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The following books and microfilms may be of use to the researcher who seeks more information about his or her Sedgwick ancestors. Items with a microfilm or microfiche number refer to those books or records which were microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and may be obtained for a small fee from your local Family History Center.

Sedgwick Vital Records,Volumes I & II, LDS Microfilm # 0012248. A microfilm of the contains the original record books of the Town of Sedgwick, Maine. The records are not indexed, but I am in the process of extracting and indexing them, for a book to be published when the extractions are complete. Included are the following:

             ·  Family records giving births and deaths prior to 1890 with some deaths to 1930
             ·  Intentions of marriage: 1794-1805, 1822-1828
             ·  Marriage records:1794-1801, 1815-1816, 1822-1841
             ·  Proceedings of town meetins;
             ·  elections
             ·  oaths of public officials
             ·  boundaries
             ·  tax exemptions
             ·  sheep and cattle marksM
             ·  lists of Baptists, Methodists, and Congregationalists

Sedgwick Vital Records,Volume III, LDS Microfilm # 0012249. A microfilm of the orignal later records of Sedgwick. The Vital Records are partially indexed and include the following:

             ·  Births, 1889-1927
             ·  Marriage records, 1840, 1883, 1892-1912.
             ·  Intentions of marriage, 1892-1927.
             ·  Deaths, 1877-1891.
             ·  Bills of sales.
             ·  Deeds of pews.
             ·  Boundaries.
             ·  Mortgages.

Sedgwick, Maine: All Vital Statistics Recorded in This Town Prior to the Year 1800, Compiled by Grace Limburner, North Brooksville, Maine, March 1941. LDS Microfimlm # 0027756, Item 3.

Grace Limburner transcribed the Vital Records of Sedgwick, prior to 1800, and included some cemetery inscriptions. There are some inaccuracies in her transcription.

Sedgwick, Hancock County, Maine Vital Records, Volumes 1-2, Cemetery and Valuations Records, copied and typed by Dr. Benjamin Lake Noyes. LDS Microfilm #______________

Typescript, (143 leaves) at the D. A. R. Library in Washington, D.C. Contents include:

          ·   Family records listing births and deaths.
          ·   Old Sedgwick Cemetery records.
          ·   Sedgwick Valuation 179801799, 1802.

Life and Times in a Coastal Village: Sedgwick, Maine, 1789-1989, Sedgwick Maine Bicentennial Committee, 1989. Written for the Sedgwick Bicentennial, this very well done history includes maps, photos, and and other information which would be of considerable interest to the Sedgwick researcher. It is available from the Sedgwick-Brooklin Historical Society, Attn: Elaine Trowbridge, Sedgwick, Maine, 04676.

Marriage Records of Hancock County, Prior to 1892, Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 9, Ed. Alice MacDonald Long, Picton Press, Camden, 1992. The book contains records from the following sources:

          ·   Hancock County Court of Sessions, Volume II (1828-1832)
          ·   Hancock County Commissioners Record, Volume III (1833-1840)
          ·   Marriage Book (1841-1891)

Old Hancock County Families, William Macbeth Pierce, Hancock County Publishing Company Ellsworth, 1933. 133 pages. LDS Microfiche # 6048143.) There are two microfiches in the set.

This is a reprint of series of 35 articles, originally published in The Ellsworth American in 1932-1933. The articles were slightly revised and supplemented by the author before republication. Although the book is not indexed, the families are listed alphabetically at the beginning, with reference to page numbers.

Register of the towns of Sedgwick, Brooklin, Deer Isle, Stonington and Isle Au Haut, Compiled during the summer of 1910 by Chatto and Turner, Published by the Lawton Register Co., Auburn, Maine, 1910. LDS Microfilm # 1033879, Item 8.

Like other town registers from this period, the Register of the towns, etc... contains historical information about the settlement of the towns. It gives the maiden names of a few of the wives, although it does not contain marriage dates. It also contains a census of the residents of each of the above towns, together with the names of children who may have been born in these towns but who were residing elsewhere at the time the book was compiled.

Biographical Review, Volume XXIX, Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Somerset, Piscataquis, Hancock, Washington, and Aroostook Counties, Maine, Biographical Review Publishing Company, Boston, 1898. 738 pages, Portraits, Index. LDS Microfilm # 0547553

Like many other such publications, the Biographical Review is considered a Vanity Book, in that the information incuded in it was provided by the subjects of the life sketches. The costs of publication were paid for by subscritions from libraries and individuals. Although much genealogical information is included in these vanity books, it is also not always correct, because it was often compiled from the memories of the people providing the information. Only three residents of Sedgwick are included in this book: Curtis Durgain (1851), Charles Albert Holden (1857),and William H. Sargent(1818).

Descendants of Richard Currier (1773-1837) of Sedgwick, Maine: A Family Photo Album, Xana Arango Hansen, Vederso Consulting Group, Inc., 1998. This recent publication contains the ancestry of Richard and Nathaniel Currier, who settled in Sedgwick about 1797. Nathaniel later moved to West Gardiner, but Richard married Abigail Eaton, daughter of Reverend Ebenezer Eaton and Abigail Herrick, and remained in Sedgwick for the rest of his life. He had many descendants, who have been included in this book. It is available from the author. (See e-mail address below).

International Genealogical Index (IGI), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, now available on-line at In about 1955-1956, The LDS Church microfilmed the town records of most of the towns in Maine, including Sedgwick (see above). Many of the records on those microfilms have been extracted and entered into the IGI. In the IGI,You may be able to find those of your ancestors who were settlers in Sedgwick. The IGI will include their birthplaces and parents. However, it's important to remember that the IGI contains errors, so please do not simply use that data without verifying it.

If you know of other books which contain information about the residents of Sedgwick, please let me know so that I may include them with this list.[email protected]

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