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MEGenWeb Project ~ Hancock County, Maine
Churches of Hancock County
Feature Name   Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Acadia Friends Meeting House GNIS 441730N 0681616W Southwest Harbor
Advent Christian Fellowship Church GNIS 441325N 0684044W Deer Isle
Backside Redemption Church GNIS 441548N 0682339W Bartlett Island
Bar Harbor Congregational Church GNIS 442315N 0681224W Bar Harbor
Beth Eden Church GNIS 441405N 0683158W Stinson Neck
Bethany Chapel GNIS 442603N 0684746W Castine
Blue Hill Congregational Church GNIS 442440N 0683533W Blue Hill
Castine Unitarian Church GNIS 442326N 0684755W Castine
Christian Ridge Church of God GNIS 443223N 0682620W Ellsworth
Church of Christ GNIS 443151N 0681538W Hancock
Church of Our Father Episcopal Church GNIS 442514N 0681503W Salsbury Cove
Community Church GNIS 442923N 0680732W Bar Harbor
Cornerstone Church 441538N 0682315W Bartlett Island
East Bucksport Church GNIS 443755N 0684238W Brewer Lake
Eastbrook Baptist Church GNIS 444038N 0681559W Eastbrook
Eccemoccin Church GNIS 441745N 0683855W Sargentville
Eden Baptist Church GNIS 442551N 0681720W Salsbury Cove
Ellsworth Church GNIS 443102N 0682344W Ellsworth
Ellsworth United Methodist Church GNIS 443226N 0682519W Ellsworth
Elm Street Congregational Church GNIS 443424N 0684737W Bucksport
Emmanuel Baptist Church GNIS 443240N 0682527W Ellsworth
Evangelical Baptist Church GNIS 443422N 0684738W Bucksport
Family Bible Church GNIS 443109N 0682348W Ellsworth
Federated Church GNIS 442356N 0681957W Salsbury Cove
First Baptist Church GNIS 441816N 0683653W Brooklin
First Baptist Church of Bar Harbor GNIS 442304N 0681228W Bar Harbor
First Baptist Church of Blue Hill GNIS 442457N 0683520W Blue Hill
First Church of Christ Scientist GNIS 443213N 0682500W Ellsworth
First Congregational Church GNIS 443236N 0682532W Ellsworth
First Light Assembly of God Church GNIS 441919N 0681225W Seal Harbor
Fountain of Life Foursquare Church GNIS 442549N 0681730W Salsbury Cove
Franklin Baptist Church GNIS 443511N 0681352W Sullivan
Franklin United Methodist Church GNIS 443517N 0681404W Sullivan
Full Gospel Church GNIS 443322N 0682555W Ellsworth
Galilean Gospel Temple GNIS 440937N 0683934W Deer Isle
Gouldsboro United Methodist Church GNIS 442846N 0680235W Winter Harbor
Holy Redeemer Church GNIS 442310N 0681232W Bar Harbor
Jordan-Fernald Chapel GNIS 442312N 0681253W Bar Harbor
Lamoine Baptist Church GNIS 442843N 0682041W Salsbury Cove
Manset Union Church GNIS 441557N 0681836W Southwest Harbor
North Sullivan United Methodist ChurchGNIS 443215N 0681427W Sullivan
Number Three Chapel GNIS 441743N 0683851W Sargentville
Old Meeting-House (historical) GNIS UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Castine NW
Olsen Memorial Church GNIS 441424N 0682040W Bass Harbor
Otis Baptist Church GNIS 444243N 0682725W Beech Hill Pond
Our Lady of Hope Chapel GNIS UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Castine NW
Our Lady of the Lake Chapel GNIS 444012N 0683210W Green Lake
Penobscot Church GNIS 442431N 0684156W Penobscot
Penobscot United Methodist ChurchGNIS 442756N 0684237W Penobscot
Prospect Harbor United Methodist Church GNIS 442427N 0680140W Winter Harbor
Rockbound Chapel GNIS 441719N 0683710W Brooklin
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church GNIS 443234N 0682512W Ellsworth
Saint Andrews Church GNIS 441807N 0682412W Bartlett Island
Saint Dunstans Episcopal ChurchGNIS 443247N 0682537W Ellsworth
Saint Ignatius of Loyola Roman Catholic Church GNIS 441738N 0681709W Southwest Harbor
Saint James Church GNIS 442057N 0681806W Southwest Harbor
Saint Johns Episcopal Church GNIS 441652N 0681913W Southwest Harbor
Saint Joseph Catholic ChurchGNIS 443233N 0682521W Ellsworth
Saint Judes Church GNIS 441737N 0681450W Seal Harbor
Saint Marys by the Sea Church GNIS 441718N 0681705W Southwest Harbor
Saint Peter Roman Catholic Church GNIS 441608N 0681851W Southwest Harbor
Saint Saviours Church GNIS 442314N 0681223W Bar Harbor
Saint Silvias Roman Catholic Church GNIS 442300N 0681247W Bar Harbor
Saint Thomas Anglican Church (historical) GNIS 443226N 0682519W Ellsworth
Saunders Memorial Church GNIS 441712N 0684201W Sargentville
Seal Harbor Congregational Church GNIS 441814N 0681427W Seal Harbor
Seventh Day Adventist Church GNIS 443104N 0682344W Ellsworth
Somesville Union Meeting House GNIS 442137N 0682013W Southwest Harbor
Sorrento Community Church GNIS 442925N 0681009W Bar Harbor
Southwest Harbor Congregational Church GNIS 441651N 0681935W Southwest Harbor
Stonington Methodist ChurchGNIS 440923N 0683947W Deer Isle
Sullivan Harbor Church GNIS 443122N 0681217W Sullivan
Surry United Methodist Church GNIS 442945N 0683011W Blue Hill
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints GNIS 443109N 0682358W Ellsworth
The Shrine GNIS 442343N 0681329W Bar Harbor
Town Hill Federated Church GNIS 442355N 0682000W Salsbury Cove
Tremont Church GNIS 441509N 0682116W Southwest Harbor
Tremont Church GNIS 441748N 0682410W Bartlett Island
Tremont Congregational Church GNIS 441510N 0682117W Southwest Harbor
Trenton Baptist ChurchGNIS 442707N 0682203W Salsbury Cove
Trinity Church GNIS 442320N 0684802W Castine
Union ChurchGNIS 443037N 0681000W Sullivan
Union Church GNIS 441736N 0681455W Seal Harbor
Union Church United Church of Christ GNIS 441740N 0681729W Southwest Harbor
Union Congregational Church of Ellsworth Falls GNIS 443348N 0682623W Ellsworth
Unitarian Church GNIS UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Castine NW
Unitarian Universalist Church GNIS 443221N 0682610W Ellsworth
United Baptist Church GNIS 443226N 0682523W Ellsworth
West Gouldsboro Union Church GNIS 442755N 0680541W Winter Harbor


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