches. To John H. BEALL from Alexander O. BEALL, admin/of Benjamin BEALL, for land previously sold by Benjamin but not conveyed, in Mar 1869 [CM-3, 150]. 5 - 1 acre, in Mount Pleasant District; on north side of public road from Mount Hope School House to Frederick City, bounded on the west by Dr. Fairfax SCHLEY's land and on the north and east by John H. BEALL's land. To John H. BEALL from Oliver P. Vansant & w/ Mary Ellen and Frederick A. KOLB at $25 in Dec 1875 [TG-4, 211]. 6 - Western portion of "Beatty's Delight", 8 acres, in New Market District; adjoined lands of A. W. MARRIOTT and Frederick KRANTZ; bounded on the east by a Spring Branch to Linganore. To John H. BEALL from Reuben N. PLUMMER at $185 in Nov 1876 [TG-6, 336]. 7 - "Discovery Resurveyed", 90 perches, in Mount Pleasant District To John H. BEALL from Alexander O. BEALL & w/ Caroline at $30 in Jun 1879 [TG-12, 14]. (Stipulation if John Henry BEALL died without a child, then land to go back to A. O. BEALL; land is part conveyed to A. O. BEALL from George William BUCKEY, trustee in Oct 1854 [ES-9, 157]. 8 - parts of "Beatty's Delight", "Slate Stone Point" and "Resurvey on Beatty's Range", 167 acres; on the south bank of waters of Linganore Creek. To John H. BEALL from Frederick KRANTZ at $3,875.85 in Feb 1881 [AF-2, 737]. 9 - 38 acres, on south side of Linganore Creek. To John H. BEALL from Sebastian G. COCKEY, agent of Catharine C. LESTER (by default of mortgage to Catharine C. LESTER from Norman B. CLABAUGH & w/ Margaret E. in Jan 1872) at $1,100 in Sep 1882 [AF-5, 483]. Previously to Henry M. NIXDORFF from Frederick KRANTZ & w/ Catharine in Nov 1870; and afterwards from NIXDORFF to Margaret E. CLABAUGH in Jan 1872 [CM-7, 686]. 10 - 17 acres To John H. BEALL (as substitute for Randolph NICHOLS in Equity #4238 in Apr 1877) from Joseph WOOD at $125 in Jan 1878 [AF-2, 30]. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 6 Feb 1884 from: - William H. LEASE, age 56, Mount Pleasant District - Daniel H. ROUTZAHN, age 45 - Charles E. BEALL, age 30, son Trustees were Daniel H. ROUTZAHN and Edward S. EICHELBERGER. Tracts were divided into lots: 1 - 167 acre farm with 25 acres in timber; improved with a 2-story log house, new barn and corn crib with well near the house; has a spring and fruit orchards. 2- 8 acres of cleared land in New Market District 3 - Home farm, 57 acres; improved with a 2-story log house with a magnificient spring; has a foundation laid for a barn; has apple trees and half of land is set in oak and chestnut timber. 4 - 2 1/2 acres, cleared; improved with a house and stable 5 - 9 acres of chestnut timber land of which 2 1/2 acres are cleared with a spring 6 - 25 acres with 6 acres in timber, a spring and house 7 - 38 acres with 8 acres in young timber; improved with a 1 1/2 story stone and weatherboarded house with barn, corn crib, hog pens, fruit trees and a spring to the house; also has a saw and grist mill and is known as 'KRANTZ' Mill'. 8 - 18 acre wood lot with 1 acre cleared; improved with a 1-story house with spring. 9 - 31 acres of oak and chestnut timber, unimproved. Sale was held 15 Mar 1884 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - Charles E. BEALL for Lot #1 at $74.25/acre - Charles E. BEALL for Lot #2 at $6/acre - William H. KETROW for Lot #5 at $40.25/acre - Richard ROWLES for Lot #6 at $25/acre - Calvin Y. DOFLER for Lot #7 at $1,000 - Charles E. BEALL for Lot #8 at $6.60/acre - William H. KETROW for Lot #9 at $30.25/acre - George W. CROMWELL for Lots #3 & 4 at $1,700 at a later private sale. Total sales, $8,914.94. Distribution: court costs, $542.39 = $8,372.55 - Theodore SHULTZ, mortgage claim, $606.50 - E. A SHRINER, mortgage claim, $1,211.10 = $6,524.95 - Margaret (Matilda?) BEALL, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $652.49 - Each child's 1/8 share, $734.05 Closed 29 Apr 1884. ===
573-585 - ROUTZAHN, BEACHLEY - May 1882 - #FC
John H. ROUTZAHN & wife vs Mary A. ROUTZAHN - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4789 Eli ROUTZAHN d/ Dec 1880 (Will written 9 Dec 1880) widow - Mary A. (home farm and mountain land) (age 65 in Apr 1884) s/ Malachi C. ROUTZAHN - Ohio s/ Simon D. ROUTZAHN s/ John H. ROUTZAHN & w/ Ida d/ Lucinda F. ROUTZAHN d/ Sarah J. ROUTZAHN d/ Amanda Catharine ROUTZAHN, now w/o Daniel H. BEACHLEY Upon death or remarriage of widow, estate to be converted to cash and divided as: - $250 each to sons, Malachi C. & Simon D. - Balance divided equally between John H. and three daughters Execs/ son John H. ROUTZAHN and brother Edward ROUTZAHN Witnesses: Ezra MINNICK, Edward G. BOWLUS, George W. BOWLUS John H. ROUTZAHN was to take the 192-acre farm where John then lived with provision he pay $60/acre; however, he declined it. LAND - 192 acres in 3rd Election District (Middletown), 2 1/2 miles west of Middletown on the Old Sharpsburg Road; adjoining lands of Daniel SMITH of J., Henry M. KEPLER and Ezra BEACHLEY. Improved with a 2 1/2 story large stone house with back building, a large frame barn, double wagon shed with granary on top, two corn cribs, apple and peach trees with a spring and spring house under the back building; has well at the barn and running water throughout the farm. To Eli ROUTZAHN from Tilghman T. HERSPERGER, trustee (by Deed of Trust of Samuel AUSHERMAN & w/ Malinda) at $9,625 in May 1875 [TG-3, 298]. Previously to AUSHERMAN from Vincent SANNER & w/ Susan in Apr 1868 [CM1, 582]. Trustees were John H. ROUTZAHN and Edward ROUTZAHN. After not receiving a sufficient bid at sale, it was decided that John H. ROUTZAHN would rent the farm at $550 for six months and they would try again later to make sale. Private sale was made 25 Feb 1884 to: - Simon D. ROUTZAHN at $53.50/acre Distribution of $10,848.75; court costs, $945.59 = $9,903.16 - Edward ROUTZAHN and John H. ROUTZAHN, execs, for overpayments, $2,030.30 = $7,872.86 - Mary A. ROUTZAHN, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $787.28 - Amanda C. BEACHLEY, 1/6 of 9/10, $1,180.93 - Lucinda F. ROUTZAHN, 1/6 of 9/10, $1,180.93 - Sarah J. ROUTZAHN, 1/6 of 9/10, $1,180.93 - Simon D. ROUTZAHN, 1/6 of 9/10, $1,180.93 - Malachi C. ROUTZAHN, 1/6 of 9/10, $1,180.93 - John H. ROUTZAHN, 1/6 of 9/10, $1,180.93 Closed 30 Apr 1884. ===
Theodore RUPLEY, for minor children - Petition - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4919 William H. RAMSBURG (Will JRR-1, 526; written 9 Nov 1875) widow - Catharine A./E. Rebecca d/ Mar 1882, Frederick City (had life estate) d/ Fanny A. (1/2), w/o Theodore N. RUPLEY - Martinsburg, Blair Co, PA ..........Ruth P. RUPLEY ..........William R. RUPLEY ..........Susan R. RUPLEY ..........Gilbert King RUPLEY d/ Martha E. (1/2), w/o Cyrus A. FOUT (no children) Each half was to be placed in trust for life of daughter, then to be divided among their children; if no children, that share to the other daughter's children; Thomas GORSUCH and Thomas M. MARKELL were named as trustees. (grandchildren's names not listed in Will) Exec/ wife, Rebecca C. RAMSBURG Witnesses: W. J. ROSS, Thomas CLAGETT, Thomas N. HARWOOD --- Thomas GORSUCH and Thomas M. MARKEL declined the duties of the trusts. By petitions, Theodore N. RUPLEY & w/ Fanny had Charles J. LEWIS as trustee in Equity #4786; and Cyrus A. FOUT & w/ Martha E. had Cyrus A. FOUT as trustee in Equity #4779. Petition was to have the lot sold. LAND - Previous lands were already sold; remaining for the trust are: - Farm, 102 acres, near west suburbs of Frederick City Previously from Israel MYERS & wife to Peter RAMSBURG and William H. RAMSBURG; from John RAMSBURG, trustee, to Peter RAMSBURG; from Peter to William H. RAMSBURG. Also from Edward TRAIL & wife to Peter and William H. RAMSBURG - Lot #139 on NE corner of East Third St and Middle Alley in Frederick City; unimproved. From Joseph G. MILLER, trustee (in Equity #3243, Frederick SCHROEDER vs Mary Barbara BUTLER), to William H. RAMSBURG at $800 in Feb 1866 [JWLC-3, 458]. Previously from Michael CULP Jr to Adam STRICKSTRUCK in May 1796 [WR-14, 230]. Guardian was Theodore N. RUPLEY. Testimony was heard 14 Nov 1883 from: - Charles J. LEWIS - Elias E. DELASHMUTT - claimed the Rupley children were his nieces and nephews - John S. RAMSBURG Trustees were Charles J. LEWIS and Cyrus A. FOUT. Private sale was made 28 Jan 1884 to: - Charles A. CASTLE at $725 After court costs, $525.67 was distributed to the trustees to be placed in trust, per provisions of the Will of William H. RAMSBURG. Closed 2 May 1884. ===
Robert E. PROBE and Nicholas THOMPSON, mortgagees of Sarah WILLIAMS - Report of Sales - Equity #4950 Sarah WILLIAMS died before the mortgage expired. She had a Will and Robert E. PROBE and Nicholas THOMPSON were the executors who have paid out funeral and other expenses on her estate. LAND - Lot on north side of West All Saints St in Frederick City. Then occupied by John HILLMAN. Improved with a 2-story brick house, fruit trees and a hydrant on the premises. To Sarah WILLIAMS from John W. McDANIEL & wife in May 1882 [AF-5, 284]. Sale was held 15 Dec 1883 at the Court House door; high bidder was: - Aaron TANEYHILL at $780 John Thomas SMITH petitioned the court as exec/of John Moses BUTLER, claiming debt owed by Sarah WILLIAMS. After the mortgage and funeral expenses were paid, balance paid other creditors, 5% of their claims, totaling $12.08. Closed 8 May 1884. ===
608-614 - BOSTIAN, LOCKE, FOGLE, SHANK - Nov 1883 - #FC
George F. LOCKE, mortgagee and trustee of George F. BOSTIAN & w/ Matilda A. - Report of Sales - Equity #4943 Benjamin EYLER, John F. LOCKE and William SHANK each loaned money to Matilda A. BOSTIAN for her to purchase real estate. LAND - "West of All" and "Resurvey on Good Neighborhood", 84 acres; on road from Woodsboro to Johnsville, 2 miles from Johnsville, near Pleasant Hill School house; adjoining lands of William B. GRIMES and Jacob STITELY of J. Improved with 2 log houses, log barn and fruit trees. Subject to right of dower of Catharine BOSTIAN, w/o William BOSTIAN. To Matilda A. BOSTIAN from Michael FOGLE, exec/of Nicholas FOGLE (mortgagee of William BOSTIAN) at $340 in Apr 1881 [AF-3, 295]. John F. LOCK, now dec'd; exec/ George F. LOCKE. William SHANK, now dec'd; execs/ George W. SHANK and Margaret SHANK. Sale was held 17 Nov 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - George F. LOCKE at $843.10 Charles V. S. LEVY, trustee to convey the deed. Distribution: court costs, $139.77 = $703.33 - Benjamin EYLER, claim, $188.01 - George F. LOCKE, claim, $198.80 - George F. LOCKE, exec/of John F. LOCK, $316.52 Closed 4 Mar 1884. ===
614-633 - GROVE, MANLY, TOBIN, METZGER, JONES - May 1883 - #FC #CC #DC #NY #WV
Charles E. MANLY & w/ Florence J., Georgie E. GROVE by her guardian, Margaret J. GROVE - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4902 George GROVE d/ Dec 1881, intestate widow - Mary (age 80) - Frederick County s/ Samuel E. GROVE & w/ Ruth - Ridgeville, Carroll County s/ William P. GROVE & w/ Julia - District of Columbia d/ Ann S. GROVE - Frederick County s/ Martin L. GROVE d/ 1867, intestate .....w/ Margaret J. - Fairmont, Marion Co, West Virginia ..........Florence J. w/o Charles E. MANLY - Fairmont, Marion Co, West Virginia ..........Wilhelminia w/o David H. TOBIN - New York ..........Georgie E. GROVE, a minor - Fairmont, Marion Co, West Virginia LAND - "Favour and Ease", 245 acre farm; previously all in Frederick County, but now all of it is in Carroll County except 80 acres, still in Frederick County. Located 3/4 mile north of Mount Airy on the public road; 1/2 mile west of Mount Airy Station of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Carroll County. Adjoins land of George W. BAKER, Rufus HOOD, John RUNKLES, and Richard VANSANT. Land is divided by the Old Buffalo Road, separating Frederick and Carroll Counties and has two streams with a fountain at the house. Improved with a 2-story log, weatherboard and frame house, a log bank barn, two apple orchards; 55 acres in Chestnut timber. To George GROVE from Roderick DORSEY, trustee for estate of Samuel METZGER, at $1,140 in May 1842 [BGF-3, 184]. Guardian was Lee R. ABBOTT, Esquire, of Marion Co, WV. Testimony was heard 4 Dec 1883 from: - Thomas W. HARN, age 60, Frederick County - John L. LONG, age 43, Mount Airy The widow's dower of 1/3, 77 acres, was laid off where the widow and her daughter Ann will continue to live; it being in Frederick County, west of Woodville - to Mount Airy road (Old Buffalo Road) (at fork of road from Mount Airy to West Falls); ends near an old blacksmith shop. The remaining 244 acres are in Carroll County on the east side of the same road, except a strip on the west side of the road which includes a spring, of which widow is entitled to access. Trustees were John C. MOTTER and James W. PEARRE, Esquires. Sale was held 1 Mar 1884 on the premises; high bidder was: - Albert JONES of Baltimore City at $7,570.20 for the widow's portion, subject to her life estate. Distribution: court costs, $1,618 = $5,952.20 - Samuel E. GROVE, 1/4, $1,488.05 - Samuel E. GROVE, judgment creditor of William P. GROVE, 1/4, $1,488.05 - Ann S. GROVE, 1/4, $1,488.05 - Martin L. GROVE's children, each 1/3 of 1/4, $496.01 Closed 15 Aug 1884. ===
633-641 - BAER, KEYSER - Feb 1883 - #FC
Anna V. BAER - Petition for Trustee - Equity #4872 Anna V. BAER's husband, Jacob F. BAER, age 34, has been deprived of his reasoning and unable to manage his affairs; he's been living in the Alms House for the past four years because of his unsoundness. They have a 10-year old daughter, Bertie May BAER. LAND - House in Lime Kiln where the wife and daughter then lived. - House in Buckeystown, 47 perches, on road from Frederick to Noland's Ferry; adjoined tract "Mount Hope". To Jacob F. BAER from Lewis F. WELLEN & w/ Louisa at $550 in Nov 1876 [TG-6, 271]. Previously to the WELLENs from Amos F. WELLEN & Others in Aug 1876 [TG-6, 223]. Inquisition taken 15 Feb 1883 in Buckeystown by Sheriff Robert BARRICK, Esquire; Jacob F. BAER was found to be not capable of handling his affairs and his wife was appointed as his trustee. Ann V. BAER had a buyer for the Buckeystown house: - John C. KEYSER at $550 Guardian appointed for Jacob F. BAER was Joseph W. GAVER, Esquire. Sale was ratified and sent to auditor. Closed 11 Apr 1883. ===
641-658 -MAYNARD, LUGENBEEL, CLEMSON - Dec 1883 - #FC #CC
Dennis H. MAYNARD, mortgagee of Basil MAYNARD - Report of Sales - Equity #4947 LAND - "Strawberry Plains and Pleasant Fields", 110 acres; 1/2 mile from James H. CLEMSON's store in Johnsville District; adjoined lands of Ezra NUSBAUM and Nicholas H. CLEMSON. Scott MAYNARD then resided there. To Basil MAYNARD from Charles SIMMONS & w/ Elizabeth G. in Nov 1851. An adjoining 12 acres was conveyed to Dennis H. MAYNARD from Basil MAYNARD & w/ Joanna. Basil mortgaged the property to Dennis H. MAYNARD of Carroll County for $1,160. Basil MAYNARD d/ 13 Oct 1883 (Will written Nov 1876) widow - Joanna s/ Henry Winfield Scott MAYNARD d/ Juliet Ellen Elizabeth MAYNARD Exec/ Peter LUGENBEEL Witnesses: E. W. HORNER, T. E. S. LUGENBEEL, Daniel HARTSOCK --- Sale was held 8 Dec 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Nicholas H. CLEMSON at $3,960, subject to widow's dower and a mortgage of $900; also subject to mining rights lease to B. F. KELLEY. Peter LUGENBEEL had originally been the bidder but didn't understand he would be liable for the $900 mortgage in addition to the purchase price; therefore, he objected to the sale. Distribution of $3,960; court costs, $365.76 - Dennis H. MAYNARD, mortgage, $1,822.98 - Multiple creditors, $616.28 = $1,154.98 - Nicholas H. CLEMSON, per agreement with heirs, $512.50 - Scott H. MAYNARD, 1/2, $321.24 - Juliet E. MAYNARD, 1/2, $321.24 Closed 28 Jun 1884. ===
659-677 - HILL, GRIFFIN, PULLY - Nov 1882 - #FC #CC
David E. STEM vs Mary Jane HILL & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4846 William HILL (colored) d/ May 1882 (Will written 28 Aug 1873) widow - Mary Jane d/ Nancy w/o James GRIFFIN - Baltimore City s/ George HILL & w/ Nancy - Baltimore City d/ Rebecca PULLY d/abt 1873 .....Henry PULLY, a minor (whereabouts unknown) .....(another child died) (children's names not listed in Will) Exec/ William H. LONG (sureties, Burgess L. MOORE, Jacob L. NAILL Witnesses: John NUSBAUM, Jacob NUSBAUM, William H. LONG LAND - 12-acre farm in Linganore District, near Carroll County on Sam's Creek, 1 1/2 mile south of David E. STEM's store on the Buffalo Road; adjoined lands of Jacob L. NAILL and George KLEES. Improved with house and fruit trees; contained in parts of: - "Warfield's Inheritance", 2 1/2 acres; on Old Buffalo Road. To William HILL from Jacob NUSBAUM at $125 in May 1867 [DSB-1, 620]. - "Leigh Castle", 4 1/2 acres, on Old Buffalo Road. To William HILL from Jacob NUSBAUM at $ in May 1868 [CM-1, 715]. - "Leigh Castle", 5 acres, on east side of the Buffalo Road; adjoining land of Alexander WARFIELD. To William HILL from Philip BOYLE & w/ Rachel at $137 in Jan 1872 [CM-8, 335]. Previously to BOYLE from Dr. Jesse L. WARFIELD in Feb 1848 [WBT-11, 491]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER. Testimony was heard 10 May 1883 from: - Mary Jane HILL, didn't know her age exactly, thinks she is 30; can't read or write, but testified to what her husband told her regarding debt. - Lloyd N. HAMMOND, age 49 - William M. CHIPLEY, age 16, lived in Carroll County at David E. STEM's store. Trustee was Milton G. URNER. Sale was held 28 Jul 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Mary Jane HILL at $500; subject to the widow's dower. Distribution to creditors, paid at 93% of claims. Closed 5 May 1884. ===
677-721 - STULL, MILLER. LEVY, MAULSBY - Jan 1883 - #FC
Dr. Thomas E. R. MILLER, mortgagee of Frederick A. STULL & w/ Ann R. - Report of Sale - Equity #4858 LAND - 146 acres, on Frederick-Emmitsburg Turnpike, 1 mile from Hansonville; adjoined lands of J. D. RICE and John W. MILLER. Improved with a 2-story brick house of 9 rooms and a kitchen attached, bank barn, wagon shed, wells and young orchard; also mountain lot of 20 acres. Contained in: - "Valley View", 58 acres To Ann R. STULL from Thomas E. R. MILLER at $6,000 in Mar 1875 [TG-2, 699]. - "John Miller's Resurvey", 88 acres To Frederick A. STULL from Simon SNOOK & w/ Susannah E. at $2,640 in Mar 1864 [JWLC-1, 347]. Previously to Simon SNOOK from Daniel SNOOK in Jul 1841. Also - 20 acres mountain lot To Frederick A. STULL from Simon SNOOK in Mar 1864 [JWLC-1, 347]. Previously to Simon SNOOK from Daniel SNOOK in Jul 1841. - 16 acres mountain lot To Frederick A. STULL from Henry R. HARRIS, exec/of Samuel JONES. Mortgaged to Dr. Thomas E. R. MILLER (w/ Margaret E.) by the STULLs. Sale was held 6 Jan 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Dr. Thomas E. R. MILLER at $59/acre, $8,614 Daniel Z. STULL, admin/of Eve E. STULL, objected to ratification of sale, claiming fraud as Casper RAMSBURG had made a higher bid, but mortgagee refused to receive other bids. Testimony was heard 7 May 1883 from: - William P. MAULSBY Jr, Esquire - claimed the auctioneer was hurried and didn't allow more time for bids especially since new bidders had just started bidding; property could have been sold for more. Other bidders: William H. STULL and Casper RAMSBURG. Walter SAUNDERS was auctioneer. - Charles V. S. LEVY, Esquire, atty/for Daniel Z. STULL, adm/of Eve E. STULL; stated the same as MAULSBY - William H. STULL, age 39 - stated Casper RAMSBURG had asked him a question regarding wetlands and before he could answer, the auctioneer closed the sale before RAMSBURG could place another bid. William was a brother of Frederick A. and Daniel Z. STULL. - Daniel Z. STULL - authorized Mr MAULSBY to bid for him. - Dennis Casper RAMSBURG, age 29, resides 1 1/2 miles from Frederick; was going to place a second bid, but auctioneer closed the bid before he could. He had been willing to bid $63-65 an acre. - Capt. Walter SAUNDERS, auctioneer; was selling the property for Dr. MILLER, the mortgagee; disputed being hurried or closing the bid without warning. - William P. MOHLER, age 29, laborer, driver for fire engin in city and farmer; never owned property - he had no watch but claimed ample warning was given. Stated auctioneer did throw his hands up and say are you done and that he ought to have sold the property in half the time and he could not stay all day. - Henry M. MAIN - thinks he heard one of the bidders say not to knock the property until they heard from him. - William SHOOK - never owned or sold a farm; claimed auctioneer said if nobody is going to bid anymore, he was going to knock it down. - William G. SNOOK , age 32, resided on his farm, 3/4 mile from disputed property; claimed auctioneer looked at RAMSBURG and said if no more bids he would knock it down and made a few gestures with his hands. - Charles S. SNOOK - claimed auctioneer gave warning, but can't recall it. Petition from Jacob B. TYSON, surviving partner of Jacob B. TYSON and Jonathan TYSON (dec'd) t/a Style of J. TYSON & Son, regarding a judgment against Lewis H. STULL, Frederick A. STULL and Granville F. STULL for $172 from Dec 1878. The court ruled to vacate the sale. A new Sale was held 12 Apr 1884 on the premises on the Emmittsburg Turnpike, one mile from Hansonville; high bidder was: - Charles V. S. LEVY and William P. MAULSBY Jr at $59.50/acre, $8,687 Distribution after court costs: - Thomas E. R. MILLER, mortgagee ($6,000 + int), $7,893.82 Closed 28 Jun 1884. ===
722-729 - HAFNER, DUTROW, ECKSTEIN, KUNKEL - Apr 1884 - #FC
John J. KUNKEL, mortgagee of Julius HAFNER - Report of Sale - Equity #4977 LAND - 31 acres, in Urbana District, lying in the forks of the Urbana Turnpike on road to Ijamsville and near GAMBRILL's Mill and residence of James H. GAMBRILL. Improved with a 2-story frame house, barn and orchard; divided into fields; then unoccupied. To Julius HAFNER from Jane WELCH in Oct 1880 [AF-2, 351]. Mortgaged to John J. KUNKEL by Julius HAFNER & W. Henrietta for $1,000 in Oct 1880. ...SOLD from Julius HAFNER & w/ Henrietta to William A. HAFNER in Feb 1881 [AF2, 698]. ...SOLD from William A. HAFNER to Milton G. DUTROW at $800 in Sep 1881 [AF-3, 750]. Sale was held 24 Apr 1884 at the Carlin House in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Christian H. ECKSTEIN at $1,475 Distribution: all proceeds went to multiple creditors. Closed 17 Jun 1884. ===
Joshua SLIFER & Others vs Charles S. HOUPT - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4929 Gideon SLIFER d/ c1879 in Middletown District, intestate - widow died Mar 1883 * s/ Joshua SLIFER & w/ Ann d/ Mary (SLIFER) w/o Henry LAYMAN d/ Lee Ann (SLIFER), dec'd w/o _____HOUPT ** ..........Martin L. HOUPT & w/ Mary Jane ..........Lauretia F. w/o Andrew J. MORGAN ..........Mary J. w/o Louis E. GANTZ - Illinois ..........Cordelia C. HOUPT - Illinois ..........Joshua E. HOUPT - Illinois ..........Charles S. HOUPT, a minor ..........Leah Ann R. HOUPT, a minor LAND - 1 acre, 1 mile north of Bolivar, on road from Old Hagerstown Road past SHOEMAKER's School House; adjoined lands of SHOEMAKERS, Adam BOWLUS and Daniel KOOGLE and the 'Iron Tree'; included water privileges from the spring on SHOEMAKER's land west from the house. To Gideon SLIFER from Daniel SHOEMAKER & w/ Magdalena at $50 in Apr 1853 (recorded 6 Nov 1855) [ES-7, 103]. Guardian was Alfred RITTER. Testimony was heard 6 Dec 1883 from: - George KOOGLE, age 53, resides near Frederick City; listed family members. - Daniel CASTLE of T., age 66, reside in Frederick City Trustee was George KOOGLE. Sale was held 9 Feb 1884 in front of KOOGLE & SHAFFER's Store in the village of Bolivar in Middletown District; high bidder was: - John A. C. BOWLUS and Susan R. FINK, w/o Richard E. FINK at $332 Improved with a 2-story log house; with water rights from spring on land of Jacob SHANK, west from the house. Then adjoined lands of Jacob SHANK, John BOWLUS and Daniel KOOGLE. Distribution of $332; after court costs and claims, balance of $113.25 to: - Joshua SLIFER, 1/3, $42.28 - Mary LAYMAN, 1/3, $42.28 - Leann R. HOUPT's children, each 1/7 of 1/3, $6.04 Closed 10 Jul 1884. NOTES - * - Frederick Co, MD Marriages Gideon SLIFER to Mary KOOGLE on 19 Dec 1821 ** 1870 Census for Bolivar, Frederick Co, MD lists Henry HOUPT, age 43, shoemaker, with all children, except Martin and Joshua (Joshua living w/maternal grandparents). ================== The End of AF-5 ==================

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