Mt. Ephraim Cemetery, Brooklin, Maine:  Surname S-Z
Mt. Ephraim Cemetery

Please note that the years of birth and death have been given here, but not the complete dates. Sometimes that information is included on the headstone. For further information, it is suggested that you consult The Cemeteries of Brooklin Maine: A Guide to Gravestones, Monuments and Private Burial Grounds, Compiled by Roxanne T. Sly and Clare Sullivan. This book is available through the Sedgwick/Brooklin Historical Society at a cost of about $10.

Some names are linked to photos of headstones in the Mt. Ephraim Cemetery. We would welcome additional photos to enhance this section of the Brooklin Web Site. If you have photos of additional stones, please send them to Xana Hansen for inclusion on this site.

Mt. Ephraim Cemetery, Brooklin, Maine Surname S-Z

Submitted by   Brenda Means©1999

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Relationship Comments Cemetery
Sargent Mary     w. of Arthur L.   Mt. Ephraim
Schillinger Edward 1873 1951 h. of Mary   Mt. Ephraim
Schillinger Mary 1896 1945 w. of Edward   Mt. Ephraim
Seager Mary C. 1900 1920     Mt. Ephraim
Seavey Jacob 1814 1898 h. of Eliza   Mt. Ephraim
Seavey Eliza 1814 1864 w. of Jacob   Mt. Ephraim
Seavy Angeline 1840 1854 d. of Jacob   Mt. Ephraim
Seavey Adelbert 1848 1927 h. of Caroline   Mt. Ephraim
Seavey Caroline 1872 1937 w. of Adelbert   Mt. Ephraim
Seavey Martha   1897 d. of Adelbert   Mt. Ephraim
Sherman Reginald E. 1950 1991 h. of Nancy   Mt. Ephraim
Sherman Laura 1889 1867 w. of Lawrence   Mt. Ephraim
Sherman Lawrence 1885 1954 h. of Laura   Mt. Ephraim
Sherman Edward B. 1915 1994 h. of Florence   Mt. Ephraim
Sherwood Joseph 1827 1898 h. of Hannah S.   Mt. Ephraim
Sherwood Hannah S. 1833 1908 w. of Joseph   Mt. Ephraim
Smith Robert 1916 1986 h. of Vivian WW 2 Vet Mt. Ephraim
Smith Vivian E. 1923 1994 w. of Robert   Mt. Ephraim
Smith Norton H. 1919 1993 h. of Nancy WW 2 Vet no stone Mt. Ephraim
Snow Emily Wanda 1952 1977 d. of Harrison Gott   Mt. Ephraim
Stanley Louise M.   1873@41yrs.     Mt. Ephraim
Staples Katie   1889@18mos d. of Jessie   Mt. Ephraim
Staples Harriet E 1837 1920 w. of Abel   Mt. Ephraim
Staples Abel 1834 1812 h. of Harriet   Mt. Ephraim
Streng Nettie G 1876 1975     Mt. Ephraim
Tilton Sarah 1835 1903 w. of William   Mt. Ephraim
Tilton William 1837 1905 h. of Sarah   Mt. Ephraim
Voight Gertrude E. 1909 1988 d. of Laura Sherman   Mt. Ephraim
Walls Josephine 1885 1929 d. of William Sr.   Mt. Ephraim
Walls William S. 1897 1920 s. of William Walls   Mt. Ephraim
Wardwell Samuel 1909 1970 h. of Elizabeth A   Mt. Ephraim
Wardwell Elizabeth A. 1911 1993 w. of Samuel   Mt. Ephraim
Ware Charles O. 1903 1995 h. of Edith H.   Mt. Ephraim
Ware Edith H. 1911 1993 w. of Charles O.   Mt. Ephraim
Wells Susan R. 1834 1888 w. of John S   Mt. Ephraim
Wells John S. 1829 1914 h. of Susan R.   Mt. Ephraim

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