Town Animal Pound

The sign reads:

From the Town Record of 1821
Pound 35 ft. square inside.
Wall 6 ft high with a 5 ft base
tapering to 2 ft on top
Inside faced (and nearly
perpendicular) with cedar
timber 9 in square on
top. 4 ft. wide gate on
North Side.
Construction cost $59.50
Sedgwick Historical Soc.

The Town Pound, another view

The Town Pound was a facility where stray animals could be confined until their owners were able to come for them. Usually owners of these horses, cows, pigs or sheep were fined a small amount, as a reminder for them to keep their livestock under control.

Across the road to the left (out of sight of this photo) is the Town Meeting House, where Reverend Daniel Merrill preached.

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