Thompson Family Reunion

Thompson Family Reunion
East Millinocket, Maine

The Thompson Reunion (Joseph Thompson descendants and allied family lines) is usually held every 2 years in Maine in odd number years.
You may contact the Reunion Committee at Thompson Reunion Questions Email

Sno Rovers Club - Front Sno Rovers Club - Back Setup for Reunion

9th Thompson Family Reunion

Previous 2005 Reunion Group Photos

Thompson Brothers and Sisters Thompson Grandchildren - Back

You and your family are invited to attend the Thompson Family Reunion on
Saturday, July 7th, 2007 at the Sno-Rovers Club in East Millinocket, Maine at 10:00 AM.

Please let your family members know about this event!!!

Lots of Music, Food and Fun.!!!

Music by Ivan Clark and Band!

Roger Anderson and his Karaoki Machine!

Vernon Hunt and Country Gospel

Ivan and Joanne  Roger Andererson - Singer Vernon Hunt - Guitar - Gospel

Plan to come and bring your family and have a good time. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Each Family please bring 1 or 2 of the following items to share:

Sandwiches              Desserts
Casseroles Beverages

Please take the responsibility to set up your own food at the serving tables when it is time for everyone to eat.
Remember NO ALCOHOL. If you are coming from a long distance and want to help with food,
here are some suggestions you can purchase when you get to Maine:

    Soda / Juice
    Pickles/ Olives
    Ice ( we need lots of ice)
We also need donations to the Thompson Reunion Fund which is very low now.

Come and learn more about your Family Heritage , hear family stories
Childrens Games and Activities
Please feel free to bring horseshoes and other outdoor games

Reunion Committee.

Check back here for an update link of "Sights to See" in addition to Places to Stay and other important links by April 1st.

Baxter State Park

Patten Lumbermans Museum

Previous Reunion Photos

2005 Martha, David & Joyce Carl and Lurene Melvin

Harold and Pat Geneva Michaud Family Basil and Myles

Dot and Lewis Alton and Sharon Robena Family Virgil, Sarah and Cheryl

Arnold and Donna Don and Evelyn Family Joann Family

Joe and Debbie Gloria and Roger James and Family

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