Frederick Co, MD Distributions

Frederick County, Maryland

Distributions - 1778-1784

This transcription is taken from the Book of Distributions for the years 1778 
to 1784 although most do not reference a date.  It has, however, been recorded
in the same order as written in the book.  This is the earliest book I 
have found for such recordings. 
[Records Located at Maryland State Archives - MSA 781; Loc 1-50-7-46]

RIPLEY, Edward
  Widow gets 1/3 - 128.7.5 common currency
  Balance divided between the two sons, Jacob & John RIPLEY (256.14.10)
  Execs/ Elizabeth RIPLEY and Abraham WHITMORE; 11 Aug 1778

RUFE (or RUSE?), Darius   161.6.0 �      Adm/ Catherine RUFE
   Distribution not shown

KIMBOL, John                  458.5.3 �      Adm/ George BARE
   Exec/ Lettice KIMBOL
Distribution to Mrs Kimbol by will

KIMBOL, Lettice     505.12.11 current money  Adm/ George BARE
   Distribution not shown

SELF, Ann             26.0.8      Adm/ Silas VEACH
   Distribution not shown

WICKHAM, Samuel           7.9.4 � current money
  Exec/ Joseph WOOD, Jr.
   Distribution not shown

WILLSON, John             19.4.7 �      Adm/ Susannah WILLSON
   Distribution not shown

HEARSE, Conrad          55.7.2 cm      Adm/ Harmon HEARSE
Distribution:  Harmon HEARSE, Catharine LAWRENCE, Christiana WINHOLTZ, 
and Mary SEARTT?

BRUNER, Henry       19.6.2 cm
   Exec/ Magdalana BRUNER and John BRUNER
Distribution not shown

MEDLEY, Eleanor     75.10.3 cm      Exec/ Leonard SMITH
Distribution:  d/ Eleanor MEDLEY; dtd Feb 1779

BARNARD, Nathaniel      506.18.4 �     Exec/ Mena BARNARD
Distribution:  widow 1/3; remaining 2/3 divided among nine children:
Tobias BARNARD, Jessee BARNARD, Nathaniel BARNARD, Notley? BARNARD 
and Miner? BARNARD; bond filed 20 Oct 1779.

DEVILBESS, Casper       3548.15.1 current money  (left will)
  Exec/ Ann COCK
Distribution:  Casper (100.0.0 by will); 1/3 of remainder 
to widow 1082.18.1 �); remaining 2/3 amongst six children of deceased:  
Susannah REMSBERGH and Barbara FLEMMING - 394.6.1/4 each.

ILGNER, Christian     971.17.9 cm  (left will)
  Exec/ Anna Maria ILGNER (appointed guardian)
Distribution:  1/3 to widow 327.5.11; balance in equal shares to:  
Catherine ILGNER, Christian ILGNER and John Jacob ILGNER; bond 
filed 12 Aug 1779.

 ECKMAN, Jacob      361.8.3 common money  (left will)
  Exec/ Peter BOHRER and Peter CREBELL
Distribution of equal shares to:  Eve Elizabeth ECKMAN, Phillippina ECKMAN, 
Christena ECKMAN, Barbara ECKMAN, George ECKMAN, Peter ECKMAN, John ECKMAN.  
Securities were Joseph DOLL and Jacob MICHAEL.

RIDGELEY, William    34.16.2 � current money
  Adm/ Macy/Mary RIDGELEY
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder in equal shares to two 
children: Martha RIDGELEY and Sarah RIDGELEY; securities were Thomas 

SPRINGER, Charles       391.4.3 � cm     Adm/ Susannah SPRINGER
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder in equal shares to 10 children:
Elizabeth SPRINGER and Levy SPRINGER; securities were Robert FOUTTOS? 
and Peter Hedgs; bond filed 20 Oct 1778.

CARMACK, William        32.1.6
  Exec/ Jame CARMACK and Willaim CARMACK
Distribution not shown

HUTSELL, George      332.16.1 cm     Adm/ Magdalena HUTSELL
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder in equal shares to ten children:
Margaret MILLER, Susannah ENGLE, George HUTSELL, John HUTSELL, 
Peter HUTSELL, Mathias HUTSELL, Lodewick HUTSELL, Mary HUTSELL, 
Michael HUTSELL and Gabriel HUTSELL.; bond filed 12 Oct 1778.

KEENU, Phillip        363.4.8
  Exec/ Mary KEENU and Mathias MORT?
Distribution not shown

ERB, Peter       2585.2.8 �
  Execs/ Judith ERB, Christopher ERB and Charles ANGEL
Distribution:  per will - 1/7 to widow; balance according to will to:
Peter ERB, ____ ERB, Catharine ERB, Modelina ERB, Louisa ERB and Eve ERB; 
sureties were Conrad FOTTS and Thomas DURBIN.

BRICKER, John         315.15.7 common currency
  Exec/ Mary BRICKER and John BRICKER
Distribution per will:  1/3 to widow; remainder in equal shares to 
seven children:
John BRICKER, Eve BRICKER, Jacob BRICKER, Susannah BRICKER, Christiana 

THOMAS, Christian     442.1.8 � common money
  Exec/ Christian THOMAS
Distribution per will:  Barbara STONER 100.0.0; Mary THOMAS 100.0.0; 
Barbara TERICK 22.0.0; and Mary TERICK 22.0.0; - Remaining 198 pounds, 
one shilling, and eight pence half penny to be divided between 
the four children of the deceased, namely - Henry, Christian and 
Mary THOMAS and Barbara STONER; sureties were Benedict STONER and George BARE.

KING, Phillip   1768.11.9     Adm/ Christiana KENNEDY
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder in equal shares to two children:
David KING and John KING; sureties were John BEATTY and Thomas DAVIS.

HETULDY, Conrad           972.19.10
  Adm/ George KURTZ (appointed guardian)
Distribution:  equal shares to two children:  John Henry HOTULDY and 
George HOTULDY; sureties were John REMSBURGH and Michael OLLOS.

HUMMER, Jacob        202.4.10 cm     Exec/ Jacob HUMMER
Distribution per will:  equal division amongst five children:  
Mary, Elizabeth, Eve, John and Jacob HUMMER; sureties were Harmon HEARSH 
and John HUMMER.

CARNUFF, Henry         261.19.9 � currency     Adm/ John CARNUFF
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainer equally divided amongst ten children:
John, Peter, Henry, Adam, Jacob, Susannah, Catherine, Elizabeth, 
Mary and Ann CARNUFF.

MIERS, Jacob         115.10.10 �     Adm/ Christiana WOOLF
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder in equal parts to two children:
Elizabeth and Jacob MIERS.

RIDGELEY, Vestal       327.18.2 �     Adm/ Urith RIDGELEY
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder in equal parts to eight children:
Sarah, Jane, Urith, Vestal, Sophia, Martha, Richard and William RIDGELEY; 
securities were Isaac RIDGELEY and Richard RIDGELEY.

KETZENDANNER, Gabriel         90.4.10
  Execs/ Adam KETZENDANNER and Gilbert KEMP
Distribution:  equal shares to children:  Jacob, Henry and Margaret; 
securities were Michael OLLOSE and George BARE.

KEMP, Michael     23.0.2 �
  Exec/ Peter KEMP and Jacob KEMP
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder in equal shares to five children:
Mary, Elizabeth, Peter, David, and Jacob KEMP.

MACKELL, James         631.13.0     Adm/ Lydia DAWSON
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder in equal shares to two children:
Benjamin and Susannah MACKELL; securities were Dr. THOMAS and Mr. BEATTY.

ULRY, Jacob         246.16.0     Exec/ Elizabeth ULRY
Distribution per will - (listed here only as heirs); dated only 1779

WISINGER, Lodowick          206.3.9
  Exec/ Catherine WISINGER (appointed guardian to Jacob)
Distribution equally divided amongst the seven children:
Peter, Balser, Barbarah, George, Catherine, Lodowick and 
Jacob WISINGER; securities were David PRISH and George WISINGER.

PRUTSMAN, Lodewick    429.10.10 �    Exec/ John PRUTSMAN
Distribution:  equally divided among the widow and children:
Mary PRUTSMAN, widow; Mary PRUTSMAN, John, Lawrence, Catherine, 
Justina, Nathaniel and Henry.

STEWART, Samuel         4.13.10
  Adms/ Mary STEWART and William TUCKER?.
Distribution not shown

KULP, Philip         122.2.0     Exec/ Margaret KULP
Distribution per will:  1/3 to widow; remainder to heir at law, 
Philip CULP, the only child; Tobias GARROTT? Appointed guardian; 
bond filed 26 Oct 1779.
FOUT, Peter             Estate overpaid by 176 pounds
  Adms/ Uriley FOUT and Lodwick WILHEM

SNOWDENBEYER, Jacob       29.11.2     Ex/ Margaret COLLIBURGER
No Distribution data

SHUTTER, Christian              178.16.7     Adm/ Mary SHUTTER
Distribution:  Widow 1/3 = 59.12.28; Children's remaining 2/3 = 119.4.5.
Children:  John, Jacob, Christiana, Catherine, Susannah and Solomon 
SHUTTER, each received 19.17.5.

MYERS, John Jeremiah              406.8.10 � cm
  Execs/ Barbarah MYER and Peter HUFFMAN
Distribution:  1/3 to Widow; balance to four children -
Jacob, Mary, Catherine and John Jeremiah MYERS.
Securities:  Philip PEAR and John Jacob SCHLEY.

SARGEANT, William           55.11.9     Adm/ Sarah SARGEANT
No Distribution listed.

MORKEBOY, Higgenson              454.7.15     Adm/ Rebekah MOCKEBOY
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder to four children -
Masson, Sarah Paw, Priscilla and Thomas Higgenson.

JOHNSON, Thomas             1672.13.7 �
  Execs/ John JOHNSON and Edward THOMAS
No Distribution listed.

ORBISON, William           52.6.5
  Exec/ Isabel McGLOCKLIN
Disbribution:  between the two children -
Elizabeth ORBISON and Mary ORBISON

BURNESTON, Joseph            84.4.11 �
  Exec/ William BURNESTON
Distribution:  1/3 to the widow; Legacy of 10 pounds to William 
BURNESTON; remainder to be equally divided amongst the ten children -
William, Sarah, Thomas, Mary, Anne, Ann, Rebeccah, Elizabeth, 
Joseph and Isaac.

MORRISS, Jonathan        251.12.3     Adm/ Mary MORRISS
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder amongst the ten children -
Sarah, Isaac, Jonathan, William, Samuel, Joseph, Mary, David, 
Betty and Jessee.

ELLER, George Muh?.              956.15.5
   Execs/ Henry ELLER and ?Christian GARVER
Distribution:  Widow 50 pounds; Peter ELLER 97 pounds; 
Leonard ELLER 32 pounds; Elizabeth FIPP/ZEPP 32 pounds; remainder 
amongst his youngest children -
Jacob, George, John, Eve, Catherine and Mary.

PENNABAKER, William        75.9.5 �
   Execs/ Lod MOUSE and Mary Jacobina MOUSE
Distribution:  (blank)

GREGG, John, dec'd       55.9.1 �      Adm/ Jane EVANS
Distribution:  1/3 to the widow; remainder amongst six children -
Nathan, Ann, Sarah, James, William and Samuel.

BALSELL, Peter                2725.16.5
   Adms/ Mary BALSELL and Jacob BALSELL
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder amongst ten children -
Barbara, Catharine, Mary, Henry, Peter, Jacob, Elizabeth, Modelin, 
Margaret and Juliana.

SNIDER, Jacob            949.7.10 �
   Adm/ Michael SNIDER
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder amongst the ten children -
John, Jacob, Abraham, Elizabeth, Magdalen, Daniel, Christiana, 
Lodewick, Ann Mary and Barbara.

DAVIS, Enoch             429.6.8
   Adms/ Abraham DAVIS and Elizabeth DAVIS
Distribution:  1/3 to the widow; remainder amongst the three children -
William, Samuel and David.

NORRIS, Ben         549.13.5
   Adm/ Priscilla NORRIS
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder amongst the ten children -
Mary, Benjamin, Ann, Elizabeth, Priscilla, Kenah, John, Sarah, 
Susannah and Eleanor.

YENGLIN, John        2193.15.9
   Execs/ Margaret Lenora YENGLIN and Charles ANGEL
Distribution:  Widow 751.5.3; Frederick YENGLIN 3.6.3; 
remainder amongst the ___ children -
Susanna, Catharine, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maudolin, Anna, 
Maria, John, Jacob?, Abraham, Margaret, Louisa, Christiana, 
Peter and Hannah.

ANSTOTH, George             1195.3.3
  Execs/ Henry ANSTOTH and __________ ?RIBLU
Henry ANSTOH         208.9.0
Mary ANSTOTT         156.9.0
Margaret ANSTOH      156.9.0
John ANSTOH          168.9.0
George ANSTOH        168.9.0
Nicholas ANSTOH      168.9.0
Modelina ANSTOH      168.9.0

BUSSARD, Samuel            1219.15.4
   Adm/ Catharine BUSSARD
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder amongst the six children -
Jacob, Samuel, Mary, David, Catharine and Susannah.

BURY, Edward         462.2.3
   Adm/ Charles BURY
Distribution:  (blank)

FLEMMING, Samuel   8688.18.8      Adm/ Barbara FLEMMING
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder to the daughter 
of the deceased - Alice

JODON?, Fannie       44.0.5 �      Adm/ Normand BRUCE
No Distribution listed.

SHIBBY, Robert      623.2.10 �      Adm/ Bedwell PARNELL
Distribution:  To be equally divided amongst the brothers 
and sisters of the dec'd -
Elizabeth KIBER, Sarah HENDERSON, Ruth PARNELL, Mary EASON, 
Eleanor EASON and John EASON.

STONER?, Henry    9.19.5      Adm/ John STONER?
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder to the 
son of the deceased - John

BROWN, James        1910.18   Execs/ Ann BROWN and Joseph GOSNEL
Distribution per will -
James BROWN           1.2.6
Ann BROWN           636.11.10
Sarah GOSNELL       424.7.11
Mary FITZGERRALD    424.7.11
?Qukel PINCKSTONE   424.7.11

SMITH, Rebekah      2595.1.10      Adm/ Willaim SMITH
Distribution amongst the three children -
William, George and David SMITH

KNOUFF, Mary           710.14.5      Adm/ John KNOUFF
Distribution:  Equally divided amongst the ten children -
John, Susanah, Peter, Henry, Adam, Catharine, Jacob, 
Elizabeth, Mary and Ann.

WAGGONER, Adam        788.18.7      Adm/  Sophia WAGGONER
Distribution per will:  1/3 to widow; remainder equally amongst  -
  William WAGGONER
  Christopher WAGGONER

APPLE, Peter                2359.5.10
   Execs/ Catharine APPLE and Henry MATHEW?
Distribution per will:
Susannah APPLE      100 pounds
Eve HOUSE           554.15.5
Charlotte MYERS     554.15.5
Mary MATHEWS        554.15.5
Magdalina BINLY (or BIRELY)  554.15.5

AMBROSE, Jacob     3242.28.6 �
   Adms/ Catharine AMBROSE and Peter SHOVER
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder amongst the ten children -
Sophia, Henry, Catharine, Jacob, Mathias?, John, Mary, Eliza, 
Eve and Lodewick.

MIDDAH, John         494.1.7      Exec/ Mary KING
Distribution is blank

SMITH, Casper       28151.13.5 �
Distribution per will:  1/3 to widow; remainder divided equally 
amongst -
Jacob SMITH, Christian SMITH, Daniel SMITH, Mathias SMITH, 
Peter SMITH, Elizabeth SMITH, Merry GERNHART?.

WALLACE, Thomas   1114.19.7      Exec/ Andrew HIME
Distribution per will:  William WALLACE and Elizabeth WALLACE, 
each half.

PATTERSON, William         846.16.9 �
  Execs/ Margaret PATTERSON and Adam HOPE
Distribution per will:
  Margaret PATTERSON      250
  Rebekah PATTERSON        35
  Mathew PATTERSON         70
  Samuel PATTERSON of Samuel  90
  Robert SHIELD            25
  Samuel PATTERSON of John 60
  Sarah PATTERSON of D.    30
  Samuel TWEED             25
  Elizabeth TWEED          15
  Margaret DANIEL of Hugh  10
  James BETTY of Robert     5
  Paul ? The Grave yard     5
  Samuel PATTERSON of Samuel, the residue   226.16.9

BARRUK, John     9491.1 and 10.16.9   Adm/  John BARRUK
Distribution:  Equally amongst the seven children -
Charity HOVER, John BARRUK, William BARRUK, Catharine STUL, 
Jacob BARRUK, Margaret? SMIHE? (possibly SMITH), Mary CRUM.

CRAUMER?, Martin  16,453.5.10 and 3.13.1 �   Adm/ Charles ANGEL
Distribution:  1/3 to widow; remainder amongst the two children -
Balser and Elizabeth CRAUMER

- Page 40         (blank)

- Page 41 and continuous as no further distribution data is listed

RUFE, Darious      161.6.0 �   Adm/ Catharine RUFE
KIMBALL, Lettice   458.5.3 �   Adm/ George BARE
KIMBALL, Lettice   505.12.11   Adm/ George BARE
SELF, Ann          26.0.8      Adm/ Silas VEAIK
WICKHAM, Samuel                Exec/ Joseph WOOD Jr
WILSON, John       19.4.7 �    Adm/ Susanah WILSON
HEARSE, Conrad     55.7.2      Adm/ Harmon HEARSE
BRUNER, Henry      19.6.2      Execs/ Magdelena BRUNER and John BRUNER
MEDLY, Eleanor     75.10.3     Exec/ Leon SMITH
RIPLEY, Valentine  385.2.3     Adm/ Elizabeth RIPLEY
KELLER, Rudolph    32.10.8     Exec/ Frederick WHITMAN and Casper KELLER
LINGANFELTER, John 98.2.0      Exec/ Ann LINGANFELTER and Balser HECK
BARNARD, Nathaniel 506.18.4 �  Exec/ Mena BARNARD
HUTSELL, George    332.16.1    Adm/ Magdelena HUTSELL
DEVILBIS, Casper   3548.15.1   Exec/ Ann COCK
ILGNER, Christian  971.7.9     Exec/ Anna Maria ILGNER
ECKMAN, Jacob      361.8.3     Execs/ Peter BOHRER and Peter CREBALL
STEWART, Richard   2.6.6       Adm/ Mary STEWART
SPRINGER, Charles  391.4.3 �   Adm/ Susanah SPRINGER
RIDGLEY, William   34.15.2 �   Adm/ Mary RIDGLEY
CARMACK, William   32.1.6      Execs/ Jane CARMACK & William CARMACK
BRUNER, John       1358.16.9   Exec/ John BRUNER

KEENCE, Philip

These are repeated but have no additional data -
ERB, Peter
MYERS, Jacob
WESINGER, Lodewick
PRUTSMAN, Lodewick
KELP, Philip

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