Frederick Co, MD - Equity AF-4

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity AF-4

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber AF-4; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity AF-4
1-13 - BOWSER, EYLER - Dec 1881
Adam H. EYLER vs Adam BOWSER, et al - Report of Sales - Equity #4749 In March 1873, Emeline A. BOWSER (w/o Adam BOWSER) and son William D. BOWSER (w/ Margaret) of Washington County agreed to purchase property then occupied by Adam BOWSER (shoemaker) for $330. LAND - 9 acres, in Eyler's Valley in Hauver's District, on road from Emmitsburg to Sabillasville, 3 miles from Sabillasville; adjoined lands of Charles A. EYLER, John C. EYLER and George FREEZE. Improved with a frame house, stable, bake house and peach and apple trees. To Adam H. EYLER from John C. EYLER & w/ Celiann E. in Feb 1881 [AF-3, 555]. Testimony was heard 17 Apr 1882 from: - Adam H. EYLER, age 56; (w/ Margaret S.) Trustee was Eugene L. ROWE. Sale was held 15 Aug 1882; high bidder was: - Adam H. EYLER at $300 After court costs, Adam H. EYLER received $182.33 as partial payment of claim. Closed 27 Sep 1882. ===
13-25 - SPARGO, SHIVERS, OGLE - Feb 1882
Ida A. SPARGO vs John N. SPARGO, et al - Equity #4758 John N. SPARGO d/ Jul 1868, intestate widow - Rachel A. d/ Nov 1880 d/ Ida A. SPARGO s/ John N. SPARGO (Jr), a minor s/ William SPARGO, a minor d/ Grace S. SPARGO, a minor LAND - "Resurvey on Drummine", 1/4 acre, in New London, on east side of road from Liberty Town to New Market. Located opposite of stone house of William HOBBS (but later Nathan MAYNARD Sr and then B. F. HULL/HALL); adjoined land of heirs of Mahlon SWOMLEY. Improved with a log house and a stone house. To John N. SPARGO from Micha SHIVERS (widow) at $625 in Feb 1867 [JWLC-4, 679]. Previously to Cornelius SHIVERS & w/ Micha from Francis LICKLE & w/ Sarah in Oct 1855 [BGF-1, 181]. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 10 Feb 1882 from: - John Peter JONES - William W. WALKER Trustee was Nathan MAYNARD. After a failed sale, private sale was allowed to: - Thomas A. OGLE at $625, cash Distribution: court costs, $123.45 - Each child's 1/4 share, $125.38 Closed 19 Jun 1882. ===
25-28 - SMITH, LAMBERT - Feb 1882
John C. LAMBERT vs James E. SMITH - Report of SALES - Equity #4764 Mortgage made by James E. SMITH & w/ Catharine C. and Sarah A. SMITH (James' mother) to Abraham SHAFF in Jan 1878. In Feb 1880 SHAFF assigned the mortgage to John C. LAMBERT. LAND - 1 acre, in Jefferson; adjoined the land of George M. THOMAS ( but in 1882, adjoined lands of Ezra M. THOMAS and Abraham SHAFF). Improved with a 1 1/2 story log house. To the SMITHs from John H. TAYLOR & w/ Susan E. in Apr 1871 [CM-6, 672]. Sale was held 11 June 1881 on the premises; high bidder was: - Catharine C. SMITH at $60 cash After court costs, John C. LAMBERT received $27.58 as partial mortgage. Closed 11 Aug 1882. ===
28-34 - CASSELL, WAESCHE - Feb 1882
Leonard R. WAESCHE vs Charles E. CASSELL - Report of Sales - Equity #4141 Trustees, for sale of property for payment of a mechanics lien, were Frederick J. NELSON and James McSHERRY. LAND - Lot on north side of Church St in Mechanicstown, adjoining the Lutheran Church, fronting 51' and running back to John R. ROUZER's lot for 165'. Improved with a 2-story brick house with 11 rooms with brick summer kitchen addition and cellar under the entire house; well in summer kitchen, wood shed, stabling and sheds. Sale was held at the GILBERT House in Mechanicstown on 20 May 1882; high bidder was: - Leonard R. WAESCHE at $2,500 (to reserve from sale dower for CASSELL's wife) Distribution: court costs, $329.30 - Leonard R. WAESCHE, mechanics lien, $2,170.70 Closed 25 Jul 1882. ===
Christian H. ECKSTEIN, mortgagee vs heirs of Grandison GALLOWAY - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4787 Grandison GALLOWAY d/ late 1881 wife also dec'd (names of heirs and description of property not provided) LAND - 1/2 acre To Grandison GALLOWAY from Henry B. SHROEDER in Feb 1867 [JWLC-4, 657]. Mortgaged to Christian H. ECKSTEIN in Mar 1878 at $75. Testimony was heard 7 Jun 1882 from: - Charles T. DARNER, Frederick City, warden of county jail - Christian H. ECKSTEIN, Frederick City, attorney Trustee was Christian H. ECKSTEIN. Sale was held 5 Aug 1882 at the Court House door; high bidder was: - Joseph S. B. HARTSOCK at $100 After court costs, C. H. ECKSTEIN received $43.45 for the mortgage claim. Closed 27 Nov 1882. ===
John S. L. RODRICK, mortgagee of Margaret RICHARDSON & husband, Alexander RICHARDSON - Report of Sales - Equity #4768 Margaret RICHARDSON d/ c1882 w/o Alexander RICHARDSON LAND - Lot #215 on South St in Liberty Town. Improved with a 1 1/2 story log house and fruit trees. Sale was held 25 Feb 1882 on the premises; high bidder was: - Charles R. PENN at $200 Distribution: court costs, $54.38 - John S. L. RODRICK, mortgage and interest, $51.36 - Alexander RICHARDSON, 1/2, $47.13 - Heirs of Margaret RICHARDSON, 1/2, $47.13 Petition of Alexander RICHARDSON to place shares of $9.43 each for minor children, Dennis RICHARDSON and Eugene ROBERTS, into a savings acsount for said minors. (Relationships of minor children or any other heirs' names were not disclosed.) Closed 12 May 1882 ===
49-53 - RICHARDSON, ORNDORFF - May 1881
Aloysius F. ORNDORFF, mortgagee of William RICHARDSON & w/ Ann - Report of Sales - Equity #4697 LAND - Lot of 2 acres on the Emmitsburg Rail Road, 1 1/4 miles south of Emmitsburg. Improved with a 2-story house. To William RICHARDSON from Mary C. TANEY in Mar 1877 [TG-7, 85]. Sale was held 24 May 1881 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidder was: - Aloysius F. ORNDORFF at $200 cash After court costs, Aloysius F. ORNDORFF received $136.70 as partial mortgage claim. Closed 12 Oct 1882. ===
Frederick Town Savings Institution vs Joseph EASTERDAY & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4584 Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY d/ 1859 or 1860 (Will written 4 Mar 1859) w/o Joseph EASTERDAY d/ Rachel Ann EASTERDAY d/ c1878 in Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV .....w/o John S. EASTERDAY - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV ..........John Ernest EASTERDAY, a minor - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV ..........Sarah EASTERDAY, a minor - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV ..........Ellen EASTERDAY, a minor - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV d/ Sarah Virginia EASTERDAY d/ c1875 .....w/o Fayette B. SOUDERS - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV ..........Fayette Slagle SOUDERS, a minor - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV s/ Jacob Frederick Marion EASTERDAY - St Louis, MO .....w/ Martha HENDRICKS - St Louis, MO d/ Joanna EASTERDAY d/ c 1861 in Charlestown, WV, intestate, no issue - Dr George W. CRUM was her trustee SLAVES (may be hired out but not sold until youngest daughter of age) - HENRY, age 70 - DELILAH, age 70 - GEORGE, age 30 - SAMUEL, age 12 LAND - "Fielderea" and "Abraham's Home", 66 acres, in Jefferson District; on the Harpers Ferry Ridge Road, 2 miles west of Jefferson; adjoined lands of Joseph RODRICK, Thomas WILLARD and William A. HEMP. Improved with a 2-story log and stone house, meat house, corn house and stable; divided into six fields with fencing; well in yard of house. To Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY from William P. MAULSBY, trustee in Equity #2782, Mary EASTERDAY & Others vs Joseph EASTERDAY, in Nov 1858 [BGF-2, 574]. Previously in deed to Joseph EASTERDAY from Mary EASTERDAY, Lewis EASTERDAY and Joseph CARTZENDAFUER in Mar 1843 [HS-18, 444]. (children's spouses and grandchildren not named in Will; obtained from court records) Exec/ husband Witnesses: James WILLARD, George W. CRUM, Francis J. STEINER --- Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY wrote her Will on 4 Mar 1859, but was not within the Acts of Assembly (possibly because her husband as exec was required to go through the Orphan's Court to obtain permission to sell the real estate in the Will). Jacob F. M. EASTERDAY mortgaged his share to William A. HEMP for $250 in Jan 1876. The bank obtained judgments against Joseph EASTERDAY and Jacob Frederick M. EASTERDAY for their shares. Guardian was Fayette B. SOUDERS. Testimony was heard 17 Jun 1880 from: - Joseph EASTERDAY, age 65 - William A. HEMP Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held 11 Dec 1880 at the Court House door in Frederick; high bidder was: - Outerbridge HORSEY, Esquire at $1,387.93 (purchased through agent, George T. STEINER and signed at Needwood) Distribution of $1,474.26; court costs, $274.20 - William A. HEMP, mortgagee of J.F.M. EASTERDAY, $340.66 - Frederick Town Savings, balance of J.F.M. EASTERDAY debt, $14.91 - John Ernest EASTERDAY, 1/3 of 1/3, $118.52 - Sarah E. EASTERDAY, 1/3 of 1/3, $118.52 - Ellen EASTERDAY, 1/3 of 1/3, $118.52 - Fayette Slagle SOUDER, 1/3, $355.57 Closed 14 Feb 1883. ===
Samuel H. BROWN and William P. MAULSBY Jr, trustees of Edward F. LOHMAN - Report of Sales - Equity #4825 Deed of Trust to BROWN and MAULSBY for benefit of creditors of and by Edward F. LOHMAN & w/ Fredericka. LAND - Lot on south side of West Fourth St in Frederick City which was a wagon and carriage shop and house then occupied by Martin LEWIS. To Edward F. LOHMAN from Andrew STRUBE. Sale was held 2 Sep 1882 on the premises in Frederick City; high bidders were: - Richard P. HAGAN and Charles M. HAGAN at $2,325 Personal property was sold at $1,619.89. Total sales, $3,939.39. Distribution of $4,164.84; court costs, $658.86 - William KAHLE, judgment, $45.86 - J. HARTSOCK, claim, $43.11 - Edward F. LOHMAN (per laws of trust sale), $100 - EBBERT & Son, mortgage, $319.79 - Franklin Bank, mortgage, $2,070.03 - F & M National Bank, note, $839.25 - Joseph L. ROUTZAHN, partial mortgage, $87.26 Closed 24 Feb 1883. ===
81-84 - HAAS, PATTERSON, ELDER - Jul 1882
Mary E. PATTERSON, mortgagee of John HAAS & w/ Barbara - Report of Sales - Equity #4806 LAND - Lot #141 (western half) on Church St in Emmitsburg; with High St on the north and an alley to the south. To John HAAS from Bennet TYSON inn Apr 1879. Previously to Bennet TYSON from John A. SMITH & wife in Sep 1866. Sale was held 25 Feb 1882 on the premises; high bidder was: - Mrs. James A. ELDER at $700 Distribution: court costs, $101.38 - Mary E. PATTERSON, mortgage claim, $598.62 Closed 16 Oct 1882. ===
85-102 - CLAY, TRAYER, CHRIST, PLUMMER - May 1880
Theodore A. CLAY vs John C. CLAY & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4590 Annie CLAY d/ 19 Feb 1877, Union Bridge, Carroll County (Will written 14 Jan 1877; filed 5 Mar 1877) s/ John Christopher CLAY & w/ Kesiah - Toledo, Ohio d/ Marietta CLAY w/o William H. TRAYER (she living in Union Bridge; he living in PA) s/ Arthur Kecy CLAY & w/ Susannah - New Market s/ Theodore Appler CLAY - Union Bridge d/ Artemesia CLAY, dec'd w/o Jacob H. CHRIST (age 45) - Carroll County ..........Rosa CHRIST - Union Bridge, Carroll County ..........Harry CHRIST, a minor - Out of State Jacob H. CHRIST to act as guardian for his son Harry. Exec/ son, Theodore A. CLAY (also to act as guardian for Rosa) Witnesses: Jacob J. WEAVER Jr, John S. DEVILBISS, John B. EPPLEY --- LAND - "Resurvey on Rich Hill" and "Resurvey on Hall's Choice", 29 acres and house in New Market; located on road from Baltimore Turnpike to Burnt Mills, known as Burnt Mills Road; adjoined lands of Abner PLUMMER and Simon CRONISE. Agreement of Sale to Ann CLAY from William H. TRAYER at $678 in Jan 1877; however, she died before the deed was conveyed. Previously - To William Henry TRAYER from Jacob TRAYER & w/ Sarah at $425 in Feb 1864 [WJLC-2, 381]. To Jacob TRAYER and William TRAYER from Stephen PLAINE & w/ Nancy at $710 in Apr 1852 [BGF-5, 197]. To Nancy PLAINE (widow) and her heirs from Samuel PLAINE in Apr 1851 [WBT-13, 333]. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was head 12 May 1882 from: - Theodore A. CLAY - Joseph WOOD Trustee was John E. R. WOOD. Sale was held 30 Sep 1882 in front of GRIFFITH's Hotel in New Market; high bidder was: - William H. PLUMMER at $475 Page 103 was left blank, probably for the distribution, but never completed. Last filing dated 31 Oct 1882. ===
Martha A. MULL & husband George H. MULL, Mary A. GETZENDANNER and Lydia A. STONE, mortgagees vs Samuel GETZENDANNER - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4737 Mortgage owed to George SMITH, who later died, exec/ George William SMITH then assigned the mortgage to Sarah GETZENDANNER. Sarah GETZENDANNER d/ 1878 d/ Catharine E. GETZENDANNER w/o Mason R. MARSH ..........George W. P. MARSH ..........Joel J. MARSH d/ Mary Ann GETZENDANNER* s/ Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER & Amanda s/ Samuel GETZENDANNER* & w/Columbia d/ Sarah Ellen GETZENDANNER d/ Lydia Ann (GETZENDANNER)*, widow of GEORGE STONE d/ Martha Ann (GETZENDANNER)* w/o George MULL (* mentioned in Will written 18 July 1876 Execs/ son Samuel and daughter Lydia Witnesses: Samuel HARGETT, Wilson GREENWALD, W. H. HARRY) LAND - Lot #1 of "Pleasant Plains", 59 acres, on road from Ridge Road near the Mount Zion Church to the National Turnpike, 4 miles SW of Frederick; adjoining lands of Samuel HARGETT, Edward ZIMMERMAN and Samuel ZIMMERMAN. Improved with a 2-story house with a garden and orchard and a spring of mountain water; farm is divided into several fields with fencing and has stream of water running through fields. To Samuel GETZENDANNER from James W. CASTLE & w/ Louisa Ellen at $1,400 in Nov 1855 [ES-8, 185]. Previously to James W. CASTLE from James BESANT in Sep 1853 [ES-4, 240]. - Mortgaged to George SMITH by Samuel GETZENDANNER at $75 in Nov 1858. After George SMITH died, his executor, George William SMITH, transferred the mortgage to Sarah E. GETZENDANNER. In Jan 1859, Samuel GETZENDANNER mortgaged estate from his father, Jefferson GETZENDANNER, to his sisters, Sarah Ellen, Lydia Ann, Martha Ann and Mary Ann, as he owed monies to each of them. Estate to heirs of Jefferson from Jacob GETZENDANNER. Testimony was heard 20 March 1882 from: - George William SMITH - Samuel GETZENDANNER Trustees were Charles W. ROSS and William WILCOXON. Sale was held 27 Apr 1882 at the Court House door in Frederick; high bidder was: - George H. MULL at $25/acre, but was unable to make payment. After a failed re-sale attempt, on 5 Sep 1882, private sale was made to: - Edward J. ZIMMERMAN at $20/acre, $1,200 Petition to acknowledge the death of Sarah Ellen Getzendanner and to list her heirs was filed in Dec 1882 by: - Martha A. & h/ George MULL - Mary A. GETZENDANNER - Lydia A. STONE - George W. P. MARSH & w/ Julia A. M. - Joel J. MARSH & w/ Emma - Samuel GETZENDANNER & w/ Columbia - Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER & w/ Amanda - Washington County Distribution of $1,188.56; court costs, $256.59 1st Mortgage - Samuel GETZENDANNER, 1/4 of $677.20 per Will, $169.30 - Martha A. MULL, 1/4 of $677.20 per Will, $169.30 - Lydia A. STONE, 1/4 of $677.20 per Will, $169.30 - Mary A. GETZENDANNER, 1/4 of $677.20 per Will, $169.30 2nd Mortgage - Martha A. MULL, $71.02 - Lydia A. STONE, $74.71 - Mary A. GETZENDANNER, $55.35 Leaving Balance of $53.69 - share of Sarah Ellen GETZENDANNER - Samuel GETZENDANNER, $8.94 - Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER, $8.94 - Martha A. MULL, $8.94 - Lydia A. STONE, $8.94 - Mary A. GETZENDANNER, $8.94 - George W. P. MARSH, $4.47 - Joel J. MARSH, $4.47 Closed 25 Jan 1883. Notes - Frederick Co, MD - Marriage Licenses - Jefferson GETZENDANNER & Sarah BAIRD on Aug 7, 1823 - Catharine E. GETZENDANNER & Mason R. MARSH on Nov 9, 1843 - Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER & Amanda E. RAMSBURG on 05/10/1852 - George W. P. MARSH, 27 & Julia A. M. STINE, 19 on 03/28/1872 by H. G. Bowers in FC (320) - Joel J. MARSH, 33 & Emma A. M. SHISORS, 23 on 05/17/1882 by N. H. Skyles in Jefferson (334) ===
Sebastian G. Cockey, agent for Catharine C. LESTER, mortgagee of Norman B. CLABAUGH & w/ Margaret E. - Report of Sales - Equity #4811 LAND - "Middle Plantation", 38+ acres, 3 miles south of Mount Pleasant, on the Ridge Road to the Baltimore Turnpike from Frederick to New Market; adjoined lands of Adam JACOBS and John BEALL; then in occupancy of John P. CRAMER. Improved with a house, barn, a frame grist mill and saw mill which are on the Linganore and also has a spring near the house. To Margaret E. CLABAUGH (w/o Norman B.) from Henry M. NIXDORFF [CM-7, 686]. Sale was held 5 Aug 1882 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - John H. BEALL at $1,100 Distribution; court costs, $150.30 - Catharine C. LESTER, mortgage, $949.70 Closed 2 Nov 1882. ===
Joshua WACHTER & Others vs John STRAFFER & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4778 Daniel STRAFFER d/ Feb 1882 (left no widow or children) sis/ Ann Maria STRAFFER w/o Joshua WACHTER bro/ John STRAFFER (d/ Jul 1882) & w/ Julia (age abt 72) - Out of State ............Annie M. STRAFFER w/o Hiram J. GROVE ............Virginia STRAFFER - York Co, PA ............John O./L. STRAFFER - New York City, NY ............Olivia A. STRAFFER w/o Lewis HORN - York Co, PA bro/ Jacob STRAFFER & w/ Harriette - Out of State bro/ Michael STRAFFER & w/ Elizabeth - Out of State sis/ Henrietta (STRAFFER) KLINE, dec'd ............William S./T. KLINE & w/ Catharine - Out of State ............Charles M. KLINE - Out of State ............Clara M. KLINE w/o James SHAFER ............Esther C. KLINE w/o George WILES ............Daniel C. KLINE sis/ Susan (STRAFFER) STULL, dec'd ............Joanna M. STULL w/o David CRAVER/CRUM ............Willie Ann S./T. STULL w/o John CLEM ............Jennette F. M. STULL ............Thomas STULL sis/ Margaret (STRAFFER) CURFMAN ............Sarah A. R. CURFMAN w/o James LYONS ............Charlotte M. CURFMAN w/o Peter H. BUSSARD ............Mary R. CURFMAN w/o William FRY - Washington County ............Harriette CURFMAN (left the state many years ago, whereabouts unknown) LAND - parts of "Wirbersheim"/"Vulversham", "Bull Frog" and "Clem's Chance", 21 acres; 4 miles NW of Frederick on road to Bethel Church; adjoining the lot of Elizabeth ALLBRIGHT, Solomon KELISE, George UNGLEBERGER, Jacob STULL, and Henry WHACTER. Improved with a 1 1/2 story house with back building, a small barn, wagon shed, corn house; divided into five fields and watered with springs; has an apple orchard and a peach orchard. To Daniel STRAFFER from John HARDY & w/ Ann Sophia at $1,350 in Apr 1858 [BGF-1, 624]. Previously to HARDY from Henry RAILING & wife in Mar 1856. --- The Will of Daniel STRAFFER (written 12 May 1881) made these bequests: - Lydia A. E. RAMSBURG - $200 - Mary C. DUDEROW (wife's niece) - $200 - Lydia C. DUDEROW - $175 - John HARDY - $55 - Edwin S. WACHTER - $25 - Lavina B. A. WACHTER (d/o Joshua WACHTER) - $25 - Ann M. WACHTER (w/o Joshua WACHTER) - $100 - Sarah LYONS - $25 - Mount Olivet Cemetery, Frederick City - $50 - Lutheran Congregation at Bethel ( remaining monies) Exec/ friend, Dennis RAMSBURG Witnesses: T. HULL, Charles J. SMITH, Wesley A. WACHTER No dispostion of the land was stated in the Will. --- Trustee was Dennis RAMSBURG. Sale was held 24 Aug 1882 on the premises; high bidder was: - Lucinda R. HAFFNER at $1,950 Neighbors then were Philip WACHTER and Francis MEASEL. Distribution of $2,034.75; court costs, $230.63 = $1,804.10 - Ann M. WACHTER, sister, 1/7, $257.72 - Julia STRAFFER, widow of John a brother, 1/10 of 1/7, $25.77 - Annie M. GROVE, 1/4 of 9/10 of 1/7, $57.98 - Virginia STRAFFER, 1/4 of 9/10 of 1/7, $57.98 - John L. STRAFFER, 1/4 of 9/10 of 1/7, $57.98 - Olivia HORN, 1/4 of 9/10 of 1/7, $57.98 - Jacob STRAFFER, 1/7, $257.72 - Michael STRAFFER, 1/7, $257.72 - Henrietta KLINE's children, each 1/5 of 1/7, $51.54 - Susan STULL's children, each 1/4 of 1/7, $64.43 - Margaret CURFMAN's children, each 1/4 of 1/7, $64.43 Closed 25 May 1883. ===
142-157 - TOMS, CLAGETT, RAMSBURG - Dec 1877
Joshua TOMS vs Jacob TOMS & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4317 LAND - 1/3 undivided share of House & 1/2 of Lot #5 on north side of Main St in Middletown. Improved with a 3-story brick house with back building attached, a stable, ice house, being a corner property situated in the center of the town; adjoined the Lutheran church. Then occupied by Isaiah J. TOMS. To Jacob TOMS (w/ Mary) from Isaiah J. TOMS (w/ Mary C.) of Middletown at $2,200 in Mar 1870 [CM-4, 689]. Previously to Isaiah from Charles J. BAER in Apr 1869 [CM-3, 263]. Mortgage to Joshua TOMS of Washington County from Jacob TOMS & w/ Mary for $3,290.96 in Apr 1875 (1/3 share). Mortgage to Mary C. TOMS (w/o Jacob) from Isaiah J. TOMS for $2,380 in Feb 1875 (2/3 share). Also included 1/2 share of Lot on south side of Main St in Middletown which was to Isaiah J. TOMS and Edward BOWLUS from Joseph CRONE Thomas CLAGETT obtained a judgment against Isaiah and sold the property, by Sheriff John SWEADNER, to Thomas CLAGETT for $10 [TG-7, 645]. Sale was voided. Trustees were Milton G. URNER and Charles V. S. LEVY. Sale was held 31 Dec 1881 in front of the Valley Register office in Middletown; high bidder was: - John W. RAMSBURG at $2,100 who resold it to Mary Catharine TOMS (w/o Isaiah J. TOMS) at $2,300 Distribution of $2,100; court costs, $220.70 - Milton G. URNER and C. V. S. LEVY, for Joshua TOMS, $417.20 and for balance of Isaiah's 2/3, $835.66 and for balance of Jacob's 1/3, $626.43 Closed 13 Jun 1882. ===
Daniel AHALT & wife vs Elizabeth ZECHER & Others - Sale of Real Estate- Equity #4570 Barbara AHALT d/ 2 Mar 1880 at her home near Middletown, intestate bro/ Daniel AHALT & w/ Eliza E. sis/ Elizabeth AHALT w/o John C. ZECHER sis/ Mary Ann AHALT w/o Ephraim LONG - Nebraska sis/ Sarah Ann AHALT bro/ Jacob B. AHALT d/ Sep 1863 .....w/ Mary (age 67) and 9 children ........1/ Lewis H. AHALT & w/ Margaret ........2/Anna C. AHALT w/o David HUFFER ........3/ Malinda E. AHALT (d/ 1881) w/o John HUFFER ------------Calvin Luther HUFFER ------------Edward M. HUFFER ------------Mary L. HUFFER, a minor* ------------John W. HUFFER, a minor* ------------Florence C. HUFFER, a minor* ........4/ Violetta AHALT, dec'd w/o Martin H. BEACHLY ------------Laura E. R. BEACHLY ------------Olivia BEACHLY w/o John FLOOK - Kansas ------------Daniel J. H. BEACHLY ------------Martin H. O. BEACHLY, a minor ........5/ Carlton E. AHALT & w/ Sarah E. - Virginia ........6/ Lucinda AHALT w/o Frederick K. PHLEEGER ........7/ Martha Ellen AHALT w/o Mahlon ARNOLD ........8/ Susan R. AHALT w/o John H. KEPLER ........9/ John W. O. AHALT & w/ Samantha T. "Jennie" *(It seems at one point they mixed up the names of Anna and Malinda as Anna appeared to still be alive upon the distribution. There was some confusion on the children's names as noted "*"; listed one way and then again later with different names, as in the Distribution) Adm/ Elizabeth ZECHER LAND - "Resurvey on Tom's Gift", House & Lot, 2 acres, two miles west of Middletown on road from Old Sharpsburg Road to the Middletown-Burkittsville Road. Improved with a 2-story rouch cast house of seven rooms and a kitchen, a stable and well at the kitchen door and has a variety of fruit trees. Then in occupancy of Frederick K. PHLEEGER. To Barbara AHALT from Esther SMITH at $825 in Nov 1875 [TG-7, 129]. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 24 Jan 1882 from: - Daniel AHALT - Lewis H. AHALT Trustee was Lewis H. AHALT, Esquire. Sale was held 4 Mar 1882 at the office of the Valley Register in Middletown; high bidder was: - Henson T. RUDY at $726 Distribution of $766 (includes rents): court costs, $211.03 - T. O. RUDY, $6.20 - Dr. W. E. BOTELER, $16 - leaving $532.77 - Dr. H. AHALT, 1/5, $106.55 - Elizabeth Zecker, 1/5, $106.55 - Mary LONG, 1/5, $106.55 - Sarah A. AHALT, 1/5, $106.55 - Lewis H. AHALT, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Annie HUFFER, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Carlton AHALT, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Lucinda FLEEGER, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Ellen ARNOLD, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Susan KEPLER, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - John W. AHALT, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Malinda Huffer's children, each 1/5 of 1/9 of 1/5, $2.36 .....Lewis (Luther?), Georgette, Edward, Frank and Mary HUFFER* - Violetta BEACHLY's children, each 1/4 of 1/9 of 1/5, $2.97 .....D.J.H., Martin H.O., Laura N. BEACHLY and Olivia FLOOK Closed 9 Dec 1882. ===
Tryon H. EDWARDS of Washington County, trustee of Michael BARTHOLOW & w/ Elizabeth A. of Washington County - 3rd Report of Sales - Equity #4520 (additional - see AF-1, 398 and AF-2, 316) LAND - in Liberty District - "Third", 98 acres. To Michael BARTHOLOW from David DUDDERAR, David W. NAILL and Richard COALE in Oct 1851 [ES-1, 25]. Mortgaged to Warren GARROTT in Mar 1871 for "Pleasant Fields" and "Resurvey on Nicholas' Chance", 108 acres. - "Fourth", 42 acres. To Michael BARTHOLOW from William DUDDERAR & wife [HS-18, 553-554]. Mortgaged to Hiram PLAINE of Carroll County in Jun 1875. Trustee sold to Alpheus H. BARTHLOW, David C. Bartholow and Martha L. Bartholow at private sale for 141 acres at $2,000 on 4 Apr 1882, subject to mortgage of Warren GARROTT, now held by Harry GARROTT, for $5,000 and to Hiram PLAINE for $1,511. Closed 9 May 1883. ===
William M. HAGAN & Others vs Clarence P. HAGAN & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4796 Adam HAGAN d/ Jun 1855, intestate (Will GH-1, 74, 13 Mar 1855; 26 Jun 1855) w/ Cordelia d/ 26 Jan 1882 - leaving 10 surviving children: s/ Charles HAGAN, dec'd - Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY (Will Book 9, 203 dated 17 Jan 1876; filed 30 Dec 1876; only mentioned wife and she as executor; Witnesses: A. GUNTER and S. B. RICHARDSON) ..........w/ Martha (APPLEGATE) (age 49)* - Louisville, KY ..................Charles W. HAGAN, single d/ 1879 - Louisville, KY ..................Emma G. HAGAN w/o James T. A. BAKER - Louisville, KY ..................Maggie B. HAGAN - Louisville, KY ..................Clarence P. HAGAN, a minor (age 18) - Louisville, KY ..................Mamie J. HAGAN, a minor (age 13) - Louisville, KY s/ Richard HAGAN d/ c1876, intestate ..........w/ Mary E. (age 61) - Montgomery County ..................Edgar HAGAN - Tennessee ..................Richard W. HAGAN - Tennessee ..................Alonzo HAGAN - Tennessee ..................Eliza C. HAGAN w/o Daniel KAYLOR - Tennessee ..................Dora HAGAN w/o Daniel J. DUFFY - Tennessee s/ William M. HAGAN s/ Singleton HAGAN - Urbana District d/ Jane HAGAN wid/o Philip HAMMOND - New Market d/ Margaret R. HAGAN w/o David W. LEATHER d/ Lavinia HAGAN, now wid/o Henry TRUNDLE s/ Francis HAGAN & w/ Christie Ann * - Nashville, Tennessee s/ John Thomas HAGAN & w/ Julia * - Atlanta, Georgia s/ Adam HAGAN (Jr) & w/ Carrie *- Newton, NC d/ Mary Ann HAGAN, single (d/ c1845, before her father) (Children's spouses and grandchildren from court records, not the Will) Execs/ wife and Samuel NIXDORFF of Ijamsville Witnesses: Thomas A. BAKER, Henry T. TRUNDLE, Alexander JAMISON --- LAND - "Resurvey on Daniel's Small Tract", 80 acres; adjoined land of Joseph JAMISON and tract "The Remainder". Improved with a 1 1/2 story house, smoke house, spring house with 15 acres in timber, oak and hickory. To Adam HAGAN from William JAMISON, Benedict JAMISON & w/ Susan of Frederick County and James HOOK and w/ Catherine of Washington County at $1,200 in Oct 1836 [HS-3, 520]. - "Mary Makes One", 140 acres (original tract "Choice Improved"); located 1 1/2 miles south of Urbana, near road from Monacacy and Montgomery Turnpike, known as Georgetown Road to WILLIAMS' Mill and 1/2 mile west of the intersection, near where Bennetts Creek crosses the turnpike; adjoined land of William TABLER, William TRUNDLE and Mrs. Dr. HUGHES. Improved with a 1 1/2 story log house, corn house, smoke house, stabling, a spring near the house, a large apple orchard, water in every field with 20 acres in timber, white and black oak and hickory. To Adam HAGAN from Mary SAIN for $1,260 in Nov 1836 [HS-3, 544]. Mary SAIN, eldest d/o Samuel PENNYBAKER, inherited said land from her father by his Will dated 20 Aug 1821. Guardian for the minor children was Reginald H. THOMPSON, Esquire, of Louisville, KY. Testimony was heard on 26 July 1882 from: - Thomas DIXON, age 64, farmer, Urbana District - claimed Adam & Cordelia had 11 children, seven sons and four daughters, but daughter Mary Ann HAGAN died before her father; also, Lavinia was now a widow. Also stated all were married except William M. and Singleton. * - William TABLER, age 73, farmer, resided near Bennett's Creek in Urbana District; attested to the same testimony as DIXON. - David W. LEATHER, age 63, farmer, Urbana District; same testimony, but also gave names of Francis, John Thomas and Adam's wives and city locations and also the maiden name of Charles' wife. * - Margaret R. LEATHER, w/o David, age 62, Urbana District; same as above - William M. HAGAN, age 56, farmer, Frederick County; same as above Trustee was Samuel NIXDORFF. Sale was held 14 Oct 1882 on the premises; high bidders were: - J. F. LEATHER and Millard F. LEATHER for 140 acres at $3,080 ($22/acre) - Adam HAGAN for 80 acres at $1,504 ($18.80/acre) Total sales, $4,584 Margaret R. LEATHER and husband David W. executed a Deed of Assignment, conveying their share to their sons, Millard F. LEATHER and James F. LEATHER. Distribution of $3,080; court costs, $367.05 - William M. HAGAN, 1/10, $271.29 - Singleton HAGAN, 1/10, $271.29 - Adam HAGAN, 1/10, $271.29 - Francis HAGAN, 1/10, $271.29 - John Thomas HAGAN, 1/10, $271.29 - Jane HAMMOND, 1/10, $271.29 - Lavinia TRUNDLE, 1/10, $271.29 - Millard F. LEATHER and Jame F. LEATHER, assignees of Margaret and David LEATHER, 1/10, $271.29 - Mary E. HAGAN, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10 of 1/10, $27.13 - Richard HAGAN's children, each 1/5 of 9/10 of 1/10, $48.83 - Martha A. HAGAN, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8 of 1/10, $33.91 - Charles HAGAN's children, each 1/5 of 7/8 of 1/10, $47.47 Closed 6 Jan 1883. ===
218-229 - ZIMMERMAN, HEDGES, MIKESELL - Aug 1882
George MIKESELL vs Caroline R. ZIMMERMAN, et al - Petition for Title - Equity #4816 LAND - small farm in Howard and Carroll County: - "To Be or Not To Be" and "Additional Defense" and "Wayman's Discovery Secured"119 acres. To Abraham MIKESELL of Frederick County from James H. STEELE of Carroll County, Attorney in fact for the heirs of Joshua HALL, for $800 in Oct 1875. Previously to Joshua HALL from Jesse HALL & w/ Corrilla [WWW-31, 39 in Howard County]. Abraham MIKESELL & w/ Mary of Howard County issued Deed of Trust to John J. JAMISON in Oct 1880, who thereafter sold the property to Oliver T. ZIMMERMAN and George MIKESELL & w/ Mary at $750. Oliver T. ZIMMERMAN d/ May 1882 in Frederick County widow - Caroline Rebecca d/ Clara L. S. ZIMMERMAN d/ Florence C. ZIMMERMAN w/o David L. HEDGES s/ Harvey H. S. ZIMMERMAN, a minor (age 19) s/ Spencer G. ZIMMERMAN, a minor (age 16) Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 7 Sep 1882 from: - George MIKESELL, age 78, resided between Mechanicstown and Graceham; father of Abraham MIKESELL. George paid the principal on the note and the family of Oliver is willing for the deed to be conveyed to him. - Mrs. Caroline Rebecca ZIMMERMAN, age 50 - David L. HEDGES, age 27 - Harvey S. ZIMMERMAN, age 19 David L. HEDGES was appointed trustee to convey the deed to George MIKESELL. Closed 13 Sep 1883. ===
229-232 - PENNELL, WHITE, GRIMES, OSLER - Nov 1882
Warner T. GRIMES, mortgagee of John S. PENNELL - Report of Sale - Equity #4838 John S. PENNELL was indebted by mortgage to Frederick WHITE in 1865; who assigned it to Warner T. GRIMES in Mar 1869. LAND - Lot with Blacksmith Shop and large Livery Stable on Water St in Mechanicstown; bounded on the east by Water St and on the west by an alley, on the south by lot of John A. FLEAGEL and on the north by lot of Mrs. BEAM. Also included was a spring wagon, horse, blacksmith tools and other equipment. Sale was held 11 Nov 1882 on the premises; high bidder was: - Van B. OSLER at $50 Neighbors at that time were William G. COVER on the north and M. J. WHITMORE on the south. No distribution was listed, probably because the court costs exceeded the sale monies. Closed 22 Dec 1882. ===
David O. SMITH & Others vs Clara C. SMITH - Report of Sales - Equity #4330 (Supplemental of AF-3, 164-178) Joseph G. MILLER and Mary A. SMITH, trustees Private sale on 11 Jan 1882 for Wood Lot #1 to: - John H. WILLIAMS at $246 Distribution: court costs, $30.07 - Mary A. SMITH, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15, $28.79 - Mary A. SMITH and Mary V. HAINES, assignees of David O. SMITH (per TG-10, 534, Frederick County Land Records), 1/6 of balance, $31.19 - Clayton S. SMITH, 1/6, $31.19 - Granville H. SMITH, 1/6, $31.19 - Frank E. SMITH, 1/6, $31.19 - Mary V. HAINES, 1/6, $31.19 - Clara C. CRISE, 1/6, $31.19 Closed 9 Mar 1882. ===
Charles F. WENNER by Lavinia WENNER, his mother vs John L. JORDAN & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4803 Charles Fenton WENNER d/ May 1882 , intestate widow - Lavania s/ Charles M. WENNER, a minor (age 19) s/ LeRoy Bruce (not John) WENNER, a minor (age 14) LAND - 1/3 undivided part of Lots in Berlin (now Brunswick): - Lot #62 & Lot #60 (each 88 x 120'), fronting Second or Middle St. (Previously to John L. JORDAN from William GRAHAM, trustee, in Aug 1871 [CM-7, 346].) - Lot #69 (Previously to John L. JORDAN from William W. WENNER and Mortimer S. WENNER, execs, in May 1871 [CM-6, 237].) To Charles F. WENNER and William GRAHAM from John L. JORDAN & w/ Julia for $3,000 in Apr 1874 [TG-1, 560 or 650]. ...Other 2/3 part was owned by John L. JORDAN and John L. JORDAN Jr. and operated as Jordan, Wenner & Co. - 1/3 undivided part of Lots #87, 88 & 92 in Berlin (now Brunswick) and warehouses being on Lot #89 (owned by Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Co). To John L. JORDAN and Charles F. WENNER from William GRAHAM & w/ Henrietta at $2,332 in May 1874 [TG-1, 651]. (Previously to William GRAHAM from Valerious EBERT & wife in Oct 1867 [CM-1, 11]. - Lot #4 in Berlin To Charles Fenton Wenner from Edward HYMES & w/ Mary A. V. for $225 in April 1868 [CM-2, 10]. Previously to Edward HYMES from John HYMES & w/ Sarah [WBT-13, 510]. - Lots #31 & 32 in Berlin with the Mill. To Charles F. WENNER from Samuel E. WASHINGTON & w/ Sarah J. of Winchester Frederick Co, Virginia for $425 in July 1855. - Warehouse and Improvements on Lot #36 in Berlin, owned by Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Company. To Charles F. WENNER from Dennis R. and F. Sidney BLACKLOCK of Alexandria, VA for $1,500 in May 1855 [ES-5, 724]. 1/3 undivided share of Lot #4 & 32 (with the mill) in Berlin, along with the warehouse and improvements on on Lot #36, #37 & 38 (owned by the canal company); also - Two Store Houses, near the Locks of the canal company, near Berlin. To John L. JORDON & William GRAHAM from Charles F. WENNER & w/ Lavinia for $8,000 in Apr 1874 [TG-1, 649]. - 1/3 undivided part of Lots #62, 63, 69, 87, 88, 92, 4, 32 (with the mill), 37, 38 and warehouse on Lot #89 in Berlin, also warehouse and improvements on Lot #36. To John L. JORDAN Jr from William GRAHAM & w/ Henrietta for $5,373 in Dec 1878 [TG-10, 544]. - Tracts in Berlin - described in four deeds to William SIGAFOOSE from: ...Robert BOONE & wife [WBT-7, 437 - Aug 1848] ...William KUHN [CM-5, 675 - Oct 1870] ...A.F.M. FILLER & wife [CM-4, 281 - Nov 1869] ...James KENNEDY [TG-4, 398 - Jan 1876] To Mortimer S. WENNER from Milton G. URNER, trustee in Equity Case #4179 of A. Holland SIGAFOOSE & Others vs Andrew Jackson SIGAFOOSE and Charles Emery SIGAFOOSE, in Oct 1877; however, John L JORDAN SR, William GRAHAM and Charles Fenton WENNER were substituted in place of Mortimer, in Aug 1879 [TG-12, 337]. (These tracts were not sold; not part included with complaint.) Trustees were John W. HILLEARY and Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held in Berlin at the office of Jordan, Wenner & Co on 22 July 1882; high bidders were: - John L. JORDAN Jr at $15,000 for the lots and the Blacksmith Shop on the other side of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Property described in Sale listing - all in Berlin: - Lot #4 - improved with a corn crib and hay shed - Lot #32 - improved with a large grist, corn and plaster mill; the 1-story mill has a stone foundation, the rest being frame and weatherboard. Corn and plaster mill is attached frame building. Power is supplied by the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and run by a turbine wheel, subject to annual water rent. - Lot #36 - (owned by C & O Canal, under lease) - improved by a frame warehouse. - Two Store Warehouses - near the lock of C & O Canal in Berlin; frame buildings are on the east and west side of First St at the lock. - Lot #62 - fronting Second St; improved with a small frame office building. - Lot #63 - improved with a frame and boarded warehouse on the C & O Canal. - Lot #69 - fronting on Water and Third Sts, includes strip of land extending from Lot #70 to the canal; unimproved. - Lots #87, 88 and 92 - fronting Third St with road extending through Lots #92 and 87 to Third St; unimproved; with privileges granted for Lot #89 (under lease) improved with a large frame and boarded warehouse on the C & O Canal. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY. Testimony was heard 13 Nov 1882 from: - William P. MAULSBY Jr, age 39, Frederick city - Daniel T. LAKIN, age 40, Jefferson District - claimed Leroy was age 8 or 9. Distribution of $15,000; court costs, $853.75 - John L. JORDAN Sr, partner, 1/3, $4,715.41 - William GRAHAM, mortgagee of John L. JORDAN, JR, $4,112 - John L. JORDAN Jr, balance of 1/3 after mortgage, $603.41 - Lavinia WENNER, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/8 of 1/3, $589.43 - Charles M. WENNER, son, 1/2 of 7/8 of 1/3, $2,062.99 - Leroy B. WENNER, son, 1/2 of 7/8 of 1/3, $2,062.99 Closed 13 Jan 1883. ===
261-270 - SMITH, FLAIR - Sep 1880
Christian SMITH, Anna M. SMITH vs John SMITH - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4629 Ellen SMITH d/ 23 June or July 1880 in Middletown, intestate, unmarried leaving half brothers and half sisters by her father, John SMITH, dec'd & 2nd w/ Ellen .....Christian SMITH .....Anna M. SMITH .....John SMITH (non compos mentis) LAND - House & Lot in Middletown; Lot in "Groves Addition to Middletown" (part of original tract "Turkey Range"); adjoined land of John W. HERBERT at the SE corner and S. W. KEAHLE, running to the turnpike road. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house with back building attached, a well and fruit trees. To Ellen SMITH from John MILLER of H. & w/ Susannah for $650 in April 1857 [TG-1, 16]. Previously to Miller from Leonard MILLER & w/ Charlotte in Dec 1846 [WBT-3, 572]. Dr. Justus DUNOTT of Montevue Hospital for the past eight years diagnosed John SMITH who was an inmate there and had been for the past 8-10 years. Guardian for John Smith was Henry SNYDER, Superintendent of Montevue Hospital for the past eight years where John had been an imate for at least that length of time, but claimed he had known John for 20 years. Testimony was heard on 16 Dec 1880 from: - Anna M. SMITH, age 25 - Lewis RIDDLEMOSER, Frederick city Noah BOWLUS was trustee. Sale was held 12 Feb 1881 but no sufficient bid was received; later sale was made to: - Simon P. FLAIR at $550 Final Ratification on 11 March 1882. No Distribution shown; page 271 is blank. ===
Newton M. HORNER, et al vs Sophia HORNER, et al - Report of Sales - Equity #4448 (Supplemental of AF-2, 224-254) Newton M. HORNER (out of state) and John C. MOTTER, trustees of Eli HORNER, dec'd. LAND - Farm 1 - "Fort Henry", 242 acre farm, in Emmitsburg District on Emmitsburg to Baltimore Road, lying adjacent to Emmitsburg on the eastern side and north and south of Baltimore Road; adjoined lands of Jacob GILLELAN and Samuel MOTTER. Improved with a brick mansion, a 2-story tenant house and barn with an apple orchard and two wells, also good timber. - "Fort Henry", 18 acres, north of Baltimore Road and east of Littlestown Road in triangle. - "Fort Henry", 3 acres in Lot #1, south of Baltimore Road and west of Flat Run. - "Fort Henry", 10 acres in Lots #2-4, south of Baltimore Road, west of Flat Run and on east side of Emmitsburg to MYER's Mill. To Eli HORNER from Alexander L. HORNER and wife [CM-2, 488]. - Farm 2 - 163 acres, 3/4 mile SE of Emmitsburg, along road from Emmitsburg to Bruceville and adjoining land of William J. GILSON. Improved with a brick house, brick bank barn with two floors, brick wash house, wagon shed, with well at the barn and the house, an orchard of apples, peaches and pears; a large share of land is Toms Creek bottom land and laid off in fields. To Eli HORNER from David GAMBLE [BGF-2, 627]. - Mountain Lots - 20 acres, two miles west of Emmitsburg, adjoining land of David GAMBLE. To Eli HORNER from David GAMBLE [BGF-2, 627]. - 32 acres, three miles west of Emmitsburg To Eli HORNER from Robert ANNAN & wife [JWLC-3, 583] Trustees were Newton M. HORNER & w/ Caroline (out of state) and John C. MOTTER. Sale was held 19 Aug 1880 in front of the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidders were: - John Donoghue for the farm at $26/acre, $6,307.05 - Jacob W. GILLELAN for 18 acres at $26/acre, $470.49 - John S. AGNEW for Lot #1 of 3 acres at $72/acre, $234.56 - James A. ELDER for Lots #2-4 of 10 acres at $40/acre, $427.58 Total sales, $7,442.95. 3rd Distribution of $3,003.92; court costs, $201.15 = $2,802.77 - Sophia HORNER, widow, $280.27 - Louisa AGNEW, daughter, $840.83 - Lucinda HORNER, daughter, $840.83 - Mary HORNER, daughter, $840.83 Closed 20 Jun 1881. ===
281-288 - Orphans Home, STOKES, KUNKEL, MARKELL - Jan 1883
Orphans Home of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Frederick City - Petition to Dissolve Corporation - Equity #4856 Property to the corporation from Robert STOKES, trustee in Equity #3584, for $5,000 in Jan 1871. Certificate of Incorporation for the Orphans Home of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Frederick City, Maryland was first issued to Isaac BRUNER, Joseph CRONISE, David V. STAUFFER, Charles H. KEEFER and William P. RICE in Jan 1873. To the Orphan's Home from Philip B. KUNKEL & wife in Jan 1873. Louis MARKELL, George Joseph DOLL, Lewis H. STEINER, Philip B. KUNKEL, Edmund R. ESCHBAUGH, George MARKELL and John T. QUYNN were electeed as managers and directors of the Orphans Home of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Frederick in March 1881. To the Evangelical Reformed Church of Frederick from Louis MARKELL and others in Dec 1882. There appeared to be a shortage of funds for payment of the bullding and also funds to establish the orphanage; therefore, petition was made to dissolve the corportation set up for the orphanage. Corporation dissolved 3 Feb 1883. ===
288-297 - MYERS, HOOD, ROSS - Nov 1882
James M. HOOD, assignee of C. W. ROSS, trustee and mortgagee of Mary Reid MYERS & husband J. Oliver MYERS - Report of Sale - Equity #4844 LAND - House & Lot (189 x 198') on east side of North Market St in Frederick Town; on the NE corner of Market and Seventh St. Improved with a 2-story brick house with attic, a brick-slate-wood house filled with choice fruit. Exception was part conveyed to Mayor, Alderman & Common Council of Frederick from Lyman SEELY & w/ Emeline [CM-5, 379]. Previously to Lyman SEELY from Joseph GROFF & wife in Jul 1869 [CM-3, 625]; Sale was held at City Hotel in Frederick Town on 25 Nov 1882; high bidder was: - James M. HOOD at $3,200 Distribution: court costs, $276.99 - James M. HOOD, as assignee, $2,618.75 - James M. HOOD, 2nd mortgage, partial, $304.26 Closed 24 Jan 1883. ===
R. Nelson NORWOOD, mortgagee of Jacob EBERLY - Report of Sales - Equity #4831 LAND - "Resurvey on Wingfield's Delight", 12 acres, in Johnsville at the crossing of the Coppermine Road and Libertytown to Union Bridge turnpike; adjoining lands of John HYDER, Henry SWOPE and Henry ENGLAR. Improved with a 2-story frame house and barn with orchard and well at the door. To Jacob EBERLY from Daniel BIDDINGER & w/ Magdalena of Carroll County for $1,800 in Apr 1876 [TG-5, 185]. Previously to Daniel BIDDINGER from Henry MAYNADICE of Annapolis in Mar 1841 [HS-13, 278]. Sale was held on the premises on 14 Oct 1882; high bidder was: - Jasper K. MORNINGSTAR at $1,700 Distribution: court costs, $185.61 - William F. BOND, judgment, $15.59 - J. SHREEVE & Co, judgment, $142.75 - Joseph W. ETZLER, judgment, $16.88 - R. Nelson NORWOOD, mortgage, $1,200 - R. Nelson NORWOOD, interest, $103.40 - Balance, subject to the court, $35.57 Closed 10 Jan 1883. ===
Frederick HEINLEIN vs Cyrus FOUT & Others - Petition to Sell Real Estate - Equity #4801 (also references Equity #4779 & #4786 for appointing other trustees) William Henry RAMSBURG d/ Jun 1880 in Frederick City (Will written 9 Nov 1875) widow - Catharine A. Rebecca d/ Mar 1882 d/ Martha M. RAMSBURG w/o Cyrus A. FOUT (no children) d/ Fannie RAMSBURG w/o Theodore N. RUPLEY - Martinsburg, Blair Co, PA ..........Ruth P. RUPLEY, a minor (age 7-8) ..........William R. RUPLEY, a minor (age 5) ..........Susan R. RUPLEY, a minor (age 3) ..........Gilbert King RUPLEY, a minor (age 9 months) Thomas GORSUCH and Thomas M. MARKELL to be trustees for daughters after the death of their mother and upon the daughters' deaths, estate to their children. Exec/ wife (also devised estate to her until her death) Witnesses: W. J. ROSS, Thomas CLAGETT, Thomas N. HARWOOD Thomas GORSUCH and Thomas M. MARKELL declined the trust after the petition of Martha E. FOUT and her husband and Fanny RUPLEY and her husband; Charles J. LEWIS was appointed trustee for Fanny RUPLEY. LAND - - House & Lots (93 x 250') on north side of East Third St in Frederick City, east of Middle Alley. ...Lot #3 - Improved with a large brick house (home of William H. RAMSBURG) with a carriage way to the east (Lot #3, 26.2 x 251') and Mrs. SHANK's lot on the west. ...Lots #4 & 5, east on other side of carriage way with a carriage way at the back. To William H. RAMSBURG from Jacob FOX and w/ Emily Jane at $4,000 in Apr 1864 [JWLC-1, 350]. Previously to Jacob FOX from Augustus J. CUMMINGS & w/ Julia A. in Oct 1856 [BGF-1, 314]. - part of Lot #139 (60 x 131') in Frederick City, on NE corner of East Third St and Middle Alley and extending back to Daniel LOEHR's part and has a 10' wide carriage way. (to be divided into two Lots, #1 & 2, each 30 x 121') To William H. RAMSBURG from Joseph G. MILLER (trustee in Equity Case #3243 of Frederick SCHROEDER vs Mary Barbara BUTLER in Dec 1865) at $800 in Feb 1866 [JWLC-3, 458]. Previously to Adam STRICK from Michael CULP Jr. in May 1796 [WR-14, 230]. - "New Richmond Mills", 21 acres; on the Middle or Cemetery Road, 3 miles SW of Frederick. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house and stable. To William H. RAMSBURG from Mary C. SHRINER, (assignee of Hugh McALEER, mortgagee, and Mary Ann GRIFFIN, widow of Charles W. GRIFFIN of Equity #3877 in Mar 1870 [CM-4, 618]) by agent Edward A. SHRINER at $1,100 in May 1873 [CM-10, 120]. Previously to Charles W. GRIFFIN from Leander Z. DOLL & wife in Sep 1869 and in deed to Charles W. FLOCEKER from James C. CLARK inJan 1863 [BGF-8, 391]. - "Shiver Stadt", 20 acres, part of "Tasker's Chance" To Peter RAMSBURG and William H. RAMSBURG from Israel MYERS & w/ Sophia for $1,200 in Mar 1837 [HS-4, 430]. - "Carroll's Creek", 54 acres, part of "Tasker's Chance", on main road from Frederick town to Hagerstown, commonly called "The New Cut Road"; adjoins widow's dower land of Rebecca, wid/o John RAMSBURG, and land of Ezra SMITH. To Peter RAMSBURG from John RAMSBURG, (trustee per Equity #1488, Estate of John RAMSBURG, Feb 1836) for $4,813 in Mar 1838. Previously to Henry BRUNNER from Daniel DULANY in Jul 1746. ...To William H. RAMSBURG from Peter RAMSBURG for 1/2 share at $2,407 in Apr 1838 [HS-6, 425]. - "The Belle Air Farm", 27 acres, on Frederick to Hagerstown Turnpike with the Belle Air Mill at the SW corner of the farm; adjoins part sold to Charles WILSON. To Peter RAMSBURG and William H. RAMSBURG from Edward TRAILL & w/ Lydia at $3,256 in Apr 1846 [WBT-3, 216]. Previously to Edward TRAILL from Robert G. McPHERSON & others. Peter RAMSBURG wrote his Will on 6 March 1851 and devised everything to his brother William Henry RAMSBURG and designated him as his executor. Witnesses: Christian STEINER, George METZGER, Lewis H. STEINER Guardian for the Rupley children was Theodore N. RUPLEY, Esquire, the children's father. Testimony was heard 14 Aug 1882 from: - John S. RAMSBURG - he was agent for the widow of William H. RAMSBURG and helped her settle the estate. - Elias E. DELASHMUTT - provided the ages of Fannie RUPLEY's children. - Ira TYLER, age 38, teller of First National Bank Trustees for the sale were Frederick J. NELSON and Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held 21 Dec 1882 at the Court House door; high bidders were: - Stephen S. FOUT for New Richmond Mills at $50/acre or $1,085 - Lucie RAMSBURG for House & Lots #3, 4 & 5 on East Third St at $2,615 Total sales, $3,700. Distribution: court costs, $425.93 - multiple creditors, $2,666.02 - Charles J. LEWIS & Cyrus A. FOUT, trustees, under Will, $608.05 Closed 1 Mar 1883. ===
James McLAIN and Ruth BENNETT vs Hamlet SHIPLEY & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4620 Amman McLAIN/McLANE d/ 5 Mar 1880 in Urbana, intestate, unmarried, no children bro/ James McLAIN (age 68) sis/ Ruth (McLAIN) BENNETT, widow (age 76) sis/ Rebecca McLAIN w/o Hamlet SHIPLEY - Ohio bro/ Joshua McLAIN, dec'd ...............James B. McLAIN ...............Joseph M. McLAIN ...............George L. McLAIN, a minor ...............Robert S. McLAIN, a minor ...............Arthur K. McLAIN, a minor ...............Ida B. McLAIN, a minor bro/ William McLAIN, dec'd ...............Richard Thomas McLAIN, dec'd ---------------Edwin J. McLAIN - Washington, DC ---------------Harriet F. McLAIN - Washington, DC ---------------Eliza L. McLAIN - Washington, DC ---------------James W. McLAIN, a minor - Washington, DC ---------------Proteus B. McLAIN, a minor - Washington, DC ................Arey E. (McLAIN), dec'd w/o Jacob SMELTZER ---------------William H. SMELTZER - Indiana or Ohio ---------------Daniel E. SMELTZER - Kansas City, Missouri ---------------Peyton SMELTZER - Ohio ---------------Harriet E. SMELTZER - Ohio ---------------Clark SMELTZER - Ohio or out West ---------------Sarah C. SMELTZER, a minor, w/o Frederick ORDEMAN ---------------Belle Nora SMELTZER, a minor - Ohio or Frederick Co, MD ---------------Richard F. SMELTZER, a minor - Ohio LAND - "The Principle", 37 acres, in Urbana District on the Monocacy and Frederick Turnpike, 1 mile from Hyattstown, Montgomery County; adjoins land of George RHODES and George TABLER. To Amman McLAIN from Joshua McLAIN & wife in Mar 1859 [BGF-4, 227]. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY. Testimony was heard 13 Jun 1882 from: - James McLAIN (provided ages and locations of heirs) - Elizabeth BENNETT (provided ages and locations of heirs) Trustee was Warner W. WELSH. Sale was held 2 Sep 1882 on the premises near Hyattstown; high bidder was: - Deborah A. MORTIMER at $671.55 Distribution: court costs, $138.47 - multiple creditors, $282.24 - leaving balance, $250.84 - James McLANE, 1/5, $50.16 - Ruth BENNETT, 1/5, $50.16 - Rebecca SHIPLEY, 1/5, $50.16 - Joshua McLAIN's children, each 1/6 of 1/5, $8.36 - William McLAIN's granchildren, each 1/13 of 1/5, $3.85 Closed 26 Feb 1883. ===
360-363 - FRALEY, ZIMMERMAN, SHELLMAN - Jan 1882
J. J. ZIMMERMAN and Daniel J. SHELLMAN, trustees of Mary A. FRALEY - Report of Sales - Equity #4242 (Continued from Equity Book AF-2, 436-461) Agreements made to amend claims. Distribution of $8,309.72 - after multiple claims - Francis M. FRALEY, adm/of Mary Ann FRALEY, balance, $244.70 Closed 17 Feb 1882. ===
Thomas L. THOMAS & Others vs Elizabeth C. STEVENS & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4802 Eve M. REID (Will written 16 Mar 1848) s/ James A. REID ($496.33) s/ Thomas S. REID (lot of 1 acre where he lives) d/ Margaret (REID) OSBURN d/ Mary (REID) PICKENS d/ Catharine (REID) BEALL's children ($496.33) gr d/ Frances E. R. THOMAS gr d/ Mary E. THOMAS gr d/ Sarah Ann MICHAEL gr d/ Margaret C. MICHAEL gr d/ Ann E. JENKINS LAND - - Lot #3 of 58 acres on east side of road from Frederick to mouth of Monocacy (to son Thomas) - Lot #1 of 16 acres and also 3 acres adjoining (from Major Roger JOHNSON) (to daughter Margaret OSBURN and granddaughter Frances E. R. THOMAS) * - Lot #2 of 1+ acre with tavern stand in Licksville (to granddaughters, Mary E. THOMAS, Sarah Ann MICHAEL, Margaret C. MICHAEL and Ann E. JENKINS) - Lot #4 of 60 acres (to daughter Mary PICKENS) Exec/ son Thomas S. REID Witnesses: O. THOMAS, Arthur DELASHMUTT, Henry S. MICHAEL, Ezra MICHAEL --- The Will of Eve M. REED devised property to daughter Margaret M. OSBORNE and granddaughter Frances E. R. THOMAS consisting of 13-16 acres; but both are now deceased as are their husbands. Margaret M. (REED) OSBORNE d/ Feb 8, 1873, intestate (her husband died sometime after her; no surviving children) bro/ Thomas S. REED, dec'd ..........Margaret A. (REED) w/o James H. BESANT bro/ James Alfred REED, dec'd - Missouri ..........America REED - Missouri ..........Margaret C. (REED) w/o Frank WELTY (near Emmitsburg) ..........John M. REED - Missouri ..........James W. REED - Missouri ..........Charles REED - Kansas or Missouri ..........Peter J. REED - Missouri ..........Alfred H. REED - Missouri ..........Cassie REED - Missouri ..........Lizzie REED - Missouri ..........Mary (REED) ROBINSON d/ 24 Nov 1862 - 2nd husband - Isaac WELTY -Pennsylvania -----------James A. ROBINSON -----------Joseph WELTY - Baltimore City sis/ Catharine REED, dec'd - 2nd husband - Levin C. BEALL (d/ Nov 1882) ..........Ann Rebecca OSBORNE - Washington, DC ..........Sarah Frances BEALL w/o George HOYLE - Montgomery County ..........Charlotte E. BEALL - Licksville (Frederick County) sis/ Mary REED, dec'd w/o Robert PICKINGS, dec'd (or PICKENS) ..........Mary PICKINGS - Shepherdstown, WV ..........Margaret PICKINGS d/ Mar 4, 1855, w/o Samuel JARBOE - Montgomery County sis/ Fanny REED, dec'd w/o Theodore JENKINS, dec'd ..........Sarah Ann JENKINS w/o Samuel MICHAEL - Indiana ..........Margaret C. JENKINS w/o Daniel MICHAEL - Illinois ..........Mary E. JENKINS w/o Peter WONDERLY - Missouri ..........Annie E. JENKINS w/o Nathaniel KIDWELL - Missouri --- Frances E. R. THOMAS d/ Aug 1854, intestate (husband also died after her death) d/ Elizabeth C. (THOMAS) STEVENS, widow - Illinois s/ Thomas L. THOMAS & w/ M. Kate d/ Annie R. (THOMAS) w/o I. Ignatius FITZSIMMONS d/ Mary M. (THOMAS), dec'd w/o J. Clinton ROBERTS - Illinois ..........Ira ROBERTS, a minor - Illinois ..........Lena ROBERTS, a minor - Illinois Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 9 Nov 1882 from: - George W. PADGET - testified the land in question was 13 acres with a house and adjoined lands of P. H. BUTCHER, Elias SPAULDING, Mr ERNST and A. T. SNOUFFER. - Peter N. LEAPLY - stated the land in question was in Buckeystown District - Margaret A. BESANT - provided some death dates and locations Trustee was Thomas L. THOMAS. Sale was made in Feb 1883 to: - John C. LAMAR and George Albert LAMAR at $650 Distribution: court costs, $177.30 = $472.70 Share of Frances E. R. THOMAS - Elizabeth C. STEVENS, 1/4 of 1/2, $59.08 - Thomas L. THOMAS, 1/4 of 1/2, $59.08 - Ann R. FITZSIMMONS, 1/4 of 1/2, $59.08 - J. Clinton ROBERTS & his two children, 1/4 of 1/2, $59.08 Share of Margaret E. OSBORNE - Margaret A. BESANT, 1/5 of 1/2, $47.27 - James Alfred REED's children, each 1/9 of 1/5 of 1/2, $5.25 (for some reason, Mary ROBINSON WELTY's children are not shown as receiving a share) - Catharine OSBORNE BEALL's children, 1/3 of 1/5 of 1/2, $15.72 - Mary(Reed) PICKINGS' children, 1/2 of 1/5 of 1/2, $23.68 - Fannie JENKINS' children, 1/4 of 1/5 of 1/2, $11.81 Closed 21 Apr 1883. Notes - Frederick Co, MD - Marriage Licenses - Catharine REED to Joseph B. OSBURN on Jun 10, 1826 - Frances REID to Theodore JENKINS on May 18, 1815 - Margaret A. REID to James H. BESANT on Feb 10, 1843 - Margaret C. PICKING to Samuel JARBOE on Feb 12, 1849 - Margaret C. JENKINS to Daniel MICHAEL on Nov 15, 1843 - Thomas L. THOMAS, 26, farmer to M. K. THOMAS, 20 on Oct 21, 1874 by James GAFFNEY, priest in Adamstown - Mollie M. THOMAS, 27 to J. Clinton ROBERTS, 29, miller on May 10, 1974 by James GAFFNEY, priest at St Joseph's - Annir R. THOMAS, 20 to James J. FITZSIMMONS, 31, farmer on Nov 23, 1869 by John GAFFNEY, priest in Fred Co ===
384-390 - VIRTS, MILLER, MOTTER, WHITE - Dec 1882
Charles W. MILLER and John C. MOTTER, mortgagees of George W. VIRTS & w/ Lavinia - Report of Sales - Equity #4851 LAND - Lot on north side of West Sixth St in Frederick City; adjoined on the east side by an alley and on the west by lot of Sarah STREET. Improved with two 2-story weatherboarded houses. To George W. VIRTS from Wolfgang KOPP [BGF-7, 278]. - Lot on south side of West Sixth St in Frederick City, opposite the other; adjoining lots of Messrs HARMAN and FYE. Improved with several small weatherboarded houses, fronting Five and a Half St. To George W. VIRTS from Henry LORENTZ & wife [ES-1, 678]. Sale was held 9 Dec 1882 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Sarah A. WHITE at $900 for lot on north side of West Sixth St - John C. MOTTER at $700 for lot on south side of West Sixth St Distribution of $1,600; court costs, $144.48 - Charles W. MILLER and John C. MOTTER, partial payment of $1,600 mortgage, $1,455.52 Closed 26 Jan 1883. ===
Mary A. GETZENDANNER & Others vs Samuel GETZENDANNER & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4738 Jacob GETZENDANNER, dec'd (Will written 27 Dec 1832) s/ Thomas GETZENDANNER (417 acre plantation in Montgomery County) s/ Christian GETZENDANNER ($5,000 plus what he already received) s/ Michael Jefferson GETZENDANNER (subject to inebriety) (to his children, $2,500 held in trust and land where they then livied)* d/ Rebecca (GETZENDANNER ) SMITH ($2,500) d/ Cristiana GETZENDANNER ($1,500) - Elisabeth CRUM (a small spotted cow) SLAVE - black man JACK - "to be at liberty to work and take care of himself" Property left to son Michael J.'s children: - "Castle Henry" and "Eponah", 6 acres, by house of Lewis RAMSBURG. To Jacob GETZENDANNER from Basil BEALE. - Lot #12 of "Fielderia", 9 acres of woodland; 1/4 mile from the home farm. To Jacob GETZENDANNER from Basil BEALE. (not to be sold until the youngest is full legal age). Execs/ son Cristian and grandson George SMITH Witnesses: George HOLTER, Daniel SMITH, George ZIMMERMAN --- s/ Michael Jefferson GETZENDANNER d/ 1839, intestate ..........Mary Ann GETZENDANNER ..........Martha Ann MULL w/o George H. MULL ..........Catharine Elizabeth (GETZENDANNER), dec'd w/o Mason R. MARSH -----------------George W. P. MARSH & w/ Julia A. M. MARSH -----------------Joel J. MARSH & w/ Emma ..........Sarah Ellen GETZENDANNER (died intestate, no surviving children) ..........Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER & w/ Amanda Ellen - Washington County ..........Samuel GETZENDANNER & w/ Columbia ..........Lydia Ann (GETZENDANNER) STONE LAND - "Eponah", 3 1/2 acres; on road from Ridge Road by the Mount Zion Church to the National Turpike, 4 1/2 miles from Frederick; adjoining lands of Samuel HARGATE and Samuel ZIMMERMAN. Improved with a 2-story house with a back building attached, a barn, carriage house, bake house, meat house and a spring near the house, also a garden, grapevines and fruit trees. To Jefferson GETZENDANNER from George ZIMMERMAN & w/ Charlotte at $149 in Oct 1835 [JS-40, 379]. Previously to Zimmerman from Michael RAMSBURG & w/ Elizabeth in May 1832 [JS-38, 358-361]. Trustees were Charles W. ROSS and William WILCOXON. Sale was held 27 Apr 1882 at the court house door; high bidders were: - Joel J. MARSH for the 9 acre home farm at $1,005 - Douglas H. HARGETT and Shafer T. HARGETT for the wood land at $225 Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER & w/ Ellen Amanda conveyed his 1/7 share to George SMITH for $75 in May 1860 [BGF-5, 569]; who then reconveyed part of it for $75 to Henry OLAND (w/ Ann) in Sep 1861 [BGF-7, 133]; who then reconveyed it to George Elias SMITH in Nov 1864 [JWLC-2, 183]. George SMITH died in Sep 1871; George W. SMITH was his executor and petitions for Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER's 1/7 share. Distribution of $1,230; court costs, $203.78 - Mary A. GETZENDANNER, 1/7, $144.60 - Lydia A. STONE, 1/7, $144.60 - Martha A. NULL, 1/7, $144.60 - George W. P. MARCH, 1/2 of 1/7, $73.30 - Joel J. MARCH, 1/2 of 1/7, $73.30 - Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER's share ..........George W. SMITH, exec/of George SMITH, assignee, $119.74 ..........George Elias SMITH, assignee, $26.85 - Samuel GETZENDANNER's share ..........Martha A. MULL, mortgage debt, $40.86 ..........Lydia A. STONE, mortgage debt, $42.99 ..........Mary A. GETZENDANNER, mortgage debt, $31.85 ..........Sarah Ellen GETZENDANNER, mortgage debt: ----------Samuel GETZENDANNER, 1/6, $5.15 ----------Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER, 1/6, $5.15 ----------Martha A. MULL, 1/6, $5.15 ----------Lydia A. STONE, 1/6, $5.15 ----------Mary A. GETZENDANNER, 1/6, $5.15 ----------George W. P. MARCH, 1/2 of 1/6, $2.57 ----------Joel J. MARCH, 1/2 of 1/6, $2.57 - Sarah Ellen GETZENDANNER's share ..........Samuel GETZENDANNER, 1/6, $24.43 ..........Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER, 1/6, $24.43 ..........Martha A. MULL, 1/6, $24.43 ..........Lydia A. STONE, 1/6, $24.43 ..........Mary A. GETZENDANNER, 1/6, $24.43 ..........George W. P. MARCH, 1/2 of 1/6, $12.21 ..........Joel J. MARCH, 1/2 of 1/6, $12.21 Closed 25 Jan 1883. ===
413-425 - SHOEMAKER, VAN FOSSEN, BAER - Sep 1882
George W. SHOEMAKER, et al vs Laura A. SHOEMAKER, et al - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4821 John W. SHOEMAKER d/ intestate widow - Savilla (age 54 in Oct 1882) s/ Jeremiah M. SHOEMAKER (age 35) (civilitis mortuus) (last heard from him June 30, 1871) s/ George W. SHOEMAKER (age 32) s/ Lewis C. SHOEMAKER (age 28) s/ Peter F. SHOEMAKER (age 26) d/ Mary L. (SHOEMAKER) w/o George VAN FOSSEN d/ Amanda M. (SHOEMAKER) w/o Hamilton BAER d/ Margaret E. SHOEMAKER, a minor d/ Laura A. SHOEMAKER, a minor s/ John G. SHOEMAKER, a minor LAND - "Seventh Dividend", 17 acres, 1/4 mile from Ladiesburg in Johnsville District; adjoined lands of David BIRELY, Samuel EILER, Jesse PLAINES and Sarah A. SHOEMAKER. Improved with a 1 1/2 story log house, wash house, stable, fruit orchards and spring. Bequeathed to John W. SHOEMAKER from his father, John SHOEMAKER [Will GH-1, 193 dated 18 Dec 1851]. Previously to John SHOEMAKER from Henry GEESY in Oct 1793 [WR-12, 43]. Guardian for the minors was William H. HILLEARY. Testimony was heard 2 Oct 1882 from: - George W. SHOEMAKER - Lewis C. SHOEMAKER Trustees were George W. SHOEMAKER and Lewis C. SHOEMAKER. Sale was held 6 Jan 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Savilla SHOEMAKER at $300 Page 426 was left blank, probably for distribution, but not included; (court costs may have exceeded proceeds). Ratified 9 Mar 1883. ===
John A. PEDDICORD & Joseph C. ROSENSTEEL, execs/of John T. PEDDICORD vs John WHITE & w/ Matilda -Foreclosure - Equity #4807 LAND - Lots #4 & 5 of "Conrad's Paradise", 5 acres, in Mechanicstown District, lies 1/2 mile NW of Abraham ZENTZ's grist mill and on road from there to Eyler's Valley; adjoining lands of Abraham ZENTZ on the south, George KIMBLE on the west and north and John T. PEDDICORD on the east. To John T. PEDDICORD from Abraham S. ZENTZ & w/ Sarah D. S. at $427 in Apr 1874 [TG-2, 534]. Agreement of Sale to John WHITE from John T. PEDDICORD for the western half of 2 1/2 acres at $300 in Feb 1879. John T. PEDDICORD died 18 Jan 1882 in Mechanicstown District with a Will; executors as above. Defendent failed to appear and Testimony was heard 5 Dec 1882 from: - Augustine WAGNER, age 43, resided near Motter's Station, a carpenter Trustee was Eugene L. ROWE. Sale was held 3 Mar 1883 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidder was: - Joseph C. ROSENSTEEL at $196, included a house; neighbors then were: A. S. ZENTZ and Abraham RODDY. ROSENSTEEL had to petition the court for an eviction notice as John WHITE had refused to leave the premises; so granted 14 Apr 1883. Page 440 was left blank, probably for distribution; (however, the court costs probably exceeded the proceeds). ===
Mary A. DUKE vs John McPHERSON & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4740 Green H. DUKE d/ 1856 (Will GH-1, 112-113, written 24 Feb 1856) widow - Elizabeth - later married John M. McPHERSON d/ Mary A. DUKE d/ Annie M. E. DUKE married Thomas A. GRAHAM in 1866 (they then resided in Allegany County) SLAVE - negro man EDWARD - to be sold The Will devised everything to the widow and upon her death to be divided equally among the surviving daughters; however, it didn't contain a power of sale. Exec/ widow Witnesses: Godfrey KOONTZ, Wilson W. KOLB, J. M. HARDING --- Upon Annie's marriage, the widow paid out the portion due Annie and borrowed $1,000 from Annie M. TROXELL and thus issued a mortgage from Elizabeth & John McPHERSON and Mary A. DUKE in Jul 1879. LAND - Lot #3 on north side of West Patrick St in Frederick City. Improved with a 16-room, 3-story press brick house, supplied with gas throughout; consists of two parlors, hall, dining room, bath room supplied with water from a hydrant in the yard with a brick-paved yard and an extensive garden and choice fruit trees; also has a broad alleyway on Patrick St and has a brick stable fronting on Patrick St. To Green H. DUKE from George C. STOKES of Baltimore City, trustee in Equity case #2013, at $925 in Feb 1846 [Deed WBT-13, 890]. Previously to Richard C. STOCKTON from Thomas CARLTON, Sheriff [JS-24, 635]. Trustees were John C. MOTTER and Frederick J. NELSON. Sale was held on three occasions; however, a sufficient bid could not be obtained. Later, private sale was made to: - John L. MICHAEL at $3,600 On 2 Mar 1883, Elizabeth signed over her dower share to her daughter Mary (which provided equal share to both daughters). Distribution of $3,600; court costs, $600 - Elizabeth McPHERSON for Mary A. DUKE, 1/3, $1000 - Mary A. DUKE, 1/3, $1000 - Annie M. E. GRAHAM, 1/3, $1000 Closed 6 Apr 1883. ---
Nicholas H. CLEMSON and Rachel CLEMSON, execs/of John D. CLEMSON vs Robert PARKER & others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4735 John Davis CLEMSON of Union Bridge, Carroll County d/ 10 July 1880 (Carroll County Will written 5 Jan 1878; filed 24 Aug 1880) w/ Rachel (home farm and other things) s/ Nicholas H. CLEMSON (farm where he resides; but to pay out monies to other heirs) s/ Mordecai CLEMSON d/ Emily A. (CLEMSON) wid/o John B. NORRIS d/ Alice (CLEMSON) w/o John T. SNADER d/ Rachel A. Z. CLEMSON s/ Orlando Scott CLEMSON d/ Mary CLEMSON s/ Trease Lee CLEMSON Two improved lots in Frederick County to be sold upon his death: - one improved lot then in occupancy of Joseph PARKER (coloured) * Execs/ son Nicholas H. CLEMSON and wife Rachel CLEMSON Witnesses: Mordecai C. McKINSTRY, M. C. STONER, Eden ENGELMAN --- Mortgage by Joseph PARKER & w/ Rachel to John D. CLEMSON in Sep 1855. Joseph PARKER d/ Oct 1881 * w/ Rachel d/ Aug 1876 s/ Robert PARKER & w/ Mary J. d/ Susan (PARKER) w/o James HAYS s/ Lewis L. PARKER & w/ Rachel A. d/ Elizabeth (PARKER) w/o William BRIGHTWELL - Carroll County d/ Angelina (PARKER) w/o William MATTHEWS - Carroll County s/ William PARKER & w/ Eveline - Carroll County d/ Rachel (PARKER) w/o Vachel CURRY - Dauphin Co, PA LAND - "Strawberry Plains", 1 acre; adjoins land of Dennis H. MAYNARD. Trustee was Nicholas H. CLEMSON. Sale was held 31 Mar 1882 on the premises; however, no sufficient bid was received. Later, private sale was made to: - Lewis PARKER at $275.25 Distribution: court costs, $101.42 - Balance to executors of John D. CLEMSON, partial mortgage, $168.83 Closed 24 Apr 1883. ===
Henry BISER of J., trustee of Jacob ROUTZAHN of G. - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4774 Jacob ROUTZAHN of G. issued a Deed of Trust to Henry BISER in Aug 1878, as he was getting older and wanted to provide for himself; Henry to rent out properties (except where Jacob was living) for Jacob's support; upon Jacob's death, to sell all real estate and divide equally among: - Sophia w/o Henry BISER of J. - Ezra ROUTZAHN - George Henry ROUTZAHN - Noah ROUTZAHN - Catharine w/o Joshua SNYDER - Rebecca w/o Mahlon STULL - Sarah w/o Lawson SMITH - Clara BAER LAND - Farm, 187 acres, 2 miles NE of Middletown, then in occupancy of Noah ROUTZAHN; adjoined lands of Henry COBLENTZ of J., Daniel BRANDENBURG and Peter E. BUSSARD. Improved with a large 2-story brick house, large barn, carriage house, corn crib, orchard and water near the house. - 7-acre Lot North of Main St in Middletown (on street running parallel with Main St. To Jacob ROUTZAHN from Lucinda CORRICK & husband, Joshua CORRICK [AF-4, 631]. - Wood Lot, 65 acres, on west side of Catoctin Mountain, about 2 miles from the farm; adjoined land of Peter H. BUSSARD. To Jacob ROUTZAHN from Jonathan DOUB [AF-2, 119]. - House & Lot on Main St in Middletown, where Jacob then lived and adjoining House & Lot, then occupied by Mrs. BISER. Located at intersection of Harmony Road and the Turnpike. Improved with a large log and weather-boarded 2-story double house with 14-rooms, a pump at the front door; has lot attached, stable, smoke house, spring house and corn house. (Reserved is free use and occupancy of eastern portion of the house, then occupied by Mary BEARD, during her life in 1871.) To Jacob ROUTZAHN of G. from David COBLENTZ at $1,500 in Mar 1871. Previously to COBLENTZ from Mary BEARD in Jun 1858 [BGF-2, 80]. Previously to Mary BEARD by Aaron SUMAN by his Will. Previously to SUMAN from Mathew MURRAY in Oct 1817. Jacob ROUTZAHN of G. died Feb 1882. Sale was held 10 Mar 1882 on the premises in Middletown; high bidder was: - Joshua H. MAIN at $1,026 for House & Lot - Adam W. SMITH at $1,130.45 for 7-acre lot. - George D. DINTERMAN at $214.50 for wood lot. Farm wasn't sold because of insufficient bid. Total sales, $1,344.94. Later, private sale was made for the farm to: - Jonathan BISER at $12,398.02 Distribution after expenses of $20,277.45 - Sophia BISER, 1/8, $2,534.68 - Ezra ROUTZAHN (advance already rec'd, $2,287), $247.68 - George Henry ROUTZAHN, 1/8, $2,534.68 - Noah ROUTZAHN (advance already rec'd, $1,800), $734.68 - Catharine SNYDER, 1/8, $2,534.68 - Rebecca STULL, 1/8, $2,534.68 - Sarah SMITH, 1/8, $2,534.68 Closed 4 May 1883. ===
Johnn T. HARSHMAN & Others vs John W. CRAVER - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4794 Caroline CRAVER, widow, d/ Oct 1881 in Catoctin District, intestate d/ Nancy J. w/o John T. HARSHMAN d/ Cynthia w/o Daniel MARKER s/ John W. CRAVER, a minor (age 17 in Nov 1882) (Note - Caroline Craver's maiden name was Stottlemyer. Her first husband was John Bowman by whom she had twin daughters, Nancy and Cynthia Bowman (born 24 Apr 1846 Ohio). After John Bowman died, she returned to Frederick Co. and met and married Peter Craver and had a son John W. Craver.) LAND - "Leatherman's Chance", 12 acres, 3/4 mile east of Wolfsville, on road near BISER's Mill; adjoins land of Jacob DELAWTER's heirs. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house with kitchen attached, a small barn and has 5 acres cleared with the balance in timber. Also has an orchard and a spring. To Caroline CRAVER from Peter CRAVER at $450 in Apr 1860 [BGF-5, 573]. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 5 Nov 1882 from: - Daniel BISER - Daniel W. BLICKENSTAFF Trustee was John T. HARSHMAN. Sale was held 20 Jan 1883 at BISER's Mill in Catoctin District, but no sufficient bid was reached. On 7 Feb 1883, private sale was made to: - Luther H. WARRENFELTS at $480 Distribution: court costs, $114.80 - each child's 1/3 share, $121.71 Closed 28 Apr 1883. ===
502-507 - GRIMES, STITELY, BIRELY - May 1883
Jacob STITELY of John, assignee & atty of David BIRELY, mortgagee of William C. GRIMES & w/ Elizabeth A. - Report of Sales - Equity #4703 LAND - 55 acres, 1 1/2 miles west of Johnsville, near Woodsboro and Johnsville Road; adjoining lands of Mrs. HOFFMAN and Frederick CRUM. Improved with a log house, stable, spring near the house, orchard with 7 acres in timber; divided into fields. Deed History - To David BAER from John BAER in Aug 1841 [HS-14, 77-79]. - To David BAER from Wilson L. GRIMES, trustee in Mar 1854 [ES-5, 200]. - To William C. GRIMES from David BARE in May 1871 [CM-7, 75]. Mortgage was still due for $1,282. Sale was held 18 Jun 1881 on the premises; high bidder was: - David BIRELY at $950 Distribution after closing costs were paid: - Jacob STITELY of John, partial mortgage, $831.50 Closed 24 May 1883. ===
Thomas GORSUCH, mortgagee of Michael FOCHMAN & w/ Mary - Report of Sales - Equity #4855 Sale was held 16 Oct 1882 at the Carlin House (previously known as the Dill House), in Frederick; high bidders were: - Justus DIETERICK at $430 for House & Lot on SW corner of Middle Alley (28') and Fifth St (83') in Frederick City. Improved with a 1 1/2-story weatherboarded house, fronting on East Fifth St, with kitchen and back building attached, then unoccupied. To Michael FOCHMAN from Michael DIMMICK & wife in Mar 1861 [BGF-6, 485]. - Justus DIETERICK at $250 for House & Lot, adjoining the previous one on the south, on west side of Middle Alley. Improved with a 1-story brick house with weatherboarded back building. To Michael FOCHMAN from Anthony REIBL in Apr 1873 [CM-9, 698] Assigned to Anthony REIBL by Henry DANNER, husband of Mary A. REIBL, dec'd [CM-3, 209]. Total sales, $680. Distribution, after court costs and multiple claims, of $24.85 - Catharine EBERHARDT, 1/3, $8.28 - John WOLF, 1/3, $8.28 - Joseph AUZMAN, 1/3 of 1/3, $2.76 - Mary AUZMAN, 1/3 of 1/3, $2.76 - Andrew AUZMAN, 1/3 of 1/3, $2.76 Closed 11 May 1883. ===
John C. MOTTER, mortgagee of Charles L. NICHOLS & w/ Harriett A. - Report of Sales - Equity #4890 LAND - House & Lot in Point of Rocks; on right side of road from Frederick into Point of Rocks, near the residence of Benjamin CHAMBERS; then in occupancy of Hanson CARTER. To Harriet A. NICHOLS from John H. TAYLOR & w/ Susan E. [TG-7, 48]. Sale was held 26 Apr 1883 at the American Hotel in Point of Rocks; high bidder was: - Peter B. STOUFFER at $678 (also listed as Philip STOUFFER) Distribution: court costs, $108.64 - John C. MOTTER, mortgage, $456 - J. S. B. HARTSOCK, judgment, $59.90 - J. E. R. WOOD, partial note (of $105), $53.46 Closed 10 May 1883. ===
John L. FULMER & w/ Sarah R. vs Harmon F. FULMER & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4852 Sarah FULMER d/ Feb 1881, intestate widow of William FULMER s/ John L. FULMER & w/ Sarah R. s/ Harmon F. FULMER & w/ Charlotte s/ William H. FULMER & w/ Virginia R. d/ Anna Rebecca FULMER w/o Jesse W. KING d/ Mary Catharine FULMER, dec'd w/o Luther HARGATE ..........Estelle Virginia HARGATE, a minor ..........Hattie Viola HARGATE, a minor d/ Susan FULMER, dec'd w/o Lewis STOCKMAN ..........John W. STOCKMAN & w/ Phoebe A. (Fannie MEASEL) ..........Virginia C. STOCKMAN w/o George C. CORUN ..........Sarah E. STOCKMAN ..........George A. STOCKMAN ..........Charles L. STOCKMAN, a minor ..........Mary C. STOCKMAN, a minor ..........David R. STOCKMAN, a minor ..........Maggie V. STOCKMAN, a minor LAND - part of Lot #2 of "Resurvey on Back City", 4 acres, near Mount Zion Church on the Jefferson Road, 4 1/2 miles from Frederick City; adjoined lands of Emanuel SMITH and Elizabeth BEST. Improved with a 1 1/2 story house, stable, meat house, spring house, orchard and good water. To Sarah FULMER from William KEMP & w/ Susanna in Mar 1851 [WBT-13, 402] - part of Lot #2 of "Resurvey on Back City", 1 acre. To Sarah FULMER from William KEMP & w/ Susanna in Apr 1854 [ES-3, 650]. Guardian was Joseph W. GAVER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 16 Feb 1883 from: - Samuel T. BARNES - Emanuel T. SMITH Trustee was John L. FULMER. Sale was held 26 Feb 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - George W. STOCKMAN at $500 Distribution: court costs, $155.05 - John L. FULMER, 1/6, $57.49 - Harman F. FULMER, 1/6, $57.49 - William H. FULMER, 1/6, $57.49 - Anna Rebecca KING, 1/6, $57.49 - children of Mary HARGATE, each 1/2 of 1/6, $28.74 - children of Susan STOCKMAN, each 1/8 of 1/6, $7.18 Closed 19 May 1883. ===
538-544 - MYERS, BLACK, FREE - Jan 1883
Mary E. BLACK, admin/of Abraham A. BLACK, dec'd mortgagee of William H. MYERS & w/ Melissa - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4862 LAND - "Springfield Mills" and 16 acres, 2 miles SW of Creagerstown; adjoining lands of Isaac HOWARD and Jacob EICHELBERGER; then in possession of George W. FREE. Improved with a woolen factory, 2-story brick-cased house, stable, orchard and well. To William H. MYERS from Lewis H. MEALY & Frances A. in Mar 1864 [JWLC-1, 248]. Mortgaged for $1,200. Sale was held 26 Mar 1881 at the fulling mill/factory on the premises; high bidder was: - Mary E. BLACK at $975 Distribution: court costs, $125.06 - Mary E. BLACK, admin, partial mortgage, $849.94. Closed 26 May 1883. ===
Dr. Justus DUNOTT, Easter HEUSTON, Peter WILLIAMS and Benjamin WILLIAMS vs Nannie BROWN & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4826 Eliza SPRIGGS d/ Nov 1881, intestate (no surviving husband or children) bro/ Peter WILLIAMS - Carroll County bro/ Benjamin WILLIAMS bro/ Henry WILLIAMS (residence unknown) sis/ Matilda, dec'd w/o Jesse BAINBRIDGE - Ohio ..........Jane Rebecca w/o John WILLIAMS - Baltimore City??? ..........Sarah C. w/o Luther DEACONS/DEAKINS ..........Martin L. BAINBRIDGE ..........Josiah BAINBRIDGE & w/ Susan - Ohio ..........Amanda w/o ______ BURCH - Wisconsin ..........John F. BAINBRIDGE (residence unknown) ..........James BAINBRIDGE - Ohio ..........William BAINBRIDGE - Ohio bro/ Rezin WILLIAMS, dec'd ..........Jennie ADAMS - Baltimore City??? ..........Priscilla w/o ________ (residence unknown) ..........Rezin C. WILLIAMS - Pennsylvania ..........Elizabeth w/o _________ (residence unknown) ..........Jane WILLIAMS, a minor (residence unknown) ..........Ramsey WILLIAMS, a minor - Baltimore City??? ..........Nellie WILLIAMS, a minor - Baltimore City??? bro/ Nathan WILLIAMS, dec'd (residence & heirs unknown) bro/ Martin WILLIAMS, dec'd (residence & heirs unknown) sis/ Nannie w/o William BROWN sis/ Hannah WILLIAMS (residence & heirs unknown) LAND - Lot (12' 9" x 97' 6") on south side of West Fifth St in Frederick Town; located on SW corner of Fifth & Klineharts Alley going west. Improved with a 2-story brick house with a basement and a 1-story back building; has hydrant water in the basement with a coal house. To Eliza SPRIGGS from Thomas GORSUCH, exec/of William BROWN at $420 in Apr 1875 [Deed TG-3, 152]. Previously to William BROWN from William BROWN Jr. [ES-1, 437]. Testimony was heard 7 Feb 1883 from: - Mrs. Luther DEAKINS (claimed no knowledge of a decedent's brother Henry) - Margaret SPRIGGS - Miss Jennie POOLE - Thomas GORSUCH, Esquire Trustee was Thomas GORSUCH, Esquire. Sale was held 10 Mar 1883 at the Carlin House in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Annie S. BETSON at $415 Distribution of $421.75; court costs, $189.95 - Dr. Justus DUNOTT, claim, $26 - Easter HOUSTON, claim, $26 - each siblings' 1/8 share, $23.72 (Henry not included per testimony) Closed 26 May 1883. ===
563-569 - TOMS, BUHRMAN, MANAHAN - Jan 1883
Ephraim H. BUHRMAN, assignee of Barbara E. TOMS, mortgagee of Daniel TOMS - Report of Sales - Equity #4861 LAND - Two adjoining tracts, 79 acres in Hauver's District; located 1 1/4 miles NW of Foxville on road from Daniel BROWN's to J. H. RIDENOUR's; adjoining lands of Ephraim H. BUHRMAN and Samuel ZIMMERMAN. - 66 1/2 acres in timber except for 25 cleared acres. Improved with a 1 1/2 story log house and a log stable. To Daniel TOMS from William TOMS, Abraham TOMS, Samuel TOMS, William D. BROWN, trustees in deed dated March 1854. - 12+ acre timber lot on NW side of other tract. To Daniel TOMS from George W. SMITH & w/ Lydia Ann for 12+ acres in Nov 1857. Sale was held 20 Jan 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Cyrus B. MANAHAN at $642 Distribution: court costs, $140.84 - Ephraim BUHRMAN, assignee of mortgage accruing to William BROWN executor, $487.85 - Barbara E. TOMS, partial judgment of $396, $13.31 Closed 21 May 1883 ===
William H. WARNER, assignee of Charles A. NORWOOD, assignee of Thornton POOLE, mortgagee of Hamilton DEVILBISS & w/ Mary E. - Report of Sales - Equity #4866 LAND - "Friendship", 171 acres, at Mapleville in Liberty District, on road from Liberty to POOLE's Store, 3 miles from Liberty; adjoined tracts "Good Luck" and "The Request" and lands of Mrs. Ann NORWOOD and John G. NORRIS. Improved with a large new 2-story house, barn and orchard with a spring near the house. Also has two tenement houses, one being new. George W. CLINE was then residing there. - Previously 43 acres of the 214 acre tract were sold to William H. WARNER. To Hamilton DEVILBISS from Maurice T. STARR, agent for Minerva HOWARD and Others in Apr 1873 [CM-10, 319]. - Mortgaged to Thornton POOLE at $1,000 who assigned the mortgage to Charles A. NORWOOD in May 1879 [TG-9, 363]; who assigned it to William H. WARNER in Jun 1881. In April 1879, Hamilton & Mary E. DEVILBISS conveyed portions to: - Rufus W. DEVILBISS (9 acres???) [TG-11, 495]. - George W. CLINE for 162 acres at $3,500 [TG-11, 472]. Mortgage to Hamilton DEVILBISS from George W. CLINE & w/ Harriet Ann at $2,000 Trustee was William H. WARNER. Sale was held 27 Jan 1883 on the premises; high bidder was: - Edward E. BUCKEY at $3,835 Distribution: court costs, $339.14 - mortgage debt, $2,320.35 - Judgment of REIFSNIDER vs DEVILBISS, $18.62 - Balance in trustee's hands, $1,157.14, subject to order of the court. Closed 5 Jun 1883. ===
Mary A. WEIRICK vs Jerome W. ECKENRODE & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4711 Samuel W. ECKENRODE d/ 1879, intestate s/ Jerome W. ECKENRODE & w/ Jane L. - Out of State d/ Mary C. ECKENRODE d/ Emily J. ECKENRODE s/ John Thomas ECKENRODE & w/ Catharine d/ Margaret A. ECKENRODE w/o Ferdinand HAHN Admin/ sons Jerome and John T. LAND - "Frenchman's Purchase", 125 acres; 5 miles east of Emmitsburg; on road from Emmittsburg to Littlestown; adjoined lands of Jacob NEWCOMER, Nathaniel FISHER and Lewis P. SHRIVER. John Thomas ECKENRODE then resided there. Improved with a large 2-story brick house, barn, corn crib, carriage house, wagon shed, hog pen, young orchard, two wells and spring. To Samuel ECKENRODE from David FISHER and John M. FISHER, execs/of Isaac FISHER, at $4,388 in Sep 1875 [TG-2, 162]. Mortgaged to Dr. William PATTERSON for $1,012 in Sep 1874. - Wood Lot, 6 acres; adjoined the home farm and land of Johnson JAMISON. Timbered with Black Oak and Hickory. To Samuel W. ECKENRODE from Jerome J. HEMLER & w/ Margaret A. of Adams Co, PA in Aug 1878. Previously to HEMLER from Robert J. JEMISON & w/ Catharine in Apr 1875. William PATTERSON, dec'd, wrote his Will on 3 May 1866. [Will JRR-1, 57] He left everything to his wife, Mary E. who also was executrix. Witnesses: Lewis M. MOTTER, James F. ADELSBERGER, R. A. JARBOE Trustee was Charles V. S. LEVY. Sale was held 12 Nov 1881 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; no sufficient bid was obtained; private sale was later made to: - William A. SNIDER at $4,000 for the home farm and wood lot Distribution: court costs, $363.78 (included taxes) - Mary E. PATTERSON, mortgage claim, $1,228.12 - Multiple creditors, $2,212.10 - each child's 1/5 share, $39.20 Closed 4 Aug 1882. ===
594-601 - CLOSKEY, NICHOLS, DUKEHART - Apr 1883
John Randolph NICHOLS, mortgagee of Rev. John M. CLOSKEY - Report of Sales - Equity #4888 LAND - 121 acres - "Resurvey on Elder's Kindness", and "Enlargement", 57 acres, 1/4 mile north of Mount St Mary's College, along the Frederick-Emmitsburg turnpike and adjoining the college lands. Improved with a new weatherboarded house with fruit. - 64-acre Mountain Lot, 200 yards west of other land. To Rev. John M. CLOSKEY from Joshua MOTTER, atty for William F. BLEDSOE & w/ Mary F. in Jul 1866 [JWLC-4, 564]. Sale was held 29 Mar 1883 at the City Hotel in Frederick City; high bidders were: - John DUKEHART at $30.25/acre for 14 acres of Lot #1 (on south side of road) - John Randolph NICHOLS at $26.50/acre for 40 acres of Lot #2 (on north side of road) - John Randolph NICHOLS for 64-acre mountain lot at $5/acre Gross sales, $1,836.75. Distribution: court costs, $159.70 - John Randolph NICHOLS, partial mortgage claim, $1,677.05 Closed 23 Jun 1883. ===
Daniel T. LAKIN vs Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr., admin/of James ELLIOTT & Others - Report of Sales - Equity #4370 - Supplemental LAND - Lots #156, 157 & 158 in "Addition to Frederick" on east side of South Market St in Frederick City (lots fronted 17' 9" and ran back 186'); - Northern portion at SW corner of William REICH's lot and adjoined lot of George Gilbert SMITH. - Southern portion at NW corner of A. L. EADER. To James ELLIOTT from John H. KOELLER, trustee in Aug 1877 [TG-8, 183]. Mortgage for $1,500 to Franklin Savings Bank who assigned the mortgage to Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr in Sep 1878. Mortgage for $1,000 to Annie M. KEEFER who assigned the mortgage to Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr in May 1879. Private sales were made to: - Mrs. Mary Jane GLESSNER, w/o William T. GLESSNER, at $4,000 in Nov 1882 for: Lot on north side of East Church St in Frederick City. Then in occupancy of Dr. Bruce THOMAS as tenant. Improved with a 3-story house To James ELLIOTT from Thomas H. O'NEAL & wife. - Charles H. ELLIOTT at $1,800 in May 1883 for: Lot (southern portion) on east side of South Market St in Frederick City. Improved with a 3-story brick house; then occupied by Adolphus FEARHAKE & wife. - Mary A. YOUNG, w/o William Nash YOUNG, at $1,800 in May 1883 for: Lot (northern portion) on east side of South Market St in Frederick City. Improved with a 3-story brick house; then occupied by them. By 11 Jun 1883, James ELLIOTT was then deceased and Adolphus FEARHAKE Jr. was the administrator. The First Report of Sales also included a sale to Margaret BRENGLE at $975; making total sales, $8,575. Distribution: - Frederick Town Savings, mortgage on lot sold to Margaret BRENGLE, $605.52 - Franklin Savings Bank, mortgage on lot sold to Mary J. GLESSNER, $1,900 - Franklin Savings Bank, mortgage on lot sold to Mary J. GLESSNER, $1,889 - Annie M. KEEFER, mortgage on lot sold to Mary A. YOUNG, $1,314.83 Leaving balance of $2,865.25 Received Rents and Dividends, $2,323.18 = $5,188.43 - After Multiple creditors and court costs were paid, Balance, $2,077.77 - Charles H. ELLIOTT, s/o James ELLIOTT, 1/2, $1,038.88 - Agnes FEARHAKE, d/o James ELLIOTT, 1/2, $1,038.88 Closed 28 Jul 1883. ===
619-633 - WEAVER, ROWE, DIELMAN - May 1883
George W. ROWE, assignee of Mary C. DIELMAN, mortgagee of Martha M. WEAVER, w/o William H. WEAVER - Report of Sales - Equity #4900 LAND - Lots #1 & 2 in Emmitsburg, on the north side of Main St, east of the public square; adjoining lot of Bennet TYSON on the west and a public alley on the east. Improved with a 2-story brick house, large shops suitable for coach making, blacksmith shop and stable. To Martha M. WEAVER from William H. WEAVER, her husband, in Nov 1879 [TG-12, 528]. Mortgage of Martha M. WEAVER and husband William H. WEAVER to Mary C. DIELMAN at $600; she and her husband, Lawrence L. DIELMAN assigned it to George W. ROWE in Apr 1883. Sale was held 14 May 1883 on the premises in Emmitsburg; high bidder was: - George W. ROWE at $1,660 Distribution: court costs, $146.40 - George W. ROWE, 3rd & 4th mortgage & partial 5th mortgage, $1,513.60 Closed 3 Jul 1883. ===
634-654 - DIFFENDALL, EYLER, REEVER - Mar 1882
John Frederick EYLER, creditor vs Samuel DIFFENDALL & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Report of Sales - Equity #4777 LAND - "Hammer and Tongs", 90 acres, in Mechanicstown District, on north side of road from Mechanicstown to Sabillasville, 4 miles from Mechanicstown and 3 miles from Sabillasville; adjoined lands of Thomas GURLEY, Andrew COFFMAN and Henry WILLHIDE. (Later described as on road from Valley Road Church to Eylers Valley, 1 1/2 miles from Lantz PO) Improved with a house with well near the door, barn, hay shed, corn crib, smoke house and a variety of fruit trees. To Samuel DIFFENDALL from George COFFMAN & w/ Jane at $1,000 in Apr 1846. Previously to COFFMAN from Samuel SEISS & w/ Mary in May 1832 [JS-4, 93]. - "Fox's Parlor", 2 acres. To Samuel DIFFENDALL from Thomas GURLEY & w/ Amanda in Aug 1837 [HS-5, 443]. Mortgage to John Frederick EYLER by Samuel DIFFENDALL at $978 in Apr 1865. Samuel DIFFENDALL resided out of state (Ohio) since 1877 and in Mar 1879, sold the land to Henry T. REEVER Judgments filed agains Henry T. REEVER by Charles A. EYLER and Hamilton HARBAUGH, execs/of David HARBAUGH and also by Cornelia A. HARBAUGH, exec/of now dec'd Hamilton HARBAUGH. Article of Agreement in May 1877 to sell lands by Samuel DEAFFINDALL of Washington County to Henry T. REAVER of Frederick County at $1,200. Henry T. REAVER issued mortgage to John REAVER of Carroll County at $600 in Jun 1879. Testimony was heard 13 Feb 1883 from: - Charles A. EYLER - stated Samuel DIFFENDALL was then living in Clark Co, Ohio - John F. EYLER Trustee was Charles A. EYLER. Sale was held 21 Apr 1883 at Deerfield Station, Western Maryland Rail Road, Lantz Post Office; high bidder was: - John Frederick EYLER for 69 acres at $425 Samuel DIFFENDALL had previously sold 23 acres to Frederick WILLHIDE. Distribution: court costs, $170.62 - John F. EYLER, mortgage, $228.69 - Charles A. EYLER, exec/of David HARBAUGH, 1/2 partial claim, $12.84 - Cornelia A. HARBAUGH, exec/of Hamilton HARBAUGH, 1/2 partial claim, $12.84 Closed 3 Jul 1883. ===
John A. C. LIPPS & Others vs Catharine LIPPS, widow & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4770 John George LIPPS d/ Nov 1881, intestate widow - Catharine (BURGER) (age 66 in March 1882) d/ Sophia B. LIPPS w/o Cornelius J. MAIN s/ John A. C. LIPPS & w/ Eleanora MILLER d/ Cathareine E. LIPPS (non compos mentis) s/ George Lewis LIPPS & w/ Clara MILLER s/ Thomas S. LIPPS & w/ Martha POFFENBERGER s/ Ritschy D. H. LIPPS d/ Annie P. LIPPS LAND - A - 2 Lots on south side of West Patrick St in Frederick City; adjoining Black Horse Tavern on the east and lot formerly owned by John SCHREINER on the west, known as Lipp's Brewery. Lot extended from Patrick Street to Carroll Creek and had an inlet from Patrick St. Improved with a double 2-story brick and stone house with cellar, a large stone and brick brewery, malt house, brick stables with accomodations for six horses, cooper shop and shedding in the rear of house. To John George LIPPS from George C. GELWICKS & w/ Mary of Hagerstown, Washington County at $2,000 in May 1840 [HS-11, 204]. Previously from Daniel MILLER in Apr 1809 and since then bequeathed to George C. GELWICKS by the Will of Barbara NIXDORFF. B - "Long Acre" (part of "Tasker's Chance"), in Frederick town, on east side of road to Harpers Ferry (S. Jefferson St). Improved with a large 2-story brick house with 9 rooms and a large garret on corner of West Patrick St and Telegraph St in Frederick City (Steiner House) with back building, stone stable and smoke house. To John George LIPPS from Grayson EICHELBERGER, trustee (in Chancery court decree of Dec 1847 by Hanson T. WILCOXON & Others vs Sarah A. WILCOXIN & Others) at $1,732 in May 1850 [WBT-12, 240]. Previously to Horatio WILCOXON from Elizabeth STEINER, wid/of Stephen STEINER in Dec 1837. - Adjoining Lots #1, 2, 3 (each 30 x 130'), unimproved. C - small strip of land adjoining previous lot in Frederick Town, fronting on road to Harpers Ferry for 2' and extends back eastwardly 130'; adjoined land of Frederick PAMPEL. To John George LIPPS from Joshua DILL & w/ Mary in Apr 1850 [WBT-12, 239]. D - East 1/2 of Lot #343 on south side of West Patrick St in Frederick Town; adjoined lot of John C. FRITCHIE and the brewery. Improved with 2-story brick house and 1-story back building; house hasd 9 rooms and a kitchen. (Previous agreement between Daniel HAUER Sr and Lewis KLINE in Jun 1817 to keep open an alley 2' wide) To John George LIPPS from Louisa E. SCHREINER/SHRINER, wid/of John SHRINER at $2,200 in Dec 1864 [JWLC-2, 213]. Previously to John SCHRINER from Thomas W. MORGAN & w/ Mary Ann in Sep 1843 [HS-20, 518]. E - Lots #3 (29 x 98') & 4 (29 x 93') on east side of North Bentz St in Frederick City, between Fourth and Fifth Sts; adjoined lots of Thomas S. LIPPS on the north and Adam L. EICHELBERGER on the south; unimproved. To John George LIPPS from John A. C. LIPPS & w/ Elenora for $170 in Apr 1881 [AF-3, 467]. Previously owned by Adam RITCHIE/RITSCHY, dec'd; his surviving executor was John A. C. LIPPS [TG-2, 722]. F - "Middle Plantation", "Wet Times", "Gembers Range", 65 acres; located 3/4 mile north from D___'s Tavern on the Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike in New Market District. Then occupied by Cornelius M. MAIN. Improved with a log house, stable, spring convenient to house and orchard with 10 acres in timber. To John George LIPPS from John RITCHIE, trustee (in Mar 1870 Equity case of John LIPPS vs Isaac P. SUMAN & wife) at $1,803 in Aug 1870 [CM-5, 473]. Previously to Isaac P. SUMAN from Anthony BEAR & wife [JWLC-3, 685]. Guardian for Catharine E. LIPPS was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 16 Mar 1882 from: - Dr. Charles SMITH - testified that Catharine E. also suffered from Epilepsy. - William H. BURGER - Nicholas BLUM Trustee was John A. C. LIPPS. Sale was held 15 Feb 1883 at the courthouse in Frederick City; high bidders were: - Thomas S. LIPPS for Lot #3 of E at $101 - Thomas S. LIPPS for Lot #4 of E at $85 - Catharine LIPPS for D at $1,800 - Sophia B. MAIN for F at $20/acre Others didn't receive a sufficient bid. Private sale was made on 17 Feb 1883 to: - P. Joseph BURCK and Francis O. BURCK for 3 lots of B at $450 Total sales, $3,736. (A and other part of B & C not sold.) Distribution: court costs, $366.83 = $3,369.17 - Catharine LIPPS, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $336.91 - each child's 1/7 share, $443.17 Closed 11 Jun 1883. ===
John ROUZER vs Susan BIRELY & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4739 John BIRELY/BIERLY d/ Feb or Apr 1881, intestate widow - Susan (admin) s/ John M. BIRELY & w/ Elizabeth s/ Lewis A. BIRELY & w/ Martha d/ Laura E. BIRELY w/o Daniel EBY d/ Margaret BIRELY w/o George W. EYLER - LaGrange, LaGrange Co, IN LAND - in Hauver's District - Lot #35, 1/3 acre in new town of Sabillasville in Harbaugh's Valley. $1 yearly ground rent to be paid to Peter ZOLLINGER. To John BIRELY from Thomas P. CONN at $25 in Jul 1839 [HS-9, 431]. - Lot #36, 1/3 acre in new town of Sabillasville in Harbaugh's Valley. $1 yearly ground rent to be paid to Peter ZOLLINGER. Improved with a 2-story house and barn, wash house, smoke house and fruit trees. To John BIRELY from John McCLAIN & w/ Susan at $125 in Jul 1839 [HS-9, 430]. - "Wolf Range", 32 acres of mountain land; adjoined lands of Elias HARBAUGH's heirs and William ARNSPARGER. To John BIRELY from John HARBAUGH of C. at $400 in July 1858 [BGF-2, 197]. Mortgages to Martin ROUZER, but he assigned them to John ROUZER. Testimony was heard 11 Mar 1882 from: - John ROUZER - Lewis CRAWFORD - Claimed the decedant died Feb 1881 - Daniel EBY - Claimed the decedant died Feb 1881 (petition claimed Apr) Trustee was Lewis CRAWFORD. Sale was held 7 May 1882 at the store of CRAWFORD & Bro in Sabillasville; however, it lacked a sufficient bid. Sale held again on 24 Mar 1883; high bidders were: - John ROUZER for Lots #35 & 36 at $465 - John GALL for the mountain land at $3.70/acre Total sales, $583.40. 1st Distribution of $194.47: court costs, $161.37 = $33.10 - Balance to Multiple creditors paid 3% of their claims. Closed 7 Jul 1883. ===
696-702 - COLLIFLOWER, HILLEARY - May 1883
John W. HILLEARY, mortgagee of James COLLIFLOWER and w/ Catharine S. of Washington, District of Columbia - Report of Sales - Equity #4905 LAND - "Resurvey on Maryland", 5 acres, being Lots #8 & 9. Improved with a 2-story frame house of 8 rooms, stabling, an ice house nearly completed, a well at the door and choice fruit. To Catharine S. COLLIFLOWER from Henry B. SCHROEDER & wife in Mar 1867 [DSB-1, 395]. Mortgaged at $565. Sale was held 26 May 1883 on the premises in Petersville; high bidder was: - John W. HILLEARY at $925 Distribution - after court costs, John W. HILLEARY received $824.15 as partial payment of the mortgage. Closed 31 Jul 1883. ===
James C. COFFMAN & Others vs Elizabeth M. COFFMAN & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4820 Andrew COFFMAN d/ 15 Oct 1881 on his farm in Mechanicstown District, intestate - no surviving widow s/ James Columbus COFFMAN & w/ Susan s/ William C. COFFMAN d/ Elizabeth M. COFFMAN s/ Charles Edward COFFMAN, a minor s/ Andrew David COFFMAN, a minor s/ Cornelius S. COFFMAN, a minor d/ Martha A. COFFMAN, a minor s/ Ephraim Franklin COFFMAN, a minor Admin/ James C. COFFMAN with sureties as George M. ZIMMERMAN, Michael ZIMMERMAN and William W. ZIMMERMAN. LAND - "Fox Parlor" and "Five Mill Seats", 114 acre farm in Mechanicstown District; 4 miles NW of Mechanicstown and within 1/2 mile of the Western MD Rail Road line, abouth 1/2 mile from Slabtown Station and 2 miles from Lantz Station. Adjoined lands of Frederick WILLHIDE, Charles EYLER and Frederick EYLER. Improved with a substantial house, 2 barns, a spring, fruit trees; has good fencing and 25 acres are in timber. To Andrew CAUFMAN from Thomas GURLEY & w/ Amanda of Allegany County at $2,000 in Mar 1871 [CM07, 631]. Previously to GURLEY from: - Michael FRINGER & wife for 101 acres in Apr 1852 - John A. EYLER and Edwin EYLER for 6 acres in Jul 1852 - Jonas MATTHEWS for 6+ acres in Jan 1848 Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 10 Oct 1882 from: - Dr George M. ZIMMERMAN, age 47, resides in Graceham - stated place and date of death of decedent. - James C. COFFMAN, age 25 - stated date of death of decedent - William C. COFFMAN, age 22 Trustee was Dr. George M. ZIMMERMAN. Sale was held 22 Feb 1883 at Gilbert's Hotel in Mechanicstown; high bidder was: - Benjamin L. DUBEL at $17.50/acre or $2,003.75; however, Frederick W. H. ADDISON was substituted as purchaser. Distribution; court costs, $238.31 = $1,765.44 -Claims to multiple creditors, $693.72 - Each child's 1/8 share, $133.96 Closed 4 Aug 1883. ===
Samuel T. HAFNER & Others vs Ann V. WHITMORE & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4819 Randolph M. WHITMORE d/ 15 May 1878 (Will JRR-1, 282; written 15 May 1878) w/ Ann V. ($2,000) niece/Susan R. T. WHITMORE (d/o Nicholas)($2,000 & parlor organ) bro/ John M. WHITMORE ($15) - has no children Remainder of Estate to the children of his other five siblings; each sibling's share to be 1/5 and then divided equally among their children: bro/ William WHITMORE's children ...............William WHITMORE Jr ...............Charles WHITMORE ...............Thomas WHITMORE ...............Clinton WHITMORE, a minor ...............Jennie WHITMORE, a minor ...............Frank WHITMORE, a minor ...............Esther WHITMORE, a minor ...............Mattie WHITMORE, a minor ...............Mary WHITMORE, a minor ...............Blanche WHITMORE, a minor ...............Fanny WHITMORE, a minor bro/ Nicholas WHITMORE's children ...............Marietta P. WHITMORE ...............Susan R. w/o Dr Samuel T. HAFFNER sis/ Mary Ann 's children - w/o John HEDGES ...............Charles Coleman HEDGES - Allegany County ...............Isaac HEDGES - West Virginia ...............Louisa w/o Newton VAN METER - West Virginia ...............James P. HEDGES - Missouri ...............John HEDGES ...............Gideon HEDGES ...............Mary Jane HEDGES ...............Annie P. HEDGES ...............Ellie R. HEDGES sis/ Ann Rebecca's children - w/o John SCHAEFFER ...............Nicholas SHAEFFER ...............Charles SHAEFFER, a minor ...............Annie R. SHAEFFER, a minor ...............James C. SHAEFFER, a minor sis/ Phoebe Ann's children - w/o Wilson N. MARTZ ...............Randolph N. MARTZ ...............Charles MARTZ ...............Jennie P. MARTZ ...............John W. MARTZ ...............Harvey MARTZ ...............George MARTZ Property to be sold upon wife's remarriage or her death. If brother should have children, then division would be made in six equal shares. (Grandchildren's names from court records; not from the Will) Exec/ wife Witnesses: Charles GERLOCK, F. T. MUSSER, A. W. BURKHART --- LAND - "Altogether" and "Shafer's Rest", 60 acres; farm on south side of Spout Spring Turnpike, about 4 miles from Frederick; adjoined land of William F. JOHNSON, William T. PRESTON and north side of Spout Spring Turnpike. To Randolph M. WHITMORE from John M. WHITMORE and Joseph G. MILLER, execs/of Nicholas WHITMORE at $6,060 in Jul 1871 [CM-7, 189] - "Shafer's Rest", 11 acres To Randolph M. WHITMORE from Wilson N. MARTZ & w/ Phebe A. C. at $100/acre in Jul 1871 [CM-7,188]. - To Cornelius STALEY from Randolph M. WHITMORE & w/ Ann V. for 1 acre at $141.56 in Sep 1871 [CM-7, 308]. - "Resurvey on Tuscarora", 18+ acres on Lot #3, on west edge of Hamburg Road. (Plat on survey by John S. RAMSBURG in Mar 1871 of the "Spout Spring" tract) To Randolph M. WHITMORE from John M. WHITMORE and Joseph G. MILLER, execs/of Nicholas WHITMORE at $206.25 in Jul 1872 [CM-8, 653]. Previously to Nicholas from John J. WILSON for 158 acres in Jan 1833. William M. FEAGA had previously been the guardian of Susan WHITMORE. Debt to William M. FEAGA for $1,000 was assigned to Susan R. (WHITMORE) HAFFNER in Jul 1877. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 7 Feb 1883 from: - Mrs. Ann V. WHITMORE Trustee was C. V. S. LEVY. Sale was held 8 Jun 1883 on the premises; high bidders were: - Ann V. WHITMORE for 40 acres at $3,198.30 Sale was sufficient to pay off debts, so other real estate not sold. Distribution: court costs, $338.90 = $2,859.40 - Susan R. HAFFNER, claim, $1,097.50 - Mary E. BATEY, use of Susan R. HAFFNER, claim, $515.82 - Mary E. BATEY, claim, $288.05 - Margaret MARTZ, claim, $37.93 - Ann V. WHITMORE, use of Mary E. BATEY, claim, $150.32 - Ann V. WHITMORE, claim, $93.18 - C. V. S. LEVY, trustee, pending order of the court, balance, $676.60 Closed 8 Sep 1883. ===
755-end - BOONE, SLAVES, TANEYHILL - Jan 1883
Nelly TAYLOR vs Mary BOONE, wid/of Moses BOONE & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4857 Moses BOONE (colored, previously a slave) d/ Aug or Sep 1882, intestate widow - Mary (no children) When Moses was young, his parents and two young sisters, Harnette (possibly Harriette) and Elizabeth were sold into slavery and removed from the state. Since then, Moses has never heard from them. LAND - House & Lot #126 on Klinehart's Alley in Frederick Town; the south half of lot (other half owned by Thomas GORSUCH). Improved with a 1 1/2-story log house with two rooms up and two rooms down; hydration in the yard. To Moses BOONE from William H. DOUB & w/ Marietta C. at $220 in Feb 1862 [BGF-7, 318]. Previously to DOUB from James McSHERRY, exec/of H. WEBER in Feb 1862. On 2 Jun 1883, Aaron TANEYHILL stated the widow, Mary BOONE was 53 years old and in good health. Trustee was Charles W. RICE. Sale was held 28 Jun 1883 at the Courthouse door; high bidder was: - Mary BOONE at $256 Distribution allowed Mary BOONE, widow, 1/8 in lieu of her dower, $32; the balance went to court costs and multiple creditors. Closed 13 Oct 1883. ================== The End of AF-4 ==================

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