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Equity AF-4

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber AF-4; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Original Records located at Maryland State Archives)

Equity AF-4
1-13 - BOWSER, EYLER - Dec 1881
Adam H. EYLER vs Adam BOWSER, et al - Report of Sales - Equity #4749 In March 1873, Emeline A. BOWSER (w/o Adam BOWSER) and son William D. BOWSER (w/ Margaret) of Washington County agreed to purchase property then occupied by Adam BOWSER (shoemaker) for $330. LAND - 9 acres, in Eyler's Valley in Hauver's District, on road from Emmitsburg to Sabillasville, 3 miles from Sabillasville; adjoined lands of Charles A. EYLER, John C. EYLER and George FREEZE. Improved with a frame house, stable, bake house and peach and apple trees. To Adam H. EYLER from John C. EYLER & w/ Celiann E. in Feb 1881 [AF-3, 555]. Testimony was heard 17 Apr 1882 from: - Adam H. EYLER, age 56; (w/ Margaret S.) Trustee was Eugene L. ROWE. Sale was held 15 Aug 1882; high bidder was: - Adam H. EYLER at $300 After court costs, Adam H. EYLER received $182.33 as partial payment of claim. Closed 27 Sep 1882. ===
13-25 - SPARGO, SHIVERS, OGLE - Feb 1882
Ida A. SPARGO vs John N. SPARGO, et al - Equity #4758 John N. SPARGO d/ Jul 1868, intestate widow - Rachel A. d/ Nov 1880 d/ Ida A. SPARGO s/ John N. SPARGO (Jr), a minor s/ William SPARGO, a minor d/ Grace S. SPARGO, a minor LAND - "Resurvey on Drummine", 1/4 acre, in New London, on east side of road from Liberty Town to New Market. Located opposite of stone house of William HOBBS (but later Nathan MAYNARD Sr and then B. F. HULL/HALL); adjoined land of heirs of Mahlon SWOMLEY. Improved with a log house and a stone house. To John N. SPARGO from Micha SHIVERS (widow) at $625 in Feb 1867 [JWLC-4, 679]. Previously to Cornelius SHIVERS & w/ Micha from Francis LICKLE & w/ Sarah in Oct 1855 [BGF-1, 181]. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 10 Feb 1882 from: - John Peter JONES - William W. WALKER Trustee was Nathan MAYNARD. After a failed sale, private sale was allowed to: - Thomas A. OGLE at $625, cash Distribution: court costs, $123.45 - Each child's 1/4 share, $125.38 Closed 19 Jun 1882. ===
25-28 - SMITH, LAMBERT - Feb 1882
John C. LAMBERT vs James E. SMITH - Report of SALES - Equity #4764 Mortgage made by James E. SMITH & w/ Catharine C. and Sarah A. SMITH (James' mother) to Abraham SHAFF in Jan 1878. In Feb 1880 SHAFF assigned the mortgage to John C. LAMBERT. LAND - 1 acre, in Jefferson; adjoined the land of George M. THOMAS ( but in 1882, adjoined lands of Ezra M. THOMAS and Abraham SHAFF). Improved with a 1 1/2 story log house. To the SMITHs from John H. TAYLOR & w/ Susan E. in Apr 1871 [CM-6, 672]. Sale was held 11 June 1881 on the premises; high bidder was: - Catharine C. SMITH at $60 cash After court costs, John C. LAMBERT received $27.58 as partial mortgage. Closed 11 Aug 1882. ===
28-34 - CASSELL, WAESCHE - Feb 1882
Leonard R. WAESCHE vs Charles E. CASSELL - Report of Sales - Equity #4141 Trustees, for sale of property for payment of a mechanics lien, were Frederick J. NELSON and James McSHERRY. LAND - Lot on north side of Church St in Mechanicstown, adjoining the Lutheran Church, fronting 51' and running back to John R. ROUZER's lot for 165'. Improved with a 2-story brick house with 11 rooms with brick summer kitchen addition and cellar under the entire house; well in summer kitchen, wood shed, stabling and sheds. Sale was held at the GILBERT House in Mechanicstown on 20 May 1882; high bidder was: - Leonard R. WAESCHE at $2,500 (to reserve from sale dower for CASSELL's wife) Distribution: court costs, $329.30 - Leonard R. WAESCHE, mechanics lien, $2,170.70 Closed 25 Jul 1882. ===
Christian H. ECKSTEIN, mortgagee vs heirs of Grandison GALLOWAY - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4787 Grandison GALLOWAY d/ late 1881 wife also dec'd (names of heirs and description of property not provided) LAND - 1/2 acre To Grandison GALLOWAY from Henry B. SHROEDER in Feb 1867 [JWLC-4, 657]. Mortgaged to Christian H. ECKSTEIN in Mar 1878 at $75. Testimony was heard 7 Jun 1882 from: - Charles T. DARNER, Frederick City, warden of county jail - Christian H. ECKSTEIN, Frederick City, attorney Trustee was Christian H. ECKSTEIN. Sale was held 5 Aug 1882 at the Court House door; high bidder was: - Joseph S. B. HARTSOCK at $100 After court costs, C. H. ECKSTEIN received $43.45 for the mortgage claim. Closed 27 Nov 1882. ===
John S. L. RODRICK, mortgagee of Margaret RICHARDSON & husband, Alexander RICHARDSON - Report of Sales - Equity #4768 Margaret RICHARDSON d/ c1882 w/o Alexander RICHARDSON LAND - Lot #215 on South St in Liberty Town. Improved with a 1 1/2 story log house and fruit trees. Sale was held 25 Feb 1882 on the premises; high bidder was: - Charles R. PENN at $200 Distribution: court costs, $54.38 - John S. L. RODRICK, mortgage and interest, $51.36 - Alexander RICHARDSON, 1/2, $47.13 - Heirs of Margaret RICHARDSON, 1/2, $47.13 Petition of Alexander RICHARDSON to place shares of $9.43 each for minor children, Dennis RICHARDSON and Eugene ROBERTS, into a savings acsount for said minors. (Relationships of minor children or any other heirs' names were not disclosed.) Closed 12 May 1882 ===
49-53 - RICHARDSON, ORNDORFF - May 1881
Aloysius F. ORNDORFF, mortgagee of William RICHARDSON & w/ Ann - Report of Sales - Equity #4697 LAND - Lot of 2 acres on the Emmitsburg Rail Road, 1 1/4 miles south of Emmitsburg. Improved with a 2-story house. To William RICHARDSON from Mary C. TANEY in Mar 1877 [TG-7, 85]. Sale was held 24 May 1881 at the Western Maryland Hotel in Emmitsburg; high bidder was: - Aloysius F. ORNDORFF at $200 cash After court costs, Aloysius F. ORNDORFF received $136.70 as partial mortgage claim. Closed 12 Oct 1882. ===
Frederick Town Savings Institution vs Joseph EASTERDAY & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4584 Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY d/ 1859 or 1860 (Will written 4 Mar 1859) w/o Joseph EASTERDAY d/ Rachel Ann EASTERDAY d/ c1878 in Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV .....w/o John S. EASTERDAY - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV ..........John Ernest EASTERDAY, a minor - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV ..........Sarah EASTERDAY, a minor - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV ..........Ellen EASTERDAY, a minor - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV d/ Sarah Virginia EASTERDAY d/ c1875 .....w/o Fayette B. SOUDERS - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV ..........Fayette Slagle SOUDERS, a minor - Charlestown, Jefferson Co, WV s/ Jacob Frederick Marion EASTERDAY - St Louis, MO .....w/ Martha HENDRICKS - St Louis, MO d/ Joanna EASTERDAY d/ c 1861 in Charlestown, WV, intestate, no issue - Dr George W. CRUM was her trustee SLAVES (may be hired out but not sold until youngest daughter of age) - HENRY, age 70 - DELILAH, age 70 - GEORGE, age 30 - SAMUEL, age 12 LAND - "Fielderea" and "Abraham's Home", 66 acres, in Jefferson District; on the Harpers Ferry Ridge Road, 2 miles west of Jefferson; adjoined lands of Joseph RODRICK, Thomas WILLARD and William A. HEMP. Improved with a 2-story log and stone house, meat house, corn house and stable; divided into six fields with fencing; well in yard of house. To Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY from William P. MAULSBY, trustee in Equity #2782, Mary EASTERDAY & Others vs Joseph EASTERDAY, in Nov 1858 [BGF-2, 574]. Previously in deed to Joseph EASTERDAY from Mary EASTERDAY, Lewis EASTERDAY and Joseph CARTZENDAFUER in Mar 1843 [HS-18, 444]. (children's spouses and grandchildren not named in Will; obtained from court records) Exec/ husband Witnesses: James WILLARD, George W. CRUM, Francis J. STEINER --- Sarah A. N. EASTERDAY wrote her Will on 4 Mar 1859, but was not within the Acts of Assembly (possibly because her husband as exec was required to go through the Orphan's Court to obtain permission to sell the real estate in the Will). Jacob F. M. EASTERDAY mortgaged his share to William A. HEMP for $250 in Jan 1876. The bank obtained judgments against Joseph EASTERDAY and Jacob Frederick M. EASTERDAY for their shares. Guardian was Fayette B. SOUDERS. Testimony was heard 17 Jun 1880 from: - Joseph EASTERDAY, age 65 - William A. HEMP Trustee was Charles W. ROSS. Sale was held 11 Dec 1880 at the Court House door in Frederick; high bidder was: - Outerbridge HORSEY, Esquire at $1,387.93 (purchased through agent, George T. STEINER and signed at Needwood) Distribution of $1,474.26; court costs, $274.20 - William A. HEMP, mortgagee of J.F.M. EASTERDAY, $340.66 - Frederick Town Savings, balance of J.F.M. EASTERDAY debt, $14.91 - John Ernest EASTERDAY, 1/3 of 1/3, $118.52 - Sarah E. EASTERDAY, 1/3 of 1/3, $118.52 - Ellen EASTERDAY, 1/3 of 1/3, $118.52 - Fayette Slagle SOUDER, 1/3, $355.57 Closed 14 Feb 1883. ===
Samuel H. BROWN and William P. MAULSBY Jr, trustees of Edward F. LOHMAN - Report of Sales - Equity #4825 Deed of Trust to BROWN and MAULSBY for benefit of creditors of and by Edward F. LOHMAN & w/ Fredericka. LAND - Lot on south side of West Fourth St in Frederick City which was a wagon and carriage shop and house then occupied by Martin LEWIS. To Edward F. LOHMAN from Andrew STRUBE. Sale was held 2 Sep 1882 on the premises in Frederick City; high bidders were: - Richard P. HAGAN and Charles M. HAGAN at $2,325 Personal property was sold at $1,619.89. Total sales, $3,939.39. Distribution of $4,164.84; court costs, $658.86 - William KAHLE, judgment, $45.86 - J. HARTSOCK, claim, $43.11 - Edward F. LOHMAN (per laws of trust sale), $100 - EBBERT & Son, mortgage, $319.79 - Franklin Bank, mortgage, $2,070.03 - F & M National Bank, note, $839.25 - Joseph L. ROUTZAHN, partial mortgage, $87.26 Closed 24 Feb 1883. ===
81-84 - HAAS, PATTERSON, ELDER - Jul 1882
Mary E. PATTERSON, mortgagee of John HAAS & w/ Barbara - Report of Sales - Equity #4806 LAND - Lot #141 (western half) on Church St in Emmitsburg; with High St on the north and an alley to the south. To John HAAS from Bennet TYSON inn Apr 1879. Previously to Bennet TYSON from John A. SMITH & wife in Sep 1866. Sale was held 25 Feb 1882 on the premises; high bidder was: - Mrs. James A. ELDER at $700 Distribution: court costs, $101.38 - Mary E. PATTERSON, mortgage claim, $598.62 Closed 16 Oct 1882. ===
85-102 - CLAY, TRAYER, CHRIST, PLUMMER - May 1880
Theodore A. CLAY vs John C. CLAY & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4590 Annie CLAY d/ 19 Feb 1877, Union Bridge, Carroll County (Will written 14 Jan 1877; filed 5 Mar 1877) s/ John Christopher CLAY & w/ Kesiah - Toledo, Ohio d/ Marietta CLAY w/o William H. TRAYER (she living in Union Bridge; he living in PA) s/ Arthur Kecy CLAY & w/ Susannah - New Market s/ Theodore Appler CLAY - Union Bridge d/ Artemesia CLAY, dec'd w/o Jacob H. CHRIST (age 45) - Carroll County ..........Rosa CHRIST - Union Bridge, Carroll County ..........Harry CHRIST, a minor - Out of State Jacob H. CHRIST to act as guardian for his son Harry. Exec/ son, Theodore A. CLAY (also to act as guardian for Rosa) Witnesses: Jacob J. WEAVER Jr, John S. DEVILBISS, John B. EPPLEY --- LAND - "Resurvey on Rich Hill" and "Resurvey on Hall's Choice", 29 acres and house in New Market; located on road from Baltimore Turnpike to Burnt Mills, known as Burnt Mills Road; adjoined lands of Abner PLUMMER and Simon CRONISE. Agreement of Sale to Ann CLAY from William H. TRAYER at $678 in Jan 1877; however, she died before the deed was conveyed. Previously - To William Henry TRAYER from Jacob TRAYER & w/ Sarah at $425 in Feb 1864 [WJLC-2, 381]. To Jacob TRAYER and William TRAYER from Stephen PLAINE & w/ Nancy at $710 in Apr 1852 [BGF-5, 197]. To Nancy PLAINE (widow) and her heirs from Samuel PLAINE in Apr 1851 [WBT-13, 333]. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was head 12 May 1882 from: - Theodore A. CLAY - Joseph WOOD Trustee was John E. R. WOOD. Sale was held 30 Sep 1882 in front of GRIFFITH's Hotel in New Market; high bidder was: - William H. PLUMMER at $475 Page 103 was left blank, probably for the distribution, but never completed. Last filing dated 31 Oct 1882. ===
Martha A. MULL & husband George H. MULL, Mary A. GETZENDANNER and Lydia A. STONE, mortgagees vs Samuel GETZENDANNER - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4737 Mortgage owed to George SMITH, who later died, exec/ George William SMITH then assigned the mortgage to Sarah GETZENDANNER. Sarah GETZENDANNER d/ 1878 d/ Catharine E. GETZENDANNER w/o Mason R. MARSH ..........George W. P. MARSH ..........Joel J. MARSH d/ Mary Ann GETZENDANNER* s/ Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER & Amanda s/ Samuel GETZENDANNER* & w/Columbia d/ Sarah Ellen GETZENDANNER d/ Lydia Ann (GETZENDANNER)*, widow of GEORGE STONE d/ Martha Ann (GETZENDANNER)* w/o George MULL (* mentioned in Will written 18 July 1876 Execs/ son Samuel and daughter Lydia Witnesses: Samuel HARGETT, Wilson GREENWALD, W. H. HARRY) LAND - Lot #1 of "Pleasant Plains", 59 acres, on road from Ridge Road near the Mount Zion Church to the National Turnpike, 4 miles SW of Frederick; adjoining lands of Samuel HARGETT, Edward ZIMMERMAN and Samuel ZIMMERMAN. Improved with a 2-story house with a garden and orchard and a spring of mountain water; farm is divided into several fields with fencing and has stream of water running through fields. To Samuel GETZENDANNER from James W. CASTLE & w/ Louisa Ellen at $1,400 in Nov 1855 [ES-8, 185]. Previously to James W. CASTLE from James BESANT in Sep 1853 [ES-4, 240]. - Mortgaged to George SMITH by Samuel GETZENDANNER at $75 in Nov 1858. After George SMITH died, his executor, George William SMITH, transferred the mortgage to Sarah E. GETZENDANNER. In Jan 1859, Samuel GETZENDANNER mortgaged estate from his father, Jefferson GETZENDANNER, to his sisters, Sarah Ellen, Lydia Ann, Martha Ann and Mary Ann, as he owed monies to each of them. Estate to heirs of Jefferson from Jacob GETZENDANNER. Testimony was heard 20 March 1882 from: - George William SMITH - Samuel GETZENDANNER Trustees were Charles W. ROSS and William WILCOXON. Sale was held 27 Apr 1882 at the Court House door in Frederick; high bidder was: - George H. MULL at $25/acre, but was unable to make payment. After a failed re-sale attempt, on 5 Sep 1882, private sale was made to: - Edward J. ZIMMERMAN at $20/acre, $1,200 Petition to acknowledge the death of Sarah Ellen Getzendanner and to list her heirs was filed in Dec 1882 by: - Martha A. & h/ George MULL - Mary A. GETZENDANNER - Lydia A. STONE - George W. P. MARSH & w/ Julia A. M. - Joel J. MARSH & w/ Emma - Samuel GETZENDANNER & w/ Columbia - Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER & w/ Amanda - Washington County Distribution of $1,188.56; court costs, $256.59 1st Mortgage - Samuel GETZENDANNER, 1/4 of $677.20 per Will, $169.30 - Martha A. MULL, 1/4 of $677.20 per Will, $169.30 - Lydia A. STONE, 1/4 of $677.20 per Will, $169.30 - Mary A. GETZENDANNER, 1/4 of $677.20 per Will, $169.30 2nd Mortgage - Martha A. MULL, $71.02 - Lydia A. STONE, $74.71 - Mary A. GETZENDANNER, $55.35 Leaving Balance of $53.69 - share of Sarah Ellen GETZENDANNER - Samuel GETZENDANNER, $8.94 - Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER, $8.94 - Martha A. MULL, $8.94 - Lydia A. STONE, $8.94 - Mary A. GETZENDANNER, $8.94 - George W. P. MARSH, $4.47 - Joel J. MARSH, $4.47 Closed 25 Jan 1883. Notes - Frederick Co, MD - Marriage Licenses - Jefferson GETZENDANNER & Sarah BAIRD on Aug 7, 1823 - Catharine E. GETZENDANNER & Mason R. MARSH on Nov 9, 1843 - Jacob A. J. GETZENDANNER & Amanda E. RAMSBURG on 05/10/1852 - George W. P. MARSH, 27 & Julia A. M. STINE, 19 on 03/28/1872 by H. G. Bowers in FC (320) - Joel J. MARSH, 33 & Emma A. M. SHISORS, 23 on 05/17/1882 by N. H. Skyles in Jefferson (334) ===
Sebastian G. Cockey, agent for Catharine C. LESTER, mortgagee of Norman B. CLABAUGH & w/ Margaret E. - Report of Sales - Equity #4811 LAND - "Middle Plantation", 38+ acres, 3 miles south of Mount Pleasant, on the Ridge Road to the Baltimore Turnpike from Frederick to New Market; adjoined lands of Adam JACOBS and John BEALL; then in occupancy of John P. CRAMER. Improved with a house, barn, a frame grist mill and saw mill which are on the Linganore and also has a spring near the house. To Margaret E. CLABAUGH (w/o Norman B.) from Henry M. NIXDORFF [CM-7, 686]. Sale was held 5 Aug 1882 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidder was: - John H. BEALL at $1,100 Distribution; court costs, $150.30 - Catharine C. LESTER, mortgage, $949.70 Closed 2 Nov 1882. ===
Joshua WACHTER & Others vs John STRAFFER & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4778 Daniel STRAFFER d/ Feb 1882 (left no widow or children) sis/ Ann Maria STRAFFER w/o Joshua WACHTER bro/ John STRAFFER (d/ Jul 1882) & w/ Julia (age abt 72) - Out of State ............Annie M. STRAFFER w/o Hiram J. GROVE ............Virginia STRAFFER - York Co, PA ............John O./L. STRAFFER - New York City, NY ............Olivia A. STRAFFER w/o Lewis HORN - York Co, PA bro/ Jacob STRAFFER & w/ Harriette - Out of State bro/ Michael STRAFFER & w/ Elizabeth - Out of State sis/ Henrietta (STRAFFER) KLINE, dec'd ............William S./T. KLINE & w/ Catharine - Out of State ............Charles M. KLINE - Out of State ............Clara M. KLINE w/o James SHAFER ............Esther C. KLINE w/o George WILES ............Daniel C. KLINE sis/ Susan (STRAFFER) STULL, dec'd ............Joanna M. STULL w/o David CRAVER/CRUM ............Willie Ann S./T. STULL w/o John CLEM ............Jennette F. M. STULL ............Thomas STULL sis/ Margaret (STRAFFER) CURFMAN ............Sarah A. R. CURFMAN w/o James LYONS ............Charlotte M. CURFMAN w/o Peter H. BUSSARD ............Mary R. CURFMAN w/o William FRY - Washington County ............Harriette CURFMAN (left the state many years ago, whereabouts unknown) LAND - parts of "Wirbersheim"/"Vulversham", "Bull Frog" and "Clem's Chance", 21 acres; 4 miles NW of Frederick on road to Bethel Church; adjoining the lot of Elizabeth ALLBRIGHT, Solomon KELISE, George UNGLEBERGER, Jacob STULL, and Henry WHACTER. Improved with a 1 1/2 story house with back building, a small barn, wagon shed, corn house; divided into five fields and watered with springs; has an apple orchard and a peach orchard. To Daniel STRAFFER from John HARDY & w/ Ann Sophia at $1,350 in Apr 1858 [BGF-1, 624]. Previously to HARDY from Henry RAILING & wife in Mar 1856. --- The Will of Daniel STRAFFER (written 12 May 1881) made these bequests: - Lydia A. E. RAMSBURG - $200 - Mary C. DUDEROW (wife's niece) - $200 - Lydia C. DUDEROW - $175 - John HARDY - $55 - Edwin S. WACHTER - $25 - Lavina B. A. WACHTER (d/o Joshua WACHTER) - $25 - Ann M. WACHTER (w/o Joshua WACHTER) - $100 - Sarah LYONS - $25 - Mount Olivet Cemetery, Frederick City - $50 - Lutheran Congregation at Bethel ( remaining monies) Exec/ friend, Dennis RAMSBURG Witnesses: T. HULL, Charles J. SMITH, Wesley A. WACHTER No dispostion of the land was stated in the Will. --- Trustee was Dennis RAMSBURG. Sale was held 24 Aug 1882 on the premises; high bidder was: - Lucinda R. HAFFNER at $1,950 Neighbors then were Philip WACHTER and Francis MEASEL. Distribution of $2,034.75; court costs, $230.63 = $1,804.10 - Ann M. WACHTER, sister, 1/7, $257.72 - Julia STRAFFER, widow of John a brother, 1/10 of 1/7, $25.77 - Annie M. GROVE, 1/4 of 9/10 of 1/7, $57.98 - Virginia STRAFFER, 1/4 of 9/10 of 1/7, $57.98 - John L. STRAFFER, 1/4 of 9/10 of 1/7, $57.98 - Olivia HORN, 1/4 of 9/10 of 1/7, $57.98 - Jacob STRAFFER, 1/7, $257.72 - Michael STRAFFER, 1/7, $257.72 - Henrietta KLINE's children, each 1/5 of 1/7, $51.54 - Susan STULL's children, each 1/4 of 1/7, $64.43 - Margaret CURFMAN's children, each 1/4 of 1/7, $64.43 Closed 25 May 1883. ===
142-157 - TOMS, CLAGETT, RAMSBURG - Dec 1877
Joshua TOMS vs Jacob TOMS & Others - Sale of Real Estate - Equity #4317 LAND - 1/3 undivided share of House & 1/2 of Lot #5 on north side of Main St in Middletown. Improved with a 3-story brick house with back building attached, a stable, ice house, being a corner property situated in the center of the town; adjoined the Lutheran church. Then occupied by Isaiah J. TOMS. To Jacob TOMS (w/ Mary) from Isaiah J. TOMS (w/ Mary C.) of Middletown at $2,200 in Mar 1870 [CM-4, 689]. Previously to Isaiah from Charles J. BAER in Apr 1869 [CM-3, 263]. Mortgage to Joshua TOMS of Washington County from Jacob TOMS & w/ Mary for $3,290.96 in Apr 1875 (1/3 share). Mortgage to Mary C. TOMS (w/o Jacob) from Isaiah J. TOMS for $2,380 in Feb 1875 (2/3 share). Also included 1/2 share of Lot on south side of Main St in Middletown which was to Isaiah J. TOMS and Edward BOWLUS from Joseph CRONE Thomas CLAGETT obtained a judgment against Isaiah and sold the property, by Sheriff John SWEADNER, to Thomas CLAGETT for $10 [TG-7, 645]. Sale was voided. Trustees were Milton G. URNER and Charles V. S. LEVY. Sale was held 31 Dec 1881 in front of the Valley Register office in Middletown; high bidder was: - John W. RAMSBURG at $2,100 who resold it to Mary Catharine TOMS (w/o Isaiah J. TOMS) at $2,300 Distribution of $2,100; court costs, $220.70 - Milton G. URNER and C. V. S. LEVY, for Joshua TOMS, $417.20 and for balance of Isaiah's 2/3, $835.66 and for balance of Jacob's 1/3, $626.43 Closed 13 Jun 1882. ===
Daniel AHALT & wife vs Elizabeth ZECHER & Others - Sale of Real Estate- Equity #4570 Barbara AHALT d/ 2 Mar 1880 at her home near Middletown, intestate bro/ Daniel AHALT & w/ Eliza E. sis/ Elizabeth AHALT w/o John C. ZECHER sis/ Mary Ann AHALT w/o Ephraim LONG - Nebraska sis/ Sarah Ann AHALT bro/ Jacob B. AHALT d/ Sep 1863 .....w/ Mary (age 67) and 9 children ........1/ Lewis H. AHALT & w/ Margaret ........2/Anna C. AHALT w/o David HUFFER ........3/ Malinda E. AHALT (d/ 1881) w/o John HUFFER ------------Calvin Luther HUFFER ------------Edward M. HUFFER ------------Mary L. HUFFER, a minor* ------------John W. HUFFER, a minor* ------------Florence C. HUFFER, a minor* ........4/ Violetta AHALT, dec'd w/o Martin H. BEACHLY ------------Laura E. R. BEACHLY ------------Olivia BEACHLY w/o John FLOOK - Kansas ------------Daniel J. H. BEACHLY ------------Martin H. O. BEACHLY, a minor ........5/ Carlton E. AHALT & w/ Sarah E. - Virginia ........6/ Lucinda AHALT w/o Frederick K. PHLEEGER ........7/ Martha Ellen AHALT w/o Mahlon ARNOLD ........8/ Susan R. AHALT w/o John H. KEPLER ........9/ John W. O. AHALT & w/ Samantha T. "Jennie" *(It seems at one point they mixed up the names of Anna and Malinda as Anna appeared to still be alive upon the distribution. There was some confusion on the children's names as noted "*"; listed one way and then again later with different names, as in the Distribution) Adm/ Elizabeth ZECHER LAND - "Resurvey on Tom's Gift", House & Lot, 2 acres, two miles west of Middletown on road from Old Sharpsburg Road to the Middletown-Burkittsville Road. Improved with a 2-story rouch cast house of seven rooms and a kitchen, a stable and well at the kitchen door and has a variety of fruit trees. Then in occupancy of Frederick K. PHLEEGER. To Barbara AHALT from Esther SMITH at $825 in Nov 1875 [TG-7, 129]. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 24 Jan 1882 from: - Daniel AHALT - Lewis H. AHALT Trustee was Lewis H. AHALT, Esquire. Sale was held 4 Mar 1882 at the office of the Valley Register in Middletown; high bidder was: - Henson T. RUDY at $726 Distribution of $766 (includes rents): court costs, $211.03 - T. O. RUDY, $6.20 - Dr. W. E. BOTELER, $16 - leaving $532.77 - Dr. H. AHALT, 1/5, $106.55 - Elizabeth Zecker, 1/5, $106.55 - Mary LONG, 1/5, $106.55 - Sarah A. AHALT, 1/5, $106.55 - Lewis H. AHALT, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Annie HUFFER, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Carlton AHALT, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Lucinda FLEEGER, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Ellen ARNOLD, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Susan KEPLER, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - John W. AHALT, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.83 - Malinda Huffer's children, each 1/5 of 1/9 of 1/5, $2.36 .....Lewis (Luther?), Georgette, Edward, Frank and Mary HUFFER* - Violetta BEACHLY's children, each 1/4 of 1/9 of 1/5, $2.97 .....D.J.H., Martin H.O., Laura N. BEACHLY and Olivia FLOOK Closed 9 Dec 1882. ===
176- - -
Tryon H. EDWARDS, trustee of Michael BARTHOLOW - 3rd Report of Sales - Equity #4520 (additional - see AF-1, 398 and AF-2, 316) (to be continued) ================== The End of AF-4 ==================

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