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CENSUS - 1880
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Thank you George Rodgers

George Rodgers was a very gracious man who did census look ups for alot of
the counties in MI. He spent untold hours going to the library near his
home and looking at the actual micro films from the different census. He
created indexes for some and transcribed whole census' for others.
He was an amazing man.

I don't exactly know what happened to him, but was told he died
unexpectedly and the server he was using took down his pages when they
couldn't reach him. His indexes and censuses are on
several counties now. That is about all I can tell you about him.

I am happy to do this as a great tribute to him and I dedicate these pages to him !

Thank you also goes to Bonnie McVicar-Briggs ( [email protected] )
who so generously sent this information to me to post.

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