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Cemetery Information
Abbot Cemeteries Fryeburg
Alden Hill Cemetery Canton
Andover Cemetery Andover
Bartlett Cemetery Bryant Pond
Bean Road Cemetery (see East Otisfield Cemetery) Hiram
Bear Mountain Cemetery Buckfield
Bemis Cemetery Center Lovell
Berry Cemetery Hiram
Birds Hill Cemetery Bryant Pond
Bisbeetown Cemetery Waterford Flat
Black Mountain Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Black Mountain Cemetery Worthley Pond
Blaisdell Cemetery Hiram
Blake Cemetery Brownfield
Brackett Cemetery North Waterford
Bradley Cemetery Fryeburg
Brown Cemetery Brownfield
Buckfield Cemetery West Sumner
Burnt Meadow Cemetery Brownfield
Byron Cemetery Worthley Pond
Canton Cemetery Canton
Chandler Cemetery Fryeburg
Chandler Hill Cemetery Bryant Pond
Chapel Cemetery Greenwood
Chapman Cemetery Gilead
Charles Cemetery Fryeburg
Clemons Cemetery Kezar Falls
Cole Cemetery Brownfield
Cole Hill Cemetery Bryant Pond
Cotton Cemetery Cornish
Crocker Cemetery Buckfield
Curtis Hill Cemetery West Paris
Deering Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Demerritt Cemetery Dixfield
Durgin Cemetery Cornish
East Ellis Cemetery East Andover
East Peru Cemeteries Canton
East Rumford Cemetery Rumford
Elm Vale Cemetery Waterford Flat
Elwell Cemetery (Ice Caves) Greenwood
Emerson Cemetery Center Lovell
Emery Cemetery Kezar Falls
Fairview Cemetery Oxford
Farmers Hill Cemetery East Andover
Farrington-Morton Cemetery Rumford
Fessenden Cemetery Hiram
Fields Hill Cemetery Worthley Pond
Flat Cemetery East Stoneham
Flint Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Forbes Cemetery West Sumner
Foster Cemetery Cornish
Fox Cemetery Center Lovell
French Cemetery Kezar Falls
Gammay Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Garland Cemetery Greenwood
Gerrish Cemetery Cornish
Gilman Cemetery Hiram
Glover Cemetery Rumford
Goodwin Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Grays Cemetery West Sumner
Greenlaw Cemetery Brownfield
Greenleaf Cemetery Mount Zircon
Greenwood Mountain Cemetery Oxford
Hall Cemetery Waterford Flat
Hanover Cemetery Bryant Pond
Hapworth Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Harnden Cemetery Hiram
Hartford Cemetery Hiram
Hartford Center Cemetery Buckfield
Haskell Cemetery North Waterford
Head Cemetery Hiram
Hersey Cemetery West Sumner
Hillside Cemetery Canton
Hillside Cemetery North Waterford
Hillside Cemetery West Sumner
Hilton Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Holmes Cemetery Oxford
Holt Cemetery Hiram
Holt Cemetery Waterford Flat
Howard Cemetery Buckfield
Howe Hill Cemetery Bryant Pond
Knight Cemetery Dixfield
Lakeside Cemetery Bryant Pond
Libby Cemetery Kezar Falls
Linscott Cemetery Brownfield
Lord Cemetery Center Lovell
Lowell Cemetery Buckfield
Lowell Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Lower West Ellis Cemetery East Andover
Maple Grove Cemetery Canton
Maple Ridge Cemetery Oxford
Marston Cemetery Brownfield
McLucas Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Merrifield Cemetery Hiram
Merrill Cemetery Brownfield
Merrill Hill Cemetery Greenwood
Mount Abram Cemetery Bryant Pond
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Mount Will Cemetery Bethel
North Paris Cemetery West Paris
Old Frye Cemetery Rumford
Parsons Cemetery Canton
Partridge Cemetery West Sumner
Patch Mountain Cemetery Greenwood
Pine Grove Cemetery
Cemetery Association Contact: Freda Davis
35 Blad Road
Bethel ME 04217
Pine Grove Cemetery Brownfield
Pine Grove Cemetery Canton
Pine Grove Cemetery Fryeburg
Pine Grove Cemetery Norway
Pineview Cemetery Roxbury
Pingree Cemetery Hiram
Pingree Cemetery Hiram
Pleasant Valley Cemetery West Paris
Poland Corner Cemetery Canton
Powers Cemetery Puzzle Mountain
Prince Cemetery West Sumner
Richardson Hollow Cemetery West Paris
Richville Cemetery Norway
Riverside Cemetery Bethel
Riverside Cemetery Dixfield
Riverside Cemetery Fryeburg
Riverside Cemetery Norway
Riverside Cemetery Oxford
Riverside Cemetery
It is behind the buildings along the north side of the intersection of where Route 26, coming from Norway, turns to go towards West Paris and Bethel; and the road comes into that intersection from Hebron and Rumford.
South Paris
Roberts Cemetery Hiram
Rowe Cemetery Oxford
Rowe Hill Cemetery Greenwood
Russell Cemetery Oxford
Saint Johns Cemetery Rumford
Sanborn Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Sargent Cemetery Kezar Falls
Sawyer Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Schoolhouse Cemetery Hiram
Science Hill Cemetery East Dixfield
Severy Hill Cemetery East Dixfield
Shepardsfield Cemetery Oxford
Skillingston Cemetery Bethel
Smart Cemetery Fryeburg
Smith Cemetery Center Lovell
Songo Cemetery East Stoneham
South Bethel Cemetery Bryant Pond
South Otisfield Cemetery Casco
Sparrow Cemetery Canton
Spring Cemetery Hiram
Stanley Cemetery Kezar Falls
Stearns Cemetery North Waterford
Stearns Hill Cemetery West Paris
Stetson Cemetery West Sumner
Stevens Cemetery North Waterford
Stockbridge Cemetery Ellis Pond
Sumner Hill Cemetery West Sumner
Sunday River Cemetery Bethel
Sunnyside Cemetery Rumford
Swan Cemetery Buckfield
Tarr Cemetery Cornish
Taylor Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Thomas Cemetery Hiram
Trumbull Cemetery Hiram
Tuell Cemetery West Sumner
Turner Cemetery Buckfield
Turner Cemetery West Sumner
Upper West Ellis Cemetery East Andover
Wadsworth Cemetery Cornish
Wadsworth Cemetery Cornish
Walker Cemetery Pleasant Mountain
Washburn Cemetery Oxford
Watson Cemetery Hiram
Watson Cemetery Hiram
Webber Cemetery North Waterford
Webber Cemetery Norway
Wentworth Cemetery Brownfield
Wentworth Cemetery Hiram
West Byron Cemetery Ellis Pond
West Fryeburg Cemetery Fryeburg
Whales Back Cemetery Bryant Pond
Whitman Cemetery Oxford
Whittemore Cemetery West Sumner
Wight Cemetery Casco
Wiley Cemetery Fryeburg
Woodland Cemetery Bethel
Woodlawn Cemetery East Andover
Woodlawn Cemetery North Waterford
Wyman Cemetery Rumford