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buttonBrett, Clifford, Parsons, Robinson :


I'm a descendant of the Brett, Clifford, Parsons, Robinson families of South Paris. I have also put up a section of my personal web site that contains many of the Clifford/Parsons family pictures going back to the late 19th century -- you can see this page at:




Our group, the Edmund Chandler Family Assoc. has done a lot of work on the Chandlers of Androscoggin County and parts of Oxford County. Most of them descend from Capt. John's branch of the family and may be found in that database. We have found descendants of Edmund Chandler in he southern part of Oxford County. The northern part has a lot of descendants of William and Annis Chandler.



Alonzo Cooper and Mary Lowell were married in Otisfield ME on the 6th of April, 1863.

Mary's parents were Edward Lowell and Sally Edes.

Mary's brothers, John Marshall Lowell and George Pierce Lowell ended up living in Auburn CA where they operated a mercantile.

After their marriage, Alonzo Cooper and his bride also headed to California where Alonzo was already a 'successfu' miner and land owner with his brother, Lorenzo.

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