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    Instructions for posting a query to this page:
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    Looking for detailed info (birth dates, birth places, siblings names, parents names) on the Eaton and Mahoney family.  
    1)  William Eaton born in Maine, U.S.A. in 1802.
    2)  His brother John lived in Caledonia Township in Prescott, Ontario Canada.  John was married to Mary Mahoney.  Their daughter, Caroline, married in 1851 in Caledonia and lived in the Vankleek Hill, Ontario area.  She had about 12 children.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


    Charles H. Cimbollek, formerly of Bucksport/Bangor,  married Arline F. Bernard of Skowhegan in c. 1932. Looking for death date, place of burial for Charles H. Cimbollek and Arline F. Bernard Cimbollek. They are not listed in searchable Maine Death Index. Also looking for a picture of them, if possible. He was my grandfather.  Thank you.
     [email protected]

    Posted April 22, 2003

    Adams Albee
    Sara Hilton Adams age 51 widow of Eben Adams of Norridgewock/Madison was living with a daughter Maude Adams Albee and son in law Harry Albee in Skowhegan Village 1900 census.  Looking for her death and hoping someone might know who Sara's parents were?
    Thank you
    Mary Jane Hensley
    Posted Feb. 24, 2002

    I am looking for knowledge about the parents, siblings and first wife of Frank John Lambert, also known as Jean Baptiste Lambert.  His ancestors were French-Canadian as you may have guessed.  He was born on August 28, 1852 in Skowhegan, Somerset county, Maine.  He was married twice, his second wife’s name was Agnes Taylor.  They were married on August 20, 1895 in Howard, Kansas.  On the marriage application he was listed as J. B. and gave Logan,Oklahoma as his address.  Their children’s names were Opie Reed Lambert, born in 1895 and Olin Harry Lambert (my father) born in 1897.  They lived in Blandinsville and Lewistown, Illinois.  Frank John was a barber.  I know he had children by the first marriage and some of them lived in the Chicago area at one time.  One of the Chicago Lamberts was in the lamp business, I believe.  If any of this sounds familiar, please let me know.  Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.
    John Lambert
    Posted Feb. 24, 2002

    I am looking for birth information on Mabel Anna Blackstone b. around 1878/9 could be earlier in Skowhegan...
    to Benjamin Franklin Blackstone b. 1849 in Skowhegan or Fairfield and Elizabeth Lamereaux (Lemereaux or variant) Blackstone, b. around 1859. in Quebec.  Any death docs or census docs for 1860-70 or 1890.
    [email protected]
    Posted Feb. 24, 2002

    Martin B. Robinson 1849-1883 with wife, Lois Seeley/Seelye and (3) children in 1880 census.
    Martin and both parents born in Maine.

    QUERY: Most Skowhegan Robinsons emigrated from what country?
    Thanks much for any comments.
    Posted Jan. 11, 2001

    Fly/Melben (Malbon)/Myrick

    I am trying to find information on Elizabeth Fly Myrick, and especially on her parents.  I have the following information written by a descendant of Elizabeth and her husband, Nicholas Dodge.  "There was a family by the name of Melben (Malbon?) who lived on the Skowhegan, and one of the girls married a man named Fly[n].  He went to Boston to get a housekeeping outfit and was never heard of again.  Some thought he met with foul play.  In the course of time his wife gave birth to a girl baby and after a few years she married a man named Myrick.  The baby girl had been named Elizabeth and went by the name of Elizabeth Myrick, although she was no blood relation to the Myricks.  The Elizabeth Fly[n] Myrick was Nicholas Dodge's second wife and to them were born seven children..."

    Elizabeth was born about 1767 and died 3/8/1841.  Elizabeth married Nicholas after 1781 but before 1785.  I believe they lived in or around Burnham, ME as that is where Nicholas died in 1827.

    As I am from the other side of the continent, and am quite unfamiliar with Maine geography, I'm hopeful that "the Skowhegan" is in your vicinity.  Any information will be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Robin Shaules

    Posted Apr. 25, 2000


    I'm looking for information on Sophia Veilleux who married Onesime Paradis in 1883.  I believe she was born in Skowhegan. Sophia was born 10Apr1862, but I don't know who her parents are.
    I appreciate any information

    Posted Apr. 24, 2000


    I am looking for info on my Great grandfather AMOS LAWRENCE, he is supposed to have lived in Skowhegan in late 1800.  (his son, my grandfather Eugene b. Dec. 25, 1898).

    Amos Lawrence married Carrie McDonald (she was 2nd wife, 1st wife died in child birth) Any info would be appreciated.  Please e-mail: [email protected]
    Yo-Jean Huff Benson

    Posted Apr. 24, 2000


    Jonh J. LaVoie b. 25 December 1886 in Presque Isle, Me married Izetta P. Sanderson b.? in Skowhegan on 26 June 1910.  At the time of their marriage Skowhegan was listed as residence for both the bride and the groom.  This info came from the Maine Marriage Archives.  I am trying to find the parents of John. J. LaVoie and Izetta P. Sanderson.  They are grandparents to my husband, Dana Thomas Soiett.  Any help would be appreciated.
    We live in Southeast Texas and are willing to do lookups for Orange and Jefferson Counties and also for Southwest Louisiana.

    Deborah Soiett

    Posted July 12, 1999


    I am looking for information on the family of my grandmother, Marcia Mitchell Newcomb.  Her parents were Francis and Betsy (Wheeler).  I also recall my mother saying that there was a relationship to the Bigelow family, too.

    Marcia b. Sep 1868, m. Charles Newcomb (from Boston) abt 1905.  d. abt 1935.  Had a sister Cora, who married Amos Towle from Hampton, NH.

    Would appreciate any information.
    [email protected]

    Posted March 27, 1999

    We need proof that Edmond Adams was the son of Abraham Adams from Groton MA.  This information was found on an early DAR application but, proof documents have not been located.  We know that Abraham married Hannah Clark in 1793 in Canann, Me.  We know that he owned land there in 1802/3.  We know Edmond was born in 1804 in Skowhegan Me.  We know that Abraham is buried in Southside Cemetary in Skowhegan.  We just need a proof document that he is the father of Edmond.  Do you have any information on Abraham and Edmond Adams?  We really appreciate your help.
    V/r Paul McMahon

    Posted January 7, 1999

    I am looking for any Smiley's that may have been in Skowhegan in the middle 1800's.  I have a Hugh Smiley and wife Polly found on the 1850 census there.  Am looking for info on a son of theirs named Shepherd Parkman Smiley. nbsp;He was not with them in 1850.
    Thank you
    Sandy Cecchetti

    Posted December 12, 1998

    Skowhegan Surnames

    If you would like to let other researchers know what Skowhegan surname you are researching or have information on, feel free to post your Skowhegan, Maine, surnames here.
    BUTLER Stephen Renier
    EMERY Revae Leppanen
    GILBERT Angelina H. Bittues
    HOOD Revae Leppanen
    IRELAND Jackie Beck
    LESSARD/LESSOR Angelina H. Bittues
    LEVASSEUR Stephen Renier
    POULIN Stephen Renier
    Angelina H. Bittues
    SMILEY Keith Smiley
    STEWARD (STEWART) Revae Leppanen
    Doug Steward
    TURCOTTE Angelina H. Bittues
    WACOME Jennifer Pierce

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