Will Abstracts of Carroll Co, Maryland

Carroll Co, Maryland

Will Abstracts

Book JB-1 - 1834-1852

These Carroll County Wills were abstracted by Virginia Stenley.

1-2 - TAWNEY, Elizabeth (27 Feb 1837 by mark; 10 Apr 1837)
Elizabeth TAWNEY widow of Frederick TAWNEY d/ Catherine,her daughter, Margaret s/ Jacob TAWNEY s/ John TAWNEY s/ David TAWNEY s/ George TAWNEY d/ Sally TAWNEY Exec/ Jacob SHRIVER Witnesses: David ROOP, John SCHWEIGART, John ROOP Jr. [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
2-3 - COOKSON, Samuel of Frederick County (8 May 1833; 17 Apr 1837)
Samuel COOKSON widow - (unnamed) s/ Joseph COOKSON d/ Mary w/o William HAINES Farm was partly from Barbara MEYERS and partly from Rudolf SWITZER, adjoining Dr. ZOLLICKOFFER and William CUREY's estate. Exec/ son Joseph COOKSON Witnesses: Joseph WEAVER, Samuel WEAVER, John WEAVER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
4-5 - TOWSON, James of Baltimore County (26 Feb 1835; 17 Apr 1837)
James TOWSON widow - Kerenhappuch grandson/ William T. TANEY d/ Rebecca & her son, Thomas TAWNEY d/ Nancy TOWSON LANDs in Baltimore County and in Ohio. Exec/ wife Witnesses/ John TRINE, Philip TRINE, Jacob TRINE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
5-7 - NACE, Peter, the Elder of Baltimore County (13 Nov 1827; 27 Dec 1831)
Peter NACE widow - Tillatha NACE d/ Mary w/o Henry BACKMAN d/ Catherine w/o John SHADE d/ Elizabeth w/o Christopher VAUGHAN s/ John NACE s/ Jacob NACE d/ Ruth w/o George LINEWEAVER s/ George NACE d/ Sarah w/o George MATTER s/ Peter NACE d/ Margaret w/o Jacob GITTIER Exec/ son Peter NACE Witnesses/ J. Adams FRANKFORTER, David HOUCK, Christian KELBAUGH Jr [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
7-9 - FREED, Laurantz of Baltimore County (4 Dec 1836 by mark; 17 Apr 1837)
Laurantz FREED widow - Elizabeth d/ Mary w/o Thomas BOLLENEY/BOLTNER s/ Jacob FREED d/ Elizabeth w/o Henry MINTER d/ Catherine FREED d/ Rachel FREED Exec/ Peter SAUBLE, potter Witnesses/ Jacob GILL, Peter GETTIER, John HIVELY [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
9-10 - HATTON, Lydia of Frederick County (31 Aug 1836; 17 Apr 1837)
Lydia HATTON s/ Joel FARQUHAR d/ Deborah FARQUHAR gr-d/ Elizabeth HUGHES gr-d/ Deborah HUGHES LAND - House & Lot where Jesse LANDIES resides - Lot near Union Bridge PO - Lot near York, PA Exec/ son Joel FARQUHAR Witnesses/ William SHEPHERD, Thomas SHEPHERD, Joseph MOORE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
10-11 - HOFFMAN, Jacob (21 Apr 1837; 1 May 1837)
Jacob HOFFMAN widow - Fredericka HOFFMAN Exec/ widow Witnesses/ David W. NAILL, Samuel EVANS, Richard F. WILLIAMS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
11-13 - McHANNEY, Solomon of Baltimore County (30 Oct 1831; 5 Jun 1837)
Solomon McHANNEY widow - Juliana McHANNEY and children (not named) LAND - House & Lot in Hampstead - House & Lot in Manchester - Farm near Wampler's Paper Mill Exec/ widow Witnesses/ John FOWBLE of Jacob, Joshua TIFTON, Andrew C. FOWBLE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
13-14 - HOWARD, Elizabeth Ann (8 May 1837; 11 Jul 1837)
Elizabeth Ann HOWARD sis/ Jemima HOWARD Exec/ Jesse L. WARFIELD Witnesses/ Samuel GREENHUL, Asbury O. WARFIELD, D. W. NAILL [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
14-20 - WAREHAM, Henry (4 Jul 1837; 22 Jul 1837)
Henry WAREHAM widow - Charity s/ John WAREHAM d/ Margaret w/o John SCHAEFFER s/ Conrad WAREHAM s/ George WAREHAM s/ Henry WAREHAM d/ Sarah w/o Andrew WEISLEATHER d/ Elizabeth YEISER, dec'd; her daughter ..........Mary YEISER grson/ Albert WAREHAM LAND - Farm on parts "North Canton", "Well's Care Enlarged", "Ormby" and "Iron Intention" - Land in Baltimore County from Peter SENTZ in 1813 - "Winfaw" from John RITTER in 1819 (Baltimore county) - "Resurvey on Lime Pitt" from David R. GIST in 1817 (Frederick county) & Jacob STEINERFERD in 1816 - "Iron Intention" from Greenbury MAGERS in 1811 (Baltimore county) - Land in Harrison Co, VA Execs/ sons Conrad and George WAREHAM Witnesses/ J. Henry HOPPE, Jacob MATTAIS of George, Daniel STONESIFER, John BAUMGARTNER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
20-21 - GEIMAN, David (7 Jun 1837; 9 Aug 1837)
David GEIMAN widow - (unnamed) s/ Daniel GEIMAN (eldest) s/ David GEIMAN d/ Rebecca w/o David ROOP LAND - from Jacob MYERLY, David MYERLY and Jacob RUSEL Execs/ three children Witnesses/ David LEISTER of Jacob, George CROUL, David MYERLY [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
22-23 - BROWN, Ann of Baltimore County (4 Aug 1836; 12 Aug 1837)
Ann BROWN s/ Elias BROWN d/ Susannah E. BROWN s/ William BROWN and his daughters SLAVES - Negroes - NAT, DICK, POLL, DANIEL, ABRAHAM, CATHERINE, CASSANDRA, PETER Apprentice - Henry CARTER Exec/ son Elias BROWN Witnesses/ Nicholas DORSEY, George W. WARFIELD, Abel SCRIVENOR [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
23-24 - DORSEY, Eliza C. of Baltimore County (17 Nov 1828; 30 Aug 1837)
Eliza DORSEY husband - Nicholas DORSEY LAND - on Middle Island Creek, Tyler Co, VA Exec/ none named, but testifying to validity of Will were: Evan BLACK, Thomas B. CONAWAY, Jonathan NORRIS and Otho SHIPLEY Witnesses/ Edward FRIZZEL (since dec'd), Joseph BLACK (d/ 12 Aug 1830), Theodore BEASMAN (since dec'd) [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
25-26 - GARRETTSON, Aquilla of Baltimore County (31 Oct 1836; 5 Sep 1837)
Aquilla GARRETTSON - housekeeper, Ann SMITH - Mary GREENFIELD, d/o Jacob GREENFIELD of Harford County - Elizabeth Freeborn BILLINGSLEA (his sister's daughter) ..........w/o Bennett BILLINGSLEA and son, . . . . . . . . . . Bennett M. BILLINGSLEA .....her 1st husband was Richard GARRETTSON; their 4 sons, . . . . . . . . . . Thomas Henry GARRETTSON . . . . . . . . . . James Aquilla GARRETTSON . . . . . . . . . . Richard Freeborn GARRETTSON . . . . . . . . . . William Edwin GARRETTSON Graveyard is mentioned. Execs/ George JACOBS and Richard JACOBS (renounced) Witnesses/ George BRAMWELL, Mordecai G. COCKEY, John MALEHORN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
27-28 - PARRISH, Jonathan of Baltimore County (19 Nov 1835; 4 Sep 1837)
Jonathan PARRISH - Mary HOOKER - Elizabeth MANNING, d/o Jesse MANNING of A. - Rachel MANNING, d/o Jesse MANNING of A. - Urith w/o Garretson BARNES - Joseph WILLIS - Levan WILLIAMS - Greenbury WILLIAMS - Elias WILLIAMS - Amos WILLIAMS - Jonathan Greenbury HOOKER, s/o Amos HOOKER - Elizabeth w/o Humphrey PEDICORD - Cary GARNER - Hellen PARRISH - Keturah WHEELER - Arch POURTER - Rachel COOK - Mary Ann WILLIS LAND - "Stocksdale Neighbor" and "Pourter's Delight", near Reisterstown Graveyard mentioned. Execs/ Flin GARNER, Moses BARNES (renounced), Levin WILLIAMS (renounced), Jesse MANNING (renounced) Witnesses/ John PARRISH (x), Elijah WOODEN of Benjamin, William GRIFFEE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
29-30 - MENCHE, John of Baltimore County (30 Jan 1836;9 Oct 1837)
John MENCHE w/ Anna Mary s/ David MENCHE s/ Samuel MENCHE s/ Jacob MENCHE s/ Daniel MENCHE d/ Catharine MENCHE Execs/ sons David MENCHE, Samuel MENCHE (renounced) and Jacob MENCHE (renounced) Witnesses/ Peter SAUBE (since dec'd), Michael GETTIER and Jacob KERLINGER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
30-31 - FOLTZ, John (8 Apr 1837; 6 Nov 1837)
John FOLTZ w/ Mary Ann FOLTZ d/ Sarah w/o Michael D. G. PFEIFFER d/ Ann Mary w/o Michael WILSON grson/ John FOLTZ, s/o daughter Ann Mary LAND - "Ochstadt" and "Gotham" Execs/ Philip GORE (renounced) and grandson, John FOLTZ Witnesses/ Jacob GITT, George WEAVER of H., and James MARSHALL [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
32-33 - KRUMRINE, John (4 Oct 1837; 27 Nov 1837)
John KRUMRINE s/ John KRUMRINE s/ Peter KRUMRINE s/ George KRUMRINE s/ Henry KRUMRINE s/ Jacob KRUMRINE s/ Daniel KRUMRINE d/ Catharine wid/o Peter MIKESELL d/ Mary w/o George READ d/ Christena wid/o John EADINGER d/ Susanna w/o Anthony WEALK d/ Elizabeth w/o Samuel BOULINGER Execs/ son Henry KRUMRINE and son-in-law George READ Witnesses/ Jacob BAUMGARTNER, Jonathan STERNER, Philip WENTZ, David B. EARHART [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
34-35 - FRANKFORTER, J. Adam (20 Dec 1837; 1 Jan 1838)
J. Adam FRANKFORTER w/ Elizabeth s/ David s/ Jacob d/ Catharine LAND included a tanyard. Exec/ son David FRANKFORTER Witnesses/ Jacob GITT, Henry N. BRINCKMAN, Jacob W. BORING [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
36 - ENGEL, Mary Ann (8 Sep 1832 by x; 2 Jan 1838)
Mary Ann ENGEL s/ Michael ENGEL s/ George ENGEL Exec/ son George Witnesses/ John BAUMGARTNER, George HAWK [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
37 - GILLIS, John (9 Dec 1837; 13 Jan 1838)
John GILLIS - mother (not named) bro/ Joseph H. GILLIS sis/ Irrusa GILLIS sis/ Milly w/o Richard BONHAM sis/ Susannah w/o Amon WILSON Exec/ brother Joseph H. GILLIS Witnesses/ Augt. RIGGS, William CURHEN, James L. RIGGS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
38-39 - BARNS, Archibald of Baltimore County (8 Mar 1836; 22 Jan 1838)
Archibald BARNS bro/ Thomas BARNS sis/ Airey BARNS nephews & niece - Alfred BARNS - Archibald BARNES - Louisa BUCKINGHAM LAND - on south side of New Liberty Road, from Jacob TENER. Exec/ brother Thomas BARNS Witnesses/ Joshua C. GIST, Joshua FRANKLIN, Benjamin BENNETT [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
39-41 - ARNOLD, Joseph (28 Nov 1837; 12 Feb 1838)
Joseph ARNOLD bro/ Samuel ARNOLD's children ..........Hester FLICKINGER ..........Joseph ARNOLD SLAVES - SAMUEL & w/ CASS ANNA & their children, POLLY, LYDIA, REBECCA, ZACHARIAS, WILLIAM & CASS ANNA LAND - adjoins that of David LEISTER and George CROWL Exec/ Joshua SMITH Jr Witnesses/ David LEISTER, George CROWL, John BAUMGARTNER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
41-42 - MANNING, Richard, Sr (13 Feb 1838 by x; 19 Feb 1838)
Richard MANNING Sr. w/ Nancy Exec/ wife Witnesses/ William JAMESON, David TAWNEY, Peter FLATER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
42-43 - MANRO, Catherine (22 Apr 1837; 26 Feb 1838)
Catherine MANRO (husband was deceased) d/ Hellena HARDEN (family bible) s/ Squire MANRO s/ Nathan MANRO s/ David MANRO s/ Thomas MANRO s/ John MANRO, dec'd grdau/ Catherine HARDEN SLAVE - CHARLES (to be freed) Exec/ son Nathan MANRO Witnesses/ Joshua C. GIST, Joseph HARDEN and Jacob HILTABRIDLE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
43-44 - LAMBERT, John of Frederick County (9 May 1829; 26 Mar 1838)
John LAMBERT s/ John LAMBERT (only son) d/ Elizabeth LAMBERT d/ Charlotte w/o Peter GEIGER d/ Elanor w/o Joshua METCALF d/ Polly w/o Isaac HIDE LAND - plantation "Black Oak Hill" Exec/ son John LAMBERT Witnesses/ John SMELSER, David SMELSER, Jacob GORSUCH [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
45-46 - STEELE, James (5 Mar 1838; 2 Apr 1838)
James STEELE mother - Mary DENNING bro/ Joseph STEELE and his sons, ..........John Thomas STEELE ..........James Henry STEELE ..........William Robert STEELE ..........Joseph Wesley STEELE bro/ Robert STEELE bro/ Thomas STEELE SLAVES - Negroes - BECK and her son HIRAM LAND - Lots #2 & 3 of "Resurvey on Father's Gift" and "Hawkins Fancy" and "Lawrence's Industry"; adjoining those of Nelly DEMMET and Abner BAILE on Old Liberty Road; - "Legh Castle", adjoins tracts of Stephen GORSUCH and Lloyd BENNETT on Sam'e Creek - two tracts in Springfield Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA Exec/ brother Joseph STEELE Witnesses/ Nathan BROWNE, Beale BUCKINGHAM, Vachel BUCKINGHAM [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
46-47 - BORING, Ezekiel, Sr of Baltimore County (not dated; 23 Apr 1838)
Ezekiel BORING w/ Hester s/ Thomas BORING's heirs (oldest son) s/ Ezekiel BORING d/ Mary BORING d/ Elizabeth SCHAUL d/ Temperance SCHEKELS d/ Sarah SHAFFER, dec'd .......Mary Magdalene SHAFFER .......Ezekiel B. SHAFFER s/ John BORING .......(his son, not named) LAND - tracts "Habitation Rock" and "Addition to Habitation Rock" - Tavern stand in Frederick County on Westminster-Littlestown turnpike Execs/ Thomas SATER and David FRANKFORTER (renounced) Witnesses/ Jacob FRANKFORTER, Frederick HAMBURGH, Jesse SHULTZ [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
48-49 - WENTZ, Rachel (2 May 1838; 14 May 1838)
Rachel WENTZ s/ George Washington WENTZ LAND - House & Lot on "Kelly's Range", on Westminster-Littlestown turnpike. Exec/ Jacob REESE Witnesses// Jesse REIFSNIDER, Horatio PRICE, George SHRIVER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
49-50 - HOOKER, Mary (15 Jun 1838 by x; 18 Jun 1838)
Mary HOOKER s/ Lloyd HOOKER grdau/ Mary Ann HOOKER Mentions bequest from Jonathan PARRISH. Exec/ son Lloyd Witnesses/ William JAMESON, John ROBERTSON, William STANSBURY [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
50-52 - HESSON, Baltzer of Frederick County (1 Jan 1834 by x; 30 Jun 1838)
Baltzer HESSON s/ Abraham HESSON s/ John HESSON s/ Peter HESSON s/ Daniel HESSON s/ Jacob HESSON d/ Margaret HESSON d/ Barbara HESSON d/ Lovis HESSON LAND - parts of "Turkey Hill", "Leman's Range" and "Resurvey on Leman's Choice" Execs/ son Peter HESSON and friend, John BAUMGARTNER Witnesses/ Sterling GALT, Josiah BAUMGARDNER, Francis J. BAUMGARDNER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
52-54 - BROWN, Nicholas Hall (5 Jun 1838; 2 Jul 1838)
Nicholas BROWN w/ Ruth d/ Belinda BROWN w/o William BARNES s/ William Stansbury BROWN s/ Nicholas Hall BROWN s/ Neilson BROWN d/ Ruth BROWN d/ Susan BROWN s/ George BROWN d/ Elizabeth Ann BROWN s/ Andrew Jackson BROWN s/ Charles Westley BROWN d/ Charity BROWN LAND - from Estate of Joshua BROWN - part "Dry Works" and House & Lot in Westminster Execs/ wife and son Nicholas H. BROWN Witnesses/ Isaac SHRIVER, Horatio PRICE, George SHRIVER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
54-56 - TENER, George (9 Jul 1838; 30 Jul 1838)
George TENER d/ Mary Ann TENER d/ Caty Ann TENER s/ Joseph TENER s/ Samuel TENER LAND - on Liberty Road Exec/ son Joseph TENER (renounced) Witnesses/ Joshua C. GIST, Thomas CONDON, Richard A. KIRKWOOD [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
56-58 - BROWN, Jacob, yeoman of Piney Run Hundred, Frederick County (28 Jul 1833; 3 Sep 1838)
Jacob BROWN w/ Catharina d/ Elizabeth w/o John LITTLE d/ Susanna w/o Jacob LEISTER d/ Sarah w/o Adam STONESIFER s/ Samuel BROWN s/ Joseph BROWN d/ Polly BROWN s/ Jacob BROWN d/ Matilda BROWN d/ Lucianna BROWN d/ Catharina BROWN s/ Daniel BROWN LAND included a tavern house Execs/ son Samuel BROWN and Jacob LEISTER (renounced) Witnesses/ Michael SHOLL Jr, John STREVIG, George KOONS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
59-60 - SHRINER, Peter (22 Jan 1838; 4 Sep 1838)
Peter SHRINER s/ Abraham SHRINER s/ Jacob SHRINER d/ Mary PERRY d/ Margaret DUDDERER Mulatto girl, MATILDA LAND - plantations: "Resurvey on Susan's Fancy"; and "Resurvey on Small Beginning" in Frederick County Exec/ William DUDDERER Witnesses/ Evan McKINSTRY, David ENGLER, John P. SHRINER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
60-61 - HINDS, Patrick (22 Feb 1837; 8 Oct 1838)
Patrick HINDS w/ Easter, dec'd - Trustees of the Catholic Church and congregation at Taneytown Exec/ friend John ADELSPERGER Witnesses/ Joseph WIVELL, Francis BAUMGARTNER, James WIVELL [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
61-63 - REID, Margaret of Frederick County (6 Aug 1824; 8 Oct 1838)
Margaret REID d/ Margaret REID d/ Elizabeth McILHENNY d/ Catharine DARBY d/ Thomason HENDERSON s/ Francis REID d/ Mary REID grandchildren: - Margaret HENDERSON - Catharine HENDERSON - Alexander Hamilton REID - James REID - Elizabeth Ross McILHENNY - Upton DARBY - negro woman, ESTHER Exec/ son-in-law, John DARBY (renounced, but recommended Philip HANN) Witnesses/ Abraham LIND, Samuel NAILL, James MALONEY [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
64-66 - PETERS, Veronica (27 Aug 1838 by x; 8 Oct 1838)
Veronica PETERS s/ Lewis PETERS s/ Henry PETERS s/ Jacob PETERS d/ Veronica PETERS d/ Catherine PETERS d/ Anne w/o David R. MAUSE d/ Rachael PETERS Exec/ son Lewis PETERS Witnesses/ Anthony WIVEL, Francis J. BAUMGARTNER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
66-68 - DURBIN, Margaret (Mar 1837 by x; 8 Oct 1838)
Margaret DURBIN niece/ Honoria wid/o John ECK (1/3 of surplus) ...........Theodore ECK ...........Maria Margaret ECK ...........Lucy Ann ECK ...........John Thomas ECK sis/ Ann w/o John HAYDEN (1/3 of surplus) ...........Margaret HAYDEN The remaining 1/3 surplus to the grand nieces and nephews and niece Margaret HAYDEN. Exec/ friend, John BAUMGARTNER Witnesses/ Frederick SHULER, Jacob CROMER, Jacob SHEFFER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
68-70 - WAMPLER, Hannah of Westminster (Jun 1838; 15 Oct 1838)
Hannah WAMPLER bro/in-law - Jacob GROVE nephew - Augustus G. GROVE (minister) nephew - Lewis J. GROVE niece - Hannah GROVE sister - Mary LAMMOTT niece - Elizabeth LAMMOTT niece - Angaline LAMMOTT nephew - George A. LAMMOTT bro/ George TRUMBO Interest from her mother's estate, her uncle Henry NEFF's estate and her grandmother NEFF's estate. Exec/ brother George TRUMBO Witnesses/ Jacob YINGLING, William YINGLING, William ZEPP [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
71-72 - ARBAUGH, Peter (14 Oct 1838 by x; 29 Oct 1838)
Peter ARBAUGH w/ Mary - John BOWMAN - Sarah Ann SWITZER Exec/ wife Witnesses/ Solomon WOOLVY, William LOCKARD, Stephen OURSLER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
72-75 - REED, Jacob (7 Jan 1838; 29 Oct 1838)
Jacob REED s/ George REED d/ Mary REED d/ Frana REED d/ Elizabeth SMEACH grson/ Andrew SMEACH (was then living with his grandfather) Dutch Bible to daughters Mary and Frana; plantation to them for three years, then to be sold and divided equally between the four children. Exec/ son George REED Witnesses/ Michael SULLIVAN, Michael RITTER, Frederick RITTER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
75-76 - KEYS, Elizabeth (10 Oct 1838; 29 Oct 1838)
Elizabeth KEYS bro/ David KEYS and his son, .........Samuel KEYS LAND - "Honour's Delight" Exec/ Abraham STONSYFFER Witnesses/ Samuel MOFFET, Micagy STANSBURY, Michael LYNCH [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
76-77 - LAMPERT, Mary, widow (25 Oct 1838 by x; 19 Nov 1838)
Mary LAMPERT friend - Ludwick LONG (renounced bequests) He was devised her whole estate but he to raise her three sons until age 18. Exec/ friend, Ludwick LONG Witnesses/ James H. GORSUCH, Henry LONG, Jacob TRINE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
78-79 - LOVEALL, Susannah of Baltimore County (21 Nov 1820 by x; 24 Dec 1838)
Susannah LOVEALL d/ Cathrina LOVEALL s/ John EVENS s/ William CARTER Exec/ son John EVENS Witnesses/ George EBAUGH (since dec'd), Henry EBAUGH of George, John RINEHART (since dec'd) [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
79-81 - SHOEMAKER, Peter of Frederick County (15 Mar 1836; 31 Dec 1838)
Peter SHOEMAKER grdau/ Barbara MARTIN d/ Susanna RINEHART's children d/ Mary MARTIN's children d/ Sarah BARNHART d/ Elizabeth SPRINKLE NEGROES - John SATER and w/ ANNA; SARAH, SAMUEL, ELIZABETH, JACOB, MARIAH, JOHN LAND - "Lookabout" and "Father's Advice" from George STARY in 1825 Execs/ Jacob MATHIAS, Joshua SMITH Jr Witnesses/ John NUSBAUM, Abraham HESSON, Jacob SELL, Peter DEHOF [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
81-83 - FOUTZ, Solomon (27 Feb 1838; 11 Feb 1839)
Solomon FOUTZ s/ David FOUTZ s-law/ John STONER s/ Joseph FOUTZ d/ Elizabeth FOUTZ s/ Daniel FOUTZ LAND - parcel on Meadow Branch adjoining Jacob YON Exec/ son David FOUTZ and son-in-law John STONER Witnesses/ Abraham MYERS, John FLEAGLE, Philip BOYLE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
83-85 - WAGNER, Michael of Meadow Branch, Frederick County (9 Nov 1835; 4 Mar 1839)
Michael WAGNER w/ Sophia d/ Catharine, dec'd w/o David WARNER - Ohio .......Thomas WARNER d/ Barbara YON .......John YON s/ Jacob WAGNER (only son) d/ Susanna w/o Andrew BABYLON d/ Elizabeth w/o George WARNER d/ Mary w/o John SWIGART d/ Lydia wid/o David LEISTER .......Julia Barbara LEISTER d/ Barbara w/o George McCLEAN LAND - House & Lot adjoining Uniontown Execs/ son Jacob and son-in-law Andrew BABYLON Witnesses/ John NUSBAUM, John SMITH, John HYDER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
85-86 - HEBBARD, William B. (15 Jan 1839; 15 Apr 1839)
William B. HEBBARD w/ Susan T. s/ John MARSHAL (property from Susan T.'s father's estate) d/ Mary Ridgely PATTERSON s/ William A. HEBBARD d/ Ann Robinson HEBBARD s/ Moses B. HEBBARD d/ Lydia HEBBARD Execs/ wife and Edward E. HALL Witnesses/ Isaac DERN, Peter WEYANT, James SMITH [[Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
87-88 - SHOEY, Rosana of Frederick County (11 Dec 1830 by x; 22 Apr 1839)
Rosana SHOEY widow of Daniel SHOEY s/ Henry SHOEY d/ Mary wid/o Mathias COOK d/ Barbara w/o John GREENWOOD d/ Elizabeth wid/o Thomas HINING d/ Catharine w/o Ludwick GREENWOOD s/ Daniel SHOEY s/ John SHOEY Exec/ son-in-law John GREENWOOD Witnesses/ Noah WORMAN, Joseph GREENWOOD, George YANDIS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
88-90 - BUCKINGHAM, Obadiah (18 Feb 1839; 22 Apr 1839)
Obadiah BUCKINGHAM w/ (not named) children - (not named) grandsons - Lovelace M. GORSUCH - Nathan J. GORSUCH SLAVE - negro woman, PAT LAND - Land and fulling mill near Wildcat Neck and Pheasant Neck Execs/ sons Nicholas BUCKINGHAM and Obadiah BUCKINGHAM and son-in-law Freeborn GARDNER (renounced) Witnesses/ L. GARDNER, Thomas MILLER, Edward JORDAN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
90-92 - BOLLINGER, Catharine, previously of Baltimore County (8 Mar 1839; 27 May 1839)
Catharine BOLLINGER wid/o Joseph BOLLINGER d/ Catharine w/o Christian MILLER d/ Barbara w/o David JONES s/ George BOLLINGER, dec'd, his children s/ Daniel BOLLINGER d/ Elizabeth BOLLINGER s/ Jacob BOLLINGER s/ Andrew BOLLINGER d/ Susanna w/o (Big) Jacob BOWMAN d/ Sarah w/o George KERCHANER d/ Molly w/o (Little) Jacob BOWMAN s/ Peter BOLLINGER Remaining estate to be divided equally among the last eight listed children. Exec/ son Daniel Witnesses/ Jacob WARNER, Jacob LAMMOTT, Henry SHAUCK [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
92-96 - HOOD, James of John (23 Feb 1839; 29 May 1839)
James HOOD of John w/ Sarah s/ William HOOD d/ Mary Govans w/o John Tolly WORTHINGTON - Baltimore County ... their children (not named) LAND - "Bagdad", at junction of Meadow Branch and Piney Run Exec/ none named Witnesses/ Gustavus WARFIELD, Thomas HOOD, Zadock M. WATERS 1st Codicil written 28 Feb 1839 Determined son William HOOD not capable of maintaining the property and placed it in care of son-in-law John T. WORTHINGTON. Witnesses/ Gustavus WARFIELD, Thomas HOOD, Henry W. HOOD [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
96-98 - GOSNELL, William (30 Oct 1838; 5 Aug 1839)
William GOSNELL w/ Matilda GOSNELL s/ William S. GOSNELL s/ Charles A. GOSNELL d/ Harriet GOSNELL d/ Eurith GOSNELL SLAVES / coloured - Not to be sold out of state - woman MARIAH (to be free 2 years after his death and to be sold with) her d/ HANNAH b/ 25 Jan 1837 (to be free at age 21) - boy LEWIS b/ 11 Mar 1823 (to be free at age 25) - girl LYDIA b/ 25 Dec 1824 (to be free at age 21) - (to wife) - boy JOHN b/ 5 Oct 1830 (to be free at age 25) - boy ENOCH (to be sold for balance of time to serve and then freed) Exec/ John WEAVER Witnesses/ John LANTZ, Joseph WEAVER, Samuel WEAVER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
98-100 - OGG, Sarah of Baltimore County (Jan 1833; 12 Aug 1839)
Sarah OGG d/ Rachel WILLIAMS d/ Hellen CONAWAY grson/ James O. HEADINGTON bro/ William BEASMAN father/ Joseph BEASMAN, dec'd SLAVES - black boy ISAAC, black woman and children LAND - "Beasman's Discovery" Exec/ grandson James O. HEADINGTON witnesses/ Moses BARNES, Jesse PATTERSON (since dec'd), A. Garretson BARNES [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
100-101 - RAITT, Basil (30 May 1839; 19 Aug 1839)
Basil RAITT father/ (unnamed) bro/ Nathan RAIT bro/ Hanson C. RAIT sis/ Harriet RAIT bro/ John RAIT, dec'd Exec/ brother Nathan Witnesses/ Isaac DERN, Nimrod NORRIS, William HINER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
102-104 - SHAUCK, John, formerly of Baltimore County (19 Aug 1838; 19 Aug 1839)
John SHAUCK w/ Mary Magdalena s/ Henry SHAUCK s/ John SHAUCK d/ Mary w/o Micajah STANSBURG d/ Catharine, dec'd w/o John BRODBECK ……….Jeremiah BRODBECK ……….John BRODBECK ……….Mary Ann BRODBECK ……….Nimrod BRODBECK ……….George BRODBECK ……….Elizabeth BRODBECK LAND - "Plowman's Fancy", "Plowman's Addition", "Bite the Biter", "Canton Bearon"; adjoining lands of Richard RICHARDS, Ulrick LERBUCHEN; - Plantation with mill, partly in Carroll County (formerly Baltimore County) and partly in York County, PA, adjoining lands of John BRODBECK, Yoderus HESEMER and George FAIR; - Tract in York Co, PA, in Shrewsbury and partly in Hopewell Twp, adjoining lands of Adam DIEHL Exec/ eldest son Henry SHAUCK (if he moves to Ohio, then grandson Aaron SHAUCK) Witnesses/ David JONES, Jacob BOLLINGER, Yoder MESSENER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
105-107 - ENGLAR, David (2 Aug 1838; 26 Aug 1839)
David ENGLAR w/ Elizabeth s/ Nathan ENGLAR (farm where he then resided) s/ David ENGLAR d/ Lydia ROOP (eldest daughter) s/ Josiah ENGLAR (3rd son) s/ Joseph ENGLAR (farm where he then resided) s/ Jonas ENGLAR d/ Hannah NICODEMUS d/ Elizabeth ENGLAR (youngest daughter) LAND - "Mountain Prospect" farm (to son Jonas) - Wood lot from Joshua HOWARD (to son Jonas) - "Legh Castle" (to son Jonas; he to pay $6,500 to estate) - Farm from Christian EBY (to son David; he to pay $7,500 to estate) Decedent valued property for each child to receive $2,500) Execs/ sons Nathan & David Witnesses/ D. W. NAILL, Philip ENGLAR, Abraham CAYLOR [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
107-108 - HESS, Charles of Frederick County (6 May 1835; 2 Sep 1839)
Charles HESS w/ Magdalena s/ Daniel HESS d/ Elizabeth w/o John LINN s/ Henry HESS s/ Samuel HESS s/ John HESS d/ Sarah w/o Samuel REVER grson/ David MENZER Exec/ son Henry Witnesses/ Abraham NULL, William CORNELL, Samuel NULL [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
108-112 - DILL, Nicholas of Frederick County (9 Dec 1835; 9 Sep 1839)
Nicholas DILL d/ Esther w/o George KOONS d/ Elizabeth w/o Lewis MOUSE d/ Catharine w/o Henry BECHTEL d/ Hannah w/o Peter BANKER Execs/ John BAUMGARTNER and John KOONTZ Witnesses/ Abraham KOONTZ, David FIESER, David RIEHL, Joseph WERNER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
112-115 - STULTZ, Conrad (19 May 1837; 16 Sep 1839)
Conrad STULTZ w/ Mary d/ Catharine OTTO & her children d/ Ann wid/o Jacob DAYHOOF s/ Nicholas STULTZ d/ Elizabeth WILSON d/ Margreta REMPY . . . . . . . grdau/ Mary Jain REMPY s/ David STULTZ s/ Abraham STULTZ d/ Sarah w/o John SHRINER d/ Hannah STULTZ d/ Sophia LEAS d/ Mary STULTZ Execs/ friend Thomas HOOK and son David STULTZ Witnesses/ Daniel SHUNK, John KOONS, Jacob HANN Codicil dated 18 May 1839 Daughter Sarah SHRINER since departed, leaving husband and unnamed children. Witnesses/ same [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
115-117 - KILER, Simon (30 Mar 1839; 7 Oct 1839)
Simon KILER - George KILER - Hester CHILCOTE - Elizabeth BANKS - John KILER Sr, dec'd ..........John KILER (Jr) ..........Mary KILER ..........Andrew KILER Trustees of Winters Church - Elizabeth CRAWFORD - David KILER's children ..........Andrew KILER ..........Mary KILER ..........Isaac KILER ..........Jacob KILER - Isaac KILER's children ..........Susanna KILER - Elizabeth Rebecca WEST LAND - "Raredans Place", 15.25 acre farm (to Isaac KILER) - "Stevenson's Place", 80 acre plantation (to David KILER) - "Dell's Place", 40 acres farm (to David KILER) Exec/ nephew David KILER Wintesses/ Abraham BAILE, Henry HAINES, Jacob NICODEMUS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
117-119 - GARBER, John (13 Apr 1838; 14 Oct 1839)
John GARBER w/ Catharine s/ Solomon GARBER s/ Michael GARBER d/ Mary w/o John OYSTER d/ Susanna SMITH d/ Rebecca ORENDORF d/ Sarah MARTIN - Eliza HOLBERTSTADT ($150) - Eli HOLBERTSTADT ($150) - Lydia HOLBERTSTADT ($150) Exec/ Solomon GARBER of Frederick County Witnesses/ John ROBERTS, Henry H. HERBAUGH, Charles HITESHEW [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
119-120 - NEFF, Hannah (17 Dec 1838; 18 Oct 1839)
Hannah NEFF sis/ Susan NEFF Upon Susan's death, then to Hannah's heirs; EXCEPT - George TRUMBO & his heirs - William DURBIN & his heirs They to be excluded. Exec/ John NICODEMUS Witnesses/ Nathaniel H. THAYER, Levi SHREEV, Jacob REESE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
120-121 - FRANK, Johanna (10 Oct 1839 by x; 18 Nov 1839)
Johanna FRANK d/ Elizabeth MARTAIN d/ Sarah EBAUGH d/ Mary SHAFFER d/ Rachel SHAMER d/ Susanna RUBY s/ Henry FRANK Exec/ son Henry FRANK Witnesses/ Isaac GREEN, George W. DERR, George RICHARDS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
122-123 - GIST, Joshua (21 Nov 1837; 21 Nov 1839)
Joshua GIST d/ Harriet GIST d/ Federal Ann Bonaparte GIST s/ Joshua C. GIST (residue of MD real estate) s/ George W. GIST s/ Thomas GIST & wife grandchildren: - Henry Clay GIST - Mary S. GIST (to live with his daughter Harriet) - Sarah H. OWINGS - States GIST - Aubrey G. JONES - Harvey JONES - Edwin JONES - George W. GIST - Richard GIST - Mordecai GIST (s/o daughter Rachel GIST) SLAVE - negro man RICHARD (to serve daughter Harriet for 3 years after deceedent's death, then to be free) LAND - "Long Farm", the home plantation (parts to daughters Harriet & Federal); 1/2 acre was reserved for burying ground. (SE part was sold to William WINCHESTER). - "Neighbours Friendship", "Fellsdale" (to daughter Federal) from Basil Dorsey STEPHENSON. - KY land. 2,000 acres ( to sons, Joshua C. George W. and Thomas and grandchildren, Henry Clay GIST, Mary S. GIST and Sarah H. OWINGS); adjoined land of John BATES. - KY land, 2,000 acres (to grandchildren, States GIST, Aubrey G. JONES, Harvey JONES, Edwin JONES, Mordecai GIST, George W. GIST and Richard GIST; lies on bank of Lick Creek. Execs/ son Joshua, Samuel D. LECOMPTE, James RAYMOND Witnesses/ John COCKEY, Robert LYON, Henry H. MONTELL [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
124-125 - BAKER, William of Baltimore County (1 Oct 1825; 10 Dec 1839)
William BAKER w/ Naomy s/ Jesse BAKER d/ Elener BAKER s/ Charles G. BAKER s/ Morris BAKER s/ William BAKER s/ Simon BAKER Exec/ Morris BAKER Witnesses: Samuel PHILLIPS, Rezin BENNETT, Uriel PHILIPS (Phillips and Bennett had both died before the Will was filed) [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
125-126 - DEVILBISS, Susannah (19 Jan 1840; 27 Jan 1840)
Susannah DEVILBISS sis/ Sarah LUGENBEEL sis/ Mary COVER - Frederick County bro/ Levi DEVILBISS bro/ Thomas DEVILBISS sis/ Catharine ANGEL - Ohio niece/ Adalizillah DEVILBISS - Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church Exec/ brothers Levi & Thomas DEVILBISS Witnesses/ David W. NAILL, Samuel ECKER, Andrew NICODEMUS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
126-127 - GRIMES, Margaret (23 Nov 1839; 8 Feb 1840)
Margaret GRIMES - Elenora w/o George DIXSON and her children Exec/ Elenora DIXSON (w/o George) Witnesses/ George NICHOLS, Caleb DOUTY, Abram ENGLAND [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
127-128 - NEFF, Susannah (26 Dec 1839 by x; 26 Feb 1840)
Susannah NEFF niece/ Hannah w/o John NICODEMUS and relatives as to law - except for William DURBIN Exec/ nephew John NICODEMUS Witnesses/ John BAUGHER, Philip NICODEMUS, Jacob NICODEMUS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
128-130 - HARMAN, John (26 Dec 1839; 9 Mar 1840)
John HARMAN w/ Elizabeth s/ John HARMAN's children s/ Jacob HARMAN's children d/ Eve w/o John HELDEBRIDLE's children s/ Daniel HARMAN's children d/ Christina w/o George STARY's children d/ Susanna w/o John SHRINER's children d/ Rebecca, dec'd w/o Peter HAIFLEIGH's children d/ Ann Mary w/o Peter RHODULPH's children d/ Catharine w/o George KEMP's children d/ Rachel w/o Henry SELL's children d/ Elizabeth w/o Samuel YOUNG's children Exec/ John Henry HOPPE Witnesses/ Peter BANKER, Stephen KEYS, James C. FEW [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
130-131 - DAVIS, John (16 Oct 1839 by x; 23 Mar 1840)
John DAVIS w/ Harriot minor children mentioned, but not named LAND - "Addition to Treadways Quarter", on south side of Stoney Ridge Road. Sold 1/2 acre to Thomas MARSH. Exec/ wife Witnesses/ John E. TEVIS, Elisha DORSEY, Christian DEVRIES Jr. [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
132-133 - BENNETT, Ely (3 Mar 1840; 27 Mar 1840)
Ely BENNETT w/ Rachel bro/ Elisha BENNET bro/ Benjamin BENNETT, dec'd bro/ Thomas BENNETT bro/ Samuel BENNETT, dec'd . . . . . .Samuel BENNETT (excepted as he has already rec'd a share) sis/ Mrs. Margaret BROWN niece/ Miss Margaret MERCER After the death of his wife, to his nieces and nephews with exception noted as above. SLAVES - negro man BENN (to ge free 1 Sep 1840) - ALICE, MIJAH, ANN, CHARLES, GEORGE, EMMA (to wife Rachel) - negro boy WESLEY (to niece Margaret MERCER) LAND - "Batchelor's Refuge", 300 acre plantation - "Pollys Habitation" where Jonathan PICKETT lives (to sister Margaret BROWN) Exec/ wife Witnesses/ Nathan BROWNE, Samuel LINDSAY, Samuel GORE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
133-134 - BIGGS, Frederick (17 Mar 1840; 30 Mar 1840)
Frederick BIGGS s/ William BIGGS s/ Joseph M. BIGGS d/ Catharine BIGGS d/ Amy BIGGS d/ Mary Ann BIGGS d/ Susan BIGGS s/ Frederick BIGGS d/ Julian BIGGS SLAVE - Negro PRISS Execs/ son William BIGGS and son-in-law Solomon KRISE Witnesses/ Joseph TROXELL, John SHEALEY, Benjamin BIGGS, Isaac DERN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
134-135 - BENNETT, Belinda of Baltimore County (16 Apr 1833; 1 Jun 1840)
Belinda BENNETT sis/ Nancy HEWIT sis/ Sarah BENNETT bro/ Benjamin BENNETT bro/ Robert BENNETT, dec'd ..........Sarah BENNETT bro/ Larkin BENNETT's children - Orphan poor children of neighbourhood SLAVE - Negro woman FANNY Exec/ cousin Rezin BENNETT Witnesses/ Elijah ROBOSSON, Uriel PHILLIP, William EWING [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
135-137 - SLYDER, Peter (14 May 1839; 1 Jun 1840)
Peter SLYDER s/ William SLYDER s/ John SLYDER s/ Jacob SLYDER s/ Henry SLYDER s/ Josiah SLYDER d/ Anna Mary SLIDER d/ Catharine w/o John HILTERBRICK d/ Barbara w/o Jacob WARNER d/ Susan w/o Samuel BABYLON d/ Rachel SLYDER d/ Elizabeth, dec'd w/o Peter ECK ..........Nancy ECK ..........Levi ECK ..........William ECK ..........Eli ECK ..........Jacob ECK ..........Isaiah ECK ..........James ECK LAND - Farm, 66 acres, on road from Union Mills to Hanover, PA. To Peter SLYDER from his son John SLYDER in Feb 1839 Exec/ son William Witnesses/ Benjamin SHUNK, Joseph ECK, John BAUMGARTNER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
137-138 - FUSS, Mary of Frederick County (6 Feb 1836 by x; 8 Jun 1840)
Mary FUSS d/ Ann w/o Abraham BUFFINGTON Exec/ son-in-law Abraham BUFFINGTON Witnesses/ Elias GRIMES, Thomas JONES, Jacob ZUMBRUN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
139 - OGG, Mary (27 May 1840; 22 Jun 1840)
Mary OGG father - George OGG bro/ George OGG Jr's children and daughter . . . . .Mary OGG bro/ John OGG & his children - Lloyd SHIPLEY's son . . . . .Robert SHIPLEY Exec/ brother John OGG Witnesses/ Lovelace GARDNER, Elias JORDAN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
139-140 - KOUTZ/KAUTZ, George, miller, formerly of Baltimore County (22 Aug 1839; 29 Jun 1840)
George KAUTZ w/ Rachel mother/ Elizabeth KAUTZ, widow bro/ Michael KAUTZ, dec'd ..........Joshua KAUTZ bro/ Henry KAUTZ ..........Rachel KAUTZ Exec/ brother Henry KAUTZ Witnesses/ George WARNER, John STREAVIG, Henry SHAUCK [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
141-142 - FRINGER, Nicholas of Frederick County (7 Aug 1835; 27 Jul 1840)
Nicholas FRINGER w/ Margaret s/ Nicholas ($50) s/ George FRINGER s/ Jacob FRINGER Possibly other children, but not named. LAND - House & Lot #43 in Taneytown (to wife) Exec/ sons George and Jacob FRINGER Witnesses/ Abraham LICHTENWALTER (since moved out of state), Israel HITESHUE and Joseph SHUNCK (since dec'd) [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
142-144 - FRANKLIN, Charles (25 Oct 1839; 3 Aug 1840)
Charles FRANKLIN s/ Joshua FRANKLIN s/ Rezin FRANKLIN s/ James FRANKLIN s/ Charles Washington FRANKLIN d/ Amelia PICKET d/ Elizabeth WILT d/ Anna BARNES LAND - "Hall's Range", 220.25 acres (to son Joshua). - tract on south side of New Liberty Road (to son Rezin); near house of Elijah PORTER; adjoined lands of James GOSNELL Zachariah BARNES and Zadock BARNES. - tract where Abram WHEELER resides; to divide by north and south lines (to sons James and Charles W.) Remaining land to be sold. Execs/ sons Joshua & Rezin Witnesses/ Nathan H. OWINGS, Benjamin LINDSAY, David LINDSAY [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
144-145 - LOGUE, Richard (30 May 1840; 7 Aug 1840)
Richard LOGUE w/ Mary and children LAND - "Caladonia", farm adjoining land of George BLIZZARD Execs/ sons Joshua LOGUE and William LOGUE Witnesses/ Jesse MANNING, George BLIZZARD, Elihah CRISWELL [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
145 - FOLKERTH, Margaret (2 Mar 1837; 7 Sep 1840)
Margaret FOLKERTH - David R. CARLYLE - Anna CARLYLE - Mary CARLYLE Exec/ friend Ebenzer CARLYLE Witnesses/ David W. NAILL, Samuel WINTER, Joseph WINTER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
146-147 - BAUMGARTNER, Jacob (26 May 1838; 7 Sep 1840)
Jacob BAUMGARTNER w/ Elizabeth, dec'd s/ Jacob BAUMGARTNER Jr d/ Ann Mary w/o Nicholas GARRIT s/ John BAUMGARTNER LAND - "Chestnut Ridge", 4.5 acres; from George STUMP (Frederick Co) in Apr 1802 [WR-22, 568]. - "Chestnut Ridge" and "Fasee Range", 98 acres; from George Adam BOWERSOX (Frederick Co) in May 1793 [WR-11, 687]. - "HELFER STOETT", 1 acre; from Peter MIKESELL (Frederick Co) in Aug 1805 [WR-27, 507]. - "Philipsburg", 48 acres; from George LINGERFELTER (Frederick Co) in Oct 1813 [WR-45, 359]. Exec/ son Jacob Witnesses/ Jacob MIKESELL, Henry HOUCK, John RINEMAN, David B. EARHART [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
147-148 - CREIGH, John of Baltimore County (27 Jun 1836; 16 Nov 1840)
John CREIGH - Melcher FOWBLE Jr's children, including ……….William James FOWBLE ……….Juliann FOWBLE Exec/ Richard HOOKER Witnesses/ Daniel STULL, Jacob FRINGER, John J. BROWN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
148-149 - STOUFFER, John (4 Aug 1838; 26 Nov 1840)
John STOUFFER sis/ Elizabeth CHEW LAND - Property where his mother then resided, adjoing Uniontown - Property from David YINGLING on Uniontown-Union Bridge Road Exec/ friend William ROBERTS Witnesses/ John ROBERTS, Benjamin HAHN, John GORE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
150 - HOUK, George of Manchester (30 Nov 1840 by x; 14 Dec 1840)
George HOUK w/ Catharine and children (not named) Exec/ son William HOUK Witnesses/ Ezekiel BORING, Joseph GARDNER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
150-152 - BROWN, Peter (28 Jun 1839; 14 Dec 1840)
Peter BROWN w/ Mary d/ Barbary BROWN d/ Cathron BROWN d/ Leadey BROWN d/ Sofia BROWN d/ Lovelley BROWN s/ Henry BROWN s/ Barney BROWN s/ John BROWN debtors - James WALCKER, Jacob MEARING, William HARSEL, Isaac PAXTON Exec/ son-in-law George LITTLE (renounced) Witnesses/ Abraham KOONTZ, Joseph KEEFER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
152-153 - FANNING, William (7 Mar 1840; 25 Jan 1841)
William FANNING sis/ Nancy COOK's daughter, ..........Susan Ann COOK SLAVE - negro man James GREEN Exec/ sister Nancy COOK Witnesses/ Amon RICHARDS, Owen F. BUCKINGHAM, Benjamin WILLIAMS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
153-154 - GRAMMER, Henry of Baltimore County (12 Oct 1825; 8 Feb 1841)
Henry GRAMMER w/ Rebecca d/ Ann Mary GRAMMER d/ Mary Catherine EPAUGH d/ Rachel GRAMMER s/ Andrew GRAMMER s/ Simon Jonas GRAMMER d/ Dorrotha GRAMMER d/ Rebecca GRAMMER LAND - on north side of Westminster to Manchester road. Exec/ son-in-law, Henry EPAUGH Witnesses/ John REESE, Samuel SHAFFER, Michael SULLIVAN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
154-155 - LANE, Micajah (31 Dec 1840; 22 Feb 1841)
Micajah LANE w/ Elizabeth - George BRAMWELL - Charlott w/o Charles W. BENNETT & their daughter, . . . . .Mary BENNETT Exec/ George BRAMWELL Witnesses/ George BRAMWELL, Mordecai G. COCKEY, Israel LEISTER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
155-157 - STONER, John of Frederick County (20 Mar 1832; 1 Mar 1841)
John STONER - present wife, not named s/ Abraham STONER, dec'd (eldest son) ……….Samuel STONER ……….John STONER ……….Ezra STONER ……….Abraham STONER ……….Eleanor STOUFFER ……….Mary STONER ……….Sophia STONER s/ John STONER d/ Mary ENGLAR (oldest daughter) d/ Hannah LANDES d/ Elizabeth SCHRINER (youngest daughter) LAND - Mill property from William N. FARQUHAR and Joseph BIGGS in 1828. - wood land in Baltimore County from Philip ENGLAR in 1820. - plantation where Isaac LANDES then lived; from David McDANIEL, David EVERHARD and James MUMFORD. - land from John FERGUSON and Jacob YON in 1828. - wood lot from Caspar DEVILBISS in 1795. Execs/ son John STONER, Philip ENGLAR, Jacob SCHRINER Witnesses/ Evan McKINSTRY, Jacob LANDES, Samuel McKINSTRY Codicil dated 3 Jun 1835 d/ Mary ENGLAR since died, her children, ……….Ephraim ENGLAR ……….Eliza STOUFFER ……….Julian SLINGLUFF ……….John ENGLAR ……….Hannah ENGLAR ……….Mordecai ENGLAR ……….Levina ENGLAR (same witnesses) [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
157-161 - ROBOSSON, Elijah (19 Nov 1840; 3 Mar 1841)
Elijah ROBOSSON w/ Ann s/ Benjamin ROBOSSON (already rec'd share & joined secret assoc) s/ John ROBOSSON s/ Francis ROBOSSON d/ Martha CAR and her children d/ Mary Ann H. w/o Joshua H. SHIPLEY s/ Oneal ROBOSSON, dec'd .....wid/ Hamutel WEIR & her children ..........Elijah ROBOSSON ..........Lemuel ROBOSSON ..........Benjamin ROBOSSON ..........Rachel ROBOSSON s/ Elijah ROBOSSON (insane, to be cared for by his mother, brothers and sisters during his life) grson/ Thomas P. ROBOSSON grdau/ Mary Ann ROBOSSON SLAVES - negro woman ANN & her children, POLLY, ADALINE & GEORGE (to daughter-in-law Hamutel, if she remains without her present husband) - negro girl JOSEPHINE (to granddaughter Mary Ann ROBOSSON) - Margaret TEVIS (to remain at decedent's residence during her life and to continue to have all the privileges she formerly had as one of the family.) - rest of negroes in Carroll, Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Allegany Counties; - coloured man HARRY (aka MILLER); - coloured woman HEMMY & her d/ REBECCA - negro woman DEBORAH - James TRIMBLE - negro boy LOY (These six and their increase to son John & grandson Thomas P.) - negro man DENNIS (to daughter Mary Ann SHIPLEY) - negro woman SALL (to daughter Mary Ann SHIPLEY) - negro boy DAVID (to daughter Martha CAR) - negro man GEORGE (to son Oneal's children) - old negroes/ SARAH, JAMES, PARRISH, REBECCA, FLORA (to stay on home place or they may choose to go with any of decendent's other children or grandchildren) LAND - tracts in Allegany County: - "Content", "Collins Farm", "Polished Mountain", (to son John where he then lived); contract with John ROBERTS for conveyance of water of Flintstone Creek for use of the mill works. - "Flintstone", "Resurvey on Flintstone" (to grandson Thomas P. ROBOSSON); on Flintstone Creek and on Old Cumberland Road. - "Fllintstone", "Resurvey on Flintstone",all remaining part (to son Francis); included a tavern. - "Rapho" in Baltimore County (to the children of daughter Martha CAR and daughter-in-law Hamutal WEIR, if she continues to live without her current husband) - Home place plantation (to daughter Mary Ann H. SHIPLEY and limestone quarrying and burning; shared with daughter Martha CAR.) - Lot on NW corner of Bond & Allisanard Sts, Fell's Point, Baltimore (to daughter Martha). - Lot on Thames St (formerly George St) in Fell's Point, Baltimore; Leased to William JONES. All legacies upon the death of decedent's wife. Exec/ son John ROBOSSON and son-in-law Joshua H. SHIPLEY (if latter declines, may replace him with son Francis ROBOSSON) Witnesses/ John B. DEVRIES, Nicholas DORSEY, Joshua KERBY [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
161-162 - SELLARS, Jacob of Baltimore County (2 May 1836; 15 Mar 1841)
Jacob SELLARS w/ Barbara s/ Jacob SELLARS d/ Ellizabeth w/o William ALBAUGH d/ Catharine w/o David DEAL d/ Rachel w/o Joshua RICHARD d/ Sarah SELLARS Exec/ son Jacob SELLARS Witnesses: John STANSBURY, Henry STEFFY and Jacob SCHAEFFER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
162-163 - BOWSER, Isaac of Baltimore County (23 May 1836; 22 Mar 1841)
Isaac BOWSER w/ Delila d/ Mary w/o John LUCABAUGH d/ Harriet SELLERS LAND - 100 acres? in Baltimore County; adjoined lands of Henry ZIMMERMAN & George FAIR. Exec/ son-in-law Witnesses/ Samuel FAIR, Aaron SHAUCK, Henry SHAUCK [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
163 - CODD, John (20 Feb 1841 by x; 5 Apr 1841)
John CODD - negro man Allen COLLINS' children LAND - adjoining lands of John PATTERSON Exec/ none Witnesses/ Nicholas DORSEY, John FRIZELL, Thomas PICKEN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
164-165 - CORRELL, Jacob of Frederick County (10 Apr 1835 by x; 7 Apr 1841)
Jacob CORRELL w/ Elizabeth d/ Elizabeth w/o Jacob MARTIN d/ Ann w/o David WHITMORE d/ Magdelane w/o Abraham SHOEMAKER s/ John CORRELL s/ Jacob CORRELL Jr s/ Christian CORRELL Exec/ friend Jacob YON Witnesses/ John SMELSER, David FOUTZ, Cornelious BAUST [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] =====
165-166 - SCHMEECH, John (28 Jan 1841 by x; 8 Apr 1841)
John SCHMEECH d/ Lydia (+ $150) - Elizabeth d/o Samuel MESEMER - Jacob STERNER (+ $150) - other children not named Execs/ Henry HOUCK and Jacob STERNER Witnesses/ George STEGNER, John FUHERMAN, Daniel PETERMAN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1] ===== TO BE CONTINUED Ends at page 688 ==========+++========

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