Forest Hill Cemetery Background and History Page

Background and History

Forest Hill Cemetery is located to the left off of Forrest Street (coming from Main Street) in Ashland City. It is well maintained and easy to get to. The cemetery has over 1,500 graves with the earliest death dates going back into the early 1800's. This is still an active cemetery.

The cemetery is divided into 3 sections by access roads and also has a small mausoleum. The first number on the transciption list is what section the grave is in. The letter is what row it is in and the final number is the plot number. The mausoleum has two sides. If someone is buried there then the first number is the letter "M" and the second number is side 1 or side 2 of the mausoleum. The 3rd number is the location in the mausoleum. Both sides of the mausoleum are numbered left to right with 3 rows. The top row is numbered 1-8, row 2 is numbered 9-16, and the bottom row is numbered 17-24.

Forest Hill Cemetery has figured prominently in Cheatham County history since the 18th century. In the late 1700's it was recognized as a part of the meeting house tract lands which were willed to Charles Braxton Lee in 1803. During the early 1800's it was known as the Leeland Multi-denominational meeting ground. In 1834, two acres were donated to the community by Mr. Lee to serve as a community burial site. A new log cabin was built here at that time to serve as a meeting house. During the infancy of Cheatham County government, the county court met and conducted business in the log cabin at this site between April 1856 and August 1857. The log house continued to serve as a church meeting house after that time and also served in the late 1850's and early 1860's as a school. In the early 1920's the log cabin was relocated to Elizabeth Street. In the 1930's acreage was added to the origianl two acres of Forest Hill Cemetery in order to expand the burial site. In the 1980's a perpetual care fund was created by concerned citizens to ensure upkeep of the grounds. Interred here are many of Cheatham County's prominent leaders and citizens of all walks of life. The historical significance attributed to this site deem it worthy of recognition by the people of Ashland City.

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