Frederick Co, MD - Equity AF-1

Frederick County, Maryland

Equity Court Abstracts

These are abstracts from Equity Court Records of Frederick County, Maryland, Liber AF-1; many times providing family data on the defendant and sometimes on persons not mentioned on the docket. Some of the listings are quite informative while others, being dismissed, may only have the date and name of plantiff and defendant. However, the cases brought before the judge consisted of sworn testimony and each one holds a story. Perhaps you will find a story connected to your search.
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA C2477-22; MdHR T2936-50; Loc 2-70-10-50 dtd 1879]

Susanna RENNER d/ 18 Mar 1879 in Woodsboro District, intestate w/o Jacob RENNER d/ 1867 s/ John RENNER & w/ Catharine (BIEHL) - Carroll County d/ Mary RENNER, dec'd w/o Henry KUMP ..........William M. KUMP & w/ Margaret (RECK) - Carroll County ..........Susan Elizabeth KUMP w/o George W. HOFFMAN ..........Louisa C. KUMP w/o Nathan SLIDER - Carroll County ..........Amanda R. KUMP w/o Daniel SHEFFEY - Carroll County ..........Millard F. KUMP, a minor ..........Mary Emma KUMP, a minor d/ Catharine RENNER w/o Henry FAVORITE s/ Samuel RENNER & w/ Christianna (GRABILL) s/ Emanuel RENNER d/ Elizabeth RENNER, dec'd 1st w/o Henry FAVORITE ..........Ida V. FAVORITE, a minor ..........Mary Ellen FAVORITE, a minor ..........Isabella FAVORITE, a minor d/ Susanna RENNER w/o Jacob ASHBAUGH s/ Josiah RENNER LAND - "Nothing Ventured Nothing Got", "First Chance" and "Fifth Dividend", 2 3/4 acres; 2 miles north of Woodsboro on road from Broad Run to Oak Hill; adjoined land of Philip HARTMAN and John EILER. Improved with a 2-story log weather-boarded house, stable and fruit trees. To Susanna RENNER from Samuel KRISE for 1 acre in Oct 1838. To Susanna RENNER from Philip CUTSHALL & w/ Lydia for 1+ acres in Jun 1850. Guardian was Edward A. GITTINGER. Testimony was heard on 5 Jul 1879 from: - Emanuel RENNER - Henry KRISE Trustee was Emanuel RENNER. Sale was held 18 Sep 1879 on the premises; high bidder was: - John RENNER at $607 Distribution: court costs, $172.26 - each child's 1/8 share, $54.34 Closed 14 Dec 1879. ===
18-37 - WILLIAMS, WALTHAM, SCOTT, JAMES, SIMONS, EAMICH, BENNETT, HICKMAN, BOST - Feb 1879 George F. EAMICH & w/ Virginia vs Sydnor BENNETT, Adm/of Henry S. WILLIAMS (of Loudoun Co, VA) & Others
Mary C. (WALTHAM) WILLIAMS d/ 22 Oct 1878, intestate, without issue w/o Sydduah WILLIAMS d/ 1864 bro/ Mortimer WALTHAM & wife - Woodberry, Baltimore Co, MD sis/ Caroline WALTMAN w/o Edward SCOTT - Loudoun Co, VA sis/ Sarah Ann WALTMAN (d/ 1863) w/o Richard JAMES ..........Joseph M. JAMES & wife - Illinois ..........William A. JAMES & wife - Lovettsville, Loudoun Co, VA ..........Erasmus Turner JAMES & w/ Mary SIMONS ..........Mary Virginia JAMES w/o George F. EAMICH - Lovettsville, Loudoun Co, VA ..........Alpheus W. JAMES - Illinois (possibly other unknown heirs) adm/ Sydnor BENNETT of Loudoun Co, VA LAND - Lots# 1, 2, 4, 5 in two parcels, 1/2 acre, in Point of Rocks, between the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. 1st parcel - adjoins Mrs. C. BOST and J. F. ROBINSON and is improved with a 2-story frame house, store, and shedding 2nd parcel - adjoins Mrs. C. BOST and the 'Furnace Lot' and is improved with stabling. (lots laid out by Charles JOHNSON) To Mary C. WILLIAMS from Otto W. TRUNDLE & w/ Sarah in Oct 1865 [JWLC-3, 165]. Mortgages to Henry S. WILLIAMS (to be paid upon her death) and one to Roger T. DAWSON who assigned it to HICKMAN & WILLIAMS. Testimony was heard on 15 Jul 1879 from: - George F. EAMICH, age 34, Lovettsville, Loudoun Co, VA - James H. BEZANT, age 61, Frederick City Trustee was Carlton SHAFER. Sale was held 13 Sep 1879 on the premises; high bidders were: - HICKMAN & WILLIAMS for 1st lot at $407 - Cornelius BOST for 2nd lot at $25 Total sales, $432. Distribution: court costs, $244.10 - George F. EAMICH, assignee of HICKMAN & WILLIAMS, assignee of R. T. DAWSON, $151.24 - Sydnor BENNETT, adm/of Henry S. WILLIAMS, partial, $36.66 Closed 1 Dec 1879. ===
38-42 - BOWLUS, BAER (This is a duplicate of TG-7, 582-587)
Noah BOWLUS and Edward BOWLUS, mortgagees of Charles F. BAER & w/ Margaret C. BAER ===
Edmund C. CARTZENDAFNER vs Joseph E. CARTZENDAFNER - Dissolution of Partnership Edmund C. CARTZENDAFNER and Joseph E. CARTZENDAFNER were brothers who formed a partnership for a milling business and traded as J. E. CARTZENDAFNER & Bro. LAND - "Tasker's Chance" and "Pipe Creek Meadow", 21 1/2 acres, a flour mill known as 'Carroll Creek Mills' on Carroll Creek, 1 mile east of Frederick and on road from Frederick to the Monocacy River at CAMPBELL's Ford; adjoining lands of James GLADHILL and George M. POTTS, Esquire. Improved with a 4-story brick and stone merchant mill with five run of burrs, machinery has had modern improvements; also a 2-story mill house, stable, carriage house and a young orchard. (Joseph operated this one) To CARTZENDAFNER brothers from William D. BOWERS & w/ Charlotte E. for $10,200 in Jul 1866. (Previously to BOWERS from Edward A. SHRINER and David WEAVER & wife in Mar 1857 [ES-9, 369]. Also to BOWERS from Joseph ROUTZAHN & wife in Apr 1865 [JWLC-2, 582]. Also to BOWERS from Joseph G. MILLER & wife in Jun 1866.) - parts of "Resurvey on Drummine" and "Nathan's Undertaking", 28+ acres, a flour mill known as 'New London Mills' in New London, 4 miles from Monrovia Depot, Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road. Improved with a 3-story frame weatherboarded merchant mill with stone basement, containing three run of burrs, machinery with modern improvements; also a 2-story stone house, stable, carriage house, saw mill and apple and peach orchards. (Edmund operated it). To CARTZENDAFNER brothers from Henry BAKER for $7,104 in 1873 [JWLC-2, 29-31]. Mortgage to Thomas N. HARWOOD for $8,000. In May 1879, Joseph E. CARTZENDAFNER abandoned his home and business and left the state of Maryland. Upon investigation of the books, it was found Joseph had also taken all the monies from the firm and had left debts unpaid. Appointed receivers were Thomas CLAGETT and Elias ZIMMERMAN. Sale was held at the City Hotel in Frederick on 2 Aug 1879; high bidders were: - Joseph S. HOUSE for Carroll Creek Mill at $5,700 but he resold it to William KOLB - William KOLB for New London Mill at $4,050 Total sales, $9,750. Distribution of $16,325.78 (includes personal property & collections) - court costs, $1,007.69 - Thomas CLAGETT & Elias ZIMMERMAN, assignees of Thomas N. HARWOOD, mortgagee, $9,174.66 - balance of $6,123.43 was paid to multiple creditors at 28% Closed 10 Dec 1879. ===
75-93 - SIGAFOOSE, WENNER, JORDAN, GRAHAM - Aug 1876 A. Holland SIGAFOOSE & Others vs Andrew Jackson SIGAFOOSE and Charles Emory SIGAFOOSE
William SIGAFOOSE d/ 15 Dec 1875, intestate (no widow) s/ Armistead Holland SIGAFOOSE & w/ Seniaretta s/ William D. SIGAFOOSE s/ Andrew Jackson SIGAFOOSE, a minor s/ Charles Emory SIGAFOOSE, a minor LAND - Lot# 53 in Berlin (now Brunswick). To William SIGAFOOSE from Robert BOONE & w/ Catharine for $25 in Jan 1848 [WBT-7, 437]. - Lot# 52 in Berlin (now Brunswick), 1/8 acre. To William SIGAFOOSE from William KUHN for $10 in Dec 1869 [CM-5 (or 3?), 675]. - Lot# 53 (1/2 lot) on Second St in Berlin (now Brunswick), 1/8 acre and house. To William SIGAFOOSE from Armistead Thomas Mason FILLER & w/ Lydia of Loudoun Co, VA for $150 in Apr 1869 [CM-4, 281]. - 49 sq perches; except water rights to the well & he to keep it in good repair. To William SIGAFOOSE from James KENNEDY for $50 in Aug 1873 [TG-4, 398]. Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard on 2 Jan 1877 from: - A. Holland SIGAFOOSE - Edward D. BERNARD Trustee was A. Holland SIGAFOOSE; however, he requested Milton G. URNER as his replacement. Sale was held in front of Major Lingan BOTELER's store in Berlin on 14 Nov 1877; high bidder was: - Mortimer S. WENNER at $188; but he resold it to J. L. JORDAN Sr., William GRAHAM and C. F. WENNER. On 18 Apr 1879, William D. SIGAFOOSE and Charles E. SIGAFOOSE were then living in Montgomery County. Distribution of $197 (includes int); court costs, $136.23 - balance of $60.77 went to creditors at 27%, a few of them being Dr. John W. HILLEARY, Dr. J. S. O'DONNEL and Dr. George W. WEST Closed 13 Dec 1879. ===
93-112 - ZELLERS, BLANK, WALTER - Oct 1878 Dr. Francis T. BURCK & Others vs Christopher H. ECKSTEIN, adm/of Otelia ZELLERS & Others
Otelia ZELLERS d/ Aug 1878, intestate, no children w/o Francis ZELLERS (died before his wife) bro/ Rudolph BLANK & wife - lived in German Empire bro/ ____ BLANK - lived in German Empire LAND - Lot# 6 (east half, 25 x 240') on Middle Alley, between 4th and 5th Sts in Frederick Town. Improved with a 2-story log weatherboarded house and 1-story back building and vacant Lot (25x240'). To Otelia ZELLERS from Joshua TROXELL & w/ Ann Maria for $350 in Oct 1863. Previously to TROXELL from John H. POPE & w/ Caroline in Sep 1860 [BGF-6, 142]. Testimony was heard on 31 Mar 1879 from: - Christian ESKSTEIN, age 33, Frederick City - Mollie MUNSTON, age 30, Frederick City - Alice NOLAND (d/o Harriet ROBINSON) - Harriet ROBINSON, age 50, Fifth St, Frederick City (w/o Adam ROBINSON) she laid decedent out for funeral (also spelled ROBERTSON and ROBERSON) - Frank T. SMITH, age 49, Frederick City, physician (partners with Charles SMITH and t/a Drs. Charles & F. F. SMITH) - Francis T. BURCK, physician - Albert T. RICE, age 56, Frederick City (partners with Perry RICE and t/a P & A T Rice, cabinet makers and undertakers) Trustee was George ESTERLY. Sale was held 7 Jun 1879 at the City Hotel; high bidder was: - John WALTER for House & Lot and vacant Lot at $485 Distribution: court costs, $191.64 - balance, $293.36 to multiple creditors Closed 23 Aug 1879. ===
William G. BAKER and Charles W. ROSS, trustees of Henry BAKER and wife - Report of Sales LAND - to Henry BAKER 1 - parts of "Carmack's Farewell" and Stony Point", 75 acres, adjoining Liberty. Improved with a 2-story house, large bank barn (75 x 40'), wagon shed, and corn cribs. 2 - "Linden", 5 acres; Improved with a 2 1/2 story brick house with cellar under the whole house and fruit trees. 3 - Tannery in Liberty, 1 1/2 acres. Improved with a 2-story house, a 3-story brick tannery building (50 x 34') with large bark and tan shedding; office building; and 2-story leather house (36 x 18'), steam engine and boiler, new bark mill and wet tan furnace. 4 - "Carmack's Farewell", 4 acres, on east end of Libertytown and on north side of public road; adjoined the tannery and land of Jonathan BROWNING. From James M. COALE in March 1860. 5 - 1/2 acre; Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house with back building and stabling. 6 - Lots #7 & 8 in Libertytown Improved with large stone black smith shop and 1-story frame house. 7 - Lot #9, 1/4 acre (adjoined 6), in Libertytown Improved with two double houses, one log and one weatherboarded. 8 - Lots #5 & 6 (50 x 250' each) on Front Street in Liberty From Prudence OVELMAN in Mar 1844 (previously to George OVELMAN). 9 - "Piney Hill", 16 acre wood lot, near Libertytown; adjoined land of the late Major Sabrete SOLLERS, Daniel ROOT and General James M. COALE. From Andrew W. BAKER in May 1871. Lots were included in parts of land deeded to Henry BAKER: - "Howard's Paradise", 54 acres - parts of "Stony Point", "Duke's Woods" and "Howard's Paradise", 30 acres; From Francis S. JONES & w/ Ellen D. in Mar 1869. - parts of "Duke's Woods" and "Howard's Paradise" From Francis S. JONES in Apr 1859. Sale was held in Libertytown on 13 May 1879; high bidder was: - Rachel E. LINTHICUM for (8) the lots on Front St at $125.50 per lot - John S. L. RODERICK for (9) the wood lot at $13.25/acre - Warner G. WELSH for (1 & 4) at $8,500 (later at private sale) Total sales, $8,989.50. Personal property sold at $3,286.40. (contained complete list of everybody who bought personal property) Other property didn't sell. Private sales were also made to: - George William BUCKEY for the tannery (3) at $2,500 and included equipment. - Thomas J. BOWHAN for (6) the lots and blacksmith shop at $400 - Warner G. WELSH for (7) the double house lot at $360 Leather in the tanyard was sold for $3,454.20. Distribution of $19,258.50; commission & court costs, $1,944.10 - 1st Natl Bank, mortgage, $9,850 - Mrs. Rebecca BAKER, w/o Henry BAKER, $600 - Ida E. DEVILBISS, assigned by her guardian Preston S. DEVILBISS to Daniel BAKER & William G. BAKER, $4,014.85 - Florence M. DEVILBISS, assigned by her guardian Preston S. DEVILBISS to Daniel BAKER & William G. BAKER, $3,042.55 Closed 27 Dec 1879. ===
140-147 - SIER, DORSEY, BARTHOLOW, MAULSBY, URNER - Nov 1878 Henry W. DORSEY, assignee of William P. MAULSBY Jr. & Milton G. URNER, mortgagees of Rebecca SIER - Report of Sales
Rebecca SIER mortgaged her property on 9 March 1878, but died sometime later that same year. LAND - 35 acres, in Woodville District, 1 mile from Plane #4 on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad; adjoined lands of John BARTHOLOW, Annie Darby BRASHEARS and Lydia Ann CAIN. Improved with a log house, stable and corn house. Sale was held on the premises on 26 Oct 1878; high bidder was: - Francis J. BARTHOLOW at $285 Distribution: court costs, $67.99 - Harry W. DORSEY, assignee of mortgage, $79.45 - Harry W. DORSEY, mortgage, $120.35 - Balance, $17.21, subject to order of the court. Closed 2 Jan 1880. ===
147-152 - DIXON, MOBERLY - Apr 1879
Joseph O. MOBERLY, mortgagee of James DIXON & w/ Ruth - Report of Sales LAND - 4 acres in Urbana District on road from Park Mills to Barnesville, 1/4 mile from Park Mills; adjoined land of John W. DIXON & H. D. ORDEMAN. Improved with a 2-story frame and weather-boarded house, stable and convenient water. To Ruth DIXON from Adam KOHLENBERG & w/ Mary E. in Mar 1864 [JWLC-1, 354]. Sale was held on the premises on 5 Apr 1879; high bidder was: - John W. DIXON & w/ Leona M. at $139.50 Distribution: court costs, $51.06 - Joseph O. MOBERLY, mortgage claim, $82.08 - Balance, $6.36 Closed 21 May 1879. ===
William LAMBERT of Washington County, d/ Dec 1872, intestate d/ Amanda LAMBERT w/o William H. LANTZ d/ Elizabeth LAMBERT w/o Samuel GRIMM d/ Ann LAMBERT s/ Henry LAMBERT d/ Sarah LAMBERT w/o Lorenzo D. GRIMM d/ Susan LAMBERT (d/ 1865) w/o ______ SMITH ..........Mary Ellen SMITH (age 13) ..........Catharine SMITH (age 11) ..........Susan SMITH (age 8) LAND - "Security", 7 acres, in Washington County, 1 1/2 miles SE of Boonsboro on the Old Sharpsburg Road. ..To William LAMBERT from Samuel M. HITT & w/ Barbara of Washington County in May 1833. - "Addition to Friendship" and "Bowers Addition", 19 acres, in Washingon County and a small portion in Frederick County. Adjoined tract "Addition to Friendship" and ran to north margin of old Sharpsburg Road. ..To William LAMBERT from Susan MILLER (wid/of Henry MILLER) of Washington County; John W. DERR & w/ Elizabeth, Phineas WILLIAMS & w/ Mary Ann, John MILLER of H. & w/ Susannah, Adam KOOGLE & w/ Catharine, all of Frederick County; Henrietta MILLER, Joseph NYMAN & w/ Jane Rebecca, all of Washington County, (all heirs of Henry MILLER, dec'd) in May 1844. - "Security", 3/4 acre, in Washington County (adjoined other tract of "Security"). ..To William LAMBERT from Jacob MILLER & w/ Elizabeth of Washington County in Apr 1847. Trustee was William H. LANTZ. Sale was held in Boonsboro on 5 Apr 1873; high bidders were: - Jonathan SHOEMAKER for House & 9 acres at $652 - John MURDOCK for 20 acres of mountain land at $159 No Distribution shown, possibly in Washington County records. Closed 14 Oct 1879. ===
161-169 - RUSSELL, LOWE - Aug 1879
Charles RUSSELL adm/of Thomas RUSSELL of Baltimore City, dec'd mortgagee vs James RUSSELL & w/ Elizabeth LAND - parts of "Hobb's Purchase" and "Sappling Hill", Lot #2, (division of David REINHART's land in May 1865), 75 acres; adjoining Monrovia Station on the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and land of Dr. Nimrod O. SHIPLEY. Improved with house, orchard, is well timbered and adjacent to SHEARER's Mill. To James RUSSELL from David REINHART in Apr 1875 [CM-5, 105]. Sale was held on the premises on 28 Aug 1879; high bidder was: - Charles LOWE at $2,580 Distribution: court costs, $224.90 - Charles RUSSELL, admin/of Thomas RUSSELL, dec'd, mortgage claim, $2,298.58 - James RUSSELL, balance, $56.53 Closed 3 Oct 1879. ===
170-183 - CHASE, MATHEWS, HALL, BATON, FOWLER, ECKSTEIN, SMITH - Apr 1879 James MATHEWS, et al vs Thomas HALL, et al
Henry CHASE d/ 1861, intestate widow died May 1878 sis/ Mary (CHASE) MATHEWS, dec'd (his only heir) ..........James MATHEWS & w/ Eliza Jane ..........Charles MATHEWS ..........John MATHEWS & w/ Emma ..........Charity MATHEWS w/o Thomas HALL ..........Harriet MATHEWS w/o Alfred BATON ..........Nicholas MATHEWS & w/ Minta - Baltimore City ..........Josephine MATHEWS w/o Frederick FOWLER - Washington City (DC) LAND - "Duvall's Forest", Lot # 7 & part Lot #6, for 2+ acres, in Bartonsville, on south side of Old Baltimore Road. Improved with a house. To Henry CHASE from Joshua DILL & w/ Mary in Mar 1857 [ES-10, 276]. Testimony was heard 10 Jun 1879 from: - Charles MATHEWS, age 35, Frederick city - John W. BRENGLE, age 40, Frederick county; claimed real estate was worth about $300 Trustee was John C. MOTTER. Sale was held in front of John HAMILTON's store in Bartonsville on 14 Aug 1879; high bidder was: - Christian H. ECKSTEIN at $179 However, he resold it to Jacob SMITH. Distribution of $179; court costs, $87.53 - Mary MATHEW's children, each 1/7 share, $13.06 Closed 20 Nov 1879. ===
Estate of Henry HERSPERGER - Sale of Real Estate William S. HERSPERGER, petitioner, shows final decree was passed on 16 Mar 1861 for sale and distribution of real estate of Henry HERSPERGER, dec'd, with petitioner appointed trustee. Petitioner sold one of the farms for $3,478.94 which has since been distributed. The other farm of 177 acres was in the occupancy of the widow and has been held by her since, by consent of the parties to this cause, she being the mother and grandmother of all interested parties. The widow died in the summer of 1878 and now the parties want to settle the remainder of the estate. Petitioner requests he be relieved of being trustee and asks that Tilghman T. HERSPERGER be appointed; court approved. Since the sale and distribution of the previous sale of property, three of the children of Henry have since died, leaving surviving children: s/ Oliver HERSPERGER, now dec'd, leaving two sons, .....Scott HERSPERGER - Kentucky .....Clay HERSPERGER - Colorado d/ Malinda, now dec'd w/o James SMITH, leaving 5 children - KY .....Levidaas SMITH - KY .....Hattie SMITH, a minor - KY .....Tilghman SMITH, a minor - KY .....Stewart SMITH, a minor - KY d/ Elizabeth BARRICK, now dec'd, leaving 2 children, .....Charles C. BARRICK - Montgomery County .....Adda F. BARRICK, a minor - Frederick County LAND - 177 acre Farm, 4 miles south of Middletown near Broad Run; adjoins lands of William GROVE and Samuel DELAUTER. Sale was to be held at Broad Run on 14 Dec 1878, but they didn't receive any sufficient bids. Later, private sale was made to: - Cornelius L. HARLEY for $45/acre, on 14 Jul 1879 Distribution of $8,137.50 (sale and 1-year's rent); court costs, $524.93 - Each child's 1/12 share = $634.38 William S. HERSPERGER Harriet WILLIARD Aaron B. HERSPERGER Julia A. HERSPERGER Amanda H. HERSPERGER Henry C. HERSPERGER Tilghman T. HERSPERGER Mary C. KNODE Malinda S. SMITH's heirs Sarah E. WALLACE Elizabeth BARRICK's heirs Oliver HERSPERGER's heirs Closed 24 Sep 1879. ===
189-193 - NASH, KUNKEL - May 1879
John B. KUNKEL, mortgagee of Ephraim NASH - Report of Sales LAND - - "Timber Plenty", 20 acres, in Hauver's District, on road from Middlepoint to Mechanicstown, 5 1/2 miles from Mechanicstown, near Furnace Gap Road; adjoined lands of Christian HAUVER's heirs and Samuel M. BUSSARD. Part meadow, part orchard and part wooded in chestnut. To Ephraim NASH from John CRISE, Ignatius BROWN & wife and Jacob RIDENOUR [CM-1, 275]. - 3+ acres To Ephraim NASH from Christian HAUVER & w/ Mary in Mar 1866. Sale was held at GILERT's Hotel in Mechanicstown on 10 May 1879; high bidder was: - John B. KUNKEL for 20 acres at $75; also cow & heifer; total, $103 No auditor's report at this time. Closed 14 Jun 1879. ===
194-229 - BUHRMAN, FOX, TOMS, WAGAMAN, BENSHOOF, MANAHAN, BROWN, - Oct 1877 Henry BUHRMAN & Others vs Joseph FOX & Others
Daniel BUHRMAN d/ 10 Jan 1877 (Will written 21 May 1874) widow - Mary (latest Wife) and children from previous marriage: d/ Serafina BUHRMAN w/o Joseph FOX s/ William W. BUHRMAN & w/ Emily s/ David H. BUHRMAN & w/ Susan - Franklin Co, Pennsylvania d/ Cornelia Ann BUHRMAN w/o John FOX d/ Hannah Elizabeth BUHRMAN w/o William TOMS - Washington County d/ Martha Ann BUHRMAN w/o George Lewis FOX d/ Malinda BUHRMAN w/o Franklin WAGAMAN - Pennsylvania d/ Emiline BUHRMAN w/o William H. BENSHOOF - Pennsylvania d/ Cinderalla BUHRMAN - Baltimore City d/ Amanda Ellen BUHRMAN w/o Daniel MANAHAN s/ Reuben L. BUHRMAN - Pennsylvania d/ Savilla BUHRMAN, dec'd w/o James BROWN - Washington County ..........Melvin A. BROWN & w/ Eva V. - Pennsylvania ..........Dixon BROWN & w/ Hattie J. - Iowa ..........Asbury BROWN & w/ Hester - Washington County ..........David R.BROWN & w/ Nancy J. V. - Iowa ..........Lewis BROWN, a minor - Norwalk, Warren Co, Iowa ..........Daniel M. "Kelvie" BROWN, a minor - Winchester, Frederick Co, VA ..........Charles BROWN, a minor - Washington County ..........Emma BROWN, a minor - Washington County ..........Martha BROWN, a minor - Washington County ..........Fanny BROWN, a minor - Washington County Exec/ the widow, but no power to sell real estate given. Witnesses: Daniel BROWN, Hezekiah T. BROWN, Alfred PRYOR Note - Data is from Equity records, not from the Will. ==== LAND - 112 acres in Frederick and Washington Counties; - "Addition to Deer Park", 27 1/2 acres; adjoined tract "Sweep Stakes". To Daniel BUHRMAN from William D. BROWN, trustee for estate of John BROWN, in Dec 1844. - "Fox Range", 152 acres, in Hauver's District ; adjoined tracts "Deer Park" and "Resurvey on Israel's Lot". To Daniel BUHRMAN from Thomas BROWN & w/ Susan of Miami Co, Ohio in Nov 1852. (Deed was endorsed in Montgomery Co, Ohio) Some lots were previously sold off, leaving 112 acres with house and large barn, and a variety of fruit trees and has spring water. Situated on public road, 1 mile from Foxville. William W. BUHRMAN then lived on the premises. Guardian for Lewis BROWN was Adam STIFLER, Esquire, Warren Co, Iowa. Guardian for Daniel M. Kelvie BROWN was Joseph M. CARTY, Esquire, Frederick Co, Virginia. Guardian for Charles, Emma, Martha & Fanny BROWN was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire, Frederick Co, MD. Testimony was heard on 5 Apr 1878 from: - Hezekiah T. BROWN, age 33, Frederick County - William W. BUHRMAN, age 42, Frederick County Trustees were C.V.S. LEVY and W. W. BUHRMAN; however, BUHRMAN asked to be relieved and was replaced by Milton G. URNER. Sale was held 6 Mar 1879 at BROWN's Store in Foxville; high bidder was: - Daniel BROWN at $1,650 Distribution of $1,784.70 (includes rent collected); court costs, $258.10 - Mary BUHRMAN, widow, legacy in lieu of dower, $850 - C.V.S. LEVY, fees, $40 Children only received 19% of the legacies as balance of $636.60 was short: - Serafina FOX, $69.23 - Cornelia Ann FOX, $71.18 - Martha Ann FOX, $69.82 - Malinda WAGAMAN, $68.02 - Amanda E. MANAHAN, $71.28 - Emeline BENSCHOFF, $91.77 - Cinderella BUHRMAN, 97.65 - Reuben BUHRMAN, $97.65 Other children had previously received their shares. Closed 27 Aug 1879. ===
229-253 - POWELL, ROBERTS, STAUB, NULL - Jan 1879
George POWELL vs William ROBERTS & Others William M. POWELL d/ 1860. intestate widow - Christianna M. d/ 1876, intestate s/ Charles POWELL (d/ 1873, intestate), unmarried and no children d/ Mary POWELL (d/ intestate), unmarried and no children d/ Florence POWELL (d/ circa 1875, intestate), .....w/o John ROBERTS - Illinois ..........William ROBERTS, a minor ..........Elizabeth ROBERTS, a minor s/ Wallace D. POWELL (d/ Oct 1878, intestate), unmarried and no children s/ George POWELL s/ John A. POWELL - Ohio d/ Rosanna R. POWELL w/o Jacob A. STAUB - Washington County LAND - "The Two Brothers", 10 acres, in Creagerstown District; on west margin of Big Hunting Creek; adjoined lands of James NULL, William RIDGE, David DOMER and Upton M. GEISBERT. Improved with a 1-story frame house, log barn, spring house and has running water in two of the fields. It has county roads on two sides. The Friendship School is within 600 yards. To William POWELL from Cornelius RIDGE & w/ Margaret in Mar 1853. - "The Two Brothers", 4 acres, in Creagerstown District; on west margin of Big Hunting Creek. To William M. POWELL from Henry F. LENHART & w/ Mary in Apr 1850. - 1+ acre in Creagerstown District. To Christianna M. POWELL from David DOMER in May 1872. John A. POWELL conveyed his share to Andrew M. GEISBERT in Dec 1876; GEISBERT who then with his wife Susan C. conveyed it to Wallace B. POWELL in July 1877. Rosanna R. & Jacob A. STAUB conveyed their share to Wallace B. POWELL in May 1877. Guardian was Edward A. GITTINGER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 14 Aug 1879 from: - Daniel C. POWELL, age 56, Frederick County - George H. POWELL, age 51, Frederick County Trustee was George POWELL. Sale was held 1 Nov 1879 on the premises; high bidder was: - Jonathan A. R. NULL at $650 Distribution: court costs, $150.20 - John ROBERTS, husband of Florence, 1/9 of 1/5, $11.11 - William ROBERTS, s/o Florence, 1/2 of 1/5 less 1/9, $44.42 - Elizabeth ROBERTS, d/o Florence, 1/2 of 1/5 less 1/9, $44.42 - George POWELL, son, 1/5, $99.96 - George POWELL, heir of Wallace, 1/4 of 1/5, $74.97 - John A. POWELL, heir of Wallace, 1/4 of 1/5, $74.97 - Rosanna STAUB, heir of Wallace, 1/4 of 1/5, $74.97 - William ROBERTS, 1/2 of 1/4 of 1/5, $37.48 - Elizabeth ROBERTS, 1/2 of 1/4 of 1/5, $37.48 Closed 31 Jan 1880; ===
254-260 - KEAFAUVER, SHAFER, BOWLUS - Mar 1879
Joseph SHAFER, mortgagee vs Dawson G. KEAFAUVER & w/ Virginia C. - Report of Sales LAND - 105+ acres; 1 1/2 miles SW of Middletown to Broad Run; adjoining lands of Henry KEFAUVER, dec'd, John H. TOMS and Joseph BOWLUS. Improved with a 2-story brick house with back building attached, a barn, wagon shed, spring house, corn crib, a never-failing spring, a young orchard and is under good fencing. To Dawson G. KEAFAUVER from Henry KEAFAUVER & wife in Dec 1869 [CM-8, 192]. Sale was held 11 Jan 1879 in front of the Valley Register office in Middletown, but failed to receive a sufficient bid. Later private sale was made to: - William H. BOWLUS at $3,000 Distribution of $3,435.73 (includes personal property sales); court costs, $214.33 - payouts to various creditors at 29% Closed 11 Jul 1879. ===
260- 275 - MILYARD, GARBER, FOGLE, SHIVERS - Sep 1878
John C. MILYARD & Others by next friend, William H. FOGLE of A. vs Charles L. MILYARD and Eliza Jane GARBER Christian F. MILYARD d/ 17 Oct 1877 in Johnsville District widow - Susan J. (age 40) s/ Charles L. MILYARD & wife - Montgomery Co, Ohio d/ Eliza Jane MILYARD w/o Reuben GARBER - Montgomery Co, Ohio s/ John C. MILYARD, a minor s/ Addison MILYARD, a minor s/ John William MILYARD, a minor LAND - 44+ acres, in Johnsville District; adjoined lands of Nathan ENGLAR, James L. COX, William GARBER, Michael BALDNER and William H. FOGLE of A. - parts of "Old Man's Good Luck and "Stringers Neglect", 16+ acres - parts of "Resurvey on Small Beginning", 28 acres Improved with a small log house, log barn, two good springs and orchards. Calvin MILYARD then lived on the property. To Christian L. MILYARD from Abraham STONER & w/ Mary Elizabeth in Jun 1865; witnessed in Carroll County. Guardian was H. Clay NAILL, Esquire. Testimony was heard 10 Oct 1878 from: - William H. FOGLE of A., age 52, Frederick County; settled Christian's estate - John MYERS, age 63, Frederick County - Emanuel FOGLE, age 51, Frederick County Trustee was William H. FOGLE of A. Sale was held 7 Dec 1878 on the premises; high bidder was: - Jesse W. SHIVERS at $1,205.81 Distribution of $1,241.97; court costs, $396.76 - Susan J. MILYARD, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15, $141.36 - each child's 1/5 share, $140.77 Closed 16 Feb 1880 ===
276-279 - BLUMENOUR, GORSUCH - Jan 1880
Thomas GORSUCH, mortgagee of Michael BLUMENOUR & w/ Catharine - Report of Sales LAND - Lot on south side of W. Fifth St in Frederick Town. Improved with a 2-story brick house with a rear 1-story frame building and fruit trees. To Michael BLUMENOUR from Frederick ZUMPSTEIN & wife in Apr 1870 [CM-5, 143]. Sale was held 31 Jan 1880 at the DILL House (now CARLIN House); high bidder was: - Thomas GORSUCH at $875 (no distribution shown) Closed 27 Feb 1880 ===
280-287 - KUHN, OVELMAN, GRIMES - Mar 1879
George R. OVELMAN, mortgagee of John A. KUHN - Report of Sales John A. KUHN of Washington, DC issued mortgage to John M. OVELMAN who reassigned it to George R. OVELMAN. Land - Lot on east side of South Water St in Mechanicstown; adjoining lots of Wesley DELAPLANE to the back and Henry ROUZER on the east and also Henry KINZER and the heirs of J. Lee H. POLLY on the north. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house of five rooms and a kitchen with spring house, stable and carriage house attached, fruit trees and a well near the house. To John A. KUHN from mother Sarah KUHN, wid/of John KUHN in Apr 1878. Previously to from Abendejo SLICK & wife in Feb 1863 [BGF-7, 108]. Sale was held 8 Mar 1879 in front of GILBERT's Hotel; high bidder was: - Warner Z./T. GRIMES at $600 Distribution of $618; court costs, $103.30 - George R. OVELMAN, mortgagee, $370 - John A. KUHN, balance, $144.20 Closed 10 Mar 1880 ===
William H. BRIGHTWELL & w/ Susannah vs Samuel A. EURY & Others Elizabeth (EURY) BOSTIAN* d/ 19 Feb 1877, intestate in Linganore District bro/ Samuel EURY, dec'd ..........Samuel A. EURY & w/ Anne E. ..........John W. EURY & w/ Sarah T. ..........Susannah (EURY) w/o William H. BRIGHTWELL ..........Mary E. (EURY) w/o Evan J. ALDRIDGE ..........Sarah M. (EURY), dec'd w/o Abner HARN -------------Samuel E. HARN -------------Alice HARN, a minor -------------Laura HARN, a minor -------------Kenly HARN, a minor -------------Anne HARN, a minor ..........Lydia (EURY), dec'd w/o Dennis/Henry BUTLER - Carroll County -------------Mary BUTLER, a minor - Carroll County sis/ Mary (EURY), dec'd w/o John COCHRAN ..........James A. COCHRAN & w/ Mary A. E. B. - Prince Georges County ..........Margaret A. (COCHRAN) wid/of Henry WORMAN sis/ Margaret (EURY), dec'd w/o William SMITH - Ohio ..........2 children - Ohio bro/ Noah EURY, dec'd ..........David EURY - Illinois ..........Margaret EURY - Illinois ..........Lydia EURY - Illinois .........._____ EURY - Illinois bro/ David EURY - Ohio bro/ Jesse EURY - Delaware, Ohio LAND - "Resurvey on Three Brothers", 1+ acre, 1 mile from Unionville, on road from Unionville to Friendship Factory; adjoined land of Charles A. LAWRENCE and the heirs of John H. LUGENBEEL (in 1846, adjoined land of Michael SHRINER). Improved with a 2-story frame house, stable, meat house, spring house, fruit trees and a well near the door. To Elizabeth BOSTIAN from Henry DEMMETT & w/ Maria in Apr 1846 [WBT-4, 196]. Guardian was Clayton O. KEEDY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 22 May 1879 from: - Susannah BRIGHTWELL, age 51, (Frederick County); claimed the descedent died at her house and was a widow with no surviving children. - William H. BRIGHTWELL, age 53, farmer, Linganore District - Peter LUGENBEEL, age 40, merchant, Unionville - Samuel A. EURY, age 38, Linganore District Trustee was Peter LUGENBEEL. Sale was held 9 Aug 1879 in front of the post office in Unionville; high bidder was: - John T. LONG at $300 Distribution: court costs, $156.20 - Peter LUGENBEEL, reimbursement for expenses, $143.80 Closed 16 Feb 1880. *Note - Frederick County Marriage Licenses - Elizabeth EURY to Samuel BOSTIAN - 13 March 1845 ===
James S. GLADHILL, et al vs Jacob TOMS, et al William TOMS d/ 14 Dec 1841, intestate widow d/ Jan 1878 - no surviving children I - bro/ Samuel TOMS d/ 1852, intestate ............1/ Jacob TOMS & w/ Elizabeth - Washington County ........................A/ Malinda LYON - Washington County ........................B/ Mrs. HUFFER - Washington County ........................C/ Mrs. NEIKIRK - Washington County ........................D/ Mrs. FULTZ - Washington County ............2/ Caroline (TOMS) w/o James S. GLADHILL ............3/ Lydia (TOMS) METZGER ............4/ Polly (TOMS) w/o Jacob ZENTMYER - Out of State II - bro/ John TOMS d/ intestate, (before brother William) ............1/ Ezra TOMS & wife - Out of State ............2/ Catharine M. (TOMS) w/o Anthony M. BRIDE (or McBRIDE) III -bro/ Abram TOMS d/ intestate ............1/ Abram TOMS & wife ............2/ Daniel TOMS & wife ............3/ Madeline (TOMS) SENSEBAUGH ............4/ Barbara (TOMS) DURNBAUGH/DERNBAUGH - Washington County ............5/ Susan (TOMS) w/o John GILBERT - Out of State ............6/ Hannah (TOMS) w/o John ROBERTSON - Out of State ............7/ Elizabeth (TOMS) MOSER ............8/ Samuel TOMS d/ intestate ..................w/ Susan ........................A/ Fanny (TOMS), dec'd w/o David LAMBERT ..............................a/ Emma J. LAMBERT, a minor ..............................b/ Cornelia A. LAMBERT, a minor ..............................c/ Samuel LAMBERT, a minor ..............................d/ Clarence D. LAMBERT, a minor ..............................e/ George Harrison LAMBERT, a minor ........................B/ Mary Jane (TOMS) w/o David TRIMMER ........................C/ Elizabeth (TOMS) w/o Lewis HILDEBRIDLE ........................D/ Caroline (TOMS) w/o Samuel SETTLER - Out of State ........................E/ Peggy Ann (TOMS) w/o James KING ........................F/ John TOMS & wife ........................G/ Samuel TOMS ........................H/ Taylor TOMS & wife ........................I/ George TOMS & wife - Out of State? ........................J/ Susannah (TOMS) w/o Noah BEST ............9/ William TOMS, dec'd ...................w/ Polly Ann .......................A/ Mary (TOMS) BROWN .......................B/ Samuel TOMS .......................C/ Solomon TOMS - Washington County .......................D/ Abraham TOMS .......................E/ David TOMS .......................F/ Daniel TOMS .......................G/ Catherine (TOMS) w/o Samuel LEWIS .......................H/ William TOMS .......................I/ Barbara (TOMS) w/o Samuel SMITH ............10/ Polly (TOMS), dec'd w/o William BROWN, dec'd .......................A/George BROWN - Out of State .......................B/ Ezra BROWN .......................C/ Hannah (BROWN) w/o David LEWIS .......................D/ Delilah BROWN - Out of State .......................E/ Elizabeth (BROWN) w/o George W. MILLER - Out of State IV - sis/ Catharine (TOMS), dec'd w/o ____ HARP ............1/ Hannah HARP ............2/ John HARP, dec'd ....................A/ Joshua HARP - Washington County ....................B/ John L. HARP - Washington County ....................C/ Daniel V. HARP ....................D/ Lydia (HARP) w/o Cyrus ROUTZAHN ....................E/ Caroline (HARP) w/o Andrew C. ELDRIDGE ....................F/ Elizabeth (HARP) w/o Dawson F. FLOOK ....................G/ Mary A. (HARP) w/o Lewis DOUB ............3/ Jacob HARP, dec'd ..................w/ Lydia RUSH/RUSK - Washington County ....................A/John HARP - Washington County ....................B/David HARP - Washington County ....................C/Ellen (HARP) w/o Rev. J. L. GRIMM ....................D/Lydia (HARP) w/o ____ STOVER - Washington County ....................E/Sarah (HARP) w/o _____ BERTNER/BURTNER - Washington County ............4/ George HARP, dec'd ..................w/ Catharine (now w/o John W. BUSSARD) ....................A/ Josiah HARP ....................B/ George S. HARP ....................C/ Isaiah HARP ....................D/ Ellen (HARP) w/o Lawson SUMMERS ....................E/ Elizabeth (HARP) CRAMER ....................F/ Catharine (HARP) w/o Ezra ROUTZAHN ....................G/ Hezekiah HARP ............5/ Daniel HARP, dec'd ..................w/ Mary Ann ....................A/ Jacob O. HARP - Montgomery County ....................B/ Hiram F. HARP - Out of State ....................C/ Alfred E. HARP - Out of State ....................D/ Daniel T./C./S. HARP - Out of State ....................E/ Sarah Ann (HARP) w/o Abram MYERS ....................F/ Caroline V. (HARP) w/o Philip CRIST - Out of State ....................G/ Elizabeth (HARP) CRAMER ....................H/ Amanda E. (HARP) w/o Eli FRUSHOUR ....................I/ Phoebe A. (HARP) w/o John H. PUTMAN ....................J/ Margaret E. HARP, a minor ....................K/ Mary C. HARP, a minor ....................L/ Martha J. HARP, a minor V - sis/ Susan (TOMS) w/o _____ MILLER - moved west (family details unknown) LAND - 31 acres, 2 1/2 miles from Myersville on road from there to FOUT's Mill; adjoined land of Ignatius JACOBS, Mary FOUT and George POFFINBERGER; and consists of parts of: - "The Mistake", 5 acres - "More Stones Added", 16 acres - "Hog Nest", 10 acres Improved with 1 1/2 story log house with a good orchard. To William TOMS from David BOWLUS (w/ Sophia) and John HERRING of Caspar in Apr 1825. Guardian was Clayton C. BUHRMAN, Esquire. Testimony was heard 6 Sep 1879 from: - George W. WACHTEL, age 33, Frederick County - Daniel V. HARP, age 45, Frederick County Trustee was George W. WACHTEL. Sale was held 13 Dec 1879 on the premises; auctioneer was John H. TOMS; high bidder was: - James U. GARMAND at $306.90 Distribution: court costs, $204.13 - heirs of Samuel TOMS - each 1/4 of 1/5, $5.13 - heirs of John TOMS - each 1/2 of 1/5, $10.27 - heirs of Abram TOMS - each 1/10 of 1/5, $2.05 - heirs of Catharine HARP - each 1/5 of 1/5, $4.11 - heirs of Susan MILLER - 1/5, $20.55 Closed 29 Mar 1880. ===
332-352 - HARBAUGH, CRAWFORD - May 1879
Leonard C. HARBAUGH & Others vs Mary A. HARBAUGH & Others LAND - Lot# 20, 1/3 acre with House in Sabillasville. To Leonard HARBAUGH, Elias HARBAUGH of E., Hiram HARBAUGH, George HARBAUGH of E. and Simon W. HARBAUGH from Lewis E. WILLIAR & w/ Maranda Savilla at $480 in Nov 1859 (recorded 14 May 1872) [WBT-7, 647]. Previously to Peter CRAVER from George ZOLLINGER & w/ Catharine in 1848. All parties paid equal shares except Elias of E. who refused and thus he should have no share. The other parties obtained a loan from FrederickTown Savings for the balance of the purchase. Payments on the loan were made by Leonard HARBAUGH and petition asks for reimbursement to his heirs for the overpayment. Leonard HARBAUGH d/ 19 Apr 1862, intestate widow - Mary/Margaret A. (age abt 41 in Sep 1879) s/ Leonard C. HARBAUGH s/ Clarence N. HARBAUGH d/ Catharine S. HARBAUGH --- George HARBAUGH d/ 1878 in Kansas, intestate widow - Matilda - (age abt 48 in Sep 1879) Kansas d/ Nancy C. HARBAUGH - Kansas s/ Charles H. HARBAUGH - Kansas s/ Jacob E. HARBAUGH - Kansas s/ George H. HARBAUGH, a minor - Kansas d/ Ellen N. HARBAUGH, a minor - Kansas d/ Virginia A. HARBAUGH, a minor - Kansas d/ Ida F. HARBAUGH, a minor - Kansas d/ Ann Rebecca HARBAUGH, a minor - Kansas d/ Lilly HARBAUGH, a minor - Kansas --- Elias HARBAUGH of E. d/ Sep 1876, intestate widow - Catharine S. (age abt 45 in Sep 1879) d/ Susan Barbara HARBAUGH, a minor s/ Ulysses Grant HARBAUGH, a minor d/ Minnie Nora HARBAUGH, a minor --- Simon W. HARBAUGH & w/ Elizabeth Hiram HARBAUGH & w/ Ann (she d/ Aug 1879) On 20 Aug 1879, Lewis CRAWFORD attested that Mary A. HARBAUGH (wid/o Leonard) was about 41 years old and in good health. Guardian for George HARBAUGH's children was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard 13 Sep 1879 from: - Lewis CRAWFORD - Sanford HARBAUGH Trustee was Lewis CRAWFORD. Sale was held 1 Jan 1880 in front of CRAWFORD & Bro Store in Sabillasville; high bidder was: - Mary A. HARBAUGH, Leonard C. HARBAUGH, Clarence N. HARBAUGH and Susan C. HARBAUGH at $310 Distribution: court costs, $153 - Mary A. HARBAUGH, widow, in lieu of dower, 2/15, $20.95 - Leonard C. HARBAUGH, Clarence N. HARBAUGH and Catharine S. HARBAUGH, $136.07 (balance) Closed 28 Feb 1880. ===
353-376 - COLLINS, THOMAS, MOFFETT - 12 Apr 1879
Edgar A. COLLINS, pro ami vs Jeannette COLLINS, et al Mary A. COLLINS d/ 1877 John COLLINS d/ early 1877 w/ Catharine COLLINS d/ Feb 1879 s/ Edgar A. COLLINS d/ Jeannette COLLINS (age 16), a minor s/ Charles A. COLLINS (age 9), a minor LAND - Lot# 1 of "Carroll's Manor", 225 acres; in southern part of Buckeystown District, 4 miles east of Point of Rocks, on the Metropolitan Rail Road at Tuscarora Station and borders the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Adjoined lands of Elias SPAULDING on the north, George W. SNOUFFER on the west, James BELT's heirs on the east and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the Potomac River on the south. Improved with a house, tenant house, barn, corn house, with several springs, one near the house, a large orchard of various fruits. Tuscarora Creek runs through the farm, making it one of the finest dairy farms in the state. About 100 acres are river bottom land, the balance in limestone land. To Mary A. COLLINS of Washington, DC from William S. THOMPSON & w/ Annie O. of Washington, DC at $18,000 in Feb 1874 [TG-1, 213]. From Mary A. COLLINS of Washington, DC to Catharine COLLINS (to her during her life and then after her death or remarriage to her children by John COLLINS) for $10,000 in Mar 1877 [TG-6, 743]. Guardian was Edward A. GITTINGER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 5 Jun 1879 from: - Edward NICHOLS - John B. THOMAS (adm/o Catharine COLLINS) - Samuel DUTROW Trustee was John B. THOMAS. Sale was held 24 Jan 1880 at the Central Hotel in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Benjamin MOFFETT for the remaining 218 acres at $10,378.45 Distribution of $10,413.04; court costs, $729.94 - John H. WILLIAMS, mortgage, $4,912.18 - John B. THOMAS, trustee, assignment of Edgar A. COLLINS to Tilghman T. HERSBERGER, $772.50 - Edgar A. COLLINS, balance of 1/3, $817.80 - J. B. THOMAS, guardian for Charles COLLINS, 1/3, $1,590.30 - J. B. THOMAS, guardian for Jeannette COLLINS, 1/3, $1,590.30 Closed 5 Apr 1880. ===
377-383 -KLING, REPP, DUNN - Dec 1879
John S. REPP, mortgage of Samuel T. KLING & w/ Mary - Report of Sales LAND - "Resurvey on Long Tail", 2 acres, at north end of Johnsville, fronts the street of the village. Improved with a brick house, stable, wood shed, buggy shed, orchard and had water and pump near the kitchen door. To John S. REPP from Jacob SAYLER & wife in Aug 1846 [WBT-4, 621]. To John S. REPP from John WOLFE & wife in Dec 1851 [ES-9, 130]. To John S. REPP from John KINZER & wife in Dec 1851 [ES-9, 131]. To John S. REPP from Stephen R. GORE & wife in Jun 1856 [ES-9, 79]. Sale was held 27 Dec 1879 in Johnsville; high bidder was: - William T. DUNN at $1,012.10 Distribution: court costs, $116.81 - John S. REPP, mortgage claim, $622.56 - John D. KLING, partial mortgage claim, $272.73 Closed 11 Mar 1880. ===
383-388 - ROUTZONG/ROUTZAHN, MAIN - Mar 1878
Isaiah MAIN, mortgagee vs John H. ROUTZONG & wife John H. ROUTZONG & w/ Amanda M. issued mortgage to Isaiah MAIN for $6,200 LAND - 118 acres (known as Frederick MAIN's home farm), 2 miles north of Middletown; adjoining lands of Enos DOUB, Daniel DERR and Eli BRANDENBERG. Improved with a 2-story brick-cased house and back building, a large Switzer barn, corn crib, wagon shed, spring houses, an orchard and spring of water near the door. To John H. ROUTZAHN from Isaiah MAIN & wife in Apr 1872. Sale was held 9 Mar 1878; high bidder was: - Isaiah MAIN at $6,623.43 Distribution: court costs, $115.22 - Balance to Isaiah MAIN, mortgage claim, $6,508.21 Closed 10 May 1878. ===
388-398 - SMITH, ETZLER, SIMMONS - Jul 1879
Joseph W. ETZLER, mortgagee of Ephraim R. SMITH and Davie A. SMITH & wife Will of Mary SMITH devised her estate to Ephraim R. SMITH, provided he pay$6,000 to Davie A. SMITH. Personal property included horses, cows, hogs, wagons and buggies, wind mill, drill reaper, tobacco and other crops and blacksmith tools. LAND - Farm, 109 acres, in Liberty District, 1 mile north of Libertytown on the Liberty and Pipe Creek Turnpike; adoined the lands of Joseph M. SMITH and Thomas J. REISLER. Then occupied by Daniel D. SMITH. Farm is divided into 9 fields under good fencing with 20 acres in heavy wood land. Improved with a 2-story weather-boarded house, stone Switzer barn and stone spring house with spring, a new log tobacco house and an apple orchard. To Ephraim R. SMITH from Will of Mary SMITH (Will JRR-1, 226). Previously to Mary SMITH from Reuben SIDWELL and Ephraim STONER, trustees (Deed ES-7, 401). Mortgage of Ephraim R. SMITH to Davie A. SMITH (to protect his $6,000 legacy) on 15 Dec 1878. Mortgage to Joseph W. ETZLER from Ephraim R. SMITH and Davie A. SMITH in Mar 1879. Sale was held 12 Jul 1879 at the toll gate on the premises; high bidder was: - Ephraim R. SMITH at $39/acre, but he failed to comply. Property resold to: - R. Emory SIMMONS at $32.25/acre Sold subject to legacies to Mary SMITH (now dec'd), $500 within 2 years from 19 Nov 1877 and five legacies of $100 each payable within 5 years from said date. Davie A. SMITH petitioned the court as his mortgage preceeded the one for Joseph W. ETZLER; therefore, it was asked that the sale be voided. Distribution of $3,516.34; court costs, $326.99 - Joseph W. ETZLER, mortgage claim, $1,729.23 - Balance subject to the court, $1,460.12 Closed 1 Oct 1879. ===
Trust Estate of Michael BARTHOLOW - Report of Sales Michael BARTHOLOW & w/ Elizabeth A. of Washington County issued Deed of Trust to Hiram PLAINE and Tryon Hughes EDWARDS in Sep 1878. Hiram PLAINE of Carroll County declined to act as trustee because of his ill health and living in another county. LAND - 163 acre farm, parts in Frederick and Washington Counties: - 16+ acres; with a 3 1/2 story brick mill with two run of burrs; mill is run by power of Israel's Creek; also has a 1 1/2 story tenant house. and three tracts of mountain land in Washington County - 53+ acres of timber land on South Mountain; adjoined land of Youstee S. KELLY Jr.; has chestnut and oak timber. - 24+ acres of timber land on South Mountain; adjoining lands of Mrs. Edward A. YOUSTEE and William KELLY; has chestnut timber. - 16+ acres of timber land on Elk Ridge; adjoining land of Christian KAETZEL; has oak timber. To Michael BARTHOLOW from Richard GRIM & w/ Ann in Mar 1858. - "Pleasant Fields" and "Nicholas' Chance", 98+ acres, in Frederick County; in Liberty District, 1/2 mile from Oak Orchard Post Office; adjoining lands of heirs of Isaac C. NICODEMUS; then occupied by Alpheus H. BARTHOLOW. To Michael BARTHOLOW from David DUDDERER, David W. NAILL and Richard COALE in Oct 1851 [ES-1, 25]. - "Pleasant Fields", 42 acres in Frederick County; in Liberty District, 1/2 mile from Oak Orchard Post Office; adjoining lands of heirs of Isaac C. NICODEMUS; then occupied by Alpheus H. BARTHOLOW. To Michael BARTHOLOW from William DUDDERAR & wife [HS-18, 553]. Sale was held 29 Mar 1879 at Bartholow's Station of the Washington County Rail Road in Washington County; however, it appears land didn't sell as later private sales were made to: - David RAMSBURG for the brick mill at $625 - Ebenezer GODNELL for the Elk Ridge timber land at $75 The other properties were not yet sold. Disbritution was made to creditors. Closed 30 Mar 1880. ===
406-471 - KELLER, KUNKEL - Feb 1872
Joseph KELLER vs Philip B. KUNKEL Land was sold to Joseph KELLER at $580; who borrowed the money from Philip B. KUNKEL. KELLER and his wife were then on bad terms so, to prevent her from obtaining dower rights, he had William C. HOFFMAN and others convey the land to Philip B. KUNKEL in Oct 1864 [JWLC-2, 158]. KELLER also assigned notes he held over to KUNKEL towards the monies he now owed KUNKEL. LAND - "Altogether", 5+ acres. - "Duvall's Forest" and "George's Delight", 1 acre. From William C. HOFFMAN, trustee, for heirs of James HILLEARY: William DAVIS & w/ Ann E., Louisa R. HILLEARY, Edward HILLEARY & w/ Mary, William A. HILLEARY & w/ Samantha in Oct 1864. (Land was sold to James HILLEARY by Henry NIXDORFF but deed was never conveyed.) Joseph C. KELLER purchased a lot in Frederick City from his son Jacob J. KELLER in 1864 and also had this conveyed to KUNKEL for the $400 to his son. KUNKEL sold the lot for $650 and kept all of the money. Joseph C. KELLER made numerous payments to repay the monies to KUNKEL who was also receiving rents as well. Joseph C. KELLER attempted to get the property back from Kunkel claiming credits to him were overpaid and Kunkel hadn't given any of the monies to him. After numerous witnesses pro and con, the court dismissed the case claiming he had not established sufficient proof. Case was appealed in Apr 1877 and was reversed and sent back to the Circuit Court. They then determined Joseph C. KELLER had paid back all the monies and ordered KUNKEL to convey the property to KELLER. Closed 22 Mar 1880. ===
471-482 - STULL, HEIZER, MILLER - Jan 1880
Elizabeth STULL and Joseph G. MILLER, next friend of Annie HEIZER, et al vs Annie HEIZER & Others Joshua STULL, dec'd (Will written 26 Dec 1975; filed 5 Jan 1876; JRR-1, 11) widow - Elizabeth (life estate to wife, then grandchildren) d/ Emma J. S. E. (STULL) HEISER, dec'd ..........Annie HEIZER ..........Alice HEIZER ..........Della HEIZER Exec/ Peter SAHM (renounced executorship) Witnesses: Henry BAUMGARDNER, George E. GREENWOOD, Peter SAHM --- At the time of Joshua's death, he was guardian of Carlton L. STULL and Daniel Z. STULL, children of the late Dennis STULL. Monies of $250 still due to the new guardian George L. STULL as guardian of said children and asks the property be sold to pay the monies due. The widow claims she and the Heizer children would be without a home if property were sold and asks for a mortgage to obtain the monies due instead of sale of the property. LAND - parts of "Resurvey on Rich Bottom" and "Stately Desire", 19 acres. To Joshua STULL from Jacob LUTZ & w/ Sophia at $450 in Apr 1846. Court appointed William H. HILLIARY, Esquire, as guardian. Testimony was heard 10 Feb 1880 from: - Joseph G. MILLER - George L. STULL The court appointed Charles V. S. LEVY as trustee to make a mortgage against said property to pay the monies due for the guardianships. Closed 3 Apr 1880. ===
482-486 - GOSNELL, MOTTER, McSHERRY - Nov 1879
John C. MOTTER, trustee of Lemuel W. GOSNELL - Report of Sales Lemuel W. GOSNELL issued Deed of Trust to John C. MOTTER LAND - 93 acres; 2 miles SW of New Market; adjoining lands of John L. WILLIAMS and Dr. MOBERLY. Private sale made to Dr. James W. McSHERRY at $600.10. Distribution: court costs, $84.50 - various creditors, $227.90 - Dr. James W. McSHERRY, claim, $287.60. Closed 9 Apr 1880. ===
Samuel REMSBURG vs Levi PETERS, et al Peter PETERS d/ Jul 1877, intestate s/ Levi PETERS & w/ Mary - Pennsylvania s/ David PETERS & w/ Martha - Ohio s/ Peter PETERS Jr & w/ Henrietta - Ohio s/ Charles PETERS & w/ Mahala s/ George PETERS (non-compos mentis) - Illinois d/ Sarah (PETERS) BUCKINGHAM - Pennsylvania LAND - "Resurvey on Turkey Range", 40 sq perches, on Keller's St in Middletown; on west side of road from Middletown to Jefferson and along road from Middletown by KEAFAUVER's Mill to Petersville. Adjoined lands of Lewis REMSBURG and William SPEAKS. To Peter PETERS from Leonard SPEAKS & w/ Rachel in Jan 1844. Testimony was heard 25 Nov 1879 from: - George W. REMSBURG, age 51 - Ezra MINNICK, age 54 Trustee was Ezra MINNICK. Sale was held 7 Feb 1880 in front of the Valley Register's office in Middletown; high bidder was: - Emanuel MYERS at $100 Distribution: court costs, $86.34 - Samuel REMSBURG, partial judgment, $13.66 Closed 16 Mar 1880. ===
500-506 - EBBERTS, WILSON, SCHELL - Jan 1880
Nathaniel J. WILSON, assignee of Mortgage of William EBBERTS & wife William EBBERTS & w/ Ann M. issued Mortgage to Annie S. WILSON, w/o Nathaniel J. WILSON, in 1875. In Sep 1879, she assigned it to Charles V. S. LEVY who later assigned it to Nathaniel J. WILSON. LAND - Eastern part of Lot# 121 (31 x 204') on south side of West Fourth St in Frederick. Improved with a 1 1/2 story weatherboarded house with back building attached, a garden and fruit trees. To Ann M. EBBERTS from John H. WILLIAMS and J. Alfred RITTER, trustees [TG-3]. Sale was held 18 Oct 1879 at the Carlin House in Frederick City; high bidder was: - Ann M. EBBERTS at $750, but she was unable to make payment. Sale was held again on 31 Jan 1880 at the same place; high bidder was: - John E. SCHELL at $801 Distribution: court costs, $132.84 - Nathaniel J. WILSON, mortgage claim, $648.25 - Ann M. EBBERTS, balance, $19.91 Closed 14 Apr 1880. ===
William H. ROUTZAHN, next friend of Laura C. F. CRONE, et al vs Ann R. C. CRONE, et al Joseph CRONE d/Spring of 1876, intestate widow - Ann Rebecca Catharine (age abt 40) and 7 minor children d/ Laura C. F. CRONE s/ Silas W. CRONE s/ Robert H. CRONE d/ Ellen CRONE s/ Simon P. CRONE s/ Joshua CRONE s/ John W. CRONE Adm/ William H. ROUTZAHN LAND - parts of "Resurvey on Mason's Folly", and "Content", 30 acres, 2 1/2 miles south of Middletown; adjoining lands of Samuel SHAFER, Horatio KEFAUVER and Thomas SHAFER. Property is south at the bend of the public road. Improved with a weatherboarded house and stable. To Joseph CRONE from Harriet PETTINGALL, wid/o Samuel PETTINGALL, Charlotte E. GETZENDANNER (daughter & only child of Samuel PETTINGALL) & w/o John D. GETZENDANNER and C. V. S. LEVY, trustee of Benjamin F. EDMUNDS & w/ Elizabeth (property was sold to Benjamin F. EDMUNDS but not conveyed and he failed to make payments and issued Deed of Trust to C. V. S. LEVY) at $2,025. Previously from Daniel ROUTZAHN and Joseph ROUTZAHN, trustees of John MICHAEL & wife, to Samuel PETTINGALL in Apr 1844 [HS-19, 361]. Guardian was C. C. BUHRMAN, Esquire. Testimony was heard 19 Nov 1877 from: - John H. TOMS - Henry ROUTZAHN - William H. ROUTZAHN Trustee was William H. ROUTZAHN. Sale was held 26 Jan 1878 in front of teh Valley Register Office in Middletown; high bidder was: - John RINGEL at $1,110 Survey was made and acreage was slightly less, changing the sale price to $1,097.75. After the sale, John RINGEL sold the property to Horatio B. KEFAUVER. Distribution of $1,130.68; court costs, $168.95 - Ann R. C. CRONE, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $137.39 - various creditors, $521.80 - each child's 1/7 share, $43.22 Closed 14 Apr 1880. ===
523-529 - JARBOE, CUNNINGHAM - Mar 1880
C. V. S. LEVY and James McSHERRY, trustees of John S. W. JARBOE - Report of Sales John S. W. JARBOE & w/ Ellen S. issued Deed of Trust for benefit of their creditors to Charles V. S. LEVY and James McSHERRY in Dec 1879. LAND - Lot on north side of East Second St in Frederick After a failed sale, private sale was made to: - B. Amos CUNNINGHAM at $3,300 Distribution of $6,585.97; court costs, $1,741.97 - Ellen S. JARBOE, per mortgage agreement, $1,200 - balance to various creditors at 1/3 claim, $3,344 Closed 20 Apr 1880. ===
529-544 - KEFAUVER, HOUCK - Sep 1879
D. Edward KEFAUVER, next friend of Margaret KEFAUVER & Others vs Margaret KEFAUVER & Others William D. KEFAUVER d/ Jul 1879, intestate widow - Elizabeth (age under 40) and three minor children d/ Margaret KEFAUVER d/ Catharine KEFAUVER d/ Edith KEFAUVER Adm/ D. Edward KEFAUVER LAND - 136 acres To William D. KEFAUVER from Stephen R. BOWLUS and Daniel P. WHIP, trustees for Charles H. LIGHTER & w/ Virginia E., for $8,874 in Apr 1877. Mortgage to Ezra HOUCK, who since has died, transferring mortagee to his son, Ezra HOUCK. Guardian was Edward YOUNG, Esquire. Testimony was heard 25 Oct 1879 from: - Josia DOUB - Scott STEVENS Trustee was D. Edward KEFAUVER (brother of William D. KEFAUVER). Sale was held 29 Nov 1880 on the premises but didn't receive an adequate bid. Later private sale was made to: - J. Hollin KEAFAUVER at $10,000 Total sales, $10,500 (includes wheat sales). Distribution: court costs, $358.40 - Ezra HOUCK, $5,150 - Elizabeth C. KEFAUVER, in lieu of dower, 1/7, $641.51 - Elizabeth C. KEFAUVER, 1/3 of crop, $100 - D. Edward KEFAUVER, claim, $625.37 - D. Edward KEFAUVER, claim, $1,272 - Catharine KEFAUVER, claim, $2,353.20 D. Edward KEFAUVER asked for reduced commission to enable all the creditors to be paid. Closed 21 May 1880. ===
544-570 - EBERT, DORSEY, SMITH, RAMSBURG - Apr 1879
Dr. Charles SMITH and Alpheus W. MARRIOTT vs Valerius EBERT, et al Charlotte C. EBERT, dec'd w/o Valerius EBERT s/ Valerius EBERT Jr d/ Fanny (EBERT) w/o William H. B. DORSEY s/ Charles EBERT - Out of State d/ Genevieve EBERT d/ Nettie EBERT s/ Hatch EBBERT, a minor LAND - Lot on north side of West Patrick St in Frederick, being first lot on west side of Carroll Creek and known as the EBERT Homestead. Improved with a 2-story house and 2-story building used for glove manufacturing and skin dressing establishment. To Valerius EBERT and John M. EBERT, devised from John EBERT by his Will. - Lot in Frederick city (32 x 220'), running back to Carroll Creek. Previously to John FRITCHIE from Thomas SPRINGER & w/ Mary in Mar 1833 [JS-4, 172]. Valerius EBERT & w/ Charlotte C. issued mortgage to Charles SMITH, Alpheus W. MARRIOTT, John W. BAUGHMAN, Louis McMURRAY and George W. HARRINGTON. Mortgage included furniture, tools and stock in trade from his business as skin dresser and glover. Deed from Valerius EBERT to his wife Charlotte for Lot on north side of West Patrick St (their home) in Apr 1870. LAND - Lot#345 (east half) (32 x 220'), on south side of West Patrick St in Frederick and runs back to Carroll Creek. Improved with a brick 3-story house with 2-story brick back building; has 11 rooms and kitchen and cellar and wash house and hydrants in the yard and kitchen and gas in the hall, parlor and dining room. To Valerius EBERT from Charles MANTZ & w/ Mary Ann in Jan 1852 [ES-1, 83]. Valerius EBERT issued mortgage to Thomas BUTLER in Feb 1870. Valerius EBERT & w/ Charlotte C. issued mortgage to Alpheus W. MARRIOTT, John W. BAUGHMAN and Grafton FOUT in Apr 1870, also for east half of Lot# 345. Guardian was Clayton C. BUHRMAN, Esquire. Testimony was heard 11 Nov 1879 from: - Dr Charles SMITH, Frederick City - Valerius EBERT - Alpheus W. MARRIOTT Trustee was Frederick J. NELSON. Sale was held 14 Feb 1880 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - William H. RAMSBURG for the Ebert Homestead at $1,850 - Robert M. RAMSBURG for Lot# 345 at $2,510; however, they asked the property be deeded to his wife, Dora E. RAMSBURG (monies from her father who is out of state) - Augustus H. EBERT for the vacant lot at $512 Total sales, $4,872. 1st Distribution of $2,857.32; court costs, $773.29 Balance of $2,084.03 paid on multiple mortgages as partial payments. Closed 24 Apr 1880. ===
Charles W. HARMIS & Others - Sale of Real Estate Jacob HARMIS d/ spring of 1876, intestate widow - Delilah (age 65-70) s/ Charles W. HARMIS & w/ Julia A. d/ Mary Jane (HARMIS) w/o David BIDDINGER d/ Margaret A. (HARMIS) w/o Absalom LONG d/ Delilah E. HARMIS s/ Jacob O. HARMIS d/ Anna (HARMIS) w/o Ephraim D. GRIMES s/ George W. HARMIS (died before his father) leaving his daughter, ..........Laura HARMIS, a minor LAND - Lot# 47 of "Monocacy Manor", 75 acres, in Woodsboro District, 1 mile south of Woodsboro on road to Frederick. Then in occupancy of J. Oliver HARMIS. Improved with a 2-story frame house with kitchen attached, a stable, meat house, orchard and well near the door. To Jacob HARMIS from Frederick J. NELSON, deed trustee for George SAYLOR & w/ Mary A., in Jul 1873. Previously to George SAYLOR from George W. DEVILBISS & w/ Ann M. in Apr 1865 [JWLC-2, 536]. Guardian was Edward A. GITTINGER, Esquire. Testimony was heard 21 Nov 1879 from: - Charles B. WITHERS - Jacob W. CRAMER Trustees were Charles W. HARMIS and Absalom LONG. Sale was held 19 Feb 1880 on the premises; high bidder was: - Simon W. STAUFFER at $50.20/acre, $3,768.75 Distribution: court costs, $273.06 - mortgage claim, $1,484 - Delilah HARMIS, widow, in lieu of dower, $201.16 - Charles W. HARMIS, per order of court, $120.04 - each child's 1/7 share, $270.07 Closed 3 May 1880. ===
585-613 - LAMAR, ADAMS, GRAHAM, KINTZ, BLUM - Sep 1879
J. TYSON & Son vs Richard D. LAMAR & Others Caroline LAMAR d/ 1879 (Will written 23 Jan 1875) w/o Richard J. LAMAR s/ William K. LAMAR & w/ Annie s/ Robert G. LAMAR & w/ Kate s/ Richard D. LAMAR & w/ Sarah s/ Charles E. LAMAR (a minor when his mother wrote her Will) Exec/ Robert G. LAMAR Witnesses: W. J. ROSS, Charles W. ROSS, A. FEARHAKE Jr. LAND - "Resurvey on Locust Level", 140 acres, on road from Frederick to Buckeystown; adjoined tract "Locust Level". To Caroline LAMAR from William GRAHAM & w/ Henrietta for $13,365.31 in Apr 1874 [TG-1, 369]. Property is subject to an annuity of $100 payable to Sarah A. ADAMS, wid/o Valentine ADAMS and also subject to a mortgage to John P. JONES, trustee of Jennetta M. NELSON and also to a mortgage to William GRAHAM who assigned it to James McSHERRY as trustee. Also subject to mortgage to James M. HOOD for $1,200. - House & Lot (31 x 180') on north side of West South St in Frederick Town; then in occupancy of Samuel HAFER. Adjoined lots of Jacob HIMMEL on the east and Mr DOLL on the west. Improved with a 2-story brick house with a 2-story brick back building. An alleyway is on the east side. To Caroline LAMAR from husband Richard J. LAMAR in Mar 1874 [TG-1, 247]. Previously to Richard J. LAMAR from John MONTGOMERY & w/ Mary in Apr 1869 [CM-3, 413]. Richard D. LAMAR has multiple judgements against him. Richard D. LAMAR of Jefferson Co, WV conveyed his 1/4 share to his wife, Sarah, in Apr 1879, along with his trust funds from the Will of Mary LAMAR. Trustee was Robert G. LAMAR. Testimony was heard 27 Oct 1879 from: - Jacob B. TYSON, creditor who claimed $600 due - Henry B. TYSON, creditor and surviving partner of J. TYSON & Son; Jonathan TYSON Sr having died Feb 1877. Claims $70 for fertilizer. - Robert G. LAMAR Private sale was made to: - Frederick KINTZ for the farm at $$11,200 After debts were paid, R. G. LAMAR received $281.03, subject to the court. Sale was held 7 Feb 1880 at the Central Hotel in Frederick Town; high bidder was: - Nicholas BLUM for the House & Lot at $1,145 Distribution of $1,423.28; court costs, $219.39 Balance paid to multiple creditors. Closed 20 May 1880. ===
Margaret Ann SMITH, et al vs William Henry SMITH, et al - Sale of Real Estate Charles SMITH d/ 26 Jul 1878 in Johnsville District, intestate widow - Catharine E. (age abt 70) s/ William Henry SMITH & w/ Eliza d/ Margaret Ann SMITH s/ George F. SMITH & w/ Margaret d/ Sarah C. SMITH w/o William CHIPLEY s/ Daniel D. SMITH & w/ Mary s/ Charles L. SMITH d/ Barbara Ann SMITH d/ Mary E. SMITH LECHLIDER, widow - Howard County d/ Agnes SMITH, dec'd w/o Enoch WALTZ ..........Charles WALTZ, a minor ..........Calvin Irvington WALTZ, a minor Adm/ William H. SMITH LAND - "Whiskey Spring", "Wood's Chance", "Timber Ridge" and "Deficiency Regained", 58 acres, all contiguous; lying north on Coppermine Road and west of road from Johnsville to Woodsboro; 2 1/2 miles from Johnsville and 3 miles from Woodsboro. Adjoins lands of George CRAMER and Hamilton REPP. On opposite side of road is Henry LORENTZ's farm. Improved with a 2-story weatherboarded house with back building attached, a bank barn, spring house and good spring and orchard. To Charles SMITH from Samuel T. KLING & w/ Mary at $3,325 in Apr 1868. Charles & Catharine SMITH conveyed deed to their daughter Agnes WALTZ for part of "Whiskey Spring", 2 roods and 36 perches, (the south corner) at NW corner of intersection of Copper Mine Road and road to Johnsville, at $43.78 in Dec 1877. LAND - 1/2 acre lot (from Samuel KLING) is at the north corner of the triangle shaped tract. Improved with a 2-story log house; then in occupancy of Nancy BOONE(?). Guardian was Henry C. NAILL. Testimony was heard 21 Nov 1879 from: - George W. ETZLER - Ephraim STONER The widow, Catharine E. SMITH released dower in said property on 5 Dec 1879; witnessed by William T. CRUM. Trustees were Charles V. S. LEVY and John C. MOTTER. Sale was held 7 Feb 1880 on the premises; high bidders were: - Charles L. SMITH for the 2-story log house and 1/2 acre at $205 The farm didn't receive an adequate bid. Later, private sale was made to: - Henry LORENTZ at $1,900 Total sales, $2,105. Distribution: court costs, $217.15 - Catharine E. SMITH, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/10, $188.58 - each 1/9 share to children, $188.58 (Agnes' children each rec'd half of her share.) Closed 30 May 1880 ===
C. Keefer THOMAS, trustee of Charles E. WORTHINGTON Charles E. WORTHINGTON & w/ Maria L. issued Deed of Trust to Keefer THOMAS in Nov 1879. LAND - "Snow(?) Hill", 287 acres, in Urbana District on road from Urbana to Monrovia. Improved with a stone house, a 2-story tenant house, a house for workmen, a new Switzer barn, apple orchard, good fencing, well watered and has timber land. Located within a mile of Ijamsville Depot on the B & O Rail Road. To Charles E. WORTHINGTON from his father, Charles WORTHINGTON's estate by Ann WORTHINGTON (his mother) & N. J. WORTHINGTON (his brother) [JWLC-3, 527]. Private sale was made to: - N. J. WORTHINGTON at $32.50/acre, $9,327.50 Distribution: court costs, $941.78 - John T. WORTHINGTON & NIcholas J. WORTHINGTON, mortgagees, $6,096.56 - Wellington HAMMOND, judgment $244.19 - Multiple creditors, $1,585.57 - Charles E. WORTHINGTON, balance, $457.30 Closed 20 May 1880. ===
637-644 - PRESTON - 3 Feb 1880
Hester A. R. PRESTON, mortgagee of William T. PRESTON LAND - 216 acres (undivided half); located 3 1/2 miles NW of Frederick on the north side of Frederick-Catoctin Mountain turnpike which ran from Frederick to Spout Spring; adjoined lands of Charles F. T. HOWARD, Jacob V. SUMMERS and William M. FEAGA. Improved with a 2-story stone house with 11 large rooms, a cellar under the entire house, a bank barn, two large stables, a wagon shed, corn crib, carriage house, two large hay barricks, hog pen, meat house, a dairy, a spring near the house, fruit trees and is divided into eight fields and two meadows. To Charles PRESTON and William T. PRESTON from John ZIMMERMAN of J., Ezra HOUCK, Thomas W. MORGAN and John P. ZIMMERMAN, execs/of Nicholas HOLTZ in Jan 1850 [WBT-10, 543]. - 22 acres To William T. PRESTON and Hester A. R. PRESTON from William F. JOHNSON and w/ Elizabeth in Oct 1853 [ES-3, 274]. - "Resurvey on Murdock's Mountain", 60 acres of timber land; adjoined lands of L. M. THOMAS and John SIFFORD. To William T. PRESTON from Joshua DIEL & w/ Mary in Feb 1853 [ES-2, 623]. Sale was held 31 Jan 1880 on the premises; high bidder was: - Hester A. R. PRESTON for 60-acre wood lot at $60 - Hester A. R. PRESTON for the undivided 1/2 interest in 238-acre farm, subject to a mortgage of $5,150 to Fredericktown Savings, at $4,200 Distribution of $4,260; court costs, $464.35 - Hester A. R. PRESTON, partial mortgage claim. $3,795.65 Closed 12 May 1880. ===
645-650 - HANE, JOHNSON, ROELKY, WAYS - Jan 1880
William F. JOHNSON, trustee of John V. HANE - Sale of Real Estate John V. HANE, for benefit of his creditors, issued Deed of Trust to William F. JOHNSON in Jul 1879. Provisions included costs for clothing and board for John at the Alms House (Montevue Hospital); if any balance is left after his death, then to go to Trustees for the Poor. LAND - House & Lot A (35 x 139') on north side of West Patrick St ("Battle Town") in Frederick; adjoined lots of George ROELKY on the west and the heirs of Adam CUSTARD on the east. Improved with a double 1 1/2 story brick house. - House & Lot B (20 x 150'), a few houses west of A, on north side of West Patrick St ("Battle Town") in Frederick; adjoined lots of Mrs. KING on the west and Jacob BENTZ on the east. Improved with a 1-story brick house. Sale was held at the Carlin House in Frederick Town on 27 Jan 1880; high bidders were: - George A. ROELKY for A at $615; subject to mortgage of William H. WAYS for $300. - George A. ROELKY for B at $360 Total sales, $975. Distribution: court costs, $249.90 - balance, $725.10, subject to the court. Closed 27 Apr 1880. ===
650-659 - ENGEL, BIRELY, WILHIDE, HARDT - Apr 1875
John W. BIRELY, Pres/of Peopls Building Assoc of Frederick County, mortgagee of John M. ENGEL (& w/ Annie C.) - Sale of Real Estate LAND - "The Case of Neccesity", 10 acres in Creagerstown District; 8 miles north of Frederick and 2 miles SW of Lewistown; adjoined land of David RAMSBURG. Improved with two log houses and stabling; then in occupancy of Lucy A. WILHIDE. To John M. ENGEL from Lucy A. WILHIDE in Apr 1869 [CM-6, 24]. Sale was held at the Dill House on 25 Apr 1875; high bidder was: - Lucy A. WILHIDE at $800; however, she failed to make payment. A resale was held 25 Oct 1879 at the Carlin House in Frederick; high bidder was: - John C. HARDT at $152 Distribution: court costs, $110.22 - People's Building Assoc, balance on partial mortgage, $41.71 Closed 3 Jan 1880. ===
659-681 - THORPE, STULL, DIEHL, PATTINGAL - Jan 1880
Louisa V. STULL vs Sarah Jane THORP & Others George Henry THORPE d/ 11 Oct 1879, intestate widow - Sarah Jane - now in Middleburg, Carroll Co, Maryland d/ Lilly A. THORP, a minor Adm/ Sarah J. THORP LAND - "Campbell's Camp", 3+ acres; at Fountain Rock on line of Frederick and Pennsylvania Rail Road, five miles from Frederick and 1 mile from Georgetown Station; on road from Retreat School House to New Dublin. Adjoined land of Adam DIEHL. To George H. THORPE from Adam DIEHL & w/ Sarah for $742.50 in Mar 1878 [TG-10, 68]. Guardian was William H. HILLEARY, Esquire. Testimony was heard 4 Feb 1880 from: - Winfield S. PATTINGALL - Adam DIEHL On 4 Feb 1880, Adam DIEHL affirmed Sarah Jane THORP, the widow, was 27 years old and in good health. Trustee was Adam DIEHL. Land was divided into two lots. Sale was held 3 Apr 1880 on the premises; high bidders were: - Samuel E. PATTINGAL and Winfield S. PATTINGAL for house, not yet completed, and 1 1/2 acre lot at $555 - John DIEHL for finished house and 2 3/4 acre lot at $960 Total sales, $1,515. Distribution: court costs, $220.87 - Sarah J. THORPE, widow's allowance, $171.02 - Adam DIEHL, mortgage claim, $317.84 - Henry Clay STOUFFER, mechanic's lien, $289.35 - William H Cromwell, mechanic's lien, $50.72 - Sarah J. THORPE, claim, $365.71 - Louisa V. STULL, claim, $80.95 - balance to other creditors Closed 21 Jun 1880. ===
John A. DEGRANGE & Others vs David J. DEGRANGE Elizabeth DEGRANGE d/ Nov 1869 (Will written 31 May 1869) w/o John DEGRANGE s/ John Alexander DEGRANGE & w/ Phoebe MICHAEL s/ George Washington DEGRANGE & w/ Ella WOLFE - Martinsburg, WV s/ David J. DEGRANGE & w/ Josephine HOFFMAN s/ Daniel Wesley Fletcher DEGRANGE & w/ Urilla V. - 74 Lee St, Baltimore City d/ Catharine DEGRANGE w/o Henry BENTZ d/ Elizabeth DEGRANGE w/o Aaron DAVIS s/ Nathaniel C. DEGRANGE & w/ Elizabeth COGLIN - Berkeley Springs, WV (house & 10 acres) d/ Ann Rebecca DEGRANGE (d/ before her father), leaving illegitimate children, ..........Sarah Ann DEGRANGE w/o Charles R. FINK ($500) ..........Daniel DEGRANGE ($500) s/ Edward ARCHIBALD (if living) ($500, if not found in 5 years, then to be divided between children of Ann Rebecca) - Milly SLATER, then residing with her, $100 when she arrives of age. - $1,000 in trust for daughter Ann Rebecca for her use during her natural life and upon her death, to her two children equally. (Edward ZIMMERMAN as guardian) Upon sale of property, Ann Rebecca to have $500 as these other means have been setup for her. Daughters, Elizabeth E. DAVIS and Catharine M. BENTZ to be for their use, exclusive and free from all marital rights of their present or future husbands. Life estate to husband and upon his death, then to be sold and divided among children. (Will didn't include property acquired before 19 Feb 1860 because of a state Act.) (data on spouses is from court records, not the Will) Execs/ John A. DEGRANGE and George W. DEGRANGE Witnesses: William H. BLESSING, Joseph H. BEARD(?), J. L. McLEAN === John DEGRANGE d/ 17 Mar 1879 (Will written 20 Mar 1871) s/ John A. DEGRANGE s/ George W. DEGRANGE s/ David J. DEGRANGE s/ Nathaniel C. DEGRANGE s/ Daniel W. F. DEGRANGE d/ Elizabeth C. DAVIS d/ Catharine M. BENTZ d/ Ann Rebecca DEGRANGE Provision was made for $3,000 be placed in trust for daughter Ann Rebecca DEGRANGE during her life and upon her death to be distributed as part of John's estate. His son Nathaniel's portion to be put in trust by the executors, paying the interest/dividends to Nathaniel during his life and after his death, then to his children. (John withdrew this trust and gave him his portion the same as the others in a codicil on 28 Sep 1872.) Execs/ Horatio W. BENTZ and Henry M. NIXDORFF. Witnesses: Francis MARKELL, Lewis MARKELL, William H. McCAFFREY --- LAND - Home Farm, 114+ acres (but 10 acres was divided off for Nathaniel): - "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant", "Resurvey on part of Mount Pleasant", "Deer Spring", "Jones Conclusion" and part "Huffenhart"; 5 miles SW of Frederick city on road from Harpers Ferry Ridge Road to the Manor Road; adjoins land of John ATTICK and S. Fenton HARGATE, Joseph BEARD and to corner of John H. RENN's land to north side of road. Improved with a 2-story weather-boarded house with back building, large barn, wagon shed, corn house and 3 tenant houses; divided into 6 fields under good fencing with stream of water running through a portion of the farm near the barn. Also has an orchard of peach, apple and other fruit trees; water rights are attached to the farm. Also adjoining the farm - Nathaniel's portion from his mother's Will; - "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant", 10 acres & house; on the same road (from home farm tract). Adjoining the farm: - "Huefinhart", 34+ acres; along south side of road to Jefferson or Harpers Ferry (on other side of road from home farm); adjoined land of Aaron DAVIS and Horace ZIMMERMAN. Improved with a 1 1/2 story house and stabling with a fine spring. To John DEGRANGE & w/ Elizabeth from from Joshua J. ZIMMERMAN & wife in Aug 1850 [WBT-11, 549]. - "Addition to the Discovery" and "Jones' Conclusion", 31 acres; on the old road leading out to Harpers Ferry road, 1/4 mile from the home farm; adjoining tract "Make Shift" and on dividing line of land of John SMITH and Daniel RUNNER. Neighbors were Henry CULLER and Fenton HARGATE. Unimproved. To John DEGRANGE & w/ Elizabeth from Daniel RUNNER at $993.90 in Oct 1846 [WBT-1, 450]. - Mountain land, 42+ acres - Lot# 1 - "Fielderia", 4+ acres; To John DEGRANGE from Peter BOLLENBAUGHER - Lot# 2 - "Fielderia", 10+ acres; To John DEGRANGE from Jacob FAUBLE - Lot# 3 - "Fielderia", 7 + acres; To John DEGRANGE from Peter BOLLENBAUGHER - Lot# 4 - "Resurvey on Back City", 11+ acres; on road from Mt. Zion Church towards Jefferson; timbered with oak, chestnut and hickory. To John DEGRANGE & w/ Elizabeth from Samuel PATTINGALL & w/ Harriet at $352.34 in Apr 1846 [WBT-3, 267-269]. - Lot# 5 - "Fielderia", 8 acres; To John DEGRANGE from Jacob FAUBLE --- Parcels included in the Home Farm were: - "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant", 98 acres; Includes a saw mill, house and other buildings, then occupied by John DEGRANGE. To John DEGRANGE from Michael RUNNER Jr (w/ Sarah) of Frederick Town for his 1/2 share at $1,500 in May 1822 . Previously to Michael RUNNER Sr from Charity RUNNER in Nov 1799. Land was to Michael RUNNER Sr, father of Michael RUNNER Jr and Elizabeth DEGRANGE (w/o John), from his father Gotlip RUNNER (husband of Charity). and included these tracts: - "Deer Spring", 18 acres Previously to Michael RUNNER Sr from Charity RUNNER. - "Deer Spring", 4 1/4 acres To Michael RUNNER Sr from John RUNNER and Henry RUNNER in Nov 1799. - "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant", 19 acres To Michael RUNNER Sr from Thomas TAYLOR and Benjamin HUFFCAN in Nov 1799. - 3/8 acre; To John DEGRANGE from John ATTICK & w/ Martha Jane in Apr 1874. - "Huffenhart", 1 acre To John DEGRANGE from John A. DEGRANGE and George W. DEGRANGE, execs/of Elizabeth DEGRANGE, in Apr 1870. Previously to Elizabeth DEGRANGE from Aaron DAVIS (for Grafton DUVALL) in Feb 1859. - "Resurvey on Mount Pleasant", 9 1/2 acres To John DEGRANGE from John RUNNER in May 1838. Previously to John RUNNER from Henry KEMP, exec/of George RENN, and Isaac RENN in Sep 1819. - "Deer Spring", 3 acres; on south bank of mill race. - "Jones' Conclusion", 4 acres - 31 1/4 acres To Elizabeth DEGRANGE from David M. ZIMMERMAN & w/ in Feb 1861 [BGF-6, 429]. --- Testimony was heard on 3 Feb 1880 from: - John A. DEGRANGE - Horatio BENTZ - Henry M. NIXDORF Trustees were Milton G. URNER, Horatio W. BENTZ and Henry M. NIXDORFF. Sale was held 10 Apr 1880 at the City Hotel in Frederick; high bidders were: - John A. DEGRANGE for the home farm, 114+ acres, at $59.78/acre, $6,833.94 (John H. KELLER signed for him) - Aaron DAVIS for "Huefinhart", 34+ acres at $50/acre, $1,737.50 - James Henry CULLER for "Jones' Conclusion", 31 acres at $30/acre, $930 - Calvin C. ZIMMERMAN for 11+ acres of mountain land at $25.75/acre, $292.90 Total sales, $9,794.38. 1st Distribution of $9,794.38 - court costs $888.45 = $8,905.83 Share of John DEGRANGE, dec'd - $5,366.78 - 1/2 costs, $444.24 = $4,922.54 - John A. DEGRANGE, 1/7 share, $703.22 - George W. DEGRANGE, 1/7 share, $703.22 - David J. DEGRANGE, 1/7 share, $703.22 - Nathaniel C. DEGRANGE, 1/7 share, $703.22 - Daniel W. F. DEGRANGE, 1/7 share, $703.22 - Elizabeth E. DAVIS, 1/7 share, $703.22 - Catharine M. BENTZ, 1/7 share, $703.22 Share of Elizabeth DEGRANGE, dec'd - $4,427.52 - 1/2 costs, $444.24 = $3,983.28 - John A. DEGRANGE, 1/8 share, $497.91 - George W. DEGRANGE, 1/8 share, $497.91 - David J. DEGRANGE, 1/8 share, $497.91 - Nathaniel C. DEGRANGE, 1/8 share, $497.91 - Daniel W. F. DEGRANGE, 1/8 share, $497.91 - Elizabeth E. DAVIS, 1/8 share, $497.91 - Catharine M. BENTZ, 1/8 share, $497.91 - Solomon J. ZIMMERMAN as assignee of Sarah Ann FINK, 1/8 share, $497.91 (Sarah Ann & Charles R. FINK assigned her share to Solomon for $1,430 in Jan 1880; references Estate of Daniel DEGRANGE, the FINKs as admins; and also for the Estate of her grandmother, Elizabeth DEGRANGE.) Closed 25 Jun 1880. ===
720-728 - MENTZER, ZECK, LINGG - Dec 1879
Dietrick ZECK, mortgagee of Alonzo J. MENTZER & w/ Mary M. - Report of Sales LAND - House & Lot (95 sq perches) in Emmitsburg; on east side of Emmitsburg to Gettysburg Road (Adams Co, PA). Adjoined lots of George LAWRENCE and George WINTER. Improved with a 2-story brick house (newly built) with a well near the door; a good stable, wagon shed, hog pen, etc; and fruit trees. To Alonzo J. MENTZER from Nicholas LINGG & w/ Elizabeth in Oct 1868 [CM-2, 485]. Sale was held 6 Dec 1879 on the premises; high bidder was: - Dietrick ZECK at $1,075 Distribution: court costs, $161.36 - Dietrick ZECK, 1st mortgage claim, $417.67 -Dietrick ZECK, 2nd mortgage, partial, $495.95 Closed 20 May 1880 ===
728-733 - RIPPON, NORWOOD, GARVER - May 1880
Dr. Charles A. NORWOOD, mortgagee of George W. RIPPON & w/ Emma V. - Report of Sales LAND - House & Lot, 1+ acre, at SW corner of South and Walnut Sts in Libertytown, on west side of the extension of South Walnut St and running to west side of New Market Road; adjoining lot of Dr. T. W. SIMPSON and James GARVER. To George W. RIPPON and Winfield S. RIPPON from Henry BAKER & w/ [TG-4, 99]. Exception was part conveyed to James GARVER & w/ Jennie A. Sale was held 15 May 1880 on the premises; high bidder was: - Charles A. NORWOOD at $300 Distribution not shown, but would have gone to Charles A NORWOOD on payment on the mortgage. Closed 21 Jun 1880. ===
William D. TRUNDLE, et al vs Marietta TRUNDLE & Others David TRUNDLE d/ (Will written 24 Dec 1849; TS-1, 46) widow - Rosetta d/ 1879 s/ William D. TRUNDLE d/ Henrietta TRUNDLE w/o George Jacob HUMMEL d/ Annie TRUNDLE w/o William BRUCHEY s/ Henry TRUNDLE, dec'd * ..........Mary Cordelia TRUNDLE w/o William HALLER ..........Alice Virginia TRUNDLE - Montgomery Co, MD ..........Henry Clayton TRUNDLE d/ Mary Eliza TRUNDLE, dec'd * w/o Thomas H. WARD - Montgomery Co, MD ..........Silas D. WARD - Montgomery Co, MD ..........William T. WARD - Montgomery Co, MD ..........Charles M. WARD - Montgomery Co, MD ..........John Henry WARD, a minor - Montgomery Co, MD d/ Marietta TRUNDLE - To be buried in the Roman Catholic burying ground in Frederick City * Henry and Mary Eliza died after their father and before their mother. David TRUNDLE's Will stated he devised everything to his wife and, upon her death, to his children "then living". Petition stated since Henry and Mary Eliza died before their mother, they were excluded from the Will; upheld by court. --- LAND - in Frederick County (and another tract in Montgomery County) - "Many Makes One", 70 acres, To David TRUNNELL from Benjamin RUTHERFORD (w/ Sophia) for $900 in Feb 1828 [JS-27, 411]. - wood lot, 18 acres To David TRUNDLE from John H. SIMMONS [HS-3, 137]. Trustees were John H. KELLER and William D. TRUNDLE. Private sale was made to: - Marietta TRUNDLE for the 70 acres at $2,100 - Marietta TRUNDLE for the wood lot at $182.50 Distribution not shown. Closed 21 May 1880. ===
Charles M. DEVILISS & Others vs Margaret DEVILBISS, Clayton R. DEVILBISS Reuben DEVILBISS d/ 7 Dec 1875, intestate widow - Elizabeth d/ Missouri DEVILBISS (age 28) w/o Winfield Scott RINEHART s/ Charles M. DEVILBISS (age 25) & w/ Laura d/ Ann A. DEVILBISS (age 22) w/o Luther T. SHARRETTS - Carroll County d/ Margaret "Margie" A. DEVILBISS (age 20 years & 11 months), a minor s/ Clayton R. DEVILBISS, a minor LAND - 1/2 undivided share of John FETTERLING farm, 125 acres in Liberty District; 1 mile west of Union Bridge in Frederick County. - To Reuben DEVILBISS from George Ross FETTERLING at $1,050 in Feb 1853 [ES-2, 594]. Devised to George Ross FETTERLING by Will of John FETTERLING dated 25 Aug 25 1841. Exception is legacy to daughter Sarah FETTERLING. - To Reuben DEVILBISS from John M. FETTERLING & w/ Ruth Ann at $1,100 in Dec 1849. Devised to John M. FETTERLING by Will of John FETTERLING dated 25 Aug 25 1841. Exception is legacy to daughters Sarah FETTERLING & Susanna FETTERLING who were the youngest daughters. George Ross FETTERLING & John M. FETTERLING were the two youngest sons of John FETTERLING. - "Resurvey on Small Beginning" and "Hazel Valley", 6+ acres & 14 acres & 1+ acres. To Reuben DEVILBISS from Henry HAUGH & w/ Hannah for $1,510 in Mar 1864. Previously to Hannah HAUGH from Abraham STONER and Mary E. STONER in Mar 1862 [BGF-7, 643]. Guardian was Edward H. GITTINGER. Testimony was heard from: - Elizabeth DEVILBISS, the widow, age 55, hail and hearty. - John HARTSOCK (married to Reuben DEVILBISS' sister) Trustees were Charles M. DEVILBISS and Elizabeth DEVILBISS. On 24 Nov 1879, Charles M. DEVILBISS sold his share to Margie A. DEVILBISS for $1,000 and also removed himself as trustee. Since then, Elizabeth DEVILBISS sold the property at private sale to: - Missouri RINEHART, Anna SHARETTS and Margie DEVILBISS at $6,000 Distribution: court costs, $391.75 - Elizabeth DEVILBISS, widow, in lieu of dower, 1/9, $625.14 - each 1/5 child's share, $997.02 (Charles' share to Margaret per previous conveyance) Closed 7 Nov 1881. ============================= The End of AF-1 ==============================

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