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A Few Finds

     OUR PURPOSE    
  * Ancestor Hunting in France with Barb MacPherson!
  * Are These Your Ancestors? Some photos from Ireland
  * A Menary found in Google Books
  * Menarys in Canada: Land Records

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to our “Clan” and familiarize those who are interested in exploring their Menary family tree with our work.

This website invites you to explore a taste of our history from the past and learn how DNA is making connections for us in the present.

We are proud of our heritage and hope that by sharing it we will help others in their own family research. And we hope, if you feel you are connected to our family, that you will join us on our study site. For more information, please email us.


The links above are just a tiny sampling of the information our group has collected.


No matter how you spell your Menary surname*, if you have ancestry in the British Isles or France, then this website is for you!

Through the centuries, the Menary name has been spelled an amazing number of ways:

Manara, Manaray, Manarey, Manarie, Manary, Manaury, Maneary, Manery, Manerye, Mannarye, Mannerie, Mannery, Mannoury, Mannowry, Manory, Manorye, Manourey, Manoury, Manray, Manry, Menairry, Menairy, Menarais, Menaree, Menarry, Menerai, Meneray, Meneret, Menerey, Menery, Menuret, Meunier, Minarie, Minary, Minearry, Mineerey, Mineray, Minery, Minnary, Monarey and MENARY! Other variations are McNary, McNarry, etc., which has eventually became M’Nary, and then Menary.

*Note: For ease of finding duplicates, most names have been spelled MENARY throughout these web pages but do not necessarily reflect the actual spelling of the person so named.



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