Mt. Ephraim Cemetery, North Brooklin, Established - 1817

Mt. Ephraim Cemetery, North Brooklin, Established - 1817
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LeRoy R. FLYE, Maine, OS U.S. Navy, Spanish American War, Jan 20 1868-Feb 5, 1949.
Kermit J. FLYE, son of chester J. and Ruth Bartlett FLYE, OCT 30, 1938-Jun 27, 1994
(Scallop shells outline the whole grave)

ALLEN, John W., 1851-1914;
Addie E. (Wife), 1851-1926;
George L., son of John and Addie, d. Mar 25, 1892, 4 y. 10m. 28 d.

HEATH, Moses, d. in N. Brooklin, Jan 18, 1868, ae 66 yr.
Mary A. HEATH, d. in E. Greenwich, Jan 23, 1870, ae 57 yr 6 mo.
Emily Adell, d/o Moses and Mary A., d. Oct 4 1852, ae 12 yr 7 mo
Elmore, son of Cheston C. and Martha M. Hack, d. 1860 ae 1 d. (Elmore is buried right
next to Emily, No last name)

Benjamin DODGE, d. Oct 29, 1862, ae 78 y 2 m 10d (GAR post next to grave)
Martha, d. Oct 9, 1867
Rachael, d/o Benjamin and Martha, d Jan 17 1820, ae 14 m 13 d.

Capt. Mark DODGE, b. Sedgwick Jan 31 1781, d. Oct 7 1855
Paulina, w/o Mark, d. Feb 14 1869, ae 76 y 6 m.
Rachael, d/o Mark and Paulina d Jan 29 1879 ae 58 yr

Laura, wife of CAPT A. E. Dodge, d. Jan 15 1896, ae 56 y.
Nellie, d/o Capt Abner and Abigail Dodge, d. Aug. 6 1863, ae 1 y 2 mo.
Abigail E. wife of Capt A. E., d. Sep 23 1871, ae 38 y.
( note 2 wives)
Capt Abner E. DODGE 1825-1904

Capt Daniel ALLEN 1800-1854
Almira TALPEY, his wife 1799-1884

ATA RA LA DA (small stones)

AND PERVEARS in the cemetery also.

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