Company D, 3rd Infantry- Alpena, MI
Spanish American War- Company D, Third Infantry



The Full Quota of Men Have Signed Company "D" Roll

The numerous person who were anxious to join company D," Third Infantry, but were unable to so will have to content themselves by waiting until a vacancy occurs in the ranks, and then take their chance with the many other applicants who were anxious but unable to get in the new company. At the meeting Friday evening, Captain W. D. Hitchcock received his full quota of men, and all have signed the company roll. About 50 of the men were members of Company B,: some having seen service in Cuba, and others being recruits, who were not given an opportunity to go to the front One man was a member of old Company "D," and the rest are men who have never belonged to any military organization. Captain Hitchcock says that he is proud of the personnel of the company, and expresses the opinion that it will be the best company the city has ever had. Only two of the men are under 21 years of age, and the average in height and weight is good. Captain Hitchcock will make a requisition on the quartermaster-general for arms and equipments, and as soon as they are received drilling will be commenced.

OFFICERS. W.D. Hitchcock, captain; Ernest D. Dust, 1st lieutenant; Melvin H. Prince, 1st sergeant Henry E. McGee, P.Q. M. sergeant; Jacob Emmick, sergeant; Amos B. Crow, corporal; Claude Way, musician; Ernest Ross, musician

PRIVATES. The following are the names of members, whose term of enlistment had not expired at the time of the reorganization: Alfred E. Ash, Wm. Johnson, John D. Mulvena, Frank E. Booth Fred Stevens, Chas. H. Kimball, Chas. McSorley, Peter Peterson, Wm. Avis, Henry D. Geiger, Guy F. Downing, Frank L. Pake, Joseph Lagraff, Mark Ducharme, Frank Kramer. Old members whose term of enlistment had expired and new members who signed the roll at the time of the reorganization: Reuben G. Levyn, Dougall McKenzie, Edward Aikens, Wm. A. Merrill, David A. Gibson, Fred McSorley, Clarence Hildreth, Clarence L. Jones, Hans Carlson, Joseph Campbell, C.A. Oppeuborn, Charles Karr, Carl Beyer, Nicholas Se?, Neil Drag, Hiram Freese, George M. Hanna, Albert Peppler, John Spleet, Arthur A. A. LeRoy, Carl M. Nelson, Richard Deadman, Anthony Peterson, George V. Waldron, Wm. T. Hickey, Gerah L. Currier, Duncan M Page, John Legraff, George J. Hasset, Wm. B. Patton, C.T. Harrington, Ezra J. Collins, Wm. Bloom, Harvey Flewelling, John Davis, Corneilus O'Brien, L. McKinnon, L. McDonald, Frank Behning, John R. Prevost, Wm. McAfee, Robert Lough, Carl Fitzgerald, Norman Matheson, Patrick Henry, Harry Knight, Napoleon Delile, Fred Schwartz, James M. Reed, John Russell, John Page, Burt Tippler, Alex McIntosh, Martin Leskle, John Mondor, Charles Ziem and Thomas Hanson Source:

The Alpena Evening News, Alpena, MI ~ Tuesday, 1 Aug 1899.

Company D