Pictures -- Memories or Mysteries

 Pictures -- Memories or Mysteries
Baraga County, MI, USA

Revised: September 23, 2002   

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This space is for anyone to submit old photos of Baraga County
OR of memories of someone born, raised, or lived in Baraga County, Michigan
OR of an unknown person, product, or event linked to someone in or from Baraga County, Michigan.
PLEASE send via
( [email protected] ) or e-mail to inquire about mailing address.

Revised: September 23, 2002
Let's dig up some memories!

  1. Old Baraga County Pictures  

Revised: September 23, 2002
Let's uncover some mysteries!

  1. Jim Dompier, President of Baraga County Historical Museum, writes:

    "...had a person in the other day with a pop bottle from the L'Anse Bottling
    Works, L'Anse,Mich.  I never heard of it and no one seems to have heard of
    it, is there any way that you may be able to help us get information.  I
    have attached a photo of the bottle for you to see..."

    Anyone with any information PLEASE contact:
    Jim Dompier:
    [email protected] OR
    [email protected]

    Thank you.


  2. This comes from Jackie Eckhout (Lonnberg):

    "...Hello, I would like to submit a picture postcard that I have. I do not know who it is in the picture. I know it has to be someone in my family but who??? My family is from Skanee.  Hopefully someone would know who it is. I am doing the family tree on the Londberg's, Lundberg's, Melin's and Brodt's...
    The information I have on it is:
    It is addressed to Pearl Melin
    Skanee, Michigan
    Postmark: Aug. 29, 1910 at 7PM
    The family is visiting in Ripley, Michigan and their is a storm so they are asking father to send 3 dollars so they can take a train home instead of going by boat. Oskar is supposed to be coming to get them.(Oskar Londberg is my grandfather), It is signed Mrs. Malin.(Johanna Melin is my great grandmother) Which I though was a little strange if she was writing to her own daughters. I know the picture just has to be my family but I am not sure and I can not tell. Maybe someone else would know. I have asked a few older relatives and they are just not sure either. One thing I have learned from all this genealogy study is to make sure I label ALL pictures so future generations do not pull out there hair like I am.
    Thank you so much for doing this. I do appreciate it so very much!!
    Jackie Eckhout
    (Londberg,Lundberg, Melin, Brodt,Nilsson)



    Anyone with any information PLEASE contact:
    Jacqueline Eckhout:  [email protected]  OR
    [email protected]

    Thank you.


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