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Historical Sketch of Brooklin
Copied from:
Register of the Towns of Sedgwick, Brooklin, Deer Isle, Stonington, and Isle Au Haut
Compiled During the Summer of 1910

by Chatto and Turner, Published By Friend Memorial Public Library, Inc.
Brooklin, Maine

Through the preserving efforts of Capt. John C. Tibbets and others on the 9th of June, 1849, an act of incorporation was passed, creating a new town by the name of Port Watson, which was changed to Brooklin in about a month.  The latter name is said to have been derived from the brook which flows from Benjamin's River to the Salt Pond, separating the town from Sedgwick, and which was much larger in former times than at present.

State of Maine

In the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and forty nine.

An Act to divide the town of Sedgwick and incorporate the town of Port Watson in the county of Hancock.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled as follows:


The town of Sedgwick in the county of Hancock is divided by a line commencing at Edgamoggan Reach at the entrance into Benjamins River in said town, and thence running northerly up the channel of said river, thence between the saw mill and the grist mill, to the center of the bridge across said river, thence up the channel northerly of the most northeasterly branch of said river to the Beaver Dam bridge, so called, thence by the front line of lots in said town, numbers fifty-two and fifty-three to the center line of the great meadow, thence by the center line of the great meadow, to lot number fifty-five of said meadow, thence down the center of said brook and south of the saw mill on the same, to the Salt Pond, thence down the channel of said pond northerly to the Bluehill line, thence easterly by said line to Bluehill Bay, and all that part of said town lying southerly of said line, as above described, and all the inhabitants therein, together with the islands lying between said town and the channel of Edgamoggan Reach, be incorporated into a town by the name of Port Watson, vested with all the powers and privileges and subjected to all the duties of other towns.

This act passed July 9, 1849, duly signed by Samuel Belcher, Speaker of the House; William Tripp, Pres. of the Senate, and John W. Dana, Governor.

The first town meeting was held at the warning of Elisha Wood, Constable, in the meeting house at Port Watson, on Monday the 20th day of June 1849. One month after the incorporation, the name of the town was changed from Port Watson to Brooklin.

Town Officials of Brooklin
Since the Incorporation, 1849

1849-50 Humphrey Wells, Andrew Seavey, Stephen Cousins
1851 Andrew Seavey, Samuel Herrick, Nathan H. Powers
1852 Samuel Herrick, Humphrey Wells, Stephen Cousins
1853 Samuel Herrick, C. K. Higgins, Benj. C. Sargent
1854 Nelson Herrick, Otis W. Herrick, Warren P. Herrick
1855 Humphrey Wells, O.W. Herrick, Warren P. Herrick
1856 Nelson Herrick, C. K. Higgins, R. H. Moulton
1857 O. W. Herrick, John O. Sargent, Eben B. Smith
1858 Humphrey Wells, Newell Powers, Newell Obear
1859 Humphrey Wells, Rowland Carlton, Nelson Herrick
1860 Humphrey Wells, Newell Powers, Nelson Herrick
1861 Newell Powers, Nelson Herrick, E. B. Smith
1862 Humphrey Wells, (Nelson Herrick), E. B. Smith, IsaacCole
1863 Newell Powers, Isaac Cole, Benj. Herrick
1864 Benj. Herrick, E. B. Smith, Chas. L. Babson
1865 E. B. Smith, Benj. Herrick, Albert Hooper
1866 E. B. Smith, Albert Hooper, Benj. Nutter
1867 E. B. Smith, Benj. Nutter, Newell Powers
1868-9 E. B. Smith, Newell Powers, J. C. Manchester
1870 George R. Allen, Nelson Herrick, A. J. Tibbits
1871 G. R. Allen, A. J. Tibbits, E.B. Smith
1872-3 G. R. Allen, E. B. Smith, Galen Cousins, Jr.
1874-5 G. R. Allen, Warren Wells, Galen Cousins, Jr.
1876-9 G. R. Allen, Warren Wells, J. Gilman and
1880-1 Warren Wells, J. G. Reed, Joseph B. Babson
1882-3 Warren Wells, J. B. Babson, James I. Bent
1884-5 Warren Wells, J. I. Bent, Thomas R. Alden
1886 Warren Wells, J. G. Reed, C. L. Parker
1887 Warren Wells, John j. Bridges, C. L. Parker
1888-9 Warren Wells, J. B. Babson, R. H. Cain
1890-1 Warren Wells,J. B. Babson, J.J. Bridges
1892-3 Warren Wells, Frank W. Cole, Austin E. Freethy
1894 Warren Wells,Edwin P. Cole, E. J. Carter
1895 Warren Wells, Austin E. Freethy, John F. Staples
1896-7 Robert A. Friend, Rodney W. Smith, George Holden
1898 Rodney Smith, George Holden, E. H. Bridges
1899 Rodney Smith, George Holden, Mark Dodge
1900-2 Mark Dodge, Frank W. Cole, Lucius Bridges
1903 Mark Dodge, George W. Herrick, Horace M. Pease
1904 MarkDodge, Lucius Bridges, W. H. Freethy
1905-7Lucius Bridges, W. H. Freethy, S. E. McFarland
1910 Frank W. Cole, George E. Holden, Roland Flye

David R. Carlton,1849-50;
C. K. Higgins, 1850-57;
Nathan Herrick, 1857-58;
C. K. Higgins, 1858;
R. A. Herrick, 1858-64;
Charles L. Babson 1864-65;
R. A. Herrick, 1865-68;
O. W. Herrick, 1867-75;
C. M. Bray, 1875-78;
O. W. Herrick, 1878-79;
R. W. Herrick, 1879-82;
G. R. Allen, 1882-1903,
F. W. Cole, 1903-08;
George F. Gott, 1908


Azor Cole, 1849-53
Mark Dodge, 1853-55
O. W. Herrick, 1855-56
Richard A. Herrick, 1856-64
Chas. L. Babson, 1864-65
Richard A. Herrick, 1865-77
C. M. Bray, 1877-78
R. A. Friend, 1878-80
R. A. Herrick, 1880-88
George R. Allen, 1888-92
A. G. Blake, 1892-95
G. R. Allen, 1895-96
K. B. Stevens, 1896-97
Warren Wells, 1898-1904
J. F. Staples, 1904 (treasurer as of 1910).

Church Account, Brooklin

In 1828, a council was held of church members from Sedgwick and the surrounding towns in the house of Capt. Samuel Watson, and the following was passed: "That a church be organized as requested by petitioners; that the moderator give the right hand of fellowship to the church when organized; and that the council adjourn to the Reach school house at one o'clock." At this place, the church was organized as the second Baptist Church in Sedgwick, and, on the incorporation of the town in 1849, it became the first Baptist Church of Brooklin.

The following pastors have served the church:

Mr. E. Pinkham, who became a member ofthe church on the day of its organization, was the pastor for the church for nine years. M
L. Kingman, 1841-42
S. L. Rice, 1842-43
C. L. Carey, 1844-49
O. B. Walker,1850-55
Herbert Cole, 1855-58
Lucius Bradford, 1858-62
A. J. Nelson, 1864-66
G. G. Leavens, 1872-73
Mr. Pendleton (supply 1873)
Rev. E. S. Fish, 1874
Gideon Mayocame 185l
Rev. O. C. Herbert came 1890
Rev E. H. Doanecame 1892
Rev. F. G. Folsom came 1893
Rev. Godeon [sic] Mayo, 1895
Daniel York, 1899
Rev. W. H. T. Bock, 1901
Rev. S. R. Belyea, 1904
Rev. E. S. Drew, 1905
Rev. A. W. Bailey, 1906
Rev. E. E. Small, 1910

The Methodist denomination has also held meetings in Brooklyn, especially at Naskeag and West Brooklin.

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