Charlotte Co, NB - LEE to McMASTERS Deed

Charlotte Co, NB, Canada
- 1811 Deed of
Daniel LEE & wife to Daniel McMASTERS

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Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada
Book D, Page 157, No. 142
Daniel LEE to Daniel McMASTERS
Executed 23 June 1811

Know all men by these presents that we Daniel LEE of Saint George in the County of Charlotte and Province of New Brunswick, yeoman, and Martha my wife for and in Consideration of the Sum of fifty pounds four shillings lawful money of the Province to us paid by Daniel McMASTERS of Saint Andrews, in the County aforesaid, and Province aforesaid, Esquire, the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge have granted, bargained and sold; and by these Presents do grant, bargain and sell unto the said Daniel McMASTERS his Heirs and Assigns All that plantation, piece, parcel, or tract of land which one Charles COX purchased from Hugh MacKAY of the Parish of Saint George, in the County of Charlotte, Esquire, and the said Charles COX sold and conveyed the same to me the said Daniel LEE, as by the deed duly executed and registered will more fully and at large appear, containing two hundred acres more or less. All of which said Land being part of parcel of a tract of land situated, lying and being on the Eastern side of the Maguaguadavick River, in the Parish of Saint George, and County of Charlotte aforesaid and known and distinguished by No 6 Clinch's survey - to have and to hold the said Lands and Premises with the appurtenances unto the said Daniel McMASTERS, his heirs and assigns and to his and their only proper use, benefit and behoof forever. And we the said Daniel LEE and Martha my Wife for ourselves, our Heirs, Executors and administrators covenant with the said Daniel McMASTERS, his Heirs and Assigns, that we are seized of the premises as a good indefeasible estate of inheritance in Fee simple, free of and from all manner of incumbrances whatsoever, and have good right, and lawful authority to grant, bargain and sell the same in manner and form as above written, and will warrant and defend the same to the said Daniel McMASTERS, his Heirs and Assigns against the lawful claims of any person or persons whatsoever.

In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this twenty third day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand, Eight hundred and eleven.

Signed sealed and delivered inhis
presence of Daniel X LEE LS
Alexander ______, Harris HATCH mark
Charlotte ssMartha X LEE LS

Be it remembered that on the day and year before written before me Harris HATCH Registered of Deeds for the said County of Charlotte, personally appeared the within named Daniel LEE and acknowledged that he did sign, seal and deliver the within written Deed or Instrument, as his Free act and deed to and for the uses and purposes therein mentioned. Also, on the same day personally appeared before me Martha LEE, wife the said Daniel, and being by me examined separate and apart from her said Husband, acknowledged that she did sign, seal, and deliver the same deed freely and voluntarily, without any fear, threat, or compulsion of, or from her said Husband.

Harris HATCH Register
Saint Andrews Recd and Regd 23d June 1811
Charlotte CountyHarris HATCH Register

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