Documents & Deeds - Volume 2

Frost Bible

Kindly subscribed and submitted by Bruce Woodsworth. Caps & bold added.

Bruce writes:

After several months, I finally received a reply from Gates Johnson in Perry, ME, who is in possession on the family Bible of Capt. John FROST . He was kind enough to send me scanned copies of the Bible pages and copies of the handwritten note that folded up inside the Bible.

One Bible page listed the children of Capt. John : (spelling duplicated verbatim)

Elizabeth FROST was born March 20th, 1760 and dyed May 15th, 1750.

John FROST was born, July 17th, 1751.

Mary FROST was born February 5th 1753.

Samuel FROST was born June 10th, 1755,

Betty FROST was born October 9th, 1757 Died Oct the 8, 1853 (this death date is in different handwriting. Obviously entered much later)

Serah FROST was born, September 17th, 1763.

Simon FROST was born June 2nd, 1766.

Charls FROST was born july 21, 1771

Benjamin FROST was born February 2nd, 1774.

The second Bible page lists: (in a different person's handwriting)

Samuel LEIGHTON born 26th March 1779.

John LEIGHTON born Jan'y 10th, 1781.

Sally LEIGHTON born 10th April 1783. - Died July 2nd 1804.

Mark LEIGHTON born August 1st 1785.

George LEIGHTON born July 4th, 1787. - Died April 25th, 1818

Ellis LEIGHTON born August 30th, 1789. - Died May 24th, 1793.

Nancy LEIGHTON born June 29th, 1791. - Died Feb 15th, 1806.

In Perley LEIGHTON's book, A Leighton Genealogy , these are the children of Samuel LEIGHTON of Perry, ME, with the exception of Ellis being called Alice . I do not know which is correct. The Bible page sure looks like Ellis to me. There is also no Lydia listed as a child of Samuel , but Perley thought Lydia did not really belong to Samuel , and this is verified here.

Folded inside the Bible was a handwritten note from a member of the GOVE family, who had inherited the Bible-

FROST Soldier of the Rev. his daughter Betty FROST married (Samuel?) LEIGHTON who had a saw mill at Whiting, ME. Their son Mark LEIGHTON married Oliva Scott WOODWORTH of Nova Scotia. They had 13 children one of them Charlotte Olivia who married J.C. GOVE .

War Record of Jacob GOVE ( J.C. GOVE's grandfather) Enlisted Apr. 1781 at Bradford, Mass. Rank private

Officers under whom services rendered:

Capts. Smith, Benson, John Mills, Col Rufus Putnam , 5th Mass, 1st Mass Discharged Dec 17, 1783

Most of this material given in Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. Mass Volumes.

Jacob GOVE born Seabrook 1762 died Apr 5, 1823 at Lubec. Married Martha COCHRANE June 1789.

Jacob's son Jacob , born 1797, was the father of Joshua C GOVE , born in Lubec Nov 2, 1826, married Charlotte LEIGHTON Dec 16, 1852.


Affidavit of William Reidhead

N.B.: Spacing added, surnames capitalized and in bold to enhance screen legibility. This deed provided by Sioux L. Stoeckle

Affidavit of William Reidhead
Original of this document is held in the Mass. State Archives.

I William REIDHEAD of Lawful age Testify and say that during the time that the British Troops resided at Fort George Penobscot I acted as a Cooper & storekeeper to the Commissary of the British Troops the whole time that they stayed at Penobscot, and that I delivered to Mr. Archibald HANEY (who was called a British Subject) Rations for himself and Family the whole time that the Troops tarried at Penobscot, and that he was Rationed the same as any of the British troops and Received Rations accordingly. -
Wm Reidhead

Lincoln Ss June 26 1788
Then the above named William REIDHEAD personally appeared before me and after being carefully examined & duly cautioned to testify the truth the whole truth & nothing but the truth relating to the Cause in which this Deposition is to be used, made Solemn Oath to the truth of the foregoing Deposition by him Subscribed, taken at the request of Archibald HANEY to be used in an Action or plea of Trespass to be heard and tried at the Supreme Judicial Court next to be holden at Pownalborough within & for the County of Lincoln on the Second Tuesday next following the fourth Tuesday of this present month June, in which action said HANEY is appellee - The Cause of this Deposition is the Deponants living more than thirty miles from the place of Trial, and the said THOMPSON living more than twenty miles from the place of this Caption, was not notified, no was he present at the taking hereof.
Before me Joseph Hibbert (?) F--- (?)
Cost witness 1 day - - 0 2 0
Caption (?) 3 0
sealing & Directing 1 0 L0 6 0

Lincoln County, ME 1789 Deed of Daniel LEE to Benjamin SHAW

N.B.: This deed is to property now located in Washington County, Maine which was formed from Lincoln County in 1789.

Spacing added, surnames capitalized and in bold to enhance screen legibility.

Washington County, Maine
Vol. 2, Page 448
Daniel LEE to Benjamin SHAW
Executed 17 November 1789

Know all men by these presents that I Daniel LEE of Passamaquody in the County of Lincoln, Eastern District & Commonwealth of Massachusetts labourer, in Consideration of the Sum of twelve pounds lawful money paid me by Benjamin SHAW of Passamaquody in the County & Commonwealth aforesaid Gent: the Receipt whereof I do hereby Acknowledge, do give, grant, sell & convey unto the said Benj a SHAW a certain lot of land, known by the name of lot number twenty three lying in Township number two in the Bay of Passamaquoddy aforesaid containing one hundred Acres bounded as follows Viz;

north westerly by lot number twenty two, Northeasterly by lands Belonging to John BRIDGES & by Ox cove so called South easterly by lands belonging to Robert ASH, & Southwesterly by the north branch of Cobscook so called The lines running from a shrub spruce tree on the Southwestern shore adjoining lot number twenty two aforesaid North Easterly Forty one degrees, one hundred & Seventeen rods to two marked fir trees; from thence South Easterly forty two degrees to a mark' d hemlock on the bank of the shore of Ox cove aforesaid: from thence along said shore to a mark' d spruce tree at the head of said cove from thence South Westerly forty two degrees to a large Rock on the shore of Cobscook north Branch: from thence along said Shore to the Bounds first mentioned.

To Have and to hold the same to the said Benjamin SHAW, his Heirs & assigns for his & their use & behoof forever; and I do covenant with the said Benjamin SHAW his heirs & assigns that I am lawfully seized in fee of the premises, that they are free from all incumbrances that I have a good right to sell & convey the same to the said Benjamin SHAW & his heirs, & that I will warrant & defend the same to the said Benjamin SHAW his heirs & assigns forever against the lawful claims & demands of all persons.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this seventeenth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & eighty nine.

Daniel X LEE (a Seal)
mark (a Seal)

Sign' d seal' d & Deliver' d
in presence of us

Washington ss Passamaquody 29 th June 179_ then personally appeared Daniel LEE and acknowledged the within Instrument By him Subscribed to be his free Act and Deed. before me John Crane Jus t Peace

Rec d September 3 d 1800 & Recorded p r George Stillman Register