Wills with Slaves - Carroll Co, MD


African Americans

in Wills - 1837-1841

Carroll Co, Maryland

  • ARNOLD, Joseph (28 Nov 1837; 12 Feb 1838) bro/ Samuel ARNOLD's children ..........Hester FLICKINGER ..........Joseph ARNOLD Slaves - SAMUEL & w/ CASS ANNA & their children, POLLY, LYDIA, REBECCA, ZACHARIAS, WILLIAM & CASS ANNA LAND - adjoins that of David LEISTER and George CROWL Exec/ Joshua SMITH Jr Witnesses/ David LEISTER, George CROWL, John BAUMGARTNER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 39-41] =====
  • BENNETT, Belinda of Baltimore County (16 Apr 1833; 1 Jun 1840) sis/ Nancy HEWIT sis/ Sarah BENNETT bro/ Benjamin BENNETT bro/ Robert BENNETT, dec'd ..........Sarah BENNETT bro/ Larkin BENNETT's children - Orphan poor children of neighbourhood SLAVE - Negro woman FANNY Exec/ cousin Rezin BENNETT Witnesses/ Elijah ROBOSSON, Uriel PHILLIP, William EWING [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 134-135] =====
  • BENNETT, Ely (3 Mar 1840; 27 Mar 1840) w/ Rachel bro/ Elisha BENNET bro/ Benjamin BENNETT, dec'd bro/ Thomas BENNETT bro/ Samuel BENNETT, dec'd . . . .Samuel BENNETT (excepted as he has already rec'd a share) sis/ Mrs. Margaret BROWN niece/ Miss Margaret MERCER After the death of his wife, to his nieces and nephews with exception noted as above. SLAVES - negro man BENN (to ge free 1 Sep 1840) - ALICE, MIJAH, ANN, CHARLES, GEORGE, EMMA (to wife Rachel) - negro boy WESLEY (to niece Margaret MERCER) LAND - "Batchelor's Refuge", 300 acre plantation - "Pollys Habitation" where Jonathan PICKETT lives (to sister Margaret BROWN) Exec/ wife Witnesses/ Nathan BROWNE, Samuel LINDSAY, Samuel GORE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 132-133] =====
  • BIGGS, Frederick (17 Mar 1840; 30 Mar 1840) s/ William BIGGS s/ Joseph M. BIGGS d/ Catharine BIGGS d/ Amy BIGGS d/ Mary Ann BIGGS d/ Susan BIGGS s/ Frederick BIGGS d/ Julian BIGGS SLAVE - Negro PRISS Execs/ son William BIGGS and son-in-law Solomon KRISE Witnesses/ Joseph TROXELL, John SHEALEY, Benjamin BIGGS, Isaac DERN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 133-134] =====
  • BROWN, Ann of Baltimore County (4 Aug 1836; 12 Aug 1837) s/ Elias BROWN d/ Susannah E. BROWN s/ William BROWN and his daughters SLAVES - Negroes - NAT, DICK, POLL, DANIEL, ABRAHAM, CATHERINE, CASSANDRA, PETER Apprentice - Henry CARTER Exec/ son Elias BROWN Witnesses/ Nicholas DORSEY, George W. WARFIELD, Abel SCRIVENOR [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 22-23] =====
  • BUCKINGHAM, Obadiah (18 Feb 1839; 22 Apr 1839) wife and children mentioned but not named grandsons - Lovelace M. GORSUCH - Nathan J. GORSUCH SLAVE - negro woman, PAT LAND - Land and fulling mill near Wildcat Neck and Pheasant Neck. Execs/ sons Nicholas BUCKINGHAM and Obadiah BUCKINGHAM and son-in-law Freeborn GARDNER (renounced) Witnesses/ L. GARDNER, Thomas MILLER, Edward JORDAN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 88-90] =====
  • BYERS, John A. Adm/ Elen BYERS Inventory - Multiple household items and Slaves - negro woman Mary ELDER - to free 9 Aug 1847 (value $100) Bought from William COOPER on 3 Feb 1834 [FC Land JS-45, 132]. - negro boy David ROBERTSON, age 2 on 2 April 1842 Slave for Life (value $50) - negro boy Samuel GIBSON, born 12 July 1842 Slave for Life (value $30) - negro girl Lindy HUNT, age 15 on 1 April 1842 Slave for Life (value $325) - negro man DICK - to free 1 March 1845 (value $125) Per Will of Henry BROWN [FC Will HS-3, 548] [Carroll Co, MD - Inventory Book JB-2, 104 - 22 Aug 1842] =====
  • CODD, John (20 Feb 1841 by x; 5 Apr 1841) John CODD - negro man Allen COLLINS' children LAND - adjoining lands of John PATTERSON Exec/ none Witnesses/ Nicholas DORSEY, John FRIZELL, Thomas PICKEN [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 163] =====
  • FANNING, William (7 Mar 1840; 25 Jan 1841) sis/ Nancy COOK's daughter, ..........Susan Ann COOK SLAVE - negro man James GREEN Exec/ sister Nancy COOK Witnesses/ Amon RICHARDS, Owen F. BUCKINGHAM, Benjamin WILLIAMS [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 152-153] =====
  • GIST, Joshua (21 Nov 1837; 21 Nov 1839) d/ Harriet GIST d/ Federal Ann Bonaparte GIST s/ Joshua C. GIST (residue of MD real estate) s/ George W. GIST s/ Thomas GIST & wife grandchildren: - Henry Clay GIST - Mary S. GIST (to live with his daughter Harriet) - Sarah H. OWINGS - States GIST - Aubrey G. JONES - Harvey JONES - Edwin JONES - George W. GIST - Richard GIST - Mordecai GIST (s/o daughter Rachel GIST) SLAVE - negro man RICHARD (to serve daughter Harriet for 3 years after deceedent's death, then to be free) LAND - "Long Farm", the home plantation (parts to daughters Harriet & Federal); 1/2 acre was reserved for burying ground. (SE part was sold to William WINCHESTER). - "Neighbours Friendship", "Fellsdale" (to daughter Federal); from Basil Dorsey STEPHENSON. - KY land. 2,000 acres (to sons, Joshua C. George W. and Thomas and grandchildren, Henry Clay GIST, Mary S. GIST and Sarah H. OWINGS); adjoined land of John BATES. - KY land, 2,000 acres (to grandchildren, States GIST, Aubrey G. JONES, Harvey JONES, Edwin JONES, Mordecai GIST, George W. GIST and Richard GIST; lies on bank of Lick Creek. Execs/ son Joshua, Samuel D. LECOMPTE, James RAYMOND Witnesses/ John COCKEY, Robert LYON, Henry H. MONTELL [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 122-123] =====
  • GOSNELL, William (30 Oct 1838; 5 Aug 1839) w/ Matilda GOSNELL s/ William S. GOSNELL s/ Charles A. GOSNELL d/ Harriet GOSNELL d/ Eurith GOSNELL SLAVES / coloured - Not to be sold out of state - woman MARIAH, to be free 2 years after his death and to be sold with her d/ HANNAH b/ 25 Jan 1837 (to be free at age 21) - boy LEWIS b/ 11 Mar 1823 (to be free at age 25) - girl LYDIA b/ 25 Dec 1824 (to be free at age 21) - (to wife) - boy JOHN b/ 5 Oct 1830 (to be free at age 25) - boy ENOCH (to be sold for balance of time to serve and then freed) Exec/ John WEAVER Witnesses/ John LANTZ, Joseph WEAVER, Samuel WEAVER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 96-98] =====
  • MANRO, Catherine (22 Apr 1837; 26 Feb 1838) (husband was deceased) d/ Hellena HARDEN (family bible) s/ Squire MANRO s/ Nathan MANRO s/ David MANRO s/ Thomas MANRO s/ John MANRO, dec'd grdau/ Catherine HARDEN SLAVE - CHARLES (to be freed) Exec/ son Nathan MANRO Witnesses/ Joshua C. GIST, Joseph HARDEN and Jacob HILTABRIDLE [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 42-43] =====
  • OGG, Sarah of Baltimore County (Jan 1833; 12 Aug 1839) d/ Rachel WILLIAMS d/ Hellen CONAWAY grson/ James O. HEADINGTON bro/ William BEASMAN father/ Joseph BEASMAN, dec'd SLAVES - black boy ISAAC, black woman and children LAND - "Beasman's Discovery" Exec/ grandson James O. HEADINGTON witnesses/ Moses BARNES, Jesse PATTERSON (since dec'd) and A. Garretson BARNES [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 98-100] =====
  • REID, Margaret of Frederick County (6 Aug 1824; 8 Oct 1838) d/ Margaret REID d/ Elizabeth McILHENNY d/ Catharine DARBY d/ Thomason HENDERSON s/ Francis REID d/ Mary REID grandchildren: - Margaret HENDERSON - Catharine HENDERSON - Alexander Hamilton REID - James REID - Elizabeth Ross McILHENNY - Upton DARBY - negro woman, ESTHER Exec/ son-in-law, John DARBY (renounced, but recommended Philip HANN) Witnesses/ Abraham LIND, Samuel NAILL, James MALONEY [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 61-63] =====
  • ROBOSSON, Elijah (19 Nov 1840; 3 Mar 1841) w/ Ann s/ Benjamin ROBOSSON (already rec'd share & joined secret assoc) s/ John ROBOSSON s/ Francis ROBOSSON d/ Martha CAR and her children d/ Mary Ann H. w/o Joshua H. SHIPLEY s/ Oneal ROBOSSON, dec'd .....wid/ Hamutel WEIR & their children ..........Elijah ROBOSSON ..........Lemuel ROBOSSON ..........Benjamin ROBOSSON ..........Rachel ROBOSSON s/ Elijah ROBOSSON (insane, to be cared for by his mother, brothers and sisters during his life) grson/ Thomas P. ROBOSSON grdau/ Mary Ann ROBOSSON SLAVES - negro woman ANN & her children, POLLY, ADALINE & GEORGE (to daughter-in-law Hamutel, if she remains without her present husband) - negro girl JOSEPHINE (to granddaughter Mary Ann ROBOSSON) - Margaret TEVIS (to remain at decedent's residence during her life and to continue to have all the privileges she formerly had as one of the family.) - rest of negroes in Carroll, Baltimore, Anne Arundel & Allegany Counties: - coloured man HARRY (aka MILLER); - coloured woman HEMMY & her d/ REBECCA - negro woman DEBORAH - James TRIMBLE - negro boy LOY (These six and their increase to son John & grandson Thomas P.) - negro man DENNIS (to daughter Mary Ann SHIPLEY) - negro woman SALL (to daughter Mary Ann SHIPLEY) - negro boy DAVID (to daughter Martha CAR) - negro man GEORGE (to son Oneal's children) - old negroes - SARAH, JAMES, PARRISH, REBECCA, FLORA (to stay on home place or they may choose to go with any of decendent's other children or grandchildren) LAND - tracts in Allegany County: - "Content", "Collins Farm", "Polished Mountain"; contract with John ROBERTS for conveyance of water of Flintstone Creek for use of the mill works. (to son John where he then lived); - "Flintstone", "Resurvey on Flintstone" on Flintstone Creek and on Old Cumberland Road. (to grandson Thomas P. ROBOSSON); - "Flintstone", "Resurvey on Flintstone",all remaining part and included a tavern. (to son Francis) - "Rapho" in Baltimore County (to the children of daughter Martha CAR and daughter-in-law Hamutal WEIR, if she continues to live without her current husband) - Home place plantation (to daughter Mary Ann H. SHIPLEY and limestone quarrying and burning; shared with daughter Martha CAR.) - Lot on NW corner of Bond & Allisanard Sts, Fell's Point, Baltimore (to daughter Martha). - Lot on Thames St (formerly George St) in Fell's Point, Baltimore; Leased to William JONES. All legacies upon the death of decedent's wife. Exec/ son John ROBOSSON and son-in-law Joshua H. SHIPLEY (if latter declines, may replace him with son Francis ROBOSSON) Witnesses/ John B. DEVRIES, Nicholas DORSEY, Joshua KERBY [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 157-161] =====
  • SHOEMAKER, Peter of Frederick County (15 Mar 1836; 31 Dec 1838) grdau/ Barbara MARTIN d/ Susanna RINEHART's children d/ Mary MARTIN's children d/ Sarah BARNHART d/ Elizabeth SPRINKLE Negroes - John SATER and w/ ANNA; SARAH, SAMUEL, ELIZABETH, JACOB, MARIAH, JOHN LAND - "Lookabout" and "Father's Advice" from George STARY in 1825 Execs/ Jacob MATHIAS, Joshua SMITH Jr Witnesses/ John NUSBAUM, Abraham HESSON, Jacob SELL, Peter DEHOF [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 79-81] =====
  • SHRINER, Peter (22 Jan 1838; 4 Sep 1838) s/ Abraham SHRINER s/ Jacob SHRINER d/ Mary PERRY d/ Margaret DUDDERER Mulatto girl, MATILDA LAND - plantations: "Resurvey on Susan's Fancy"; and "Resurvey on Small Beginning" in Frederick County Exec/ William DUDDERER Witnesses/ Evan McKINSTRY, David ENGLER, John P. SHRINER [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 59-60] =====
  • STEELE, James (5 Mar 1838; 2 Apr 1838) mother - Mary DENNING bro/ Joseph STEELE and his sons, ..........John Thomas STEELE ..........James Henry STEELE ..........William Robert STEELE ..........Joseph Wesley STEELE bro/ Robert STEELE bro/ Thomas STEELE SLAVES - Negroes - BECK and her son HIRAM LAND - Lots #2 & 3 of "Resurvey on Father's Gift" and "Hawkins Fancy" and "Lawrence's Industry"; adjoining those of Nelly DEMMET and Abner BAILE, on Old Liberty Road; - "Legh Castle", adjoins tracts of Stephen GORSUCH and Lloyd BENNETT, on Sam'e Creek - two tracts in Springfield Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA Exec/ brother Joseph STEELE Witnesses/ Nathan BROWNE, Beale BUCKINGHAM, Vachel BUCKINGHAM [Carroll Co, MD Will Book JB-1, 45-46] ===== ======================== Partial only - thru page 163 Book ends at page 688 ========================

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