The Old Maids of the Reach Road

For awhile, Sedgwick hosted an exclusive club which consisted entirely of unmarried women who called themselves "The Old Maids of the Reach Road." At a wedding shower for one of their number, each guest wrote a bit of verse. This was tucked into a shower gift from Constance Holden:

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    Eight Old Maids getting near to Heaven
    Jenie snared Royal, then there were seven.
    Seven Old Maids in an awful fix.
    Gracie landed Raymond, then there were Six.
    Fox six old maids skies are growing fairer
    I beg a cookie the next one is Clara
    Constance - with silk for a sofa pillow.
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Picture of the Sedgwick 
maiden ladies and their friends, at the home of Sarah Currier

A larger image of this picture is available: 290K

The article below was clipped from an unidentified newspaper, dated 1916:

A perfect day, an ideal hostess, a gay company, delicious Eats! With such a combination the fourth annual banquet of The Golden Glow held on Saturday, August 19, could scarcely fail to be a glowing success, and such it was eagerly acclaimed by the party of thirty-three who enjoyed the pleasurable affair with their president, Miss Sarah Parker, at the Currier homestead. Without doubt this organization, the Golden Glow, which holds as its emblem the flower of that name, is the most unique of any in existence. More than sixty "old maids" claim Sedgwick as their little home town, but in direct opposition to the epithet "poor sour old maids, " they are known far and wide as the merriest bunch ever, for there is always something doing along the jollification line when they are around. So it came about that the sweetest and best of them all, Miss Sarah Currier, four summers ago opened her home and grounds for use to all her friends and neighbors in celebrating an all-day picnic affair. A sumptuous dinner with stunts of all kinds and a program of songs and raillery against mere "man" furnished entertainment, while an evening luncheon closed the delightful affair. Since that time, it has been an annual occurrence.

The celebration on Saturday was voted the best yet, for then the married friends of the unmarried maids had ample opportunity for showing off their culinary skill, and each "Mrs." fairly outdid herself vying with her neighbor in contest for the prize offered for the cake which should be voted best. For keenest wit and brightest hit, the maiden ladies couldn't be matched. The afternoon's program contained original poems by the score. Cabaret dancing, songs and parodies called forth shouts of laughter. Evening-time came all too soon for the merry-makers, but "good-nights" were at last said amid plans made for next year's celebration. The officers of the society are: president: Sarah A. Parker; vice president, Imogene Grant; secretary, Clara M. Allen; treasurer, Constance Holden.

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