Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation of the Town of Sedgwick

Hancock County, Maine

Commonwealth of Massachusetts -
In the Year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine.  

An Act

For incorporating the township number four on the east side of Penobscot River, commonly called Naskeeg, in the county of Lincoln, into a town by the name of Sedgwick.

Be it entered by the Senate and House of Representatives in general court assembled and by the authority of the same that the tract situated and bounded as follows:

Viz: Beginning at the head of Eggemoggon Reach, so called, the dividing line between number three and number four, and from thence running North Easterly on the Easterly line of number five, thence by the South Westerly line of number five to the Blue Hill Bay, thence by said bay and Eggomoggin Reach to the first mentioned. Bound together with the inhabitants thereon be, and they hereby are Incorporated into a town by the name of Sedgwick, and the inhabitants of said town are hereby invested with all the privileges, power and amenities which the inhabitants of towns within this Common Wealth be or may by law enjoy.

And be it further enacted that Gabrel Johonnat, Esq. (spelling?) in his (?) By empowered to give his warrant directed to some suitable Inhabitant of said town of Sedgwick, directing him to notify the inhabitants of said town to meet at such time and place as he shall appoint to choose such officers as other towns are empowered to choose at their annual meetings in the month of March or April annually.

In the House of Representatives January 12, 1789.

This Bill had three Several Readings, proposed to be Enacted. Theodore Sedgwick, Speaker

In the Senate January 12, 1789

This Bill had two Several Readings passed to be enacted. Samuel Phillips, Jun., President

Approved, John Hancock

A true Copy attests, John Avery, Jun., Secretary(1)

1. Extracted from Volume I of the Book of Records of the Town of Sedgwick, p. 1, LDS Microfilm # 1123348.

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