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Seeking info on Semi-Pro Football team called the Ridgeway Yannigans of Sanford, ME bet 1935-1938. Extensive collection; seeking more: particularly photos. Any help. E-mail Leo P. Laurendeau 8 Mar 1997

ALBEE, MOSS; Obadiah ALBEE m to Jane/Jean MOSS sons Obadiah, Jr & William b Wiscasset. Involved in an Indian uprising of some sort? Any info; also on wife. E-mail Jane Cole 14 Feb 1997

AREY, SNOW; Fred H. AREY (Joseph & Rebecca M. SNOW) b 15 Jun 1854 Rockland, ME. Seeking ancestry. E-mail Josef V. Ugro Jr. 12 Jan 1997

BRIER-BRYER Sawyers Island, Boothbay, ME. Considerable material; tracing deeds back to original 3 owners in 1815. Any info on Sawyers Island or families. E-mail Ken Hanson 6 Jan 1997

CLANCY, AHEARN; David CLANCY-CLANCEY 1830 US Census Lincoln Co, ME, one in Dresden, ME, one in Richmond, ME; which is ?bro to John CLANCY who m IRL Mary AHEARN E-mail Donald Roger Bruce 5 Feb 1997

CLARK, PERKINS, LORD; Josiah CLARK b 1793 poss Berwick, ME; served War of 1812; res New Sharon & 1855 New Vineyard, ME; d Dec 1873 Madison, WI; m Oct 1812 East Pond, ME to Elizabeth PERKINS d Oct 1886 Waterville, ME. 12 ch. Seeking parentage. Was he son of Hanson CLARK & Sarah LORD? E-mail Gloria Wheeler 4 Mar 1997

COOMBS, GATCHELL, RICHARDS; Ephraim COOMBS (Anthony & Ruth GATCHEL) b 1776 Islesboro, Lincoln Co.; d 9 Jan 1812 Islesboro, age 36; m to Sarah RICHARDS of Bristol, Lincoln Co. Seeking siblings and documentation of all info. E-mail Mary Lou Harline 15 Feb 1997

DAY, CHAPMAN; Della Springer DAY (Merle & _?_) b Wiscasset; valedictorian in her high school senior class (?Wiscasset High School?) m 19 Oct 1918 Rockland, ME to Lowell CHAPMAN Any info. E-mail Judy Chaffee 28 Jan 1997

GENT, SPEARS, PHIPS; Thomas or John GENTElizabeth _?_ b 1613, she m2) ?Damariscotta to George SPEARS of Braintree, MA ch: Thomas, Elizabeth b ca 1637 m to John PHIPS w/Sheepscot people Boston, MA 1682; signed Articles of Settlement for Sheepscot, her "husband had been run off by Indians"; Mary & Daniel Any info. E-mail Stephanie Walker 7 Mar 1997

GLIDDEN, AVERILL, BAILEY, DUNHAM, FRIEND, SAWTELLE, MOODY; Ezekiel Averill GLIDDEN (Benjamin & Eunice AVERILL) b 9 Oct 1791, Alna, ME; d Jul 1853, Etna, ME; m ca 27 May 1815 Alna, ME to Betsey BAILEY b Monhegan Island, ME; ch: William Stinson b 28 Jan 1814, ME; d 8 Jul 1883 Levant, ME; m ca 1836 Carmel, ME to Rosanna DUNHAM (George & Bethiah FRIEND) d ca 1878, Corinna, ME. Johanna b ME, d ca 1845; m ca 1835 to Salmon Grover SAWTELLE; Hiram b ME, d 30 May 1907 Bradford, ME; m 6 Sep 1846 Plymouth, ME, to Melissa D. MOODY of Plymouth, ME, d 20 Jan 1899 Oldtown, ME. Benjamin FranklinNancy Jane b ME, m to Seward GLIDDEN of Corinth, ME. Sarah Elizabeth b 30 Mar 1826 Jackson, ME, d aft 1925; m 11 Nov 1846 Etna, ME to Salmon Grover SAWTELLE; Lucretia b ME. Lucy b ME, m to Bowman GLIDDEN of Bangor, ME. Angeline b ME. Seeking parentage. E-mail David Sylvester 3 Feb 1997

GOTT, GAMMAGE, CROCKER, BRYANT, KNAPP, GOULD, HAINES, STINCHFIELD, PETTINGILL, MERRILL, COFFIN; William GOTT (William & Sarah GAMMAGE) (3rd) b 20 Sep 1772; d Wayne ME (formerly Leeds) 10 Jan 1859/60; m(1) by Ichabod Bonney Esq on 26 Dec 1790 Deborah BRYANT (Hezekiah & Deborah CROCKER) b 1778 at Halifax MA; parents of Turner ME; Ch: _?_ b/d 1794 Greene ME; Thankfull b 10 Feb 1793 Turner ME, d unm 8 Dec 1848 Turner ME. m(2) Rhoda KNAPP (Joseph, Sr. & Susan PACKARD) b 19 Mar 1775; d 21 Dec 1850; 1st 10 ch b Greene ME: William Jr. b 6 Oct 1795, d 2 Feb 1862, m 2 Dec 1824 Leeds ME, Ruth GOULD (Joseph, Sr. & Patience HAINES) b 10 Jul 1800 Livermore (now pt/Leeds) ME d 2 Jul 1861; Elijah b 1 Feb 1797, d 22 Jun 1875; m to Polly STINCHFIELD (James & Hannah PETTINGILL); Sarah b 5 Oct 1798; Mehitable b 12 Sep 1800, d 30 Jan 1847; Jared b 1802, d 29 Mar 1805, Anson b 22 May 1804, d 17 Sep 1862 m to Eunice MERRILL of Livermore; Matilda b 22 May 1804, d 18 Dec 1869; Charles b 1 Jul 1806, d 14 Dec 1885; Susan b 21 Jul 1808, d 12 Oct 1874; Mary B. b 31 Oct 1810; Harrison b 1813 Wayne ME; Jane b 2 May 1815, d 1896 Wayne ME; Alfrida b 12 Jul 1817, d 1878; Aurelia b 15 Jan 1820/1 d 1885 m to Nathan COFFIN of Leeds ME. Family poss moved fr Gloucester MA aft Rev War; Was William GOTT listed as settler in Greene ME 1784 father? Need more info for Maine Families in 1790 Any info. E-mail David C. Young 12 Jan 1997

HUCKINS, WILLIAMS, RAMSDELL; Samuel HUCKINS (?James & ?Hannah WILLIAMS) b poss Durham, NH 1723-49; m to Maraby _?_ bef 1766 res Dresden, ME; ?fr Berwick?; rec'd settler's lot at Lubec, Washington Co., ME 1782. Ch may include: Deborah, Nathaniel, or Clement. Nathaniel ch: Samuel, James, & Elizabeth. ch mentioned in 1819 deed as heirs of Nathaniel. Samuel m 29 Jun 1809 Lubec, Washington Co., ME to Martha "Patty" RAMSDELL. Any info. E-mail Mary Jane McArthur 23 Mar 1997

HUTCHINS, HIPSON; Charles Freeman HUTCHINS b 1858 ?Boothbay, ME; d 1918 Edgecomb, ME m TO Harriet Goodwin HIPSON b 1865, d 1926, ch: Laura, Bernard, Pearl, Herman, Edward, Bryant & Bertha. Seeking parentage. E-mail Philip Gatz 31 Jan 1997

KNIGHT, LATHROP; Edwin KNIGHT (Westbrook & _?_) res Edgecomb, ME ca 1810. m1) _?_ m2) to Carrie LATHROP. He served in MN dur Civ War. Any info. E-mail George B. Duff 30 Jan 1997

LUCE, DUNHAM; Edmund LUCE m to Eunice DUNHAM 16 ch: seeking for last 7 ch: Sally, Martin, Miriam, Drake, Eunice, Jane, Abigail. E-mail MJ McArthur 21 Mar 1997

MALONEY, ROE, ANNABLE; Walter MALONEY ca 1720-1791; m ca 1731/32 to Hannah ROE Ch: Thomas had son Thomas ca 1782-1836, who m to Hannah _?_ ca 1778-1852. Their dau Betsey E. 12 Jan 1811, Thomaston, ME; d 1864 Boston, MA; bur St. George, Lincoln Co., ME; m 11 Apr 1835 to Wm. ANNABLE of Boston. Any info and family contacts. E-mail Lillian Pike Cain 26 Mar 1997

McFARLAND; Ephraim McFARLAND 1800 census; from Boothbay to Belfast. Any info. E-mail Dave Collins 9 Mar 1997

McKENNEY, WELCH; Wallace McKENNEY b ca 1820 m to _?_ WELCH Ch: George W. b 1854 ME m 14 Dec 1878 Lewiston, ME to Prudence Emma WARE b 1850 Pittston ME. Any info. E-mail Jean McKenney 21 Jan 1997

MOORE, BRIDGHAM; Daniel Webster MOORE b Baring, ME m 4 Nov 1871 Princeton, ME to Abbie Madora BRIDGHAM to St. Stephen NB. Any info. E-mail David Moore 6 Mar 1997

MOORE, AMILY-JENILY, HARFORD; Thomas MOORE m 26 Jun 1848 Georgetown, ME to Maria AMILY-JENILY? Ch: William b 26 Jun 1849; Thomas C. b 14 Mar 1851; m to Julia A. HARFORD ch: Sewall F. b 7 May 1879. Any info re parentage and origins. E-mail Nancy Pinkham 12 Mar 1997

NORTON, DAVIS; Curtis NORTON res Somerset Co ME m1802/3 to Elmina DAVIS of Friendship ME. Seeking ancestry and dates/places. Also Peter NORTON b ca 1760; res New Portland ME 1800 Census fr NH. E-mail Debby Bianchi 9 Jan 1997

PARKER, ROBERTS, PLUMMER, SMALL; William PARKER, Elmira ROBERTS, Sarah ROBERTS, Anna PLUMMER, Israel PARKER, Franklin SMALL & Hiram SMALL. Any info. E-mail Terry Parker 18 Jan 1997

PEARCE; Richard PEARCE early Muscongus and Pemaquid settler. Any info. E-mail Douglas V. Smith or Douglas V. Smith. Box 65, Sharon, VT 05065; 12 Feb 1997

PERHAM, BURNHAM-BURNUM; John PERHAM b 17 Dec 1770 Jefferson, ME, m 1793 to Dorcus BURNHAM-BURNUM b 10 May 1771, ch, b Jefferson, ME: John, Joanna, Samuel, Jane, Sarah, Darius, Mary, Betsey, Thais & Enoch. Seeking parentage. E-mail Philip Gatz 31 Jan 1997

PERKINS, BATES, CHICK; Enoch PERKINS (Abner & Mary CHICK) b 7 Sep 1766, Newcastle, ME, m ca 1790 to Molly BATES ch, b Newcastle, ME: Daniel b 1791, Sally b 1793, Charles b 1799, James b 1801, Sullivan b 1802, Margaret b 1803, Mary Ann b 1805, Lucinda b 1806 & Jeremiah b 1807. Any info. E-mail george silver 8 Feb 1997

PERKINS, SHURTLEFF, WASHBURN, KENDALL; Samuel PERKINS b Bridgewater MA; d 8 Jan 1808 Paris, ME; m 31 Oct 1787 in Paris/Norway to Mehitible SHURTLEFF d 4 Mar 1858 Paris, ME. Ch: Giles b ca 1805; m 1824 Paris, ME to Elizabeth WASHBURN Seeking accurate dates and ancestry. Their ch: Samuel Manassa b 4 Dec 1825 Paris, ME; m to Sarah Jane KENDALL (Thomas & _?_) of Athens, ME. Seeking ancestry. Prob fr E. MA aft Rev. War. E-mail Alice Norma Gordon 5 Jan 1997

RANLET-RANDLETT-RUNDLETT-RUNLETT, ROUNDY, LAMBERT, BROOKS; Charles RANLET res 1850 Benton ME; Census: Charles RANLET 51 yr, b ca 1799 ME Nancy ROUNDY RANLET 52 yr, Samuel Fletcher 18 yr, Elizabeth Fletcher 15 yrs, Charles Henry 12 yr and Orrin Brown 12yr. What is connection to RANDLETT-RUNDLETT-RANLET-RUNLETT families of ME and NH. Were Nathaniel P. RUNDLETT (1740/41-1825) of Piscataquag ME and Lydia A. LAMBERT b Wisacassett ME his parents? The census indicates that Charles RANLETT was born in Maine. Also Lacey ROUNDY b ME m to Hannah BROOKS Any info. E-mail Brian C.Page 15 Feb 1997

ROUNDY, BROOKS; Lacey ROUNDY of Clinton ME; m to Hannah BROOKS b 22 Nov 1767 Hallowell, ME. Any info. E-mail Brian C.Page 16 Feb 1997

SHERMAN, RUNNELS; Henry SHERMAN b ca 1823 poss Edgecomb, d 3 Aug 1848 Edgecomb, m15 Jun 1843 to Abigail Jane RUNNELS ch: Angeline b 7 Apr 1844, Charles b 3 May 1845, d 15 Dec 1846 Converse b 10 Jan 1847, and Charles b 17 Aug 1848. Seeking ancestry: at least 4 SHERMAN families in area. Any info. E-mail Rich Turnblom 14 Jan 1997

SOULE; William SOULE b 19 May 1774 Bristol, ME; d ca 1832; m1) to Clarissa GOODWIN ch: John Wesley & Nathan. m2) to Mary Polly _?_ ch, b Avon, ME: Luther, William & Elizabeth b 2 Apr 1805; m 3 Nov 1827 Avon, ME to Samuel White SOULE w/3 ch left ME ca 1837. Any info. E-mail Ruth E. Hall 26 Jan 1997

STEPHENS-STEVENS, PAQUET; Katherine STEPHENS (Marie Francoise STEPHENS) taken at Pemnaquid,Lincoln Co., ME 5 Aug, 1689 by the Alconquin Indians to New France (Canada). She m 1 Aug. 1697 Quebec, Canada to Jacques PAQUET Seeking documentation re parentage alleged to be Thomas STEPHENS-STEVENS & Mary/Mery CARSWELL. E-mail Marilyn P. Doggett 8 Mar 1997

WHEELER, INGRAHAM; John WHEELER b 1750 Eng; imm age 17 Edgecomb, ME, quartermaster aboard the ship "Ranger," under John Paul Jones 1776-1777; tailor; Chesterville, ME; d 1843; m 1776 York, ME Mollie INGRAHAM Any info. J. Michael Poston 11 Feb 1997

YOUNG; Enoch YOUNG a yeoman, m to Abigail _?_ res Pejepscot Claim, ME, 1785 sold land to William Garcelon of South Lewiston, ME. Matthews Vickery & Philip Millbanks witnessed deed. [typed History of Lewiston, ME by Col William Garcelon wrote "John Young," and not "Enoch Young"]: "John Wagg lived in 1788 on Lot # 1, Range 5, later owned by Levi Meader. A Man by the name of John Young, first settled on this lot, built a log years. He was a basket maker, made but little improvement, and sold it to James Garcelon, who gave it to his daughter Sally, who married Robert Moody, where she lived and raised a large family, and died in 1811, and left farm to her children.". (emphasis added) Seeking any info. E-mail David C Young 12 Jan 1997

YOUNG, MILLER, BOLTON, HASKELL; John YOUNG d bef 1801; of New Gloucester, ME; m 9 Sep 1771, Martha MILLER d 13 Mar 1817. Ch: Richard of Hartford, ME; John of Hartford, ME; Daniel of New Gloucester, ME; William b 2 Dec 1771, of Windham, ME; & Joseph b 7 Jun 1780. Martha (MILLER) YOUNG petitioned the estate of William BOLTON late of Windham, ME, Rachel (HASKELL) BOLTON widow, executrix, John YOUNG late husband of Martha YOUNG land transfer ss to her. What is relationship? E-mail David C Young 12 Jan 1997
25 Mar 1997.

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