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Clarence Woodcock created a special website for the First Maine Heavy Artillery HERE
which has a searchable roster. Many of the members of this historic regiment were recruited from Washington County. He has also established special web Forums for discussions/inquiries regarding Civil War issues that can be accessed HERE


Regarding the death of Hiram Hills Roberts Sr. (1828-1863)

I, Lewis Roberts of Northfield, Washington County, State of Maine do hereby certify and say that I was a private in Co. H 28th Maine Regiment - that my brother Hiram H. Roberts was also a private in said Co H - that on or about the fourteenth day of August AD 1863 whilst the regiment was returing from Louisiana to Augusta Maine where it was finally discharged the said Hiram H. Roberts was very sick so that it was deemed advisable and necessary by the officers in command to leave the said Hiram H at
Bellefontaine State of Ohio - said Hiram H was left at said Bellefontaine and I was left also to take care of him - that I did take care of said Hiram H till the twentieth day of said August when he died - I was with him when he died and
know that he died of a disease contracted in the service of the United States and in the line of duty - his disease was diarhea and jaundice.
his Mark: Lewis (X) Roberts
Witness L
W B Smith Mark
L.G. Downes
State of Maine } (Dept of the Interior stamp)
Washington County }
Personally appeared appeared the above named Lewis Roberts to me well known & whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit and subscribed & made oath to the forgoing statement on this 18th day of April A.D. 1864. Before Me W.B. Smith - Justice



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