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Researching the Surnames Meyer, Horn, Hannibal, Smith, Thompson, Harnsberger, Alley, Hibbs, Hurst, Halsey, Croy, Albright and many more...


Our Roots: German, Danish, Swiss, English and most certainly solidly American.

Well, we didn't come on the Mayflower, but our ancestry makes what I would call a very early entrance onto the American continent in several cases. William Hibbs arrived in Pennsylvania in 1677, William Hurst in about 1710, Hans (John) Heerensperger ( Harnsberger) in 1717 as a member of the Second Germanna Colony Settlement in Virginia, Valentine Horn arriving in approx 1753 into Pennsylvania.

This represents a family presence on American soil for 250 - 300 years.

The places we will visit: Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, California

Notable landmarks: Blue Ridge Mountains, Cumberland Gap, Ohio River Basin, rural Nebraska,

We will pass our way by many historical events as our ancestry travels westward across the continent, our ancestors were pioneers of this country. They moved slowly in search of the right places to raise their families. They endured wars and the times. They lived long lives in spite of the hardships of just living in those times. They were strong people.


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