Winthrop Civil War Participants

Winthrop Civil War Participants


Allen, Reuel D.

Armstrong, John L., wounded 6 May 1864

Axtelle, Willard S., wounded 5 May 1864

Babb, Orrin W.

Bagley, Daniel

Bailey, William P. Ballentine, Samuel, mustered August 21, 1861, private, Co K 7th Maine Regiment

Batchelder, Andrew P., died at Andersonville.

Batchelder, George A., died 10 July 1865

Bates, John F.

Bates, Roswell D.

Bates, Solomon B.

Bates, William H.

Beal, Frank, wounded 16 May 1864

Beals, George W.

Beals, Watson C.

Beckler, William

Berry, William H.

Besse, Constantine E., [credited to Falmouth]

Besse, John W.

Besse, Samuel D.

Bird, William

Blanchard, Darius

Bragdon, Benjamin A.

Bridgham, Henry F.

Briggs, Franklin S., died 3 August 1863, hospital, South Carolina

Brown, James M.

Bubier, Sewall M.

Burgess, Andrew J.

Burgess, Benjamin F.

Burgess, Rishworth A.

Burgess, Roswell

Burgess, Weston

Burgess, William H., killed 2 July 1863

Bussell, John W.

Butler, Andrew C.

Butler, George A., imprisoned 2 July 1863, died at Andersonville

Butler, John A.

Byron, Jacob T.

Byron, Josiah B.

Carleton, Leroy T.

Caswell, George

Caulfield, Joseph H.

Chandler, Albert

Chandler, Charles A., died of wounds 2 July 1864

Chandler, George W.

Chandler, Samuel G., wounded 2 July 1863

Chase, Enoch S.

Churchill, Edgar M.

Cobb, Charles B.

Cobb, Josiah L.

Connor, Thomas

Cookson, Eli N.

Cookson, Isaiah M.

Coombs, John I.

Coombs, Samuel P.

Cottle, Charles E.

Crosby, Reuben H. wounded

Cummings, John F., died of disease 4 August 1863

Daniel, Thomas M., mustered August 21, 1861, private, Co K 7th Maine Regiment, Infantry, discharged for disability 1861.

Day, Stephen H., mortally wounded 20 September 1863

Dealy, John, Jr., killed 9 June 1863

Dealy, Thomas

Dearborn, Calvin

Dearborn, Charles H., prisoner at Andersonville

Dickey, Harry

Drinkwater, Maxim

Duran, William

Durham, William, mortally wounded Sept 1862

Dwyer, Frank S.

Dwyer, Franklin

Dyer, John

Eastman, Josiah N.

Elder, Lieut. William

Emery, William E.

Esty, Joseph W.

Fairbanks, George F.

Farr, David

Fillebrown, Lieut. Charles B.

Forsaith, James M.

Forsaith, Thomas R.

Foster, Eliphalet H.

Freeman, David P., wounded at Fair Oaks

Freeman, Melville N.

Friend, John D.

Friend, Warren A., prisoner near Richmond 29 June 1863

Frost, Albert H., killed at Gettysburg 2 July 1863. Winthrop GAR Post named for him.

Frost, George D.

Frost, William F.

Gaslin, John C.

Gaslin, Lieut. John F.

Gaslin,John F., wounded at Fair Oaks

Gilley, Samuel M.

Goldthwait, Edwin

Gould, Bethuel F.

Gould, Rufus H.

Grant, David, died at New York 13 June 1862

Green, Calvin B.

Hall, Joseph A.

Hammond, Apollos, died 29 September 1864 at New Orleans

Hammond, Christopher

Hannaford, Charles P.

Hanson, Ivory C.

Hanson, Samuel

Hart, Stephen F.

Haskell, John A.

Hatch, John L.

Heaton, Charles W.

Holmes, James M.

Hopkins, Willard G.

House, William H.

Howard, George

Howard, Henry A.

Hutchins, Capt. Thomas S.

Jackson, Horace S.

Jackson, Samuel

Jackson, Vergil

Jacobs, Elijah T.

Jones, David D.

Jones, John A.

Jones, John W.

Jones, Lennan F.

Jones, William H., died of disease 1 April 1864

Joy, Shepherd H.

Judkins, Henry

Kelley, Lieut. Bimsley S.

Kelley, William DeForest

La Croix, Franklin M., died at Ship Island January 1863

Ladd, Edwin

Ladd, Owen S.

Lane, Benjamin, Jr.

Lane, Henry S.

Lawrence, John O., died

Leavitt, Edward N.

Leavitt, George W.

Leavitt, John W., died March 1864.

Leighton, James W.

Litchfield, Lewis R.

Longfellow, Charles H.

Lord, Augustine R.

Lothrop, Lieut. Daniel

Lovell, S. W.

Lowell, John E.

Luce, George G.

Mank, Leander N., died 11 September 1864 from wound received in the Battle of the Wilderness.

Martin, Nelson H.

Metcalf, George S.

Moody, Roy P.

Moore, Albert, Jr.

Morton, Elias P.

Morton, George E.

Murch, Alden F.

Nash, George W.

Nelke, Solomon A.

Nickerson, Henry O

Nickerson, .James

O'Brien, Owen St. C.

Osburn, Thomas A.

Packard, Capt. Albert H. died June 1864

Packard, Charles F.

Packard, Horatio M.

Packard, Isaac N.

Packard, Thomas M.

Penniman, Lieut. Henry, wounded 2 July 1863

Perkins, Andrew F.

Perkins, George

Perkins, Orrin, died 6 June 1864

Perry, Silas, died 24 July 1864

Pettingill, John

Pettingill, William H., wounded 12 May 1864

Philbrick, Winfield S.

Philbrook, Daniel W., prisoner at Chancellorsville

Prescott, Russell

Pullen, Elas

Pullen, Elias

Quint, Orrin

Rankin, George F.

Remick, Elias N.

Richardson, William J.

Richmond, Capt. William L.

Ricker, James C., prisoner 2 July 1863

Robbins, John

Robinson, James M.

Roby, James H.

Russell, Eben E.

Savage, Jacob

Shea, john

Skillings, Enoch H.

Sleeper, Charles D.

Smiley, Charles H.

Smith, Benjamin B.

Smith, George L., died at Annapolis 28 October 1864

Smith, Harrison N., died 16 July 1865

Snell, Floyd H.

Snell, Josiah

Snell, Patrick H.

Stanley, Frank W.

Stanley, Sumner H.

Stearns, Charles J.

Stearns, Joseph H.

Stevens, Daniel W.

Stevens, Henry H.

Stevens, J. Wesley

Stevens, Lorenzo D., died 26 July 1865

Stevens, Patrick H.

Stilkey, Hiram E.

Strout, Capt. W. Newell

Sturtevant, Capt. E. Lewis

Sturtevant, Newell

Sturtevant, Thomas L.

Thomas, Edward K., killed 6 May 1864

Thompson, Charles A.

Thompson, Gustavus A.

Thompson, William H.

Thurston, Aaron S.

Thurston, Stephen A.

Tilton, Henry F.

Tobey, Joseph A.

Toothaker, Joel W.

Torsey, Henry A.

Torsey, Samuel T.

Towle, Charles L. Jr.

Towle, Charles S.

Towle, Frank B.

Towns, Edward F.

Upton, George W., died at Yorktown 19 May 1862

Varney, William P.

Varney, William P.

Wardwell, Isaac L.

Watts, Isaac, died 20 October 1865

Weston, Dura

Wheeler, John B.

Whiting, Edward P.

Whiting, S. K.

Whitney, Sullivan R.

Williams, George W.

Wilson, William G.

Wing, George W.

Wing, Henry O.

Wing, Thomas F.

Winter, Henry D.

Wood, Alexander G. H., wounded at Gettysburg 2 July 1863

Wood, Elias

Wood, Franklin

Wood, George W.

Woodbury, Andrew

Young, Amaziah, died 14 August 1864